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Technology is a wonderous thing. It allows us to communicate from one side of the globe to the other, simultaneously. It lets us come together in communities just like this one to be one.

Technology can also be literally the worst. Namely when Windows auto-updates midway through Patch editing a podcast without asking him to save. So we lost Monday night’s podcast, spat into the ether by the Supercoach gods.

We re-recorded the podcast, and then Patch’s computer again made sure that short of losing the audio, everything that could go wrong did go wrong. A rather apt analogy for our Supercoach sides this season, which are now on fire and burning and on fire with the news Nathaniel Fyfe will miss four to five weeks.

Patch and Lekdog – for the second time – look at who to bring in for the Big Fyfe, and dissect the best options in the midfield.

They also answer some questions and gaggle about a bit. Enjoy.

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  1. oliverfisher says:

    After being a late in last week, do we think that Ahern will play again this week? I have both Heeney and JJK likely out injured, so hoping Ahern can provide cover.

  2. Sc_Wow says:

    Cya Columbia you hacks

  3. samboga says:

    Pandles or Beams?

    • Patch says:

      If you're strapping for cash, Beams or Crouch. Crouch is probably the better option but I've got a really weird desire to bring Beams in.

  4. Tofa says:

    so getting in early to ask possibly a silly question:
    what's the point of trading in or starting the year with mid range (65-85 point avg) players?
    a premo u can set and forget, a route makes u money and is replaced or used for temporary coverage. but the not cheap and not high scoring players… aside from coaches who need coverage for rankings, what's the use on wasting trades?

    • Ja191 says:

      As sometimes these mid range players act as cash cows whilst also giving a higher point per game output. Sometimes they may not make as much as a rookie would but the extra points over starting a rooky make it worth it. They also have a possibility of becoming a d7/m9/f7 or a premo/keeper

      • SC_Kev7 says:

        Yeah, picking mid range players to start with is about trying to pick a break out player. Which is very hard to do. Clayton Oliver the classic example. Averaged 70 in his first year, was priced at 380k to start 2017 and went on and averaged 111.

        As for trading in players. Look at Wingard right now. At the end of round 11 he was averaging 69.7 and 364k. Past 4 weeks he's had a role change and averaged 108 in that period. So while his overall average is 81 and his 450k is midrange, he's been better than that recently.

      • Patch says:

        I used Zac Fisher as a cash cow this season. At ~250k, he averaged more than a rookie at a time when all the forward rookies were garbage, but I was never going to keep him.

        It's a fine line to dance and not one we've got the trades to do more than once, and it can go so, so badly. Starting them can be the same logic, but 90 per cent of the time they're low percentage plays.

  5. Marcus says:

    Is Josh Kelly a must have for those who dont have him?

  6. gator59 says:

    Squirell Rioli announces retriement

  7. BrownlowBoy says:

    Tom Stewart aka the GOAT

  8. Steeeve says:

    If playing only for leagues, which I am now I've fallen out the top 500, is holding Fyfe an option? Could be out for as many as five weeks. And I have 8 trades…

    • Derek says:

      what is your best ever rank? if you think you can beat it, keep playing for rank. people without trades fall away at the end.

      8 trades left is brilliant. trade out Fyfe as many people ahead of you won't have that luxury.

      • Steeeve says:

        Okay cheers, will be my best ever regardless at this point, never finished inside top 1500 before (only my third year playing).
        I had planned to trade Fritsch to Wingard but then I can't quite afford Fyfe to Kelly.
        So am thinking Fyfe to Wingard this week, and Fritsch to Kelly the week after (swinging Wingard down). Hopefully Kelly drops in price this week, if not he almost certainly will the week after.
        Would love to know your thoughts

    • Patch says:

      You've got enough trades to trade him out and back in again! And 500 is phenomenal, you can absolutely push your way into the top 100 from here as a lot of people will be running out of gas, cash and trades (like yours truly). Keep fighting for it Steeeeeve!

      • Steeeve says:

        Thanks mate will do! Gone Guelfi down to De Konig and Fyfe to Kelly. This leaves me full premo with 7 trades and 220k.

        Reason for De Konig (ruck forward) is I have English and feel he has to get a few more games this season. De Konig can swing with English and Carlton play a lot of games later in the weekend. My f7 will be Josh Kennedy so it's handy having a loophole option.

  9. TheGreatBozza says:

    Got a few trade ideas to go through for this week. Currently sitting on 9 trades with $164,000 in the bank

    D – Simmo, Yeo, Sicily, Howe, Savage, Laird (Richards, Austin)
    M – Mitchell, Kelly, Fyfe, Dangerfield, Cripps, Pendles, Congilio, Martin (Ahern, Giro, Dawson)
    R – Gawn, Grundy (Hayes)
    F – Heeney, Gray, D.Smith, De Goey, Walters, McLean (Ryan, T.Smith)

    Option 1:
    Fyfe to Neale
    Ryan to Billings

    Option 2:
    Fyfe to Oliver
    Ryan to A.Brayshaw (DPP)

    Option 3:
    Fyfe to Crouch
    Ryan to Franklin / Menegola

    Option 4:
    Fyfe to Beams
    Ryan to Westhoff

    Option 5:
    Fyfe to Shuey
    Ryan to Lloyd

    I'm leaning to option 3 or 4 personally, as it gives me the best balance. Plan is to use De Goey as a swinging M9/F7 due to his high ceiling

    • KingWinter7 says:

      I'd go Crouch and Westhoff if you could but if can't afford Westhoff, Buddy is second best forward option for mine

    • Tyruddanaut says:

      Oliver is a must-have imo. I'm going to say option 2. That DPP is vital for having an F7/D7/M9 swingman

      • TheGreatBozza says:

        Unfortunately I wouldn't have a D7-M9 swing man if I brought in Brayshaw, unless I offloaded Giro to a floating donut next week for example. I meant (DPP) in brackets as I'm swinging Sicily back forward, giving me 7 forwards

        I would be able to swing De Goey using Ahern though

  10. Jim_bob321 says:

    Hey community,
    Hope you went well last week. I'm just a bit confused on my team at this rate…. Scored 2400 and don't know what trades to make.
    Thinking of holding Fyfe for now but not sure. My backline is in desperate need but have no generation. Need the communities help.. if u can lol
    Bank of 83,400, Trades = 5
    DEF: Sicily, Simpson, Laird, Savage, Howe, J. Smith (Langlands, Redman)
    MID: Mitchell, Cripps, Danger, Duncan, Bont, Conglio, Fyfe, E. Curnow (Ahern, Giro, Brown)
    RCK: Gawn, Martin (Cameron)
    FWD: M. Robinson, Westhoff, Gray, Franklin, D. Smith, Mclean (T. Smith, J. Battle)
    Cheers community!

    • Da_Boysh says:

      i wanted to hold Fyfe too but doesn't look like an option anymore mate. time for him to go.

    • Tyruddanaut says:

      Trade Fyfe to someone quite cheap, but will score 105+ from now on. This should get you enough money to upgrade a rookie to a defensive premium

    • Patch says:

      If you're feeling dicey, Fyfe to Shuey and Smith up to whoever you can get?

      • Jim_bob321 says:

        Nice idea… Will have to wait next week tho…. got 520k left for a defender and really want yeo/crisp/lloyd

      • Cisco says:

        Fyfe to Shuey locked Patch, great idea. Unndervalued & frees cash up for future disasters. 👍

    • Defying_Madness says:

      I like going Fyfe to Crouch and waiting a week for Webster to drop in price then going T Smith to Webster with some DPP shuffling

  11. Steve says:

    Who is everyone getting in for fyfe?

    im thinking crouch or gaff

  12. KingWinter7 says:

    Bring in Westhoff over Buddy this week yeah?

  13. Davo says:

    Great effort guys, above and beyond for the community!

  14. Hawks says:

    Is it worth trying to paint the fence to get Shuey in, and retain Fyfe as a POD hopefully for the SC finals

    • Oliver says:

      I'm considering the same move. If you have a high price rookie and a little bit of cash you could upgrade say a Brayshaw to Shuey. I think if you also have a forward swing and a decent F7 it might make it worthwhile. That way if Shuey starts spudding it up you can swing say a Heeney, McLean etc into the mids and play your F7 at F6.

    • Lekdog says:

      Like it

  15. r_calve says:

    anyone think Viney is a viable option, he has looked good the last few weeks and with Oliver being tagged he looks even better, good or bad

    • Da_Boysh says:

      dont like Viney personally, and I am steering clear of the demons here on out as well. I smell a capitulation.

    • GreendaleFC says:

      He's looking fully fit now, but I don't think that his game style suits supercoach very well. If you're looking for a cheapish midfielder, I'd much rather bring in Matt Crouch, who is a proven scorer.

    • Lekdog says:

      I'd rather grab a Crouch or Shuey tbh

  16. Da_Boysh says:

    Fyfe into Higgins or am I losing the plot?

  17. Gibbs says:

    Thoughts on trading fyfe to Duncan? Averaging 107 only 2% of teams and has ability to go big! I don't have cripps or Kelly, so there's the obvious ones but would I be better off going Duncan over either of those 2?

    • Patch says:

      I'm still pinching myself that Duncan is averaging 107. I don't know how he is, but he's doing it. He's absolutely an option. I get worried by Geelong's midfield so won't go there myself but would love to see you get on the Dunc train!

    • r_calve says:

      get cripps

    • Lekdog says:

      At the start of the year I was at the races and saw Joel Selwood, I asked his mate to take a photo of us and he obliged…turned out that match was Duncan, the forever forgotten Geelong mid. He's a good option.

  18. BadgerHoney7 says:

    how good was cyril !! gonna miss watching that bloke, an outstanding career – round 11 to round 19 in the 2012 season these were the following scores (125, 115, bye, 73, 159, 105, 127, 134, 124). Nothing short of insane.

  19. theRealPod says:

    Gawn VC Grundy C

  20. Stacky23 says:

    140k and 6 trades
    lloyd,simpson,yeo,laird,crisp,savage (austin,murphy)
    Titch,Jkelly,Cripps,Fyfe,Higgins,Parker,MartinRockliff (ahern,giro,mutch)
    Gawn, Naitanui (olango)
    Sicily,Heeney,Mclean,Smith,Walters,De goey (Fritsch, dixon)
    My first choice is to go fyfe to danger and bring in another premo mid closer to finals or i can trade fritsch up to a mid and field de goey rather than loop, Thoughts on what to do with fyfe

    • Patch says:

      I like the first option Stacky. No real rookies to downgrade Fritsch to at this point for cover

  21. BadgerHoney7 says:

    hurley and higgins or lloyd and shuey?????

  22. Rivo says:

    Nice recovery Lek & Patch.
    So 7 trades & only $2k.
    Fyfe to Gaff/JPK only, or use the opportunity to get that final defender premo? Keeping Mihocek & Ridley on the pine..

    Fyfe & Austin to which of the below???

    1. Hurn & Shuey
    2. Hurley & Boak
    3. Tuohy & Rocky
    4. Witherden & McLean
    5. Beams & Houston
    6. M.Crouch & E.Richards
    7. Wingard & Doedee
    8. Gaff & Duryea
    9. J.Kelly & Alir
    10. JPK & D.McKenzie

  23. Andy says:

    Fyfe to Wines?

  24. Josh says:

    Any suggestions on what to do this week would be really appreciated

    7 trades left $44k in the bank

    Def- Laird, Sicily, Yeo, Webster, Hurley, Savage (Richards, Taylor)
    Mid- Fyfe, Mitchell, Cripps, Kelly, Curnow, Parker, Coniglio, Merrett (Ahern, Giro, J Smith)
    Ruck- Gawn, Nic Nat (Olango)
    Fwd- Heeney, McDonald, McLean, Franklin, Walters, Battle (T Smith, Keeffe)

  25. Lazza says:

    What % constitutes a POD at this time of the season? As the season progresses teams accumulate the best performed pods pushing their ownership over 10%. An examples would be Bont (12%) and Walters (11%) .. no longer considered PODs but were well under 10% for a good part of the season ..

    • Russty_ says:

      Hey Lazza, I reckon a pod this year is someone with a relatively lowish ownership, and doesn't get injured within 3 weeks of us getting them in.

      • Lazza says:

        Those are bloody hard to pick ..

        • Russty_ says:

          Yeah can be mate, and also…all rules that you thought were true can and do go out the window towards the pointy end of the season. Sometimes you need to do something different.
          Not blowing my own trumpet but sometimes, going against the grain can also work for you because many coaches are desperate and just trying to hang on this time in the season.
          It's worked plenty of times for me in the past.

    • Lazza says:

      I was thinking about this whilst considering my Fyfe replacement .. I had a number of PODs early on and now I only have 1 keeper POD on field (Luke Ryan).. so should I be looking at Gaff, Parker, Crouch and JPK .. all under 10% ownership or go no PODs at all and pick the best ranked which will guarantee me having a difference or two or three cos everyone else has odd PODs..

      • Russty_ says:

        Pods can sometimes be over rated for sure….I'm getting 2 guys in this week who most people would probably think…yeah nah nah…but i think they'll finish well…and were fairly cheap., and replace Fyfe, and a rookie who has been underwhelmingly average.

  26. Cobee Bear says:

    Matt Crouch playing despite small hand fracture

  27. DanMil9 says:

    Hey guys need some help

    looking for a rookie in the mid, would love to hear some suggestions


    • Russty_ says:

      Narkle and Sier both looked pretty good in their first games last week Dan.

  28. John says:

    Who to trade Fyfe for, out of Duncan, Neale, Higgins, Kelly and JPK?

  29. Steve says:

    Who are the top 6 forwards we should have this year?

    • Marty says:

      Sicily Westoff Gray McDonald T, McLean Heeney is the current top 6. Robinson (a surprise this year) and Buddy not far behind.

  30. Jarryd says:

    Titch VC into Grundy or Gawn VC into Grundy?????

  31. Marty says:

    Or Gawn into Titch. All good options, First option imo.

  32. you have good narration style

  33. Declan says:

    Love the work lads:

    Thanks to your help managed to climb back into top 1,000.

    Would love some thought on who to get:

    T Mac
    R Gray
    D Smith

    Thoughts would be much appreciated

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