Pies v Essendon – GAME ON

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CoachKings Play at Home


Hard to describe how pumped we are – our baby – CoachKings is GO for Play at Homefor tonight’s Collingwood v Essendon game
Get your 9 man lineup up quick sticks. FREE to play with $500 up for grabs
$200 for 1st
$100 for 2nd
$50 for 3rd thru 6th
Try out the lineup cruncher below to help you pick your team, bought to you by our sponsors Fantasy Insider, and let’s kick this around in the comments below

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  1. hedski says:

    Wish I had foxtel, ah well ear buds in and watch on the phone thru afl live.
    The Real McSteady. Initial line up.

    Def : Adams Gleeson
    Mid : Heppell Zerrett Sidebum Greenwood
    Ruck : Luey (oh shit only option?)
    Fwd : Elliot Phillips

    Never been much chop at CK but it's fun.

    • hedski says:

      OK quick edit.
      Goldsack Hurley
      Heppell Zerrett Sidebum Degoey
      Moore Faz

      • OldOcker says:

        What is wrong with Grundy? I think he is playing.
        I put him in my team anyway.
        Luenhamandflopanegganburger might surprise.

    • TRIGGER HAPPY says:

      Think luey might b popular
      Only ruck option

      • hedski says:

        If there were dearer options in other lines this might be one of those times where you pick the cheapest, munch a donut, and strengthen another line.
        Luckily tonight everyone is pretty cheap.
        I'd nearly prefer a donut to Luey!!

    • slug says:

      get yourself a chromecast cobba

  2. OldOcker says:

    I just joined again, I joined as a new member, How exciting is this some real pretend footy going on tonight.
    I should have come here first for picking my team but I managed to select a reasonable looking team that will probably only play half a game.
    Patch tells me I can make 1 trade at half time, and I can also give someone a rev up for double points.
    Bloody hell I feel sorry for the rest of you blokes & Ladies now that I have joined it seems so easy. Ha Ha
    I will have to study the points scoring system to get the hang of this and maybe even join Facebook. (Dread the thought)

    Please don't laugh at my finishing position on my FIRST TRY knowing nothing about it, I have given her a Crack, and I am not talking about Dawn either.
    Does anyone know how I can watch this magnificent spectacle at home on the computer? I saw an ad somewhere offering 2 weeks free trial for the JLT Games but can't find the link again.

    Good Luck to all in a game that is sure to be dominated by people being rested and only playing half a game.

    • hedski says:

      Not sure about the PC ocker but the afl live app on phone/tablet should be a goer, free if ur a Telstra customer.

      • OldOcker says:

        Not with Telstra, they are sh*t and I have a Windows mobile with prepaid.
        Cheers mate thanks for the reply. I did see an ad and thought I bookmarked it but it's not in my Footy 2017 folder. (2 weeks free trial)

        • hedski says:

          Ocker I swore off Telstra for 10 years and was on vodaphone, they're shizeen coverage down the bool tho.

          • OldOcker says:

            I am with Amaysim who is with the Optus network. Have been happy with them and good internet speed. Signal is good.

            • hedski says:

              I'm a bit of a Luddite Ocker and don't have WiFi, just use my phone.

              • OldOcker says:

                Unlimited calls and text, added overseas calls for hours and 7GB of data I never use. Nobody ever rings me either but it is a security blanket for me.
                Phone is a phone, I cant see the bloody screen for internet.

      • John says:

        Hedski does it charge you for data or does it allow you to connect to wifi?

        • hedski says:

          Wi fi is sweet john, doesn't use bugger all data either, actually when I was out of credit last year pretty sure i could still watch. I have it on now, cost me zilch and im on Telstra prepaid, just press the green button, might have to make an account but takes a minute and is free.

        • hedski says:

          How'd ya go with that John?
          More importantly did u change ur name to sc beast?

    • Captain pugwah says:

      Spent half time at the bar and missed the rev up. Picked a cheap team and fluked twelth. Fun game. Pugwash.

  3. AuroraBorealis?! says:

    Yeah, so choosing to rev up Jamie Elliot wasn't the wisest decision

  4. TRIGGER HAPPY says:

    Tried coach kings for the first time not half bad.
    Interesting concept.
    Pulled the wrong lever and selected the wrong pie fwd to start.
    Bit of fun
    Would play again..

    • OldOcker says:

      My first time too mate but i really enjoyed it. What has held me back is being a venue focused game.
      I just can't afford to go to the pub if there was a venue near me. I will one day understand the scoring system but it is so different to SC and that is where I prefer to spend my time.
      More online I think will come this year and this is a fantastic way to get her rolling for the lads.
      Great stuff getting "Fantasy Insider" to be aboard and offer FREE Prize Money in the JLT Series.

      2017 is going to be a great year of growth for you.


  5. Jake says:

    Jock did Varcoe get robbed of a goal in the scoring?

  6. neil.DemonsDelight says:

    Great fun first try at coach kings Badly need my mag Listening A post.Will only get better both me and coachkings thanks Jock. My team is perfect for the byes but not happy to run with it.Is it more important to get the byes right.I have Priddis and Gray but would prefer Pendles and Jelwood but completely mucks byes up Delema Cheers Neil

    • Hawks says:

      Think it's important to consider the byes when selecting your team, but you must also consider that you will likely have done at least 8 trades before the byes begin.

      There is a chance to become bye ready closer to the bye rounds if your only a couple of players short on any given week.