The Standing Room – Round 17

Well community we’ve had the best Friday night game you’ll ever see so we might as well pack up shop and never watch footy again.

I’ve had an ok start with my beloved Cripps going big…Selwood did not.

Who has let you down so far? And who has gone huge?

PS Billings and Daisy Thomas went big..I am an oracle.

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  1. Josh says:

    Who should I trade out for Brad Lynch, Tim Smith or Giro?
    Also trading out Ed Richards and want to bring in either Gray or Westhoff but still unsure on which

  2. PizzaSafety says:

    Jack Billings will score big when his team dominates as he relies on others to get the ball

  3. Audrey Horne says:

    Too early to make the call on Mitchell’s vice captain score?

  4. Ahmad rubas says:

    par going to be 3000 this week with titch and gawn double ton plus cripps and danger 150+

  5. Nuggety says:

    Good on you Lek! Serious shades of Jock showing through in your leadership of this great community, in more ways than one. I tip my hat.

  6. BlueBaggerJosh says:

    Have to take a 160 from Titch, don't go too big Gawn

  7. Ahmad rubas says:

    Titch 4-7 in 40+ disposal games for hawthorn
    1-2 in 50+ disposal games

  8. Russty_ says:

    I like the way the Lions are improving their Footy, their young team is starting to gel together better and get the job done, good on em, nice achievement beating the Hawks, they must be doubting themselves a bit now.

    • Finnius says:

      10 bucks on them to make the 8 next year would be a good bet. They play an exciting brand of football, have a solid defensive system in place and have genuine superstars on their roster. I hope they do well. The GABBA is a great ground when its packed out and the side is strong.

      • Russty_ says:

        Reckon they could still do with a few more established stars in there too…Beams, Zorko and Martin ain't getting any younger..gotta admire their spirit though.

        • Finnius says:

          Harris Andrews and Eric Hipwood at either end of the ground are elite for their age. Rayner, Mcluggage, Berry, and Witherden will all be guns in two or three years.

          Oh, and Daniel rich is also elite… @lekdog

    • Cobee Bear says:

      Charlie Cameron adds some x factor as well!!

  9. BrownlowBoy says:

    How did Michael Hibberd get so bad?

    • Finnius says:

      Still a good player, just not SC relevant. Has been playing more lockdown all year. Lewis, Vince, and Salem are the rebounders off half-back it seems.

    • Russty_ says:

      Hard to say mate, whether he's not jelling with the Dee's backline or Lever out has had an effect?…he used to be considered a premo defender, especially at the Bombers, it's not like he's old, he's 28, I can't explain it but I'm glad I didn't select him this year.
      I didn't go there because of his history of lower leg injuries but form has been his problem this year, maybe he's just lost the passion for footy.

    • Lazza says:

      He was never that good … last year was an outlier … last year a good number of his points were from kick outs …

  10. PizzaSafety says:

    Will McLean rediscover his early season form? He's been one of my best picks for the year but seems to be fading.

  11. BrownlowBoy says:

    When was the last time Brisbane had a Friday night game?

    They can't be any worse than Carlton.

  12. ZzZCalintZzZ says:

    Brayshaw huh…

  13. Finnius says:

    Gawn is getting robbed. So dominant in the centre square but isn't getting nearly enough HO to advantage payed.

  14. Russty_ says:

    Be nice if Gawny could have a 60 point last quarter…if not, Pendles or Grundy?..I need help!

  15. AuroraBorealis?! says:

    LIFT tommy

  16. Tom says:

    Take Gawns 130 odd or back in Pendles? Thinking take

  17. Pete says:

    Do I stick with Fritsch’s 71 or back in ahern?

  18. Corey says:

    Any chance of Dustin Martin using the ball well for once he’ll get 30 touches tonight for 60 SC points the way he is going

  19. BadgerHoney7 says:

    dusty far out 5 clangers – kick the ball with pride mate

  20. Ja191 says:

    why is whitfield always so underscored????

  21. Crow94 says:

    Some underwhelming scores tonight…. looking at you J KELLY!

  22. BadgerHoney7 says:

    whats everyone projected – I am 2625.

  23. AuroraBorealis?! says:

    I'm playing someone who looped Titch's score with Olango and forgot to put the E on Gawn. Ouch!

  24. Ja191 says:

    take gawn or risk grundy? Think I might just stick with the bearded one

  25. PIES CAKEWALK 2018 says:

    Dustin Martin is a turnover machine this season who no longer bothers tackling – does not stop the commentators drooling though!

  26. Mark Fawcett says:

    1,969 so far with a projection of 2,609. Have loopholed Dangerfield. Hogan's 123 sitting on the bench with no way to get him on the field as my emergency:( Some big scores from Dangerfield, Mitchell, Laird, Gawn, Cripps, Oliver and Stefan Martin. Still have Lloyd, Yeo, Rocky, Gray, Wingard, and Heeney to play. Lowest score is McDonalds 74 which I'll take any day. Hopefully, cement myself in top 100 after this round?

    • The Ranger says:

      Nice Mark, gonna be some big scores this week.

    • Derek says:

      You had Hogan on the bench? Must have a decent forward line. Would/could you make a trade to a donut player to get his score?

      I have Langdon on my bench, can’t get his 106 as my donut options have both already played and not worth a trade.

  27. TOPHAWK1 says:

    Sitting on 1601 points after loopholing Gawn's VC score. Still have Yeo, Ryan, Howe, Parker, S Higgins, Rockliff, Grundy, Wingard, de Goey and Heeney to play. Hopefully these 10 guys can get me another 1000 points. Will take 2600 any day of the week after so many "close but no cigar" scores this season. How is everybody else looking?

    • Sc_Wow says:

      2034 with 6 left, I’ll take 2600 too

    • Jace says:

      1960 with 6 to play

    • Derek says:

      this week has been good so far, but I have many playing today and anything could happen.

      Not happy with Gawn’s VC score, think I’ll roll dice with Grundy, although rucks have struggled against WCE to score. 139 is my VC city off this year, so Grundy it is. Yeo is a sneaky C as Collingwood give up a lot of points to opponent midfielders.

      Looking at 2650+

      • TOPHAWK1 says:

        Playing you in the A graders league mate where I am dead set, stone cold, LAST. Despite being on opposite ends of the ladder, I might push the bunnies this week. It should be a very tight finish. Projected at 2644 with Grundy C. Going to take Gawn's VC score though. Should be a great battle. Cheers Derek.

    • hedski says:

      I'm on 1711 from 14, Danger captain.
      Have Nic Nat, Yeo, Gaff, Heeney, JPK, Ryan, Walters and Gray to come.
      Will need some big scores to hit 2600, probably end up around 2500.

    • HumanBob says:

      1837 with Wingard,Wines,Gray,Lloyd,Buddy,Heeney,Ronke to come. Predicted 2655
      Could've been better if I didn't have 2-prems on the bench and I could get Spargo's 91 instead of whatever Ronke squeezes out, maybe he'll be a late out.

    • Richard says:

      1742 with 9 to go

  28. Finnius says:

    Ok community – I am in a very tight league match up at the moment and I need some advice. My opponent had Cripps VC score which he is taking, whilst I had Gawn.

    The final points of difference (if I take Gawn VC) are:

    Howe Lloyd Neale vs Crisp Westhoff 135 points

    Or I could captain Grundy to try and sneak a few more points, and then it would look like this:

    Howe Lloyd Neale Grundy vs Crisp Westhoff 265 points

    Either way it is going to be tight, but I am leaning towards option two. West Coast give a lot of points to ruckmen, Grundy has gone 130 + 8 times this year and it is at the MCG.


    • Derek says:

      The Draft Doctor boys were saying that Ruckmen haven’t been doing well against WCE. Do you know any numbers to support either way?

      • Finnius says:

        Sauce put up a 145 in round 15, and Tom Bellchamber a 120 odd the week before. Simpson did struggle against them last week, but I think Grundy's is a very different player to big dawson.

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      Geez! That is tight mate. I think if you go with option one, you are more likely to fall short. Your three against his 2 and his 135 pt lead will IMO opinion be too much to overhaul. With option 2, you have more of a chance albeit some additional risk being created. With option 2, it really comes down to Grundy. If Grundy scores a 140 as captain you are back in business. 280 points there, and then 110, 120, and 130 from your three players respectively, and you score a total of 640 points. You would then lead your opponent by 375 points. (640-265) Then Crisp and Westhoff would need to score 376 points between them to overhaul you. Ain't going to happen.

      Option 2 mate! Lock it in.

      • Finnius says:

        Thanks Tophawk – I think I'm leaning that way. Risk v Reward its probably worth backing Grundy in. I might end up losing by 100 if he puts up a 90, but I think that otherwise I'd need one of my boys to go 160 in order to snake the win which is pretty unlikely.

        I think you gave me a bit too much of a headstart there though – he has Grundy as well so Crisp and Westhoff would only need to score 376 – 140 = 236, which is achievable but still less likely than the 220 if I took Gawn's score. Grundy only becomes a POD if I captain him.

        Still leaning towards option 2, its gonna be tight though!

        • TOPHAWK1 says:

          Forgot about his Grundy score! I always overlook something when doing these analyses. Dont know why I bother sometimes. LOL That said, the same dynamics are still in play. Option 2 gives you more hope than option 1. Good luck mate!

    • Finnius says:

      Probably should have taken Gawn fml

  29. Pod says:

    Hello, community who should i bench out of Rockliff or Walters. Thinking Rocky as Walters playing at Home. Good Luck with the rest of the round community 🙂

  30. Connor says:

    Just realised i never looped Gawn…

  31. Pod says:

    Jacobs out good news for Parker, Heeny and JPK owners

  32. Steeeve says:

    Gaff's first-half disappearing act making me feel slightly better about going Fyfe to Josh Kelly.

  33. Cobee Bear says:

    Yeo 56 points at half time is a bit generous, even if he is in my team

  34. Help me says:

    Question, can look shuey for either Parker or rocky who wo ld you bench for the likely 110+

  35. hedski says:

    Ah crap. Looks like I will have NoTradesFaFoxAche with Nic Nat going down, I'll trade his arse at 9 o'clock tonight and be left with 1 trade, can't afford to get Grundy straight swap either.

    • theRealPod says:

      Unlucky hedski, he was all over Grundy. Can you trade to Goldy?

    • Help me says:

      Low on trades this year like most bud.

    • The Ranger says:

      I can't get to Grundy in one trade either Hedski, gonna have to be Goldy I think.
      Maybe change the team name to ShedLoadsOfTradesLeftHa next year? See if ya luck changes.

      • hedski says:

        I thought I might have tempted fate with that name mate!!
        Only have $55k in the bank so can't go straight to Grundy/Goldy/Stef, best I can do is probably Sinclair.
        Not sure I want him, might burn T.Smith to Bayok for a loop/swing and go all out on Grundy.
        I like Goldy's run home in the finals though

  36. Connor says:

    Wow Grundy doesn't have to do anything and he will still ton up

  37. Maverick_ says:

    nicnat gone down! hmm hibberd looks to survive another week! dammit

  38. BrownlowBoy says:

    JPK also looks done for the day.

  39. TOPHAWK1 says:

    Higgins and Heeney good boys. Parker lift you lazy twat!!!

  40. Holty01 says:

    Was on target for 2700 but with kennedy going down it looks very doubtful

  41. Rooey says:

    Had no trades but was fairly confident as I have premo cover on every line except the ruck. With Nic nat out: rip my rank and chances of winning cash league. (Cmon Lavender get a game pls)

  42. Pod says:

    Robbie Grey, JPK and Nic NAT ALL INJURED TODAY WOW!!! Hope there all ok

  43. PizzaSafety says:

    Was heading for close to 2700 til the Gray injury and Walters started playing deep forward not touching the ball, but Lachie Neale is looking good at the moment. Can't really complain, my sympathies go out to anyone who had at least 2 out of Gray, JPK and Nic Nat. Hope all those boys are okay as well

  44. Defying_Madness says:

    Luke Ryan is a bloody gun, he going huge today

    • hedski says:

      He's a shining light for me today after Nic JPK and Gray going down. Walters only just going, how's he scoring so crap when freo are up and about?

      • Defying_Madness says:

        Playing very deep forward hedski which is hurting his scores. Would help if he snags some goals in the last quarter.
        I feel for you having all 3 of them, with most coaches low on trades I hope you manage somehow. Good luck mate

        • hedski says:

          Cheers DM, had some OK bench cover this week with Mihocek, Phillips, Ahern, Gyro and Guelfi all doing OK (McInerney just going), will allow me to hold JPK and Gray, might have to punt Nic

  45. Audrey Horne says:

    Luke Ryan might just save me from certain defeat in a must win league game. Looked unlikely when Nic Nat went down but my opponent has been hit with JPK and Gray.

  46. Audrey Horne says:

    FFS do something Walters.

  47. Marty says:

    Going to be some big scores this week. How did everyone fare?

  48. AuroraBorealis?! says:

    2436 for me this week per scaling, not bad considering I had Nic Nat and grays injury effected scores. How did everyone else do?

  49. Moosehead says:

    Lyon kills footy. If all coaches had his mentality re defence, defence defence AFL would die. He won so he will be happy. Not good for the game though.

  50. neil demons delight says:

    whoever said luck plays no part in this game doesn't know sheat 2597 so pretty happy Bad luck Hedski with the 3 injuries ,kills you

  51. Russty_ says:

    Been out buying crap from Bunnings all day so didn't see any games, so what happened with Nicnat, JPK and Gray today guys?..what kind of injuries and how bad did they look?

    • BrownlowBoy says:

      Nic Nat knee – doesn't seem good.
      JPK back – was getting a rub on the ground, couldn't even get up on his own, had to be helped up by a few trainers.
      Gray – KO'D in a big tackle. Was out cold.

    • Claire says:

      Nice Nat season done.

      Jpk back spasms.

      Gray concussed, nyhius will get 3 weeks.

    • Sc_Wow says:

      Get a snag?

    • Holty01 says:

      Gray KO'd in tackle. Might miss a week.
      JPK did his lower back in an attempt to tackle. Didnt look like much but seemed to be in a lot of pain.
      Nic Nat………. i just wish him all the best. He went down holding his knee

    • Jace says:

      2567 my highest score ever!!!

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      Nic Nat has injured his "good knee". Early reports are indicating it is not looking to flash. Praying for him. Grundy hates Nic Nat.
      JPK has done something to his back. He was in agony and might be some soft tissue damage.
      Robbie Gray's head was used as a bowling ball by a Nyhuis tackle. Looked out for the count and was badly concussed. He will miss one if not 2. The tackler is looking at a 2 to 3 week holiday for his efforts.

  52. Ahmad rubas says:

    just realised round 17 was last round with thursday night footy back to friday night from round 18 onwards

  53. Mark Fawcett says:

    Well, moved up 4 spots to 99:) Downside is managed a score of 2,496 with Hogan's 123 on the bench whilst had Gray's injury score of 37, oh well:).

    • Russty_ says:

      Bummer Mark but good score anyway mate, I advised you to Bench Hoges this week cause of his rollercoaster like scoring tendencies but it was for someone else wasn't it?…hey mate on the brightside, you have him there for backup this week while Robbie has a rest.
      Gray wrecked a lot of out potential scores this week, hope he's only out for one.

      • Mark says:

        lol, yep, I actually did take your advice there mate, haha:) Oh well, what can you do? An unfortunate event which could have happened to anyone. Could have been worse and been a season-ending injury like Nic Nat's. 5 trades still left so not stressing. In my AFL Fantasy draft team had Kruezer as my ruck on 11 only:)!!! Ceglar's 60 something was looking better. Maybe need an option if a player is concussed within the first quarter or something you automatically get your emergencies score? Don't know how it would work exactly, maybe in league teams, Probably too much for overall standings as everyone is in the same boat with luck:)

    • Lekdog says:

      Nice! Keep gunning mate!

    • theRealPod says:

      Nice Mark, top 100 is uber elite!!

  54. Irish Joe says:

    The Poms have gone home. You little ripper.

  55. Russty_ says:

    Ben Brown is the best kicker of Goals in the AFL I believe, he's a testament to sticking to your pre-shot routine, no matter how quirky it may be or how fk'd up his red hair is lol.
    He walks in from 85 metres but most of the time, manages to get the ultimate job done, and that's rare these days, for a goal kicker to actually be reliable.
    I reckon the red curly haired bastard is a revelation, and might even pick him in my SC team next year…sillier things have been done 🙂

  56. oliverfisher says:

    2518 this week. I'm hoping to bring in a D7 in a week or two to loop with Witherden. The plan is to trade out T Smith and swing Sicily forward, leaving me 381k to spend. Would Houli be the best option the week after this? With R Gray probably out for this week, it would mean I need to field Billing, JJK and Ahern, which worries me, but I should be able to get Houli for another 20k cheaper if I wait one week.

    Full team is
    LLoyd, Simpson, Yeo, Laird, Sicily, Savage (Witherden, Heron)
    Mitchell, Cripps, Oliver, Kelly, Zorko, Parker, Coniglio, Shuey (Fyfe, Daniels, Murphy)
    Gawn, Martin (McInerney)
    Heeney, Gray, McLean, Billings, JJK, Robinson (T Smith, Ahern)

  57. TIGESB2B says:

    JPK and Gray in my team.

  58. Testing123 says:

    So, I’ve got 4 trades left, $80k in the bank. Playing for cash league only and can make finals without trading next two rounds… But I’m one short of premium in the fwd line. With two trades I could accumulate $640k. Should I pull the pin on anyone this week or not?

    • pigjumpprusik says:

      Wait till round 20. If you can make finals, no need to trade unless you're aiming for a top 4 spot. Don't want to be in a situation where premium's are injured for finals and you can't trade them and only have rookie cover

  59. TheGreatBozza says:

    Scored a 2442 with Pendles, Kelly, Walters, Simpson & Gray subpar. Stayed ranked at 1390, looking to finish in the top 1000 by end of the year.

    Ia have 7 trades and $0, any good moves to make?

    D – Simpson, Yeo, Laird, Sicily, Howe, Savage (Richards, Austin)
    M – Mitchell, Cripps, Danger, Pendles, Beams, Kelly, Cogs, Dusty (Ahern, Giro, Dawson)
    R – Gawn, Grundy (Hayes)
    F – Westhoff, Heeney. D.Smith, Gray, McClean, Walters (De Goey, Smith)

    I'm wanting a D6/D7 to some-what complete my team.

    Option 1 is going T.Smith to a rookie DEF/FWD swing, then Richards to one of McDonald, Ryan or Webster
    Option 2 is to go Austin down to a rookie and Richards up to Brayshaw, Crisp or Hurley


    • Derek says:

      only worry about your bench once you are 100% happy with your onfield players.

      is there anyone in your current starting 22 who you could upgrade to a better player?

      • TheGreatBozza says:

        The candidates would be Savage, Pendles, Walters & Gray, but I feel like some of those moves are a bit sideways. Pendles showed he can still pull out the big scores, while I really don't trust too many FWD premiums to offload McLean or Gray too.

  60. Marty says:

    You need Lloyd in your backline at some stage or you are losing places to those teams above you. Savage to Lloyd but you might need to downgrade Richards to someone like O'Riordan to make more cash.

  61. r_calve says:

    if deledio is back should i trade him in or go for the chad

  62. BrownlowBoy says:

    I called it,

    Nic Nat has done another ACL.

    Absolutely gutted for him. He's one of my favourite players to watch when he's up and running.

    Such a cruel blow, yet another year we won't see the powers of Nic Nat.

    Here's hoping for a speedy recovery.

  63. Richard says:

    Good to see Sam McClure getting put back in his place on talking footy.

  64. AuroraBorealis?! says:

    I'm in need of a bit of advice here community, I have 4 trades left, i am still 2 players short of full premo, and I have nic nat. I have 191k in the bank that i was planning on using for upgrades, but should i use that money on upgrading to Grundy? If i do that it'll leave me with 38k, 3 trades and 2 rookies playing on field. Or is it better to upgrade to stef martin at 555k and keep 100k+ in the bank? Obviously Grundy is in the top 2 rucks for this year, but is he 60k+ better than Stef martin? Or would that extra money serve me better if i put it toward my upgrades?

    Cheers, AB

    • TBone_9 says:

      Hey AB, what is your team looking like other than Nic Nat? Trading him is a must, but going under 3 trades is scary with the amount of injuries that have occurred so far this year! Cheers mate

      • AuroraBorealis?! says:

        DEF: K.Simpson, E.Yeo, R.Laird, J.Sicily, L.Ryan, B.Mihocek (T.Duman, J.Ridley)

        MID: T.Mitchell, P.Cripps, P.Dangerfield, A.Gaff, Z.Merrett, C.Oliver, J.Kelly, M.Crouch (C.Spargo, W.Powell, D.Barry

        RUCK: M.Gawn, N.Naitanui (T.Olango)

        FWD: I.Heeney, D.Smith, R.Gray, T.Mcdonald, T.Mclean, P.Ahern (T.Smith, L.Keefe)

        Yeah 3 trades is probably not going to get me over the line for the rest of the season, i tried trading super aggressively this year in order to get to full premo quicker, but because of injuries and poor decisions i'm now behind on both trades and players.

    • Russty_ says:

      Hey AB, bad luck with Nicnat mate, that's a tragedy for the Footy world losing him again, I think if I were in your situation, I'd get Martin in, and then hold on for dear life, you might have to leave your 2 rooks on field cause you will probably need those 3 remaining trades for inevitable injuries, what a year it's been!

      • AuroraBorealis?! says:

        Cheers for the response Russty, i think it'll be a case of trade to Stef and clench. This year has been an absolute embarrassment so far and will be the only season in which i've failed to reach full premo

  65. dontblushbaby says:

    Sicily out for 6 weeks with a wrist injury

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