We knew it was going to happen.

Bald Headed Jesus went down with a hamstring in the last quarter for the Cats on Sunday, in what is the newest hiccup in his injury-riddled career. You can’t help but feel bad for the poor man.

Gary Ablett will most likely hold the title of Second Best Supercoach Player for all eternity (Behind only our very own Jock Reynolds, who averaged 178.8 points in his rookie year). We pay our respects to you, Gaz. You’re the people’s champion.

Nathaniel Fyfe is taking the absolute piss out of everyone who traded him out after round 1, with a 38 possession domination of Gold Coast on the weekend. Let’s be honest though, it was always going to happen. There is absolutely no one I would trust from Gold Coast to do the job on Nat Fyfe.

On the other end of the spectrum, Elliot Yeo is taking the piss out of everyone who did start him, scoring -7 Supercoach points in the first 3 quarters. Premium output? They don’t call him the Yeo-Yeo for nothing.

I was fairly happy this week, scoring 2212 with Duncan sitting on the pine another week, and winning 5/6 league games. Damo is looking the goods early, scoring 2367 this week and ending round 1 on top of the league ladder. I have a feeling he’s not telling us everything in his cheat sheet, otherwise we’d all be having the success he’s enjoying… Seems pretty fishy to me, Damo!*

*Just kidding, his cheat sheet is amazing. I’d probably still be scoring 1900’s like round 1 if it weren’t for him, so please listen to him before you listen to me. He’s the brain child, I’m just the rugged good looks.

Top 10 Supercoach Scores:

  1. Nat Fyfe – 160 (10 points)
  2. Jonathon Patton – 159 (9 points)
  3. Brodie Grundy – 154 (8 points)
  4. Stefan Martin – 154 (8 points)
  5. Callum Sinclair – 152 (6 points)
  6. Tom Mitchell – 149 (5 points)
  7. Lachie Hunter – 142 (4 points)
  8. Bailey Williams – 139 (3 points)
  9. Jarrod Lyons – 138 (2 points)
  10. Steele Sidebottom – 134 (1 point)


  1. Tom Mitchell – 20
  2. Dustin Martin – 12
  3. Lance Franklin – 10
  4. Tom J Lynch – 10
  5. Jarrod Lyons – 10
  6. Nat Fyfe – 10
  7. Jonathon Patton – 9
  8. Stefan Martin – 8
  9. Brodie Grundy – 8
  10. Kade Simpson – 8

Tom Mitchell, please stop. You’re toying with me. I’m sorry I didn’t pick you, please give me a break! Mitchell has stormed ahead on the leaderboard, and it’s going to be bloody hard for anyone to catch him if he continues to rack up more possessions in one game than I generally collect in an entire season in the ressies.

Lyons becomes the third player to feature twice on the leaderboard, and Fyfe, Patton, Grundy and Stef have all debuted this week. The leaderboard will start to thin out from now on, so it will be interesting to see the surprise packets to feature. Curiously, Dangerfield has not racked up any points, but upon analysis I realised Dangerfield only top scored in one round last year. How very bizarre.


Adelaide vs Collingwood

Friday 13 April 7:20PM – Adelaide Oval

Last time they met: Collingwood 15.13.103 drew with Adelaide 16.7.103

Top 5 Scores: T Adams 144, J Howe 131, D Wells 130, B Smith 127, M Crouch 120

In round 19 last year, Rory Sloane was tagged by Greenwood and kept to a miserable 36 Supercoach points. Not a great option for VC this week. Sam Jacobs and Brodie Grundy should be fairly evenly matched, so I wouldn’t pick them either, despite Grundy’s awesome game on the weekend. In fact, I think you’re best off not picking a captain choice at all this round. Rory Laird is an option but while he knocks out consistent tons, he only went 130+ twice last year.

Greater Western Sydney vs Fremantle

Saturday 14 April 1:45PM – UNSW Canberra

Last time they met: GWS 13.20.98 def. Fremantle 13.8.86

Top 5 Scores: L Ryan 136, N Fyfe 132, L Neale 117, D Shiel 115, D Tucker 107

Nat Fyfe is back to his best, and should be considered as perma-captain every week. Josh Kelly has a high score against Fremantle of 106, so the history isn’t there, but he’s been building into form over the last few years. Stephen Coniglio also hasn’t historically been amazing against Fremantle, but how about his form this year? He hasn’t dropped below 120 yet, and at Canberra, Coniglio is my pick for this game.

Richmond vs Brisbane

Saturday 14 April 2:10PM – MCG

Last time they met: Richmond 16.16.112 def. Brisbane 12.9.81

Top 5 Scores: T Cotchin 123, J Riewoldt 117, D Martin 111, D McStay 110, A Witherden 109

Dustin Martin will tear Brisbane apart this week. Of course he’s a lock! He had 40 disposals and 2 goals last time these teams met, in typical Dusty fashion. Definitely a worthwhile VC pick. If you don’t have Dusty, I would pass on this game. Dayne Zorko is not looking his best this year form wise, and if teams are figuring out how to stop him, he’s probably not one to put the captaincy on.

Western Bulldogs vs Sydney

Saturday 14 April 4:35PM – Etihad Stadium

Last time they met: Sydney 12.16.88 def. Bulldogs 6.6.42

Top 5 Scores: I Heeney 131, J Macrae 123, T Papley 121, C Daniel 115, L Parker 108

Marcus Bontempelli has a 3 round average against Sydney of 120, and is the man I’d be trusting from this game. He had an impressive game last week against the Bombers (I still haven’t forgiven you, Daniher!) and should hope to continue his upwards trajectory so far this season. Lance Franklin has had 3 good games in a row, so The Law of Key Forwards states he’s due for a stinker, so avoid him for this game.

North Melbourne vs Carlton

Saturday 14 April 7:25PM – Blundstone Arena

Last time they met: North Melbourne 17.11.113 def. Carlton 15.6.96

Top 5 Scores: M Kreuzer 146, B Gibbs 140, S Docherty 124, S Higgins 120, E Curnow 118

I seriously don’t care. Sorry Lekdog. Kangaroos vs Blues in Tassie? I’m sorry, I can’t think of anything I’d rather do less than watch this game. Also Ben Jacobs might tag Patty Cripps, who is the only option I would have liked from this game, so I’m just going to go ahead and pretend this game isn’t actually being played.

West Coast vs Gold Coast

Saturday 14 April 8:10PM – Optus Stadium

Last time they met: Gold Coast 11.14.80 def. West Coast 11.11.77

Top 5 Scores: G Ablett 139, J Lyons 113, S Mitchell 112, A Hall 110, D Sheed 108

Nic Naitanui is looking seriously good this season, being second in hit-outs despite playing less than 60% game time, and averages 105.9 against Gold Coast. Jarrod Witts has never come up against him playing sole ruckman, but I think it would be a reasonably educated hypothesis to predict that NicNat will jump all over him in Perth like a vicious Chihuahua. Jarrod Lyons is looking like a really good POD, averaging 118.7 as Gold Coast’s leading midfielder in the absence of the little master. Can he keep it up? Someone has to collect Gary’s points, and with Aaron Hall being out (and shit) Lyons could well be the main beneficiary.

Essendon vs Port Adelaide

Sunday 15 April 1:10PM – Etihad Stadium

Last time they met: Essendon 19.17.131 def. Port Adelaide 8.13.61

Top 5 Scores: C Hooker 140, Z Merrett 135, J Westhoff 133, J Watson 122, M Hurley 118

Essendon surely have to bounce back this week. If they don’t, their finals hopes are already beginning to look pretty thin. Zach Merrett, it’s time to step up. Merrett averages 116.7 against Port Adelaide, and last time they met he collected 38 disposals and 6 marks in a pretty dominant display at Etihad. I’d definitely back him in for captaincy, he’s going to go big. I think. I hope.

Hawthorn vs Melbourne

Sunday 15 April 3:20PM – MCG

Last time they met: Hawthorn 14.10.94 def. Melbourne 14.7.91

Top 5 Scores: J Viney 123, J Roughead 114, R Burton 112, B McEvoy 111, T Mitchell 108


Tom Mitchell is going to need to be stopped. Admittedly, his disposals may not be as impactful as some players, but coaches can’t allow him to rack up 40+ disposals every game. The poor fella will end up in hospital soon, with a severe case of leather poisoning. Max Gawn could be another good Captain pick for this game, coming up against McEvoy, who he’s had the better of in the past. Gawn actually averages a whopping 133.7 against the Hawks, and if I had both Gawn and Mitchell, I’d still put the Captaincy on Gawn. By the way, I’m banking on this to be an absolute cracker of a game, so I might stop by Dan Murphy’s this weekend and enjoy what should hopefully be an absolute spectacle in my living room. But remember kids, Don’t Drink and Supercoach!

Geelong vs St Kilda

Sunday 15 April 4:40PM – GMHBA

Last time they met: West Coast 11.17.83 def. Geelong 10.10.70

Top 5 Scores: J Selwood 154, S Ross 123, P Dangerfield 120, Z Tuohy 116, D Roberton 116

Gary Ablett and Cam Guthrie were both injured on the weekend, leaving big holes in Geelong’s midfield. As a result, Patrick Dangerfield will probably be required to spend more time in the guts this week, as opposed to his Midfield/Forward rotations he’s been doing so far. Absolutely captain him, especially seeing as St Kilda are resembling something that might have been excreted by Crouching One after a big night on the Jim Beam. I’d like to hope Mitch Duncan will be back this week, as he has a good record against St Kilda and should benefit from the exclusions of Ablett and Guthrie, but I don’t think I have the balls to select him as captain. And I’m sure Damo would tell me it’s not a good idea. He’s probably right.

Post MaSloane’s Top 8 (Non-Dangerfield) Captain Picks


  • Dustin Martin
  • Max Gawn
  • Zach Merrett
  • Nic Naitanui
  • Marcus Bontempelli
  • Tom Mitchell
  • Jarrod Lyons
  • Nat Fyfe



You’ll notice a new colour on the cheat sheet, a blue colour to be more specific. I have decided that I should alert you when a recommended rookie is on the bubble. BUT REMEMBER FOLKS, trades are valuableand will be far more valuable as the season progresses, so use my cheat sheet as more of a helpful guide and less of a shopping list, at this early stage of the season.

What are your moves this week, community? Who are you putting the captaincy on?

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  1. Russty_ says:

    Hey Damo, cheers for that, thought Jesse Hogan might've been in the mix in the forwards over Jack Martin, still pretty well priced and killing it.

  2. Mandingo says:

    What is the blue? Are they the best downgrade options in the forward line for Langdon/Ryan or should we go Higgins?

  3. TommyC99 says:

    Which rookie to trade out out of Brayshaw or Ryan? Or both? Got 28 trades left

  4. Sc_Wow says:

    Fyfe into Danger for me

  5. Dave says:

    Hows the job security for Crowden and Henry? which is the best option for an L.Ryan downgrade?

  6. Firsttopremowins says:

    I’ve got Andy McGrath in my defence and Liam Ryan in the forwards. I could do 3 things:
    1: nothing and save my trades
    2: downgrade McGrath to Richards and upgrade Liam Ryan to Hogan
    3: downgrade Liam Ryan to Henry and upgrade McGrath to Luke Ryan
    Advice please???

  7. Corey says:

    Trade Billings to McLean or Hold?

  8. Lekdog says:

    How does everyone go about selecting VC and C options?
    I only ever consider players who average 100 against their opponent and at the venue, I'll also consider them if they average well over 100 and have never played at a certain venue but I don't love it.

    Last week my only two players that fit this criteria were Fyfe and GAJ, thank god #FyfeIsLife

    • Sc_Wow says:

      Yeah I definitely go on past games.

      Who you going this week?

    • SC_Sixty6 says:

      The blokes with the biggest ceilings for me. So basically the fab 4. Danger, Martin, TItch and fyfe. Only real options. If they go bang and you miss out you miss big points.

      • Lekdog says:

        What's the minimum you take on a VC score?

      • Captain Risky says:

        Recent form suggests Titch doesn't go huge against the Dees, nor does Danger against the saints. Dusty and Fyfe go generally OK against this weeks opposition, although I'd rather Fyfe at home rather than Canberra.

        Gawn goes well against the Hawks, So for me it's VC on Dusty and Gawn with the big C.

        • Russty_ says:

          The only recent you need to think about from Titch is, what he's doing this year, he's gone to another level again.

          • Captain Risky says:

            You can't ignore the form. This is the big test for Titch though I reckon. Up against Gawn and rednuts. If he can pump out another 40 disposals / 140 points then he'll be number 1 this year for sure.

            • Russty_ says:

              Hey Captain, Neil reckons Bugg the thug will go to him, not sure if he's able to be shut down though..have to wait and see.

              • JohnDJ59 says:

                Not sure if that will happen Russty,I saw that post and what Neil said was just silly,Buggy is to valuable in the fwd line kicking goals to be tagging Titch.

                • Russty_ says:

                  It wouldn't stop me picking Titch as C this week John, Danger's also tempting without Gaz in there, but Duncan is back, so it depends on how much Dangermouse is fwd again, I wish he'd start knocking out some huge scores again!..and you probably wish he doesn't until round

                  • JohnDJ59 says:

                    I'm going with my two most trusted mids Fyfe&Titch.By the way Russty we play each other in 'The Rat Pack' this week,I have a feeling you could beat me since I changed my trades to two downgrades,so not as strong as I could have been if I stuck with my first trades and yes you are right about Danger,round six will do,he can go bang then.

                    • Russty_ says:

                      Maybe John, I was a bit impetuous this week though mate, probably means you'll beat me when it really counts, in the finals haha

                    • JohnDJ59 says:

                      Just need to get the VC&C right and you will be away again Russty,looking at the draw Dusty into Titch or Danger could be just as good if not better than my Fyfe/Titch combo.

                    • Russty_ says:

                      Just read Hedski say somewhere, lamebrain Robinson could go to him (Dusty) and give him a hard time, worries me a bit..hmm

                • neil demonsdelight says:

                  FELLAS said in jest VINCE will go to him. Years ago the Bugg thing might have happened when Grinter was around not know John

                  • JohnDJ59 says:

                    Hi Neil you would think Bernie would be the best bet for the tag,I still remember what he did to Danger over in Adelaide,but really not sure you can stop Titch,just hope he has a bad game,not that bad though since he's my Captain and will be until round eight when Hawthorn play first up.

              • Tibor says:

                Don't think either plan a or plan b would be to tag Mitchell. Would have to back Gawn and the Dees mids. If Mitchell starts killing them certainly go to plan c but I don't think Bugg would achieve much more than give frees away or get reported. Would like to see Oliver and Mitchell just go head to head. Both pure first possession players, Mitchell probably has a few more runs on the board but not huge and Oliver has Max Gawn and a better support cast

                • JohnDJ59 says:

                  I like your thinking Tibor,would love to see Clarry&Titch go head to head,good for my SC team as well,plus Bernie seems our go to player for the tag

                  • Tibor says:

                    Yep, it will be Bernie but it won't be just a negative tag. That Ryan Crowley style of tag is nearly out of the game and the best way to tag Mitchell or any of the top guys is force them to spend time and effort defending, if they won't run both ways the "tagger" can really hurt them.

        • Sc_Wow says:

          Danger hasn’t played the saints in Geelong yet. You have to take how well he scores in Geelong into account

    • Demonlover84 says:

      Form has to come into it as well. Coniglio is just super consistent right now and GWS at home could have a big win against Freo. I'm palying it safe and going Fyfe into Danger, but I also think that's the best option for me.

    • Nan’s Crevice says:

      I’m going Dusty VC & Titch C this week. I do think danger is set to go 140 but I hope not because I haven’t traded him in yet

      • Tibor says:

        He needs over 200 to break even or the price starts south. 140 doesn't hurt you much

        • Sc_Wow says:

          Even when he drops he’s still going to be expensive, 140 is 140 points you won’t get

          • Tibor says:

            Have been getting those scores from others I took in preference to Danger due to his mega price and injury so not having him yet has done no damage so far.

            Having said that it might hurt this week because I wouldn't rule out a Danger double ton against the saints

            Time will tell

    • Russty_ says:

      Hey Lek, I like my VC to be a fairly early game, too many things can go wrong if you wait until too long into the round, so this week either Fyfe or Dusty for me..into Titch or Danger, gotta be 2 of the big 4 though.

    • JohnDJ59 says:

      At the start of the season I looked at the draw and decided that without Danger,the only two players I could trust were Fyfe&Titch as VC&C for the first five rounds,after that needed to get Danger in,then it will be between those three,depending when they play.

    • SC_Kev7 says:

      First I look at when my cap loophole is playing Lek, then go from there. Titch perma-captain at the moment but Danger is primed. Two weeks back from his hammy troubles, only a matter of time till we see those 150+ scores again

    • Shake_n_Bake_ says:

      My capt choice this have been Gawn rd 1 139 Oliver rd 2 149 and Fyfe last week 160 so have been lucky just look to who there playing and the who the possible come up against. No Dusty or Danger in my side…yet.

    • Lazza says:

      I pretty much lock in my Capt (for the round), then select a VC who is playing earlier with a history of blow-out scores … for example Buddy, Danger, Gawn, Kennedy.
      Mind you it killed me last week when I moved my VC from Fyfe to Buddy mid round and had Danger as Capt !!!

    • BockChoy says:

      This week is tough. I would prefer Dusty into Titch but my only donuts (at this state) are Giles-Langdon and Cameron (Syd). With GWS playing before Richmond and Sydney starting at 4.35, I will need to keep my eye on Dusty's progress and be prepared to pull the trigger early.

      I tend to take a discount on the VC score, preferring a sure fire 120 to an at risk 130. I had the VC on Cripps 2 weeks ago (115) and decided to pass, going to Gawn (97). Those hurt.

    • SC_Donkey says:

      I'm puting VC on Simmo this week it's why brang him in, he has a good record against North. His form has been exceptional so far, without Doc in the side he's increased his output. My Captain this week is Danger, with Gaz out of the picture. I think Danger will go huge, just look how he played last week on the second half and specially when Gaz went down in the 4th quarter.

      Titch is always a safe Captain each week, I'm putting my faith on Danger to outscore Titch or Dusty by a long margin this week.

  9. Demonlover84 says:

    Hi everybody! I've been following this site for a while now and have decided I want to join the discussion. Like most I'm trying to decide whether to trade Brayshaw or not, and who to trade Ryan to, but seriously…just read the other comments or even listen to the podcast. You have 2 choices to make. Either trade down to another rookie or trade up to either a mid pricer or a premium. It seems that people on here are just expecting others to do all the hard work for them! Do some research and look into who fits best with your structure and team and read people's comments!

    • Sc_Wow says:

      Good onya Demon, put a bit or research in. I’d avoid the midpricers now just rookies or locks

      • Demonlover84 says:

        Yeah tend to agree there. The only one I'm considering is Hogan, but that could be my personal love for the man. I think he'll be a decent selection and could average 90+, just won't be pumping out 120's every 2nd week.

  10. Tom says:

    Who's the better option? Crowden or Henry? Also, is Zerrett to Martin a good option?

  11. Jut says:

    Such a conundrum, got Gazza, can park him for a while at wait Dangers price drop but your betting on him smashing it with Gazza not playing .. money or the points

    • Russty_ says:

      Hey Jut, depends whether you play for rank or Leagues, if it's rank get Danger this week, if it's the other wait two weeks and play a sub for Gazza or rotate one of your Mid/Fwds into the middle.

  12. SC_Sixty6 says:

    ********TEAM REVEAL**********

    Ill get straight into it so here it is!

    Def- Bonner, Doedee, Finlayson, Murray, Richards, Murphy (O'Conner, Naughton)

    Mid- Danger, Martin, Titch, Kelly, Ablett, Fyfe, Kelly, Holman (Banfield, Garlett, Barry)

    Rucks- Kruezer, Gawn (English)

    Fwd- Franklin, Greene, Billings, Smith, Petracca, Taranto (Fritsch, ZGL)

    So there it is, Team Reveal from an anonymous community member that has reached out to me, so I thought as I'm only one opinion I thought the community can help me out and what trades my little damsel in distress can do!

    Cheers community!

    • Catchingfallenstars says:

      GAJ to Zerrett, Taranto to Jesse Hogan

    • Russty_ says:

      Can't imagine who's team this could be?…lol, thought it was yours when I first looked and then thought, maybe you are 66 and Rooster..haha and you were bantering with yourself before. 🙂
      He's really gone balls to the wall in the backline.
      I reckon if that was my side, I'd maybe go, Ablett out to Crowden, maybe even O'meara, so I could get some premos into the backline, number 1 priority being Laird, he's gonna need some funds for that.

    • JohnDJ59 says:

      First off he's missed out on the best midpricer in Coniglio,but it's too late to get him,with Ablett getting injured,who could have seen that coming hahaha,there is a chance to move Finlayson into the mids and get Laird into the defence,I'm not a big fan of Kruezer and would be downgrading him to Nank ,NicNat or Grundy who are cheaper with even better output, before Kruezer bleeds cash.

    • Sandyf62 says:

      There are probably four trades that I would like to do but since we only have two,Billings and Taranto are safe. Ablett has to go,I didn't start him for this very reason,I'd downgrade him to Crowden to make some cash,then trade out either O'Conner or Naughton for Laird,but if O'Conner gets a game this week,then I'd be trading out Kruezer for NicNat.

  13. Crowboy94 says:

    And yet again I have changed my mind haha

    Going to bring in Dusty for Zerrett
    After a lot of thinking I just can't see Zerrett improving that much any time soon. He looks lost even when Essendon are playing better.

    Throw the VC on Dusty and then go into Danger with the C

  14. Adam says:

    Probably similar question to 4893 people, but who to downgrade for Ryan , leaning towards Henry but little unsure wasn’t ready for this move thanks in advance

    • Russty_ says:

      Not similar, exactly the same…Henry probably best option..I'd trust his Coach to keep him on over that Freo flog Coach keeping Crowden in the side.

  15. Matt says:

    Thoughts ?


    Out Ablett / In Coniglio

    Out Ryan / in T Greene

    • Demonlover84 says:

      Cogs is a gun and the cash from the "downgrade" will be valuable. I'd be worried about Greene with his injuries and his flogness which will inevitably lead to suspension (but I have Sicily so what do I know!). Also depends on what your forward line looks like. Ryan was there to make cash, do you have enough of the good rooks making cash or will you need another?

    • The Ranger says:

      Yeah nice trades Matt.
      Great start to the season, good luck mate.

  16. hedski says:

    Great work Post/Damo, couple of your captains calls I'm not sure about, if I had Buddy I'd be vc'ing him against the dogs and expecting him to go huge. I'd also be a bit worried about Snapper Head Robinson giving Dusty a hard time, ditto with Ebert on Zerrett.
    Not sure who I'll vc yet will come down to loopholes, probably whack the C on Danger, reckon he'll go big first game at the cattery. Cheers.

  17. Tibor says:

    Thinking Laird as vc, playing Friday night. Like Dusty as skipper against Brisbane on Saturday at the g

  18. dazzler says:

    DEF: Laird, hibberd, bonner, doedee, finlayson, murray ( naughton murphy)

    MID: Danger, Mitchell, Oliver, Fyfe, Cognilio, T.kelly, holman, banfield (barry brayshaw garlett)

    RUCK: goldy gawn (olango)

    FWD: Heeney, McLean, Sicily, Smith, Lobb, fritsch (ryan ZGL)

    28 trades remaining 430k in the bank.

    would love some feedback guys.
    suppose i have to offload ryan and cut my losses with lobb maybe? i don't think the gambles paying off.
    don't tiptoe around my team i'd love some brutal feedback!

    • Russty_ says:

      Tough one Dazzler, could wait and see if Lobb plays, cause he might this week, you could hold on Lobb and Trade Ryan to Henry who can start onfield if Lobb's out, and get rid of brayshaw for Dusty, that's what I'd do, then you have a killer midfield and can decide what to do with Lobb after that, if he doesn't play this week, he should next week, and even if he spuds it, Dusty will help you make up the slack with extra points.

    • JohnDJ59 says:

      Your def and mids are very similar to mine except for Bonner&Danger,I have Mills&Dusty.Two trades for me,Ryan for Henry or Crowden,plus I've never liked Goldy,reckon there's better value in Nank or NicNat,but that's just me,no need to do that trade.I'd be trading out Lobb for Petracca,I know Jesse is all the rage but think Track could be more consistent.

  19. Russty_ says:

    I propose, for the sake of reducing repetition of questions..and answers, we start a thread where Rookies/ Newbies to the game can ask questions without fear of sarcastic repercussions and / or embarrassment.
    Please ask whatever you like about Supercoach, that you're not sure about, and please, the experienced players answering their questions, don't be asshats…just answer their questions honestly, with a view to honestly trying to help some new / inexperienced players to the game of Supercoach.
    Questions are reserved solely for Inexperienced / New players to the game who don't quite understand how it all works including the jargon we use, and answers are to be answered by experienced players who have played for several years, or have achieved good overall results previously..
    I am hoping to outscore SC66's and SWRoosters epic, battle of the opinions thread and achieve over 70 responses, so ask away newbies, and answer away experienced legends…thank you and goodnight 🙂

    Question 1:….

    • steve says:

      Who's this bryan everyone wants to trade? Can i have dangerfield for gaz?

    • GunnaLeave says:

      How do I block sc-wow and scsixty6 from replying/trolling to every comment

      • Sc_Wow says:

        Tell me how I’m trolling please. Look at the comments here. Not sure if you know the definition

      • Claire says:

        Neil. I received help from you experienced lot particularly Derek, but yesterday another Claire popped up? I am now apprehensive to ask questions now. I have not had to make a trade yet although Ryan will go this week.
        I am going ok thanks you lot.

        • gator59 says:

          That's great to hear Claire you still have 30 trades left …… Ryan has to go unfortunately but who to is the question.. I'm not sold on either Henry or Crowden because i'm not sure on their JS… If you have the funds to get a premo in that's a bonus…

          If not have you got a dpp like Keefe and swing him forward and get Richards…. Out of the other two I think Henry

        • Derek says:

          Don’t worry about other people. Just ask away, the more you post, people will get to know the ‘real’ Claire.

          There are a lot of people who view the pages who don’t ever post. I bet any question you ask there are others with the same question.

        • hedski says:

          Start an intense debate or WordPress account Claire, you can do it at the bottom of the thread near where you comment.

        • neil demonsdelight says:

          Seems like GATOR once again has done a great mentoring job and Claire I hear his beloved saints are chasing him All the best great start

        • Whatyasmokin says:

          Maybe you're not the only Claire? lol. Sorry I must've missed the part where someone 'impersonated' somebody with no profile……………

    • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

      Good idea Rust but i think the powers that be behind the site need to create a weekly article on injury trades.
      They happen every week and everyone has the right to ask who should i trade for ….
      But i reckon over the week there must have been hundreds of seperate posts on "who should I trade for Ryan"??
      Gets a bit tiring after 50 or so <img draggable="false" class="emoji" alt="🙄" src=""&gt;
      If they were all in the one spot then hopefully we wouldnt get as many similiar posts as those with injury problems can read the posts from the "experts" and make up their own mind how to handle their team.
      Afterall it is your team, the community can give advice it is up to you whether you follow it.
      If someone had a q that hadnt been answered then ask away.

      This would also free up the other posts like capt choice for posts to discuss the topic ie capt choice and allow all to discuss other topics like this one on newbies.

      Just a thought for the powers if u r reading this.

    • JohnDJ59 says:

      Makes a lot of sense Russty

  20. Shaun says:

    What to do with ldu from north trade or hold ive used 26 trades so far and no money to up grade cheers?

    • JohnDJ59 says:

      Hey Shaun you need to trade him out since he is a under performing expensive rookie,if you trade down to Crowden who is on the bubble you will get a bit of cash in the bank as well.

  21. JugHead says:

    Right. Fair warning. In the next couple of weeks I'm going hard after Dusty. Based on my previous trading patterns, I believe this will mean he~
    a. Gets severe food poisoning from a late night kebab and is out for 2 weeks.OR
    b. Is involved in an incredible tatooing accident which requires blood transfusions. Out for three weeks. OR
    c. Does the "dont argue" on an Essendon player and gets bitten on the hand. This results in him catching a disease previously unknown to medical science which causes a lack of willingmess to exert defensive pressure. Degraded scores for the rest of the season. Dank says he has the antidote but can't produce it.

    • The Ranger says:

      I don't have Dusty Jughead (which is great news) so when ya done with him can you have a look at Macrae, Grundy and then Buddy?
      Thanks champ.

    • Neverweaken says:

      In the same vein I am VCing Buddy to Titch this week (After just now getting Titch in as a permacaptain) Previous efforts have included Dusty rd 1 Cripps to Franklin R2, Franklin to Dusty R3. So Buddy to score an awkward(for VC) 110 and Titch to get injured first quarter.

  22. Tibor says:

    Who would be the priority to get in if you don't yet have

    The obvious one is Danger but given the direction of their respective prices would the Budwar be more important to get now

    • neil demonsdelight says:

      I wouldn't Tibor Danger Tich and Dusty would be my targets then Buddy who will drop

    • Ja191 says:

      danger definitely after a few weeks when his price has bottomed out. Buddy as good as he's going will drop a few stinkers throughout the season and will drop in price.

  23. Harry says:

    Going VC Dusty into C Buddy… believe Buddy will demolish the weak Bulldogs defense

  24. Flynn says:

    Have no idea what to do here 50k in the bank. Hold marchbank or not, I have been pretty happy with my rookie defenders scores. Also probably need to get rid of Ryan. Thanks!

    K.simpson, e.yeo, s.savage, c.marchbank, t.doedee, j.finlayson, (s.murray, l.keefe)

    D.Martin, J.Kelly, N.Fyfe, S.Pendlebury, D.Zorko, T.Kelly, P.Dow, N.Holman (d.fogarty, d.barry, b.banfield)

    S.Martin, M.Gawn (D.Cameron)

    I.Heeney, J.Billings, L.Dalhaus, C.Petracca, B.Fritsch, J.Higgins (L.Ryan, J.Garlett)

  25. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    Pretty funny read. Like it.

    Isnt it interesting 3 of the top 5 scorers this round were ruckman.

    HTA gold. Dixon and Grigg? please spare me…

    Sinclair definately flying under the radar.

    Banfield who has been given the tagger duties may go to Kelly or COGS this week which could impact their score.

    • Daniel Z says:

      While Sinclair is scoring well, I'm hesitant because of his opponents to date:

      Round 1 – NicNat's first game back (30% TOG or thereabouts?), so Lycett.
      Round 2 – Port Adelaide without a ruck
      Round 3 – Lobb injured in 2nd quarter.

  26. Ja191 says:

    Guthrie out for upto 2 months

  27. Justin says:

    Have a weird feeling Dusty won't score well due to Robinson and the Lions taggers
    Going VC Buddy and C Gawn

    • Tibor says:

      That's happened previously but I can't remember whether it was at the MCG or in Brisbane? Certainly it was under different coaching. Brisbane have looked ok and have at least taken the game on. Would they come to Melbourne and just try to contain the tigers ? They lose anyway so why wouldn't they just take the game on and have a go. Nothing to lose really and Fagan is no idiot

      • Justin says:

        And to take the game on and not to be an idiot… is to contain arguably the best play in the AFL.
        They'll surely put Robinson to run with him

      • Trevor says:

        That 54 was Round 4 at the Gabba last year Tibor. He was tagged by Robbo and got a soft thigh corky in the 3rd but played the whole game, Robbo got 94.
        Dusty's breakeven is 133 so if he squirts out another 90 he could drop by 20k this week and another 20k next week

    • StevoRivo says:

      Dusty was off last week with just 20 disposals. Didn’t look sore, just flat. With Caddy & Prestia back in to sperad the workload, I’m tipping a big score around 130.

  28. Jeff says:

    Lobb to McLean?

  29. Ando says:

    Hey Community!

    Zorko to Macrae

    Yay or nay?

  30. neil demons delight says:

    When do prices go up

    • BrownlowBoy says:

      Prices have gone up for players who have played their 3rd game. After a player has played 3 games his price will go up or down.

    • Lazza says:

      How long have you been playing this???

      Rolling 3 weeks … when beating BE.

      • Whatyasmokin says:

        I know right……………

      • neil demons delight says:

        Take it easy sonny I just noticed on supercoach talk a poster said they go up after the 3rd round then weekly. I thought ,like Derek, said after beating their B E and after the last game then every 3rd week . Is that correct

        • deeman says:

          A players price will not change until they have played their 3rd game,
          from which it will then continue to change following every match they play
          with the price fluctuations based on the players 3 game rolling average

          hope that helps neil

          • neil demons delight says:

            Hogan went up53k does he go up 20 odd as predicted if he meets his B E or does he remain at his price now until round6

            • Russty_ says:

              Hey Neil, he's predicted to go up another 48k this week providing he hits his projected score of 98, after that his B/E gets higher so might not make much more money after that..topping out at about 500k.

            • Tibor says:

              The question wasn't that complicated so I won't complicate the answer with talk of break evens or rolling averages.

              They change price after 3 games and then every game after that.

    • Holty says:

      Once the player has played 3 games his price will go up or down based on his break even. This will continue based on his last 3 game average. He will need to play that week however for the price to rise or drop. Hope that explains it as seems to be some conflicting or just simply bad explaining on this thread.
      And to be fair, my explanation probably makes less sense then all of it.

  31. Steeeve says:

    Can't decide between Edwards, Henry or Crowden. Help?!?!?

    • Dice says:

      Who's Edwards?
      Keep an eye on Guelfi over the next month hopefully gets a game soon and might be a handy fwd downgrade

    • Neverweaken says:

      Glad I'm not the only one to call him Edwards. Ed Richards or Red Richards if it helps.
      But yes. Which one. Richards. I like rookie defenders but have all the good ones anyway.
      Henry. Geelong injuries might keep him on field for a few weeks.
      After many reverse trades I went Ryan to Henry and Caddy to Titch. MUST never get Caddy ever again. Another flog and no good ceiling on him. Nearly went Ryan to Henry and Armitage to Richards thru Finlayson. But did the sums and with Caddy gone could get Titch. Keeping Armitage on the bench but surely he cant be that shite again.

    • The Ranger says:

      I've been turning this one over all week Steeeve and I still can't bloody decide.
      All three have reasonable JS but you can make a case for any of them on that front.
      Cats have injuries so Henry should stay around for a while.
      Crowden has been no1 for pressure acts at Freo and Ross Lyin loves that stuff.
      Crozier is out for a while so Richards should be safe.
      Henry will prob earn bucks fastest but Crowden has the DPP.
      It's doing my nut in…

      • Steeeve says:

        It's a tough one. Might bite the bullet and get rid of Brayshaw for Ed and move Ryan to Henry.
        But trades are so precious…

        • Russty_ says:

          Moneymaking is precious too Steeeve, Brayshaw could be stagnated now if he doesn't improve his scoring, so maybe Brayshaw to Rich Edwards and Private Ryan to Henry is the way to go.

  32. Finnius says:

    I have stephenson, Ryan and Langdon in the forward line atm, and assuming that Stephenson gets dropped this week I have two options.

    1) GETTING DPP FUNKY. Trade Ryan to Richards by swinging garlett forward and finlayson into the mids. Then, trading Stephenson to Balta (117k DPP ruck/fwd) and putting English onfield in the fwd line. This would leave me with a good loophole option (apart from this week Richmond play in the second half of the round all the way until the byes), English onfield but also able to cover the fwd line as well. Langdon is gunning back as early as next week and will make bank so not too worried about his zero.

    2) Trading Ryan to Henry and Stephenson to Richards via the same DPP. Leaves me with no loophole, but more cash gen.

    Option one would leave me with Richards onfield, option two with English and swing. Both with 200kish in the bank and 26 trades.

    Am leaning towards 1 atm, but interested in the communities thoughts. After these final corrections, and the injury trades I was forced to make earlier, I feel like my side is ready for the season.

    • Neverweaken says:

      Option 2 for me. 2 cash generating Rookies. Ive got Gawn Nank and Olango so no ruck cover but also no cash generation . Someone goes down and NIcNat steps in. Or when Nank gets tired in the second half. Save Balta trade to a time you need to upgrade but have no decent rookie to bring in

    • Will says:

      I am basically doing the same trades as no.2

  33. Joe T says:

    Trade Dow to Higgins/Coffield next week, or trade him out now to Ed Richards via DPP?

  34. TommyC99 says:

    Is Brayshaw – Richards/Crowden/Henry worth it? Or should i just hold? Have 28 trades left

  35. joe says:

    ryan 4 English instead of henry or wasted cash 4 war chest

  36. Johnny says:

    Should we trade a brayshaw to crowden or Richards via dpp or be patient and hold? I don’t like the thought of an underperforming expensive rookie on my bench!
    My first trade is ryan to Henry this week

  37. SC_Donkey says:

    Doing my 1st upgrade this week and hope to do another one in Round 6. Decided to go early on Taylor to Henry and Ryan(WCE) to Simmo via DPP swings.

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      Hi Doncs. Good move. Get rid of Lewis Taylor. Not a keeper. Simmo a nice upgrade down back. Upwards and onwards!

    • Tyruddanaut says:

      I wouldn’t count that as an upgrade; a ‘breakout contender’ to a premium. As far as I see they were both intended to score the same when you brought them in.

      • SC_Donkey says:

        Spot on Ty, I did bring Taylor in as a breakout contender, not to score around the same as Simmo though. I was more expecting for Taylor to average 90 by end of season. I'm actually thinking of reversing the trade atm, JKelly groin injury worries me. He hasn't look well in the last two games, don't know if he's been playing with that groin injury or he's injured it during their traning. Groin injury takes a bit of time to heal, even if he comes back next week he won't be right for a few weeks.
        Thinking of pulling the trigger early on him instead for Simmo.

  38. SC_Donkey says:

    Wasn't gonna post my VC and C option this week. I think i have been helpful so far in the last 3 rounds.

    Fyfe has come back to life, last two games he's shown us his brilliance of 2015. GWS don't tag, Fyfe will do alright, only thing that sway me is that they travelled 2 weeks in a row. I'll pass this week

    Kelly is due for a big score, against Freo this week i think he'll do exceptionally well but not enough, to be worth putting VC on him.

    Simmo is my VC this week, has good record against North and seems to be in ripping form so far. With Doc out for the season, Simmo benefits the lose points. Brought him in my team this week.

    Oliver and Gawn they play the 2nd last game of the round, not worth putting VC on either. Though Gawn has had the better of Big Ben McEvoy in the past woth punting a C on him.

    Titch hard to not have him as your Captain each week, my concern for him this week is Hawks are up against the Dees. We know how annoying Vince can be, and Bugg yes he can be a pain too then you also have Lewis than can also be annoying.

    Danger is my main man this week. Gaz out of the picture Danger will reap the points Gaz left behind, last week we saw Danger went sick in the 2nd half and specially in the 4th quarter when Gaz went down. Punting on him to go HUGE.

    Good luck to ya all, hope we see high scores this week.

    • Sc_Wow says:

      Fyfe played an away game but it was in Perth last week. So if this was playing a role in your decision consider that, he’s my VC
      And danger is my C feel he will go nuts

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      That could work Doncs. I generally have a rule. Do not VC defenders because their scores/ceilings are generally lower than the midfielders and the rucks. I avoid VC ing forwards as well because of inconsistent scoring output by players up there. (Eg Buddy, Lynch etc- fwd/mid DPP midfielders an exception). I am going Fyfe into Dangerfield again like I did last week. Hopefully Fyfe can get on a roll now. Good luck!

      • SC_Donkey says:

        I agree TH, Simmo has benefit so much without Doc. He's doing everything in the back half and pushing up the ground. Blues defense is in disarray atm Simmos reaping the points from 1%ers, interceps, kick-ins, his tackling and pressures has increased.

        Can't go wrong of having Fyfe as your VC this week.
        Good choice of having Danger as your Captain this week. He has a higher ceiling than Titch and I see Danger this week will hit that ceiling.

        Thank TH and good luck to ya too mate.

    • Shake_n_Bake_ says:

      J Steele back in. One reason.

    • paul says:

      I don't think Kelly is traveling too well as his Gorin may have been the reason he has started a little slow.They can take some time to come good and last year I persisted with players like this who were up and down with this type of injury as its hard to shake off. I am giving him a week if he is out again then he is out.

  39. Petracconaldo says:

    Only using the 1 trade this week to get rid of Hunter Clark, however im having a small dilemma with who to trade in: Should i swap clark for Ed Richards via the Finlayson DPP or swap him to Higgins/Henry via the Fogarty DPP?

  40. gator59 says:

    Josh Kelly is a big OUT

  41. Finnius says:

    Big outs: Lachlan Murphy, Lobb, Josh Kelly, Jack Higgins, Liam Ryan, Ablett

    Bit of carnage this week.

  42. TOPHAWK1 says:


    • The Ranger says:

      FFS! Having a mare with the injuries!

      • TOPHAWK1 says:

        You need so much friggin luck in this game. I am moaning with Zerrett spudding, but at least he is on the park. I don't have Kelly, nor Ablett. Touch a big lump of wood, because my midfield is in tact now, but it can go pear shaped real fast. I hope you can improvise and produce a decent score this week mate.

    • SC_Donkey says:

      Just as well, i brought Simmo in, Finlayson is in my mid. Will be fielding Kelly,, Holman and Finlayson.

      Laird, Simmo, Hibbo, Bonner, Doedee, Murray

      • TOPHAWK1 says:

        Nice improvisation Doncs! Just leave Josh Kelly on the bench this week. Not much use as a loopholer as its an early game.. Should hopefully will be back next week. Give the rooks a run in your midfield and they will hopefully make you proud!

        • SC_Donkey says:

          By the looks of it, will have to rely on my rooks in the mid this week. And see how bad that groin injury JKelly has, otherwise will have to move him on to Dusty if JKelly is out more than 2 weeks.

          • TOPHAWK1 says:

            Groins are never good. Monitor this like a hawk mate. If there is any sign that this injury will drag on for extra weeks, trade out for Dusty sooner rather than later. His price should slip a bit in the next few weeks too which is handy as well.

            • Shake_n_Bake_ says:

              To me Hawk never really looked right in the 1st 3 rounds . I dont know but maybe im just over seeing it a bit to much.

    • Defying_Madness says:

      Kelly, Lobb, Ryan, Murphy all in my team. Not very fun
      Add in Kreuzer (who is now Nic nat) and merret who is still spudding my team up and you are left with my crappy team.
      I have to field Banfield, Barry or Brayshaw with no loophole options which will keep my up all night

      • Jon says:

        I don't know if Kreuzer to NicNat was a good move, might work out for you. Personally i like the way Kreuzer played last week, even though he wasn't jumping that well in the ruck he did reasonably well at other area. His efficiency was 63% but will improve in a week or two.

        I can't wait bring him him in at Rnd 6 or 7 he should be full fit by then.

  43. Liam says:

    Anyone have any intel on josh Kelly’s injury.

    He hasn’t looked up to his usually standards the past few weeks.

  44. TOPHAWK1 says:

    Lachlan Murphy out is very untimely. Anyone has any idea how long he could be out for? Now have to deal with Liam Ryan and possibly now Murphy. Bad luck for coaches who went early on Higgins last week…….

    • Sc_Wow says:

      Could just be soreness, Friday night game, shorter week

      • TOPHAWK1 says:

        Probably right. Will plonk him on the bench as a useless feeder this week. Cant use him for loopholing either, but will likely be back next week. The cash has got to keep rolling in, so I can not afford to have too many rooks stalling here for too long. Liam Ryan is gone for Henry, and I now have ZGL and Murphy sitting idle earning nothing. I will give it one week.

    • Maverick_ says:

      That’s why you never go early on a rookie hopefully it wasn’t too many. Rioli yet to come back for the tigers too. Tough fwd line and midfield to break into consistently unfortunately.

      • Tibor says:

        They seem to have a high number of very similar players. Not what you really would call stars but certainly good enough to play they're role in a team good enough to win a flag. Apart from the obvious guns not sure the others are good sc options. It's the even team effort and game plan driving their success imo

    • BockChoy says:

      On the Adelaide site, they said hamstring soreness. Hopefully only a short period out.

  45. The underdogs says:

    Seeing josh kelly out is it worth trading him to jack mcrae, kelly hasnt really looked it this year gws have alot of players rotating trough the middle he is struggling to find the ball. Mcrae is looking good this year and with libba out for the season and bont playing more forward he finds himself alot of the ball.

  46. johnno2908 says:

    I know this is as sideways as it gets, and almost certainly not going to do it… but geez my team feels so much better with NicNat at R2 instead of Goldy. Watching NicNat last week, it’s going to hurt not having him in. Post match said the time management stuff is gone after game 3. Could pump out 150+ this week.

  47. Crowboy94 says:

    Well looks like the teams changed my mind again.. Reverse trades and hold Merrett. Anyone know what is going on with Kellly from GWS??

  48. TommyC99 says:

    Thoughts on Kelly – Dusty? I know it’s sideways but kelly underperforming and dusty is a gun. Also gives me a VC this week

  49. Derek says:

    Uh oh.

    The difference between the years when I’ve managed a good rank and the years of having the opposite of a good rank, have been built on avoiding injuries to key players. Particularly early in season when the only options are to have Simpson’s, Menspoo, Pickett types on the field.

    There is a little bit of skill to this, by avoiding the obvious injury prone players, but mostly luck.

    2018, although early in the season I was feeling good, dodging the Ryder bullet by a matter of minutes, side stepping the Crouch landmine purely because he didn’t fit my byes, even Greene and Merrett were in my team up until very late. After three rounds ranked around 4K and feeling good, even after Parker and Olivers below average scores last week, but I’ll take whatever they give me as long as they stay fit and healthy.

    The SuperCoach Gods have decided to step it up this week.

    Kelly, Lobb, Ryan, Murphy, Olango all missing.

    It doesn’t sound that bad, but I feel a cold chill in the air tonight……. winter in coming.

  50. BlueBaggerJosh says:

    Holding Billings (underperforming) Murphy and Giles-Langdon (back soon), will probably trade Ryan to Henry.

  51. hedski says:

    Geez I was looking forward to finally fielding my full side for the first time this season and upping my output (Danger bench round1, Kreuzer and Greene late outs and Crouch going down round 2, 2 flogs out round 3), scroll through the teams, nice D. Fog back in, bench option, next game KELLY OUT!!
    Can't take a bloody trick.
    And to top it off my vc loops are ZGL and now Kelly, only leaves Laird as an option.
    Aaarrrggh. I suppose I can at least loop Fog and Banfield to cover Kelly.
    God this season is testing me, I need a beer. 🍺

  52. PeteB says:

    Geez…trying to be clever with my cash this year…don’t have Danger…should I trade Kelly to Danger now….or wait a couple of more weeks when Danger is cheaper and can trade a rookie. have $380k in the bank.

    • belly button fluff says:

      Toughy I have Kelly too. Lots are saying Danger will go nuts this week andthe vibe is in the air. But if you look at danger's History, from what I can humbly tell, (I'm not proclaiming to be the god of SC), is he seems to get bigger scores against the harder teams not easier, and doesn't have the best record against saints. Just saying. Will probably get some jumping down my throat for voicing this. Some will try and say I don't know a thing and have no right to even whisper lol. Oh well i might wait a couple of weeks for danger still. It will be my punt.

      • PeteB says:

        Think I will wait a week and reassess.

      • SC_Donkey says:

        He may not have a good history with the Saints, the fact that Cats have lost 2 games in row. Scott will want his best players to perform their very best, Saints has been competitive, just haven't capitalized on the scoreboard.

        • belly button fluff says:

          mmm yeah I'm hearing you. I just think just have some doubt that a professional AFL team can suddenly decide "oh we were taking it easy last week we are going to play properly now" kind of thing. It may seem like that at the start of the game while all the tv commentators are blabbing and hyping things up but I don't know. I think I'd be saying last week and the week before "this is a must win" to my team and cut no slack. It certainly feels like a team may have more intensity some weeks. but is that an illusion?

          • Sc_Wow says:

            Not jumping down your throat. Just going to post my opinion too.
            Danger hasn’t played saints in Geelong and his record in Geelong is awesome. Ablett out should mean danger plays majority midfield. Geelong are not going to want to go 1-3. Having played sport I do know that must win feel can definitely motivate you to an extent. I think Geelong will come out hot

            • belly button fluff says:

              Ok I admit I am having butterflies with this game and think it is a pivotal one. So we have his record against Saints HS:120 and Ave:78 vs Saints, against His average at SS at 127 which is pretty F**king good combined with the fact as you say wow he has not played them there yet. He has a break-even of over 200 something only achieved in a players career once or twice well can be counted on one hand anyway.
              I understand what you are saying but I cant help but feel the safe money is still on him only achieving average for the ground at best. I wont be surprised if I'm wrong though.

              • belly button fluff says:

                oh I also think Saints may be smiting they have been playing bad too and come out with more intensity.

              • Buster says:

                With Ablett out that may be a good or a bad thing for Danger. Could easily go nuts with Ablett out of the way. Still concerned a little about the hammy. Not perfect to come into a new season with a dodgy string even if it's only minor. Would be a disaster if it went bang…….

                • Sc_Wow says:

                  He didn’t have danger last year and it worked out alright for him I’d say. I think it was prettt minor and they were super conservative I’m not too worried

                  • Buster says:

                    Makes sense it would be crazy to risk him early in a year after they did the smart thing and rested round one. Just feels like a big week given Ablett out and his two first up scores though not turd like are down on his huge expectations. Given a home game against weak opposition only a monster score will satisfy

                    • Russty_ says:

                      Only reason his scores have been down on his usual big ones is because Coach is playing him fwd for too long per game, hopefully that'll change now.

                    • SC_Sixty6 says:

                      Got the C on Danger with more confidence than any of my decisions all year…..including having gawn as my first picked in SC. Watch him explode. He's had 2 weeks to put at ease that the hammy is behind him.

    • Finnius says:

      If you have 380k in the bank use it to get another premo rather than sideways trading one.

    • Russty_ says:

      Do you already have Coniglio?…maybe go Kelly to him this week..if you don't, groins can take awhile.

      • belly button fluff says:

        how long do you think for Kelly? I'm not gonna trade him this week anyway to see. Just interested in how long you think Rus

        • Russty_ says:

          Couldn't tell ya mate, could be soreness and it's just precautionary, or could be a 4 weeker, have to wait until next week's news unfortunately.

      • PeteB says:

        Already have Congs….I had gone Billings to Hogan which gave me another $50k..but maybe reverse and go Kelly to Danger. Sounds obvious going to Danger but I’m conscious that saving cash can be worth a couple of vital trades at the pointy end of the season…and Danger could drop a fair bit of cash in the next 2 weeks which would be ideal time to grab him. Comes down to how bad Kelly’s injury is…does he just need a week off or is it something that will see him underperform for most of the season…?

        • Russty_ says:

          He will drop close to 100 grand in the next few weeks Pete, just depends on how many points you lose in the meantime, if you have decent cover, it's not so bad for you to wait.

          • PeteB says:

            Yeah gonna hold…let’s face it I’m only going for league wins…last year I peaked to early finished second and went out in straight sets. Want more trades and even more so I want the cash which saves trades on getting that extra premo or two at the pointy end.

            • Russty_ says:

              That's it mate…I play mainly for Leagues first too, but it's also nice to end up with a top 5000 rank, the worst thing is when you get to your semifinals or the GF and you get an injury and have no trades, then you're doomed.

    • neil demons delight says:

      The sooner the better Pete

  53. Sausage roll says:

    Oh well. Another champ down. Just remember the fools that have used 4 trades already, keep it up and you will give the game away by round 18.
    Kelly benched, who to put in my M8, Banfield, Brayshaw or Dow?
    I think I’ll risk the latter as he is on the improve and is playing against an ordinary NM whereas the other two are against a very strong team.
    What do you think folks?

  54. Paul says:

    Change of pace with a draft question, who will score the most this week – Merrett, Shiel or Ebert, can only start one

  55. Captain Risky says:

    So looking ahead in the crystal ball to next weeks downgrades and I see nothing! Maybe ZGL gets back, but otherwise probably no bubble boys next week.
    So if it works for you downgrades this week and then Bang Bang next week.

  56. Russty_ says:

    Bit harsh I think (from the coach) for Graham to retain his spot over Jack Higgins having a good first game and kicking a couple of snags!…Graham has been crap for 2 games after 1 good one in round 1.
    That sort of decision could deflate a young up and coming player and break his spirit.
    Higgins kicks 2 great goals and get's dropped?…it's a travesty.

  57. TOPHAWK1 says:

    Henry named at full back for the cats. I like it. Will he take on Zac Guthrie's job for the next 3 months? From what I have seen, this bloke seems pretty versatile. He is tall (192 cms) and has a strong vertical leap. He could do really well down back and take plenty of intercept marks. His JS looks even better now. Liam Ryan OUT Jack Henry IN.

  58. BigEaredJim says:

    Spud Merrett named on the back flank filling in for Chompy McKenna. I can't believe that some people paid $600k for that donkey

  59. Noah says:

    It's a disaster, I usually make two trades every week up until the byes but this week I'm faced with a real dilemma.
    I might have to trade Bonner to Luke Ryan to get a 2nd trade this week what do you think?
    I have Liam Ryan so I can trade him out but I don't have any other injured players and everybody else in my team is set for another price increase except 2xPremo Mid.

  60. Andrew says:

    With Kelly out who is everyone fielding at M8
    Brayshaw or Banfield??

  61. Tommo says:

    Who do I trade Ryan to???

  62. Johnny boy says:

    Option 1:
    Kelly to simpson via Finlayson dpp
    Ryan to Henry/crowden
    Option 2:
    Armitage to mclean/walters/martin via garlett dpp
    Ryan to Henry/crowden
    Will leave me with 25 trades

  63. What_Bear says:

    If O'Conner can't get a game this week, he will never get one!!!!!!

    • Russty_ says:

      Yeah getting a bit frustrated with him not playing too, thought I'd chuck him in there for his valuable DPP, but he ain't making us any cash sitting there like an ornament.

  64. Neverweaken says:

    Wonder how cogs will go with Kelly out. Feel cogs benefited from Kelly getting the attention. Either will be huge or a drop off this week

  65. Marty says:

    I am thinking left field after being around the 14k mark overall. Hate trading Kelly as a premo but his form this year whilst satisfactory has been overshadowed by Cogs who is taking a few of his points. Thinking of drop-kicking Lobb via Sicily to Ed Richards and then Kelly to MaCrae giving me plenty in the war chest to go O'meara to Danger in a few weeks. This will give me Danger, Titch, Dusty, McCrae, Fyfe, Cogs, Kelly, Holman. Gives me a weaker defence with Laird, Hibberd and four rookies – Doedee, Finlayson, Murray and Richards. The rookies are travelling wel though and if Richards can have a similar average I will make plenty of $$$$.

    Too risky, or you have to risk it to get the biscuit?

    As always everyone's thoughts are valued and appreciated.

    • Russty_ says:

      I like it Marty, seems like if you did that, you'd have the best 4 rookies in defence who are scoring more like keepers, 3 of them anyway.

    • Defying_Madness says:

      Would wait a week on Kelly personally

    • Crowboy94 says:

      Don't trade Kelly. If he is an issue then you don't have much to worry about.

    • Keenbutclueless says:

      Thinking similarly. Ranked 30k so it feels like I need to do something left field or the season will just meander along and the best I will do is maybe end up ranked 5-10k. My left field gamble is Kelly down to Robbie Gray. I have a feeling that Gray might just have a stellar season and it might be the cheapest he gets all season. At least at least he’s a proper premium and a bit of a POF at the moment. I reckon everyone will try to get him after his bye so my best chance is to get a first mover advantage and try to buy a couple of premos at a discount.

    • Marty says:

      Thanks Gents. Decisions decisions… could even go Lobb to Bonner and Kelly to Danger but might hold Kelly.

  66. Gazza says:

    Who is a better downgrade option for kelly
    J.Lyons or S.Coniglio

    • Pancho says:

      Don’t be an idiot!
      On the other hand, yeh do it, one less SCer to worry about.

    • Lazza says:

      Based on current points and averages, that’s an upgrade 🙂 just cheaper..
      Lyons has far less “in-team” competition … I would have chosen Cogs if not for his injury history .. that’s the only reason I didn’t have him R1 and not considering him this year. That will only change as we get closer to finals and he is top 8.

  67. Whitey says:

    Looking to upgrade a rookie to either McLean or Walters but just cannot decide who is a better choice. McLean has a better bye but just not sure if he is the real deal or just an early season performer.

    Thanks in advance

  68. FearTheBeard says:


    Thought I had my trades sorted.

    Anyone know how long Kelly is looking at? Week/Hold? Gone?

  69. TommyC99 says:

    Crowden or Henry? Like Henry's scoring potential better but Crowden has DPP

  70. BlueBaggerJosh says:

    Hearing Titch might be a late out, what's the issue there?
    To field: Henry or Garlett, Bonner or Murray?

  71. James Rodriguez says:

    Ryan to Henry
    Brayshaw to Crowden
    Allows dpp in mid and fwds
    Coin in the bank to go Stephenson to McLean next week

  72. Ando says:

    Zorko to Oliver or Macrae

    Yay or nay?

    • Lazza says:

      Tempting, but no… I’m holding him even though I have 29 trades left (used 1 on trading out Ryan) .. Both Oliver and Zorko will leak cash this week … so if Oliver is your choice then it will be worth waiting and giving Zorko another week… whereas Macrae’s price will increase ..

  73. Sausepan says:

    Personally, I am happy that Higgins is out. IF he is good enough he will get another go later on when I might need him. The Tigers have great depth so he mightn’t be able to retain his spot if/when he gets another go.

  74. Maverick_ says:

    L.Ryan >> J.Henry
    R.Lobb >> D.Martin
    4 trades used and 180k banked.
    Time to sit back watch dusty titch & danger power me through the ranks and watch my cows graze till there ready to slaughter. Please no more injuries SC Gods.

  75. Danny says:

    Community I want your opinion, do i chuck the C on Danger or back in Titch?

  76. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    Who should i trade for Ryan?
    Sorry couldn't resist. 😜
    But Mr Kelly out does create a delimina (hope it is not the start of OP) as he takes a seat on the pine.
    Who takes his spot?
    Banfield, crowden, garlett, frisch? Ahh not sure?

    Thinking Ryan down to Henry (seems to be the majority view and good JS) and then put on deck.

    Wasnt trading but now Kelly out think i have to
    No loops either but keep making cash lads …

  77. Derek says:

    Coniglio was in and out of my team more times than any other player in the preseason. Decided not to start him as I preferred Parker at M6.

    Not starting Coniglio is starting to hurt. I’m struggling to come up with reasons as to why he won’t be top 10, and still under $500k he still represents ‘fallen premium’ value.

    I’m not going to do anything silly and trade any of my midfield premiums out to get Coniglio, and why would we need him at M7 when we have TKelly and Holman doing great premium impersonations.

    I also have Lobb at F5. I’m having some owners remorse, went against my injury risk policy and my dislike of the non fallen premium mid-pricer and started the big bloke. Maybe I thought I was getting Lobbe. Basically, Lobb doesn’t look at good.

    During the week I was thinking, maybe Lobb to Coniglio via Garlet. Nah, means I have to Bench Holman and play an extra forward rookie.

    Now Kelly goes down.

    Does the Lobb to Coniglio trade look better?

    Holman will be gone in a couple of weeks anyway when he’s fattened up.

    I have only used one trade so far.

    Worse case is he goes up and I step him into Danger in a couple of weeks?

    Thanks fellas

    • SC_Sixty6 says:

      Not a half bad idea Derek! Means Lobb the useless prick can be out of your hair. He's not upto scratch, I too started him. He came out with a 97 but since just doesn't look good around the ground.

      It's almost like you swallow your pride and get cog in and be done with it. Is he top 8 mid? Million Dollar question! If you believe so get him in.

    • hedski says:

      How many and who (rookies) would you have to field in your fwds Derek? (If you did that trade)

      • hedski says:

        And do you have Kelly(GWS)?

        • Derek says:

          I have Lobb at F5 and 1 rookie in forward line.

          With Lobb out this week I will have 2 forward rookies. Fritsch & Venables.

          I have Kelly, with him missing I will need 3 rookies in the midfield, although 2 are TKelly and Holman.

          Might have to field Garlett or Banfield.

          If I trade Lobb to Coniglio, I will still have two forward rookies, including Garlett, but will have Coniglio in field instead of a rookie. Coniglio instead of Venables could be 100pts there.

          Next week I will have Coniglio at M7.

          • hedski says:

            I'm a bit worried that Fritsch is on extended bench, hopefully he is named this afternoon.

          • The Ranger says:

            I think that as you've only made one trade so far you can comfortably do the Lobb – Coniglio trade and call it one of your correctives Derek.
            If he's not a top 10 mid he'll be close and you may be able to luxury trade him up at a later date.

    • Dice says:

      We're 3 weeks in and I think a lot are getting carried away by Coniglio, if he started @ 550 or 600 would you still be considering? Bryce Gibbs is replicating him and i've hardly heard of anyone talking bout him.
      Stick to your guns he will NOT be a top 10 midfielder, be lucky to be in GWS top 3

      • Whatyasmokin says:

        I dunno coniglio was looking pretty good in 2016, then injury problems as we all know held him back. Hard to say, but I reckon coniglio will be in the top 3 for GWS and potentially top 10-15 in the AFL if he gets a good run of no missed games or injuries.

        • Derek says:

          I can count 7 top mids in my sleep.

          Danger, Dusty, TMitch, Fyfe, Oliver, Kelly, Crouch.

          Ablett will have a top 8 average but won’t play enough games.

          After those 7, there are another 8 at least who are in the mix. Coniglio must now be considered

          • Tibor says:

            I don't think you get much argument on your top four Derek. The next half a dozen is a bit murkier I'm with you on Oliver Kelly and Coniglio but there are others and hopefully a few will emerge to keep it interesting

      • Derek says:

        People know that Gibbs needs to yet score well with the Crouches back

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      I would bite the bullet and get rid of Lobb for Coniglio. My gut tells me this groin problem with Kelly is going to drag on a bit and Cogs will be the beneficiary with plenty of time in the guts. I assume you have Josh Kelly, who you can stick on the bench and field Holman. Then if J Kelly is in fact out for weeks, a corrective trade is a simple solution. Straight switch to a Cripps for example? Or use two trades and downgrade Kelly to a rook and trade out a under achieving fattening rook and grab Dangerfield. Good luck Derek!

  78. KSinny says:

    What to do with Kelly? I want to hold but he's out with a groin issue which are very annoying injuries to get over. Just hoping he isn't out for more than a couple of weeks. Should I trade down to Cogs and bank 100k or a straight swap to Macrae or Oliver OR just hold???!?

  79. Rob says:

    Is it worth getting Buddy in at a more inflated price that McLean? With buddy being more of a certainty to finish top 6 forwards?

    • Demonlover84 says:

      Depends on who you're trading for him. If you've got the cash and are not trading out a fit player then I'd say go for it. He is quite expensive right now though and will come down when he drops a turd of a 50 or 60, whereas McLean will play more of a mid role throughout the season with Libba being out so he's more likely to be more consistent. I wish I'd started Buddy, but I knew he'd drop so I'm just waiting.

  80. BrownlowBoy says:

    I remember when this used to be a Supercoach website where people could come together to provide advice to one another… now some just use it as a place to argue with one another behind computer screens over completely irrelevant stuff.

    Give it a rest fellas and let's talk footy and Supercoach!


  81. Daniel says:

    What to do this week community, kelly out and merret struggling, is burning a trade on either of them necessary given I've already used 3 trades before this week or should I hold my trades? Current Mids are:
    Mitchell, Kelly, Fyfe, J.Selwood, Merrett, Coniglio, Kelly, Holman, Garlett, Barry, Banfield

    • Whatyasmokin says:

      I'd personally hold but if you are in the top 500 and trying to keep up you could trade Kelly, if he turns into 2 weeks out you're screwed.

  82. John says:

    Is petracca a keeper community what do you see him averaging

    • StevoRivo says:

      Top 10 fwd at best with an avg of 90. Gets enough mid time and seems to have improved his tank.

    • Tibor says:

      Personally I think he is John. He is an absolute gun player who has had a modest price rise and scored ok without setting the world on fire yet. His role is very much linked to Hogans role moving fwd and mid. So far Hogan has been the better sc scorer but I expect that to even out over time and Petracca to have some top end scores.

      I have them both and my expectation is to get 200 plus a little bit as a combined score. This will be fine unless Melbourne falls in a heap which can happen and will happen if Max falls over.

      I would keep Petracca because I reckon he is just too good not to score well. Ultimately what option are you comparing him to

    • Finnius says:

      I don't think so. Average of 90.

    • Whatyasmokin says:

      He's a keeper if you already have him not sure I'd trade him in though

    • JEL says:

      Depends on where he fits in your team.

      If he is in the MID, then no, use him as a stepping stone.
      If you're using him as a FWD, then his current avg would have made him top 6 last year.

      I've got him, planning on keeping him as a FWD unless something goes pear shaped.

  83. StevoRivo says:

    Have gone Ryan to Henry, but with Murphy down & Keefe at D7 to swing with Sicily, I have to field Naughton at D6.

    After the Henry trade, have $200k and 28 precious trades.

    Do I make another trade to get bench cover or hold?

  84. Craig says:

    Is Liam Ryan to petracca a good option I have 470k to spend or should I save it

    Fwd line is
    Heeney, Billings, Smith, Christensen, Fritsch, Venebals
    (Ryan, Stephenson)

  85. Help says:

    Venebles to Henry? Don't think venebles is going to make money

  86. Multi_ says:

    Started with Ablett (yes I know the stupidity) plan was to move him up to Danger but have already done that once I lost Crouch.

    Narrowed it down to 4 mids as I am not sold on Macrae.

    Cognilio, Parker and Oliver are my top picks with Selwood the smokey. Cogs is looking bloody good but 2 of the 3 games that GWS have played have been walk overs in Collingwood and the Bulldogs although he stood up against the Swans. The other concern on him is durability.

    Any thoughts on the above if it wasnt for last weeks game my choice would be Parker.


    • Sc_Wow says:

      Gibbs should be considered

    • NoLanguage says:

      Flip a coin Cogs and Parker. I have both

    • Demonlover84 says:

      If you're not sold on McRae, he only dropped under 80 twice last year. Once was a 60 the other a 70. He's a gun and will average 105+, but he is expensive. Parker will pump out a 150 then drop a 70, he's gonna be up and down. Clarry is a gun and will continue to be, but again expensive.

      I agree with Wow, Gibbs needs to be considered. I "considered" him all pre-season and ended up with Zerrett…
      If you think Cogs wil be top 10ish mid then I'd go him. Buy low sell high!

      • Multi_ says:

        Thanks Wow. NoLanguage and Demon all good points, with the injuries that I have had so far I think I need to go for one of the 2 in the lower price bracket at this stage will grab Cogs but just have a feeling I'm gonna regret it.

  87. Stupid Coach says:

    Great work Damo. I will most likely trade Ryan to Henry this week. However, I have McGrath and Townsend under performing and not sure what I should do with either of them. Options I have come up with so far are:

    1) Downgrade McGrath to Richards (WB) or upgrade to a mid/premium defender. Def is currently Laird, Savage, L Ryan,Doedee, Murray, Finlayson and Naughton.
    2) Upgrade Townsend to Charlie Cameron, Jesse Hogan or any other forward around that price range. However, this feels like a sideways trade and will not leave me with much cash.
    3). Downgrade Townsend to another rookie like Crowden.

    Also, with Josh Kelly out, who should I play on the field out of Brayshaw, Garlett or Barry.

    Appreciate any comments/advice.

    Good luck to all this week.

    • Demonlover84 says:

      Don't touch your defence, good premos and the right rookies to score well and make cash. McGrath will come good, but he probably won't be pumping out tons unless the bombers start playing better. Upgrading Townsend to Cameron is not smart as Cameron has not been proven so it's pretty much a sideways mid trade that is a waste. Townsend could come out with an 80+ and Cameron drop a turd. Hogan looks the goods, but hasn't played a top defence yet. Either drop Townsend/McGrath to a Henry or Richards via dpp or drop both to rooks and bank the cash for Danger or another uber premo in the coming weeks.

      If you're going to trade at this early stage it needs to be up to a keeper or down to a cash cow because your Hogans/Camerons/Tarantos etc haven't proven themselves over the long haul so it could just be a wasted trade. Ultimately, if you truly believe that a Cameron or Hogan is going to average 90+ for the year then now is the time to get them.

      Personally I'd field Garlett as Brayshaw is playing GWS and Barry isn't up to it. Garlett will sneak a few goals against North, look what Melbourne's small forwards did to them last week.

      • Stupid Coach says:

        Thanks Demonlover84. Sounds like a double downgrade might be the way to go. I think I will keep McGrath for the time being as I already have Naughton and don't know who to upgrade him to (other than Heath Shaw). I will look at offloading Townsend as there are plenty of forward rookies to choose from at the moment. I already have Danger and Titch so may bank the cash as you suggest and wait to see what happens next week particularly is Kelly is not back.

  88. Justin says:

    What does the community think of VC Buddy? He is up against a poor Doggies defense and is set to be on naughton.
    If plans don't work, C Gawn.
    Big risk but believe Dusty, Fyfe and Titch won't do as well as what we will think

  89. The Ranger says:

    Dear SC Gods,
    I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize for whatever I did in the preseason to p!ss you off so severely.
    4 premo injuries in 4 wks has certainly shown me who's boss and I will go out of my way in the future to continually pay homage to your greatness. Please accept my humble apologies for thinking that Danger, Kreuzer, Crouch and Kelly were good starting selections and if you could see your way to please allow all of the rest of my starting selections to actually play and score roughly in line with expectations for a couple of weeks that would be just swell.
    Yours fearfully….

  90. Ben says:

    Is it worth trading Kelly to tmitch or shall I hold yet to make a trade

    • Holty says:

      You need Titch. If you feel Kelly will not be a top 10 mid, i would seriously consider

    • redherringfc says:

      i think hold. Hopefully he recovers and then bangs out some big ones.

      I was actually glad to see him named as injured. It justified my selection and hopefully he’s back at it in a week or 2.

    • theRealPod says:

      Titch is a must have. With Kelly's fitness problems I would hit that trade button fast.

  91. The Ranger says:

    Need some advice. Crap start to the season. 356K in the bank due to injury trading. 28 trades left.

    Laird, Lloyd, Witherden, Doedee, Finlayson, Murray – Naughton, Keefe
    Danger, Titch, Fyfe, J.Kelly, Cogs, T.Kelly. Holman, Banfield – Brayshaw, Barry, Hiiggins
    Kreuzer, Gawn – English
    Heeney, Walters, Smith, Taranto, Stephenson, Fritsch – Venables, Langdon

    I was planning on going Stephenson and Venables/Brayshaw – McLean and Henry/Crowden but J.Kelly not playing is clouding my thinking….what would you do?
    happy to entertain trading Kelly out, I don't like groins.

  92. Tom says:

    Is it worth trading Brayshaw to Ed Richards (via DPP) from Finalyson?
    But will however lead to benching one of Holman/finlayson in the med?
    I will still have Murray to take over in defence if I do this

    I am considering crowden, but I think Richards has found a role in the dogs side and has better JS


  93. jacob says:

    been unlucky so far with injuries to Kreuzer, Josh Kelly for a week each
    then Langdon injured swell as trading Ryan in last week only for him to get injured..

    traded out Ryan for ed Richards this week and via DPP was able to move d.fogarty into my fwd line and Finlayson into my midfield to cover for Kelly out.

    second trade was Brayshaw to crowded – don't have time for slow burns and can free up some cash now with 158k sitting in the bank.
    looking to do a straight swap bonner-yeo in a couple weeks.


  94. johnno2908 says:

    Lobb to Petracca, Hogan or Curnow? Or keep Lobb on the bench and just do the 1 trade Ryan to Henry. Means I would have both Fritsch and Henry/Venables on ground.

    • Demonlover84 says:

      Depends on if you're playing for rank or league. Either way trading Lobb to another mid/breakout contender seems like a waste. I'd go up to premo (playing for rank) or down to a bubble boy (league) unless you've done your research, can afford the trade/cash and truly believe that either of the guys you mentioned will average 90+ like you believed Lobb would.

      I started with Trac as I believe he's going to average 90+, but at this early stage of the long season, I wouldn't recommend trading him in. Hogan on the other hand I'm super tempted by and with a b/e of -10 he's gonna make cash! Beware though that he hasn't been tested against a good defence.

      Lobb could also come good, but I haven't seen anything to think that he'll be consistent over a season. They've been saying he'll breakout for the last 3 years! Almost 400k and a non premo is way too much to be sitting on the bench in my opinion. I'd go Lobb to Henry and then use the cash to go to a premo somewhere else either this or next week. Good cash for Danger in a few if you don't have him.

      • johnno2908 says:

        Yeah I think i will just do the 1 trade this week, most likely Ryan to Henry and hope Lobb comes good. Hogan’s role and the cash he is going to make puts a strong case forward though.

  95. Dean says:

    Kelly to Gibbs
    Zerrett to Parker

  96. Rick says:

    I’m surprised no one is considering Ratugela from Geelong?

    • seen_burns says:

      I think he has the best Job security out of all the rookies this week along with Willie Rioli

    • hedski says:

      As a cats fan I love the way he goes about it Rick, just not sure how long he lasts before he needs a rest and they bring Smith or Stanley back in.

    • Lazza says:

      Good question Rick… was considering … but Geelong's ruck strategy is all over the place … no idea what they are trying to achieve..
      Where is Ratu's long term possie? Currently he is playing as fwd/ruck – which should help his SC points … as a pure fwd I'm not so sure of his JS.

  97. Multi_ says:

    Gone with Ablett – Cogs and Ryan – Ed Richards by swinging Sicily Forward which then leaves me 214k bank

    Fingers bloody crossed.

  98. neil demons delight says:

    Tragic news about Gary Rohan The communities thoughts and prayers are with you and the family N D D

  99. Pauly says:

    Who is a good defender for around 450 and below
    Im considering callum mills or seedsmon

  100. Davo says:

    Fritsch, Garlett or venebels on field

  101. john says:

    brayshaw and ryan to richards and crowden
    josh kelly and ryan to Robbie gray and richards

    leaves me with my midfield a bit slim but aiming to get Dangerfield in by next week or the week after

  102. Dave says:

    Have gone Ryan -> Henry but thoughts on brayshaw -> richards by swinging finlayson to the mid (will be on my bench in that case)?
    Will leave me with 26 trades though….
    Will mean my backline will be Laird, Simpson, Hurley, Bonner, Doedee, murray (Richards, naughton)

    Worth it? or save the trade and keep finlayson as D6 for the moment?

  103. Singsy says:

    Love your work Patch and Lekdog, seamless transition to the new era!

    Ranked tidily in the top 1200. Looking at making some solid trades this week to hold me for the next few weeks not needing to make any until it’s culling time.
    2 options are:
    1. Armitage down to Henry via dpp and Brayshaw up to Luke Ryan via dpp.

    2. Armitage down to Henry via dpp and Bonner up to Laird to solidify my 2 man premier defense.

    Cheers guys

  104. Gazza says:

    Who would you trade in out of Macrae, Lyons or Coniglio

  105. finn says:

    Hibberd ($506,600)
    McLean ($493,300)
    Ryan ($194,100)
    Bonner ($306,700)


  106. sc tragic says:

    When a comment is deleted by the administrator is because it is inappropriate, or are you hiding some secret information only for insiders. LOL

  107. D_I_L_D_O_R says:

    Had Laird as my VC scoring 129, do i take it? Other options include Dusty and Danger, what would you do?

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