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After a week or so without wifi, I cast my gaze over my Supercoach side..

I was at first greeted by sunny green pastures, with fluffy sheep dotted about the page, not unlike what I’ve been seeing in New Zealand. Up in the top left, 1879. not bad for a draft side.

Next tab for my classic side led me to a scene not unlike Mt Doom from the Lord of the Rings films. But not like the real mountain, which I saw a few weeks ago and was lovely and pretty and cool. Like the one that’s on fire and covered in orcs and shit. That’s what my Supercoach side looks like. It’s been a month since I cracked 2000, with an 1829 – being outscored by my draft side – the absolute nadir.


This is why we don’t go away during the football season. The price is just too damn high. The supercoach landscape has fallen apart this year, and without reliable access to the podcast, to news updates, to scores – I’ve fallen to pieces. I apologise to everyone I’m in a league with, and to anyone who considered me an expert in this caper – I told you I was rubbish. I’m just here to report the memes and have a few bits of news thrown in.

But I’m being self indulgent – so let’s get into it right after thanking Kev for his absolutely outstanding efforts filling in for me while I was in the wilderness. Okay community, now let’s PANIC!


I’ve released a new book at the behest of my therapist, Lekdog. I’ve called it Eat Up! How I Stopped Worrying And Learned To Love Donuts, because eating donuts is what we’ll be doing.


When it rains it pours

We’ve been hit hard in the gonads this week, with Port Adelaide and Gold Coast having a bye after their game in Shanghai on the weekend.

Midfield clearance tycoon Tom Rockliff has managed to injure himself yet again, and will miss two, plus his bye. Trade him.

On top of that, Dan Butler will miss with a groin – which could well just be an excuse to drop him. Harley Balic has been ruled out indefinitely for personal reasons, and as much as it hurts us, he’ll be hurting more from whatever is causing him to step away from footy and we at the Panic Room wish him all the best.

Speaking of stepping away from footy, Jesse Hogan has been diagnosed with testicular cancer, which is awful news for the kid, especially after he lost his father recently.

There’s also concern from the Essendon and West Coast game on Sunday, with David Myers and Kurt Murtimer named on extended benches. Myers should be safe, but make sure you check the final teams tonight. Jy Simpkin is also out through injury.

On the flipside, midfield tormentors Adam Treloar and Dayne Beams are back to taunt our midfields with clangers and woeful team performance.

Harry Perryman and Shai Bolton make their debuts this week, but I’m not sold by either of them – yet. Perryman does have huge wraps on him, though. For the Crows, Jordan Gallucci and Hugh Greenwood have been named to debut.

Dane Rampe and Bob Murphy return, as does Kurt Tippett and a whole bunch of irrelevant players such as Tyrone ‘Sideshow Bob’ Vickery.

One notable concern is Richmond naming Ivan Soldo to partner Toby Nankervis.


Kev’s rebranding of Trading Places was just too perfect to change back. I love it, so it’s staying. Anyone who objects can spend 3 hours trying to teach me to spell Aykro… Aky… Akyroyd so I don’t have to google it every week.

Everything’s Coming Up Milhouse!

-30 – Michael Walters

-25 – David Myers

-22 – Kurt Murtimer

-20 – Nic Newman

-17 – Sam Durdin

-6 – Jarrod Berry

-1 – Ed Vickers-Willis

Dig Up, Stupid!

212 – Rory Sloane

166 – Adam ‘I’m gonna kick it with my shin” Treloar

161 – Jax Pendlebury

163 – Nick Reiwoldt

150 – Joel Selwood

148 – Nick Roberton

148 – Luke Dahlhaus



I have no idea what’s going on. Stef Martin seems to be doing well. So is Big Boy McEvoy. Pick them.

I totally nailed that segment #analysis


Okay so the VC should be plonked on someone tonight. As to who that someone is… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Scott Selwood has been named, and I’d wager he’ll stride up to Marcus Bontempelli and wear him like a glove all night. My gut says Selwood but my gut also told me to pick up Tex Walker so go Paddy Dangerfield.

For the captaincy, most sides have figured out the way to stop Adelaide is to stop Rory Sloane, so I’d wager he’ll pick up much more attention from here on out, so I’d steer clear.

I’d probably lean towards Scott Pendlebury to clean up against the hapless Hawks, or JPK from the Swans who has played his way into form. 

Otherwise, the aforementioned Taylor Walker could go massive against a Brisbane defense with an average age of 12 if you want to “#yolo it up”, which is what the cool kids say these days.

ALRIGHT I’M DONE! I’m still in New Zealand and don’t particularly like spending time in hostels when I can be in places like this, which I hiked up yesterday.

So in that sense, I’m unlikely to be around too frequently, but I’ll pop in sometime in the arvo!

Tell me how your last month of Supercoach has treated you? Who deserves a kick up the rear and who’s saved you? And more importantly can someone pls find me another forward rookie kk thnx byeeeee!

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  1. Hoot says:

    Go Blues!

  2. iLoveNMFC says:

    Stefan or Dustin Martin?

  3. Alex says:

    26k left over and 22 trades ranked around 13000 and I'm new so I'm wanting some suggestions as what to do ! Please help me out 🙂

    Laird- Adams- Howe (Stewart)
    Shaw- Marchbank- Newman (Hampton)

    Dangerfield- Treleor- Cripps- Fyfe
    Martin- Merrett- SPP- Taranto
    (Fisher, Pickett, Barrett)

    Grundy- Sandilands

    Greene- McRae- Dalhaus(parsons)
    Nankervis- Roughead- Hoskin(eddy)

    • Hoot says:

      You must have started too slow. Team looks OK now. Issue is your rank at 13000.

      Time to take a risk. : )

      I'd get a JJK type player IN and try take advantage of his big 150+ scores (VC even if possible)

      Playing safe now wont help if your trying to go top 1000.

      • Alex says:

        What could I do tho?

        • Hoot says:

          Id look to drop 2 players, grab one cheap bubble rookie and get one Risk.

          Sell 2:

          JJK, Eddy Betts. etc. Depends waht $ you have to spare. these guys can go huge and make a good F7 loop swing in the later rounds.


        • redherringfc says:

          I'd look to trade Hampton as a priority. Docherty stands out as a back to bring in but very expensive and may be cheaper in the near future, then you probably put marchbank on the pine.
          To make the extra cash bring Myers in (make sure he is named at 5:30 or 6 tonight) and trade out WHE, who is probably at his max price. You'll need to put Taranto up front, on field.
          If you still don't have enough cash for doc, then Simpson might be your man and if he is too expensive Rance is a bargain at the moment.
          Over the next few weeks try to bring in gun midfielders such as Bont and maybe Pendles, when he drops to sub 500k.
          Finally, hold SPP until after the byes. He will be great cover.

    • Randomcliche2 says:

      You've got to plan your bye period. How many keepers each round, how many rookies. Going for overall, try and get an even spread, budget 3 trades each week, its the only way to climb. I'd be looking at GCS/PA players who you think can go large, as they come with one less bye than the others as of next week. So that means this week, if you upgrade is the last week you want to buy someone who's had a bye, its equally valid to go double down this week (lack of rookies) and double up next week (if possible). Your backline and to some extent your rucks look a little rnd 13 heavy. I'm buying JPK this week just because he's bloody good value. Oh, and trade, trade, trade.

  4. jez_m says:

    What are we thinking with Andy Otten? With Jenkins not in the side, does he go back to being the second key forward/back up ruck? Does that improve his scoring output? Tossing up whether to go Butler & Otten to Myers and J. Lloyd (or another premo defender). Going Lloyd would leave me with $173K to get Selwood or Pendles next week.

  5. LoganJosh7 says:

    is butler only 1 week out? hed be pretty handy in the bye rounds? or just flip him over, hes done?

    • Rivo says:

      Not sure on that one Logan. If Bolton fires this weekend he may not get back until after the byes. I'm hovering over the trade button on him or Houston. Tempted to hold Houston as he may play next week and is good bye cover…

      • LoganJosh7 says:

        yeah i can also afford JJK if i trade him so i might just do it. Only problem is im churning through trades faster than BVC through his twitter feed :/

        • Patch says:

          Should only have 8-10 left post byes anyway, so churn away. I'd flick him

          • LoganJosh7 says:

            you da man. love the #analysis. most of my trades have been prepping for bye rounds anyways so should be all good!

  6. Rivo says:

    Ballic to Durdin, Stewart, Greenwood, Bolton or Galluci?

    • LoganJosh7 says:

      wait a week or two and youll have your answer 🙂 better to put up with a donut for a little bit and gain the best cash cow!

    • pod says:

      Sloane was on SEN this morning.. talked up Greenwood. Keep an eye on him if you don't bring him in this week. I'm considering him this week as a cheap downgrade.

    • Patch says:

      I'd take Greenwood. I've gone Durdin as well, but I'm not sold on any of them other than Greenwood

    • lazza says:

      Not much to go on – but 19 yr old Gallucci stats in the U18 Championships played a mid-forward … had the highest kick-to-h/ball ratio of any mid or fwd player, gaining 422 metres. Won 55% of his contested possessions …. mostly an outside player ..averaged 4 tackles a game.
      Whereas Greenwood who is a 25yr old rookie …. is a tackling machine, a goal kicker and with excellent ground ball-gets. Doesn't get a lot of kicks though.
      Flip of the coin … but if I had to choose I'd go Gallucci …. should get more action..

      • Rivo says:

        Thanks lazza. The forecast looks a little wet for Brisbane. Does this tip it Greenwoods way?

        • Lazza says:

          Interesting to note that Greenwood's SANFL possessions are pretty good …(see table at top of the page) might just sway me back to him ..

      • Patch says:

        Ripping insights lazza, beautiful stuff mate

  7. pod says:

    Still undecided on VC option. Danger has had 30+ possesions whenever he plays the Dogs. Also Jelwood who loves a big game down the Cattery. Of course there's The Bont, but I think the Cats will win so leaning towards Dangerwood as leading possesions etc.

    • Patch says:

      It's tough this week. Going Danger, but have hardly seen a game in a month so no idea who has niggles or tags

    • jez_m says:

      Scott Selwood every chance to go to Bont this week, so I'd probably lean towards Danger/Selwood

    • Maestro says:

      And it'll be nice and wet at the Cattery tonight, just to add another level of uncertainty! Danger for me.

  8. DacZawson says:

    My team looks decent until you look at the forward line and get a glimpse of Butler, Eddy, Lynch and Balic sitting there ready to munch on a donut

    • Undertaker says:

      Im there with you mate. Copping a donut from Butler, with Bowes and Eddy sitting on the pine this week

      • Holty says:

        Im fortunate i dont have any this week but i do have Hannan and Parsons on field which i guess is similar to a donut

        • BarryBee says:

          Seriously Im sick to death of the Parsnip ….he's been consistently crap since his second game, suckering many of us into bringing him in and then beautifully emulating an actual Parsnip…..the sh*t vege in the Sunday roast that essentially an anemic carrot ……If the rest of my team wasn't full of such potatoes I would happily trade the parsnip for a non playing rookie ……hate the Parsnip

  9. Declan says:

    Is it too late to trade in Berry only about 210k and could possibly go up by another 130k with the increase midfield time. Also now Rockliff is out for next 2 will he be given more of a midfield role? Need to downgrade a defender so that I am able to upgrade butler to hanners/merrett as they both have low BE and its probably the lowest they will be possibly for the rest of the year.

    Not many options, not wanting to go to McInness or go early on someone like Perryman and not sure about McNiece is ever going to get named again and can't wait or hope that Scharenberg will be named so is berry the best option and worth the trade?

    • TBone says:

      Definitely too late on Berry. any rookie not named Myers or Durdin I'd steer clear of for now

    • pod says:

      Have you looked at Scott Selwood?

    • Patch says:

      Think you may have missed the boat on Berry – might be worth going early on Perryman

  10. Lok says:

    Rarely do this but I'm in a dilemma so here's my team:

    DEF: Docherty, Laird, Adams, Lloyd, Marchbank, Newman (Stewart, Berry)

    MID: Bontempelli, Dangerfield, Titchell, Merrett, Pendlebury, Dusty, Fyfe, SPP (Barrett, Fisher, Pickett)

    RUCK: Mumford, Sandilands (Strandica)

    FWD: Dahlhaus, Franklin, Nankervis, WHE, Butler, Houston (Parsons, Eddy)

    Trades: 20

    Butler not named so I really need to cover the donut.
    So I really want to bring Myers in this week. Trades I were thinking of:
    1. SPP -> Myers and Butler -> Heeney (get donut)
    2. Butler -> Myers (pickett swing) and Houston to Durdin or Stewart.

    Really want to bring in Myers this week and hopefully Heeney. But not sure what to do thoughts?

  11. Finnius123 says:

    Would you prefer: Zerrett and Durdin or Priddis and Myers. Can't afford Zerrett and Myers. Double downgrade next week so cash isn't an issue.


    Pending finals teams: Houston to Myers and Witts to Greene, not keen on copping a donut plus trying to get full premium side as quick as possible, thoughts community??

  13. TBone says:

    Looking like I'll take a donut this week in the forward line, with Butler being injured. With $180k in the kitty, is it worth the trade of Butler up to maybe Roughy? who may just be starting to hit form and has the handy r13 bye. Cheers guys

    • Patch says:

      Would downgrade instead of going to a midpricer and upgrade next week

      • Ben says:

        cant do myers. is it worth the downgrade to Durdin? dont really trust he'll stay in the team

        • INPieman says:

          Turdin has poor JS. Like every rookie this year except SPP & now Witts

        • Patch says:

          Would trust Greenwood over Durdin but it's poking a stick at shit this week and seeing what sticks.

    • jez_m says:

      Nah I'd just cop the doughnut personally.

  14. Finnius123 says:

    VC Tex and Skipper Zach Merrett

    • Patch says:

      Love it. Ballsy.

      • Finnius123 says:

        Thanks. I might miss out on a decent Danger/Bont/Selwood score on friday night – but the reward of Tex going huge against the lions is too big to pass up.

    • jez_m says:

      Different, but I don't mind it!

  15. INPieman says:

    Been in a 12 hour crisis meeting trying to work out how to stop 2 donuts! $100 off pulling the pair of trades I'd like. It's time to panic. F*ck

  16. undypuncher says:

    Are any od the adelaide boys worth taking without getting a look at over the roo boy on the bubble ?

  17. Mystic Mac says:

    Hannan and Parsons on field. What a time to be alive people 🙂

  18. SCdonkey says:

    What to do?!?
    Where to start!?!
    Why is this happening?!?

    Don't panic!!
    Yes panic!!

    Demmit!! Anxiety is high to the roof!
    Effit don't give a hoot anymore!
    I'm done with this crap!! (Depression kicking in)


    Oh wait YOLO!

    To hell with it,
    Rage trade bang! bang!

    Hope those bangs hit the SCGods in nuts.

    • INPieman says:

      Harley "I'm leaving you with a donut for personal reasons" Balic! Just says it all really doesn't it!

      • SCdonkey says:

        I think Balic read way too much of what's been commented in here about Ross. He decided to leave for personal reason (he hates Ross) and wants to go back home and play for another club next season. Bloody wuss!!

    • Derek says:

      Why do bad things happen to good people

  19. Whitey says:

    What do we think about Hibberd guys? His one low score he still got 24 possessions but just chopped it up a bit that game. Is he a top 6 defender?

    Thanks in advance.

    • INPieman says:

      Top 10 perhaps. Top 6 I'd be surprised. But in a season where value is paramount I think he's a good option at his price. It is evident when Hibbered makes mistakes champion data punish him. Pray he doesn't make to many

    • Whitey says:

      Cheers guys, thanks.

  20. TRIGGER HAPPY says:

    Patch welcome back.

    Boy your team was baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddddddddddd when you were over the dutch.

    Tell you what Kev did a stellar job in your absence.,

    Seems like the hiding I took a couple of weeks again when I did a double downgrade might have been worth it.
    Gave me a lazy $700k to spend on upgrades.
    Doc and Yeo last week
    Another premo fwd this week
    Next week JPK/Cripps or Zerrett
    Also means I can hold SPP this week – will be handy during the byes.

    So far full 22 with Nank covering Witts in ruck, parsons at F6 and two bench options in the middle to cover SPP.

    So all good – blow the siren lets play ball….

    • Patch says:

      I'm still over the ditch, so expect two more weeks of terrible scores until I get back.

      You've been doing well for yourself at least! And Kev had a ripper 3 weeks

  21. Luke says:

    Current Team:
    Docherty, Laird, Adams, Marchbank, Otten & Newman (Stewart & Berry)
    Bontempelli, Dangerfield, Oliver, Treloar, Kennedy, Fyfe, Beams & Fisher (Powell-Pepper, Barrett & Fox)
    Sandi & Witts (Strnadica)
    Dalhaus, Heeney, Franklin, Nank, Parsons & Balic (Lynch & Eddy)

    $379.5k & 18 trades left

    Plans for the week:
    So was going to trade Otten but will hold now. Need some help though in terms of trades:

    Option 1: Balic to Durdin & Fox to Myers (2 downgrades)
    Option 2: Fox to Myers & Balic to a Prem Fwd – Today Greene for POD is my choice..

    Any other advice would be welcome to.

    • Patch says:

      Double down and double up next week. I'm not sold on Greene but if you've done your research on him, lock him him

  22. Wal says:

    So I was all set to do SPP to Myers and Otten to Rance, now with Jenkins out am thinking of holding Otten, thoughts?

    • Patch says:

      Can see the value in holding him, yes. Would upgrade another rook for mine

      • Wal says:

        Cheers Patch, options are limited unfortunately, all still have a bit of mooing to do, I'm also reconsidering the Meyers trade, could just get Pickett out for him and keep SPP through the byes. Worried about not upgrading this week but hopefully will set me up to bridge that gap and more in future rounds

  23. Buck says:

    Help… I don't know whether to turn DBeams into Cripps or Josh Kennedy (Could also go Zerrett, but my gut thinks the Cripps or Kennedy are better options.
    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    • Patch says:

      You've held Beams through his injury, I'd keep holding. That said, Zerrett <3

  24. jake says:

    thought on butler to heeney?

  25. jordan says:

    is it worth getting marc murphy

    • Patch says:

      I don't even know any more. I'd go a cheaper Zerrett or JPK ahead of him, but we can't deny Murphy any longer

    • Raging Bulls says:

      In a fist fight – yes? Looks like he could not take 3 five year olds at once… In SC – NO. That ship has sailed… U will be locking in a loss of loot to a lot of people who had him cheaper earlier. Same for Clayton Oliver. No-go zones… All aboard Titch, Merrett, Bont, Pendles, Danger, Selwood from here…

  26. Josh says:

    What are people's thoughts on Robbie Gray

    His averaged 110 3 years in a row and surely he won't have another 30 point game


    • ProTravo says:

      Only two 100+ point games this year, that should be enough to scare you off.

    • Patch says:

      Playing heavily forward. Might be All Australian in a pocket, and will give him mid/fwd for 2018, but it's a firm no from me this year

    • Derek says:

      He will be rested. Has issues with his groins.

      Plays forward only so unless Port win, he will be poor

    • Pitch 72 says:

      To inconstant, he could lose you a finals game with his up and down scoring..

    • Hoot says:

      I might get him as a M9 if im rich come late season.

  27. abs says:

    is there any Freo supporters in da house
    is he going to play midfield for at least another 3 weeks
    i would love to make at least $80k from him , get his points and he covers me nicely for the bye rds

    • Temet Nosce says:

      S Hill returns this week, Walters back to the forward line. B hill could be worth a look though.

    • Dice says:

      i think he'll stay mainly on ball with their new game plan.
      would be silly to put him back up fwd after 38 touches

      • Derek says:

        This is what Ross does

      • Raging Bulls says:

        I just nabbed hom off the waiver wire in DRAFT coz Devon Smith did his knee… I'm invested in his new star midfield role.

    • Beady Eye says:

      Hill is back and adding class to the midfield in his absence was Ross' rationale for Walters' role change.

      I'd expect he continues to split time until Hill's back up to speed, but he is a natural small forward and that's where he'll end up.

  28. DacZawson says:

    Who should average the most from here on: Heeney, JJK, Greene or Buddy?

  29. LoganJosh7 says:

    hmmmm with balic possibly back in 2-3 weeks im fairly tempted to just hold on him and butler…

    • Holty says:

      Is that through a source or a guess? He could be another McCarthy and not play again because he misses mum and dad. Although i dont know the whole story so could be bigger then just missing his family.

      • LoganJosh7 says:

        channel 7 apparently

        • Holty says:

          Cheers mate. I may needs to hold him then

          • Northernsoul74 says:

            If it's homesickness and he's nailed on to return to Vic why would Freo invest anymore time playing him for redo of season?

            • Beady Eye says:

              Alternatively, if it WAS just a personal matter and he's perfectly happy in WA, why wouldn't they?

  30. Dice says:

    If I loophole macreadie on field tonight, and have the emergencies on geelongs stewart and o'connor.
    Who's score do I get??

  31. Ethan says:

    hoskin Elliot to Myers via Taranto going forward
    Then Powell pepper to shuey as a pod, Thoughts

  32. Nick says:

    Silly trading in Heeney this week considering rd 11 bye?
    Also who to field out of Barrett, Berry or Myers?

    • Benjamin B says:

      Berry, Named on the ball

    • @t_woof says:

      EM Loophole one of the Lions if you have a Powell Pepper, Pickett, Mitch Hibberd on the bench. If scores no good, then roll with Myers on field (if he's named in the 22 later this afternoon).

  33. Troy says:

    VC the Bont or Danger

    • Macka says:

      Bont for mine. Danger is still playing sore and spending way too much time in the forward line to score massive.

    • Pablo says:

      I am considering Dahl? He will be looking to bounce after last week.

    • SCdonkey says:

      Like to put VC on Danger, like what Macka said he's been playing with sore ribs and playing up fwd. I don't have Bont considering on Dahl as well like Pablo.

      • Blaknight says:

        Ive got, Bont, Danger, Jelwood, Dahl and Maccrea to VC tonight. Wanna keep faith in Danger but i dont think he'll have a massive night. I think both Bonts and Jelwood will be tagged.

  34. Tommo says:

    When do the Port and GC players get locked out? Need SPP as my loophole

  35. Mark says:

    Not ideal but need to go early on a rookie this week. Already going myers. Which one should i go early on?
    Mciness, Perryman, Lloyd, Stewart, Greenwood, Galucci

    Thanks in advance

    • Dice says:

      if coin is an issue could go o'connor from geelong.
      2nd game tonight and they have jack all showing much in the 2s

    • @t_woof says:

      If only for a warm body on the bench, of that six i'd go with Daniel Lloyd.

      54 serviceable last week. Had been putting up big numbers in the NEAFL. Coniglio out for 10, and now Devon Smith gone for 6. GWS depth is really getting tested. Job security looks decent enough.

      I don't know much about Perryman.

      • Mark says:

        He will be going on my field. really do not want to have Hannan on field and need some to get rid of Parfitt and Butler (also got balic and hampton)

        • @t_woof says:

          Don't blame you not wanting Hannan on ground. I've got to have him or Parsons on field this week. Using Chad Wingard as a EM Loophole the pair.

          On field, OK. I'd probably still lean Lloyd. Mature age player, GWS injuries, brought into the side before Perryman and De Boer. Rookies have been fickle, so whichever angle you look at it…there is elements of risk with each option.

          Where you can, use the EM loophole with your bye players and the bench donuts (we all have plenty of them).

          • Mark says:

            Yeah spot on mate. Was liking the look of Greenwood, averaging 8.5 tackles per game in the 2s and co-captain, so they obviously rate him. But the fact he has to get to 3 games worries me a touch.

            • @t_woof says:

              Can definitely find the pill by the sounds of things.

              That's the bloody catch isn't it, can they get to 3 games. Hard Yakka.

              Go with your gut in the end. Have to be happy with your selection. None of them are going anywhere next week with all still only 0-1 games so far.

              I'll be trading in Myers if named in the 22 this afternoon. But definitely watching the likes of Lloyd and Co with a close eye for the upcoming weeks.

              GL whichever way you go with the rookies Mark.

  36. The Ranger says:

    Nice to read your panicked tones again Patch, I think I'm having a similar season to you.
    Started badly and then got steadily worse.
    I'm going stupidly early on H.Greenwood this week, even it doesn't come off he can be a handy DPP non player at M11 if need be.
    Jeez its a tough year!

  37. The Ranger says:

    Is Myers a must have?
    Don't see much else coming up to generate cash.

    • whatyousmokin says:

      Not if put on the emergencies…….even if playing js shaky

      • Finnius123 says:

        agreed. Am actually going to Durdin to save a bit of cash and because he is named onfield. North also extended his contract during the week so they obviously rate him. Also has that round 12 bye.

        • Choppers says:

          Durdin has been moved to the bench…..check teams tonight at 5pm…

          AFL advises NMelb has revised its rd9 interchange bench v Melb.

          I/change is Anderson, Swallow, Hansen, Atley, Durdin, Garner, Mountford.
          7:47 AM – 19 May 2017

    • Patch says:

      He's absolutely not a must have rookie. As Jock said today, may be managed, won't score massive too often… I'm passing

    • Real Talk says:

      Not a must have imo

  38. Jacob says:

    Is it worth going early on Perryman even though not sure about his JS and point scoring capabilities or would you go Berry as good JS and scoring well in midfield?

  39. JDP says:

    Anyone got thoughts on Dom Sheed?

    Would love to get some feedback

    • INPieman says:

      Too many poor scores. Wouldn't even pick him if he was a defender

  40. Liam says:

    What forward rookie should I trade in. Leaning towards McCluggage but not sure.

    Or Could hold and play Hannan and parsons.

  41. JustaMug says:

    Think I need to take an early punt (because that's NEVER failed me before… haha) to bring in Goldy and avoid a ruck donut.
    Are Greenwood or Bolton worth the risk based on reserves form???

  42. Stickman says:

    I have Eddy, Houston and Miller all in the forward line with the bye this week.
    Should I make a trade or cop a donut. Already traded out butler this round.

  43. RobDog says:

    Seen a few comments about VC or C on Tex. Word is it will be heavy rain through the match so would be careful depending on a key forward for that game.

  44. Bad_News_Brown says:

    O yeah this week is 'BIG TIME DOMINATION TIME' – I'm moving on those Beer Bellied Sharecroppers in Preuss and Balic and with all that cash sitting in my kitty it's time for DustyDanger time via my Yeo/Ryder swing – kapow and I also dodge the Ryder doughnut that would of sat in my forward line – I pity my opponents this week they won't know whats hit them

  45. Pablo says:

    May fortune favour the brave. I am trading in Bolts and Greenwood (I am not sold on any of the other bubble boys) at avoid 2 donuts. It will either make or break me, but Such is Life.

    • Just saying says:

      Fortune doesn't favor those who upvote themselves

    • INPieman says:

      Greenwood I can understand. Bolton will be another poor scoring small forward who will probably be kicked to the curb quickly. I'd rethink that one

  46. Mark says:

    Go early on Greenwood or Lloyd? Unfortunately have to go early

  47. Seeker says:

    What do you reckon is the minimum amount of cash in bank after any trades this week?

    I could probably paint the fence with a premo and a rookie in for two non-playing do-nothing layabouts but I'll be under $100k afterwards.

    I almost feel like doing it and if it (*self) sabotages my team, well I couldn't be doing much worse anyway…

    • Finnius123 says:

      Mate I have 2k in the bank after this week. Doesn't matter that much though as I am double downgrading next week. It all depends on circumstance.

  48. Jimmy says:

    team is as below $278,800 remaining in the bank

    DEF: Laird, Lloyd, Howe, Tmac, Marcbank, Newman (Stewart, EVW)
    MID: Rockliff, Dangerfield, Pendlebury, Ablett, Priddis, Fyfe, Mundy, Barret (Balic, Fisher, Fox)
    RCK: Nank, Sandilands (Strandica)
    FWD: Macrae, JJK, Greene, Heeney, Butler, Hardwick (Parsons, Eddy)

    I dont Rockliff, Ablett, Balic and Butler what can i do with my side community

  49. Holty says:

    Bugger it. Been waiting 2 years for Dochs price to drop and just hasnt happened. Was keeping Ottens with Jenkins out but have heard the weather is terrible is Brisbane so i doubt it will suit his game.
    Ottens out and Doch in. Thoughts?

    • Real Talk says:

      With jenkins out otten could return to form as that ruck/fwd. I'd upgrade elsewhere personally, has the friendly rd 13 bye too.

    • Derek says:

      i'm jelous. i've never owned Docherty

      • Dice says:

        Same Derek, coz of never wanted to pay overs for him.
        here's hoping for a concussion 5min into the 1st!

        • Holty says:

          I need 2 more premos in defense and dont have Laird or Doch. Fair enough not paying overs and tend to agree going cheaper options is the way to go. but i dont want to be getting to the business end of the season and not having these 2 who are both averaging 15+ more a game then most other premo defenders. Will be hard to win finals when your opponent have these 2 and you dont.

        • Joshua says:

          Oi don't you dare wish that on our saviour!

    • ProTravo says:

      Lock it in Holty. Doch is a must have.

    • TRIGGER HAPPY says:

      Lock the doc mate.
      Number one defender again.

    • SCdonkey says:

      If only Balic kept playing until his bye, now why didn't he just wait until then to take personal leave. smh

      I would've picked up Doc this week. I just have to wait until his bye.

    • Beezneez says:

      I'm waiting to do the trade in round 12 or 13. If you trade Doc in this week you only have him for 2 weeks and you miss out on a warm body in Otten in round 11. I was all set to do that trade this week but need to bolster my mids to a 7th premo. After trading in Yeo to cover Greene I like the look of him (Yeo) in the forward line rather than the mids. First trade is to downgrade and go for any mid this week (probably Mitchell over Cripps for the same reason I'm not getting Doc this week). Even though Otten will drop in price, he still should be at a reasonable amount come round 12 or 13.Patience is the key.

  50. Paul says:

    Thoughts please help
    Option 1 WHE to JJK
    Option 2 WHE to Heeney
    Option 3 WHE to Goldy via DPP
    Option 4 WHE to Steph Martin via DPP
    Thank you.

  51. Moiteeee says:

    Currently have 116k in the kitty 21 trades and thinking of going balic to myers and tossing up between hampton to rance or hibberd . If i go Rance would leave me with just over 3k left. Thoughts community?

    • Finnius123 says:

      Like Rance's bye. If you do a double downgrade next week then cash isn't an issue. Rance is probably more likely to end up as a top 8 defender, I also really like his ceiling.

    • Richard says:

      Rance. Better bye structure.

  52. Derek says:

    Have to trade out Simpkin and Balic this week, so Preuss survives again!

  53. Daniel Fisher says:

    Watch this, whoever I trade out for Myers will be named next week ….. Pickett or Eddy???

    • Joshua says:

      Eddy please!

    • Bells says:

      Myers must be a strong chance to go out of the team this week. Named on extended bench second from last NOT a good sign. Even if named must be in team by skin of teeth.
      I'm not sure what to do about this….trade him in, or just go for a rock bottom price guy this week and wait on another mid with better JS.

    • Cogla13 says:

      Can you trade Eddy for me?

  54. Ben says:

    Boys I’m really stuck YEO or Kennedy for d5 heeney is looking good but might wait till after his bye for various reasons. please help I cant split them.

    • SCdonkey says:

      Yeo has been in a ripping form with DPP besides his name will come in handy. JJK has a high ceiling specially if he starts kicking straight, toss a coin or whichever fits right in your team.

  55. Richard says:

    Want to bring in a rookie for Balic in the forward line. Thinking Durdin or Greenwood. Will then have enough money for either JJK or Yeo. Thoughts please community?

  56. ProTravo says:

    Can not believe only 28% of teams have Nic Newman in a year of limited cash cows.

    • SCdonkey says:

      Horse has played with many coaches' mind, he sure did with mine. That's why i traded him out when newman got dropped.

    • TRIGGER HAPPY says:

      I reckon a lot would have off loaded him last week for cash when the final teams were announced and he was an E.

      Horse not a favourite for many at the moment.

    • Derek says:

      i missed Otten. Was happy i held Newman. Last Friday night he was gone.

    • Randomcliche says:

      Yeah was

      • Randomcliche says:

        Only about a third who bought on bubble….should have been higher!

  57. Richie Porte says:

    Butler or Balic for Myers

  58. garfield_da_cat says:

    zerrett or oliver?

  59. itchyloophole says:

    Chances of Waite putting up a few more scores? Or go JJK? I have Yeo already.
    Looking for a good forward option with a round 12 bye.

  60. Thomas says:

    Who is a greater priority to get rid of? Butler or Balic

  61. Joshua says:

    Stick with Balic to Myers even though Freo are expecting him back in 2 weeks?

  62. He man says:

    JJK or Heeney?

    • Tim says:


    • James says:

      JJK, as someone whos had Glandular fever in the past I can't put faith in Heeney to not miss games in the future or to drop his output. Plus JJK has the round 12 bye.

    • Top Gun says:

      Both. JJK more a contested mark beast. Heeney a possession gatherer.

  63. Jim_bob321 says:

    Wondering who to put the VC on………. wet conditions, soreness, taggers…… gonna be a tough ride
    Danger or Bont?

  64. Ben says:

    Need help guys. Do I a) Trade out Preuss for a sandilands or goldstein (other ruckmen are nank and witts) or B) cop a donut in the ruck department this week and trade out beams for someone like JPK or Josh Kelly.
    Open to other ideas for specific players in each option.
    Got 329 in the bank and 20 trades left.

    • Hoot says:

      Hardest question to answer…

      My thoughts. . . Dont get Sandi.. suprised he has lasted this long.

      Im selling Witts to keep my position overall. If that's not a priority then go the O.

      Goldy is cheap.

      Keep Beams. No Rocky is good for him.

      • Ben says:

        Thanks for the advice. Was thinking I should get rid of preuss over witts as witts might be helpful during byes and then there is option of swinging nank forward if wanted later due to three playing ruckmen.

        • Ben says:

          Is my thinking for getting rid of preuss over witts good?

          • Hoot says:

            If you drop preuss and then get goldy, youll be forced to make another trade in rd10 in order to get nankervis out of the ruck and into the forward line to not waste witts's score of 95odd on the bench.

            Witts is an good/ok cover for the reminder of the season BUT how important is not getting a 0?

            If you had ryder in the fwd line you'd be laughing.

            Looks like you have to make a decision between these two options:
            Preuss to Goldy
            Witts to Goldy

            Assuming Goldy is your choice of keeper ruck.

    • Derek says:


  65. Rosco says:

    Does anyone know if Port and GC players with the bye this week can be traded at any stage during this round or are they locked out at the commencement of tonight's game?

  66. Finnius123 says:

    Balic is reportedly expected back in two weeks. Anyone keen on holding?

  67. Ben says:

    Yeo or jjk

  68. MickyB says:

    Mcinnes or durdin for job security?

  69. Finnius123 says:

    Is anyone going early on Lloyd in order to avoid Durdin (key defender who has already been dropped) and Myers (elevated price, huge injury tendency and might be rested + shaky JS whilst named on an extended bench). Lloyd has good JS with GWS players dropping like flies and having absolutely carved up in the NEAFL (Cheers Barron for the intel – have just read over the past few rookie scout reports). In terms of cash gen he will have the same number of cash generating games before his bye as Durdin so that isn't an issue.

    I am very tempted…

    • Top Gun says:

      I'm having another look at him. Next week I will bring him in if he is not dropped and scores well this week

  70. Steeeve says:

    Who will be back first? Dan Butler or Harley Balic?

  71. Bells says:

    Does Pendles have his baby yet Playing?

  72. Jimmy says:

    what are people's thoughts on Hugh Greenwoods job security

    • lazza says:

      Will totally depend on how he goes …. this is the problem picking debutantes …. if he goes well probably will play 2, who knows after that … they also have Gallucci in as well …. can't see both holding down a position in the top team.
      Add Hampton and Otten .. there is a lot of inexperience … mind you, it wasn't a problem for Sydney last year.

    • pod says:

      He's a 25yr old rookie, tackles hard and will help out Sloane. I reckon he's a good choice/gamble.

    • Top Gun says:

      Interesting question…when a team is strong usually it's not high

  73. Benny says:

    Hampton to Doch or Next round Balic to fallen premo mid/ fwd ?

  74. James says:

    Should SPP be traded? Meyers is this obvious choice to bring into the midfield, and with the cash made from this was thinking of upgrading otten to a premium defender such as Adams? Any advice?

  75. Frasier says:

    Thinking of clearing out Butler and can't pick a forward to bring in. Also not sure whether to hold onto rockliff or trade down a bench player to avoid a donut. Any ideas?

  76. TRIGGER HAPPY says:

    Myers is in peeps

  77. Danny says:

    durdin out

    • lazza says:

      Well that limits the options further for quite a few looking to have him on field.

  78. Big Kev says:

    Still no Mountford, Hibbo or Preuss. Brad Scott u ahole!!!

    • Carson says:

      Knowing my luck this season I'll trade Mountford to Myers only for Mountford to be a late in for the last game of the round and then go on to bang out a 150 Newman style!

  79. Jim_bob321 says:

    Myers or Greenwood fellas…. need some help

    • Real Talk says:

      Greenwood is a tackling machine so that is always good for scoring, not the best security but is DPP so you could do worse. Myers is an injury prone meh

      • Jim_bob321 says:

        AHHHHHHHH… so hard to decide

        • Real Talk says:

          Daniel lloyd looks decent from gws, with their injuries looks a lock for atleast the next few weeks. Just a thought

          • lazza says:

            Especially with Devon Smith being injured this morning …. out for 10 weeks.

    • James says:

      Getting Myers on the bubble is the % play. Little point getting on Greenwood if he's going to be one and done.

  80. H Lee says:

    perryman or o'connor?

  81. DefyingMadness says:

    Looking for some help this week community.
    Butler was originally going to be traded to Myers this week, however now with the upsurge of new rookies and doubt on Myers job security I am unsure if I should be trading him in or someone like Greenwood. Trading to Greenwood allows me to go Hampton to Hanners with my second trade. If I decide to go Myers I would have to bring in a premo priced less than 550000 or just keep Hampton and let him bleed cash.

    Here is my team

    Laird, Adams, Rance,
    Shaw, Marchbank, Otten
    (Hampton, Stewart)

    Danger, Tmitch, Zerret, JPK,
    Fyfe, Treloar, Taranto, SPP
    (Barret, Balic, Berry)

    Sandi, Witts, (Strn)

    Yeo, Macrae, Dahl
    Heeney, Nank, Butler
    (Eddy, Parsons)

    • DefyingMadness says:

      Got 120k in the bank and 19 trades forgot to mention

    • Russty_ says:

      Yeah I'd go Greenwood, Myers doesn't really have a great history, he has a few good games here and there and then fades, that's if he hasn't gotten injured first…has never played a full season in the last 8 years and has only ever averaged 85 in one season.

      • DefyingMadness says:

        Would you bring in Hanners or not? Sydney have versed some soft sides so I am unsure.

  82. MickyB says:

    Beams to danger a good move or hold beams?

  83. james says:

    how are people trading out butler and getting in Myers I don't understand??

    • MickyB says:


    • Cold_Case says:

      Dpp players james. Trade out butler swing a mid/fwd to the forward line. This opens up a position in the midfield

      • james says:

        yes but how is that actually done because when you trade out butler it says you have to trade someone in and that has to be a fwd so how is Myers brought in

        • Cam says:

          Look at your team in the left hand column when in the trade screen and you'll see an 'S' next to an eligible swing option

        • Cold_Case says:

          What cam said. You need to be in the trade out area to see your team list. Swipe the dpp player and click the s next to him

      • BockChoy says:

        Well this is very handy as DURDIN HAS BEEN DROPPED!

    • randomcliche says:

      Hope ya got it sorted in the trade window I hit trade on preuss, clicked the s next to Nank clicked the s next to Balic and walla mids appear as trade in options. Don't forget to use the little search tool by clicking the show hide tab on the LHS Cheers

  84. tom says:

    Suggestions please. 395k in bank.

    Laird, Shaw, Simpson, Lloyd, Berry, Stewart, EVW, Hibberd
    Danger, Selwood, JPK, Fyfe, Treloar, Beams, Steele, SPP, Taranto, Barrett, Balic
    Grundy, Sandi, Preuss
    Dahlhaus, Macrae, Gunston, Butler, Parsons, Hannan, Eddy, Strndica

    • MickyB says:

      Butler out, steele into forward line and get a top mid
      And if u have the cash gunston or a rookie to heeney

    • Top Gun says:

      Get rid of sh1t players. Lol.

    • wombats says:

      If I had 395k in the bank and your team I'd be buying a ticket to the maldives

  85. Carl says:

    Giving Butler the flick. Greenwood, Bolton or Gallucci ?

  86. The benchmark says:

    With the woeful amount of rookies aroundI'm willing to spend a bit more to get a rookie with good job security. I'm looking at a fella who has only played the 1 game so may be a wasted opportunity if he stuffs is up this week and doesn't get a game the week after for his price rise. I'm thinking the big James Stewart from Essendon
    You think he can hold his spot? Tom Bellchambers is back in action and could return soon

  87. Cliffy says:

    Was looking at the one trade this week to get in Hibberd who presents as excellent value to bolster my Defense after I bolstered my Forwards in getting Heeney for Houston last week.

    Who should get the chop for Hibberd? Was locking in Otten to go but with Jenkins out this week and the Crows going up against the Lions it's left me unsure now, my trade out options appear to be one of Marchbank or Otten at this stage.

    • Russty_ says:

      Marchbank Cliffy, he doesn't seem to capable of scoring much more than 70's. I'd hold Otten for now, Jenkin's omission is a good thing.

  88. Dusty Spurs says:

    Should I bring in JPK for Butler, or bring in Myers and save my cash for the byes?

  89. Chris_Judd says:

    Need a fwd for under 500k. Can be a premium or a cash cow. Thoughts please?

  90. DacZawson says:

    Trade Marchbank out for JJK through DPP or Hampton for Toby Greene?

    • psyrick says:

      Greene should be more consistent but he is in the bad books in the MRP now. JJK is a always a risk of a stinker, but he has a relatively good run home (ie plays at home a lot 8/13 playing rounds). Always depends on the players you have around him but JJK looks great considering when his bye is, as long as you realise you are trading in a KPF and are prepared for the worst.

  91. James says:

    Is it just the best 18 score this weekend because of the byes?

  92. Jim says:

    start greenwood or parsons onfield? Other one will be loopholed with Hannan.

    • Russty_ says:

      I'd go Greenwood over Parsons' Nose…or you could get another 30 score.

  93. Joshuano says:

    Probably Will hold off on any trades and avoid going Balic or Barrett to Myers. Good decision or should I downgrade for Myers?

  94. Matt M says:

    Hi guys, would love some help from the community. This is my team with 22 trades and $177,100 in the bank,
    Doch – Adams – Shaw – Laird – Marchbank – Newman (Otten – Stewart)
    Danger – Pendles – Fyfe – Bont – Treloar – Berry – Barrett – Fisher (SPP – Bowes – Balic)
    Martin – Sandilands (Strnadica)
    Yeo – Buddy Dahl – Macrae – Nank – Butler (Parsons – Eddy)

    Originally my two trades were going to be Otten and Butler to Zerrett and Myers, but with Jenkins out Otten might go back to scoring decently again and has the R13 bye, so thinking I will keep him till then. Balic out hurts, but there are reports that he will be back in 2 weeks and I cant afford to get Zerrett if I trade him and Butler

    Now I am thinking of going Butler and Bowes to Zerrett and Myers, can barely afford it (7.9k change). It will get me a mid in Zerrett I am confident will be a T10 mid and get rid of Bowes who doesnt look like making anymore cash. What does everyone think, are these good trades for the week? Let me know if they are or if you see better ones.

  95. jimmy says:

    Myers or Lloyd, leaning to Lloyd because of job security

  96. Rick Grimes says:

    Anyone interested in McCluggage? Basically the same price he started. Will his point generation potential pick up with Rocky out?

    • hedski says:

      Not interested Rick, did like your call about Parsnip tonning up tho, here's hoping.

      • Rick Grimes says:

        You're probably right. I'm grasping at straws. Got a good feeling bout parsnip tho. Could just be the froothies tho.

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      Mc Cluggage is an interesting proposition. Extremely talented, but for some reason has not found his mojo yet. If he does watch out. I already have Barrett and Berry, so a third Brisbane is a bridge too far for me. Cheers

    • Liam says:

      He's in this week for me

  97. SCdonkey says:

    Dangermouse I'm so gonna hate you, if you pump 150+ tonight. The SCGods really hates me this season all my VC and C choices has been horrendous 120 and below.

    I need a lot of luck to start climbing up the rank. So i am going against the flow of the pack and hopefully it will give me the advantage or it will make me fall way behind.

    It's make or break from here on, have to take chances.

  98. Chris_Judd says:

    Thoughts on bringing in Tex this week?

    • Marco_Polo94 says:

      historically goes well against lions #shark

    • Finnius123 says:

      Shark move. As a current owner he has been underwhelming. Pretty much a poor man's JJK. In saying that I reckon he will average 93+ for the rest of the season which should be a top 8-10 forward. Decent POD if you don't mind terribly low scores some weeks. Am backing him to go huge against the lions this wekk, and he has pretty much bottomed out. If you are feeling lucky then pull the trigger.

  99. Saundo says:

    Danger, Selwood or Bont as VC?

  100. Joshua says:

    Stewart to McInnes?

  101. TEM says:

    DEF: Laird, Adams, simpson, shaw, marchbank, newman (hampton , stewart)
    MID: Dangerfield, T.mitchell, Pendlebury, fyfe, treloar, hannebery, barrett, berry (powell-pepper, fisher, balic)
    RUC: sandilands, grundy (strnadica)
    FWD: Dahlhaus, franklin, steele, roughead, taranto, parsons (eddy, cameron)

    20 trades and 341k.

    1. balic to myers?
    2. powell-pepper to myers?
    3. eddy to myers?
    4. darcy cameron to myers?

    i want to get myers into my team but not sure which option is best and also not sure if should make an upgrade this week and to who?

  102. Eskimo says:

    To avoid donut. Witts to goldy or witts to Soldo. Was going to keep witts as a keeper. But soldo is risky and Goldy is cheap. I cant swing nank cos butler will donut me.

    • Hoot says:

      Had the same issue.

      I got a FWD instead via Nank.

      • Eskimo says:

        sold Pruess to get Nank in there? Worth a thought then can sell Butler down to Stringdick next week put nank back in. But it means getting a 1 week rookie. Unless i go Heeny, but didnt want him till after bye and means I wont pick up Dusty this week. Geez everyweek my plans get changed this year. so crazy. And if that is the case plans may have to change next week also and ill be stuck with three high grade rucks in ruck lol.

        • Eskimo says:

          Oh no I used lol instead of Haha! Patch will hate me. But I am old so leave me alone ;P

    • SF4 says:

      Take the donut.

  103. TheGreatBozza says:

    SPP or Balic or Barrett to Myers?

    I'm leaning to Balic as I think SPP could be a good hold over the break. i'm torn with moving Balic on so soon but it's the uncertainty around when he will be back playing again

    • Ja191 says:

      Balic, easiest choice you'll have to make all year out of those 3

    • TheGreatBozza says:

      Other option is Hannan or Eddy to Myers, and hope Balic returns before one of them

  104. Marcus says:

    Perryman or McInnes
    And yeo or jjk

  105. MGPT says:

    Is Pendlebury definitely going to play every week now his baby's born? I'm sure he stated he would 'miss a game for sure' but assumed that no longer applies?

    • Pman says:

      He'll play and reckon he'll go massive now that he has nothing to worry about and after a few lean weaks he is due for a big one. VC on Danger and C on Pendles this week.

    • SF4 says:

      From here on in he should play every game.

    • Hoot says:

      Jax WINS!

  106. TDEV says:

    I am trading butler to myers via DPP. I then want to upgrade my defence, the question is should I trade out Marchbank or Otten?

    • Pman says:

      Now that Jenkins is out for Crows I reckon Otten may have a few decent scores left in him so I'd move Marchbank on out of the two of them.

  107. Chris says:

    Is there still an injury cloud around Selwood or is now the time to bring him in?

    • Macka says:

      Could have a huge night no doubt but I'm going to hold off at least another week on the hope that he bleeds more cash. Reckon you need to save every buck you can. Of course he could exceed his BE of 150 tonight but I'm playing the percentages that he won't.

  108. Ben says:

    Bring in Stewart or Durdin up front??

  109. NickMacMan says:

    Trade out Balic (obvious reasons) or Hannan (leaking cash)?

  110. Jackson says:

    Hampton – Myers via Adams DPP
    Butler to which FWD – Kennedy, Yeo or Greene

    Or I could go

    Butler to Myers via Macrae DPP
    Hampton – DEF but fall short on Laird/Doch who I dont' have.


  111. TOPHAWK1 says:

    I have a good feeling about Danger tonight. Those ribs should be good now and I reckon he could make a BIG statement tonight. Here's hoping to finally break my VC duck tonight. VC on the dangermouse!!

  112. Iconic says:

    Butler >> Myers via Taranto, leaves me with $500k
    Thoughts on this?

    • Adsy says:

      That's what I've done, through necessity. Happy to take Myers over other rookies given price and JS good to have the extra $ going forward over the byes.

    • SF4 says:

      good move

  113. JJF says:

    Balic or Barrett to Myers? Or hold?

  114. Pman says:

    I was going to trade Otten this week but now that Jenkins is out for Adelaide I think it may be worth holding onto him for a bit longer as he scores better wihtout Jenkins in. Now cant decide between the following two options and would appreciate any feed back;

    1. OUT Butler ($275,700) IN Myers ($133,700) for 2120 & $291.3K and 20 trades left

    2. OUT Butler ($275,700) IN Heeney ($491,600) and OUT Balic ($215,500) IN Myers ($133,700) for 2185 & $15.2K

  115. Hawkas2017 says:

    Predicting 170+ from danger 80- for the bont and 135+ for selwood

  116. DefyingMadness says:

    Bont getting points for nothing as usual. So overrated

    • whatyousmokin says:

      2 tackles 4 points each. One possy and maybe a shephard/smother whatever for another few.

    • whatyousmokin says:

      Couple of 1 percenters* ie shephard/smother/spoil. 1.5 points each i believe

      • Eskimo says:

        yeah but I didn't see him lose anypoints when he gave that free to danger for first goal. Did anyone else?

    • Northernsoul74 says:


      • DefyingMadness says:

        Not sooking he is somehow on 45 points when he has had no influence on the game at all

        • redherringfc says:

          In good humour, but stop sooking. You have Danger as vc, i have bont. we are against each other, those choices are killing me.

    • Hoot says:

      There's a few players who are like this….might just be time to play the game that CD control and buy him.

      • DefyingMadness says:

        Yeah was hoping he would drop in price before I brought him in

    • hedski says:

      Glad he missed that goal

  117. whatyousmokin says:

    Probably do Balic to Roughy.

  118. Ja191 says:

    how good was that goal from dangerfield

  119. TOPHAWK1 says:


    What a goal from the boundary and what a start by the great man.

    58 SC points at quarter time.


  120. Funny says:

    Bont 3 touches 2 holding the balls against him 14 pts Selwood 9 touches 1 free kick against 3 tackles 3 clearances 22pts funny.

  121. Eskimo says:

    Well first quarter over think I'll loop dangers score . may as well do now. 😀

  122. Hoot says:

    He is BACK!

  123. SCdonkey says:

    Dangermouse I effing HATE you.

    I'm done see ya all next season.

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      Stick fat mate. Do it for the team.

      • SCdonkey says:

        If only i have been picking the right VCs or Cs i would've been right up there on the rankings. Last eight rounds have been above 4 times above 2000 twice 2200, once 2100 and 1 just under 2000.

        • TOPHAWK1 says:

          In other words, that is pretty sharp. In fact, its very sharp. I only cracked 2200 once this year.

          Just because you don't get Danger's haul tonight does not mean your season is stuffed mate!

          I effed up every single VC this year. Ask Hedski. He knows.

          Just chill out, relax, take stock and come back hard. Its only round 9 FFS.

      • Hoot says:

        the team of sponsors

  124. Noirlust says:

    Last second chnage ro Paddy for VC.
    Couls be the best move all year

  125. hedski says:

    Zac the Leprechaun just keeps on giving.

  126. AuroraBorealis?! says:

    Thankyou to all the beautiful people who commented about the possible Bont tag, made me switch my vc to dangerfield and its working out fantastically

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      Good job.

      The Bont tagged Yeo last week and we all know how that worked out.

      Or was it the other way around?

  127. Top Gun says:

    Guess the f*ckwit who didnt put the vc on Danger.

  128. TOPHAWK1 says:

    With a BE OF 133 this week, I might be eyeing a very rare opportunity.

    Getting the BONT on sale.

    Meanwhile, Danger has brought up his century. Raise your bat son!

  129. DavidSA says:

    So much Dangerbation in this room

  130. B-rian says:

    Parsons you star. 27 at half time is more than I expected.

    Where's that bloke who bagged everyone because we made him pick parsons over black. . . . Your welcome

  131. Boltons Blues says:

    Of course I would take Selwood over Danger 🙁

  132. Ja191 says:

    Geelong dominating every single stat but free kicks, losing 6-12. lmao seems about right

    • Northernsoul74 says:

      Should be be even more the amount of incorrect disposal Geelong are dishing out. Never seen so many throws and just dropping the ball not paid.

  133. Finnius123 says:

    Like if you didn't VC Danger


  134. Tyruddanaut says:

    Thank god for Danger VC

  135. Nuggety says:

    World record set for Strndica being named captain at half time on a Friday night.. danger vc = nice. close to vcing The Bont.

  136. Nate says:

    some advice please.

    I want to loop Danger as I have the VC on him.
    I have the E on black which isn't playing. I want to sub steele to the bench and put Butler on the field as C. do I get Steele's score and still double Danger? thanks lads and ladies.

    • Nate says:

      and have a double E in the forward line I should mentioj

    • Tyruddanaut says:

      Whoever is your other E in the forward line should be subbed for Steele. Then put the C on them. Steele will get the points because Black didn't play

  137. Murray says:

    Is Heeney a premo keeper this year? Is he a must have?

    • Pman says:

      I'm strongly considering upgrading Butler to Heeney as he's scoring consistent 100's, getting plenty of midfield time and will never be cheaper and should finish as my M6.

      • Murray says:

        Hi Pman I could upgrade Hampton to heeney today, just not sure how consistent Heeney will be. Will he be a top 6 fwd at years end?

    • Hoot says:

      ill prob do that trade tomorrow… I just held back in case Parsons got a 200 tonight.

    • whatyousmokin says:

      Bit quick to call. 3 good scores

    • hedski says:


  138. Derek says:

    Wow. Wallis putting hand up to be in discussion for top 8 forwards

    • Finnius123 says:

      He has had one game mate. Would be holding your horses on that one.

      • Tyruddanaut says:

        Putting hand up but not chosen yet

        • Derek says:

          That's all I'm saying, he will be in the discussion, didn't say I'll pick him after one game. But a genuine midfielder with Fwd status must be considered wouldn't you think

    • Lazza says:

      Absolutely …

    • neil Demons Delight says:

      only 8 kicks and one mark did the same last year strung together 3 or 4 big games was and still is on my radar

    • randomcliche says:

      I suggested it to someone looking at Mccrae this week. He is a genuine mid wearing a fwd jumper. I've owned him before and I hope I do post bye again!

  139. Lazza says:

    Well Danger 200 has gone .. only scored 20 that Qtr.. stil looking at 160

  140. Bells E Bubb says:

    Like if you had the VC on Harry Taylor.

  141. Northernsoul74 says:

    Umps have them covered.

  142. Northernsoul74 says:

    The way Joel Selwood gets a free ride from the umpires I reckon he's a must have.

    • DefyingMadness says:

      Going by that logic every Dogs player is a must have 🙂

      • Northernsoul74 says:

        Each to their own, if the way Selwood plays and gets favoured by umpires is the way you like your football then fair enough. Having been involved in the game I find the application of the incorrect disposal rule infuriating. He could start at scrum half for the Wallabies the way he drops the ball in the tackle at his fit and throws the ball.

      • hedski says:

        Joel puts his head over the ball, not much else to say.

        • Manchild says:

          I dont think it's about the ducking it's the constant incorrect disposal and the fact he's given twice as much time when tackled than anyone else. You can see him looking at the umpire for a free every time. Dangerfield is similar but he puts his arm to appeal for a free every time. As a neutral I thought the umpiring was woeful last night.

  143. JohndJames says:

    I might have to start warning people when I put the VC on Bont,this is the third time I have and the other two times were the only times he didn't get over 100,history repeating.

  144. DefyingMadness says:

    As a Hawks supporter never thought I would be happy to see the Cats win but I guess Bulldogs are the exception

  145. Hawkas2017 says:

    Was close i said danger 170+ = 152 i said joel selwood would get 135+ =125 and bont 80- = 82

    • Terry says:

      seeings you know the future, who do i replace butler with?

    • SCdonkey says:

      You might be my good luck chsrm, what will Hanners score tomorrow? His building up for a massive score just don't know when.

      • Hawkas2017 says:

        Mid scores vs Stkilda
        N.Jones 132
        Vince 114
        Oliver 109
        Shuey 141
        Mitchell 111
        Priddis 110
        Yeo 102
        Rich 118
        Beams 109
        Zorko 109
        Rocky 104
        Adams 113
        Pendles 94
        Selwood 154
        Danger 120
        Duncan 107
        Titch 117
        Hodge 97
        Kelly 108
        Ward 103
        Coniglio 101
        Smith 101
        Shiel 96
        Cripps 157
        Gibbs 115
        Smurph 108
        By these stats ill say hannas will score around 109

    • Top Gun says:

      Im calling you the Lucky Eightball.

  146. The BONT says:

    Bont was VC and my opponent has Danger as VC so do I go Fyfe or Titch as C

  147. Tyruddanaut says:

    Watching Wallis very closely next week

  148. Alex says:

    McInnes or Stewart??

  149. Daniel says:

    Berry or Marchbank on field this week?

    • Finnius123 says:

      Berry is named in the guts. I reckon he will get around the 70-80 mark. Marchbank could be anywhere from 60-110. Take your pick.

  150. DavidSA says:

    This cringeworthy report was brought to you by BT and Dangerfield

  151. Derek says:

    O'Connor did enough to play next week $102k.

    Parsons won't get a game

  152. Steve says:

    Was planning to loophole Laird as C with danger VC expecting him to go big. Bloody left T Stewart as the other E in my backline. Cmon Laird, get it done.

  153. DefyingMadness says:

    Does the community think Hanners will be a top 10 midfielder this year?

  154. SF4 says:

    Take Tom Stewarts 50 odd or back in EVW?

  155. Alex says:

    H Greenwood or McInnes or Stewart for my forward downgrade?

  156. hedski says:

    I'm amazed at the lack of love for Zac

  157. hedski says:

    He s probs @25% so no pod

  158. Crow says:

    Put Bont as VC and opponent had Dangerfield as VC, but didnt expect a win as i have Ablett and kept Rockliff because I know how good he is and with the byes coming up, i can hold off as long as its no more than 3 weeks. Going to do a POD move and slap the C on Kelly, Had a big game last week, and has been consistent, If he gets a big score, i could have a chance, but would need Barrett, Fisher and Williamson to play out of their skins and hope my opponents premiums have a off day. Bring it on !

  159. SirSamuel016 says:

    Put danger as my vice captain so I'm very happy with that, Would the loophole work by putting the captaincy on someone who has a bye? Just asking as I might cop a donut from florent if he doesn't play.

  160. SCdonkey says:

    With my poor choices of VCs and Cs each week, there's an up side to my team. Only need 3 premos to go, as I am happy with the premos and keepers in my team so far.

    I did mention before about the Ruck conundrum we have this year so most likely Sandiwitts and The Tank will remain in my team so long they keep getting the job done and stay on the park. I will however try to build some cash in the bank for an emergency if ever i need to upgrade one of them.

    Planning to keep Crouch as long as I can and jump on to a fallen premo the likes of Sloane and Bont are my main goal of getting in my team after the byes.

    But i really need to do some research for those 3 premos i need, need players with a low percentage ownership in order for me to climb up the ranking.

    Hopefully luck will be on my side soon with my VCs and Cs choices.

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      I agree. Bontempelli and Pendlebury should be on every coaches watch list if they do not have these two guys. Pendles will be priced like a midpricer in a couple of weeks and Bont's price is now dropping sharply with his BE probably up from 133 to 180 after last night. (will now be below $600K.

      You must keep emotions completely out of the process of selecting the VC and C. Pick them week by week based on playing conditions, team they play, where they play on field and the ground/location they are playing, could they be tagged? etc etc. If you do that, you will turn that aspect of your game around in no time.

      I struggled with my VC choices also early on. Last night the VC just had to be on Danger for mine. I got one right for a change. Danger down there in front of his family and mates, has a good record against the dogs, ribs healed, good weather, and was due to make a statement. It was all set up for him, and he delivered. Cheers mate.

  161. Tyruddanaut says:

    What is the amount we should take from a rookie? For example, one gets 60 on the bench. should we loophole?

  162. Shizzer says:

    Thoughts on Hampton and butler out then either hibberd/burton and Myers/lloyd in???

  163. Stupid Coach says:

    Nice work Patch. Looking to trade Butler and Hampton. Don't have enough cash to paint the fence so is a double downgrade a good idea this week or should I only trade Butler. Who should I go for Butler – Myers, Lloyd, Murtimer, McIñnes or Greenwood. Myers is on the bubble, Lloyd and McInnes are playing their 2nd game while the hype seems to be on Greenwood who is playing his 1st game. Myers, McInnes or Murtimer suit my by structures better.

    Any help much appreciated.

    • Stupid Coach says:

      I could go Butler to Myers and Hampton to Hibberd. Is this a better option. Leaves me the same amount of cash as I currently have and 20 trades. Means I have to decide on last spot on field in defence – Newman, Otten or Marchbank.

      • Sassy says:

        Butler to Myers. With the amount of debutants this week there will be downgrade options ahead. Conserve trades and hit them hard over the byes

        • Sassy says:

          Sorry, get rid of otten or marchbank to paint the fence rather than Hampton! You'll need some dpp action though as I think having Newman or otten on the bench is a waste. Maybe go down in defence and do an upgrade on another line. Unless it really helps your byes.

          • Stupid Coach says:

            Thanks Sassy. Butler to Myers sounds like the plan. Unfortunately don't have the cash to upgrade anywhere else except in defence and I think Hampton has done his job but agree that putting Otten or Newman on the bench is a waste.

  164. Doc says:

    Take Parsons 47 or roll the dice with Hannan?

    Right at the awkward point!

    • davo says:

      Not sure either, won't make huge difference, Hannan will only score 30-60 at most, toss a coin. I'll run Hannan with no real logic

  165. Top Gun says:

    The lack of cash generation is still an issue. I have Preuss and SPP but then the cows are not going to moo for a while.

  166. Bad_News_Brown says:

    Off topic I know, but I question and ponder, is Jake Lloyd a keeper down back with that beautiful swing potential is this just a figment of dreamy imagination? Thoughts?

    • SCdonkey says:

      As a Lloyd owner i could be bais. He's been reliable and consistent averaging 98 for the past 8 games, hovering around 90-100 in a team that has lost 6 – win 2. Perfect for D5/6 and yep DPP comes in handy too, his a keeper imo.

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      Nothing wrong with Jake Lloyd mate. If you have him, relax as he will do the job for you down back. His DPP like Donkey said is the icing on the cake. He is a keeper.

      • Bad_News_Brown says:

        Sorry gents, I must elaborate – the thought is to bring Jake in to my team this week, I was originally going Dusty and his rock bottom price but Jake is much better for my structure going forward particularly with the swing and the ability to swing Burton back to the back if necessary (doing this trade I'm swinging Burton forward). Am I being short sighted or is Jake over Dustyviable?

  167. TheGreatBozza says:

    Hannan, Eddy or Balic for Myers?

    Or I could hold instead

    I've got 23 trades and 100k in the bank

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      Your trade position is excellent with only 7 trades used so far. I reckon you have the luxury to consider getting Myers in if you reckon he is going to be a big cash generator. Personally I am not sold. With 4 new rookies making their debut this week (Greenwood, Perryman, Gallucci, Bolton) and a couple of others going on the bubble next week, there is no shortage of rookie choices coming up. I would HOLD.

      However, if you do decide to pull the trigger I would flick Eddy for Myers. Eddy seems to be on the outer at the moment, and there are rumours Balic might not have upset the Freo hierarchy and that his brief break from the game was genuine and justified. Could be back in two weeks. Hannan is a warm body, therefore hold him for now.

  168. Ema says:

    Hampton – Myers via DPP Adams then have about 550K to go
    Butler – JJK, Dusty
    Thoughts on which one or another value option

  169. meow says:

    The Cats layed 134 tackles last night = SC dream team.

  170. Don't Blush Baby says:

    Butler to Buddy or Heeney ? Similar Price and BE ,who has the higher ceiling ? I'm leaning towards Buddy

  171. EatChickenNuggets says:

    Hey all.

    I know there is this sort of question every week that seems dumb, but genuinely considering not taking Danger's VC in favour of Goldy. He's TOG has been up in the last few weeks, and is building into some of his old form. Plus, he's against a ruck-less Demons outfit, against which Sauce Jacobs racked up 150-odd points himself last week, and we know Goldy's high ceiling. Just a hunch Goldy might even crack 200. Am I being crazy?

    • pod says:


    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      No you are not crazy, you are one greedy little nugget!! Take the 302 and chill out.

      • DavidSA says:

        Yeah at 150 no one should even have one brain cell say to them that there's a another potential score higher than 150 that one of my few premiums I have.

    • Pman says:

      Get off the Crack dude! Of course you should take Dangers 151…

  172. Harley says:

    Rockliff!! Hold or trade?

    I need a forward and a mid to avoid donuts.

    Decision is rocky to JPK and and butler or Eddy to forward rookie?

    Or SPP to mid rookie and butler up to Tex as a POD and all I can afford ?

    Already have Myers

    • Ja191 says:

      have a look at walters over tex. Rockliff will destroy when he comes back depends if you can fill the hole.

  173. Don't Blush Baby says:

    Do Bombers supporters reckon McNeice will get a game again ? A juicy downgrade but a risk ?

    • Patch says:

      Can see him sliding back in, but not holding his spot for extended periods. Wouldn't trade him in before he's named

  174. Shweta says:

    Trade florent or balic?

  175. DefyingMadness says:

    My midfield premos are as follows:
    Danger, Titch, Zerret, JPK, Fyfe and Treloar.
    Am bringing in a mid premo this week for under 565k just wondering who would be the best choice. I would get Pendles however my team is stacked on round 13 premos with 7 already.
    Thanks community

  176. ST74 says:

    Butler – Myers, Lloyd (GWS), McInnes, Murtimer or Greenwood. Too hard to decide who is likely to have better​ job security and who will score more.
    Hampton to McInnes or M Hibberd or hold til byes (currently on the pine)

  177. Jim_bob321 says:

    Fellas….. Laird, Adams or Zorko as C
    Really wanting to go Zorko as its his time to shine without Rocky
    Cheers community

  178. neil Demons Delight says:

    4 of my oponents didn't vc danger and 2 don't own him ..Am I CRAZY OR IS THAT PLAIN DUMB.123K own him wonder how many didn't vc him

    • BundyBear says:

      Hmmm. are you saying I am dumb because I dont have Danger ? Thats not very nice. Each to their own I say

    • redherringfc says:

      I know i'm crazy for putting the v on Bont instead of Danger. Now trying to work out who can score big.

      If anyone has suggestions for captain i have sloane, laird, t mitchell, fyfe, S. martin, treloar. I don't have much confidence in any of these to go too big. I could even go Otten.

      How about I go Berry and see him replicate Newman from last week.


      We'll see in a couple of hours.

    • Randomcliche2 says:

      Up to this round the dogs have been very effective in limiting +125 scores….go count them up. Danger has had 3 weeks of sore ribs, it might have been this week, it might have been next. Valid risk to not assume. I chose JPK into Titch (over Danger). Method in madness, but only 7 points in it at the end of the day. Oh, and Danger is down lots, so cheaper to buy now, perhaps the two who didn't have him and now buy him cheap are the real winners. Waite and see I guess.

  179. Vicki says:

    Help needed please.
    Option1: WHE to Goldy.
    That leaving rucks of Goldy and Sandy. Bringing Nank to my forward line, or
    Option 2: WHE to JKK
    That leaving Nank And Sandy as my rucks.
    Thank you.

    • Randomcliche2 says:

      I would have said option 1, sorry the time has passed…..

    • Randomcliche2 says:

      And best put stuff in fat chew….(yes article under different heading …. bit confusing….

  180. noirlust says:

    When you realise that you didnt put th e on stef martin after i used the captains loophole.
    RIP 107 points and welcome the donut

  181. Northerner says:

    Greenwood, Bolton and Perryman all DPP and on the watchlist. And come on the bubble Rd 11 when we have 3 trades. Bolton nice Rd 12 bye friendly. The others will be a little more difficult depending on your Rd 13 structure.

    Thanks you Zac Jones, but your BE this week will mean you become Docherty before you bleed cash.

  182. Stupid Coach says:

    Thoughts on trading Marchbank to M Hibberd or should I leave it as Marchbank's BE is still too low and he will still make a bit more cash. Only reason I am thinking about it is because I am currently behind in my league matches and my opponent has him so if Hibberd can score another ton it might be enough to gete over the line.