PODCAST: Supercoach Round 5

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Round 5 SuperCoach podcast


Many of our most reliable SuperCoach options failed over the Easter weekend, and they’re testing our patience.
Is this a time for trading aggression? A time to remove problematic premiums from our team? Or is discipline and patience our best course of action?
Get comfortable. Tell the worries of the world to nick off. Get us in your ears ahead of a big round five of SuperCoach action.


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  1. Sauce says:

    Is treloar a hold?

    • EatChickenNuggets says:

      Getting his hands on the pill so yeah, I'd hold. Just got to up his efficiency. Would be a waste of a trade imo

    • Youngy says:

      Ye he is a hold, he will only go down about 20k. If he is your biggest problem then you are travelling well.

    • @t_woof says:


    • BIGBOY says:

      Never trade a premium if his not injured…. I got him as well n I'm ranked 2nd overall

    • Rick says:

      Only upgrade premos when you've finished upgrading everyone else

      • DavidSA says:

        Haha avg 96 after 4 rounds hardly a problem
        Next 4 rounds could avg 120 and 105-110 for rest of season decent m8 ty

    • Danners says:

      You're trading a top 10 midfielder from last year, HOLD

    • Scott says:

      Old ockers spreadsheet shows the end of last season for him was great also.

  2. EatChickenNuggets says:

    Thoughts on getting in Hanners this week? Didn't see him play but stats suggest he had a great 2nd half on the weekend and has played most of the tougher opponents already for the immediate future (barring this week)? Surely he's ready to go bang, and I don't want to miss out

    • Youngy says:

      Id stay clear for a bit, unsure if he will make it back to ultra premo output and top 8 mids. He has a nice rd 11 bye so keep that in mind. So he could be a good trade in option rd 12

    • Steeeve says:

      I'm jumping on. He, Cripps and Pendles were in my top 8 mids at the start of the season so they're the ones I'm bringing in (barring injury). Cream rises.

      • Randomcliche says:

        Danger fyfe + 3 more???

        • Steeeve says:

          Danger, Pendles, Fyfe, JPK, Hanners, Bont, Cripps, Treloar. I picked Beams and T Mitch for value/potential top 8.
          Thayne's my preseason top 8. Hammers and Crisps won't finish top 10 now but could easily be top 10 from this point onward. Same for Treloar who I already have.

          No Rocky or Gaj who are big injury risks.

  3. Youngy says:

    Cheers for the Podcast Lads

  4. Steeeve says:

    I hope not many of you lot play the stock market. So many people want to bring in blokes who are off to belting starts and pay top dollar. Not to mention drop premos and lock in a loss.
    You start with some premos and identify others you want to pick up throughout the season. If those guys we hoped could be upgrade targets get off to slow starts we should be thanking the supercoach gods we can pick them up cheap.
    Instead coaches worry about these blokes' form even though every year premos prove themselves despite any rough patches.
    Hannebery, Cripps, Treloar, Simpson, Buddy, Shaw, etc are all welcome to join my team asap.

    • whatyousmokin says:

      I was going to lock in sloane but the more I think about it the more I cant go past JPK at 580k

      • Top Gun says:

        Sloane is a must have I think.

        • whatyasmokin says:

          Yep but I feel I won't get JPK any cheaper, Sloane I possibly will, and I want both. Makes sense to save the cash.

          • DavidSA says:

            Dusty perfect example
            Blokes (lady's) too brought him in before this round and payed top price for a sub 60 score.
            Now for the ones who did not pay top con can grab him for less than the starting price.

            I have a rul though pay no more than 620k for a uber premium and 550k for a premium midfielder

            • DavidSA says:

              Top coin*

            • whatyousmokin says:

              JPK is locked in, Sloane after byes. Mid complete Rocky, Fyfe, Danger, JPK, Sloane, Treloar and Oliver and Beams can become Pendles and Merett/Dusty/Bont

          • Steeeve says:

            I should mention JPK almost always dips lower than $580k at some stage.

            In a year when it's more difficult than usual to make cash, I'm looking to pick off cheap premos (as long as I really want them anyway) and sacrifice a few of the Sloane/JPK types who just don't happen to be available at a discount.

            You can only have 8 of these blokes after all and there are about 20 great options.

            • whatyasmokin says:

              Yep feel like I'll probably miss out on Selwood, Dusty, Bont,Cripps, Hanners and Parker.

              Want Zerrett for the POD factor. If Oliver becomes a keeper I can't even get Zerrett, after Pendlebury comes in for Beams.

  5. CJudd3Votes says:

    Cripps isn't right, I'm a blues supporter and have a huge man crush on the lad but was at the game Saturday night and he looks real sore, struggling to get out of first. Honestly believe it's time to jump off

    • Blues says:

      Spot on. Doesn't even look close to fit. It's a real shame because SC aside, he is a great footballer to watch

    • Steeeve says:

      He's not fit at the moment but he will be later on. And at that point I'm jumping on him for cheap.
      I'll then be at 'full premo' in the mids. However, will look to bring in Pendles as a luxury trade when Beams inevitably breaks down and/or I am hit with some other injury.

  6. OldOcker says:

    Old Dog learn new trick maybe, Ballic, Every time I have tried that I have fallen off the bloody couch.
    Maybe get rid of Mitchell Hibberd and Try once more this week.

  7. Camo says:

    Jock, Elliot Yeo….do you think he can keep it up?

  8. NutSack says:

    Happy Easter Higgo!!!! Did Cathy get to lift the Palm Leaf to reveal your Easter Eggs yet? Let me know please. I am waiting for you to nail the cross… I mean to nail where X marks the spot.

  9. TheScacman says:

    Roughead to go next week after what looks like his final price rise, with a forward structure of Dahlhaus, Nank, Macrae, Buddy and WHE onfield (Houston and Eddy on the bench) who comes in? got 140K in the bank having brought Balic in for Florent, not seeing a eye catching downgrade option and probably priced out of a move for Roo at this point

    • TheScacman says:

      Other option is to upgrade one of my rookies down back, having Marchbank, Otten, Newman and Hampton all on the field is a minor concern in case they all spud up.

      Give us some input community

      • Finnius123 says:

        Bring Roughy down to Balic and then upgrade Marchbank to any back premo (probs taylor adams if you don't have him)

    • Super_Freak says:

      Yeo, but money maybe better spent trying to upgrade a mid.

    • Dean says:

      You are crazy not to go Roughead to Roo this week, Roo has a B/E of 74 and is predicted to increase $25k yet Roughy has a B/E of 76 and is projected to increase $7 however I think Roughy has a greater chance to not make his breakeven which would mean you wont be able to afford Roo next week if he goes up $25k as predicted.

      I'm jumping off Roughy this week.

  10. Disillusioned says:

    I spent damn good coin on this year's magazine and what did it get me – bloody Matty Crouch!

    At least I can use it to wipe my @rse after I flush that turd down the dunny forever and bring in a proper premium who actually wants to kick the friggin footy!

    • Youngy says:

      You can't pick all the winners, there is a portion of luck

    • PJ King says:

      I upgrading Matt crOUCH to Taylor Adams while I can still afford it. It hurts, but it'll hurt more to keep the slacker!

    • Russty_ says:

      I'm sure Jock's magazine didn't tell you to pick Crouch definitively, it was your call in the end, and if you know anything about the Crouch Brothers, well, just avoid them both at all costs!….and I won't even charge you for that 🙂

      • Kev says:

        Bloody Jock! How dare he give out advice that is not 100% correct all the time.

        The gall of that man!

    • hedski says:

      Hmm, M.Crouch and Bernie Tomic both in a form slump….
      They are the SAME PERSON.

    • Moustachio says:

      Pretty sure the mag identified one Clayton Oliver as a looming breakout candidate??

  11. George says:

    Is there any word on when David Myers will be back

  12. Danny says:

    Should I hold Shaun Higgins for 1 more week

  13. Krups says:

    SPP down to Balic? SPP has BE of 45

    • Youngy says:

      hes a hold for mine. He is only 227k. I think he still has a big game in him. Id trade a non playing rookie if u have one.

    • Kev says:

      Had Carlton and Brisbane next. Then West Coast and Gold Coast before his round 9 bye. If he can post a decent score against the Blues he can ride and hopefully be up around the 300k mark

    • Lach says:

      SPP is the type of rookie that can hit a 70-80 average .

    • Ja191 says:

      hold for atleast a week, more important rookies to look at trading out.

      • DavidSA says:

        I reckon he has a few big games coming starting with Carlton
        I have said in past posts he has clearly struggled when his team has with a fast team ie Crows and GWS, coincidence? Well shall see

  14. Lenny says:

    Brodie Grundy or Stefan Martin

    • Youngy says:

      For mine, Martin. But you can't go wrong with either

    • SF4 says:

      Probably the top 2 rucks come seasons end so whichever you chose will do you fine.

    • Bells E Bubb says:

      I reckon the pies plan this week to fix their crap forward line might involve cox playing a lot of ruck and grundy playing forward half the game.
      Just a theory.

    • Super_Freak says:


  15. Top says:

    Will Higgins get tagged this week by Connor blakely?

  16. Tom says:

    Thoughts on O'Meara to Matera via DPP?

    • Youngy says:

      Trades like that will soon see you with no trades.

      If your going to trade him go up to a premo or down to a rookie (Balic is looking nice)

    • Top Gun says:

      Matera is too inconsistent for mine.

    • dwhits says:

      O'Meara to Balic maybe

    • Rocksta says:

      Agree JOM needs to go, but definitely not for Matera.

      Double up on the trades and turn JOM into a Keeper.

    • whatyasmokin says:

      Why didn't people trade O'meara last week if they don't want him? What is the point of the 330K donut after a 44 if they are just going to trade him the following week.

      You will anger thy supercoach gods and you will feel their wrath.

      • Loop says:

        Because Newman had to come in and we had to replace Gawn.

        • whatyasmokin says:

          That makes perfect sense, it's easy to forget such carnage when it didn't affect myself!

    • Russty_ says:

      Matera needs to prove himself before you'd even consider trading him in, if he averages 100 for the rest of this season, then consider trading him in next season.

    • Bells E Bubb says:

      Now the shark move as the bandwagoneers won't be going there.
      Feeling lucky? Roll the dice.

      • whatyasmokin says:

        lol no plenty have traded him in, all the people that just look at BE's and don't think about the future or wasted trades.

        The only risk that has come off so far is Smurph. last year was Waite and we all saw how that ended.

    • Danners says:

      Two wins, two big scores, coincidence? Has the early bye and few tough games before then, trade to a different player

  17. hedski says:

    Taranto to Ballick and Roughy to Stef, Nank swings fwd.

    • Soothsayer says:

      Similar for me. Roughy to Baltic and O'meara up to Sloane. Or do I just wait and see how the Hawks bounce back?

      • Swans2012 says:

        I think omeara gets another week if you've held him last week, I'm giving him one, looked good a couple back….

    • Russty_ says:

      I like that Hedski, should net you an extra 70 points or so this round, and in future rounds.

    • hedski says:

      Cheers guys, started Beams, Sandi and Roughy as my fallen premo/injury risks, while Rough may turn it around I'm happy to cut and run to get Stef in before his price gets out of reach.

    • whatyasmokin says:

      Great trades.

  18. Brad says:

    Community, what's are your thoughts on the below.

    Trading out Crouch from Mids and bringing in Matera via DPP (moving parfitt from fwd field to mid bench, hibberd to def bench, Jake Lloyd from def to mid and Hampton from def bench to field.) gives me $275k to upgrade rookies in next few weeks and plenty of flexibility when Matera needs to be traded.

  19. Tommo09 says:

    Def: Laird, Simpson, Tuohy, Otten, Hampton, Newman (Stewart, Hibberd)
    Mid: Danger, Selwood, Bont, Fyfe, Kennedy, TMitch, O'Meara, SPP (Parfitt, Barrett, Pickett)
    Ruc: Nank, Sandi (Strnadica)
    Fwd: Lynch, Kennedy, Steele, Rough, Butler, Houston (Eddy, Hannan)

    Thinking one trade this week
    Eddy to Williamson

    Holding Rough for one more week at the moment but might go Rough to Dahl while I still can

    25 trades and $238.5k left after that one

    Thoughts community

    • Youngy says:


      • Tommo09 says:

        Doesn't appeal hugely to me as he scored 73 last week and as someone has said this week, kicked an important goal that boosted his score

        May change my mind and go Eddy to Balic instead of Williamson

        • Youngy says:

          Fair enough, I just see balic as a better option.

          I admire your discipline to hold Roughy, and think it is the right move

        • Captain Risky says:

          Balic has played against the Bulldogs( Perth) and then Melbourne ( MCG) in his 1st 2 games though, it's not like he's been up against Hawthorn, Carlton or Brisbane 🙂

          ( God I love seeing Hawthorn on the bottom…..And they took Vickery off tigers for 500K,./… And they gave away their 1st round pick to the saints…Couldn't get better could it??, Ohh wait, they play Sam Mitchell and the Eagles this week, Please God, yes!

          • whatyasmokin says:

            Teams actually pay money for Vickery? I always thought he was a volunteer/mascot

            • Russty_ says:

              Worst trade Hawks ever made, lol, and Tigers too, the guy should still be playing in the suburban leagues.

          • TheLoneRanger says:

            That's Gold, RISKY, Gold !!!!

    • Liam says:

      Pull the trigger on Roughy

  20. Liam says:

    Taranto and Marchbank out

    Balic and Bont in. BANG BANG

    Although Taranto and Marchbank might have some cash left in them I think it is better in the long run to trade them out and get a premo in.

    Thoughts Community ?

    • Rocksta says:

      See my post below.

      Good trades!

    • whatyasmokin says:

      Trades are ok. You don't really have much cash in the bank do you? I'd probably hold and milk them more.

      TT – BE 38
      March – BE 46

      • Liam says:

        230k prior to trades. 30k left now.

        In previous years I have held onto rookies too long and have fallen behind so this year I am trading hard and might have to miss out on a possible 50k odd but feel it's worth it because I gain a lot more points.

        • whatyasmokin says:

          Yep fair enough.

        • Rocksta says:

          I've finished in the top 1000 most years by trading hard, and am way off the pace this year by being considered.
          Time to get back to my roots and start upping the ante!
          An extra $20- $30k in cash genetation isn't worth the liss of points………..as long as you aren't tradind sideways.. . .that is a big no no and NEVER works!

          • Rocksta says:

            Try again:
            I've finished in the top 1000 most years by trading hard, and am way off the pace this year by being considered.
            Time to get back to my roots and start upping the ante!
            An extra $20- $30k in cash generation isn't worth the loss of points………..as long as you aren't trading sideways.. . .that is a big no no and NEVER works!'

            • Russty_ says:

              From reading the testimonials of past winners, I was surprised to read some of the trades they did, and when they did them.
              Often, they did them when you'd least expect it, not for maximum cash generation or because it was "the right time", but more on what is seems was a gut feeling, and seemed to jump onto the right person, who was just getting on a tear of smashing points, and was also a good price at the time.

              An overwhelming constant in their attitudes towards trading was , from what I can ascertain, is ruthlessness, not holding too long.
              Still makes me think, that a lot of success can come from risk, ruthlessness, and above all, gut feeling.

  21. The BONT says:

    Hibberd and Eddy OUT

    Ballic and Williamson IN

    Solid trade or not

  22. Joshua says:

    Barrett and eddy chances to be named in future surely.

    • Youngy says:

      I can see Barret being named. Like seriously what have Brisbane got to lose.

      Eddy on the other hand is a worry.

      • Swans2012 says:

        Eddy to Balic looking a possibility, don't like losing a trade for 20k but he feels a bit forgotten @port.

        • Chief says:

          Eddy good chance to play as he had a great game in reserves.

        • Rocksta says:

          So when you strip it back, does wasting a trade for $20K seem like a good idea?
          Of course not! This time of the season is about cash generation and similarly upgrading to Keepers.
          Only make such a wasteful trade if you are looking at a doughnut. Remember we have rolling lockouts so such trades can be and are last minute.

          • whatyasmokin says:

            Yep people trade before the rolling lockout, and it's done.

          • Swans2012 says:

            It's not purely for the 20k though obviously is it rok, it's for the cash balic makes when eddy isn't playing. So yes it still may be a good idea if eddy is going to miss the next 3-5 rounds. If eddy is back this week or next then no it'd be a waste. Just need to get my crystal ball working…..

    • Bells E Bubb says:

      Did you see the rookie article? Barrett had a game to make Ablet blush in the reserves. Will be back this week.

      • whatyasmokin says:

        Not sure why they dropped him in the first place one of the only players to lay a lot tackles in their team that isn't Zorko or Rocky.

  23. Jack says:

    Was going to release Heater last week but the community talked me out of it. What's the thoughts? Trade now?

    • Randomcliche says:

      Hold for the season unless injured 3+ weeks or role change. Plenty will bring him in, but not will be able to at the most opportune time. You just need to nail the likes of Treloar and Hannas at the right price. Don't lock in those cash losses, hold!

    • whatyasmokin says:

      May as well hold, not sure if I'm even going to lock him in when price falls honestly.

      Will only have one spot left after I lock in Howe and Laird. I guess heater might make D6.

      One or two 150-200's and a bunch of crap scores are useless to me honestly.

      • DavidSA says:

        Was on track to score 95 hold!
        Also GWS playing 4/5 decent midfields

    • Danners says:

      You're thinking of trading a top 2 defender from the past couple of seasons, HOLD

    • Moustachio says:

      Everyone else will be trading him in, just as you are getting rid of him. Then he will bust out a 200 like last season just to spite you. One of the most consistent SC players in terms of season average and top ranking for position. Hold, and do not anger the SC gods by even thinking of dropping him.

  24. The BONT says:

    Don't trade out Trealoar the Magpies are practicing KICKING at training

    • DavidSA says:

      I saw that, they had cut out men wearing Collingwood and Essendon guernseys to kick at and moved the Essendon ones in the middle of the of the pack

    • Russty_ says:

      Doesn't stop him from banging it on the boot, willy nilly without thinking like he does most of the time.

  25. Rocksta says:

    I know I should hold my rookies for 1 more week based on their BE's, but Fk it!
    Taranto for Rocky via DPP, and Marchbank for Fisher via DPP ( had Adams in the guts). Not confident re Balic's JS considering Ross is winning games again.
    Leaves me with quite a bit still in the bank to turn Witts into Grundy next week( 1 trade).
    I've been 'considered' so far this year, and it ain't working for me. Time to bring it on!

    • whatyasmokin says:

      Witts only has a breakeven of 10………

      • Rocksta says:

        WHE to Roo then. Thoughts?

        • Liam says:

          It depends on what that they score next week so wait til then so you know who is cooked cash gen wise.

        • whatyasmokin says:

          I don't mind the Taranto and Marchbank for Rocky and Fisher.

          Was just saying that Witts should last a bit longer than until next week. Hopefully he smashes out a ton+ this round, easily capable.

          He beat Kreuzer last week (36 vs 23 hitouts) just not enough to advantage, four more to advantage and he would've got 99.

          Week before he got 114 vs McEvoy. (40 vs 28 hitouts)

          Massive potential to make more cash.

    • Moustachio says:

      The fk kind of cash are you holding…

  26. Lachy says:

    No love for mummy? I honestly think he'll be the #1 ruckman this year. Playing for a strong team, pretty much 90%+ ruck time. And gathers the pill when needed. Head to head between him Grundy and Stef Martin in my opinion,

    • whatyasmokin says:

      Shhhh he's my ruck POD to bring in after byes, has round 13 and nobody will have him.

    • Randomcliche says:

      Agreed. Wish I'd pulled the trigger last week!

    • Double Dragon says:

      Always a perennial injury risk so buyer beware.

      • whatyasmokin says:

        Played 21 games last season.

      • Rocksta says:

        Mummy is always a gun……………..but always gets injured.
        It"s the old fashioned risk V reward. No right or wrong answer on this one!

    • Danners says:

      Yes he has had a pretty good start to the season as well which is what he has done in previous years before getting injured. A solid POD for now

  27. Mitch says:

    Jezz I wish that podcast went for hours! Marvellous stuff again fellas.
    Hopefully you'll start doing longer podcast Becuase there is a lot of un answered questions

  28. Mitch says:

    Hello community thoughts on trades.
    I have Trelor, Shaw and Higgins in my team with 140k in the bank. Any suggestions on trades. Balic looking like someone to bring in, 26 trades remaining. Thoughts left right and centre!!!!,

    • Mitch says:

      Maybe eddy for balic? But still Higgins shaw and trelor warring me!

    • whatyasmokin says:

      I'm skipping Balic, going with my gut here.

      But I also have a big bank so am locking in JPK and MC Crayfish for SPP and WHE.

      • Finnius123 says:

        Keep WHE for a little while longer. They reckon he will be at 450k by round 8

        • whatyousmokin says:

          Who reckons? Highly doubtful.

          • Finnius says:

            Supercoach gold projections

            • whatyousmokin says:

              49 BE, hitting 70's. Had one good score. Uncontested touches and relies on goals to score. Keeping Marchbank instead. Its also because I have a weak forward line and sick of 70 at F4, followed by butler and houston in F5, F6.

              Another thing is I feel march will score bigger at AO vs port than WHE in the anzac day clash at MCG.

  29. Crows says:

    Lance Franklin for Taylor Walker

    And Dyson Heppell For Rory Sloane

    what's your thoughts community

    • Joshua says:

      Second option, decent.
      First, not so much in my opinion.
      You'll be crying if Franklin hits the scoreboard big in the next few weeks after the GWS game wherein he faces fairly easy competition.

      • Joshua says:

        Also I'd probably hold Heppell. He's been pretty good other than this week where most of the bomber boys suffered to be fair.

    • whatyasmokin says:

      Ridiculous trades.

    • Finnius123 says:

      Not a fan

      • DavidSA says:

        Fark me mate if I had them players and I don't btw I would still be happy to hold them golden trades.

        Seems like your team has no issues with suspension, injuries and non playing rookies just a case of spoilt for luck and feel like your missing out on doing trades like others who actually need to fix their teams

        • whatyousmokin says:

          I'll bet they just have their priorities wrong. Bench is probably covered in stains

    • Moustachio says:

      #2 yes (non premo to premo)
      #1 massive waste (premo to non premo)

  30. iLoveNMFC says:

    Thoughts community? 220k in the bank.

    O'Meara to Murphy
    Pickett to Balic
    Roughy to Riewoldt

    Murphy worth the extra trade? Cheers

    • Ja191 says:

      Murphy not worth it at this price especially with the tag coming, Pickett to Balic is a solid trade or could even go O'Meara to Balic for the extra $

    • whatyasmokin says:

      Not convinced reiwoldt will last the season, but I say that every year and he proves me wrong.

      I've just locked in McCrae myself, to go alongside Dahlhaus, Nank and Steele. It's like a bunch of toyota corollas should be pretty reliable.

      • Top Gun says:

        Steele doing well but expect him to turn into a Mitsubishi soon

        • whatyousmokin says:

          Yeah but for 350k should be serviceable(lol)all year, and can be last to upgrade as he gets midfield minutes. If he flops before byes I'll get rid of him.

        • Russty_ says:

          I think Steele will only continue to improve, he's already surpassed Bruce, Dunstan, Acres, Membrey etc etc, every other manbun in the side lol

      • Russty_ says:

        Blasphemy!…St Nick will last the whole season, and dominate, like the super champ he is, can you tell I'm a Saints fan?

  31. Dryyak says:

    Tuohy to Laird? i just see so many inconsistencies in tuohy, or am i being reckless?

    • krups says:

      I am thinking that myself

    • whatyasmokin says:

      I think you should deal with players like Tuohy later, just got you a score in the 90's, give him a break.

      • DavidSA says:

        Yeah want a good sc rule listen in
        If a midpricer is avg 80+ u broke even and thus should not be on ur to do list till the byes

    • SF4 says:

      I've got Tuohy and I'm holding. He has the ability to score well as shown with 100 and a 96. Once he heats up he could be a decent Pod as a D5/D6

  32. Jono says:

    Thinking Florent to Balic and SPP to Grundy and swinging Nank back forward. Rough is also an option to move on…

    • SF4 says:

      Decent first trade but I wouldnt be trading SPP yet, another 70 and he is making cash again. Try and find someone else to trade for Grundy

      • Jono says:

        I know what your saying but unfortunately don't really have any other good trade options…have Hampton Marchbank Otten Butler Houston and Parfit…could just make the one trade and hold but want to hold current rank

    • whatyasmokin says:

      If trying to hold a top rank I'd go for that trade, Florent might get dropped this week anyway making it all the easier, wonder if SPP will be rested too?

    • whatyasmokin says:

      *When i say top rank I mean good/high rank

      • Jono says:

        Yeah holding the rank is what's pushing me to make the two trades…good luck

  33. Jordan says:

    Balic, Williamson, parsons, fisher,
    Who would u say has better scoring potential assuming they all play next round even though parsons won't still include him

    • Ja191 says:

      i'd say parsons, looks a good player and geelong winning helps. See how fisher goes this week and balic/Williamson in for a failed rookie, should generate some good dough.

  34. DefyingMadness says:

    Should we consider lopping off Eddy/ Barret/ Taranto if they don't play this week, or is HOLDING the correct move considering I have used 4 trades already

    • whatyasmokin says:

      I would lop Taranto if he doesn't play. BE 38.

      Eddy should get another gig soon, but I suppose lop-able. BE -35.

      Barret should be last on your list to ditch, he's in a rebuilding club, playing well and will get games. BE – 24

  35. HB prince says:

    Roughy to Lynch thoughts?

    • whatyasmokin says:

      Nope, grab Lynch after his round 9 bye instead.

    • Finnius123 says:

      Yeah you will only be getting a couple of games before his bye – probably not worth it

    • Russty_ says:

      Adelaide Lynch yes, they won't be getting their asses handed to them every second week.

  36. Howard Mitchell says:

    What does the "absolute darth of the ability to achieve cash" mean, Jock????

  37. Alex says:

    Anyone remember when Cripps scored 170 as a rookie? He hasn't done that as a premo!!

    • Steeeve says:

      Kicked arse last year. Will kick arse this year, he's just battered at the moment.

      • DavidSA says:

        Perfect after bye pick up hope he stays around 500k and averages 110 rest of year

        • Steeeve says:

          Exactly. Tempting to bring him in now but has a bye the first week. Same for Simmo.

  38. Howard Mitchell says:

    Harley bloody Balik not worth a c### full of cold water. The SuperCoach game dos not need 90% of us jumping on this dork.

    • whatyasmokin says:


    • Finnius123 says:

      What's wrong with him?

    • Randomcliche2 says:

      Given how many 'jumped' on Newman I don't think your fears are well based. It should have been a lot more than 50k buying him. I don't think most will buy, given lack of a pressing need to downgrade any rookies for sufficient cash gen. The guy is not a must have, just the best have rookie this week. There will be another one like this next week and the week after, so chillax bro.

    • Steeeve says:

      We get it he stole your lunch money 7 years ago.

    • Swans2012 says:

      Low tog figures though I believe, and decent js. I'll happily bring him in if someone else gets dropped

    • Juzzy says:

      He will be a winner.

      • Rocksta says:

        How do you know?

        • whatyasmokin says:

          Nobody can really know anything in this game, all educated guesses. Or on many occasions uneducated guesses haha.

        • Juzzy says:

          Obviously I don't know.

          Huge stats in the 2nds .. (yes all our mothers kicked 7 goals in the Wafl).
          Ross loves him. Decent js. Mid with our best chance of cash generation right now.

          But yeah, it's a guess (and I traded out Nick Roo) so grain of salt.

  39. WinnerzRGrinnerz says:

    Marchbank to Balic via dpp?. (Hibberd to backline and bring Newman on ground as had previously ran with Marchbank, Otten and Hampton on ground). Also have Stewart on bench for cover down back.

    Currently have $175k in bank and this trade would add another $180k to the kitty to go bang bang in coming weeks

    • Finnius says:

      I would hold Marchbank a few more weeks at least. One of our rookies which still actually looks capable of making dosh. Try pickett maybe?

      • WinnerzRGrinnerz says:

        Yeah doesn't provide same cash grab though, would be a bit of a sideways trade.

        I could use cash to go up from Hampton to a Howe or Docherty over the next couple of weeks leaving only Otten and Newman as only rookies on ground in backline and to upgrade in future.

  40. Jim_bob321 says:

    Hey community,
    What do u guys think, Stewart to Newman?

  41. Oliver says:

    Great podcast as usual!

    Thoughts on Roughy community? Might look to pull the trigger this week but unsure who to grab.


  42. whatyousmokin says:

    McCrae 😉

    • Joshua says:

      Ok haha. Started the big bad MC Crayfish and he is looking tasty.

  43. DavidSA says:

    Hickey > Steffo!
    Hibberd > Lloyd!

  44. Ja191 says:

    Oten for Bobby Murphy or missed the boat on that? any suggestions who else or hold

  45. Randomcliche2 says:

    So I've made a number of trades I now regret and I'm left with this going into the next round and $322k. .

    Howe, Hodge, Touhy, Marchbank, Otten, Newman (Hampton, Stewart)
    Danger, Rocky, Pendles, Fyfe, T.Mitchell, Beams, O'meara, SPP (Barrett, Pickett, JDC)
    Sandiwitts, (Pruess)
    Dahl, Nank, Higgins, Steele, Roughy, Butler, (Houston, Eddy)

    I'm open to suggestions, and have been looking at lots of different things 1. Hold, 2, Ballic 3. Adams, 4 Roo, 5 Mummy/Martin 6. Hanners 7.JPK/Jelwood 8.Spencer (thanks podcast for another option….) or any combo of above. I realise not knowing if Barrett is named makes it tricky…but give it a shot, I'm all ears!

    • Juzzy says:

      How many trades ?

      Hanners and JPK will still probably drop in value this week but if Omeara doesn't get up this week I would consider upping him to a premo.

      • whatyasmokin says:

        JPK has a BE of 122 I'm expecting him to go big at the SCG this week. Sydney to get their first win.

        Hanners with a 108 BE they are both prime for the picking.

        Next week they might be 10K cheaper if that.

      • Randomcliche2 says:

        25 left, done (Gawn, Armitage, Roo, Smith, Hibbard all sent packing to date).

        • whatyasmokin says:

          All good trades, except roo of course but how were you to know.

  46. Lazza says:

    You are short a couple of Premos for this time of the season. Need to move soon, but plenty of time to correct overall.. you still need cash injection, so plan for Ballic this week and Fisher next week. Neither of Pickett, Steele, Stewart, Hampton or Marchbank have high cash growth prospects moving forward. So can sacrifice small gains for high gains. Or get rid of the bleeders.
    None of Hodge, Tuohy, Steele or Roughy are keepers.. Neither is Witts. You MIDs can survive well till the byes. I'd be looking to get Adams as soon as possible and either of Martin or Roo/Macrae.

    • Randomcliche2 says:

      Thanks Lazza, essentially you say get that trigger finger going! Okay, I don't need much encouragement.

  47. KiwiSaint says:

    2224 and 4th in coach kings
    Very useful weekend cheers for the help again

  48. BZZ says:

    Hey community! We all sticking with heath shaw or are we trading him out!?

    • Rivo says:

      Hold, he will come good.

    • Beezneez says:

      He was sitting on about 68 points from memory in the second quarter and then sustained that ankle injury which put him off the ground for a fair while in the 3rd quarter and was obviously affected by it when he came back on. He may well not shake the injury in time for selection this week. I thought he was on track to ton it up before the injury..

    • Travo says:

      I'm holding. Soon as I trade him he would pump out a 160.

  49. Russty_ says:

    Round 5 and I'm ranked 3078, pretty cool, only 400 odd points behind the leader, easy to make up with a few good weeks 🙂
    Hopefully I can keep myself in the mix.

  50. Gjlane123 says:

    Declan Montford out for Harley Balic ? Jock hinted at similiar ? Any chance Declan will play soon ? Same for Matt Hibbard?

    • Danners says:

      A good trade, I would say Hibberd would have a better a playing than Hibberd down the track

  51. Rivo says:

    Roughy & O'Mera out for me. I've had enough.

    27 trades & $86k. Time to paint the fence and get the Midfield upgraded. Which option is best?

    Option 1: Rocky & Balic,
    Option 2: Sloane & Balic,
    Option 3: Bont & Balic.

    • Youngy says:

      So many good options….

      For mine Option 1

      • Rivo says:

        Thanks Youngy. Rocky has the biggest ceiling, but the others are top 10 locks also. My only concern is injury history with Rocky, but he looks sharp this season.

    • Rivo says:


    • hedski says:

      All good options Rivo

    • whatyasmokin says:

      Who are you going to be able to get cheaper later, and who is priced well now? That is the question.

    • Soothsayer says:

      I'm thinking the exact trade as number 2. Just not sure I need to pul the trigger now or save trades.

      • Rivo says:

        It is a tough one. Roughy may only get to an 85 average, and O'Mera is a long way off. Team selections will confirm for me. I am not buying into the Yeo/Matera trades – midprice traps.

    • Iamme says:

      Option 1 as Rocky plays on the same team as Mitch Robinson

    • Moustachio says:

      I would be taking Hanners for cheap, instead of paying top dollar for those specimens.

  52. Westy says:

    Current team
    D Laird, Simpson Tuohy, Marchbank 301, Otten 286, Newman 206, Hampton 242, Stewart 170
    M Murphy, Dangerfield, Merrett, Kennedy, Fyfe, Treloar, Beams, SPP 227, SPS 274, O'Meara 327, Barratt 170
    R Nankervis, Grundy, Cameron 117
    F Dahlhaus, Kennedy, WHE 325, Butler 239, Houston 273, Parfitt 206, Florent 196, Eddy 141

    I've put a price on each of the cash cows/rookies. Ideally need about $700k for 2 trades, One up, one down. Currently short about $50k for that if trading WHE and JOM for Adams and Balic, so am thinking Balic for WHE or JOM at this stage to get about $200k in the kitty, then start to paint the fence when some of the others are ready to cash in when they get between $300-$350.

    • whatyasmokin says:

      Yep makes sense, you probably need the cash gen. I'd ditch WHE seeing as JOM is in the guts. If JOM not named this week make sure you ditch him I reckon, rolling lockout wait till staurday morning to make the trade just in case JOM a late out.

    • marcusproudson says:

      I'm sweating on JOM also.. how many trades have you used so far

  53. Danny says:

    Is Higgins to yeo a good trade? Also buying a ruck and If I made this trade I would have to buy Brodie grundy instead of stef Martin.

  54. Joshua says:

    North defender Sam wright out for 8 weeks. Rookie defender in?

  55. Sam says:

    This week TT to Balic adding to the 100K I have in cash already.

    Next week, Mills and Marchbank shipped out for fallen premos…any 2 of Simpson, Shaw and Boyd

    • whatyasmokin says:

      Big question is will those guys be top defenders this season.

      • Sam says:

        That's where I need to back myself in picking 2 of them. I wouldn't expect a complete top 8 change this year, but who will fall away….anyone's guess

  56. Bill says:

    Forwards under $530,000

  57. Alec says:

    Thinking trading out roughie and bringing in motlop as a POD… cost $466k owned by only 1%. Low score of 83 and high score of 123 and average of 94.25

    • whatyasmokin says:

      He's ok, good thing is Geelong are in for a good season, that helps. You'll not be happy when he gets a 40 but hey.

  58. whatyasmokin says:

    Fielding two defenders out of………

    Marchbank (74) Newman (80) and McGrath (97)

    Which two and why?

  59. whatyasmokin says:

    Marchbank vs port at AO

    Newman vs GWS at SCG

    McGrath vs Collingwood at MCG

    • tophawk says:

      Tough question mate!!

      I personally would go Marchbank and Newman. Here are a couple of reasons why.

      1- Marchbank and Newman have an overall round average which is higher than Mc Grath. (77.25 and 86.0 respectively) McGrath 74.5

      2- The footy is likely to spend more time in Carlton's and Sydney's backline due to the opponents they are playing. GWS very attacking side and Carlton on Port's home deck.

      Nonetheless, tough call that. Good luck.

      • whatyasmokin says:

        Whenever I chase rookie points it seems to fail, (SPS and Parfitt after they tonned up)

        So even though McGrath scored and looked good last week, would be wise to go Marchbank and Newman, you are more than likely right tophawk.

      • Dutch says:

        Agree, out of those three I would bench McGrath as has been the least consistent – but a tough call that could go any way

    • Brian says:

      Leave out McGrath. I don't like rookies in a big game like Anzac day

    • Juzzy says:

      Nice problem to have Mate.

      I would probably lean towards Marchbank onfield.
      Has been very consistent apart from the game they played in a deluge.

      You know how this works though … whoever you bench will have a blinder and have you muttering "at least they're making money " for a week.

      • whatyasmokin says:

        I know right. I really liked the look of McGrath in the game against the crows. First time I'd seen him play and surprised he was pumping out crap scores before that.

  60. Danners says:

    Great work Jock and the boys! I was really surprised to hear talk of you guys trading out Titch. Did you guys have a few too many rum cans or something? He's averaging 105, scored 3 100s and hasn't dropped below 80 yet in a side that hasn't won a game yet.

  61. Kev says:

    Don't trade out Buddy

  62. whatyasmokin says:

    Chasing points. Awful trades.

  63. Brian says:

    When you started with buddy you should have known he would have bad weeks. Hold

  64. Crows A Team says:

    I have 29 trades what should i do? here is my team

    i just previously got David Swallow MID $ 319,100

    $140,500 Remaining salary $11,875,200 team Value


    T. Adams $558,300 A. Otten $286,300 C. Marchbank $301,100 A. McGrath $278,100 R. Burton $303,200 N. Newman $206,700

    Bench: C. Hampton $242,100 T. Stewart $170,300


    M. Murphy $560,300 M. Bontempelli $623,100 P. Dangerfield $693,200 D. Martin $609,900 S. Pendlebury $633,100
    T. Cotchin $577,700 C. Oliver $482,000 D. Heppell $518,100

    Bench: S. Powell-Pepper $227,500 D. Swallow $319,100 B. Parfitt $206,600


    J. Witts $347,000 A. Sandilands $379,400

    Bench: B. Preuss $262,700


    E. Yeo $476,000 T. Nankervis $457,700 J. Kennedy $512,100 L. Franklin $494,200 S. Reid $350,600 W. Hoskin-Elliott $325,200

    Bench: D. Butler $239,700 D. Houston $233,900

    • Northernsoul74 says:


    • Loop says:

      You started with Burton when he didnt play in round 1????

      • Crows A Team says:

        yes i had him on the bench in round 1 but he was going to make money so i got him anyway

        • Call Me Sceptical says:

          Busted dude. We can see that you created this side after Rd2 so little point bragging about your team value and 29 trades. So you didn't have Burton on your bench in Rd1 because the team didn't even exist at that point. Nice try but we didn't come down in the last shower!

      • Call Me Sceptical says:

        Yeah I smelt BS straight away Loop ha ha. As if he really needs the community's help the rorter that he is. By posting his team value which he knows is way more than even the best teams out there he is just trying to impress. Just a time waster for mine and a bald faced lyer too claiming he started Burton Rd1.

    • Call Me Sceptical says:

      What's your team name bud? Definitely smells like a side created after a round or 2 with the vast number of early season bolters in there. 🙂

      • Call Me Sceptical says:

        As I suspected this side was created after round two so has only taken to the field in Rd3 and 4.

        Don't need to be a genius to pick all those guys two rounds in. Unfortunately about 4000pts off the pace ranked 169K so is only a league relevant side as as good a side as it is but it's not making up 4000pts.

        No doubt created to try and claim the Rd3 prize money which the HS shouldn't allow in my opinion. Bit of a rort if you ask me.

        • Brett says:

          Yeah no doubt this guy Blake (if that's even his real name) has alternate sides. It makes you wonder how many of the 200,000 teams are actual legit or just one of multiple teams controlled by the same coach in an effort to try and exploit the prize money loopholes. Like that guy at the top of the rankings last year who got found out for operating multiple steams.

        • Jason says:

          Indeed it annoys me that the Herald Sun allows this to happen. I reckon if you don't start a team before the opening round concludes that you should be ineligible to win any money. Sure you can still compete and have fun if you were late to the season for some reason but no prize money which would nip a lot of these bogus sides in the bud. I believe the team that won the round 3 money did the exact same thing and created the "ultimate" side right before the price changes which is just a sh1tc**t move in my mind. The thing that makes it even worse is that this is probably not the coach's primary side. Their "real" side probably has a selection of premo spuds like Shaw, Simpson, Treloar, Hanners, Crouch, Caddy that the rest of us have been suffering through.

          • Call Me Sceptical says:

            Haha yep it's amazing how he dodged all those premo spuds as you call them. At least he was foolish enough to post his side here to try and gloat so someone will no doubt dob in his cheating ass should he win a round. I bet they can do IP checks to see if they match the logins for other teams if the same person is operating several teams from the same location. There will also be a bunch of whole new tools who show up for the round 11 prize money with miraculously no round 11 bye players in it like Dahl and Beams that we all have, in a cynical attempt to try and pocket some easy cash. Makes a mockery of the competition if you ask me.

            • whatyasmokin says:

              Funny thing is, they only have 10 keepers, vs my 12.

              And the team and value together is only 250K more than mine. Sure they have more trades but considering they cheated it's pathetic.

              • Juzzy says:

                Pretty UnAustralian way to go about it …

                Don't think he can win though as he has missed the boat on Pickett.

            • Jason says:

              The problem is if everyone did it then we would have 500,000 teams with all these fake sides clogging up our public leagues. You know the ones I'm talking about, the ghost sides that have been abandoned by their owners long ago that you see down the bottom of the ladder late in the season with 8 week old VCs and Cs. They ditch all the sides that have no chance to focus their energies on their better teams. Not a problem you might think only that when the top positions on the ladder are often separated by a small percentage late in the season then huge wins against these ghost sides can really boost the lucky opponent's percentage that can sometimes decide who makes finals or top 4s etc.

        • Crows A Team says:

          Well done Detective D1ckhead. Some people really have no life. All they want to do is bring others down. Your parents must be so proud.

    • whatyasmokin says:

      What a spud coach.

    • wombatsfc says:

      Oh my god you're so amazing.

      • Crows A Team says:

        Thanks pal. I glad someone appreciates my work. So many haters. It's just a game people. If you don't want to help just move on.

  65. Iamme says:

    Will the Bont get the Mitch Robinson tag this week?….after the job he did on Dusty last week I'd be concerned.

    • whatyasmokin says:

      Probably yes.

    • INPieman says:

      That's a good point. But he may also go to Dahlhaus who is more his weight division. Bont is a big bugger

      • Don't Blush Baby says:

        Note that whilst Robbo ran with Dusty ,Beams was picking him up at the stoppages, but agree Dahlhaus might be the target. I'll be wanting to VC Bont at this stage ?

      • Steeeve says:

        Yeah not like that little weed Dusty

    • Moustachio says:

      Bont is hard to tag, doesn't need many possies to impact game and can rotate fwd at will. Plus taller than most mids.

  66. Ryan says:

    Who to trade for Balic? SPP or Taranto? Or don't?

    • whatyasmokin says:

      Whoever gets dropped out of the two, or Taranto I think.

    • INPieman says:

      Taranto if necessary. But I think he still has a bit more to make. SPP has an easier run of games coming up. Hold him for the time being

  67. Ben says:

    Dont trade premos

  68. Boltons Blues says:

    Taranto and Roughy to Sloane and Balic, thoughts?
    Other notable bench/trade options are Eddy/Pickett/Stewart/Hibbered/SPP/Hampton

  69. Rooster XXX says:

    Why would you even be considering trading Buddy Franklin?? Who's to say for the rest of the season he isn't going to score/average more than Roo or Dahl???

  70. Timmy says:

    Should we be bringing in Ballic this week? Possible trade out players include:
    Pickett, Barratt, SPP, JOM, Hannan, Eddy
    Got 26 trades left. Should i do this or hold?

    • Jef says:

      In same position w trades and I have done it

    • Brian says:

      the big concern with Ballic is that Ross has got a sniff of finals so he is one bad game away from being dropped. Also the cows haven't fully fattened so I think im gonna wait

  71. Premiership Player says:

    Should I hold Lance Franklin, Scott Pendlebury and Dyson Heppell or should i trade two of them?


  72. Jimboss says:

    Thinking of bringing in Fiorini, high start at 279k but can really get the pill and score, and should easily out preform most available rooks….

  73. Swannie says:

    Reluctantly traded Hall up to Rockcliffe, Downgraded Houston to Bali…Keeping Taranto​ at this stage as played well against the Swans…. Thoughts

  74. Bevo says:

    Don't worry about the why, I'm moving on one of Higgins or Steele in the fwds. Torn between keeping the young guy who has improvement/upside but has struggled to show it and may not go further this year, compared to the older who has experience and no doubt will have a reasonable average over the duration but is well capable of providing some infuriating returns with some injury risk. Noting higgins avg is about 93 and Steele 89 so very little between them. Higgins would add another 70k to the bank. Thoughts?

    • whatyasmokin says:

      Like you'd be silly enough to move on Steele who has a 46 BE, and who scored 88 and 93 last two games. His 65 will be out of his value next week too……….

      • Bevo says:

        Never underestimate stupidity or those who practice it. I probably could have added they are both the two worst performing fwds i have (f5 and f6) so although 90ish isn't bad, I'll move one on for someone scoring over 100. Yes steele has more appeal from the money side. I've avoided Higgins burn previously so this year was simply my year and was considering him as a keeper but last two scores and seeing him play along with how nm are faring i don't think he's going to be all that… but the original keeper thought had me looking at steele as the option to move on. He's had opportunity through the injuries at the saints and sure 80 or 90 isn't bad but he's potentially costing me a few points every week and although he'll make cash i was more hoping for a breakout 100 avg year from him than a cash man. I was leaning more towards ditching Higgins for the obvious reasons but always interesting to see if anyone makes a case i haven't thought of the other way!

    • whatyasmokin says:

      Higgins has a 130 BE and two average scores, Steele will probably be worth more than him within a few weeks.

      • DavidSA says:

        Or you could leave them both alone
        Not like you have Wingard and Roughead combo.

        Agree with smokin here Steele is basically averaging 90 and still has cash to make so atm having Steele is a win win situation he can either reach keeper F6 status or increase another 75k over the next month

  75. Alex says:

    Jack Steele priced at 387k, I'm jumping on, ride the wave to 450k and then jump on a fallen gem. Thoughts?

    • whatyasmokin says:

      A trade is worth way more than 63K, total waste. Unless of course you think he can be an F6 keeper, which is possible and I think he can reach more around 500K.

    • Bevo says:

      Probably better to consider matera at this point. A chance he'll keep doing what he's doing, is cheaper and will generate more cash and seems to have a higher ceiling at this point. Plays his third game this weekend too.

      • whatyasmokin says:

        Steele more likely to be a keeper though at this point. Both too awkwardly priced to trade in. Steele is good if you started with him, that's about it.

    • Moustachio says:

      Previous poster wants to get rid of Steele, you can't both be right.

  76. Captain Risky says:

    Left Field option. Anyone looking at Brayden Fiorini -GC ??

    Only played 4 games, 2 last year -rounds 22/23 and scored 46 & 125. ( That was enough to stuff up his rookie price!) and rounds 3& 4 this year. 75 & 97. Break even -9, priced at awkward 279K, on the bubble this week, + 40K approx. Seems to be able to find the ball, was a great scorer at Junior/ NEAFL levels…
    An expensive rookie but given the lack of options… Thoughts?

    • DavidSA says:

      Too expensive and would be lucky to make you 100k

    • whatyasmokin says:

      Not for me but probably as good as the Matera option, problem is JS and consistency.

    • INPieman says:

      At 100k less I'd entertain it. But not at that price

      • whatyasmokin says:

        Yeah up to 250K I'd give it a thought, probably still wouldn't honestly.

  77. Jason Di Staso says:

    Hey guys feel im a player or two off the mark any suggestions would be helpful 25 trades left

    Docherty adams laird marchbank otten newman (hampton t stewart)

    Danger zerrett fyfe treolar t Mitchell d beams d swallow McGrath (SPP florent j barret

    Nankervis sandi (strncadia

    T lynch buddy daulhas hoskin elliot taranto Houston (eddy parfit)

    100 k only in bank

    • whatyasmokin says:

      Looking pretty good, I'd wait for team selections I reckon there will be someone to cull possibly SPP/Florent/Taranto.

      Could paint the fence with two of them out, Balic + Premo keeper.

  78. Big G says:

    I am making a corrective trade this week for one of my rookie bench options. Who do you guys think will be less likely to get a game for the rest of the year. Hibberd, Mountford or Eddy?

  79. DavidSA says:

    A lot saying that SPP is cooked or ready to cull this week. I will be holding him for atleast 2 more weeks, my thinking is this…. Adelaide fasted side in the comp GWS pretty much 2nd fasted side in comp. Port struggled against both these teams for contested ball and got murderd on the outside.

    I am using Barret as loop for SPP in case he scores – 60 but I would not be surprised if he goes 75 + against the blues at home in which case will leave Barret on field (hope Barret is not named this week). I firmly believe over the next couple of weeks he can avg 70-75 and with the 41 leaving his calculation will bump up in price again.

    • INPieman says:

      Agree with you David. I have no intention of getting rid of SPP yet. They have faced the most in form team over the last 2. Get's easier from here. He won't lose money

    • whatyasmokin says:

      Valid points on SPP, not sure I have the patience and my overflowing bank account just needs to be spent.

      Hopefully team selections make these trades easier.

  80. Matt says:

    What promo should I take for Shaw?

  81. Ranked1 says:

    I have figured out the best way to play this game is with emotion, therefore trade out who upset me the most to a big scorer. This week danger to Rocky and pendles to Sloane. I can smell 50k.

  82. Juzzy says:

    Surely you are fishing ??

    Buddy down to Pickett to free up cash.
    Heppell to Myers to keep your bye structure.

  83. Jimmy says:

    What does everyone think of Brandon Matera; i think too much to take a punt on but he is looking good?

    • INPieman says:

      If you think he can make you 150-200k go for it. But one bad score like he has a 7 year history of & it's a fail

      • Jimmy says:

        I completely agree but I've missed the boat with Murphy, Oliver and Newman so I'm feeling left behind. With that said though I'm still considering Newman for Roughy

    • whatyasmokin says:

      Looking good in 2 games……………

  84. Dylan says:

    With $400k in the bank, is it worth upgrading SPP to Bont to go Marchbank to an Adams/Docherty?

    • Dylan says:


      • DavidSA says:

        Both Rookies you put up have cash to make still
        all depends on how many premo players you got currently if you only got 14 or less it won't hurt to upgrade one but I would implor you to let cows fatten little more and pick up a discount premo

    • whatyasmokin says:

      Who else do you have on your bench?

      If SPP is rested then pull the trigger on that trade.

      Not sure Marchbank is done myself. I'd cull WHE before him.

    • FCAbel says:

      Def SPP to bont of those options. I'd look at another rookie upgrade if possible.

      • Dylan says:

        Stewart and Smith on defence bench
        Barrett, Parfitt and Hibberd on midfield bench
        Pickett and Eddy on forward bench

        Got Marchbank, Otten, Hampton, SPP, Houston, Butler and WHE on field

  85. INPieman says:

    His DPP is handy. When he comes back someone needs to tell him he's playing in the finals where his Av is great

    • DavidSA says:

      he will go to another level when he stops being scared to take a contested mark

      • INPieman says:

        Coming off a shoulder reco. It clearly seems to be impacting him. Had pretty much no preseason. Only started training a week before the JLT

  86. TRIGGER HAPPY says:

    Nice pod fellas.
    Anus Horribulus.
    Yep that about sums up Rd 4.

    Pod on …..

  87. Jordan says:

    Is this. Waste of trades?

    Marchbank to Williamson
    Turner to matera as I think matera will gain 150k+ and will also leave me with 110k

    • DavidSA says:

      make team with stepping stone = 1 trade
      Trade in a stepping stone = 2 trades
      Trade Matera only if you think he can be a top 8 fwd (highly unlikely)

      • Jordan says:

        Aren't rookies basically stepping stones? We trade them in for cash generation then trade them for a premium I'm doing the same with matera with the slight chance of him becoming a keeper

    • whatyasmokin says:

      The typical point chasers will all get on him. Look what happened to Swallow, not saying it will be exactly like that but things change fast.

      History shows trades like that almost never pay off.

  88. TyS says:

    Anyone eying off a sandi to spencer trade next week

    • whatyasmokin says:

      With a projected score of only 84 and a projected BE of 62, nope.

    • whatyasmokin says:

      Sandi projection*

    • Tiger says:

      On my radar or wits.

      • DavidSA says:

        in 2-3 weeks I'm looking at Sandi out swing Nank in trade Sandi to Franklin and trade Houston to T.Boyd who I hope falls close to 200k

      • Tiger says:

        Ps. Not this week , maybe next

    • Jason says:

      If he spanks out a massive ton and either Sandi or Witts spud it up then it will at least be a consideration. You'd be crazy not to at least look at it given our cash generation problems this season.

  89. Justin says:

    marchbank to Williamson !? I know it is a bit risky but I feel like marchbank will have a low score this week and will struggle with future cash generation I've been taking risks so far and it has be in 87th spot what does everyone reckon

    • Northernsoul74 says:

      If you're 87th I'd be going with your gut and not asking us on here. I'm surprised more aren't interested in bringing in Williamson.

    • whatyasmokin says:

      Depends who you can have on field instead. If you have a McGrath quality rookie to bring on field then I'd entertain it.

      If it's Hampton or Tom Stewart then forget about it you'll lose a lot of points and Williamson ain't no must have by the looks.

    • Boltons Blues says:

      dont do it, my blues are playing Port this weekend, the ball will live in our D 50

    • Moustachio says:

      I reckon a spot just opened up for me in the top 100, thanks for keeping it warm.

  90. whatyasmokin says:

    Could be attractive to drop Sandi to Boyd after round 11. Most will jump on a premo though I'm thinking Martin will work out sweet with round 11 bye also.

  91. Sideshowbob says:

    Steele to Matera?

    • whatyasmokin says:

      Sideways move or a shiteways move?

    • Brian says:

      Steele has played 3 of his 4 games at Etihad and his lowest score there is 88. St kilda play most of their games there.
      Unlike most I can entertain the idea of matera, but not for Steele

  92. whatyasmokin says:

    I had higgins a couple of years ago for 240K, was serviceable but still missed some games. Would never pay 420K+ for him.

  93. red5 says:

    O'meara BE 58 to Andrew McGrath ($278,100 & BE 4)
    Hibberd to Tom Williamson (BE-53)

  94. Snake says:

    Hey Community

    should I cut roughie and downgrade SPP to bring in a mid premo max 602k or hold?

    It would mean having 3 fwd rookies on field.
    Currently have 2 mid premos and jaeger on field tho and need to rise in rankings

  95. andrew says:

    is hampton to newman a good trade

  96. jez_m says:

    What are everyone's thoughts on trading out Jack Steele this week? I'm trading Taranto for Balic which has opened up $137K to play with, which could allow me to move Steele on for a forward line premium. His scoring has been okay for a mid-pricer, but I figure players like Nankervis (who I haven't got), Greene and Buddy will most likely score better from here on in and end up as top 10 forwards. Should I save the trade for later on, or take the opportunity to bring another premo into my side? Already have Dahlhaus, Macrae and Lynch as my forward premiums with Steele at F4.

    • FCAbel says:

      I think Steele goes well and few fwds are better currently, so no.

    • INPieman says:

      Playing at Etihad with a BE of 46. He's Av almost double that at that venue. Absolutely no way. He's still got money to make

    • jez_m says:

      Cheers guys, nothing like other people's feedback to get you back on the straight and narrow!

    • whatyasmokin says:

      Steele is the last mid price player to be trading out at this point.

  97. wighty says:

    Matera…best case is m6/7/8…..worst case is a quick 150k. Thoughts ??

    • Kev says:

      Chasing points, wighty. He has no history of these types of scores and GC will get reamed by Adelaide this week. Hold

  98. Roberto says:

    Was wondering what the better option is.
    1: Trade Bolton>Balic (Leaves me with 243k but better cash generation)
    2:Trade Taranto>Balic.(Leaves me with 377k but less cash generation)

    I'm leaning to option 2 so that next week I have a big bank to upgrade Hampton or even Swallow to an ultra premo.

    • whatyasmokin says:

      Over the coming weeks Richmond have a lot of late round games, Bolton could be a great loophole.

      If Taranto is dropped could make your decision easier I guess.

  99. ChasingFinals17 says:

    What do I do with Jobe Watson and Michael Barlow do I hold or do I shove them overboard, loosing lots of cash

    • whatyasmokin says:

      Who knows might have to hold and wait for them to come good. Or paint the fence get Balic and a real premo.

      Holding them you are going to lose a lot of cash.

      • ChasingFinals17 says:

        After posting the first comment I logged no on to SuperCoach and did two trades trading out Barlow and Jobe for Balic and Rockliff. Should I have traded in a different premo or is Rockliff the best option?

  100. Grant says:

    Heath shaw + Harley balic traded in for

    WHE & Brett eddy.


    • SF4 says:

      To early to trade out WHE. BE of 49.

    • Jason says:

      HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLDDDDD on Heater. Eddy to Balic is fine assuming Eddy again misses.

    • SCathiest says:

      You're locking in a $77,100 loss by trading Shaw.

      • whatyasmokin says:

        Shaw's BE is 124 it's attainable.

        • David says:

          Not if he doesn't play. Would be the perfect time to move him on rather than subject yourself to a nasty Stewart bench score.

    • whatyasmokin says:

      Sounds ok, could wait a week on the WHE to Shaw trade.

  101. Andy says:

    Merrett or Heppell for 70k cheaper?

  102. marcusproudson says:

    Do we think balic is a must trade in this week.? Thinking of trading him in for Brett Eddy. Considered trading out JOM depending if he is selected this week for cash also

    • whatyasmokin says:

      If O'meara not named you could just trade Balic in and keep Eddy.

      • marcusproudson says:

        Mmmm thinking that.. I hope he comes good but if he misses this week I think I'll have to move him on

  103. MinimumChips says:

    Do I trade roughy to Kennedy and JOM to slone ranger? thoughts??

    • marcusproudson says:

      If you can move roughy on for an upgrade I would. Sloane for JOM is nice also. Obv got some cash left over .?

    • TheScacman says:

      Kennedy is up and down, I'd jump on Dalhaus or Macrae if you dont have them already. Kennedy will score big in wins but has a very low floor. Nank or Franklin are other option, wont see Buddy below 500K again (does have a BE of 138 this week though). Sloane is a good trade into the middle though, back him to ton up most weeks

    • hedski says:

      If you have the kang for that do it.

    • MinimumChips says:

      I've got

      the doc thouy hampton march McGrath Newman (Stewart/Hibbard)

      Dusty, Murphy, fyfe, trelor, heppell, viney, swallow, spp (jom/tranto/Bowes)

      Sandi, Witt's, Cameron

      Dalhous, nank, petraca, roughy, fantasia, whe, (eddy,pickett)

      450k with 25 trades

      • hedski says:

        Bit of mid price madness there, gonna have to trade hard for premo but OK cash gen?

  104. Paul says:

    Is Balic a must have? I'm not convinced. Think I'll cool my jets this week and snap up Fisher next week.

    • whatyasmokin says:

      Thinking the same

    • INPieman says:

      I don't think he's a must have. I'll also be having another look at Fisher. If Parsons was available this week I'd get him over Balic

    • marcusproudson says:

      I'm asking myself the same thing. JOM scares me too I hope he's back this week

    • Crows A Team says:

      I think the kid is a serious talent and has a pretty decent role. Was just nervous in his first game but I'm expecting a 70+ against the Roos so he comes in for me for Hibbo or Eddy this week.

      • Brett says:

        I thought you didn't have Eddy or Hibberd in the team you posted above. Or is this your main side you are talking about this time? You really should give it a rest already.

    • Pete says:

      The Doctor Supercoach guys who I respect a lot believe he is an excellent trade in this week.

    • Top Gun says:

      Why not get both?

      • Hank says:

        Absolutely! Good rookies are few and far between this season so you need to snap up the better ones when they present or fall behind in the cash accumulation race.

  105. TheScacman says:

    If Swallow not named, is it too early to trade out him and roughead and bring in Balic and Bont/Rocky? Swallow has one good price rise after that spud effort this weekend, plus the round 9 bye. Looking at Bont and Rocky because im stuffed for the round 13 bye with 6 premiums out which rules out sloane. Roughead not to generate anymore cash, balic will make a few.


    • Watta Whaynekerr says:

      give up on Rd 13. Get the points and keepers in Scatman. Any mid you want. forget the bye issue.

  106. TRIGGER HAPPY says:

    Another blue to debut.
    Polson will start Friday night.
    small quick fwd.
    Might replace another small fwd rhymes with ticket.

  107. Jim_bob321 says:

    Hey guys.
    What do you think I should do with Hannan? Feel like i should trade him off….. but has a BE of 14……..
    And i also went roughy to Macrae…. with only 30k left in bank
    Thanks community

    • DavidSA says:

      Done what you needed to do now you can savour the 2nd trade this week

  108. DavidSA says:

    well Tom Boyd I'm watching your next game like a hawk. DPP player priced currently at 278k if he drops to 220k or less over the next couple of weeks I'm bringing him in. Houston > Boyd bank 120k I hope

    • Top Gun says:

      Is that worth it seeing Boyd won't be a keeper? Should be letting cows go moo then trading up.

      • Big Babba says:

        Yeah the reason he's dropping that low is basically coz he's a sh*t pick. Avoid him like the ebola virus!

  109. Cpt Pugwash says:

    Help Community! I find myself in strange territory.

    Rank 281
    Trades 29
    Cash $17,500

    My premo concern is Ablett BE 128 & Low Avg.

    Should I bring in M.Murphy? Or Suggest Alternative.

    Should I trade now for points or trade for cash?


    • Moustachio says:

      Ablett looks like he's playing himself back I to form. But you have some trades to burn. I would concentrate on ditching any non playing bench rookies, and bringing I. The cash generation.

      • Cpt Pugwash says:

        Thanks Moustachio! He is playing at home this week.if he was a fwd or a back I wouldn't be worrying.

  110. Chevy says:

    B. VINCE!
    That there is my conundrum…

  111. PoR\T says:

    Should I hold Lance Franklin,Scott Pendlebury and Dyson Heppell or should i trade two of them?

    • Ja191 says:

      hold hold and hold, waste of trades – look at swapping out rookies

  112. Ja191 says:

    hmm who to play on field out of Balic and Parfitt, thoughts?

    • Dice says:

      Balic, only coz they're at home and play north.
      I'm in a similar boat with the mids if i bring Balic in this week.
      Who would you choose on field betwen Balic, Parfitt and SPP?

      • Ja191 says:

        I'd probably say SPP, most reliable of the three and also playing Carlton. his score last week was poor but was playing GWS

  113. Joe says:

    To keep Hibberd or to trade him to Williamson?
    My other bench player is Stewart, and I'm running with two premiums down back in Shaw and Laird.

    • Lazza says:

      What is the value of a trade? Williamson will bring in $100K+ over the next 2 weeks – if he plays. JS only concern.
      Hibbered is worth zero points and zero $$s. Only value is a loop hole.

      I'd only keep Hibbered if you dont have other loop hole options … BTW I traded him out 2 weeks ago – allowed me to bring in Newman … no brainer.

  114. Big G says:

    Will Declan Montford ever play a game of AFL footy ever again?

  115. Lazza says:

    Dilemma … Don't need to trade to field a reasonable team this week (projected score of 2231)… but I don't want to miss the $$ to be made on Balic & Williamson. And also Fisher next week with Parsons and Myers to follow. The question is – what $ gain should we place on a trade. Should I burn 2 trades to bring them both in, choose one or none.
    To do this my trade out options would be out of SPP, Hampton, Stewart or lesser valued Pickett.

    I'm not advocating the following – more as an example of chasing $$ – is it worth burning a trade to get Matera in for a 2 week period to build the bank by $120K ? With a small possibility that it will be higher if he keeps up his scoring for another couple of weeks?

  116. Lazza says:

    Newman, Preuss and Balic out !!!

    • Piez says:

      and O'meara
      and no sign of Eddy or J Barrett

    • Kim says:

      Going to be a bit of carnage this week I think, lets hope our premos perform this week, otherwise could be 2 crap weeks in a row! Really makes cash generation that much harder when half of our bench isn't even playing!

  117. Vinny says:

    How the heck does Nic Newman get omitted. He was in their best last week.

  118. Lazza says:

    So Williamson and Matera the only real bubble players of any worth.