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Ben Long Community SeriesBen Long. “NOMCOC”

by Pieman

Six blokes from the VFL landed onto AFL lists in the 2016 draft. That’s a very high number compared to usual. Half of those ended up on the Cats list. Given they are mature aged & picked for a good reason they are all SC relevant. But the first to be taken in the draft was Nomcoc.

Nomcoc is a mature age NT lad that spent 2016 shoving it up the 18 sets of recruiting staffs buttholes that overlooked him in 2015.

Nomcoc was a busy boy in 2016 playing for at least 3 different teams that I know of. He played for the NT Thunder, The Allies team at the National Champs & finally he came in for the last 7 games of the Bulldogs VFL side.

Luke Ryan was not the only bloke that left a significant impression with limited VFL outings. 2 months after Nomcoc showed up he left with a premiership medallion.

There is a rule in the VFL called the 23rd man rule. Meaning you can basically add an overage bloke from the TAC cup that is still under 21 to play as your 23rd player. After his other commitments were finished the Bulldogs called up Nomcoc for an end of season cameo.

The first time I laid eyes on Nomcoc was VFL preliminary final day. My Magpies were hot favourites to role the dogs & make the GF. But Nomcoc & his team mates had other ideas. By the end of the afternoon Nomcoc announced himself as a JET & the Dogs handed my Pies an absolute hiding.

Nomcoc finished the afternoon with 17 damaging touches (9 contested) 6 marks, & 6 goals. If you don’t mind! I was certain by the end of that it was just a matter of when he was taken in the draft.

He starred again the following week with 2 more goals in the dogs come from behind GF victory over the Casey Scorpions.

The Dogs wen’t to the draft with the intention to grab the young star….

Clubs will always say when they get to the draft “we’re just going to pick best available”, but that’s Bullshit. Clubs weigh up best available versus a needs basis. Hugh McLuggage was for many months touted as the number 1 pick. And, for a very good reason. He averaged nearly 30 damaging disposals & more than 2 goals a game. So the needs basis selections started at pick 1. The Bombers opted for Andy McGrath who is a version of Michael Hibbered with all the drugs that Windy Hill has ever seen pumped into him.

McLuggage was overlooked again by the Giants who didn’t need a 25th gun goalkicking midfielder. They went for big bodied bull Tim Toranto. I’ll be more interested in him when he lands at the Blues for the 2018 season. But McLuggage didn’t get past the Lions pick 3. The Lions came straight out after that & said we would have picked him at pick 1 if we had that pick. And I have no doubt they would have.

When the Bulldogs first pick arrived at pick 19 somehow young gun Ruck Tim English (remember that name folks, this is Brodie Grundy all over again) was still there. Given they don’t have a real recognised Ruckman they couldn’t pass him up. But the Bulldogs had their pick 28 squarely lined up to grab Nomcoc. But it didn’t happen. The Saints stole him with their first selection at pick 25. I think he really complements the Saints list. A high quality needs basis selection.

The saints have built their spine & now they need some quality smaller players. And Nomcoc is a Gem!


2017 Price:   $117,300
2017 Position:   DEF/FWD
Age:  19
 Player Comparison:      Zac Williams & Eddie Betts
Height:   185cm
Weight:    71kg
Estimated 2017 SC Avg:    50-70 PPG



Well if Ben Long was a racehorse he’d be bloody expensive. His blood line is ridiculous.

NOM: Nephew of Michael Long the Bombers great

COC: Cousin of Cyril Rioli

Nomcoc brings an extremely unique skill set to the AFL & his team St Kilda. It’s rare we have a smaller bloke listed as a DPP Defender/Forward. But, there is very good reason. He can play anywhere. He proved it by kicking ass at any role he was given in 2016.

He can play as an attacking forward like he did for the dogs; he can play as a defensive forward, an attacking defender or a defensive defender. And a midfielder. But I’m sure he won’t do that in 2017. And he can play any of those roles very well. There aren’t many blokes in the AFL that have that skill set. I’m struggling to think of one.

Nomcoc can play like Eddie Betts at one end or be sent down the other end to shut him out of the game. Just ask Gun pick 4 from the draft Ben Ainsworth.

Another game he carved up last season was playing for the Allies against Vic Country. He was given the task of shutting down Ainsworth. Ainsworth is a pill collecting & goal kicking gun. But Nomcoc smashed him & kept him to a measly 5 touches for the day. He truly was Ainsworth Nothin that day. It was the most significant reason the Allies beat Vic Country.

Nomcoc is also a deceptively strong & extremely competitive. Some bloke tried a don’t argue on him last year & ran straight through it & nailed the bastard.

Draft Combine Results:

Beep test: Level 13.6 (pretty good)

3K Time trail: 10 minutes 52 seconds (pretty good)

20 metre sprint: 3.03 seconds (pretty quick)

Repeat Sprints:  25.90 seconds (pretty good)

Kicking test: He finished third overall (Elite)

So what does that tell me. Well I’d already seen with my own eyes that he’s elite at kicking the pill, but Nomcoc will NOT play in the saints midfield in 2017. I don’t think they got him with much intent to run through the midfield anyway.


Bench only cow. He’s not running through the midfield & won’t get copious amounts of the pill to be a great scorer. The fact that you can select him on 2 lines is very handy. It’s hard to say how the Saints will use him given his versatility.


He could be in & out of the side like most rookies can. I could see him given a defensive shut down role on a dangerous small forward. And if that’s the case he will score stuff all.


  • Can kick goals
  • Damaging with ball in hand
  • Pretty good runner & quick off the mark
  • Big game player
  • DPP
  • Good tackling & defensive pressure


  • Won’t return huge numbers
  • Could be in & out
  • Role uncertain


Anyone that’s directly related to Michael Long & Cyril Rioli is going to be electrifying & fun to watch. And Nomcoc certainly is.

I wish I could give more stats on this bloke but the truth is there is stuff all on him. He really shot to prominence late in 2016.

I think Nomcoc is a significant chance to see some action in 2017. I’d prefer if he came in later so we can get a couple of looks. But we can’t choose these things & given he’s mature age & so versatile he’d have to be a big chance for round 1.

Nomcoc is High on the bench radar



Jock Reynolds Coach KingsThis article has been penned as part of the Jock Reynolds Community Series, where anyone from within our proud community can have their say in front of their peers. These men and women have displayed the spirit of togetherness, positivity and community that we value significantly.

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  1. throttlefinger says:

    Electric Pieman! Pre-season is all about building your watch list and figuring out who has a chance for R! and who could have an impact once they make the 22. After this sterling in-depth review, NOMCOC is definitely high on the players I want to see how they fare during NAB. As you say, looks hit or miss if he can deliver for us, but both mature age and DPP makes him worth keeping a series eye on. Well done, my man.

    • I N Pieman says:

      Thanks my man. Absolutely keep him firmly in your sights

      • Chicko says:

        Love it Pieman! NOMCOC – brilliant! Firmly in bench calculations. His DPP is a big bonus.

  2. Benchwarmers says:

    Top write up Pieman. The Jock Reynolds Community is very fortunate to have someone with such a knowledge about all things to do with the rookies mate, he is one to put on the watch list now, and that's the difficult thing re selecting our rookies, we don't know a great deal about them, people go with the flavour of the month/who seems to be in most teams etc, but at the end of the day it's bloody brilliant to have your reviews on them to help us grab the right gun, top job!

    • I N Pieman says:

      No worries Bench. It's important to know what your buying into. It's no good picking a bloke you've never heard of in round 1 because he got named & then gets dropped the following week

  3. Keenbutclueless says:

    Many thanks Pieman. Not living in Australia means you don't get to see these blokes at all until the big dance. They are just names on a piece of paper. This analysis brings them to life. When it comes to rookie selection I rely entirely on this fine community. So many thanks.

  4. TRIGGER HAPPY says:

    Luv ya work INP.
    Another one to keep an eye on pre season
    Gee the razzle, dazzle and brilliance of long and special.
    Worth just watching for that aspect.
    Getting the right rooks is just as important as the premo so every little or extensive bit of Intel helps.

    Saints really starting to build a strong team. Jock will be gagging to see them all gel together and watch long in full flight.

    Wouldn't it be confusing when your team mate yelled out
    "Kick it long"? 🙂

    • I N Pieman says:

      Cheers Trig. I'm impressed with what the Saints have put together as well. Nomcoc is just the sort of player they need

  5. Kev says:

    Brilliant, Pieman! Wasn't even on my radar this bloke. A "makes things happen" type by the sounds of him. Even if he's used as a shutdown player I don't reckon he'd be out of the action

    • I N Pieman says:

      Your right Kev. Something I didn't mention was he does still collect the pill when he's playing a shut down role. The day he shut Ainsworth down he still had 20 touches

  6. The Bont says:

    Flew straight under my radar too . Brilliant job pie

  7. Alferton says:

    Awesome write up Pieman. Love the rookie analysis. Have had him on my bench for the past mth mainly due to be being a DPP Def/Fwd but now I know what I'm getting. If selected rd 1 he's a very likely player in my team. Keep up the great work.

    • I N Pieman says:

      Cheers Alf.I think I'm more likely to have him in the forward line. I'm really liking the look of some defence rookies in 2017. Would be interesting to see we can find someone to swing him with

  8. Northernsoul74 says:

    Locked for me. Dogs did indeed want him but my info was it was more likely at their third pick. Everyone at the dogs was surprised he went that early. Regardless he's a very exciting player that also did some good jobs in defence

    • I N Pieman says:

      The Dogs were very keen on him before he even played VFL as a small defender. But they might have shot themselves in the foot by throwing him forward. I wasn't surprised after what I saw that he went that early

      • Northernsoul74 says:

        Think the dogs were hoping they could rookie Mitch Hannan as well. Will be interesting to see if he can push for a place in the Demons 22.

        • I N Pieman says:

          I was having a look at Mitch Hannan yesterday. Mid/Fwd Mature age & cheap. Three ticks of approval. Will be keeping a close eye on him. Can he crack the best 22

  9. Kevan says:

    Great write-up INP. Did have him on my radar, being a Saints man, but did not know his full history. Thanks for the information, will be on my bench if picked Rd1.

  10. crusty says:

    when does supercoach actually open for us to start constructing greatness ?

    • Kev says:

      Nothing concrete yet but it was mentioned the other day that SC Gold subscriptions from 2016 finish up on the 20th Jan. That's 4 weeks before the first preseason game.

  11. Steeeve says:

    Loving the rookie write ups! Hopefully come round one so many rookies will be picked, we actually have to use these write ups to decide which ones we should go in with. A boy can dream…

    • I N Pieman says:

      Don't be surprised of that happens Steeeve. Plenty of ready made quality from the last draft

  12. General Soreness says:

    You had me at NOMCOC! ripping moniker and ripping write up as usual, well done Pie!

  13. wombatsfc says:

    Brilliant Pieman your best work ever, funny and full of unique information I'd pay 150k+ for after that writeup. After reading that I wanted to vote 'locked in' but saints mad Jock thinks that this bloke is our obvious bench atmo and no need for a vote.
    I can't wait to see him in JLT to see if he takes that step with the same ease he's passed every other test.

    • I N Pieman says:

      Cheers wombat. Yeah Jock didn't post a poll. But I'd be quietly confident his has him on his bench

  14. Derek says:

    I see Majak Daw is sidelined for 8 weeks. Surgery on knee.

    Happy to start Goldy now

    • I N Pieman says:

      Does add some appeal. I want a close look at Sandi before make a call

      • Derek says:

        I'm thinking of starting Goldy/Sandi

        • I N Pieman says:

          Been thinking Goldy Sandi as well Derek

          • TRIGGER HAPPY says:

            Thinking Martin – sandi myself.

            How is this for a ruck friendly start for big stef:

            GC, ess, saints, tiges, dogs, port, swans, hawks, crows.

            Besides Ryder Rd 6 and Sammy Rd 9 not much that will worry big stef. Stef should go bang straight out of the blocks.
            With rocky, beams and a host of fresh talent to tap to should be happy days.

            Well that's how I see the SC ruck world at present. But only Jan so early days.

  15. vere says:

    noncoc whats that

    • I N Pieman says:

      It's NOMCOC vere. Nephew Of Michael Cousin OF Cyril. Noncoc is my sister in law. Technically married but to a bloke

  16. Luskin Star says:

    Nomcoc love it. Poor bastard will never be called Ben Long again. $117k is my favourite SC price. These blokes only gotta turn up to make you money. Sounds like he will do more than that.In my squad already and your write up has only confirmed that.

    • Derek says:

      I love the Def/Fwd DPP. Had plenty of them last year and worked great

      • I N Pieman says:

        Def/fwds are super handy. Hope there's another one we can swing with. Tipa & Adams was handy last season

  17. Wighty says:

    I now have 32 rookies in my team !!! LOL

  18. Dukes says:

    I love me some mature age talent

  19. Moustachio says:

    Great writeup, but can't see this kid lining up R1. He needs to pack on some muscle, very skinny (hardly mature age, he is 19, though you may have been confused as footywire currently has him at 117 years old!)

    • I N Pieman says:

      As I said in the article he's deceptively strong. And I've seen him play against men. He's got no problem with the physical side of it. Cheers Moustachio

      • MoustachioSC says:

        Hmmm ok I guess you convinced me. It's the VFL not the NEAFL after all.

  20. Seeker says:

    Had his almost locked into my team from the day her was drafted. I was filthy that the saints got him. Would have loved him staying at the Doggies. Great stuff again Pieman, really loving the rookie write ups