SuperCoach RD23: The Heroes, The Villains, The Damned.

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Rejoice, Community.

One of the most difficult SuperCoach seasons in recent memory is over.

Congratulations to those who made it to the top of the mountain and either triumphed in their leagues or succeeded in their quest for rankings supremacy.

A stunning performance from Buddy Franklin ensured things went out with a bang on the weekend.

Plus there was a certain Crow who all but cemented his position as a must-have player in 2018.

The Heroes

When he’s on, he’s unstoppable. Lance Franklin (171 SC) produced a performance for the ages on Saturday night, taking a much-improved Liam Jones to the absolute cleaners. Bud booted 10 goals to storm to a Coleman Medal win, also delivering 10 marks and 11 contested possessions in a commanding display.

Put this in the book now, Matt Crouch (150 SC) is a must-have for 2018. His 45-disposal outing on Sunday was the latest in a long line of performances in the back end of 2017 that helped push his season average up to an imposing 110. He will only improve that figure next season. Jump on.

Fellow Crows midfielders Rory Sloane (149 SC) and Brad Crouch (133 SC) also benefited from the dominance of Sam Jacobs at stoppages in their match against West Coast on Sunday. Sloane racked up 38 disposals, 23 contested possessions, 14 clearances and 9 tackles while Brad had 42 disposals, 29 handballs, 15 contested possessions and 10 clearances.

A brilliant display from emerging Bomber Zach Merrett (144 SC) helped him produce a big performance to finish off the season with an average of 109 per match. He had 4 goals and 31 touches in Essendon’s victory over Freo. Hawks ball magnet Tom Mitchell (120 SC) capped off a magnificent season with another workman-like game. His season average of 118.9 ranks only third behind Patrick Dangerfield and Dustin Martin.   

Sam Menegola (131 SC) has benefited from extra opportunities in Geelong’s midfield following the absence of Joel Selwood. He finished with 3 goals, 34 disposals and 15 contested possessions to help the Cats dismantle GWS. Menegola will be a tantalizing prospect if given forward status next season.

Other significant scores:  Matthew Boyd (133 SC), Jarryd Roughead (132 SC), Brendon Goddard (129 SC), Sam Gray (127 SC), James Sicily (124 SC), Callum Ward (123 SC), Shaun Grigg (123 SC), Ben McEvoy (122 SC), Brad Ebert (121 SC), Dyson Heppell (121 SC).

The Villains

Nick Riewoldt (75 SC) and Luke Hodge (47 SC) were probably more focused on their farewell games rather than giving their owners adequate scores, while Tom Rockliff (77 SC) and Dayne Beams (76 SC) were most likely concentrating on making sure the Lions gained the number one draft pick for next season.  

Popular defensive options Michael Hibberd (79 SC), Sam Docherty (66 SC) and Alex Rance (66 SC) let their owners down with below-par returns while forward trio Luke Dahlhaus (66 SC), Robbie Gray (66 SC) and Isaac Heeney (64 SC) all had games they would rather forget.

The Prodigies

In a year where good cash cows have been extremely hard to find, Alex Witherden (99 SC) just pips Hugh Greenwood for rookie of the year. Witherden finished the season averaging 87 and his DEF-MID eligibility provided extra flexibility for his owners.  

The Redeemers

It’s been an up and down year for Kade Simpson (118 SC), but he finished it off nicely with a 29-touch match on Saturday. Despite his average dropping by more than 10 compared to 2016, Simpson registered his ninth year in a row averaging 93 or more.  

After starting the season in irresistible form, Toby Nankervis’ (119 SC) second half of 2017 was fairly ordinary. So it was pleasing for his owners that he finished off the minor round with a bang. With Ivan Soldo out of the side, the Nank was back to full time ruck duties and benefited significantly, finishing with 31 hit outs.

The Damned

Heath Shaw (42 SC) has taken out the title for the biggest let down of 2017, narrowly edging out Tom Rockliff. For many, including myself, he has gone straight on the never again list. It’s been a dramatic fall from grace for Heater, with his average dropping by a staggering 23 points per game compared to 2016. In fact, Shaw’s paltry 2017 average of 83.3 is the first time in 12 seasons his average has dropped below 90. You have to go way back to 2005, Shaw’s first season, for a worse yearly return. He’s clearly enjoying the twilight of his career and simply can’t be considered for next season.


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  1. im outta trades! says:

    Bring on next season! get your cheat sheets ready as season is fresh in mind.

    • Penelope Pitstop says:

      That would be living in the past. Making sure that you see every preseason game is the most important aspect of supercoach, after luck.

  2. INPieman says:

    Great work through the season Carlos

  3. JohnDJ59 says:

    Great write up but most of your scores for the players are wrong.From my team,in the order you have named them, the right scores are Buddy 183, M.Crouch 146, Mitchell 111, Beams 78, Hibberd 67, Heeney 76, Witherden 104, Nank 90.Apart from that I have found this site to be really helpful,being my first year on it,I'm sure it played no small part in me going from 24552 ranking last year to 1501 this year and from winning one GF last year to four this year.Have really enjoyed my time chatting to the other players on this site and will be back next year.My leagues also did well,if anyone is interested for next year,'Rogue Traders' ranked 382,'Holy Grail' ranked1553,'TheSonsOfAnarchy' ranked 2142,'Won't Back Down' ranked 3506 and 'Jolly Roger' ranked 7622.

    • great personal year J J But don't know about your leagues doing well though heaps of fun TRIGGS pauls cashy AGRADERS UPthere Cazaly were from 5o to 300 that's what I call good next year these leagues will only be better but as I said loads of fun and commeraderie cheers

    • Russty_ says:

      Hey John congrats on your breakout year mate, and I'll be trying to sneak into a few of your leagues next season if they're still there, cheers mate, hopefully it's ok if I can bring a friend too.

      Make em private only mate so no plebs or "celebrities" get in there 🙂

      • JohndJames says:

        Thank's Russty,I was only hoping to make it into the top 10,000,so went way over my expectations,now I'll have to back it up next year and not crash and burn like the bulldogs did.I'd be happy for you to join a few of my Leagues next year,that's why I put them out there in case anyone was interested.I turned them private just before the start of the season,since I had a few trouble makers and it was the only way to get them out,I gave the ones from 'Jolly Roger' the black spot.Hopefully we won't see the same amount of injuries to our players that we experienced this year next season since it really played havoc with our teams.

    • billy the boy says:


  4. SC_Kev7 says:

    Appreciate the effort you've put again this year, Carlos. Few DT scores crept in this week.

    With another year in the can I'm Interested to hear the communities top 3 absolute nonnegotiable 100% locks for next year

    • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

      Ive got the DDT's


      Big $ but hey you get what u pay for.
      Will have for look for value elsewhere.

      • SC_Kev7 says:

        Like it, Trig. Huge outlay. Reckon starting with Danger + Titch will cause a few debates. Plenty of mids coming off strong years you could use to save a few bucks

    • Tyruddanaut says:

      Danger of course
      Jelwood will be dirt cheap
      Curnow, if Kelly joins, will see more of the ball and ended the season with 95 average and 75 for season avg

      • SC_Kev7 says:

        Interesting call on Curnow. A few more popular mid/fwds will probably be culled for next year. Will need to lean on KPF's again

    • JohndJames says:



      • SC_Kev7 says:

        Danger, Titch, Doch – looking at approx $2m outlay on 3 players there, NDD.

        • correct  but which   one to delete  Doc wont go down not now he is a mid  looks like danger

          • SC_Kev7 says:

            It'll be a tough call. Hard to say at the moment with only a tiny piece of puzzle, but Doch for mine is clear number 1 in defence (Hurley lovers don't @ me)

            I'm loyal to Danger over Titch

    • Russty_ says:

      Hey Kev, might not start with Danger next year, will start with..Doch, Hurley, Macrae, M.Crouch. Sorry not top 3 but I reckon I'll bet on those blokes.

  5. BrownlowBoy says:

    Thanks for the season Carlos and co, it's very much appreciated.

  6. Big G says:

    Thank you Buddy Franklin for winning me my league.

  7. Iconic says:

    Anyone know if there is a SuperCoach Finals up and running yet this year?

  8. Wighty says:

    When are sc 2018 prices out…..I'm having withdrawal symptoms already !!!

  9. TheGreatBozza says:

    Brought in both Buddy and Zerrett for the final who went BANG! Giving Matty Crouch my norm smith however since he was a unique.

    Shaw and Scharenberg tried their best to lose my the GF. So long Heath Shaw, it's been a fun ride

    • Russty_ says:

      Yeah Shaw has entered the realm of Hacksville…not reliable anymore.

  10. tkringle says:

    Scores in the article seem way off? e.g Hibberd 69 not 79, buddy 183 not 171?

  11. Rivo says:

    Carl, thank you for being a great contributor to the Jock Reynolds SC Community. The weekly articles have been a great read and solace for most of us in a difficult season.

    Like many coaches, I've made some awful decisions and some good ones.

    Dammed from my rat ridded team: Shaw, T.Lynch (GC), Dahlhaus, Hanners.

    Next season inclusions: Adams, Oliver, Gray, Cripps, Nic Nat, Burton.

    My best starting selection was Matt Crouch. And all on the back of Jocks pre season magazine. Inspired call Jock.

    • Smote says:

      Plenty of good considerations for midfield spots next year.

      Like these ins except …..Gray ?
      As in Robbie….?
      Downhill skier for mind ….has been superseded by Wingard going to the middle.

      I'd add Coniglio or Whitfield if Josh Kelly moves on.

      And Jack Steven….if he overcomes his groin probs.

      • Rivo says:

        Gray only based on being DPP next season.
        Plenty of others to consider too.

        • Smote says:

          Agree Rivo DPP's worth their weight in gold this year.
          Just hope there are some new additions next year that are more tempting than Gray.

    • Russty_ says:

      Don't really like Gray or Steven for next season, unless they show some serious consistency early on, and that means several tonnes in a row…otherwise, they can go get fk'd lol

  12. Defying_Madness says:

    Rocky will be undergoing surgery on his shoulder along with Beams. Apparently they were both playing injured majority of the year. Does this change anyone's decision on whether to start Rocky next year?

  13. The Ranger says:

    Thanks for your great work Carlos, much appreciated.

  14. Richard says:

    Never trust a breakout player like Matt Crouch after 1 year of premo scoring.They will come back and bite you on the arse.Always a watch see possible upgrade target

    • Russty_ says:

      You could say the same about Oliver…turned out to pretty trustworthy.

      • Richard says:

        Yes you could so would you start him in your side next year?

        • Russty_ says:

          Hey Richard, yep I will be cause I'm going to have a predominantly youth policy next time around, I'll probably start both as of now but as you know a lot can change between now and then so it's hard to say really until we see who's available and for what price, cheers mate.

    • billy the boy says:

      expect more 2018

  15. Richard says:

    When ever the time prevails could someone write an article about North Melbourne's inability to be super coach relevant.Over the years the only notable premo players they have had is A.Swallow T.Goldstein S.Higgins.Every week you look at the North players scores you would be lucky to find 3 over the ton.Why does this phenomena occur year in year out ?

    • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

      Except goldy can't think of any other north player besides rookies who has been a regular.

      • I had hibberd all year brilliant also pickett and his 91 looped got me to the finals never thought I would say it but both served their purpose but did I miss out on cash generation

    • Hawks are the same except tich maybe roughy

    • frogger says:

      Luke McDonald might be an option next year, solid back half of the year in particular. Not uberpremo, but potentially solid for the price?

      • Richard says:

        He will be looked at for sure by the majority as his season was consistent and no absolute shocker scores.

        • Keenbutclueless says:

          As a left field option I will be looking at Dumont next year. Preuss will be on every radar if Goldy leaves. Jacobs if cheap might be a M7/8 option, and Ahern as a rookie

  16. Richard says:

    Many thanks to all concerned contributing to this website and may you all have a fantastic off season

  17. Great read all year Carlos Looked forward to your report each week wish I could be as comprehensive well done son till next year cheers

  18. Waiting on OLDOCKERS review anyone know

  19. Is it true about Hirdie going to Collingwood could take over when they sack bucks make a few on this site cringe

    • CheekyNandos says:

      Apparently Hirdy will be an assistant to Bucks and as a pie supporter I dont understand why everyone keeps giving Hirdy crap for a mistake he made 5 years ago. Scott Burns has left for Hawthorn and Hirdy will be able to do his job so I say why not give him a chance.

      That being said I think James bleeds Red and Black and I believe he won't come over to the pies .

  20. frogger says:

    Thanks very much to Carlos for the great work all year and it sounds like we have some Old Ocker to look forward to as well. Top stuff!

  21. Steeeve says:

    Anyone copy and paste that HS article about the winner and his strategy? Will be forever grateful…

    • SC_Kev7 says:

      STUART Bailey can thank the reverse trades button for claiming the $50,000 overall prize in Australia’s biggest fantasy competition.

      But his first thanks have to go for his workmates at a Mulgrave printing business, who talked him into signing up in March.

      “I wasn’t going to play this year and the guys at work talked me into it for their league,” Bailey said.

      “I picked my team probably quicker than I ever have before and I didn’t pay much attention until I hit the No. 1 ranking. I usually just play for my league, I didn’t think I’d ever get that close.”

      Bailey, who finished about 20,000th overall last year, made a lot of the same mistakes that thousands of other players fell into.

      He started with Aaron Sandilands and Jarrod Witts in the ruck, which proved a key to success in 2017, but his Round 1 team also featured Jaeger O’Meara, David Swallow and Jarryd Roughead.

      Stuart Bailey claimed the $50,000 major prize.
      Crucially, he didn’t hesitate to get rid of them when it became clear they were likely busts.

      O’Meara and Roughead were gone after three rounds, replaced by Marc Murphy and Will Hoskin-Elliott.

      Swapping Swallow to Clayton Oliver and Christian Petracca to Elliott Yeo also proved inspired moves.

      But the crucial moment came after Bailey’s team, the Big Kabosh, jumped to No. 1 overall about Round 8.

      He had previously paid no attention to the bye rounds but realised he would have only 13 players available in Round 10.

      “I had two rounds to start getting players in to get me through the byes and everything snowballed from there.”

      Possibly his best — and luckiest — move was to bring in Carlton ruckman Matthew Kreuzer when Sandilands missed his first game through injury in Round 10.

      “I was mucking around with trades before I left for a trip to Tasmania that weekend and I actually forgot there was a Thursday night game that week. I went to reverse it but it was already locked in.”

      Kreuzer had averaged 98 points to that point and was available for $487,800, just $23,000 more than Sandilands.

      He scored 146 points that week and was one of the form players of the second half of the season, finishing with a 110 average.

      The planets aligned again when Patrick Dangerfield was suspended for a week in Round 20.

      Bailey wanted to upgrade a bench player to Joel Selwood as cover, but fell $4000 short. So he settled for Dayne Beams.

      The Brisbane fan then watched Beams fly home with two scores above 130 in his final four games. He also traded Witts to Max Gawn the week the Melbourne big man scored 160.

      “That was another lucky move,” he said.

      “I was just a bit blessed, I think. I don’t know how it happened.”

      Bailey plans to use the $50,000 prize to upgrade his 1994 Toyota Camry and to travel around Europe. But not everything went to script.

      “I lost the work league. My highest score of the year was 2580 and someone came out of nowhere and scored 2582 to knock me out in the prelim. The guys at work enjoyed that a lot.”

      • Steeeve says:

        You are a gentleman and a scholar Kev!
        Goes to show it's all about making the right moves at the right time, and I'd say thats equal parts brain amd luck.

        • SC_Kev7 says:

          No worries, Steeeve. Agree mate, by the sounds of it his starting team was fairly cookie cutter and his trades worked out for him. No big Bruyn Maneouvre type moves

          • The Ranger says:

            The thing I take from that is to move early on the mid-pricers if they're not working out.
            I held Roughie and Swallow for far too long.

        • INPieman says:

          The gods only smile on one person. Everyone else has a hard luck story to tell

      • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

        Ahh u lucky plick.

        What is this guy irish?

        • SC_Kev7 says:

          Haha, I feel ya Trig. Feels like for all his dumb luck/good fortune trades, I could name half a dozen "upgrades" that bombed spectacularly.

      • this is great reading Kev A lot of luck involved and good moves like getting rid of dead wood early like to know his trade record

        • Russty_ says:

          Hey Neil, yeah a lot of luck for sure in the replacements he chose, and also he didn't dawdle when it came to punting injured or out of form guys dropping low scores.
          I'd like to see his trade history too, to see when and if he ran out of trades, and if he actually made any bad trades during the year lol

  22. Cr0magn0n says:

    Hey community, I've started an NFL fantasy league (free – nil cash buy in) and have 4 spots left. Live draft is scheduled for 3:00 pm this Sunday (03/09/2017). Anyone keen? No experience necessary, it's nowhere near as complicated as SC, all I ask is committment for the duration of the season (which just happens to fit beautifully into the void left by the SC season). Any questions feel free to ask. Invite is via email so leave your email address in the comments so I can send invites.

  23. matt says:

    Hello?? Anybody???? It's normally team selection and hurling abuse at the ins and outs this time of the week… I don't know what to do with myself.

  24. Will says:

    Who's starting Fyfe next year?

    • 2018 says:


    • Steeeve says:

      Everyone with a brain. Should be same price as this year but without the cobwebs.

    • SC_Kev7 says:

      Averaged 126 over his last 2 months of footy

    • Russty_ says:

      Not sure yet Will, can only fit a certain amount of 600k players in the mids and hopefully they are in good teams, not like Freo.

      I started him, and kept him all year and didn't regret it in the end game, but there was a lot of pain in between those good scores, I'm thinking more like Matt Crouch and Mitchell, maybe Dusty…Oliver

  25. Russty_ says:

    Tigers fans must be pretty stoked Dusty's decided to remain a one club player and not chase the bigger bucks, gotta respect that.
    Hope the long suffering Tigers fans have some joy this finals series, it'd be about time, from a longer suffering Saints fan lol.

  26. Russty_ says:

    It'd be nice if there was a Supercoach Finals series so our withdrawal symptoms wouldn't have to last so long…we get to pick a team of only finals players, and get enough trades to get rid of players in the teams that get knocked out, why not?…it'd be fun.
    AFL Fantasy does it in their Matchday Game, you get to pick a team of 8, trying to get the best scores out of them, not a big fan of the AFL Fantasy Classic game, but the draft and Matchday games are fun and don't take much time to participate in.

    Someone should petition Herald Sun for a finals series, it'd be a good way to keep our competitive juices flowing.

    • SC_Kev7 says:

      They had a finals format for a few years, Russty. Dunno why it stopped, but I remember it being not all that popular. Draftstars will have matchups for each game. I noticed too that there is a BBL icon if you tap on the filter tab, some BBL Draftstars will be awesome!

    • Goanna says:

      You are way over the top about SC. Get a life.

      • Russty_ says:

        Thanks for your input mate, it's always nice to receive positive feedback.
        What do you suggest I do from here going forward?..seeing as how I don't have a life and all… as I really value your opinion…guy I've never heard of.

  27. Joshua says:

    Anyone looking at Boekhorst for next year? Ended pretty well.

    • Joshua says:

      And silvagni if he stays on park and price is good

    • Russty_ says:

      Hey Josh, I'm gonna just start with a clean slate next season, especially after this one…I reckon Boekhorst is quite awkwardly priced and not a very reliable scorer and Silvagni hasn't proved much worth picking him yet.
      I know I won't be starting with Bont next year, he tends to fade later in the season, maybe won't start Danger also, and Dusty always has a crap patch, where he drops below 500k, every year.

      Guns n rookies could be the go again next year, with a few strategically picked midpricers in the mix.

      Cheers mate.

      Tis a shame everyone abandons the site come finals time, we should all keep talking about Footy until the Footy's over. 🙂

      • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

        Ill see what i can do rusty.
        Cooking something up for a SC finals comp.

      • neil demons delight says:

        who will sainters target Russty

        • Russty_ says:

          Not sure Neil but we really need some decent tall forwards, Bruce hasn't got it together and McCartin in a concussion magnet, Membrey is still too inconsistent too. Not looking good for us going forward.

  28. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    Ok lads here it is – my version of Supercoach finals!

    How many of us want a Happy Ending?
    C’mon mind out of the gutter as this is the JR crew this can only mean one thing:
    Supercoach Finals!

    Even if you had the year from hell, want some redemption or had your best season to date you can still have a happy ending. Imagine being the best performer in the finals series, you would have the all sorts of bragging rights over Jocks flock and this would surely stir the tank to get you up and about and to look towards the preseason and 2018 AFL season.

    How many of us were at a loss on the weekend? Maybe you hired a slasher to mow that overgrown lawn, maybe you ended up in hospital from the mild heart attack you had when you finally got to look at the credit card statement and see what the missus had been up to during the footy season. Get well by the way. Whatever you did I bet there was something missing? Well as the herald sun won’t come to the party then I’m going to create my own version of Supercoach Finals.

    Blank canvas. Start again. (Every Week)
    •No salary cap! That’s right you can pick whoever you like without breaking the bank as there is no bank as long as it is within the rules as set out below.
    •No captain or Vice-Captain
    •No Bench
    Sounds easy right? Well here are the rules.

    1.Maximum number of players from each team as set out in rule 8 below. (with 8 teams playing week 1 of the finals that is 2 players from each)
    2.Players must be named in the supercoach positon that they were given during the regular season (i.e. Dangerfield can’t be a forward)
    3.All teams must be listed on JR site before the first bounce of the first game in each week of the finals. Teams are locked in from this time with one exception (Rule 4).
    4.If a player is named in the team but is late withdrawal before the first bounce of their match (i.e. Selwood) the player can be replaced before the game with a player from the same team in the same position. Again this change must be posted on the JR website.
    5.Supercoach points to be applied to each player selected as per the heraldsun supercoach point scoring system.
    6.The highest combined total of points for the players selected in a team will be deemed the winning team for the week.
    7.The highest total number of cumulative points from players selected weeks 1-4 in the AFL final series will be deemed the Supercoach Finals overall winner.
    8.As the finals progress blank canvas every week. With players to be selected from participating teams as follows:

    Week 1 of Finals: (From 8 Teams participating – Maximum of 2 players from each team):
    •16 Players consisting of:
    o4 Back
    o6 Midfield
    o2 Rucks
    o4 Forwards

    Week 2 of Finals: (From 4 Teams participating – Maximum of 3 players from each team):
    •12 Players consisting of:
    o3 Back
    o5 Midfield
    o1 Ruck
    o3 Forwards

    Week 3 of Finals: (From 4 Teams participating – Maximum of 3 players from each team):
    •12 Players consisting of:
    o3 Back
    o5 Midfield
    o1 Ruck
    o3 Forwards

    Grand Final: (From 2 Teams participating – Maximum of 5 players from each team):
    •10 Players consisting of:
    o2 Back
    o5 Midfield
    o1 Ruck
    o2 Forward

    Depends how much interest we get on whether I put together a table of everyone’s team and results.
    This may be too much work so may rely on the honesty system where you add up and keep track of your own score. Afterall if you cheat you are only cheating yourself and anyone at anytime can check to see your team total as you have posted your team on the website so big brother is always watching.

    So why not have a go. It’s free and who knows you may just get the bragging rights over the rest of us.
    Also don’t forget that Draftstars runs each week during the AFL final series. So why not have a go? Some big cash prizes to be won and who knows you may even be able to pay off that credit card.
    Good luck! Gone to my happy place. Be back in a few……

    • hedski says:

      Ha ha. Happened to have a look on here for the first time in a week to check if you had something up and about Trig, I'm in, will post a team for this week before tomorrows game.
      Good idea for the setup. Cheers mate.

    • Jambak says:

      My team:
      Def: laird, Williams, rance, Hurley
      Mids: danger, dusty, m crouch, zerrett, jpk, j.kelly
      Ruck: Ryder, s. Jacobs
      Fws buddy, Daniher, Greene, yeo

    • Lazza says:

      Wife says "No", so dont say nuffin ok !!

      Lazza's Lairs

      DEF: Hurley, Wilson, Tuohy, Laird
      MID: Danger, Dusty, M Crouch, Z Merrett, Kelly, Parker
      RUC: Bellchambers, Jacobs
      FWD: Franklin, Greene, Betts, Ryder

      • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

        Laz rule 1.

        Too many bombers and crows gws.

        Max 2 players from each team.

        • Lazza says:

          Bummer… I didn't read that too well did I …. too late to change…

    • Russty_ says:

      Hey Trig, here's my first draft, hopefully they'll play…:)

      Z.Jones, Laird, McVeigh, Houli
      M.Crouch, Danger, Dusty, Merrett, Duncan,Josh Kelly
      Ryder, Bellchambers
      Gray, Yeo, Kennedy, Greene

    • Russty_ says:

      Bump back to the top 🙂

    • Russty_ says:

      Adjusted Team: Russtynuts


      Cheers Trigger

    • SC_Kev7 says:

      Slapped together a team quick smart, hedski. See how it goes…

      Rucks x 2
      Ryder – Port
      Jacobs – Ade

      Backs x 4
      Hurley – Ess
      Houli – Rich
      JGov – WC
      Cam Guthrie – Geel

      Mids x 6
      M. Crouch – Ade
      Danger – Geel
      Josh Kelly – GWS
      Coniglio – GWS
      Dusty – Rich
      Zerrett – Ess

      Forwards x 4
      Buddy – Sydney
      Heeney – Sydney
      Yeo – WC
      Dead Man Dixon – Port

  29. hedski says:

    Stuff it I've already slapped a side together Trig.

    Hedskis Slappers.

    Def – Hurley, Houli, Gov, Wilson

    Mid – Danger, Parker, M.Crouch
    J.Kelly, Menegola, Dusty

    Ruck – Sauce, Ryder

    Fwd – JJK, Buddy, Dixon, Daniher

    That'll do, I think I have two from each team.
    Bring it on. (Full KPP fwd line ha ha.)
    Note- I have swapped Z.Williams for Wilson 2 hours before kick off, rest remains the same.

  30. gator59 says:

    Here goes with my team Trigga

    Zac Dawson's Dream Team

    Def– Laird, Hurley,, Houli,, Pittard

    Mid– M.Crouch,, Z. Merrett,, Danger,, Dusty,, J. Kelly(GWS),, Parker

    Rucks–Ryder,, Z. Smith

    Fwds– Spitter/Kicker Greene,, Buddy,, Yeo,, JJK

    Hope this cuts the cake Trigga..

  31. Russty_ says:

    Nice idea Trigga… I'll be in it 🙂

  32. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    Good stuff lads.

    Team: Trigs Happy Ending.
    Def: Laird, Hurley, Houli, McGov
    Mid: Danger, Dusty, Kelly, M Crouch, Duncan, Zerrett
    Ruck: Ryder, Mumford
    Fwd: Yeo, Buddy, Heeney, Wingard.

    Good thing is as we need players from every game wont know who takes the crown week 1 until Sunday.

    Game on.

  33. neil demons delight says:

    GREAT NAME TEAM hurley McVeigh McGovern houli MIDS M CROUCH danger dusty merrett Kelly Duncan RUCKS ryder Jacobs FWDS Gray Yeo Buddy Greene Neil DEMONS DELIGHT

  34. Jambak says:

    I give up ! Tuohy for laird !

  35. SC_Kev7 says:

    Jock must be enjoying his offseason too much, didn't hear back. I've jumped in the $2 mini tonight and the free beat baz contest

  36. Russty_ says:

    Giants are shite…wouldn't be surprised if they go out in straight sets.

    • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

      If big if the way crows def play but if hits the ground not presdu6re in fwd line just waltz it out of there.

      Crows turned up to play a final tonight but GWS ….

    • neil demons delight says:

      stevie j may straighten them out will still win and easily other two are rubbish would be a good match up for our teams Russty

  37. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    Match 1 is done and dusted and so is GWS if they dish that up next week. Ever heard of fwd pressure? Crows bloody magnificio with the crouch boys leading the way, eddie the wizard up to his tricks and sloanedog to return look out.

    We have the magnificent 7 of valid SC finalists.
    Quick update:
    Every team has 6 of the same players so 10 pods so plenty of variety.
    The late comer in Kev is the early clubhouse leader with the formidable midfield combination Crouch, Kelly and his big pod in Cogs. 442.
    Most of us had laird or Sauce who failed to fire last night.

  38. neil demons delight says:

    Not convinced about the crows Trigg.. cats and swans have equal if not better mids and Swans have the def. Written off Port Essendon Richmond gws and wce not good enough for mine 396 par I think sauce a let down

  39. hedski says:

    365 for me, my last minute decision to change Williams to Wilson cost me 43 points….d'oh.

    • Russty_ says:

      Fingers crossed for ya mate, hope your blokes get over the line, and that it's a close game too 🙂

  40. hedski says:

    Should be a cracker Russty, how'd ya score last night?

  41. Russty_ says:

    Nice work mate…could you post a mid finals update ladder to see where we sit?

  42. Russty_ says:

    Appreciate all your efforts for doing this , it's awesome and great fun, cheers bud.

    • neil demons delight says:

      yeah rusty maybe start earlier next year but to whip it up at short notice incredible effort Format is perfect Just needs more coaches but happy to play against these guys

  43. neil demons delight says:

    tackles just didn't stick motlop was poor particularly his disposal but a loss could work in geelongs favour without the big break and they are still a very good team Hawk battled hard and s selwood probably need menzel now

  44. Richard says:

    Same old same old from Geelong.A good home and away side but no good when the heat goes on them in the finals.Another sharlacking like last year against swans.Even if you think they were in it at some stage The tigers were just having a breather
    before the final onslaught.I hope the tigers can go on with it and win the big one.Cats have been Jekyll and Hyde most the season and
    they will go out in straight sets.Time to go Scotty,Motlop,Guthrie,Mackie,Lonegan,Hor-Smith.Also showed the Menzel & Selwood drop
    and recall were a flop.

    • Russty_ says:

      Even if Tigers make it to the GF, I reckon the Swans will smash them. It'd be a good achievement if the Tigers make it to the GF though.

      • hedski says:

        Cats will do the swans next week Russty…..bwa ha ha, have my doubts.
        Actually scored 395 not 385 last night, leaves me limping along on 760/8 played, haven't seen any scores for ESS/swans yet.

        • Russty_ says:

          Scores are on Footywire mate, I had a crap game scorewise (Swans Bombers)…312 or something shite like that…Cats could get up mate, ya never know!..I hope they do for ya 🙂

  45. Russty_ says:

    Three blowout Finals in a row, hope at least the Eagles Port game has a bit of excitement about it.

    • hedski says:

      Here's hoping, gotta watch it on my phone, friggin kids taken over.

      • Russty_ says:

        Oh bummer mate, can you connect your smartphone to your second TV somehow?..otherwise, hope you have a big phone haha

    • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

      U could say that.
      Close enough for ya? ⌛

      • Russty_ says:

        Hell of a game trigger..heartbreak for all those Port ferals lol

        • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

          Absolute belter.
          Swans super impressive today like tiges gave u no space and harassed u within a inch of your life.
          10 straight the plugga impact taking effect
          Did mcgov score 218?

    • neil demons delight says:

      got your wish Russty what a game Though I don't care for either better team won just split decision. If you had a panel of judges it would be 6/4 IMO. both deserved winners. West Coast not without a chance.Feel bad for the Port PEOPLE its a rotten way to bow out after the siren but a great year same as Essendon great year.Next year shapes up to b e a great year with the dees and saints improving Bring it on Cheers Neil

  46. hedski says:

    Can't work out footy wire, went to fan footy, came up Bud = 90, Hurley = 122, Parks = 125 and Daniher = 100. Gives me 437 for that game. Not sure how accurate that is tho.

    • Russty_ says:

      Yeah that's correct mate…just find the game and click on stats on Footywire.

  47. Joshua says:

    Shuey next year to fill the eagles midfield void, good selection?

  48. hedski says:

    Finally a good game this weekend, might help my ds team with extra time.

    • hedski says:

      Na didn't help. Some dude scored 1000 in the $15/ $50k sat game, took home $7gorillas.

  49. neil demons delight says:

    TOTAL FOR wek 1 neil demon delights1605 probably mid range port people stuffed me wingard and ryder

    • hedski says:

      1583 for hedskis slappers.
      Stupidly changed Z.Williams to N.Wilson, cost me 43 points.

      • SC_Kev7 says:

        1675 for me this week. Ruck selections (Jacobs and Ryder) were horrid

        • hedski says:

          Good score Kev, had Williams Menegola and JJK all dragging me down, had the same rucks. Houlis 79 was borderline.

          • SC_Kev7 says:

            Snagged massive scores from JGov, Cogs, Dusty. I'm on the blower with vic police now reporting a sighting of Dead Man Dixon. It's been a solid 10 minutes of laughter now. 116SC! Madness for a dead bloke

          • hedski says:

            Wilson not Williams

  50. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    First round of the finals can be filed away under key words:
    Crows v Giants – take a bow crouch boys, dangerous fwd line , no fwd pressure, talent can only get u so far
    Cats v Tigers – Finally, pressure, wilt and did cotch actually do that?
    Swans v Bombers – Brutal finals display. JPK all the way, that was buddy with a corkie look out cats, farewell greats kelly and Jobe.
    Eagles v Port – play it again sam. Agony and ectasty. Finally a tight one. Need to take your chances. Pridda and Sam retirement plans put on hold for another week, Luke "the iceman" Shuey.

    Ok so wrap for SC finals.
    The late comer in Kev stormed to the top, Rusty at the other end. Most fwds Meh scores but rucks downright abysmal. All had the devil Ryder.

    I feel if you cracked 1600 great job.

    Kev 1675
    Neil 1605
    Hedski 1583
    Trigga 1578
    Jambak 1539
    Gator 1502
    Rusty 1444

    Well done Kev gr8 score
    Check your scores as HS dont have the scores for the last game, pulled them off footywire but they have the game drawn?

    My team for next week can be found below:

    • hedski says:

      I checked fanfooty Trig, shows the same scores as footywire.

    • neil demons delight says:

      this will take off next year cheers

    • Russty_ says:

      Cheers for the update Trigger…my blokes really stunk it up last week, coming in a not very respectable LAST lol.

      I'll try to do better this week…those last 2 games really took the wind out of my sails.

    • Russty_ says:

      My team for this week..WEEK 2..
      RUCK : Z.SMITH

      That's my squad of hopefully not last placed losers lol

  51. gator59 says:

    Great stuff Trigga.. Had a very mediocre start to the finals campaign

    All mids performed…. nearly all the others were shite

    bring on next week.. love this what you have done here trigga .. keeps the juices flowing,, good luck to all ,, cheers Gator

  52. hedski says:

    Jumping in early, subject to selections.
    Hedskis Slappers – week 2.

    Def – Tuohy, Gov, Z.Williams (ha).

    Mids – Danger, Parks, JPK, Ward, Whitfield

    Ruck – Sinclair.

    Fwd – JJK, Tomahawk, Yeo.

  53. gator59 says:

    Here goes with ZD's Dream Team … week 2

    Backs… Gov,, Touhy,, Hurn

    Mids… Danger.. Kelly.. Parker.. Duncan.. Cogs

    Ruck.. Sinclair

    Fwds…Heeney. Yeo.. Spitter/kicker

    Please note i have one late change 2 hours out..

    Have changed from Buddy to Heeney due to wet weather at the G


  54. Jambak says:

    Def: McGovern, z.williams, hurn
    Mids: Kelly, Parker, JPK, danger, ward
    Ruck: smith
    Fwd: Hawkins, yeo, buddy

  55. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    Makes no sense to me.

    We go hard at it for 23 weeks then when we get into the business end (the exciting times the finals) we stop.

    This form of finals SC allows you still to watch the game but also adds that little bit of extra spice as you now have a team to follow and try to beat other JR players.

    A win win for mine.

    Kev gonna be hard to catch already gonna need a couple of good pods.

    • gator59 says:

      I see me and Rusty are holding up the rear of the leader board ,, but will try and catch up a bit this week hopefully..

      P.S as Saints supporters i think we are pretty familiar at the situation that we have got.. LOL

      • neil demons delight says:

        good one gat but not next year both our clubs will play finals no doubt

    • neil demons delight says:

      pity most teams are similar takes a bit away

  56. INPieman says:

    Neil, Nick, Anthony & Hugh you've been paid your winnings. Well done. Sarah if your reading this you've sent me the wrong BSB number. Please reply to my email. Neil was the main beneficiary this season & multiple prize winner. Well done. Marco & Jayden I'm waiting for your responses please. Cheers for 2017. Onwards to 2018

    • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

      Missed u in the SC finals comp pie.

      • INPieman says:

        Having a bit of a break Trig. I'll start looking at things again post trade period. If you look at the players that were traded last year have a look at the relevance

    • hedski says:

      Did Neil get the high round score too Pie?

      • neil demons delight says:

        Hi Hedski I was lucky enough to score 2541 in that big round towards the end See you next year

        • Russty_ says:

          Congrats Neil, well done mate.

          • neil demons delight says:

            thx rusty come on mate move up that finals ladder

            • Russty_ says:

              Haha, cheers mate, yeah those last 2 games killed my overall score, oh well, someone's gotta bring up the rear lol

    • 2018 says:

      RE: INPieman is it ok if I ask you the team name of Jayden Thanks

      • Swans2012 says:

        Why would you like to know anonymous 2018?

      • gator59 says:

        Think Jayden's team was called the winning choice

        • neil demons delight says:

          tossing up between spitter and hawk and Kelly/Duncan WONDER IF 4 DIFFERENT CAPTAINS WOULD WORK .danger and martin would be used first by all then who for double points Gives everyone a chance to pick a pod captain week 3/4 just a thought great concept hope more enter next year

          • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

            4 captains gonna be alot of points.
            I didnt go with a capt idea as everyone would pick danger so really no point.

            My only other thought on capt is the capt cant be selected in the midfield.
            That may throw up some variety as the other 3 positions alot more inconsistent.

            • neil demons delight says:

              sorry trig I meant once you select danger in game 1 that's it no more next game a different one and so on Something to work on

        • Swans2012 says:

          That's me gator hence my comment above ;), Just didn't know whether they were trying to scam my winnings as I can't seem to get onto pieman and didn't receive any email from him!

          • gator59 says:

            Fair enough Swans2012

            • Swans2012 says:

              I'm a paranoid character aren't I, I think it's Pre semi final paranoia, you'd think the wet would play into our hands but I just don't know!

        • 2018 says:

          Ok thanks Gator because my team was called JAYD3Z and was in a few jockreynolds leagues and my name is also Jayden

    • Swans2012 says:

      Sorry pieman must have missed something somewhere! Didn't see any posts or receive any emails! Am I emailing the same address from the start of the year? I'll try that one! Although I sent that one an email last week to see what the go was?will try again….

  57. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    Happy Ending week 2.

    McGov, Williams, Hurn
    Dangerwood, Duncan, JPK, Hannas
    Yeo, Green, Heeney

  58. SC_Kev7 says:

    Week 2 lineup…

    Back x3
    McVeigh (Syd)
    JGov (WC)
    Hurn (WC)

    Mids x 5
    Danger (Geel)
    Menegola (Geel)
    Parker (Syd)
    Kelly (GWS)
    Ward (GWS)

    Ruck x1
    Z. Smith (Geel)

    Forwards x 3
    Heeney (Syd)
    Yeo (WC)
    Greene (GWS)

  59. NEIL demons delight says:


  60. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    Well lads week 2.

    Boy we have mixed things up – case of have to to catch Kev.
    2 players the same in all teams
    so 10 pods
    Will be interesting.

    To mix it up I have gone with the tried and true finals midfield – hoping the boys put on a masterclass tonight.
    Pity nic nat didn't get a game would have put him in the team.

    good luck all …

  61. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    Yeah thats the bloke

  62. gator59 says:

    What a feckin flog Sinclair is…. 10 FECKIN POINTS

    • Russty_ says:

      Massive flog mate…in a team who didn't show up, Buddy wasn't much better.

    • neil demons delight says:

      coulnt agree more same class as greene please flogga greene do something

  63. Russty_ says:

    Good stuff mate, they stuck it right up em!

  64. neil demonsdelight says:

    good on ya Hedski reckon on that can gall to he way at least beat those crow flogs

  65. neil says:

    go all the way typo

  66. neil demons delight says:

    Absolute shocker Rucks (I,m looking at you spud Sinclair) killed it but very enjoyable concept Trigg 1075 and dam lucky to get there.Cheers

  67. SC_Kev7 says:

    1233 for me this week. Mainly on the back of huge returns from Danger, Menegola, Ward, and Z. Smith. Yeo and Parker my only scores under 94.

    Week 1 – 1675
    Week 2 – 1233
    Total – 2908

  68. hedski says:

    Absolute shocker for me this week, my ruck and fwds combined for a measly 171 points, total of 964.
    Week 1 – 1583
    Week 2 – 964.
    Total – 2547.
    That's a handy lead you have there Kev.
    Ah well the cats got through.

  69. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    Not too bad for me
    Lobb was a belta of a ruck pod
    WC defenders also did ok ball was down that end alot i guess
    1,174 week 2
    1,578 week 1
    2,752 overall

    Kev heading for glory well done again Kev.
    Sinclair like swans turned into ugly duckling.

    • Russty_ says:

      Nice one Trigger, you gonna post a ladder for this week?…1174 from 12's pretty good, right up there 🙂

  70. Russty_ says:

    1160 for me this week, Petrie, Williams and Gaff really let me down, not sure where I stand on the ladder now, probably still last lol
    1444 week 1 = 2604 total so far.

    • hedski says:

      Ya beating me Russty, hanging them out there this week, lookin at Jenkins, Z.Guth, De Boer, Castagne, Macintosh, Bews, MacKay. All the little guns. Ha ha, go cats.

      • Russty_ says:

        Hey bud, regardless of our little private finals series, your lads got the job done and moving on up, hope they go all the way for ya mate.

  71. Russty_ says:

    Finals week 3 Team..will adjust if necessary.

    Backs: Williams, Vlastuin, Houli
    Mids: Danger, M.Crouch, Martin, Duncan, Kelly
    Ruck: Z.Smith
    Fwds: Greene, Betts, Lynch

  72. gator59 says:

    Week 3 Same as Ruusty will adjust if not named or late outs

    Backs—Laird.. Williams.. Vlaustin

    Mids– Danger.. M.Crouch.. Dusty.. Kelly…Sloane

    Ruck– Smith

    Fwds– Spitter.. Townsend.. Lang

  73. SC_Kev7 says:

    Haha, would happily trade this blind luck for success in Draftstars! Couldn't even beat Barry this week…

    • hedski says:

      Same, but I scored $15 beating Wendell, know nothing about NRL….

      • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

        Wendell must have had a shocker received nearly $20 and i know didley about NRL. Picked the team? on name only. Lol.

  74. hedski says:

    Week 3.
    Def – Henderson, Seedyman, Rancy pants.
    Mids – Scooter, Grigg, B.Crouch, Ward, Whitfield.
    Ruck – Nank.
    Fwds – General P, Tomahawk, T.Lynch.

    Let the good times roll.
    That's my last edit unless there is a late out.

  75. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    Well rd 2 of the finals is in the books.
    This week it was a case of have but more importantly have nots.
    Sinclair 10 points wtf man. Dodged a bullet there. Unfortunately most teams weren't so lucky.
    With that in mind I give you rd 2 results:
    Kev 1230
    Trig 1174
    Rusty 1155
    Gator 1129
    Neil 1072
    Jambak 1051
    Hedski 964

    So the Kev juggernaut keeps rolling on take out the best round score again
    Rusty much better effort.
    Gonna take some serious pod action to catch him – no danger this week be a huge call but may need that sort of plums to catch kool kev
    With that in mind I present the overall leaderboard after 2 rounds of the finals:
    Kev 2905
    Trig 2752
    Neil 2677
    Gator 2631
    Rusty 2599
    Jambak 2590
    Hedski 2547

    We have selected 28 players from the final series from all the finalists and Kev is averaging over 100 per player.
    fantastic effort mate.

    Unless someone emerges from the pack and pulls a steven bradbury Kev already has one arm in the sleeve of the gold jacket.

    good luck to all this week

    Gone to my happy place be back in a few ……

    • hedski says:

      Man did I fall off a cliff…

      • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:


      • Russty_ says:

        Bad luck for last week mate, can happen to the best of us, only takes a few choices to megaspud for the week and your score's shot, you'll bounce back.

    • Russty_ says:

      Hey Trig, sorry about the miscalculations, they must've adjusted later, I was 5 less than I thought, good to at least make a bit of a move up the leaderboard, thanks for posting the updates mate.

  76. neil demons delight says:

    only hope is danger and dusty to do a Sinclair flog

  77. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    Happy Ending week 3.

    Williams, Touhy, Ellis
    Danger, dusty, Duncan, crouch, cogs
    Greene, lambert, greenwood.

  78. neil Demons Delight says:

    DEMONS DELIGHT laird vlaustin touhy MIDS prestia M Crouch Martin Kelly Cognilio RUCK z Smith FWDS Greene Lynch Hawkins

  79. neil Demons Delight says:

    it would be interesting to pick a captain who didn't score a century in his last game GREENE S.SELWOOD come to mind even lower. I have greene so he would be mine

    • Russty_ says:

      Yeah Neil, could be interesting or even triple points for Captain and double for vice captain.

  80. SC_Kev7 says:

    Channeling my inner Lekblog with the Caddyshack selection #yolo

    Back x3
    Tuohy (Geel)
    Henderson (Geel)
    Vlastuin (Rich)

    Mids x5
    M. Crouch (Ade)
    Danger (Geel)
    Coniglio (GWS)
    Dusty (Rich)
    Ward (GWS)

    Ruck x1
    Jacobs (Ade)

    Forwards x3
    Greenwood (Ade)
    Greene (GWS)
    Caddyshack (Rich)

  81. Russty_ says:

    Hope the Cats and the Tigers get up this week, an all Vic Team Grand Final would be great.

    • Russty_ says:

      Hmmm, 2nd quarter just started and forget that idea I guess…lol

    • Russty_ says:

      3 minutes to go in the 3rd, Cats can still win but Jeez they'd need to play well from here.

      • hedski says:

        We're gone and I'm gluggin alone in the shed. Boo cats.

        • Russty_ says:

          They had a good year in hindsight mate, probably exceeded expectations, onward and upwards 🙂

          • neil Demons Delight says:

            Don't know about that Russty lot of good players going more upside in our teams but gee I have enjoyed watching them play pity need more quality mids but have a look at the crow rejects maybe cats should look at other clubs for talent

    • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

      Take nothing away from the crows they looked awesome.
      Not many passengers.
      Hope tiges get up today.
      All interstate GF would take a bit of sting out if it.
      Always good to have a Vic in there.

      • neil demon delight says:

        call me what you will but gws for me and port cant stand vic teams except the dees not even especially storm./

  82. gator59 says:

    Prelim week was a bit of a fizzer for my backs except Laird.. Fwds and Ruck total shite!!!

    Team for Granny is

    Backs…. Laird… Vlastin

    Mids…. Dusty… Crouch.. Crouch.. Cothin(if he's there)… Prestia

    Ruck…. Big Sauce

    Fwds….Lambert… Lynch

  83. hedski says:

    1032 for me, Grigg, Scooter and Hawkins were the letdowns.
    Hedskis Slappers – Grand Final.
    Def – Rance, Laird.
    Mid – Sloane, Crouch × B, Dusty, Prestia, Cotch.
    Ruck – Sauce.
    Fwd – Caddy, Lynch.
    Should be a cracking game.

  84. neil demon delight says:

    1019 for demon delights when am I going to get the rucks right

  85. SC_Kev7 says:

    Bit of a stumble this week with my backs and forwards only managing 366 between them. Bacon was saved with 5/6 mids tonning up and Big Sauce Jacobs making Smith his [banned word]

    1,034 all up.

  86. Russty_ says:

    1060 for me this week, Grand Final team is….





    Cheers guys, good luck

    • neil demon delight says:

      hey rusty am I crazy or are there 6 crows laird Sloane 2crouches jacobs cameron

      • Russty_ says:

        Oh yeah you're right Neil, cheers mate, I'll have to adjust that, 5 from each team max…whoops lol

  87. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    Had top and bottom scorers both games.
    Wrote a great piece on tiges, Crows and all things GF.
    But didnt show on site.
    Such is life.

  88. neil demon delight says:


  89. neil demon delight says:

    VFA grand final best game I have seen all year had it all AYERS still a good coach

  90. Russty_ says:

    Adjusted team here, cause I stuffed my first one up…thanks Neil…





  91. neil demon delight says:

    correct Trig many great games melb vs wc macdonalds slingshot was memorable and vfl is second rate so right but it was a great game and good for Ayers OLIVER any hope

    • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

      Probably not this year but watch out in the years to come.

      May well score the most votes for the demons tonight.

  92. Russty_ says:

    Can't help thinking Crows will smash Tigers to smithereens in the Grand Final…does anyone think anything different?…are the Tigers finally ready after 37 years to win the big one?
    Funny to see how the Herald Sun is reporting how Ben Cousins sent them a message encouraging them…what do you think of Ben Cousins sending messages of encouragement to the Tigers….from Jail, after all his criminal / drug behaviour?

    Personally, I have no respect left for the guy, especially since he got pulled over by the cops and tried to swim across the Swan River (to avoid capture by the Police) whilst being extremely drunk and high on drugs….lol.
    Should the Tigers even be accepting any contact from a person like this at this time of year?
    Cousins could have been under the influence of drugs throughout his entire career for all we know, to me, that says, no respect is warranted and whatever things he achieved in his career, should be stricken from the record.

    What do you guys think?

    • gator59 says:

      I'm with you Russty on the Tigers getting smashed by the Crows, As a Vic i hope i'm wrong

      As for Cousins He has lost all credibility for what he was and for still what he is… I thought Dusty was going to go down the same path and has dodged a big bullet mainly due to his manager and what Richmond have done for him.. A great role model for the for the young ones.. It's great to see what application,dedication and belief can do

      As for cock head Cousins he was a waste of a good root!!

    • hedski says:

      Crows by 40 points+.
      Lynch for Normie.
      Got no time for ice heads.

    • neil demon delight says:

      i.m with you too possibly a record over 100 a possibility. forwards too small for mine up against the top def

  93. gator59 says:

    Wonder how Crouching One is doing !!
    If Tiges win will we ever here from him again

  94. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    Happy Grand Final day everyone.
    Can u smell the excitement? Its finally here!

    Well done Dusty on taking home charlie!
    History has shown that more often than not if u win the brownlow you struggle on the big stage due to expectation and all the disruptions all week.

    For this reason my final team is below.

    Laird, crouch × 2, sloane, sauce.
    Rance, cotchin (sheils mate), meatball, lambert, roo (been waiting forever feel he will have a big one today)

    Good luck all.
    Let's hope we get a close one and not a blow out.
    Crows by 19 my tip.
    Normie – Sloanedog.

  95. hedski says:

    Enjoy mate, I'll be barracking for the tigers because my oldest goes for them, but my head says crows.

  96. SC_Kev7 says:

    I’m incredibly biased, obviously, so Cotch for normie in a Tigers win.

    B. Ellis

    M. Crouch
    B. Crouch


    Titch Edwards

  97. Russty_ says:

    Been off for a few days, too late to choose M.Crouch as my Normie I guess?…lol

  98. neil demon delight says:

    easy for tiges playing incredible footy

    • Russty_ says:

      Hey Neil, yeah I'm shocked, but happy for them, they've played great and deserve it.
      Thought Crows would dish up more than this rubbish.

  99. neil demon delight says:

    congrats tigers great deserved win 1001 total4697 thanks Trigg for extending the year a little bit longer Hope to see all the magnificent 7 in it next year onward and upward cheers

    • Russty_ says:

      Cheers Neil, well done mate and thanks Trig for setting our finals comp up, catch up with you blokes in the new year.

      1103 this week

      4762 Total.

  100. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    Was that Kevs bare bum disappearing down punt rd?

    Gr8 win Tiges. Pressure will do the trick.
    Good to see so many long suffering fanatical fans finally rewarded.

    Soak it up and enjoy…..

    • SC_Kev7 says:

      Just made bail, Trig. The cops showed up and Crouching absolutely bolted, never seen a bloke move so quickly in my life

      • Russty_ says:

        Glad you survived the celebrations Kev…hope the Tiges can keep the good play up next year and be contenders again, was great to see Jack singing with the Killers onstage…classic, never seen a guy so happy having such a good time hahah

  101. neil demons delight says:

    don't know about giving up watts and 10 for lever .but cant condemn him on one game A brilliant junior could have gone no.1 but watts did maybe I am just a watts fan .Tiges have set the mark with their so called rejects and one theirs comes to mind listening goody MILES GET HIM AND BALIC ready made

    • gator59 says:

      Well you got half of your wish Neil by snaring balic….. Pity about watts though

  102. Don't Blush Baby says:

    An Adam Treloar Qoute when moving to another Club – I paraphrase – I chose Collingwood because their list is better – Suck shit burn man ,we're glad you didn't choose the Tigers

  103. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    No worries fellas was a good final series.

    Well done Kev on the tigers win and taking out the happy ending.
    As no one picked dusty for normie (puts hand up and admits made a blue there) Kev would have won by the length of the Flemington straight.

    1,010 for GF. Did pick top 5 crows didnt quite get the tiges right.

    4803 overall.

    Been fun catch u all on the flip side ….

  104. SC_Kev7 says:

    1,037 for the GF. Backed in Dusty despite his record v Adelaide and it paid off handsomely.

    Cheers for setting this little finals series up, Trig. If Herald Sun don't pull their finger out next year we'll run it again and I'm happy to give you a hand with leaderboards if there's enough interest.

    Just bought my premiership poster. 28 days shipping! What fresh hell is that?

    • neil demons delight says:

      congrats on a sterling effort and of course the magnificent tiges enjoy see you 2018 great fun this finals bit

    • neil demons delight says:

      you probably cant read this Kev but I think the Tigers are set for a few premierships now Looking at it thru a non tigers eyes I am trying to find a weakness Do you think Jack 1 needs support or 2 needs some one to challenge his position to get more out him I am thinking Hawkins after all tigers are brilliant at getting the right rejects .Worse case tiges win the vfl with hawk Once again KEV well done on your finals win and of course the mighty Tiges

      • SC_Kev7 says:

        Yeah, it's exciting times Neil! Considering how we lined up this year we've got guys like Stengle and Bolton in the two's that can add to our forward line pressure if one goes down. Lloyd dominated VFL finals too.

        It'll be interesting to see what we do with Hampson. He's too good to be playing regular VFL footy. Nank loves getting involved in the contest, maybe we'll try him up forward and have Hampson as starting ruck?

        Unless a deal of a lifetime comes along I don't reckon we'll be huge players in trade period. We'll take our two first rounders to the draft and get in a few more kids.

        • neil demons delight says:

          Thanks for replying mate yeah them 3 are very good i really don't think many teams will go with two rucks anymore Grigg proved that and even the Dees with tom mac and pearson The tackling has been first rate at tigerland all year It puzzles me why tackles on Dusty don't stick its like he.s covered in oil. forgot to lock dusty in as normie but didn't matter great concept just needs to get started early enough to get us in Bit of tweaking will come see you next year hope we are in a league love to play and beat you and GO TIGES Cheers mate

          • gator59 says:

            Great stuff Kev/ Neil… Hang on didn't you two play for my side back in the 60s and 70s ( Alias Cowboy ) hehe

            Once again congrats to you Kev and your Tiges.. Bloody brilliant to see sides like yours to prove all the critics wrong

            Hope we can all be in and clash in some major leagues again next season……… Cheers to all

            GO THE STORM!!!

            • neil demons delight says:

              god you got a good memory I remember cowboy well balldock Lawrence Mynott also. I Worked for foxy and saw them all they were good people and players. I reckon both our teams are primed for to see all the magnificent seven in a league lets make it happen next year gator. cheers mate

              • gator59 says:

                Yes lets make a league that can go all the way to the top Neil.. cheers mate

                • neil demons delight says:

                  great Gator hope we can remember all the magnificent seven good name too we will set a league up next year look in the forum cheers to next year My boss at Linfox was Bill Guyatt and ERIC guy remember them you were a great team then memories

                  • gator59 says:

                    Yep that will be our League name Neil (THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN)

                    Back in the 60s on what team to bararck for as a kid……. So many champs at the time like Skilton.. Sterwart..Whitten..Barrassi.. Baldock and so many more to pick from.. My choice ended up being St Kilda with Melbourne a very close second, … Baldock swayed me plus my first ever pair of footy boots had Baldocks signature on the side of them..I also loved Barrassi on the Saturday morning footy clinic on tv….Great to have so many happy memories…. IN my family there was 5 saints supporters and I'm the only one left all the others defected to other clubs as other clubs were winning premierships North ..Tigers and Hawks… I know i have had a lot of heart ache over the journey but love the saints as if it was yesterday and i'm sure you are just as passionate about the Dees Neil…. So we can keep on dreaming, You never know it may come true one day… The last 2 years as a perfect example…

                    • neil demons delight says:

                      I was very similar gator Grew up in Footscray so we all barracked for them until all the kids at school started to wear the premiers and 31 I quickly changed but not the family/ Those good days will return everybody liked the saints and north and most still do though Carey turned me off for a while. Jambac seems to be the only one I don't recall all the others will be good give us a thumbs up if keen Jambac it would be great cheers gator

                    • gator59 says:

                      Giving you a big thumbs up Neil…It's great to hear all our hard luck stories.. I love all things with history

                      It would be interesting to see how many current day players would have survived back in the 60s/70s for toughness and on the grounds that they had to play on compared to the bowling greens they play on now

                    • neil demons delight says:

                      n reiwoldt wines oliver would all be some chance Been to every ground except punt rd The worst mud ground was Fitzroys original ground near Holden street but great times there watching Butch gale Tony Ongarello and the toughest of tough Kevin Murray I doubt any could play on that ground or hawthorns where the train whistle was often mistaken for the siren

                    • gator59 says:

                      Fitzroys ground must of been bad then.. Coming from the country i have been to most of the suburbian grounds .. The worst ones i reckon was the western oval, glenferie, moorabin, junction oval and lakeside oval

                    • neil demonsdelight says:

                      which part of the bush gator I came from Gippsland and our local grounds were all quagmires but produced tough nuts like Templeton though not when we got him. moorabin was a shocker though I seen Dillon kick 12 there a saint guy kicked a bag that day in the early 70s think it was Lawrence when he played forward

                    • gator59 says:

                      I grew up in a small country town in the Otways called Forrest.. I have seen some really good footballers that i have played against or very good friends with that have played here in Colac.. There was a real dedicated sports kid when he was 10 years old … I remember when I was playing cricket against a Colac side his old man was playing with and it was a one dayer my side outrighted them .. I was opening bowler for our side and took 7/10 in the first dig and 7/12 in the second .. I know it was only a one dayer but played under two day match conditions.. After the game this little 10 year old kid came up to me and asked how i could bowl like that and my reply was you can do anything if you put your mind to it.. Little did i know at that time he would go on and win 4 premierships and 2 Norm Smith medals Captain Hawthorn and that was LUKE HODGE.. I am very good Mates with his old man Bryson

                    • neil demonsdelight says:

                      WOW what a story YOU KNOW he was a very quick bolwler 145.s not long ago and could have made state cricket. One of the best juniors I have seen came from the western district but got homesick even a stint at the cats was too much city for him a goal kicking machine STEPHEN OLIVER With those numbers did you kick on . Is that BEECH FOREST A LA CLIFFY

                    • gator59 says:

                      Yes he was very quick Neil and would still terrorise batsmen today.. They would be breathing a sigh of relief that he's going to play on at Brisbane.. No not Beech Forest .. Forrest is about 10 miles from Lorne as the crow flies.. and about 25 minutes from Apollo Bay.. If you google map it you will see where it is…I used to work at Forrest,, Beech Forest and LaversHill in the bush driving machinery and would often run into Cliffy shuffling along the road

                    • neil demonsdelight says:

                      love to talk more on the off season but the site closes need to plan more about the league and our team trades old history etc feel free to email Gator [email protected] was thinking of a perpetual shield something to aim for and beat Kev got a mate who could do it free thoughts cheers STEVE

                    • neil demonsdelight says:

                      in the early 80.s my girlfriend now the wife stayed every weekend at a place called Port Fairy then went to Port Campbell and back to Melbourne thru Colac .I remember these rows of stone fences probably gone now WE carved our names in a cave near Wye river in 77 as kjds long time happy memories STEVE Mc

                    • gator59 says:

                      have sent you an email neil

                    • gator59 says:

                      Great part of the world down here and yes all those rock fences are all still there

  105. SC_Kev7 says:

    Baz had a shocker! Easy money from him. Won $7 in the $2 mini comp too. Propped up my overall balance, can't wait to give BBL draftstars a crack!

  106. gator59 says:

    Thanks Trigga for setting up this mini finals comp.

    Has been fun and hope we can all do this again next year

    1046 for me today so about par i guess.. 4764 overall

    Congrats to Kev for a sterling performance and his mighty Tiges

    bring on 2018 quickly please

  107. neil demons delight says:

    hope the afl get it right next year crazy for tiges to wear clash jumper and cats to play mcg Tigers better placed than dogs were to do it again Rance Dusty NANK yes nank absolute champs this yearl

  108. SC_Kev7 says:


    Kev – 4979
    Trigger – 4803
    gator – 4764
    Russty – 4763
    Neil – 4697
    hedski – 4604

    Russty a yuuuuuuuge 1104 this week, but gator earns a spot on the podium by a point!

    • Russty_ says:

      Cheers Kev, congrats on the 2 GF wins mate, yeah I was playing catch up for 3 rounds after a shocking first week, good fun though, let's do it again next season. Cheers boys!

      • neil demonsdelight says:

        hey Russty keep your eyes on the forum next year Gat and myself getting a league going called the magnificent seven with the 7 original members and the best from the forum good solid competition and banter The only member I don't know is jambac see you 2018

        • Russty_ says:

          Hey Neil cheers mate, yeah I'd love to be part of that….see you when it all starts up again bud. 🙂

          • gator59 says:

            Welcome Russty You can be Yul Brynner LOL

            • Russty_ says:

              Don't smoke Gator, whatever you do…don't smoke haha

            • Russty_ says:

              I still have my hair Gator, but I'll be Yul Brynner…lol, he was a pretty cool killer robot in the original Westworld Movie lol.

  109. neil demonsdelight says:

    THATS 3 of the magnificent seven gator59 Russty and myself Love to hear from Hedski Trigg Jambac and of course the he leader of the pack KEV . I feel sure we can get a great forum 18 and all will compete in TRIGGS HAPPY ENDING. watch out KEV we are coming to take your title. CHEERS STEVE MCQUEEN

  110. wighty says:

    Is Graham priced only on his two hh games ? Could be the greatest SC choice of all time if so.

    • SC_Kev7 says:

      Not sure, wighty. He averaged 81.5 over those 2 games. Puts him at around 445k. Mid only. Hard pass.

      • neil demonsdelight says:

        good to see you ve recovered Kev. He is a fine pick up as was miles.Whats happened to him. I know its early but hope you join Gators and my New league set up to commemorate Triggs Happy Ending which will fly out of the blocks next year. the best league I was in was Triggs and I finished middle somewhere The competition was remarkable and that's what we want in THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN hope you can join keep enjoying it son cheers Neil

        • SC_Kev7 says:

          Not sure you’d call it “recovered” Neil! But enough cognitive function remains to operate a keyboard…

          I was in that league too and I had a shocker! Managed to win my first final in the bottom 8 finals but was knocked off in week 2. Would love to join in again and get some pride back

          • neil demonsdelight says:

            your recruiting debt. have jobs for life nank and prestia were nothing short of great can they do it again you bet cheers mate

  111. Soothsayer says:

    Does anyone know what the hawks get out of the hodge trade? Wouldn’t his contract be restored if he isn’t retiring? Can players just delist themselves and and go straight to another club?

    • neil demons delight says:

      If he wasn't retired Brissy would not have got such a high pick for Rocky One wonders but good for the champ

  112. Phil says:

    Steele won the Copeland. He loves Bucks. All players that received awards love Bucks. Coaching staff, football department staff and Eddie love Bucks. UNPieman is smarter than all of them, of course and thinks Bucks should go. Unfortunately for him Bucks has been reappointed, That must smart, MWAHAHAHA,

    • Russty_ says:

      So what's so good about Bucks Phil?…what has he done for you lately…except drag a club that was on top of the world when he started into the crap of mediocrity, and what a stellar 2017 they had, yeah Bucks is going really well lol, the Pies would benefit from a fresh start, you need to face facts.
      Pieman is probably smarter than all of them, when something doesn't work, you have to fix it, keeping Buckley there, inspiring no one, getting no good results isn't benefiting Collingwood at all, what's the point of hanging on to a Coach who has had ample time to make a good run at a flag in his time and hasn't even come close?
      How many chances should a Coach with a failing team year after year have?

    • neil demons delight says:

      Have a good look at his record Keeps going lower If you cant see that hopeless like him Tell you something more pies supporters take Piemans view But I. am happy another hopeless year Wake up

    • INPieman says:

      Sure is painful Phil. He’s working his way to the number 1 draft pick. He’s good at talking crap. But his coaching record is pathetic

      • neil demons delight says:

        lot of support from his new assistants all from better clubs Then again they are all better than the pies because of one man guess who. Posta coglu is available shortly would do better

        • INPieman says:

          I’d take Ange Neil. At least he can get close to the big dance

          • gator59 says:

            Your club has got it all wrong pieman .. Could be a couple of bad years coming up.. They need a big clean out like the tiges had starting right from the top with Eddie

            • INPieman says:

              Agree with you gator. Eddies ego is too large. Sure he makes the company plenty of money but onfield its a shambles. Give someone else a crack

              • neil demons delight says:

                The list is also a big problem I used to think the dees list was ok But now 22 delistings since Jacksons been there says it all We had ok players like the pies falsolo types The pies need great players not ok players. They need to chase the real champs as well as getting a new with it coach and president ..North is in that phase now and are doing it The saints started 3 years back and the results are there check out the saints spine compared to Collingwood. Maybe they should bite the bullet and trade Pendles before its too late.

  113. Skinny McThin says:

    If you can ignore the legality and morals of the issue it's a great photo of an attractive pair of titties celebrating a GF win

    • INPieman says:

      Agreed. And apparently she has a very kind chin. The kind of chin you’d like to rest your balls on

      • Skinny McThin says:

        With the amount of money that footy gives to Breast disease research surely it's fair for breasts to show their support for footy?
        It's time that society and the AFL in particular stopped oppressing breasts and allowed them to attend the footy as God intended, unhindered by the chains of clothing.
        I vote for a new theme round "Tits Out Tuesday". Have it early in the season to encourage participation

  114. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    South Australia the place to be.

    Everyone moving there via trades.

    Must be something in the water or is it the wine?

    Ramping up now, trades coming thick and fast. Frantic final hr coming [email protected]

    • neil demons delight says:

      Buckley is killing it already.Beat everyone to Sam Murray pick 66 in the rookie draft 2015 .What a catch Bucks but you missed on Zac Dawson 1 mill for 5 yrs not quite enough.. The count down begins Bucks first coach to go 2018 good riddance

    • Skinny McThin says:

      It's not the water Mr Happy. Have you ever tasted it? It's a cross between salty foul tasting swill and crap, thanks Qld you rugby lovers

  115. Skinny McThin says:

    GMHBA Stadium?
    Is that an acronym for Great Men Heroes Brothers Athletes or is it a sell out to one of those fantastic health insurance companies that charge so little and cover you for 100% of everything, but only if you make the claim in person whilst riding your rainbow coloured unicorn. 🙂

  116. gator59 says:

    I was just talikng to Luke Hodges old man Bryson and he tells me that he is on $700k for the next 2 years at Brisbane and is only playing 15 to 17 games per year and he gets to pick which sides he wants to play against.. He doesn't have to travel to Tassie or WA if he doesn't want to… In the premiership years at Hawks Hodge, Mitchell and Lewis was only on $250k to keep Lake ,Birchall and Frawley .. A little step up in money you would say

    • Russty_ says:

      Nice work if you can get it I guess, he may as well go on for a few years if the body holds up, could be fun for him too.
      It'll be weird to see him in those colours though, nice cash grab at the end of his career too 🙂

      • gator59 says:

        Yeah Russty it will be strange to see him in those colors.. But he will be marshaling the troops up there and will do it well and all we can hope is that they learn how to play the defence as he does … If that fails at least he has a good cash cow for 2 years

    • neil demons delight says:

      Lewis is on 500 plus so I guess its only fair for those players. Hawks and Cats have a history of keeping good sides together. Pity my side doesn't do it but its hard when Lubumba Trenners and wattsy are on overs in the magoos Good luck to Hodgey he deserves it and I think he will go well . Wonder how Bob Murphy could have gone up there

      • gator59 says:

        Yeah Neil i wonder what Bob could of bought to the table up there… Your side has done the best thing and got rid of those players that were getting paid way overs.. I think your in for a few good years mate .. Go the Dees

        • neil demons delight says:

          the difference between Bob and Hodgey is hodgey is still playing at the top.I really believe a club like Adelaide or even our clubs could have benefitted from him even better than Mitchell Don't give up on our plans for 2018 I am just thinking no one has given thought to the league aspect and we all take an interest in how our particular league goes but we don't have a table or league for leagues Early days and I cant quite work it out maybe yourself or Rusty can A premiership with finals involving 18 leagues means all members of each league have an interest maybe I am offside don't know cheers fellas

          • gator59 says:

            Yes something to ponder over neil.. I'm not 100% sure on how to go about things either … We may have to seek help with Pieman ,, Russty or Trigga,, I do agree with you we need a finals series though

            • neil demons delight says:

              hi Gat probably best to test our thoughts thru here as one of our members will add to it. Dereks idea with the J R Community Group where all were invited and we could test ourselves against fellow forum coaches as well as the overall picture appeals to me. I can recall Addicts Tophawk and Moustaccio doing well in Dereks group .and maybe Derek could have had a finals ingredient as we all have our favourite coach for whatever reason maybe their guidance thru here or they too are Demon supporters MYSELF I think Dereks contribution as with Pieman and Trigg would see me cheering them on.Whatever it adds to the season as does TRIGGS happy ending which will grow legs I am in favour of inviting all leagues to join a LEAGUE OF CHAMPIONS – F A CUP OR whatever with the top eight leagues playing off. I would imagine a lot more effort would go into the recruitment of coaches to fill spots . This in turn creates better fun and competition. I can recall TOPHAWK having a soda in the last round in a league to make the 8 I FEEL SURE HE would rather have beaten Rusty or Trigg I would.Lets have some views

  117. CheekyNandos says:

    Pretty sure I'll be starting Fyfe next year if he can cary his IRS form into the preseason comp

    • Russty_ says:

      Yeah Nandos, he is a gun for sure, but took his sweet ass time to get the big scores going last season, and I started with him from the get go. That being said though, he could have a huge year in 2018 if he starts fit and raring to go.

  118. Russty_ says:

    Hey punters, hope you're all enjoying the off season, got a query for yas, I was thinking about ditching Foxtel…aka ad filled ripoff repeats galore, for Netflix next year and getting the Foxtel Go app or AFL Live app whatever it is, for $16 per month to allow me to stream games to my home P.C.
    Is anyone already doing this?…they say it's only good for a 7 inch screen…I was wondering if I stream it to my Laptop, can I HDMI cable it to my 55 inch TV and get a full screen…or at least half a full screen?…and can you watch any game you want during the course of the weekend?

    Cheers guys, thanks for any future advice.

    • gator59 says:

      Hi Russty.. I have a 5 meter HDMI cable running from my Laptop to the tv playing movies off Netflix or any other thing you want to download … Works just fine for me.. Not entirely sure if it works for the Foxtel Go App or AFL Live app… I hope this helps you in some way Russty.. Cheers mate

    • Skinny McThin says:

      I've tried casting AFL live to my 65" Hisense dumbTV but the image is unwatchable, Instead I bought an A4 sized magnifying sheet at the $2 shop and hold it over my 7" phone. The image is still poor and Telstra network outside the capitals can't really cope. Even worse I'm only 100kms from a city of 100,000+ and foxtel couldn't do an install within 6-months! They usually have a real good deal just before preseason starts too

    • Skinny McThin says:

      Also, couldn't get afl live to work on laptop or pc

    • Russty_ says:

      Cheers guys, thanks for the feedback, bummer there doesn't seem to be a solution to be able to watch the AFL app in more than a lousy 7 inch screen, might make me have to re-think the whole ditching Foxtel thing…seems ridiculous really as you can pay $18 a month for Netflix and Hdmi it straight to your bigass TV from your smaller device.
      Cheers again for the feedback.

  119. gator59 says:

    Well there goes LOCK THE DOCH for next season… The carnage has started already

    • neil demons delight says:

      try Lever instead though not sure if he,s s.c relevant all adds up to a great year coming up for Simmo

      • gator59 says:

        Yep simmo might be the go neil.. What will his starting price be.. Just not so sure about him, might be a bit long in the tooth and do a Gibson like this year!!

  120. neil demons delight says:

    Seen 5 players in IRS that need close very close scrutiny FYFE HIGGINS WINGARD SLOAN and ZORKO All have let me down at some time but all will be hard to ignore

    • gator59 says:

      Fyfe is a walk up start for me next year.. Out of the others I might consider Zorko

      • neil demons delight says:

        Gat they would be mine as well Higgins Wingard and Sloan too unreliable and sloan gets tagged out too easily

        • gator59 says:

          Sloane would be great if he could shake the tag.. Maybe with Gibbs there now it may happen plus the Crouch boys.. Higgins and Wingard are total shite..

          • neil demons delight says:

            IS Billings worth considering top player steven as well and armitage rounds off my saints just 3

            • gator59 says:

              As a saints man i'm not totally convinced about Billings.. Steven was battling injury this year but his disposal is crap.. But when he gets on a roll he can really stack the points up but to up and down for my liking.. Armo may be worth looking at as a roughie but is a lot like steven and coming off a injury riddled year only time will tell with him

              • neil demons delight says:

                Well Gat thanks for the insight only one left is Steele much like the dees Gat only Oliver and Gawn and no roos they are rubbish MAKES IT REAL EASY DOESNT IT cheers neil cant wait

                • gator59 says:

                  yeah Neil a few teams I wont be putting my side in with.. Roos ,, Saints,, Gold Coast and maybe even Carlton now that the Doch has gone down.. The only way that I see all these side being relevant is maybe with rookies only..

                  The Dees will have very prominent SC relevance next season.. so good luck with them Neil

  121. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    Is it cold in here or did I just feel a draft?

    1.Brisbane Lions
    Cameron Rayner – Explosive beast with a great don’t argue. Wow factor. Be hard to overlook
    Brayshaw also in the mix – well the top 5 all in the mix but think they will go Cam.

    LDU – Freo will take the complete package with the sound knowledge that they will have either Cerra or Brayshaw in 3 picks time. Big win for the purple haze.

    Paddy Dow. Need speed and power in the midfield. Dow delivers in spades. If lions go with another choice at 1 Carlton will take whichever one is left out of the big 3.

    4.North Melbourne
    Andrew Brayshaw – has family links to club. Need a gun mid to help out the workers. May be a toss of a coin between Brayshaw and Cerra.

    Adam Cerra. Thanks very much. Now set up for future. Midfield just got a turbo boost.

    Aaron Naughton

    7.St Kilda
    Jaidyn Stephenson

    8.St Kilda
    Nicholas Coffield

    9.Western Bulldogs
    Darcy Fogarty

    Aiden Bonar

    Jack Higgins

    Ed Richards

    13.West Coast
    Hunter Clark

    Charlie Constable

    15.Brisbane Lions
    L Fogarty – Match up with Rayner to prevent mummy boys go home

    Patrick Naish

    17.Western Bulldogs
    Lochie O’Brien

    Sam Hayes

    19.Gold Coast
    Oscar Allen – insurance incase Lynch pulls the pin.

    Jarrod Brander (can’t believe he has fallen this far)

    • Gryan Miers must be a chance small forward he booted 7 in the G F for the falcons The Tiges prove how valuable these types are Sam Hayes a ruck /forward from the Eastern Ranges and the only real quality Ruck though needs to improve his tank somewhat could go early.Hope both are there for the DE ES

    • Skinny McThin says:

      I think Bucks picked up Tim Paine with his second pick

  122. Steeeve Perry says:

    Hey all in case you haven't seen…

    Gained DPP: Robbie Gray (mid forward), Sam Menegola (mf), Chad Wingard (mf), Trav Boak (mf), Isaac Heeney (mf), Will Setterfield (mf), Michael Barlow (mf), David Mundy (mf), Michael Walters (mf).
    Lost DPP: Taylor Adams, Jack Macrae, Jack Steele Higgins, Z Jones (all mid only); Paddy Ryder, Nank (ruck only), Yeo, Jake Lloyd (defender only).

    Plenty of rookie dpps and Jarrod Garlett will be a cheap dpp option if the Blues give him a run.

    Dahlhaus is still mid forward and should be underpriced if he gets back near his best. He and Gray (also cheap for his potential output) will be my first picked forwards at this stage.

    • Brad says:

      gray is mid only in supercoach next year – not sure how?

      • hedski says:

        He is fwd only according to the team picker Brad, not sure how accurate it is atm.

    • Russty_ says:

      Heeney and Menegola with dpp is handy this year, reckon they could both become ultra premos this season.

  123. is that the VFL version think the real stuff comes out late jan

    • Steeeve Perry says:

      Just what they had on the Herald Sun and in the Advertiser. Can't see why the Tiser would have anything to do with the VFL version.

  124. hedski says:

    Woo hoo, 2018 team picker is out for those that had gold this year, time to start doing my head in for the next 3 months.
    Already slapped a rough side together, hard with limited rookie knowledge so far.
    Hopefully Jock and co. are about to get back into business with some articles/podcasts.
    How was the holiday in Hastings fellas?

    • how do you get onto it hedski

      • hedski says:

        How are ya Neil? Just go to supercoach website and it should have a 2018 team picker button there at top of page when you're logged in.

    • Derek says:

      G'day fellas, thanks fellas.

      Bit too early to start putting a team together but boy oh boy is there tough choices to be made in the midfield this year, so many to choose from.

      Coniglio at $452k looks first picked (after Dangerfield)

      Might have a crack st a team over the weekend.

      • the crouch bros are hard to pass on maybe Hannaberry after JPK killed me last year good to see you fellas

        • Steeeve Perry says:

          Hanners can kill ya instead haha. Did my head in last year.
          Almost certain I'm not starting with Danger next year.

        • Derek says:

          Hey Neil. Yep Hanna killed me last year. I'm liking Papley at $450k Mid/Fwd of the swanies

        • hedski says:

          Parks is the pick of the Sydney big 3 mids I reckon Neil. Matt over Brad, beast.

      • hedski says:

        Gday Derek, never to early, having said that I'll try to limit looking to once a week or I'll go insane.
        Cogs will be tempting if he's fit, Fyfe will be hard to go past under $600k.
        I have Birchall, JOM and Cyril….ha ha that won't last.

        • Derek says:

          Yep, think I'll have those 3 in my first draft. Deledio at $339k will be tempting for some.

          Fyfe is good value and so is Cripps at $539k

          I'm liking NicNat and Gawn in rucks.

  125. in wrong password Chad Wingard wiyh dpp seems value but can we trust him

  126. hedski says:

    Hey Trig similar structure for first draft but have 5-1-2 mids and 3-1-2 fwds.
    Early days, looking fwd to the first casting of the pod.

    • Skinny McThin says:

      Questions for the first podcast or preseason junkies.
      Will Gibbs impact sloane and crouch scores?
      Will Gazz impact Danger and Jelwood?
      Will Rocky get much ball?
      Is Pendle a bargain
      Is Brodie a chance now Gaz is gone?
      Will the Bont and Dahlhouse bounce back?
      IS Darcy Parish worth the Punt?
      Who will take Docherty's role?
      Is Darcy Lang likely to play attacking mid?
      Will Jarrod Garlett score much, if he plays?
      Is Kruezer really the most expensive ruck? Big POD there if you spend
      and heaps more.
      Get to work guys I need some cash from this game in 2018

      • all should be asked but what about our rucks Looks to me like set and forget Gawn Kruz Sauce and Ryder for me .No dpp s this year. Maybe worth the extra to put Cameron on the pine

        • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

          Yeah cant see a worthy dpp option.
          Going value but proven in rucks.
          Gawn & Nic nat (though Kruz was bloody brilliant last year) with balta dpp on pine.

          • finished my first squad went Gawn too cheap and too good to ignore and Sauce always gives a top effort and balta too. Reckon there could be value in the mids. Danger too dear for mine Cog Armitage and Jaeger all value and gives me Zorko in place of Danger I will take 5 champs and cognilo arma and Jaegs in place of Danger any day

  127. gator59 says:

    Can any one give me a link to the 2018 team picker from the herald sun.. I had supercoach gold all season and cancelled after the grand final.. I have rang them and they tell me that i cancelled my subscription and don't have access to the team picker(the pricks ) cause i have to have a digital subscription all year round Cheers Gator…… Or is there any other site that i can plan a team on Cheers Fellas Thanks Fellas

    • CheekyNandos says:

      Hey Gator, here's a link to a page I found on another SuperCoach forum site with a team picker going on ( They look like they've got some decent articles and even a Punters Club if you're into that. Hope it helps

      • gator59 says:

        Cheers Cheeky will check it out ….Thanks mate

      • gator59 says:

        Have got the page up Cheeky but no drop down box opens up when you click on a players position

        • CheekyNandos7 says:

          Yeah I think someone else on their page had the same problem. Here's a comment that helped one of their boys —–

          Just click inside the box on the right handside of the select player box to get the arrow for the player drop down list just outside that box. Then click on the arrow and , just scroll down to go threw the players then just click on the player you want and he will then appear in the box as your selected player.

          If that doesn't work maybe check if your Excel is up to date?

          Hope that works

  128. gator59 says:

    Is 14 – 15 keepers to many to start with .. Thoughts please

    • Derek says:

      I made a note to myself that I don't need as many keepers to start the year. I had 14 last year and only 7 finished in my team.

      so much value in the midfield this year. So many to choose from.

      Has the game got to fast for JPK, Selwood, Gaz, Pendles, Simpson, Shaw, Cotchin? Or do they still have a few tricks

      • Hi Derek I wont consider any of those .the trick is to get your keepers at their premium and does Danger fit that now No but we run the risk of loosing valuable early points remember last year Derek you were out of the game early with a plethora of trades.I did the opposite max trades from r 2 to byes and ran out post byes but had a great team. In hindsight we need both conserve trades like you and trade aggressively to get it right quickly Looking back I had 6 bad trades I traded Newman in 3 times cheers

        • Derek says:

          Last year I did trade more aggressive early than other years. My downfall was the GnR team I had, relied on rookies on field to score points and it was awful.

      • gator59 says:

        All of those won't be in my side Derek.. For me to even consider any of them they would have to pile up the tons week in week out for at least 6-8 weeks and even then it would be to late to pick them .. So a big NO on all them from me

    • Russty_ says:

      Hey Gator…I've got 13 in my current rough draft team, and some speculatives that could end up being keepers hopefully.
      Think I'm gonna start with big guns in the mids this year.

      • good to hear from you Russty. 13 seems to be par WITHOUT danger I have 3 others close Armatage cogs and jaegs Do you have Danger rust .I am not keen on not having him

        • Russty_ says:

          How's it goin Neil?..Yeah mate I have him, contemplated not including him, looked at my midfield and thought…how the hell will I be able to afford him?…lol
          Thought about Armo, but reckon I'll wait until he posts a few scores first, definitely cogs I reckon and no way for Jaeger bomb for me again, could regret it but I'll be ok without that risk I reckon.

      • gator59 says:

        Thinking the same Russty.. Not falling for the trap like last year as many of us did like Hanners ,Pendles and having no Martin killed me.. I'm making sure he's in this year.. It's going to be interesting what other coaches will have in there teams cause there's so much value around for the mids atm

  129. Hi Gat I don't think so In my draft I have 3 def 5 mids 2 rucks 3 forwards plus 3 could bes in cognilio armitage and jaeger that's 13 plus its that kind of year its called value cogs /arma just too cheap to ignore cheers mate

    • gator59 says:

      Yeah I like it a lot Neil

    • PJ8 says:

      Still very early days, but anyone got any news on any potential rookies?
      A couple in the Mid that i think will be a good chance for RD1 are:
      H. Wigg – Now at GC should get games
      L. Davies-Uniacke – NM first pick at pick 4. Strong bodied mid, ready made for AFL. But $189K

      • I think both will feature in many starting teams 189 a worry but it is crappy north though.sorry shinboners but its the truth Carey put me off north for life but still one of those once a decade Franklin types

      • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

        Wigg had himself a mischief this week.

        Will really impact his pre season.

        No longer lockish material.

        • Derek says:

          Kelly (Cats) and Barry (Port) both $117k and very good chances to play early games.

          Rice (Saints) should be ready go this year at $117k

          Smith (Mel) at $160k was injured last year after looking real good

          • Barry could be special .I remember him from ballarat before the dees got him as the spoons in a deal. Has that krakour about him jim or phil. bounces the ball left and kicks right very unusual however jurrah was special too

  130. gator59 says:

    Who's not starting with Danger!!

    • Derek says:

      First picked for me

    • BrownlowBoy says:

      People whose season is going to be over before it begins.

    • Russty_ says:

      Hey Gator, he's kinda like Gaz used to be, he may lose 200k during the year at some point but ya gotta have him or you're disadvantaged.

      • gator59 says:

        Totally agree Russty .. But I bet there will be a lot that don't start with him and they'll be right off the pace and playing catch up for the rest of the season_

        • Yeah fellas both of you are right back in my team bye armatage Looking closely at Mitch Robinson ripping shape can go big cheap 400 shit team dpp makes you think

      • Russty if he has lost 200 then chances are he wouldn't score big for those rounds but that wont happen.Is god a worry to him jelwood Duncan god all taking points plus s selwood. Permanent captain for me leave out at your peril

        • gator59 says:

          Danger and dusty are in for me neil.. I also have been looking at robinson but shh don't tell any body..

          • Skinny McThin says:

            Have a look at Tom Bell too. if he's recovered fully he'll be given big midtime minutes could be a better option than Bennell.
            Mitch won the BandF a couple of years ago and is the only bloke currently playing thats harder than Jelwood 400k is a bargain

        • Russty_ says:

          Hey Neil, I reckon Gaz will be mostly forward this year and will be pretty damaging on the scoreboard, especially with Danger feeding it to him from the midfield.

          • Redgumwon says:

            Hi Rusty I'm thinking Gaz and Selwood will spend more time in the midfield than Danger. I think this because of how Danger went last year up forward. Danger is a harder match up than Gaz or Selwood and I think Chris Scott likes how Danger went up forward last year. I think we really need to watch the preseason game before we commit over $700k on Danger if we can pick him off for a $100k cheaper

    • Redgumwon says:

      I'm not 100% sold on Danger as a starter yet. I want to see the preseason games to see where Danger lines up. I have a gut feeling we could see Danger play more forward that midfield this year.

    • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

      Not in my first draft.

      Case of:
      Hurley, menegola and LDU.
      Or to bring danger in:

      Danger, birchall and a rookie fwd.

      Danger is on another planet but even so 1st option just looks better.

    • Shake n bake says:

      Danger will have to wait! not spending 750k with god back in the team. More time fwd is a slight risk but confident will drop
      coin. Im sure can find someone who can match his scoring for the 1st few rds.

  131. I will probably change my mind plenty but though I think he is way too dear he remains the best captains choice. To get him even 100k cheaper will cost plenty of valuable points Against this there are lots of good mids available

    • gator59 says:

      I think you're right Neil.. If you start without him I think you'll be pushing shite uphill in a wheel barrow and playing catch up

      • I thought at least 3 were no brainers Danger Gawn and Doc build around them Docs gone and Gawns cheap Dangers the toss up hard not to pick him But it could mean getting Armatage or Cogs who can be keepers and both are well priced if you don't pick him I mean Danger and a rookie vs Zorko and armatage tough one

  132. Jambak says:

    Is Clayton Oliver likely to have an even bigger breakout season with increased midfield minutes ??

  133. hedski says:

    A few rookies to watch.
    Def – O'Shae, Doedee, Murray, Mihocek, Rice.
    Midpricers – Burchall, The Seed, Angus B.

    Mids – Kelly, LDU, Brayshaw × 2, Barry, Holman, + many draftees.
    Midprice – JOM?? Angus B, COGS.

    Rucks – Sweet FA.

    Fwds – Ryan/Rioli (WC), Naish/Higgins (tiges), Garlett.
    Mids – Harley, Christenson, Cyril.

    Not real comprehensive Sry many more to come.

    • Russty_ says:

      Cheers for that Hedski…haven't done a lot of research so far…which ones of those blokes do you reckon will be certain starters?

      • hedski says:

        To early for any certain starters Russty, those are the guys who keep poppin up in my slim research, trying to get the mature agers is the key, throw Mitch Marsh in the mix….

        • Russty_ says:

          Yeah hard to say I guess, 3 months is a long time, hope more rooks this year turn out to be more successful than last season 🙂

          • gator59 says:

            Hope your right there Russty.. Last year the rookies killed us all

  134. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    Seems to be a few more genuine midfield options this year.

    • gator59 says:

      Yeah Trigga a lot of value in the mids this year.. Just a matter of picking the right ones to fit your structure

      • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

        Might be something in the rooks too.
        Looks better and more choices thsn 2017.

  135. Russty_ says:

    Anyone reckon Lobbe will get games if Kreuzer stays fit and on the park.. Will they use him as a forward / reliever for Kreuz ?

    • and Pederson been looking at both he gets a gig if gawn misses no other worthw hile rucks at dees tmac maybe

      • Russty_ says:

        Hey Neil, Pederson retained his spot last season even after Gawn came back and was still pretty handy as a fwd goalkicker / ruckman.
        I thought about him too as a fwd swinging ruckman but maybe a bit too expensive for me at $471k…I'm thinking no fwd/ruck swinger for me this year and just have Lobbe on the bench as backup..if he's gonna be playing of course.
        English could also be an option this year if he gets games.

        • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

          Lobbe is insurance only just incase kruez has himself a mischief.
          Got him for peanuts which is rather fitting as he is like a lumbering elephant a just incase of emergency break glass option only.

          • Russty_ says:

            Hey Trigga how's it goin?…yeah so no games for Lobbe if Kreuzer stays fit you reckon?…seems to be hard finding any playing low priced backup Ruckmen this year.

    • Skinny McThin says:

      Phillips will get a run before Lobbe.

  136. Russty_ says:

    Here's my rough first draft team, I'd like to see what you've all come up with so far…so let's have a look, just for the sake of it 🙂





    It'll probably change a million times before March lol

    • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

      13 out of 30

    • Skindog says:

      It will change a lot , But 2 tips are Rayner no way, too much compotition, and Wigg is injured, and a few others are risk vs reward, a lot of risk,,,

      • Russty_ says:

        Was more interested in seeing other people's first drafts than comments on my team, which has already changed a lot lol

  137. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    C'mon Jock old mate time to emerge from the bungalow.

    Time to launch 2018 Jock style.

    Looks like a few lads are ready and gaggin to get into the new season..

    We r counting on you mate.

    • Russty_ says:

      Good call mate…I second the motion!

    • lek would be happy with his blues sure to improve 11 rusty like def most may even stay there a bit gawn /nat popular GOT a thing about martin and tiges much prefer m crouch and OLIVER Early days mate

  138. hedski says:

    Righto lads, the Ashes is won (go Aussies), Big Bash starts tomorrow night, got a league going in BBL Fantasy for a bit of fun, whack a team together and get yaself in.
    Code is 101356.
    Go the Renegades!!
    I also jumped in "I'm Gordy's" league in the tweets below, get on it.

  139. hedski says:

    On ya fellas, played the sc version of this last year, had Jock, Higgo and Patch in it, was a bit of fun, hopefully those boys pull the finger out and jump in.
    I'd recommend having a quick glance thru the scoring/rules (hit menu bar top left then the ? down the bottom, followed by "team editing & trades").
    Gives you a bit of an idea, 3 trades per round, also shows which team plays twice or has byes each round of 4 games.
    Good luck lads, league is set to public so it'll fill up tomor night, let's hope a few more from this site jump in.

  140. Jasen says:

    Is Jack Mcrae the most underrated player for consistency he will be in my starting lineup for sure

  141. hey Hedski wheres this been fluked 300 almost with 3 happy with that

    • hedski says:

      Nice one Neil, hope you have thunder players they play again this round, get another bite at the cherry.
      I have Watson as captain so happy there, have Abbott and Butler tho, only scored in the teens, hopefully Butler turns it on Friday night and redeems himself because I swapped him in for Macullam before the game!

      • you must have scored big also please don't let me get you this week I want one win at least. Great idea bbl fantasy fills the void but going to take a year to get it just hope coaches stay with it when the real stuff starts.i I haven,t looked at my footy team for a week this occupies me and its a learning curve I like. Just like Bradman when he challenged Lindrum to this funny game called billiards and got cleaned up but with his extroadinary eye co ordination he practiced this new game daily 12 months later Bradman challenged him and beat him that's what I am trying to achieve as well as fun cheers hedski

      • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

        VC on watson and nair on the pine.
        So if i put voges on field with the C and another scorcher on the bench is it all good?
        Happy days?

  142. hedski says:

    Nice. I have Dunk and Steketee plus a couple of bench muppets.
    Spewing I flicked McCullum for Buttler last night, can only get Lynn in if I dump Finchy and that ain't happening this week.

    • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

      Also hoping khan can create some wizardry tonight

      • BrownlowBoy says:

        I've got about 5 scorchers. Put the team together about 5 mins before lockout yesterday. Didn't even realise they bad the bye – rookie error lol.

        • hedski says:

          Are you in the league BB? You can still trade scorchers players for Renegades, Hurricanes or Strikers.
          Bear in mind tho that strikers and hurricanes have the byes next week but scorchers play twice. Unlimited trades this week for players not locked out but only 3 trades after that each week. Cheers.

          • BrownlowBoy says:

            Thanks Hedski. Nah I didn't get into the league – too late. Might have to change a few scorchers.


    • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

      Geez have to be on your toes for bbl.
      Only 15 mins before kick off find Lynn is out. Mad scramble and replaced with Finch. Slam dunk a duck didn't help. Didnt have stonis but will have next round he looked every bit a gun batsman.

      • yeah Trig every man and rover,s going to have him me too The big quicks like cutting don't seem to be the go I think in this game you need up and comers like Doolan multi skilled but must bat hard. I have Cutting and though did ok I think mcCulloch the kiwi would be better but I am new to this So in mcCULLOCH and Stoinas out Cutting and Bird

  143. any one know who the demon player in trouble is may affect my team

  144. hedski says:

    Need a few big scores tonight from Finchy and Tinga Ludeman. Carn the 'gades.

  145. Skindog says:

    anyone talking SC yet???? any discussions???

    • hedski says:

      Waiting for Jock and co. to post some new articles/podcasts Skindog.

  146. Skindog says:

    hey Hedski, hows your team rumbling about, mucking around with it much??

    • Skindog says:

      got a few set and forgets mate??

      • hey skindog are you going with danger

        • Skindog says:

          Yes neil i am mate, alot of coin but to be honest, imo wont drop enough to look at him for an upgrade, just a waste, for me set and forget the first three to be honest,,

      • hedski says:

        Trying not to look at it to much yet or I'll go mad.
        Rough draft would be –
        Yeo, Laird, Hibbo maybe Ryan as a smokey.
        Danger, M.Crouch, Fyfe, Beams, Crippa, Cogs.
        Menagola, Spitta Greene, + a coupla mid pricers.
        Enjoying summer and the big bash atm.
        How u travelling?

        • Skindog says:

          all over the place and for once thinking of taking some major risk vs rewards?
          Laird Howe Lever Birchall O'Shea Ballenden
          Danger Dusty T Mitch Oliver Cripps Coniglio Brayshaw Kelly
          Gawn Nik Nat
          Heeny Wingard D'house Bennell Keeffe Garlett ????

          • hedski says:

            I like the Howe pick, had him last year, Brayshaw is definitely on my radar along with the Seed.

        • only 3 different hedski Beams Cripps Spitter gone with Oliver naturally Tich and Dahlhouse same def 4 mids and menagola

  147. Trevor says:

    wtf is there a word limit or something?

  148. Trevor says:

    I'm seriously considering a midprice strategy for 2018 because I see a few potential changes to team structures that may make the midprice-TYAO strategy as viable as any other. So who are the likely MP's
    Rookie watch: Kim LeBois tackles like Angus plays a Guitar = HTF did he do that! Lots to learn but if they put anymore tough inside him his skin will split.
    My Current lineup is
    Backs 2-2-4
    Hurley,Hibberd,McVeigh,Brayshaw,O'Shea Murray Doedee O'Connor
    Mids 5-1-5
    Ruck 2-1
    Max Kruez English
    Fwd 1-4-3

    • WombatLover says:

      MY best SC season ever started before I'd visited any forums but when I came out of the byes inside the top 1,000 and missed out on the weekly $1k by a captains choice between swan and Pendle I visited all of them and decided on this site as my source of wisdom. The information and debate here was crucial to me finishing inside top 125. Since then I've invested more time than ever into web forums and strategy but my final ranking has gone backwards every year.

      So, I looked back to my best year and isolated what I'd done then that I hadn't done since.
      I made just about every mistake you can make.
      I only picked 2 Premo's in fwd and def, 1 in ruck and 4 in the middle, the rest of my onfield team were midpricers and all bench were rookies (giants+suns mainly). Apart from Gaz I didn't consider anybody to be a keeper at any point of the season, if they were going to miss a game and didn't ave 100+ I traded them. If they were going to miss 2 games or more I traded them regardless of their average.
      I traded two times every week up to the byes and 3 times each week of the byes and played the last 2 rounds with 21. Obviously luck was on my side. I was lucky that I had so many midpricers that I could easily upgrade or cash in to a rookie that I didn't have. I was ranked outside the top 60,000 after round 3 that year.

      • where did you finish after being 60000+.If you finished 125 after trading that aggressively then well done. If you collapsed and went even worse then you know where you went wrong .I traded that aggressively last year and though I ran out of trades way too early I had a ripper team and did well Mistakes like trading in Newman 3 times cost me . What will your strategy be now Wombatt

      • Russty_ says:

        Just goes to show, there's no real formula to it, luck plays a part, and it's organic, always changing.
        Can't trade too aggressively or not aggressively enough, can't hang onto guys for too long and sometimes, have to hang onto em longer that you think.
        The one thing you can't do is…run out of trades, if you make it to finals and have no trades left, it's only blind luck if you get through.

        • Hi Russty So true mate though a few years back the winner ran out early but had DPP,S and a good bench. I fell over the line in the cashy but lost another G F with 21 players no bench Trades are so important at the pointy end.Do you think Armitage is value 300 seems just too good to refuse

          • Russty_ says:

            Hiya Neil, yeah good value I guess, but you've gotta weigh up how good he was going before he went down, how long will it take to get back to his best…and how crap StKilda are at the moment unfortunately. I'd probably go for Angus Brayshaw or Seedsman if fit and ready, if I had to choose from the 3.

    • Russty_ says:

      Hi Trevor, can't really see your team scoring very well for the first weeks, it looks like you might have a spare million bucks with that as a starting team…and you'd be playing catchup and have to trade your arse off for the first half of the season, especially in the fwd line.

      Long way to go yet before the first bounce so I'd keep an eye on your potentials in the pre-season and see how they go.

  149. gator59 says:

    Ho Ho Ho , I know it's early but would like to wish a Merry Xmas to all on this great forum page and a Happy New Year and Get the 2018 season underway… Cheers from Gator

    • hedski says:

      Back at ya Gator.

    • yes same here fellas health happiness and goodwill to all IN SPORT NEIL DEMONS DELIGHT

    • how s the fantasy cricket going Gat. I need 6 more great players but one swallow doesn't make a spring .Finch is still great and maybe Bravo is a flash not sure still a piker at this. Ricky ponting had the same bats as me but totally different bowlers Funny thing he was right think he might know a little bit more than me A lot of fun though

      • BrownlowBoy says:

        Is it worth bringing in a Thunder player even though he's already had his double game round? Really like the look of Nair.

      • gator59 says:

        Nah total shite for round 1 Neil.. Will have to do some good trading if i'm to get back in the game.. sitting at bottom atm but time will tell

    • Russty_ says:

      Merry Christmas Gator, and all the regulars on here, have a safe one and I'll see you guys in here leading up to and including the new season …cheers 🙂

      • gator59 says:

        You too Russty.. Keep safe mate

      • hedski says:

        Same to you Russ, was hoping you'd jump in the bbl league, figure your a scorchers fan?

        • Russty_ says:

          Hey mate, sorry, not really into domestic cricket, not really sure who all the players are and don't really have the time at the moment, even let my Fantasy surfing team fail into obscurity lol

          • all the best to you and yours Russty footy is better than bbl but like TRIGGS HAPPY ENDING it fills a void cant work it all out yet come back safe and fresh for jlt or what ever cheers mate

          • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

            Have a great Christmas all and sundry.
            Boxing day test and bbl that should satisfy any cricket tragic.
            Looking forward to 2018.
            Lets hope the doyian rips out an article early in the new year so we can rip into it.
            Been fun.

  150. I would prefer a key forward BUDDY and a key mid DANGER than a bit of both STEELE. In other words WHITE and ABBOTT FOR SHORT from Hobart .

  151. BrownlowBoy says:

    I hate Big Bash. Bring in McCullum and skipper him and he's gone for 5

    • hedski says:

      I'm hearing ya BB, got rid of Abbott and got Sams in…
      Have Mitch J as captain so get another crack hope he gets five for next game.

  152. HEY hedski or gat anybody my opponent is killing me .he has lots of brissy players getting a double hit . Is that the go dump bye players and load up on multi playing teams .I really have no hope.He has 11 hits at scoring plus 4 more brIssy and me I Have 11 also and cutting 15 PLAYS 12 3 more goes at scoring Am I wrong If not then next week STARS have bye so OUT STOINUS BEER MAXWELL Adelaide plays twice so in LAUGHLIN CAREY and STAINLAKE I AM MISSING SOMETHING ARENT I THANKS FELLAS I imagine you could have the best Adelaide players maybe even 6 multiplied by 2 plus the other 5 spots gives you 17 innings chances as opposed to like this week 12 those extra 5 innings kill you

    • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

      Yeah i had look at rd 2 and saw two teams had the double shot.
      When watto and nair lit up first game filled my last 2 spots with scorchers knowing the double up this week.
      So got 15 players this week.
      When burns got injured traded him to carey knowing dunk has bye rd 3 and carey plays twice.
      Dont think it hurts to have ane eye on next week

    • gator59 says:

      I'm just rolling with who I think will bolster the stocks.. I'm only new to this caper Neil and don't have much of a clue on who the players are where as SC you study the players……. In the BBL it's just hit and miss just like the layers do

      So if you're lucky enough to have the right players when they perform good on you.. For me in the BBL it's just plain simple luck and a bit of fun until the real stuff begins in SUPERCOACH………….. So good luck to you mate

      • I read both yours Gat and Triggs comments and I agree Gat it is hit and miss FINCHY and a fill in to footy. but then the competitor says read research and get better Notice the top dozen teams had lots of thunder players but they know / we don't they scored 1200 us half that . next year you have to plan the whole 10 weeks with byes and playing twice so you get that 15 hits This is hard work and Trigg is right except you really got to keep an eye 2 or even three weeks ahead and have a system pre season Next year we will all be better but I am with GAT footys better

  153. hedski says:

    Ha ha, its a bastard of a game Neil.
    One thing is the same as sc, back your premiums.
    Yeah youre right, watch who has the bye and who doubles up and you can have 15 hits instead of 11, need good bench cover so you can build cash and get more guns.

  154. TommyC99 says:

    Hey guys
    Looking forward to another exciting year of supercoach ahead. Last season was my first season i took supercoach seriously, and despite having limited trades second half of the season, i managed to storm home to finish in the top 5000 after being at 34k in round 8. I learnt a lot from last season and am chomping at the bit to tackle another season of supercoach.
    The reason for this comment is to ask the communities opinion on how to go about research? I didnt really do a pre season last year so im hoping if i can get a minor headstart might help me improve on last seasons rank. So where should i start?

    Hope you all have a great christmas!

    • Russty_ says:

      Giday Tommy, if you have Foxtel that's pretty handy cause you can watch all the pre-season games and see which new guys perform and which fall short of expectations, and hopefully see how the 'returning from injuries' guys are travelling also.

      There's also the articles on the Herald Sun website if you have a subcription or the websites but the best source of info regarding all things Supercoach in my opinion is right here mate.
      You'll read a lot of discussions and see a lot of other experienced guy's teams leading up to crunch time and you can learn a lot from them.
      So good luck mate and have a good Chrissy also, cheers.

    • good day Tommy The first rule I believe is rule with the head not the heart.Dont let your loyalties get in the way. Give your rookies time don't be too quick to dump them also cover all bases with your DPP,s but really the best piece of advice is to value your trades Good luck son

    • Trevor says:

      Happy days off TommyC. Those other 3 comments should be considered SuperCoach Gospel and if you follow the advice you will surely improve your ranking. Personally I've tried following the 'unwritten rules' and I still haven't won any money 🙁 so this year I'm writing my own rules. If I still don't win any cash at least I wont have gone backwards

    • Derek says:

      This time of the year I am just looking for news on injuries, particularly if it means a player will miss a big chunk of pre-season.

      Once we start getting more information from trial games, I'll start looking at the teams who have lost important players and who might fill the voids.

      I'm going to spend less time looking at fixtures this year.

  155. Trevor says:

    I'll give this preseason info thing a go.
    Adam Saad managed 70 SC points at the suns in 2016 and 73 in 2017, what will he ave at the Bombers?
    Could he be the smokey defender? He had 50% more running bounces than Motlop who ranked 2nd for the stat in 2017 but at the suns he only had spuds to give it to apart intermittent gamess from Gaz. What will happen after those 90+ running bounces now that he's at the bombers? I predict that in a team stuffed full of 1st round draft picks from almost a decade of drafts his D.E will increase significantly and many of his running bounces will the be the first link in a score. Champion data love score involvements,rebound 50's, metres gained and running bounces when they dish out the extra points for SC.
    I'll be watching Saad closely during JLT to see if he'll get a spot in my majestic midpricers starting squad.

  156. Trevor says:

    How come when I sign in with twitter I still have to put my name and email when I want to reply or comment? Seems a bit needy

  157. BrownlowBoy says:

    So who we bringing into our Big Bash teams this week?

    • hedski says:

      Couple of Adelaide lads and Cam White for me BB, pain in the arse though, Strikers play twice this round and then the bye next week so will most likely trade them back out.

      • BrownlowBoy says:

        In the last few rounds, do you have unlimited use of your remaining trades? Or do you still have to use a max of 3 per round?

        • hedski says:

          Only three per round, can't stockpile trades.
          They are unlimited in both weeks of finals though, so its good to have some cheap bench players who will hopefully rise in price.

      • white crows for me too Hedski/ cant go past White a keeper Would like Lynne but not yet Early days but a must win for the demon delights Disappointing to lose by 2 particularly when only 60 at halfway Keep it up boys the Trigger lads are beatable

      • think I might bench them as the 6 ,s are crap

  158. gator59 says:

    I hear that Crouching One has been spotted in Queensland cutting sugar cane seeing that he has drank the Bundaberg Rum company dry of all contents…. Also I think Jock and Higgo have retreated into Hitla's bunker with two 9mm guns and cannot face the outside world atm fearing the on slaught from Crouching…

    • INPieman says:

      I read somewhere CoachKings is having a spell in 2018. But I'm not sure what the lads are up to. Probably still sucking down tinnies & tea in Hastings

  159. Gat that hawk def was harry morrison check him out

    • hedski says:

      Like the look of him Neil but $260k is awkward.

    • gator59 says:

      He might be worth a look neil, but the price is very awkward.. I still say Mirra will be a player

  160. Lots of mistakes being made with capt and v/c picks.playing the capt first or in the same game.Glad to see I am not alone in learning the ropes.Tougher than footy

    • hedski says:

      Sure is Neil, I flicked Buttler this round, he's on 99points, ouch.

    • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

      Cmon fellas im using the same logic as SC.
      VC early if they go ok put a bye player on as capt with coverage on the bench.

      This week carey/dunk voges on the bench
      Week 1 watson/voges nair on tne bench.
      Week 2 mccullum vc didnt wirk out so plonked c on watson.

      Happy with recruits this week:
      Brought in archer, head and tye – 200 between them will take that.

      Finch is gone 2mrw. Either lynn of johnson.

      • hedski says:

        Can't say ive worried about the vc Trig, just been plonking the C on someone who plays twice each round.
        Jeez hasn't Finch been a bust!

  161. neil Demons Delight says:

    I can see the BBL finals fantasy teams being very similar as you have a field of 22 plus dependent on your purse. This is similar to TRIGGS HAPPY ENDING and makes it less interesting.Triggs finals game needs to sparke up early to get coaches in and like the proper season needs imput from us You can have your say at seasons end for improvements such as 2 bench ruckmen but Triggs needs to be at the start . A list of ideas would help him mine would be the captains choice. I agree with GATOR that the footy proper is the one. it works better because we have more choice giving us a better game. Can you imagine supercoach on tennis or golf Maybe early days but BBL fails because of BATTERS. Finch goes out first ball and being your captain that's you gone no second chances like bowlers. I would like to see the best five out of 7 batters so you can use both bench players regardless. this makes it interesting with bench bye players with the need to load up on good batters. The more different BBL and TRIGGS are the better I had a game with Derek last year with 5 different players and it wasn't good but that is rare. Though I am knew to bbl and don't quite get it or know the players I still enjoy the challenge and banter with mates but footys better cheers fellas

    • gator59 says:

      It is so hit and miss in the BBL,, One slight hiccup and you're virtually cooked. . I've even had a go at the $2 draftstars an it's hit and miss there too .. I agree with you Neil we should be able to use our bench players to make it more interesting…….. AS for TRIGGS HAPPY ENDING I hope we can all contribute from day one to get this great concept up and running properly in the only fantasy game that's worth playing and that is AFL SUPERCOACH………I rest my case ,, So it's up to the Jury to make the decision

    • neil Demons Delight says:

      Hi Gat don't know how these top guys score 1200 each week In our League no one gets even close. but I guess people think that about footy sc Scoring 2300 is nothing but when I started 1900 was good for me so we just don't understand it yet. Was wondering how Triggs would go if you couldn,t choose the same player 2 weeks running.Imagine no DANGER/MARTIN or gawn maybe not being able to choose the top 6 players of each final anyway I am sure TRIGGS HAPPY ENDING will grow legs extending the best form of fantasy sport cheers mate I checked Mirra out was capt of Box Hill and coaches love him big unit and Hodgeys spot vacant cheap too cheers gat

      • Derek says:

        I've played BBL this year for the first time. It is so frustrating having all the DGW and byes.

        a lot of luck needed

        • gator59 says:

          A bloody lot of luck needed Derek.. But As Trigga or Hedski said try planning 2 games ahead seems to be the way

        • neil Demons Delight says:

          good to hear from you Derek Like all these guys l never stop researching watching tac videos reading and sites like this and it pays dividends.. The rookies choices are reasonably clear cut after J L T even your second wave of rookies is visible.The problem most have is getting your midpricers correct and luck with your premiums . I rarely choose Demon players but next year could be different that's not the heart speaking they are good GAWN OLIVER HIBBERD VINEY and T MAC are all worthy. But even with this knowledge transferred to BBL it comes down to loads of luck.If you do your homework in footy expect to do well not so in BBL BUT still we have bragging rights if we win cheers fellas HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL CHEERS

          • gator59 says:

            HAPPY NEW YEAR to you Neil and also all the other contributers on this fantastic site…………. FFS hurry up March!!!

      • gator59 says:

        Yeah they must do some studying like we do in SC … But in the end all comes down to luck…. Yes Mirra was captain of Box Hill.. One of my mates knows him very well and says he's ready to go and take Hodey's spot and Clarko loves him

  162. Derek says:

    An early look at the players I have 6 premiums locked in. Yeo and Simpson in defence, Danger, Dusty and Fyfe in Midfield and Gawn in Ruck.

    Midpricers I have pencilled in are Birchall in Defence, Coniglio and JOM in midfield, NicNat in Ruck.

    Forward line will be toughest line to fill, especially with guys like Christensen, Bennell, Hogan, Wells and Rioli offering great value.

    Who is going to fill Priddis/Mitchell role at WCE with NicNat tapping it down?

    Can't wait.

    • demons delights says:

      No BURGOYNE ROUGHEAD or GUNSTON I see a familiar pattern here I would add Menagola and Oliver and without doubt Stumpy Laird that's 9

    • gator59 says:

      The old boot in Shuey may have to step up even more now Derek

    • Russty_ says:

      Hiya Derek, hope Nicnat is a lock in no worries Ruck this season, should be very beneficial for most of us if that's the case.
      He might have to go on the 'never again' list if his body breaks down again, but here's hoping he's back stronger than ever.

      • Derek says:

        NicNat is a long way from being a lock. There are many who love him and will lock him in without having a good look at him first.

        I heard he isn't training with the main group yet. A year out is a long time. $465k isn't that cheap.

    • BrownlowBoy says:

      Maybe Ah Chee? Redden will also probably be in the guts. Brayshaw?

    • Derek says:

      My M4 is the hardest. After Danger, Dusty and Fyfe, there are 15+ good options for M4. Coniglio at M5, JOM at M6 and hopefully a couple of quality rookie priced at M7/8.

      Oliver, Cripps, Mitchell, Merrett, Shuey, Beams, Zorko, Bont, Pendles, Parker, JPK, Kelly, Crouches, Trelor.

      Merrett might just be ahead of Mitchell and Cripps (value) at the moment.

      • INPieman says:

        No shortage of great Mid options this year Derek. The same can't be said for the forward line. Might end up with Bennell at F1 the way it's looking

    • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

      I had Yeo but read he is a week to week proposition which raised a red flag
      Not doing full training at the moment

  163. Russty_ says:

    A very bloody happy new year to all!…and may Jock and the lads be up and running again soon…can't wait for the banter to start all over again, with a new and refreshed perspective, hope this year isn't as trying as the last but difficulty can be challenging, and I'm sure all the best players are up to the challenge, cheers guys.
    Have a great and safe new year's eve and new year. 🙂

  164. Russty_ says:

    You can do it man!….mine is to finish in the top 1000…and lose some bloody weight haha

  165. BrownlowBoy says:

    Any sixers worth bringing in for their double game? They are bloody terrible.

    • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

      Couldnt see much. Pretty inconsisent never quite sure what ya gonna get.
      I have botha and brought in Silk but thats it.
      Finch to MJ today. Finch is in a world of hurt this year. Just looks all over the shop.
      If Lynn gets a decent score this rd may trade botha to lynn rd 5.

    • hedski says:

      I might have a look at Silk as a speculative pick, played well in his first game but he'll be up against big Mitch tonight so it could backfire massively.
      Finch is due to go big this round, COME ON FINCHY YA PRICK!
      Play you this round BB good luck mate.

      • Derek says:

        I'm brining in Silk, Roy and Botha, but that's because I'm low in cash and they good value.

  166. BrownlowBoy says:

    Traded Darcy Short. FML

    • hedski says:

      Ha ha. I traded Buttler out the other day, scored 99, traded him back in today.
      What's the chances of a duck???

  167. I believe I have this BBL worked out Last 3 WEEKS zero wins using my limited knowledge. Same 3 weeks using in 3 double game players 3 wins Assuming THAT I would beat LYNNSANITY with 2 games left and 3 TOP PLAYERS and 70 lead as against 2 top players NOW USING my bad judgement OUT CUMMINGS WADE SIDDLE IN buttler white voges. With 3 DGP SAME OUTS but in SILK DWARSHIUS SAMS What I conclude is you can have a great player SAY WATSON scoring 60 odd as against a crappier player SILK who has 2 goes at it Its logic More often than not in the last 3 weeks my unselected 3 DOUBLE GAME PLAYERS HAVE WON OUT. Beaten by 2 first game 80 second and probably 100 this one. I could have 3 wins.. WATCH THIS WEEK FELLAS I play Class on Grass fantastic name with 3 new Adelaide players joining my existing 3 out MCCLENAN WHITE NAIR IN KHAN LAUGHLIN NESERS. I utterly refuse to let this game beat me. but how the fxxk these top guys get these super scores I don't know I read 3 past footy winners good reading on methods bye planning trades etc rivoting stuff but cant find anything about systems etc on BBL only my friends on this site seems we all have problems

    • Derek says:

      My 14 year old son is pretty good at BBL. he is currently in top 500. He knows all the players. I'm in top 2300 😉

      It is all about having payers from teams with DGW. I have only 4 Sixers this week, but have 4 Strikers on my bench ready for next week when they have 2 games.

      • Its all about your initial team Loading up on THUNDER BOYS maybe even 8 or 9. then selecting DG PLAYERS keeping an eye on next round even the next one.You said you had only 4 sixers I had none completely wrong.I went with whte buttler and voges but had Drawf sams and silk in early days .This has backfired like the first two weeks. As I said its difficult for dwarf sams and silk to be beaten with 2 hits at it even with my 3 White Buttler and Voges This is so logic Bring on footy but going to make it hard for some teams to make finals that's all that's left

        • derek says:

          it would be a really good game if it wasn't for the Double game weeks.

          i have 6 Strikers this week!!!!

  168. Its going to be hard to overlook Crippa excellent value as is coniglio Danger Fyfe Martin pick themselves with Oliver cripps and Coniglio 6 mids and gawn laird and HIBBERD LOOKING OK

    • gator59 says:

      It will be hard to pick the right ones cause there's so much value in the mids this year..As Derek eluded to a few days ago the list keeps going on for value

      • any worthwhile sainters gator steven armatage steele young hunter maybe

      • derek says:

        if a Cripps or anyone else around the low $500k can average 105, they must be considered. the secret is to pick the 105 players who become the 110+

        this year the battle won't be in the midfield, there is too much quality for anyone to get it too wrong, it will be the Forward and Defence lines that will sort people out. If you get the wrong players there, many points will be lost.

        i will be looking very close at all the DEF/FWD DPP players this year. must have good options on those lines

    • Might see both your recruit defenders Hunter Clarke and Nick Coffield appear in early teams Both are excellent TAC players and will play.They think that much of Clarke he has the coveted no. 11

      • gator59 says:

        Yeah I think they're both a chance neil… Not so confident on Armo,,,Steele and Steven ,,,,, Even Claravino and Freeman are a sneaky chance…. The only thing that would hold me back from picking the rookies is Richo tends to give them a couple of games at the start of the season and then rests them in the two's for a fair while unless they have pure class and perform week in week out.. and then he may play them in the back end of the season for a couple..

    • Trevor says:

      Cripps is obvious value Neil but what about Murphy? Is he good enough to play his usual role plus adding 15% to help cover the loss of Gibbs? He doesn't produce many spud games when uninjured and has had monster seasons before.
      Pendle has had yet another surgery to try and get that finger out of his date and seems to have lost a bit of passion since his baby and I need another reliable 105+

    • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

      Call me crazy (many have) but rocky looks value at $520k.
      Would have to have a flawless preseason first and foremost.
      Imagine how many hitouts he is going to get from ryder.
      H/O to advantage – might well go the double.

      • derek says:

        i hate the round 10 bye

      • hedski says:

        I think Beams needs to be talked about if fit, in my current team at @$550-560k, came home hard last year.

        • Derek says:

          Without Rocky, he looks good. Zorko is expensive

        • Shake n bake says:

          Beams will be there for me. Zorko can be shut down and im thinking will get most attention.

  169. BrownlowBoy says:

    Finally feel like I have the hang of the big bash… I think…

    • hedski says:

      Ya gave me a touch up BB, I'm struggling in our league, haven't lost a match in the other league I'm in, sitting second.
      Fickle bloody game it is.

  170. TRIGG or HEDSKI would probably be able to help me .I see coaches with HEAD as CAPT and CAREY vc playing each other Can HEAD GET HIS 2MATCHES SCORED DOUBLED or only the 1st and how can you get careys score Just doesn't make sense cheers fellas

    • BrownlowBoy says:

      Both of Heads scores from game 1 and game 2 get doubled I'm pretty sure. Then you just get Carey's scores added up from game 1 and game 2 I'm pretty sure. Not sure if this answers your question?

      • but how do you get the vc to capt don't you put a non player with the C If HEAD scores 100 vs HOB and 50 game two and CAREY your vc 50 vsADEL and 40 game two you should get 200 game 1 50 game 2 plus90 TOYAL340 ISNT IT A WASTE OF TIME HAVING CAREY VC you cant get 2 times his score anyway what happens if head scores 2 zeros

        • hedski says:

          No point really having a vc if your captain (Head), is playing twice and their in the first game. They're just putting the vc on anyone and not playing loopholes Neil.

          • BrownlowBoy says:

            Loopholes are pretty pointless in this game as most people slap the C on a player playing twice in the round.

          • answers it both of you couldn't figure it out.C goes on carey or head this round not stoinis/Watson then next week short/wade is that correct crazy game Forget about the vc and your top player.Fxxxked it up again..

    • hedski says:

      They're on the same team Neil, they will score double Head-ski points both games unless Head doesn't play second game (strikers play twice this round). If Head doesn't play second game I'm guessing they would get Carey's score doubled for that match. I have Carey captain for what its worth. Cheers.

      • BrownlowBoy says:

        "Your selected Captain (or vice captain if your captain doesn't play) scores double points. You may change your captain selection during each nominated trade period, up until the start of their match in any Round. Once a selected Captain's (and Vice Captain's) real-life match has started, your Captain/Vice Captain selection is locked in and can no longer be changed."

    • derek says:

      with Strikers playing first it is hard to loop a C this round.

      i had VC on Khan and had C on Silk (bye) to loophole (Rogers not playing) with Maxwell on bench just in case khan had a bad one (which doesn't happen). but even then, khan has two games and maxwell has only one.

      Hard loopholing in BBL as you have to take the lowest score from the bench. easy to loop the WKP line

      • There is a lot to know about this game Derek Far tougher than footy and a lot more luck needed.Rance can kick into the man and cause the first two goals then have a blinder 150 plus but Lynne can hit the ground be given out on 0 and no chance to redeem himself The problem I see is there is only 11 players compared to22 One bad player in footy doesn't spell the end like BBL . To a degree the winner is the luckiest not necessarily the best coach never the case in footy remember a couple of years back the winner chose NICK R who scored 197 effectively winning it and the BRUYNNE manoeuvre also Your advice is appreciated re the V C

  171. hedski says:

    Did you bring Short back in this round BB?
    He's killing it.

  172. hedski says:

    I got Short in, stoked.

    • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

      My org pick of Archer just keeps delivering.
      Happy with that one.
      Definately gonna bring in short next week.
      Good game last night.

      • hedski says:

        Archer will pick himself next week for me Trig, will come in for a thunder player.

        • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

          Will need $100k plus i reckon.
          Didnt see the game last night but see doggett got a 120.
          He is on my bench. Was hoping cartright didnt play as he had a zero so could put a sixer on ground and get the 120.
          Just read cartright made a duck so bye bye 120.

          • hedski says:

            Yeah he's on my bench too….so is Nair, fair chance he'll score 5 and I'll cop that for MJ instead of Doggett.

    • derek says:

      what is your rank hedski?

      i started slow, but starting to get the hang of it now and moved up to 1385th.

      my 14 yo son is giving me a lesson, he is 252th

      • hedski says:

        Struggling at 6214 Derek, hopefully move up a bit this round, teams looking good but it doesn't take much to drop, couple of single figure/teen scores and your toasted.

  173. matt says:

    does anyone know the date supercoach opens for non gold memebers

  174. Agree with gat and Derek dpp def? fwd will be most important> I had Adams and Tippa two years back but the trick was to have a third>Last year dpp,s got me thru with only 6 mids but a bench full of BerryWithering types and no trades LUCKY

  175. Trevor says:

    More SC 2018 questions.
    Can Clayton Oliver get any better? 17 x 100+ and a low score of 80 when he had the 2nd year blues! The only game that he was tagged he had 28 touches and 7 tackles for 113 SC. Better bet than Pendle?

    Will Uniacke get a run early at the Roos? They took a long time to give the new guys a go last year.
    Is Ainsworth likely to get midfield time or is he just another injury waiting to happen?
    Will Rocky's absence mean that Stef plays more like Kruezer did ly and pumps out some monsters?
    Will Rocky's presence mean that Ryders non-ruck points drop?
    Will Gibbs impact Sloane and the Crouch Bros much or will he take mostly from Laird?
    Will Gibbs turn Laird into the Doch of 2018?
    Is Freeman worthy of an onfield spot in our draft teams?
    Has Billings got an engine yet?
    Will O'Meara's leg fall off?
    Is Burton the new Gibson?
    Are Carlton having a laugh with all of thier talk about Fisher?

    • Trevor says:

      also what does the arrival of Gibbs mean for seedsman?

    • Russty_ says:

      Hi Trevor, I reckon Oliver can still get better, unless something happens in his life that makes him lose his passion for footy a bit.
      I don't think Rocky's presence will affect Ryder's output.
      Don't think Gibbs will affect the Crouch Brothers output either, reckon Gibbs will flourish being away from Carlton. Sloane could still be an iffy choice if he's a tag target.
      I'll believe the Freeman hype when I see proof in the pudding.
      I reckon Billings will improve this year and be more consistent.
      Burton could be a good back choice..he's coming along nicely.
      Still not touching O'Meara with a barge pole.
      I think Uniake will get a good run early cause the Roos need some new blood and need to change things up from their recent crap seasons.

      • INPieman says:

        LDU will head straight for the guts for North in round 1 if he's fit. And he'll stay there till he retires. Only expensive rookie I have any interest in

        • Trevor says:

          I don't share your enthusiasm for the North Melbourne selection panel pieman. They have a pouch full of second year potential spuds that they'll inflict upon the supporters before they'll show us any light at the end of the tunnel. Scott will give him a good go in X or JLT then he'll send him to the VFL to do a knee and learn how to call the coach a visionary.

          The North selection panel poked an eye out trying to pick their nose.

      • Trevor says:

        I replied to you directly from my email account Russty. I expected that the reply would also appear here but, no?
        Anyway Sauce Jacobs was saying on afldotcom that Gibbs might spend some time at HB which puts a big ? over Laird at his current price.
        I'm also wondering where Seedsman fits into the crows lineup

        • Russty_ says:

          From memory Seedsman was a half back flanker or on the wing, reckon he'll be a locked in player if he can stay fit.
          Hasn't exactly set the world on fire with sc scoring though in his 5 years or so.

          Gibbsy could take away points from Laird if he's in the same area…that's why I might consider McDonald instead of Laird.

  176. Steeeve says:

    Come out of hibernation Jock you beautiful big bear of a man. Feed us your wisdom and breathe us your truth!

    • Russty_ says:

      Hope Jock hasn't been whacked by some dodgy bookies with all the betting ventures he's into these days. 🙂

  177. Russty_ says:

    Anyone still going with Harley Bennell after his latest antics?
    He's booted from my side as of now, the guy's just a freakin trainwreck.

    • hedski says:

      Boxing practice is in every clubs preseason training isn't it?? Ha ha.

      • Russty_ says:

        Not turning up to training after his record though?…It's a Family Guy Nooooooo from me lol

        • never on the radar Russty WASTED TALENT just like Jurrah.I seen Jurrah play for the local side late last year He didn't even have boots Kicked 8 to half time before Hogan who was watching him play and Davey lent him some. With the dearth of forwards makes it even harder

          • Russty_ says:

            Hey Neil, yeah Jurrah was a real shame, he could've been one of the greats, jeez the guy could take some huge marks.

            • The Dees have had some real good forwards Ross Dillon Greg Parkes Allen Jakovic Bennett Hoges and Liam Jurrah and if you look at that list Russty two have played together Dillon/Parkes bennett/jackovic even mark jacko/healy but not now Hogan is really one out maybe Tom McDonald can do it cheers Russty

            • WoW_Trevor says:

              Wow. I cant believe that my comment was rejected.
              Rewording maybe?

              No room for Harley, Bell and Christensen are more reliable and equally capable of a big score

    • BrownlowBoy says:

      Never was in my team and was never going to be.

      • keep an eye on Neale-Bullen flying at present and finished last year strong But the well is dry.Morrison the hawk at 260 looks value.Jom not for me same with GAZ ROCKY SLOANE tagged out to often GIBBS MURPHYand I reckon big question marks on JPK…The 5 main mids all should have are DANGER MARTIN FYFE OLIVER and COGNILIO cheers

        • TommyC99 says:

          I'm not going to start with Dusty, was prone to a bad game so going to wait for his price to drop to snag him up

      • Russty_ says:

        Good call I reckon BB, the guy doesn't deserve an AFL contract.

  178. BrownlowBoy says:

    Is anyone actually a fan of any mid pricers this year? I don't rate the likes of Bennel, Birchell, JOM, Rioli at all. Just me?

    • INPieman says:

      Getting smashed & not turning up to training is not good for Harley. Shame because he could have been the number 1 forward. But I think all of those guys you mention will come into play if we are lacking rookies.

    • hedski says:

      I don't mind Christensen, Brayshaw and Seedsman, could be some value there.

    • Trevor says:

      Burton,Curnow,Christenson,Bell,Robinson,Brayshaw,Seedsman all look good at this point. A lot of the carlton team could also increase in value rapidly

  179. Trevor says:

    I can't believe the lack of teams being posted

    Hibberd-Burton-Brayshaw-O'Shea-JSmith-Doedee (Connor,Mirra)
    Danger-Kelly-Oliver-Fyfe-Bont-Crippla-Brodie-Freeman (Higgins,Ahern,Kelly)
    Stef-Max (colemanJones)
    Heeney-Petracca-Curnow-Bell-Christensen-HMcKay (Powell,Garlett)

    Lots of early upgrade trading planned

    • Russty_ says:

      It doesn't really get going until Jock and the boys show up Trevor…I think they're all taking an extended holiday this year.

  180. Tom McDonald has to be a monty this year.A change of roles will see him taking Watts role forward. DPP helps his cause also. I have him Hibbert Oliver and Gawn certain starters with Petracca highly considered. Maybe 5 demons but this is to be expected in a premiership year I think

    • WoW_Trevor says:

      He's a great player Neil but, he can go missing. 4 scores under 50 last year v. Suns,Lions,Pies and crows not really premium opposition except crows. DPP gives me an interest but I think he too much $ in a premiership year

      • Russty_ says:

        Could be a different story this year Trevor if he is in fact swinging forward, would add the extra points of the odd goal or 3 onto his tally.
        He has had averages of 95 , 89 and 84 in the last 3 seasons so I reckon he might be worth the risk for $465,800

        • WoW_Trevor says:

          There is always the potential for a change Russty and I agree that 95,89,84 isn't anything to be ashamed of but, I don't think its enough to make him a top defender or fwd. There's also to potential for him to be the 3rd tall in attack and a solid 70 ave which makes the 466 a risky investment for me. I'd rather risk the cash on Coniglio

  181. WoW_Trevor says:

    Rayner gets a 2-year contract extension already! Lions are obviously paranoid about the homesickness factor, watch them line up the 'respectable' hotties for him to choose a gf like the weagles did for Juddy. Lucky dude

  182. BrownlowBoy says:

    Changing of the guard this year? Out with the old and in with the new?

    • Russty_ says:

      Yeah I reckon a lot will be thinking that way..going with more youth than in the past.

  183. Hey GATOR great score in BBL play you in two weeks Maybe we are getting the hang of it. Short helped a bit/Reminds me of SPD SMITH. good leggie and whacks the pill Wish I knew the rules better earlier It was hard with the two game teams and captains but ok now

  184. BrownlowBoy says:

    When does the Australian BBL players leave for the ODI squad?

  185. BrownlowBoy says:

    Question how does your reputation meter increase?

    • hedski says:

      Thumbs up on your posts.

      • WoW_Trevor says:

        Must be run by Champdata and I got the Bont uplift factor for summer. 21P from 2 or 3 posts and only a few thumbs

    • Russty_ says:

      Thumbs up to you BB…lol

    • Russty_ says:

      It's actually from how many replies you get BB, replies give you points, might be a moot point soon though, just tumbleweeds blowing down the street around here these days.

  186. Rick Grimes says:

    Please come back Jock and co.

  187. WoW_Trevor says:

    Brodie, Rayner or LDU? Brodie was a star in JLT last year then he hit a wall. does anyone know how things are looking for him this year?

    • UDL looks the best to me Trev but all three are quality.UDL could be the only roo in my team

      • Russty_ says:

        Same here Neil, don't see many other Roo players worthy of selection, pending dominating performances in the pre-season games.

        • So you fancy UDL RUSSTY.. pretty sure Jock will come good if not there is plenty of talent here/.Iliked all the preseason reviews Already nutting one out for TOM MCDONALD HOPE JOCK AND CREW ARE OK

  188. Russty_ says:

    Hi Lads, I've been doing some extended Retro searching of old threads (all the way back to page 54) and comments etc and noticed that Jock and the crew had been posting articles, reviews and player profiles basically since the 2016 season ended until the 2017 season started, continuously..and then some.
    So what has happened?

    This is not the case this year…so Will Jock and his merry men return at all this year?….It's a bit of a worry!..and if not, what the hell will we do?!
    We've all been posting in this old tired, worn out thread for coming up to 20 weeks now….

    Normally we are well into the brass tacks of it all by now Jock, so what's up mate?
    Hope everything's well and you and your expert pit crew be back to enlighten us all again soon.

    • WoW_Trevor says:

      I've got a few domains doing nothing if you guys want to start up your own SC site

      • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

        If Jock and crew continue the cone of silence and nothing happened by JLT then ill keep that in mind Trev and may have to start one up as love the banter with u lot and expert analysis.

        Hope it dont come to that and the doyian rolls the arm over in the new year.
        Hopefully he is warming up in the nets.

        Hope u r ok Jock.
        The flock needs the shepherd and the support crew!

        • BrownlowBoy says:

          Didn't they have a late start last year? I thought something happened last year where they weren't sure if Jock and co would return?

          • WoW_Trevor says:

            Maybe they're waiting until X has finished so that they can write some funny sh*t that's topical. I need some SC info soon though the other sites are just posting stats and calling it a review

            • BrownlowBoy says:

              Hopefully when Supercoach for non-gold members opens they will get going again.

    • Derek says:

      Back in 2015 Jock and the boys called it quits, might have been about 3/4 of the way through the season. I think Jock and Narelle had a few things that needed to be sorted out in the bedroom.

      Just before the start of 2016 they came back on the coat tails of CoachKings, promoting their play in Pubs game. Probably what kept them going during 2016 and 2017.

      I get that websites like this require money and from the early days of Jock asking for donations and sponsors, to a bit a paid advertising (I recall a company in Albury who sold pipes) and the magazine which would be very expensive to produce, he has always struggled to find a way for his passion to pay for itself.

      I have heard that CoachKings won't be happening in Pubs this year, and without the need to promote it, we might not see this website operating again.

      Maybe Wayno should have paid for all his free advertising of his great inventions.

      I'm still hopeful, that when the start of the season is close, and SuperCoach teams are being finalised, the call from the community will be deafening, something will stir in the father of a Fantasy and we will have something….. I hope.

      • hedski says:

        Here hear Derek. When I started listening in before that hiatus, there may have been a small fee/cost to be a part of jocks community? Not sure, but I'd chip in a coupla bucks, peeps have to make a living.

        • Derek says:

          They tried a few things. Remember there were the special Doners Only podcasts

          • Russty_ says:

            What's that Supercoach Scores site like Derek?…I noticed you joined the other day..was considering it myself.
            I think we might have to face the fact that this site could be over…it's getting too late in the game for no one to bother showing up here…and giving us zero information on what's happening or not happening.

            I like this site cause of all the personalities I've come to know, and I like the format of it, of the posts and the connected replies to the posts, not a lot of other forums have that..and they wan't way too much personal information from you.

            Supercoach would just become boring to me if this site isn't running anymore..maybe time to move onto other things.

  189. Too much footy talent in Jocks crew not to be back soon Patch and Lekdog had forgettable years but in these pages they were memorable alongside Higgo and carlos

  190. Aaron Naughton is a player on my radar. I followed him thru TAC and was hoping the dees got him the doggtes won He is ready made for afl and with Murphy and Boyd retired will play.The Saints had their chances but chose 2 rippers also rebound defenders Coffield and Clarke. All three are in my initial team and will play early.

    • WoW_Trevor says:

      Thanks for the tip Neil. A quick google unearthed these snippets
      "Naughton played seven games for the Peel Thunder SENIORS this season where he averaged 14 possessions and seven marks per contest playing WITH and AGAINST AFL level talent. Rated by scouts as the best intercept marker in the draft, the soon-to-be 18-year-old was rarely beaten during this year’s Nationals and was awarded All-Australian honours for his efforts."

      "He also showed his ability to be a forward threat, booting two goals in short stints up front. His best outing in Peel’s league side came in a round 19 loss to Swan Districts, where he tallied an impressive 23 disposals and 11 marks.

      He sounds great Neil and only 167k. it's a shame SC didn't give him DPP, I just booted Mr Smith for him

      • I wouldnt be doing that my friend Joel smith is a definite in Even though Melbourne wanted Naughton they may be happy to get Spargo instead Lever plays similar to Naughton but is proven and Spargo plays like B Harvey which the dees need Suddenly realised I have lots of dees OLIVER SMITH MCDONALD HIBBERD GAWN and SPARGO FEEL TOO MANY;;;

  191. BrownlowBoy says:

    No donuts this week and 8 double gamers in my team. Seem to have avoided carnage.

  192. Richard says:

    Strange that Uncle Jock has not made an announcement by now on what is going on with this website.I hope everything is alright with him.

  193. BrownlowBoy says:

    I may be coming good just at the right time of the year!

  194. Lazza says:

    The silence is deafening …. not a skerrick of info on 2018 one way or the other. … If Jock and co are planning anything they should look at sacking their marketing department … poor form boys…

  195. Higgo says:

    I am sorry to advise that the Jockreynolds website will not operate in 2018. Instead head on over to draftstars where for just a couple of bucks you could win a fortune.

    • Hoot says:


      • hedski says:

        That's not Higgos proper account.
        His is P_J_Higgo and has a pic of him, just checked on a different thread.

    • BrownlowBoy says:

      Surely a troll

    • Russty_ says:

      Where are you Jock and co?…we miss you guys, get back here soon will yas?
      And as for you 'Higgo'..get a life pal, you're not funny.

      • Hi Russty read some of your thoughts on rugby league on the last N R L post. I was like you and lots of vics that it was a crap game but when you get into it it is a really great game dare I say better than afl As a long term member of the eels I extend to you an invitation to support my club and slowly learn the game So how about it Russty just follow Jarrad Hayne and the boys this year GO PARRAMATTA EELS 2018

        • Russty_ says:

          Giday Neil, I might have gone a bit overboard with some of my comments on there mate lol, I have watched some World Cup games that were pretty good in the past. It does seem to be a game that relies on guys being human battering rams.
          It's not really for me though, can't beat the skills and variety of AFL in my opinion but to each their own mate.

          I'll be cheering on your Eels in the background mate 🙂 cheers.

          • Good on you Russty I have done the same and I cop that much flak in Melbourne with EELS gear on A traitor is common made me more keen to learn it .There are good and bad points about the game scrums are useless but one thing they leave the rules alone. Midseason signings is a bit weird too Imagine if Martin took the roos gig last year mid season Paul Roos said if a Dee player signed with the opposition no more games for the season no matter who or how close to finals Doesn't happen in N R L. Slater and Smith could play AFL I am sure Maybe after a season of being an EELS probate you may want your colors. cheers mate see you in Gators and my new league the magnificent 7

    • WoW_Trevor says:

      Are we sure that this post isn't accurate? Has anybody with a draftstars account signed in to see if Jock and the lads are doing something there?

      • Russty_ says:

        If it was accurate, why was there no reason or explanation? Just not showing up and posting a comment like that if it was legit would be pretty damn rude and disrespectful to all of us.
        The guy's just getting his troll jollies I reckon.

      • hedski says:

        I have a DS account Trev, nothing on there. There were a few posters up in arms last year about Jock/Higgo leading people into a "gateway to gambling", load of crap, blokes need sponsors to run the website and keep the community going, people can make up their own minds if they wanna gamble or not. You'll see more ads for gambling watching the footy/tennis/cricket/news than this site.

  196. What does the community think of ANTHONY MUNDINE from freo 491 k with Sandi putting it down his throat. He has DPP and with not much in forward ranks but comes at expense of ROCKY.Convinced about T MAC after his 2k run.also permanent forward now Cant have them all YEO ROCKY GREENWOOD CRIPPS all on the radar Thinking Petracca as well couple of good mid pricers at TIGES

    • Russty_ says:

      He's 32 now Neil, I'd rather go for youth over experience in this case, he's been fading the last few years, used to be premium but I'd rather take a punt on someone like Heeney, Billings or even T-Mac.

  197. Hey TRIGG This is Ross you,re talking about will he give the kids a go Remember what he did to Balic . Is that Hibberd BULLSEYE Wingard may be a chance with DPP Mundines 84 IS pretty much ok for a forward but you are correct must play in the guts for mine otherwise winny for anthony

    • BrownlowBoy says:

      Why are you so keen on Tmac? I hadn't even considered him? Am i missing something?

      • Mainly his new role forward but he is the best trainer at Melbourne wins everything run wise.In 4 years has missed 1 game 7 tons and 5 nineties or close last year. k Only 4 bad games in the 40,s.. great tackler11 against doggies round 11 Kicked 24 goals 5 when forward including 5 against weagles. His average of 85 is good for a forward 2018 . Has the all important D P P. Other than Heeney Menegola and maybe Franklin whose better no MacRae this year. Cheers

  198. gator59 says:

    When does the Herald Sun supercoach team sheet become available to non gold members

  199. Lazza says:

    I saw a tweet from Lekdog a few days ago saying he didn’t know what was going on with Jock & SC 2018.
    If he doesn’t know, then there can’t be too much planning for this season going on.
    Looking grim.

    • Russty_ says:

      I think we have to assume it's over Lazza…either something drastic has happened with Jock, healthwise or something or he just can't be bothered even letting us know it's over or what the hell's going on.
      Either way, I think we have to start looking for a new site..unfortunately.. or just give it away, I'm thinking the latter, alot of other Supercoach Forum sites have formats I don't like much.

      • gator59 says:

        The GREAT MESSIAH in JOCK just can't let his disciples down without an explanation

        JOCK, JOCK where at thou…

    • The Ranger says:

      Not looking good is it Lazza? I can't remember a year starting this late before.
      I suspect that Derek is right and they haven't been able to make it work financially but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a miraculous late appearance.

  200. Don't give it away mate first give the lads a week to respond then give these guys such as Trigg and Hedski a chance to get our own site going .I understand the boys are irreplaceable but the forum boys have a wealth of talent like yourself you know this gig backwards I for one think you and blokes like tophawk gator Derek inppieman kev are a wealth of knowledge as are lekdog patch and carlos cheers give it a week mate

    • BrownlowBoy says:

      Yes agree there is much talent in this community. It's one of the reasons supercoach is so enjoyable, being able to discuss and debate things with other fellow supercoach diehards.

    • WoW_Trevor says:

      Crazy have cloud hosting for $14 p/month and I'm sure that there is a FREE WordPress template for this type of forum. I don't like the current alternatives to JR but, as the worlds worst ever dramatic actor once said "If we build it they will come"

      • WoW_Trevor says:

        Actually atmo its only $7 p/month or $3.50 for basic hosting

        • maybe its a case of getting it done now otherwise a lot of the footy regulars will be lost.It needs a reference from this thread or jock Reynolds site to go to say TRIGGS HAPPY SITE then all will navigate to the new one This old one will shut down shortly then we will all be lost.You have a good idea there Trev to work on quickly. I seen LEKS TWEET if he doesn't know whats happening then back it in its gone. Time for us to move boys.. Trigg or HEDSKI whats your thoughts Even a temporary site that we control can easily be developed and coaches moved to a more professional site WHAT THE HELL AM I GONNA DO WITH MY TOM MCDONALD PLAYER REVIEW cheers fellas

  201. WoW_Trevor says:

    Anybody there?
    If you're listening, I think that I've found a couple of early PODs and I don't know what to do with them.

    • BrownlowBoy says:

      drop some names

      • WoW_Trevor says:

        It would be a shame to just let them drift in the nothingness of JR for 2018. When the new site launches I'll reveal all but, there might not be so much D in the POD by then

        • I seen a couple of beauties just above your highest rookie price and remember very few rookies play too many games .Last year I had McGrath a beauty but the pick this year is TIGERS JACK GRAHAM 268K

          • gator59 says:

            Hi Neil,,,Is Trigga and Hedski operating on something as we speak or is it all speculation… Geez mate you just gave another one away in GRAHAM……….

            • not sure about the boys hope so far as graham goes isn't that part of the game keeping a bit to myself like t mac oops now everyone knows Your boy Clarke be wary of him richo is working on his disposal not good coffield better.Sorry about the bbl mate just a bit of fill in but keeps us going we will be better next year

              • gator59 says:

                It's all good Neil.. Don't know what happened on the BBL team page .. I had Short as C and for some reason when I looked after the first game of the round the C was on Maxwell… So I thought WTF is going on???? Not going anywhere near the Saints boys..

            • hedski says:

              The only thing I'm working on at the moment is my beergut Gator (gotta love annual leave).
              Also I don't own a computer so that kinda rules me out of building a site.

              • gator59 says:

                Cheers Hedski you lucky bugger.. in this hot weather

                • hedski says:

                  Yep, just cracked a can and settling in to watch Finchy ton up again.

                  • Lucky bugger Hedski finchy may get there too. Hope TRIGG can take up the challenge did a ripper job in THE HAPPY ENDING With Trevs help a new site is a possibility particularly with our support

                    • gator59 says:

                      Yep my local boy from down here is looking good.. go finchy

                    • hedski says:

                      Pity he wasn't doing it for my bbl team Gator!
                      The missus went thru secondary school with him in Colac.

                    • gator59 says:

                      That's good.. He was virtually my next door neighbor at Irrewarra near Colac.. Lived 2 doors down on the farmlets.. and my kids and finchy would catch the same bus… It was good to watch him walking past home with a cricket ball in hand all the time and throwing it to my kids and his sister..BTW his old man Gary is a top bloke just like Finchy

  202. Big G says:

    Out of courtesy, surely the owners of the site should commuicate with the regular posters the deal with whether they will be in for 2018. I am sure everyone would understand if 2018 is a no-go, but we just need to know where things are at and some recommendations for other super coach related sites?

  203. BrownlowBoy says:

    Scratch Zac Willaims off the list too, ruptured his achilles at training, potentially season ending.

  204. Shake n bake says:

    So Z Williams out for the season does that open the door for another look at Shaw?

  205. Russty_ says:

    Does anyone have a central hub of communication where we could all contact eachother to let eachother know about a new site or whatever, a blog, e-mail address, webpage, whatever?
    I have a feeling this abandoned website could go offline soon which would leave us all blowing in the wind..and I'm not a big fan of the formats of some of the other SC forums out there.

  206. Moustachio says:

    First visit to the site this year and shattered to see that Jock the cowardly lion has ditched the faithful to go off in search of a heart. If I want to be abandoned without so much as a note I can just relive my childhood Jock mate oh well.

    Bigfooty SC forums are good source of intel, as is supercoach scores which is a bit more nerd city. Hopefully we can get something going to keep the JR feels alive tho.

  207. Slats says:

    Check out this link for which young guns hoping to debut in 2018

  208. supercoachchatter says:

    Hey guys, quickly made a website in case this one closes down, it’s called feel free to stop by, have no idea if it will work for what we want it to, and it won’t be as good as this mighty fine website but let’s see 🙂

    • that's what we need thanks ah ah l dont know who but thx

    • cant get in how do you use it

    • Hoot says:

      Good idea

      • supercoachchatter says:

        If you type in the url on your internet browser it should take you too it 🙂

        • supercoachchatter says:

          Only a work in progress, will need a community effort to get it up and running 🙂

    • Russty_ says:

      Cheers Chatter!…nice job man, gonna go have a look now, appreciate the effort 🙂

    • Russty_ says:

      Are you someone we know from the Jock Reynolds site?…what was your handle here?

      • supercoachchatter says:

        Yeah I am, didn’t post regularly -JamBak

        • supercoachchatter says:

          Just saw we were a bit lost so thought I’d help out 🙂

          • Russty_ says:

            Nice one mate…everyone should head over there and start posting…can't see much else happening here..or not even the courtesy of letting us know anything.

    • WoW_Trevor says:

      Hi Jambak thanks for the forum mate. I'm having a problem posting now though, everytime I try to post something I get an invalid email message but, I previously received the 'follow my post' from wordpress email no problems

      • Demons Delight says:

        I cant even get the site how do you get in .if I get in anyone can then we can leave a message to go there please explain

        • WoW_Trevor says:

          I just copied and pasted the url Neil

          • Demons Delight says:

            got in but cant post surprise winner Once I am over the line all will be ok as I am only just ok at the tech stuff Also I got in by clicking on the tag which I saved to favourites is that ok

            • supercoachchatter says:

              I’ll approve you neil

              • supercoachchatter says:

                It is not coming up, you need to click comment and then type your comment from one of the 5 topics

        • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

          Once in i assume you r as you have a wordpress logo.
          Otherwise copy link.
          Hit the menu button and a little home link appears at the top on the left hand side.
          Click on that and takes you to the 5 postings so far.
          Break out

          Then click on comments.
          U can read the comments, reply or post a new one.

          Great job by Jambak to get it up and running so quick.

          • supercoachchatter says:

            hey Trevor, did you fix the issue?
            Double check your email is correct, I hope you can get back in mate! If that doesn’t work you may need to make a new account unfortunately, I don’t know the forum well enough to really troubleshoot yet sorry Trevor, but I hope you can get in!

    • Russty_ says:

      I can't seem to post on it at the moment, I make a comment and it just disappears.

      Was trying to post a link in one comment, and ask if you could enable editing and deleting of our own comments…and also could the page be left aligned rather than centered?…..cheers Jambak.

  209. BrownlowBoy says:

    Bring in Maxwell and skipper him. Wrong move.

  210. good bbl and footy overlapping Hard to have danger and martin together can only have so many mids

    • TommyC99 says:

      Correct Neil, i will be starting Danger and waiting on a bad game from dusty to bring him in.

  211. BrownlowBoy says:

    I'm hoping Archer, Rose, Mills, Milenko, Boyce, Rogers all get a bowl before Short does.

    • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

      Happy with two additions this week in Usi and bancroft.

      • hedski says:

        I've gone backwards Trig, punted Carey for McDermott and got Faulkner in, hopefully Pollard comes thru with the goods.

        • BrownlowBoy says:

          Brought in KP, Maxi and Handscomb for Shah, McCullum and Wade.

          • TommyC99 says:

            I brought in the same 3, but traded out Boyce, henriques and carey

  212. TommyC99 says:

    Did anyone elses fantasy bbl go stupid? I had the C on maxi but it got moved back onto Short 🙁

    • gator59 says:

      It happened to me last round.. I put the C on Short and when I looked after the round started The C was on Maxwell.. That's when I thought WTF

    • NovemberFoxtrotIndia says:

      Just tried to logon to trade Khawaja…waste of 25 minutes. Site would not load…have two non players on bench.

  213. Demons Delight says:


  214. Russty_ says:

    Hey guys, I can't post on the Supercoach chatter site for some reason now…can anyone help?

    • Demons Delight says:

      I will let JAM KNOW

      • supercoachchatter says:

        What is happening russty?

        • Russty_ says:

          I was able to post and now I can't, I type and submit it and it just isn't there.

        • Russty_ says:

          I even used the contact section to send you an email and don't think you got that either.

        • Russty says:

          I wanted to ask you Jambak, if you could enable editing and deleting of our own posts…and also if it'd be possible to left align the page rather than have it centered..more similar to here what we're used to. cheers.

          Of course as a priority, i hope you can figure out why I can't post there anymore lol.

      • Russty_ says:

        Thanks Neil, I have a wordpress account, I'm logged into it, but can't bloody post wtf

    • hedski says:

      I started a WordPress account Russty

  215. Demons Delight says:

    Hey Russty You may have to start a new account keep in touch Whats your thoughts on GAZ might be a good pod no one talks about him

    • Russty_ says:

      Hey Neil, he's undeniably a legend mate, reckon he'll be managed during the year, but could be an awesome pod if he stays away from any injuries, and will still pump out regular 100 + scores.
      That not being able to post thing is really giving me the sh*ts mate…I can 'like' things but can't post, just disappears aargh.

      • gator59 says:

        Not sure if this link will help you Russty.. It helped Neil to get into the supercoachchatter

        • Russty_ says:

          Thanks anyway Gator but I'm already in there and was able to post…but now am unable…for some reason!

          • supercoachchatter says:

            Any luck russty?

            • Russty_ says:

              Hey mate…nope, can't post at all, have no idea why.

              • BrownlowBoy says:

                Have you clicked which format you will use to comment? I found once I started typing a comment, I had to pick either wordpress, twitter etc before I could post.

                • Russty_ says:

                  Hey BB, I'm already logged in with wordpress, so it comments by that format by default, it just doesn't post.

  216. BrownlowBoy says:

    Scratch my previous post on Maxwell. GOAT

  217. supercoachchatter says:

    Hey russty, apparently your comments have been going to ‘soam’ I have now approved them, can you do a test comment for me?

  218. Russty_ says:

    So, Supercoach is officially open now…and still no sign of Jock, wassup big fella?
    Drop us a note at least.

  219. TommyC99 says:

    Petracca or armitage? If I get Petracca, he will sit at F3/4. Armitage presents better value but won’t be a keeper, while Petracca could be a keeper. Would love to hear your thoughts.

    • supercoachchatter says:

      Petracca, no point getting armitage with no intention of keeping him

    • Russty_ says:

      Hey Tommy, I liken Petracca to Hogan, both have huge potential but haven't really realized it yet, this could be the year for both of them.
      I'd probably go for the younger bloke just cause Armo is 29 now and has has some issues with his back and groin in recent history and groin issues can be especially hard to recover from.
      I did my groin playing Cricket when I was 35 and it still bothers me now.

  220. Derek says:

    How about we start a league, its that time of year.

    The JR Faithful H2H league

    Code 338435

  221. Demons Delight says:

    Headover to supercoachchatter for all the regular forum guys views log on to supercoach chatter 6 comments above to get there cheers fellas

  222. gator59 says:

    Ok head coachers Neil and I have set up a PRIVATE league named the MAGNIFICENT 7.. So only invited coaches can enter… At this stage we are calling on… TRIGGA,, HEDSKI,, RUSSTY,, SC KEV,, JAMBAC,, DEREK,, IN PIEMAN,, SHAKE’N’ BAKE,,SCADDICTS,, ROB DOGS,, MOUSTOUCHIO and TOPHAWK…….. CODE IS.. 838722 Only these coaches are permitted to enter at this stage…If you enter unauthorized you will be kicked out… We may have vacancies if all don’t enter the league.. this league came about from the great idea Trigga had by setting up a finals series in SC in which we participated in

    • Russty_ says:

      Cheers bud…joined 🙂

      • hedski says:

        Be good to go up against ya this season Russty, don't think we've been in a league before.

        • Russty_ says:

          Yeah mate looking forward to it…bigtime, haven't been up against hardly any of the regular guys on here, just Tophawk ( Paul)

          It's gonna be a fun year mate.

    • BrownlowBoy says:

      Interested if there are any vacancies.

      • Russty_ says:

        Just jump in BB, I'm sure you'll be welcome, you're a long time regular, only 6 are in so far. I'm vouching for ya, hope it's allright with Gator and Neil. Jump on in.

      • gator59 says:

        Ok BB sneak yourself in for now .. I'll consult with Neil but I think you'll be right mate

    • Derek says:

      I’m going to have a good year and will be hard to beat. I just know it.
      Thanks gator.

    • Russty_ says:

      Hope you can add Brownlow Boy to the list guys, I reckon he'll be a good addition.

    • JohndJames says:

      If you increase the amount of teams allowed in I would love to be able to join,this is my fifth year,only joined the community last year though,Russty will vouch for me,my team is Black Flag.

      • Russty_ says:

        There's one more spot in Chatter boxers John, 743431…for Black flag, cheers mate.

    • Lazza says:

      So where did the invited Magnificent 7 each finish last year?
      Just wanting to know how good you guys are!

      • Russty_ says:

        I ended up around 1500 Lazza…top 1% if that means anything, top 0.01 would probably be better lol

      • gator59 says:

        Not sure where they all finished Lazza,, I was around the 3,000 mark which was shite due to crap pickings at the start and then trying to correct the shite and then running out of trades like most did with injuries thrown in too.. A couple of the others had really bad years which was very unusual for them… The rest were in the top 1%… One finished in the top 100

        What about yourself Lazza How did you go?? .. Depending on who joins and who doesn't there may be a spot for someone like yourself… Cheers mate

        • Lazza says:

          Hi Gator,
          I finished Inside top 1000 last season. First time I have done that though ..
          I’m happy to join in if any of the lads don’t stump up … and there is already a couple in the queue
          Not to worry, I’m sure there will be opportunity to meet everyone across multiple leagues

          • gator59 says:

            We will wait and see if everyone saddles up…. if they don't I'll let you would be stoked to finish top 1000……..l will more than likely to start another league soon so you can jump in that one if you want…just keep an eye out for the league code down the track

          • gator59 says:

            Hi Lazza I've just opened up a new private league jump in mate and let me know your team name so I know who you are.. cheers mate… League name is THE RAT PACK… Code,, 324040

  223. gator59 says:

    not as yet hedski

  224. gator59 says:

    Hi guys and gals if you would like to join a group where we all can see how one another is going throughout the season feel free to join.. Hope to see all in there.. Code is … 259901

  225. One Touch Wonder says:

    hopefully dead

  226. Russty_ says:


    There's a big echo in here…have you all joined some kind of David Koresh / Jim Jones Cult or something?
    If you're all being held hostage, we could send Seal Team 6 out after yas…they found Osama Bin Laden.

    • Demons Delight says:

      could still happen Russty but at least we all good at chatter

      • Russty_ says:

        Yeah Neil, but it's not the same, free wordpress websites have a lot lacking…I appreciate what SC Chatter's done, but it's a bit one dimensional.

        • gator59 says:

          At least it's a means to an end Russty.. We all would love for Jock and crew to be back

          • Russty_ says:

            Wish there was a Tech head among us, who could start a site that would rival this, even charge a membership for $5 a month, if that'd help keep it afloat, SCChatter is a way for us all to keep connecting but how's it gonna be during the season proper?
            I wish Jock would've just let us know if he needed funds or whatever to keep this thing going…I'm sure peeps wouldn't have minded coming to the party, just disappearing like that is wrong…and a shock. I thought it'd always be here, and I was just settling in..spewin about what's happened. I reckon this site is over.

            • gator59 says:

              I totally agree with everything that you have said Russty… It's sad about what's happening 'cause, well as far as i'm concerned this is the most superior footy forum site on the net and interacting with some of the best supercoachers that has great views and insight ….Jock and the boys and there antics and guile… well what else can I say,, but Tina Turner would sing SIMPLY THE BEST

            • WoW_Trevor says:

              I could get a site online with very similar layout and features to this JR within a month but, I will have to invest a small amount of cash to do it. I don't want to spend the time and money only to have the site unused.
              The site will need content so if the writers from previous years or novices are interested let me know. When I have a confirmed interest and some content content I'll build something and put it online

    • Demons Delight says:

      Maybe the tech head is among us. This site is gone and what we have is an amazing collection of dedicated talented posters. Lets join JAMBAK and make it work

    • Demons Delight says:

      Russty Just a crazy idea. If we were to run with chatter this year with a bit of tweaking AND organise a site similar to JR or revamp chatter during the course of 2018. what do you think of a cash league where the winner gets some and the balance goes to the site expenses I am sure you would get 18 coaches donating 100 dollars to our pleasure A purpose built league to raise funds It would be great to win that one only a thought mate

      • WoW_Trevor says:

        Apologies to Jambak who unselfishly provided this current forum to satisfy an urgent need but, some JR regulars aren't entirely satisfied with the limits of free wordpress websites.
        I own the domains

        I am going to publish a site with all of the features of JR plus better social integration. Which name do you prefer?
        I will need content on the following
        Returning greats
        Outbreak contenders
        Other content including strategies and philosophy are also welcome

        • Russty_ says:

          Hey Trev…awesome effort mate, I'm gonna go have a look now, I reckon would be the best one, cause it's correct spelling and fantasy relates to the other inferior version of SC.

          Jambak (Jamie)'s been great providing us a place to still connect and discuss, I'm just not a big fan of the format and the lack of pages etc..layout but he has done us all a solid by getting that going. Kudos to you Jamie.

      • Russty_ says:

        Sounds like a great idea Neil, if it were towards maybe the new site Trevor's developing, I'm sure there are costs for laying out a decent format etc…similar to this, easy to navigate, most recent posts, reputation scores all that kind of stuff I don't think the free wordpress site has.
        I'll be in that League for sure.

    • WoW_Trevor says:

      Try this russty

      Actual site with full social integration could be online before next weekend depending on content

  227. pod says:

    WTF Jock !??

  228. CheekyNandos7 says:

    How much cash should we be looking at having in the kitty??

    • Demons Delight says:

      Yes that's the problem more than 5 dollars /month I suspect.but that's the first thing to solve
      1 …. cost of a similar J.R set up
      2 navigating coaches to web thru google already we have lost plenty and newbies don't know about CHATTER
      3 Finding 4 people willing to do PANIC ROOM CHEAT SHEETS ROOKIE SCOUT and HEROES AND VILLANS maybe not those names of course This is the easy bit cause we have JAM TRIGG HEDSKI GAT and rusty time permitting all quality and knowledgeable people I THINK WE HAVE THE PEOPLE WITH THE KNOW HOW I would like to see JAMBAK SEEK OUT a better format similar to JR keeps us all happy only my opinion

      • supercoachchatter says:

        I’m willing to pay the money to get us a better working website, just am waiting to see if jock does return, for if he does it is money wasted

        • Demons Delight says:

          doesn,t look good mate but if not don't do it off your own bat I rather enjoy the site not much more only the weekly write ups which we all enjoy but they can be done in house Hard to replace Higgo LEK and Patch though but time for new blood maybe Derek Delemas who to drop weekly and who to promote something to think about but you need an answer sooner rather than later what you have done is great

    • hedski says:

      I have bugger all at the moment cheeky, but usually like to have $50k-$100k to kickstart first upgrade.

      • CheekyNandos7 says:

        Cheers Hedski got $66800 atm so feeling okay. Just trying to figure out who the best defensive rookies are because there doesn't seem to be too many cheaper ones.

  229. Shake n Bake says:

    Going on holidays today. so wont be back on for a couple of weeks. Just wondering if i can excess supercoachchatter on the mobil?

    • hedski says:

      Yeah I do shaker. Bit of a pain when a comment keeps getting replied to, thins out and makes it hard to read, easier to make a new comment instead of replying under an existing one sometimes. Enjoy ur holidays, I'm back at the hellhole Monday after 5 weeks off.

      • Shake n Bake says:

        gave a go now Hedski, l can see what you mean by hard to read a thinning out!! Always tuff going backto work especially after 5 weeks!!

        • supercoachchatter says:

          To avoid that Thinning our issue you can put your phone in landscape mode, I know it’s frustrating but it allows you to read the full comment easily 🙂

        • gator59 says:

          Good to see you in the Magnificent 7 league Shake.. Should be a good one

          • Shake n bake says:

            This yr especially!! Think there will be a few different looking teams this yr! Premium mids and who people go with will be interesting!!

  230. WoW_Trevor says:

    Due to Jock and the boys suffering a severe case of death we need a comparable alternative. Thanks to Jambak for his emergency site but sadly free wordpress sites just don't allow all of the things we want.
    I will have an alternative site called FantasySuperCoach(dot)com online before next weekend and I am seeking content submissions at this temporary site https://dcj1710-64b3c.siteplus(dot)com/

    Actual site with full social integration will be online before next weekend depending on content

    • hedski says:

      Might be hanging out with Charlie Dixon!

    • WoW_Trevor says:

      you need to replace the (dot) with .
      in case you're too much celebrating to realise

      • supercoachchatter says:

        Awesome news trevor great work!

        • WoW_Trevor says:

          Thanks JamBak. Already got submissions from Trigga, Wombat and Skinny and there's some brilliant info and a few laughs in what they've submitted, these people are very talented. Should be online Wednesday 31st fantasysupercoach(dot)com

    • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:


      Sent a player review to both sites.


      • WoW_Trevor says:

        Thanks Trigga I'll let you know when it's up

      • WoW_Trevor says:

        Hi Trigga you must have sent it before I'd properly configured the email server can you send it again to [email protected]
        Anybody else who submitted content on Jan 26th can you also resubmit. I have received material this morning from Wombat and Skinny McThin but nothing else.

        • Demons Delight says:

          maybe they have my problem I cant get past the button it says DEFAULT MAIL CLIENT NOT INSTALLED.unfortunately trev not all are techys cheers

    • Notorious mac says:

      Is your new site up and running. If so what’s the address

    • whatyasmokin says:

      pass, sounds crap

  231. Demons Delight says:

    Cant get in —DEFAULT mail client is not properly installed HELP

    • WoW_Trevor says:

      Hi Neil that sounds like you don't have a mail client like outlook or thunderbird setup. If your using a web based mail client just send to this addess [email protected]
      This is just a single page site for the purpose of collecting content the actual site will be accessible via all of the web addresses that I posted earlier before next weekend

  232. Russty_ says:

    Replying to @SC_Insider_ and 6 others
    News to come soon

    How soon is soon?…be nice to know one way or the other.

    • WoW_Trevor says:

      News can mean anything Russty. I don't know about you but I'm a bit sick of this site dumping its members on a whim and then calling them back when they have a new method of extracting cash from them.
      The community provided all of the valuable info anyway Jock and the crew were crap at supercoach and really only provided sexist and racist jokes and stereotypes to attract those of us that don't mid a bit of politically incorrect humour.

      Submissions for the new site include a PRE-JLT defenders Cheat sheet/study notes, Loop-hole Strategy and instructions, and 3 player profiles. I didn't get Trigga's submission but I'm sure that he'll re-send it

      • TommyC99 says:

        While I agree Trevor, saying that JR and the others were crap is a little stiff. While the community is an integral part in why this website has been so successful, the articles that were produced were very helpful, such as the cheat sheet, rookie scout report and of course, patch’s articles every Friday. I really do hope Jock and co return, but just a heads up wouldn’t go astray.

        • Demons Delight says:

          I think you have summed up the majority,s view Tommy/ Those reviews were something else but as some of us have been saying just a few lines would have helped. Time to move on but I don't think its wise to bag the boys they were loved by many maybe still are JUST A FEW LINES JOCK

    • JohndJames says:

      Hey Russty I am back for another year,hopefully they will start up another site for this season.Just in case they don't,I have five leagues you can chose out of to join if you are interested.Wont Back Down 601348, Holy Grail 266193,Jolly Roger 735966,Rogue Traders 200993,and my private league TheSonsOfAnarchy 560104 which most of my twitter friends are joining and would probably be the best one to join,since at least I know who they are,unlike my public leagues.Looking forward to chatting with you again Russty. I did put this further down the page,but I forgot to log on.

      • Russty_ says:

        Hey John, nice to see you back mate, wish it was under different circumstances though, not sure if this site's going forward or not.
        Anyways, thanks for the invite..I joined the sons of anarchy, should be good fun this year mate.

        • JohndJames says:

          Great to hear from you Russty was worried this site might shut down before you saw it,rapt you have joined Sons it should be good.I did twitter Barron Von Crow who I follow and he said they were hoping to have an announcement soon.

          • Russty_ says:

            Hey john jump into this League mate if you like, many teams from here one spot left 743431.

            • JohndJames says:

              Thanks again for the invite Russty,you gave me a few messages,so I was bound to see them in the end.

              • Russty_ says:

                No probs bud, glad you made it, and it'll be fun in sons of anarchy too 🙂

  233. Demons Delight says:

    it would be good to get positive feedback from JR one way or the other so this new site can take off. Have you given thought to attracting coaches that are living in hope and don't know we exist. Some of the crew may even come over who knows

  234. TommyC99 says:

    Which option:
    Armitage M6 and Dahlhaus/ Petracca F3/4
    Any mid premo/coniglio M5/6 and Christensen F4

    What’s in the back of my mind is last year where all mid premos dropped considerably in price. So if I can get them at a discount, would save me money, but at the same time, having Coniglio and armitage in the same midfield could be risky. Would love to hear your thoughts community!

    • Demons Delight says:

      I like option 1 but though I gave Armitage heaps of thought I am going with Kane Lambert. Think about it Tommy LAMBERT had a mighty year 3rd B/F finished the year with 2 big tons average mid 80,s next to Martin best in G/F. This guy has it all DPP I think LAMBERT and TMAC will be big and it leaves you room for that mid premium that you discarded and who fired early AKA MURPHY WAITE easy upgrade cheers and good luck Tommy bye the way both your choices Petracca /Dahlhouse are also top picks I have chopped and changed both At the moment I have Gray in that spot with the savings on a premium mid (Kelly) but either pretracca or dahl will get it as I want a bank of at least 100k

      • TommyC99 says:

        dont mind that pick Neil, only thing that concerns me with him is that while he had 5 tons post bye, he also had 4 scores under 80. So while armitage brings risk when picked, he isn't required to pump out regular scores like Lambert is due to the considerably lower price tag. Lambert is now into contention for a fwd spot though Neil!

        • Demons Delight says:

          To be honest didn't think about that The beauty of this site.As a stepping stone Armitage would make sense. GATOR and Russty will gives us some insight. Lambert will remain but I will look at Armitage in the mids The price is too good for a champ. Thanks for your clues tom

          • Russty_ says:

            Hey Neil, Tommy here's an snippet from an article written on Dec 10th last year about Armo and his history and progress…

            St Kilda fans are searching for the A-Graders on their list, but if the 29-year-old can return to his 2015 form he is the perfect addition to the St Kilda midfield.

            He played the first game of last season then endured a year of setbacks, surgery and frustration.

            Armitage and the club’s doctors ultimately shut down his season to give his groin two months of total rest.

            The Saints leadership group member is cautiously optimistic after building up his training enough to be on the verge of a return to the full group.

            “I am going really well. I don’t want to say I am flying because it’s a scary injury. I thought I was over it midway through the year and it snuck back up on me,’’.

            “But I have had a good five or six weeks of running and am slowly building up. I am starting to do agility and repeat speed stuff so I am not too far off getting back with the main group.

            “I feel like a new recruit, a year off does that to you.”

            Armitage somehow managed to play every game of 2016 despite debilitating back issues, but had no idea his body was going to let him down in a more dramatic way.

            “I played Round 1 and (the groin soreness) came on and I missed Round 2 and 3 and played (Round) 4 then had surgery a week later,’’ he said.

            “The surgery worked then I started running and it was still there so in another two or three weeks I got hernia repair surgery and then it flared up again.

            “I had to give it three or four weeks of rest and ended up trying cortisone and did a 4-6 week mini pre-season.

            “I played in Geelong in the VFL and pulled up good then three days later went for a run and it didn’t feel right.

            “I tried another cortisone (shot), then with four or five weeks to go we pulled the pin. I had eight weeks off completely and slowly build up with weights and bike and boxing and a fair bit of golf and walking.

            “So far, so good.”
            If that series of events seems exhausting, Armitage says the opposite is true.

            “Sometimes when you are not going to make finals it can be a grind and you want the season to finish. But I have got this renewed energy,’’ he said.

            “You can take footy for granted and I missed a year so I am pretty keen to get stuck into it.”
            He also had a short press conference on the beach on the 25th and said that he was ok but didn't sound too convinced in my opinion.

            The groin issues / hernia /cortisone shots worry me, I know how difficult it is to recover from groin problems and how easy it is to re-injure it just by going at slightly the wrong angle with your legs.
            I reckon I'll be steering clear, hope I'm wrong and he comes back to help the Team do well this year.

  235. Demons Delight says:

    Knew it Russty or Gat would know.Thanks mate line thru him regardless of price .That injury could flare again Appreciated

    • TommyC99 says:

      Yeah pencil a line through him

    • gator59 says:

      I told you about how bad Armo groins were a month or 2 ago Neil,, when you asked me about how he could be a cheap stepping stone
      I wouldn't go near him I told you or any other Saints like Steven who can carve it up for a few weeks and then goes awol for a few and plus there D/E is crap ……… I agree with Russty If Armo could get back to 2015 he would be a walk up start, But i'm sorry to say we'll never see that again,, But in saying that as a Saints man I hope I am totally wrong…… As for any of the Saints being SC relevant I would be very hesitant in putting them in my side 'cause they just don't back it up week in week out…… I see a few sides going with Billings and all I can say is be very wary of what you are purchasing ,,A little like Victorian weather great one day and total shite the next……The only ones from Saints if I was to get one in would be a rookie and that's a BIG if 'cause Richo will give them a few weeks,, then rests them and may give the another week or two at the back end of the season…. So as Clint would say Go ahead make my day…. So buyers BEWARE!!

      • Russty_ says:

        Hey Gator, I was just looking at Billing's record from last season where he ended up averaging 92.7.
        Started the season badly averaging only 73 after the first 6 rounds, with 2 over 90 scores in there.
        Then he drops 3 tons in a row, a 68, a bye and then 3 tons in a row again.
        Then he goes 88, crap crap crap and then basically 5 tons in a row to finish the season.

        So yep inconsistent for sure, usually has 3 or 4 bad ones in a row, and 3 to 5 good ones in a row.
        The 3+ bad scores in a row is just enough to make you wanna dump him..and then he comes good.

        All that being said, 92.7 av for a forward for the season is pretty decent, it's whether or not you can tolerate the 50's and 60's scores in between tons.

        • gator59 says:

          I hear what your saying Russty and the average when you look at Billings is pretty good and as you say, The inconsistent form has to do with the team as a whole if he plays well the team generally play well and win…… I suppose you could liken him to Buddy and JJK as key forwards they're either going big or SFA…. Please don't get me wrong I love the Saints and Billings but just to inconsistent for my liking..

        • supercoachchatter says:

          With that inconsistency might be more wise to go with Jjk, same inconsistency with a 150+ ceiling

  236. yes I remember that what do you think of Roberton GAT

    • gator59 says:

      Yeah I like him Neil but it's like I've just said to rusty when the team plays well they generally win and it's not just about Billings or Roberton,, It's the team as a whole .. When they go missing I mean they go missing… So there lies the dilemma are you brave enough to ride the Saints wave and for me it's a BIG no when it comes to SC…… I hope they all come out this year and kick ass and really prove me wrong.. It's just hard for me to see this happening because we have no genuine A graders

      • and no roo this year mccartin will have to step up

        • Russty_ says:

          Hey Neil apparently his ankle is healed up now plus just signed a 2 year contract, I reckon he's a bit over weight but hopefully he can step up, Bruce and Membrey need to also or it's gonna be another crap year.
          Paddy's bro Tom for Sydney is more athletic, also a key forward.

          • gator59 says:

            If they can turn out to be as good as there old man Matt it would be great.. have been friends of the family for nearly 50 years now and wish them both the best and hopefully Paddy can stay on the park and no more head knocks

  237. do the bikes go thru your neck or not that far looks good on tv

  238. neil says:

    After the falcons gf win alan garner said he was a cousin as well and another teammate was too whats happening down there gat

    • gator59 says:

      I think we all must be inbred and it's shining through now.. LOL

  239. TommyC99 says:

    Which 2 defenders out of Laird, Hurley and Hibberd?