SuperCoach RD4: The Heroes, The Villains, The Damned.

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The Supercoach heroes, the villains and the DAMNED of 2018

Easter is supposed to be a joyous time of the year, where we delight in receiving chocolate eggs as gifts from a mythical furry creature.

Unfortunately this weekend many SuperCoaches received gifts of a different brown variety – turds.

There were stinking nuggets everywhere. Dusty. Treloar. Rance. Cripps. Swallow. Robbie Gray. Heater. Buddy. Higgins. Roughy. Ward. Heppell. Watson. The list goes on. The stain in the underpant was absolutely enormous.

For the first time this season the Villains list was bigger than the Heroes. Coaches were doing well to pass 2200 in a round many would like to forget.

The Heroes

Tom Rockliff (176 SC) was enormous in a losing side for Brisbane on Sunday, amassing 33 touches – 21 of them contested – 11 tackles and 8 marks to register an imperious score.

A trio of Crows had a day out in Adelaide’s thrashing of Essendon, with Eddie Betts (150 SC) nailing six majors, captain Taylor Walker (142 SC) banging home five of his own and Rory Sloane (124 SC) continuing his magnificent start to the season.

Eagles duo Elliott Yeo (141 SC) and Luke Shuey (127 SC) were the pick of the players from the Thursday night match against the Swans, while Luke Dahlhaus (145 SC) and Ben Cunnington (125 SC) were arguably their respective sides’ best in Good Friday’s historic first AFL match.

Shane Mumford (133 SC) and Stef Martin (130 SC) were the pick of the ruckmen for the round, with Mumford shaping as a nice POD if he can continue his current output.

Collingwood’s Jeremy Howe (130 SC) is shaping a potential top 6 defender after cracking his second ton in four matches. A consistent Howe is yet to drop below 85 this season.  Freo’s David Mundy (121 SC) is recapturing the form that saw him present as a decent midfield option in season 2015, once again outshining Nat Fyfe in Freo’s upset win over Melbourne.

You have to admire the tenacity and consistency of Carlton’s Marc Murphy (123 SC) and Essendon’s Zach Merrett (120 SC) so far in 2017, as both gun mids have easily been their side’s best players this season.  Sam Menegola (126 SC), Mitch Duncan (125 SC) and Steven Motlop (123 SC) led the way for Geelong in their demolition of Hawthorn on Monday.

Brandon Matera (159 SC), Daniel Rich (137 SC), Jeff Garlett (131 SC), Shaun Grigg (127 SC), Dylan Roberton (126 SC) and Jack Riewoldt (122 SC) were others to post quality scores over Round 4, however they don’t appear SC relevant at this stage.

The Villains

Bloody hell, where do we start. Many bought into Dustin Martin (54 SC) following his prolific start to the season but a hard Mitch Robinson tag and a leg complaint hindered his output severely. Team-mate Alex Rance (55 SC) also was quiet but in fairness he didn’t really have a lot to do as the ball rarely made it into his area during the Tigers’ big win.

I’ve nicknamed Adam Treloar (72 SC) “The Butcher” for his extreme talent of regularly chopping up possessions and turning the pill over to the opposition.  He always gets plenty of it, but again he went at under 70% efficiency for third time this season.  Fellow Pie Steele Sidebottom (64 SC) also had a nightmare, going at just 51% efficiency despite gathering 31 possessions.

Lance Franklin (77 SC) was sore against the Eagles after a Shannon Hurn bump while team-mate Zak Jones (72 SC) is looking like the classic mid-price trap at the minute. Speaking of traps, I bet Shaun Higgins (75 SC) gets some sort of sick pleasure from sucking coaches in every season only to turn around and burn them severely. Heath Shaw (80 SC) is in doubt for this week with a shin issue, while poor efficiency hurt team-mates Toby Greene (84 SC) and Callan Ward (65 SC). Father time might just be catching up with Bulldogs champion Matthew Boyd (62 SC), while fellow veteran Leigh Montagna (77 SC) couldn’t back up a brilliant outing last week.

Bomber pair Dyson Heppell (67 SC) and Jobe Watson (44 SC) had matches to forget, as did Carlton duo Kade Simpson (84 SC) and Patrick Cripps (77 SC). Port Adelaide’s Robbie Gray (68 SC) appears to be spending more time up forward which will hamper his ability to post consistent high scores.

David Swallow (46 SC) was plagued by an ankle complaint while Gold Coast team-mate Jarrod Witts (79 SC) was never going to be able to maintain the high standard he had set himself in the first three rounds.

The Redeemers

It was a case of when it rains it pours for Gold Coast spearhead Tom Lynch (161 SC). Coming off erratic totals of 43 and 94, Lynch slammed through seven goals as well as 12 marks to register a monster score.

The yo-yo form of Lachie Neale (140 SC) has also continued. After being one of the top-scoring SC mids last season, Neale start 2017 with scores of 83, 129, 84, before roaring back into form during Freo’s upset victory over Melbourne. Only had the 22 touches but kicked 4.1 to help bolster his score.

Finally, Cam McCarthy (100 SC) showed us something. Kudos goes to the brave coaches who held him after his shocking start to the season. This was a good display from the young man, registering 15 kicks, six marks to go with 2.3 in front of goal.

It wasn’t the massive 150 his owners were hoping for, but Todd Goldstein (96 SC) showed enough for his coaches to hold the champion ruckman. In a reversal from last week, Goldy attended far more centre bounces than Pruess and looks back in favour as the number one ruck at North.

After starting brightly in Round 1, number one draft pick Andy McGrath (97 SC) looked average in the following two matches, but he showed plenty on the weekend. Was one of Essendon’s best in their poor display against Adelaide, racking up a cool 28 possessions at 85% efficiency.

The Prodigies

Once again it was Adelaide’s Andy Otten (98 SC) that led the way for the rookies, racking up yet another nice score. Otten is thriving in the absence of Josh Jenkins playing the back up ruck role at the Crows, but keep an eye on his output once big Josh returns.

Nic Newman (80 SC) was the pick of the Sydney rooks, enjoying another notable performance, despite his side’s woes. Will Hayward (61 SC), Robbie Fox (59 SC) and Oliver Florent (59 SC) were all ok without standing out.

Many coaches were playing two or three of Will Hoskin-Elliott (70 SC), Dan Houston (69 SC) and Dan Butler (64 SC) on field in their forward lines and they again did not disappoint.

Freo’s Harley Balic (73 SC) produced a much better display in his second outing, finishing with 15 touches, five tackles and a goal. He’s on the bubble this week and should be considered as a trade-in option in the midfield. His team-mate Griffin Logue (21 SC) is playing a key defensive role and will not score high enough to earn a place in your side.

Carlton have been producing plenty of cash cows with first-gamer Zac Fisher (74 SC) looking very promising, while Caleb Marchbank (74 SC) again got the job done. The same can’t be said for Jarrod Pickett (49 SC), Tom Williamson (45 SC) and Harrison Macreadie (32 SC).

Popular rookie selections Sam Powell-Pepper (41 SC) and Curtly Hampton (52 SC) were highly disappointing and many coaches will not have the confidence to play them on their field next week.

The more expensive forward line options of Jack Bowes (74 SC), Tim Taranto (60 SC) and Huge McCluggage (52 SC) actually improved on their outputs from last week but it is still not enough to justify having them in your sides.

There was plenty of anticipation over how defence contenders Ben Long (28 SC), Jarrod Berry (29 SC) and Cedric Cox (37 SC) would fare, but so far their outputs haven’t exactly filled us with confidence.

James Parsons (68 SC), Tom Stewart (51 SC), Brandon Parfitt (52 SC) and Blake Hardwick (63 SC) were the rooks who played the Monday game, with Parsons and Hardwick on the bubble next week.

North trio Braydon Pruess (60 SC), Jy Simpkin (57 SC) and Kayne Turner (49 SC) were all run of the mill, as were Melbourne’s Mitch Hannan (53 SC) and Richmond’s Todd Elton (47 SC).

The Damned

There is no doubting Callum Mills (56 SC) is going to be a good player, but those who selected him in defence were banking on him to be a premo keeper, which is a big ask for a second-year player. Has started 2017 with scores of 78, 54, 83 and 56. Nowhere near good enough.

The same can be said for Kade Kolodjashnij (67 SC). His owners would have been hoping he could hit an average in the 90s after a poor last season, but so far the signs aren’t good. After four rounds, he’s averaging just 75.

Those who took a punt on Chad Wingard (58 SC) up forward would be somewhat disappointed at the moment. The Chad started off brightly enough with a ton in Round 1, but since then his scores have been on a downward spiral. At the moment he’s not looking like a keeper in our forward lines.

It’s the same old story for Matt Crouch (78 SC). He get shitloads of the pill, but his tendency to handball and poor efficiency lets him down. Had 31 touches on the weekend but 21 were handballs. It might be time to look elsewhere.

As much as we all love a good inspirational comeback, maybe Jarryd Roughead (53 SC) needs to be traded out. There were always going to be concerns about how he would cope with a year out of football and so far he hasn’t been able to adjust fully to the speed of the modern game. His team-mate Josh Gibson (55 SC) is finished as a SuperCoach player and also probably as an AFL footballer. Can’t see him going on next season.

Josh Caddy (69 SC) has appeared in this section two weeks in a row now and if you still have him, I’d be getting him the hell out of your side. He’s been the let down of the season so far for mine.

How did you go Supercoach Round 4?

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  1. Elliot says:

    Yeo a good trade? Will he be top 6 forward??

    • SCDamien says:

      Early signs suggest he might, but he doesn't get the nickname "Yeo-Yeo" for nothing. I'd keep him in mind as an upgrade target, see what his average is like towards round 8 when you'd probably be looking to trade out some Port Adelaide or Gold Coast rookies.

      • Danners says:

        I'd agree with SCDamien, wait a couple of weeks. Might be a breakout year, might not. Had a similar run last year

    • Holmes_Heroes says:

      the forward line is keeping me up at night. Higgins already burnt us, and I'm looking at former burnmen Yeo and Tex as best options to upgrade Roughie before he starts losing money… scary

      • KSinny says:

        Yeh I'm tryna decide whether to go Yeo, Tex or Betts or just to keep roughy another week or two not sure

    • whatyasmokin says:

      Roughy only has a 76 BE, won't bleed much, if anything.

      There's more to lose trading in yeo than to gain, it will cost two trades if he fails.

      If he's a winner sure you save about 100K and get some extra points, not worth it for mine. Make sure he's a sure thing before doing that.

      Started with him? Happy days.

  2. H8 treloar says:

    Treloar can get the boot! So frustrating

    • PJH says:

      yeh hes starting to bleed $$$$

      • Rick says:

        Doesn't matter if premos bleed cash. They are just set and forget. The worry is when mid-pricers and rookies bleed, since they are the ones you use to trade.

    • SF4 says:

      No, you have to hold.

    • @t_woof says:

      Your team must be flying if Treloar is your major concern. In my team, and sticking fat.

    • whatyasmokin says:

      Yet I bet you have players like Hibberd etc on your bench.

  3. oldmate65 says:

    Too many premos underperforming this week. Instead of getting those lovely, brown chocolate Easter eggs, from many we got something else of the brown variety.

  4. Kyle says:

    2192 has me ranked in the top 1000 this week…absolute shocker for most coaches

    • John says:

      @Kyle No-one likes a gloater in a sh!t week!

      • Kyle says:

        Wasnt really gloating mate, just shocked cause any other weak 2100s is a pretty par score yet this week has me in the top 1000, apoligies if it did come off as gloating

        • Daniel says:

          Didn't sound like gloating to me FWIW.

          • whatyousmokin says:

            Not at all. If the majority had a similar week and posted the same thing, suddenly wouldnt be gloating.

    • whatyasmokin says:

      Nice work, must have a fair few out of the box picks.

    • b_sh3p says:

      exact same score as me mate. topped my league and agreed… wouldn't be great other weeks just get lucky sometimes!

      I had Rocky as captain thankfully and my opponent had Danger which made for an interesting game on Monday.

    • Tyruddanaut says:

      I got under average and I jumped 23,000 spots

  5. Mike says:

    Thankyou Tom Lynch . Almost traded you out this week . Out SPP .In the Bont . Total S.C score 2113 was that on par this week? how did everyone else go

  6. Gjlane123 says:

    2139 captained danger glad stuck it out with Lynch thinking will do the same with Trelor once team full premo will look at getting someone better if he still not performing by then same for Heath Shaw.

  7. SCDamien says:

    1968. Absolute shocker this week, rankings took a bashing but it's a long season.

  8. Kroc says:

    Its funny seeing so many coaches do average because majority pick the same players with the exception of a few different picks, and also majority who have Dangerfield put him as captain, because they're too scared to take a risk and put it on someone else. Everyone says "pick Bont, pick Treloar". I went Rockliff and Pendlebury because Pendles is a far more better player then Treloar and Rockliff will always be better scoring than Bont overall. I even went Ablett because i choose who i want and not what everyone else is choosing, great week of supercoach (-;

    • Trumpet says:

      oh wow you are amazing, please tell us more of your marvellous achievements, we are not worthy

      • Kroc says:

        I got in the top 2% this week, and had Rock as C when majority were took soft to take a risk and instead played safe with Dangerfield, in fact 1 of onky 6% with Rock, thank you (- :

        • Hooksjpg says:

          Are you really comparing Rock to Danger?
          People are going to go Danger everyday of the week, that's not risky its stupid lmao.

          • Kroc says:

            I was simply pointing out that only 6% of teams have Rocky and that I took a risk with while the majority got a sub par score from Patricia. And thats why they'll never be true PODS.

          • Kyle says:

            Rocky at his best is just as SC relevant as danger. Kinda why rocky averaged 130 a few seasons ago and so far, is showing that same form this year. I try C VC both rocky and danger each week depending who plays first. Definately not stupid.

      • Jocko says:

        Yeh, what a smarta**e

    • INPieman says:

      Your not getting ahead of yourself are you Kroc?

    • whatyasmokin says:

      It is true, but yeah you chose Ablett so……………..

      • Kroc says:

        Explain to me why his a bad pick. Looks to be ok to me, don't be a follower.

        • whatyasmokin says:

          Oh mate, superb pick. Averaging 99 and has dropped 50K+.

          I'm not a follower, that's why I picked Witts, and players like Oliver for 380K who are averaging more than Ablett.

          So what's your scores for other weeks if you know how it's done?

          • Kroc says:

            What did he start at ? 620k. With his injury filled season last year, did you think he would average 120plus at the start of this year? No, but i think a 99 avg is good for a player who has the potential to score big, now lets look at one of the golden boys that is worshipped on here. Treloar, coming off a stellar season last year, picked by 24% of teams, oh, 96 avg with a 43k drop off and soon to be more. Witts is averaging 93 mate, awkward. Oliver is averaging 115 which is a great effort but guess what? His also averaging more than Treloar as well, nice you mentioned Ablett, but not Treloar. My scores have all been over 2100, is it lighting it up, no, but i dont go all out trading early because I want to fet to full premium without letting my rookies cash up to their peak, i wait it out, it works in the long run.

            • whatyasmokin says:

              So people made a mistake on Treloar, you made a mistake with Ablett. Not sure why you are parading around like god's gift to SC.

              Ablett is a reasonable possibility of being good this year, as is Treloar as he had a cracker last year, and is young and fit.

              There are reasons for both picks, and there's reasons not too. Ablett was barely doing contact training before round one.

              Will I pick him up after the byes? Possibly, but doubtful as he more than likely won't be a top 10-15 mid.

              • Kroc says:

                Except i didnt. I knew Gaz wouldn't score 120 plus at the start, but you wait until he gets more games in, everyone will jump on his band wagon, just like they did with Rockliff last year. Treloar wad hyped as the next big thing, even over Pendlebury, who may i add, is not only a better player, but is averaging 121, thats what? 25 more points?

                Thats my point, Ablett was labelled a SC God or the first official one, now because of injuries, no one picks him and because Jock didnt, people listen to him, he has Treloar fyi, Treloar is a good player but his not as good as Ablett.

                True, but what if you picked him, and as the season goes on, he gets better and better? We pick premiums but doesn't mean they will dominate, look how many have been flat so far. Like you said, Oliver 300k avg 115 where Treloar is only avg 96 and you paid 250k more for treloar at the start.

                I guess time will tell when the byes are over.

                • Darcy says:

                  I hate to say this but this is what everyone is thinking (notice how no-one is backing you up?) your ideas are flawed and no-one especially after a week like this likes people who showboat as you have done. Many of your theories are stupid so let us go through them.

                  'I knew Gaz wouldn't score 120 plus at the start' Why start with him then, we can't start with a fall premo midfield why not wait for his price to dip, get match fitness and start scoring big again post byes. No benefit in starting with him if he starts badly. Infact your at a disadvantage as you won't be able to capatalise on this opportunity you predicted would happen. It's dumb.

                  'now because of injuries, no one picks him' There's a reason for that. If he gets injured he doesn't score. In the past 4 seasons he hasn't played more then 15 games. Not sure about you I would much prefer someone who will play 22 games saving trades.

                  'Treloar wad hyped as the next big thing' With good reason. He is durable past four seasons has played 20 games plus. Averaged 106+ past 4 seasons and was showing signs late last year of ripping up the competition. Even now despite his poor start I would want tremor in my team not Ablett. Both are proven scorers averaging similar, but, tremor is more likely to play 20+ games.

                  'i think a 99 avg is good for a player who has the potential to score big' This is pretty silly. Why would you want someone with the potential to go big averaging poorly over someone who will average more with the same potential even less potential!

                  'it works in the long run.' From what you have said

                  I even went Ablett because i choose who i want and not what everyone else is choosing'
                  If you base your decision on what other people are choosing as I have said before it's stupid.

                • Joshua says:

                  I started Pendles over Treloar but it's simply a matter of backing your choices. You see Ablett as a probable success like others see Treloar as the same. And with Witts I think it's a bit harsh to compare averages with premium mids to a rookie ruckman.

                  • whatyasmokin says:

                    Darcy is absolutely right though if kroc 'KNEW' (lol) that Ablett would come into form……….

                    Then get him in after his round 9 early bye seems so logical………but only others make mistakes according to Kroc.

                • whatyasmokin says:

                  He probably has Titch too, doesn't mean everyone here does.

                  You've lost more on Ablett than people have on Treloar…………..

                  So you should've got Oliver, Murphy, Bont, around 20+ players over Ablett.

                  Do you see people telling others that getting Ablett was a stupid choice?

                  Big deal you got a lucky captain's score. You're the kind of person that comes in here ranting that if you don't get Waite you're an idiot and then you'll vanish from these discussions when your ship sinks.

    • Bravis Toak says:

      "more better"?

      just "better" will do.

    • PJH says:

      what a crock

    • whatyasmokin says:

      Oh and people picked danger as captain because he got a 138, a 140 and then another 138. fairly educated guess that he is in good form. If he hadn't of got hurt this week probably would've done a 120+

      • Kroc says:

        Point is, majority were going to pick him, so why not try a risk and put it on a different player who could score big. High risk = high reward.
        I.e Dangerfield scored 90 = 180
        Rockliff scored 178 = 356
        See the profit?
        Dangerfield wont score 20 plus every week.

        • @t_woof says:

          Congrats on the Rockliff captaincy choice Kroc.

          Though potting those that chose Dangerfield as their captain is a little rich. Dangerfield's last four scores against Hawthorn were 162, 106, 159 & 173 (average of 150). Hawthorn were also belted by 80 odd points last week. It was a more than validated captaincy choice. I chose him, the 2 x 90 doesn't bother me. It was a well educated choice at the time. All you can do is make the choice with the information at hand. It will never come off 100% of the time. All the best moving forward.

          • Kroc says:

            That's my point though, Dangerfield wont score big every match, And my opinion is that people slap the C on him because its the safe thing to do, i mean alot of teams had Eddy, and couldve had the VC on Dahl or Fyfe or Bont, What did Bont score 115 or something? Dahl scored 145 so that was a good score to loop. I had the C on Rocky because I picked him way back when no one spoke about him and he always got me out of sticky situations and only 6% of teams, if he goes big, then it puts you in a powerful position. Now Dangerfield will have great games, but if he has a off game to his standards, then most teams will suffer.

            • @t_woof says:

              Of course he won't, but past results did suggest a good showing. Regardless whether 'everyone' was going with him or not, was a logical choice. Yes it was a safe option to (C) him this weekend, but also had the data to back that up.

              If you VC'd Dahlhaus then very well done. I looked at him, but previous scores v North were quite ordinary so i chose Fyfe (107).

              Yes Rockliff has been a very good POD thus far. Have had him in previous seasons, but burnt me hard. Will be an upgrade option if he can keep his body sound.

              Yes you'll have an edge over a good percentage of the competition if Dangerfield has an off week, like yesterday. Especially if the numbers suggest he's a good choice. Does make the VC choice even more important.

              • Kroc says:

                Regardless of his avg against hawks, people will still go him every week because its the safe option, but if he is sub par, then majority of teams will suffer.

                I tend not to look at the past because i have picked many players as VCs who did well against certain teams, and spud it up, i look at my players and know who can score big or not, high risk yes, but high reward if it works, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

                I understand that, its hard to trust players who burned you, i had that with Williams last year, thought he'd be a good pod but he dried out.

                True, and if he scores big, im willing to accept that.i do put VC and C on him but not every week, depending on how i am going, if im on a high, ill take the risk, if it works, you climb up the rankings better.

                • Darcy says:

                  You keep on referring to Danger as the 'safe option'. I would like to remind you of a quote from our man Peter J Higgobothem 'Sometimes, having no POD is the best POD of all' This instance it's true, he is less likely for injury, has the same ceiling and more consistent. What u don't realise that for every win u have with Rocky u have many loses, which, out way the wins. Your logic is 'i look at my players and know who can score big or not, high risk yes, but high reward'. Just looking at players, is a pretty poor effort at this point it is complete guess work, your not putting odds in your favour. It's high risk with little reward. Having a POD for the sake of a POD is stupid, you go with the best player and you will win over the long run.

                  • whatyasmokin says:

                    But you can claim the big win here and there, and just vanish on the losses…………….

        • whatyasmokin says:

          That's what your vice is for. You risk it, then you put on your most reliable captain. Not rocket science and it's how you maintain the best scoring, can't get lucky all season.

        • Darcy says:

          'Dangerfield wont score 20 plus every week.' Your correct, but he is more likely too then Rockliff in these circumstances.

          Supercoach is a game of chances and twisting the odds in your favour. The best chances this week was to go with Danger not Rocky. Based on previous games vs hawks and form, danger was certainly the better choice leading into the round. There are always exceptions to the rule e.g this week, however, if we extrapolated the data from previous years you would find that the better choice would be Danger. This makes me completely fine with Danger having an off day as by seasons end I will have ended up with more points choosing danger then rocky if this circumstance presented itself again.

          Best of luck.

          • Randomcliche2 says:

            Damn straight, I took 125 on a VC last week and missed Danger, this week pass on 107 and get 90. I was confident last week that Gawn would limit Danger, only he got injured. This week I was confident Danger could do the job, only he got injured. Doesn't make any of those choices wrong ex ante. Only ex post, so go on and tell me how good your choices are, no wait, I'll do it for you because you'd like that (Krok not Darcy) you chose a corner case and it came off – well done lucky son of a biatch. That's it!

          • Kroc says:

            IMO Rocky has a bigger ceiling, but Dangerfield would be a safer option, yes i know Dangerfield scored over 200 like Rockliff did, but Rocky has more potential to score around 160-180 So i like picking him.

        • undypuncher says:

          Do you think we got s kindergarden education or something your a flog kroc. I pick danger as captain because if he has a bad one most of my opponents have him to so i back my pods in to do the rest but according to you we dont have pods and were all stupid so im done with supercoach cos i think krocs got this yr sown up because he picked rocky as captain this week … ship off

    • NutSack says:

      LOL heres Kroc crapping on and he chooses the glass canon Rocky for his team? How many games does he miss each season Kroc? Rocky has a high average but never scores well overall. LOL youre a dunce. The aim is to score as many TOTAL points each week in supercoach… not just the games the player plays in. Rocky scoring better than Bonts and Treloar overall? Is that a fact?

    • Kyle says:

      Gone a bit far here mate. So far this year ablett has looked like a shit pick so idk what your tryna say about that.

      Talking shit about treloar..? Some went pendles over him, a lot went treloar. He was looking the goods last year and in the pre season. He is getting a ton of the ball but just cant hit a target. Atm does pendles look like the better pick? Sure. Could that change over the year? Absolutely.

      Ease up about danger and rocky aswell. Both are strong c/vc options and idk why anyone is trying to dispute that for either player. Danger has the strong history to back up a captaincy choice. Rocky has strong form leading into the game and has been a ultra premium for a long time. Rocky has burned a lot in the past and danger is the safer option sure. I went with danger as C instead of rocky and still made a huge score this week. Danger will go big a lot more often than he wont so ifk what your ranting on about.

      Throwing insults at players for their choices is pretty low mate. Atm ablett looks like a failed choice but no one was throwing that in your face till you started doing the same to them. And if you knew he would start slow why start him…common sense to wait till byes i would have thought.

      In all seriousness tho, i am curious as to what you are ranked overall kroc? And lay off the fighting and throwing shit in peoples faces after 1 bad week cause all it does is make you look like a total asshole.

      • whatyasmokin says:

        Spot on, it was Kroc's approach to the discussion that was pathetic, could've got his points across in a sensible way, and without embarrassing themselves.

  9. TyS says:

    Thoughts on Yeo? He looks bloody promising and was thinking of upgrading either O'Meara or Roughy potentially

  10. Neverweaken says:

    2112 so hopefully will jump up a bit. Will keep Treloar. He gets the pill and will get more efficient.

  11. Kyle says:

    If shaw misses a week i would be moving him on before the rest. Underperforming, bleeding cash and missing games is a recepie for disaster. Howe is looking the goods and a nice POD.

    Id be looking at upgrading crouch aswell to an ultra premo if you have the cash.

    Those rookies can still make some cash if you are happy to leave them alone. And JOM i think could come good aswell.

  12. KiwiSaint says:

    2224 not to bad expected danger to do more thank roughy for smashing him early bastard. lynch, howe, dahl and rocky helped alot

  13. He Man says:

    Tom McDonald to Yeo or too side-ways?

  14. chef says:

    Yet again, Shaw and Simpson putting in the rounds for me. Only 1 of my uniques in all my leagues managed to get past his projected. Absolute shocker at 1968 points.

  15. Krups says:

    Not point getting the pill heaps if the efficiency is poor. Treloar and Mitchell for mine is killing me and need to go. Players like Bont don't get much but the efficiency is way better. Rance is another poor option to start with.

    • @t_woof says:

      Mitchell scored 116, 118 and 103 the first three weeks. One sub 100 score (85) and he's killing you? Tough coach Krups lol.

  16. Westy says:

    2111. I'm ok with that in light of some of the comments so far.

  17. INPieman says:

    Not sure what the fuss is about Treloar. He was one of the saints best players. Didn't miss any of them by foot

  18. BrownlowBoy says:

    What rookies are people moving on for Balic? Pickett?

    • Pete says:

      Eddy didn't play this week so he's gone for Balic. Already dumped Pickett because his scoring is awful.

    • @t_woof says:

      Early thoughts, perhaps Barrett if doesn't get a recall. But drawn out Friday-Tuesday round will likely make things tricky. Also contemplating pulling the early trigger on SPP, but need to see BE's first.

    • Kyle says:

      Is balic really a must have? I dont think so personally. Scored a 30 and a 70. I would leave the cows to fatten up unless pickett or another slow burner rookie is dropped. Thats the only reason i would think aboutctrading in balic

      • whatyasmokin says:

        I'm not convinced with Balic either, one game 8 touches, next one 15 touches, below average numbers.

        • Kev says:

          I'll pass on him. Not an absolute must have. Trading him for Eddy will get you 18k. Barrett – 47k. Not worth it imo

          • Big G says:

            I can see Balic playing a lot of games this year though. Who cares what he scores – he is a cash cow.

            • whatyasmokin says:

              Bit of a contradiction. It does matter what he scores, he ain't no cash cow if he gets 40's every week.

  19. SF4 says:

    Too early to trade out Taranto, thinking of offloading both taranto and Hampton this week, is it to soon?

    • SF4 says:

      Worded that incorrectly.
      Is it too early to Trade out Taranto?
      Currently have

      • Captain Risky says:


        Hampton 6
        Marchbank 46
        Taranto 38
        Powell Pepper 41
        Omeara 58

        Taranto Yes, but I'd hold Hampton for another week or 2, still making a bit of cash.

        • SF4 says:

          Thanks mate. Yeah I might hold onto Hampton for another week and hope he gets another 70+
          Taranto is probably gonna make a move for Balic this week.

        • Keithy says:

          Footywire has Tranto's break even at 10? If it's 10 you have to hold. Even at 38 I would hold. I also have Taranto BTW, but I am trading JOM to Balic at this stage.

        • whatyasmokin says:

          SPP is cooked.

          • Captain Risky says:

            SPP Home game against Carlton this week, I'm tipping he'll get to 41, but he's nearly buggered.

            Taranto is up against Sydney. Haven't won a game i know, but a better side than Carlton..

      • SF4 says:

        I can go Hampton>Lloyd. But as said he still has a low breakeven and has at least 1 or maybe 2 price rises left in him.

  20. Sam_01 says:

    Was keen on cripps given his early run, haven't been happy with him so far, seems like murph is mopping up to much of the little pill that Carlton actually get, should probably just hold Cripps but it's annoying when a premo isnt quite preforming

    • Joshua says:

      In for another price drop with a break even if 136, could be looking at him in a couple of weeks as a cheap proven premium back on the rise if he turns his form around. Word is that he is sore as well I believe.

      • Steeeve says:

        I'm planning to jump on board for sure. Cripps was close to a must have in the home stretch of last season

    • CJudd3Votes says:

      Was at the game Saturday night Cripps isn't right, he's still a beast at the contest but can't get out of first right now wouldn't be surprise d to see him get a week off in the next couple

      • Joshua says:

        Yeah I was too, Bolton said he 'should' play against the power so there is definitely an underlying problem.

  21. gator59 says:

    Wow I won 9 out of ten leagues with a crap 2046 points… Crazy

    • INPieman says:

      Not surprised. Seen many good coaches slip under 2k. Just a shit week really

    • babo says:

      a score of 2000 would be around the top 20% for this round thus likely to result in a win.

  22. Jim says:

    Trade in Williamson or Balic?

  23. Mitch says:

    Higgins with a be of 130, trade or hold?

  24. Youngy says:

    Great write up Carlos, Look forward to this article every week

  25. The BONT says:

    Trealoar and Barret
    Bontempelli and Fisher

    GOOD or BAD trade

    • JamiesNinjas13 says:

      BAD, be patient and save that trade for injuries (yes there will be injuries during the season, it's surprising I know)

    • whatyasmokin says:

      The kid's not even 19, played one game.

    • Swans2012 says:

      Hold treloar, will come good and wait and see with fisher this week, not on bubble till next week I believe

    • SF4 says:

      Hold Treloar, should still average well from here.
      Fisher has only played 1 game, wait a week until he is on the bubble.

    • Finnius123 says:

      If you want to trade Barrett then I reckon bring in Balic

    • Joshua says:

      Barrett should get named considering the players that came in didn't have good games,I was really surprised when he got dropped after a fairly good game.

      • whatyasmokin says:

        Yep holding him. he fired in the seconds too with 30 touches and two goals. has plenty of cash left to make.

    • @t_woof says:

      Hold Treloar.

      Can bounce back. Scored 115 v The Sash on Anzac Day last year.

  26. Joshua says:

    Will Dusty redeem himself on Monday? I sure hope so

  27. Joshua says:

    SPP out for Fisher
    Taranto out for Hanners
    absolutely crazy?

    • whatyasmokin says:

      I'm not convinced by Hannebery at the moment. Has a BE of 109 let him play another.

    • Finnius123 says:

      Probably a couple of weeks too early to be upgrading – especially SPP. I reckon both he and Taranto can get up to the 270k mark if you give them another couple of weeks.

      • whatyasmokin says:

        Kind of, although SPP has BE of 41, those two low scores are killing him. Probably go up another 20-30K the next two weeks. Has to be traded out before round 9 bye anyway. Will moving him be more productive? Depends on your team.

    • SF4 says:

      Agree, Even if Hanners gets 110-120 he wont go up much.

    • @t_woof says:

      I'd wait another week on Fisher. Did some really nice things, but best to get two weeks of scores before trading in the rookies.

      Balic could be your option instead…

  28. Tommo09 says:

    My team at the moment
    Not sure what to do this week
    Maybe Balic in, Rough out or O'Meara out

    Def: Laird, Simpson, Tuohy, Otten, Hampton, Newman (Stewart, Hibberd)
    Mid: Danger, Selwood, Bont, Fyfe, Kennedy, TMitch, O'Meara, SPP (Parfitt, Barrett, Pickett)
    Ruc: Nank, Sandi (Strnadica)
    Fwd: Lynch, Kennedy, Steele, Rough, Butler, Houston (Eddy, Hannan)

    Thoughts community?
    Have had a shocking year to date and looking to climb up to rankings
    Thanks in advance

    • whatyasmokin says:

      If you weren't keeping JOM this week why not dump him last? Got a 44, then sat on your bench and gave a donut for 300K+. Hold.

      Had a shocking year……Time to take a big risk?

      Dump Roughy. Move Nank Forward. Trade in Spencer.

      Ditch Pickett for Balic. Good luck mate.

    • Finnius123 says:

      Dump Roughy and bring in balic. Then try and upgrade Hannan/Hampton/Barrett if you have the cash. Maybe try and get in Hanners if you can afford it.

      • Tommo09 says:

        Am thinking of going Eddy to Williamson and holding Roughy for one more week

    • SF4 says:

      Look to get Taylor Adams in.
      JOM>Balic, frees up some cash so then you can go rookie defender to Adams, Doc or Lloyd.

  29. IntheNickofTime says:

    Looking to not rage trade but certainly need to plug up this sinking ship, I've got a lot of players, rookies and premos – like most people, that either need to stay or go and I'm not sure what to do. I'm thinking of cutting my loses and grabbing some cash off dying rookies before they go bad. I'll post my team below, I'd love to hear of who realistically should get the chop or who I should stay with in the long run. I'm happy to stick with the choices I've made pre-season in the hope that they'll stablise – but I'm thinking a couple of changes will need to be made in the next few weeks e.g. Simpson, Mitchell, Treloar. Would love to know in which order these rookies need to go, some seem obvious but I'm trying to get as much blood out of these stones that I can e.g. Pickett, Taranto.

    Laird Lloyd Otten
    Simpson Marchbank Hampton
    Newman Stewart

    Danger Fyfe
    JJk Mitchell Priddis
    Treloar SPP Swallow
    Taranto Barrett Pickett

    Grundy Sandi Strndica

    Dahl Nank Franklin
    WHE Butler Houston
    Parfitt Eddy

    Thanks in advance team!

    • whatyasmokin says:

      Well you could trade Marchbank out if you think he's cooked, I've gone a little early on him myself but I started with him and don't really care.

      Personally I'd get rid of Pickett and Taranto though if their BE's are high.

    • Finnius123 says:

      I would hold everyone for at least another week. No one is done fully making cash and if you just wait one more week then you are gonna be much more able to upgrade to a premo

    • @t_woof says:

      I'd be keeping Simpson, Mitchell and Treloar. Saw someone else mention Mitchell. Averaged 112.3 the first three weeks, now one sub 100 score of 85 and he's a concern. Doesn't make sense to me. I don't own him, but would be sticking fat if i did. Treloar i do own, have to stick with him. Scored 115 v The Sash last year on Anzac Day, can bounce back. He's not injured, he's getting plenty of the football. Ride it out.

      I see you have Jake Lloyd, nice selection. I also have him. It's been bloody handy also having Mitchell Hibberd to swing Lloyd Back and Mid. Perhaps if Berry (BRIS) is selected this weekend, you can trade one of those mid bench players to him. This will then allow you to swing Lloyd to the midfield, and start Newman on the ground down back. Allows you to bench SPP, who appears to have dropped off the past fortnight. DEF/MID DPP has allowed some good flexibility with the rookies. Some food for thought.

    • SCaddict says:

      Simmo is certainly a significant concern given that he has been handed a sh1t sandwich with an unfavourable role change with the introduction of Marchbank this season.

      So if you have the cash to get him to either a Doc or Adams then I'd probably at least entertain the idea whilst he is still worth something. That said holding him and hoping for a reversal of fortune is certainly a valid play too if you would prefer to keep the faith.

  30. The BONT says:

    Addicts Anonymous or SCAddicts
    I am winning in your leauge and it is coming 247th overall out of 25,619

    • SCaddict says:

      Yeah The Magnificent 7 league is tracking nicely and your score this week certainly contributed to bumping us up the rankings. It also helps heaps when you have Ryan coaching Hall of Fame in our league who is individually ranked 72nd overall.

      Keep up the great work mate!

      • Beezneez says:

        Ryan beat me by 60 last week (3rd highest score in the league) but this week I beat his score by 12 (2nd highest score). However, I am about 900 behind him overall so he must have had a good first week. Have been on track for scores of >2300 – 2400 each week but my last few players have dropped the ball badly. Anyhow, good to be involved in what appears a very strong league and, hopefully, we can continue to move through the rankings.

  31. whatyasmokin says:

    Time to start kicking butt.

    I go bang bang.


    Adams, Doch, Laird, Loyd, Otten, Newman – McGrath/Hampton

    Rocky, Sloane, Danger, Oliver, Fyfe, Beams, Treloar, GHS – SPS/Fox/Barrett

    Witts, Sandi – D.Cameron

    Dahl, Nank, Steele, WHE, Butler, Houston – Parfitt/Eddy

    • SF4 says:

      Cracker of a backline

      • whatyasmokin says:

        Cheers yeah really happy I started with Adams, Doch and Loyd as premiums.

    • Finnius123 says:

      Wait so are you upgrading or downgrading?

      • whatyasmokin says:

        Double upgrade have a huge bank. March and SPP out.

        • Finnius123 says:

          That is huge. You are killing it at the moment. What is your rank? Would maybe try and get rid of GHS personally instead of SPP

          • whatyasmokin says:

            My rank is poor (but good considering value on field). Went in with over a million in bank. Going for league wins. Have 318K even after the two trades.

            Rank: 21779 (top 11%)

            R1 1,968 (100K)
            R2 2,282 (48K
            R3 2,231 (31K)
            R4 2,073 (21,779 – Top 11%)

            Team value is 11,450,100 after the trades, tracking well so far. Traded hard 23 left.

          • whatyasmokin says:

            Was thinking that but I've held him for two weeks now. When he comes back he has a solid role in that midfield, he's been in the system a while and should be more reliable than SPP and a slow burn to 400K or so.

            • Finnius123 says:

              Fair enough. If you have held him for so long then you might as well continue now hey. I reckon with those upgrades you will slowly climb up the rankings – probs finish in the top 2 or 3% nice effort!

              • whatyasmokin says:

                Whoa doubt it, maybe top 5-7%. Will get harder and harder to move up now.

                • Randomcliche2 says:

                  Nah, I went 40k ish to top 1k one year after about this stage. Yes, did the last 6 rounds on 24 premo's no trades. Go hard and good luck.

    • @t_woof says:

      "Bang, Bang" Crouching will be proud of you!

  32. PJH says:

    history says 1 underperforming premo will skyrocket now & 1 over achieving midpricer will crash back to earth , maybe treloar & murphy

  33. The BONT says:

    Who gets upgraded first
    Treloar or Mitchell

    • whatyasmokin says:


    • SF4 says:

      Both should be keepers, Assuming you mean Tom Mitchell.

    • Iamme says:

      Yeah hold both as they are getting heaps of the ball and they will both get better…. last season they both had several 150+ games as I recall.

    • @t_woof says:

      Another one wanting to trade out Tom Mitchell.

      Averaged 112.3 first three weeks. A week is a long time…some tough coaches around.

  34. Michael says:

    Real villian is Barrett. Getting dropped meant i changeed my vc from Dahlhaus to Fyfe

  35. Swans2012 says:

    After a crap week @ 1980 and With 300k of gawns cash sitting in the bank I have options, but it just feels a little early on anyone I'd consider upgrading or upgrading to this week. Need another look at hanners before bringing in, Simmo and shaw (not to mention his shaw leg) still bleeding cash, and all the midpricers get another chance (Higgins/swallow/jaeger). I think I'm going to try to hold, oh and anyone talking of trading treloar is talking crazy talk as far as I'm concerned….

    • whatyasmokin says:

      Agreed. probably would've gone bang on JOM last week with that cash but hey.

      • Swans2012 says:

        couldnt only came from the Gawn trade and needed to bring in newman

        • whatyasmokin says:

          I guess if jaeger or Swallow aren't named you might have to move one of them for an ultra premo like Rocky, Pendle, Sloane, Bont, Fyfe?

    • Randomcliche2 says:

      Yep, tricky round especially with the long rolling lock out……hmmmm……I'm thinking Roo is scoring well, going to be top 6….even if knee is not 100%……hmmmm …..flick ya team print screen across.

  36. Charles says:

    Thoughts on Brandon matera??

    • Finnius123 says:

      He has had one good week. On that premise people would be trading Christian Salem. Give him a couple more weeks at least. If he can keep it up then look at him as an upgrade target.

      • Joshua says:

        Got 98 last week

        • Finnius123 says:

          I didn't realise. Still I would hold off and give him a couple more weeks. You don't want to be trading to burnmen at this point in the comp.

          • Joshua says:

            Yeah I agree with you just pointing that out. His two scores were in comfortable wins for the suns, those won't come very often.

        • Northerner says:

          But got that 98 with six goals – they were mostly cheap goals as well. Other than that he hardly touched it. I was there.

          I do think he has improved his tank markedly and he is a confidence player, just like Phil was. I think he will make some cash and could be a useful F6 for many weeks. I went rookie to Swallow last week and if I hadn't I might consider say Eddy to him this week. That would be the only scenario where I think he's relevant. The chances of him being a full season keeper are so slim to be irrelevant.

    • whatyasmokin says:

      Do like him as a player but not in my SC team.

    • Wedge says:

      B/E minus 68
      Massive score will be rolling in his next two games. Should make $100,000 in two weeks and then easy trade to any player if you trade again. Could probably make it to rnd 9 when gold coast have the bye.

    • Blaknight says:

      Seriously considering him this week as he's on the bubble just for some cash generation then drop him for his bye in Rnd 9. Would be a Sideways trade for either TT or JOM. Expected to climb $64.2K next round and with a BE of -63 would quite possibly see that again, but has Adelaide at home..

      Im sitting on 27 trades left.

      • whatyasmokin says:

        I'd want him to be 550K by round 9 if trading him, ain't gonna happen.

      • FEARTHEBEARD says:

        If he had anyone but Crows in Adelaide you would have to think about it. He scores well so far and has got to make some good cash, better then Balic and co. That said can he keep it up? I'm toying with it too even just to ride for 3-4 weeks and try and make quick 150k-200k and upgrade to premo straight up.

        • Beezneez says:

          Playing Crows at Metricom.

        • Finnius123 says:

          He won't make that much. If he spuds it with a 40 odd then he is cooked like nobodies business. Much less risk in picking Balic – cheap so even if he doesn't make cash you still have the cash in the bank.

    • Moustachio says:

      Definitely thinking about it, can ride the 100k+ and flick Roughy.

    • Swans2012 says:

      I'm normally against even considering this awkward price range but it is tempting, looking at his heat maps from the last two games he seems to be roaming the ground, not just hanging out in a pocket, maybe been given license to move about a bit? And is going to make some serious coin next couple, it's most likely a no for me but the temptation is there…..

    • jimmy_raiders says:

      Don't get him because no one else will

  37. Ross says:

    Best premo midfielders to put in currently (besides Bont,danger,Murphy,Martin)
    Please give me your thoughts, cheers.

  38. Jack says:

    Shaw now under 500k with b/e of 124. Would u still go early on Marchbank to Shaw even though he has a b/e of 46?

    • Joshua says:

      I'm seriously considering Shaw to Newman depending on team selections and then Taranto to a premium MID.

    • Finnius123 says:

      Wait one more week. Shaw will do well to get that BE and Marchbank will still be climbing $$$

      • Joshua says:

        What about Newman? Or is it too late?

        • whatyasmokin says:

          Bit risky, has a nice -63 BE, will it be worth the two trades? Hope he can get to 450K+

          He already went up 82K, that's around half a trade if you wanna put a value on it.

          If you started with Otten and Newman in your back line you've done extremely well.

          • Joshua says:

            Yeah started Otten, doing very nicely since his role change covering Jenkins. Had the option of either Smith (injured rookie) to Newman or O meara to Martin last week and guess which one I went with! Got sucked in.

            • John James says:

              Yes we did,I did both trades so ended up ahead,but I should have waited on Dusty,I also got rid of Shaw two weeks back,before he started going down,traded him out for Adams who should be more stable.

              • Joshua says:

                Adams is looking the goods, hopefully he avoids injury which was the only reason I didn't pick him but might have to reconsider my thinking with Shaw stinking up my backline and possibly carrying an injury himself

    • Hawks says:

      No wait at least 1 more week on that trade.

      Shaw not likely to score 124, Marchbank likely to get at least 48

    • whatyasmokin says:

      Sydney vs GWS at SCG this week. Watch Shaw go big.

    • @t_woof says:

      Very tempting Jack.

      Not sure of the severity of Shaw's injury, but does score well against Sydney.

      2016: 118, 129
      2015: 164, 109

      • Joshua says:

        Could that be due to Sydney being a really good team in previous years? Or am I underestimating Sydney this year?

        • @t_woof says:

          Possibly. I'm not too sure.

          I think Sydney will be fine. Being a Hawks supporter, i'm definitely not writing off any team.

        • whatyasmokin says:

          I think they will come good, going to be a hard fought match at the SCG this week that's for sure.

    • SCaddict says:

      Think we need to see Shaw either post a monster score i.e. 130 plus or at least back to back tons before I'd jump on. Could leak another $50K yet and with cash generation from our rookies so tight this season we need to extract maximum value from our upgrades.

  39. KSinny says:

    Alright Community I have both roughy and Watson, do I trade roughy to a risk like tex or yeo or maybe betts or use my $196k and upgrade Watson to a premo like pendles, Kennedy or Rockliff?

    • whatyasmokin says:

      I'd cut my losses on Watson, an uber premo will bring in big points. Could paint the fence with Roughy to Balic if you really wanted.

      Tex, Betts will be up and down, Crows are in great form, have to call them the most consistent team at the moment, real flag chance.

      Is Yeo going to Yo Yo? I've taken enough risks this year and will grab him later and pay according if he holds up, not worth risking the trade even if he ends up a top FWD might have to pay 550K at most I reckon after byes.

    • Joshua says:

      93, 100, 97, 44-Watson
      73, 82, 99, 53-Roughead

      I think Roughead is the bigger problem but you could be trading in another issue so it's risky but I I was you I'd go Roughead-Yeo

      • whatyasmokin says:

        Sideways though, Two trades if he stinks it up later.

        Watson only got 16 touches on the weekend, looked slow. 3 Clangers from his 10 handballs and 6 kicks. Only 2 tackles….

        32 years old, points been declining for years. Kids are flying past him now, was great, but Merret, Heppell and Zaha going to get all the touches these days.

        Hasn't played a full season since 2012. Hasn't averaged over 100 since 2014.

        He'll dig a few out of course and then handball them off. Will bounce back against the pies a bit, maybe.

        Then watch him tired on the expanse of Domain stadium a week later, then Geelong at MCG. Then WCE at Etihad.

        BE of 123 this week because of the 44 watch Watson bleed cash.

        • Joshua says:

          yeah you make a really good point

          • whatyasmokin says:

            I reckon Roughy will make his BE at least, but damn it doesn't seem right keeping a Hawks forward either. Great teams bounce back though.

        • KSinny says:

          Thanks for the help guys, so if I do end up getting rid of Watson do I upgrade to an uber premo and spend all my cash ($196) or get someone in the mid $500k's? Also who should I get in each price point?

          • whatyasmokin says:

            lock in an Uber and don't look back, that's one less player to worry about (hopefully – looks at dusty this week)

            Rocky, Fyfe, Sloane, Bont, Selwood are good picks.

          • Finnius123 says:

            Get an Uber Mid. Cut your losses and pick up any player who you reckon will kill it for the rest of the year. I reckon pick up Jelwood if you can. Zach Merrett would be a good option also.

            • whatyasmokin says:

              Yep forgot about Merrett, solid option indeed.

              • Finnius123 says:

                Good POD as well 4.6% ownership

                • whatyasmokin says:

                  Sloane around the same at 5.2%, locking him in this week. Amazing really. Probably lock in Merrett around the byes for another uber POD.

  40. NoLanguage says:

    What to do with Robbie Gray? Worried about the balance of time he's spending up FWD but is it a waste of a trade?

    • whatyasmokin says:

      It's a big problem the role change, and has the round 9 bye. That saying I think he will score more like a KPP now, low weeks and big weeks (like the 164 for example)

    • Joshua says:

      He's got Carlton and Brisbane next two weeks so could get onto a few. Groin is also the main reason for him being forward I believe so you should see more of him in the MID in due time. I'd hold, wait and see.

  41. Kroc says:

    Good player, better choices.

  42. TRIGGER HAPPY says:

    Not sure why people r contemplating traditional out titch?
    3 100's first 3 weeks and an 85 against the cats. But he wasn't on his pat Malone there. Avg 106 so far.

    Beams is Avg 103 but no one is considering trading him.
    Treloar on the other hand has been hugely disappointing but due to a rookie down grade I have like most teams other priorities but for everyone sake Adam stop butchering the ball and turn those possessions into gold.

    • whatyasmokin says:

      Well beams was only 450K-ish.

      Titch got talked up as being the next big thing (even though I thought he was expensive at 575K)

      Titch is going fine though, tough match today. Don't like the energy at the hawks at the moment though that's what people are afraid of.

    • SCaddict says:

      Yeah I wouldn't be too concerned as a Titch owner, at least just yet. Still think he will score well even with all the Hawks woes. In fact he scored a hefty ton in DT which just indicates his efficiency was off on the day.

      He might just finish outside a top 10 mid in SC but still should be an excellent M8 (at worst) for the money.

      • Randomcliche2 says:

        After two missed snaps (1 point and o/b on full) he looked to handball rather than pull the trigger again. I didn't like that one bit as a holder. A few things creeping in, but the best reason to hold him is Ceglar, better tap ruck, but just not sure when he'll be back. Oh, and there won't be any tags applied cause they are going to be smashed. 🙁

      • whatyasmokin says:

        His efficiency is almost always off, if it's not then it's uncontested ball and handballs that bring his scores down. Always been the case for Titch though.

        Great Fantasy player, Supercoach not so much.

        • SCaddict says:

          Think folk are getting a little over excited over one SC score which wasn't even that terrible. Unles he has 3 games in a row not tonning up in SC then people are just jumping at shadows.

          Even your boy JPK had an 89 in Rd2 if you remember. In the words of Aaron Rodgers "R-E-L-A-X!"

          • whatyasmokin says:

            Not saying I'd trade Titch, just stating he's not the golden boy people were talking up on here before round one.

  43. @t_woof says:

    Dangerfield and Pendles were superb in the opening three rounds, both can be forgiven.

    Perhaps chop Roughead down to a rookie, looks unlikely to be a keeper. Use cash to upgrade one of those others in your firing line.

    Round 5 goes from Friday to Tuesday which won't make things any easier with delayed final teams.

  44. Joshua says:

    so many posiible trades going in my head ill be tossing and turning in bed for the next few weeks. An option im considering is Shaw out for Adams, switch Adams into Mid and Hibberd back (North, yes i still have him) then trade Hibberd to Newman. Thoughts?

    • @t_woof says:

      Nothing wrong with still owning Hibberd. Been very handy having him to swing Jake Lloyd from DEF to MID.

      I'd be holding Shaw if he plays v Sydney, last two years v them has scored 118, 129, 164 and 109.

      Newman ship has sailed 🙁

      • Joshua says:

        Unfortunately don't have any defenders that i can swing 🙁
        Yeah im probs only gonna trade shaw if he does not play.
        Filthy i missed out on him and was greedy going O meara-Dustin instead of Smith-Newman last week.

        • @t_woof says:

          We all miss out on some, don't be too filthy at yourself. I had Butler and Houston, and moved em out before lockout. Eventually traded Butler in, but missed out on Houston's cash generation and scores.

          Dusty in your team now, look at the positive. He's a gun.

          • John James says:

            Yes he is but still would have been better off doing the Smithy to Newman trade last week and could have done the JOM to Dusty this week.Would have made some cash with Newman and saved some as well with Dusty's score.

  45. Andy says:

    Am i dumb to trade in Merrett

  46. Mandingo says:

    Great article! Can bring in any mid boys! Who is your top 5 not including Danger?

  47. Nick says:

    Is Pickett to balic worth it?

    • whatyasmokin says:

      BE of only 6 with Pickett, slow burner to 200-250K. Could hold now he got a big 49!

  48. whatyasmokin says:

    Keep your eyes on JPK, will fly under the radar again this year, but he is a big lock and top ten mid for mine.

  49. SF4 says:

    Possible trades
    Could go Hampton>Lloyd (this week)
    Taranto>Balic (this week)
    Hampton>Docherty (next week)
    Not keen on trading Hampton yet + Docherty is set to lose cash after this round.

    • Joshua says:

      Definitely second. I would've traded Taranto to Balic but I'm going Fisher instead due to lack of cash. I started with Docherty and I wouldn't put it past him to match or exceed his 123 break even this week so make sure you have some leeway.

    • whatyasmokin says:

      Can't go Taranto to Lloyd?

    • Kyle says:

      Hampton has a BE of 6 so still has cash to make. Doc will be hit or miss with his 123 BE. Waiting one more week wouldnt be the worst decision.

  50. SCaddict says:

    Had a good round with 2117 that saw me get over the line in 10/10 leagues and move up to about 3700 in the rankings. Unfortunately Roughie's time is up in Addicts Anonymous so in comes the ultra reliable Macrae.

    As much as I'm tempted to rage trade Treloar not sure I believe in anyone else around his price point more, including Smurph and Titch, to justify a precious trade. So will just have to grin and bear it.

    Besides I have to give INPieman and Throttlefinger their petty perverse pleasures in life as Pendles owners and Treloar doubters. Although there could be some dark clouds circling in that neck of the woods too if Pendles is indeed carrying a significant niggle that Bucks is trying to hide from us.

    • whatyasmokin says:

      Was going to lock in McCrae but had nobody to cull just yet in the forward line, have to be after the bye.

      • SCaddict says:

        Yeah no point forcing a trade if the situation isn't conducive to making a move. Plenty of time to get Macrae in so I'm sure an opportunity will present for your side at some point.

        I'm in a similar situation with my defence. Would like to bring in Doc but my defence is holding up well enough and all my cows are still making cash. So Doc will just have to wait until I either cop an injury or one of my cows BE spikes up to "must trade" levels that getting Doc in then becomes a priority.

        • Shane says:

          I Got 2237 what was a good score this week

          • Geoff says:

            Nah mate 2237 is not a good score but a tremendous score. Whenever you crack top 300 for the round out of nearly 200,000 coaches you've had a special week. What is your team name?

          • whatyasmokin says:

            It says on the home page what percentage you were in etc………………like people don't know how they did lol

  51. SCathiest says:

    No disrespect meant to believers or others with faith following their holy-est of weekends, but I have a revelation of my own.
    There is no such thing as the Supercoach gods.
    I alone decided to run weak in defence causing headaches from round 1.
    It was the miracle of modern medicine that got Saint Nick back on the ground after I traded him. No other miracles required.
    There was no omniscient being that helped Can McCarthy find form immediately after I got rid of him,
    I should've known not to pick injury prone players in Omeara , I don't need to blame a mythical fantasy footballer in the sky.
    I have now come to the realization that it is my own lack of SC skills that have resulted in my poor performance so far this season, and I will no longer pass the buck to a nonexistent Supercoach deity.
    I feel better now, therapy over. The rest of the season is in MY hands.
    Thank you.

  52. Joshua says:

    If, by a miracle, Parsons doesn't get suspended is Taranto-Parsons a better option than Taranto-Balic? Parsons with two scores in the 60's while Balic scored a 38 in his first game but I'm unsure of the job security of both players.

    • Rocksta says:

      Mate, the miracle isn't going to happen.
      He had his elbow raised and hit him flush on the jaw. It was intentional, reckless and medium to high impact.
      2-3 weeks for sure.

    • jez_m says:

      Don't worry about that trade this week, Josh. Parsons will get at least two weeks.

  53. Dylan says:

    Laird, Simmon, Marchbank, Otten, Newman, Hampton (Stewart, Smith)
    Danger, Dusty, Fyfe, Treloar, Titch, Beams, Hanners, SPP (Parfitt, Barrett, Hibberd)
    Nankilands (Strnadica)
    Dahlhaus, Lynch, Higgins, WHE, Butler, Houston (Pickett, Eddy)

    $419,700 with 26 trades, what could I do since I'm struggling to crack 2000 each week?

    • Touk tuk says:

      U need the DOC down back.

    • Hubba says:

      You have got way too much in your bank for this time of the yyear. You need to find a better balance between cash gen and premos. At the start of the year you need to look at your players like am investment portfolio . Premos are your blue chip shares and and rookies are your speculative cash generators . It's always a bull market at the start of the year so no point leaving so much cash in the bank for a rainy day . Cash in the bank is not making you money . In fact when you compare that to others ' investing ' you are actually behind as they are making money faster than you . Have max 100k in the bank for emergencies. Upgrade to some premos now dude

      • whatyasmokin says:

        Cash in the bank means more rookies, so therefore making more. Your theory is flawed.

        They are scoring bugger all, and not making much profit due to bad picks.

        Their large bank is probably from a fallen Gawn. They probably fixed their ruck/fwd last week and grabbed Newman who is a must have.

    • Randomcliche says:

      I see WHE and perhaps marchy as two options to upgrade too Roo and ADAMS. Proyally need another rookie Cull to make it happen but hey.

    • FCAbel says:

      Bring in balic. Bring in your favorite mid premium. I'd go bont. Next week bring in fisher. Bring in the best fallen premium on another line. Inject cash into team. Too much in bank. Good team. Unlucky start. Not many broke 2100 this week.

  54. Shizzer says:

    Roughie and spp out and trade in macrae and balic???

    • whatyasmokin says:

      Not bad, but only if you really need to rookie due to lack of cash gen.

    • SCaddict says:

      You could certainly do that although I plan to keep SPP at least one more week just in case he scores well at home against the Blues. If he bangs out another 78 or 90 like he did in the first two rounds then he's back to making some decent coin again. Had two tough games against flag favourites Crows and Giants where plenty of his team mates struggled too.

      • Shizzer says:

        I can't straight swap roughie for macrae need more cash would Hampton be better choice?

  55. Alex says:

    Thoughts on going C HAMPTON to either K SIMPSON or L HODGE

    • Hubba says:

      You have to be kidding … simmos role has changed this year and is unf no longer fantasy relevant. Same goes for hodge who was always an up and down and will get less reliable with age. He may even get rested from time to time this year. Hammo still is nowhere near his ceiling. You'd be losing out on a sure 100k over the next 4 weeks . Sure he has been a little slow but his js is fine . At least wait till the bye rounds

    • jez_m says:

      Better options around than Simpson and Hodge.

  56. Tommo09 says:

    Is Balic a must have?
    Or go for Williamson?

    • SCaddict says:

      Not sure Balic is a must have but he could be a decent cash cow. If you have other trade priorities this week then not sure I'd shelve them just to get Balic in. Fisher could be a reasonable option the following week if he scores well again.

    • whatyasmokin says:

      Balic is barely a must have, one mediocre and one decent score. -38 BE isn't that great honestly.

      (Williamson -53 BE not much better)

      Williamson had a lower score this week, but both players had 15 touches and 5 tackles.

      Williamson 13 touches and 3 tackles, vs Balic 8 touches 3 tackles in round 3.

      Take your pick neither is awesome, depends if you want a defender or mid/fwd swing.

  57. red5 says:

    Two rookies that look good are:
    Parson FWD BE -59, AVE 64, $117,300
    Williamson DEF BE -53, AVE 61, $117,300
    Who's the best and why?

    Is it worth getting them in for Hibberd, Pickett, Stewart, Eddy, Taranto, Parfitt?

    • Cold_Case says:

      Parsons will be having a rest for a week or 2 i think

    • whatyasmokin says:

      I think Williamson is the best due to being in a rebuilding club, should have better JS.

      Eddy, Pickett and Stewart and Parfitt still making cash.

      I think Hibberd worth trading.

      Possibly worth trading Taranto with BE of 38.

    • THE NANK says:

      Parson looks cooked after that hit to hodge

  58. MarcoPolo says:

    Gamble hasn't paid off, patience wearing thin. Crouch to zerrett, roughy to any forward.. I traded riewoldt out after his injury, but part of me wants to re-select him for the same reasons he was in my starting team. Thoughts?

    • whatyasmokin says:

      Wait till after saints bye and reassess. Crouch to Zerret is ok-ish, although Crouch has round 13 bye so can play round 11 and 12 for you.

  59. Bill says:

    Opinions on trading in sam menegola he's $486,400 gotten two scores of 94 and 126

    • Dildor says:

      Will likely miss at least a week for incident on hodge.

      • Bill says:

        If he doesn't miss would he be a good option

      • SCaddict says:

        Even if he gets off which seems unlikely he won't be a top 12 mid anyway and there is not enough fat on the bone to be a decent stepping stone so I'd stay away.

        If you were to go that route I'd rather go a Clayton Oliver who is still cheaper although after two price rises there isn't enough fat there either, although he's at least some sort of smokey of finishing as a top 12 mid.

    • whatyasmokin says:

      Terrible idea. Paint the fence to a real premo or rookie.

  60. THE NANK says:

    Thoughts community

    Out: JOM, Roughie
    In: Balic, Riewoldt

    • Randomcliche says:

      Okay…until the Hawks turn it around #notthisyear. Jom one more week to see how he goes. Roughy well the whole team is dysfunctional so it's not helping is scoring. I'd be inclined to pull the trigger…but then I'm a shooter.

  61. from outside 50 says:

    Is Yeo a genuine contender for top 5 forwards

    • whatyasmokin says:

      Not sure, at 475K not worth finding out.

    • jez_m says:

      After the first four rounds you would have to say yes, but that isn't enough to warrant buying into him I don't think.

  62. Dildor says:

    Crouch is proving to be a mistake, although im at a loss right now due to highly inflated scores for the good midfielders. Who are the best options for a crouch upgrade?

    Sloane – Has the same rd 13 bye and Adeliade have a nice run of games coming, will likely be a top 10 mid however is at a hugely inflated price of 647k due to some big scores. +56k on his starting price.
    D.Martin – Had a stinker this week but looks like he'll be a top 10 mid. Already have keepers in Rance and Nank, is 3 rich too many? Currently priced at 610k up 20k from his starter.
    Bont – Has an ability to score big without huge ammounts of the ball, could be getting even better as he gets more of the pill, sits at a high 623k up 37k from starting price. He wont stay this high all year surely?
    Luke Shuey – Looks to be the main beneficiary of Mitchell and has been scoring consistently well, minus the one score of 89 in round one, he would be averaging 125.7. Sits at a not too high 594k but with Gaff, Mitchell and YoYo in there can he be a top 10 mid?
    JPK – Would be my only Sydney midfielder, is consistent as hell and is down 33k on his starting price, sits at 584k. Will he finish in the top 10 mids?

    If you had any opinions on this or any other options please throw them at me.

    • Kyle says:

      Sloane looks like finnishing a top 10 mid but will start to drop in price when the moster scores out of his tolling average.

      Dusty has a 50 in his rolling average and gonna drop a lot over the bext 2 weeks. I am not sold on him tho. I think he just had a great start but not sure he will keep up this great form. Would probably wait till byes on him.

      Bont definately looks like a top 10 mid and his price is not greatly inflated like the previous 2. Plays a very SC friendly role and looks like taking his game to the nect level again this year. Gonna be one of my first upgrades i think.

      I would probably look elsewhere than shuey. Too many at the eagles that can steal his points. Those you mentioned and also priddis. Highly doubt he will keep a 120+ average for the year.

      JPK seems to have had a slower start to the year but is ultra consistant. Could do a lot worse than bringing him into your team.

      Another to look at would definately be rocky if you dont already have him. If he stays injury free he will challenge for #1 at the end of the year.

      • Dildor says:

        Thanks for your reply

        Rocky is a concern to me and initially didn't even consider him. The way he burned many SC's last year has turned me from him, with his lego body, high price and Beams in my side is he really that viable?

        • Dildor says:

          Although looking at him closely now, man is he tempting

          • Kyle says:

            I wouldnt worry much about having beams in your mid with rocky. I have both and both are scoring well for me. I suppose it also depends on your byes tho.

            After returning from injury last year he absolutely killed it. He had a strong, injury free preseason but one of the biggest turn offs was so many looked too much into his jlt form. I was one of the lucky ones who started him and so far it has definately payed off. We have all seen what he can do at his best with 130+ season average. Definately a risk with injury but what is the bigger risk? Getting him in and he gets injured or passing on him and hes fit and firing and finishes top 1-2 for the year?

            • Dildor says:


            • whatyasmokin says:

              Was a last minute change at the start of the season for me, went injury/point generation risky with Rocky, Fyfe, Beams, Oliver. One of the biggest things I liked about Rocky was how much weight he'd lost he looked super fit coming into round one.

              • Dildor says:

                Yeah im the same, didnt like his risk profile, have beams fyfe sandy.

            • whatyasmokin says:

              Add JOM/GHS to my midfield risks.

    • whatyasmokin says:

      Would probably take JPK over Sloane at these price points, but my big thing was ownership 5% vs 17%. Sloane for POD, plus it's a great year fro the crows.

  63. FEARTHEBEARD says:

    Sloane or Bont?

  64. FEARTHEBEARD says:

    Cull Taranto or Roughie for Balic this week with eyes on Nick or Macrae next?

  65. Nick Kongos says:

    hi gang…..need your opinion………have both trelaor and tom mitchell who are premo at butchering the ball. Thinking of getting
    rid of both for either sloane, dusty, rockliff. Anyone else you recommend?

  66. tophawk says:

    As always a ripper write up Carl! Although did not discuss a player who is very worthy of mention.

    It is time to discuss Clayton Oliver.

    With a B/E of 69 this week, it looks like this will be the last chance to grab him at sub $500K. ($482K)
    His season average sits at 116 and pumped out another 115 this week. He is super consistent, gets plenty of time in the guts, his DE is excellent, goes in and under, and has youth on his side. There is a strong case now that he will be in the premo midfielder echelon come the end of the season.

    With all the injury speculation on the ankle of David Swallow, I am extremely tempted to go BANG this week. David Swallow out and Clayton Oliver in. I have the spare cash to do this. I know Swallow has a B/E of only 24 and I would probably sacrifice some cash, I still reckon it could still be worth it. There are only 4 rounds to go before Swallow has another rest in the form of a bye.

    Talk me into it or out of it community!

    • Kev says:

      Most pleasing was he scored what he did on the weekend without Gawn. He does favour the handball but he can actually kick the pill, a nice change from a certain other midfielder I own.

      Swallow is a good trade for him. Never was he going to be a keeper.

      • KSinny says:

        I thinking the same thing but do I go Swallow or Watson to Oliver?

        • John James says:

          Watson,his BE is over 120 and is about to start loosing cash.

    • whatyasmokin says:

      I'm thinking you should look at Hannebery this week with a 109BE and a big game at the SCG coming up. Stay away from my Oliver. Do not jinx him community!

      • Big G says:

        Agree, just get someone Like Sloane or Rocky instead of Oliver.

        • Kyle says:

          Sloane and rocky are a lot more expensive than oliver.

          The real question here is do you think oliver will finish with a 110+ average for the year. If your answer is yes, bring him in. I was one of the doubters that thought losing gawn will cost him points. So far he has proven me wrong but i am still not sure on him. Id still look elsewhere personally.

          • Big G says:

            I think he will average around the 100-105 mark by season's end. Remember his tank is developing. I am tipping Rocky and Sloane to be in the top 5 midfielders by season's end.

    • SCaddict says:

      I don't know Tophawk but didn't you already make one sideways move last week with JOM to Swallow that hit rocks early? So not sure I'd back it up with another the following week.Otherwise come about Rd16 you might wonder where all your trades went. Rocket said he played Swallow forward due to his tweaked ankle but expects him to be right for Rd5 and so will likely be back playing in the guts.

      Oliver is performing well, no doubt about it, but he could trail off at some point being a 2nd year player and then you'll be using yet another trade to upgrade him to a proper ultra premo like plenty of coaches are considering with Matt Crouch this week.

      Like anything in Supercoach it could be the golden move that sets up your season but it could also end up being another disappointment where you later wonder 'what the f**k was I thinking??'

      • whatyasmokin says:

        At 480K it would barely set up a season, at 380K it's been nice having him from the start for sure.

        • Captain Risky says:

          Agree, I'm quietly happy with him so far but I wouldn't be bringing him in at this stage, most of the gains have gone.

    • John James says:

      I've had Clarry since the start with the intention of keeping him,thinking he would make a good M8 at the moment he is doing even better than I thought he would,if you just look back at what you have posted I would still be getting him in now,although maybe for a non playing rookie if you have one.

  67. Bill says:

    Best midfield options for around the 500k mark

    • whatyasmokin says:

      No such thing. Hannebery I guess.

    • Benjamin B says:

      Hanners or beams

    • SCaddict says:

      Probably Oliver although I'd stay away myself and find the funds to go to a proven ultra premo and if that takes another week then so be it.

  68. KSinny says:

    Who's my priority to get out this week Watson, roughy or swallow? I have $196k cash and wondering who to get for each of them.

    • whatyasmokin says:

      Roughy and Swallow can make their BE's. If Swallow gets dumped, trade him. If not ditch watson. Here's my shpiel again from above………

      Watson only got 16 touches on the weekend, looked slow. 3 Clangers from his 10 handballs and 6 kicks. Only 2 tackles….

      32 years old, points been declining for years. Kids are flying past him now, was great, but Merret, Heppell and Zaha going to get all the touches these days.

      Hasn't played a full season since 2012. Hasn't averaged over 100 since 2014.

      He'll dig a few out of course and then handball them off. Will bounce back against the pies a bit, maybe.

      Then watch him tired on the expanse of Domain stadium a week later, then Geelong at MCG. Then WCE at Etihad.

      BE of 123 this week because of the 44 watch Watson bleed cash.

      • KSinny says:

        Alright cheers man should I use all my cash to get an uber premo for Watson or save a bit and get someone like Oliver, Yeo or Hannebery?
        I have $196k cash

        • whatyasmokin says:

          Hanners is proven and should be around top 10-15 midfielder from here on (hopefully)

          Either him or uber premo.

          I have Oliver but probably wouldn't bring him in now. Yeo is also at that awkward price where he needs to prove himself or could be a wasted trade.

  69. Big G says:

    Thank God for Andy Otten this year. He is going to get to a straight swap for a premium in no time. Who is this bloke?

    • whatyasmokin says:

      Andy Otten is a great player that had major injury setbacks.

      Can play defence, has a great kick and a good set of hands. Natural footballer.

    • Dildor says:

      Best swingman in the game, can do it all.

    • SCathiest says:

      The way my stock of trades is going he will be one of the last cashed in. And I wouldn't rule out having to keep him the way I'm looking.
      Won't blame those mythical Supercoach gods though.

  70. FEARTHEBEARD says:

    Bont & Yeo

    Sloane & Matera (ride him for a week or 2 and pull the trigger on Riewolt?

    • Benjamin B says:

      I got yeo 2 weeks ago, was a bit scared in doing so but has made some solid cash. I will be keeping him as still doesn't have high break evens but at his price now id probably steer clear for another few rounds just to see if he can keep up the average.

  71. Benjamin B says:

    Watson to Hanners?
    Roughy to Matera?

    I want to get rid of both these players.
    Hanners is cheap and will ultimately be a top premium come seasons end and matera will increase quite a lot.

    • whatyasmokin says:

      Don't mind trade one. Depending on how strong your forward line is could do Roughy to Balic. Don't want someone like WHE your F3 though.

      • Benjamin B says:

        Forward line atm is:
        Yeo, Dahl, Buddy, WHE, Roughy, Butler

        • whatyasmokin says:

          I'm not convinced by Matera, paint the fence as they say, rookie or top premo.

          If you want to trade him in by all means but could be a waste.

    • Finnius123 says:

      I would go Roughie to Balic and Watson to an uber premo like Pendles or Jelwood. Literally get the best player in that you can.

    • Brian says:

      I don't mind the matera trade. Could be a great pod as most people will avoid like the plague. He has never been a great scorer but seems to have changed his ways and possibly turned a corner.

      Worst case scenario he makes an easy 100k and becomes an easy upgrade.

  72. TSB says:

    Bit of a shark move but thought this would be better opposed to trading Roughead to Yeo which is bit a sideways trade

    Roughy to B Matera purely for cash
    Then either options of JOM to 510k player could swing J Lyod from mid to back or downgrade one of my spud rookies too balic.


  73. TRIGGER HAPPY says:

    Want a round 12 bye player pod?
    Try this one.
    Mitchell Duncan. Avg 116 so far.
    Scores: 118, 100, 120, 125
    Third fiddle behind Jelwood.
    Loves to push fwd and kick a goal.
    Elite by foot.
    Ownership 0.5%

    • whatyasmokin says:

      Can he keep it up? History says no, but then again he's 25 hitting his prime, and cats having and will have a good year. Wouldn't go there myself but if your team is full of the normal picks could be a good POD.

    • SCaddict says:

      Duncan has always been bit of a pick tease but maybe this is his year Trig. Just hard to spend $540K on the bugger for mine when proven ultra premos also performing well are just a hop, skip and a jump away.

      I'm trying my darnest to play this season with a straight bat and not be tempted by the likes of Smurph, Oliver, Yeo etc so didn't need you to now also throw Duncan into the picture ha ha.

      As an aside I see that your Happy Place league has risen to 158th in the rankings so well done assembling such a cracking outfit of supercoaches, present company excluded. 🙂

    • Moustachio says:

      Will take Hanners for the same price any day of the week

    • Lach says:

      Doubt he can maintain a 95+ average in all honesty.

  74. Trekn9ne says:

    Thinking of trading taranto for c.oliver or matera. Good trade or do i need work elsewhere in my team?
    Bank 233.6k

    Docherty laird rance
    Wellingham marchbank newman (hampton stewart)
    Danger pendls fyfe murphy
    S. Mitchel beams spp taranto (spseton barrett pickett)
    Martin sandi (Cameron)
    Dalhs kennedy s.Reid
    W.Hoskin-el butler houston (eddy parfitt)

    Thanks in advance

    • John James says:

      Most people would say you have missed the boat with Oliver,I've had him from the start,so very happy with that,I would still get him in if you are intending on keeping him like I am.

      • Trekn9ne says:

        Yeh good pick up, im thinking he will be a keeper thats why im considering picking him up b4 he gos up even more

  75. Alex says:

    Upgrading a fallen premo and wanna put either zach merrett or rocky in my team. Please tell who you would pick out of these two

  76. Brad says:

    Who's a bigger problem in the defence, Matthew Boyd or Heath Shaw? Also, what's your thoughts on swapping one for Jarrod Harbrow

    • INPieman says:

      Boyd. Not playing the defensive sweeper role. Seen him up the ground a lot. Which isn't helping him. Harbrow….just no

    • Northernsoul74 says:

      Boyd, as a doggies fan I'm not convinced he'll see out the season in the best 22. Time has really caught up with him.

      • SCaddict says:

        The cliff can come quickly for many. Looks the case for a few Hawks decorated veterans too.

    • Finnius123 says:

      Bring in Jake Lloyd for Boyd I reckon

  77. Big G says:

    Thoughts on a pointless (I am 3-0 in my league and have 28 trades left) side trade from the Butcher Treloar to Rocky.

  78. dickin cider says:

    Biting my tongue and bringing in rocky this week but which rookie needs to go first… taranto, butler, houston, pepper, or bye bye JOM? also have roughy but dont really wanna waste a trade downgrading him to go up later.
    am i mad bringing in rocky after his monsterous score?

    • whatyousmokin says:

      Its happening every week, player gets big score, everyone jumps on. Not saying hes a bad choice i started with him, but if he wasnt in your plans originally then nothing shouldve changed, everyone knows rocky can go big.

    • DavidSA says:

      I hate that these trades mate u just got mothed In the flame

  79. jez_m says:

    Just my two cents, but this week's focus might need to be about planning your trades for the next couple of weeks. Guys like Taranto, Marchbank, Powell-Pepper and Hoskin-Elliot are all starting to see their break even scores hit 40+, so depending on how they score over the next couple of weeks they may need to be traded out.

    Also, what is with everyone wanting to sideways trade premiums this year? There's only been four rounds played so there's plenty of time for guys like Treloar, T. Mitchell and Shaw to increase their output!

    • DavidSA says:

      I'm looking at Shaw after this round coming up is played

    • wighty says:

      Spot on jez….sc rule 101…NEVER sideways trade a premo

    • Boltons Blues says:

      The way shaw is going, we could be upgrading marchbank to shaw for little to no cash in a couple weeks time!

  80. DavidSA says:

    Hickey > Martin
    Hibberd > Lloyd

    Fixing a stain in my ruck and bolstering not only my defence but my midfield by swinging Adams in the guts and Lloyd tacking Adams spot in defence. Onfield defence rookies Marchbank and Newman.

    Onfield mids backing in McGrath and SPP I think will bounce back, playing at home and he won't be happy with how he played against GWS.
    Take note that SSP is not scoring well against fast sides well atleast that's what I noticed

  81. Steeeve says:

    Taranto out, Balic in.
    Pickett out, HANNEBERY in.

  82. AuroraBorealis?! says:

    Is a role change reason enough to trade Simmo out for docherty?

    • SCaddict says:

      In my view yes!

      If Simmo maintains his current role no way he will be a top 10 defender or even close.Will just continue to bleed cash until he bottoms out around $400K or so. Could still score the odd ton but there will be too many 60s, 70s and 80s that drag his average down.

      Might be a tough week at the office at Port to get the pill if he continues playing more an outside mid role that he has been playing lately.

  83. J.Koel says:

    Hickey out for Balic (sent Nank into Ruck, Jack Macrae forward to make this possible).
    SPP up to Taylor Adams in MID, with the intention to move him back eventually


  84. SCaddict says:

    I'll be doing the Roughie -> Macrae trade myself. Playing the Lions at the Dome so fingers crossed could be a juicy score with a 107 career average versus that opponent.

    He is also looking every bit a top 6 forward this season with very consistent performances week to week rather than the wild ups and downs of a KPF. Roughie like most Hawk fantasy players will have to be traded out at some point's only a question of when.

    • Swans2012 says:

      Nice trade addict, I'm considering it myself for an unnamed swallow or jaeger (if that occurs)

  85. Finnius123 says:

    JOM & Swallow for Merrett and Balic? Genuinely am sick of midpricers – next year am only picking them if 100% keepers! Will just cut my losses on the two and start the full premo process. Thoughts?

    • DavidSA says:

      Picking which ones who are 100% keepers is near impossible

      • Finnius123 says:

        I know. I get sucked in every year. Thoughts on the trade? Will just cut my losses and get a full premo.

        • DavidSA says:

          Yup bin the glass statues and bring in Merrit (love this kid) and think Balic is a safe rookie now that Ross has finally seen the light

    • John James says:

      Oliver has turned into a keeper I'm glad I had him from the start.If those two are your only worries I would downgrade one to Balic and upgrade the other to anyone you like/afford,or wait a week on the upgrade if your premo is going down a lot in price this week.

      • Finnius123 says:

        Yeah am gonna bring in Zerrett this week. Kid is a gun and down 20k on his start price even though he is averaging 115

      • Russty_ says:

        Oliver is an absolute gun and i wouldn't be suprised if he wins a Brownlow in the next 3 years, the kid's a bull and loves to get his wranger mitts on the Footy.

    • wighty says:

      Getting those mid pricers right is too risky…for every jack martin there are three joms and swallows

  86. Sam says:

    Current back line:

    Adams, Laird, Marchbank, Mills, Newman, Hampton, Stewart, EVW

    Time for Mills to go? Low scores, losing $$$…who comes in for him? $115k in the bank

    • Finnius123 says:

      I would scrap him. Failed experiment and it is better to cut your losses. I would try to either bring in Jake Lloyd or Jezza Howe at around the 500k mark. Both PODs and both looking like at least top 8 defenders by years end.

    • DavidSA says:

      Gives you about 500k right?

      I like Lloyd or JJ for top 10 defenders who are sub 500k

  87. DavidSA says:

    When G.Ablett scores 170 this week I'm bringing him in because he scored pts I did not get and even though he was never on my radar I will trade him in for an underperforming premo

    • wighty says:

      SC rule 101…..never trade a premo for a premo…..hanners, dusty…..

  88. MrsAmudala says:

    Needing advice on a Watson and Ward. No idea what to do with them. I reckon Watson should pull out a decent score for the Anzac day clash but I'm sick of losing cash on Ward. Recommendations?

    • Finnius123 says:

      At the end of the day you picked Ward for a reason. He is probably the last of your peoblems at the moment and upgrading him would see you losing a good 700-120k at the moment. You need that dosh to be spent elsewhere getting the rest of your side to full premo. If by then you still aren't a fan of Ward then scrap him – but you have to hold for now. Watson is a different story. YOu picked him as a midpriced smokey for top 15 mids and he just isn't getting the business done. WOuld definitely look to upgrade (not downgrade!!). If you have cash in the bank try and bring someone in like Zerrett or Jelwood – Premo's who you are just gonna stick with the whole season. If you don't have that dosh would look to try and cut a rookie like Taranto and bring in Balic to make that dosh. The aim of the game is to get full premo so don't sideways trade to another potential break out.

  89. Le Croissant says:

    Matt Crouch and Roughy must be sacrificed like sacrificial lambs.

  90. BigBuggars says:

    Well, 1831 would be my lowest score in SC in about 7 years. To say my team is underwhelming is severely understating the situation. Why has this happened, you ask? It's simple. Instead of pursuing my premos and rookies policy (which has seen me to top 5% nearly every season), I decided this was the year the mid-pricers would excel. And, maybe some of them have; just not mine. So, it was goodbye to JOM last week; probably 'bye to Roughy this week, then move on Murphy (Bob) and Jobe unless they show some rapid improvement. Will cost about 8 trades in corrective action (includes a couple rookie corrections). Will be a major struggle come the end of the season. Lesson learned.

    • BigBuggars says:

      Oh yeah, and Mills who's already gone.

    • Finnius123 says:

      That sucks. Lesson learned I guess. Good Luck!

    • Russty_ says:

      Although the Guns N Rookies formula is boring and safe to some, it's still more reliable than, heaps of midpriced risky picks, if Guns N Rooks goes wrong it's usually the rooks being the main offenders, because when they spud it up, they get dropped and become worthless…so you move them on to a new Rookie coming through.

      If it's a midpriced madness formula you've gone for, when they start crapping the bed…eg Heppell and Watson this week, they lose money fast and make you want to trade down to an up and coming Rookie to make some cash. So you end up just trying to fix shit for about 6 weeks just to get a half decent side. Meanwhile, if the new rooks you traded in don't do the job, and then the midpricers you traded out start scoring again, you just want to blow your brains out lol.

      So, I guess the main lesson is, don't be stingy at the start of the season, get the Dangers, the Bonts, the JPK's, the Dahlhaus's, the Nick Riewoldts to start with and then you build around them…and not too many speculative risky ass mofos.

  91. wighty says:

    Two from two and won the overall coachkings yesterday. $462k and lots of juicy fallen premos to spend it on in coming weeks. Life is good.

  92. Adrian says:

    M. Crouc…has cost me $30k so far, and this week if he spuds it up, may as well hold now….another$10k….l'll hold and see if the useless prick can do something. I really want to go Crouch to Hanners, as gut tells me that he will go whooska v GWS at home this week….but l will hold as this year l will de disciplined unlike other years……need to preserve the trades…and have an eye on the bye rounds. I've previously burnt trades without care! But not this year!!!!!!!!!!!! Somebody change my password, and give it back to me next Tuesday night!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm in the doghouse after my stupid move to trade out Lynch and McCarthy. NO Trades for me this week!!!!!!!!! Holding SPP, Crouch, Treloar, Mitchell, Franklin and Swallow. Need to get closer to the bye rounds, then go whooska hopefully and bring in Roo, Martin, Sloane, Bont…have had Yeo from the get him stink it up now! Sitting on 27 trades and $130k in cash. Rookies should be ripe for the chop in about two weeks…Houston, Parfitt, Newman, Hampton, Stewart, SPP, WHE.

    Ramble of a mad man over!

    • whatyasmokin says:

      I like the rant, but I think one of the keys to supercoach is knowing when to make the bold moves ie pulling the plug on Matty Crouch.

      With Lynch a little research done would've found that he actually scored 42 last year vs GWS, so it was history repeating, don't let that mistake, stop you from making those tough calls is all I'm saying.


    • Benjamin B says:

      27 Trades left is fine. If you feel the need to trade this week go for it.
      I just shipped off jobe for hanners, i think hes bottomed out and should increase from here.

  93. Tristan says:

    Hey guys, is Matera the real deal? Worth trading him in for Roughy as something of a correction?

    • Russty_ says:

      He'll make you some money for the next 2 weeks, and then he'll probably bottom out at about 420 grand. You'd probably need to re-trade him out again to get a top 6 forward.
      Bear in mind, he has never averaged over 74.6,that was his best year in 2014, the other 5 seasons he played, he averaged in the 60's or below…or, it could be his big ole breakout year where he all of a sudden learned how to play, but I wouldn't put money on it.
      Couldn't advise who to trade in for Roughy cause I don't know what your team is or how much coin you have left but I think Roughy has to go,cause Hawthorn are now crap on toast.

      I punted him for St Nick this week.

  94. James says:

    Simpson down to McGrath,

    Shaw up to Adams


    • Pman says:

      Trading 2 Premiums and getting only one back in return and a rookie to boot is NOT a good trade. Why not look to upgrade Simpson to Docherty or Adams? Keep Shaw, he will come good.

    • Russty_ says:

      Don't know why you'd even consider trading Simpson out…he'll come good, he always does.
      Shaw to Adams I can understand, you must already be behind the 8 Ball not having Adams.

      • AuroraBorealis?! says:

        Simmo isn't just underperforming, he's playing in a completely different role, clearly being an outside mid isnt great for his supercoach scores.

  95. SnappyTom says:

    Grundy or Martin?

    Please discuss!

    • Big G says:

      Both great options. Both should be in top 4 ruck's by season ends. I had the same dilemma last week and went Martin to replace Gawn. Will probably upgrade Sandi to Grundy in the bye rounds.

  96. Adrian says:

    Love these podcasts. I think my strategy (version 474,483!) this week is…have 27 trades, and $123k in the bank. My plan and appreciate some feedback from the community to see if l have the strategy right….. is to:

    Round 5 Trade
    * Trade Mitchell Hibberd > Ballic – sideways rookie trade ….Hibberd hasn't played as yet, and was concussed on the weekend, can't see him playing until after the byes….brining in Ballic for the cash generation. I think this is a no brainer.

    Round 6 Trade
    * Trade Yeo > Fisher (on the bubble); – purely for cash generation.

    Round 7 Trade – One eye on the bye and Premo upgrades
    * SPP > Sloane

    Round 8 Trade
    * Swallow (form / injury pending) > Bontompelli

    Lessons learnt l have run out of trades every year l have played. So mapping it out this year.