PODCAST: Pyanmanese Children’s Treasury

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Childrens treasury

Beat Barry

Struggling to get the kids to sleep? Struggle no more!

The Communities own Crouching Tiger has put together a Treasury of Pyanmanese Children’s Stories.

Much loved classics such as Jack and the Shit Stalk and the SuperCoach Grasshopper and Ant will not only have your kids all nice and sleepy but they will provide wonderful talking points, helping you – the parent – to raise caring, moral children.

But wait there’s more! As a added bonus, we’ve added some of Crouching’s finest dick jokes.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the 2017 SuperCoach season.

Cheers or as Crouching would say, WELCOME!



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  1. Patch says:

    Crouching one for Prime Minister (assuming Crouching one has renounced his Pyanmanese citizenship)

  2. Pete says:

    very good

  3. Rick Grimes says:

    Thankyou Mr Crouching. Giggles galore there. Gonna miss you pricks over the summer.

  4. Dean says:

    How long is Neale out for?

    • Hubba says:


    • frogger says:

      Not yet confirmed, as far as I know. Definitely ruled out this week and you'd think there is every chance they'll just put him out to pasture next week, but not officially confirmed yet.

  5. hedski says:

    Best 47 minutes I've had for a while.
    Mrs Hed "47 minutes, you wish".
    " Shut up Mrs Hed".

  6. Creeker says:

    Many fine words of wisdom there Crouching. Elliots ET, Gaz's head like a steamed dim sim, Little knob head Toby. On my way to get a library membership now. Many thanks fella's, very enjoyable, ya mad bastards.

  7. Stirlsy says:

    I'll have a listen sunday nite my season is coming to a thundering close after todays games.

  8. Davo says:

    Great collection, always a highlight of the podcast!

  9. NutSack says:

    Does this contain story of SC ant and SC grasshopper…. the story that has me wake up in cold sweat…. SC ant swinging from small cotton thread and grasshopper face down in sex sess pool… tears streaming down my face…. so funny and true. RIP SC ant 🙁

  10. Jeffrey says:

    This weeks GF:

    Who to put as VC & C

    I'm thinking VC T Mitchell on Friday & C on Danger

    Or go VC on Danger then can have a second chance at Dusty or Fyfe on Sunday

    My opponent has all the above too apart from Fyfe

    Go the 1st option or 2nd?

    • Russty_ says:

      Both good options I think Jeffrey, 2 could be better though as he doesn't have Fyfe.

  11. Rugby Balls says:

    It seems nice to try.