The weekend chinwag – what’s your forecast score?

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Jock Reynolds - The Father of Fantasy

Gday community

Just having a look here at my Supercoach team 4pm Saturday arvo – 2233 is my predicted round score, but got Miles score coming in off the bench and Selwood on the loop so hoping for 2400 odd. Will be touch and go on JR Brumby FC and Mad Mick’s Mayhem.

How is your mob crankin on? Looking forward to getting stuck into some footy.. no footy till 4.40pm on a Saturday arvo is a bit rough!

Hope you’re all well. Remember, Sunday night podcast as per usual this week, then a massive monthly donors casting of the pod most likely Tuesday during the week.


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  1. dognino says:

    Forecast for 2400 exactly, 11 to play, selwood VC looped and spud like scores from ambrose,hibberd and wingard. Ambrose is usually on my fwd bench, but has to play on field this round so s,Martin can cover sandiballs.

    • jockreynolds says:

      not too shabby at all dignino. INterested to see if Stef Martin can keep going how he's going. I see Leuenhamandegg had a half in the NEAFL today.. hard to see his taking Stefans role

      • dognino says:

        Thanks Jock. I have stef Martin, zorko, Hanley and rocky playing right now, still 10mins before half time and they already have over 260 points combined.

        • dognino says:

          After today's games , projection has gone from 2400 up to 2533 thanks to my lions quartet .

          Sitting on 2210 with pendles, beams and danger to come. Hope I can crack the 2500, it will be my first time.

          • Sleepy says:

            good onya dognino. it a funny old game this supercoach. a couple of rounds ago I came 30th overall and then the next week 57,000th ish

  2. Lekdog says:

    Projected for 2335 but reckon i might get up above 2400, ambrose and dalhaus let me down although I didn't expect anything from Ambrose…

    • jockreynolds says:

      Gday Lek – how are you mate. Yeah my weak links Petrie and Grimes gave me 60s – apart from that pretty happy with how things have panned out. Need things to go my way for the rest of the weekend.

      • Lekdog says:

        Things are going well Jock, pretty confident for league wins so just looking for some big scores for rank, would love sydney to dominate but have roughy kick a few. Petrie has probably earned a rest after some good output for you.

  3. Rosco says:

    Projected 2351. But will loophole Savage's 136 with Hartung on the field. Had Cotchin on the field instead of Miles which has cost me 60 odd points. Currently 148th overall. Need Rocky to carve it up. Otherwise I will go Pendles. I didn't take Selwood's 140 odd. C'mon Rocky! Go large!

  4. David says:

    Projected 2246, with Goddard, Hibberd and the Pav scoring poor.

  5. Itchy Nuts Pieman says:

    Half time in the q clash. I have Hanley Martin & Zorko on the field. They are destroying it. Might save my round

  6. Adam says:

    Goddard, Pavlich and Mcgovern

    Looking to be one of my worst

  7. Wes says:

    Hanley and rocky going nuts…. Great for a lions fan like me, bad for my team cos I don't have Irish.

  8. The Filth says:

    Rockliff, Hanley, Zorko and Martin in my team…nice!

  9. WombatsFC says:

    Forecast 2437 without Brisbane scores. Have C on Rocky. got 777 from my 4 Lions. Currently 2007 (inc lions) with McViegh,Parker,Danger, Pendle & Beams to play. maybe I'll just break 2600

  10. Letting off steam says:

    My team would have been going for a monstrous score if it wasn't for Ross Lyon, Sandiballs, Ben Brown, Majak Daw taking Benny's spot and Michael the muppet Hibberd. I paid 520k for hibberd ages ago and he has rewarded me with absolute turds almost every week as well as missing some weeks!!!!!!!!

  11. WombatsFC says:

    Update: after lions scores added Projected is 2698

  12. Ahfeel Sikdahl says:

    quick question for the community…how can the afl organise the best afl footballers to play a round ball game against ireland in november…but we don't get state of origin??? I know which game i'd rather see…thoughts community??

    • Donavan says:

      I would prefer State of Origin, but don't want in played in season. Maybe October/November would be great, but probably too many players in having operations post season.

  13. Ty S says:

    I have got 1700 In Real Dream Team with Rockliff as Captain even with spuds Lyod , Morabito , Sandi (Had no cover) and Hibberd…… I still have Tex Walker , Danger , Jacobs , Beams and Pendlebury to play I should get a score around 2200…

  14. Donavan says:

    I have 1976 with Danger, Pendles and Beams to play. Projected 2299.

    Will win in all 4 leagues but still hoping for a late out so I can take Zorko's score (159 – mid emergency).

  15. BCHawks says:

    1929 with Sloane, Jacobs, Pendlebury, Danger and Beams hoping for 2450+

    I even had spuds like Mundy, Goddard, Bartel, Mundy and Mitchell.

    • Itchy Nuts Pieman says:

      I hate Mundys. Bringing in Sammy Mitchell for a 70 feels like a wasted trade at the moment. Think Hanley might have outscored the rest of my backline Hibbered Bartel Mitchell Malcheski

  16. Miffy Pohlner says:

    2250 with pendels danger and beams.
    Traded laidler to mitchell just before bounce so I benched birchall 4 mitchell. Birchall scored over 30 more than mitchell. Hoping for 2600. 350 from pendels(130) beams(110) and danger (120) seems very possible

  17. piewood1 says:

    2065 with Pendels, Beams & Patty Danger to go…..expected more from Teenwolf as captain & sammymitch cost me a trade & 32 points……but I had the 4 Brisse boys who went ballistic yesterday, so that kind of made up for it I guess.
    I'm doing much better in the sports bet fantasy league 20/2936 with Jacobs & Danger still to play……think I might be a good chance of winning a free betting voucher of some kind in that one.

    • Miffy Pohlner says:

      In sportsbet ive seen a team over 3000 with 4 to go.
      Im on 2870 with beams pendels danger and Jacobs

  18. Itchy Nuts Pieman says:

    Hanleys 191. Is that the highest individual score of the season

    • Donavan says:

      No, I recall Ablett getting over 200 in either 2012 or 2013.

      That said I was happy to cash-in the 191 points for Hanley.

      • Party says:

        Yes it is the highest score of (This) season.

        • derek says:

          my opponent had Hanley as C. i was probably going to win until then. now will be very close. I have Cloke he has Beams and i'm 8 down.

    • Bruce says:

      Danger went 192 earlier this year!

  19. dannyyboyy says:

    2152 from 18, stevie j as skipper. pendles, beams, danger and sloane to go. 2583 projected but ill be happy with 2500+. not bad when one of my on field players this week(due to sandilands) was kersten with a 40. ill take that.

  20. Donavan says:

    Are Adelaide any chance today against the Pies, or will the Pies be better without Swan, Maxwell & Co. ?

    • FootyFanatic says:

      I think Adelaide will win, there forward line should stretch Collingwoods inexperienced defense.

  21. dannyyboyy says:

    2616 for me. a bloke in one of my leagues got 2802, thats gotta be a show for the 1k

    • Rosco says:

      That's Mark Robinson, the Herald Sun journo. He's the one that got 2802.

      • dannyyboyy says:

        oh haha i had no idea that was his team. the last thing he needs is to win the 1k!


        • WombatsFC says:

          I got 2703 but a team called 'Here's To Your Mrs' in one of my leagues got 2802. Is this the Herald Sun Journo? He's 2,000 behind me overall

          • BCHawks says:

            Yer it is Mark Robinson. I do think there will be a higher score though this round.

          • Donavan says:

            Hey womat what is your team name?

            I am in a league with Here's to your Mrs. I am Happy Hawker.

            We may be in the same league. Didn't real use that was Robo's team.

  22. michael says:

    2326, very disappointed, out of trades too so will have to tough it out for the remainder of the season. Only 12 players made 100+, plus copped donut for Sandy. Also had JPK as capt so not ideal.

  23. Adam says:

    2290, honestly surprised I did that well with all the stinkers

  24. big aggots says:

    2495. Low on trades though and didn't like Dangerfield going down holding his knee!!

  25. beer monkey says:

    I see someone with a 2800 in one of my leagues. Absolutely nailed it.

  26. BCHawks says:

    2494 for me which I am happy with considering the stinkers that I had in my team. I am hoping to move up the ranks a bit and maybe crack the top 500

  27. The Garbo says:

    2587. Very pleased. Especially with duds from sam lloyd 13, floggard 68, dahlhaus 67, dustbin 76

  28. GarglesnarfFC says:

    Well the Snarfs got 2845 for the week. Good enough for 5th. Missed the 1k by 120! And he still has Ablett!!!

  29. Cozza says:

    Sigh – just want to get that one perfect weekend at least once! Ended up with 2424, but could have been so much better with Hibberd, Bartel, Cotchin, Goddard, Pavlich, Martin all with ordinary scores.

    • WombatsFC says:

      Yep, there's more than a small amount of luck required to win this thing.

  30. nocahoots says:

    2600, my best score ever! lovin life jocky