It’s official – the tag is back.

A blight on all SuperCoaches, the likes of Ben Jacobs and co have brought what was once a dying art back into vogue.

Some of the game’s premier midfielders fell victim of the dreaded tag this round including Dustin Martin, Tom Mitchell, Zach Merrett and Josh P Kennedy.

Coaches must be particularly wary of the influence Jacobs has over their midfielders, with the Kangaroos stopper doing a number on almost every gun mid he’s been assigned to this season, including the likes of Dusty, Titch and Merrett.

It was another varied round scoring-wise, with those fortunate enough to have McRae, Gawn, Danger or Fyfe captain hitting the 2200-mark and others not so lucky falling well short of that.

The Heroes

If you don’t have this man, do yourself a favour and get him in this week. Jack McRae (156 SC) is showing no signs of slowing down from his 2018 form. He finished with 47 disposals, 18 contested possessions, 10 clearances, eight tackles at 78% Disposal Efficiency in another elite display.

Richmond captain Trent Cotchin (155 SC) had a day out with 37 disposals and 22 contested possessions while Demons young bull Clayton Oliver (143 SC) proved he is the real deal this season with 29 disposals, 15 contested possessions and 11 clearances.

There is no doubt gun tap ruckmen Aaron Sandilands (150 SC), Max Gawn (148 SC) and Brodie Grundy (137 SC) have significantly benefited from the change to ruck scoring in SuperCoach. The trio have been monstering huge scores due to their commanding hitout-to-advantage numbers.

North Melbourne hardnut Ben Cunnington (143 SC) set an AFL record for most contested possessions ever recorded in a match, finishing 32 of them from his 38 touches. He also had 14 clearances.  His score could have pushed towards the magical 200-barrier if it wasn’t for 12 clangers, although almost all of them would have been under pressure.

Believe it or not, Jack Darling (125 SC) is starting to become a legitimate SuperCoach option.  He’s currently averaging 102 SC and had four goals and nine marks on Saturday. Speaking of good forward options, Robbie Gray (122 SC) heads the list. He nailed six goals on Saturday night and is the highest averaging forward in the competition.

Dayne Zorko (121 SC) has now hit form two weeks in a row, while Nat Fyfe (126 SC) predictably enjoyed a day out at Optus Stadium with 36 touches, 25 of them contested, along with 13 clearances. Patrick Dangerfield (137 SC) is on the verge of a monster performance. He looked to be returning to his dynamic best on Sunday and is overdue to go 150+ plus any week now.

Other significant scores: James Harmes (139 SC), Ed Langdon (138 SC), Matt Scharenberg (137 SC),  Jamie McMillan (134 SC), Jimmy Webster (133 SC), Nick Vlastuin (127 SC), Luke Ryan (125 SC), Jeremy Howe (123 SC), Tom Stewart (123 SC), Charlie Cameron (120 SC), Taylor Adams (120 SC).

The Villains

The tag victims: Tom Mitchell (72 SC) tagged by George Hewett; Josh P Kennedy (74 SC) tagged by Daniel Howe; Zach Merrett (79 SC) tagged by Ed Curnow; Dustin Martin (64 SC) tagged by Ben Jacobs.

Isaac Heeney (78 SC) was good but eight clangers hurt his score while Michael Hurley (66 SC), Michael Hibberd (78 SC) and Joel Selwood (77 SC) don’t really have that excuse.

Young Blue Charlie Curnow (79 SC) isn’t going to be a top-eight forward while Saints hardman Seb Ross (68 SC) had a game he would rather forget.

The Redeemers

Sydney pair Jake Lloyd (130 SC) and Luke Parker (124 SC) both rewarded their owners’ patience after up-and-down seasons so far, as did Dogs maestro Marcus Bontempelli (132 SC) who slammed home four goals. Since registering a horror 27 in Round 3, Eagle Elliott Yeo (113 SC) has bounced back nicely with scores of 150, 114, 94, 111 and now 113 in the five rounds since.

Combative Carlton ruckman Matthew Kreuzer (127 SC) returned to his best on Saturday, along with forgotten gun Tom Rockliff (98 SC) who had 31 possessions and nine tackles. Tiger Kane Lambert (113 SC) continues to atone for a horror start to the season, while the same can be said for Cat Sam Menegola (132 SC) who had 24 possessions, 10 marks and three goals in Geelong’s defeat of Collingwood

The Prodigies

In his third game, Ben Ronke (120 SC) was insanely good on Friday night. His seven goals will go down as one of the best individual matches from a third-game player in AFL history.

Tim Kelly (91 SC) is a clear standout for SC Rookie of the Year, while those who held Bayley Fritsch (98 SC) and had the courage to play him on field were rewarded.

On the bubble: Brayden Crossley (53 SC), Charlie Ballard (42 SC).

First gamers: Ed Phillips (87 SC), Brayden Ainsworth (66 SC), Isaac Cumming (64 SC), Tom McCartin (27 SC).

Other scores: Jake Waterman (94 SC), Oscar McInerney (81 SC),  Adam Cerra (79 SC), Ed Richards (70 SC), Willie Rioli (69 SC), Nic Coffield (64 SC), Harry McKay (61 SC), Brad Scheer (61 SC), Flynn Appleby (60 SC), Paddy Dowe (60 SC), Andrew Brayshaw (58 SC), Esava Ratugolea (58 SC), Lachlan Keefe (57 SC), Billy Gowers (57 SC), Hunter Clark (56 SC), Jack Higgins (51 SC), Zac Giles-Langdon (50 SC), Lochie O’Brien (50 SC), Jaidyn Stephenson (49 SC), Charlie Spargo (49 SC), Bailey Banfield (47 SC), Zac Bailey (47 SC), Taylin Duman (46 SC),  Kobe Mutch (46 SC), Cam O’Shea (46 SC), Matt Eagles (42 SC), Mitch Crowden (38 SC), Cameron Rayner (36 SC), Myles Poholke (36 SC), Tom Cole (36 SC), Jarrod Garlett (35 SC), Jack Henry (35 SC), Jorden Gullucci (20 SC).

The Damned

We have been fortunate enough to have some brilliant rookies this season, particularly in defence. Sam Murray (65 SC), Tom Doedee (56 SC), Jeremy Finlayson (61 SC), have been brilliant for our sides, but the time has come to turn them into premos, along with midfielder Nick Holman (50 SC). Most teams will have more urgent needs that have to be addressed, but it appears as though these players have reached their maximum in terms of cash generation.

Forward trio Christian Petracca (49 SC), Luke Dahlhaus (61 SC) and Jack Billings (54 SC) have so far miserably failed to live up to expectations. Time has run out. They have to go.

Todd Goldstein (69 SC) continues to disappoint in the ruck while it’s amazing Jaeger O’Meara (45 SC) sucked so many people into investing into him again.

How did you go this week community?


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  1. Patch says:

    Also Big Carl is just quietly ranked at 122 – go you good thing!

  2. Corey says:

    Jack Billings🤬

    • Russty_ says:

      All those peeps who said…"you gotta have faith in your premos"…unfortunately Billings was never a premo, only a breakout contender, big downward spiral from him this year as well as the poxy Saints.
      I had him too at the start but offloaded early on, can't see anyone picking Billings ever again lol.

  3. red5 says:

    I'm thinking of going Cox to Crossley for ruck bench cover and then upgrading Naughton to Yeo who seems to be putting in consistent scores.

  4. BadgerHoney7 says:

    Go Gray this week or wait until after bye

  5. r_calve says:

    who should i upgrade stephenson to, any forward or backman under 530k and i already have heeney, mclean,sicily, laird, simpson and devon smith

    should i go for menegola, webster or someone else

    thoughts please

  6. Simo036 says:

    Thinking of bringing Tom McDonald in as upgrade for Doedee/Finners. Good idea or not?

  7. AFC1886 says:

    Still have Murray, Finlayson and Doedee one will become Oliver this week who do I get rid of?

  8. Big V says:

    Is it too late to bring in Ronke ?

  9. Alex says:

    Never a good week when you have 6 of those damned players on the field, what a debacle

  10. Sc_Wow says:

    Unlucky to those with Franklin, he’s missing another week

  11. Peter says:

    Is Billings to Zorko a good option?

  12. Connor says:

    For the regulars, made this post in the Panic Room on Friday Night.

    "Thoughts on Ronke's JS everyone?? Can get M. Crouch (paint the fence) instead but will leave me with significantly less cash and there are no downgrade options next week?
    Guaranteed to make the wrong choice but still interested in peoples' thoughts on the matter.."

    Obviosuly I chose to go 1 Up 1 Down and grab M. Crouch on the cheap over a double downgrade inc. Ronke. However, that's not all, not only did I take Crouch, I chose him over Macrae who I could also afford (despite a twitter poll I posted suggesting otherwise) and decided Crouch would hit his B/E and Ronke's JS was not good enough – as predicted I was very wrong, thus costing myself around 50-70 points in the process. I HATE SUPERCOACH 😐

  13. TOPHAWK1 says:

    Any idea how long Naughton will be out for with that ankle?

    • INPieman says:

      With a BE of 100 who cares when he's back. It's time to go. And thanks for the donut prick. And congrats on your 1 point win over me TH

      • TOPHAWK1 says:

        Thanks Pieman! Been on the receiving end of those one point results plenty of times. Undoubtedly we shall meet again later in the year. Naughton is kaput. He will be traded to Yeo this week. Just has the handy bye and if he only misses one week, then perhaps hold him, but like you say that BE of 100 he will not get close to. Time to cut him lose.

        • INPieman says:

          We will meet again. A downgrade to Keefe & the flexibility that offers with Flogicily is very appealing. Yeo certainly looks an appealing trade in

    • Northernsoul74 says:

      Dogs saying 2-3 weeks.

  14. Boxballs69 says:

    Gray or Yeo??? Plz help community

  15. Jimmy says:

    rocky & zorko seem very good options in the next 2-3 rounds if they can hold a 3 rnd avg 100+ from now on.
    leaves alot of spare cash for other upgrades

    • redherringfc says:

      I’ll be getting Rocky after his bye, provided he stays fit. He’ll probably go up a little this week, but it’s definitely worth waiting on.

      Then I’ll cross my fingers that he strings together a few high scores. Hopefully by the time he gets injured again he’ll have made 200k and averaged over 100 for the games he’s played.

      Zorko will probably get tagged again and put out some more horrible scores. But I wish I’d held him 2 rounds ago and got rid of Billings. Up there with my biggest ever sc stuff ups.

  16. Sam_01 says:

    Is jimmy Webster the real deal community
    Already have savage in my team and bringing him in will stuff my bye structure a bit
    Tossing up between bringing in him or Howe this week, will grab Hurley in a week or two to finnish my backline

  17. gator59 says:

    I know Dusty's not travelling that good atm but this was to be expected of him

    Why on earth would 1,061 = 1.7% coaches be trading him out…. I'm dumb founded

    • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

      Rage my man! Rage.

    • Russty_ says:

      They'll surely regret it Gator…Dusty always does this…then comes good.

      • gator59 says:

        I sort of regret getting him in now when crouch done his hammy knowing he will drop in price at some point
        But there's no way i'll be trading him out

        • JohnDJ59 says:

          Did the same thing gator, started without both Danger and Dusty, thinking I would get them cheaper down the track, but traded Dusty in after Crouch was injured,I should have waited and just downgraded to a rookie. Will be getting Danger in next week.

          • Russty_ says:

            Hey John I was one of the suckers that paid full price for Dusty, even though I knew he does this every year, but for some strange reason I thought it'd be different this year after his Brownlow performance..fact is he usually always falls below 500k at some point during the season. He'll finish strong, as he always does, he must have some kind of motivation problem early to mid season.

            • JohnDJ59 says:

              That's funny Russty because I actually paid $900 more than you did since I got him in round three after his 139 and 160. I did have Dusty in my line up most of preseason, but you talked me out of starting him due to how he usually falls below 500k, plus there was that article in fantasysupercoach about Brownlow blues.

              • Russty_ says:

                Yeah bloody hell ay?…I went against my own rule and bought high because Whitfield was up and down, and I thought he was a failed experiment, (after starting Whitfield over Cogs), If I'd started Cogs I'd be ranked top 1000 now I reckon.

                • JohnDJ59 says:

                  Sorry Russty I just realized you didn't actually start him, I remember you saying you had to get him in sooner rather than later, was that around round 5 ? if so then yes you did pay full price.

          • Sandyf62 says:

            I started with Danger and Titch, but not Dusty, I also traded him in when Crouch was out injured, it was had not to his form at that stage was very good, I would have been better off getting in either Oliver or Bont, who will be coming in for me this week.

  18. ErrolBurns says:

    Jimmy Webster thoughts?

    • nankthetank says:

      Been very good but can you really see him keeping it up the whole year?

    • ToughBretts says:

      I'm all in on Jimmy.
      Only three players are averaging more than 6 rebound-50s per game. Hurley (6.12), Shaw (6.88) and Webster who is leading the AFL with 7.12 per game.
      He is also one of the best kicks in the entire competition, in a backline with players like Nathan Brown and Jake Carlisle who are interceptors who don't distribute. This says to me that he is being actively used in this role and is delivering great games for them.
      He also takes kickouts to himself, and is a terrific reader of the play who also pushes up the left wing to use his damaging leg.

      I get that he has no runs on the board, but he ticks every box as a breakout player.

      For reference, his worst game this year was an 81, which was from 18 touches (his lowest disposals of the season) in round one.
      Since then, he hasn't had fewer than 20 touches in a game, and has hit 30 twice. Pair high disposals with high efficiency = SC gold.

  19. redherringfc says:

    My dream this week is that Yeo goes to Dusty and he plays a ripper of a game, like he did against Geelong. And like in that game he is on negative points at three quarter time, but he sticks with it this game and ends up in single figures.

    Meanwhile keeping Dusty to under 50.

    Yeo at about 470 and Dusty at 450 might start to get my season back on track.

  20. Holty01 says:

    Simpson this week abd maybe Okeefe.
    Danger next week.
    Laird week after
    And then Franklin to complete my team although right at this point im unsure i will be able to generate the cash in time for the final upgrade.

  21. Keenbutclueless says:

    As a Robby Gray owner, have some mixed feelings about the weekend results. He had been spending a lot of time in the midfield in the past weeks, and he was scoring like the old Robby Gray. With Rockliff and SPP back, he was forward a lot more. The fact that he belted out a ripper score, courtesy of that great third quarter maybe hides the fact that if he is going to be a permanent forward again, then we will see more of the scores of last year, than the scores we have seen this year. He will still be good. No doubt. But is he at is peak? Is a Bruyn Manouvre a consideration? Not sure I gave the cahunas to do that move, but it’s got me thinking.

    • The Ranger says:

      Been thinking the same thing Keen.
      My preseason plan was to bring him in after his bye but I'll be watching him closely now that SPP and Rockliff are back.

    • Steeeve says:

      As a non-owner I still want him but won't bring him in straight after his bye. Will hope he plops out a 40 like he was prone to doing last year. Then pounce.

    • Sniff says:

      I hear you, but i still think he is given enough of a run through the middle to score 90+ on a weekly basis

    • RobDog says:

      Thanks Keenbutclueless, was definitely aiming for Gray after his bye, but now you have me thinking. Very good point, hats off.

    • SC_Sixty6 says:

      Doesn't really matter of you've had him since rd 2. You're that far ahead of the rest and if others get him in its just nullified anyway.

  22. iLoveNMFC says:

    Hurley set to miss this week…

  23. ROB14 says:

    What are peoples thoughts on Taylor Adams? And who out of Webster, Yeo and Simpson?

  24. Shake_n_Bake_ says:

    Hurley likely to miss a couple.

  25. John says:

    which one out of murray, finlayson and doedee make way this week?

  26. redherringfc says:

    I noticed that there are currently 12 very brave people who have traded Jack Billings into their side this week.

    He has BE of 98.

    Maybe one of them is an oracle and we are about to see the greatest turnaround in SC history.

    God I hope so.

  27. Steeeve says:

    Thoughts on Rance at D6?

    My plan is complicated but let me know what you think:
    This week — upgrade Naughton and Finlayson to Simpson/Yeo and Rance. (Rance or Hibberd or Shaw are the best I can afford).
    Next week — downgrade Jack Henry to Ed Phillips. — will make $150,000 bringing war chest to $180,000.
    Week after — upgrade Tim Kelly to Dustin Martin for about $50,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (pee a little).

    Once Hurley returns and plays two games I am hoping I can trade Finlayson or Doedee straight to him with the leftover $130,000-odd. This part will be iffy, thinking I will need closer to $160,000… Perhaps a double downgrade next week with someone who's not playing to another rookie (Mirra/Barry to Cumming) would be necessary next week just to make sure I have enough in the kitty.

  28. Doc_1 says:

    Is petracca a meaningful option as a m9/f7 swing keeper.
    Not sure how else to get any value out of him. Haven’t been able to deal with him sooner due to LTI’s.

  29. Jambo says:

    Got 2,131 this week, even with Naughton’s naught score on-field…
    Quietly sitting at #8,232 rank. Still long season ahead.
    Pleased with upgrading Finlayson to Macrae this week.

  30. SC_Sixty6 says:

    Why do people always ask if it's too late to bring in a rookie that JUST played his third game? Yes it's bloody too late. Stop posting and sit down and read through as most of your questions will be answered!

  31. Rocksta says:

    Everything that could go wrong this week did:
    – Titch and Dusty spudding it up ( had the VC on Titch).
    – Took the C off Gawn and put it on Fyfe last minute
    – Traded in Crouch over Oliver, only because he was around $25K cheaper.
    – Had Spargo and Henry on field.
    – Traded in Mutch over Ronke.
    – Jack Bloody Billings.
    All that resulted in my team slipping over 200 spots in the rankings to 406. To that end, the last 3 weeks have been ordinary.
    Need a good result this week to stay in touch I reckon, as my boys have well and trully got the blows on.
    PS. Yes I am feeling sorry for myself and having a good old fashioned whinge.

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      Yep. I made some of your moves this week. Whacked the VC on Titch and the C on Fyfe instead of Gawn. (Only lost net 22 points there though). Still got Billings….Fark!!! What a spud. Not trading him now as I will use him as a forward rookie. He will improve at some point you would think? Had Henry onfield. (Not Spargo-on bench) But it get's better. Had Naughton onfield for a donut, and Zerrett producing an almighty turd!

      I went Ronke over Mutch though!!! And I am a proud owner of Clayton Oliver. At least I got a few things right. Went up 2000 spots to around 6500 too.

      Hope that puts it in perspective as your ranking is sensational. Chin up mate!

      • Rocksta says:

        Cheers TH.
        I’m going to hold Billings as well although I must say I’m really starting to wonder if he’s ever gonna come good.

        • Russty_ says:

          Maybe as a bench backup option going into the finals. He's shit and so are Stkilda, and so is their excuse making Coach, everytime he's on AFL 360…he's just trying to extend his job time, so he doesn't get sacked.

          • Profellow says:

            Do you have a job? You listen to, watch everything and, have a comment on all sorts of things. Guys like you turn us off SC. I’m going to do what Derek suggests. Ignore your comments.

            • Derek says:

              I like Russty. Love his enthusiasm. Did a massive preseason and I hope he has a great season.

              • Russty_ says:

                Cheers Derek, I must be clogging the feed or something?…lol, Love your ballsy attitude too mate, you love a risk, doesn't always pay off for you but if it does, sheesh…watch out SC, you have big stones mate.

            • Russty_ says:

              Yeah I own my own business and also 2 investment properties, so I'm busy at times and other times, have plenty of time on my hands.
              Sorry if you don't appreciate my comments, but I thought this was a free Forum// Community where we can post whatever we like.
              I believe Derek suggested people ignore Troll's comments, I don't believe I'm a Troll, maybe you are?

    • Jambo says:

      Bloody Murphy’s Law!

  32. StevoRivo says:

    Well done Carl on this weeks article and your rank
    I slipped down to 3800 after carrying the Naughton donut and many sub par scores.

    The rooks will have to stay another week or 2. With 22 trades & $80k, it’s time to start painting the fence.

    This week it’s Petracca & Naughton to Yeo & Phillips (StK) using DPP swings.

    Thanks Community for your comments and threads too. A crazy ride this season already!

  33. Phil says:

    Ok so I just realised a few problems I might gave structurally. I don't want any Port or Gold Coast players (already have Gray) I don't want any Carlton, West Coast, Dogs or Hawthorn players (have Sicily, Simpson, Macrae, McLean & planning Yeo this week).
    So who the hell am I gonna upgrade into after they have their byes as these 6 teams are first?
    I'm thinking of keeping Finlayson, Doedee & Murray through to byes now as they are all late and by passing Yeo till his bye.
    Anyone else thinking similar?

    • Phil says:

      Also have Cripps & Titch already

    • Tyruddanaut says:

      I have 5 players out during R12 and about to be 6 next week or the week after – I'll evaluate.
      I have fallen short, with 5 premiums out in R13 but most of my rookies too.
      Down to 7/8 out in R14 and I'm dreading it. But there should be a maximum of 8 out per round and I'm doing alright.

      I'm planning to bring in Rocky in two weeks time or around then at least, looks the goods and should prove himself against Gold Coast in Shanghai.
      The top players on my watchlist are:
      2X R12, 1X R13 and 1X 14 for defence
      1X R10, 1X 12, 4X R14 for mid
      2X R12, 4X R14

      • Phil says:

        Sounds like a solid plan Tyruddanaut, but my question to you would be: Do you really want Rockliff, or is purely just because he will have already had his bye?

        I'm also considering Boak & Westhoff but I don't wanna pick someone just for bye purposes.

    • Octa says:

      Add St. Kilda to your list.

  34. Jordan says:

    Tom McDonald, Mitch Robinson or jack darling for a pod?

    • Tyruddanaut says:

      Jack Darling is a key forward so prepare for inconsistency. But if West Coast keeps up this structure and quality, I think he could be top 8.
      Wait on Tom McDonald, he hasn't proved himself yet
      I don't believe in Robinson, but he seems to be able to score well

    • Whatyasmokin says:

      Darling, Tmac then Mitch.

  35. Tyruddanaut says:

    I'm deciding to go a week early on Mundy. He's being consistent and using @bricemitchell 's (twitter) equations, he will only drop 11k with a 95.
    Webster looks the goods, but I barely know anything about him! Can someone inform me of how he scores so I can see if he will keep it up?

    Trades are as followed:
    Doedee –> Mundy
    Naughton –> Webster

    • BVB21 says:

      Watched the game against freo and he was so good but I am torn because he’s never been close to a premo before.

      Hurley and Howe were top players last year and Hurn is consistently top 20.

      Webster is a real dark horse

      • Redpill5 says:

        I’m bringing in Webster this week because he’s better for my bye structure and only owned by 1% of teams. He seems to the player they like setting up their plays out of defense (together with savage, who is more a break the lines defender), takes a few kick outs. Only seen a couple of his games but he looks elite by foot and a good size for intercept marking.

      • Tyruddanaut says:

        I just can’t afford Howe right now. Hurley is injured for a couple and then will drop in price

    • ATeam12345 says:

      Webster has been a "breakout" candidate for the last few years. Seems he's finally gotten there.

  36. JohnDJ59 says:

    So Hurley is out now as well, I really can't get a break this season.

  37. Jordan says:

    Do I get in zorko or a safe forward premo?

  38. wayno1313 says:

    How is Naughton not the damned? He scored 0

  39. BVB21 says:

    Defensive stocks taking a battering.

    Naughton out for 2-3 weeks
    Hurley out as well
    Howe had scans for hamstring as well

    Need to upgrade a defender this week.

    Have Laird, Yeo, Simpson, Sicily, Savage.

    Who to complete Webster, Hurn, Someone else?

    Might come back and get Hurley after his bye by trading savage as will have 10 trades left after going full premo in three weeks.

  40. zerowins says:

    Is it worth going tim kelly to danger this week
    Feel danger could explode over the next 3

    • Russty_ says:

      Cumming could explode over the next 3 weeks lol

    • Whatyasmokin says:

      Nope, Kelly still has a low BE, only 430k and averaging 99. Hold. Surely got someone else to trade? May have to double downgrade altho not sure of 2 gamer rookies right now, maybe early on one?

      • DavidSA says:

        It's not only his avg of 99 but his consistency too he is a must till Geelongs bye even if you lose coin on him before you chop him out. He will be 450k – 460k there abouts by then

  41. BlueBoy says:

    Thinking of kicking out Petrappa and Doedee this week for Oliver and a rookie but I'm not sure who. Do I prematurely ejaculate and get I. Cumming early or go Keefe… or neither?

    Also, wanting Yeo next week but I already have 7 premo's missing round 12 (Sicily, Simpson, Macrae, Cripps, Titchell, NicNat and McLean). Is 8 too many?

    • BlueBoy says:

      Apologies for the joke. I just thought I'd have seen it from someone else already.

      Maybe everyone just has more class than I do.

      • KSinny says:

        haha dont worry mate it was good

      • Russty_ says:

        I liked it mate..:), saw a team in the trenches called cumming in your poHolke…lol
        Not sure about cumming or keefe, if you should get them, but for Buddha's sake, get rid of Petracca, he sucks!

        • BlueBoy says:

          Cheers fellas. That's a brilliant team name haha.

          Petracca's had his chance and he's definitely gone. So many mistakes this season but the last 4 weeks have been very kind.

          Not many options down back at the moment. Might have to hold Doedee and Murray for a while…

          • Whatyasmokin says:

            Yeah ditch him if possible, but make sure you know your preferred 6 forwards, and get them at good prices, I know Heeney will drop more and Gray after bye obviously.

            Doedee and Murray should do ok and can get you 80 type scores I reckon.

            • BlueBalls says:

              Have McLean, Heeney, Hogan, Smith and Walters. Gray is my last upgrade. I'm thinking I might have to bring Yeo in anyway and get Phillips early as he looks to have the best job security. Murray and Holman for Oliver next week (hopefully not too much of a price rise), Fritsch and Henry for Gray in round 11.

  42. Neverweaken says:

    So Hurley is out for 2 with a hamstring. Hamstrings being those variable injuries do the Bombers keep him out for another week and then the bye so 4 weeks out?
    Do I keep him on the bench with Murray so no cover or swap for Yeo

  43. BlueBaggerJosh says:

    havent seen one mention of jonas who has been scoring extremely consistently, what is up with his increase in scoring? Role change?

    • DavidSA says:

      2017 per game avg
      Kicks: 8.85
      HBalls: 4.76
      Total D: 13.61
      Marks: 5.28
      Rb 50: 2.61

      2018 per game avg
      Kicks: 13.00 + 4.15
      HBalls: 5.25 + 0.49
      Total D: 18.25 + 4.64
      Marks: 8.75 + 3.47
      R 50: 4.62 + 2.01

      • DavidSA says:

        He is pretty much getting 4 kicks 3 marks and 2 def rebounds more per game. His efficiency is improved too
        I wonder if Pittard out has helped him become the new go to guy out of defence.

    • Whatyasmokin says:

      Yeah noticed him a couple of weeks ago but just cant do it due to cognitive bias.

  44. Mr.Brightside says:

    Vlastuin, not chasing points here, will top 6 defender imo at years end

  45. Laird Lad Donuts says:

    I just traded Hurley in things can't get any worse (TOUCHWOOD) gets me a 66 and is now injured, Already was worrying about Naughton now hurley? Also got Billings, Petracca and Goldy. Had to offload buddy, crouch and josh Kelly because of injury. My worst luck in a year of supercoach to date. I can't catch a break! Still ranked around 17,000 and doesn't look like im going anywhere now.

    Got no bench cover community should i offload Hurley or take 2 DONUTS!

  46. BNich says:

    Got to get rid of a bleeding J Lyons this week, and also looking at Finlayson – both in MID at the moment.

    This will give me $1.2M cash to play with, need Premo's still in both lines, but realistically MID and DEF this wee with DPP moves.

    Can really get any 2 premo's I want. Need help or thoughts…..please.
    Is Macrae good option now? Crouch and Oliver? Yeo or Simpson?

  47. Multi_ says:

    Rocky at his price could be a bloody good M9 me thinks

    • DavidSA says:

      On it too, full bye rounds cover and midget price. I reckon Hinkley finally woke up and put him where he belongs. Ryder back helps too.. will see what Hinkley does with him against the B grade

      • Sam_01 says:

        Why so many people talking about m9s surely the main goal is to just get a full premo squad on the park to start. I have murray, kelly, Spargo and fristch to go which will cost me about 600k+ and there’s not a lot of good plump rookies circulating that haven’t already been chopped. Can’t see where the cash to stuff around with rockcliff and the likes will come from

        • Whatyasmokin says:

          Depends on how guns and rookie people went and therefore value accumulated. Mid is definately a position you want cover as a gun always gets injured or leaves stains. 8 midfield positions on field and three bench means loopholing to get higher scores also.

        • DavidSA says:

          Sam M9 or F7 is important if they are swing with a bench rookie who can swing too in the last 5-6 rounds.
          Rocky has no swing but he has one thing that makes him valuable is he plays in all the 3 byes plus has potential to make 150k

  48. Monster-Mash says:

    Probably go Yo-Yo Yeo but Webster tempting. What does the community think.

  49. Greg says:

    Thinking of committing the cardinal sin and making not one but two early rookie downgrades with Brayshaw to Phillips and Finlayson to Cumming. Am I crazy given I have Mirra, Murphy, Garlett, Olango and Guelfi all not making any coin?

    • DavidSA says:

      Your not getting 22 prems let alone 20 with that move

    • Whatyasmokin says:

      Yeah bat sheet. Dont do it. Been plenty of rookies, and if some of the first gamers now dont get their third match for several weeks then you are in strife just to secure potentially chicken feed scores during bye rounds. Paint the fence one up one down go for the one with best JS.

      Thats a poor bunch of rookies you already have.

  50. Sheeds says:

    Looking fwd to Buddy playing again in a couple of weeks so I can get him in the mid-high $400K’s after his bye. Traded him out immediately following his heel injury after consulting a Sports Medico mate of mine who advised me that bruised heels take weeks and he was right. Feel sorry for those SCers who have held him and have missed so many points. I have also noticed that Heeney’s scores have deminished since Buddy’s absence. Maybe a double trade up to complete my fwd line and my team. Not being a Smart a**e just letting you know!
    Also keep trades up your sleeve because like last year injuries are prolific.

  51. anthdepa says:

    DEF (Laird, Savage, Hurn, Sciliy, Doedee, Naughton) – Coffield, Mirra

    MID ( Mitchell, Martin, Fyfe, Macrae, Parker, Coniglio, J.Kelly, T.Kelly ) – Spargo, Barry, Brayshaw

    RUCK (Gawn, Nank) – Cameron

    FWD (Heeney, Franklin, McLean, D.Smith, Fritsch, Henry) – Guelfi, Giles-Langdon

    $38,100 in the bank.

    Trade 1 – Doedee and Naughton – Webster and Keefe/Cummings

    Trade 2 – Savage and Doedee – Webster and Keefe/Cummings (200k in the bank to upgrade Fritsch to a premo)

    Then next week I can trade in Simpson too and have full premo

    These trades will determine weather Kelly and Franklin Play, if you have any other options I’m open to them. Cheers

    • Errol says:

      I really like Jimmy Webster because he leads the AFL in rebound fifties to which is really important. Hold onto savage as he is a player who doesn't play in a great defence. I think Commings has better job security because of Patton coming back.

    • ItYaBoi says:

      I really agree with Errol so great idea with Webster and definitely Cummings

    • Neverweaken says:

      I'm staying with Savage til R14. Which does affect whether i get Webster. Just very wary of any Saints players.

  52. anthdepa says:

    Cummings or Keefe?

    • Whatyasmokin says:

      Keefe won't score well but should hold the his spot, maybe check who he played on and how effective they were in those two games.

    • Russty_ says:

      Maybe wait to see if Cumming backs up his half decent score this week…64 would be a decent average for a two game Rookie, could just as easily score a 20 this week.

  53. Razors Edge says:

    Already used 2 trades, have 17 left and $121,500 in the kitty. I downgraded Naughton to Mirra and upgraded Doedee to Yeo

    Def: Laird, Simmo, Yeo, Hibberd, Murray, Cole (Mirra, Murphy)
    Mid: Danger, Dusty, Fyfe, Oliver, Titch, Zerrett, Kelly, Finlayson (Brayshaw, Barry, Spargo)
    Ruc: Gawn, Naitanui (Olango)
    Fwd: Heeney, Sicily, Smith, Dahlhaus, Fritsch, Waterman (Henry, Higgins)

    Should I trade next week and if not, how long do I hold off for? Playing for league wins over rank. Cheers

  54. Neverweaken says:

    Hurley. Only a week or longer? What is the community (Or Essendon followers) gut call on this

  55. dave says:

    Laird, Simpson, Yeo, Finlayson, Doedee, Murray, (Naughton, C,o shea )

    Mitchell, crouch, Fyfe, Cripps, Holman, Coniglio, Kelly, Martin ( Coffield, Brodie, Barry)

    Gawn, Naitanui ( Cameron)

    Heeney, McLean, Spargo, Smith, Petracca, Fritsch, (Crowden, Ahern)

    19 trades and 138k left help

  56. blakeyboi says:

    450k thoughts 20 trades top 8%
    Defence: R laird M hurley T cole T doedee J finlayson S Murray
    Bench: L Murphy, T duman

    T Mich Dusty Fyfe Cripps S coniglio Z merrett T kelly C Spargo
    Bench: D Fogarty, D Barry, N coffield

    M Gawn N naitnui
    Bench: T english

    I Heeney T Mclean D Smith T Taranto J Hogan B ronke
    Bench: B Fritsch M Guelfi

    • Whatyasmokin says:

      Need some defenders I reckon. Double upgrade to Simpson and Yep although I'd be trying to get Danger in too which may require a trade to phillips.

      The reason I'd suggest to go with midfielder Phillips early is that he scored an 87 and plays for saints who u think would get plenty of games into him this year seeing as they are not playing finals and are obviously in a rebuilding phase.

  57. ERT says:

    Laird, Simpson, Yeo, Finlayson, Doedee, Murray, (Coffield, murphy )

    Mitchell, crouch, Fyfe, Cripps, Spargo, Coniglio, Kelly, Martin ( Holman, Ahern, Barry)

    Gawn, Naitanui ( Cameron)

    Langdon, stepheson, Higgins, Fogarty, Henry, Fritsch, (Guelfi, english)

    25 trades and 48k left
    help me

    • Russty_ says:

      Hi ERT, You might have to hold your back-line for now mate, as your forward line needs a bit of work, maybe try to get a few forward premos into your team soon, (one's who might have dropped in price)
      Could even get Ronke in to hopefully improve your scoring, need to make some money though before you can make some big changes.

  58. ERT says:

    any suggestions who i should trade out

  59. Campbell says:

    I need some help with my team. I have 24k in the bank and 21 trades left.
    This is my team and i have some serious problems.

    Laird, Sicily, Simpson, Hibberd, Doedee, Murray – Naughton, Keefe
    Martin, Fyfe, Oliver, Cripps, Mitchell, Coniglio, T Kelly, Holman – Brayshaw, Spargo, Barry
    Gawn, Jacobs – D Cameron
    Heeney, Hogan, D Smith, Billings, Fristch, Higgins – Henry, Waterman

    Was thinking about trading two out of Doedee, Murray, Billings or Holman. Also worried about the underperformance of Sam Jacobs. Who to trade and who should i get for them. I need some help!

  60. Murray says:

    T mac or Simpson . Have 503k for a premo def. who would you have out of these two or someone else?

  61. TBrab says:

    Hey community, need to trade in a premo defender and can't decide which way to go.
    Thinking Yeo or Hurn, I do like Sicily's DPP, unfortunately I don't like his FLOG status and reckon he still has another suspension or 2 on the cards, so is the risk worth it?

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