The Round 17 AFL Cheatsheet

Supercoach 2016 midpriced forwards

G’day community,

A moment of silence for the great Gary Ablett, long may we remember his scores of 200+ but never shall we forgive the fantasy gods for taking his shoulder from us. A shoulder that has worn away over time, decaying under the weight of the Gold Coast Suns, finally giving way this weekend as the mediocrity of Queensland football became too much for the great man and his weakened joints.

But now we must look to the future, we must find the next fantasy guns who will carry the torch, I believe I have identified those who can stand up in this time of darkness. Will the likes of Steven, Hannebery and Neale fill the void in our hearts or will a new savior stand up and take his rightful place on the fantasy throne?

These are questions that some of the greatest fantasy minds will be tackling over the next seven rounds. But like the questions around the meaning of life, what comes after death and why can’t Levi Casboult kick a football…we may never truly find the answers we seek. We can only hope that with time comes clarity…I pray that we find the next Gary Ablett very bloody soon.

Unless you’ve been isolated from humanity in some way you’ll be aware that CoachKings Play at Home is back this week. Try your hand at NRL Origin tonight, then the massive Sydney v Hawks contest tomorrow. $500 in cash up for grabs in both games. Pumped!



Supercoach Cheat Sheet Round 17


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  1. Liam says:

    Great Stuff lek, love your work.

  2. Jadyn says:

    Sloane or Hannebery? Money isn't an issue

  3. Dan says:

    Thoughts of Touk Miller straight swap for Petracca as Mid-Fwd cover Lek?

    • LEKD0G says:

      Don't like it, would rather see an upgrade or downgrade (I do like Miller as a player though)

      • Leeds17 says:

        Can understand not liking it, who would you suggest as a down grade who'll be better cover than him?

  4. Steeeve says:

    Awesome work Lek. I'm bringing in JPK for Gaz. The still looking to upgrade Ollie Wines, tossing up between Robbie Gray or Matt Priddis. Will see who my finals opponents don't have.

  5. Chicken Dinner says:

    Hey lek mate, Im going Hanners, what are you ranked now? Heard you had a good weekend.

    • LEKD0G says:

      Was 10th for the round and now back at about 2700 overall…had a slip the last few weeks

  6. Kev says:

    I, inexplicably, don't have Pendles. Back him in or save 30k for Neale?

  7. Oli says:

    Do we think JJ will hit the form he was in at the start of the year again?

  8. JRod says:

    trading down petracca. Thoughts on bringing in a non playing Essendon player to maximise loophole flexibility from here on out? 5 of 6 fixtured games are on Sunday with Round 23 TBC.

  9. Ethan says:

    Tossing up between Bont, Gray and Neale. dunno which one to get for libba

    Also is clay smith worth a look at with hid fwd/mid eligibility and 2 scores of 80+

    • LEKD0G says:

      Smith is a little more pricey than i'd like, Neale for mine but Bont could go bang

  10. Jason says:

    2 trades left
    Going either kk to boyd and ablett to ward
    Or kk to rampe or ablett to hanners

    Team is
    Docherty simpson laird rance shaw kk
    Pendles danger ablett priddis gray parker neale
    Gawn martin
    Hall kennedy franklin martin merrett wells

  11. Patch says:

    Beautiful, mate

  12. @emhoy says:

    Thinking about the following two trades this leaves me 3 trades not sure if I should hold libba or trade him would have to play petrrac if I held zorko or Trengrove if he comes back.

    Gazza to Parker
    Libba to Zorko

  13. Tim says:

    Lekdog i think we've found the new "Gaz" already, moved from the Crows to Cats in the off season. He goes by the name of Dangerfield.

  14. micky says:

    4 trades left, im trading ablett to hanners but is it also worth trading libba or just hold since hes not as bad at first thought to save trades?? thx

    • CoachDamo says:

      Personally, I'd hold but depends on your situation. If you avoid injuries for the next few weeks you could always trade him when finals begin.

    • LEKD0G says:

      I'd be yolo trading both, Libba isn't scoring enough to hold imo

      • BKW says:

        Depends if your goal is to have him at M8 or M9 – ideally M9 for me but I'm holding either way, doggies have a great fixture during SuperCoach finals 😉

  15. Campbell says:

    4 trades left
    Gazza to Hanners
    Was going to do libba to Priddis but 1k off so was thinking either Zorko, Cotchin or Treloar

    • LEKD0G says:

      Of the three I like Zorko, his DPP helps too

      • Campbell says:

        Sorry @LEKD0G just looked at it and can't afford Zorko. Is it worth having a look at Treloar, Sidebottom, T Mitchell or Callan Ward.

  16. Tommo09 says:

    How much do people think Rampe will be in about 3-4 weeks?
    Might get him to loophole with Savage as I am just about done with him after getting him a few weeks ago as a POD

  17. Grahame Lebroy says:

    Reckon Bont could be a candidate for Gaz's throne next year. He is improving massively, already a star

  18. Adam says:

    Current team
    Def: Shaw, Docherty, Simpson, Boyd, Laird, Bartel, Collins, Lee.
    Mids: Dangerfield, Hannebery, Pendlebury, Parker, Priddis, Gray, Shiel, Ablett, Jansen, Trengove, Beech.
    Rucks: M Gawn, T Goldstein, D Wyatt.
    Fwds: D Zorko, A Hall, B Deledio, N Riewoldt, L Montagna, M Barlow, J Silvangi, T Phillips.
    Ranked 354 with 2 trades left and 73,200 remaining.

    2 options I'm considering are:
    Option 1. Trade Ablett to Lycett establishing a ruck/fwd swing which provides cover for both lines. Also if a mid is injured/rested a fwd/mid can be switched to the mids and Lycett will be able to provide cover for the fwds. Lycett will be fielded as F6 until Jansen makes it to 300,000 when my last trade will be used to bring in a mid or mid/fwd premium under 550,000 such as a C Ward/ S Mitchell/ L Hodge/ B Vince/ etc.

    Option 2. Bring in Sloane/Neale for Ablett but have 1 trade left and insufficient funds to bring in good bench cover. Silvangi, Phillips, Trengove, Jansen would have to cover the mid and fwd lines for the remainder of the year. Also if one of Goldy/Gawn is injured/rested I would have to cop a donut. The benefit of this option is I could increase my rank quickly as Sloane/Neale will score more points than Lycett but I will have to forego reliable bench cover (Lycett) and have to settle for S Motlop/B Matera/D Smith or other fwd, fwd/mids under 340,000.

    I am leaning towards Option 1 purely for the bench coverage on multiple lines that Lycett will provide but I would greatly appreciate feedback from the community.

    • LEKD0G says:

      I like the safety of option 1, if you had more trades I'd say option 2

  19. Rivo says:

    Confusion reigns supreme. Have Ablett, Libba & Petraca. 7 trades and only $14k. Who to trade first?


    D: Shaw, Doc, Laird, Rance, Rich, S.Collins (Broad, B.Williams)
    M: Danger, Pendles, Gaz, Selwood, Ward, Rocky, Parker, Libba (Petraca, Trengove, Phillips)
    R: Gawn, Goldy (Cox)
    F: Dusty, Merrett, Zorko, Lids, Montagna, Hall (Rose, Grimley).

    Wanted McVeigh or Simpson but seems impossible now.

    Option 1:
    Ablett & Libba to Hanners & Gray, forget D6 issue;

    Option 2:
    Ablett & Tracca to Hanners & R.Clarke, leaving cash for S.Collins to Simpson next week

    Option 3:
    Ablett & Libba to Hanners & Clay Smith. May leave enough cash for Simpson/McVeigh but leave Tracca at swing M8/F7.


  20. Ryan says:

    Gazza to Hanners
    Libba- Can't afford Zorko or Priddis. Treloar, Cotchin, Sidebottom, T Mitchell (already have Hanners and Parker) or Callan Ward. These are just my suggestions.
    If you think anyone else plz tell me

    • Travsleftboot says:

      In that price range I'd probably give hodge a look. He's proven and the Hawks will be firing up heading towards finals. I'd have a trade or good cover up your sleeve though if you pick him. Risk vs reward

  21. Neverweaken says:

    Thoughts on how long Libba will be out for. Only have two trades so do I hold?

  22. Southern S says:

    Hopefully one week he's my M9 so I'm holding him obviously.

    They said earlier in the week he was a chance to play so I'm assuming it's minor.

    • Ryan says:

      He is not playing this week because they are playing at the Gold Coast but he is definitely playing next week.
      If the Bulldogs were playing in Melbourne this week Beveridge Said that he would of been a chance to play. He is not playing because of the flight up to the Gold Coast.

  23. anthonyc12 says:

    Thoughts on the best option out of the following 2?

    Ablett -> Hannebery and Liberatore -> Sloane… am I the only one concerned that Sloane may be tagged Saturday night?


    Do I Ablett -> Hannebery and Menadue -> Zorko.. and keep Liberatore as an M9?

  24. JDP says:

    Petracca straight to Hall to keep fwd/mid??

    Appreciate thoughts guys

  25. Rick says:

    Rose has been dropped…
    Should i trade him to Clay Smith would leave me with 3 trades (already have Silvagni)
    Am full premo

  26. NorthMelb says:

    What r the odds of the doc going down to 530k and Sammy Collins going up to 345k. I 185k in the bank and hoping that will happen

    • Southern S says:

      I like the odds

      • Daniel says:

        I'm not so sure.

        For Docherty to drop under 530k, he'd need to score under 80 this round (and would be just at 530k) OR if you're looking at it after two games, around an 85, then up to 110 (but no higher). Doc's only scored in the 70's three times this year out of 15 games (20% chance based solely on odds).
        For Collins to hit 345k after two games, he'd have to go two scores above 90 (95/92 would work). He's done that on two occasions out of six games (33% chance based solely on odds).

        It's possible but at best, I'd say you're a 15-25% chance.

  27. Shake n bake says:

    Hi Lekdog I'm the one who went kerridge to Lynch do you now think without Ablett & Rischitelly is going to restrict his scoring by much? I'm ranked 370 with 9 trades left?

    • Moustachio says:

      Wait and see imo. With that many trades I would burn some up to finish top 100

  28. Brothers FC says:

    Sloane or Selwood?

  29. liam says:

    Ablett to kenndy (syd) any other people i could get for ablett

    • Kev says:

      About 90% of the above comments are Ablett related. Have a read through them

  30. liam says:

    Kennedy or Selwood or Steven or any one else

    • Southern S says:

      Pendles, Priddis, Gray, Hanners, Parker, Sloane, Neale, Hodge?

    • Southern S says:

      Selwood is tempting with his run home though, especially after the few down weeks I reckon Geelong are going to fire up.

  31. Dillon Panthers says:

    Lekdog do we flick trac for GSOS this week or shoulder arms and have a look at Oleg this week and grab him next?

  32. Southern S says:

    He was impressive it's also the first time I've seen Aliir " " play too, his skills look pretty sharp and is fairly composed in the chaos I think he has some potential.

    • I N Pieman says:

      Must say I was really really impressed with same name twice. Super composed under the circumstances. Serious potential southern

      • Leeds17 says:

        I thought he was fumbly early but Geelong didnt make him pay & he built into the game nicely, wouldnt want him in the team for finals if i was a swans fan.

        • Southern S says:

          I dunno Leeds, I kinda know what you're saying but he could be that athletic tall that can cause problems for an opposition forward line.

          It was interesting the way they used Richards up forward and assuming Aliir took his spot in the backline I'd say the strategy worked very well.

          Sydney play rookies all year, all over the ground it wouldn't surprise me to see him in the finals.

  33. Winter says:

    Midfield: Danger, Pendles, Ablett, Parker, Priddis, Rocky, Gray, Libba
    4 trades left and only 35k in the bank but no other upgrades to make

    If both Gaz & Libba need to be traded:
    Neale & someone like Ward, Treloar, Sidebum
    Hanners & someone more expensive like Mitchell


  34. Leeds17 says:

    What is Sloane's Adelaide Oval Ave this season and career?

    • SCaddict says:

      Excellent! … as you'd expect. 118 avg over 27 games.

      He's the easy Gaz switch for those don't already have him and want reliable elite output over the last 7 games with the Crows cushy remaining draw.

      • Southern S says:

        After a lot of research I can't go past the Ablett > Sloane trade. He is locked.

  35. pekka says:

    stuck in dilemma, please help. Am trying to win league

    back: bartel, doc, simpson, laird, shaw, m.adams (to be traded)

    mid: danger, shiel, hanners, parker, pendles, gray, priddis. ablett (to be traded)

    forward: complete

    have 155k in warchest. which of the following should i go with?

    1) sloane and williams/rance

    2) selwood and williams/rance

    3) neale and boyd

    4) something else?

  36. peter says:

    libba to parker or neal or keep libba and upgrade adams to laird or boyd also doin abblet for sloane leaves 6 trades left currently on 8 before trading also 250,000 in the kitty ranked 780 odd thanks community

  37. tuxCS says:

    Two options this week

    Option 1:
    Gazza & Libba to JPK & Priddis


    Option 2:
    Gazza & Libba to Sloane & Hodge

    I like JPK and Priddis because they're both proven scorers and they should do fine, however option 2 is rather tantalizing. I love Sloane as a player and with his good run home he seems like a very good option, and Hodge is a massive POD and the only good, cheap player who would allow me to get Sloane in. (I have a very tight budget and its either option 1 or 2). Which one do you guys think?

    • Southern S says:

      I only just listened to the podcast and they commended on your bold move of Sloane and Hodge.

      I tend to agree whilst option one is safe, Sloane can go pretty big at home, and Hodgey looks to be hungry after being out for a long stint on the sidelines.

      The best thing about Hodge is the massive POD factor in 1% ownership. That saying JPK is under 5% too.

      Hodge just feels under priced for his potential. I'd stop second guessing yourself and lock it in.

      • Southern S says:


        (Although Jock did actually commend it)

      • tuxCS says:

        Didn't actually catch the podcast yesterday, so thanks for pointing that out for me Southern, I've now locked it in. How are you doing this season? What's your overall rank and what's your team looking like?

        • Southern S says:

          My rank is poor around the 11k mark but I had a huge warchest for a majority of the season as I went for overall growth so was rookie heavy.

          Just going for league wins this year since the start I'd like to think if I was going for rank I'd at least be in the top 5000.

          Have scored in the top 3-4% the last few weeks so going ok and team is worth over 14 million.

          Shaw, Docherty, Simpson, Bartel, Laird, Smith – Collins/Hartley

          Danger, Pendles, Hanners, Parker, Sloane, Priddis, Gray, Rockliff – Libbe/Stewart/Trengove

          Gawn, Goldy – King

          Martin, Montagna, Barlow, Wells, Deledio, Lyons – Petracca/Brown

          Only 2 trades left after Gazza went down I've traded my ass off but should be able to hold through injuries with bench cover mainly having good JS.

          150k in bank and will upgrade Lyons/Smith/Collins for a premo FWD and DEF come finals. Or of course if a bad injury strikes like Gaz I'll have to use them.

          I'm ranked no.1 in all my friend's leagues except one I'm 4th so mostly going to plan.

          In my other 5 leagues I randomly joined I'm making a good charge for finals too as I hit practically full premo a bit sooner than most.

          • tuxCS says:

            I'm in the same boat with the trades, only two left after gazza and libba. What upgrade targets are you looking at for Lyons and Collins/Smith?

            • Southern S says:

              Am thinking Williams for the backline as I am sure he won't be rested, I feel Boyd (and possibly Bartel who I already have could be)

              Rance and Gibbo too up and down. JJ is a possibility.

              The forward line is a tough one and I probably won't be able to upgrade Lyons due to lack of funds (only 153k left)

              Although depending on how Lyons and Collins go I may be able to upgrade both to fallen premos like Rance and Gunston.

              It's kind of up in the air at the moment I would like to have Merrett up forward but that's not going to happen unless Smith becomes a 90 scorer per game with the crows run home.

        • Southern S says:

          I actually might keep Lyons through the finals anyway as I see Adelaide's run home as good, and I know none of my mates have him, might not be a qualified premo but can pump out 90's fairly easily.

    • One Touch Wonder says:

      Hodge might get a lock down role tomorrow night and scre 70. None of the others will ever be asked to do that, but hodge might.

  38. shemmist says:

    impossible decision over who to pick to replace gaz over neale, sloane or the bont! currently 5th overall community

    • Southern S says:

      Whoa-ho then this is time for you to make a massive decision on your own mate 😉

    • One Touch Wonder says:

      Go safe and let the ones ahead of you make a mistake. Sloane is safest pick.

    • hedski says:


      • Southern S says:

        Could be that player to separate them from the pack, and he is in ripping form.

        • hedski says:

          Reckon I'll take him.
          Should tear up suns and lots of etihad games.

          • Southern S says:

            I think on the podcast they said he's averaged 120 since round seven…..very tempting.

    • pod says:

      Neale would be my choice of the 3 you mentioned. Good Luck!!

    • The Ranger says:

      Blimey! Good onya shemmist!
      Depends if you wanna gamble or play safe.
      Seeing as you're only really playing against four other teams I'd take a look at their mids and pick the player that they don't have if you wanna gamble or pick the player they do have if you wanna play safe.
      Good luck mate!!

      • derek says:

        nice work. must be exciting to be right in contention.

        i would go Sloane. Crows run home is too good to not be part of.

    • johnno2908 says:

      Good job mate on 5th overall! How many trades left?

    • Moustachio says:

      Nice one. Look at the guys above you and pick a pod imo. The Bont is almost guaranteed to be one, requires big kahunas tho.

    • Saints says:

      Whoever you pick , don't go the BONT !

    • Hawks says:

      Neale, has scored well in most games, but the harder the opposition the higher his score. Freo have a tough run, I have selected Neale for this reason.

      • pod says:

        Like your analysis, I agree he loves the hard stuff, he's a freak!!

        • Derek says:

          Not a big fan of Neale. You say he does well against tougher teams, can't see the numbers to support that.

          fremantles last 7 games have been against, Tigers, Saints, Essendon, Lions, Port, Pies, Melb – none are top 8 teams. He has scored well, but doesn't give me alot of confidence he will score well in the remaining games against; Cats, Suns, Swans, WCE, Crows, GWS, Dogs – 6/7 are top 8 teams.

          not convinced on neals run home at all.

  39. jim says:

    Is it alright to run hanners/parker/JPK ?
    Got hanners and parker and want to move libba to JPK

    • Southern S says:

      I don't mind having three from sydney as they all score well.

      I think Sydney will finish strong this season. Could JPK be rested in round 23 against Richmond though? My only small concern.

      • Nigel says:

        No way JPK (or any player, particularly top 4 team) will be rested Round 23 as there is a bye before the finals. Coaches are already saying it may be a disadvantage for a top 4 team to win the first final as their players will be 'too rested' come the Preliminary Final.

    • Moustachio says:

      Eggs, meet basket =p

      Parker and JPK tend to fill in each others weak games, so handy to ensure consistency for your league. If you want to take a gamble for total rank I'd look elsewhere

    • Derek says:

      Swans play the hawks tonight.

      Looking at the scores from games last year against the hawks, win and a loss.

      JPK, Hanners, Parker and McVeigh ALL scored 100+ in BOTH games against the hawks.

  40. Jaydos says:

    ranked in the top 100.. selwood hanners or sloane????

  41. red5 says:

    I traded Gaz to Sloane
    I'm keeping libba as he's my m8 and my bench weren't named last week.
    Only 4 trades left and a potential 6 or 7 weeks left.
    Not keen to trade except for injury

  42. hedski says:

    Shaw Simmo Doch (Rug)
    Gibbo Laird Sucklingpig (Collins)

    Danger Parker Priddis (Jansen)
    Gray Jelwood Treloar (Trengrrrrrove)
    Ward BONT (Phillips)

    Goldy Gawn (Loersch)

    Dusty Zorko Joey (Tracca)
    Hall Barlow Chad (Skinner)

    Bont 4 GOD.
    2 TRADES

    • Southern S says:

      Pretty solid team there, that mid bench you would've presumed that they'd all get games. Pity Trengove and Phillips dumped.

      Hopefully Jansen keeps playing and makes some cash, thenyou can do a sidegrade before or during finals if he makes enough cash.

      I'm hoping Trengove comes back I don't feel comfortable with only Libbe as my M9.

  43. pod says:

    I think it's about time Danger lifts, I need him to double ton this week so he makes his b/e.

    • Rick Grimes says:

      He's probably a chance of doing it. I recall preseason a lot of naysayers bagging Danger. It's about the only pick I got right.

  44. Travsleftboot says:

    Hey community would love some opinions.
    Need a final defender. Currents are shaw, doch, laird, Gibbo, and Simpson.
    Looking at Zac Williams and pittard.
    Williams has a great run home but I haven't caught many gws games this year so don't know much about him?
    I'm reasonably confident pittard will average 90 on the run home with low standard deviation.
    Both young blokes which suits me cause trade situations looking shithouse!
    Be great to hear some thoughts!

    • Zack says:

      Williams a first half player , 60 half time and finishes with a 90 . Still like him though .

  45. The Chad says:

    Forward line is:

    Zorko, Dusty, Lids, ZMerrett, Wells, A.Hall (Rose, Phillips/Menadue)

    Personal alternatives for final upgrade are Montagna, Barlow, Dahl, JJK and NRoo.

    First year of Supercoach so only ranked about 3K, meaning not fussed about points now and would be happy to wait for Dahl.

    Leaning towards NRoo. Love his run home, performances against upcoming opponents and scores at Etihad are great.

    Is this a reasonable thought or is there better options?


  46. Scoach says:

    Why Hannebery over Parker .

    Good sides to Parker in this week , looks to be back .

    • Derek says:

      100, 121, 125, 129, 114, 136, 111, 138, 110, 126, 113, 92, 86, 123, 106

      these are hanners SC scores for the season.

      and you can get him for only $539k.

      Parkers numbers are also very good, Parker has had 3 scores over 150 that has inflated his average. he has had a 75, 59 & 67 as well that can be a worry.

      All week i have been tossing up Selwood, Parker or hanners to take gaz place. Right now hanners is in front.

      • Scoach says:

        Love Hanners consistency aswell but he doesn't seem to be able to pull out the 150+ like Parker . Is the better pick a 150 then 80 next week (Parker) or a 115 then 115 next week (hannabery) .

        I'm totally indecisive and then I've also got Lachie Neale as another good option !!

        • Derek says:

          history says you are right. last year hanners top score was 148 (twice). can't crack that 150 😉

          looking at parkers numbers from last year, all over the place! very inconsistent.

  47. pod says:

    maybe to Menadue as lock prem mid.

  48. Mister_Spock says:

    Is Clay Smith (Bulldogs) an option to trade in for Petracca? High price at $237,400 so will only generate $100K, but scores of 82 and 95 in his last two games…what is his JS like though for the rest of the year? Is it possible that he will come out of the side once Dahlhaus is fit and firing?

    • Derek says:

      can't see what the attraction is. certainly won't be getting him for cash generation and won't be in your best 22. not even that good as bench cover (maybe second reserve bench cover).

  49. maxxy says:

    gday community,

    Ablett and Libba to:

    Pendles and Ward


    Neale and Mitchell/Gray

    • Scoach says:

      Love banners consistency aswell but he doesn't seem to be able to pull out the 150+ like Parker . Is the better pick a 150 then 80 next week (Parker) or a 115 then 115 next week (hannabery) .

    • pod says:

      Pendles & Ward

    • Scoach says:

      Sorry maxxy I posted that on the wrong thing

      I'd go pendles and Gray !! If you can – if not Neale and gray (don't like ward)

  50. pod says:

    Who out of Parker, SMitchell, JPK, or Ward can handle a tag more than others?

  51. Saalih says:

    Bont or stevens for Ablett. Don't want Parker because only 1 good game in a while. Any other suggestions welcome but would appreciate why.

    Current mids are danger Ablett hanners pendles selwood sloane Neale ward.

    • Clarky99 says:

      I would definitely take JPK over those 2. Epitome of consistency, doesn't go big very often but you can lock him in for a ton 9 times out of 10.

  52. Chubby McChubby says:

    Luv ur work Lekdog. Sloane or Parker for Ablett? And get rid of Petracca or Libber? Parker would allow me more cash to possibly upgrade Libber to Sloane anyhoo but no money to upgrade Petracca who is my last fwd to upgrade.

    • LEKD0G says:

      This week I'd go Libba and Ablett to Parker and Sloane if you have no bench cover.

      If you have bench cover upgrade Petracca and Ablett

  53. Derek says:

    Not a big fan of Neale.

    fremantles last 7 games have been against, Tigers, Saints, Essendon, Lions, Port, Pies, Melb – none are top 8 teams. He has scored well, but doesn't give me alot of confidence he will score well in the remaining games against; Cats, Suns, Swans, WCE, Crows, GWS, Dogs – 6/7 are top 8 teams.

    not convinced on neals run home at all.

    • The Ranger says:

      It's hard to argue against a 113.9 avg after 16 games surely. And he's proven he can score well against good teams…
      120 v North, 110 v Crows, 124 v GWS, 123 v Hawks. 109 v Dogs.
      5 of thiose last 7 games are at home too.

    • tuxCS says:

      the only truly BAD game he had this season was against brisbane, and thats because he copped a hard tag from Robinson. For Neale, it doesn't matter the quality of the opposition, its about if he gets attention or not. Even if the dockers are getting beaten by 100 points, I still back Neale in to win his own contested ball and score well.

    • Clarky99 says:

      He is the main man at Freo, so no doubt he will cop some sort of attention. His average is very good but i just have a feeling he may just drop off slightly, i could be wrong , but thats why i'm taking JPK over him.

  54. mac says:

    cripps and neale or
    BOnt and viney

  55. luke says:

    stuck what to do,
    $131,100 in the bank
    I've got Ablett and Libba,
    Should i go Ablett to Pendlebury and Libba to mitchell?
    Im 10k short of picking up Neale instead of Mitchell.

  56. Tyler says:

    Dilemma lads !

    Option 1 – (VC) Sam Mitchell (C) Danger

    Option 2 – (VC) Dan Hannebery (C) Danger

    Option 3 – (VC) J Selwood (C) Sloane

    Option 4 – (VC) Danger (C) Sloane

    Option 5 – (VC) Danger (C) Pendlebury

    Option 6 – (VC) J Selwood (C) Pendlebury

  57. nervous coach says:

    Great work Lekdog. Which of the following option(s) should be a priority this week.
    (1) Ablett to R Gray/Priddis
    (2) Kerridge to Buddy/T Lynch
    (3) Z Smith or M Cox to Goldstein.

  58. Liam says:

    who do i put VC on tonight

  59. Dixon cider says:

    SC community. Who is best option for d6. Ruggles, collins or Hartley. Have savage on the bench that i xan emergency loop hole with