SuperCoach RD13: The Heroes, The Villains, The Damned.

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Come on down… the Bryce is right.

The Carlton midfielder with the majestic man bun was everywhere for the Blues on Saturday night, churning out a performance for the ages.

Gibbs amassed a stunning 208 SuperCoach points, the second man to do so this season after the great Gary Ablett.

The massive haul propelled his average up to 111 so far this season and well-and-truly into SuperCoach relevance.

In addition to Bryce’s splendid doubt ton, coaches had another reason to celebrate this week…the bloody byes are over!

In what has been somewhat of a horror period for some, it will be a feeling of pure relief that we are able to slot our best 22 back on the field and not bank mediocre rookie scores.

The Heroes

Thousands will be entertaining the thought of trading Gibbs (208 SC) in this week after his colossal game. He collected 43 disposals, 8 marks, 10 tackles, 7 clearances, 2 goals and 4 free kicks in a magnificent display. He was everywhere for the Blues, helping them get over the line against Gold Coast. Looking at his numbers this year, he has been particularly consistent, producing 90 or higher in 11 of his 12 games in 2017 with only the one underpant stain (a 58 in round 2). Well worth a look.

Carlton team-mates Sam Docherty (153 SC), Matt Kruezer (144 SC) and Kade Simpson (142 SC) were almost as imperious. Docherty (who had 30 touches at an elite 96% efficiency) and Kruezer have taken their games to another level this season, while those old bones of Simmo are just starting to warm up nicely and he looks primed  for a big second half of the season.

Patrick Dangerfield (141 SC) was the one shining light in a horror outing for the Cats on Thursday night. He compiled 34 disposals, including a mammoth 22 contested possessions, 8 clearances and a goal. Shadowed by Elliott Yeo (117 SC), Danger probably had the better of the battle.  

Brisbane’s Dayne Zorko (143 SC) continued his fine recent form during the Lions’ loss the Power. Zorko’s past five games have been phenomenal, posting 119, 123, 130, 129 and 143 to boost his overall average up to 114.  The two Ryans – Lester (127 SC) and Bastinac (122 SC) also performed well for Brisbane.

West Coast enjoyed some good numbers in the round opener, with Dom Sheed (127 SC) lively up forward, Nathan Vardy (125 SC) enjoying a good match against his former side and midfield pair Sam Mitchell (122 SC) and Andrew Gaff (120 SC) finding plenty of the pill.

The Villains

Thousands of coaches have traded in Tom Lynch (37 SC) at bargain basement price in the past few weeks, but reborn again defender Liam Jones took him to the cleaners on Saturday night. Lynch was kept to just 1 mark and 0.1 as he battled to combat the unconventional defensive style of Jones.

The Selwood brothers both had games they would rather forget on Thursday night. Scott (44 SC) was tagging Luke Shuey before experiencing hamstring soreness in the third quarter, meaning he took no further part in the game. It was a huge blow to those who traded him in. Joel (73 SC) was tagged by Mark Hutchins and not only was he down on his usual output but he was also reported. Joel’s elbow happened to come into contact with Sam Mitchell’s neck, but it remains to be seen if he misses games for the incident.

The usually prolific Brisbane trio of Stef Martin (72 SC), Dayne Beams (66 SC) and Tom Rockliff (59 SC) were all very ordinary in their side’s loss to Port Adelaide. Martin copped a knock early which impacted his output while Rocky was sketchy after coming off an injury break and Beams just couldn’t work his way into the match.

Just when we thought Dan Hannebery (66 SC) was fully resurrected, he goes and pulls out a performance like this. He had 25 possessions, but 5 clangers meant he went at only 48% efficiency. Team-mate Lance Franklin (48 SC) also had a poor game, only kicking one goal and racking up a monster 8 clangers.

Jason Johannisen (58 SC) has really struggled to handle the extra attention he has received in the past two weeks, with his form slump coinciding with the rut the Dogs find themselves in. Fellow defenders Zach Tuohy (78 SC) and Michael Hibberd (82 SC) did not hit their averages, with a whopping 8 clangers severely hindering Hibbo’s output.

Popular Dogs forward pair Luke Dahlhaus (82 CC) and Jack McRae (74 SC) were also below their best.   

The Redeemers

Bacher Houli (129 SC) is doing what he has done for many years now and tempting us to pick him as defensive premo. He’s on many coaches never-again lists, but could he be the real deal this time? His last three games have been highly impressive, belting out returns of 127, 139 and 129. These scores have come during the holy month of Ramadan, where Houli has to fast during the day. However Ramadan finishes up next Saturday, so it will be worth monitoring to see if this affects his output in the future.

Owners of Port’s Robbie Grey (129 SC) certainly have endured a roller-coaster ride so far this season. He’s had three 125+ scores and also three returns under 50. He bounced back from tallies of 44 and 85 in his past two games with a fine outing against the Lions. Grey had 21 disposals, 7 marks, 6 tackles and 2.4 on the scoreboard.

The Prodigies

Nic Newman (104 SC) continues to stake his claim as a defensive keeper, collecting 26 disposals and 8 tackles.  Those who are still holding Sam Powell-Pepper (85 SC) would not have been disappointed, while Mitch Hannan (90 SC) has proved to his owners he could be a valuable asset on the bench.

Other rookies who were so-so included Sam Petrevski-Seton (64 SC), Shai Bolton (63 SC), Jake Barrett (54 SC), James Parsons (51 SC), Zac Fisher (47 SC), Jarrod Berry (44 SC), Ben Ainsworth (39 SC), Hugh McCluggage (33 SC) and Tom Williamson (29 SC). 

The Damned

Could it be time to trade out Richmond’s Toby Nankervis (72 SC)? Nank the Tank has been on a downward trajectory in his past 6 games, posting on one ton in that time and averaging just 81.6. He had only 9 possessions on Saturday against his old side at a concerning 33% efficiency. After a stunning start to the season, his overall average in 2017 has now dropped to 95.7.

Caleb Marchbank (55 SC) has been a tremendous servant to our backlines, but the time has come to trade the young gun out if you have still held him. With the likes of Jake Lloyd ripe for the picking and Taylor Adams due to drop in coin in the coming weeks, now is the ideal time to upgrade Marchbank.

How did you go this week?

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  1. Jeffry says:

    Mark Robinson is a flog

  2. Crimewave says:

    looking at Merrett or Neale as an upgrade for Barrett,
    What are we thinking?

  3. Mandingo says:

    Pick 1. T.Mitchell, Neale, Merret or Martin?

  4. Alex says:

    Neale or merrett for final mid spot can't decide

  5. INPieman says:

    8 Villains & a Dammed. I believe that's a new PB

  6. Connor says:

    Should i pick up seb ross, dyson heppell or zach merret?

    • Whatyasmokin says:

      Merrett without a second thought, Ross is interesting though as big POD.

    • Lazza says:

      Lock Ross and Merrett in for next year .. Merrett for 2017.

  7. stêvę says:

    can have any of kelly, jelwood, pendles, rockliff, merrett, gibbs or zorko. Who do we reckon?

    • stêvę says:

      just saw jelwood reported, probably not him then

    • ProTravo says:

      Merrett or Pendles safest options. Kelly hurt himself at training but if he gets up this week might be the best POD.

    • Wattsieesq says:

      Pendles for me

    • Whatyasmokin says:

      Merrett almost before Pendles for me, sounds crazy but that kid is a freaky ball magnet.

      I'd get one of those two though as suggested by others.

    • Stirlsy says:

      Merrett…. Dons have an easy run home.

  8. Tan says:

    It amuses me so much that Ramadan has become a legitimate concern for supercoach this year ahahha

    • NutSack says:

      pffft. The Ramadan ISIS release directed muslims to target infidels in their homes using sites like Gumtree, Craiglist and FB marketplace etc

  9. LoganJosh7 says:

    bringing in ryan and neale this week – need to trade 2 out of barrett/berry/P-Pepper/myers and fisher…

    leaning towards barrett and fisher. any help would be great

  10. Skinny McThin says:

    Should I bring in Goldy and put Nank on the fwd bench or should I trade Nank for Kruezer?
    Pruess ended up having a good game against the Nth Blues after they lost both rucks but before that Phillips was taking him to the cleaners so, I doubt he will get a game. Kruezer is finally realising his potential and I can't see any other rucks matching his output.
    What's the opinion here?

    • Skinny McThin says:

      I was considering Max but his injury history is equally as putrid as Kruezers, in 7 years he's only managed more than 13 games once!

    • INPieman says:

      If I was spending 600 on a ruck this week I'd go balls out & pick Gawn. His interstate scores last year were ridiculous & playing West Coast who don't offer much in the ruck ATM. But I won't be doing that as I don't have 600k to spend on a ruck. Other issues to deal with

      • Stirlsy says:

        Do you think he will play pure ruck Pieman? I think he will spend chunks up fwd in his first game back.

        • INPieman says:

          Will be interesting to see if they keep Pedersen. He's been good. Maybe Pedersen for the chop out

        • DeeSupreme says:

          Great call stirlsy. We beat the pitiful pies and deadbeat dogs without a ruck so Max might be Jesse' replacement for a few weeks. Then if we need a ruck in September he'll be prime to become the first ruck Norm Smith medalist

          • Prophet Trevor says:

            Hahaha Max is an ordinary ruck who had 1 non injury year out of 7 that's not really worthy of superstar status. Anyone who brings him in at the expense of grundy sandi or witts will be bitterly disappointed

          • INPieman says:

            Getting a bit ahead of yourself deesupreme. Is that some sort of pizza you get in the ski fields?

      • Skinny McThin says:

        I'm planning to trade witts to Max in a couple of weeks. The ruck role is more athletic this year because of Kruezers success and I want to make sure Max isn't breakdown again. Plus he'll be 70k cheaper

  11. Winter says:

    Who to get for last mid spot?

    Current mids are Danger, Pendles, Jelwood, Hanners, JPK, Treloar, Fyfe

    Looking at mainly Neale or Merrett

  12. DEE says:

    Would you trade in Ryan this week?
    Stewart for cash generation though be a nice D7 or Hibberd as doesn't look like getting a game.,
    Or Fyfe to Zerrett as had his bye?
    Or maybe Myers to Ryan opening up DPP Mid/Def?

    Doc, Adams, Lloyd, Newman, Jones, Rance, (Stewart, Hibberd)
    Pendles, Kelly, JPK, Zorko, Neale, Bont, Sloane, Fyfe. (Myers, Bolton, Cousins)
    Sandi, Witts (Cameron)
    Dahl, Maccrae, Wallis, Nankervis, Lynch, Franklin (Greenwood, Parsons)

    $60k – 10 trades left.
    Any other moves
    I will bring in Gawn when he drops in price for Witts or Sandi.,

    Is Ryan a must have?

    • Whatyasmokin says:

      Pretty much, and you won't miss much by ditching Stewart now.

      Otherwise you may not be able to get Gawn…………

    • NM94 says:

      Love your team big fella, Whats your overall ranking??

      • DEE says:

        Thanks i started a few pods in the midfield.
        It's little lady actually.
        Ranked around 5000 was higher but dropped lots due to Rd 11 bye

    • Dannn says:

      Jones just got given a 1 match ban didn't he? might be worth holding Stewart as cover.

    • hedski says:

      Fyfe to Danger seems like a decent trade Dee.

    • Skinny McThin says:

      Myers to Ryan and get another fwd your f5,f6 both pump out regular sub 50's

      • Dean says:

        First and foremost you need Danger, so trade out Stewart for Ryan then get rid of Fyfe and bring in Dangerfield over Zerrett. That will still leave you with $60k

        Also if Sandiballs doesn't get called back in trade him for Goldy, Kreuzer or Gawn

        Apart from not having Danger your side is extremely solid.

        • DEE says:

          Thanks Dean started Kelly as a stepping stone to Danger when he dropped in price.
          All my mids did so well couldn't bring in Danger.
          But I like that trade.
          Ryan can cover Jones this week and Fyfe to danger.
          Hopefully only need 1 trade and the $60k to go Witts or Sandi to gawn in a couple of weeks.
          Will make those trades.

  13. Steve says:

    Which fwd should i get in this week? Already have Yeo, Dahl, Macrae, Heaney, Nank

    • Whatyasmokin says:

      The forward line is really tough, I feel Nank could even slip out of contention, but of course HOLD him for now.

      I have the exact same forward line but I bought T/Lynch and he got me a ton followed by a turd.

      The best option if he can not get reported is Toby Greene I reckon.

    • ProTravo says:

      Greene. I have stayed away from key tall forwards all year and it has worked out well. Wallis is another good option.

    • savemebarry1 says:

      Greene I would say is top priority. Others are Buddy (although he got reported against Richmond so watch how that plays out, most likely should be fine), Wallis or Billings if you like a punt (Just 1 score under 90 in his last 7 games, top score of 136 in that period)

    • Dean says:

      Bring in Wallis or Greene

  14. iLoveNMFC says:

    Thoughts community?
    Myers to Brown/Beech (already have Ryan)
    Stewart to Lloyd
    Just the standard trades most will be doing this week.

  15. Shake n bake says:

    Selwood to miss a week or two.

    • TRIGGER HAPPY says:

      WHICH ONE? 🙂

    • ProTravo says:

      Joel 1 week, Scott at least 2.

    • Rooster XXX says:

      Joel Selwood no chance of being suspended for that "accidental" incident… Low impact, not intentional there is no way the MRP can come up with a suspension…..
      Sam Mitchell totally not effected from the contact – so much so he was able to run him down and square up immediately…
      Nothing to see here.. Joel will be good to go, Scooter you would think be missing 2 as a minimum if it is a stock standard twanger….

      • Whatyasmokin says:

        Low impact?

        • Rooster XXX says:

          It will definitely be grade as low impact – how else can it be graded? Mitchell suffered no side effects, played out the game, will lay this week, was able to retaliate immediately – so yes definitely low impact in the MRP eyes….

          Absolutely no doubt about it being graded as low impact

      • TRIGGER HAPPY says:

        The angle I saw looked like he tripped but guess he could have used his hands to brace himself rather than his elbow.
        be interesting to see which the way the MRP see it.
        probably get off or maybe that is just me being hopeful as he is in my team? hehe

      • Cr0magn0n says:

        I agree, can't see him getting suspended for that

        • Randomcliche2 says:

          A fine. Well played. I thought he was an education funding package!

    • Stirlsy says:

      will get off nothing in it.

    • Shake n bake says:

      Sorry that was when l heard the news about scooters hammy.

  16. Jim says:

    T.Stewart to Ryan
    Marchbank to Roberton

  17. Levi says:

    Who to trade first between Berry & Stewart to Ryan?

    • Wattsieesq says:

      I'd trade Berry. That 44 will stick around for a few weeks in his BE calc. Stewart has had a better 2 weeks

  18. INPieman says:

    Ahhh Wombats. Speaking of absolute flogs. Did you enter a team this year? Or did you panic & delete your team like you always do & become keyboard warrior. You sir are the GREATEST flog prince of them ALL. Disappear back down your hole

    • Rick Grimes says:

      Wombats his a bigger turd than Lynch's weekend score. This is a community where people come to give each advice and share stories, not to be a flog.

      • INPieman says:

        Agree Rick. As suspected he didn't enter a team again. I've floated with Jock to make it a member only site to be able to comment. Hope he implements it. Stop the keyboard warrior flogs

    • Stirlsy says:

      Ahhh Pieman….. always good for a laugh….

    • Top Gun says:

      More fakes on here than Pamela Anderson' breasts

      • Randomcliche2 says:

        There is an intense debate profile for the good wombatsFC and none for this clown.

  19. Whatyasmokin says:

    For everyone saying Lynch is now a useless spud let's look at why we picked him.

    Yeo – Lock
    Wallis – Risk
    Heeney – Lock
    Macrae – Lock
    Pedersen – JS shaky
    Dahlhaus – Lock
    Greene – Misses games
    JJK – Injured
    Reiwoldt – Tooth length
    Nank – Running out of steam
    McKernan – Burnman, played only 2.
    Ryder – Under performing
    J.Cameron – Considering the team he is in….under performing.
    Menegola – Missed games, unproven.
    Franklin – under performing. price.
    Higgins – Unreliable, possibly miss games.
    Wingard and R.Gray. Unreliable.
    Billings – Unproven, small forward.
    Westhoff – Ok option.
    Jack Steele – Tank, performance issues, something going on.
    Tom Lynch (Adel) – Ok option

    Then we come to Tom Lynch of the GCS. I still stand by my pick considering the rubbish that is our forward line options this year.

    I will be trading out the Nank if he can't increase his output.

    • INPieman says:

      Completely agree WYS. He was literally the best of a bad bunch. I only got him in because of Steele. Didn't want to but it was the only half decent option available. And didn't have the funds to get Heeney. Hopefully he can string together some decent games

      • Whatyasmokin says:

        Yeah I used the season rankings list on footy wire as a reference here, note also Lynch was a fair way up that list last week so anyone who traded him in I wouldn't beat yourself up.

        I dare say Lynch wouldn't be very happy with his performance (nor would the GCS in general) last week and should come back strong. Don't mind GCS rounds 19-23 either.

        Richmond at Metricon.
        Freo in Perth.
        Brisbane at Gabba.
        Essendon at Metricon.
        Port at AO.

        Could be very handy in finals should bag a few reasonable, if not big scores.

        • INPieman says:

          His run home was my reasoning with the exception of port. My concern about getting him last week was Liam Jones. And so it proved. Hope he bounces back

      • Dildor says:

        I tossed him up as an option but had enough for Heeney. Heeney and Wallis worked alright for me this week, lets see the long play though.

    • Dildor says:

      Weird that you included R.Gray considering he's a mid only? If he was DPP he'd be an absolute lock?!?!

    • TRIGGER HAPPY says:

      I'm with ya WYS cupboard is bare.
      As didn't have Macrae brought him in the week for Steele.
      So gives me 4 locks and Nank.
      At the moment greenwood is my F6 as just not sure who to bring in?
      looking at the that list hasn't helped. ha ha
      Even though don't like KPF much may have to bring one of them in but wont be buddy is on my no buddy way list
      Plan was to see how JJK went after his injury break wait for him to drop in price probably this week and bring in him in for Barrett
      As he has 5 more home games after this week good of plan as any I guess
      do like the look of wallis and billings as getting stints in the midfield so will have another look this week and make a call
      but yeah no one screaming pick me

      • Tony says:

        I think people are underestimating Wingard in this discussion. Doesn't need to touch it a lot to ton up, as he did on Saturday. I like his chances of being in the top 6 forward scorers for the rest of the year.

        • Whatyasmokin says:

          The problem with Wingard is he seems to have quiet games, or is quiet entire seasons?

    • Skinny McThin says:

      None of those lesser options had 2 sub 50's before last week but TJ Lynch did and he now has 3 sub 50's and 3 tons for the season. Sometimes a players basement is equally as important as there ceiling

    • finnigin says:

      ryder lol twittsland

    • wightyswarriors says:

      Gotta have 6….mine are yeo, dahl, buddy, greene, heeney, and ryder. ryder not performing…..lmao…his 119 was very handy this week

  20. Jimmy says:

    Anyone know how long Scooter is out for?

  21. Jim says:

    Questions to why I started Shaw over Docherty and I guess I'm not alone?

    • Dildor says:

      I started with neither, my housemate started with both and has let me have the docherty abuse all year.

    • INPieman says:

      Non Doch owners at the start of the season were expecting a price drop at some point. Not go to a level we haven't seen from a defender. He is a gun. Williams & Wilson have really impacted Shaw's output

      • DavidSA says:

        He is a good player but gun?
        The guy gets to do what ever he wants, never tagged never bumped absolute joke imo.
        Carlton were a decent side or simply put it.. more damaging a side he would fall from the top def podium

        Great player yes. Great scores yes (record breaking) for defender but gee wiz he is as free as it gets

        • INPieman says:

          I guess it's hard to tag a defender. Seems coaches prefer to sit someone on Cripps or Murphy & Doch runs riot. It's been happening for a year & a half

        • Boltons Blues says:

          Gun, 30 touches at 96%, I don't care where you play, that is elite stats for anyone who can kick the ball and hit the target 96 out of 100 times, he doesn't kick it backwards or short chips, he drills it 40 and hits targets lace out, watch the game

        • DeeSupreme says:

          He regularly/randomly starts at the centre bounce and then plays a classic defensive wingmans role. It's not his fault all the other wingers can't defend. He'd walk into any team in the comp

        • Whinno says:

          Yes, start tagging him. He is a mere mortal.

        • TigerNut says:

          If u watched any football you'd notice he's been playing in the Centre and in the backline

        • Top Gun says:

          He is an absolute gun. His contested mark is one of the best in the game.

        • Pete says:

          Well he does have an opponent just like every other defender across 18 teams in the afl. So why aren't there more defenders getting his scores ?

      • ProTravo says:

        This is very true Pieman, unfortunately you have to continue to hold Shaw because the week you trade him he's sure to go big!

      • Moustachio says:

        He did drop, by 20k =) I ended up getting him for same as basically start price, so no harm done as I spent the cash effectively elsewhere.

        • The Ranger says:

          I planed to get him in when his price dropped a bit or at the latest around the byes but his scores the last two weeks have ruined my chances again.
          Stewart and Berry plus my 60K bank still don't bloody do it!!

    • Moustachio says:

      Shaw was proven SC royalty over multiple seasons, Doc had done it once. Just because it didn't work out doesn't mean it was a bad decision. Until a few weeks ago Docs average was not worth more than his start price, and that was ample time to trade him in.

      Starting most expensive player on all lines would have produced 3 of 4 fails this year: Doc yes, Danger no, Gawn no, NRoo no. All the campaigners are out laughing at people without Doc, but most of them are ranked nowhere because they have a philosophy of "pay for the best" and have now run out of money and/or trades before full premo.

    • Tony says:

      I did the same. My reason was that in the JLT series, Shaw was looking like he'd just roll on with his SC friendly game (long effective kicks, play on to self from behinds, intercept marks) and Docherty had only done it for one season so not confident of him doing it again. In summary, I got this completely wrong.

      I reckon I'd be top 500 now but for this error (I'm about 6,000).

    • Neverweaken says:

      I hate paying big money for defenders. But even I had to get him. Luckily got him right after the bye so didn't cost anymore than his start price. It a nice feeling having him there

  22. garfield_da_cat says:

    I am thinking of doing 2 trades this week marchbank to lloyd and barrett to zorko or neale? Can't decide which one to go with. If i went with zorko i'd be left with 10 trades left about 50k in my bank and if i went for neale i'd have about 96k left. Any thoughts would be helpful cheers

    • Whatyasmokin says:

      I'd lock Neale in, good value and with Sandi returning should help him. Zorko is peaking in price and unlikely to keep that run of scoring up.

      • Dean says:

        Zorko will continue to average 117+ for the rest of the season.

        However Neale also a great selection.

        You won't be sorry with either player mate.

  23. Pete says:

    14 on field , 1580 pts , not too bad

  24. pete says:

    preying to the SC gods for sum Sandi action this week

    • Gogz says:

      You're not the only one who needs some good Sandi action!!

      • Hawkas2017 says:

        Im going to build a Sandi – pit before calling the Doc to make Shaw im alright. Before filling in the sandi pit with Rock's(y) and Beams to prepare it for my Dogs Mac and Rae to sleep for the (r)Knight.

        • NutSack says:

          and to think my girlfriend loves roughhead. she always liked 2 swallow boys in the middle of the park but david is injury prone and andrew is a pensioner. Id love 2 ryder but thats out of the question atm.

  25. Daniel Z says:

    Was going to hold tight and do double upgrade this week (Neale and Lloyd).
    Last minute, decided to upgrade rucks this round (Kreuzer) and paint the fence this week – worked out okay so far but I'm torn between Lloyd and Neale as I want to have the D/F connection (Adams).

  26. Cjay says:

    Don't get attached to your Rookies they say.
    Newman you are making it very very hard.
    Trade to Lloyd I will do but will be through gritted teeth.

    • INPieman says:

      I watched the Tigers Swans game & Rance was insane good. Next best man on the ground for mine was Newman. If he didn't play the Tigers would have won. I can't trade him after watching that performance

      • Don't Blush Baby says:

        Further to that Newman didn't come come onto the ground until about 15 minute mark in the first 1/4

        • INPieman says:

          Good point DBB he was on the pine for ages at the start of the game. And he doesn't waste much time getting into the action

      • TRIGGER HAPPY says:

        Yeah was there swans need Newman kicking it out of back line.
        He is best 22 won't be dropped.
        Dropped Melican b4 Newman this week.
        Papley looked good last couple of games has bursts in the midfield and kicks goals. going well.

    • Rooster XXX says:

      Could argue that is bordering on sideways trade given Newmans current output….. Not sure there is any hurry to punt Newman so long as Horse keeps selecting him there is no doubt that his role is very conducive to good SC scoring…..

      Why not keep the trade and look to upgrade elsewhere? If no more upgrades to do just bank the trade for later in the season when inevitable injuries or (general soreness) resting hits….

      I'm just not sure that trading Newman to LLoyds is really doing much for you in terms of points generation??

      Other option is you could bring Lloyd in as a mid so you still get his bargain basement price and then if Newman goes pear shaped (form tapers off/is dropped) you can swing Lloyd into to Def and pick up a uber premo mid down the track……

    • ProTravo says:

      Similar issue here Cjay.
      Was planning to go Newman to Lloyd this week but now gone Scooter to Lloyd.
      Now i have to decide who to upgrade to a midfielder out of Heath Shaw and Newman next week.

      At least this way I get to see how Lloyd, Newman and Heater perform this week before making a decision.

    • JEL says:

      Newman for Lloyd sounds like a waste.
      They both have the same average and are pumping out similar scores

  27. bUCKET__ says:

    Anyone else eyeing off Jarrad Waite as a sneaky F7 loophole option for later in the season?

    • pete says:

      injury prone

    • Keenbutclueless says:

      He would be a handy loophole because he can go big. But to make that work, it is better if he plays early in the round. Looking at North's draw, they play late a lot. So probably can't use him effectively as a loop.

      • bUCKET__ says:

        Lots of early Sat games for North… only wouldn't work in rd 21 as far as I can see. Hence the possibility!

        Agree with others there's probably better out there, just exploring the possibilities

    • TRIGGER HAPPY says:

      I reckon Jetta be a better option – DPP cheaper than Waite and best game in the eagle colours on the Thursday night

    • jez_m says:

      If you're going to have an F7 loophole it's better off being a Mid/Fwd player who can cover both lines.

      • bUCKET__ says:

        At this rate going to have Lloyd/Newman/Fyfe sitting on the pine with the emg around def and mid, depending on the draw. A pure fwd F7 can work with a ruck swing I've got. Agree that I'd prefer a mid/fwd but there's not much value there atm.

        Another option I'm keeping a close eye on is Lycett upon return, if he plays to his potential it'd make Nank the ideal F7.

    • Top Gun says:

      Spud. Did bugger all against the saints.

  28. Hothi_FC says:

    looking for a downgrade option in the fwd line to ugrade spp to zachy merrett

  29. Craig says:

    Thoughts on Zachary Merrett community ? Look at my final midfield spot

    • bruce says:

      i get around the kid. kicks the ball a heap and is also accurate and damaging with it. having not watched a heap of him in previous times i didnt consider him in my team, but after watching essendon play they love giving it to him and he is a ball magnet.

    • Rick Grimes says:

      It's the way I'm going.

    • Tyruddanaut says:

      Three words. Young Ball Magnet

    • TigerNut says:

      Why the hesitation? Or Zorko if u don't have him

    • Danners says:

      Good option, otherwise Cripps/Neale/JPK aren't bad options either

  30. lachie says:

    Just brought in scooter last week 🙁 Do i trade him or spp :/

    • Don't Blush Baby says:

      Same , I always planned to go SPP via Berry for LLoyd but looks like I might go Scooter instead – Note – Scooter said in an interview today that he is looking at least 1 week if not 2

  31. gary says:

    thoughts on my team, officially full premium this week. slipped by 700 ranks this week down to 2300.
    trades going to be an issue from now on as injuries have plagued my team this season.. ie gawn, beams, jaeger, riewoldt etc..

    DEF: docherty, laird, adams, lloyd, tuohy, hibberd (ryan, scharenburg)
    MID: danger, dusty, titch, zerrett, JPK, hanners, treloar, rocky (bolton, cousins, hibberd)
    RUCK: martin, ryder (strnaidica)
    FWD: macrae, dahl, franklin, nankervis, higgins, greene (greenwood, pickett)

    pending no injuries i'm going to look to not trade for a couple of rounds and pending big gawns form trade him in for nankervis swapping ryder into the fwd line. thoughts?
    my only other stain is burnman higgins, entices me every supercoach season and i get sucked in every time, finally thought he might be something this year with all of the retirements from NM and him being able to get more midfield time.

    • ProTravo says:

      I'd say Higgins will have to go. You will need one of Yeo or Heeney as a forward to move up the ranks as they are almost 'must haves'.

    • pete says:

      big risk now with gawn , big guys n hammys are a bad combination

    • SC_Kev7 says:

      Well done on finishing your team, Gary! Honestly if trades are going to be issue now hold off making sideways moves. You'll be kicking yourself if you face a donut that you could have avoided

  32. INPieman says:

    Rocky 59% TOG. That's worse than Steele. Literally dissappeared in the second half

    • Rick Grimes says:

      Zorko the Magnificent is the one you want. Information we all could have used 13 weeks ago…

    • Moustachio says:

      Had gastro apparently. Not too worried.

      • INPieman says:

        Poor bugger was wearing white shorts

      • Randomcliche2 says:

        Thanks Moustachio…..I was totally thinking it was his shoulder after seeing them ripping the tape of after game prior in the post match telecast! Glad to be wrong.

      • ProTravo says:

        I heard this too. Hope that shoulder is holding up!
        Last time he had a shocker he backed it up with a couple of big games… Here's hoping.

  33. Skinny McThin says:

    Mate I think you're a bit of a troll for anybody who has wombats in their name. In this instance the name is different and there isn't any image, What's your problem?
    How do we know that your trolling doesn't extend to creating obviously fake posts like this and attributing them to others so as you can cut them down?
    From memory the real wombats provided analysis gold every preseason until this year when he mentioned that you were tipping almost every first year rookie to be an instant star, after that you went psycho on anybody with wombat in their handle. Grow up

    • DeeSupreme says:

      I noticed the same thing Skinny, pieman isn't fond of people who don't kiss his butt.

      • Skinny McThin says:

        The wombat with the picture was pretty funny sometimes and only a random poster I don't know what piemans problem is. Maybe the wombat stole his missus, that could explain why pieman spends so much time on tinder 🙂

        • INPieman says:

          I know who he is & he's been doing the same thing for years. I think the member subscription solves the problem

    • Fatty McChub says:

      Pieman is always the first reply to wombats comments that don't have the image. that's a strange coincedence.

    • LoganJosh7 says:

      I love how you ask for opinions on a trade – pieman gives some decent tips and then you shred him in these comments? not sure who needs to grow up here…

  34. Paul says:

    Berry to Ryan and Barrett to Yeo my likely trades this week to complete my fwd line.

    Brought in Lloyd in the mids last week to switch for Newman and upgrade, but now left with the dilemma of Shaw/Newman/Rance for D6 given Newman's recent form…

  35. Dojo_Warrior says:

    In a bit of a pickle here guys.

    I'm looking at upgrading Berry, however I can either go to the Doch and have 73k in the bank, or to Lloyd and have 296k to upgrade Parsons down forward. Is Doch worth not being able to upgrade an extra rookie at this stage? Got 8 trades left so not looking good!

    • Rick Grimes says:

      I'd grab Doc. That big ceiling and captain option outweighs the 25 odd points more (on average) the other pair provides.

      • Dojo_Warrior says:

        That's what I'm thinking at the moment, unsure though! Parsons -> Macrae would be doable if I took Lloyd which is super tempting though!

        • Rick Grimes says:

          It would be a nice feeling to not have to look at Parsons score each week. Not a lot in it, to get fair. Trust ya gut.

    • Moustachio says:

      Locking in the price rise on Doc now is pointless. I would grab the value, esp this season.

    • Tyruddanaut says:

      With Lloyd being 200k cheaper he is much more a better option. That way you can get 2 premiums instead of just the one from 2 trades

    • Dean says:

      Docherty is AWESOME don't get me wrong we all know this, however spending $635k on a defender is just absurd.

      Especially when considering you are bringing in two PREMO'S with two trades its a much better move going Lloyd and Macrae or Wallis as opposed to just Docherty and a rookie.

      The fact is those who missed out on Docherty from day 1 most likely brought in Shaw instead – I know I did thinking Shaw was the most consistent defender over the last Decade what a mistake that was, however here is the key, those who brought in Docherty over Shaw have already missed out on the extra 377 points that Doc scored thus far over Shaw, so basically the damage has already been done and its getting to late to hop on the Doc train when your side requires other PREMO'S.

      PRIORITY is to fill your side with premo's ASAP – If I were you I would analyse your team in 3 to 5 rounds and see how you're going, only then if you have enough trades left and can generate the cash to bring in Docherty then consider going Lloyd to Docherty or Shaw to Docherty.

      • Dojo_Warrior says:

        Thanks guys. Gone with Lloyd and will have enough to upgrade to Macrae next week, I'm sure it will still hurt to see the Doc smash out such huge scores but I'll live!

  36. Rivo says:

    So Scooter done for a week or 2. A hold it is then.

  37. Don't Blush Baby says:

    IMO with what you have said I'd go the Lloyd and trade up Parsons to ? ,others might say different though

  38. Choppers says:

    I'm moving Berry and Barrett on this week but have 2 options and not sure which one to take.

    1. Bring in Ryan (DEF) and Heeney (FWD) leaving $65400 in the kick and 7 trades left
    2. Bring in Ryan and Merrett (MID) leaving $10100 in the pot and 7 trades left.

    Only Newman and Witts on field who aren't true Premo's.

    Any thoughts on which way I should go..

    • Tyruddanaut says:

      You will have the extra cash if you go Heeney but you will have to use 3 trades to get full premium anyway. You can risk Gawn dropping down low enough so you can sideways trade one but if you don't have DPP, that won't work. Simply, you will be safer if you go option 2, but risk/reward for option 1

  39. Tommo says:

    Alright lads I've got a bit of a dilemma concerning the next 2 weeks and my path to full premo, here are my options, any advice will be much appreciated.

    Option 1 – SPP and Barrett to Lloyd and Oliver this week and Tom Stewart and Myers/Parsons to The Bont/Zerrett/Neale and 102k rookie next week leaving me with 7 trades and a full premo team.


    Option 2 – SPP to Lloyd this week, Tom Stewart and Barrett to Oliver and Bont/Zerrett/Neale leaving me with 8 trades and a full premo team?

    Cheers lads, any help would be great

    • DacZawson says:

      The 40 extra points you're gonna get from trading Barrett a week earlier isn't worth a whole trade. Go for option 2, stay patient

  40. INPieman says:

    Jelwood & Buddy get fines. Zac Jones gets a week

    • DeeSupreme says:

      Must be a few staff at afl house with SC teams featuring buddy & Jelwood. It might be a good week for Doch to get punchy

    • Tyruddanaut says:

      Praiise the SuperCoach Gods

    • hedski says:

      Didn't even realise Rooey was getting looked at too, thank god they all got off or I was fingered.

      • DavidSA says:

        It's TV ratings and money making that keeps the big names from actually doing any time for things that would sit the lesser names out for weeks. This is the same shite as always.

        But Fyfe got a week for a bump you say? Yup a big name player but not relivant to the AFL when it's teams outside of Victoria. Vic+big name = fine Hodge, Jelwood, Franklin ect are proof

        • DavidSA says:

          Franklin plays for Sydney now though…. yup but is also too valuable to the AFL for TVs ratings taking him out for a week

        • Rooster XXX says:

          What absolute rubbish mate!! What other conspiracy theories you got for us Mulder… Elvis is alive??

          • INPieman says:

            I have Buddy so I'm happy he got away with it. Would have meant playing Parsons

    • Bells says:

      What did Jones do???? Watched the game and can't recall anything.

  41. Don't Blush Baby says:

    Jelwood gets just a fine, Seriously if it was a no name player they would have got 2 weeks

    • Tyruddanaut says:

      Then again, some players get weeks because they have a name

    • Rooster XXX says:

      Absolute dribble mate!! Nothing in the incident at all, unlucky to even cop a fine

    • Pete says:

      No, in the action of falling, enough evidence to create doubt it was not deliberate.

  42. The BONT says:

    Wallis or Greene who averages better from here on out

    • DeeSupreme says:

      McCrae or Wallis who will ton up more regularly for rest of year

    • HarryO says:

      I just went Macrae on the w/e… i think i regret it wallis will avg just as well and a cheaper price. better than greene also

  43. Harry H says:

    Interested in C thoughts this week. I see Pendles into Danger as a great option but may bring a dilemma. Danger's been a brilliant VC recently with Thursday games and playing Freo at the Cattery he's almost guaranteed to go big. But he doesn't play until Sunday this week so what would Pendles need to score to loophole? 140 enough? Danger's averaging 151 in his last 4 so the old 130-140 loophole test may be tough this week….

    • jez_m says:

      General rule of thumb is anything over 120 is good for a VC. Even if Danger gets 140 for example, you're only missing out on 20 points.

  44. Tyruddanaut says:

    I have lost myself the SuperCoach season. I was hoping to go into the bye rounds with 20 trades and ended with 17, then I hoped I would finish full premium with 6-7 and I have 4. In addition, I'm looking to trade Scooter in a couple of weeks which will put me down to 3. I just hope that no-one gets injured

    • INPieman says:

      Definitely pray hard to the gods! That's low. Maybe hold Scooter. Probably only misses a couple

      • TigerNut says:

        I thought 6 was low… I'd be holding scooter mate. I did this last year and 6 wasn't enough trades by the end of the year. I ended up having a donut in a league final. So hold all your trades. No more bang bang haha

    • Danners says:

      Lost myself a long time ago this Supercoach season. Two donuts last week doesn't help

  45. HarryO says:

    either Zerret or neale genuine options over the likes of dusty, jelwood ablett zorko even pendles?? could save a handy 40k not going the latter options but may bleed the points….

  46. Relton says:

    Is cotch a genuine option to fill me last mid spot his so cheap?? i have danger, tmitch, fyfe, JPK, bont, beams, treloar, SPP (barrett scooter cousins)

    • TigerNut says:

      I like it. I have been wanting Cotch for ages. My first upgrade was to Heppell. Wish I went cotch instead. Good POD

    • Danners says:

      Would rather Cripps, but Cotchin isn't too bad

  47. Will says:

    Hey Community, which mid should i pick up out of: Neale, Jewood or Pendles?

  48. DavidSA says:

    Be honest with you guys I have hung up the Pen in the locker room this year but have brought out a new pad of paper with SuperCoach 2018 written on it. Will look at the rest of season very closely and have givin myself new rules to base selections on next year

    Based on 2016/17

    1) TOG % over 80%
    2) DE % over 75%
    3) Kicks over 55%
    4) Scored no lower than 70 pts
    5) Avg 105+ over 2016/17
    6) Get Doch yup even though he will be priced at 600k ans some he is a must even if he averages 105 next year.

    That's my premium player rules, no more mid price bs… this year sucked in a lot of coaches unless you went Murphy,
    Oliver as such

    • Don't Blush Baby says:

      Yeo, Witts, Steele, Kruiser are some other mid pricers that come to mind on first thoughts, all made over 100k and some are still going

    • BrownlowBoy says:

      There is somewhat a changing of the Supercoach guard. Players such as Shaw, JPK, Ablett, Riewoldt won't be bought into next year with the likes of Doch, Oliver, Kelly, Merrett, Yeo emerging before our eyes.

    • INPieman says:

      Was listening to a draft expert yesterday who said he can only see 29 players "draft worthy". Usually twice that much. He said next years draft was way better. That will mean rookie options will be limited & the need for mid pricers under valued will probably be needed

      • Derek says:

        Don't tell me that!

      • Jake.B says:

        Weird. Considering last year they said that this year's draft was going to be way better haha.

        • INPieman says:

          Things changed quickly it seems! 29 players is not good. Hopefully some more step up. Like 40 of them

      • Dutch says:

        I heard the same, from memory early afternoon on sen, may need to revisit our strategies if that is correct. Having said that it's the quality of the top 20-30 that's arguably more important for sc than the depth of the talent pool, and they were mostly talking about depth. The talk was around clubs trading away 2nd and 3rd round picks from this years draft as a result .

      • Moustachio says:

        Draft experts told us this years crop was a strong. Draft experts are pretenders just like the rest of us…

    • Cr0magn0n says:

      Hey David, I like that you're planning ahead. I do this too. Here's the thing, each season presents different challenges and different opportunities. It's making sure you exploit the opportunities that will improve your game. So, I think hard and fast rules could hold you back from building the best team you could. For example, you've said no mid pricers. I'd argue that the likes of Nank, Sandi, Oliver, Steele, Scooter, Murphy, Marchbank and maybe most of all Witts have been resounding successes. Next year looks to be hard IMO, there won't be the gun players returning from injury that we had this year. Hopefully the trade period will throw us some bones with players changing clubs to seek better opportunities. Best of luck with it buddy.

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      Hi David,

      I have a rule going into each season of Supercoach. It's a new season, and we start again. I try to remember the little errors I made in previous year(s) and build from there. Many coaches tend to over research and over analyse things.

      With all due respect to Derek, he is a good example. He does not own Docherty and here we are looking at round 14! I started with the doc, because he was good last year and has youth on his side. Big upside.

      Kade Simpson is the opposite. He is on the downward slide to retirement, despite still being a great player. This game is always in a state of flux Dave. Try and keep it simple. Its more fun that way.

      Good luck next year mate.

      • Derek says:

        I'm a good example of someone who for the last couple of years have stuck stubbornly to my golden rules and unfortunately where they might have held true in previous years (top 100 twice) they have failed me this year.

        Rules are good, but maybe I've got too many.

      • KrazeeEyezK1lla says:

        to be honest, not sure doing a ton of research and planning is all that necessary. if you know footy, which I'm sure you do, just back yourself in. I didn't play last season as I was overseas for 6 months, and didn't pay attention to any stats at all, so when I decided to make a team this year I spent maybe a couple hours or deciding on a team, read some stuff on here, and bang. just before the bye rounds I was ranked around 700 overall. now, some planning for the bye round may have been smart as I'm now ranked 1620 overall(oops), but the moral of the story is, just back yourself in. you don't want it to be a chore. take a punt and see how you go!

    • Whatyasmokin says:

      You'll have a crap 2018 then as well.

      1. Good rule.
      2. Not bad.
      3. So this will apply to rucks too?
      4. Lol, rubbish.
      5. So you will get no breakouts, and no good midpricers. Guns and rookies again hey. If the season is like 2017 get ready to fall behind all over again.
      6. I hope Doch is 700K, then you'll get him, and I'll get him round 5 or so for 100K less.

      List of successful midpricers 2017

      Josh Kelly (kinda midprice)
      Z. Jones

      The problem isn't mid priced players it's YOU. Look at the names in that list and how they are performing. Your strategy is laughable.

      Brutal honesty was needed here David, you just failed to pick the right players.

      • Cr0magn0n says:


      • Don't Blush Baby says:

        also add Brad Ebert – started at 437k now 550k

      • Derek says:

        Over the previous 3 years I had one out of 11 midpricers do well.

        I started this year with the memory of BSmith and Rich still in my head

        Fact is most midpricers fail. We only remember the one who didnt

        I could give you a list longer than that of midpricers who were not good

      • DavidSA says:

        well no shit Sherlock
        Hindsight is a funny thing ain't it
        Of that list you put up I had Steele, Nank, McGrath, Beams and Marchbank in my mid priced starting players. Can't fit them all in can you. You make such a claim based on no evidence "brutally honest" how honest you think you are being is debatable.

        Oliver, Murphy and such or maybe should have worded it better for people like you "players who have been that cheep and have far far… far exceeded expectation.
        Docherty you will wait hmm like this year went well for that strategy doh! Bad hope for 700k at my expense lol righteo

        Problem is you can't just give feedback you have to be a prick at the same time don't you

      • Moustachio says:

        Great list (and response… lol)

    • Hoot says:

      Burton had been great for me. Mid priced selections will alalways play their role.

    • Pete says:

      Too much analysis and too many rules. Look for young players on the rise not older players in decline. Injured players returning after missing half a season such as Murphy,Sandilands, Beams can be good value but don't go for players out for a season or more such as Roughead or OMeara. Keep it simple, the players are still human after all, not machines.

    • Rocksta says:

      I don"t agree with the GnR.
      I went GnR this season aside from Beams, JOM and Sandi and will really struggle to get my last 2 Premos in due to limited cash gen potential.The reason for this is that the Rookies for the most part have been shite, and I've lost patience with them and thus traded them out prematurely.
      I think bringing in the right mid pricers is the difference between being in the top 1000 and the top 10,000. I'm not saying to go mid price madness, but how I woyld have loved to have had Murphy, Oliver, Witts from the start.

      • Derek says:

        The GnR strategy had a golden period with the Suns, GWS, Port and Essendon offering us endless choice of high scoring rookies, especially back when you could get the #1 draft pick for $117k.

        we did have the Green Vest to worry about

        I stuck with the old Guard. My mids are; Ablett, Danger, Selwood, Fyfe, Pendlebury, JPK, Hanners and TMitch.

        Defenders; Shaw, Laird, Simpson, Adams, Rance.

        About time I look at the younger brigade.

        • The Ranger says:

          Spot on Derek. The old guard have under performed and the younger breed have stepped up.
          But next year this years young mid priced brigade will be priced at a higher level so I'm already trying to spot who will be next years Oliver, Kelly, Lloyd etc.
          However I think it's a mistake to think that just because the midpricers have done well this year it will be the same next year.

    • Moustachio says:

      Midpricers have been king this year, either as keepers or short term stepping stones. Oliver Murphy Beams Witts Yeo Heeeny Hibberd Jones Nank Sandi….. Of course plenty of failed ones too. Just have to pick the right ones ie consult the crystal ball.

      I reckon the more hard rules people make, the worse their rank gets. Go with your gut, be flexible. Rules are for squares man.

      • TRIGGER HAPPY says:

        By all means do your research but if you are tossing up two players always back your gut.
        You gotta listen to the little man
        Won't get em all right if u do happy days but more often than not the gut call is the right call.
        Midprice clear winner this year over GnR.

  49. gator59 says:

    Lachie Whitfield or Luke Parker for POD

  50. Spider says:

    I think I swallowed a fly

  51. Cr0magn0n says:

    My boy Jelwood not guilty @ MRP!!!!

    • BrownlowBoy says:

      Good decision.

    • Tony says:

      Of course none of them were suspended. This is how the AFL works. Is there any football supporter anywhere who thought there would be a suspension amongst the 3 mega golden boys – Jelwood, Buddy and Rooey? The MRP puppets wouldn't even have needed to consult with the AFL Commission puppeteers to reach the required decisions.

  52. Andy says:

    Who's trading rockliff this week

  53. Dannn says:

    Current Team:

    Def: Doc, Laird, Adams, Shaw, Newman, Hibberd (Stewart, Ryan).

    Mids: Danger, Titch, Hanners, Wines, Treloar, Beams, Fyfe, Swallow (Barret, Bolton, Cousins).

    Ruck: Goldy, Ryder (strnadica)

    Fowards: Dal, Macare, Buddy, Lych, Heeney, Nank. (Greenwood, Deluca).

    8 trades left. Was planning to trade out Barret to Mountford then using the $$ to upgrade swallow?
    Alternatively hold for the week as both Swallow and Barret should both increase in price.
    Thoughts community?

  54. TOPHAWK1 says:

    Hi community,

    Still have 10 trades and am thinking out of the box a bit. Scary that……Anyway here is the plan-

    1- Firstly, do I need to blood more rookies as of now? 6 fattening rookies should be enough with 10 trades right? I have Ryan, Greenwood, Berry, Cousins, Tom Stewart, Shai Bolton, and Eddy (May get another crack soon after 6 goals on the weekend).

    2- I am thinking of getting in a $102K (mid/fwd) loophole "patsy" which plays many late games in the back half of the season. Enter Josh Deluca-Cardillo (Fremantle). This trade will also raise fast cash after trading out Scooter Selwood. (I can then afford my last uber midfield premo this week)

    3- Jake Lloyd with a BE of 50 can wait till next week (Tom Stewart switch + $90K-one down and then Lloyd). Lloyd will still be cheap next week.
    Trade 1-
    OUT- Scott Selwood
    IN- Josh Deluca-Cardillo
    Trade 2-
    OUT- Jarrod Berry
    IN- Zach Merrett

    4- Will leave one short of full premo down back with $15K in bank and 8 trades left.

    Stupid? Or does it have strategic merit?


    • TheBenchmark25 says:

      Definitely worth the thought
      The first two things that came to mind were : risky and big balls
      Risky because if someone goes down you won't have the depth. But then again you'll still average nearly a trade a week to the end of the year with at least one rookie coverage on the pine. Doesn't really sound risky when I think about it now
      Either way love the insight and I'm going to be looking at that aswell. There is definitely strategic merit in that

      I'm been thinking about it more. So I now don't think it's risky but the upside is save 20k on a cheaper rookie and create a loophole
      I've already got the freo rookie ruckman so I feel I'm using a trade to gather 20k which is why I think I did it from the very start to save a trade.
      Nothing is crazy to think about in SuperCoach this year hahah

    • Bells says:

      Anyone think Josh DC gets a game at Freo? Had a great game in the WAFL two weeks ago. Has he been pressing?
      Cheap as DPP.
      I'm pretty keen.

      • TOPHAWK1 says:

        I don't give a rats if he does not play a single game. He will be my "patsy" loophole slave, alongside Mitch Hibberd down back, and Brett Eddy up forward. I need to get to full premo ASAP and this move will provide me the fast cash needed to get Zerrett.

        • Don't Blush Baby says:

          Tophawk, I'm also looking the donuts who won't play this year due to injury – Oscar Junker who is a Def / Mid @ 103k and the only Mid / FWD is Tom Ahern @ 124k and their both from North Melbourne

      • hedski says:

        I've had him since round 1, if he gets a game good i'll probably need him, have strnadica now so not lacking a loop, will look for Stewart to Hibbo jnr next week for another.

    • INPieman says:

      I like it Top Hawk. Don't be surprised to see Deluca Cardillo play soon. He's played some great games in the WAFL recently & banging down the door. And for once Ross has been playing some rookies. Not by choice of course. Either way his inclusion has multiple benefits

      • TOPHAWK1 says:

        Thanks INPieman

        If Josh Deluca-Cardillo does play, then that is great! All part of the game plan.

    • Marshy says:

      Yeh stupid. You have had Scooter for one or two weeks and set to rise 50-60K. Minor hammie strain one week probably, perhaps two.

    • Moustachio says:

      You don't need any more cullable rookies, you may or may not want bench cover from them tho.

      I would get Lloyd now. Don't be fooled by his projected price rise as he is projected to score in the 60's, whereas we expect more like 100 from him. Will go up more than Zerrett.

  55. Josh says:

    Need some advise for some trades this week, i've only got 8 trades left however. Thanks for your help 🙂
    Here's my team
    Docherty, Laird, Adams, Hibberd, Z Williams, Newman, T Stewart, Ryan
    Danger, Heppell, Kelly, Dusty, Coliver, Barrett, S Selwood, Murphy, Greenwood, Pickett, Miles
    Martin, WItts
    Dahlhaus, Macrae, Nankervis, Higgins, Yeo, Heeney, Parsons, Eddy.
    Ranked 2768

    • Derek says:

      Low on trades. You might have to leave your rucks, defender and forward line as and just make sure you upgrade your 2 midfield.

      How much cash and ideally who do want in midfield?

      • Josh says:

        I got 187k in the bank. I was thinking of uprading barrett and selwood to Rockliff and possibly sloane. Then downgrade stewart to 102k rookie. The upgrade witts to Gawn when I get the cash??

    • Moustachio says:

      You've got to upgrade Scooter and Barrett ASAP. Lesser priority on Witts, Higgins, Newman if possible later.

  56. Beefy says:

    Any word on if JJK will be back this week?

  57. Don't Blush Baby says:

    Harley Balic – for those whose still have him he was back training today and might play in the WAFL this week

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      Its too late for Balic. I am a huge fan, but he is no longer in my side. Even if he plays in the WAFL this week, and perhaps the next, he may not get a call up until round 16. He is no longer 2017 SC relevant. In 2018 I will loo at him again. Very talented kid.

      • Happy to hear says:

        That's great news, I'm happy for the lad.
        Hope he gets plenty of the pill and Freo play the boy soon.

  58. PBW says:

    Need some advice on what trades to make this week.
    Current Team:
    DEF: Doc, Newman, Hibberd, Laird, Adams, JJ with Stewart and Scharenberg on bench
    MID: Danger, Martin, Kelly, Jelwood, Pendles, Oliver, Ebert and Kennedy, with Swallow, Fisher and Cousins on bench
    RUC: Kreuzer and Witts with Preuss on bench
    FWD: Yeo, Macrae, Nank, Ryder, Walters and Heeney with Parons and Greenwood on bench

    I was thinking of going JJ to Lloyd for an upgrade and Swallow downgraded to Mountford to free up some cash.
    Currently sitting only on 7 trades, $200k in bank. If i do trade I'll only have 5 left ):

  59. Neverweaken says:

    Hi all. Hate giving full team lists but don't know where to go from here. Through the byes Iv jumped to 4705. 19k in the bank and 12 trades. Now what do I do? Team is
    DEF Doc, Laird, Adams, Simpson, Jones, Newman. Stewart and Ryan
    MIDS. Danger, Kelly, Jelwood, Murphy, Bont, Ablett, Fyfe, Treloar. Swallow, Greenwood, Hibberd(NM for DPP)
    RUCK. Witts, Nank
    FORWARD. Yeo, Macrae, Dahl, Franklin, WHE, Heeny. Parsons, Eddy
    Thinking Franklin goes if he is suspended, Nank back forward WHE gone and bring in Goldstein and Rookie Fwd
    Any other thoughts

    • Keenbutclueless says:

      consider WHE and Swallow out for Grundy. Move Nank forward

    • INPieman says:

      Maybe wait 2 weeks on the ruck move by turning WHE into Gawn & Swing Nank back then. Assume it's Z Jones in defence & he's been rubbed out & done his job. I would consider trading Tom Stewart to Alex Witheden (Mid/Def) 117k for bank & loophole & swing with Hibberd. One of Brissy or North plays late pretty much every week. Also Witheden is likely to play soon & could be handy cover later. I'll be creating the same thing looping Newman & Ryan with Oscar Junker from the mids. Then upgrade Jones to perhaps Roberton or whoever you like

    • Moustachio says:

      You have tons of trades. I would burn a bunch to be honest, upgrade def x2, ruc x1 (wait for Gawn for the other) and fwd x1. Downgrade Swallow, bunch of cash doin nothing on your bench. Get to full premo before worry about bench cover.

  60. Will says:

    Pederson a good replacement for Steele? Or will he be dropped when Gawn returns?

    • Swans2012 says:

      Perhaps not dropped but definitely not same output….

      • INPieman says:

        Agree with Swans. It he keeps his spot he's a forward that chops out

    • NutSack says:

      the guy has great hands and is hard at it and should play on the wing and around the ground. otherwise dees will lose him

      • Daniel Z says:

        I had a similar thought a couple weeks back. Undoubtedly, other clubs have noticed what he is capable of, so the Dees will need to play him or he'll look for a starting gig elsewhere.

  61. Jake.B says:

    I got ryan last week to generate some cash. Have Stewart and ryan as my bench. Thoughts on downgrading Stewart for even more cash? Any defenders other than ryan about though? Of course its a risk running with ryan and whoever i pick as bench cover but just thought the money could be real handy – upgrading Barrett to Merrett for example.

    I could look at dropping a Fisher or Myers for Brown early and make some cash aswell but the good amount of $$ from Stewart looks appealing even though I thought I'd just keep him all season.

    • PBW says:

      Have you got Mountford? He's on the bubble. I would probably trade Myers -> Mountford. There isn't really any defence downgrades around other than Ryan. How much do you have in bank and how many trades do you have left?
      I was thinking of keeping Stewart for rest of the season for my own team. He's a pretty good cover.

      • Jake.B says:

        I have 12 trades and 147k in the bank.
        My problem is I don't have Docherty and really want to look at getting him in.
        Laird, Hurley, Shaw, Hibberd, Newman & Loud (Stewart & ryan) that's how I sit at the moment. I'm in decisive if I want to get in say Docherty for a shaw.. think newman is a keeper and shaw isnt scoromg to his potentional due to zac williams & wilson playong through his usual role.

        Mid – danger, zorko, kelly, oliver, pendles, bonti, fyfe & barret (myers, Fisher, miles – got bolton & Greenwood to switch with miles from the forward line when needed)

        I could potentionally downgrade Myers to mountford and then Shaw to Docherty or downgrade Myers to mountford and upgrade Barrett to Merrett. Docherty is only going to get higher for the news few weeks.

        Don't think I want to not have him in unless I just run with who I have and risk it which would be silly I think.

    • Dildor says:

      At this point does it matter what rook you trade in? You have ryan as youre cover, maybe bring in a DPP player you can loophole?

    • Pete says:

      Get rid of Myers. He's awful can't score more than 50 and likely to be dropped surely. Stewart has more cash to make yet.

    • Moustachio says:

      Would grab Mcniece for Stewart. Should get games but doesn't matter much of he doesn't, and frees up max cash.

      • Jake.B says:

        Mcneice is out for a few weeks. Not sure if he is going to get a gig soon or not though hey!

        • Thomas says:

          If you brought him in, it wouldnt be for cash gen. It would be for a loophole

          • Jake.B says:

            I know but I have miles who I have been using that for and to be honest I'm looking at either 1 of the freo or west coast players to use as a loophole. Think there's a 103k player with west coast that play a lot of satdy night/Sunday games that I can do that with (also have strndica)

            But yeah that's not what I'm really looking for it's the downgrade Stewart to get someone in to make $$$ and upgrade Shaw to Docherty or look at upgrading Barrett to Merrett hmm

  62. Jambo says:

    I'm trading Tom Stewart (raise your bat, son, well-played) and Jake Barrett (again, great innings) for Jake Lloyd and Rory Laird. This'll leave me with 8 trades left ($79,300 salary) and one or two premos to bring in. (Sidenote, I've moved Tay Adams into the midfield)

    For anyone interested, here's how the Wolfpack currently looks post-trades:
    DEF: Doc, Laird, Simpson, Lloyd, H Shaw, L Ryan (J Smith, O'Connor)
    MID: Danger, Jelwood, Pendles, Treloar, Rockliff, Adams, Wines, Matt Crouch (Cousins, Miles, C Maynard)
    RUC: Jacobs, Grundy (Strndica)
    FWD: Yeo, Macrae, Dahl, T Lynch, S Bolton, H Greenwood (McInnes, Durdin)


  63. Defying_Madness says:

    Thankfully the byes are over for this year, so I am now looking to getting the last few upgrades for my team, here it is.

    Laird, Adams, Rance, Hibberd, Llyod, Stewart (Ryan, Scharenberg)

    Danger, Titch, Merret, Pendles, JPK, Hanners, Treloar, Barret (Berry, Bolton, Greenwood)

    Kreuzer, Witts (Strn)

    Yeo, Macrae, Dahl, Spuddy, Nank, Heeney (Parsons, Eddy)

    Have 136k in the bank, 9 trades and ranked around 2k. Gonna give playing for rank a crack.

    My plans are to move Stewart and Berry/ Barret to Doch and Brown this week. Then in the following week or two let Greenwood increase in price to move him and Barret/ Berry to Neale/ Rocky and a loophole DPP rookie. Then once Gawn returns to full fitness and drops in price, to bring him in for Witts.

    Is it just smarter to let Doch go and just bring in Neale this week and look to get a defender such as Roberton for my last slot?

    Wondering if my plan is a good one, which rookies I should move on first and if there are any better ways to improve my team. Cheers community.

    • Mavs17 says:

      As sad as it is I think you missed your chance on Doch, he is worth the price, but isn't worth it when it could stuff up going full premo.

    • JohndJames says:

      Doc is only 42k more than at the start and will go up again this week,if you are going to get him do it now,ps he was my first pick at the start since I started with the backs.

    • Moustachio says:

      Docs points are gone, he's not going to keep averaging 140. I'd take the value in midfield. Would look to cull Stewart, berry, Barrett and parsons over next 2 rounds to finish team. By then probably some prick defender will have got injured and you will sideways to Doc.

  64. Skinny McThin says:

    is it worth getting TJ Lynch this week or better to wait 2 weeks and get him 50k chewaper?
    Previously this year he's backed a spud game with 3 good ones.
    Round two 43 followed by 94, 161, 103
    Round eight 29 followed by 88, 92, 103
    Round thirteen 47 followed by? ? ?

  65. Whitey says:

    Anyone moving on Nank this week?

    • Guru says:

      Nope. Holding as f6 and ruck coverage for as long as possible

      • Don't Blush Baby says:

        Copy that, the Ruck coverage is the kicker ,might save you a trade Whitey and there priceless atm

  66. Daniel says:

    I brought in Docherty last week, now my defence looks like this:

    Doc, Laird, Simpson, Rance, Harbrow, Newman, Stewart, Ryan

    I currently have Adams and Berry in the Midfield and will swing Adams back into Defence this week by trading Stewart to a 102k Mid/Fwd Loophole, which will make Newman my D7, what should I do with him?

    OPTION 1: Trade him to Lloyd as D7/M10 Cover
    OPTION 2: Trade him to Neale/Dusty/Merrett, moving R.Gray to M9 and Berry to D7
    OPTION 3: Hold Newman as D7 for the entire season and bring in Bont by trading Berry out this week, also moving Gray to M9?

    • bdog says:

      You must be doing well with a team like that id definitely go option 2

    • Russty_ says:

      I'd trade Harbrow out before least Newman's serious about his career.

  67. Tommo says:

    3 off full premo, thinking of bringing in Oliver, Zerrett and Lloyd?

    Lloyd this week for SPP and Oliver + Zerrett next week for Stewart + Barrett.


    • Pete says:

      They're all upgrades so hard to argue against without knowing who you already have.

  68. min0008 says:

    I'm unsure what to do as I only have 10 trades left, 35k in the bank and still 2 rookies on field.

    Def: Simpson, Docherty, Shae, Laird, Adams, Dance (Scharenberg, Ryan)

    Mid: Dangerfield, Martin, Pendlebury, J Selwood, Bontempelli, Kennedy, Mitchell, Bolton (Fisher, Cousins, Hibberd)

    Ruc: Grundy, Goldstein (Cameron)

    Fwd: Dahlhaus, Macrae, Lynch, Franklin, Nankervis, Greenwood (Eddy, Alison)

  69. Steeeve says:

    Nank is a hold. Forward averaging 95 while our "premos" are old and feeble (Reiwoldt), injury prone (JJK) or as consistent as a turd after a night on the bourbons (TJ Lynch). Lone ruckman, great midfield, Tigers pushing for the 8. HOLD

    • INPieman says:

      Agree Steeeve. And he can also cover your ruck line. Which was part of the reason we got him in the first place

    • Pete says:

      Yep he could also be regarded as a fallen premo and a bargain for a dpp.

    • Rocksta says:

      I agree, but I must say his lack of hit outs was always a concern to me. It means he relies heavily on disposals around the ground and as such is more susceptible to form slumps than a Ruck such as Sandi whom will still get 35plus tapouts regardless.
      I'm certainly not going to trade him out though.

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      I agree. Hold Nankervis. He is not cheap but he is not expensive. Goldy locks!

    • Moustachio says:

      Wanted him to end up F7 but doubt I can afford a 23rd premo this year

  70. Rivo says:

    So here goes. 9 trades and $10k

    D: Doc, Laird, Simpson, Hibberd, Rance, Shaw (Scharenberg, Ryan);
    M: Danger, Sloane, Pendles, Treloar, Hanners, JPK, M.Crouch, Fyfe (S.Selwood, Cousins, Pickett);
    R: Martin, Nank (Strnadica);
    F: Heeney, Buddy, Dahl, T.Lynch, Greenwood, Bolton (Parsons, Eddy).

    Logic says hold to let the rookies fatten up. Not enough cash to trade up at this point?

    • jez_m says:

      Your team is looking solid. No harm in holding trades for a couple of weeks.

    • Pete says:

      Forward line needs some work. You've held on to Pickett and Eddy way too long which has lost you some cash generation. With 9 trades left hang on to some of the other rookies for a couple more rounds till they fatten up a bit.

  71. BigBoyBananana says:

    Boy oh boy not too sure what was going on in the old brain department of the MRP! Few jumperies were thrown however my man big bad bud lucky to escape! Big question here is Zerrett, Titch or the man from WA who knows Harry Styles, Lachie Neale?

    • Ja191 says:

      can't go wrong either way, all ball magnets. Got zerrett month or so ago and he's been very good. Would go zerrett or neale and toss a coin to decide.

      • BigBoyBananana says:

        Jar Jar Binks you're not wrong champion, thanks for the input, loving Zerrets run home but boy does Titchell only getting 1 score under 100 arouse me! Whichever one I choose will be the wrong one

  72. finnigin says:

    happnin here to mate feel your frustration, maybe llyod and grey will help ease the pain if you dont have em but even houli is becoming attractive, fook em will come home late

  73. Derek says:

    my Rule #8 has hurt me the most.

    Don't pay more for a player who other people have bought cheaper

  74. Danny says:

    JJK or Wallis?

    • Pete says:

      Wallis is playing midfield, much more likely to get 80plus. Has a decent ceiling too.

  75. Russty_ says:

    " Braydon Preuss had 48 hitouts, 18 disposals and five marks but will find it hard to replace Todd Goldstein"….it's not that hard a decision really, just dump that spud Waite and play the young guy…why not FFS?

    • DacZawson says:

      Statistically Waite is extremely valuable to the North team, wouldn't say he is the one to go. Scott should bite the bullet over the preseason and tinker the game plan so that Preuss and Goldy play together and improve their skills as forwards, then bank on winning the centre clearances and play a really attacking style of footy. Of course easier said then done but the Kangas aren't too far off consistently competing for top 4 with a few new players (eg. Dusty/Kelly)

  76. Joshua says:

    Only my second year of supercoach, has there been any defender on Docherty's level in past years? As a blues fan he is one of my favourites.

    • Russty_ says:

      Yeah it used to be Heath Shaw…not anymore though.

    • Derek says:

      There was a big bloke from Fremantle, wore the #3. Dead set GUN. Just didn't get the accolades he deserved.

      • Joshua says:

        Something tells me you are talking about a certain Dac Zawson….

  77. Hawkas2017 says:

    Who has the record of the most amount of SC tons in a row? E.g. Titch has 8 in a row

    • Moustachio says:

      Would guess GAJ or Pendles…

    • frogger says:

      GAJ had 15 in a row back in 2013, for example, as did Pendles in 2014. Have a look at the high avg., low SD types.

  78. Cyriledagain says:

    Need some advice on what trades to make this week.
    14 Trades $234k
    Current Team:
    DEF: Doc, Laird, Simpson,Shaw, Newman, Stewart (Berry and Scharenberg on bench)
    MID: Danger, Martin,Pendles,Fyfe, Mitchell, Kennedy, Hannebery, Treloar (Cousins, Hibberd, Bolton on bench)
    RUC: Martin and Grundy with Strnadica on bench
    FWD: Buddy, GC Lync, Nank, Dahl, Hannan Greenwood (Parsons Eddy on bench)

    • Dean says:

      Stewart straight to Jake Lloyd

      Then trade Berry to Mountford if named to get more cash and next week go Hannan to Yeo

      Also look to bring in Brown next week if he plays this week as he will be on the bubble so you can then upgrade Parsons to Macrae or Wallis as your last premo

  79. Dan says:

    Merrett or Neale?
    If I get Neale, I can afford Ryan with $900 left over. If I get Merrett, I have to get a 102k rookie instead which would leave me with 7k

    • Rocksta says:

      No brainer……….Neale and Ryan. Merrett and Neale will average near on the same for the rest of the season so you may as well take Neale and a cash cow.

    • Finnius123 says:

      Neale and Ryan

  80. Dean says:

    A lot of people are talking about bringing in their last midfielder and I keep seeing the same names 90% of the time, being Neale or Merrett.

    A lot of coaches are underestimating Zorko.

    Zorko has a average of 114 – However over his last 3 games his average is 134 – Over his last 5 games his average is 129

    Neale also has a average of 114 – However over his last 3 games his average is 95 – Over his last 5 games his average is 110

    Merrett has a average of 112 – However over his last 3 games his average is 113 – Over his last 5 games his average is 116

    For me this shows Zorko is on a MAGNIFICENT rise. I'm going Zorko over Neale or Merrett

    Good luck to all.

    • Rocksta says:

      I'd go Merrett. His Standard deviation is stuff all so you can almost bank on the fact that he's going to go 110 to 120 every week. Amazing how such a young player can be so consistent.

    • Rick Grimes says:

      Can't afford Zorko. Gonna be $650 soon. Get similar output from Zerrert for $60k less. Zorks a great pick tho.

      • Dean says:

        Zorko is $610,600
        Merrett $568,300 price difference $42,300
        Neale $563,900 price difference $46,900

        I'm all over the magnificent Zorko – Although I believe those who go Merrett & Neale cant go to far wrong.

    • Moustachio says:

      Chasing points and paying top dollar for him. I would predict the others to outscore him from here, and they're cheaper. Especially Zerrett, he is so young you don't know how much further breakout he has. Zorko not so much.

      • Pete says:

        Players generally reach there peak between age 24 to 30 and Zorko is prime at 28
        I concur Zorko is worth the extra coin and will be a top 5 midfielder come season end.

    • Jeff says:

      You're forgetting the price factor.

    • Finnius123 says:

      I jumped on Zorko when he was 560k – but he is far too expensive now. Absolute jet though.

  81. MTUK says:

    Cost a fortune but had to go Newman to Doc this week to get him in and Stewart to Ryan.

    Think i'm pretty set now for a few weeks:

    Doc, Shaw, Tuohy, Rance, Simson, Adams (Berry, Ryan.)

    Danger, Pendles, T Mitchall, Oliver, Bont, Fyfe, Treloar (Fisher, S. Selwood, Cousins)

    Grundy, Witts (Strndica)

    Yeo, Dahl, Franklin, Greene, Nank, Higgins (Greenwood, Parsons)

    25k in the bank and 8 trades left. Might try and snag Gawn or switch Higgins to Macrae later but they're doing a job for now.

  82. Tyruddanaut says:

    You're swallowing a lot this SuperCoach season and it doesn't just relate to the game. Anyway how's your rank going? I didn't realize wombats were smart enough to play supercoach and I still haven't found an exception. It's great that you're anonymous anyway, cause you'd have something coming your way if you weren't

    • INPieman says:

      5.6K rank at this point. Worst season for many years. But it's not over yet. 10 rounds to go. See how it pans out

      • LoganJosh7 says:

        im killing it in league but doing woeful in overall. too embarrassed to share haha.

        PS cant believe how much drama there is on this site :/

      • Tyruddanaut says:

        Haha, I was replying to Wombats but thanks anyway

  83. ahmad says:


  84. #Pieinghigh says:

    1st trade locked Stewart > Lloyd completing my backline.

    2nd mid upgrade I have 502k (6k short of the Bont)..

    I am seriously considering trading in Luke Shuey, he is down at $499k, has a history of going big after the Byes, just pulled out 114 and I think this could be the start of something. 6/10 remaining games in Perth…

    Trade would be: Barrett > Shuey.

    This leaves me with Scooter Selwood as my last upgrade and 7 trades remaining.

    Someone talk me out of it please.

    • INPieman says:

      Fellow Pie. If Shuey could go post bye 117 like he did last year then that would be a massive win. Suppose your other option is Wines. Either look reasonable options on your budget. Perhaps Shuey with those 6/10 at Domain

  85. Mike says:

    12 trades left 2 players away from full premo . Need a massive injury free second half of the year . And Hanners T Lynch (G.C) JJK AND JPK to lift massively. Ps whats up with Rocky got him in 2 weeks ago got a 94 and a 66 before that he was killi g it 132 144 122 ect

  86. TheGreatBozza says:

    Still have 15 trades left and 62K in the bank:

    DEF: Doc, Adams, Laird. Howe, Shaw, Newman (Schaz, Stewart)
    MID: Danger, Treloar, Pendles, Beams, JPK, Bont, Fyfe, SPP (S.Selwood, Fisher, Cousins)
    R: Grundy, Sandi (Cameron)
    FWD: Heeney, Macrae, Dahl, Nank, Lynch, Greenwood (Hannan, Bolton)

    Does anybody know J.Llloyd's BE? My original plan was to go Newman > Lloyd, Stewart > Ryan, but I'm thinking I can hold off a week on Lloyd. Im thinking this week to go:

    Option 1:
    Stewart > Ryan
    SPP > Zerrett/Sloane (could wait for a further drop)/Zorko
    Unfortunately in this option i'm 1k short of Dusty

    Option 2:
    Stewart > Ryan
    Scooter > Dusty

    Option 3:
    Fisher > Ryan (via DPP)
    Stewart > Lloyd

    Option 4
    Fisher > Ryan (via DPP)
    Scooter > Yeo (via DPP)

    A lot will depend on Sandi's availability and the extent of Scooter's injury

    • Dean says:

      J Lloyd has a B/E of just 50 and is only projected to increase by $7,200

      Option 2 with out a doubt.

      • Whatyasmokin says:

        His projection is 66, if he goes 110 expect a rise of maybe 30K?

    • Spanner says:

      Why not go Stewart to Ryan and Scooter to Zerrett.

      • Dean says:

        Why go Stewart to Ryan & Scooter to Zerrett. When he can bring in Dusty who is the second highest scorer in SC based on averages.

        Granted Zerrett is very good and could end up finishing as one of the top 5 midfielders come season end but surly having Dusty over Zerritt is the best choice especially considering he has 15 trades left and his midfield has only the one top 10 midfielders being Danger, he can go Fyfe to Zerrett at a later stage if he wishes as he has enough trades left over.

        I prefer his idea of going Zorko over Zerrett considering Zorko's averages over his last 3 games is 134 and over his last 5 games his averages are 129

        Top 10 midfielders based on averages thus far are:
        Danger 126
        Martin 116
        Sloane 116
        Titch 115
        Neale 114
        Zorko 114
        Merrett 112
        Kelly 112
        Gibbs 111
        Oliver 110

  87. Relton says:

    Only want to do one of the options below as my first trade is scooter too neale.. after JS more so than huge cash
    2.Barrett> mountford

    • Dean says:

      If you're after JS – Then at this early stage Brown would most definitely be the way to go because Mountford had his first game in round 1 and his second game in round 13 so I don't think Mountford's JS is strong at all.

      If you can wait a extra week look at bringing Brown in round 15 – However if you needed to bring in one of those two players in this week and lets say both are named to play this weekend, go for Brown because this means he will play two games in a row.

  88. Big G says:

    Will rccky come good or should I side trade him when his price is still high?