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The Jock Reynolds team are going to China!

A special themed edition of the Panic Room this week as we join in on AFL’s attempt to make footy a world game. We’ll take in the sights, the sounds, the smells, and the smog of China and see what SuperCoach lessons we can learn on the other side of the world. Is Crouching here perfecting his fly kick? Will Jock be found at Wǔtái Shān? The home of Buddhist monks seeking wisdom (thanks, Google) Can Higgo be found mentoring Chinese students at mathematics? And we dare ask the question, could Patch be a communist? Lek has spoken on his behalf.

The SuperCoach train rumbles on and we’ve got a fresh batch of annoyances to sink our trades into. Aaron Naughton is gone for 2-3 weeks after stuffing his ankle, with the Dogs having their bye in four weeks it really wouldn’t surprise me if we didn’t see him again until round 13. Buddy was another few weeks away during the week but has been named anyway? Something is a bit off there. Josh Kelly seems to have vanished off the face of the Earth, wherever he is, Toby Greene is there with him.

You know the drill by now. Patch and Lek have put on their Sunday best and hit the shops to track down some absolute bargain premiums in the podcast this week. We’ve got five confirmed debutantes this week, read up on their reserve form over at Barron’s Around the Grounds article. Captain McCaptainface has done a Charlie Dixon and resurrected itself from the dead (with the help of Patch), and Demo has delivered some more cheat sheet goodness to get around for the week ahead.


(The News)

Lachie Murphy owners rejoice! He’s back for tonights clash in one of four changes at the Crows. They’ve lost the big names of Matt Crouch, Tex Walker, and Mitch McGovern. Darcy “SnoopFog” (sorry) Fogarty gets another game. For the Dogs, Aaron Naughton will be out for the next few weeks with his foot / ankle injury.

Jacob Heron (who dis?) (DEF – 102.4k) will make his debut for the Suns, replacing Sam Day in the only change for the match against Port in China. GWS have made two changes, neither SuperCoach relevant, for their game against North who are unchanged. Essendon are playing the kids! Jordan Ridley (DEF – 123.9k) and Dylan Clarke (MID / FWD – 123.9k) will debut and Matt Guelfi has been recalled. On the other hand, out go Michael Hurley to injury, Darcy Parish has been dropped and Kobe Mutch rested. At Geelong, Tomahawk replaces an injured Esava Ratugolea (spelt it right first try!). John Longmire came and said during the week that they just don’t know when Buddy will play, in a refreshing piece of honesty he was bang on because Buddy is BACK this week along with Hanners. Sonny Walters returns for Freo along with the rebounding Nathan Wilson. Taylin Duman makes way. The Saints are giving Bailey Rice his debut (DEF – 123.9k). Pendles returns for the Pies and Alex Fasolo will line up for his first game of the year. Callum Brown is one of those unlucky to miss.

On Sunday there’s big news at the Blues with Marc Murphy fit and ready to return. Weitering is back in and there are possible debuts on the cards for Pat Kerr (FWD – 123.9k) and Matt Shaw (MID – 180.3k). Ed Curnow will miss. For the Dees, Jack Viney is one of five new names. Charlie Spargo, Bailey Fritsch, and Jeff Garlett are all on the extended bench. Out west for the top of the table clash, the Tigers have added 4 names with no confirmed outs as yet. while the Eagles are welcoming back Jeremy McGovern, Nic Nat, Dom Sheed, and Luke Shuey. Fraser McInnes is their only confirmed out. The Lions have also added 4 names without any confirmed outs. Jaegar is out for the Hawks and they’ve confirmed Mitch Lewis (FWD – 123.9l) will debut. Rookies Dave Mirra and James Worpel are on an extended bench.


(The House of Evil)

Another week of poor downgrade options. Hopefully you took advantage last week of those on the bubble. If you’re not going early on him, Ed Phillips is on the horizon last week. as is Isaac Cumming.

These guys come with a free frogurt (that’s good!)

-47 – Brayden Crossley*

-34 – Brad Scheer*

-33 – Lachie Keeffe*

-26 – James Worpel*

-25 – Dave Mirra

-25 – Matt Guelfi

-19 – Charlie Spargo

-15 – Matt Eagles*

These premiums contain potassium benzoate (that’s bad!)

Gaz – 173

Michael Walters – 162

Dusty – 162

Pendles – 161

Buddy – 161

Patrick Cripps – 150

Adam Treloar -150

Titch – 147

Isaac Heeney – 145

Stephen Coniglio – 136


(Smooth Kevy’s Lock of the Week)

It’s time, folks. I tip my hat to those of you with the plums to start without Patrick Dangerfield from round 1. Is he back? He’s had two 130+ games over the last four weeks. He’s now priced at 604k after his price has plummeted almost 150k in 8 weeks. Sounds awful, but he’s still averaging 115. With a breakeven of 119 this week and a soft matchup against Essendon, you definitely want this guy in your team at the end of the year.

You could wait one more week. That breakeven is high-ish and he doesn’t have a great recent record against the Bombers, but you need to start building the war chest to get him in soon.


(Hey Now, You’re a Draftstar)

I didn’t max out Patch’s credit card on business class and travel half way around the world to not watch some footy, no matter how awful it may be. The Suns are pretty useless from a Draftstars perspective, giving up the the most points per match, =1 120+ scores and outright 1st 100+ scores. For their part, Port Adelaide are the 3rd highest scorers per match.

I’ve fired up the Fantasy Insider number cruncher and this is what it has spat out.

My take:

Based on the intro above, I’ll go against what Fantasy Insider is laying down and target high scoring Port mids. This brings both Gray’s, Rocky, Polec and Ebert into consideration, even mid-tier guys like Wines and SPP. Fantasy Insider doesn’t want a bar of Robbie in this contest which is fair enough, he scored 60 twice against the Suns last year. A different role and a man in confidence, I couldn’t lock him in quick enough.


I’m going to stack the mids so Brayden Crossley at 7k is too hard to ignore. He won’t blow the roof off…uh, blow the smog out of the air, but he did score a 69 on debut. If that’s his ceiling that’s good enough for 7k. Paddy Ryder scored 115 against Witts in this fixture last year.


Sam Gray ($11.6k) is a bit all over the shop but should enjoy beating up the Suns. He had 109 vs Brisbane and 111 vs Norf earlier in the year. Jake Neade ($8.25k) has laid 17 tackles in 4 weeks. He hasn’t had a huge game as yet, but a few cheap goals will help him out. Robbie Gray ($15.1k) and Rocky ($13k) are available as forwards. Jack Watts ($10.25k) enjoyed playing the Suns while at the Dees. He has a 99 and 109 against them in his past two.   


Steven May ($10.95k) buggered off to China at the right time. He’s hauled down 26 marks in 3 weeks and should see plenty of it again. Jack Bowes (8.3k) will put it all together one day and deliver, not saying he will this round but that’s a great price for his potential upside. I’ll recommend spending down in this position, there’s not a lot at the top end that is reliable.


My midfield three have huge ceilings. I’ve sunk a lot of my salary into these three and I’m hoping they salute. I’m not a fan of any sub 10k mids, Charlie Ballard may be popular at 6k to help fill up with guns, but I just don’t see his upside. Lachie Weller’s ($10.8k) last 6 games have been between 72-90. Elsewhere, Touk Miller ($13.7) isn’t a bad option if you’re not keen on Rocky. He has three back-to-back 100’s to his name. Chad and SPP are available in the 10k range, although neither have shown much of a ceiling so far.

My lineup:

Have a great week, folks. Looking forward to Saturday night myself. The free-to-air coverage of Saints v Pies! *kissy fingers* … ahem

Twitter: SC_Kev7


Comments (672)

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  1. Mr.Brightside says:

    The latest on Nank is that he will be given every chance to play , Soldo is the back up – Source – Dimma on the radio at 12

  2. Sc_Wow says:

    Those with nank be carful. I have good word that even if he travels he’s a big chance to be a late out. Careful with your trades if you have him, you may need them

    • Corey says:

      That’s not good news

    • James says:

      That's bad

    • SC_Sixty6 says:

      Even if plays will be 50/50. NIC NAT will own.

    • Jimmy says:

      who's your good word from

    • Da_Boysh says:

      Thanks Wow – figured as much I am keeping one up my sleeve, if I know in time I will be going Kreuzer for the POD. if I do not know in time i will go to Nic Nat

    • BVB21 says:

      Hardwick saying that will make a call after training today

    • CaptainObvious says:

      Lol Are you a politician? Talk about wasting words to say nothing. 'Nank might be an out' well done Sherlock nobody saw that coming

      • Sc_Wow says:

        Just advising those with nank to keep their trades.
        Cheers for your input troll

        • BadgerHoney7 says:

          *providing 'solid' supercoach advice.* all you do is act like a flog to everyone and then call others trolls, also what source did you find this news from, because ik richmond wouldn't be going around placing a big bloke in their team then telling everyone hes not playing.

          • Sc_Wow says:

            Jog on

            • BadgerHoney7 says:

              sorry forgot you had good word champ, stop wasting words, your input is sometimes (i know you might be a oblivious to this) not needed if you don't have any reliable source.

              • Sc_Wow says:

                As I said I had good word. Do you even have Nank or are you just going out of your way to get upset and angry

                • BadgerHoney7 says:

                  nope I don't have nank, but I tell you now, there has been no word in the media that this has happened, so either a) you're lying or b) its not even reliable, plus if you were told this by your "source" if its firsthand news I'm sure they would not want you going around telling everyone. plus you have been like this for ages, just stop.

                  • Sc_Wow says:

                    He’s been 50/50, I’m letting everyone know that the 50/50 statements are correct. Not sure what media outlets you are using.
                    Just stop looking to get upset, you’ll enjoy your days a lot more

                    • BadgerHoney7 says:

                      so what you are now telling me is that you are telling everyone what has been repeated in the media in the past week, and trying to make it as your own and as your 'source'. stop being a keyboard warrior.

                    • Sc_Wow says:

                      You’re the only one getting aggressive and acting like a warrior. And again getting mad at something you don’t need to be mad at.

                    • BadgerHoney7 says:

                      not mad, just trying to think to myself how blokes like u, can ruin such a great website.

                    • Connor says:

                      Give it a rest…

                    • Russty_ says:

                      And these are the days of our lives…give the Soap Opera a rest mate, no one wants to see this crap in here, it's boring, and unnecessary.

                    • Sc_Wow says:

                      They’re delusional

  3. dontblushbaby says:

    Blake Acres for who have him is out for 4 -6 weeks – groin issue

  4. spotdel says:

    How is Lach Keeffe's Job security with GWS? hesitent to trade him in

  5. Joey says:

    English to Crossley?

    • DacZawson says:

      Not sure if Crossley will make too much cash to be worth trading out again. May be worth just grabbing a loophole option.

      • Joey says:

        Do you reckon he'll play during the byes? Because I'm not sure English will and ruck cover would be awesome.

    • smart as s says:

      Do it, take the money and run

  6. BVB21 says:

    Ok guys need help.

    Ranked 38th overall but Nank possibility of being late out has screwed up my plans to bring danger in.

    Option 1) Doedee to Tuohy (he isn’t going to be a keeper, will be traded to Hurley after his bye) and Nankervis to Nit Nat. I will have 10 trades left after going to full premo so don’t worry about trades.

    Option 2) Doedee to Keefe (I know his JS sucks but I can link with Sicily) and Nankervis to Grundy

    Feel like option 2 is the safe option but bringing in two players with round 13 bye is really pushing my squad thin.

    I have Merrett, Oliver. Spargo, Gawn, Hogan, D.Smith, Guelfi, ZGL and possibly Dylan Clarke soon as well.

    • theRealPod says:

      Hey BVB, Nank is a Tank so don't worry too much, I reckon he'll play.

    • Neil demons delight says:

      Hi BV Probably should be addressing this to better placed ppl than me maybe WOW but for what it's worth I have the same problem but out of contention I am coping the doughnut .Seems pointless bringing Crossley in for 50 pts. also mucks up my looping and costs 2 trades so no to that. For yourself different storey. R13 is a huge worry One of those rookies SPARGO GUELFI ZGL NEED TO GO . As much as I like Clarke look at CHARLIE BALLARD from G C . I did a piece about him preseason .He has a huge tank plays anywhere and the best kick in the draft. His J S will only get better. Also a good stepping stone would be JACK MARTIN . YOU will know all about him I'm sure Congrats on your amazing rank BVB21 Oh forgot for you option 2 bt a mile good luck cheers NDD

      • SC_Sixty6 says:

        I sometimes struggle to read your posts Neil! A big paragraph with LOTS OF CAPITALS.

        BVB can you do some swinging and go early on Phillips? Good JS and looks the goods……

        • BVB21 says:

          I would swing Phillips early if I could but not an option.

          Will pick him up next week for sure

    • The Ranger says:

      Hey BVB, out of those two it would be option 2 for me but have a think about Kreuzer too, I watched the Blues v Bombers game and he looked to be moving well again.

  7. C-JAM says:

    I have got the cash to double upgrade Doedee and Murray to Simpson and Yeo, but also have Nank with no cover on the bench which is concerning.

    It will be too late to do anythign about Nank if he is a late out, Should i Go for Nank to Grundy and just one of Simpson or Yeo?

    Other thank that team seems to have missed most of the carnage so far.

    • BlueBoy says:

      Nank to Nic Nat if required?

    • BVB21 says:

      My friend has the exact same problem.

      It depends on your ranking I reckon.

      Overall trade nank, league – risk it

    • SC_Sixty6 says:

      Even if you're going for rank I can see Simpson and Yeo score power outweighing Murray and doedee plus the donut if it happens. Also better for long run.

      • C-JAM says:

        Yea just going for league wins at the moment. started too slow this year for ranking. I'll take the punt a keep Nank! Was hoping to set and forget rucks this year.

        Cheers Fellas!

      • BadgerHoney7 says:

        I disagree, Doedee, Murray and Nank combined ave is 251. they won't outscore that. In saying this go for Simmo and Yeo, Nank isn't even confirmed out this week, you will be spewing if you trade a players who is averaging in the 90s and he still plays. Just sit tight and hold.

      • Valens_FC says:

        100% correct. Sometimes so much goes into avoiding a donut and we end up with players on field scoring 30 points and wasting precious trades.

  8. DacZawson says:

    With Murphy and Guelfi back in, it's refreshing to see almost a full bench of playing rookies

  9. KingWinter7 says:

    Doedee or Murray to Simpson?
    With the other getting downgraded next week

    And who has the better job security at GWS
    Cumming or Keefe?

    • Hawks says:

      Doedee – breakeven is higher, and has scored poorly the past few weeks.

  10. Hawks says:

    Who to play on field community?

    Ed Phillips, Cofield, Spargo or Holman

    Need to start 1 only, no loophole available.


  11. Lazza says:

    Phillips then Holman IMO … not sure that Spargo will get a gig

  12. The Ranger says:

    Thanks Kev, Love ya work.

    Community, if you had to bring in a mid this week would you go early on Phillips or go with one of the bubble boys, Ballard or Worpel?

    • Alby says:

      I did

    • SamuraiPizzaCat says:

      Phillips looks like a much better option than the other two, based on one game though. Might depend what your trade plans are next round.

  13. Pedro says:

    Should Dangerfield be a priority this week?

    • dontblushbaby says:

      I wanted him, but have other issues down back and need to start culling, every team is different though

      His BE is 119, so even if scores 130 he won't go up that much , next week for sure as there will a few rooks on the bubble, Phillips ect

  14. BrownlowBoy says:

    Murray or Doedee onfield?

    • DacZawson says:

      Doedee against the Dogs I reckon

    • SC_Sixty6 says:

      Murray. Didn't use it that well last week otherwise would have scored 80 odd. Doedee lost confidence. Apparently wet in Adelaide tonight.

  15. Matty Humphreys says:

    Better trade naughton/finlayson or doedee to Simpson Keefe or naughton/finlayson or doedee to yeo heron?

  16. SC_Sixty6 says:

    Anyone have plans for avoiding the inevitable sub 50 cog score? Jacobs confidence sky high after taking probably the biggest scalp in Martin last week.

    • DacZawson says:

      My plan is praying that the 5% chance Jacobs goes to Shiel actually comes true

      • Maverick_ says:

        Huge BE of 135 too. We are in some real trouble financially if Jacobs can hold him to a 70. Unless ya plan on playing cogs at M9 till seasons end then his price becomes irrelevant. Fingers crossed he goes 110+

    • Sc_Wow says:

      I’ve got a little plan for that situation

  17. Maverick_ says:

    Option 1) paint the fence doedee > yeo & Holman > phillips 400k in the kitty

    Option 2) dbl upgrade doedee > Webster & Holman > 560k premo 0k in the kitty

    • BrownlowBoy says:

      2. Have another look at Phillips first.

      • Maverick_ says:

        I wish E.curnow got off. Averaging 115 &. Only 1.5% of teams at $559k. Tempted to wait a week for him. Or I go the bont this week.

  18. Simo036 says:


  19. TMac says:

    Who to have on field from this miserable bunch to replace Matt Crouch please community.
    Dow, Banfield or Spargo, if he makes the cut.

  20. Hayfield says:

    Thinking Danger as VC, but not sure for C. Fyfe, Oliver, Gawn or Titch.
    Any thoughts.

    • Valens_FC says:

      Think Titch will bounce back this week. Even though the Lions have history of using Robinson to tag, it seems in the past few weeks they have been heavily scored against from the SC perspective. If you're looking for more of a POD, then I think Oliver an excellent choice without E Curnow there, but the reason I'm weary of captaining Gawn (the Kruezer factor) could also be the reason that limits Oliver's ceiling.

  21. SImon says:

    I know lachie Keefe js is bad, is it advantageous to still bring him in just to provide swing with Sicily. All my rookies are playing which is good for my cash generation

  22. Sc_Wow says:

    News out of the saints is that Rice will be the go to guy out of defence. This is great news for most as he will be a solid downgrade option. However it may effect Webster & Savage

    • Maverick_ says:

      Why would rice play this role when Webster is playing ut so well?

      • Sc_Wow says:

        I think because the saints aren’t winning so something needs to change, Gilbert out is also forcing Webster to be more of a lock down. See how it plays out

        • Maverick_ says:

          Looks like I may go yeo this week instead of Webster then.

          • Sc_Wow says:

            Only thing is it’s now or never on Webster. Low BE, and huge pod. Could be a game changer IF he keeps his role

    • SC_Sixty6 says:

      Savage has been getting 70's so no real affect there. For Webster his form has been good…..can he keep it up?

      • DavidSA says:

        To Maverick
        The reason why you change a go to guy in defense is to free up the previous ones who are getting attention.
        Like Wow said something needs to change. Look at Savage on footywire and tell me what you guys see that correspond with his low scores…….

    • Derek says:

      Rice is a future star.

  23. Marcus says:

    Due to unfortunate circumstances (nank and naughton) I need a defensive downgrade option this week and already have keeffe
    Recommend going early on Cumming or super early on rice?

    • dontblushbaby says:

      Like Rice ,can play , but I will be waiting on him until or if he gets on the bubble

  24. Dean says:

    For the people that started Nankervis and are now panicking about him playing this week, did you pick him as a keeper or as a guy to get you pretty decent points up until his bye when you would know who the top 2 rucks are and use him to trade up?

    • Leonie says:

      Fair point that is why I am trading up to Brodie Boy.

    • Daniel Z says:

      To be honest, a little bit of column a, and a little bit of column b.

      I thought he could be top 3-4 rucks by year's end and outside of Gawn, I didn't know who else would be up there. It's looking pretty clear that Grundy and Gawn are a cut above, so I was planning to go Nank-Grundy after the round 13 bye. Still might stick with that but I'm hanging on to my 2nd trade for the round as late as I possibly can and will decide before Sunday's games.

  25. John says:

    I have a feeling Webster is gonna score high from here but I can’t decided between him and Simpson, please convince me to choose one or the other!!

  26. JIMMY says:

    IS Yeo a good pick

  27. Rick says:

    21 trades – 309K
    Thinking 1 Trade – Naughton straight to Yeo and wait for a downgrade next week. Thoughts?
    DEF: Laird, Simpson, Shaw, Doedee, Murray, Cole (Naughton, L Murphy)
    MID: Fyfe, Danger, Titch, Dusty, Cogs, T Kelly, Petracca, Holman (Barry, Brayshaw, Spargo)
    RUC: Gawn, NicNat (Olango)
    FWD: Heeney, Maclean, Sicily, D Smith, Billings, Henry (Guelfi, Fritsch)

    • JIMMY says:

      Your in trouble

    • cburgz says:

      could go naughton and doedee out and bring in yeo and ed phillips (swing sicily back and petracca fwd) would give you cash for another upgrade next week

  28. Patrick Plain says:

    Cannot pay more than $496K. Hurn the reliable and suits my bye or Webster the upandcommer who doesn’t suit my bye. Already have Laird, Yeo and Simmo.

  29. FiL says:

    I'm keeping Doedee instead of Murray. Proven ability to ton up.
    Finlayson and Murray out. Simpson and Yeo in.
    Thank you Murphy for letting me keep Naughton another week! Couple defensive rookie options on the horizon.

    • Holty01 says:

      Wet weather in adelaide. Doedee score well wit intercept marks. Be careful with that.

  30. HumanBob says:

    How did you miss Ronke with a b.e of -57 in your free yogurt bit?

    • Connor says:

      He generally sticks to blokes below $200k even if they are rookies

  31. DavidSA says:

    Pyke on radio took note that WB are n.o1 in clearances and Crows are undermanned so expect the Crows to do something they rarely do and that's tag, most likely Macrae. Even so weather here is sh*t

    • Sc_Wow says:

      They did a decent job on Cripps and let up once the game was over

      • DavidSA says:

        tonight's gonna be an ugly arm wrestle

        • Defying_Madness says:

          I'd say the first couple quarters the dogs will show resistance and scores will be tight then the crows will tear them to shreds towards the end

    • Crowboy94 says:

      I'm hoping they win by 4 goals or more. Even with the outs they are still better than the Bulldogs..

    • Orca says:

      Let’s hope he gets tagged. If he does well I’ll take my hat off to him.

  32. Garryowen says:

    Thoughts on Kane Lambert. Very tempted as a POD….

  33. Ja191 says:

    mirra in

  34. Dave2008 says:

    Hurley? Trade or Hold? I have 22 trades 3 and 3 in my mini league and after a win this round in an 8 point game.

    D Laird Yeo Dodee Murray Richards Duman Murphy Hurley
    C Fyfe Dusty M Crouch Mitchell Crips Danger Petracca T.Kelly Coffield Banfield Spargo
    R Gawn Goldstein Olango
    F Dalihaus Sicily Heeney Smith Christensen Henney Fritsch Guelfi

    Trade.or Hold?.

    • Adam says:

      No need to trade Hurley. Maybe trade naughton for coverage

      • Dave2008 says:

        Thanks but I already have. Maybe Dodee and Banfield to Phillips and a gun defender or switch Sicily and Petracca and get McCrae? and make him VC as my opponent doesnt have him? Or i could get buddy as my opponent has him.

  35. Rocksta_ says:

    Mirra Mirra on the Wall, who’s the fairest of them all!!!

  36. SamuraiPizzaCat says:

    Thoughts on option
    a) Naughton to Keeffe, O'Meara to Oliver
    b) O'Meara to Ed Phillips, Naughton to Yeo

    • seen_burns says:

      B- Keeffe doesn't have the greatest JS, Phillips should play more therefore generating more cash

  37. Steve says:

    English > Crossley
    Finlayson > Yeo

  38. Jack says:

    Who has the better JS out of Keefe, Cumming and Eagles?

    • seen_burns says:

      All don't have the greatest JS, maybe Eagles but Cumming will score better.

  39. Defying_Madness says:

    Pick 3 out of Finlayson, Mirra, Murphy, Fritsch, Guelfi, Keefe, Henry (Can swing Sicily with Keefe so no more than 2 in either line)

    Also Holman, Phillips or Spargo in the midfield.

    Can't do any loopholes so need to pick the right ones.

    Cheers community

    • seen_burns says:

      Finlayson, Fritsch, Guelfi.

      • Defying_Madness says:

        Cheers, I feel like this will be touch to get right and I will have someone get a huge score on the bench.
        Leaning to those picks though

  40. seen_burns says:

    Kade Simpson or Jake Lloyd? Don't care about the byes.

  41. Zorba says:

    Caught the last bit of Hardwick’s interview and also saw that Nank trained (A little). It looks like he might play, however I will leave it as late as possible before I trade to Grundy.
    Anyone else have any news?

  42. Brock says:

    Currently ranked 23 and very concerned with the possibility of Nank being a late out as I will then be looking at a 0 with Olango on the bench. Finlayson-Phillips is already locked in and I am now thinking of trading Nank to Grundy. I had originally planned to trade Nank to Ryder/Grundy during the byes but might have to do the trade now. Thoughts on if I should pull the trigger or not?

    • dontblushbaby says:

      Pull the trigger, I did it last week to Grundy , no more worrying about Nank, he's been a great servant but the weekly in or out is a disruption each week, do it and move on.

      By the way , nice rank Brock , Cheers mate

      • Brock says:

        Thanks, I will probably just wait until Saturday night to see if any news on Nank surfaces.

    • Sc_Wow says:

      I’m up against you in the last minute rags this week

      • Brock says:

        Yep that's me. Should be a tight contest.

      • Russty_ says:

        I'm the foundation of that League Wow…holding everyone else up from the bottom hahaha, we're still ranked 75th though! 🙂

    • THE SALTSHAKER says:

      Nanks had the top rucks so far, after this week it eases up, should play him out till Grundys returns from bye

  43. Shane says:

    Ive got all 30 players playing this week so no loophole option.
    Safe bet throwing the captain choice on Macrae?

    • Russty_ says:

      It's wet there Shane so could be tough getting a handle on the ball tonight.

      • Shane says:

        Thanks for the heads up. Hopefully Gawn can do the job again.

        • Russty_ says:

          No worries, Gawny's up against Kreuzer though…could affect his score.

          • Maverick_ says:

            Do u have Oliver? His my VC. Should have a field day v Carlton

            • Russty_ says:

              Yeah mate, have the C on Tony Olango at the moment,with the VC on Danger, but Oliver's definitely in my thoughts for the big C.

              • JulianneG says:

                I’m newish to SC Russty. I think I understand the VC loophole but why have the C on Olango so early? I do that if say, Danger does well as VC and then I put Put the C on Olango with Gawn on the bench with the E to get Dangers score as C

                • Russty_ says:

                  Yeah good question Julianne, I just do that if I know I'll be around to attend to it if Danger gets a big score, if for example, you were going to have a life this weekend and not be able to log on and attend to it, then just set your VC and C. If Danger gets 130+, obviously I'll leave the C on Olango, or if Danger doesn't do well, I'll bring my main Ruckman onto the field and C someone else.
                  Sometimes, you can fool your opponents into thinking they're going to get an easy win too, but if you're playing against savvy opponents, that rarely works haha.
                  It's all part of the in game strategy during the round.

  44. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    Alright i have calmed down a bit now.
    Slept on it.
    Crouch out really basted my clams.
    Reconsidering rocky as has bye next week
    Might have another look this week and if role changed bring him in after his bye.
    Reckon will go off against GC but.
    Can go doodee – yeo with a lazy $1k to spare.
    Would put phillips on ground but he goes alright yeah?

    • The Ranger says:

      Rocky this week?! Did you lose ya sh!t at some point Trigga?
      After the bye maybe but not this week mate.
      Yeo or Simmo are decent picks this week. Not seen Phillips but I'm having to bring him in early too, I don't fancy Worpel or Ballard.

      • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

        Yep last night
        Went on a crouch rant🙈

        • The Ranger says:

          Hehe…easily done mate, I have him too. Just got Walters and DogDog back and then lose Crouch, don't think I've fielded a full strength team more than once or twice yet.
          You're going well in the ranks, stick to ya plans.

          • Moosehead says:

            Same Ranger. Have had at least a player out EVERY week. Grrrrrrf.
            Except for my first two weeks when I had 2350+ both weeks.
            Have not been in the 2300’s since.

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      Hey Trigga. Just chill on Rockliff. I know he is cheap as chips, but he is another break down candidate like Crouch. Don't jump out of one fire and into another one. How long is Crouch for anyway? Doedee to Yeo is solid mate. I am going Henry to Keeffe to raise some quick cash and put my Sicily swing in place and then Naughton straight up to Yeo. The prick wont be back until after his bye and has a BE of 100. Easy decision. Good luck this round mate.

    • Finnius says:

      No way should you be trading Crouch trigga mate. One week – out for General Soreness. If he comes back and puts out 110 next week you'll be spewingg.

      • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

        Was never gonna trade crouch but to cover was holman to rocky
        But now think doodee to yeo

      • The Ranger says:

        Where is the General? Not seen him around for a while.

  45. Rivo says:

    Have Duman & Naugton on the pine eating donuts 🍩
    22 trades & $80k. Hence…

    1. Doedee & Holman to Yeo & Ed Philips
    2. Naughton & Holman to Simpson & Phillips


  46. Mike says:


  47. Jacob says:

    Field spargo or guelfi??

    • seen_burns says:

      Backing Guelfi for a 60+

      • Jacob says:

        Against geelong im not so sure. Really got no idea. Whichever one i pick will get a 30

        • Russty_ says:

          I'd go Guelfi Jake, he's been pretty consistent in his 3 games so far. Spargo had that poxy 49 last week which is a bit of a worry.

  48. John says:

    Who do I field (no loop)
    Coffield, Murphy or Mirra

    Holman or Phillips

    • Derek says:

      No Frawley this week. Mirra will have a key role and will do good

      • Defying_Madness says:

        Would you go as far as to field him over Finlayson or Guelfi Derek?

    • Russty_ says:

      Agree with Derek, Mirra could have a good one this week, and with something to prove, clawing his way back into the squad.

    • Multi_ says:

      I’m going to say left field on Coffield under the roof against the pies I think they are a sneaky chance to pull off a win and think Coffield will benefit

  49. Gemma says:

    Doedee or Murray – Keefe or not worth it this week.

  50. Dale says:

    Pulling my hair out on whether to get yeo, Webster or Simpson? I like Webster but wow says rice may get his role… that makes me nervous. Any advice ? 20 min to dece

    • Rivo says:

      Yeo for me, though I have 2 x bench donuts so a bit nervous.

      • Dale says:

        As do I, naughton and Hurley on my bench 🙁 I am leaning toward yeo better bye also

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      I just selected Yeo. Naughton OUT- Yeo IN.

      • Russty_ says:


        • Dale says:

          Yup I went Webster 7:49pm I got nervous palms were sweaty eating Mums spaghetti panicked n went Webster purely on price and avg. but knew I wanted yeo!

          • Defying_Madness says:

            Pretty sure that might turn out to be a mistake but good luck I hope it works out for you

    • Multi_ says:

      Yeo also mate more mid time (although I have never selected him before) def is rubbish Simmo keeps proving us wrong but I always hesitate on a 34 year old

    • HumanBob says:

      I doubt that the saints would put a 1st gamer into Websters role, unless Webster goes to pure onball in the equation

  51. Nick says:

    Who to field?

    – Petracca or Spargo

    – 3 of Henry, Fritsch, Giles-Langdon, Guelfi, Billings

  52. BlueBoy says:

    Field Guelfi, Fritsch or Henry?

  53. Lachy says:

    Holman to Phillips!
    A week early but I feel his JS is pretty good!
    Allows me to drop finlayson next week and naughton if he returns otherwise I ca do brayshaw up to my finAl premo mid

  54. Finnius says:

    Mclean VC as Barry is my only loophole. In the wet hopefully gets plenty of hard footy and makes heaps of tackles.

  55. Russty_ says:

    It's a shame every ground doesn't have a cover over it these days, with all the money in the AFL now and all, these kind of washed out flood festivals are just a waste of time really…why not get a bloody roof on every ground and then everyone enjoys the Footy, all the time?
    Unbelievable also, that the W.A Government just paid out all that money for a million dollar L.E.D light show at the new Optus Stadium but didn't think a roof was necessary?
    Rant over. 🙂

    • Steeeve says:

      Supercoach aside I love watching wet weather footy

    • hedski says:

      Na winter sport Russty, hope it starts hailing.

    • Russty_ says:

      Too busy to be looking for new pass times Bob, trying to crack a single figure handicap at the moment, never got into crocheting, can roll a mean ole doob though , does that count as a craft?

  56. Multi_ says:

    So I’m just chucking Naughton and O’Meara on the bench as I just have no idea this week and running with the do nothing rather than cock it up rule.

  57. GreendaleFC says:

    Completely forgot about the rain tonight. I've got Murphy onfield for 1 point at qt time, while Ed Richards is on the pine with 31. Looking like a big waste already

  58. Keenbutclueless says:

    Great start to the round. Completely screwed up my attempt to loophole in defence. Have Hurley and Mirra infield. Murphy with the E and Richards with nothing. Will not be able to catch his score. Of course he is tearing it up! And I have to carry Murphy’s score. For someone who spends way too much time thinking about and looking at SC, that really is a stupid rookie error.

  59. Finnius says:

    Far out Jack Macrae is deadset supercoach superman this season

  60. TOPHAWK1 says:

    Macrae has just brushed Gibson off like one of those little annoying bush flies. Fark off you little sh-t!! 48 SC at 1/4 time.

  61. Steeeve says:

    Macrae "too expensive". Almost hit his be at quarter time.
    Meanwhile fielding Murphy over Mirra looking like a shocker.

  62. BlueBaggerJosh says:

    Held Doedee, vc'd Macrae, own Laird, fielded Mirra over Murphy, might actually have a good round lol

    • Finnius says:

      only the second quarter on Friday night Josh – wouldn't get too brash and anger the SC gods…

  63. hedski says:

    Oops, trialled a few trades this arvo and then forgot about them. Ah well, Doedee out instead of Finlayson now, bet the Dood tons up.

  64. redherringfc says:

    Crouch was the plan this week, then he went down so obviously I think Macrae, but he’s never going to continue his recent form and 676k, what a joke.

    47 pts at quarter time, Tom Mitchell, you have some serious scoring to do this week.

    • redherringfc says:

      74 pts halfway through the 2nd. Think I’ll trade out Gawn and Fyfe next week so I can afford the bastard.

  65. BadgerHoney7 says:

    Hahahahhaah Jacobs 14 ho for -3 supercoach score

  66. Marty says:

    FML! Why do i have Macrae vc every week and change it every week to someone else. Grrrrr! Should back my instinct not the 'he will be tagged blah blah blah'

  67. Ben says:

    45 perfect tog for Murphy you had to get injured didn't you hurley

  68. Holty01 says:

    Well so much for my prediction Doedee would struggle to score tonight in the wet as he relies heavily on intercept marks. 44 points early in the 2nd and only 1 mark.

  69. Rivo says:

    One of many I suspect that traded out Doedee to Yeo. On a wet track he is still looking like getting his BE. The SC Gods must be having a good laugh.

  70. Ja191 says:

    can macrae please flower off

    • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

      5 kicks 11 handballs for 80?

      • HumanBob says:

        11 contested poz, 7 tackles, 4 clearances they all add up Trigga

        • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

          Sure do but 80?
          You normally have to have a blinder for an 80 half.
          He is playing well but not a blinder

          • BVB21 says:

            Seriously losing faith in SuperCoach scoring.

          • HumanBob says:

            Yeah in a team that's getting flogged on the scoreboard 130 at 3/4 time is hugely suprising

    • Jack says:

      It's only a half of footy!!! So if someone ends up with 32 possessions (22 of them contested) and 14 tackles you wouldn't call that a blinder? Harsh judges fellas. My advice trade him in and enjoy!

  71. DavidSA says:

    I said Crows will most probably tag Macrae "stands in front of tv cracking his heayah whip!"

    • Russty_ says:

      If he is getting tagged Dave, that tagger's a real pile of sheissen, 🙂

      • DavidSA says:

        I think the lady bug no one sees on the blade of grass in the centre squar is on him

  72. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    Geez velvet fog is a big unit
    And yes folks it really is that wet.

  73. Ahmad rubas says:

    What's cumming js like need to go early on him because I want to trade out either murray or finlayson luckily I held doedee but he is my E

  74. AFC1886 says:

    Doedee 50 at half time is generous

  75. HumanBob says:

    What's the maximum ownership% a player can have and still be considered a POD?
    I thought maybe 20%?

    • Russty_ says:

      Reckon it's closer to 6-7% Bob. 3 to 5000 owners.

      • HumanBob says:

        That's very low. I've only got 4 players with less than 7% ownership and one is a stepping stone

    • Finnius says:

      10% for me Bob

      • The Ranger says:

        Yeah same 10%

      • HumanBob says:

        I've only got 5 players with less than 10% ownership and two of them are stepping stones. Makes me wonder how i can be scoring so far above average over the past 4-weeks and why my team is valued at 12.7mil significantly above average

    • Wedge says:

      A pod is only a pod if your cash league opponents don't have them

      • Daniel Z says:

        A POD is only relevant if they're scoring above a non-POD. This is why if you're doing well, you probably don't have that many PODs – if someone is scoring really well, most coaches try to get him as soon as possible. Ideally, you started with those PODs, then everyone else brings them in later (at a heftier cost and having missed out on their earlier points).

  76. Rocksta_ says:

    Jackson Macrae in unstoppable form at present. 86 at half time. So much for being an outside player. He’s been in everything. Looks very bloody hard to tag as well given he’s good on the inside and outside.A must have this year I think.
    Not sure how I’m going to afford him. Well done to those whom started with him.

    • The Ranger says:

      He looks like Pendles in his prime Rocksta.
      So clean.

      • Russty_ says:

        Wish I would've started him this year, he had a good year last year, now he's pretty unaffordable.

        • DavidSA says:

          yup can't grab him before this game and definately gonski now for us who don't have him
          You can squeeze a 600k inclusion but 670k was too much now he will be 700k crazy!

          • HumanBob says:

            That's exactly why I took the gamble on Jack Steven as M7. so that I could upgrade to the best mid at bye time for less than 200k. I need Danger and Macrae but steven and Kelly make the upgrades easy. Mid pricers are gold

    • HumanBob says:

      Outside players usually do very well in wet conditions due to the ball 'squirting' out of almost every ground ball contest. If you're an outsider that's what you spend your life looking for. In the wet Hard-ball getters suffer in SC due to the close contest and smothered disposals gutting their d.e. despite them being the only reason that the outsiders get the ball most of the time.

      • Wedge says:

        Interesting. Most people crow about the scenario of outside players not going to perform well in the wet

  77. BlueBaggerJosh says:

    Macrae has hit the ton 16 minutes to go in the 3rd folks

  78. BlueBoy says:


  79. BadgerHoney7 says:

    Macrae has literally scored 27 points 10 minutes (out of 30) into the quarter, WOW

  80. BrownlowBoy says:

    So um how do I get Macrae?

    • Russty_ says:

      As soon as you get him, he'll start scoring crappishly, guaranteed!

      • Multi_ says:

        I keep saying the same thing every week. I can’t afford him yet anyway basically if he keeps it up all year I’ll look at him before finals.

    • Finnius says:

      has a date with ben jacobs in rd 14

      • Russty_ says:

        That probably won't even stop him…Top scorer and Brownlow..maybe?

        • Redpill5 says:

          Put a last $20 on him at $21, he’s into $10. Aside from Fyfe he’d have to be the front runner. The usual suspects haven’t played well this year. Dusty 2 or 3 great games, danger 1 or 2.

  81. SC_Sixty6 says:

    Champion data bloke has Macrae simple.

    • Multi_ says:

      I reckon your onto something Sixty they say he’s had all these disposals but I haven’t noticed him although I am half blind

      • Defying_Madness says:

        I mean I don't notice Danger at all and don't think his points are deserved this year. Champion data are correct probably or wrong on lots of players

    • HumanBob says:

      It's ridiculous that they can rate him that high in a team that is getting embarrassed at every contest by Adelaide's 2nds. He's 160 and no Crow 100+

    • HumanBob says:

      Maybe it's the tight shorts and moose-knuckle

    • JohnDJ59 says:

      A bit like Bont last year.

    • Steve says:

      I own Macrae and I'm happy.

      25 CP's = 100 points
      13 tackles = 52 points
      2 frees for = 8 points
      1 contested mark = 6 points
      1 mark = 2 points
      0 clangers = 0 points

      that's 168 points right there accounting for no effective disposals. He scored 177 and had 36 disposals (12 kicks's, 24 hb's) at 72 % efficiency so it's funny he got another 9 points.

      compare that to Greenwood who scored 112

      19 contested possessions = 76 points
      1 contested mark = 6 points
      1 mark = 2 points
      11 tackles = 44 points
      1 free for = 4 points
      3 clangers = -12 points

      that's 120 points right there accounting for no effective disposals. so he's lost 8 points going at 50% with 15 kicks, 5 handballs.

      We know the scoring isn't exact and often don't add up, but this is particularly weird.

      Btw 47 disposals last week and a 156 so maybe it was payback?

      • Steve says:

        Doesn't make sense for CD guys with binoculars at games to rig the stats for coaches and the AFL btw ahhaha

    • Cyriledagain says:

      None of the 'experts' had him in their votes for the game and neither would I. Not saying he didn't play well but his score just shows how misleading this system of awarding and gathering statistics can be. I watch Dangerfield's scoring sometimes and just wonder where all the points come from. Some players are suited to Supercoach others not so. Based on Macraes game last night, Robbie Gray should have scored 300 points in last weeks game.

    • BVB21 says:

      Totally agree with you Sixty6.

      Sure he played well but 177 you have got to be kidding me.

      • SC_Sixty6 says:

        It's a joke. Watched his points and possessions closely and he just gets gifted ridiculous points. The fact he had zero clangers when he kicked it to a crows player in the 3rd…..his points still went up. Did well for the whole game to not get clangers but seriously……not even GOD in his prime was scoring this well.


        • Boris_Baconbeer says:

          Hey just wondering why my comment was deleted by admin. I didn't say anything rude and wasn't trolling. Ill see if I can put it up again. Might be a glich

        • Boris_Baconbeer says:

          Disagree. I watched the game close too. McCrazy played a blinder. I even think they missed a couple of pozzies. It was he vs Adelaide. Almost all his offloads went to dog players and he cant help if it they muff it up after. His pressure, tackling, contested work was up their with the best. It was one of the better performances I've seen since Ablett in his hey day. Like I said I think they missed a couple, there were instances where he was underneath 40 Adelaide players (yes exaggeration ;P) and squeezed a magical pass out into the arms of a dog that I dont think was counted cos it was so quick. I felt myself saying every two minutes of the game "and there he is again". Can't beleive you guys cant see just how good a performance it was.

        • Jacob says:

          It's not a clanger if you kick it to the opposition, it's a clanger if you turn it over and you kick it to less than a 50/50 contest over 40m away or to a contest within 40m. They don't punish you for your teammate not being able to take the mark.

          • SC_Sixty6 says:

            Are you serious? It's not a clanger if you kick it to the opposition……that is the definition of a clanger. Kicking straight to the opposition is turnover therefore CLANGER.

            It's like saying oh you only kicked it 20 meters to the opposition who then kicked a goal so no clang. Haha

            • Jacob says:

              I don't make the rules, champion data do.
              It's an effective disposal if you kick it 40+m to a 50/50 contest or better for your team, regardless of the outcome. Less than 40m it's not an effective disposals if you kick it to a contest, even if your player ends up with the ball. You can find this info out if you do some digging.

    • mick says:

      4 sure

    • Rick Grimes says:

      Someone sounds a bit salty. Wouldn't be crying if you owner him. We'd never hear the end of how brilliantly astute you are….

      • Sc_Wow says:

        I for one would definitely not be crying if I had him. I’d still also be able to admit he didn’t deserve that score last night though

  82. Defying_Madness says:

    Huge quarter from Murphy keep going son

  83. Finnius says:

    Jack Macrae deadset not human, 4 roundd average of 165

    • BlueBaggerJosh says:

      might add to that next week against collingwood notable for letting star midfielders loose.

  84. JohnDJ59 says:

    Doedee just made his BE, Yes, you bloody beauty, I told anybody who would listen to keep him for now.

    • BrownlowBoy says:

      Traded Finlayson this week. Kinda hoping he has a shocker.

      • JohnDJ59 says:

        I kept them both, they will both have to go in the end, but for now they are getting games and are good cover for injures. I don't mind Finlayson dpp either.

    • HumanBob says:

      But some of the 'most likey' defender keepers will increase in price by significantly more than he does so, it will be a lot harder to upgrade despite his good score.

      • JohnDJ59 says:

        I agree with what you are saying Bob, but at the time I was arguing that you were better off keeping Doedee and Finlayson, for now, since they were playing, than Naughton or Duman who weren't. My team has had so many injures that I prefer to have players that are playing compared to not.

        • HumanBob says:

          Definitely, I agree 100% with that qualification John. Anybody who trades out a playing rook instead of an injured rook needs to take a good hard look at themselves.

          • JohnDJ59 says:

            They were trading out Doedee and Finlayson because of their high BE which was fair enough in isolation, but when they said they would be putting Naughton on the bench because he wouldn't be going down in value, ie injured, I said but his BE is 100 so you will have to trade him out anyway and you won't have any cover, but they weren't worried,only about the $, I said sometimes having cover for injures is more important than a few dollars more.

            • Sandyf62 says:

              I kept both Doedee and Finlayson, traded out Naughton for Yeo, had to since I had Hurley injured and Duman not playing.

    • Crowboy94 says:

      I went Doedee to Yeo so I'm happy.

  85. HumanBob says:

    Seedsman is turning into a great midpricer who might be kept as bench cover on 2 lines or easily upgraded to top 10 Mid. Well done to all who started him. 14th ranked def for total points increased by almost 150k after this round

  86. Steeeve says:

    Who else held Doedee and flicked Finlayson/Murray?

  87. Mr_Pink_ says:

    So Eddie Betts had less than half the influence of Jack Macrae in that match….? Interesting…

    • BrownlowBoy says:

      Macrae played a lot better for supercoach scoring than Betts did if that's what you're getting at.

      • Mr_Pink_ says:

        Apparently so BB… I think some things are in the eye of the beholder however… there's some real love from CD for Macrae

        • BrownlowBoy says:

          13 tackles is 52 points alone.
          36 touches with 25 of those contested.
          10 clearances and 2 frees for
          0 clangers

          Beast of a game, but was it worth as much as he scored?

    • HumanBob says:

      Loose shorts no moose-knuckle who scored 2-points less than entire dogs team V. tight shorts probable moose-knuckle who didn't bother the scoreboard at all.
      I'm not saying that the champion data bloke is gay but ne's probably the best mate of somebody called Mr Pink or something equally effeminate. OR a girl. 🙂

  88. Murray says:

    Can take one of Simpson, t mac, darling or Webster. Have 503k to spend on a fwd or def
    Which one or anyone else

  89. Crowboy94 says:

    Gee people who dont have MaCrae are stuffed! Wont drop in price for ages…

    • gator59 says:

      Going to be hard for them to get him in atm

      • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

        Yep the one who got away
        He goes alright.
        Love to have that kelly to dusty trade again.
        Just gotta put faith in the rest of the team getting the job done and making up the difference.

    • HumanBob says:

      He's a must have if you want to have a crack at weekly or total top score. Rookies have been great for cash, we should all be able to afford him at 720k. trade your M7 to him it's a 60 point upgrade

    • DANGER1VDUSTY2 says:

      Opponents all have The VC on him – its an uphill battle already!

    • TheGreatBozza says:

      Yep I’m feeling flat for not jumping on 2 weeks back. Could be costly

    • Keenbutclueless says:

      I am 660 points off the lead. I started Zerrett instead of Macrae. That’s 440 points right there. Did I contemplate Macrae over Zerrett? Only because a few mentioned him pre-season. But I had Treloar and Bont ahead of him. But one selection like that can really make your season. Full kudos to those who started him.

    • Sandyf62 says:

      If only he kept his dpp, would have been first picked in the fwd line.

    • Rick Grimes says:

      Zerrett will become him next week.

  90. HumanBob says:

    My current SC Gold prediction is 2501 (416 from 4). I've never had a 2500+ predicted score before the byes ever. I'm pretty stoked and hope that everybody else is predicted for 1900. I need the 1k

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      I need $50K . I am not here for the bronze or silver…….I am here for the gold!!!

  91. DANGER1VDUSTY2 says:

    Punch him in the balls and I'm taller than Sam Jacobs – 54 hit outs and 47 SC points, is this some sort of infamous record?

  92. TheGreatBozza says:

    I don’t have Macrae; is it time to quit? I brought in Danger this week so I’m praying for a 150 plus game

    • SuperJack MaCrae says:

      Was $400 short of bringing in MacRae and McLean last week. Chose McLean saved the cash and took Danger this week so I know how you feel. Will have to wait a few weeks on MacRae I reckon, maybe he gets injured soon instead?

      • BadgerHoney7 says:

        ouch that mustve hurt should have weaved money to get the pig

  93. SuperJack MaCrae says:

    Anyone remember the supercoach guide from a few years ago? It listed POD as any player with less than 10% ownership.

  94. Pod says:

    114+118 tackles for both teams = total 232 * 4 = 928 points in SC just from tackles amazing wow

  95. Trades says:

    Thoughts on Nank to Kruezer regardless of Nank playing or not

    • Sandyf62 says:

      Not sold on Kruez, if you were going to trade Nank I'd only go to Grundy. Gawn/Grundy the dream combo for this year.

    • Keenbutclueless says:

      If someone said to you at the start of the season that you would be able to trade Nank to Kreuzer and pocket cash, you would say thanks very much. Right now Kreuzer is a good chance to be number 3 behind Gawn and Grundy. Is it worth the extra 150k to go Grundy? Not sure on that. Kreuzer fits my bye structure better than Grundy (Grundy has same bye as Gawn). Kreuzer also a better bye than Nank. I understand the hesitation on Kreuzer, but he was awesome last season and seemed to hit that form last week. A gamble? Maybe. But that high ceiling and low price is very appealing.

  96. Mark says:

    Take Murphy’s 51 or bank on keeffe??

  97. TBone_9 says:

    Holding my second trade this week for in case Nank is a late out. Would be trading to NicNat if that happens. Would love to grab Grundy, and have the cash but big issue is I believe him and Gawn have the same bye! Might just save the rest of the piggy for a Robbie Gray upgrade after his bye

    • Lazza says:

      I’ve risked the donut after he got through training last night to protect my trading strategy .. traded Bont in instead.., happy with that !!

  98. Connor says:

    M. Crouch over Macrae really really starting to hurt now – has now cost me 240 points (pending a 50 from Holman)…
    However, much like Dangerfield last few years I can't help but question how Macrae is getting these points (ie. compared to others games not nearly getting same points)??

    • Rocksta_ says:

      I’ve seen comments by a few people Connor regarding Macrae getting easy points. I don’t agree with it, I must say. I only watched the first half and he was in everything. The boy can definitely play.

      • Connor says:

        Has been one of my favourite players to watch for the past few years, just disagree with Champion Data sometimes

    • manolaki says:

      I took Crouch for value over Macrae last week. It hurts

  99. THE SALTSHAKER says:

    Nanks on the plane, no late outs. He trained, side unchanged.

  100. RonkeyDonkey says:

    Do I take Macrae's 177 or do I captain Ronke? Macrae's game was a good but it wasn't a 15 tackle 10 goals 200 point game that is 97.7% inevitable by the Ronke today.

    • redherringfc says:

      177 is ok, but that 2.3% chance from Ronke worries me.

      I’ve heard a lot of talk about Billings this week. I think he’s your go to man.

  101. BadgerHoney7 says:

    take murphys 51 or go appleby (57, 59, 60)

  102. BadgerHoney7 says:

    Guelfi or Spargo???

  103. Qwert says:

    Murphy's 51 or Keeffe?

  104. Jack says:

    Glad I held Doedee. In my humble opinion I think people were too quick to ditch him. Understand, many are close to full premium and he must go soon but also believe he has very close been the best rookie (not much between him & Kelly which I'll explain)
    Kelly is averaging 100~ odd, Doedee 80-85 odd
    Who is the best midfielder & forward you don't have, let's say Danger & Yeo.
    Danger is averaging 115 (with huge upside)
    Yeo is averaging 100 odd.
    The difference is nothing. BTW, I could have said Macrae instead of Danger which would have put it way in Doedee favour.
    That's why Doedee has been awesome, because of his position.
    Sometimes think people worry to much about breakevens and trade too early in fear of losing 5k or 10k
    He never hit a wall, he just plays a role in which sometimes you score well and sometimes not depending on how the game is played.
    Sorry about essay

    • Ahmad rubas says:

      I think it's more the cash generation yes he scored well but essentially he just broke even and his BE won't be low enough next week to make an amazing amount of cash. I've personally kept him as I'm more likely to get rid of finlayson before the gws game but it seems like doedee has hit peak price and moving him on for a yeo or simmo would of been a good move

      • Jack says:

        I think I'll keep him to his bye round now Ahmad, the way I see it he keeps his 80 average going he will be pushing 400k by bye rounds. He has a late bye to so easy upgrade to anyone.

        • Holty01 says:

          Hi Jack. Yes he scored well but his purpose in your team is to generate quick money to get to full premo as quick as possible. He has stopped making you money and if you are relying on him making more, you will need to hope he scores really well next week as well to start generating you cash again. Plus you cant compare him with Kelly as he is still making you good money. I traded Doedee this week with Naughton to get Keefe and Simpson. Yes i missed Doedees score but ill be far better off in the long run.

          • Whatyasmokin says:

            Not really, he only needs a 75 odd next week and he'll be making cash again, and its defence, also many rookies need culling and he is still getting large amounts of TOG which shows me (vs someone like Finlayson at least with reduced TOG) that he's not going to be managed and is handling the demands of the game.

            You are right about the Kelly comparison although a player of his value throws one stinker and they can bleed significantly, which is possibly happening as we speak.

            Plus another gun midfieldervallows a purchase of a must have and possible captaincy option. Good arguments for both sides I reckon.

            Keefe is a rubbish option although downgrades are a must and if he stays out there then ok.

        • Whatyasmokin says:

          Yep for sure, I reckon hes more a comparison for Finlayson, and ive seen the question asked a bit of who to dump first. Three round average is 62 Finlay 69 Doedee so it makes sense to keep him. Plus as you say defence is some where you can get away with that scoring compared to a midfielder. As midfieldees can hit sc match winning high scores whilst also opening up possibilities of another captain option.

    • Whatyasmokin says:

      Logic is sound. At the same time debatable.

  105. TOPHAWK1 says:

    Jack Macrae. Oh my lord…………Went into last night's game with a BE of 62 and a price tag of $676,400. He comes out and pumps another insane 177SC. Not sure what his BE will be, but I guess it would be around 50 AFTER another mega price rise. Would not be surprised if his price next week will be around $730K. And the week after? Scary to think. I don't have him and I think he aint coming into my side until well after the byes. Such is life………Just gotta build my team to max power without him and then grab the bloke closer to finals. That's the best plan I can think of right now…..God bless those coaches who have him. What an absolute beast.

    • Derek says:

      I have to admit I got that one wrong.

      I knew he was good, but last night he was on another level.

      In fact I thought he deserved more pts.

      • Sc_Wow says:

        No way! I think he got lucky to receive that much, a bunch of tackles awarded to him that were boarderline, and it seemed everyone of his handballs were getting +6 points

        • Derek says:

          Not having either Macrae or McLean and just traded out Doedee this week, I was forced to watch the game from behind the sofa. I do hate wishing for someone to do poorly, very exhausting.

          I switch to Sienfeld re-runs at 3/4 time

      • TOPHAWK1 says:

        That makes two of us mate. I have to now seriously consider paying top dollar and possibly removing Zach Merrett from my team next week. He is just that good. Merrett has been under whelming and being a sideways move, getting Macrae is almost like an upgrade in all reality. Do you know what he will be worth next week? My guess is around $735K. If he is much more than that, then upgrading to him from Merrett may be out of reach even then. Got $270K after I dump Crowden for Phillips next week and then Zerrett to Macrae. I hope I have enough and I can make it. Cheers Derek.

        • Sc_Wow says:

          How far back will that set you though hawk. Every other line will suffer

          • TOPHAWK1 says:

            Most lines are progressing well. Plenty of cash generation as all rookies currently playing, but you are right, I will have to assess if it is in fact do-able without it throwing everything else out of whack. But by god, I will be trying to get him in as he will be close to $800K the following week the way he is going.

        • manolaki says:

          Too expensive to bring in now I think

    • Neil demons delight says:

      wow is right on this one .Ronke deserved more last week with 7 goals compare that to macrae

  106. BoltonsBlues says:

    3 weeks ago i was left a decision to make, Danger or JMac, praise the supercoach gods i made the right call!

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      Magnificient. Seasons are set up with decisions like that. Great stuff.

  107. TOPHAWK1 says:

    Hey guys, any idea what Jack Macrae's new price will be next week and his new BE? Working on a plan to try and get him in………..

    • Rivo says:

      Hey TopH. I reckon it will be up around $715k. Crazy expensive. But then again, we got Danger at that price early on. I’m tempted to chase his points & can’t believe his run of form. Just hoping Danger goes big this week. Are you tempted on Macrae also?

    • AuroraBorealis?! says:

      According to TooSerious, his price will be $722,777 after this round. Their salary calculator is normally pretty accurate.

      • DavidSA says:

        How on earth does one get a guy at 720K lol even using Kelly 450k after this round that's a lot of coin to find in a paint the fence move.

    • Holty01 says:

      Its scary how well he has scored in the last month. Still dont understand how he scored 177 last night but he was deserving of the best score in the game. Im sticking to my structure however. He may slot in to my side later in the season but bringing him in now will put me back several weeks trying to get to full premo.

    • Richard says:

      The horse has bolted……………………………for now

      • Tiger says:

        I agree, but we've all woken up too late. Best strategy I think is to continue upgrading and your still gaining points anyway but keeping in mind a plan to get him later. At some point he has to drop away in price.

    • Shake_n_Bake_ says:

      Good luck this week Hawk in my league! Ill be happy with just a pt win!

  108. manolaki says:

    Need some thoughts on plan below for next weeks:

    This week…
    Out: Finlayson Stephenson
    In: Keefe Ronke

    Next week:
    Out: Murray Holman
    In: Cumming Phillips

    I guess what I’m asking is regarding job security for Keeffe and Cumming as well as if its too late for Ronke

    • BVB21 says:

      Why are you double downgrading both weeks?

      • manolaki says:

        Building war chest for byes I guess

        Plan to bring in Gray in two weeks and maybe Simpson in a couple also

        Not sure what to do in middle have Zerrett and Crouch and Kelly as only ones I’m not happy with. But no Oliver Macrae or Dusty

    • AuroraBorealis?! says:

      Its definitely too late for Ronke manolaki. He's now going to gain the attention of every clubs defence because of his 7 last week, and 200k+ is too much to pay for a rookie.

      • manolaki says:

        Good point. I wanted to take out Stephenson and make some cash for upgrades but I can’t see any other forwards worth bringing in

    • Ja191 says:

      if you have sicily keefe is worth it for the switch especially if you are going for league (his js isnt that good). Missed the boat on ronke, too late. Could go one up one down this week and possibly a double down next and build the war chest for the byes.

      • manolaki says:

        Yeh I have Sicily already. Not sure who to go up to this week. Not liking much to be honest

    • Sc_Wow says:

      Where are the upgrades?

      • manolaki says:

        Wanted to build war chest and then go Fritsch to Gray, Doedee to Simpson and maybe a mid to Macrae Oliver or Dusty

    • manolaki says:

      Team looks like

      Laird Yeo Hibberd Sicily Doedee Finlayson (Murray Richards)
      Danger Titch Fyfe Cripps Coniglio Zerrett Crouch Kelly (Holman Barry Spargo)
      Gawn NickNat (Cameron)
      Heeney Petracca McLean Smith Higgins Stephenson (Fritsch Guelfi)


    • prizza says:

      Ronche can still make you good money, more than a lot of other rookies and he is a tackler, well worth the trade if he suits your structure ie byes , can still make you 150000 in the short term

  109. simon says:

    Charlie curnow out this week! boy is this a rough season

  110. Sc_Wow says:

    I might no my have Macrea in my team but I’m 1/1 in perfect 9.

  111. Danny says:

    Is Nank going to play?
    I can go straight to Grundy and will have $0 bank left.
    Currently 19 trades remain, 5 from full premo.

    • DavidC says:

      Strong chance of being a late out tomorrow. Keep a trade ready.

    • Joco says:

      Do it now, you can’t wait until tomorrow because Collingwood play tonight. No doubt you were going to upgrade Nank, who has been serviceable but real risk of a late out tomorrow then all you could do would be swap with Nit Nat, which I was tempted to do.

  112. Ahmad rubas says:

    what are people thoughts on cumming JS and lobb scoring potential?

    • Holty01 says:

      Lobb i started with which was silly considering the interrupted preseason he had. But Lobb fully fit is a keeper in my opinion. He is very good with hitouts to advantage. Question will be if he can stay on the park for the rest of the season

      • Ahmad rubas says:

        thanks for the reply just brought him in for brayshaw via coffield and sicily dpp

    • Crowboy94 says:

      Keefe has better JS over Cumming

    • Russty_ says:

      Not much at the moment Ahmad..8 points between them, Keefe doing more ruckwork than Lobb.

      • Ahmad rubas says:

        Not good signs i have 4 players in this game and the highest tog is 70% and the player I traded out has a tog of 90% good start

        • Holty01 says:

          Sorry mate. Hope u didnt pick him on my advice. Never would of thought Keefe would be the preferred ruck for them

  113. manolaki says:

    Team looks like

    Laird Yeo Hibberd Sicily Doedee Finlayson (Murray Richards)
    Danger Titch Fyfe Cripps Coniglio Zerrett Crouch Kelly (Holman Barry Spargo)
    Gawn NickNat (Cameron)
    Heeney Petracca McLean Smith Higgins Stephenson (Fritsch Guelfi)


  114. Ahmad rubas says:

    What week is dusty most likely going to bottom out?

    • Steeeve says:

      Nex week or one after

    • Jack says:

      I'd probably hold off till after his bye if you can

      • Ahmad rubas says:

        Ideally want to bring him in before his bye because I only have 6 premo mids need dusty and then can sit with tkelly till r14 bye

    • redherringfc says:

      If he keeps scoring 90’s then he will be close to bottoming out in 2 or 3 weeks at about 470k.

  115. Rocksta_ says:

    Jeez I hope Jacobs doesn’t go to Cogs today. He’s taken that many big scalps this season it’s not funny!

  116. Shake_n_Bake_ says:

    Jacobs to Ward.

  117. Holty01 says:

    Just my luck. 1st time i havent started Langdon and he gets off to a flier.

    • BlueBaggerJosh says:

      yep, started henry instead, should go well against bombers though i reckon

  118. Defying_Madness says:

    I wish I could have traded out Finlayson over Doedee but I was like 1k off. Almost fielded Guelfi over finlayson as well but caved out

  119. Crowboy94 says:

    Finlayson looking the goods today…. 😂

  120. AuroraBorealis?! says:

    When you trade out doedee over finlayson :((

    • BrownlowBoy says:

      So glad I traded him at this point in time… have to see if the trade comes off!

    • hedski says:

      I'm hearing ya AB, got distracted and forgot to reverse trades before the game last night.
      Ah well Doedee to Simmo it is.

      • AuroraBorealis?! says:

        Thats the trade i made as well Hedski, it's a better trade in the long run but it still hurts missing out on those points.

    • Russty_ says:

      Always the way..I was gonna go Finlayson to Yeo until the Nank rumours started…now it looks like Finlayson will have his worst score of the year, and lose money!

  121. Jimbo Baggins says:

    Goldy is an absolute spud…..I was sucked in after seeing that piece where he had supposedly 'got his head right'. DO SOMETHING!!!!

  122. Russty_ says:

    Jack Martin a late out with illness, probably choked on smog or overdosed on MSG…just means Gold Coast will lose by 15 goals now instead of 12.

    • DavidSA says:

      Sure Dew did not eat him lol! Story is his back pack and a boot is all they found on the plane

      • Russty_ says:

        LOL, Jack would just be an entree for Stewy wouldn't he?..Looks like a bumper crowd there in Shanghai, at least 350 people

        • DavidSA says:

          Yeah the crowd sounded like the applause for a batsman running 2 off the pads haha

  123. Das says:

    Do I trade Nank to Grundy even if Nank is still playing or do I wait to the byes?

  124. taylor says:

    who is Jacobs taging

  125. Rocksta_ says:

    I hope nobody thought about ‘Cumming’ early?

    • Russty_ says:

      Saw one or two Coaches I'm up against this week have him..Phillips could do the same yet.

    • Keenbutclueless says:

      If you cleared out Doedee for Cumming that would definitely be premature evacuation

    • Ahmad rubas says:

      I came early only positive is it was for finlayson and not doedee

  126. Russty_ says:

    Hey Hedski, have you got your emergencies set mate?…looks like you only have one.

    • hedski says:

      All good bud

    • hedski says:

      Maybe should have stuck with Gawn as cap tho. Watching cats/bombers at a bomber mates place 😭
      Another mate has sent me a YouTube vid on how to tie a noose…..

      • Russty_ says:

        It's nuts, Geelong have become Bombers and Bombers have become Geelong!, haven't seen em play this bad for awhile.

        • redherringfc says:

          It’s upside down day.

          Wait til the saints smash Collingwood and Billings gets 177 (because he’s actually not better than Macrae)

  127. DavidSA says:

    Shaw you are first to go after I'm full prem. you do so well with 45-60 pts at the half every game but don't convert it to a great score
    Was 47 @ half time today and is -5 for the 3rd qtr

  128. Defying_Madness says:

    If Heron keeps this up he could be the most traded in rookie in a couple of weeks

  129. AuroraBorealis?! says:

    Tell you what Hopper's gonna be a great player in 2-3 years, I love the way he goes about it

  130. Holty01 says:

    Bloody Heath Shaw. 47 at half time. 48 now in the 4th quarter

    • TheHoneyBadger3 says:

      have him too, cannot believe it

      • DavidSA says:

        His first stinker of the year but I'm more concerned that he never finishes games off in the 2nd half other than his round 1 and 2 games. He is out of my team when I'm full prem. can't have an 85 guy D6
        Have Laird, Sicily, Simpson, Yeo, Shaw with Murray in def. `

  131. johnno2908 says:

    Would you trade Walters to Dangerfield, then bring Walters back in after his bye at the heavily discounted price. Only way I can afford to get Danger in really. Or just keep Walters and wait until next week for Danger?

  132. Keenbutclueless says:

    Can anyone tell me how Holman is going? Need to make a cal whether to put him onfield before the Essendon game starts. Would be ahead of Guelfi or Spargo.

  133. Defying_Madness says:

    Holman you bloody prick first time I bench you and you look like going huge. I can't forgive you after this

  134. DavidSA says:

    Wtf is up with the sc scores in China???? Holman and Westhoff very suspect no joke!
    Maybe the stats are delayed and sc scoring is live?

  135. Connor says:

    Some ridiculous conversion rates going on SC > DT in the Gold Coast v Power game right now!!
    Hall – 26 DT, 77 SC
    Miller – 16 DT, 79 C
    Swallow – 30 DT, 65 SC
    Ainsworth – 27 DT, 65 SC
    Holman – 24 DT, 62 SC
    Bowes – 7 DT, 42 SC
    Thompson – 3 DT, 27 SC
    Boak – 22 DT, 62 SC
    Dixon – 20 DT, 58 SC
    Westhoff – 25 DT, 55 SC
    Many more as well… what is going on?? There have been 751 DT points awarded for 1610 SC

    • Connor says:

      T. Clurey – -1 DT, 23 SC

    • Defying_Madness says:

      Nah dream team scores were just behind

    • Whatyasmokin says:

      As stated DT behind…… there's no such thing as conversion when it comes to DT and SC. There are stats that give zero in DT but award a certain amount of points in SC (ie hit out to advantage +5/sharked hitout against -5)

      and vice versa……….DT any hit out +1 iirc and in SC any hit out is zero.

  136. Defying_Madness says:

    Dangerfield getting points for doing nothing? He just gave a free away and gained points. He has 3 clangers as well and still has 14 points???
    I am starting to lose faith in the system.
    I think it is obvious who champion data have…

    • johnno2908 says:

      I genuinely bought him in for this reason. Was sick of watching his score go up and questioning the system. Hopefully it continues now haha

      • Defying_Madness says:

        Comparing the scores of Danger and Zerret makes me sick

        • Connor says:

          Z. Merrett – 65 SC, 17 posessions, 2 tackles, 0 clangers
          P. Dangerfield – 47 SC, 11 possessions, 1 goal, 3 tackles, 4 clangers

          I keep telling myself I should play AFL Fantasy but they don't take any points away for clangers..

          • Whatyasmokin says:

            You have no idea how the scoring system works, its not a flaw in champion data's ability to accurately record the accumulation during matches.

  137. LuckySod says:

    RGray to McKernan – Shark move of 2018

  138. Shake_n_Bake_ says:

    Hey Trigga Holman to Phillips?!

  139. BlueBaggerJosh says:

    Hmmm seems like rocky is taking grays scoring, might go McLean next week instead of waiting for after ports bye to trade in gray

    • The Ranger says:

      Was always gonna happen wasn't it Bagger?
      Rocky into the mids means Robbie goes fwd.

  140. PizzaSafety says:

    Robbie Gray finally showing me why I didn't pick him at the start of the year. Stuck in the pocket not finding the ball. Beware owners he only averaged 75 in games where he had under 20 disposals last year.

  141. Defying_Madness says:

    Holman injured damn it

  142. Connor says:

    Sam Powell-Pepper currently has 13 clangers (inc. 7 frees against) yet somehow is on 127SC in a non-competitive game. Does this mean his other 12 touches, 10 tackles and 2 goals = about 180SC (minus his clangers)??

    • Whatyasmokin says:

      Its odd but there was a scorechart going around last season that showed how different acts are worth different amounts depending on many factors such as where on the ground they were done and obviously there is more for contested etc.

      Its a very complex scoring system I thought I always knew the system in depth………….. but the systems I speak of are not common knowledge nor do CD share all the details.

  143. JugHead says:

    T Kelly to Dusty next week?

    • BlueBaggerJosh says:

      If T Kelly doesn't rebound in this game go ahead, I might go Kelly to Rockliff after the bye and Bank some cash

    • redherringfc says:

      Are these your trades or captaincy options? Because Kelly will go big next week, can’t be too sure on Dusty.

  144. JEL says:

    Anyone still with Holman, you'd be happy with his score today.

    • Russty_ says:

      Yeah mate, finally got some use out of Mark O'Connor..onya Holman!

    • Whatyasmokin says:

      Yep onfield he is capable as we've seen, was risky though I admit!

    • Marty says:

      Yes unfortunately on the bench.

    • redherringfc says:

      Over the moon. Kept him as a warm body for the byes. Thought he couldn’t drop too much from 280 odd.

      This score’s going to push his price up a fair bit over a few weeks and then offload him when he’s done his job.

      • Russty_ says:

        I reckon I'll just keep him for the rest of the year Herring, he's proven he can score well, unlike rookies like Brayshaw etc.
        Could be invaluable come finals time..when we're low on trades and injuries hit.

  145. TOPHAWK1 says:

    OK. How bad is the Holman injury? If its not too bad I will keep him and hope he will be right after the byes. If its bad, its good bye Holman, goodbye T.Kelly and hello Phillips and Jackson Macrae. BANG!

    • Defying_Madness says:

      Apparently it was a knee to the head so you would think he would be fine after a week off

      • TOPHAWK1 says:

        Thanks DM. Might have to punt Crowden instead next week. I dont think I will quite have enough cash to go Kelly to Macrae. But we will see.

    • Darren Gasper says:

      Was nothing serious just a cut to his head with about 5 minutes to go requiring stitches no need to come back on will make some good profit and important cover over the byes

    • redherringfc says:

      Footywire had him scoring 5 points after his injury.

      Go figure.

      Maybe it’s not that bad.

  146. redherringfc says:

    Loved the game in China.

    Although i didn’t watch any of it.

    Holman, what a ripper. And the only other player I cared about is Rocky, who didn’t smash his BE.

    I’ll risk the injuries. I can’t wait for the pig to get his snout back in the trough.

  147. Darren Gasper says:

    Watching Dangerfields scores go up for doing nothing or when he goes up + 10 for a mark and then a clanger is just frustrating !

    • Darren Gasper says:

      No doubt he will probaly end up on 140 points with about 25 disposal and 8 clangers 1 goal

      • Defying_Madness says:

        Yeah it is an absolute joke. The funny thing is all the Danger owners were complaining about Macrae last night.

        • Darren Gasper says:

          Tell me about it at least last night Macrae was amongst the play all night same cannot be said about Danger so far

      • redherringfc says:

        I’d be hoping for 200, based on those stats.

    • redherringfc says:

      You seem to understand the general premise of things, but you are basically missing the point of Supercoach.

      It’s Patrick Dangerfield. He doesn’t need justification, If you don’t have him it’s your own fault.

      If you don’t like the rules of SC go and play AF.

      • Defying_Madness says:

        So he is allowed to get points for nothing just for being Dangerfield? You cannot be serious just think about how silly that sounds

        • redherringfc says:

          It was my attempt at humour.

          Like my supercoach team this year, it obviously was very far wide of the mark.

        • redherringfc says:

          I also know how the “go and play AF” riles people and I’ve had a few ales and when that happens I do like to throw a few Red Herrings into the mix.

          Go Danger!

  148. Holty01 says:

    Wow just arrived home to check the scores. What is happening with Geelong and Essendon?

    • Russty_ says:

      It's like Freaky Friday…they've switched bodies.

    • Crowboy94 says:

      Geelong are playing sh#t and Essendon are playing a bit better. Both terrible tbh

  149. TommyC99 says:

    Captain Pendles, Gawn or Titch if Danger doesn’t score 125?

  150. Crowboy94 says:

    Time to move Kelly on I think… shows how bad he is when geelong aren't playing well.

    • Ja191 says:

      that's a bit rough he's been very consistent imo

    • JEL says:

      When a team is getting flogged, You'd struggle to get one or two players with a good SC score.
      I wouldn't be using this game as a guide to panic trade Kelly.

      I plan to move him on eventually, but there are others in the queue in front of him.

      • Crowboy94 says:

        Not panic trading him. Just think he may only have a couple of weeks left.

    • Gday mum says:

      Yep. Tim plus 200k will get JacMac

    • Russty_ says:

      Reckon he'll be my last rookie culled Crowboy…just an off game for the whole side.

      • Crowboy94 says:

        Kelly to Rockliff is very tempting though!

        • Russty_ says:

          Tempting yeah, but I don't trust his body..I'd rather go for a young bloke doing well, or a fallen premo without injury history.

  151. DavidSA says:

    Open letter to Jelwood,

    Do you like being mistreated by champion data? I hear your wife might leave you because you don't bring home the numbers you used to

    • Ja191 says:

      there's no way danger has played a better game than him bs – only 1 ducking free does hurt him though

    • Russty_ says:

      Reckon she's getting a bit sick of him ducking everytime she goes to kiss him too 🙂

  152. Daniel says:

    Murray or Petracca out this week to Simpson or Yeo?

  153. Defying_Madness says:

    I did say I would steer clear of Danger captain. I hope some of you listened to me 🙂
    I reckon he is very lucky to tonne up this week

    • DavidSA says:

      Agree with that after seeing that game… 113??? Like how? But I did think he was a valid VC option and thought he would be back to the Danger we know but nope he looks flat

    • SamuraiPizzaCat says:

      I captained him, didn't have a vc loophole option this week. Thought he would go big against bombers, still 113 isn't too bad

  154. Sam says:

    Is Nank definitely playing?

    • Russty_ says:

      No way of knowing Sam, he could be out 5 minutes before the first bounce.

  155. Will says:

    Gawn, Oliver or Titch Captain?

    • Sam says:


    • DavidSA says:

      would say Gawn or Titch for potential 135+
      I'm rolling Lady Luck on Oliver have had sh*t scores from Gray and Shaw so nothing to lose

  156. Alf Stewart says:

    Anybody know what Dangerfields flamin Break Even will be?

  157. BadgerHoney7 says:

    Take Dangers 115 or go Titch/Gawn

  158. Holty01 says:

    Danger with 115. Just like Macrae did not deserve their scores but comparing the 2, i would agree that Macrae was 62 points better then Danger.
    In the end, we all know CD love Danger, Bont and now Macrae so instead of scratching our heads and wondering how they score them, you might as well just put them in your team and wnjoy the ride because im sick of trying to work it out

    • BoltonsBlues says:

      Macraes score was justified in my opinion
      36 touches (25 contested) @72%
      3 turnovers
      10 clearances
      13 tackles

      • DavidSA says:

        Tackles cough cough he laid 8 tackles that stuck but anyhoo it's in the past now

        • Russty_ says:

          I think the method for concocting Supercoach points is decided in a deep dark underground cave with plenty of mind altering substances and heightened emotions as part of the formula 🙂

        • BoltonsBlues says:

          Those defending him – have him
          Those who are sulking about it – don’t have it and probably won’t have him this year 🙂

  159. Gday mum says:

    Buddy getting the opposite treatment to Macrae and Danger from CD

    • Gday mum says:

      4 kicks 2 marks 1 tackle for 8! GF'd

    • Gday mum says:

      Chanp data must be watching he got 14 for his last kick and mark

    • Gday mum says:

      6 kicks 3 marks 2 tackles 1 goal for 36. That equals 28 for 1marks 2kicks and a goal.
      I can see clearly how the CD system works now.

      • Russty_ says:

        Effective kicks or ineffective?…contested marks or uncontested?…different rewards for both.
        What's with all the Champion Data whining today?…can't change it, may as well accept the way things are.

        • Gday mum says:

          but look at his stats when on 8
          2 marks and a tackle taken in a vacuum should be 18. add four kicks (1 clanger 1CP) and you'd expect a bit more than 8!

          • Russty_ says:

            I've given up trying to figure it out mate, cause a lot of their decisions are what they deem to be, 'more important or vital' parts of the game…timewise, it's an unknowable conundrum lol

  160. Gday mum says:

    Is Bailey Rice the son of Dean rice who played in Carlton premiership teams?

  161. DavidSA says:

    Fyfe on target for a 75 odd turd

  162. Defying_Madness says:

    Fielding Phillips over Holman and Spargo wasn't my brightest move. Doedee to Menegola wasn't great either

  163. Russty_ says:

    Luke Ryan…Go you good thing!

    • BoltonsBlues says:

      Tell me about it rusty! Finally my 2 “podish” backliners are showing why I stuck with them, Ryan and Lloyd!!

      • Russty_ says:

        Lloyd's killing it mate!…great game last week too…along with Ryan 🙂

  164. Marty says:

    Billings 'Groundhog Day" turding it up again… will become Walters in two weeks. Thanking fooking God.

  165. Russty_ says:

    Not trying to rub anything in to anyone but I'm glad I didn't go a week early on Ed Phillips, might still get him next week if he can salvage something from here but he needs to lift substantially in the second half.
    Good to see at least a competitive game from the Saints so far…fingers crossed!

    • Marty says:

      Yes I broke that rule and went early on Mr Premature (I. Cumming). Doh!

  166. TOPHAWK1 says:

    Billings on field tonight. This is your last chance to show something. 35 SC and a goal. OK…….It's a start.

    Back it up in the second half and I might not condemn you to the bench next week…..You are damn lucky I am after a premo midfielder next week Pal!

    Do me proud and get me that tonne and redeem your sins!

    • hedski says:

      Traded him to Menagola…THAT WORKED OUT WELL!!!!

      • Russty_ says:

        That sucks this week mate, but at least you know Menegola is much better than Billings going forward.

    • Marty says:

      Billings is just doing a King Cavalier turd instead of his usual Great Dane one, but a turd is a turd no matter how you look at it.

  167. Derek says:

    Was sulking after trading out Doedee last night. Much happier now because I traded him to Tuohy.

    • Russty_ says:

      Nice one Derek, Tuohy was one of the few shining lights in the Cats today….he's a keeper too me thinks.

      • BoltonsBlues says:

        Finlayson to Tuohy next week I’m thinking about it, Finlayson is shot and I reckon Tuohy is turning his form around
        The Carlton inside me tells me not to, but for under 400k that’s value

    • Marty says:

      MIght be a good cheap upgrade target Derek.

      • Derek says:

        I liked Cats next 4 games. Teams who don’t have much forward pressure. Thought he might be worth a cheap D6 spot

  168. JohnDJ59 says:

    Ryan has finally convinced me to get him as a POD for my defence.

    • Russty_ says:

      Hey John, he's one of those talented players who was only limited by his own laziness in the past, had some problems with authority figures etc in the past, hopefully now he's got his stuff together and realises he could have a great career ahead of him if he focuses on the prize. Has ability and talent to burn though.

      • JohnDJ59 says:

        Hey Russty, I've had him on my watchlist from the start, was thinking of getting him this week for Naughton, but also thought it was time to get Danger in and it gave me another week to think about it.

  169. TOPHAWK1 says:

    Gee wizz Crowden. Come on mate…

    If Rosco does not drop you next week, then I might take over the coaching gig at Freo. Lift you little sh-it!!

  170. Darren Gasper says:

    Anyone thinking about bringing in McKernan next week as ruck cover ?

    • Russty_ says:

      Nah Darren, don't do it mate, normally it'd be Bellchambers with the big score and Mckernan with the 30, it'd be like bringing Daniel Wells in this week..gotta minimize the risks.

    • BadgerHoney7 says:

      never for 300k

    • SC_Sixty6 says:

      Dazzzzzzza! You're onto it mate. Get him in asap!

  171. BlueBaggerJosh says:

    Damn went Webster over Lloyd and Ryan, at least Webster is on track for a good score anyways. Awkward position next week with lack of downgrade targets and port bye so I think I might corrective trade Hibberd to Ryan or Walters

  172. cashcows says:

    Well apparently i missed the fyfe injury cloud this week and left the C on him after danger didnt fire.

    Opponents locked in macrae.

  173. Ratter says:

    Just saw the replay of Buddy’s elbow. I have kept him all this time!!!! Fingers crossed.

  174. Shake_n_Bake_ says:

    At the Pies Saints game, cant believe how many minutes Billings plays inside fwd 50. And really looks like no hope doesn’t matter who the pies switch on him Appleby Scharenberg Langdon.

    • Marty says:

      He hasn't got the physicality to play forward nor does he have tricks. He is an out and out midfielder who needs to bulk up a little. Why he doesn't get more midfield time baffles me.

    • The Ranger says:

      He needs to go back to the Magoos and learn how to win his own ball again eh Shake?
      He was always just outside the play rather than being in amongst it.

  175. Crowboy94 says:

    Spud Galore tonight…

  176. Marty says:

    Why do St Kilda just bomb it into the forward line with no purpose. Rather have people lead and lower the eyes. Sh1t coaching.

    • Russty_ says:

      Marty I know you're a passionate Saints supporter, as am I, but the Saints need a really good shake up mate, Richo needs to go, and we need to do a right proper rebuild!…not a fake rebuild.

      • Marty says:

        Yep for sure Russty. We have more rebuilds than a cyclone area. They had a go tonight but the skills are woeful for people on good money.

      • BadgerHoney7 says:

        its that time of week again where us saints fans rant, the only reason we bomb it long is because every single player on our team is scared sh*tless other than steven and webster, membreys confidence is SHOT, like the rest of team, marhsall should be dropped to the twos, like the rest of the team, we play dumb (because of coach). the one game I remember is 2015 vs WB and 2016 v geelong, we played with confidence, flare and agression when going into offense, we play p*ss weak poor now, billings is a great player but again has no confidence, sad really.

        • Russty_ says:

          How shit is Membrey's kicking though?…aaaaah I wanna tear my frikkin hair out.

          • BadgerHoney7 says:

            he honestly does not want to even kick that ball atm, he is so tight when hes lining up for goal it is not even funny, I would have genuinely unbiasedly said he was the best set shot in the comp 2 years ago – that has definitely gone down the drain

        • BadgerHoney7 says:

          and i mean scared sh*tless with ball in hand

    • HumanBob says:

      Because they forgot to plan for the post StNick period

      • Russty_ says:

        No I think it's because they have a Coach now who's just biding his time, before he gets sacked.

        • Marty says:

          Apparently the board called him in for a chat this week. It won't be long until they start saying "Richo has the full support of the board then we know he fooked.

  177. Ace says:

    Need some motivational encouragement community.
    Was undefeated leading up to last week, lost by 2 points and had Duman has a E but because Naughton played and scored 0, couldn't get the 40 odd points Duman got and lost by 2 flowering points.
    This week has been a disaster. Wanted to trade Billings, but needed to get rid of Naughton because my only E was Duman who was dropped. Traded in Webster who played well tonight, was looking good with a few pod scores from Ben Brown and Gibbs and Westhoff, then tonight has just turned to ruins. Opponent has Lloyd 170+, Ryan 120+, Kennedy 110+, Heeney 100+, Stephenson 80, Other opponent had Grundy 100+, Howe 110+. Where as i had the C on Fyfe who was tagged all night, Billings, Ed Phillips on ground because i benched Holman who scored 110+, Sam Murray under 50. I know it's only a game but im finding it's just making me feel more negative then it should. Any advice would be nice.

    • Russty_ says:

      You'll be right Ace…just a week that went against you, remember the famous Rolling Stones song, 'you can't always get what you want'
      Being undefeated so far, you're ahead of most out there.
      Keep doing what you've been doing.

    • Marty says:

      Drink more then drink more again. When you wake up with a hangover you may not remember. Supercoach is a cruel game sometimes.

    • HumanBob says:

      Your still a gun player Ace. If you doubt that have a look at 90% of the teams in this league that HS put me in 531631
      2nd place is ranked 40,000+ and 17th 140,000+

      • Russty_ says:

        Don't waste your time with autofill Leagues next year Bob, get in with the in-crowd mate…it'll either expose you or make you better, I'm experiencing a bit of both this year .

        • HumanBob says:

          I don't play for leagues Russty and it doesn't bother me that I can't learn much from my opponents. The only time that I've ever voluntarily played in a league I made decisions based on the head-to-head contest rather than the big picture and had my worst year overall

  178. Ja191 says:

    naughton's 0/injury a little blessing in disguise. thankyou Lloydy!

  179. The Ranger says:

    When you've got Macrae and Llyod but you didn't VC either of them…

    • HumanBob says:

      That's like going to bed with Mila Kunis and Margot Robbie and then turning the light off

      • The Ranger says:

        Last time I was hanging with Mila she wasn't at all arsed by Supercoach
        Got nuthin on Margot.

  180. Marty says:

    Keepers of Holman rejoice. His new price should be around $310k ( i think $310,250). Been at outstanding rookie.

    • Russty_ says:

      He helped my sorry ass get a decent score this week Marty, used the 0 cash making O'Connor for the loophole, repayment for not making a cent out of the Irish Git.

  181. The Ranger says:

    So for those looking at Sunday players…who to put the C on then?
    Gawn? Oliver? Titch?
    Bit tempted by Titch… he's due.

    • Russty_ says:

      Hi Ranger, just be aware, Gawn has a record of an average of 77 against Carlton in his last 6 games.
      I'm going Red-head-dead-revolver…against them…Clarry!

      • Sandyf62 says:

        Just brought Oliver in this week after picking Danger over him at the start of the season, I put the VC on Danger and have the C on Clarry.

    • HumanBob says:

      I was think that but then I thought maybe robbo will tag him to a 90

    • Marty says:

      Titch for me but i don't have Oliver. Fingers crossed otherwise it's going to be a tough week.

  182. Rocksta_ says:

    Some times you need to face reality!
    Got rid of pedders 2 weeks ago.
    Held the faith with Billiings ………. he just simply isn’t up to it.
    He is a fkn spud….. must go….kills me on trades but the evidence is overwheming!!!!!!!

    • Rocksta_ says:

      FK you Billings………. could have been a mid but sold out as being a forward ( you lazy Fk). You are a disgrace!

  183. Richard says:

    Richo drop billings from the side so i can use him as a loop hole

  184. DavidSA says:

    I get annoyed with sc when this happens – example:
    My Murray (DT 71 SC 56) vs My mates Geary (DT 63 SC 87)
    Fun fact Geary (frees 0/4) "🤔

    • Blueth says:

      Not much point getting annoyed at an automatic points allocation system which is the entire basis of the game which you are playing sir.

    • Whatyasmokin says:

      Nice cherry picking of a certain stat. The SC scoring is far more complex than the small amount of scoring data CD actually release.

      People need to completely ignore DT scores when playing SC.

      Believe it or not people scoring has nothing to do with anyone at champion data having a certain player in their team, yet this fallacy is rife every year with players of supercoach.

  185. Blueth says:

    Can't be pulling out 48's Tim Kelly.
    Welcome Dustin Martin