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Dangerfield Supercoach Top Gun

patrick dangerfield supercoachDon’t be a “Maverick” or a “Goose” just pick him!


Any number of superlatives has been used to describe the man we call “Danger” but that one I think best describes Patrick Dangerfield.

Danger, Danger. The crowd scream when he picks ups the ball but it could mean beware he is dangerous (“that’s right I am dangerous”) in the middle of the ground, when he gets into space, if he is behind you about to run you down or around goal. No need to show you a heat map – there is Danger all over the ground!

Now I know some of you may be thinking he has an “ego that writes cheques his body can’t cash” but this couldn’t be further from the truth. He is one of the most down to earth, relaxed guys you are ever likely to meet.

Relaxed. I mean which other footballer would listen to Disney tunes on his way to game? He says it helps calm the nerves. Seems to work a treat! One of his favourites is Aladdin.  If the genie was to grant the community 3 wishes they would probably be:

  1. Danger to play for my team
  2. Danger to be granted DPP status in Supercoach
  3. Danger to be Rookie priced.

That is the thing about dreams they hardly ever come true – I mean looking at that lot you would have more chance of winning an arm wrestle against Slider than those coming true.

Another way Danger likes to relax is to surf as he is just as comfortable catching a wave as catching a sherrin. Now he is back in Victoria he tries to go surfing 3-4 times a week. Infact during the season if he only surfed once or twice during the week he had a bad game on the weekend and Geelong lost. So it is good for footy and the cats if Danger catches a wave.

2017 Price: $716,900
2017 Position: MID
Games last season: 22
Average last season: 130+
99+ games last season: 20!
Sub 80 games last season: 1 (77)
Price range last season: $744K (rd16) – $596K (rd22) – only time he dropped under $600K
Missed games last season:
  • zero
Significant history:
  • Brownlow Medallist (2016)
  • AFLCA Champion player of the year award (2016)
  • 4 * All- Australian Team (2012, 2013, 2015, 2016).
  • Geelong and Adelaide B&F (2016 & 2015)
  • Round 1 draft pick (#10) 2007 National Draft


As part of the end of Season review in 2014 the Geelong football club went back through the years and looked at how Danger had impacted games throughout his entire career particularly paying attention to the 2011-2013 Grand final sprints which Danger won three years in a row and in one voice said “I feel the need, the need for speed”. From that point on they made it their mission to bring Danger home (albeit at the expense of a couple of older stalwarts).

So at the end of the 2015 season one of the worst kept secret in the history of the AFL resulted in Danger moving from the Adelaide Crows back to his home town of Moggs Creek to play for Geelong. To shine a spotlight on the character of the man despite all the innuendo and speculation Danger took it all in his stride and never let it impact on his football, giving his all every game  and  playing his heart out for the Adelaide football club right up to his final game. This was never more evident than when Adelaide lost their coach during the year. Danger was enormous on and off the field. He and club stood tall during their darkest hours. He left with his head held high with the honor of the clubs B&F. 12 months on he has another B&F next to his name and is now an integral part of the Geelong Football Club.

Jock Reynolds Supercoach Magazine 2017

Speaking of which once the Geelong football club finishes its renovations/expansion of its stadium which is scheduled to be complete May next year the stadium may well become a fortress again with the opposition teams dreading a trip down the “highway to the Dangerzone”. “Gonna take you right into the danger zone”.

Who know this may become the new Geelong theme song?


Not much I can think of so going to attack this one from a different angle

Risk. Don’t start him and wait until he drops in price.

Before the season began in 2016 some of us had reservations about putting Danger in our starting line-up as we were unsure of how he would go in a new team, or how he would go in the Geelong midfield and Geelong were playing the Hawks Rd 1. See how he goes and grab him later right?

Danger’s response.

Close to his best game of the year producing almost the perfect game where he dominated from start to finish. By the time he was finished he had amassed a best on ground performance gathering 43 possessions and amassing a huge162 SC points.  In the process he also broke Greg Williams record for most disposals on debut for a new team. Now say you took Nathan Fyfe over Danger in Rd 1. You were already 100 points behind at the end of round 1 and would be chasing the pack from that point on. Danger can do that to you. He can go Huge!

So I ask you?

Can you risk NOT having him in your team in Rd 1?


If you do pick him you will need some danger money.

He will not be cheap next year infact he is likely to be close to the dearest starting price in the history of Supercoach. Bald Jesus still holds that title.

So just over 7% of your salary cap on one player! Why fork out that sort of money for one player? The Answer is simple you get what you pay for.

Danger played all 22 games last year at an average of 130 only twice (yep twice) dipping below 99 points, punching out massive scores over 150 on 5 occasions and one double ton!

No one can seem to tag him, he just takes the game by the scruff of the neck and says follow me boys.


  • #1 Player in the AFL and Supercoach 2016.
  • Brownlow medalist 2016.
  • Averaged 117 over the last 5 years. Absolute Gun.
  • Missed 1 game in the last 3 years.

Now I know some of the community love a good statistic and I could go on and rattle off any number of stats in relation to Danger like he kicks as much as he handballs, averaged over 30 disposals, 115 SC points at Kadina park, laid over 100 tackles and a kicked on average a goal per game in 2016 just to name a few.

But for all the stat boffins amongst us I refer you to THE GAME to really get you excited.

The date: May 30 2015.

Phil Walsh and Ross Lyon decided to throw taggers out of the window and let two modern day champions in Patrick Dangerfield and Nathan Fyfe go toe to toe like two heavy weight combatants.  The winner? Footy and everyone who loves a great contest. It was a contest that will long be remembered and go into AFL folklore.

An Epic Encounter.


  • Disposals: Dangerfield 38 Fyfe 40
  • Contested possessions: Dangerfield 29 Fyfe 26
  • Clearances: Dangerfield 9 Fyfe 14
  • Tackle: Dangerfield 8 Fyfe 6
  • Goals: Dangerfield 1 Fyfe 1

Want more?

  • Dangerfield was involved in 31.8 per cent of Crows scores and Fyfe was involved in 27.8 per cent of Dockers scores.
  • Adelaide retained possession from 57.9 per cent of Dangerfield’s disposals.
  • Fremantle retained possession from 55.0 per cent of Fyfe’s disposals.
  • Dangerfield gained 582 metres. Fyfe gained 958 metres (a career-high).
  • Adelaide won a centre clearance 42.1 per cent of the time Dangerfield attended a centre bounce.
  • Fremantle won a centre clearance 41.2 per cent of the time Fyfe attended a centre bounce.
  • SuperCoach points: Dangerfield 188 Fyfe 158


3 Votes – Natrick Dangerfyfe.

It was suggested they get 2.5 votes each such was the quality of football played.

If you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favour and track down a copy sit down and watch it – brilliant footy.


  • The only reason not to pick Danger and it is a big one is that starting price.
  • It is a helluva lot of cash to fork out for one player!



I will leave the wrap up to the Captain Joel Selwood. He was probably closest to the happiest bloke on the planet when he was informed that Danger was on his way to Geelong.  He promptly rang Danger to welcome him in to the club with a cheerful “You can be my wingman anytime “to which Danger was heard to reply – “Bullshit you can be mine”! And that was how it was.

The Top Gun and his wingman.

As I said at the start:

Don’t be a “Maverick” or a “Goose” just pick him!


A great bloke to chat fantasy footy with. Kick Dangerfield around with him in the comments below.

Jock Reynolds Coach KingsThis article has been penned as part of the Jock Reynolds Community Series, where anyone from within our proud community can have their say in front of their peers. These men and women have displayed the spirit of togetherness, positivity and community that we value significantly.


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  1. hedski says:

    Great write up Trigger, just pick him and forget about the cost.

    • TRIGGER HAPPY says:

      Yeah I think anyone serious about SC he would be one of first picked.

      I looked and could not find a reason not to pick him other than price.

      So rather than say pick him and overload you with stats as most people will pick him anyway decided to make it a bit if fun with a topgun theme.

  2. Nathan says:

    Stupid not to take him

  3. Nick Wealands says:

    He's expensive, but gee he's worth it, will make majority of teams as a set and forget

  4. Gaveday says:

    He'll drop in value and I'll nab him then.

    • TRIGGER HAPPY says:

      Geez we have a maverick!

      Big call gave.

      • I N Pieman says:

        I'll send ya some league codes ASAP Gave!

        • Gaveday says:

          I'm up for the challenge – last year I went with no Goldstein – remember the old no Goddard overall winner?? I reckon that all top $ blokes fall in price. If you can dance the dance and get lucky, you might just save coin and build an army. Of course I've never won SuperCoach….sigh……

          • jockreynolds says:

            Love the plums Gave!!!! Love them mate!!! Gotta say Trigg…he's not absolutely dead set locked away in stone for me yet either.

            • TRIGGER HAPPY says:

              No doubt you ere gonna be a maverick jock.

              Otherwise u wouldn't be the founder/father of fantasy footy.

              U don't get to where you r without taking some risk and going against the crowd.

  5. Kev says:

    The bastard kept blowing out the crotch of my jeans last year so I won't be selecting him until I find a cheap seamstress or a JR Community Sewing Club is set up.

    Great read, Trigger!

  6. I N Pieman says:

    Slot him in & build a team around him. The absolute Uber's are too hard to get later. Love ya work Trigger!

    • TRIGGER HAPPY says:

      Right back at ya.

      Thanks for the info below.

      Looks light in fwd line maybe just to put in a couple of expensive rook Dpp's

  7. I N Pieman says:


    Zach Merrett MID

    Dustin Martin MID

    Dayne Zorko MID

    Leigh Montagna DEF

    Michael Barlow MID

    Toby Greene FWD

    Aaron Hall MID

    Daniel Rich MID

    Jeremy Howe DEF

    Jack Watts FWD

    Christian Petracca MID

    Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti DEF

  8. I N Pieman says:


    Jack Macrae MID/FWD

    Josh Caddy MID/FWD

    Touk Miller MID/FWD

    Bradley Hill MID/FWD

    Jack Billings MID/FWD

    Jack Steele MID/FWD

    Nathan Hrovat MID/FWD

    Angus Brayshaw MID/FWD

    Jake Carlisle DEF/FWD

    Jack Martin DEF/FWD

    Tom Boyd FWD/RUCK

    • Kev says:

      Flower me! FWD line looks to be a deadset ghost town next year!

      Cheers for the update, Pie

      • I N Pieman says:

        Sure is Kev. Dahl Buddy & then ???????? Maybe Bennell if he gets on the Park. Ghost town

        • Kev says:

          I don't mind macrae. Thinking of loading up in the mids and going light up forward with those dpp midfielders

          • Don't Blush Baby says:

            Caddyshack around 400k ? should get a lot more touches

          • I N Pieman says:

            Agree Kev. Load up elsewhere until the Fwd cream rises to the top. If that even happens at all

        • TRIGGER HAPPY says:

          Is it April 1?

          Surely u jest pie?

          If that is the case looks like it is Dahl then daylight.

          No 50 shades either. The cupboard ain't just bare she is missing all the shelves!

        • Moustachio says:

          Macrae and Ryder locks for mine along with Dahl.

    • wombatsfc says:

      Thanks Pieman where'd you get that info? If that's the full fwd/mid list Miller and Macrae are the only 2 I'd risk having. I hope there's some rookie forwards getting early games I'm planning to have Throttles Hero Tommy Boyd at F7/8 now that hes also a ruck

    • Danners says:

      Macrae looks the goods, wouldn't have him and Dahl though

  9. I N Pieman says:


    Andrew McGrath DEF/MID

    Tim Taranto MID/FWD

    Hugh McCluggage MID/FWD

    Ben Ainsworth MID/FWD

    Jack Bowes MID/FWD

    Callum Brown MID/FWD

    Shai Bolton MID/FWD

    Jarrod Berry MID/FWD

    Daniel Venables MID/FWD

    Ben Long DEF/FWD

    Sam McLarty DEF/FWD

    Darcy Cameron FWD/RUCK

  10. neil demons delight says:

    thx trig Boyd will be popular.great write up once again trig no reason not to selec Danger pay for what you get danger/ gawn lay down miseres maybe another Shake and Bake Fake if Danger goes even higher cheers

    • TRIGGER HAPPY says:

      Thanks mate.
      Yeah I'm on the splash the cash bus.
      Imagine if he goes bang again Rd 1 and he is not in your team.
      Put him with almost a perma C on his head.

  11. Luskin Star says:

    Not starting with danger. The way i see it Danger + a random rookie will cost about $830k. Instead of those 2 picks i can have Cripps and Omeara and save about 50k that i can use to turn a mid price starter into a gun starter. I reckon that will get me more points over the first 5 rds. There will be a spot in my team at some stage for the best player in the game but not on day1

    • TRIGGER HAPPY says:

      I won't call u a goose Luskin I'll go again with maverick.
      Certainly a different way to look at things but that is a lot of pressure on JOM's shoulders

      Two injured players risky but back by a gut.

      • JamiesNinjas13 says:

        Calculated risks Luskin. But in past years, with Ablett, Pendlebury, they have started at 700k odd and only drop at max 100k while you miss out on so much points. Plus you will have to stress out in finding the necessary cash upgrade a rookie to this super eiltes. I'd rather just lock the beast in and sit back while the abundance of points come rolling in.

  12. richard says:

    Danger lock lock lock capt capt capt

  13. Danners says:

    Great work Trigger! At the moment, I'm looking away from Danger and looking to get him cheaper save the $100k and get Life (#Fyfeislife). If he is around $715k, the temptation may get to me

    • TRIGGER HAPPY says:

      Thanks Danners.

      If u don't start him I refer u to the risk section above. 🙂

  14. CJ84 says:

    No need to be cute here, there will be some good players on the cheap side to build a strong starting squad.

    He is probably the best athlete in the comp. Most athletes I swear aren't ''the best'' players. Danger is a great footballer and a great athlete who barely gets injured due to elite conditioning, and can go over 200SC against anyone. If I do not start an uber prem it is more than likely I will not trade into them. I see a danger drop in price as going to around the 600k mark I guess. I don't want to waste all that cash during trade time, I like to bring in good value. the time you look for danger trade in, there will be a gun that will be screaming trade me in.
    this pick is not even a debate for mine. Locked in

  15. Don't Blush Baby says:

    When will the players prices be announced ? usually end of December ?


  16. Moustachio says:

    The one thing nobody has mentioned, which is what actually makes Danger a *value* pick, is the very high % of games you are going to have this glorious bastard's points doubled as a VC or C. Double a very big number is… A very very big number.

    Most good players are overpriced at seasons start by about 6%, the double captain points tip the value back in our favour for the best couple of dudes in your team.

  17. JamiesNinjas13 says:

    Lets say he emulates his first half of his 2016 season in his 2017 season, he will most likely be lingering around 700k. The bye rounds is when all the high performing rookies are ripe for culling. Danger may drop in price in the first 5-8 rounds but no high performing rookies are ready for culling at this time. The medium performing rookies may be ready for culling however the price to get someone as expensive as Danger is unaffordable unless the coach culls multiple rookies and overlooks upgrading to another cheap fallen premium for Danger. This means that coaches may get caught out waiting to get in Danger until the second half of the season. This means they miss out on 500 or so points (comparing him to the cheaper elite picked at the start). Too much headaches. Danger is lock.

    • MJS says:

      This exactly. Unless you're planning on having 300k sitting in the bank R1, the casual talk of 'Ill just upgrade when he's cheaper' is absurd.