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There comes a time in every year when players start to get hurt, the players start to get injured. Players start to miss games. The world collapses and everything goes dark.

Okay maybe not that bad, but it’s getting to the point where only the strong will survive. Not only the strong teams, but the strong minds too. Those who still have 5 or 6 trades, and also have a team full of champions.

In case you didn’t know, James Sicily has done something to his wrist. Michael Hibberd has strained his quad/hamstring/leg. Nic Naitanui has done his ACL again (I’m still consoling Kev – It’s going to be okay, Kev.) and Robbie Gray went to sleep in Perth and we still don’t *really* know if he’ll wake up in time for this weekend’s game against the Giants.

Callum Sinclair is back! This time recommended as a Nic Naitanui replacement? His weekend’s game wasn’t great, but he’s still the fourth ranked ruckmen for the year, and he’s still a great pick.

Is it time to go and get Rory Sloane? Does Tom Bellchambers run home tempt you? What is Michael Hurley building to? All these are very good questions. Do you want to find out and bring them in? Some players are safer than others but if you take a risk, and you get the reward it could see you rise above the pack.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the cheat sheet!

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  1. Lazza says:

    Hey Damo.. good stuff .. I’d take Brayshaw in a flash ahead of bandy Shaw..

  2. r_calve says:

    on more forward spot up for grabs with 7 trades left, pull the trigger on lids, big risk but big rewards if it works out and I got enough trades to cover him if it fails

    what do you guys think?

    • NoLanguage says:

      I wouldn't but if you've got brass balls do it. Blokes made of glass though!

  3. BrownlowBoy says:

    Best defender for 460k?

    • r_calve says:

      my top five under 460k are:
      1. luke ryan
      2. tmac
      3. nick vlastuin
      4. mcgovern
      5. princess rance/savage

      • Maverick_ says:

        No witherden?? Only 420k. Very stiff to not make it in ya 5

        • r_calve says:

          has a decent option but there are too many guys in Brisbane backline that can steal his points such as rich and Hodge, I can almost guarantee that if one of those guys doesn't play he will score better, but he is still very nice for 420k.

      • hedski says:

        Please don't demean Alex by calling him Princess Rance.
        His name is Fancy Pants Rance.
        My order would be.

    • Valens_FC says:

      Stats say T Mac but I don’t mind our man Tuhoy given the run home. 4 at Kardinia Park including nice fixtures for league prelims and grand finals. McGovern draw not bad either and in good form.

    • NoLanguage says:

      Ryan for mine

  4. Ahmad rubas says:

    3 options to trade out hibberd lobb and Sicily
    5 options to trade in lloyd McDonald Oliver buddy gray
    What's the best combination I'm currently leaning towards lobb to Oliver as that was my original trade before injuries and hibberd to McDonald as Lloyd can still fall in price. What are your thoughts?

    • Daz says:

      Can't go past Lloyd and Oliver to score the most from that list. I finally can bring Lloyd in this week, got sick of watching Sydney without him.

      • Ahmad rubas says:

        after taking a closer look the 3 main negative pods I need to close are grundy Lloyd and macrae. Grundy is a luxury trade considering I have goldy at R2 but Lloyd and macrae arent luxury. The main problem with macrae is his high breakeven so it would be smart to to wait a week on both these players considering I'm not facing a donut. The only problem is hibberd and Sicily are injured so won't drop in price meanwhile lobb has a BE of 91. Should I pull the trigger on the trades or just hope that lobb breakeven meanwhile Lloyd and macrae tumble in price

  5. Hawks says:

    I see neither Kennedy or Gray have been ruled out for this week.

    Do we really expect them to play?

    • r_calve says:

      jpk is pretty much a Mack truck so he should be fine but gray might be late out so put the E on someone before the game

    • DavidC says:

      "His importance to coach John Longmire's side means the likelihood of the three-time club champion running out against the Suns is remote, especially with crucial games against Essendon, Collingwood, Melbourne, Greater Western Sydney and Hawthorn to come in the run home to the finals."

      High chance he is a late out.

    • theRealPod says:

      Doubt it. Selection committee have no respect for SC, bloody disgrace.

  6. BrownlowBoy says:

    Dangerfield also somewhat doubtful.

    Is unwell apparently.

  7. Donthesash says:

    Who would you pick up out of Macrae and Beams

  8. Tyruddanaut says:

    Looking at my potential 2018 team:
    Weitering, Marchbank, Plowman, Thomas, Rowe, Simpson

    Murphy, Dow, SPS, Fisher, E. Curnow, Kennedy, LOB, Garlett

    Kreuzer, De Koning

    Pickett, Wright, Curnow, McKay, Polson, Kerr

    Docherty is too expensive

    • Nifty says:

      No spot for Gaff..

      • Andrew says:

        I think he was just picking Carlton players… Who would want to leave a top 8 side to a wooden spooner?
        He will only go to a club in the top 10.

      • HarryH76 says:

        Only way Gaff would get to Carlton is if they pulled the old Visy/Judd deal. But I think the AFL changed the rules after that so doubt they can give him an attractive enough offer

    • Hawks says:

      I like it some real POD's, but think you may struggle with coverage through the byes….

    • Florence Maxwell says:

      Probably a bit late to pick a 2018 team

  9. Stupid Coach says:

    Thanks for another great cheat sheet Damo. I have 5 trades left and 30k. My only concern is Sicily and Gray if he is a late withdrawal. I have Josh Battle and Keefe (if named) to cover Gray and Lynch to cover Sicily. Do I hold trades for this week and use the bench or should I trade Sicily to T Mac or a defender under $530k or trade him to a forward (currently have D Smith, Buddy, Heeney, McLean, Westhoff and Gray). Thanks Community.

    • Marcus says:

      No point holding Sicily, especially with 5 trades up your sleeve
      Depending on how your defence is looking could be easy swing to a crisp or brayshaw type

    • Lazza says:

      SC Finals will be over before Sicily returns Stupid ..

    • Luke Purcell says:

      Also, dont discount that having trades if you are in finals for $$. Sicily is not playing for sure but if you have bench cover till finals maybe hold fire and get the guy on a hot run. Its only 1-2 weeks and maybe 50 points per week.

  10. John says:

    5 Trades and $269k, do I trade Sicily to Mundy and then upgrade Logan Austin to Jake Lloyd? Or do I wait a week or 2 on Lloyd?

  11. KingWinter7 says:

    My defence looks like this: Laird, Yeo, Simpson, Sicily, Hurley, Hibberd (Rice, Redman)
    With only 2 trades left and 96k in the bank should I be trading both Sicily and Hibberd or just Sicily

    Question is I could trade Sicily to Lloyd but that would leave me with only 10k to use my last trade with which wouldn't cut it as ideally I'd be trading Hibberd

    If I traded Sicily to Hurn I'd be leaving myself with 100k in the bank which is far more useful but not having Lloyd hurts

    The rest of my team is full premo with Billings as F7/M9 cover


  12. AFC1886 says:

    Crisp, Hurley, Hurn, or Brayshaw who do we expect to score the most from here?

  13. Connor says:

    5 trades left
    Straight-swap Sicily to Hurley / Ryan, or swing him FWD and grab Westhoff??
    Otherwise can downgrade a rookie and grab Lloyd…

    • Derek says:

      Hold your trades, you will need them when teams out of contention start resting their players and sending them for early pre-season opperations.

      It you can use just one trade

  14. Jock says:

    Need a forward, can afford anyone. Current forwards heeney, mclean, gray, hoff, smith and sicily. Thinking franklin or mundy… Thoughts community? Cheers

  15. CazzaRazza says:

    Need to do a double trade in order to get Lloyd. Sicily and Josh Smith or Duman? Thank you

  16. Krama says:

    Please rank these defenders from best to worst options to bring in for Sicily at D6.
    McDonald, Brayshaw, L.Ryan, L.Whitfield.
    I have a feeling with only 2 trades left saving 35k with McDonald or 46k with Ryan instead of Brayshaw could come in handy when a prem MID or FWD goes down. Or should I just go with L.Whitfield 492k who i think will be the best scorer and only have 2k left in the piggy?

  17. NoLanguage says:

    Best defensive downgrade?

    Will be my last one to keep $200k for injuries. Thinking Richards to his teammate Lynch??

    • Audrey Horne says:

      Lynch is now $180k, already had his first price change.

    • DavidC says:

      Get the irish Swans man. Looks like he has good JS at the moment and a good fantasy game so a good E option.

  18. Richard says:

    How come no one is talking about crisp as a defensive option? Averages higher then Ryan and has seen increased midfield time since Treloar gone out.

  19. Bobby says:

    Hibberd to Crisp Or Whitefisld? Whose likely to have the higher scoring from here on. Cheers community.

  20. Da_Boysh says:

    4 trades, 3 after i move Sicflog on

    Should I get Lloyd and have $0 in the bank, or go for L.Ryan and have $150k in the bank

    • Derek says:

      If you can get to Lloyd with one trade I would do that.

    • redherringfc says:

      Ryan had a few poor games, followed by a good one last week. I’ve got to hold him but I don’t think he’s going to finish the season off strongly.

      Go for Lloyd.

  21. Derek says:

    I didn’t see the WCE game on weekend, how did McGoven play? Scored 132 but not sure he was on much at half time. Was it just because it was Collingwood and they always give opposition defenders plenty of points

    Can’t help but notice his score improves with JJK and Darling back.

    Only $422k and a great draw

    • HarryH76 says:

      I considered McGovern but spent the extra money on Crisp.

      I've had McGovern previous years and the problem with him is inconsistency. His big scores generally come from intercept or contested marks but he has some games where the opposition play smart and don't allow him that luxury. Hence he'll get a 130 one week and a 60 the next.

      I would have strongly considered him on a limited budget but luckily I can afford Crisp and at this time of the year got to go as strong as you can.

    • r_calve says:

      the gov was BOG on sunday and looks gold, will be even better when barass comes back

  22. HarryH76 says:

    Someone during the week floated the idea of Buddy as VC this week. Not a bad shout considering the opponent. I can't go Gawn into Titch as my last loophole option is T Smith so probably need Gawn C, with VC prospects limited. With only 4 games to choose from, my options are probably either Dusty, Billings (ha!), Crisp (left field), Buddy, or D Smith. Surely Buddy tops that lot? Or can we trust Dusty has come back into form? Not sure I can at this stage.

    • DavidC says:

      Dusty or Buddy into Gawn for me.

      • Derek says:

        i'm thanking my old mate Olango. with JSmith, Heron, Brodie and Battle all getting a start this week, i have my whole bench playing. so much for looping.

        I'm locking the C on Max. going with Henney or Dusty as VC, i got no-one else in the early games to have as VC (i need to make sure i put Grundy on Bench so i can C Olango if needed)

  23. redherringfc says:

    Who to get to replace Kreuzer?

    I’ve got the money for Grundy, but saving $70k and getting Martin has its appeal. Goldy looks back in form, but I’m not convinced he’ll outscore the other 2.

    Next best look like Sauce, Sinclair and Nankervis, but they aren’t in the same ball park.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

  24. redherringfc says:

    My next question.

    Is there any merit in holding Sicily for a week so I can pick up Heeney cheaper (assuming he misses his be of 157)?

    I’d have to field Ahern, but I could then loophole Franklin as vc.

    • Maverick_ says:

      Do it mate. I’m holding Sicily to hopefully grab Greene after 1 more look and at a cheaper price.
      Ahern will most likely give you an 80. Pretty respectable score

    • Derek says:

      get Heeney now. he is playing Suns at SCG without (probably) JPK. he is a VC option this week.

      • redherringfc says:

        Thanks Derek. That’s the way I’m leaning.

        Any advice on a ruck? Grundy or Martin (saves about 70k)?

        • r_calve says:

          stef martin looks very nice now that his midfield is in form, hell probably have the same output as grundy so go for him

  25. Stacky23 says:

    got 5 trades left, 170k and nic nat and sicily out
    Thinking nic nat to martin and then is it worth moving fritsch to the field until finals and trading sicily to macrae next week, i can then use 2 of my final 3 trades to go giro and one of ahern/austin to get my final fwd
    im guaranteed a spot in top 4

  26. Maverick_ says:

    My side & my injured players with an asterisk.

    DEF. laird, yeo, simpson, hurley, Webster**, hibberd**, (naughton taylor)

    MID: danger, TMitch, oliver, beams, cognilio, Martin, Curnow, Martin (ahern Phillips Powell)

    Ruck: Gawn nicnat** (olango)

    Fwd: heeney McLean Sicily** DSmith Gray westhoff (battle TSmith)

    Nicnat has to go either Martin or goldy.
    2nd trade I’m unsure on yet.
    I wouldn’t mind waiting a week on sic though to have a look at lids & Greene. Solid pods.
    Any help is appreciated

    • r_calve says:

      im goin lids to but trade nic nat for big bellchambers and sic for deledio

  27. WTFoxtrot_58 says:

    If someone had told me at the start of the year
    'You'll have Dusty as your M8 going into the finals'
    My thoughts would have been

    Thankyou Supercoach Gods

    What a difference hindsight makes!!

  28. edospeedos says:

    Hey guys, only going for league.
    Should I go
    Safe: Sinclair & smith for sicily & nicnat
    High Risk: Martin/Goldstein & West coast kennedy (playing dogs/freo run home..) for Sicily & nic nat

    • r_calve says:

      how much cash have you got to play with cos u should go for stef martin but probably someone like caddy instead of jjk

  29. murray says:

    I am thinking of holding Sicily this week and waiting for Mccrae to drop in price, need him to drop 30K to pick him up next week.

    What would Mccrae have to score in R18 to drop 30K given his BE of 175 this week, If he dropped the 30K what would his new BE be for R19. Hoping someone can provide/do the maths for me

    • r_calve says:

      if he gets about 125 he'll probs drop to about 550k but don't quote me it's just an estimate but you should be alright
      if he gets around 125 his new breakeven will probs be like around 110

  30. Dogsdik says:

    Laird, savage, hurley, lloyd, tmac, yeo(jsmith/cumming
    Heeney,hoff,dsmith,walters,mclean, Sicily(battle/keeffe)
    Greene, Gray or Buddy for Sicily?

  31. Jock says:

    Mundy or buddy???

  32. Mograt says:

    In which order do you guys think provides the best replacement for Sicily in the forward line. Noting I have 7 trades 40 k in bank, playing for league, and have full promo except for mihocec in the back line which I will address next week.

    1. Wingard @ $490k – consistent, playing on ball but $50k extra
    2. Mundy @ $445k – playing more on ball since Fyfe out
    3. Buddy @ $439k – such good value with high ceiling but frustratingly pumps out low scores when you least need it by leaves me $100k for other things.

    Much appreciate opinions and comments. Cheers community.

  33. FearTheBeard says:

    I'm stumped guys.

    Low on trades.

    Macrae in for Sicily and play Ahern as a FORWARD ON FIELD?


    Westhoff on field and Ahern as bench cover?