Patch is back, in super ROBOT form! This can’t possibly end badly. No. Not at all.

He and Lekdog talk all the Supercoach action from week one of the finals to try and find some diamonds in the rought for season 2019, as well as discuss a few potential trades and how that might shape the Supercoach landscape.

Also make sure you check out TRIGGA’s fantastic Supercoach Finals format he’s got running on the site.

Let us know who’s caught your eye, and if there’s any content you want to see or hear during the finals!

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  1. Finnius says:

    Harmes is a lock in the fwd line I reckon – stepped it up as he has gone into the midfield. Looks like a genuine gun and matchwinner. Right age bracket as well.

  2. PizzaSafety says:

    Nice podcast fellas, nice to see you continue to deliver content whilst the Supercoach world sleeps.

    My early team is as follows:

    Defence: Docherty, Witherden, Williams (Lloyd, Laird, Whitfield)

    Midfield: Titch, Oliver, J Kelly, Neale, Yeo, Scully (stepping stone) (Macrae, Cripps, Fyfe?)

    Ruck: Gawn, Grundy

    Forward: Dangerfield, Dunkley, Greene, Daniher (stepping stone) (Parker, Bont, Menegola)

    *players in brackets are the ones I'll be looking to bring in.

    Would want to start Laird or Lloyd over Witherden but I don't think I'll have the cash and I think Witherden is a good sneaky chance to sneak into the top 6 defenders next year, so will be ok to have by seasons end. I'm thinking I'd want to do this rather than save money in the rucks because I do have a hard time seeing any other ruckman get close to them next season and think both will be a necessity. I know theres recent examples of ruckman dropping off after big years but I don't see it with these two and it's hard to pick someone else who will compete with them. If I change my mind it will probably be Brodie for Nank. Hard not to start danger next year at a relatively cheap price given he averaged 132 in his last 9 and seemed to be back to some of his best. Macrae, Cripps and Lloyd could all be fantastic picks but you're definitely paying overs for all 3 of them given that last year they averaged considerably more than they ever have before.

    I think the rucks will make or break seasons next year. If grundy and Gawn score like last year they're a necessity because I don't see anyone getting close to them and you're more likely to pick a cheaper defender or forward who will end up in the top 6 than a top 2 ruckman.

    I don't expect Brodie to drop off though because he is still so young, when Goldy peaked he was 27 and Grundy is just 24 (Grundy also averaged 137 in the last 10 games).
    Other reasons why rucks from the recent past didn't back it up

    -Kreuzer was an injury problem and he peaked late in his career (not good for sustainability)
    -Ryder was an injury problem
    -Goldstein peaked at his best late in his career (not good for sustainability) and had personal issues.
    -Nic Nait has had injury problems
    -Sandilands was constantly injured
    -Jacobs got hurt by the change in ruck scoring to hitouts to advantage.

    Based on some of that logic you might only think that Max has reached his absolute peak due to his age (27) and is injury prone historically and may take a dip and you might conclude that a young Grundy (who is not injury prone) can actually do better. On the other hand a player who has averaged a mammoth score more than once is more reliable heading into the future. There's also the fact that this information is empirical rather than rational and is based on players others than these two and isn't determined.

  3. Patch says:

    Hibberd tonned up #LockHimIn

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