The Daily Fantasy Verdict – Nick Riewoldt

Nick Riewoldt CoachKings 2016

A lot of pressure is placed on the player who is selected first in each National Draft.

There is often debate around whether this pressure needs to be applied to these young men, a pressure which often emanates from underperformers. But it’s success stories from which this expectation of greatness surrounding the number one pick stems, success stories like that of the great Nick Riewoldt.

Nick Riewoldt’s career has been a success story there’s no doubt about that, even though he never won that elusive flag he has certainly cemented his place in the history books. 298 games, 648 goals, 130 Brownlow votes and a hell of a lot of awards. This man is why we judge players drafted with the number one pick so harshly.

But how does this all stack up in the world of fantasy sports?

2016 Prices: $490K SC, $520K AF, $7.7K CoachKings
2016 Position: FWD
Games last season: 17
Average last season: 90.8 SC, 93.9 AF, 96 CK
100+ SC Games last season: 5
Sub 80 SC games last season: 6
SCPrice range last season: $416K – $506K
Missed games last season: 5

At 33 years of age and priced at $490K (Supercoach), Riewoldt certainly is my type of player. Believe it or not community, I’m not telling you to lock this bloke in and throw away the key, strange for me I know. There is inherent risk in picking Riewoldt in your starting lineup, his age, last seasons injuries and St Kilda’s position all raise cause for alarm. For the sake of maintaining a positive review I’m going to focus on all the rewards you could reap for selecting Saint Nick in your starting lineup.

There’s one stat that sparked this review community, marks, Nick Riewoldt is good at taking them. Marks get points and Riewoldt gets a lot of them, in fact he was ranked number one for marks per game in 2015 (6th for total marks). Riewoldt also managed to make the top ten for marks inside 50 in 2015, most of which became scores or score assists, once again great for points. However the most impressive thing for me by far is how consistent Riewoldt’s marking has been over the years. In 2013 and 2014 Riewoldt lead the league in total marks and since 2013 has lead the league in marks per game averaging at least 8.7. This marking stat is what leads me to believe that Riewoldt could remain fantasy relevant in what will surely be his final year at the Saints.

In recent years Riewoldt has been pushing up the ground to impact the game on a wing, this is where I think he will excel in 2016, think Matthew Richardson the year he almost won the Brownlow. This freedom to push up the ground and take marks as well as help move the ball into the 50 is where I believe Riewoldt will score some serious points in 2016 and with the new interchange rules he’ll be resting up forward and kicking a few goals (probably another 9 when he plays the Blues, I’ll never forget that match in 2006…).

It’s true that Saint Nick is on the decline, he’s old and probably tired but after an extended Summer break I’m guessing he does a Bob Murphy of 2015 and lights a spark for his team and leads by example. Don’t discount the heart community; it goes a long way in this game of ours. The Saints won’t rest him; they want him in the squad giving some much-needed leadership and insight and he wouldn’t let them rest him anyway. That’s the reason he’s averaged 19.5 games per season since 2006.

The issue Riewoldt faces is consistency, he is capable of scoring 140 just as easily as he can score a 70. He’ll have a down period at some stage in 2016, history says that will come around the time of the byes. Generally speaking he explodes at the start of the season, you just have to look up his stats to see that he does his best fantasy work early on. So can we rely on a guy who will probably place us in a strong position through the first 10 rounds but is a risk of stinking it up after that or do we wait and see and probably pick him up when he’s dropped around $50K in price?

The case for:

  • I think Riewoldt’s role this season will see him pushing up the ground and taking plenty of grabs, that is good for points.
  • He’s not what I would consider premo price and for a guy who’s averaged 90+ for so long, $490K might prove to be a bargain.
  • A refreshed Nick (both mentally and physically) could unleash the beast for one final year.
  • Scores a lot of tons in the first 10 games of the season, puts whoever selects him in a strong position.
  • Averaged 115 in 2015 wins.

The case against:

  • Will fall in price (could make him a good post-bye selection).
  • I think there are plenty of potential breakout players for our 2016 forward lines; Roo is not one of them.
  • Inconsistent, whilst I love a good 130 as much as the next coach, Nick’s poor games (which are often St Kilda’s poor games) are really poor. Will hurt your weekly matches.

The verdict:

I’ve been a bit wishy-washy in this write up community, that’s because I genuinely don’t know what to do. Nick’s scores are tied to St Kilda’s performance so you’ve got to ask yourself “how are they going to perform?”

  • Nick averaged 115 Supercoach points in wins for 2015, if the Saints can get to 10 wins for the season that 1150 points right there. If they can’t get to 10 wins we’ll be looking at another season of averaging 90. Everyone needs to look deep within and decide whether or not they believe the Saints will progress in 2016.
  • For long form fantasy Nick is a risk, but he could be the risk that pays off.
  • For CoachKings you’re going to want to lock him in against teams that have poor defences…Carlton for instance.

What’s your call on Saint Nick community?


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  1. bill says:

    got $560k for a mid who do i get
    current mids – gray kennedy ward rockliff libba crouch hopper

  2. Krups says:

    Not this year. Buddy at $470,000 is better value.

    • LEKD0G says:

      Tend to agree, need to see how Buddy goes preseason

      • West says:

        apparently flying through preseason and did really well in the intra club match

        • Dools says:

          Flying? No less then everyone else lol in rehab Flying , Recovering from busted leg.Flying

          • wombatsfc says:

            The poor bloke suffers depression, if he was missing a leg the Swans would say he was flying just to keep him positive

  3. wombatsfc says:

    Nice work Lek.
    I have no doubt that after 6-8 rounds he will be a top 3 FWD, after that he might struggle to make the top 10. I don't want him for the whole season only for the period where he averages 110+. So, I'll start him a F3 and swap him for lids a few weeks before the byes

  4. BarronVonCrow says:

    Love it, Lekka. I can certainly understand the appeal in Riewoldt. I love St Nick, but the theory of slope means I cannot pick him under any circumstances

  5. jockreynolds says:

    Magnificent work Lekdog. Mate you know – he could just jump out of the blocks this season. However I'll give him a miss due to the tooth length and likelihood of being out due to injury. Bloody good write up

    • Redgumwon says:

      Hey Jock old mate I'd love to know if you could place a section up for us to talk teams and show our side??

    • LEKD0G says:

      Cheer mate, love the kind words. Hope Nick goes big for your Saints this year.

  6. Shaneo says:

    Key forwards not worth it over the course of a season …. Unless it buddy ! Watch his pre season …. I also think d smith going have a big year too

    • Redgumwon says:

      News out of GWS is Stevie J is training the house down. Is it worth a look at the old fella this year?

    • NutSack says:

      you think D Smith is going to have a big year???? Havent you heard they have gone into liquidation mode?? Sorry brother but the good ol' electronic store D Smith used to be is no more 🙁 Another Aussie business going under.

  7. Stirlsy says:

    It's a no for St Nic, Buddy is the key FWD to look at IMO..

  8. MC says:

    What do we think of Toby Greene?

    • West says:

      With Treloar gone he could play a lot more midfield meaning he could be a great pick but would wait to see his role and form during NAB cup

    • LEKD0G says:

      Oh I love everything he brings to the table

    • TRIGGER HAPPY says:

      Green butchers the ball if he has worked on his disposal over the pre season would b a very handy selection.

    • Titan says:


  9. West says:

    What do we think Simpkin can average this year?

    • LEKD0G says:

      I don't seem him averaging more than 65

      • West says:

        who else do you think is a decent option around that price lek?

        • West says:

          and what do you think of Craig Bird? Reckon he can average over 80

          • LEKD0G says:

            I think we're better off going rooks at that price, Bird could be the Neale of 2016

        • Patch says:

          I'm having a sneaky gander at Daniel Menzel, who I'm hoping will average 70-80 for a little while, but we truly won't know until we see some NAB form

    • Swans2012 says:

      I think Simpkin might nudge 80 depending on his role, and bird is the word I reckon for 85+, had a few good patches for us a couple of years ago when he got a run at it and I was waiting for him to pop back up, but then has just been a victim of the swannies depth of his type of player. I like him… And liked him even before the efc….now more so

  10. xav says:

    what does the community think of mid-pricers like o'meara libba crouch malceski and b smith. my team is suffering a liitle mid pricer chaos

    • jockreynolds says:

      I'll bring that up in tomorrows pod mate – it's a great question. Plenty of value in mid pricers this year

      • Dools says:

        Value for point scori ng ability is the name of the game , midprice madness as we used to call it was dabbling with Fools Gold. That is not the case this year IMO. There are walk up starters not being picked because of the perception of value these fallen, injured or traded players bring to their respective teams and the expectation for them to resume their old roles…
        Research on type of and full recovery timeline is paramont, for any injured player.As I warned you all last year re Baby Jesus. Reserch reserch and more reserch , with me I have the assistance of the Fridge!
        Another thing to look at when a player is traded…Why was he traded, very important, What do the new club expect from him? Will he integrate well with new team or sook about being in Brisvagas and gripe the whole day about missing ma and pa kettle back home or potentially fall off the rails .
        ANnywho enough from me and the Fridge

    • Kev says:

      Libba is the must have imo. In and under mid and easily in best 22. Will watch nab cup form for JOM and Crouch. Slightly leaning towards crouch due to Danger leaving the crows. Having all 3 will either leave you a premium short or with not enough midfield cash cows to slaughter

      The recruitment of Rosa will hopefully see malceski move back to his preferred half back role. The Crows have a lot of half back runners, wait and see who fills that role

  11. Dools says:

    The problem with all Fwds is inconsitant scores. Weather through delevery or out side 50 sprays its the team effert to get the ball in the right places to enable the forward to kick Goals . Unless your Invisable Cloke the further out and more oblique the angle, the more assured of splitting the sticks .

    So Roo needs to play down field and kick it to himself , mark and Goal…

    Not for me but i will watch in fascination the Train that is called St. KILDA…. Lets see if makes it out of the station , traveling express to Flinders St.

    To the Fridge!!

    • LEKD0G says:

      Love it Dools!

      We need you to get an IntenseDebate account so you can have a fridge as your profile

      • Dools says:

        We used to have that on this site it was gold lol Nice write up mate but pass from me ATM

  12. Patch says:

    Mate, I love you and your statistical fetish for old footballers. It cranks my brain and brings a tear to my eye. It's a no from me, but I wish it could be a yes.

    • Dools says:

      St Nick always comes out strong year in , year out but by rd 10 he is spent …..33 years is not the problem its the 16 years in AFL at least, Thats the drama he is as brave as the come, he will fly high to mark and damn the injury to himself..?Thats the problem and the Legend of Nick ..He is a legend but a busted one … I m convincing myself to pick him…Tearing up , bugger ,

    • LEKD0G says:

      I don't think I'll select him either, but kudos to those who do

  13. TRIGGER HAPPY says:

    Ah Lek you and your oldies but goodies. Certainly have provided some food for thought. Currently got Barlow in my team but maybe could swap for saint nick. You make a compelling argument about flying out of the blocks. When is this nab cup gonna start so we can have a look at some of these guys instead of just referring to history? A watch wait and see for mine but tempted to do the old switcheroo.

  14. Jack says:

    houli, bartel, yeo
    smith, francis, m.brown

    ablett, pendles, rockcliff, cripps
    libba, omera, cunningham, petracca

    nic nat, jacobs

    martin, dalhaus, barlow,
    franklin, kommer, kerridge

    any thoughts?

  15. Cyril is delicious says:

    Harley Benell or Toby Greene?

    Currently have Harley, but liking the look of Greene

  16. 'Don't Blush Babby' says:

    I asked myself the same questionI but I've gone Greene mainly because Treloar has left the Giants and Greene should get more time on the ball IMO

  17. throttlefinger says:

    Intriguing. St. Nick is always an intriguing prospect. Especially given his penchant for the fast start.

    Way to plant the seed, Lek. Will add some water and see if it grows into something by R1.

  18. Big T says:

    Saints play Carlton and Essendon twice. They have a great fixture. Young blokes have been developing slowly and correctly at the Saints under Richo and I noticed they rested many towards season end. Sandringham made the Prelim and they resisted the urge to play the youth who were eligible (Goddard etc). He will get more of it this year. Nick is human – last year he was going to have some average games considering his personal circumstances. This is value, he is a beast. Ask any insider at St Kilda. Age does not matter with him.

  19. Sunny says:

    Big Richo went alright when he started playing on the wing, could Nic do something similar? I don’t think I will pick him, but if he does start big it may be an easy path to get Lids.

  20. KiwiSaint says:

    Last year for Saint Nick not a chance he will play next year barring Injury favourite player to play the game