Our most locked & loathed Supercoach 2017 options

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Supercoach 2017 selection trends are emerging folks.

I’ve sifted through every one of the teams you entered on the Supercoach 2017 Team Reveal v1.0 post and have collated our collective selection preferences. Higgo is bloody proud of me.

What an interesting exercise it was. Some of the results may surprise you – I can tell you I spat a gob-full of piss over the computer screen on more than one occasion throughout the process.

Higgo, Crouching and I might discuss a bit of this on Tuesday’s podcast. If you’re not up to date make sure you catch up on our weekly team-by-team Supercoach 2017 analysis castings of the pod.



  • Our most locked options in order of selection percentages are Patrick Dangerfield (84%), Nat Fyfe (84%), Luke Ryan (80%), Isaac Heeney (75%), David Myers (75%) and Lukey Dahlhaus (70%)
  • Staggering stuff – Sandiballs (57%) is being selected by almost as many of us as are picking Max Gawn (59%)
  • A lot of us are keen on high draft picks McGrath, McCluggage and Bowes. Allow an old prick a shameless plug here if you will – what you’ll learn in this year’s Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Magazine will make a hell of a lot of you change your mind about these premium priced rookies. Buy one here now while they last. It’s something we’re extremely proud of and is the only true reference for the Supercoach elite. Simple as that.
  • We’re taking on a lot of midpriced & injury risk. Fyfe, Beams, Swallow and Sandilands are in every other team and all have very serious recent injury history.
  • I’ve stitched together a team here that best reflects our most popular selections. Note there’s $140K left in the bank after this one folks;

Supercoach 2017 Locks


  • Most of us don’t want a bar of Hawthorn this year. Nearly fell of the stool looking at Tom Mitchell & Jaeger O’Meara’s selection percentages.
  • We’re far more keen on young McCluggage ($203K) up forward than we are on Hoskin-Elliott ($213K).
  • Dylan Shiel has no love from any of us.

Supercoach 2017 POD selections

Gagging for the discussion on this in the comments section below. Remember – if you haven’t snapped up a copy of the 2017 Magazine grab one here!


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  1. BarronVonCrow says:

    I'm giving some serious thoughts to Gunston. Won't blow the doors off, but will be a solid contributor through the entire year I think.

    Good news is a couple blokes I currently have in my side aren't in that most owned list, which could mean i'm way off base on picking them, but we'll have to wait and see on that!

    • LEKD0G says:

      I too have been looking at Gunston

      • Timmy Tomahawk says:

        I don't think Google Imaging Gunstons missus counts Lek Dog 😉

        • Bells E Bubb says:

          If you are going to put a comment in like that the least you could do is provide a link and save a few hundred of us 5 minutes. 🙁

  2. Kevan says:

    I'm surprised there is no love for BOB. He will average over 90 and be consistent with it. In defence I'll take that for an M6 any day of the season.

    • Kev says:

      In and out of my side. 34 coming off an ACL. Not ideal.

    • Canny the Manny says:

      Yeah, tempting indeed. You have to remember that there are plenty of other risky choices across the field, particularly in the midfield (Fyfe, Beams, O'Meara, Swallow etc) and you have to decide if you're comfortable enough selecting Bob on top of them all.

      You're teasing the Supercoach Gods if you opt to go with all of them… and we know they are not merciful Gods…

    • Moustachio says:

      Backing him in for about 85. Not worth the trade to upgrade him.

  3. Kev says:

    Superb insight this, Jock, particularly the forward line. Fair enough our dpp's are gone and options are thin, but throwing all your eggs into the midprice forward basket isn't the best answer. Hall and Greene are great examples of how it can all go wrong

    • jockreynolds says:

      also found the backline variation bloody interesting Kev – a real spread of preference back there. Next cabs off the rank preference-wise are Shaw (30%), Hartlett (18%) then Rance (14%). Such an interesting preseason this – plenty of value in unpopular PODs

      • Kev says:

        Ah, Hamish. Never again son. Rather Mills for a few k cheaper. Adams over Heater surprises too

  4. RoaringCub says:

    I'll take Rocky as a pod thankyou. Proven SuperCoach beast with a point to prove. If his body is ok then welcome in my team son.

  5. I N Pieman says:

    I not surprised Sheil has no ownership since his TOG numbers were exposed Jock. Spending 1/4 of the game on the pine is no good

    • jockreynolds says:

      Could look at it the other way – he's only ever had 1 1/2 preseasons. With another under his belt maybe he'll get up around that 85% TOG mark, meaning he's underpriced.

      • I N Pieman says:

        That won't be known for a while yet. Preseason won't tell us. Could be a shark corrective

    • The Bont says:

      I'm liking Shiel as a pod lads , been in and out of my drafts , love the way he goes about it . Tog has a lot to do with his lack of a full pre season in the past . He drops a few kegs and stays fit could become a great option .

      • Daizy says:

        A lot of u people considering shiel didn't own him this year.
        Absolute fkn nightmare. Never lays a tackle. Clearly protects himself.
        Don't b seduced by a bloke looking like Judd.
        This game is all about numbers and this guy does not produce them

  6. Michael says:

    Hi community,
    Will my jock book arrive at the same time as everyone else's if I order it today? Cheers

  7. Steeeve says:

    How much money do you like to have left over to start the season?

    • Kev says:

      I just pick the best team I can. Money leftover doesn't score you points

  8. ben says:

    Tom mitchell one of my first picked. M.white from port is bloody cheap.

  9. KingDuck says:

    Only 5% for Rocky? Surely that's a typo! He's a supercoach Goliath, and in the captaincy mix each week.

    • jockreynolds says:

      At this rate he could be one of the starting PODs of the preseason King!

      • Canny the Manny says:

        Both Rocky and Tom Mitchell are stuffed right into my Mids. No issues at all there for me. Am struggling to get a good balance of other premos though, especially while being wary of injury risks.
        Assuming Beams is our last Premo, are people having him at M4, M5? Or even M6?

  10. Krups says:

    Bloody brilliantl analysis Jock

  11. @t_woof says:

    Brilliant work Jock!

    Heeney ownership very surprising. Thought he'd be popular to an extent, but not this popular.

    JJ and Bontempelli ownership's quite high. Grand Final fresh in everyone's memory. Thought maybe 1/3 or 1/4 not near enough 1/2 teams.

    Ryder in every second team is also a little surprising. Though with his DPP status, his ownership being 57% and Sandilands 50% is likely not a coincidence #insurance

    Hawks on the nose, very interesting indeed. I usually steer away from my own team, but this year i like the look of Roughead, Hodge and JOM.

    Interesting when you compare JOM to David Swallow. Combined 91%, so pretty much at least one of them in every team. Seems the consensus so far is split 1 JOM to 3 Swallow. I like JOM for the fact he averaged more in each of his two seasons, than Swallow did in 4 of his 5 (obviously injured 2015 after 6 games).

    Swallow season averages: 79.5, 77.9, 79.3, 103.1, 84.8
    JOM season averages: 89.9 & 97.6 (also played 22 games in each season)

    Roughy at 5% is baffling as well. Gotta get him in there lads!

    • jockreynolds says:

      Cheers WolfMan! Yeah mate I'll avoid JJ like the plague early doors – will only pick him off if I have to later on. Tom Mitchell & JOM stagger me – I honestly reckon they'll end up in a hell of a lot more teams.

      • @t_woof says:

        Same re JJ.

        I think you're spot on, ownership can only go one way. If JOM looks the goods in the pre season, ownership will sky rocket. And similar with Tom, if he's getting a truckload of ball in the pre season plenty will take a second look. Someones got to get that 60-70 disposals of Sam Mitchell's and Lewis'.

      • Stirlsy says:

        JOM his next 5 weeks at training will tell us where he is at, when he steps up the training he hasn't really started running yet, Beams and Swallow seem to be ahead of him for this reason taking all 3 and Fyfe who by all reports from the west he is looking super fit even completing a surf kite race pre xmas from rotto to perth just for fitness ( the guys a freak) would be risky so i left JOM out for that reason alone. It's all going to come down to NAB with these guys.
        You wont know Sandi when you see him Jock, a new man slimmed right down to help him get around the ground better.
        Great stuff here Jock very insightful ….. ps im based in WA so read and hear plenty on the 2 WA sides they only think these are the 2 teams in the AFL over here quite funny really….

        • @t_woof says:

          Good info re Sandi Stirlsy. Will definitely keep a close eye on him during the pre season.

          Spot on re JOM. Next month is key. As a Hawthorn supporter, geeze i'm excited about him.

          That's fair enough not taking JOM at this stage if taking Swallow, Beams and Fyfe. Can only have "x" amount of risk in your team. Fyfe is a certainty i believe.

  12. Raging Bulls says:

    Barely any teams with Jake Lloyd who is a good defensive option at around 460k. Also I like the look of Dan Menzel and Tom Cutler, who may break out in 2017.

  13. Wighty says:

    Enjoying the chat….only two months to go for the real stuff. With exception of Myers….I am steering clear of anyone who has had regular injury problems….Wells, Fyfe Swallow etc..

    • I N Pieman says:

      I don't see swallow as a keeper. Hopefully he can provide some quality scoring & then move him to a uber. Fyfe well if he's fit he's value. Myers is in the swallow bracket

      • David says:

        Is Beams a keeper? what would he need to be our m8 in a full premo team….My weakness has always that I run out of trades a round or two too early…looking to save them this year and having guys like Swalllow, Beams JOM etc at M678 atm could save a trade or two.

        • Kev says:

          Very slim chance Beams can produce a full season. Capable of raising his price to 550-600k, I'd take that and swap him to someone more durable

      • Stirlsy says:

        Fitness not the problem Pieman, its just a matter of the leg standing up to AFL Footy for Fyfe he has done everything and then some to get it right, now its just wait and see but i have no doubts he lines up rnd 1 the way he is going.

  14. Sifi says:

    Sandilands with Ryder as insurance seems very smart and hope the big man gets through to the byes. Jock, you still not keen on Gawn?
    Premo mids are over priced, forwards are sparse but the backs proven premos are a plenty. Thinking building the back line first is easiest but may drop a few games early. Sound crazy?

    • Morrow says:

      I'm locking in Sandi and throwing away the key at R2. However, I'm not sold on Ryder,.. at 57% ownership thus far and not playing for a year/new team, it's almost a point of difference not picking him. Have to have a DPP in the forward line and call me crazy but tempted on Tom Boyd at $290k.

      Get what you pay for, reckon the midfield promo's are about right.. Only backline promo I'm really keen on is Simpson but he won't even make the cut. Heaps of value in defence this year. I'm loading up in the mid myself Sifi!

  15. Tom says:

    Hey Guys!

    Really interesting article Jock!
    I am entering my first supercoach pre season in 2017 and i am wondering how i should go about it. I am new to taking supercoach seriously and would like some direction where i should begin etc. Help would be greatly appreciated!

  16. psycho muppet says:

    A lot of teams looking to play Myers as M8, he is good coverage for your bench more than M8 surely ? I mean his price is good but he really would only be a cash cow to move on before the byes ?

  17. hedski says:

    I'm starting to back off the Sandiballs/Ryder combo. Seems like a lot of nasty corrective trades, risk vs rewards = shit season.
    Goldy/Stef/Gawn/Grundy looking safe.. But does safe win? NB. I've never won

    • Kevan says:

      I actually believe Ryder may be in the top ten forward total scorers come the end of the season, IF he is Ports number one man.

      • Kashie99 says:

        he will be, no talk of Lobbe being in the side.

        Ken has suggested Ryder/Jacko combo for the ruck, which is better for Ryder cos Jacko isnt a full time ruck

  18. frogger says:

    Really interesting insights into the community's thoughts and some top comments. Plenty to think about, great read

    Of those on the nose, Rocky, TMitch and Marc Murphy all absolutely in contentiality in my selection paralytics.

    Of those popular, am not that enticed by Heeney and Taylor Adams and currently starting sans Danger, Gawn.

  19. Big G says:

    Lol at Nathan Freeman's popularity once again.

    • I N Pieman says:

      Agreed! If ever there was a bloke you'd want 2 games from before you picked him it's Freeman. It would be a VERY nervous few weeks!

  20. TRIGGER HAPPY says:

    Love your work Jock, higgo will be jealous but I think he is still ahead due to the higginator for 2017.

    Interesting team and selections there with some are you sure moments along with what surely they must have a higher percentage.

    If you run with that team I'm sure it would be pretty competitive.

    I notice Danger is the most selected player in 2017 – only two reasons for this
    1. he is a gun, the best player in the comp and the community can only see him getting better
    2. after reading his review the community has jumped on in droves!
    Maybe not so much # 2 🙂

    It looks like with the fwd line we are jumping on the excy rooks and hanging our hat on them on delivering
    Plenty to consider now and going forward.

    • Derek says:

      plus he seems pretty bullet-proof. Has only missed 9 games in last 8 seasons

      • Redgumwon says:

        But could Danger be spending more time forward this year? Pendles worries me as well spending more time forward or down back? Both have large prices on their heads. I'll be keenly watching the preseason games to see if their roles have change any

        • Derek says:

          don't be fooled by the pre-season games.

          • Redgumwon says:

            That's very true Derek about the preseason. but I can see both sides are trying to give more midfield time to the youngsters. Danger and Selwood I've read could spend more time forward to try and kick more goals. If so we could pick both of them up cheaper down the track? Then we have Collingwood who have gone out of their way to bring in more midfielders. Could Pendles go forward to score more or go back and be the backline general Collingwood is missing so much?

        • Kev says:

          Scott won't stuff around with his best mid. Only Buckley is that stupid

          • Redgumwon says:

            I hope you're right Kev. I plan on taking Danger and maybe Selwood at this stage. I'll be leaving Pendles out this year until later on down the track as an upgrade. I'm quite keen on Rocky as well. I think Beams might not come back as good again after the reports on his knee. Beams maybe used as an impact player in the middle at bounces and then go forward? If so Rocky's output shouldn't be as badly affected as most think. Rocky might want to stick it right up them in this season as it's his last year of his current contract. Massive year equals big deal in Brisbane or for that matter anywhere else

            • Kev says:

              Bloody hard to get Pendles in as an upgrade. Rarely puts in 2 bad games in a row

              • Redgumwon says:

                If I can't then I can live without him. I believer there is plenty of high scoring options and POD's out there to cover Pendles not in the side

  21. Eric_the_Red says:

    No love for Deledio?

    • Derek says:

      unknown role at new club. too expensive to take the risk.

    • @t_woof says:

      High on my list for premium forwards.
      My rough draft with no rookies has him in there.

    • pitch72 says:

      he will be lucky to play 12 games with those dodgy calves of his, pass…

  22. Derek says:

    Why is Heeney so popular? do people think he will be filling TMitchell's midfield role? Can't see him getting anymore midfield time than he did last year, he did good as a forward so why would swans change his role. Too many low scores if you pick him. Averaged 79SC last year, half his scores were 63 or less.

    • Dukes says:

      Did you see heeneys finals series? He could be swans best player this yr, he is that good

    • TRIGGER HAPPY says:

      Horse has stated he and mills will be filing the void in the midfield left by tmitch.

      will be regularly in the guts where he played his jnr footy

      focus in preseason – he is working on his tank to become a regular in the swans midfield.

      • Derek says:

        very good info. I did have him in my team, just needed some confirmation.

        • Derek says:

          what about Mills as a defense option?

          • TRIGGER HAPPY says:

            got my eye on him for the same reason as heeney

            will see what happens in JLT but think heeney will get first crack in the guts.

            • Kev says:

              I'm all over Mills if he gets time in the middle this year. The bloke is a contested footy madman.

              • Derek says:

                Is he good enough to start at D3?

                • Kev says:

                  Tough sell with many going deep in the backline this year. Would be more comfortable with him at D4

                  • TOMAHAWK says:

                    What about Langdon at $356k. could average 90 this year… Thoughts?

  23. Eric_the_Red says:

    Anyone keen to take a punt on Motlop or Menzel at F3 or 4? Motlop looking fitter than this time last year, and Menzel, well, who knows what that kid could become. My gut says to take a risk and lock one in. Thoughts?

    • Kev says:

      I'd take Menzel… just. Both wildly inconsistent though

    • frogger says:

      Of those two, I'd go Motlop, has the ability to go huge, looks to be having a good buildup so far, is in a contract year, has had stretches of really high-end output. Menzel more likely to miss games, lower ceiling.

  24. Big G says:

    how about jelwood for a tasty POD?

    • Redgumwon says:

      Very big chance of being in my round one side for that reason

      • Derek says:

        I'm starting to waiver a little at Pendlebury and his $645k price tag.

        Was considering Parker, Selwood or Gray.

        Gray seems very well priced.

        • Big G says:

          Yes, I am also considering Gray as he is slightly underpriced due to a one or two bad games last year. Due to his goal kicking ability he is probably more likely to go 120-130 in a game than Pendels, but throws in the odd stinker here and there where Pendels worst game is 85-100. Sloane another good option. I only pay over $600,000 starting price for a player that can go big.

          • TRIGGER HAPPY says:

            50 shades is locked.

            • Big G says:

              but then again Pendels every year eventually makes it into my team. 2nd highest sc scorer over past 5 years for a reason

              • Derek says:

                throw Treloar into the mix as well

                • Big G says:

                  great player, but another criteria I have for shelling out $600,000 for a player is that they have averaged 110 over a sustained period of time (JPK, Selwood, Pendels).

            • Raging Bulls says:

              With news that there is no bye rules in place for the Gold Coast Suns and Port, meaning best 22 still need to be fielded, is Gray really worth it knowing he will be on your bench in Rd 9?

              Especially since most will have Swallow and Powell Pepper, etc.

              • TRIGGER HAPPY says:

                Did not know that, where did you hear that?
                If confirmed will see gray one of the most traded in players after his bye.

              • Kev says:

                That's huge, Raging. 50% have Ryder as well as those guys you've mentioned

  25. Redgumwon says:

    I'm liking Tom Langdon at Collingwood as a cheap backline option. Had a shocking year with injury last year. He only played the 5 games at an average of 81.8. He's priced at $356,000 and can score higher than 82 if he's on song. What do you guys think?

    • TOMAHAWK says:

      EXACTLY what I have been thinking the past 48 hours! It's Mills or Langdon for D4 i feel…

  26. Wighty says:

    Does anyone really believe their current SC team will remotely look the same R1 ?

  27. Wighty says:

    Any thoughts on trades available in the uneven bye rounds ?

    • Kev says:

      If Redgumwon is right in saying the round 9 "bye" means we still need a full squad of 22 playing, the usual 2 trades will stay.

  28. Big G says:

    Yes, I am also considering Gray as he is slightly underpriced due to a one or two bad games last year. Due to his goal kicking ability he is probably more likely to go 120-130 in a game than Pendels, but throws in the odd stinker here and there where Pendels worst game is 85-100. Sloane another good option. I only pay over $600,000 starting price for a player that can go big.

  29. Derek says:

    McCluggage ($203k), McCarthy (204k) or R Knight (201k)?

    • TRIGGER HAPPY says:

      Go all 3 just for fun.

      • Derek says:

        the way the forward line is looking, not a bad idea

        • I N Pieman says:

          I was keen on McLuggage. But now the more I look at him I'm not so sure. His key skills are racking up the pill & disposing of it very well. But his 2 great weapons that led to his high TAC cup scoring were goalkicking & hitting targets inside 50. He's going to have a lot more trouble doing that in a Lions outfit. I can't see an average over 70 so I'm thinking now I'll look elsewhere. McGrath though is a different story. He is a champion athlete & an awesome footballer. I do think he's very relevant

          • wombatsfc says:

            Astute accurate insight on the scottish suitcase Pieman. I reckon you're still a bit too warm on McGrath though, with all of those who were banned (for actions that when described honestly get automatically deleted from some forums) returning this year plus the couple of last years newbies who needed a season against men also pushing for their debuts I can't see the dopers risking the kid until he's had a good run in the VFL. Doesn't mean he wont be a super star one day I just can't see any value in him as a starter this year

            • Kevan says:

              Round 1 will be very interesting for Bomber rookies. Will have many SC players making team changes on the fly, not good.

            • I N Pieman says:

              I think the Bombers will role him out round 1 wombat. But he won't be playing in the guts. He will be across half back. Still I've got my eye on half a dozen mature age defenders that are much cheaper. And if they line up then I'll take them over McGrath. Have to wait & see how many Defender rooks are named round 1

    • Dukes says:

      mature aged priced rookies are the way to go especially ones that can break into the midfield rotation, r knight for me.

  30. TRIGGER HAPPY says:

    I've currently got the two mc's and will have a look a Riley in JLT. Rumour is he is the one the crows would like to replace Lyons and had a midfield spot until he got injured.
    If this is the case I could end up with all 3.
    I'm sure Barron can enlighten us here.

  31. Benchwarmers says:

    Looking at the Rucks, which no doubt will cause many a sleepless night, thinking of going Stef Martin over big Goldy – Martin is $100k cheaper and if sole ruck and fit, could score as well as Goldy. Thoughts?

    T/U – Martin
    T/D – Goldy

    • Redgumwon says:

      Or you could save trades and lock in Big Maxie & Goldy?

      • benchwarmers says:

        Was looking at Stef and big Sandi as my rucks, hoping that turf toe can put together a good run to generate some coin, then upgrade to Maxie when, again hoping, he's dropped a bit in cash – the money saved in initial ruck can be put to other lines. Rucks the same each year, bit of roll the dice, went the set and forget last year, thanks re the reply, line up will no doubt change again!

        • Redgumwon says:

          I was thought that was what you had in mind. I'll be watching both closely as well but just not sure I can trust Sandi & Stef. I went with Maxie & Nic Nat last year. I always save a trade for an injured or upgraded ruckman if required. I just figure go with the best two on option and fingers crossed they get through the year.

  32. Dukes says:

    Goldy is a gun but if majak daw gets a regular game this yr i fear goldys scoring will suffer. The new no third man up rule could help counter balance effect daw has on goldy tho. Martin def worth the punt but only if his the sole ruckman.

    • Benchwarmers says:

      Spot on re the no third man up rule, the big blokes who can tap the ball well will see their hit outs to advantage % rise, the big Beard, having Lewis added to their improving midfield, and Sandi with Fyfe back, both should go alright. Goldy and Grundy both tap well, anyone know which ruckmen topped the table re hit outs to advantage last year?

      • BarronVonCrow says:


        Mummy was just behind in 2nd and Goldy was 3rd.

        • Redgumwon says:

          I think I'll be spending the money on Big Maxie and Goldy now

          • Benchwarmers says:

            Thanks for the stats Barron, could be the "set n forget" pair this year I reckon, perhaps the big Mummy as something different as R2?, praying he plays a full year though!

  33. Stevo says:

    Thoughts on Newman as a D6? Will he get games? Have Ryan & Stewart at D7 & 8.

    • I N Pieman says:

      Hard to say if he plays. But there is hope for 2 reasons. He's come off the rookie list & onto the primary list. And Mills is apparently heading into the midfield for some action. Meaning there's room for him down back

  34. Derek says:

    to have Beams in my starting team or not is keeping me awake.

    • Keenbutclueless says:

      All comes down to purpose. I think his revelation about managing his knee means he won't be a premo again. Or unlikely to. Therefore it can only be as a stepping stone. If your criteria is $150k per trade, do you see him getting to 573k? In my opinion, no. I think that there are other stepping stones who will gain more than 150k. S Selwood, Swallow, JOM. Of them all, we actually know S Selwood is in the best shape. Other two have more upside, but more risk. Even if he tags Selwood will get to 430k.

      • Derek says:

        thanks Keen. you might have just given me a good nights sleep

        • Derek says:

          I really like the look of No Beams and spend the money on Ryder at F4 to cover for Sandi.

  35. Liam says:

    Anyone know how Cripps is going with his injury ?
    Want to start him but not sure if he will be 100%.

  36. Wighty says:

    Hun has JOM not playing till R4……could be perfect first cashcow trade in after R6

    • Derek says:

      saw on Hawks website that Round 4 looked likely for JOM to start

      • I N Pieman says:

        He hasn't played for 2 years. Surely he plays a game or 2 in the VFL first

        • Derek says:

          there is a large hole in Hawks midfield left by Lewis, SMitchell & Hill leaving. TMitchell obviously slots in there, but who else will benefit from the vaccuum or opportunity?


          • Keenbutclueless says:

            Thinking Langford and O'Rourke, with Hartung taking Hill's role. I had a look at Issac Smith, 440k DPP, but I don't have any confidence with any of them. Someone will step up. Nailing that someone and gambling in that mid price zone could make your season. At this stage its cookie cutter with no wild cards. But someone will get it right.

          • Tip Rat says:

            What about Hodge ?

        • Dukes says:

          He played 2 halves in the neafl last yr

  37. Colby says:

    No one picking any WCE players?

    • Keenbutclueless says:

      A few speculating on Giles. But with Nic Nat's absence, I think people are expecting scores across the board to come down. No one screaming value on any other line. No love for Yeo this year, even though he has DPP and the forward line is like a desert. He is a breakout contender, but would take some cohunas to pick him.

      • Colby says:

        ill be going in for Vardy before Sandi – at this early stage anyway

  38. Wighty says:

    Shuey and Priddis upgrade targets

    • Colby says:

      Im a Priddis fan but probably wont pick him up this year

      • Derek says:

        How will Sam Mitchell effect him. Good or bad?

        • TRIGGER HAPPY says:

          I think it is more the nic nat or lack of nic nat effect.
          Guy is a gun, i never start him but always end up with him.
          Maybe ill just start him this year over sloane.
          Nice M6.

        • Colby says:

          Not sure mate, it will be interesting to see how it pans out. Im thinking that Mitchel will get the possessions?

          • Derek says:

            There is no doubt in my mind, Sam has been the Hawks best player for the last 8 years. Massive loss to the club. Still has a lot of offer.

  39. Big_BenFC says:

    Brodie Grundy, welcome to my #1 ruck this seadon

  40. Danners says:

    Surprised that no one has gone Shiel, a bit disappointing last probably better options around. Gunston could look like a good POD

    • Derek says:

      scully was the surprise last year, seemed to be everywhere. plenty of quality in the GWS midfield to share the SC points too much.

      Gunston is fairly expensive, If Roughie plays round 1 he could be a better option.

  41. Liam says:

    Docherty and T.McDonald
    Rance and Laird ??

    • Keenbutclueless says:

      Rance and Laird. Definitely think Docherty will come down in price, and not convinced McDonald will be in the top 8 defenders at year end.