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An absolutely huge week in the Panic Room this week!

Nat Fyfe’s injury is one of those “everyone remembers where they were” type of things. Personally I was playing Crash Bandicoot. After dying for the 1,658th time I calmly placed (read: threw with uncontrolled rage) my controller down and checked the scores of Brisbane v Fremantle. I had four Freo players in the last game of the round and I was tracking for a 2,500 score. Alas, I was greeted by the big red cross next to Fyfe on Fanfooty. I left a note and $20 for pizza for Patch and jumped on the next flight over the Perth.

I’m on my way, Fyfey! I was born to provide rigorous hamstring rubdowns for you ❤ #AFLFreoLions

— Kevin Horton (@SC_Kev7) July 1, 2018

I’m sorry, Community. I have failed. My 3am rubdowns, chicken soup, and nightly spooning haven’t paid off and Nat is looking at 4-5 weeks on the sidelines. Is spooning a recognised hamstring recovery method? No. Have I stopped? Also no. You can’t hold, not now. Maybe if you’ve managed to build to M9 and feeling confident. Maybe. A direct swap to another premium midfielder is doable as the most expensive in Tom Mitchell is only 56k away and Josh Kelly is 14k away. Everyone else is cheaper than Fyfe.

There are other ways to play this. Cash gen has really dried up lately as our new batch of rookies have struggled for game time. Trading Fyfe to a player in a purple patch and using the extra coin is a viable strategy. A risky, ballsy strategy sure, but still a strategy.

So what do we do? Well we go to the guaranteed* best in the business. The technology overlords at Windows conspired to take our beloved podcast off us this week, but being the absolute troopers that Patch and Lek are, they re-recorded and let that podcast run wild and free, for as the old saying goes, “Let your podcast run wild and free.” Teams out of the final race will now be looking to blood their kids, Barron has his finger on the pulse in Around the Grounds this week. Patch takes a look at our captain choices for the round ahead (and actually remembered to include Tom Mitchell this time), and after four months of cheat sheets Damo is still producing all round brilliance.

*not a guarantee


Well Thursday night footy is not here to have sexual intercourse with spiders this week. Isaac Heeney. BAM! Gone. Unable to recover from his concussion in time. Both teams play musical chairs with a few kids. Of note: Recent rookie Jamaine Jones is back. Scott Selwood returns for the Cats. Will he shadow JPK?

Matt Crouch has busted his hand as the Crows play the Tigers on Friday. He’ll play but cross him off your trade in targets. Tom Lynch replaces Dave Mackay in their only change. The Tigers are providing some forward line bench relief in the form of Callum Moore for those that have him. Corey Ellis is back too. The suspended Nick Vlastuin and the injured Reece Conca are the ones to make way.

Brisbane have announced an unchanged lineup for the first time in 17 years (this is not a real stat, do not @ me). Paddy Dow is being managed at Carlton. Matt Kreuzer will return. Is anyone still holding Jarrod Garlett? Shock, horror. He’s out injured. Aidyn Johnson has been named for Port and is on the bubble this week. Tom Jonas and Jack Watts are other big names to return. A mix of fringe and injured players make up their outs. Jasper Pittard being the most high profile. St. Kilda’s backline has fallen over days after the national under 18 carnival. I’m not suggesting anything here, but if I was it starts with t and ends with anking. Carlisle and Nathan Brown out doesn’t matter from a SuperCoach viewpoint, but they’ve taken Bailey Rice from us. Jimmy Webster and Logan Austin return for those that held. Charlie Spargo is back for the Dees, but Mitch Hannan is out. At Freo, seeing Nat Fyfe’s name among the outs has brought up old wounds and I’m now writing this slightly misty eyed. Ryan Nyhuis has been dropped. Hawthorn and the Bulldogs have made two changes each, but they won’t hurt you at all.

There’s TWELVE new names listed between North and Gold Coast. I’m not going to list them all as I’m on a deadline / have a life (one of those is correct). Jacob Dawson is out. Will Brodie and Jacob Heron are on an extended bench. There’s a possible debut for Will Walker (MID – 117.3k). It’s pretty much curtains for GWS in 2018. Jono Patton has done his knee again the poor bloke. There are more changes in this game than I can keep up with. Liam Ryan is being managed and there are possible debuts for Oscar Allen (FWD – 117.3k), Aiden Bonar *giggles* (FWD/MID – 157.8k) and Brent Daniels (FWD/MID – 117.3k). For the last game of the week, both teams have topped up their extended benches, Sam Murray is a chance to return.


Another week, another batch of so-so rookie bubble boys. Brayden Ainsworth and Aidyn Johnson are both due for their first price rise this week. Yeah… don’t Both garbage, 

Some cavalry is on the horizon in the form of Brayden Sier and Quinton Narkle. Both had super debuts but the path of SuperCoach is littered with injured and dropped rookies lately, so hold fire on both.

These guys come with a free frogurt (that’s good!)

-39 – Brayden Ainsworth*

-13 – Aidyn Johnson

These premiums contain potassium benzoate (that’s bad!)

196 – TMac

174 – Kruze

167 – Clayton Oliver

160 – Rory Sloane

160 – Jimmy Webster

157 – Luke Ryan

157 – Ollie Wines

146 – Gaz

145 – Bont


Nat Fyfe will be at the forefront of trade plans for 56% of coaches this week. To me it’s a case of selecting the next best available. Trying to replace the scoring power of Fyfe, he’s gone 120+ 7x this season, with a Luke Shuey type is an unnecessary risk that you don’t need to take.

You can still grab a POD if you’re looking to distinguish your team from the pack. Ed Curnow (109.9 ave. In 3.5% teams), Andrew Gaff (109.1 ave. In 6.7% teams), and Lachie Neale (108.5 ave. In 7% of teams) are all great options with high ceilings.

A lot has been discussed on Twitter about the absence of Fyfe and Sandi won’t really have much of an affect on Neale, he actually might prosper. I’m still leaning towards Gaff. The former flat track bully has really excelled this season, turning his undoubted ball winning ability into higher ceiling scores. West Coast still have a lot to play for as they aim not to blow their 10-1 start, whereas Fremantle will just coast to the end of the year. A higher draft pick in a stacked draft is gold in a rebuilding team.


G’day Community. Let’s get this out of the way early because let’s face it, my pants will be off and I’ll be sinking piss in preparation for this game. I’ve fired up the number cruncher at Fantasy Insider and the guru’s have given us this optimal lineup for tonights game.

My take:


Only two options tonight (I’m not counting JJ). Nank has a better average by 5.7, whereas Sauce has a better 3-game form by 4.7. There’s only $250 between them. Digging slightly deeper, Sauce has absolutely bossed Nank in recent times. He scored 120 vs Richmond earlier in the year and logged 158 and 96 last year. Along with 122 in the GF. Nank has an average of 92 across that 4-game period.


Rory Laird stands way above the pack at 15.5k. He’s an obvious gun but that’s just too expensive for mine. His 5-game average is 103.4 which is just 6.6x value so I’m looking elsewhere. I love Jayden Short. I’ve been stuffing him into lineups at every opportunity. His price is starting to catch up without his output but with a 5-game average of 92 he’s a pretty safe bet to hit value at 11.4k. Corey Ellis has been named this week and will probably head to the backline to fill the void left by Nick Vlastuin. He’s never been a particularly high scorer but only needs a 60 to hit 10x value.


When Conca went down last week Snags Higgins moved into the midfield and had 20 possessions, 7 marks, and 73DS. Richmond have brought in Cal Moore which says to me Higgins will continue to get increased midfield minutes. It’s a badly kept secret that Kane Lambert hits beast mode in SC with Dion Prestia in the side, and it translates to the DFS world as well. Lambert averages 101.6 (5 games) with Prestia in the side, 63.5DS without.


Expecting some big numbers in the clash as Richmond don’t tag and Adelaide mids refuse to run both ways. The news of Matt Crouch’s fractured hand makes me nervous. He says he’s fine and good to go but I’m not feeling it. Especially for a guy that handballs as much as he does. Rory Sloane is at his best when there isn’t a tagger hanging off him. and 12.2k is just too good of a price to pass up on a player of his quality. Dusty hasn’t hit the heights of last year but his reduced price we know he can flick the switch. He hasn’t scored below 90 in his past 5 against the Crows. Dion Prestia has had a stop / start year. He scored 92 last week after a two month injury layoff. In round 7 he scored 70DS from half a game. Last of all, Jack Graham averages 8 tackles a game over the past 3 weeks and has 70’s to his name in each game.

My lineup:

The JR Group is currently the 109th best group in the land! Can we get into the top 100? That would be a phenomenal effort on behalf of the Community. Best of luck and, if you’re listening SC Gods, stop injuring our premiums!

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  1. AuroraBorealis?! says:

    What are the chances that L.Keefe gets a game? Need him in to avoid Heeneys 0

    • Marty says:

      Three to be omitted. Possibly Shipley, Bonar and either Keefe or Daniels to go.

    • Seeker says:

      With no Cameron and now Patton I’m hoping Keeffe gets a few more games

  2. rtz says:

    Cop a donut or bring in the likes of Wingard, Billings or Riewoldt? Would be my F6

    • SC_Kev7 says:

      Wingard’s record against the Saints is pretty good

    • BigAl_15 says:

      I reckon Billings cos if he's still averaging around 90, he'll score pretty good, gain cash and then you might wanna upgrade him if you can. But otherwise, go Wingard

    • r_calve says:

      the chad looks so good right now bring him in

  3. COYS says:

    Fyfe to Beams and Guelfi to B. Brown?
    I have 8 trades left and $27k in the bank.
    I want to do a straight swap Fyfe for Neale, but that leaves me with bugger all and still needing to upgrade Guelfi down the track.

    • SC_Kev7 says:

      Not sold on BB, COYS. Any other option?

      • trevor says:

        Beams a legitimate option Kev? I am very tempted by him and crouch??

        Can you go wingard COYS?

  4. Gibbs says:

    Have 7 trades after trading Fyfe, do I use 1 to upgrade Dusty? If I was to upgrade him id have 530 K to do it

    Could upgrade Goldy to Grundy or just hold trades,

    Personally Rather trade Dusty

    • SC_Kev7 says:

      Gaff/Curnow under 530k is tempting… Both look to be top 10 mids

  5. Marty says:

    Glad I'm full team because so many bench players are not playing. Giro, Spargo and Guelfi are the only ones acting as subs. Liam Ryan out will hurt some teams. Fingers crossed there are no injuries after matches this week. Good luck to all supercoachers.

  6. FearTheBeard says:

    Hold Fyfe with either Giro/J Smith for a week and go for Macrae or go for JPK/Neale/Gaff/Bont?

    • BlueBaggerJosh says:

      the scoring difference between macrae and the midfield premos you listed will not be significant enough to merit a week where you will probably lose 40 points at least. Also macrae is 1-2 weeks, he is a superstar and bulldogs might go conservative with him.

  7. Crazy Bugger says:

    anyone rate riding out the season with no trades?

    • AuroraBorealis?! says:

      nope haha, especially not with how frequent the injuries have been this year

  8. Ahmad rubas says:

    I can loophole either Simpson or laird this week. Should I go with Simpson who is more likely to do worse than laird or go laird because it will be more valuable benching a poor score from such a highly owned player. Or don't bother and just leave the E on cole

    • SC_Kev7 says:

      Reckon you’re pretty safe, Ahmed. That said, Simmo more likely to chuck in a stinker

      • Ahmad rubas says:

        Yeah I think cole E is more safe on the small chance that rice comes in as a late in


    DEF: Laird, Yeo, Sicily, A Brayshaw, Lloyd, Savage (Austin, Mihocek)

    MID: Danger, Dusty, Rocky, Zorko, Gaff, Shuey, Danger, Conigs (Macrae, Giro, Ahern)

    RUCK: Grundy Gawn (olango)

    FWD: Gray, McLean, D.Smith, Walters, Wingard, De Goey (Buddy, T. Smith )

    Did Fyfe > Gaff, Guelfi > Shuey

    1 trade left $6k

    Can loop Buddy first game, Dusty 2nd game and toss up. between Smith De Goey who gets bench
    Ranked 1456, dropped 600 odd spots rnd 13 as Cap Titch was robbed vs plenty had Cripps + simpson, last week took Cap off Titch where its been most of year going to keep Gawns 139 but Aherns late inclusion meant my loop closed and forced to take Fyfe inj was looking 2450 to 2500 myself still went up 6 places

    Now just gotta hang on, if inj get me so be it, if not loving my options even more upon Macraes return

    • BlueBaggerJosh says:

      wow you are set up brilliantly, i have one trade left and not one premo on bench lol

      • THE SALTSHAKER says:

        well zorko started it, was cheap, as id burnt heaps of trades i thought i needed some value from the roles, got rocky, brayshaw, wingard, de goey, playing mid roles, then fritsch to walters last week, fyfe to gaff and used the $60k to move wingard to fwds and bring in shuey who gets 90 to 110 if he plays 110mins – theyve all worked this week 👍

    • The Ranger says:

      Haha ha…nice work Salty, looks like you've been having a fun year. I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya mate.

      • THE SALTSHAKER says:

        my fwd line has eaten so many trades, if only i started with mclean + heeney instead of billings and petracca

    • SC_Sixty6 says:

      Best team for options I've seen. Should make a big run home. Goodluck

    • THE SALTSHAKER says:

      shit thanks for the props! 2633 this week 17th for the week, moved up 845 places to 611th overall had a great week, my cap choices let me down last few, cap grundy this week was nice to have everything work. My loop earnt me de goey 117 over buddys 59 so has worked out taking some early chances…fingers crossed no major injuries 👍

  10. BlueBaggerJosh says:

    Lloyd starting my perfect 9 up well, already packing my suitcases for a trip around the world.

    • JohnDJ59 says:


    • Russty_ says:

      Did the same Josh, unfortunately, no one will ever win that ripoff game…it's too stacked against anyone winning it.

      • SC_Sixty6 says:

        Stop whinging. Ffs

      • Finnius says:

        Agreed. You can get 5 max. They don't let you change any after the round starts either – so with Simpson a late out I couldn't switch. There are always going to be a few Steve Motlops each week as well.

  11. Defying_Madness says:

    I wonder how many will get baited by Scooter this year haha

  12. Marty says:

    Is the real Danger back? Looking good tonight.

    • Randomcliche2 says:

      I didn't watch the final quarter, did they do the same as last week and swing him forward permanent again? He was on about 100 at 3/4 time, same as last week. He is definitely back fit and playing well. Recommend buying if you don't have. Note that Chris Scott is continuing to have brain fades and put him forward for quarters, so expect 105-115 avg, not the 130 odd from last year.

      Edit, just seen Marty's comment below. Yes he was fwd. Dammit.

  13. BrownlowBoy says:

    Geelong are a far better team with Scooter Selwood fit

    • Corey says:

      Love Scott Selwood I 100% agree you see a significant improvement in the Cats whenever he is in the side, shame he’s often injured

  14. Rooey says:

    Is it worth trading fyfe to Heppell so I can afford Lloyd next week or just go with Neale and a 450kish def or fwd?

  15. Corey says:

    Dangerfield playing a lot more midfield with Taylor back in the side playing forward, 72 at HT if only I put the VC on him!

  16. CruelChris says:


  17. dontblushbaby says:

    I don't have them but how disappointing are Parker & Hannebery , and then there's Gaz , early retirement ?

  18. Connor says:

    Franklin losing 13SC for that 50 hurts!

  19. Defying_Madness says:

    Danger playing deep forward now

  20. Russty_ says:

    Buddy you sucked tonight, you can pay me back by getting 183 again like you did last year in my grand finals. 🙂

    • Connor says:

      Was on 74 prior to giving away the 50 – ended on 59….

      • Russty_ says:

        Key forwards are always a crapshoot…sucked he got penalized for that, didn't hear the call or the whistle, Umpires are a bit too anal retentive these days.

    • SC_Sixty6 says:

      Never ever had buddy in my side. Goes a long way in my top ranking finishes.

      • Russty_ says:

        Tell someone who cares mate…Buddy can be a boom or bust, he boomed for me at the right time last year and won me plenty of grand finals in my leagues, I wouldn't be boasting if I was as low on trades as you are, and still have Fyfe.

        • SC_Sixty6 says:

          Rustie you worry about your bottom 8 finals coming up while I'll worry about my trades and who I bring in and take out. We touched on this in the week….I have more trades than your mate Dave.

          • ZzZCalintZzZ says:

            I'm enjoying my 23 premo's and 3 trades mate. You enjoy your 19 premo's and 4 trades

      • Shake_n_Bake_ says:

        Not so true l had buddy last 2 years and finished both years in the top 100.

        • PizzaSafety says:

          He's got Gold Coast in 2 weeks, should get heaps and heaps of delivery even if May plays alright. A 150+ will happen at some stage.

          Edit: actually has a poor scoring history against Gold Coast but I reckon he can get past it.

  21. Steeeve says:

    What the hell Danger? Thought my VC was going to pay handsome dividends at 3qtr

  22. BlueBaggerJosh says:

    How much will Lloyd go up after that performance?

  23. neil demons delight says:

    Rubbish game but Hedski your cats were better just NDD

    • hedski says:

      If only we could kick straight Neil. I'll take it though 👍

    • Shake_n_Bake_ says:

      Should have won that by 7 or 8 goals Neil. Hedski will still be happy with the win.

      • neil demons delight says:

        are you holding Fyfe Shake

        • Shake_n_Bake_ says:

          Switched Boak to mids going to have the E on him Neil and might see how he goes 1st. I play you again this week.

    • Corey says:

      Classic Swans, Cats 4 Quarter Scrap where Geelong dominate the stat sheet but the result is often in favour of the Swans, but we’ll take the four points tonight!

  24. Russty_ says:

    Not sure, Darcy isn't a pushover, plus they're playing in Darwin, and it's going to be 33 degrees, not sure how Gawny handles hot weather.

    • Connor says:

      Refer to game vs Adelaide in Alice Springs earlier this year. Scored 114 against Jacobs (I know he wasn't in form but still a decent ruck) but played 10-15 minutes less game time than normal

  25. BrownlowBoy says:

    Didn't you say you stopped VC'ing Dangerfield in round 5 just last week?

    • hedski says:

      Good win for the cattas BB, got you in the Mag 7, good luck mate.

      • BrownlowBoy says:

        Wasn't pretty, but you take them however you can get them.

        The 2 inclusions tonight, Scooter and Jones had 20 tackles between them. Huge effort.

        Looks like Taylor might be cooked, maybe throw Henderson forward when he's fit do you think?

        Scooter makes a huge difference in our midfield. Very underrated member of the team from outsiders looking in.

        Really liking Stanley's efforts lately, has improved greatly.

        Best of luck for this week, I brought in JPK over Selwood whoops!

        • hedski says:

          Harry needs to go back, struggling fwd. Scoots a great in, love his pressure. Stanners is giving more effort which he needed to.
          Yeah I got JPK in too, glad I already have Joel. 👍

          • BrownlowBoy says:

            Go back to the 2's or defence?

            Really don't know if he's in our best 22.

    • Randomcliche2 says:

      TY! 🙂 I've VC'd Cripps into Gawn this week…lets see how that goes.

  26. Gem says:

    10 Trades – 20k Just after some advice this week for trades
    Thinking Fyfe and cash in Cole for a cheap rookie. Thoughts?

    DEF: Laird, H Shaw, Simpson, Sicily, Yeo, T Cole (Austin, L Murphy)
    MID: Rockliff, Dusty, Danger, Fyfe, Cogs,Titch, Oliver, Cripps (Giro, Brayshaw (freo), Ahern)
    RUC: Gawn, NicNat (Olango)
    FWD: Maclean, R Gray, Buddy, D Smith, Billings, Petracca (Heeney, Guelfi)

    • Russty_ says:

      Hey Gem, with 10 trades left I'd be looking to make some money this week… could go Fyfe to Shuey and Brayshaw to Sier.
      Would enable you to do whatever you want next week, Maybe stick Austin on field this week too instead of Cole.

    • Defying_Madness says:

      I would probably go Fyfe to Kelly and then downgrade Guelfi to a rookie. then next week you can upgrade Cole to a defender of your choice

  27. JohnDJ59 says:

    Lloyd would have been a good pod VC, if only I hadn't chickened out.

  28. trevor says:

    dayne beams (475k)… massive ceiling and starting to find the form but can drop the occasional turd! high risk high reward cheap as chips


    Gaff (525k)… uber consistant know you will get your 100+ most weeks but is pricier comapred too beams.

    opionions community?

    • Russty_ says:

      I'd go Gaff because of his uber consistency…he's cheap for that kind of consistency.

      • neil demons delight says:

        So would I Rust. Will look extra well next year in red and blue NDD

        • Russty_ says:

          He'd be a great pickup for your mob next year Neil….Is T-Mac ok to go this week, or is his lung thing still a bit dodgy?

          • neil demons delight says:

            Yeah mate those thugs last week fixed him Did Robbie Muir come out of retirement

      • trevor says:

        Crouch in the picture? we know how he can play he is a jet! but that fractured hand makes me nervous… again his price is just ridiculous and sloane back must help

        • Russty_ says:

          Coach said his hand fracture is a minor issue trevor, and he'll play this week even if he's a bit sore…he's an option but if I had to choose between the 2, I'd still go Gaff,

        • Drunkin Kanga says:

          Could wait 2 weeks for Oliver around 500k or another bottoming MID.
          WestyOFF 507k in the meantime (FWD/MID) is a good option.

  29. red5 says:

    Thinking Fyfe ro Beams & Guelfi to Mclean

  30. john says:

    Is it worth trading Fyfe if I only have 7 trades left and 1 more premium to upgrade?

    • DO DEES DOH says:

      Yes i traded Fyfe and Guelfi to McLean and Crouch (full premo finally) only 4 trades left now and 5k in the bank so locked in for a while.

  31. James says:

    Andrew Gaff or Lachie Neale?

  32. Lone Ranga says:

    How are peoples teams going?
    Full premo? (how many off or above full)
    How many trades left?
    Cash in the piggy?

    • Ja191 says:

      1 off full premo and will have 3 trades left when I get them

    • Mark says:

      full premo (IMO), 6 trades, 65k in the kitty and ranked 113:)

    • SamuraiPizzaCat says:

      Full premo, except for Heeney on the bench, covered by Ahern
      6 trades left
      45k in the bank
      Rank a long way behind Mark

    • INPieman says:

      Full premo, 5 trades after this week, 200k in the bank, rank just outside top 1k. 2 bad weeks in a row & went into freefall. But top 4 in all leagues

    • The Ranger says:

      Full premo(ish). 6 trades after this week. 165K in the kitty.

    • Lazza says:

      1.5 off Full premo … Nank and Richards on field … 9 trades left.
      Would have gone to Grundy this week but Fyfe trade-out stuffed that up… (need 2 trades to do it)
      Might cash out Guelfi to non-playing DPP to cash up so that I can bring in a bubble boy next week together with Grundy. This will leave me with 8 trades going into next week.

  33. AuroraBorealis?! says:

    Just wanted to say that your panic room write ups always make me laugh, hilariously well written and informative. Cheers for all the consistently good work this year Kev

  34. Dice_real says:

    Dustin will bounce back tonight with 150

  35. Steve says:

    What's everyones thoughts on Pendles as a stand in for Fyfe? scored well passed few weeks – bigger role/reliance with Treloar out maybe?

    • Pod says:

      Like him or adams they are both so cheap i remember when adams was getting tonnes every week last year playing midfield it looked to have changed on the weekend and instead of him playing in the backline his playing mid again showing with his 30 posies and tackles

  36. TheGreatBozza says:

    Decided to be aggressive this week and roll with Richards as my Heeney cover.

    Thoughts on Fyfe > Oliver, Ryan > Brander to swing Sicily FWD.

    Leaves with me 7 trades so I can target any DEF or FWD premo next week. Looking at Lloyd or Westhoff

    Other option is to go Ryan to Hurley/Bradshaw and Fyfe to Gaff


    • Randomcliche2 says:

      Good, I run Sicily forward, won't touch Tmac. Suggest Llyod, although you're paying slightly overs, he's top 6 def no probs from here out. The value pick is webster next week.

      • TheGreatBozza says:

        Yeah I don’t like Tmac. I’m basically stuck this week between settling for a sub premo MID and premo FWD/DEF or vice-versa

        I’m thinking the smart play is to get a premo mid this week like Oliver and reassess DEF/FWD upgrades next week. Better than settling for a player I don’t really like

  37. Pod says:

    Charlie Curnow may come home strong Blues have Lions Stkilda Hawks GC GWS Bulldogs in the next month and a half he will go HUGE thoughts? Community (posted earlier but on another thread)

  38. Mark says:

    Ranked 113. Had the tough choice to make. Fyfe to who!!!??? Have gone to Dangerfield. 104 this week has paid off. Benched Heeney in favor of Doedee (a bit of DPP magic). The team currently this week sits at

    Def: Lloyd, Simpson, Yeo, Laird, Webster, Doedee (Austin, Keeffe)
    Mid: Mitchell, Kelly, Cripps, Dangerfield, Oliver, Merrett, Coniglio, Rockliff (Heeney, Giro, J.Smith)
    Ruck: Gawn, Martin (McInerney)
    Fwd: Smith, McLean, Sicily, McDonald, Gray, Hogan (T.Smith, Ahern)

    Coverage on all lines and allows me what I had planned for with DPP between Sicily, McDonald and Keefe. 6 trades left and $65,100 in the kitty. Had to go Treloar to Kelly last week. Injuries are starting to hit!

    • Mark says:

      ok, wow! Just made a permanent trade that leaves me with 5 left now. Went Doedee to Wingard! Leaves me some good DPP links and can run a few between forwards and mids with a premo on the bench I guess? Just hoping Doedee doesn't go off:)

      • The Ranger says:

        I like the Wingard trade Mark, all the while he's playing in the guts he scores well.
        Fingers crossed on the injury front now eh?

      • Derek says:


    • Rabbits16 says:

      doing well m8 keep it up!

    • Randomcliche2 says:

      Nice looking team, hang on, that's my midfield! 5 other differences though… i'll use some of your trades later please. Cheers

  39. Trades says:

    Fyfe to Cripps leaving Taranto/Ahern F6
    Fyfe to Gaff/Merett & Taranto to McLean

    Only have 15k in the kitty

    • Mark says:

      how many trades left?

    • Mark says:

      if enough I'd go Fyfe to Gaff and Taranto to McLean. Gaff is heating up and Merrett is Mr. Consistent. Can't go wrong with either. In saying that though, Essendon has 5 top 8 teams coming up and only 3 outside of the 8, but again, he's consistent. Gaff only had Freo and Brisbane outside of the 8 and all others finals contenders. Both well priced. Gaff IMO though. Only 3 scores under 100 and 2 of those were 85 and 92 with the other being 74. That's consistent as well, haha:)

    • TheGreatBozza says:

      I'd go option two. As much as a beast that Crippa is, I think McLean is a bargain at his price

  40. Connor says:

    Any Collingwood and/or Port Adelaide supporters…
    T. Adams – role change? is he gonna play midfield, ave 105+
    C. Wingard – will he keep playing midfield time?

  41. Franklin Show says:

    Fyfe to whom is on everyones lips!!!

    I have narrowed the list to 2 – Gaff or J Kelly.

    J.Kelly – is a risk if GWS lose a few games finals is over and does that mean Kelly is put out to be ready for next yr.

    Gaff – safe pick with WC needing all the players to make sure they dont stuff up their start.

    I'm so stuck – 6 trades so don't really have the trades to be stuffing around with corrections. Thoughts. Help Please.

  42. James says:

    im getting sucked into going fyfe -> beams..

  43. James says:

    simpson or crisp??
    consistency of crisp v the ceiling of simspon


  44. r_calve says:

    so glad I brought in Duncan last night instead of Kennedy, 3 seconds before the lockout

  45. trevor says:

    How much longer can chaddy stay in the guts of port for? Will he play the season out there?

    • BrownlowBoy says:

      Wouldn't think Kenny changes a winning formula

    • The Ranger says:

      I bloody hope so Trev. Can't see any reason for Hinkley to change it.

      • trevor says:

        i can either trade rice up to simpson or i can go rice to wingard vis sicilys DPP and the extra cash will go toward my nicnat trade next week to hopefully grundy

        • The Ranger says:

          If it's get Simpson or get Wingard and Grundy then the latter wins out for sure.

  46. Bonkers says:

    why such little love for M.Crouch at 480k?
    adelaide coach assures us his hand is a minor fracture…

    • BrownlowBoy says:

      You answered your own question.

    • Jace says:

      What about Gibbs look at his scores when Sloane plays round 1-4 & 15, scored 100+ in every game when Sloane plays.
      What do you think?

      • The Ranger says:

        I was tempted Jace but it's a decent sized risk.

        • Bonkers says:

          Hadn’t even considered Gibbs. May have a look now

        • Jace says:

          It's hard for me to talk about a crows player, because I'm a Port supporter.
          But when it comes to supercoach i go with my head not my heart.

  47. red5 says:

    What are peoples thoughts on Mclean. He seems like good value to me.
    He scored 102 last week
    3 crap scores in rounds 11 to 14
    Averaged 110 from rounds 1 to 10.
    Has he had a role change, carrying injury or just 3 rounds of bad form?

    • Ja191 says:

      he's a 10/10 for value get him in if you don't have him he had a slight shoulder injury but looks to have recovered with 10+ tackles last week

    • hedski says:

      Robbie Gray zinged into his shoulder red5, think he played sore for a week or two after that, good to go.

  48. AdsyAA says:

    Who would be your go-to defender under 425k? Not much on offer but Fyfe to Beams leaves me with this much if I chop Rice (haha sorry). Looking at Macmillan from North, Scharenberg or Geary. Or another if I could make a case for them. Can't afford a donut this time of the year with where I'm at in the league unfortunately.

  49. SC_Sixty6 says:

    He has nothing better to do than reply to our posts. Their site must of crashed and burned. Unfortunate because now they are dribbling crap on here.

    • BrownlowBoy says:

      Am I in any leagues with you Sixty6 or Wow? What's your team names?

      Also just seeking confirmation as to whether you VC'd Dangerfield for the first time since round 5?

      Both of you need to chill out, Rusty is a valued member of the community. You don't need to take any advice from anyone if you don't want to.

    • Russty_ says:

      Are you referring to the question I asked you in the Captain McCaptainface thread? was just an honest question, not sure why you two are being so nasty and abusive? Good to see you've kissed and made up though.

  50. Nuggety says:

    I'm with Russty. GAGF.

    • Sc_Wow says:

      Of course you are. You’re both as good as each other ….

    • Russty_ says:

      Doesn't take long for certain people to return to their true nature Nuggety, anyways, let's enjoy the game tonight and good luck everyone this week!

      • Russty_ says:

        Delusion is a wonderful thing for those who are delusional.

      • Sc_Wow says:


        • Henry says:

          I remember you from scpaige wow, didn't you get banned?

          • Russty_ says:

            Wouldn't be surprised Henry, they've already run off a lot of regular contributors to this site with their negativity and abuse…hence, there's hardly anyone here tonight.

            • Dale says:

              What is the other site they regulars have gone too?

              • Russty_ says:

       Dale, a few regulars also post there, because it's a flog free zone, those two don't have access, although they read it everyday lol.

  51. Trades says:

    Of course Crouch is killing it…

    • Russty_ says:

      Yeah his fractured hand doesn't seem to be bothering him too much! 60+ at half time.

    • Defying_Madness says:

      I may have put the VC on him lmao. Thought a hail mary would be a good idea since the captain is going on Gawn anyway

    • Defying_Madness says:

      And he has fallen off the face of the earth just like last week

  52. Steeeve says:

    Every week I want to rage trade Dusty. Every week I don't. Fyfe gets injured and I tell myself this is why I can't trade Dusty. Trades are precious. Then the next Tigers game starts and it does my head in. Dusty just streamed toward goal then fumbled a handpass my 2yo daughter would have caught. It's okay, I think, he's picked it back up. Then he blatantly throws the ball. Likely goal becomes a free against (and maybe a clanger). Bloke is way off the level required to be considered a premo. I just hope I have one trade left and a full team in the last round of the Supercoach season. I will trade Dusty out to almost anyone. It's just a pity he will be priced at 400k by then.

  53. BlueBaggerJosh says:

    Zorko and Billings or Heppell and Curnow?

  54. NoLanguage says:

    Anyone else pulled the Fyfe to Higgins trade?

  55. Murray says:

    Is Holman to shuey a good trade or is just a sideways trade and a waste

    • Russty_ says:

      It'd be a waste if Shuey gets injured again but I think he'll outscore Holman the rest of the year Murray.

      • Murray says:

        Thanks next question is I will have 4 trades left after I trade Fyfe to gaff. should I save the shuey trade as it would leave me with 3 only

        • Russty_ says:

          Yeah maybe I think, unless you have to…once you run out, it all goes to hell so have to try and save a few at least for the finals.

          • Murray says:

            Thanks rusty as much as I would like to bring in shuey I think I need to save trades for finals. I am 1st and 3rd in cash leagues and trades are critical. Who knows what might happen between now and finals

  56. Ben says:

    Should I hold fyfe and get crouch Next Week seeing as his hand looks fine or go gaff this week or maybe even beams

  57. Mystic_Mac says:


  58. Defying_Madness says:

    Martin has had such a third rate game

  59. Russty_ says:

    Dusty's not doing so great but no one's mentioned Laird…on 49 at almost 3/4 time…aaaah

    • Defying_Madness says:

      Everyone has him so it doesn't matter that much. Maybe if someone has VC on him it matters

      • ZzZCalintZzZ says:

        I suggested flicking him if he misses the 2 games b4 Adelaides bye. The question I was asking "can he average even 95 on the run home"

        Sometimes a POD move is trading out a popular player.
        I held him though lol

        • Russty_ says:

          That would be a real shark move Dave….:) Must be satisfying for the Tigers to flog the Crows again like they did in the GF, they have been decimated with injuries though.

          • ZzZCalintZzZ says:

            Yup Crows are not making the 8
            But a good time to stick with the new faces for the rest of the year.

        • Randomcliche2 says:

          I didn't have him for some stupid hunch reason. Was very productive not having over they byes. Bought him straight in after that though. Easy top 5 defender on the way home I think.

  60. Ftb says:

    Gaff, higgings, Neale?

    • Russty_ says:

      Gaff's been ultra-consistent this year, Eagles could finish well when Darling and JJK get back in a week or 2.

      • Ftb says:

        Ya reckon gaff? Otherwise I could wait a week for Macrae?

        • Russty_ says:

          Macrae will have come back from an injury though mate, and will have missed quite a few games, could take him some time to get back into the groove, I'd still go Gaff.

  61. ZzZCalintZzZ says:

    Doedee will you be a premo next year? Nearly that now on debut… 10 scores over 80 and 5 of them over 100 after this game.

    • Russty_ says:

      Reckon he'll start next year at about 450 to 470K Dave.

    • BrownlowBoy says:

      I'm happy with him at D6

    • Steeeve says:

      Traded him out for T Mac. Should have kept Doedee.
      Also traded Tim Kelly for Dusty. Could have saved both trades and gained points.

      • Russty_ says:

        I feel your pain Steve, also traded Doedee and Kelly to no one of any consequence…cest la vie.

        • Defying_Madness says:

          Not as bad as Doedee to Menegola around 6 weeks ago

          • Russty_ says:

            Menegola's really gone backwards mate, you weren't to know it would pan out like that.

  62. Mystic_Mac says:

    Did you pull the trigger on Sloane, 66? 85 point quarter should get him to your magic 150 🤣

    • Russty_ says:

      I'll answer because he decided he wanted to enter one of my Leagues, no he didn't, was probably trying to lead people astray, he brought Charlie Curnow in for ZGL this week 🙂

      • BrownlowBoy says:

        Please confirm whether he VC'd Dangerfield Rusty?

        • Russty_ says:

          Yeah he did BB, C on Gawn as of now.

          • BrownlowBoy says:

            Who would VC Danger!?!?!?!!?

            He's been irrelevant since round 5!?!?!

            • Russty_ says:

              Well…………………, I can't answer that haha

              • Russty_ says:

                Couldn't care less about that league mate..Rice to Oscar McDonald this week ay?…there's a big move, must've really not wanted to munch on a Donut I guess, another trade down, good to have cover on the bench though. 🙂

                • ZzZCalintZzZ says:

                  Can't have anymore than 1 trade left now. That's a huge risk with 7 rounds left

                  • Sc_Wow says:

                    Worry about you own team fellas. Couldn’t care less but your checking our teams every 5 minutes? Sad

                    • Loop says:

                      I think that most people are watching your team and hoping that it'll crash and burn.

                    • Rob says:

                      That’s quite bitter. Seems to be a lot of jealous people on this page

                    • theRealPod says:

                      Not bitter Rob just happy to see the inevitable unfolding. Move on.

                    • Rob says:

                      I for one rate his advice, I’d sure be happy if I could be ranked that high

                    • Loop says:

                      No not bitter at all – just an observation.

            • SC_Sixty6 says:

              Really BB? I VC danger because I wanted my VC out of the way as gawn will dominate. Grow up

      • Lazza says:


      • ZzZCalintZzZ says:

        Charlie is in beast mode today!

  63. Defying_Madness says:

    Dusty almost on more points than Crouch. Just showing how stupid the scoring system is…

  64. ZzZCalintZzZ says:

    Scores right now are similar to that grand final

    • Russty_ says:

      Yeah that turned boring pretty quick…and why the hell isn't the grand Final on Foxtel in HD yet?…!!!

  65. Russty_ says:

    Latest comments in Captain McCaptainface is a bit of a lighthearted read if you're up for a laugh 🙂

  66. BrownlowBoy says:

    Any chance Hampton keeps his spot next week. Wouldn't mind them giving him another game against Geelong.

  67. Shake_n_Bake_ says:

    Brought in Dusty this week pretty happy in the end. Also happy to have kept Doedee 2 big tons in a row.

    • Russty_ says:

      Ballsy man, bringing Dusty IN this week, great call keeping Doedee, he's looking like he could be a keeper.

      • Shake_n_Bake_ says:

        Yeah $450k to cheap to ignore. Just hoping he can be the sort of player in the run home as last year. Have Austin on the pine in def Spargo Ahern Giro in the mids and Fritsch fwd so looking ok with 7 trades left

        • theRealPod says:

          Well done Shake. Although Dusty fumbled some easy gets and kicked a few to the shizzen last night, he played solid footy in the second half. Hoping he can come home strong and smash out some monster scores for the run home.

          • Shake_n_Bake_ says:

            Nearly a 70pt last half hope thats on the upward scale there!

  68. Short Hawk says:

    Hey can someone please help me out, I need to pickup a footy record for the Hawks game and need to know what time they start selling them outside Etihad Stadium? (as i will be picking it up and heading out on the train to deliver it)

  69. BlueBaggerJosh says:

    ahern or boak on field? cant believe its come to this point lol

  70. Stretch Marks says:

    Should I take Seedsman’s 81 or loophole Hibberd?

  71. Corey says:

    Who are we throwing the VC on this week community
    I’m going with Cripps

  72. Daniel says:

    Should i take the risk vc'ing rocky or wingard, or play it safe and vc gawn and captain pendles?

    • Electric Blues says:

      Rocky or Wingard should not even be in anyone's team let alone VC.
      VC Gawn or Titch
      C Grundy, Kelly, etc
      Pendles ceiling is to low for the C.

      • Ben says:

        Wingard is a good selection I brought him in at 370 and has averaged 100 for me at f6

  73. trevor says:

    zorko or beams???

    both found some form…
    want a POD instead of gaff

    • Ja191 says:


    • Saddy says:

      E.Curnow at 520k

      • trevor says:

        Got curnow.
        Really want either Zorko or beams both huge ceiling but beams 37 & 66 worries me in his last 8 rounds .

        • Johnny says:

          Zorko & beams both able to go big Trev.
          Just looked at there last 8 or so rounds.
          Beams had 2 stinkers then all 100+
          Zorko all 90+. Looks more consistent and his bad games not as bad.

          Zorko for me

    • Cyriledagain says:

      I went Zorko – can go large and is POD.

    • theRealPod says:

      Beams is playing good footy

  74. Micky Q says:

    Any updates on my bench players as i am almost stuck (full premo at least) with only 4 trades left and 9k in the bank: T.Duman, J.Ridley, E.Phillips, K.Mutch, T.Smith, J.Battle, T.Olango.
    Heeney/Smith/Battle would mean a donut.

    • Big fact hunt says:

      With only 4 trades left I would cop a donut and hope like hell you don’t get to many injuries. I would take the next good forward rookie on the bubble preferably dual position.

  75. FearTheBeard says:

    Ward, Gaff, Higgins?

  76. Stupid Coach says:

    Nice work Patch. I need a really good laugh at this stage of the season. I don't have the issue with Fyfe but is probably one of many reasons why I am doing so poorly this season. I am down to 8 trades and only 40k. Was going to bring in Ainsworth (WC) for Phillips and upgrade Guelfi to McLean. However, based on your advice I am not sure whether I should proceed with these trades. I forgot to swap Petracca and Heeney (on my forward bench) and put Giro on the field so now I have T Smith on the field with no bench cover. Should I bring in someone like Powell (GC) for T Smith instead and the upgrade Guelfi to McLean or should I just hold and cop a donut on the field.

  77. BrownlowBoy says:

    Kade Simpson is out. Panic!!!!!

    • Ahmad rubas says:

      thank god for tom cole will probably only get 40 but better than a donut

    • Unlucky says:

      Of course my opponent doesn't have him. Like last week they didn't have heeney or Fyfe.

    • Defying_Madness says:

      Urgh I have to burn a trade to avoid a donut

    • The Ranger says:

      Arse. Is that a definite BB? Can't find any news on it.

      • Out says:

        Fanfooty has him late out

        • The Ranger says:

          Gonna burn a trade and bring in Mihocek for Ridley. Hate that.

          • Defying_Madness says:

            I'd rather trade out Simpson, there is a chance he misses more than 1

            • The Ranger says:

              Not trading premos unless I really have to at this stage of the season.
              With no cover on the DEF line I was considering bringing in Mihocek all week so this just locks it in.
              He's got good JS with so many injuries at Collingwood.

      • BrownlowBoy says:

        Carlton twitter reported he is out with calf tightness and is replaced by Darcy Lang.

      • Beezneez says:

        HS also confirmed.

    • Defying_Madness says:

      Does he miss more than 1 week?

  78. Damo says:

    Can't decide what to do with Fyfe. Gaff is a great option but I want to save some cash so I can upgrade Guelfi or Austin in the next week or 2. I'm tossing up between Heppell, Beams and Adams…any thoughts?

  79. hedski says:

    Who comes on field for Simmo, Mihocek or Austin??????

    • Defying_Madness says:

      Must be nice to have that option. Probably Mihocek?

    • Shake_n_Bake_ says:

      I went Austin Hedski

    • Beezneez says:

      Thought I was having bad luck. Good thing is most people have him. I was lucky to be able to DPP with Sicily and Keeffe

    • hedski says:

      Cheers lads one all!!
      Think I'll give Mihocek a run and bang the E on Austin in case there's more shenanigans.

      • Defying_Madness says:

        Good luck hedski. Do you think it is better to trade a backline rookie donut out or Simpson himself?
        I am worried that he might miss more than 1 and since I have to burn a trade either way trading him out gives me more points

        • hedski says:

          Not sure what I'd do in that position DM, hard to tell how long he'll be out, who would you bring in?

          Edit to above, I've decided to field Austin.

  80. Johnny says:

    I literally traded in Simpson 15 minutes ago!!!! Argh!!!!!!!

    • That sucks says:


    • BrownlowBoy says:

      That's mighty unfortunate.

      • Johnny says:

        Please be 1 week minimum. I luckily have naughton and Taylor. But woulda went crisp I had of known

    • neil demons delight says:

      Who said there's no luck in this game. Still could have waited to last minute.I feel for you Johnny as I traded him in also 5 mins before the injury Lesson learnt hopefully only a niggle

    • theRealPod says:

      Ouch big time!

  81. Willymack1234 says:

    Either cop a donut for simmo or burn 1 of my last 3 trades?

    • Defying_Madness says:

      I think I am trading out Simpson. If we do nothing and he doesn't play next week we are stuffed

  82. Richard says:

    Gaff or Josh Kelly for Fyfe? I cam afford both

  83. TheGreatBozza says:

    Simmo thrown a spanner in the works. This is my combos I’m playing around with

    Option 1
    Oliver / Austin / Richards
    Try upgrade to Lloyd next week

    Option 2
    Beams / Westhoff / Richards
    Miss out on Lloyd

    I have 9 trades left

    • Johnny says:

      2 by a mile. Lloyd is too pricey. Westhoff far better than Austin and beams has hitform I traded him in half hour ago myself to afford Simpson…. now his a late out 🙁

  84. oliverfisher says:

    Who is the best downgrade option this week, either Forward or Defence? Rice and Heron on my bench, so I don't have any coverage for Simpson,but can also swing Sicily down back if I trade out Rice.

  85. BlueBaggerJosh says:

    Simmo out, Mihocek now is your time to shine in your true position

  86. gator59 says:

    I give this game up .. Simmo out now ffs

    • Shake_n_Bake_ says:

      Gator did u stuff up your capt choice?

      • gator59 says:

        Yes I did Shake I was out on thurs night and never even give it a thought until I looked last night… Titch will go huge again I think

        • Shake_n_Bake_ says:


        • hedski says:

          Just noticed that Gator, got you in Chatter Boxers. Should be safe with Maxy mate.

          • gator59 says:

            just worried about the heat up in Darwin… I think he may dominate though hedski

        • JEL says:

          Did the same last week, still had the C on Nank from the week before, who played on the Thurs night.
          Luckily he went ok, but these Thurs games are a trap.

          • gator59 says:

            They are crap and the AFL can go and get fruit caked over them

            • JEL says:

              Plans are to have even more next year, apparently Adelaide Oval is looking for 6 games.

    • INPieman says:

      Agreed Gator! I'm munching a big tasty Donut

  87. Shake_n_Bake_ says:

    Very lucky Carlton play before stkilda because have Doedee as emg on the pine. At least l was able to swap Simpson with Austin. Still keep Doedee score.

  88. AuroraBorealis?! says:

    Was already playing with a 0 from liam ryan and now with simpson out ill only get the score from 20 players, this round is write off as well jesus

    • sc tragic says:

      Just discovered at 1/4 time Simpson was out, already moved Sicily to fwd line for Heeney, replaced him with Logan from the bench, now I have to burn a trade or face a donut. What a bummer.

  89. INPieman says:

    I can't watch the Lions vs the Blues any longer. It's like watching Auskick

  90. BrownlowBoy says:

    Did anyone go Beams?
    85 at half time.

  91. theRealPod says:

    Blue baggers tanking??

  92. Bobby Gee says:

    Current trade plan is being reconsidered given news that NicNat might miss. WCE last game of the round making it hard too.

    Option 1
    Banfield-Gaff & Guelfi-Sier this week, then Fyfe-Oliver next week. 5 trades left.

    Option 2
    Fyfe-Gaff & NicNat-Grundy this week, then Banfield-Sier & Guelfi-490k MID next week. 4 trades left.


  93. Blue Bags 15cents says:

    the RealPod (reply)
    Blue baggers tanking??

    skill level is always ordinary but NO EFFORT TODAY.

    Hawthorn have been keeping a eye on Levi Casboult and could be sniffing around for a trade at the end of the season.
    H.McKay and C.Curnow will be a damn good setup but no Phillips has to get a game SMH.

    Carlton Midfield is hopeless apart from Cripps and Curnow – they need 20-24 YO established quality MIDS not blowing draft picks on ordinary selections year after year.

    • BrownlowBoy says:

      Sam Walsh would go alright for the Blues.

    • INPieman says:

      If I was calling out pick 1 for the Blues I'd have no hesitation picking Isaac Rankine. Rolled gold JET

      • neil demonsdelight says:

        lockosious and sam walsh will be good pies but agree Rankine is the one I hope they don't get him but Kennedy -Harris would be a walk up

  94. Kanga says:

    More donuts here than at the police station.
    Heeney (no cover) Simpson (no cover) and now NicNat?
    Not trading (3 left) this week its a write-off!

  95. Maverick_ says:

    replaced fyfe with beams this morning & VC'd him.
    The cash saved allowed me to go simpson also.
    leaves a sour taste. atleast beams is looking after me 🙂

  96. Derek says:

    with Pickett back, thought Carlton would have improved

  97. BadgerHoney7 says:

    Titch or Gawn for C

  98. Ja191 says:

    how is polson getting a game? he is beyond terrible

  99. Ahmad rubas says:

    Danger dusty titch Fyfe Kelly Cripps cogs rocky is my current midfield need a replacement for Fyfe and player I like best is Oliver. He has a huge breakeven of 167 so plan is to bring in westboff and swing him forward and trade Oliver in when he bottoms out. Is this a good plan or should i just go straight for Oliver

    • JohnDJ59 says:

      Go with your first plan, both are good players.

      • Ahmad rubas says:

        Yeah went through with the westhoff trade as long as Oliver doesn't go 140+ it will have worked out

        • Ahmad rubas says:

          Not a great trade in hindsight clarry high score hurts but westhoff was decent and needed to try and squeeze every dollar I can to eventually bring in Lloyd come finals time.

          • TheGreatBozza says:

            Still can’t complain with Westhoff’s score. Still target Oliver next week

            There’s some good cheaper backs like Brayshaw who can pump out decent scores. He was one I was looking at passed on

            • Ahmad rubas says:

              yeah cant complain happy with westhoff score and if oliver BE is less than 100 he will certainly be coming in. i could go for a brayshaw type but have my eyes set on lloyd with his docherty like scores. terrible value but i will need him for finals considering his ownership

  100. Richard says:

    Should i take Zorko's 129 or punt on Gawn going bigger than the 129 ?

  101. TOPHAWK1 says:

    Seriously thinking of going Fyfe to Higgins or Lachie Neale today. Just one trade. (6 trades left) Then hope Sier produces tomorrow. Then grab him next week for a T Smith or Murphy via DPP to raise cash. Then will have 5 trades with $150K for the run home. Higgins or Neale? Not going Gaff as most coaches are trading him in and I want more PODS.

    • Maverick_ says:

      if you want a POD then higgins… neale would be less of a pod than gaff nearly.
      Higgins is red hot form also

    • NoLanguage says:

      Higgins Hawk. Career best footy with a great run home for the Roos

  102. Jim_bob321 says:

    Need some help here guys…
    Thinking of putting the C on Gawn, but have had a terrible start to the week (Mitch Robinson yay!!!!!)
    So what does the community think..
    Leave the C on Gawn or try a POD Captain like Bont.
    Please, I really need the help, cheers community

    • pigjumpprusik says:

      Don't overthink it, Robbo should have no impact on whether you captain Gawn or not

      • John says:

        … It kinda does
        Robbo's 40 causes me to think of a pod captain…
        If i captain Gawn like everyone else, i cant potentially increase my output at a greater rate..
        lmao its simple maths

        • pigjumpprusik says:

          Captain the best player available, use the VC for pod options and loophole if it pays off, that's what it's for.

          There's a good reason why everyone captained Gawn, with Sandilands out, should have and did score big.

  103. Cobee Bear says:

    Robbie Gray somehow on 20SC points at qtr time

  104. John says:

    put the C on Titch or Gawn?

    • Derek says:

      You would think Gawn against Darcy first game for year, but I won’t be surprised to see a very improved Darcy from last year, but might run out of puff especially in the heat.

      • Ahmad rubas says:

        Darcy is a big body heavier than Gawn surprisingly. But Gawn should destroy a 20 yo in his first game of the season

    • JohnDJ59 says:

      I went Titch VC so you better go Gawn.

  105. PizzaSafety says:

    Redman and Ridley on my bench so copping a donut for Simmo. Come on Ridley get 30 in the VFL tomorrow son so you can get a call up, we at Essendon can play you with Goddard and Hurley 😀 😀

  106. neil demonsdelight says:

    He enjoys it though Kylie and isn't that 's what it's about fun and good banter and advice Just remember the site was great last year before you lobbed– move on

    • SC_Sixty6 says:

      Surprised there were no CAPITALS. CHEERS 66 GOODLUCK

    • neil demonsdelight says:

      And that's one of your rare sentences without spelling mistakes congratulations Crows going well

      • SC_Sixty6 says:

        Why are you giving Davey boy crap about his beloved crows? Not nice Niall.

        Also you need a full stop and a comma in your previous sentence. Grammar police need to get it right themselves before trying to be a smart arse.

        • neil demonsdelight says:

          Ha Ha Kylie coming from you the king of incorrect spelling There's instead of Theirs were for where and, listen to me sonny, this used to be a happy site and it can be again

          • Russty_ says:

            Probably cause they're both 15 years old Neil, and have no real AFL experience, and learned to spell from the spellchecker on their smartphones.

            • neil demonsdelight says:

              hey Russty know what I was before retiring An English teacher They just don't know do they complete jerks. nice battle in Cazaly mate

              • Russty_ says:

                I think you've got me there mate, and deserve to, I'm way back in that League..hoping I can make 5 top 8's in my 10 leagues, those asshats wouldn't understand league fun because they have no mates lol.

  107. ZzZCalintZzZ says:

    My Fyfe to Wines trade….

  108. Ja191 says:

    joyce on a respectable 0 at 3 quarter time

  109. dontblushbaby says:

    Rocky,Rocky,Rocky – reminds me of a movie

  110. Defying_Madness says:

    Wingard has been such a good pick for me. Absolutely been loving watching him play over the last month

  111. smart as s says:

    I have sicily and lachlan murphy as emergencies for simpson, will i get sicily's score or the 0?

  112. Shake_n_Bake_ says:

    Who to start Fritch or Walters 🤔

  113. Yeahnahyeah says:

    how does Robbie Gray score so well? He's a great player but I mean he had 12 effective disposals, 3 tackles and a goal and scores 109?

    • BrownlowBoy says:

      He gets some points from his influence.
      Things like his tap ons, pressure earn him points.

    • Holty01 says:

      8 score involvements, 1 assist, 3 contested marks, 10 contested possessions. It all adds up. Think he deserved the score today but i do question some of his scores.

  114. BrownlowBoy says:

    Darragh Joyce who is he?

    -3 points from 72% TOG

    Went at 0% de from 3 kicks and gave away 2 free kicks.

  115. Defying_Madness says:

    Ryan going for another stinker

    • Defying_Madness says:

      Don't have the trades for that lmao. Had to burn a trade on Simmo this week, as long as they play I'll keep them from this point on

  116. Shake_n_Bake_ says:

    Gunston gave me a small heart attack -3 qtr time!

  117. TheGreatBozza says:

    Anyone know how the emergency scores work? Is it lowest of two emergencies? I’ve stupidly left the E on Giro, so if I sub off Conglio for Dawson to take Gawns VC score, will I be stuck with lowest score between Giro and Cogs?

    • Shake_n_Bake_ says:

      Yes it would be the lowest score

      • TheGreatBozza says:

        Dang it. Gonna have to miss Gawn and go with Grundy. No other options unless there’s a late out

        • Russty_ says:

          Grundy will do ok Bozza, hopefully he'll get somewhere near Gawn's score.

          • TheGreatBozza says:

            Yeah I’m not too concerned Rusty. It’s just annoying I butchered a guarantee 150 captain score.

            How you looking this week?

  118. BlueBaggerJosh says:

    Titch C, arrrgghhhhhh

  119. Lekdog says:

    How good was Daniel Rich today? Gun.

  120. Russty_ says:

    Hey Lek, just wondering, with all the abuse, drama, belittling, humiliating, name calling, boasting and outright bullying that SC-Wow and SC-sixty6 offer up on this site every day, why is it that they haven't been permanently banned from here?
    No one here appreciates the crap and drama they bring here, and the only likes they ever get are from eachother. (an average of 2)
    I know this will be deleted but please tell me why you allow this kind of toxic cancer to remain here…when it's obviously no good for the wellbeing of the site and keeps good long term members away because they can't stand their constant crap?

    • neil demonsdelight says:

      wont get anywhere mate but one wonders . A lot of good people are gone chased off and new ppl don't enjoy the crap and insults still Kylie and Tossa are immune apparently

    • AuroraBorealis?! says:

      They haven't been banned because the admins of the site can't take sides in squabbles between members. Obviously a lot of the stuff they say is rather belittling (mostly in the case of 66), but they also offer up constructive criticism and sound advice. Nobody says anything when they do/say anything good, but as soon they come across as offensive everyone jumps down their throats. The fact that they are not CONSTANTLY rude and 'troll-like' means that banning them would be incredibly unfair, and as such it will not happen.

      • Russty_ says:

        Sorry mate but I beg to differ…more often than not they will tend to ridicule and mock people for their opinions…and don't really offer any "sound" advice at all, In the last few months they've gone out of their way to attack and alienate as many long time regular contributors to this site as they could, wise knowledgeable people who have been posting here for a long time.
        Not sure why you're defending their actions really because they are really non defensible.
        I'm sure most people would rather hear from long term experienced posters than these two hacks who have no proof of their claims of greatness, who only blew in like a pair of tumbleweeds this year.

        • ZzZCalintZzZ says:

          What do you think constantly means AB?
          Every week? Every few days? Every Article?

          It's been nearly every Article so it's very much constantly

          • AuroraBorealis?! says:

            I would define constantly as how it is literally defined. That they are ALWAYS (as in every single comment) throwing out some sort of vile insult or slander at another member. I'm not defending their actions, i'm more trying to explain why the admins cant just ban them for how they are. The only grounds they would have for permanently banning them is if they were literally only commenting things that were heavily abusive in nature e.g "You're sh*t at supercoach you f*ckhead and i hope your entire family gets murdered because of it". I personally haven't seen any thing of this nature being said by either of them, and i'm saying that just generally being arrogant, narcissistic and full of themselves isn't enough to get them banned. I would also like to point out that the majority of the aggressive stuff comes from 66, and that in some cases Wow gets unfairly grouped into that category. I feel like he is normally pretty relaxed and level-headed in the things he says.

      • Marty says:

        Whydo people say 'they' when they are obviously one person?

      • Russty_ says:

        Not meaning to sink the boots in but when someone asked the question earlier in the week…" Beams or Pendles this week?", 66 replied "Neither of them, don't be silly".
        If that's sound advice I'll eat my hat.

    • dognino says:

      Rusty you’re the most annoying and childish one on this site, with all the baiting you throw out. Just get over it, don’t comment about them and 3/4 of the crap you’re complaining about would not be posted in the first place.

      • Holty01 says:

        Russty is just passionate about this site and doesnt like what these 2 have/are doing. Most of the regulars who have been here for years have a problem with these 2 but the new ones to the site i cant comment on as i wouldnt know. I have a lot of time for Russty but will agree he could of handled these 2 differently at times. You need to remember this has been a place where people could have a suggestion, ask a question with no fear of being ridiculed or belittled. This is what these 2 did as soon as they joined this site telling everyone how superior they were and everyone were irrelevant. People ignored them at first thinking they would leave or at the very least improve but you can only put up with arrogance for so long until you have had enough. People act to it differently and Russty is handling it head on. He isnt only defending himself but also others in the community and those who have left because they have had enough. I will give SC WOW his credit as he has tried and improve his behaviour but as the old saying goes 'first impressions last a lifetime' has not helped him. In the end, people handle themselves differently. I am handling it by not visiting this site as often and obviously not posting as often. Although i doubt I'll be missed if I end up leaving, we have however lost some people (and maybe more) whose wisdom people have valued.

        • Russty_ says:

          Cheers Holty I appreciate the support mate, I admit I haven't always been able to contain my emotions when it came to those 2 but you are 100% correct as to how I feel about this site and how much fun it used to be, hopefully it can get back to how it was last year, a whole bunch of fun with lots of people posting who respect eachother.

    • Lekdog says:

      Well Russty, because I'm not going to ban someone for being annoying. If our audience doesn't have the presence of mind to ignore 'trolls' then I can't help, it's basic internet etiquette, it's not hard. If someone is 'trolling', don't engage.

      I get notifications for pretty much every comment from the main culprits and for the most part have never seen anything ban-able because being annoying isn't a crime.

      Now, I will say this. Yesterday one of the regular contributors did imply that someone should kill themselves, this is not acceptable. That person has been removed. I expect them to contact me and ask for forgiveness, this will not be happening. There's a few lines we don't cross here, this is a big one.

      As we move forward, I am going to continue not being involved in trolling because it's so easy to not engage with it. I'd hope that everyone else can do the same.

      Like I've said in the past, petty arguing and crossing the line will not be tolerated but being annoying isn't a reason to be banned. If you get baited into arguments because you don't know how to deal with trolls, that's not my fault.

      On the positive side of things, I'm seeing a lot more newcomers commenting on the site, let's keep engaging with them and helping them out!

      • Davo says:

        Well put, couldn't be said any better Lekdog.

      • zerowins says:

        Who was the idiot that said they should kill themselves. What an absolute fool.

        • neil demonsdelight says:

          Absolutely correct for banning this person Lek .No place here for that rubbish. We all handle baiting differently. Rooster and Donkey chose to limit their contributions ,Tophawk tried to draw a line and continue and Russty is defensive after being constantly baited. It is obvious who wrote that comment bagging RUSTY but Russty has every right to defend himself

        • BrownlowBoy says:

          Sixty6 said it to me.

          I agree with Lek, he crossed the line with what he said.

          Well done Lek for keeping the best interests of the community in mind mate, keep doing what you're doing!

          • neil demonsdelight says:

            Didn't matter who said it B B but maybe B1 will wake up and make it pleasant to advise and comment Well done also Lek

          • Rabbits16 says:

            He just couldn't help himself that fella he obviously has quite a few mental issues of his own. Knew it would only be a matter of time before he crossed the line…. what to stop him making another account? Didnt he already have a few accounts? Can you block an IP address?

            • AuroraBorealis?! says:

              Making the link between telling someone to jump and committing suicide is not far fetched at all, it's very obvious what you mean when you say that

      • Russty_ says:

        Thanks for the reply Lek…I understand your point of view in this situation, it's a shame someone had to resort to such a disgusting act of hate, that is an ugly thing to say to anyone and could result in them actually going through with it, it has happened in the past, Internet bullying is a serious subject and should be dealt with the appropriate actions.
        Well done for your diligence as the administrator of this great site.

      • EagleLegal says:

        You should confirm your exposure and legal obligations with a legal professional Lek.
        Australian internet law changed recently and as the .au site owner/administrator you could legally be the publisher of comments in forums that you provide. This is particularly relevant as the latest law changes relate to online bullying and harrassment.

      • The_Blacksheep says:

        Onya Lekdog! Well said. What are the chances of Mo' supercoach news coming back?

    • BVB21 says:

      Not another one of these threads.

      I value the contribution of people like wow and 66 who contribute valuable advice over your childish threads.

      You need to grow up.

      • Russty_ says:

        Which do you value more…the response where 66 called me a Racist pig in a public forum or the response where he told BrownlowBoy to go and kill himself?..for which he was subsequently banned permanently from JR.
        Strange contributions to value…maybe re-consider your values?

  121. Holty01 says:

    Love you Roughie.
    Been an alright night for me.
    Obviously have Roughie, but also Gawn (C), Oliver.
    Titch and Mclean were underwhelming but most have them.

  122. Steeeve says:

    Simpson out and cop the donut, Charlie Curnow spuds, last minute change of caption from Gawn to Titch backfires to the tune of 70 odd points. Another crap week as I slide away from the contenders and back to the pack hello a tank outside 1000

    • Lekdog says:

      Rough Steve, Charlie is going to do that to you, especially when the Blues aren't playing Casboult or McKay…when we can add forward depth to the side his role may expand beyond the Brendan Fevola game plan (kick it to him and no one else) but until then it'll be a bit rollercoastery

      • Ahmad rubas says:

        Gee if we had Fev in the side we came 5th with we would of done some real damage

  123. Nifty says:

    Thank you Clarry, Maxy & finally Petracca..

  124. neil demonsdelight says:

    Let's hope the three lions win and Chris Froome in the tour de france .A nice double for us Rule Britania

  125. Drunkin Kanga says:

    Who needs cash for an upgrade next week?
    Whatcha gonna do brotha, watcha gonna do when the supercoach gods take a big F'N dump on you?
    Any news on non playing E.Phillips, T.Smith and T.Duman?

    Who is bringing in B.Lynch? 124k (DEF) 63 & 84

    • SC_Kev7 says:

      Only saw bits of the game but loved Lynch's confidence last night in taking the game on. Don't necessarily need the cash, but I got caught last year having no bench cover and I've got Redman's LTI sitting there

    • theRealPod says:

      He looks ready made. Have to consider him for bench cover with carnage every week.

    • Hawks says:

      Bought him in this week as a downgrade, so I could get Shuey and retain Fyfe as a POD should he return for SC finals.

      Had no intention of fielding Lynch (until Simpson pulled-out), saw his game last week, and again he impressed last night.

  126. Mark says:

    Went with Mitchell over Gawn for Captain. Had Gawn locked in for quite a while with no other real ruck to go up against. Should have gone with gut instinct. At least I managed to do some DPP magic as soon as I saw Simpson was a late out. Managed to swing Ahern into the forward slot and get Sicily back into the backline:) 1,775 so far with Coniglio, Smith, Merrett, Kelly, Yeo, and Ahern to come. Projected for 2,354 which I'll take after this crap of a week with Heeny on the bench and bad captain choice. Lowest score so far is Webster's 78:)

    • theRealPod says:

      Looking good Mark considering you missed out on Gawn. Good luck for today.

      • Mark says:

        cheers, hopefully, can improve on 113 and make it back into the top 100 after this week:) Presuming and hoping a lot of top coaches would have gone with Mitchell as Captain? Don't use assistant so not too sure on live scores and captain choices etc for the week.

    • Holty01 says:

      That will be a solid score mate if you reach 2350. Good luck

  127. Hawks says:

    I think GWS are a huge chance to beat WCE this afternoon, WCE will win the ruck, but I see GWS dominating the centre clearances.

    Am I crazy or do others see it the same way?

    • BrownlowBoy says:

      I've backed the Giants.

    • prizza says:

      Im backing them as well , good things

    • Cobee Bear says:

      Picked the Giants, as their midfield should get on top and surge it forward leaving WC without much to transition to. Nic Nat reportedly playing sore as well

    • Lekdog says:

      I have tipped GWS but I also have like no tips from the round so far haha

  128. Frankston Phil says:

    I can't believe how much I've been supporting Collingwood this year (my least favourite team), hope Crisp and Grundy go big today and get my side into the top 1000 and keep me on top of my leagues. With the Lions win and hopefully a 2400+ score a good weekend for me.

    • sc tragic says:

      I hope the Pies go really big for you too, mainly because I want them to beat the bombers.

  129. sc tragic says:

    Fantasia out for Jake Long, according to fanfooty.

  130. BrownlowBoy says:

    Anyone know why Paul Ahern is playing so little game time?

    Seems to be scoring nicely, just being held back by his time on ground?

  131. Rabbits16 says:

    Pauli Ahern travelling along with a solid 1st half – 2 goals 7 kicks 4 handballs 3 marks 2 tackles. 50 odd points

    • Ja191 says:

      north have got someone there, looks a hell of a player

    • NoLanguage says:

      Yeah lots of ability just cursed with two knees. If he has a clean run at it will be a real find for North

  132. Maverick_ says:

    curious to know how people rate north?
    hard to gauge where they are at after being tipped bottom 2-3 and playing for a finals berth with some good football.
    Look to have a good foundation of youth and solid spine.
    How does there list compare against the sides like brisbane, carlton and st kilda who are all around the same mark?

    • BrownlowBoy says:

      Miles ahead of Brisbane, Carlton and the Saints

    • ZzZCalintZzZ says:

      Brisbane are set with its young talent.
      North is Patch work still.
      StKilda need a rebuild. It's only been so long without the best team Captian Nroo and the experienced Montagna.
      Cartlon are soft and still have a list of players where 15/22 are not AFL level.

    • Yeahnahyeah says:

      I think out of all those clubs you mentioned, Brisbane is closest to a flag/being a serious contender

  133. ZzZCalintZzZ says:

    The bell tolls

  134. Rabbits16 says:

    i was going to trade in Harbrow pre byes hes been scoring pretty tip top. would have been a good buy under $400k

  135. Shake_n_Bake_ says:

    Bringing in Goldy after his bye has been great 👍

  136. ZzZCalintZzZ says:

    Yup you are whinging too so?

    • ZzZCalintZzZ says:

      Us having discussions on a seperate site should not be brought up here by you. You are choosing to creat another scene "here"

  137. zerowins says:

    All this bickering between alleged men has ruined this site. People need to get a life toughen up a little bit and not take things so serious. Theres less arguments at my daughters kinder

  138. Defying_Madness says:

    Hurley, Merret, Smith, Grundy happy times

  139. Demons 5th for 2018 says:

    Can someone please tell me how long is the interval at 1/4 time, 1/2 time and 3/4 time?
    How many minutes from the siren in the first quarter to the bounce in the second quarter?

    • WoW_Trevor says:

      1/4 and 3/4 time are long enough to get a beer at MCG half-time is long enough to get a beer and a pie.
      If you're watching at home 1/4 and 3/4 you can have a wee and a smoke unless you've got a chubby prostate like me in which case you'll have to wait until half-time. The younguns should be able to get in a session of rumpy-pumpy including foreplay at half-time.

  140. ZzZCalintZzZ says:

    Anyone pick up Pendles last round or this round?

    • dognino says:

      Picked him up when Treloar went down for about 470k

    • Lekdog says:

      Had him a while, loving him today

    • musicissport says:

      yep got him in this week for fyfe, one of my better moves this year lol

    • Russty_ says:

      Hey Dave, yeah brought him in this week for Fyfe, delivered nicely too :)..helped me towards a competitive score this week in my Leagues.

      • ZzZCalintZzZ says:

        great pick up for that price

        • Russty_ says:

          Cheers bud, how's things going with your team this week?..gonna get a few wins?

          • ZzZCalintZzZ says:

            Put Mundy on field for Fyfe and had Mihocek cover the Simmo donut lol
            Ahern covered Heeney

            Got 2358 this week 2/4 League wins

            • Russty_ says:

              Not bad at all mate…I had to take Brodie's score too…very peaceful in here today isn't it?, it's like a huge veil of negativity has been lifted.

              • ZzZCalintZzZ says:

                agree mate 🙂
                I am holding onto my 4 trades still. They are vital for the last 2 rounds when some commen players will get a rest b4 their finals

                • Russty_ says:

                  Yeah agree Dave, gotta have at least 2 in reserve for the finals or your whole year can go to hell.

                • ZzZCalintZzZ says:

                  Glad I brought in Crisp for Shaw last week

                  Shaw 40 & 71
                  Crisp 92 & 95

                  Extra 76 pts so far.

      • The Ranger says:

        Got you in the JR Faithful Russty and Pendles might just get you over the line.

        • Russty_ says:

          Hey Ranger, nah I reckon you've got me there mate..Kelly's getting a few touches now plus you have 2 others closing in on me haha
          Yep you got me…well done mate good win.

  141. BrownlowBoy says:

    Touch wood, Sunday this week is looking pretty good.

  142. Defying_Madness says:

    Kelly over Gaff isn't looking great early hopefully he can break the tag

  143. BlueBaggerJosh says:

    Out of Zorko and Billings, Pendlebury and Riewoldt and Heppell and Charlie Curnow i of course go with the worst possible combination

  144. Lekdog says:

    161 pre-scaling for Pendles!

  145. dontblushbaby says:

    With my Rookies not generating a lot of cash this year forced me go look more for value with some of my upgrades ,eg Pendles ,A.Brayshaw .Chad & Rocky ,hope they keep up the good work

    • Holty01 says:

      Fantastic pick ups mate

    • dognino says:

      Good job, I looked for value too. I picked up Pendlebury under 500k, JPK around 440k , Gunston and de goey about the same . Has paid off so far and allowed me to keep some trades up my sleeve for finals.

      • Russty_ says:

        Nice work there mate…Pendles, deGoey and Gunston really delivered for you this week, JPK pretty serviceable too.

        • dognino says:

          JPK was a big gamble, I picked him up averaging low 80’s. he’s averaged 112 since.
          Can’t win them all tho, I’ve picked some duds this year. Petracca, Hibberd, paid top dollar for danger and dusty. Traded Doedee and kelly out way too early.

          • Russty_ says:

            Sounds similar to what I've done this year, apart from Hibberd, but did choose Armitage and then swapped him for Ellis Yoelman who lost cash and plenty of points for me. It's how you end up that counts though.

  146. Steeeve says:

    This round is cooked so already looking ahead to the next.
    What's a better option?

    A. Rookie up to Lloyd in defence. Swinging Sicily forward will then mean I have a premo f7/m9 swing but no defence cover.

    B. Two rookies both up to Roberton and a Buddy/Walters/Wingard type. This will give me premo coverage on every line except Ruck.

    In other words would you rather have Lloyd in defence and no cover, or premo cover everywhere (plus the ability to loop scores)?

    • Steeeve says:

      Ps currently have 7 trades

      • Maverick_ says:

        LLoyd has sailed mate he was 560k he will be around 580k now for me that is too pricey.
        get in wingard he is cheap as chips and playing midfield. coverage is always handy as you've seen with treloar, fyfe and simpson this week!

        • Derek says:

          McVeigh will miss many weeks. No Mills either. How will this affect Lloyd?

          • Steeeve says:

            That's what I'm wondering. Ominus signs so far.

            Who is the best F7 out of Charlie Curnow, JJK or Fritsch?

            • Russty_ says:

              Reckon Fritsch is probably the most reliable out of those 3 Steeeve, seems to be improving his output too.

            • theRealPod says:

              Throw Charlie in a decent club he would be in everyone's SC team, unfortunately he's stuck in a dud team for now. I like JJK as F7 you know he has a huge ceiling.

            • Lazza says:

              You’d need an F7 with high ceiling .. otherwise there’s no point.. Of those 3 JJK… if you want insurance, then Fritsch.

  147. BlueBaggerJosh says:

    Surely Whitfield gains defence status next year

  148. zerowins says:

    I dont go for either side so there goes that theory. And by going straight to name calling just shows your lack of intellectual capacity to have a mature conversation

    • Crow94 says:

      I didnt say you were a 1 eyed tool… but there is many of them. The AFL is slowly but surely becoming corrupt and there are many people figuring that out. Money hungry people at AFL house are too blame.

  149. Russty_ says:

    Big congrats to Trigga and Shake n Bake for both going huge over 2500 this week, both had a major premo out too.
    Ben- Browncows also over 2500…noice!

  150. KSinny says:

    Happy with just over 2300 after a doughnut from simmo this week as well as titch as C.

    • Marty says:

      Same. No cover in the backline was a blow with Simpson out. 2313 is ok considering.

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      I am in the same boat. Why did I go Titch as C over Gawn?? 2307 for me.

  151. Maverick_ says:

    shuey with back to back 100+ scores and under 400k. would be a handy m9. good on those who bought him in.

    • Russty_ says:

      Hey Mav, was tossing it up, but went Pendles and Westhoff instead, but he's a great pickup if low on cash…mega-bargain!

      • Maverick_ says:

        good couple of trades there russty, well done mate! i went beams & kade simpson. only about 20 minutes before the news he was a late out too. very unfortunate! ha

        • Russty_ says:

          Simmo a real bummer for you but should be back fit next week hopefully for us..I had to take Mihocek's score for Simmo this week…not good but at least something…ended up with 2434 pretty happy with that. 🙂
          Beams was a ripper for ya this week mate!

  152. dognino says:

    My lowest scorer this round was titch with 79 who I put the C on , haha. Heeney and Simpson on the bench with rookies on field and I managed to knock out about a 2520. Guessing there will be some much larger scores this round for people who got full premium on field with a good C choice.

    • Russty_ says:

      That's a damn good result though Dognino…unlucky with the C choice but I was looking through my leagues before and not many went over 2500…well done.

    • theRealPod says:

      Excellent work.

  153. BadgerHoney7 says:

    2420 for me this week – fairly happy. Brought in Hurley and was looking all the goods until half time and slowed down – still scored 100 though. Also had to field Mihocek and Ahern due ton Heeney and Simmo so I'll take the score

  154. Sam_01 says:

    Assuming the 2300-2400 was around par this round?

    • BrownlowBoy says:

      Probably, will depend on
      1. If you had Simpson
      2. If you had cover if you did have Simpson
      3. If you captained Titch

      • Sam_01 says:

        Had Taylor come in from gws and drop a stanky cover score but I’ll take it haha managed 2373 with heeny and simmo on the pine

  155. musicissport says:

    Kane Lambert a fwd back up option? will be around $450K and has fwd/mid dpp.

  156. AuroraBorealis?! says:

    2,228 for me this week with 2 donuts, could be much better but could be worse i guess. How did everyone else do?

    • Crow94 says:

      2323 with a 0. Below par for the week i think.

    • Ja191 says:

      2544 not bad after last week

    • The Ranger says:


    • hedski says:

      2370 AB, was happy with Logan (88) and Ahern (80) covering Simmo and Heeney but I had a few passengers, Menagola (71), Savage (77) and Ryan (68) being the worst, most people had Titch so I won't complain about him.
      That's not a bad score munching on 2 donuts mate.

    • Jace says:

      2445 this week with a donut,
      I should take a donut every week.
      My 2 biggest scores this year have been with a donut 2445 & 2549.

    • JohnDJ59 says:

      2,337 with the Simpson donut, won 6/10 league games, not that it matters that much, stuck in the 30k rankings and will only be playing in two league top 8 finals.

      • Russty_ says:

        Good score this week John, being in 2 league finals is ok mate, at least you're still in with a shot, it's all about the process, and enjoyment of it, it's not all results or rank based like some people believe.
        Hope you do well in your finals mate.

    • Ahmad rubas says:

      2324 happy with the score but my rival got 2500 this week and he now has a 567 point lead over me. i still think i can overcome the lead with 6 extra trades but its a very small chance

    • One Touch Wonder says:

      The SHARK MOVES are starting to pay off. 2539 this week.

    • SamuraiPizzaCat says:

      2324 for me, captain Titch kept my score down and with Simpson out I had Mihocek as cover with a 46. Ahern was good cover for Heeney though!

    • Maverick_ says:

      2404. heeney & simpson on the pine.

    • Lazza says:

      A pathetic 2287 given the scores on here @ 150+ more than me with freakin donuts…
      Only had Simmo on the pine.. and a heap of spuds – Franklin, Guelfi (for Simmo), Bont, Ryan, including the under achievers Mitchell, Maclean, Kelly and Laird.. 🤔
      Might register for VFL SC!!

  157. Daniel says:

    Scored a 2583 even with heeney and simpson on the bench and my worst 2 players being shaw and mitchell. Stoked I brought in pendles for fyfe this week.

    • Russty_ says:

      That's huge Daniel, well done mate, great score and should see you move significantly up the rankings.

    • Browncow says:

      Well played Daniel – huge score. Think you might have taken me out in Community Crew. Thought I was safe but Pendles, Oliver ……the list goes on.

      • Daniel says:

        Yes mate, that was me in the community league, unlucky for you to lose this week, hopefully you can bounce back next week 🙂

  158. Hawks says:

    2485 this week with Heeney, Simpson & Fyfe on the bench

  159. Neil demons delight says:

    Shake was massive again as was Russty ,both got me well and truly congrats fellas. Hop over to FSC Russty maybe you may want to contribute an article All welcome.

    • Russty_ says:

      Will do Neil, time is the enemy at the moment but will be for sure in the future…cheers mate, good game, I was lucky I brought in Pendles this week and C'd Grundy.

    • Shake_n_Bake_ says:

      Hope l haven’t left my run to late in some leagues Neil 2530 wasnt bad this week. Brought in Gaff for Holman that worked well. Bench is not bad with Doedee Austin def ahern giro Spargo mids Boak battle fwd.

  160. Ahmad rubas says:

    Someone scored 2711 with simmo and Fyfe on the bench 😮

  161. Mystic_Mac says:

    Good game sixty6. I guess the better team won today. After an average start to the year, a league win over a supercoach god like yourself is satisfying. It’s red pantie night 😎

  162. Russty_ says:

    Hi Mac, not surprised you beat him today, some of the choices he's made lately have been a bit dodgy…and also advising people against trading Beams and Pendlebury in…well, that's just incorrect, if you think you can predict the future, you're just gonna be wrong I'm afraid.
    Gotta trust your own gut and research and not listen to people who claim to know what they're talking about.
    Well done this week mate.

  163. BrownlowBoy says:

    Weekly winner did it with Mason cox and Rhys Stanley in his team!

    Scored 2711

    Simpson and Fyfe on the pine


    • Ahmad rubas says:

      Wow he's gonna enjoy his $1000

      • BrownlowBoy says:

        He has no rookies on field which makes it even more impressive he has Simmo and Fyfe riding the pine.

        Mid pricers like Brayshaw, Cutler, Wingard, Petracca, Rocky, Taranto, Witherden who all scored 105 or more help

  164. Big fact hunt says:

    Hi guys. Is anyone able to tell me how I find out my team value. Cheers

  165. John says:

    Hey community,
    Absolute abysmal week for me.
    Last and final upgrade, sadly had 480k to spend on a defender.
    Already have Simmo, Laird, Sicily, Howe, Savage, J.Smith (Redman, Random)
    Does the community think that Tom McDonald is the best option at 480k? or perhaps Hurley/Brayshaw.

    • Lazza says:

      Either of McDonald or Brayshaw.. probably depends on your DPP options .. do you have Sicily up fwd? Then Tom, else Angus.
      Angus cheaper, Tom higher ceiling.. both have a similar tons-per-game ratio.

      I have Tom up fwd, and looking to add Angus for his DPP.

    • Marcus says:

      Webster another option
      Was averaging 103 before that injury affected score. Could be worth waiting another week on him first though

    • JohnDJ59 says:


  166. Ahmad rubas says:

    which rookie is a better trade in option narkle or powel?

  167. Crow94 says:

    Should i consider trading McGovern?
    Is playing fwd atm so his output is dropping.
    Would leave me with 3 trades left.

    • TBone_9 says:

      Hey Crow, how much would you be able to spend on a McGovern upgrade? How does the rest of your team look? Cheers

      • Crow94 says:

        I would be able to get any DEF i dont have.

        Laird, Crisp, Yeo, Simpson, Sicily, McGovern (Heron, Duman)

        Dangerfield, Mitchell, Kelly, Cripps, Merrett Crouch , Oliver, Kennedy (Ahern, Phillips, Giro)

        Gawn, Nank (Cameron)

        Heeney, McLean, Westhoff, Gunston, Boak, Fritsch (Battle, Keefe)

        193.4k in bank

        • TBone_9 says:

          Hmm would be very tempted to trade him, would rather use the trade on something like Nank to Grundy as I think it’ll average more points per week for you… but hard to look past a trade of McGovern straight to Lloyd. If you’re looking for someone who’s not gonna blow your whole budget, Hurn is looking the goods for his price right now

          • Crow94 says:

            Yeah i was going to trade nank. But he has played very well over the past couple of weeks. Getting more hitouts, tackles and touches so i may hold him for a bit. McGovern wont go back to his intercepting ways until Darling and Kennedy are back

            • Russty_ says:

              Hey Crow, I read Darling and JJK are a chance to be back this Sunday against Collingwood..big game!

    • Finnius says:

      mcgovern to lloyd sounds pretty good. I have 4 trades left as well but would defs like a few more.

      • Crow94 says:

        Agreed. More trades would be nice, but injuries/ bust players hurt early on and over the past couple of weeks

    • pigjumpprusik says:

      Save the trade and hold, just pray and hope Darling and Kennedy return soon.

    • DavidC says:

      The forwards might be back next week leaving McGovern to return to the backline. I'd hold him for now.

  168. ryan3315 says:

    Crisp, McDonald or Brayshaw as final back spot?

    • DavidC says:


    • Nadonis99 says:

      I like Crisp very consistent over the last 6 or so weeks!

      With his ceiling though, McDonald with a BE of 158 could be worth it if you can wait a week?

    • theRealPod says:

      Brayshaw if you can loop DPP. He's starting to show how good he really is.

  169. TBone_9 says:

    Hey guys, got 2363 this week even with a donut from Simmo being a late out. Felt exposed having no backup on the def bench with Heron not playing and Redman out for up to another month. Is it worth a trade to go Heron to Lynch (123k)? Or just use remaining 7 trades for injuries or underperforming premos? (ie. Dusty)
    Cheers guys 🙂

    • Russty_ says:

      Hey TBone, I think with 7 left you could get Lynch in, great average for a rookie and it's nice to have some backup, just maybe research how secure his job is first, cheers mate.

      • TBone_9 says:

        Cheers Russty! I’ll be for sure looking into it this week. If he seems to have the JS then the trade would provide much better piece of mind. How’d you do this week mate?

  170. Russty_ says:

    Stick with Luke Ryan or turf him now that he seems to be losing form, and money?

    • Willymack1234 says:

      In the same boat, I recon keep him as he's got 5 of his last 7 at home, should find form then

      • Russty_ says:

        Cheers Willy, only have 5 left so yeah probably good advice mate thanks.

    • Beezneez says:

      Was thinking of trading him to Lloyd but Willymac's comments are worth noting. Also someone commented earlier that McVeigh out may affect his output. Will have another look and may revert to my original plan of Guelfi to Webster and swing McDonald forward to complete my team. Hopefully Webster does well this week cos he should be about $370k in round 18.

    • Lazza says:

      Was thinking about this too Russty.. I’m thinking same as Willy.. will probably bring Bradshaw in and loophole the two.. only problem is that Simmo and Fyfe cost me two unplanned trades this week which stuffs up my plans..

    • theRealPod says:

      All Freo players can be tagged with losing form and cash atm. Hold him he'll bounce back when it counts.

  171. murray says:

    Have 4 trades left and not wanting to use any more before the finals, BUT, is Guelfi to Shuey a good trade, Would bring me to full premo (if you can call Shuey a premo??) and 3 trades for the finals. Worth the trade??

    • theRealPod says:

      Shuey is a bargain atm and can't see any reason not to get him in (how many trades left is the exception). The key to Eagles midfield playing good footy is Nic Nat as demonstrated in yesterday's win over GWS. What a star!!

      • murray says:

        thanks RP, when the eagles are going well and in particular Nic Nat going well, Shuey and Gaff(have Gaff), both score well, I think Shuey is over his injuries and i think his scoring potential for his price is too enticing

        • theRealPod says:

          I'm seriously considering Shuey for a M9 loop off his recent performances. Good luck whatever you decide to do, cheers.

  172. Cobee Bear says:

    Hi all,

    Any advice on my team and intended trades is appreciated:

    DEF: Yeo, Sicily, Laird, T Mac, Hurley, Crisp (Austin, Ridley)

    MID: Titch, Oliver, Kelly, Bontempelli, Crouch, Cogs, Cripps, Ahern (Fyfe, Giro, Spargo)

    RCK: Gawn, Goldy (Crossley)

    FWD: Heeney, Franklin, D Smith, Gray, Caddy, Guelfi (Battle, Brander)

    5 trades and 58K.

    I'm thinking of trading Fyfe > Wingard or Dusty and then Guelfi > De Goey/McLean. This will leave me full premo and hopefully enough coverage with Brander DPP to TMAC/Sicily and a fair few MID/FWD swingman

    • ZzZCalintZzZ says:

      Wingard and McLean

      • Cobee Bear says:

        Thanks Calint – McLean's 5 round average worries me a little though!

        • Derek says:

          He got a smack in the head a few weeks ago that affected his average. I think he goes better with McCrae in team

          • Cobee Bear says:

            Cheers, given my low trades I might just do one per week instead

            • Derek says:

              do them both, depends on how far Fyfe is away

              • Cobee Bear says:

                Will do. I can never resist making two trades, just enjoy the idea of being patient for once

  173. Dale says:

    would like peoples feedback on my team and trade suggestions..

    DEF: Yeo, Laird, Simpson, Hurley, Webster, Hibberd (Naughton Taylor)

    MID: Danger, Mitchell, Oliver, Beams, Cognilio, Rocky, E.Curnow, Martin (holman Ahearn E.Phillips)

    RUCK: Gawn NicNat (Olango)

    FWD: Heeney, westhoff, gray, D.Smith, Sicily, McLean (T.Smith Battle)

    7 trades remain & 78k.
    1. Nicnat to goldy/grundy is a must in the next week or two.
    2. Holman to maybe sier, narkle or powell
    3. Hibberd to maybe wingard via sicily DPP

    feel free to disect my team always love an opinion from others

    • Cobee Bear says:

      Nice team, maybe Holman > Sier and Hibberd > Lloyd if you can afford?

      • Dale says:

        I thought about LLoyd but his 590k.
        getting him means i'd be left with not alot of $$$.

        i still hope to grab grundy/goldy for nicnat soon

        • Cobee Bear says:

          Any particular reason for the rush on Nic Nat (injury prone I understand)? But it looked like he was building some serious form on the weekend. Maybe Naughton > Lynch and then bring in L Ryan or Witherden. That should leave you roughly 100k to splash on Goldy, but might not get you to Grundy

          • Dale says:

            just rumours nic nat is sore cobee. they have been naming lycett, nicnat & vardy…
            they're almost expecting him to be a late out or brreakdown midgame. i cant afford a late out is all with no cover.
            He has been building up since round 1. past 4 week scores, one 100+, one 90+ and two in the 80s..
            + gawn grundy & goldy are the premier ruckman i feel and will come home strong.

            • Cobee Bear says:

              That's more than fair enough. Good luck and hope you don't have injuries

  174. BeenHereBefore says:

    Should I go parker to oliver?

    Would have to downgrade holman to sier.

    This would leave me with 2 trades for the season – just fed up with parkers inconsistant scores.

    • Dale says:

      What is your midfield currently? consider M.Crouch if you don't have him

  175. Jim_bob321 says:

    Hey community,
    Need a bit of help with my team this week
    Currently have 4 trades and 140k in the bank. Team consists of:
    DEF: Laird, Sicily, Simpson, Howe, Savage, J. Smith (Redman, Langlands)
    MID: Mitchell, Cripps, Gaff, Bont, Danger, E. Curnow, Coniglio, Duncan (Ahern, Giro, Brown)
    RCK: Gawn, Martin
    FWD: Westhoff, Gray, M.Robinson, D.Smith, Franklin, McLean (T.Smith, Battle)
    Thinking of going Ahern and T.Smith, via DPP to Brayshaw and Brad Lynch – tossing up between T.Mac and Brayshaw
    Would absolutely love the community's advice. Feel free to disect the team

    • Maverick_ says:

      definately do not trade ahern jim his avg is great BE -10 and has dpp…
      I'd be going Brown if that is C.Brown! down to sier & J.Smith up to brayshaw, crisp, hurley or lloyd if your $$ strecthes that far.
      all viable options!

      after that your starting 22 looks real solid mate!

      • Jim_bob321 says:

        Its J Brown… 102k frog

        • Maverick_ says:

          yeah your in some strife then. i like dereks option 2 below. uses two trades which isn't great but it gets you brayshaw who i rate over mcgrath.

    • Derek says:

      4 trades is not many. but you do still have a rookie on field in defense that needs to be fixed.

      Ahern needs to stay to give you some cover in mid/fwd.

      option 1. Giro to McGrath (via Langlands DPP)

      Only needs one trade (just have enough cash). Gives you Smith as defence cover and a Def/Mid swing set with langlands. McGrath is getting more midfield time (mainly wing) and should get close to an 80 average rest of year. should improve on that. But it uses just One trade

      option 2. Giro to Lynch and J Smith to Brayshaw. (just enough cash) Still gives you a Def/Mid swing and decent cover if Lynch gets games. but uses 2 trades.

    • TBone_9 says:

      Gday Jim_bob, mate honestly with 4 trades left I’d be holding and not using trades unless I got a long term injury. If you reach finals with all in tact look to upgrade J. Smith to a premo. But your team looks solid to hold for now mate

  176. PizzaSafety says:

    G'day JR community, would appreciate some help with my team this week.

    I have 4 trades and 56k in the bank at minute and the team looks like

    Def: Simmo, Laird, Yeo, Sicily, Howe, Hurley (Redman, Ridley)
    Mid: Titch, Cripps, Danger, Oliver, J Selwood, Neale, Cogs, Dusty (Ahern, Spargo, Giro)
    Ruck: Gawn, Martin (Olango)
    Forward: Gray, Heeney, McLean, Buddy, Walters, D Smith (Guelfi, T Smith)

    So I'm more or less at full premo and I'm 4895 in the rankings (I'd like to be higher but I'm pretty happy given its my third season and first where I've used a proper guns & rookies approach). Is it worth going Guelfi and spargo to a 102k rookie and Menegola/De Goey/Wingard ? Between one of those three and Ahern I feel I have lots of great cover across two lines but my back line is exposed without cover and I copped a donut last week. One of those three would be pretty handy to loop with Buddy given his recent form. What are your thoughts?

    • Derek says:

      only 4 trades left, i'd be holding on to them. Ridley is a good chance to play soon, Lynch is an option at $123k.

      • PizzaSafety says:

        Cheers Derek, it's more of a go for broke move to be honest because I think Menegola would be great to loophole because of his ceiling but I do realise it's not the safest move

  177. Oliver says:

    Anyone know the current formula or have an excel sheet to calculate breakevens? I'm hoping to bring in Webster next week as my d6/d7 if he drops down to 380k, was wondering what score he would need to drop to get down to that price?

  178. Unknown says:

    DEF: Simmo, Laird, Yeo, Sicily, mcdonald, ryan ( c'0 shea, mihcoeck)

    Mid: titch, cripps, danger, gaff, merrett, martin , crouch, cogs ( brodie, barry, connor)

    Ruck: nic nat, gawn ( cameron)

    Fwd: heeney, gunston, smith, mclean, ryan, ahen ( smith, keefe)

    123k in the bank and 6 trades
    feedback would really help

  179. Derek says:

    just looking at the team value of the fellas in the top 100. around $13.5mil average (even a few pushing $14m)

    as you roll down the list into the 1000 the team values average around $13mil.

    by the time you get to 5k and beyond, we are nearly $1million off the pace.

    I'm still not sure if high value team is a result of great scoring team or is a great scoring team the result of a high value team?

    This year i was more aggressive with my rookie trading than ever. didn't milk the last drop like i have in past years, but i'm still $1million behind the very pointy end. should i blame Danger? yeah i think i should. danger and all his high priced "pay the price" friends!! My second strategy this year was to get to full premium midfield by round 7, i then watched the value fall, and fall and other people buying my high priced premiums for discount prices. this is what the prima-donna forwards were suppose to do like they do every year.

    • hedski says:

      I'm at $13.3Mil with $55k in the bank Derek but ranked a lowly 12k.
      I guess it comes down to when you acquired your premos and your bench worth?

      • Derek says:

        That surprises me a bit. Your a good player, and with high value thought you might be higher, or have you just recently slipped rank over the byes?

        • hedski says:

          Had a shocking start Derek, Kreuzer Crouch Kelly and Greene all went down in the first few weeks, add some bad on field rookie choices and I was out to around 62k rank by round 4-5, been pushing shit uphill ever since playing catch up. Fairly happy with the squad I have now but I've burned through my trades.

    • BrownlowBoy says:

      $12.8mil and roughly 10k rank for me

    • Mark Fawcett says:

      ranked 103 and team value of 13.56 million. I guess that lends some weight to what you're saying:)

      • Derek says:

        Good rank.

        But is your rank high because of your team value, or is your team value height as a consequence of your rank?

  180. Lazza says:

    I’ve pushed the home and refresh buttons 20+ times, seems we are still in the panic room…

  181. Johnny says:

    Holman being culled this week.
    Are narkle & sier the only worthy bubble boys this week? Doesn’t look to be much else on the horizon…