SYDNEY v GWS: Supercoach Match Report

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It’s not a pre-season if there’s not a game at the Blacktown International Sportspark. These two very SuperCoach relevant teams went head to head, and now it’s time to dissect it.

Notable Absentees – SYDNEY

Sam Naismith, Aliir Aliir, Dan Hannebery, Heath Grundy, Dane Rampe, Callum Sinclair

Notable Absentees – GWS

Rory Lobb, Zac Williams, Tom Scully, Ryan Griffen, Jacob Hopper, Will Setterfield

Injuries: Lachlan Tiziani (shoulder), Zac Langdon (shoulder)

Sydney 12.10.82 – GWS 9.17.71


Sydney and GWS only had a relatively small host of key names missing, proving this was a dress rehearsal for round one. Sydney blooding some rookies, and GWS doing the same. Both teams were impressive at stages.

Sydney was dominant in the first quarter, taking a 17 point lead into the first break, looking sharp in front of goal.. Giants stepped it up a bit in the second quarter getting the difference to just one point at the main break. Zac Langdon injured his shoulder late in the second quarter, but came back on after receiving treatment at half time.

Fairly even contest in the third quarter, with both teams dominant in spurts. Neither team going too hard, not wanting to blow a gasket before round one.

Giants found a way to get their nose in front in the final quarter, looking a bit more composed with the ball, before the Swans turned the tide again. Both teams would’ve been content with the game they played despite the result not falling the Giants way.


Jake Lloyd ($479,900 DEF) 73SC

Played loose in defence for the Swans. My main worry is where does he go when Rampe and McVeigh come back?


Callum Mills ($402,300 DEF) 93SC

Could rival James Sicily at his price point. Consider.

Ryley Stoddart ($117,300 DEF) 23SC

Bench option, but didn’t see a lot of the ball in the second half.

Luke Parker ($546,000 MID) 119SC

Was very good tonight, and looks like he’ll be back to his best this season. Seemed to be playing that coveted midfielder-go-forward role for the Swans. Parker also attended the centre bounce a game high 17 times.

Nic Newman ($454,500 MID) 129SC

Because he is mid only this year, I’d stay away in Classic. He’ll score like this every now and then, which could be good for a team in the SC draft format.

Josh Kennedy ($564,200 MID) 97SC

No denying he is cheap, for what he can do, but not the Swan I’d pick.

Robbie Fox ($200,200 MID) 76SC

Awkwardly priced, and his scoring stalled after a fast start. Pass.

Darcy Cameron ($123,900 RUC) 37SC

Won’t score amazingly, but would be a good bench option if you’re not worried about loopholing, or need cover for someone like Lycett.

Tom Papley ($451,400 FWD/MID) 36SC

He would’ve needed a compelling effort in the second half after only recording a score of 19 in the first, but he only compelled me to cross him off my watch list.

James Rose ($127,500 FWD) 20SC


Isaac Heeney ($537,300 FWD/MID) 86SC

Any worry you had after JLT1 should be abolished after today’s performance. Looked a lot better playing at half forward for the Swans. Pick with confidence.

Lance “Buddy” Franklin ($540,500 FWD) 90SC

I think we’ve all established that Buddy will score a 437 one week, and then match his jumper number the next. My advice; Pick him up later when his price drops. Decent option though, if you want to start him and ride the rollercoaster.

Kieren Jack ($406,800 FWD/MID) 81SC

An interesting one, if you were to choose him. Has a history of scoring well, but also has a history of dropping a nice 45 too.

Harry Cunningham ($345,100 FWD) 109SC

26 disposals, 19 by foot. Score helped by 3 frees for. I doubt this is anything significant.


Heath Shaw ($458,100 DEF) 62SC

I’m not convinced. Went at 58% disposal efficiency, and gave away 3 free kicks.

Jeremy Finlayson ($123,900 DEF/MID) 66SC

For the love of all things SuperCoach, have this guy on your defence bench, at least. He’s probably one of the best defence rookies to have to start the season.

Stephen Coniglio ($452,400 MID) 95SC

Those who picked this guy without seeing any form first will feel good being vindicated by his first JLT game, but this game embodied all the reservations everyone else has.

Josh Kelly ($626,600 MID) 117SC

Yes. Lead the way with 7 clearances, and 14 contested possessions.

Lachie Whitfield ($536,600 MID) 142SC

Looks like he’ll go another level this year playing off half back. Scored a monster, but may be a different story once the real season begins. Maybe next year.

Dawson Simpson ($290,300 RUC) 30SC

He didn’t do a heck of a lot, other than be taller than everyone else and lead the hitouts. 33 hitouts for 30 points is not good at all. Pass.

Lachlan Keeffe ($123,900 FWD/DEF) 61SC

Didn’t play in the first quarter, seemed to be the one of the only GWS players who didn’t have the same haircut as Jeremy Cameron. Keep him in your thoughts once round 1 teams come around.

Jeremy Cameron ($489,900 FWD) 111SC

Showed that he’s not the worst option to have in your forward line. Consider.

Brett Deledio ($339,800 FWD) 26SC

Hardly noticed him.

Toby Greene ($528,100 FWD) 52SC

First game back from a broken toe, left a lot to be desired. He’ll be good for the run though. Only played 48% game time.

Zac Langdon ($117,300 FWD) 54SC

Injured his shoulder late in the second quarter, but came back on in a positive sign for our forward rookie stocks.

What did you think of the game community? Who caught your eye?

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  1. SCDamien says:

    The final SuperCoach scores as reported by SuperFooty!


    Nic Newman 128
    Luke Parker 119
    Harry Cunningham 108
    Sam Reid 103
    Josh P. Kennedy 96
    Callum Mills 93
    Lance Franklin 91
    Isaac Heeney 86
    Kieren Jack 81
    Zak Jones 79
    Dean Towers 78
    George Hewett 76
    Robbie Fox 75
    Jake Lloyd 73
    Harry Marsh 69
    Oliver Florent 61
    Lewis Melican 48
    Gary Rohan 47
    Darcy Cameron 37
    Tom Papley 36
    Nick Smith 32
    Will Hayward 31
    Ryley Stoddart 22
    James Rose 22
    Daniel Robinson 20


    Lachie Whitfield 141
    Josh Kelly 114
    Jeremy Cameron 113
    Callan Ward 103
    Tim Taranto 96
    Stephen Coniglio 93
    Harry Himmelberg 71
    Matt de Boer 69
    Jonathon Patton 68
    Dylan Shiel 68
    Jeremy Finlayson 66
    Adam Tomlinson 65
    Heath Shaw 62
    Lachlan Keeffe 59
    Daniel Lloyd 59
    Toby Greene 56
    Zac Langdon 54
    Nick Haynes 54
    Nick Shipley 44
    Sam J. Reid 39
    Phil Davis 33
    Dawson Simpson 30
    Brett Deledio 26
    Lachie Tiziani 7
    Jake Stein 0

  2. Post_MaSloane says:

    Nice writeup Damo! Have had Heeney locked in to my team but worried that even when he plays a good game, doesn't score too many supercoach points? Could be too overpriced

    • SCDamien says:

      The types of players these forward types are, they'll be able to be bought cheaper later on. I'd rather start with a Walters or McLean in his place who are already fairly lowly priced.

    • Finnius says:

      Wouldn't be my main concern – pumped out a couple of 130s last year.

      Definitely will drop throughout the season though -> so the question is do you want to start with him or go with Devon Smith at 100k less who will probably average around the same give or take 2-3

      • Carl says:

        You think Devon will ave 100? Because that’s what I see Heeney getting

    • Carl says:

      69% TOG he’ll be fine. Although both Walters and Mclean are tempting me

  3. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    Ruck off out of that game.

    Stars starting to shine
    Looks like whitfield has sewn up the re bound defender/goto man role.
    Tempting but is he the ole pre season flyer?

  4. Canny says:

    Who rucked for Sydney if Darcy Cameron only played 63% TOG? And why on God's green earth did Dawson Simpson not dominate tonight??? Think I'm gonna have to make some serious manoeuvres to go with two set and forget rucks which isn't fun.
    How much will Kurt Tippett be when he comes out of retirement? What kind of preseason has he done?

  5. Carl says:

    For what it’s worth I think tonight makes the Coniglio decision easier. Had 27 touches at 93%. 7 Marks, 10 score involvements. Decent kick to HB ratio. He’s never been a big contested possession getter. Short of kicking a goal that’s probably a 8-8.5/10 game for him. Only 1 tackle

    He scored 95. We need him to be scoring 110 to be a top 10 mid. So he might make a bit of money and will probably score pretty well, but if he’s not top 10 you’re trading him out at some point.

    • Dann says:

      Over the last 3 seasons he’s averaged a touch under 50% contested possessions & a touch over 6 tackles a game.

      He’ll go 105 with a solid chance to go even better, if he ends up your M8 that’s not going to cost you the comp that’s for sure.

    • Seeker says:

      Spot on. I firmly plan to use Cogs as a steppingstone to a top 8 mid but he should give me the luxury of using him late to do so, or may end up my M8 too. There’s seriously too much upside to ignore

    • Patch says:

      Nailed it, Carl. Cogs has dropped off my list, unfortunately Whitfield has taken his place. Tag the major concern for Lachie but gosh he looks good.

  6. Post_MaSloane says:

    Rokay Scoobs, I don't like this mystery one bit!

    • gordo29 says:

      Someones a bit salty fanstasysupercoach hasn’t taken off. Think the guys do a great job with these match reviews, espically for people that can’t watch the matches like myself

  7. Dann says:

    You’re reading way too much into it & I like the avatars, Way too much complaining going on for a free site and free podcast.

  8. Northerner says:

    Thanks Damien. Great write up. Agree with Lloyd that McVeigh is likely the key factor. Excellent laying out of the facts.

    Question for the community. Goes to structure.

    At present I’m tossing up between:

    1. Going 2 on field cheap FWD rookies and having Armitage at M6, Brayshaw at M7 and one cheap rookie at M8.


    2. Dropping Armitage down to say Will Brodie or Paddy Dow and upgrading one of the FWD rookies to Christensen.

    I think Armitage could average 25pts more than say Brodie, and could be a chance of holding M8 or is last upgrade.

    But Christensen should average circa 80 and a second FWD rookie probably averages 50-60, so probably not that much difference to the Armitage option. However a FWD rookie could easily drop 40s or like Pickett last year, even a random 25. That loses you matches and rank.

    I’ve got splinters on the backside on this one. Not sure which call to make.

    Thoughts? Thanks

    • The Ranger says:

      I think there's plenty of us having that same problem Northerner.
      Personally I've decided (for now) that as there's some good options in the mids and not much up front I'm trying to go pure GnR in the mids and only have one onfield rookie fwd.

    • INPieman says:

      I really don't like the look of having Fritch & say a Ryan both onfiled. Maybe one but not both. Therefore Bundy at F5 looks a safer option to me. I've ditched Armo for that reason. Garlett not playing the other day means we are likely down another forward rookie anyway. Slim pickings up front

      • neil demons delight says:

        gone the same way pies Even Fritsch could be dropped. At a minimum BUNDY to F5 If not F6

      • Carl says:

        What pieman said. As a saints fan I’m not convinced armo will ave over 95. Which will make you some $$ for sure but would rather have Dow / brayshaw ave 70ish and have more cash to spend up forward

    • Derek says:

      I look at players being either;

      1) a keeper.

      2) to make cash

      If you have enough good keepers and the cash makers are making cash, the points should come.

      Savage, Tuohy, Devon, Hanley, Mills, Armitage, Sicily types, are they keepers? Maybe, not saying they can’t be, but they are not money makers either.

      My son’s team is always filled with Midprice value players. Starts the year on fire but never gets to $12mil and ends the year with Westoff and Wingard types in his team and no trades after round 16.

      We need to be around $13mil value by the middle of the year. The top 100 will be closer to $13.5mil by then.

      The challenge that no one can predict is the rookie upgrades during the year. I’m feeling good about them this year. Higgins, Ahern, JSmith, Rioli, Bailey and a few others should become available, but there are no guarantees.

      • Hank_SC says:

        I used to think like that Derek when there were 20 trades, but now with the extra 10 trades I reckon there is 1-2 spots for a mid pricer to do a little bit of both;
        *Start Conglio (example) for 450k averages 100 (fairly modest prediction) sell him for 550k (100k profit) for a fallen ultra premium also 550k.

  9. SC_Kev7 says:

    Russty_, mate, I’m sure Lek and Patch appreciate the feedback but you’re coming across as a bit rude. The avatars cost money and the time of a graphic designer. Patch, Lek, and Barron have ones as leaders of the JR crew, the rest of us have generic ones for now.

    Jock has x4 the Twitter followers of Lek and Patch… combined! Posting through his account is just an outreach thing. Posting articles under his name is the website being a jerk. Of course we want the writers getting the proper credit

    Love your passion, Russty_, maybe slide into Lek’s and Patch’s DM’s on Twitter because I know they love feedback. They’ve done a brilliant thing in not letting this community die and they should get a hell of a lot more credit for it

    • Seeker says:

      God Damn you’re a beautiful man Kev. Well said. Patch, Lek and Barron are doing a great job keeping the community together. People gotta realise that with Jock Higgo and Crouching retiring that the community has changed. The young guys are finding their way and want to do things their way so content, design and output will be different.

      Stick fat everyone there is plenty to help us with our teams

  10. paul says:

    There are some good rookies in the back line this year. I don't like spending over 500 for a player in the back so I look for the best three options under 500 then two medium price players or rookies as the back line really only generates 600 max and if you can get 550 at the start that is good enough I feel.So everyone is going to have D5 Doeded and D6 Finlayson We are blessed with these two who I feel will be constant enough to make good money and both will start round one they are locked in for me.My back line is D1 Tuohy D2 Savage D3 Sicily D4 Byrne D5 Doeded D6 Finlayson. D7 Mirra D8 Murray.I also have Keeffe as a rookie forward who can switch .What I am looking for is consistency in the back line with big gains in money to get me 550 points each week and I feel this is the best lineup this year.This in turn enables me to use more money in the guts and up forward Armitage is my M8 and I have christensen at F5 with one real rookie at F6.

    • CheekyNandos7 says:

      Sounds like you've gone pretty fricken deep in the mid mate aha. How much cash have ya got left with all that spending??

      • paul says:

        117.9 left to play with before round three .I have done heaps of homework this year and extremely happy with my starting team but i am going with Lycett as my R2.Giving me a very impressive mid and forward lines with a bit of money if i need to make a change before the price rise in round three.

    • gordo29 says:

      I like it Paul. At this stage there is money to be made in the backs and that is a unique backline. You aren’t following the pack and finishing in the 1000 to 10000 spots

      • paul says:

        Yes i have evaluated it and the formula for making money is in the back line this year .The key is just not in the rookies tho but picking three good players who will be consistent as your anker.

  11. The_Blacksheep says:

    Papley was going to be my POD in the fwd line but after a score like this I am not so sure anymore..

    • Bells says:

      He did that first two games back last year then went quite well.
      A real POD after this game no doubt.
      I don't think you'll lose money on him, but will he move up enough?? Very hard to say.
      He could steal plenty of midfield time this year – Horse recently said he would, and they won't be running Robinson and Rose either.
      Shark move.

  12. Starkingdom says:

    Time to fill this league before randoms do.. SC Mad code# 358465.

  13. CheekyNandos7 says:

    Asked this in the Melb/Saints write-up so sorry for repeating myself, but should I take Savage or Simmo at D3 and why? Cheers

    • SC_Kev7 says:

      Consistency v ceiling, CN7. You’ll also be hoping Savage can manage a full season. Last year was regarded as his breakout year and Richo still had no problems dropping him. Savage carries a little bit of risk, but if the rest of your team is pretty safe give him a go

      • paul says:

        Savage is on fire and moving well so i am taking the chance.Don't miss the boat boys.

    • Lekdog says:

      I think both have their drawbacks. Simmo will probably go 90+ each week, Savage could go 110-70-100-80 week by week. Up to you if you want a rollercoaster or not. Either way defence is very hard this year. I'm going Simmo but if I have any doubts after Sunday he's sadly gone

    • Hank_SC says:

      Simmo easily.
      Best case scenario is similar for both (100 Ave)
      Worst case scenario for Simmo is 90 Ave, Savage is playing in the 2's.
      Obviously worst case would be a season ending injury but for sake of argument you can't predict this, however fwiw you aren't much better around than Simmo when it comes to durability.

  14. The Wizard says:


    Thanks Community

    • Tibor says:

      Of all the names you mention there could be a large number of combinations. Of all those names Petracca is a must have. The rest are all worthwhile picks….IMO

  15. Tibor says:

    Kreuzer and Redden. Or. Danger and Lycett. .???

  16. Seeker says:

    Great stuff Damo. Love the use of Jesse’s tweet regarding Lloyd. Post concussion he actually scored 92, 100, 98; pretty good scores. Then McVeigh returns and Lloyd proceeds to average 79.5 to then end of the season. This is the bigger issue masked by the concussion last year

  17. TommyC99 says:

    Which one please community? My premo backs are Laird and Hibberd, while my premo forwards are Heeney, Billings and Dev Smith

    Howe/simmo D3 and Tracca F4


    Sicily D3 and Greene/McLean F2 OR F3

  18. SC_Kev7 says:

    More like Deledi-no hahahahaha… I’ll see myself out

  19. Jordan says:

    Pick two. Billings, Greene, Franklin

  20. Bells says:

    The Phantom followed me on Twitter.
    Either they really like my 'new energy small cap mining explorer' focus, or they are doing it to anyone who liked a JR post in an effort to steal the community's viewers??

  21. Bells says:

    3 spots left in 'Jock's Jock League'. You'd want to be in the top 6000ish I guess. Though if you're a bit outside that jump on – I do want to make semis this year. 🙂
    League code 283473

  22. TOPHAWK1 says:

    McLean or Heeney? Its doing my frigging head in. I am leaning towards McLean as he is nicely priced, poddish, and has FWD/MID status. What are others thinking?

    • Patch says:

      I've gone McLean for now TopHawk

      • TOPHAWK1 says:

        If McLean produces another solid performance like he did in JLT1, he will be locked. Be watching him very closely against the pies shortly. Be good to have a look at Sam Murray, Jaidyn Stephenson, and Aaron Naughton again as well. We will find out a fair bit over the next couple of days with the last 6 JLT games being played. Cheers Patch.

    • Shake_n_Bake_ says:


    • Troy says:

      McLean locked and key kicked down the drain. The most lockable forward this season imo. Carving up so far against the pies

  23. Hugh C says:

    Should I be worried starting with Josh Kelly now that Mummy has retired? Only made the jump in scoring last year and played the majority of the year with Mummy. I know he scored well last night but Darcy Cameron is no world beater and I'm sure Dawson Simpson will come up against much fiercer competition throughout the year… Will this negatively impact Kelly to a great extent?

  24. neil demons delight says:

    I keep getting these articles 2 days later E.G. I received the (8 th.) today and the 10th Same last year Is it a computer problem.

  25. PuntRoadRoar says:

    Speaking only for myself… it wouldn't matter if there wasn't even an avatar.
    It's all about the detailed analysis and information provided.
    Keep up the good work guys, IMO absolutely AWESOME write-ups.

  26. goggle says:

    josh kelly or tom mitchell?? will both end the year in my team but dont know who to start with. thoughts

    • Troy says:

      Both. Niether of them will see a price drop.

    • Carl says:

      Can’t go wrong with either. Both super consistent and unlikely to drop far in price. Toss a coin.

      For the record I have gone with Titch. Only because Kelly doesn’t have a good ruckman feeding him hitout’s all day now. Unlikely to affect his score heaps because he’s a gun….but that’s my reason. Good luck

  27. Rick Grimes says:

    Harsh and not at all fair. This website is a great resource and I really appreciate everyone's input.

  28. Rick Grimes says:

    Anyone prepared to jump on the Treloar train again? 70SC points at ht, but at 63% efficiency. Hmmmm. Murray putting his hand up for round 1. Nace

    • Carl says:

      104 SC with 20odd contested possessions, goal and a billion tackles. Same reason as last year…..DE. Today he went at 59% – PASS. Believe me from last year that won’t be the last time he’ll miss a few targets

  29. Derek says:

    Is Cox an option for F5 with Lycett at R2? With DPP

  30. INPieman says:

    If you don't have Sam Murray in your team & onfield your not watching this game. Giz everywhere. Intercepting pill pig. DE needs some tidy up but other than that he's a jet

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      Murray has just been LOCKED. My backline rookies are pretty close to being finalised. I may even move Sicily forward to create another slot due to the abundance of quality rooks down back. (Plenty of coin to be made here) My backline rookies Doedee, Finlayson, Naughton, Murray and either Coffield or O'Shea.

  31. Rick Grimes says:

    Oh dear, JJ has turned my head. What am I thinking..

  32. Rick Grimes says:

    Fogarty. Lock. If named.

    • Defying_Madness says:

      The question is whether to put him at F6 or to get rid of Christensen for him to save cash.

  33. Rick Grimes says:

    Dougal Howard. Awkwardly named and awkwardly priced, but looks an option.

  34. Rabbits16 says:

    lacking in jerk off material?