Supercoach finals, that is. But Supercoach is all that matters in this big old world of ours, so that’s all we’re caring about, Supercoach finals.

Lekdog and Patch strap themselves in and wade their way through a whole big old ball of finals related content.

They look at finals strategy, trade strategies – whether to go with PODs or with tried and tested premiums, who some of the sneaky pods might be and also they shout at each other, because it wouldn’t be a Jock Reynolds 2018 podcast without Lek and Patch yelling at each other.

So climb aboard, keep your arms and legs inside the cart at all times and have a good time as Jock Reynolds rolls on into finals.

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  1. Fozdaddy FC says:

    Hey community, I’ve got a bit of a SuperCoach conundrum I thought everyone could help with. My team is currently sitting 71st overall, and I have 3 trades left. Currently my D6, M8, and F6 are McDonald (99.54), Martin (102.18) and Franklin (91.13), however I can swing McDonald forward and put savage (88.67) on the field. My question is, do I bring in an 10 point upgrade in defence in Hurn, or a 15 point upgrade in midfield with Macrae. I would be able to relegate Franklin or Martin to the bench, but it’s more a case of doing the best upgrade, or backing in Dusty to finish the season strong. Need some help. Cheers community.

    • Filth Wizard says:


    • paul warren says:

      Go with your gut as to be 71st you have been making the right decisions anyway.

    • TheGreatBozza says:

      Are you swinging McDonald FWD without trading (e.g using someone like Keefe) If so I'd put Savage to D6, McDonald to F6 and try use Buddy as an F7 loop as he has been out of sorts. Then upgrade to Macrae.

      • Holty01 says:

        I like Bozzas suggestion. And i also assume you mentioning Hurn means you already have Laird Yeo Simpson and Lloyd?

        • Fozdaddy FC says:

          Thanks fellas.

          Def: Lloyd Laird Yeo Simpson McDonald Hurley (Savage McDaid)

          I’d be able to swap McDonald to Fwd via Ahern going to the mid, and Joel Smith going to Def. Then I’d bring in Hurn.

          However, I can bring MacRae into the midfield for Giro, with Dusty going to the bench as my lowest scoring mid. This way I can have McDonald and Savage loopholes with McDaid (Carlton rook), Dusty and Coniglio loopholed with Smith, assuming he gets dropped. In the forward line I can have Buddy and Ahern loopholed with Tim Smith. Melbourne and Carlton play 7 of their last 8 games on Sunday, with the 1/8 being a Carlton Saturday night, making these three perfect for loopholes.

          • Mark Fawcett says:

            what's your full team? Be good to see your DPP links mate. I'm currently 58th and have heaps of DPP links between all lines including McDonald in my backline with Keeffe in my forward line. and J.Smith in my mids to DPP with Brayshaw if required and Ahern and Daniels in mid/fwd. Been a huge lifesaver being able to swing players to where I need them if there are injuries.

          • Randomcliche2 says:

            Sounds like you can do the Ahern, Smith, McDonald swing while doing the Macrae upgrade to me…. (i.e. trade out giro, sub ahern, sub mcdonald, sub smith, buy Macrae).

  2. nutsack says:

    ten thoy-ty no upload….ten foy-ty no upload….23.10…. finally…..su-poyb!!!!! (voice of little mobster Bart Simpson)

  3. Trade decisions says:

    Dusty to McRae?
    Franklin to any forward?
    Nank to Grundy?

  4. What_Bear says:

    Hello Community.,

    I have some thinking to do before the finals. I have 2 trades and no money. My weakest players and Walters and Fritsch. I also have Higgins and Ahern trapped in my mids

    Trade 1. Trade Josh Battle to a Non Playing DPP to allow Higgins to loop with Fritsch and Ahern to loop with Dusty
    Trade 2. Trade Fritch to Wingard, D. Smith or Stanley and allow Higgins to swing with Walters.

    1. Is it worth using 2 trades
    2.Wingard, D. Smith or Stanley

    Predictor has me losing by under 10 points, so very very tight

    Thanks in advance for any advice, it is always appriciated

    Good luck to all those playing in finals

  5. Josh says:

    Hi everyone.

    Need some of your thoughts community. I have and under performing selwood in my midfield, with 50 k and 4 trades left. I'm tempted to downgrade Giro, and then upgrade Selwood to Macra, leaving me with two trades for finals. I'm ranked in the top 1000 so more keen for ranking than league (finished 2nd in league). I also have Savage in my backline as my other weak link.

    Thanks community.

  6. BadgerHoney7 says:

    never thought id ask this question but who do i start, ahern or walters – can't loophole

  7. Adam says:

    Replacement for DeGoey ??

  8. Ahmad rubas says:

    Is dion Johnstone the best mid/fwd donut 123k is expensive but all Sundays games during finals for melbourne

  9. Steeeve says:

    Need a forward for $450,000 or less.
    Already have Gray, Heeney, McLean, Smith, Menegola.

  10. Willymack1234 says:

    Shaun Higgins out this week with minor knee surgery. Great

  11. dontblushbaby says:

    Good to see Carlton challenging Curnows 1 week ban, should get off imo

  12. TheGreatBozza says:

    Do we trust Ahern as a legit F6/F7? I'm thinking of downgrading Giro to a DPP/FWD mid, and upgrading De Goey to Macrae.

    Would leave me with Crisp & Howe as my weakest defenders (D5/D6)
    Dusty as my M9 and Ahern as F7 to loop with Walters

    I'd have 2 trades left after

    • Yeahnah says:

      I think so, he was playing limited game time for his first few games I believe and now it seems like he's getting a real go at it

  13. Sam says:

    McDonald vs GC or Hurn vs Freo

  14. Da_Boysh says:

    3 trades left, finished 1st in my cash league and 632nd over all.

    Deciding if I bench Higgins for Ahern or
    cash in Ahern and go Higgins to Macrae

    with my last trade next week will grab hawkins

    Or do I just be patient and wait for Higgins to come back and save trades

    • Russty_ says:

      Congrats on your results man, good stuff, Higgins should only be out one week, just minor arthroscopic surgery, and Ahern is a pretty good back up.
      Depends on how bad you want Macrae I guess.

      • Da_Boysh says:

        Thanks mate, a lot of luck went my way!

        I might hold off I just really want Hawkins and I can't get him unless I cash Ahern.

        • Russty_ says:

          Hawk doesn't average that well against Rancey Fancy Francey pants..if it wont hurt you having Ahern on field maybe hang onto your trades?..your call though, you're better placed than me this year.

  15. Russty_ says:

    Alistair Lynch…"Every game, we're gonna fk it"…lol, that is some serious Tourette Syndrome or a pretty funny accident.
    Dermie's reaction was priceless. 🙂

  16. Limesoda says:

    Can people rank these in order of who they think will score best in the final rounds?

    Hurn, Brayshaw, McDonald, McGovern, Shaw

  17. Ricardo says:

    Is there a prize? 🙂
    Brayshaw, McDonald, Hurn, Shaw, McGovern

  18. Cookie says:

    Thoughts on:
    Martin to Macrae
    Coniglio to Kelly
    Leaves me with 2 trades

  19. John says:

    If I have 3 trades left, is it worth using them to get higher averaging players?

  20. johnno2908 says:

    Elimination final. 2 trades left.
    Thinking about trading out Buddy. Have had Taranto and Ahern on the bench the last 3 weeks, with no ability to loop.

    Would be going Buddy and Giro to Macrae and $102k mid/fwd rookie for looping.

    Would leave team as:
    DEF: Yeo, Laird, Simpson, TMac, Shaw, Ryan (Brown, Heron)
    MID: Mitchell, Cripps, Danger, Oliver, Macrae, Beams, Kelly, Ablett (Dusty, Worpel,mid/fwd donut)
    RUCK: Gawn, Grundy (Olango)
    FWD: Smith, Heeney, McLean, Gray, Walters, Taranto (Ahern, Battle)

    Or save the trades?

  21. Pauly Walnuts says:

    Curnow downgraded to a fine , now I can loop him with Ahern

  22. Stacky23 says:

    is de goey out for season or just 2 weeks cause need to know if i burn 1 of my final 2 trades on him

  23. dontblushbaby says:

    Steele Sidebum – anyone think he's value as an M8 @ 463k, he has scored big against the next 4 teams he plays in the past ?

    • Russty_ says:

      Yeah I reckon he's good value and cheapish..
      vs Sydney high score 133 av 92.3
      vs Lions high score 156 av 111.1
      vs PTA high score 130 av 96.4
      vs FREO high score 132 av 89.4

      • dontblushbaby says:

        Thanks Rusty, I have 3 trades and 85k, I still have T.Kelly @ M8 atm, but finally time to move him on , still might downgrade Giro and bring in J.Kelly, decisions ?

  24. Jeffrey says:

    Westhoff or Wingard?

  25. Bad_News_Brown says:

    I can't believe you did not talk about Tippa or Hanners

  26. Rivo says:

    3 trades for injuries and $27k, finished Top 4 in all leagues. Do I trade or hold either of Walters or JPK? Have Ahern and J.Higgins as bench swing set.

    Sideways options include McLean, Greene, Bont, Wines,
    Selwood, Taranto.

    Worth trading or hold?

  27. Cam says:

    Gotta trade out Sicily. What are your thoughts on Angus Brayshaw as a POD??

  28. Mason says:

    I don’t have cripps and I am guying for league wins… do I definetly need him?
    I have 3 trades left with less than 25k left so I’d have to make 2 trades to get him (Lachie Murphy to Lienert, Parker/dusty to cripps)

  29. Jordan says:

    My fwd line is Henry, McLean, D.Smith, Gray, Walters.
    Who should I get at D6?

  30. BamBam says:

    Trade Luke Ryan or Savage to Lloyd?

  31. JAMBGEN says:

    is lachie murphy to lienert a good trade considering I need money to get cripps in? i would have 2 trades left if i made that one

  32. MaxGawn says:

    Keep Paul Ahern to make more money or trade
    Have 160k in the bank

  33. Da_Boysh says:

    My worst players are Hurley, Shaw and Walters.. if I have no injuries I can upgrade two by downgrading Ahern next week.

    Who should I prioritise?

    • Patch says:

      Walters, Shaw, Hurley for mine but I'm rather biased towards the Bear. Probably Shaw the safer. I dunno. But Walters has been garbage

      • Da_Boysh says:

        Thanks Patch, what do you think of going Walters to hawkins leaving me with one trade and 14k in the bank. I think hawkins will be too expensive after this week?

  34. Stacky23 says:

    ok 2 trades, 300k left and in no elimination finals this week, with higgins and de goey injured for least another week is fielding ahern in fwd and going fritsch to macrae at his cheapest a decent trade, lets me if i win hold a trade next week or if i lose can trade de goey if he doesnt play
    secondly if i have to trade de goey who is the best out of dunkley, mcdonald, mengola, bruest as pods

    • I’m a patriot says:

      Well thaught out
      If you loose and de goey don’t get up
      I’d choose mengola out of those choices
      Prelims and grand final he plays in Geelong against freo and Gold Coast.
      I might have just decided to trade Walters

      • Stacky23 says:

        Haha, think im stuck with walters for the rest of the year so hope he turns it around for final few rds

        • Russty_ says:

          I'd probably hold Stacky and even if you lose, you'll come back strong next week getting those 2 back and still have 2 trades..Fritsch is playing Gold Coast this week so could score well…and Ahern playing Brisbane.

  35. Steve says:

    I am playing for league wins.
    I have 8 trades left with $98K

    Need suggestions please

    Yeo, LLyod, Laird, Tuohy, Savage, Mihocek, Mirra, Lynch
    Danger, Mitchell, Cripps, Merrett, Dusty, Crouch, Neale, Ahern, Phillips, Barry, Shipley
    Gawn, Nankervis, Armatey
    Buddy, Smith, McDonald,McLean, Walters, Gray, Battle, Keeffe

    Mihocek needs to go , Double trade and bring in a defender or use McDonald and bring in a forward this week.
    Next week bring in Macrea.

    Any thoughts?

    • Russty_ says:

      Hi Steve, 8 trades is a lot for this time of year, I'd offload Mirra to Lienert to make 100K and then maybe Buddy to Heeney or Menegola.
      Then upgrade someone from your backline next week..and look towards upgrading Nank at some point too.

      • Steve says:

        Do any of you want to take some of those trades off my hands? lol

        Was thinking Mihocek might be more of an issue after last weeks injury.

        Thank you for the suggestions

        • Russty_ says:

          Yeah well he could go this week if he doesn't get up and then you'd have more money to do the things you want to..I'd love a few trades if you're giving them away lol

    • Patch says:

      EIGHT TRADES?! Can I have one?

      Bang bang on the trades mate.

  36. Dusted says:

    Playing a must win elimination, 2 trades left and $24k. My weakest link is Tim Kelly.
    Yeo, Simpson, Laird, Mcdonald, Hurley, Brayshaw (Keefe, Austin)
    Danger, Oliver, Mitchell, Cripps, Gaff, Cogniglio, Martin, T Kelly. (Ahern, Spargo, J Smith)
    Gawn, Nank, (Jones)
    Mundy, Gray, Heeney, Smith, Westoff, Mclean, (Walters, Smith)
    Do I use 2 trades and trade T Kelly for Mcrae and Austin to Lienert or 1 Trade and Trade T.Kelly to Josh Kenedy is the question. Or take the chance T Kelly will get a better score than last week.
    I lost to the same opponent last week so I need a different result. Advice is very welcolme please.

    • Russty_ says:

      How many Leagues are you in Dusted and what positions are you in if you're in others?…If it's just the one, maybe do what you suggested but you could also play Ahern onfield, plus, Kelly got 2 tons before that 47.
      Or you could trade Tim Smith out for a non playing DPP fwd/mid and loop Kelly with Ahern, start with Kelly on the bench.
      If Smith tons up, swap Ahern back to your fwd line with your non playing DPP.
      You could also swap Ahern with Walters and trade out Walters for Macrae and Austin out for Lienert..and leave kelly on the mid bench.

      • Dusted says:

        Thanks Rusty
        they are good options. I am in 3 leagues total. 2 of which are elimination. the other is not so important and I have a second chance.
        1 of the eliminations is the main reason I play supercoach. Cheers

    • Patch says:

      Kelly cooked for mine – pull the trigger. Part of me wants to suggest Beams but I won't do that to you

  37. Captain Redbeard says:

    This is your captain speaking. Anyone who is riding on SC_Wow bandwagon on the road to number 1, please fasten your seatbelts. There is some strong turbulance expected in the next 4 weeks

  38. Derek says:

    LEK actually HAS DRich in his team!

    I just thought it was his wicked sense of humour. I did think the joke was starting to wear a bit.

    But I played against him on the weekend I could believe I saw DRich in the team sheet just before we shook hands.

    I can only assume he will re-unite the great defensive duo of BSmith and DRich this week.

    Great casting of the Pod fellas. I actually liked the canned laughter in episode 1, bring it back.

  39. Hawks says:

    Is there any update on Nat Fyfe's return?

    Any info appreciated

  40. Dave2008 says:

    D Yeo Laird Simpson Hurley Shaw Ryan (Murphy Durman)
    M Mitchell Cripps Pendles Danger M Crouch Kelly Martin Gaff (Edwards: NPP to loop Spargo Powell)
    R Gawn Goldy (Olango)
    F Smith Heeney Westhoff Gray McClean Petracca (T Smith Ahern)

    5 TRades 177 k in the bank, double chance and going for league.

    This week my opponent and I have these differences:


    My strategy is to use NPP loopholes in defence and forwards lines with Petracca and Ahern and Ryan and Hurley in defence.
    So to block his most dangerous difference?

    OPTION a

    Murphy and Durman out for Lloyd and NPP McDaid (NPP to loop) with 2 600 left

    Murphy and Durman out for T McDonald and McDaid (NPP to loop) with 117 600 left

  41. NoLanguage says:

    Need some advice guys!

    5 trades left finished on top in my leagues and 1206 overall.

    Weak links are Dusty, Savage and Ryan plus I have Higgins missing this week. Thinking the following…

    Dusty to MacRae?
    Savage/Ryan to Gov/TMac?

    Can afford two this week to set me up for a prelim and I'm backing Ahern to fill the Higgins void this week.

    Would love to hear your thoughts on the above trades. Cheers

    • Russty_ says:

      Sounds great to me NL, good position to be in with 5 left and all double chances in your leagues, noice one!

      • NoLanguage says:

        Cheers Russty 🙂

        The Dusty MaCrae trade is locked, just not sure whether to grab Gov or TMac for Savage? Might give Ryan one more chance with that high ceiling.

  42. neil demons delight says:

    Russty check out Neil's Crystal Ball on FantasySuperCoach Did I nail it?

  43. Mark Fawcett says:

    Need some help guys:) Do I swing McDonald forward and play him over Hogan and have Hogan and Ahern on the bench and then play Webster on the field? Few options to go with and not trusting Hogan too much, but then again, will he score more than Webster? Too many decisions!!! AAggghhhh….. Want to get into the top 50 this week and this is make or break IMO

    Def: Lloyd, Yeo, Laird, Simpson, Brayshaw, McDonald (Webster, Austin)
    Mid: Mitchell, Cripps, Dangerfield, Oliver, Merrett, Pendlebury, Kelly, Coniglio (Giro, J.Smith, Daniels)
    Ruck: Gawn, Martin (McInerney)
    Fwd: Smith, Wingard, Hogan, Heeney, McLean, Gray (Ahern, Keeffe)

  44. Ff84 says:

    Hey guys need some suggested tweaks to my side which is as follows:

    Lloyd, yep, laird, Hurley, Simpson, tmac, Cole, j smith
    Mitchell, cripps, danger, j kelly, gaff, Martin, neale, Oliver, giro, markle, barry
    Gawn, bank, English
    Smith, Hoff, heeney, McLean, Franklin, gray, Ahern, t smith

    Have $92k and 6 trades. Initial thoughts are torn between trading Franklin, or upgrading nank and dusty.

    • Mark Fawcett says:

      I'd definitely be upgrading Nank before Franklin mate. Franklin can go off at any time even though he's having a bad season, still has some good scores on the board. 6 trades I'd be looking at a downgrade as well. Goldstein would be my bet for up to 580 you can afford. Or downgrade T.Smith to a cheap rookie, maybe Daniels or Petruccelle which could get you to Grundy, i think by calculations. Or downgrade Giro or Smith in your backline. 6 trades is heaps for this time of year mate. Go all in:)

  45. cmazza12 says:

    Got 4 trades left. Currently been posting 2400-2500 so I'm happy atm but got an elimination final this week
    Definently trading logan austin for lienart. But not sure who to upgrade riley bonner for.
    Options are Heath Shaw, Shannon Hurn or Jeremy Mcgoverm or any other ideas

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