Gagging for a CoachKings Venue near you?

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Refer a CoachKings Venue

The anticipation for the CoachKings Venue series is THROUGH THE BLOODY ROOF and we want to get as many venues as we can around the length, girth & breadth of the joint.
Read through the details in the image above and if you’re gagging for it it your local – it’s time to HUNT!


Feel free to flick any questions you have to the email address in the image, or feel free to kick it around in the comments below!


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  1. John says:

    Is coachkings available in Western Australia???

    • JASON says:

      i hear ya John, bring on WA Coachkings !!!!!!!!!!!

      • jockreynolds says:

        Gday John and Jason – we're looking at a pilot venue in Perth which we're pushing hard for, the only reason we can't spread her right through WA yet is that we don't have the bulls on the ground over there. Stay tuned!

  2. fatboyfat7 says:

    The Elsternwick Hotel would be nice, can manage to stumble home from there!

  3. WebSpyda says:

    The Saint, Sports Bar, Innaloo Perth

  4. Country Bumkin says:

    Is this comp just in the pubs in the capital cities or is it also outside the big smoke?

    I.e in Victoria is it just in Melbourne or is it also in some of the larger regional towns like Geelong, Ballarat and Bendigo?

  5. Skindog says:

    Need one here in country Victoria mate! I love beer, footy, and money, soooo

  6. MorrowSC says:

    Scratch that. SORTED!


  7. BillingsBreakoutyear says:

    Hey Jocko,
    Will coachkings be coming back to Wonthaggi? I was absolutely dripping for a venue in Darwin last year, but I quit my job and have moved back home so I can play coachkings.
    PS I had dinner with Jack steven on Friday and he tells me Billings is about to have a brownlow year

  8. Damien says:

    Federal Hotel, Fremantle

    If you get it to WA, that's a venue to look at. They've always got the footy on the TV too.

  9. Rick says:

    Any news on Geelong venues yet jocky boy ?

  10. Brett McMillan says:

    We would like to register the Bunker Sports Bar and Grill 21 Pulteney St Adelaide 5000. How do I go about it and what is involved ?

    Thank you
    Brett McMillan