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The drums are beating. The sweat drips off brows across the office, as you stare down your opponent, bloody Gary from HR. It’s always Gary from HR.

He’s not even good at Supercoach, he picked a team with Shaun Higgins and Brandon Ellis and Elliot Yeo and by some freak of nature – some ungodly freak of nature – he’s made it to the grand final. He started a midfield with all of Beams, Murphy, Oliver, Jaeger and Crouch.

He’s the sort of madman who starts Matt Kruezer because that his favourite player, after doing so for eight years and it him finishing 16th, and then claim he’s a genius because it worked this year.

IT’S NOT HAPPENING, GARY. Community – you need to finish your office’s Gary. Put that pretender back in his place.




Isn’t as bad as we expected it to be… so far. The outs will come, don’t you worry about that.

Starting with what we know, Gary Ablett has thrown the toys out with the bathwater and pulled out of the Gold Coast 22 only two hours after he was named with a sore heartstring hamstring.

Daniel Hannebury is listed as out with a hip complaint for the Swans, while Nic Newman comes in for him.

Sean Darcy has been suspended for a week, so misses – however Freo are bolstered by the return of Lachie Neale.

Michael Hurley will again miss with a calf problem.


A whole bunch of North Melbourne rookies will be missing, with Brayden Pruess, Cam Zurhaar, Taylor Garner and Daniel Nielson all missing this week.

Ryan Burton and Ricky Henderson will miss for the Hawks, while Bed Ried was withdrawn from Collingwood’s side this morning.

After rumours he would miss, Chris Fagan has confirmed Dayne Zorko will play.

We’re also unsure how Todd Goldstein is holding up this week, and the added Battle for the Spoon factor in this week’s North vs Lions clash could tip him into ‘rested’.

And to sink the boot into 2018 before it’s even started, we’ve got some rookies! Harry “Generic Middle Name Here” Morrison will debut for Hawthorn, possibly lining up against Patrick “You Forgot To File Your Paperwork,” Lipinski. Meanwhile, for North Melbourne, Ben “This Is The Third Time I’ve Had To Think Of A McKay Pun This Year And I’ve Just About Had It” McKay will debut, and the late inclusion of Kayle ~whooshing noises~ Kirby will inflate the price of what was 2018’s forward rookie lock.

We also might see the possible debuts of Jake “The Snake On A Lake” Waterman and Baily “Steamed” Rice on Sunday.


If you’ve made it to a grand final and still got trades, your side does not need patching up. If anything, you should be telling me what to do. I’m instead looking forward to 2018, in particular positional changes.

On top of this, the forward line is likely to get even more difficult in 2018, as I’m fully expecting a lot of mid/forwards to lose their dual position eligibility. The big three Dogs in Dahlhaus, Macrae and Toby McLean are all likely to be mid only next year, and there are a few other players who are borderline.

While I’m not sure what the criteria champion data/Supercoach HQ use to define positional changes, I’m concerned we may lose a few more forwards. Jack Gunston should retain forward status, but Elliot Yeo is likely to be def/mid instead of fwd/mid, James Sicily will be defence and Shaun Higgins (as much as you’ll laugh at me for suggesting he’ll be a loss) will probably move to a midfield only selection.

Sure, we’ll gain Robbie Gray as a forward only selection, but those suggesting Dustin Martin, Paddy Dangerfield or The Bont will pick up forward eligibility are kidding themselves – none of them are spending enough time or picking up enough ball inside forward 50.

So it looks like we’re going to have to lean on our key position forwards… again. Either that or hope we’ve got a lot of high-quality forward rookies in 2018.

In defence we’re going to have a plethora of options – Taylor Adams is about the only loss we’ll have. Jake Lloyd will be cheap, as will Jason Johanissen, and the players mentioned above who gain defensive status will all provide extremely valid options.

The one I have my eye on this week is Pearce Hanley from the Gold Coast Suns, who’s had a torrid year with injury, and heading home after his brother passed away earlier in the year. Hanley is an electric player when he gets up and running, and should play a big role in the club’s third rebuild. If he gets defensive DPP (which I reckon he will), he’s a big smokie for mine.



But why are we looking at next year when we’ve still got Daily Fantasy to play with? This week’s contest is the St Kilda vs Richmond clash at the MCG, which will see Nick Riewoldt play his final game.

While that’s a big chance to pull the Saints over the line, I can’t see it happening, with Richmond too strong and too good and – after being comprehensively pantsed last time – won’t be fooled by the Saints’ antics again this time.

I’d wager Alex Rance won’t be sucked into defensive 50, but his form in Draftstars isn’t great – he tends to be a better Supercoach pick. So, I’ve gone with two Saints this week in Shane Savage, who’s in good form, and Jake Carlisle, who’s likely to be freed up by the Tiger’s lack of tall timber.

In the middle, I’ve omitted Dustin Martin on the back of Fantasy Insider’s score predicter – supposed to hit 114, Dustin’s price tag just doesn’t seem worth it. Instead I’ve gone with value in Luke Dunstan and Dion Prestia, the latter of whom has had a stellar three weeks since he’s returned to the side.

The leap of faith on Daniel Rioli and Jason Castagna will win it or lose it for me. Both players are extremely up and down, but I’m banking one of them has a week like Jacob Townsend did last week and kick a few sausage rolls. What are your thoughts, community?



Season long fantasy footy is almost cooked – but the daily form of the game will be cranking every game right through until Grand Final Day folks.

Plenty to get your teeth stuck into this week:


* FREE contest with $100 prize pool. Excl. NSW & SA. 18+ gamble responsibly


* $2 buy-in contest open to all states. Almost $400 additional prize money added to the buy-in pool.


* FREE to play, if your team beats his you’ll share in $5000

Beat Barry


Dustin Martin only scored 74 the last time he played the Saints, despite no tag going to him, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t go large this weekend – especially as the Saints.

Supercoach Gold is expecting Lewis Taylor to be the third highest scoring player of the round so obviously we should all trade him in and make him captain.

Or you could stick with the tried and tested combination of Tom Mitchell and Paddy Dangerfield as VC and C, or give The Bont or Jack Macrae a fair old shake of the sauce bottle on Friday night footy.


Zach Merrett and Nathaniel Fyfe go head to head on Sunday, and one of those will go off the chain. I’m hoping for Essendon’s sake his name starts with “Z” and ends with “achary Merrett”.

The only two ‘left-field’ options I’d consider this week are an in-form Patrick Ryder against the fourth-string ruck setup of the Gold Coast Suns (I mean Tom Bellchambers scored 128 against them last week. Tom Bellchambers.) or Dayne Zorko, despite him letting me down every time I’ve suggested him as a captaincy option. So take that as you will.


That’s the Panic Room done for another year – we now get eight months off panicking, screaming and stressing over our Supercoach teams, which of course means I have eight months off trying to calm down.

Thank you to Jock, Higgo and Crouching for all their love, kindness, care and fly-kicking to the face (it’s character building) this year. Similarly Barron, Carl and Lek have all been stellar this year – in particularly Lek who’ll message me at about 5.00 every Friday picking up the singular instance I’ve used the wrong word/first name for a Crouch brother. Huge thank you as well to those behind the scenes flapping tarp, and to Kev for filling in while I was away!

And most importantly thank you for reading – from those who comment all over the place to those who lurk in the background, thank you all. See you in the lead up to 2018!



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  1. BloodyFranklin says:

    Don't Panic!

    • Tyruddanaut says:

      I'm panicking because it's over :'(

      • BloodyFranklin says:

        Don't cry because it's over…

        … Smile because it happened! 😉

    • Russty_ says:

      Bloody Franklin has been bloody brilliant so far!…onya Buddyboy…another 50 points would be just peachy thanks 🙂

  2. Rivo says:

    Thanks Patch for your wisdoms this season. Been a roller coaster for many of us. My teams cooked so playing for rank/pride this week.

    With no trades and a fwd donut, it's down to captain choice.

    1. Danger VC into Matt Crouch?
    2. Gawn VC into Danger?
    3. Buddy VC into Danger?

    Good luck to those that made the big dance.

  3. Stirlsy says:

    Looks like Fatso is getting a game for the Pies.

    • Stirlsy says:

      Danger into Merrett for the last game.

    • TheGreatBozza says:

      KAYLE KIRBY!! I hope he kicks 5 snags and sinks the Dees!

    • INPieman says:

      Relton 2.0

      • Stirlsy says:

        We going to be small up fwd this week.

        • Ruddigar says:

          What about Darcy Moore?. Mate of mine took a bet for a grand at the start of the year with a pies supporter. The wager was that Hogan would kick more goals than Moore.

          He just about give it up but would you believe that after suspension his fathers death cancer and a busted collar bone he is just five down. Darcy can actually play but this really shows how tough it is to play as a forward at the pies when they just won't go forward and give him a chance to compete

          • Stirlsy says:

            Think they have killed the kid this year Ruddigar, he played in the back line a bit in 2s and i would of played him back or on a wing all year for development he was way off being a key fwd this year.

    • The Ranger says:

      Woohoo! You seen him play Stirlsy? He's good. Fat. But good.

      • Tibor says:

        Plugger was fat

        • Danny Frawley says:

          In that case Don Bradman was fat too Tibor you moron

        • Stirlsy says:

          Fatso was the term/name given to Kirby by a Community member who did a write up on him in the Preseason all in good fun.

      • Stirlsy says:

        No Ranger im in WA, heard a lot about him and seen a few highlights looks a classic small fwd who knows where the goals are.

  4. Sana says:

    My final decision of the year: Newman, Ryan or Witherden on field…?

  5. Margie says:

    Thanks Patch. I am on a SC learning curse and you are one that I have learnt a lot from. I am in a ten team family league and we are very ordinary, however I made the GF against my Dad. I know the Captain's loophole and will go Titch into Danger but I would like to try the emergency loophole in my defence. I have Hibberd, NM, who I will put on the field but who do I put on my bench and who as emergency please out of Lloyd, Rance and Ryan. My other defenders I am confident that they will do ok – Adams, Hibberd (Melb), Roberton and Laird. If you or someone have time can you explain it carefully because I don't want to mess up.

    • NovemberFoxtrotIndia says:

      Make sure your E plays first and then after he's finished if you like his score put the non playing on field.
      If you don't like his score put your non playing onto the bench and bring your other playing onto the field.
      Hope this helps.

      • Margie. says:

        So November etc – Funny name. Hibberd, NM whose team plays Sat @ 2.10 on field with Lloyd, Sydney Emergency playing at 4.35 Sat. If Lloyd scores well, leave it as it is, but if Lloyd scores under say 60 points, swap Ryan, Freo, who is also on my bench but without an E, with Hibberd, NM and hope that Ryan scores better than 60.
        Is this correct? It is important because I want to beat Dad. My girlfriends at school told me not to be a stress head!! None of them play SC but I think I will get a class team next year but no boys.

        • Patch says:

          Hi Margie! Mitch Hibberd plays before all of those players, so you won't be able to use the loophole. (He will be locked out while Lloyd is playing). You've got the right idea though – that's how you do it, you just have to check the times each week to see who is playing first!

          Good luck beating your dad!

      • think I worked your name out N F I No f I DEA

    • The Ranger says:

      I don't think there's a loophole you can do there Margie as Hibberd(nth) plays before the other three that you want to loop.
      If he's onfield then you will automatically get whoever has the E.
      You need your non-playing player to be in a team that is playing after the two on the bench, one of whom has the E on them.
      If the player that has the E does well you leave the non-playing player onfield, in not you swap them with your other bench player

  6. TheGreatBozza says:

    Thanks Patch for your wisdom all year. I hope you take down Gary from HR. I find myself in the GF this week with 2 trades left and $75K

    DEF: Adams, Doc, Howe, Laird, Ryan, Scharenberg (Shaw, Llloyd)
    MID: Danger, M.Crouch, Martin, Mitchell, Fyfe, Bont, Treloar, Selwood (still need to trade) (Deluca, Cousins, Junker)
    R: Grundy, Gawn (Cameron)
    FWD: Macrae, Ryder, Heeney, Yeo, Nank, Bolton (to loop) (Dahl, Greenwood)

    Any ideas for trades? Obviously I need to offload Selwood to a MID. I have $548,000 to spend unlesss I downgrade a Ryan to loophole and go after a Kelly or Oliver.

    I'm thinking of Selwood to a Merrett or Beams, then no idea for my second trade. Options would be to upgrade a Defender but I'm stuck for cash

    • Patch says:

      Cheers Bozza! Would go Selwood to Beams and leave the rest as is – can't think of any other trades worth doing

    • Tyruddanaut says:

      I'd trade out Selwood for a gun like Dusty or Kelly, and then downgrade Shaw/Sharenberg/Lloyd/Ryan to loophole

  7. Frank says:

    Gday Folks,

    1 Trade remaining and 80k in the bank

    Was wondering how I should use the trade this wk, want to use it on my middies.

    Mids: Danger, Titchell, Oliver, M Crouch,
    M Murphy, L Parker, Wines, Rockliff ( Myers, c brown, j deluca)

    Any Thoughts on how I should best use my trade would be greatly appreciated, playing in the GF!

    Good luck to everyone this wk.

    • SC_Kev7 says:

      Unless you can get a significant upgrade on Rocky or Wines I'd use the trade as insurance this week in case there's any late outs.

    • Patch says:

      Would go Rockliff to Merrett for mine mate

  8. Northerner says:

    Ablett my worst trade. Even worse than getting Cripps the week he got injured and losing bench cover for JPK's late out donut. Held Gary hoping he'd play GF and when Lynch and Selwood went down they were my 2 last trades. I've enjoyed watching your magic every fortnight Gary, but you cost me a definite top 100 placing. Torn. Will need some time to pass before I think fondly of you again.

    With Hipwood out increases risk that Rocky will play forward. Not good.

    Not feeling confident gong into GF week.

    • Whatyasmokin says:

      It's been a tough year decisions have snowballed and a lot of luck involved. Small type risks may have to be avoided in the future. Good luck anyway.

  9. Sam says:

    Ryder, Wingard or JJK?

  10. The Ranger says:

    Thanks for the belly laughs Patch, lets do it all again next year.

  11. The Ranger says:

    Sorry for reposting this from the Cheatsheet page but I need some help..
    I'm in a GF for a minor premiership and after a pretty rubbish year it'd be nice to walk away with one little win.
    And I have the perfect complicated scenario from which to ask the communitys advice.
    I have no trades left and Hanners being out means I have to rejig my team a bit…so what to do?
    Team is…
    Adams, Laird, Simpson, McGovern, Llyod, Newman – Scharenberg, Ryan
    Danger, TMitch, Bont, Fyfe, Beams, JPK, Menegola, Hanners – Bolton, Junker, Witherden
    Grundy, Gawn – Cameron
    Macrae, Yeo, Ryder, Dahlhaus, Greene, NRoo – Greenwood, Pickett

    Unfortunately many of the teams that I have players from are playing each other or are playing too close to loop.
    What to do in order to maximise points and loophole options?

    • TheGreatBozza says:

      Wih Greenwood out, your best bet is to play Witherden for Hanners.

      • The Ranger says:

        Yeah I thought I had things sorted Bozza but its back to the drawing board now!
        At least I now have Bolton and Greenwood to loop so although I can't find a loop in def I can in the mids and fwd lines.

        • The Ranger says:

          And I think I'm gonna play Witherden and Scharenberg over Newman and Ryan in the backline.

  12. Joshua says:

    Prestia, Heeney or Gray?

    • Joshua says:

      Or Nathan Jones?

      • frogger says:

        N Jones, Robbie Gray cork from memory, might get a little less TOG. Zerrett worth a look if you don't have him.

    • Patch says:

      I like Prestia, Josh, but Robbie could kick 7 against the Suns so I can't say no to Robbie Gray

  13. fionaamudala says:

    Zorko to Mitchell or treloar to Mitchell

  14. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    The dreaded black square.

    "Black that's the worst colour there is – no offence Carl."

  15. Stirlsy says:

    Greenwood dropped bit of a surprise

    • fionaamudala says:

      Is that a certainty? With Taylor out I thought he'd be a shoe in…

    • Hawks says:

      Apartently he has a gravely ill family member, and therefore wont be travelling this weekend. He will return for the first final.

    • Whatyasmokin says:

      Even without any off field dramas I'm not surprised considering such low TOG this season and less impact when traveling. They need him 100% for final.

      Forgot about the week off in between….ignore these ramblings lol

  16. BrownlowBoy says:

    Heeney or Wingard?

  17. Adsy says:

    Sunday ins and outs (c/o Doctor Supercoach) – Greenwood omitted probably the only relevant news

    IN: Jobe Watson, Travis Colyer
    OUT: Josh Green (Foot), Craig Bird (Omitted)
    IN: Lachie Neale, Shane Kersten, Jonathon Griffin, Tommy Sheridan, Sam Collins
    OUT: Griffin Logue (Omitted), Ryan Nyhuis (Omitted), Sean Darcy (Suspension), Joshua Deluca (Omitted), Cam McCarthy (Omitted)

    West Coast
    IN: Mark LeCras
    OUT: Josh Hill (Omitted)
    IN: Kyle Hartigan, Wayne Milera, Paul Seedsman
    OUT: Daniel Talia (Ankle), Hugh Greenwood (Omitted), Taylor Walker (Toe)

    St Kilda
    IN: Jack Lonie
    OUT: Sam Gilbert (Abdominal Strain)

  18. TheGreatBozza says:

    What are people's thoughts on the below?

    Option 1
    Selwood to Beams
    Greenwood to a sub 400k fwd

    Option 2
    Selwood to Merrett
    Greenwood to Buddy

    Option 3
    Selwood to Gray/JPK
    Greenwood to Greene/JJK

    Option 4 (if Dahl kills it as a loop)
    Selwood to Gray/JPK
    Shaw to Houli/Williams

    • Stirlsy says:

      option 2 looks the go, going on who they are playing.

      • TheGreatBozza says:

        Opponent has buddy, so it's a negativing move, but i can see him going off.

        Hodge is tempting as if he spuds it I have a combo of Lloyd, Ryan, Shaw or Scharenberg as cover, but my fwd line is thin with Greenwood out. I'm looping Dahl and will probably bring in a Buddy if he goes sub 80 odd

    • Adsy says:

      I like Option 2 if you feel like you have to make up points (who knows what Buddy could do – 40 or 140!) although I also like the look of Option 3 with the two Kennedy's so there's that.

    • Patch says:

      Option 3 with Gray and JJK for mine. JJK has to go big for the Eagles to have a hope, and Gray could kick 7 against the Suns

      • TheGreatBozza says:

        I think a lot will depend on how Dahl goes. If he goes large I'll feel comfortable bringing in a Beams and using my other trade as a loophole potential

    • The Ranger says:

      Good idea to have a loop option in a granny Bozza but I like the Gray/Greene option.

  19. Jamie says:

    Greenwood and hanners out. Was going to bring in Charlie dixon, but only have one trade and 519. Who is the best player avaliable??? I have cover everywhere except forwards nank f6 now. I'm contemplating houli with adams moving into the midfield. Who for 519k is giving me the best score???? Helllppp

    • Patch says:

      Long shot, but Dion Prestia has a 3 round average of 117 – he'd probably be my pick of the bunch to bring in.

    • frogger says:

      Def: Howe / Houli
      Mid: Zerrett / N Jones (Menegola might rack up the pressure act points)
      Fwd: Billings / Dixon (Dixie looks great on paper, but S May could curb influence a bit)
      Ruc: Stef Martin

    • Jamie says:

      Cheers guys!

  20. Joshua says:

    1. Trade Hannebery to Gray and cover Greenwood with Callum Brown
    2. Trade Greenwood to Dixon and cover Hannebery with Witherden

  21. fionaamudala says:

    Any news on the likelihood of Zorko getting a poor core due to hospitalisation?

    • Cogla13 says:

      It was a leg infection, nothing too dramatic. He looked ok in his final test, no limp or anything. Not ideal prep though and may fade late but I still reckon he'll go big.

  22. Freddie says:

    With Greenwood out, who do I play. Young, Dogs or Brown, Magpies?
    I suppose I could do the emergency loop but I'm not sure about it. Can someone confirm for me please.
    Put Bolton, Tigers on the field and pray he doesn't play, make Young the E and if Young does ok, leave it. It he scores terribly, swap Bolton with Brown.

    • Cogla13 says:

      Bolton is not an emergency, he won't play.

      • Freddie says:

        So Cogla, I have it correct?

        • Cogla13 says:

          Yep that sounds correct. Make sure you do the swap early Sat though before the Collingwood game if Young is a fail.

          • Freddie says:

            Thank you. If it works out, I'll have an extra beer for you. Yes, I will be on the ball in the morning.
            Still can't work out why Greenwood has been dropped. I rate him obviously more than Pyke but he is only the coach!!!!

  23. Jamie says:

    Billings, dixon or Heaney??

    • kevdup says:

      Heeney safest , Dixon potential huge score

    • frogger says:

      Dixon if you need the smaller chance of a monster score (don't forget S. May) as the underdog in your matchup, else Billings.

  24. JAL says:


    Ok got the granny this week I have one trade left..

    Should I…

    Play Witherden as D6 and bench Ryan then do a upgrade to N.Rewoldt


    Play Ryan as my D6 swing Witherden and upgrade to Macrae and then swing Macrae forward??

  25. Mars bar says:

    The last option best. Too not 100%

  26. Mars bar says:

    I meant Roo not 100%

  27. Hazey says:

    Does anyone know if O'Brien travelled to Perth with Adelaide? Hearing whispers of Sauce being a late out.

  28. Ahmad rubas says:

    Trades I made this week ryan to johaniseien and Lloyd to Sloane now my team looks like this
    Doc laird Adams rance witherden schaz emg jj junker
    Danger vc Kelly fyfe c Sloane Murphy Treloar jpk Parker emg Bont greenwood Cunningham
    Gawn mummy strnadica
    Macrae buddy billings Steele Greene nank emg Dahl eddy

    Any trades you would reccomend other than the ones I already have done

  29. Russty_ says:

    Go Hawks, Go Freo, Go Adelaide, Go Saints- beat everyone else in the finals and then win the flag!…easy lol

    Who's with me?!

    • JohndJames says:

      I like it,so long as the Dees win as well,which I am very nervous about.

      • Russty_ says:

        Yeah could be a tough game for your lads this week John, pies will be playing for some pride, and Kirby might kick some goals too.

        • JohndJames says:

          At least I'm not nervous any more,doing our best to finish 9th on the ladder,at least my SC team is going better.

  30. Finnius123 says:

    When does SC open for 2018?

    • Russty_ says:

      Hey Finn, I think it's about a month before the first game.

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      SC season usually opens mid February. You then have 6 to 7 weeks to work on your new side.

      • Russty_ says:

        That's what I said Hawk…about a 6 to 7 weeks lol

        • Derek says:

          The positions will be interesting. Few blokes hoping for defenders or fwd status

          When are they released

    • hedski says:

      Could be wrong but if you had SC gold last year it opened a bit earlier, maybe around Xmas?

  31. JohndJames says:

    Thinking of trading out Hanners due to him being injured,looking at M.Crouch or Merrett. What do you think

    • Russty_ says:

      Out of those two, Crouch I reckon John…Merrett hasn't been himself lately.

      • JohndJames says:

        The only worry I have with Crouch is if the cats beat GWS,Adelaide won't have a lot to play for and yes Merrett has dropped off the last month or so.

        • Russty_ says:

          I wouldn't worry about that John, NO team wants to go into the finals coming off a loss. It's all about momentum now.

          • JohndJames says:

            Your probably right there Russty,they wouldn't want two loses in a row,Kelly could be another one,but I have players that I don't really like,so I don't have them in my team and he's one of them.

            • Russty_ says:

              How about Sloaney mate?…he's flying at the moment. Big risk but big rewards also.

              • JohndJames says:

                He worked out for you last week,that's for sure,but I kind of like the players you can depend on getting 90 to 110+ instead of 140 or 50.

                • Russty_ says:

                  Crouch paid off for you John…how many did you win today?

                  • JohndJames says:

                    He sure did and Sloane went bang for you Russty and I won 4 out of the six.

  32. Russty_ says:

    Come on Mitchell you Carrot Top…this is not the week to have a mediocre game, I have the VC on yer ass, move it redhead matches!

    • JohndJames says:

      Hate to say it but would JOM be impacting Mitch's score.

      • Russty_ says:

        Yeah think he's definitely stealing points from him John, need a sniper in the grassy knoll lol

      • Steeeve says:

        Something to keep in mind next year. Mitchell's scoring was still good with JOM in the team but not elite. If JOM is good for round 1 next year then T Mitch could leak cash.

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      Got the VC on him too mate.

      Forget the red head matches, time to go hardcore, and stick a firecracker up his carrot.

      • Russty_ says:

        Hahaha yeah mate, a cracker up his clacker!

        • TOPHAWK1 says:

          44 SC at the half. Time to light the fuse…….

          And its about time that Libba junior starts playing footy instead of trying to look like his daddy and play thuggy.

  33. Joshua says:

    Anyone gonna consider JOM and/or Morrison if they continue their 1st half efforts?

    • Russty_ says:

      Nah JOM's a never again for me..dunno about Jim Morrison yet.

    • Whatyasmokin says:

      JOM is a lock for me. Only mid price failure for me this season.

      With rookies possibly following a similar pattern to this year, there are reasons for my faith in him such as doubting there will be the pile of good mid price options again like 2017.

      • Defying_Madness says:

        I have him locked into my team also, I guess I didn't learn my lesson this year or maybe I am just an optimistic Hawks fan.

  34. Stirlsy says:

    Looking good up there Defying keep it going man.

  35. Russty_ says:

    Hey guys n gals, unrelated to Supercoach but who wins out of Mayweather and McGregor?

    I reckon Mayweather will embarrass McGregor with his superior boxing skills and despatch him quite early…if not by at least round 5.

    What's your call?

    • JohndJames says:

      Mayweather should win but I will be barracking for Conor McGregor.

      • Russty_ says:

        I reckon Connor could get fouled out by trying to choke him out or something lol

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      Mayweather will eat him for breakfast.

      • Russty_ says:

        Agree Hawker, I reckon McGregor's only doing it for the paper…he'd know he's going to lose, boxing has a lot more rules than MMA.

    • Daniel Z says:

      I don't think Mayweather has knocked anybody out. He'll win but most likely won't be a knockout.

  36. JohndJames says:

    Starting to think that I should have kept Roughy.

    • Russty_ says:

      Yeah…know how you feel John but you wouldn't be in 6 Grand Finals if you'd kept him earlier cause he was leaking points earlier in the season bigtime.

      • Derek says:

        He had a very good year. Exactly ehat we expected. Started slow, finish strong

        • Whatyasmokin says:

          The larger blokes seem to take longer to get back their match fitness it seems, Game is so fast now.
          Roughy a lock for 2018 Along with Omeara for me.

  37. JohndJames says:

    Is Dahihaus injured,only on 39pts,would have had him on the bench if Greenwood hadn't been rested.

    • Russty_ says:

      Yeah he copped a corky but he's also shit in this latter part of the year.

      • JohndJames says:

        It's right Russty,just saw him kick a goal,so at least he's back on.

  38. Joshua says:

    Take Dahlhaus 63 or field Callum Brown?

  39. Russty_ says:

    Add to never again list- Dahlhaus aka-shithouse you suck, you weasel.

  40. The Ranger says:

    Should have played Pickett instead of Dahlhaus…

  41. wombatsfc says:

    Dahlhouse and Bontompelli can get stuffed. Premo firelighters who were initially disguised as SC viable. They're worse than spuds they're turnips and cauliflower with fecal sauce

    • wombatsfc says:

      I wonder if

    • Russty_ says:

      Yep all that matters League-wise is the last game of the year and those two failed to deliver shit…especially Dahlhaus, weasel piece of crap.

      • gator59 says:

        Yep both on the never again list,,, May be just may be Bont will have to pump out at least 5 tons in a row to be ever considered again !!

    • wombatsfc says:

      You're an unwitting genius 'David Jones' you've created an identifer for Supercoach's to vent their frustrations on players here at Jockreynolds. Instead of commenting anonymously just enter the name as wombatsfc and your actual email address so that your legit icon thing shows up. Get creative break free throw a wombat

    • Muscles says:

      Many will get The Bont but not Dahl. Good team man but handballs too much to be SC relevant.

  42. gator59 says:

    Hodgey thinking of playing cricket now.. I pity the batsmen that have to face him

    Dunno if any one here has seen him play but F#ck he is seriously quick

    I have faced him and taught him a thing or two,, Has a run up and action like the great Michael Holding,, very graceful to watch

    He used to be in the high 140's may have slowed down a bit but still wouldn't like to be on the receiving end

  43. PiesFever says:

    Howe, Houli, Touhy or Roberton? Who scores the most?!!


  44. George S says:

    Hey all, can I please check something about the rules so I can loophole safely this week?…
    If I have 2 midfielders marked as midfield emergencies though only one is playing, do I get the playing emergencies (eg Dangerfield) score or the non-playing guy's (Jarman) score (zero) ?

  45. frogger says:

    Sensational work all year, Patch. You are bizarro Heath Shaw 2017, honest as the day is long, dependable and the sober yin to our raging yang.

  46. TheGreatBozza says:

    Do I back in Scharenberrg to out score Bont? I put the E on Bont in case he stains his pants. Can swing Adams to mid to cover Bont, and bring Scharenberg off the pine.

    Other plans for this week now are either:
    1. Selwood to Merrett
    Greenwood to Buddy (not pod), Daniher or Dixon


    2. Selwood to Gray
    Greenwood to Greene

    • TheGreatBozza says:

      Other two options I'm looking at are:
      Selwood to JPK
      Greenwood to Wingard


      Selwood to Zorko
      Greenwood to Dixon

  47. Smithy says:

    Hi All, which two out of Rockliffe, Lloyd or Witherden on field? Cheers community.

    • Steeeve says:

      It's a GF. Go hard or go home. Hard as a Rock.

      • 2018 says:

        Llyod more Mid time No hannas should loophole with withers and Rockliff vs north is bound to go big and zieball is out North = Tanks

  48. Shake n bake says:

    Have $417k to spend on a fwd now Greenwood is out. Is Dixon the best option or maybe pederson?

  49. Norm says:

    Who to field out of Newman, Ryan, Witherden or Scharenberg?

    • The Ranger says:

      Had the same dilemma Norm and I've gone with Scazza and Witherden onfield with the E on Newman.
      Fingers are crossed.

  50. Big G says:

    Was cursing Roughy all night, then figured out my GF opponent traded him out for Ryder and left Greenwood on the field. SC gods smiling on me.

  51. Mongga says:

    Greenwood an emergency. Does anyone know if he flew to WA?

  52. Dan says:

    Whats the chances of Sloane going big this week? The bloke im playing in the granny has him so thinking of sideways trading Treloar or Murphy to negate a potential big score from Sloan. Cheers

  53. Tommo09 says:

    If Witherden reaches 100 do I bench Gibbs or Kennedy?

  54. Russty_ says:

    Bloody Gawn's been crap ever since I brought him in, wish I hadn't now…wonder what kind of price he might start at next season?

    • INPieman says:


      • Russty_ says:

        Cheers Pie..Good win by your guys.

        • INPieman says:

          I was barracking for the Dees. Hate Buckley & want him gone

          • Russty_ says:

            Understandable mate, I felt the same about Ross Lying before he abandoned the Saints for a sweeter deal and was even happier when he took Dawson with him lol

    • Whatyasmokin says:

      Was spewing when I traded Ryder in over Gawn. Turned out to be a great move and potentially multiple GF winning.

  55. Harrow says:

    Yes, Gawn is not the player he was. Now Grundy has beaten him. There are at least 4 better rucks around. Glad I have Ryder and Grundy. The Melbourne SC supporters were frothing at the mouth when he resumed but Gawn gone and won't be part of many SC teams next year. The rubber band training trick was a ruse. I have Hibberd who was down today but Oliver was his usual self.

    • Russty_ says:

      I think he'll still start in a lot of teams next season, he'll be better when he gets back to full fitness, and gets some confidence back, needs to get that mindset back he had last season, "to be the comp's best Ruckman".

  56. Steeeve says:

    WHE, Petracca, Roughead. Traded all of em out early. Would have probably won me the grand final I'm now losing. I would have had a shocking rank, but it's not like I was top 100 anyway. What a bloody season.

    • Russty_ says:

      Thing is though Steve, how many mediocre scores do you put up with from those guys all through the season without losing patience and getting someone in scoring better?
      That being said, this year has been a finals series where we've pretty much needed 8 trades going in to finals, hard to do and still field a decent team throughout the regular season for sure.

  57. Daniel says:

    If Witherden goes 105+, who should I bench out of Fyfe, Neale or Gray?

    • Russty_ says:

      Maybe Neale cause he's playing sore and might not make it through the game?…Withers is on 104 now btw…or Gray cause he's a bit up and down scoring.

  58. Defying_Madness says:

    I thought I was so smart loopholing Scharenberg with Ryan by swapping Lloyd to the mids and Junker to the defence only to realise that Junker played today…
    At least I get Witherdens score since Hanners is out. Expect big games from Ryan and Lloyd.

    • Russty_ says:

      Lloyd has started well for you mate, 30 at quarter time. I thought about loopholing there too but realized games are too close together.

      • Defying_Madness says:

        Sorry I didn't explain myself well, both Ryan and Lloyd are on the bench. Am forced to take Bergs score since I had the emergency on him and Junker on field. Would have just fielded Lloyd over both Scharenberg and Ryan if I realised I couldn't loophole.

        • Russty_ says:

          Ah ok, yeah I went Berg over Lloyd and he's already passed his bloody score, Lloyd rotting on my bench now. These kind of fkups can cost finals 🙁

  59. JohndJames says:

    Ended up bringing in M.Crouch for Hanners even though I have the E on Witherden,at least if there is a late out I still have cover.

    • Russty_ says:

      Hope that works out for ya John, how are you going in your Finals matchups so far?

  60. JohndJames says:

    Greenwood is a definite out right?

    • Russty_ says:

      He was omitted but is listed as an E John, so I guess there's a chance he could play.

      • JohndJames says:

        Just that I need to work out if I move Nank into his spot,but will have to trade before the Cats v GWS game.I'll trade out Parsons who is on the bench move Nank to the fwd line,bring in Buzza for ruck E.then swap Nank and Greenwood.

        • Russty_ says:

          Are you starting Nank onfield with no Soldo there?

          • JohndJames says:

            Nank is my Ruck E at the moment……So I just did the trade, Nank is now in my forward line,with Greenwood on the bench and Buzza as my ruck E.Still had 37K left which seems a waste but I couldn't find any other match ups.

  61. 2018 says:

    Round of 67…..Dalh, Gawn, Rocky, Hibberd

  62. 2018 says:

    Is McRae a lock for next year in SC. Better then Bont and Dalh due to his consistency and his game is built for supercoach and will be 580k or so and will be in his prime 24yrs

    • Russty_ says:

      I think so for sure 2018, will be my first picked forward next season…having him from day dot this year has been great, he's been a true set and forget player, one you don't need to worry about.

    • Whatyasmokin says:

      Bont off my radar at the moment for next year but things do change. Dahlhaus is gone unless a role change and/or major form improvement.

      Macrae could be locked in even if midfield only due to unreliable options amongst the ageing greats.

  63. Russty_ says:

    Who put the big C on Buddy this week?…wish I had!, you'd be a guaranteed winner this week if you did 🙂

  64. Joshua says:

    Should've stuck with my gut and put the vc on Franklin. Running with Danger into Fyfe instead

    • Russty_ says:

      What made you not trust your gut feeling?

      • Joshua says:

        Idk I just thought Carlton might hold Franklin well defensively, Not all doom and gloom Danger could pass it tonight, did last time 🙂

  65. musicissport says:

    Anyone else got an issue with SC app – for some reason it's reverted back to my R1 team!!

  66. Whitey says:

    Can I make some changes and start again? Would be awesome!!!

  67. red5 says:

    Great timing SC HQ

    • Russty_ says:

      FKing Clowns huh?…what the Fking FK

      • INPieman says:

        How about put the perfect 9 money to a system that actually works. Absolutely useless!!! It's granny week FFS

        • Russty_ says:

          How about making it perfect 7 out of 9, so someone could actually win it someday?

  68. OldOcker says:

    I don't really believe that the Herald Sun have the cheek to charge anyone for SuperCoach gold. App and website stuffing up when most needed.
    Old Ockers Ultimate stats sheet will be available very soon after this round so that the serious SuperCoaches can start studying for next year.
    I will make it available to Jock on Tuesday. Jock can publish it when he likes.

    • Don't Blush Baby says:

      Excellent Ocker, much appreciated, your a legend mate

    • Harrow says:

      As I wrote a couple of days ago, SC gold is a ripoff. Use Footywire. It's free.

      • Russty_ says:

        Yeah understand your point of view Harrow, but some of us are time poor, and SC Gold gives instant feedback as far as who's playing the current week by green dots next to their names, and comparisons/ predictions of scores which comes in handy, without having to constantly cross reference back and forth between different websites, it's a convenience thing. .And let's face it…$20 ain't a lot of money really.

        • OldOcker says:

          To me it is, especially when predictive scoring is so far away from fact..
          $20 is a lot of money for some.
          Ocker's Stats give you all you need to know that come directly from SC Gold at no charge. AND MORE.
          This information is absolutely free to all without paying.

    • The Ranger says:

      Nice one Ocker, how's ya season been mate?

      • OldOcker says:

        Not too bad in the finish mate, I was in 5 finals and won them all. 2 major leagues and 3 minor leagues. Pretty happy about winning the "Big Guns" league.

        • The Ranger says:

          That's a pretty good year Ocker! Had a shocker myself but it's only made me more determined.
          See you back here for the preseason .

  69. Russty_ says:

    I've seen a lot of stuff ups from the Herald Sun website over the years when it comes to Supercoach Live HQ etc, but never anything like this….has someone inadvertently wiped out the whole season, reverting it back to round one?…LOL what a bunch of Clowns!

  70. OldOcker says:

    They have successfully stuffed trades for anyone like myself who still has them. The season of winning 5 grand finals is gone. Thank you to the HS. Waste of money. Newspapers are dead and SC is self destructing.

    • Russty_ says:

      Yeah Ocker, Newspapers are kinda like Video Stores and Music Stores these days, made defunct by the digital age, now it's all about digital code and downloading, rather than hard copy anything. The times, they are a changing.

  71. Joshua says:

    Lift Shaw you old hobbit

    • Russty_ says:

      He's a spud mate, should've retired after this season, he's a shadow of his former smartass self. He's only still there for the money.

      • Harrow says:

        Rusty. Get a life. SC has taken over your life. Your comments are all over the place. Obviously you are not in a GF.

        • Russty_ says:

          Hi Harrow, I'm in 6 out of 10 Grand Finals actually, and I have a rather nice life actually, thanks for your concern though, maybe you should think twice before you decide to judge someone so hastily, and act like a complete ass.

          Good luck for your Final…if you're in one.

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      Traded Heater out 6 weeks ago. Good. Because my ranking would have been so much worse.

      • Russty_ says:

        Hey Hawker, didn't bring him in this year…and not really regretting it are you faring in your last match up mate?

  72. INPieman says:

    Big fix people is delete the app & reinstall it. Then log in & you should be back online via the app. Useless C*nts

    • OldOcker says:

      Website is okay now, Maybe the app is too.
      Good luck in the final mate.
      I think you just have me, My luck this weekend and Greenwood will get a game which will ensure a victory for you.
      I am just happy to make the final in the "Big Guns" league mate.
      It has been a tough year.
      Stats coming out on Tuesday for Jock, Releasing early for pre season crew and the fact i might not be able to do it next year.

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      Fark that. If they expect us to do that

  73. Joshua says:

    Any chance Greenwood sneaks into the final 22? Would rather not take Dahlhaus' 67

    • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

      I hope not he is my danger loop.this week

    • red says:

      SEN said he has a sick friend or relative.

    • Whatyasmokin says:

      He doesn't score well in away games anyway. I'd say by his limited game time this season they would rest him for finals, regardless of any off field issues.

  74. Russty_ says:

    Booyaa!…smashed those manufactured pretenders…that's the way!

  75. kane says:

    HELP i think i stuffed my loophole.

    Was going to loophole bolton (rich) tomorrow for dangerfields score. Bringing Yeo to bench and bolton on field with cap. However, I didnt realise i had young (dogs) already on bench with emergancy too. If i have both Yeo and young on bench with Emergancy, Whos score will i get?

    • Russty_ says:

      Hi Kane…sorry to tell you mate, but you will get Young's score, it's the lesser of the 2 playing Emergency's scores you get if 2 are playing.
      You've really gotta be careful loopholing making sure you plan it out in advance…that's why I don't do it much, cause I can't be assed.

    • Rocksta says:

      The lowest of the two

      • kane says:

        [email protected]@ieohfsdpfjsf sdtpfyodshfysduf prob lose my only Final now… Against my old man too. QQ

        • 2018 says:

          Maybe post ur team and the community may be able to help u

          • Kane says:

            Hurley, laird, adams,hibberd (demons), doc, witherden.
            Ryan(e) hibberd (nth)

            Danger(vc) dusty zerrett treloar rocky fyfe bontempelli jkelly

            Myers lloyd (gws) mountford

            Martin gawn – strndic

            Yeo buddy heeney ryder mcrae dalhouse
            Young(e) bolton

            Not sure if this makes sense. Please let me know

            Need to somehow ger dangers score. But already have young as emergency so i cant loophole yeos with bolton properly. Do i maybe just keep the vc on danger and risk someone like dusty merret or fyfe. Or do i just bench yeo and get youngs score instead of yeos.
            Keep in mind, my opponent has danger as captain and yeo on field.

            Cant believe i stuffed this. The site went down and couldnt check it yesterday.

  76. red says:

    I've got Witherden as MID emergency
    Do I leave him on the bench or use his score and put Sloane or Fyfe on the bench?

    • Whatyasmokin says:

      Massive call here but I would consider benching Sloane. Has gone big recently but only at Adelaide oval. Go with your gut though good luck.

    • JohndJames says:

      Keep on the bench,both players should be able to score more,plus you still have him in case of a late out.

  77. JohndJames says:

    Not if the Tigers win

  78. Cogla13 says:

    Geelong V Tiges at the MCG the most likely.

  79. Northerner says:

    Either you had Buddy or you didn't and that will determine whether you win or lose. Won one (likely), lost 2. End of a good SC season. Didn't quite do enough to make top 100.

    Now for my 14s to win their second semi today and advance to the GF followed by the Eagles winning by 5 goals to claim eighth, with Kennedy kicking 5 to share the Coleman with Buddy.

    • Whatyasmokin says:

      Possibly but not true in my case as I don't have Buddy but am set to win one of my GF's against a team with Franklin thanks to players stepping up at the crucial moment ie Simpson, Ryder, Kennedy, Oliver to name a few. Greenwood out and poor scores from the likes of Parsons has also helped teams with extra depth. Good luck everybody!

    • Smote says:

      Why do you want a tie for the Coleman ?
      A bet involving a tie?

  80. CapTkAos says:

    One mistake I haven't made this year is stuff up the captaincy loophole……until THIS ****ing week………..
    Danger, I would have loved your VC score, but now I'm gunna have to rely on Dusty.

  81. Iamme says:

    A lot of crappy scores in my team this week, 8 players scored under 80 so far, including Dahl and the Berg who are on the pine. …..Thankfully I have Buddy, so still I hope to score 2300 plus, which will hopefully be enough to to win at least one GF.

  82. The Ranger says:

    Very impressive that Hedski, everyone's been talking about GWS and Adelaide but the Cats are sitting pretty now.

    • Whatyasmokin says:

      I've had a feeling about a Geelong vs Adelaide GF for a while now. But maybe that is due to my bias as a crows supporter…..

      It's an exciting yet worrying prospect as the Cat is a massive problem for the Crow in not only the animal kingdom.

    • hedski says:

      Looking good Ranger, hopefully get Jelwood back.
      Scored a 6 pack of the Very Best from a bloke at work for the win last night too.
      Happy days.

  83. Whatyasmokin says:

    Big thank you to Jock, Higgo, Crouching, Baron, Lekdog, Patch, Carlos and the community in general!

    Awesome work, great insights and analysis once again.

    Good luck everyone, I'm competing in 5 out of 10 league GF's. Big day obviously.

    Apart from supercoach gonna be a cracker of a finals series I reckon. Go crows………

    Richmond have proved me wrong this year my hat goes off to the club for getting out of that fringe position they seemed stuck in.

    Geelong and Sydney knocking on the GF door too obviously and realistically anything can happen this year with pretty much any of the top 8.

    Wonder if my preseason bet on Sydney for the flag comes through…..what a joke that bet looked like after round 6 eh.

    • JohndJames says:

      Sydney are the form team of the comp,pity they missed the double chance,but they might not need it.It's out of the top six this year,don't think Essendon or West Coast will do much.

    • Smote says:

      Wayne Carey was on tv after Swans were 1 – 6 saying he believed they could still make the finals.
      I thought whats that dude been smoking?
      I tip my hat to you Mr. Carey, well played sir.
      Would have been juicy odds back then.

  84. Whatyasmokin says:

    Looking through this last panic room for the season Patch's advice is on point 100%. Strong finish!

  85. CheekyNandos says:

    Who will win, I've got Rance, MCrouch and JJk + 249 points VS Zerret, Stewart (ESS), Nank and Savage.

    Cheers for your opinions, I'm a tad worried 😛

    Good luck everyone in your finals 🙂

  86. Joshua says:

    Drawn GF Neale vs Sloane, not liking my chances. Lachie plz

  87. JohndJames says:

    Witherden should be a good pick next year if he keeps his def/mid.

  88. Laurie says:

    Hi urgent advice please as I stuffed up my loophole and can't take Dangerfield as Captain…Crouch or Martin as Captain thoughts please….

  89. Joshua says:

    TFW you trade in Dixon over super pod big boy Bellchambers :/

  90. Dan says:

    Well, Roberton is onto my 'never again' list. He's single handily losing me my GF at the moment!

    • Goanna says:

      That Dud cost me three GF's. Spewing because I could have selected many others 5 weeks ago.

    • Jamie says:

      Somehow he didn't cost me. Had Ryan on my bench with a ton!

    • Rocksta says:

      He lost me mine!
      So much for full premium………had I kept Ryan , I would have won the GF!

  91. Don't Blush Baby says:

    Yellow n Black

  92. Shake n bake says:

    Happy to win the 2 gf l made didnt think l was going to win 1 of them. Was 60pts up coming into the last game he had Yeo and Kennedy l had super Jacobs! Finished with 2500 how did the rest of the community go??

    • good on you shake I was fortunate to beat jayden The Winning Choice in pauls no1 cashy very lucky and I had to barrack for the eagles yyuk c u next year my friend cheers Neil

      • Shake n bake says:

        Lucky l had 1 trade left and got Dixon for Lynch. I was thinking of ya Neil! Was hoping my Pies wouldn't be the one to knock u out of September!

    • Iamme says:

      Won 3 and lost 3 GF's with 2250 and 10 on field players under 80…..Strange round!

    • Russty_ says:

      Hey Shake, won 4 out of 6 grand finals and beat that Sugar Ray punk by 4 points with 2381 woohoo.
      Well done winning 2 , nice job man.

    • macca says:

      Thought i had you aswell Shake. Good come back.
      Won my other 6GFs so all is not lost.
      Thanks for the year. I have learnt alot from people on this site.

    • Laza says:

      Well done Shaker … I won 2 Lost 2 today with 2402… fortunately did ok in the cash leagues .. took home $800 today..
      Thanks everyone for the suggestions, advice and guidance through the year .. especially to Jock's crew.. and more so for the banter .. enjoyed it.
      I'm looking forward to Okd Ockers spreadsheet to get next year underway ..

      Go Tigers…

  93. red says:

    Good job Jock & team and community
    I won 2 GF's.
    Couldn't have done without you

  94. RobDogs says:

    Thanks all, especially Jock and crew.

    Won all 6 grand finals I made it to with 2432, so happy with that.

    Has been a really diverse year and always much easier to navigate with everyone's input on this site. Is the premier forum for SuperCoach and also the most fun. Have a great off season and see you all next year.

  95. Rocksta says:

    I should have known…………..St.Kilda always let you down!

    Lost my GF by 30 points. So called Premium Roberton scored 31 instead of 93. The ball spent a shit load of time in the Sainters backline……………….WTF?
    No more Sainters in my SC team ever again……………losing culture!

  96. RobDogs says:

    Finished with a 177 Rank, 5th in Jocks 'JR Community' group, so a good year overall. Snuck past you Crackers, game on next year.

  97. Russty_ says:

    Jock beat me in one of those 6 games today by 16 points but i'm ok with that 🙂

  98. James T says:

    Thanks for all the insight and for an amazing year jock and crew and all the regular participants on this website. Made it to one of my two leagues grand finals and drew with my opponent. Which I believe means I lost being the lower seed… also my dees dropped out of the 8 today via west coast. Hope your days have all been a little better than mine. Hope everyone facing off in their grand finals did well and hope to see you all next season 🙂 cheers!

    • Russty_ says:

      That's bloody rough James, first with your Dees and then drawing a GF (what are the odds?)and losing on position, that's gotta suck.

      See you next time around 🙂

  99. Will says:

    Cheers for the season everyone!

  100. JohndJames says:

    Hey Russty how did you go today,I ended up with 4 wins and two loses,so winning 50% of my 8 Leagues grand finals, I'll take that,moved on up another 404 places to 1501 ranking,and scored 2406,so my last two months as far as scoring goes has been great,not going under 2370,it helped that I hardly had to change the team in that time,so it's all over for another year.I might have to think hard about if I go around again after such a good year,can't see myself topping that,but it's a bit like a drug,once your on it your hooked.

    • Russty_ says:

      Hiya John, played golf this arvo so came home to see I had also got over the line and won 4 out of 6 mate, lost one by heaps and another one by 16 to, pretty happy with that result 🙂
      Great job winning 4 out of 6 John, and also with your rank, so you're a top 1 % guy, excellent work.
      Bummer about your Demons just getting pipped at the post by those bloody Eagles, that's gotta hurt..but they'll be back and better next season.
      Make sure you come back next season..pretty hard not to when you've got the bug haha
      Well done again mate, and catch ya next time around.

      P.S Good call bringing Crouch in!

      • JohndJames says:

        Well done Russty,so we both won 4 grand finals,I think at the start of the finals we would have taken that no worries.One of the league finals that I did lose though was my favorite 'Jolly Roger',goes with my team 'Black Flag'but I guess you can't have everything,like Melbourne making the finals,we did it to ourselves though not turning up to play in the first quarter,so disappointing.I think it was better when we were coming 11th – 13th,less stressful.Yes Crouch brought it home for me,I mainly picked him because I had him at the start,then traded him out for Bont,so I wanted him back at the end.I'll be back next year,it would drive me mad seeing people talking about SC on twitter and not being a part of it.Till next time Russty and enjoy your golf.

        • yeah Russtys right j j come back bigger and better like our teams sainters and dees . Gary L yon got it right with the dees when we play crap teams nth woods lions etc. we come to their crappiness but crows over there no problems a MENTAL PROBLEM with them they need Rudi Webster back there if you older guys remember him a brilliant sycho The list like the Saints is good what both need is a big forward from a winning club and better culture like a hawkings from geelong or JPK NOT MUCH MORE CHEERS GUYS great you beat him russ

  101. Dean Billman says:

    Tough year, not enough rookies and cash generation, forward line looked like the back line from a few years ago, we had nothing.

    But I won my cash league, and can't wait for 2018 to come around.

    Thanks to Jock and the boys for guiding us through it. Come back to us Wayno!

    See you all in the pre season. xx

  102. Supercoach feedback says:

    Guys, lets give supercoach some feedback in the section that says ''FEEDBACK: We would love to hear feedback on your SuperCoach experience this season.'' I wrote that i hope they give everyone the features that for supercoach gold have for FREE if they dont want numbers to decline again!

    • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

      Big one for me is if a rookie plays less than 3 games for the year their price doesnt change next year.

      Ie daicos and graham should be $120k next year not $280k as gave the kids a couple of late games just to give them a taste of AFL.

      Everyone should give them this feedback if they get enough might change thinking?
      Go for it lads.

    • The Ranger says:

      I wrote that you should get two LTI trades per year that can only be used when a player is out for a minimum of four weeks and that you should be able to use that trade in addition to the normal two per round.

    • Pitch 72 says:

      Bring back the way the live scores through h/sun website used to be displayed, this year was crap. used fan footy all the time which isn't a good endorsement for supercoach & h/sun.

    • extra ruck and emergency for game ending short time injury Lloyd jellwood for me 30 trades ok like triggas rookie idea might have another go neil

    • Goanna says:

      Supercoach gold is a rip off

      • Pitch 72 says:

        30 bucks a year is hardly a rip off mate, you pay that much for 1 beer and some crap chips at the footy, that's a rip off.

  103. The Ranger says:

    Buckley gets two more years.
    Pieman is not gonna be happy.

    • INPieman says:

      Absolutely Fn Furious!!!! He's a hack

      • I,m happy gives me more time to bag him and his ideas not a great coach

      • Goanna says:

        Because he is not an innovative coach, he simply needs a sharp brain to help him and with the sacking of at least two assistant coaches, that is what Pies will look for. Who? I don't know.

      • Don't Blush Baby says:

        Who do you think should have replaced him ?

        • without a shadow of doubt ROOS he would make that team great which the league needs it will continue to go backwards with Bucks

          • Whatyasmokin says:

            What about sacking Goodwin though? Bucks and his pies did beat you guys on the weekend and crush any finals hopes……….

            Joking about sacking Goodwin btw 🙂

            In reality I dont really think much of Bucks but then again its very hard to know what goes on behind the scenes in a club.

    • Richard says:

      Commiserations Pieman & other CFC supporters.Another summer of uncertainty looking towards next season.The 2 year deal will mean Jack Sh.. if the pies can't get their act together early season.The speculation will continue if they start bad and he will once again be on the chopping block week in week out.I reckon Buckley is more shocked than anyone that he retained his job.Can he do a Dimma
      from Richmond or is it just fools gold.Personally i had written him off early 2017 and can't believe he's back for another 2.The difference
      with him and Dimma is at least Dimma has tasted finals with tigers and has played in premiership sides.In the end though Buckley has nothing to lose here if he fails as most of us think he's a rubbish coach.The Collingwood board has the most to lose here and their die hard supporters will make sure of that.

      • INPieman says:

        True Richard. Eddie's ego is at play & will never admit he's wrong. A few junk time meaningless wins at the end of the season gave him a reason to reappoint him. I'm not sure which contract is worse Buckley or Chris Mayne

      • Soothsayer says:

        Also, Dimma has a long winning culture that includes assistant at the Mighty hawks where Buckley may not even be eligible for a visitor's pass. Also learned under Dennis Pagan in the powerhouse North Melbourne under 19s and the Mighty Upwey/Tecoma Tigers under his fathers developmental eye.

  104. Big G says:

    Won my GF and with a late surge made into the top 3000. Thankyou Jocky and the crew for the service you provide!

  105. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    One of the things that really irks me is the AA team and how for some reason it is formed out the top 8 finalist despite there being better players sitting in the bottom half of the ladder.
    Think Neale and Cripps in 2015.

    So I have had a crack and picked the best AA side for 2017 (no consideration of past performance or number of nominations based purely on who I think had the best year)

    Back: Laird, Hurley, Yeo
    HB: Docherty, Rance, Hibberd
    Centre: Kelly, Mitchell, JPK (C)
    HF: McCrae, Franklin, Zorko
    F: Gray, Brown, Betts
    Rucks: Kreuzer, Dangerfield, Martin
    Int: Ryder, Crouch, Oliver, Merrett.

    Apologies to Bont/Sloane/neale I had you in JPK spot but realised I didn't have a captain in the players I had selected so had to bump you for JPK.

    you could also flick in McGovern for rance – if that floats your boat.

    Green, selwood, and JJK miss out as they missed too many games during the year.

    Cant fit em all but I believe this is the best representation of the year that was.

    • almost 100% TRIGG J J K for BROWN but tight

      • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

        For mine JJK missed too many games and bit of a flat track bully kicking bags at home against freo, blues, pies.
        Only kicked one on good opp last week.
        Brown kicks his 2-3 per week so more consistent for mine in a struggling team.

        • Is he a pure forward or part time especially without Pruess and majak JJK DEF a forward

        • wish my last team looked like that wow trig

        • Loop says:

          Last week doesnt count, WCE are looking for more avenues to goal. Its an insult to call him a flat track bully, it takes multiple defenders to stop him and WCE have struggled with supply to the forwards this year. I'm sure most teams would be happy to have him.
          And yes, I am an Eagles supporter.

    • INPieman says:

      What about Treloar trig. You need a good kick in the team

    • surely Oliver gets into the last 40 but no and Rance has been up and down more up though

  106. Soothsayer says:

    Thank you community for an excellent year. I won my big prize grand final this week without Dangerfield, I move I would never have considered if not for the mighty Jock Reynolds community cortex. It was a long season, seems like years ago I was looking at Sandilands and deciding not to cover him with Ryder. Thanks especially to Pieman, Baron and others who took the time to answer hard questions and help with tough decisions. I'll see you all at preseason with my joggers and towel packed.

    • Soothsayer says:

      and lekdog, lekdog has risen to the top like clotted cream for my devonshire tea.

  107. red says:

    What do we do now!!!
    SC season is over and I'm not sure what to do for the first 10 minutes at work.

    • Smote says:

      Cut out pictures of this seasons burnmen and throw darts at them.

    • Russty_ says:

      I like smote's suggestion, Supercoach should have a whole new thing just for the finals, why doesn't it?…let us pick a whole new finals team and put some money on the line, it'd keep us from the withdrawl symptoms for at least another month!

      Supercoach Finals series!….why not?

  108. Iamme says:

    Thank you Jock, Higgo and Crouching One for another great year of laughs and wisdom. also thank you community for all your input support and advice. although I dropped 195 spots last round, I still finished 841st…..So got to be happy with that.

    2018 cant come around quick enough, so we can all do this crazy thing we call supercoach again.

    • GREAT YEAR lamme me too cant wait to 2018 already working on it tragic isn't it . Trades are my big issues ran out at finals but still managed a win Finished on top or 3rd in 6 leagues without trades and went out quickly except the CASHY where my 1st opponent luckily also had a bad day then fluked it and in the G F Jayden THE WINNING CHOICE had a little bit worse day than me only 21 in it and he really deserved it on top all year congrats Jayden once again great effort lamme cheers all

  109. A List of my Leagues Winners Agraders 195 league place THE HUNTED LUKE Legends 50 MACCAS MAGIC CRAIG Nutcrackers 704 DISPOSALE HEROES JAY Community League 502 ANTICLOKES STEVE TRIGGS HAPPY PLACE 58 ADICTS ANNON GLENN Public League 320 SUPERSPURS JAMES UP THERE CAZALY 133 ROBDOGS TONY Coreys League 2077 SUGAR RAY JAY Hypochondriac 364 ADDICTS ANNON J R communitycashy no 1 138 DEMONS DELIGHT NEIL LIKE to thank all the leagues organisers and congratulations to the grand final winners been a great year pity we cant have a tally of all league winners and their pacings my best was LEGENDS 50 AND TRIGGS happyplace 58 HOPE TO see you all again and get an invite back some of these leagues performed really well others not so well but I enjoyed them all and met new friends cheers neil Demons not so delights

    • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

      Mate u would be filthy.
      Hope u had a big mad monday yesterday.
      Equation: demons win make finals for first time in 10 years.
      Simple right?
      Was listening to talking shite last night and they made a very valid point.

      If the games were reversed and eagles played sat night would Melb have come out any harder on Sunday in the first qtr knowing didn't have a safety net?
      Had to win
      One to ponder and id hope not but probably yes.

      • never thought of that trigg yeah getting over it will take a while cant even watch it never mind .Whats more important barracking for YEO and JJK or the opposition to contain them and dees win .Supercoach has always dragged me away from supporting the dees none more the Sundays Win a supercoach grandfinal in one of the best leagues with the best coaches or lose and the dees get in A winner and a loser at the same time cant have both .Really would like to see a 3 tier system of leagues, relegation included to maintain interest, with the forums best Derek muted something last year caught my eye till next year except the mighty EELS

      • JohndJames says:

        It certainly gave the Eagles an advantage knowing exactly what they had to do to get there. I'm not sure how they could do it but maybe every game of the last round could be played at 2pm on the Saturday,like the old days and would be just as exciting.

    • gator59 says:

      I also was in a couple of those leagues too Neil and we all gave it our all and congrats to you on your year

      Pity you couldn't get Sugar Ray

      I hope i'm invited back into the top notch leagues as well Neil and congrats to all again ,,, Bring on 2018

      Shame about your Dees to mate .. Hope you are still recovering from mad monday..

      • Thanks gator yeah even though the league had passengers it was enjoyable and I did better than thought too good really Dees need more players from better clubs to get them there the likes of Lewis and Hibberd know the caper and control close games thinking ABOUT my thoughts on a super league wonder if it could happen with 3 of the above as well as there own grand finals for instance AGRADERS UP THER CAZALY and legends getting together all good leagues the end result would be in a few years a great competitive league with a chance to progress from a lower comp. imagine your top two out of Cazaly playing for a graders IT would take a bit but shake might be in it only a silly idea cheers gator 59 great to have you there IF ANY LEAGUES INTERESTED PLEASE COMMENT

        • gator59 says:

          Like the idea Neil it would be interesting to see that.. Hope someone could get this up and running

        • Shake n bake says:

          My league Up there cazaly was pretty competitive. Neil you just scraped into the top 8 with a win in your last game! Congratulations Rob Dogs for winning! Would av ranked a little higher if l didn't have Derek! Haha only joking Cant wait for Derek and the gang to be back next year. Tough group considering Hedski finished last but love coming up against you Hedski!

          • Yeah Derek just had one of those years started bad and couldn't catch up It must be remembered that he finished 76th in nsw and Hedski is a ripper that's what makes sc great.. Derek floated this idea 2 years back and came up with the Community group which was pleasant as a guide but a league with promotions and relegations keeps all interested can you imagine the enjoyment Hedski and DEREK WOULD GET playing each other with relegation the loser,s prize TWO Or THREE leagues need to get together maybe div 1 and 2 or seniors and reserves Tony ROBDOGS IS ALL quality and a league already strong could only be more enjoyable with tony and the next best in it each league could still maintain their identity early days but worth a thought cheers

    • Iamme says:

      Disposable Heros that my team neil demons delight, won 3 and lost 3 Gf's.

      • I remember you well now the NUTCRACKERS.I Thought it was jay but well done I REALLY WANTED TO WIN THAT ONE .finished on top and out in straight sets no trades in finals killed me stuck with jellwood wallis and one other with plenty of dpp second rate cover but you did in credibly good well done that's a good league. but to finish in 6 G F,s hope to play you 2018 great cheers neil

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