HAWTHORNv CARLTON: Supercoach Match Report

What did this game tell us?

Carlton will be premiers in 2018.

Well I might be acting facetious, one thing that stuck out to me was Carlton’s defensive setup. The Docherty role will be filled through a mixture of Byrne, Mullett, Marchbank and (presumably) Williamson. Kade Simpson appears to be playing the same role as he did in 2017, a weird floating halfback/wing role that won’t see him improve on last year’s output dramatically…I’ve gone off him.

In Hawthorn land I think we’ve learnt that Sicily (despite his flog-like nature) will be a good selection, as will Jack Gunston (who’s back in his preferred forward half role) and of course Tom Mitchell-son will be a good selection (he bloody gun). Jaeger O’Meara still doesn’t fill me with confidence, I understand the selection but I don’t condone it. Recent history says his legs are cooked.

Oh and the Hawks can’t kick for goal

BTW~ I don’t mind the Blues new clash jumper but the commentary teams on TV and radio tore it to shreds…the shorts were a little small, I’ll give them that.

Notable Absentees – CARLTON

Lang, Docherty :’(, Rowe, Kerridge, Garlett, Williamson

Notable Absentees – HAWTHORN

Rioloi, Shiels, Mirra (Notably unavailable for the game due to his wedding)

Injuries: Kreuzer (ankle), Puopolo (leg), Frawley (back), C. Curnow (finger)


Matthew Kreuzer – $603,700 – RUC – SC 8

Injured his left ankle during the first quarter. Looked good before that but the injury will scare some coaches off. Wait to hear from the doctors and then make your decision, still in my side.

Marc Murphy – $595,000 – MID – SC 56

Another quiet week from Murphy not that anyone’s going to pick him. He’ll ramp it up in the actual season but he’s not worth the starting price.

Patrick Cripps – $537,300 – MID – SC 103

Barely got near it until the fourth quarter, ended up with 103 points. Is now my deity.

Ciaran Byrne – $229,300 – MID – SC 48

Was using his dash off halfback and pushing up the ground, kicking in traffic is still an issue for him. I’m passing on him, he’s not going to make enough cash.

Kade Simpson – $516,300 – DEF – SC 70

I thought a Docherty-less Carlton side would be gold for Simpson…I think I might’ve been wrong. He looks to be playing that weird halfback/wing/floaty role and it’s not great for Supercoach. It wasn’t obvious last week how Carlton would line up in defence but having seen them play today it looks like Docherty’s points won’t find their way to Simpson. 

Charlie Curnow – $408,100 – FWD – SC 66

Early on he looked like the Charlie Curnow we saw late in 2017. Was everywhere and had his name read out a lot by the commentators (admittedly half of those were for his brother) despite dislocating his finger in the first quarter. Still looms as a breakout contender but I’ve removed him from my side.

Paddy Dow – $193,800 – MID – SC 26

Struggled to keep up with Hawthorn’s midfield and his impact on the play suffered because of it. Won’t be my first picked rookie because I don’t think he’ll be a great cash generator. Don’t cross him off completely because we might not have anyone else come round 1.

Matthew Kennedy – $356,000 – MID – SC 76

If he’s near the ball in traffic he’ll probably take possession. Unfortunately due to the nature of his contested game it’s very hard for him to deliver clean disposals to teammates. He’ll grow into a prolific inside midfielder but it won’t happen quickly enough to warrant a starting selection in your side.

Lochie O’Brien – $162,300- MID – SC 33

Didn’t get on the ground in the first half and when he got on he still looked lost. Hoping he’s a downgrade option for us later in the year.

Cam O’Shea – $166,000 – DEF – SC 60

Didn’t play in the first half…he’ll see some senior footy in 2018 but not enough to warrant a selection. Better options in defence either way.

Caleb Marchbank – $381,400 – DEF – SC 89

After an incredible game last week he was talked about on Twitter a lot as a breakout contender. I still don’t see it but he was started on a wing a number of times today so the Blue are looking to utilise his pace and kicking in 2018. No for me.

Jacob Weitering – $353,900 – DEF – SC 106

He bloody good.

Has been floated as a pod, but I’m not bold enough to pick him.


Shaun Burgoyne – MID – $481,300 – SC 120

He was pretty much everywhere throughout the day; if he could kick straight he would’ve had 200 points. Kicked 0.5 to go with 25 disposals. Not a guy you’d be considering despite his ability to NEVER AGE.

James Sicily – DEF/FWD – $402,800 – SC 57

In my side but after today I really don’t want him to be. He’ll average 15 points less than he should in 2018 due to his flog-like free kicks against.

Look he’s going to provide some real value but gee whiz he’s a flog.

Ryan Burton – DEF – $460,200 – SC 48

I once said he could be a better option than Sicily, I am an idiot.

Jarman Impey – FWD – $335,700 – SC 89

Started in the middle of the ground and was impressive in a negating role on Cripps early, was able to push forward and hit the scoreboard too…speedy little bastard. But at that price you can’t touch him. Better options slightly above and below the $300K mark.

Ben McEvoy – RUCK – $523,300 – SC 74

Just the 74 points from McEvoy today, which is disappointing given he only had McKay and Casboult to contend with. I still think he’ll be a nice pod but I’d currently be favouring the Nank!

Tom Mitchell – MID – $653,500 – 115SC

What more can be said about this man? Currently trying to find $50K to fit him in.

Jaeger O’Meara – MID – $315,800 – 90SC

Still handballs a lot…like a lot. With his injury history and mediocre JLT 1, I was looking for a superb outing against the Blues. He was good but not good enough to take one of the 30 positions in my Supercoach side. Can understand the upside but the recent history isn’t there.

Olliver Hanrahan – FWD – $123,900 – 47SC

Only played the second half and won’t get much of a run at it in 2018. Avoid.

Jack Gunston – FWD – $474,800 – SC 79

Played mostly in the forward half and looked the Gunston of old. Accuracy was pretty poor kicking only 1.3 His kicking game combined with his forward pressure, eleven tackles today, ELEVEN, lead to him being a pretty good Supercoach scorer. I have him on my POD-list, Based on today he will be a decent selection.


Well that’ll do me community, what did you take out of the game?

Go Blues, follow me here.

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  1. Ryan says:

    Cripps that’s all

  2. Liam Jones says:

    Thoughts on Liam Jones?
    Could be a very good POD!

    • joe says:

      His last 8 scores of 2018:
      65, 62, 48, 78, 92, 80, 69, 69.

      Now, a couple of 69s is pretty interesting when you could get a Suckling for the same price. I think I'd first want a Bonner, though, and that's always less expensive to achieve.

  3. DacZawson says:

    Sicily just loves the sound of the umpires whistle I reckon.

    Unrelated, who would people take between Lambert and McLean?

  4. Defying_Madness says:

    Interested to hear what the community thinks about Cripps after his two games. I have kind of cooled off on him as I think his scores made his performances look better than they actually were. He kicked a cheap goal off a free and got some junk time points in the last quarter. Could possibly get close to top 10 but I think its just safer to pay the extra 70k to lock in a top 10 mid instead of a maybe. I still think there is merit to picking him if you need the cash in other lines and depending on round 1 selections that could very well be the case in my team as well.

    On another note I I think you guys were a bit harsh on O'Shea, he played 24% of the game and knocked out a score of 60, sign me up if he plays round 1. He also looked very good in that last quarter when he did play.

  5. Colin says:

    Yeo, Laird, Lloyd
    Byrne, Naughton, o’shea
    (Murray, Finalayson)

    Danger, Sloane, Fyfe, Bontempelli
    Cripps, Coniglio, Dow, Cerra
    (Holman, t.kelly, Garlett)

    Ryder, Gawn

    Heeney, Billings, Smith
    Rayner, fritsch, j.higgins
    (Stephenson, ahern)

    Thoughts fellas newish to SuperCoach appreciate feedback

    • GloryDays90 says:

      Don't go near Dow. Brodie or Brayshaw would be better. Keep an eye on rookies because you have a few who may not play round 1.

    • StevoRivo says:


      Expensive Rookies down forward no go. Rayner will be good but far better options. Higgins may not play early. Consider. If you have the cash?

      1. Christensen over Rayner for an extra &60k
      2. Sicily or Petraca at F4 with a couple of rookies like Ryan & Rioilo (WC).
      3. Fogarty showed a lot yesterday. DPP also.
      4. Watch the next few JLT games, could unearth a few more rooks…

      Good luck!

      • INPieman says:

        Fogarty did show a lot yesterday stevo. This time last year he was favourite for pick 1. He had a very inconsistent year. His good like yesterday is awesome. But he can go missing big time. And he slid down the draft order. Could be anything. I wanted the Pies to grab him at pick 6. But Stephenson for his pace was the preference. If Fogarty is named round 1 find a spot for him. Has the potential to be the best forward rookie. Yesterday he showed why

    • joe says:

      Ryder? He has a guaranteed round 9 donut.

  6. The Wizard says:

    Hey Community,

    Who do we reckon are some of the best midfielders under 590k besides cripps???

  7. TommyC99 says:

    Thoughts on Pendles? Trying to convince myself to pick him but he isn't doing me any favours. As a pies man, would love to pick him but haven't got much to work with.
    If i dont go for him, other options include Crouch, Zorko, Merrett or Kelly

    • INPieman says:

      Pendles always lopes around in JLT games. So do most premium players. When round 1 hits the game changes & the cream rises to the top again. Having said that I don't think he's a guaranteed 120+ player anymore. Eventually every player hits a decline. Brent Macaffer did it to Gary

      • TommyC99 says:

        Do you reckon he can still be in and around top 10?

        • INPieman says:

          Top 10 yes. CD have rated him as the best kick of the footy for many years. Hence why he has scored so well. Can he get enough of it? And what are the options in front of him? For his price he's a good pick. Can he break it by 10 points a game & be a great pick, I'm not convinced

    • Dan says:

      Um, he's been consistently one of the best midfielders of the past 6-7 years. He's only underpriced due to injury…and a little bit to Bucks stuffing around with his position until he came to his senses and put him back in the midfield.

  8. Braf says:

    Beams or Cripps? Hardest decision 😭

  9. Finnius says:

    Latest word is that Kreuzer will still be sweet for round one

  10. Krups says:

    Haha love the flog comments

  11. Dan says:

    Sicily is just like Buddy, gives away too many frees, might be a bit hotheaded but usually in a young player that misguided passion can be transformed into great play. Ppl are overreacting to this 'flog' nonsense. The only players that deserve that status are the ones that whack blokes and go missing from your SC team for weeks at a time, like Toby Greene…now there's a flog.

  12. Andrew Kampf says:

    Who rucked for hawthorn today

  13. Will says:

    query- how much money should you have in your kitty at the beginning? what's sensible?

    • Carl says:

      Enough to change your cheapest non playing rookie to an expensive one that’s a must trade in before Rd3 as a general rule. So 80-90k is ideal but not always possible

    • Finnius says:

      I have 130k atm but that could be as low as 30k by the start of Rd 1 – it really depends on your team structure however about 100k is ideal.

  14. Gazza says:

    Just racked up a team but been looking at the match reports for a while now.
    What are everyone's thoughts on my team?

    Hurley, Yeo, Laird,
    Doedee, o’shea, Finalayson
    (Murray, Morgan)

    Danger, Martin, Titch, Fyfe,
    Cripps, Davies-Uniacke, Higgins, Banfeild
    (Ahern, Kelly, Barry )

    Gawn, Nic Nat (if he plays)

    Menagola, Heeney, Billings,
    Christianson, Fritsch, Keeffe
    (Ryan, Garlett)

  15. StevoRivo says:

    Lambert, Sicily, Billing’s or Dollhouse?

    • Ja191 says:

      Sicily out of that lot, Will be a very good f2/3 with his role. Lambert could be an interesting POD. Probably wouldn’t touch dalhaus, don’t see him averaging anymore than 85-90

      • StevoRivo says:

        Thanks Ja. It’s coming down to Sicily v Lambert. I’m really struggling to hey past the Flog rule with Sicily and he is likely to get suspended more than Lambert.

        As Lek says, too many Dollhouse clones. Billings more expensive so clogs up cash for likely similar points.

  16. Osei says:

    Hey Guys,

    O'meara and crouch or Coniglio and Parker??

  17. BrownlowBoy says:

    Jacob Weitering 106
    Patrick Cripps 103
    Dale Thomas 101
    Caleb Marchbank 89
    Liam Jones 89
    Ed Curnow 80
    Matthew Kennedy 76
    Jack Silvagni 75
    Lachie Plowman 73
    Zac Fisher 71
    Levi Casboult 71
    Kade Simpson 70
    Charlie Curnow 66
    Aaron Mullett 66
    Cam O'Shea 60
    Marc Murphy 56
    Jed Lamb 53
    Jarrod Pickett 53
    Ciaran Byrne 48
    David Cuningham 45
    Matthew Wright 41
    Lochie O'Brien 33
    Sam Petrevski-Seton 31
    Harry McKay 28
    Paddy Dow 26
    Matthew Kreuzer 8

    Shaun Burgoyne 120
    Tom Mitchell 115
    Jarryd Roughead 91
    Danie Howe 90
    Jaegar O'Meara 90
    Jarman Impey 89
    Luke Breust 86
    Jack Gunston 79
    Taylor Duryea 79
    Harry Morrison 77
    Ryan Schoenmakers 75
    Ben McEvoy 74
    Isaac Smith 71
    Paul Puopolo 70
    Blake Hardwick 65
    Conor Glass 62
    Ricky Henderson 61
    James Sicily 57
    James Frawley 51
    Ryan Burton 48
    Oliver Hanrahan 47
    Brendan Whitecross 41
    Ben Stratton 41

  18. Mr.Brightside says:

    Big watch on players today that are in my current team – D.Smith,Hanley,Christensen, Barlow, Yeo ,Lycett, Banfield, Brayshaw,Venables,Ryan,Rioli

    • Pauly Walnuts says:

      Particularly Hanley,Barlow and Christensen for me

    • PuntRoadRoar says:

      Hanley, Barlow, Christensen all types who have potential to do well this year, and I hope for you that they do if you end up selecting them Mr Brightside. If Christensen could get anywhere near his 90.6 ave. in 2014 or 92 in 2013 he is massively underpriced.

    • PuntRoadRoar says:

      Will be hard to get a line on Hanley and Christensen after rain in QLD all week. Not the ideal conditions to gauge how they are actually travelling.

  19. TOPHAWK1 says:

    Some news on Nic Nat out of the West this morning. He lined up for his comeback game for East Perth in the WAFL yesterday afternoon. Reports are that he got through the game completely unscathed. (54 minutes game time). He ended up with 14 disposals and dominated with 33 hit outs. He jumped freely on his left leg and had no strapping around his reconstructed knee. West Coast football boss Craig Vozzo was asked what his chances were of lining up for the Eagles in round 1, he responded by saying this, "It's certainly a step in the right direction".

    Obviously, there is no certainty that Nic Nat will line up for round 1, or should you go and pick him just yet, but it certainly makes choosing that R2 ruck pozzie very very tricky. It will probably take Nic Nat time to regain his confidence and form even if he does play round 1, his scores may be modest in the first part of the AFL season in any case. Nonetheless, Nic Nat is definately back on the selection radar and is back on my watchlist. Cheers community.

  20. Big G says:

    Can I have more people's opinion on Kade Simpson? Is Jeremy Howe a good alternative?

      • TOPHAWK1 says:

        I have Kade Simpson at the moment primarily due to the fact that the Doc is out for the season and he should have plenty of work to do. But after watching him last night, and like Lek said, he appears to be playing a different role, which appears to stunt his SC points output. Cooling on Simmo as well. I quite like Jeremy Howe as he never seems to let his coaches down. As we saw yesterday, he certainly hasnt lost his ability to to take screamer intercept marks. 87 SC points for his first hit out (only 14 pozzies though) was not too shabby. Definately worth considering and could be a bit of a POD too. Cheers

    • INPieman says:

      Had both all of last year. Simmo's role is not what it was & appears nothing has changed. Proceed with caution. Howe was good except for the 3 games he got tagged & dropped 50's. Darcy Moore down back has me concerned that will impact Howe's intercept marks. But he is the go to man out of defence. Best kick in the team Pendles aside. And Howe is fun to have in your side. Loves a contested Hanger. Still Howe over Simmo IMO

  21. CheekyNandos7 says:

    Hey lads, I've been playing around with my forward line a bit and was wondering if I could get some thoughts/opinions?

    Billings, McLean, Smith, Sicily, Christensen, Fritsch (Garlett, Ryan)

    I swapped Heeney for McLean just because he didn't look/score the greatest in JLT and atm I will be looking at him as an upgrade target. Rookies will change as well pending round 1 teams. Got 187k as well if that helps too. Cheers

  22. LUKE says:

    I'm in a cash league entry $60 for the year. We have 3 spots left to fill. If anyone is interested let me know. Winner takes home $400, $20 weekly high score winner. 2nd prize and 3rd prize also

  23. GloryDays90 says:

    Dangerfield with 12 touches in the 1st QTR and didn't even play the whole thing. Not to pick him would be NUTS!!

  24. dontblushbaby says:

    Danger limped off Q1 with a right leg issue and hasn't returned

  25. Starkingdom says:

    Another defender putting his hand up for selection is Mark O'Connor at $123K with DPP. I know he didn't show much last year in his 2 games but the Cattery have always said he's a future player. Seems like he's showing that today.

    • INPieman says:

      That kick to Menzel lace out was impressive

    • PuntRoadRoar says:

      Certainly a few rookies showing potential at the last minute. Dependent on round 1 selections we all could have some difficult choices to make (but don't we always). O'connor, Kelly, Constable all putting their hands up but even if selected round 1 job security is the question, especially if worst case scenario happens and Danger and GAJ are waiting in the wings.

  26. Dutchy says:

    Pretty much promo – rookie strategy, any thoughts appreciated.. rookies playing permitting of course….

    Laird, Lloyd, Naughton, Murray, Doedee, Finlayson (Watson and O’Connor)

    Danger, Dusty, Mitchell, Kelly, Merrett, Fyfe, Cripps, Banfield (Kelly, Holman, Barry)

    Stef, Max (Cameron)

    Heeney, Mclean, Devon, Fogarty, Venables, Fritsch (Keefe and Ryan)

    I spose if I’m a rookie short I’m thinking Stef out for a NikNat? Lycett? Simpson? Then upgrade with the cash, only 60k in bank at present…

    • AuroraBorealis?! says:

      I'd recommend getting rid of one of your premium mids for Brayshaw or Brodie and using that cash to get a fourth premo in the forward line. This year we seem to have a plethora of mid rookies and a lack of forward rookies so its better to strengthen up the forwards.

      • INPieman says:

        I have enough trouble sleeping with 1 forward rookie onfield. 3 of them. I strongly suggest you make some changes

        • Dutchy says:

          I don’t have much faith in the forward premos, maybe Billings I’ve had him in and out. Did like Lobb or Curnow for a while….. it is risky but if there is enough playing I prefer upgrade to the ones who are backing their price tag.. who else you guys looking at up forward? Depends on west coasts make up Rd 1, they have a few potential rookies up forward

  27. PuntRoadRoar says:

    Throwing every SC Rule I have ever followed out the window this year and will probably be bawling into my beer 10 minutes into round one.
    Even before potential scare with Danger today, have been contemplating starting with no Danger, Dusty, Titch, Crouch, or Kelly.
    Suspicion that Fyfe will go huge this year and be number one, and hoping that a number of fallen premo's will return to their illustrious highs of a couple of years ago.
    Oh well the usual SC conundrum…take the risk and finish usual top 3000 or thereabouts, or pull my hair out when the risky selections I have had locked in go huge and make me regret changing my mind.

  28. Rick Grimes says:

    Paddy down! Now that makes things interesting.

  29. GloryDays90 says:

    In other news. Z.Merrett locked in and throw away the key!

  30. Shake_n_Bake_ says:

    Danger hammy, were do l spend the 740k??!!

  31. LUKE says:

    So Finnius are you joining the league?

  32. LUKE says:

    Adam Treloar locked into my team after todays performance. I didn't have him at all last year. Anyone that had him last year can they review their thoughts with me. RE: Adam Treloar . Known for his inefficient disposal

  33. Little_g18 says:

    Has anyone had a look at Robbie Fox from Sydney? Seem like a good option instead of O'Meara?

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