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Five more games. Five more games people! It’s getting a little crazy around here, but those that can keep their heads on straight have the best chance of doing good things.

Jack Macrae is back, and is cheap. But it’s a bit like the Hokey Pokey with him. Most would’ve traded him in, only to have to trade him back out, and then will need to decide if they want to trade him back in…and shake it all about.

Dawson Simpson! Who’s he?!
Mitch Wallis came to my attention after Lek, Barron and I discussed him on the podcast, and he seems a very good and cheap forward option.
With the year closing out, I will be keeping an eye on downright stupid cheap bargains for the 2019 season. It’s never too early to start preparing, I know many who have already started. Barron will also be previewing the likely rookie options we might see in 2019 in his Around the Grounds article, too.

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  1. Gem says:

    DEF: Sicily to T McDonald, A Brayshaw or M Hurley?

    • Franklin Show says:

      Pondering the exact same thing. Brayshaw likely to be most consistent due to being a mid i reckon.

      T Mac could win you a big final though.

      Hurley doesn't seem to be used the same with the bombers in the 2nd half of the year.

      All good picks. I would choose T Mac.

      • Gem says:

        Yeah, just need them on the right one. Well, I peeked ahead to finals and looks like Melbourne playing Suns here. That could be good for either Brayshaw or T McDonald. Which one is the question.

  2. Make SC even better says:

    I'm interested to know what the communities thoughts are in respect to this rule change to Supercoach.

    I propose that you can buy trades for $100k each and you can only purchase a maximum of 4 trades. You can buy them at any time of the year, nothing else changes can still only use 2 trades a week and 3 during byes. Just adds another strategy to the game.

    Was thinking about it on the way home. Clearly I have limited trades left but it would add something to this great game.

    • Mmmbutch says:

      Nah, ruins the strategy. 30 trades is plenty, people just burn through them early in the year chasing points

      • Lazza says:

        One thing that I’d entertain is 24 trades up to the finals…. then reset (lose any leftover trades), and every one gets 6 for the finals.

        • nankthetank says:

          Nice idea but 24 for the regular season is far too low, 28 would be more reasonable then 4-6 for finals I reckon

        • JohnDJ59 says:

          Or keep it at 30 for the regular season, then you get an extra 6 for the finals.

          • Florence Maxwell says:

            Keep it how it is. It's up to each player to manage their trades. Why put a restriction such as 24 trades for the season and 6 for finals. You have the option to use your 30 trades that way if you wish, but why force it on everyone?

    • Russty_ says:

      I don't mind that idea…money determines the quality of player you get and having to spend 100K on a trade would change the whole strategy of how it is now…with the amount of injuries occurring on a weekly basis these days, it could stop a lot of coaches giving up through the despair of non stop injuries ruining their strategies for the year anyway.

      • Make SC even better says:

        I think it would add a really intriguing aspect and you could have all sorts of different strategies, when you buy the trades, when you use them, who you trade in and out at the end of the year. I just think it would add a nice twist. Its been 30 trades for so long its just time for a bit of a twist. Anyway not for everyone i guess.

    • Lazza says:

      Ahm, wouldn’t you have to trade to buy a trade ? $400k… selling a premo or juiced up rookie after 10 weeks.. or holding cash from the start… so net 3 or less trades really… then generating enough cash to make something of it … sort of chasing your tail…

      • Russty_ says:

        Not if you planned for it Lazza, if you knew you were gonna trade aggressively early on and burn through em, and knew you'd be low to none at the business end, if you had 3 or 400 K in the bank then, you could stay alive when all the injuries hit, or just to be able to upgrade or go sideways, even downgrade if need be.

      • Make SC even better says:

        You would have to complete the trades to generate the cash just like you would normally. But rather than spending your money on an upgrade you can have the option to use your cash to purchase trades. This wouldn't cost you a trade to buy a trade, rather it just uses the cash you have accumulated.

        Maybe you have a premium go down like Sicily and the young Irish bloke from the swans who is $123,000 is scoring well, you could cash down to him use the $350k odd you make and purchase some trades.

    • Ivabigg'n says:

      Starting to sound like the guys at AFL house dreaming up rule changes for no good reason. The idea of 30 trades is to make it a challenge to get to this point in the season and then into the finals. If we all got more trades for the finals then teams would look even more similar.

      • Make SC even better says:

        Not at all just a suggestion which could add an extra strategy and way of thinking to the game. Trades and $$ is the only really way you can play around with the game. An extra 4 trades which cost you $100k a pop just adds another layer of strategy to the game. You still need to have accumulated the cash and when you pull the trigger on using your cash to upgrade or buy trades could become anther really interesting strategy. It was just a thought, you cant keep putting the same game out year in and year out people get bored and go to something else.

    • Ricardo says:

      I'd prefer less trades. Separates the strategic supercoaches from the chaff

      • dray says:

        Agree, people that need more trades, are the idiots that blow them on sideways trades when their player has one bad week. Sometimes you have to ride a poor performing player out, extra trades just makes the poor coaches who trade too much, better than they should be.

    • b_sh3p says:

      Very interesting!

    • Cpt says:

      Nah!! With a lot of luck and strategy 30 is enough!

      5 Trades Left and ranked 650th. I’m sure there’s higher ranked with more?

  3. Russty_ says:

    Poor old Armo got dropped, just as he got a

  4. Russty_ says:

    I reckon Giro will get dropped this week, with all the ins at Freo, and after his 30 last week.

  5. Maverick_ says:

    DEF: Laird, Hurley, Yeo, Simpson, Brayshaw, Webster** (Naughton Taylor)

    MID: TMitch, danger, oliver, dusty,Beams, E.Curnow, Cogs, Rocky (Ahern E.Phillips Powell)

    RUCK: Gawn Goldy (olango)

    FWD: Heeney, D.Smith, Westhoff,Gray, McLean, Sicily** (T.Smith BAttle)

    4 trades left
    option 1:
    webster -> short
    Sicily -> McDonald

    option 2:
    naughton -> O'Riordan (pray webster is 1 week away)
    sicily -> bruest/McDonald

    open to suggestions

    • b_sh3p says:

      Like both options, depends on if you need the downgrade immediately but lineart could be good next week also. Option 1 likely gives you more points immediately but if Webster back then option 2 saves a trade and gives you more cash perhaps? mcdonald good value compared to breust but as per my post below considering a few for my f6 including these 2.

    • Kale says:

      I like option two with Sicily too Gunston or mcdonald.
      Gunston will play Sicily’s role which he thrived in previously. They played Carlton last week

  6. Stupid Coach says:

    Good work Damo. 4 trades left and 44k in the bank. My team is:
    B: Yeo, Savage, Laird, Hurley, Hurn, Ryan, Lynch, Redman.
    M: Titch, Danger, Cripps, J Kelly, Cogs, Parker, Petracca, Dusty, Giro, Phillips, Barry
    R Gawn, Nank, Olongo
    FWD; Buddy, D Smith, Heeneyj, Gray, Westoff, McLean, Battle and Keefe.

    Would appreciate any comments. Thanks community.

    • Lazza says:

      Nice team. Which Phillips do you have? Assuming Tom – are you looping him with Petracca? If not then I’d look to trade Petracca to another Premo and upgrade one of Savage, Hurn, Ryan or Hurley to Lloyd.

      • Stupid Coach says:

        Thanks Lazza. I have Ed Phillips (St Kilda) who has been dropped this week. I like both those options and just need to work out if I have sufficient funds in the bank to make it happen. Thanks for the advice.

  7. b_sh3p says:

    Need my final fwd. Thinking tmac, breust, hawkins or westoff. I think Westoff can pick up again with Ryder back so he won't ruck as much. him and tmac best value. Always worry about big fwds like Hawkins but his scores are pretty impressive! Haven't watched the cats much so not sure about that one. Any ideas?

    • Corey says:

      Geelong play all their last 5 games in Victoria 3 at the G and 2 at Kardinia Park, I really like Tom Hawkins as a buy in option
      But I like to play it safe usually so I’d go with Westhoff

  8. cashcows says:

    Lloyd, Yeo, Simpson, Laird, Crisp, Hurley – Duman, Taylor
    Mitchell, Cripps, Danger, Oliver, Gaff, Parker, JPK, Martin – Ahern, Narkle, Wilson
    Gawn, Martin – olango
    D.Smith, Gray, Mclean, Heeney, Franklin, Fritsch – ZGL, Keefe

    6 trades and 10.7k in the bank
    I wasn't going to trade but wanted some cash in case for future upgrades and that got me thinking at my bench options.
    Thinking Ahern + ZGL -> Westhoff + 102k dpp rookie
    Seems like a no brainer but I don't know if one dpp option in westhoff is better than having Ahern and ZGL covering both lines if there's big carnage.

    Franklin and Fritsch is a weak D5/D6 though, thoughts?

  9. Russty_ says:

    Looks like Ben Jacobs might not play again this season, his concussion symptoms have persisted and he's being rested indefinitely.

  10. Bogdan says:

    B : Lloyd, Laird, Simpson, Yeo, Brayshaw, McGovern
    M : Mitchell, Cripps, Danger, Oliver, Z Merrett, Parker, Martin, Rocky
    R:: Grundy Gawn
    F: D Smith, Westhoff, Gray, McLean, Heeney, Franklin

    6 Trades left

    Parker + Rocky Out
    Macrea + Josh Kelly In

    Left with 4 trades and 21.8k in the bank

  11. James says:

    Still got Sicily and wondering who I should bring in as my last forward (or back if I swing up TMac).

    Right now my forward line is:
    D.Smith, R.Gray, McLean, Walters, Franklin, Sicily* (Fritsch, T.Smith)

    And back is:
    Yeo, K.Simpson, Laird, Hurley, TMac, Savage (Heron, Lynch)

    Was first thinking Gunston might thrive but wanted to watch him and wasn't impressed, now thinking maybe Heeney but I've had a middling year and maybe a POD would be better. Who's the best forward/back to bring in?

    Cheers fellas

  12. Corey says:

    Who should I trade in for my last Forward
    Current Forwardline
    Heeney, R.Gray D.Smith, McLean, Walters, Ahern (Sicily, Langdon)

  13. Kale says:

    Anyone looking for a forward POD consider Gunston. His cheap and a big ceiling. He is playing Sicily’s role that he’s thrived in previously. You got to remember they played Carlton and didn’t have much opportunity and still scored an 80. Anyone else like Gunston?

  14. r_calve says:

    should i take the gamble on Harris Andrews this week

  15. Hcha says:

    Can’t decide to bring in Gaff, Kelly or Macrae for Rockliff this week. Thoughts community?

  16. Chubby McChubby says:

    Merrett or Macrae as last mid upgrade?

    To get Macrae – Lynch to ORiordan, Giro to Macrae
    To get Merrett – Mihocek to O'Riordan, Giro to Merrett or Lynch to O'Riordan, Ahern to Merrett

    Like the fact Merrett and the Bombers will be pushing for finals whereas Dogs wont though would like to keep Mihocek and Ahern as solid bench cover options.

    • jeff says:

      Mihocek to O'Riordan, Giro to Merrett is a good option, as Ahern will be good bench cover

  17. Chubby McChubby says:

    2nd thought, should I look to trade in a 102k nuffie rather than oriordan to loophole and generate cash. Can keep Mihocek and Ahearn then.

  18. jeff says:

    Sam Jacobs or Fritsch to trade out for last upgrade?

    Can afford anyone, so who should I look into trading in?

    Considering Grundy…thoughts community?

  19. Andy says:

    Does anyone think I should change my tip from Eagles to North as it’s going to be wet in tassie?

  20. Jimmy says:

    Hey all, TMac or Withers to come in for Doedee?