Rookie Cheat Sheet v1.0

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Supercoach 2017 Rookie Cheat Sheet

They emerge from the fog about this time every year.

The preseason cup will reveal a hell of a lot more of these young colts to us – but the time to get our heads around some of the early standouts is here.

Click on the image below and download your copy of my first cheat sheet for the 2017 season.

Before you sink your fangs in:

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SuperCoach 2017 Rookie Cheat Sheet v1.0:

Supercoach 2017 Rookie Cheat Sheet Placeholder

Jock Reynolds Magazine 2017

Look forward to the chin wag below!

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  1. jockreynolds says:

    Gday folks – can you let me know how it goes when you download her – I had some trouble getting the size right and I'm not sure how it'll go.

  2. SheriffsBigRig says:

    All good from my end Jock. Stunning Read

  3. TRIGGER HAPPY says:

    Thanks Jock.
    Got 90% of them in my team at the moment. Don't have Freeman, or black and only got starny in the ruck. Must have done the right research and got some help through the community articles. nice to be validated and I'm on the right track.
    Get a good look at these boys in JLT soon.

    I do have nomcoc (love that name) fwd and Hibberd in Def. Huge chance to play Rd 1 if shows his wares in preseason.

    • jockreynolds says:

      Great stuff Trigg – wanted to squeeze young Hibberd in. Reckon I might need to make a few more slots on the old sheet for v2.

      • TRIGGER HAPPY says:

        It appears we have an abundance in def rooks this year. Finally!

        • MoustachioSC says:

          Greedy… Tippa, Adams, Weitering, Dea and Brown started R1 last year!

  4. Mac says:

    Jock will you do a team reveal of your team soon?

  5. Adam says:

    Thoughts on O Florent. Had a great finish to the TAC Cup as well the Under 18 all stars game and recorded the equal highest beep test (15.1) at the 2016 NAB AFL Draft combine. Sydney's recruiters are regarded as being very astute and traded picks with Port moving up the draft order and picking Florent earlier than expected. With their tendency to give rookies regular games such as Hewett and Papley could Florent play regular games early to add some much needed run to the Sydney midfield.

  6. Tim Smith says:

    Anything on rookies Harley Balic FWD Freo, or Tom lamb FWD Eagles, Heard they could be alright picks for rookies!

    • BC says:

      Both talented and thought of as bargains in their draft years Tim but no guarantee to play early. If Lamb doesn't play this year will be roaming Vic pastures in 2018.

      • Tim Smith says:

        i dunno I've heard some places they might get a gig thanks though!

        • Loop says:

          I have both in my team at the moment. BC is right, Lamb needs to get his chance this season.

  7. Zambo says:

    Arousing read Jock, well done!

  8. Kev says:

    Lovely work this, Jock. The rookie cheatsheet has never steered me wrong over the years. Looking forward to reading your take on young McGrath in the mag.

  9. MoustachioSC says:

    Significant as always Jock!

    Some notes:
    Ryan is injured and unlikely to line up R1 now.
    Pickett had a Lissfranc (sp?) injury, takes > 12-18 months to recover, would not hold breath for r1 start (r5-6 injury 2016).
    Hampton, Hibberd, Newman, Vickers-Willis, Berry other decent DEF cows.

    Would you reckon Hannan plays ahead of Smith for Dees?
    I am bloody worried you are saying Strnadica may play R1, is this a cruel joke?? We are selecting him as a loophole dammit!!

    • jockreynolds says:

      Where's you hear about Lukey Ryan?? Was just on the phone to him the other day. Have some very strong word from a close source at Melbourne about Smith – ready to hit the park. And yep old mate – with Freo's ruck stocks absolutely stuffed dica could well get some early gametime. Sandilands goes down and you could almost lock him in

      • Luskin Star says:

        Sandis not breaking down Jock. STOP SAYING THAT

        • jockreynolds says:

          Haa makes me sick in the guts mate – but it's likely

          • OldOcker says:

            What are the value of stocks on Sand Toes this year.
            Could be worth the risk at his price BUT I need to juggle the rest of my team first.
            Value ruck options this year especially those that complain about the third man up rule.
            Something to think about.

            • Kev says:

              Plenty of strategy around those three ruck slots this year, OO. Sandi + swing man (Ryder) or two rolled gold premo rucks?

              • OldOcker says:

                Off the top of my head without looking at my own stats that Jock has. I will say Jacobs and Grundy just for now. Ryder always seems to ride side saddle and is very unreliable for mine.

      • MoustachioSC says:

        Geez you know I can't find it now with the Googles, but in my notes it says that he had surgery for his pre-season injury (I guess the shoulder?) and was on limited training, so seemed unlikely to make R1.

        Hope you're right about Smith, love those bargain basement price rookies so that we can factor in more trouser stretching elsewhere!

        Edit: Pretty vague rumor I think, though looks like the poster is from WA so maybe sees a bit different news on the Googlewebs??

      • I N Pieman says:

        Don't put a line through Lukey Ryan just yet

        • OldOcker says:

          Hey nuts, how you going buddy?
          You i have found to be a man of integrity and Ryan stays in just for now.

          • I N Pieman says:

            Ocker. It's been too long my friend! I'm going well. Isn't this about the time of year you emerge with your majestic spread sheet. Can't wait for a look if it gets posted

            • TRIGGER HAPPY says:

              Rumour has it that it hit Jocks mailbox at 3.50am last night. So stay tuned…

            • OldOcker says:

              It is in Jocks possession as of 3.55 am this morning. I sat up all night just to get it out for the community.
              You will bloody love it mate.

              • TRIGGER HAPPY says:

                Superb effort ocks putting in.the hard yards all for the benefit of the community!
                Sleep will not conquer him I shall deliver.
                Love ya work.

            • OldOcker says:

              Do you still have the same Hot account? If you do I strongly suggest you check your email.
              Cheers Buddy.

        • MoustachioSC says:

          Hmmmm tantalising!

          “He’s just starting to come back into footy right now after a shoulder injury, so they’re two guys who might stand up for us during the year.”

          JUST TELL US IF THAT MEANS R1 OR NOT PLEASE. AFL coaches today are so inconsiderate of our needs.

    • #EngineRoom says:

      Pickett did the injury in April an it takes about 6 months to get over. Apparently will get a full run for pre season..

  10. throttlefinger says:

    Hallejulah!!!!!! First zipper destroyed due to uncharted arousal of the '17!

  11. wombatsfc says:

    Thanks mate these things are bloody brilliant. Reckon Zach Sproule might have a better chance of getting a run early than Blacky though. Black struggled for a game in the leagues 3rd worst forward line reckon he might have been drafted for a crack at the VFL flag.

  12. Derek says:

    what are the rules with players on the Rookie list? When can they be upgraded?

    I'm thinking about Jake Barrett who is on Lions Rookie list, very good player who couldn't get a game at GWS. Is there a Lions player who is on the long term injury list that will allow Jake to get a game?

    Is Brett Eddy on Ports rookie list?

    • I N Pieman says:

      Brett Eddy is on Port's rookie list. As it stands he needs someone to be placed on the LTI list to get upgraded. But there has been talk that might get scrapped before the start of this season, meaning you can play anyone on our list anytime. I hope that happens

    • Kev says:

      Port have two spots available on their senior list. Lions are full.

      Couldn't find when rookies are upgraded, although clubs don't have to have a 40 senior listed players

    • Derek says:

      i remember a couple of years ago, Lambert and Krackour came off rookie list and just when they were flying they had to be put back again. stupid thing

      • Dukes says:

        Every club gets the opportunity to nominate 1 rookie before the start of the season that can play anytime without having to wait for a player to be put on the lti list

  13. OldOcker says:

    GEE I Love this bloody community.

  14. Danners says:

    This is gold Jock! Even though I have Eddy in my team, for some reason I can't see him lining up for the Power in Round 1

  15. Sam L says:

    Michael Apeness or Sean Darcy will get a gig in the ruck before Luke Strnadica does. Ross Lyon has even been known to throw Alex Pearce and Zac Dawson into rucking calculations.

  16. @N_Zvezdak says:

    Good gear Jock !

  17. Big G says:

    Jarrod Berry not included in the list?

    • wombatsfc says:

      It's only version 1 Big fella and I deduce that this version is only for players that have already been reviewed by community members. I arrived at that conclusion based on all of the spuds on the list who will be lucky to be upgraded or named as emergency once for the year and all of the guns who are actually likely to get a game early who aren't on this list.

      • Big G says:

        I am hearing you.

      • Big G says:

        I think Jock and the crew put together such pre-season list's to the best of their ability and is far ahead of any other website I have read.