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*deep breath*











We’ve been given the finger this week by the Supercoach gods. If you scored a week off this week, you’ve missed something shocking. Something astronomical. I’m not one to exaggerate but this may be the single worst thing to have ever happened in the history of literally everything

Hey you know how the midfield was a thing? NOT ANYMORE, BITCH. Joel Selwood is done for the home and away season. He’s gone. Kaput. Done. Gary Ablett may as bloody well be kaput for all the football he’s playing. Which, for those playing along at home, is practically none.

The tribunal, in the midst of having an absolute mare of a week, decided to suspend Zach Merrett for a week because they hate you. They also suspended Mitch Duncan for the softest thing I’ve seen on a football field since Lance Whitnall’s stomach wobbled out. Disgraceful.

Sydney captain Josh P. Kennedy won’t return. He’s still injured. He also hates you. Sam Powell-Pepper has been rested (cheers Lazza for picking me up on that)

So good thing you have Alex Witherden as cover, eh? WRONG. He’s done a hamstring. He’s out, which makes him as useless as a one-legged man in an arse kicking contest, which coincidentally is what Brisbane vs Gold Coast will be for Lions players.

Perpetual 2017 disappointment (aside from that one game just after everyone traded him out) Tom J Lynch has had his season ended with a PCL and good bloody riddance. Or he would be IF WE HAD ANY TRADES LEFT. He’ll join Jarrod Witts on the sidelines, who has been confirmed to miss the rest of the season because reasons. I’m too angry and disappointed and hurt to even check any more.

There’s still no sign of Jeremy Cameron, which is concerning for those unfortunate souls who brought him in at my recommendation.

Nick Riewoldt headbutted some dude to win a game of football, which would be admirable if he hadn’t concussed himself and caused himself to miss this week, but considering it’s Supercoach finals and he scored 3 points for it instead of the required 25 for kicking the winning goal it’s not good enough.

Speaking of being angry and disappointed and hurt: the tribunal did some more nasty things by suspending several people’s entire ruck lines. Brodie Grundy executed “the perfect tackle”, before getting a holding the ball free kick and a subsequent two-week ban. Shane Mumford also ran through a big, bearded bloke, but instead of letting him do his thing (as they’ve done several times this year) the Tribunal decided they now hate us and everything we stand for, so they suspended him for a week.

Then the Tomahawk grabbed some jumper and LA DI DA that’s now a two week sentence to the gulag two weeks of running laps in Geelong.

Shout out to Collingwood for being even more annoying than usual, naming Josh Daicos on a bench, which means they’re either not going to play him and troll everybody by playing Blair and Maynard ahead of not only every male and female player on their list, every netballer on their list and all the support staff, including Gary from accounting, who at 42 is likely to play more of a role in Collingwood’s next premiership than either of those two. The other option is him playing, which will ruin his 2018 price. But what do I care, I don’t even like Collingwood?

It’s been a long week month year.

Jarrod Berry and Pearce Hanley have both been withdrawn from the Q-Clash.

Fortunately there’s good news! Perma captain and Our Lord And Saviour Patrick Dangerfield returns, unless of course you traded him out last week. In which case you’re stuffed. RIP you.

The Chad is back, as is Matt Priddis, Luke Hodge and Sean Darcy. But that’s it. By way of consolation, it’s like throwing a few peas at a starving man. And by gum are we starving.


The patch up is a bit useless this week. I mean, how can you patch up this week’s carnage?

It’s like turning up to a raging inferno with one of those itty bitty water pistols. And the water pistol is filled with petroleum distillate.

I’ve prepared a list of how to deal with this mess.

Step 1.

Cry. Let it all out. It’s okay, it’s healthy.


Step 2. Gorge yourself on your Everything Will Be Okay food.

This step is not healthy, unless celery is your guilty food you eat at 1am after finishing The Notebook for the first time, wrapped in several blankets, in the midst of a mid-life crisis. Chocolate is my go-to, but ice cream also works well for this.

Step 3. Believe in yourself.

Jock has the tonic. Strap yourself in to this. Listen to the podcast again. Breathe. You can do this.

Step 4. Open your Supercoach Side

Realise you can’t do this, and all hope is lost and that your guilty food is in fact donuts because you’re currently having them rain down in front of your eyes and EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE.


Step 5. Repeat steps 1&2

At least until making a panicked decision three minutes before lockout and regretting it.

Step 6. Pick your Draftstars team instead


What a segue. You’re a professional, Patchola. Pity you’re not a professional Fantasy Footballer, but hey, one day.

* note from ed.. there’s a juicy $400 layed on to of the $2 Graduates contest this week. VERY good week to get cracking! See below.

Obviously pending Sunday teams, here I am for the North Melbourne vs Hawthorn clash on Sunday, or the Tassie Clash (apparently?). Tom Mitchell is undoubtedly a lock – starting without him puts you 130 points behind the eight ball.

Shaun Higgins should push into the midfield, and if he can kick straight should be good value. I’m backing in North’s young midfield guns in Ryan Clarke and Declan Mountford, partially because I need to afford Titch.

The ruck battle will be interesting, but I’ve gone with Ben McEvoy due to Norf’s insistence on playing two rucks. Goldstein and Pruess will duke it out for ruck minutes, and despite Big Boy’s bad record against North, he gets the nod.

Who are you looking at, community?


Draftstars Buy In

MASSIVE prize pool in the $2 buy-in graduates contest this week – Enter Here.

Enter the Academy contest here



Oh god I’m about to start manically laughing again. What a mess this has been in 2017. So much for ‘set and forget’. Five ruckmen have played every game this year, with one of those being Jackson Trengove, who isn’t really Supercoach relevant.

Brodie Grundy has been a very good pick, or at least he was until he accidentally buried Ben Brown’s head in Etihad’s grass. Stefan Martin has had a few very poor periods when he’s had to play alongside Archie Smith, while Sam Jacobs has rewarded the 5% of coaches with him. Big Boy has been… alright. At least since I traded him in.

Everyone else has been middling average, and it begs the question of what we should do about it next year – I feel like I’ve done well only spending 3 trades there for the year.

In terms of 2017, Grundy has to go. We can’t have him missing two of the remaining three weeks. Bring in Max Gawn or Matty Kreuzer if you can, depending on which your opponent this week has.


Dangerfield is back. Literally no other midfielder is playing. I don’t feel like I need to spell this out. Lock him in.

For the other option (whatever Dangerfield isn’t), The Bont has finally found some form for the Doggies and could be worth the punt against GWS, while Rory Sloane looks unlikely to be tagged by the Bombers.

Obviously though, if you have one of Dustin Martin or Tom Mitchell, give one of them a shot. Now’s not the time for Dicey selections, your PODs should be doing that at this time of year. If you’re feeling dangerous, or need something big to get your side over the line, let me know who you’re going in the comments!

And I’m out for the week, community. Lots of panic, not a lot of help, but that’s what comments are for! Get in, get amongst it, let us know your thoughts.

You’re a bunch of good eggs, community. Don’t forget that. Remember to chuck your Draftstars sides in, and good luck for this weekend! Rip ‘em a new one!

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  1. neil Demons Delight says:

    Great read Patch as usual splash of humour and a lot of frustration and who can blame you. I seen Mark Jackson punch Ronny Andrews after Ron whacked him in the nuts out of the umps sight . Now that's what I call a punch Robbie Flower would vouch for that Great job all year Patch

  2. Rick Grimes says:

    Great write up, Patch. You've brilliantly encapsulated the mood of the SC community. Not only have the SC Gods burnt our season to a blackened crisp, they've served it up with a side of soggy brussell sprouts. Absolute [email protected]

  3. Mograt says:

    Patch, I was gunna say it looks like you've lost your Ha Ha for the year, but there it all is right at the top of your post !!!!! The one good thing about carnage of this nature is that it usually affects your opponant as much as it does your own team ( assuming of course you have long since given up hope of winning the whole thing and are now jus content with a league GF. For me I had 3 trades up my sleeve going into this round and have picked up T Mitchell for Jelwood and Neale for Witherdan. Came close. Few weeks ago to picking up Grundy or Mummy in Ruck for Witts but luckily spent he extra coin for Ryder.

    One trade left and still finals of both leagues. Here's hoping to then end of the carnage. One trade left for emergencies.

  4. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    Ruck me.
    What a mess.
    Fortunately I have two big boys who are playing (but who knows -there may be more sting in the SCorpion tail) but feel for the teams who have both big boys missing.

    As u said not much better anywhere else either. Mids ripped to shreds with a twangy backup.

    Danger is it.
    But to provide a little bit of sunshine i give you this.
    Last 6 games scores v Kangas
    Rd 20 – Taylor Adams 127
    Rd 19 – Oliver 170
    Rd 18 – Heppell 115
    Rd 17 – Ebert/wingard 150
    Rd 16 – Fyfe 140
    Rd 15 – Lyons 138

    So if for some reason Danger doesn't quite get the job done u can lock in Titch with confidence against the roos.

    Can field 22 just.
    If Shaz is named tonight have 1 loop.
    Who to loop? Shaw or Lloyd?

  5. Corey says:

    Rockliff or R.Gray

    • Patch says:

      Gray for mine. Rockliff is just slightly too off-kilter at the moment

      • Corey says:

        Ok then, that's one trade now what to do with T.Lynch only have 18K in the bank now

        • redherringfc says:

          I'd say reverse the previous trade, get Rocky in and see what you can get with the extra 100k.

          Leaves you about 530k I think. Makes most forwards affordable (only Macrae and Ryder are out of reach) If you can swing a dpp from the mids (or ruck) it opens up a lot of possibilities.

          If you go with Gray then consider Charlie Dixon, might go large this week and in round 23.

        • Patch says:

          That changes things, T. Rockliff in and then McLean? Red Herring's suggestion of Dixon isn't a bad one either

  6. Lazza says:

    SPP is out

  7. Hb prince says:

    Like most of the community I have selwood and Grundy out this please advise me on which combo is better:




    Cheers community

  8. SC_Kev7 says:

    "Lots of panic, not a lot of help" – that's the unofficial motto of the Panic Room, right? 😉

    I've found my vice to be those $7 tubs of iced vovo ice cream. Will be demolishing a few this weekend. Best of luck to all!

    • Patch says:

      A lot of us are beyond help this week. If you need help, Lek's cheat sheet is absolutely where you should be going after my last attempts at helping (Zorko, Gibbs, Mumford, Jezza Cameron) have all been absolutely appalling, I feel I'm helping more by not helping!

  9. TheGreatBozza says:

    Look at the bright side, at least there are plenty of loophole options

    • Raw_Tiger says:

      Yeh, but loop hole to who ???? There's no one there … bench is empty … or same game for the single one I have . 🙁

  10. Patch says:

    Berry and Hanley have also been withdrawn from this week

  11. Dan says:

    Thinking big POD…Jwood to Rocky which would allow witherden to likes of Roberton, McVeigh, Rance. Rocky looks to be getting it together and so cheap. Two home games v GCS and Roos and away v Dees. Or do I downgrade witherden and Jwood to Dusty who opt has ?

    • Patch says:

      I'd be very, very hesitant to bring Tom Rockliff into your side. He's ridiculously cheap, but he's cheap for a reason. His run home is great, and he needs to play well to bring his market value up for trade period, but… personally I couldn't do it. I'd go option 2 myself, Dan – but back yourself here!

  12. TheGreatBozza says:

    I'm sitting pretty with 5 trades left and a week off since I'm in the prelim. I was hoping that Grundy would only get 1 week for a perfect tackle but that wasn't to be:

    DEF: Doc, Adams, Laird, Howe, Shaw, Ryan (Witherden, Scharenberg)
    MID: Danger, Dusty, Fyfe, Bont, Neale, Treloar, Mitchell, j.Lloyd (Selwood, Cousins, Bolton)
    R: Nank, Gawn (Grundy)
    FWD: Macrae, Yeo, Heeney, Dahlhaus, Greenwood, Deluca-Cardillo (Lynch, Cameron)

    Do I go hard the next 2 weeks, using 4 trades to load up for the prelim and give me an even better shot at making the GF, or downgrade Witherden this week to build a chest, and upgrade Selwood & Grundy next week, leaving Lynch for the GF.


    • JohndJames says:

      Having 5 trades left at this stage is awesome,I'd be trading out Selwood and Lynch,since they won't be coming back.

      • TheGreatBozza says:

        I sacrificed my ranking for league play after a slow start and held trades. I'm definitely offloading Lynch, Selwood and Witherden. Im more trying to plan out who to bring in.

        Toby Greene up forward is looking good, as is Matt Crouch and Merrett in the midfield next week

        • JohndJames says:

          I like the idea of Greene and M.Crouch.Crouch more so,his last two months have been great,Oliver could be another one,a little bit cheaper.

    • Patch says:

      I'd go BANG BANG now, Bozza! No point saving Lynch for the grand final – how much cash have you got? Can you go Lynch to a Buddy/Dahlhaus/JJK or, if you're feeling dicey, a Sicily (ave 110 in his last 3) or a Charlie Curnow (91 in his last 3 , but with WCE, Haw, Syd to come, maybe not)?

      Would go Lynch and Withers this week, then the other two next week

      • TheGreatBozza says:

        Only have 12k.

        Thinking Witherden > Junker as a loop, then Selwood > Coniglio, and offload Lynch next week.

        It's good having a week off to play with

        • B rian says:

          Congrats Bozza, You've done very well. I think in your situation you should be looking to get in a better option than Coniglio.
          Witherden to Junker
          Jelwood to the highest points scorer you don't have

  13. JohndJames says:

    I don't want to make you sadder than you are Patch,but for once I have managed to avoid the carnage,have my best players on the field and have cover on all lines.Am in five semi finals,the only one I might lose is in the ''Barron's Cup'' League,will be putting the VC on Danger and the C on Mitch.

    • Patch says:

      You ripper John – that's the Friday pick me up I needed! Best of luck to you mate!

      • JohndJames says:

        Thanks Patch,up to round 17 it seemed like I had an injury to deal with every two weeks,since then been alright just hanging on to my last two trades,which hopefully I will be using for either the Preliminary finals or GF. To the community I say this,we can plan all we like and think we are set,but luck or no luck at all,plays a huge part in how we go through the season and where we end up.

    • Russty_ says:

      Hi John, I managed to avoid the rampant blood and carnage decimating a lot of teams this week also…don't know how, it's all just luck really I think.

      • JohndJames says:

        Hi Russty,that's good to hear,it does go to show that you can do all the research you like,get your structures right and plan your trades really carefully,but nothing will protect you from massive outs on any particular weekend.

  14. FCAbel says:

    Wonderful patch. Those last now will later be first.

  15. Nicko says:

    I posted previously and leaning toward option C. I have 2 trades remaining and playing an elimination final. Roo seems to be injured which means Greenwood will be on field regardless.

    What to do out of these options?:
    A. Trade Jelwood to Bont, trade out Roo for Ryan Burton. It would kill any loophole option in my fwd line moving forward.
    B. Trade Jelwood for Dusty, trade out Parsons for a cheap non-playing rookie so I can loophole and keep Roo.
    C. Trade Jelwood for Gibbs / Yeo / Parker / Heppell and hold my 2nd trade
    D. Trade Jelwood for Billings, trade out Roo for Yeo. It would kill any loophole option in my fwd line moving forward.

    Thanks in advance!

  16. The Ranger says:

    Ablett, JPK, Selwood, Grundy, Lynch, Rooey, Witherden OUT
    Greene and Menegola IN

    Still got 22 if Schazza plays but one of those is Pickett so 21 really.

  17. Nick says:

    C on Zorko or Sloane?

    • Patch says:


      I'd go Sloane as the Dons don't tend to tag, but also the Suns are useless so I'd also go Zorko.

      Zorko. Just.

  18. Rivo says:

    Another brilliant post Patch. You have soothed our mere as in a season of utter chaos.

    Amazingly, I have a full team to field and one bench defender this round, swinging Lloyd to M8 and Greenwood to F6. DPP swings so vital this time of the season.

    I'm still in 3 Ieague finals so Captain choice is key..

    1. Danger into Sloane?
    2. Danger into M.Crouch?
    3. Dusty into Gawn?
    4. Dusty into Doc?

    Leaning toward 1 or 2 though..

  19. I have22starters says:

    Oppt and I have almost identical teams…so, start Ryan or Heater ?

  20. Dojo_Warrior says:

    This is carnage! I've now copped outs from Grundy, Lynch, Jelwood, Merrett, Witherden and SPP this week, to go beautifully with losing Cameron and Witts last week.

    I'm now looking at 2 donuts this week. Meanwhile, my opponent who had the second chance is welcoming back Greene, Priddis, Swallow and Hannan with no outs.

    A risk on the captaincy table is looking like my best bet at this stage!

  21. Corza says:

    18K in the Bank Tom Lynch to who????

  22. Bald&theBeautiful says:

    Absolute bloodbath! Trading out Grundy and Jelwood, trying to pick between trading in:
    1. Kreuzer and Luke Ryan (swing Adams to mid);
    2. Jacobs and Gibbs? Gibbs' run home doesn't have any obvious taggers which bodes well for his output.

  23. CheekyNandos says:

    Should I loop Lloyd (Syd) with Corey Maynard or Teia Miles?

  24. Winter says:

    2 trades 107k left in bank
    3 non playing mids – Merrett, JPK, Selwood
    MIDS: Danger, Dusty, Merrett, Fyfe, Hanners, Treloar, JPK, Selwood

    1. Can use my last 2 trades on Selwood and JPK but no clue who for with only 107k in the bank. Best options seem to be Kelly and Parker… 3k short on Kelly and Bont 🙁

    2. Can swing Witherden to DEF for Lloyd and play Ryan and Shaw on field using 1 trade only (Selwood to Zorko or Kelly) and use Greenwood to cover for Merrett

    Leaning towards first option cause playing this week

  25. Crow says:

    Great intro Patch. As soon as i came onto the home page and saw all the ha has, i knew exactly what was going on haha. It's been that bad of a week for most of us but funny enough, my opponent has next to zero carnage, and i have one trade, but because i won in my other league and have the week off, im saving the trade incase more mess happens next week. So i've decided to just play a lot of low scores and just back them to hopefully do well and hope my opponent has an off game unlike last week where everything went right. I switched Dahl to the mid to cover Merrett while swinging Bolton to the forward and having to play Parsons on the ground, then i switched Adams to the mids and put Witherden in the backline with Ryan covering him and Adams covering Duncan. I guess if there's a late out, i'll have to use a trade but thanks to the guys here who helped me at least fit a full team this week with the carnage. Good luck to everyone this weekend who are still playing finals.

  26. INPieman says:

    First class work Patch! Love it. Every year I say get to finals with 6 trades. But it never happens. And the carnage comes & I say to myself you needed 6 trades for the finals. Meh. F you SC gods

  27. Stirlsy says:

    They going to need boats over in Perth sat nite 80 mm of rain here from now till monday and saturday is the worst of it, thats on top of the 50mm we have had in the last couple of days.

    • INPieman says:

      Wow! Not good for key forwards like JJK

      • Stirlsy says:

        nope anyone thinking of a wild C option on him better look at whats hitting perth now and whats coming in the next 24 hours loads of water, 2 pools got pushed out of the ground yesterday.

    • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

      That's just Bloody Great Stirls.
      I didn't need to hear that

      Brought in JJK as a pod to boot a bag against the blues and now you r telling me he will need to do that with a snorkel.

      Dang. Was gonna be my big point scorer to cover the "outs" this week.


      • Stirlsy says:

        Iv got him too Trigga but started with him.
        Can only hope he gets a bit of it but goals might be a tricky affair over here in the big wet.

  28. Stirlsy says:

    on field Brown pies or Deluca docker … ill have 20mins to have a look at Deluca before i picking one. Thoughts.

  29. James says:

    3 trades, $74k in the bank, have the week off because I made it to prelims.

    My first option is next week trade Grundy to Mumford, and Selwood to a decent midfielder and have 1 trade left if I make the grand final

    My second option is trade Witherden down to a cheap rookie this week and next week upgrade Grundy to someone like Kruezer and upgrade Selwood to someone like Titch, and have no trades left.

    What do I do??

    • SC_Kev7 says:

      I'd hold James. Put the feet up mate. No telling what this game will throw at us next week

    • B rian says:

      I think it depends on the rest of your team mate. Im in a similar situation with 3 trades left and I have decided to make one trade this week. Jelwood is out for the year so there is no point in keeping him. I want to have my best possible team on the park next week so if I pick up another injury this week then I wont be able to make 3 trades next week.
      Yes its true that the player that you bring in for Jelwood may get injured but that is a long shot. Its much more likely that another player in your team will get injured this week leaving you short next week if you don't make the trade.

  30. Jimmy says:

    So really confused. Do I trade Selwood and Witherden for Oliver and Maynard which would leave me with two trades and $211k or

    Trade Goldy for Gawn and Selwood for either Parker, Menegola or B Crouch. This would leave me with no cash.

    My opponent is bringing in Gawn and usually I'd go option 1 but this is do or die. The second option would give me more fire power I think for this week

  31. Edo says:

    Good luck this week everyone!
    Need the help of the community. 1 trade left. Selwood out, who comes in:
    A) heppell
    b) gibbs
    c) menagola
    d) sloane (not a POD vs opponent)


  32. hedski says:

    Your intro sums up my last few days perfectly Patch, the missus has just let me out of the padded cell where I've been a dribbling mess.
    20 playing this week, no hope in my last cash league semi that I'm alive in.
    Massive hail Mary this week, Lancelot into Sloane as my opponent has neither (+ he has 22 playing, can probably loophole too the bastard).

  33. Sam says:

    Loophole Heater or Lloyd for Ryan?

  34. Wattsieesq says:

    Great work Patch!

    I'm either going to bring in Kelly or Neale. What are people's thoughts? I'm leaning towards Neale.

  35. Qwert says:

    3 trades left…no danger but have selwood. Do I use 2 trades to get Danger for Selwood or just trade Selwood to Oliver/Kelly/Zorko/Parker and use 1 trade.

    • Chompy says:

      I had no danger until round 12 and it probably cost me the 1800 points I'm behind the current sc leader. So… I'd imagine you're screwed completely, might as well stick fat and go with someone else and brag about how you did what you did this year never having him in your side. Gibbs is a good switch for selwood. G'luck!

  36. James says:

    JPK and Selwood out out, got $1,041,300 to play with for 2 mids who are the best options?

    Currently have Danger, Martin, Titch, Zorko, Fyfe, Treloar

  37. Jess says:

    DEF: Doch, Adams, Hibberd (Melb) Tuohy, Newmann, Ryan (Shaw, Hibberd – Nth)
    In this situation would you loophole Shaw tonight? Put E on him?

    • dan says:

      Done exactly that…free hit.

    • Cogla13 says:

      Can't see how you can loophole Shaw using Hibberd as they are playing in the same game. You could put the e on Newman, Ryan or Tuohy but not Shaw. If the e goes well move Hibberd on for Shaw.

  38. John says:

    3 trades, $74k

    Grundy to Mumford next week and Selwood to someone similar to his price


    Witherden to Spencer this week, Grundy to Kreuzer or Ryder and Selwood to any premium mid


  39. Jess says:

    3 trades – 20K, Thinking Swing Greenwood Forward. Trading out Lynch and J Selwood for 2 mids.
    Not much money in bank. Thinking Rocky and Gray? Other options with limited bank.
    Hibberd (melb), Doch, Newman, Tuohy, Ryan, Adams (Hibberd – Nth, Shaw)
    Danger, Sloane, Dusty, Neale, Fyfe, Bont, Greenwood, Witherden, (Jelwood, Merrett, Cousins)
    Gawn, Martin (Strnadica)
    Dahl, Nank, Macrae, Buddy, Lynch, Ryder (Eddy, Young)

    • Patch says:

      In a pickle Jess mate but you're bringing in two guys who could go 150 this week – pull the trigger!

  40. OldOcker says:

    I can't understand why everyone is whingeing, I only have 2 trades left and Z Merrett, J Selwood, B Grundy. Witherden who i had cover for in Berry but he has now been withdrawn with a foot ailment and now my other cover in M White misses out too.
    I never thought i would ever say this but thank the God's for Z Fisher and C Glass who both get another game to make my 22 players.
    Congratulations to the 3 teams that will probably beat me this week but i will be saving my last 2 trades for the other 6 teams that i play next week.
    Due to the recent carnage i am very reluctant to make a trade this week just in case the God's do not have a week off like I do in 6 leagues.
    Great work again Patch and chin up mate, I don't know whether you drink or not but I will have one for you just in case.

    • B rian says:

      you should trade out jelwood this week. it doesn't make sence to hold him, he is done for the year.

      • OldOcker says:

        I don't want to make a trade this week because of fear of injury to whoever i bring in.
        I only have 2 trades and get Z Merrett and maybe others back and I am playing in 6 leagues next week.
        Selwood's value is going nowhere if he is not playing.

        • Patch says:

          But if players you're targeting (such as Menegola) go up in price you may be in trouble

          • OldOcker says:

            Price is not a concern for me or I would take the risk and trade this week.
            I am afraid of the carnage that has already happened and do not want to put someone in this week only to get injured.

    • Patch says:

      Cheers mate. I don't drink, but it's appreciated at any rate!

  41. Ryan says:

    What's the chance of Sloane getting tagged against, Essendon?

    • Beezneez says:

      Just read that Myers could be sent to tag him – source: Worsefold on SEN radio.

      • Beezneez says:

        Sorry it was Mark Harvey talking about Sloane's susceptibility to a tag. He did score 160 last week with a Boak tag.

    • Patch says:

      We'd be dumb not to, but we've been dumb a lot this season, like when we let Kelly off the chain. I'd say he'll get attention

  42. Lazza says:

    C & VC could be the diffference this weekend …. I expect the community will drop off somewhat post this week , so good luck to each and every one of you…

  43. Tommo09 says:

    2 donuts this week and I avoided most of the carnage!

  44. TheGreatBozza says:

    What's everyone's thoughts on Coniglio? Think he is good value. I'm considering bringing him in for Selwood

    • OldOcker says:

      I have always liked this lad but the mid's have been a minefield this year, Go with your gut mate.

    • Larry says:

      Would have been in my team from Day 1 if he hadn't got injured.. will be in my team next year for sure … he is the GWS engine .. do it ..

      • TheGreatBozza says:

        Going to hold off for now. Dogs have been good at shutting down opposition mids. His price won't rise too much if he goes large

    • Russty_ says:

      Good player if he can stay on the park…but he can't seem to stay on the park.

  45. Tttt says:

    Jelwood to menegola,gray or gibbs?

  46. iLoveNMFC says:

    Gibbs or Rocky in for Jelwood?

  47. James says:

    3 trades $74k and made it to the prelims so have the week off. Was thinking of downgrading witherden to spencer and upgrading Grundy to Kreuzer or Ryder. Just not sure if I should hold this week and do it next week. I also have Selwood.

    Any suggestions??

  48. Richard says:

    Looking for a mid-forward. Need the flexibility for next week. Trading out Jelwood. Will have $517k. Thinking Billings or Caddy. Thoughts? (I already have McCrae, Dalhaus & Yeo.) Is there anyone else?

  49. Tyruddanaut says:

    Alright, time for loophole options. Cheers in advance.
    Back line: Should I bother loopholing Sharon? Of the Berg variety? I can start him on and take Ryan off. I don't know right now but
    Ryan has been going great.
    Mid: Deluca-Cardillo or Jake Lloyd. Okay, never mind. Actually, Lloyd or Nank? Who will go bigger? Or will both of them go bigger than Greenwood?
    Fwd: If I do loop Nank, Dixon or Greenwood comes off?

    Thank you!

    • Russty_ says:

      I think it's dangerous loopholing during finals, what if you have a late out?…I reckon just play your best players and whack anyone on the bench you are lucky enough to have on the bench.

  50. Don't Blush Baby says:

    Knob head & Heater doing fcall

  51. Pete says:

    Zorko's gotta go big against the Suns. Surely !?!?!

  52. Tyruddanaut says:

    If the game finished now, Dahlhaus would have gotten a Brownlow vote…. How is he only on 27.
    Bontempelli with 3 votes: Fantastic so far! Glad I have him in my team

  53. gator59 says:

    Dirty little cu%t

  54. Russty_ says:

    The flogometer has gone off the scale again after Greene kicks Dahlhaus in the head.

    • Tyruddanaut says:

      On the list of biggest violent d*ckh**ds of all time…. Kim Jong Un comes in second with Toby Greene a blooming lead

  55. TOPHAWK1 says:

    Toby Greene. What a disgrace. That prick is dirty as they get. And then kicks a goal!!

  56. Defying_Madness says:

    Greene did nothing wrong. If he gets weeks for that the tribunal is a joke, but when you look at the last few weeks it wouldn't surprise me.

    • Russty_ says:

      So Karate kicks to the head are allowed in the AFL now?…I reckon he might be in some trouble again.

      • Defying_Madness says:

        Nothing in it, he has his eyes on the ball the whole time. Dahlhaus ran right into it, Greene can't be penalised because of Dahl's height that's not Greenes fault. Also if this was any other player nobody would have batted an eyelid the only reason everyone is making a big fuss over this is because it is Greene

        • Russty_ says:

          Sorry, I don't agree, he raised his foot to that height intentionally, I reckon he has a nasty streak running through him, cause he's a shortass…He has shortass syndrome.

        • Tyruddanaut says:


          • Northernsoul74 says:

            It wasn't even a marking contest, it was a handball receive. Disgusting act from a nasty player.

        • Tibor says:

          Yeah good call, Tommy Bugg should have tried that one, "if Callum Mills was a foot taller I would have got him in the shoulder or chest"….

          If Toby flew for a mark and did this that would be ok but that ain't what happened

          • Defying_Madness says:

            Plenty of players do the exact same thing have a look at Waite and how many times has he been suspended.

        • Freddie says:

          You obviously haven't played footy because as a player you get a 'sense or feeling' that someone is nearby. Greene knew what he was doing. 4 down to 3 weeks.

      • Tyruddanaut says:

        Dahlhaus dived! Players these days are just too weak! I remember the good old days when instead of bumping people roundhouse kicked and instead of trash talking they king hit. Fantastic

        • Cobber says:

          D***khead. If that type of game continued footy would be dead. I know because I played VFA in the rough, tough 1960's.

    • Tyruddanaut says:

      Just when I was gaining hope on humanity…….

  57. Corey says:

    Wingard a good F6 option to replace Lynch
    I have Yeo, Macrae, Dahlhaus, Heeney and Ryder

  58. Corey says:

    I'm in a real dilemma on what to do with J.Selwood and T.Lynch with only 22K in the bank

  59. Billioux says:

    I Spruiked him all week, So my last trade was J Selwood to Coniglio. So watching him closely,as you do, Happy i stuck fat with my gut.Even thou i thought he would have been a bit higher than 78 at 3/4 time. 3 free's ag doesnt help. Anyway the lad is a gun. Lock from the start next year.

  60. Thomas says:

    Take Dahl's 66 or go Buddy?

  61. Tony says:

    Just putting it out there, how under spec is the SC app ?
    If you are in the prelim, no access to game day, league match ups etc. Supercoach deserves better.
    If I have gone off half cocked, please show me the way !

  62. Northerner says:

    Doggies nightmare. Dahl, McRae, Wallis. Half of my forward line. Ouch

  63. Crow says:

    Should i take Kelly's 130 or Keep the C on Dangerfield? Had J Mac who had a bad game and have Parsons on the field where as my opponent had Bont as VC and currently has Dustin Martin as C. What should i do?

  64. Jess says:

    Take Shaw's 75 and park Newmann on the bench, or play both Newmann and Ryan. Thoughts?

  65. Steeeve says:

    Left Shaw on the bench this week. Didnt even put the E on him. Knew he wouldn't make me regret it. Luke Ryan, give me all you've got son!

  66. Ossie says:

    I'm after a Mid FWD with my last trade. Billings or Steel?

  67. Northerner says:

    Billings for mine.

    • Ossie says:

      Yeah I have been impressed with both… Steel seems to be finding form and billings seem to be emerging… Just think Steel get more opportunity in the Midfield and more Tackles. So its hard to split

  68. Notorious mac says:

    Ive traded joel selwood to brendan goddard. A big risk for the simple fact that he is another flog i have in my side

  69. AuroraBorealis?! says:

    Do i take Shaws 75 or field Lloyd?

  70. Andy says:

    Morning community!

    I need to trade Selwood for a player under $521k… I'm thinking:

    Beams, Parker or Crouch? Thoughts

    • CoachDamo says:

      Crouch or Parker. Beams is prone to injury – and this late in the season if there are any niggles he'll get rested.

  71. Davo says:

    Hi Community. Do I take Shaw's score of 75, and if so, which of Newman, Lloyd or Ryan do I take off the field? Cheers.

  72. Northernsoul74 says:

    For those commenting on the Toby Greene incident I'd like the point out it wasn't a marking contest, it was a handball receive. Really puts his act into context.

  73. Nicko says:

    Who should I leave on the bench and potentially loop… Lloyd, Newman or Ryan?

  74. Adsy says:

    Take Dahl's 66 or go J.Parsons? Parsons has had a 98 and 81 this year, but last four have been 57, 51, 25 and 32. Not inspiring confidence to get over 66!

  75. CaptKaOs says:

    Looks like Robbie Gray is planning on lightly toasting his owners once again when they need him……..