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Supercoach 2014

Gday community!

Absolutely pumped to be back with another Thursday night community podcast – some big ins and outs. Sammy Mitchell, Anthony Morabito and Ryan Griffen head up the INS while Hibberd is providing a bit of pain down back with his omission.

Ripping podcast and some top notch wisdom has been received via the community speakpipe – let’s rip right in.

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  1. TigerTuff says:


  2. James says:

    I would like to thank Jock Reynolds and his community for giving me the best advice and getting the edge over my friends

  3. Jesse says:

    Absolute love your podcast jock keep up the great stuff love your input, you are easily the best super coach person in the universe

    • jockreynolds says:

      Jesse – you have stepped up to the plate big time mate – just saw you over there on Twitter and followed you. It's a tricky one the Selwood one. Just that little bit too much doubt to bring him in I reckon with the niggle cloud over him

  4. Turls says:

    In a pickle – up against one of the top 4 in my league but am clinging to 7th on percentage. Have Johnson and Hibberd in defense sitting on the pine, but fortunately get back Gardiner to make up D6.

    Trade one of them out to Jones to afford another upgrade?
    Leave them both and still upgrade/sideways Pavlich to Parker?

    Weakness is defense (Have Sam May as D5 atm), but thinking of holding off till Johnson returns and Mitchell drops…

    Thoughts community?

    • jockreynolds says:

      How many trades left Turls old mate? I'd tend towards holding your structures and relyong on Hibbo and Johnson to come back in to your defence. I'm worried you'll blow too many trades fiddling around back there, and if you've got a warm bodied D6 this week I'd just cop it on the chin. I reckon use your trades (depends how many you have left) on other priorities.. like the Pav>PArker

      • Turls says:

        Hey Jock a lazy 9 trades left, so plenty in the tank. Think I'll pull the pin on Pav -> Parker and cop Gardiner's score. Cheers.

  5. throttlefinger says:

    Well done, Jocko! And community. Have been in a funk yet these community poddies have helped me steer clear of many (more) mistakes.

    • jockreynolds says:

      Good to hear Throtts! What's the weather like over in the big apple? Freezing our tits off down here mate

      • throttlefinger says:

        Steamy. Can fry dim sum in the trousers. 33c. Humidity at 98%. Got caught in a torrential storm walking back from the subway. Looked like Crouching One after one of his famed golden showers.

        • jockreynolds says:

          Hells Bells – I've seen him after a golden shower as well, he copped a spray off some bloke after he fell asleep on his front lawn one night last year

          • throttlefinger says:

            Hahaha. Sure he'd cop another lemonade spray if it got the Tigers in the finals.

  6. BCHawks says:

    Hey guys should I hold or trade Murphy and also who should I put on field out of S.Martin or Wingard. Thanks in advance. P.S Thanks for all the pod casts Jock

    • jockreynolds says:

      G'day Hawk, no worries mate. I actually ditched Murphy pre last week, but only because I saw the opportunity to catch Miles on the Up while anticipating Murph to slide. Tough call – I think you hold him now though and save the trade

    • Daniel says:

      Thinking the same thing, was gonna go Langford to Zac Jones and then Murph to JPK, but with Hibberd going down and Sam Mitchell & Morabito on the horizon, Im holding Murph for now because he is a fit body playing and also they play Saints this week so should get near his BE.
      Sam Lloyd named emg for those like me still hanging on for the cash grab.

  7. Tom says:

    Jock and Community – would really appreciate some advice on my team !
    DEF: Bartel, Malceski, Swallow, McVeigh, Simpson, Hanley (Langford, Jones)
    MID: Ablett, Ward, Liberatore, Beams, D Martin, Cotchin, Goddard, Miles (OBrien, Acres)
    RUCK: Sandi, Jacobs (Currie, King)
    FWD: Gray, Danger, Parker, Dahlhous, Roughead, Riewoldt (Ambrose, Cameron)
    9 trades left and $81,900 in the warchest.
    Thinking maybe a cash grab this week (Langford and Ambrose out for 2 rookies) – leaving me with 7 trades and over $400k in the bank for finals. Or should I just do 1 downgrade and save the cash to upgrade Miles and Riewoldt in the next few weeks?
    Cheers Guys !

    • jockreynolds says:

      Team looking solid Tommy. Seems you're in it for leagues, guessing you're top four? If so I'd consider just the one downgrade – leave yourself with a strong upper hand re number of trades left heading into finals. You'll start burning trades on injuries etc before long, hang onto them

      • Tom says:

        Cheers Jock !! Yep well league was all I was going for originally – have slipped into the top 3k rank now though which is a PB for me – community has been a great help !
        Appreciate the advice big fella – keep up the good work and hopefully we hit new high levels on our arousal curves !!

  8. Josh says:

    Hey jock
    Which defender would do good for the rest of the season..Simpson, S.mitchell, bob murphy or hodge
    I need to choose two atleast
    Cheerz jock btw got players in defence bartel, swallow, mcveigh, malceski, Hanley

    • dannyyboyy says:

      watch mitchell this week. if he looks good he will be dirt cheap. i have kade simpson. he was quiet for a couple of weeks but looked good last week for his 94, hopefully he is finding some form again.

  9. Big Ben says:

    Cheers for the podcast Jock, it's that time of the year I gotta put my kids first for a week in the holidays but I'll share my words of wisdom to the community next week.

  10. Woodman says:

    Cotchin worth a look in for my last premium midfield. Or should i got Dal Santo, Sloan or Jack? Would like to get Fyfe or Rockliff but will have no cash left. Will have only 3 trades left after my trade ins.

    • dean billman says:


    • WombatsFC says:

      Personally I'd back well away from Cotchin he looks way too much like an incendiary device that's about to explode and burn all those within a 400mtr radius. I reckon last week was an anomaly and not a return to form.
      IMO If you're trading in a Mid at this time you should be going for the best available , 80k in the bank doesn't do you any good when you lose a match by 10 points.

  11. Tom says:

    I am currently sitting 12th on the ladder. From 6th place to 13th place is separated by a game. So I need to win all my games to be in the top 8. This week I am playing 4th place team. I really need to win to be in contention. With Hibberd out and no bench cover, I am uncertain on what to do. Please help community!

    Defenders: Bartel, Swallow, McVeigh, Hibberd, Enright, Hurn (Cutler & Georgiou)
    Midfielders: Ablett, Pendlebury, J.Selwood, D.Beams, Mundy, Parker, Johnson, Goddard (Shenton & Acres)
    Rucks: Sandilands, Mumford (Currie & Thurlow)
    Forwards: Dangerfield, D.Martin, Zorko, Pavlich, Franklin, S.Martin (Ambrose & Cameron)

    7 trades left and $328,400 in the war chest

    • Guest says:

      Pav for JPK / Lib through Parker
      Hib to Melceski / Mitch

      Go for broke!!

    • WombatsFC says:

      Hi Tom,
      Have a look at your opponents team and see where their strengths and your weaknesses are then either increase your strengths with a player they don't have or cover your weakness with a player they don't have.
      It might be a good time to turn Hibberd into Hanley or Pav to Gray

  12. Chris says:

    bit of chaos here community and need a helping hand..

    at the moment my defence is crumbling with the likes of hibberd and shaw both out this week and scott thompson and jaensch underperforming..

    How long are shaw and hibberd out for?
    What might help is the fact i have 7 genuine forwards as i have been loopholing taylor walker. this means that if i swap georgiou in defence for a mid/def swing rookie. this allows me to swing bartel into defence, then zorko into midfield.. only leaving 1 zero in defence this week.
    do i burn 2 of my remaining 8 trades on a mid/def rookie swing. and then a new defender?

    • Chris says:

      this might be confusing but in hindsight this is what i have currently done.
      IN: hunt(def/mid rookie) and McVeigh
      OUT: hibberd, georgiou

      Allowing me to do the following swings to cover all donuts/rookies on field.
      hunt swing into mid, bartel into defence. (bartel covers for shaw)
      dangerfield swings into mid, honeychurch into forward (hunt is now on the bench)
      taylor walker who is currently F7 is now onfield and honeychurch is on bench.

      Is this smart?
      i thought that i would be better off getting rid of hibberd instead of shaw, as shaw is purely concussion and hibberd is an ankle injury?


      • Azmataz says:

        Nice use of the DPPs there Chris! I like it. I also have Hibberd and Shaw. I have gone aggressive and traded both of them as have no bench cover. Went Malceski and Burgoyne. 5 trades left. Who else do you have in your mids? DPPs are good but you should have some full on super premos in there.

  13. Wattsieesq says:

    G'day community. Who has the better JS, Kersten or Honeychurch? Kersten's been ok and having Stokes out for another month helps his JS. The cats do have Burbury and McCarthy to blood and I think they are pretty cherry ripe to go.

    Honeychurch on the other hand has Gia, Griff and Cooney coming back over the next few weeks.

    I'm thinking Kersten, but it's a toss of the coin. What does the community think?

    • WombatsFC says:

      Hi Wattsie how are ya mate?
      I agree Kersten is the one with best JS. Last weeks game was played at an aquarium which wasn't ideal for a second game #2 marking fwd.
      I don't expect much more than 60 from him but Cats want him to play every game and 60 is better than a donut in a diabetic emergency.

      • Wattsieesq says:

        Hi Wombat, I'm good, how's things going with you?

        I've drafted in Kersten this week. I'm going to wait a week to upgrade my final on field rook. I haven't decided whether to straight upgrade next week to $560k player and be left with 4 trades or paint the fence up to a JPK with 3 trades left. Food for thought.

        • WombatsFC says:

          I shut up shop on getting the big cash prize by round 8 after early season carnage in my backline, I'd had to replace 3 def premos by that stage.
          I'm currently ranked 1830 overall due to wearing smurphs donut the other week.

          Always next year I suppose

          Smitchell will only be about 380k after next week even if he scores 150+ next week. Make sure you keep a trade for that

          • Wattsieesq says:

            Geez, that's no good. I had the same problems with the Mitchell's (Sam and Tom) and Barlow. I'm drifting in the 10,000s, so well off the pace. Being top 2,000 is tremendous. Well done. Next year it is.

            I am thinking of brining Sam back (I brought Barlow back a few weeks ago and have been pretty happy with him). Got to figure out what to do with Gaz. I'll probably bring in JPK or Rocky.

  14. dean billman says:

    Robbie Gray or Buddy? Thinking Gray's form is dropping…

    • WombatsFC says:

      Gray. Buddy is still just as likely to pump out a 30 as he is to squeeze out a 130

  15. Luke says:

    Hey community, i have 5 trades left and have t.walker, s,martin and tyson on field. Should i get tyson out this week and get a dal santo or sloane in? i can get any mid i want, Thoughts?

    • Matt says:

      If u make the trade you may have to keep walker and martin on field to cover injuries. If you can have any mid Ablett or Pendles are the obvious choice, for consistent output Sam Mitchell is back. Out of those options probably Sloane, but if in need of swing sets S.Mitchell, Hanley, Zorko or Robbie Gray are options.

  16. Tommykwr says:

    Dane swan? Hold or trade
    Have enough cash to upgrade to anyone

    • big aggots says:

      Since round 6 he has averaged 85 and hasn’t tonned up. He’ll get you 85-90 on the way home but as a ‘premo’ mid you’re behind the 8 ball every week! If you have trades get rid of him as Sidebottom has stepped into his shoes this year.

    • Porcelain says:

      Trade him. Not sure why you would have had him in your team except for those few good games mid-season.
      Dump him before he loses more money.

  17. john says:

    Hi Community,

    I am running out of trades. Have 4 left but have Langdon who is likely to lose 23k this week so feel I have to trade him. I am looking at Langdon to Steven Johnson by swinging back Hanley to defence which basically finishes my team although there are a couple of weaknesses left over.

    This leaves me with only 3 trades though. Also uses up my war chest and leaves me with only 6k in the bank.

    Currently 4th in my cash league and would then be shutting up shop on trading till finals unless I somehow look like dropping out of finals. I think that the value on Johnson is too good to ignore as well as Geelongs run of weaker opponents coming up.


    • Derek says:

      yep, i'd take StevieJ over Langdon anyday.

      • Chris says:

        I’d look elsewhere, I feel as if Stevie j might be rested or omitted due to injury.. Been pulling up sore lately

  18. TOM says:

    Hi community, need your thoughts on my team

    backs: swallow, bartel, burgoyne, hanley, hurn, mcveigh, (cutler, georgio)
    mids: ablett, pendles, beams, rocklliff, selwood, ward, kennedy, k.mitchell (hartung, acres)
    rucks: mummy, sandi (derickx, thurlow)
    fwds: danger, zorko, wingard, parker, martin, mcgovern, (honeychurch, cameron)

    I have 5 trades left and $80,900 left in the bank.
    I'm currently 6th on my league ladder.
    Was thinking of maybe going cutler to zak jones to free up some cash or derickx to ben brown to free up some cash

  19. James says:

    Is there any good ruckman downgrades?

  20. Jase says:

    Bartel vs Malceski. Already have McVeigh and JPK. Also have Selwood. No other Swans or Cats. Is 3 Premium swans too much?

  21. Itchy Nuts Pieman says:

    Would it be too much to ask for Sam Mitchell to be sub tonight.

    • WombatsFC says:

      Not a big ask itchy I reckon it makes sense.

      Regarding your irritating condition I suggest you have a listen to the 'let there be rock' album and pay careful attention to the instructions contained with 'Crabsody in Blue'. If ever a man was qualified to provide advice on curing itchy nuts it was the legendary Scottish/Australian romantic poet and rock star Bon Scott.

      • Itchy Nuts Pieman says:

        Love your advice Wombats. But I have recently discovered Tinder & the condition significanly improved.

        • WombatsFC says:

          Fail to see how tinder could cure crabs. unless ya hooked up with a chemist

          • Itchy Nuts Pieman says:

            I hooked up with Danksy's misses. Who knows what she gave me. Ive lost weight & the old fellas doubled in size.

  22. Mangrove Jack says:

    Great Podcast as always Jock, and really enjoyed the payperview.

    Missed out on getting S.Martin when he was cheap due to other pressing needs, but decided on bringing him in this week for the fwd/ruck cover, and hope he can fire for the rest of the season. The other one I brought in was Fyfe, dropping Ambrose and Shenton in the process, also losing my Mid/Fwd swingset in the process.

    I am prepared to cop a donut if ZJones doesnt get on the park for Hibberd and prob lose my No.1 spot in my league.

    DEF: Bartell, Malceski, McVeigh, Swallow, Hanley, Hibberd (Jones, Cutler)
    MID: GAJ, Fyfe, Jellwood, Beams, Murphy, NDS, Cotchin, Boyd (Acres, O'Brien)
    RCK: Jacobs, Sandi (Thurlow, Derickx)
    FWD: Danger, DMartin, Gray, Parker, Zorko, SMartin (Kersten, Cameron)

    I have 6 trades left and $113K left for next week and could go a couple of ways:
    If Hibberd is still down, bring in Grimes if his upswing in form holds, and get Honeychurch for his Mid/Fwd swingset, or if Hibberd is back, and no pressing injuries, possibly move Murphy to Pendles, as I think Murphy has peaked. Also, If SMitchell plays okay and doesnt do a Juddy, he will drop to bout $459K and could be a good target to get in.

    It would also help if Cameron and Acres passed their fitness tests.

    Good luck to all for this week

  23. FootyFanatic says:

    How long will Hibberd be out for, not sure whether I should keep him and cop Gardiners score or to sideways trade him to simpson. Thanks

    • WombatsFC says:

      Trade him up if possible

      • FootyFanatic says:

        Even if I only have 5 trades left? I am ranked in the 3000's and in the top 8 in all my leagues.

        • WombatsFC says:

          Definitely you want to stay ranked above 3,000 don't you?
          Increase your points potential at every opportunity.
          Imagine if you'd dumped him 2 weeks ago for Malceski you'd probably be inside the top 2500 now

  24. Redwolf says:

    I have been very careful with Trades and have 10 left & $168k in bank.

    Currently ranked in top 6,000 and coming top 4 in all my leagues;

    My team:

    Bartel, Burgone, Birchell, Suckling, Hanley, Enright (Bews, Georgiou)
    Ablett, Pendlelbury, J Kennedy, Selwood, Cotchin, StevieJ, Swan, McVeigh (Honeychurch, Acres)
    Sandilands, SMartin (King, Holmes)
    Dangerfield, Martin, Pav, Buddy, Cloke, Petrie (Impey, Shenton)

    I need to use my trades (use 'em or loose 'em) to fine tune my team.


    To many key forwards? or should I build a warchest?

    • BCHawks says:

      You could trade out Suckling swing Mcviegh into defence and pick up Dal Santo and then downgrade Impey to Ben brown to free up some cash for warchest and also open up swing with S Martin.

      • Redwolf says:

        Thanks BC. Was looking at Suckling to Sam Mitchell next week, but I like the idea of swinging McVeigh into the backline and getting another premo Midfielder.

        Might do Petrie >> Parker & Impey to Brown this week. Have $243k.

        next week Suckling to a midfielder via McVeigh. Either Beams/Fyfe/DalSanto

    • WombatsFC says:

      I'd turn at least one of those backline hawks into a Swan and upgrade Petrie

    • liam says:

      i'm probably moving out impey this week as he has fully appreciated. as you have the coverage already with shenton i would suggest moving impey out. i like BC Hawks idea of mcveigh to backline for upgrade mid

      • Redwolf says:

        I like the idea as well. Stick with Petrie and Pav for another week.
        Impey to go this week.
        Suckling out, switch McVeigh to defence and will leave me with $746k to get a Midfield.

        Fyfe, Rocky or Beams?

    • dannyyboyy says:

      i have impey aswell, with a 101 BE its time to chop him. im gonna take kersten and bank the 160k, thatll put me down to 7 trades so ill probably hold, but if i were u id upgrade either petrie or suckling. or trade out suckling, swing mcveigh back and get a new mid, good spot to be in tho.

      • dannyyboyy says:

        lol didnt read your post above. must be a winner then! id go fyfe or rocky cant lose with either

  25. BCHawks says:

    6 trades left should I hold or trade out Acres for Honeychurch and Murphy for JPK?

    • Liam says:

      you going for the $50k? i'm struggling with whether to go from 8 to 6 trades. both trades are definitely better players so for mine, how badly do you need the trades? where are you in your league and who are you playing in the next few weeks if it's league wins you're after? is acres a chance to come back soon?
      good luck

      • dannyyboyy says:

        i have 8 im gonna use one, dont use any trades that you are iffy about this time of the season, ive planned out my next 4 trades which im gonna do over the next 3 weeks and if all goes to plan, i should be all premo with 4 trades goin into finals for injury cover

  26. WombatsFC says:

    Which trade will generate the most points over the rest of the season?
    Fyffe instead of Smurph or Sauce instead of Sandi?

    • BCHawks says:

      Tough one to call but probably Sauce instead of Sandi manly because Sandi is likely to miss a couple of games.

    • liam says:

      being a carlton fan, i know smurph has a rough run home, mostly top 8 sides. fyfe still has easy games for the next month so i expect much higher scores between those two.
      except for the speculation that Sandi might get rested, i reckon he still has enough to offer. i think adelaide and freo have similar runs re who the opposition rucks are. i guess i'm also a bit biased as i have sandi and have had all season (am praying he doesn't go down or gets rested) as its a trade i want to use elsewhere.
      for mine, smurph to Fyfe

  27. Liam says:

    hi all,
    not sure whether to trade this round but am thinking i should. i have 8 trades left. in mids i still have Dom tyson and Shenton and up forward i have ambrose, impey and mcgovern. Tyson has been losing money and scoring badly and Impey has fully appreciated. i know who i would tradeto (Pendles and honeychurch)
    opposingly, i am worried about not being left with enough trades come finals time.
    i'm in three leagues and i am 5th, 3rd and 1st. probably care most about the 1st placed league and in the run home i play 2nd 3rd and 5th.
    so please some wisdom, do i trade for the better team and before impey and tyson lose more money or hold off leaving enough trades for finals?
    have a great weekend, Liam

  28. John says:

    have got ablett,pendelbury,beams, NDS, gray,murphy,selwood,shenton(miles,hartung)
    Have got $380k in the war chest
    Thinking of going shenton to JPK
    Shenton is my last on field upgrade
    Would be appreciated if u had any other thoughts on who to bring IN

    • julz says:

      How many trades u got? Notice you’ve got miles on the bench and he’s scoring well, could maybe play him instead and hold for now. U can maybe also swing gray forward if possible since keep shenton as a swing on the bench leaves room for another premo mid.
      I think JPK a good option, i personally chose him over rockiff a few weeks ago as had the better run home. Fyfe another option i wish id got him as planned a few weeks ago but ross lyon put me off. Also Sloane v.good also

    • John says:

      i have 7 trades after this trade

      • julz says:

        You've got a good amount of trades so yes with all that cash an upgrade is a good idea. Dunno if I would ditch Shenton though with his mid-forward eligibility might be good bench cover later but you do have miles. Could you upgrade Hartung, he's out for awhile still I think?
        I would still move Gray to forward line if possible and then if it was my midfield I would finish it with JPK and Fyfe probably. Libba is another option, he's been a bit down in form the past few weeks but hopefully should come good, will be cheap-ish soon also,

  29. julz says:

    Hi jock thanks for playing my question, dunno what makes u think I’m on a space station though! Lol!

    Unfortunately i only have 6 trades left playing S Martin at R2, miles m8, hopefully backing these in to keep scoring big, and Ambrose still at f6 he will b upgraded soon enough.

    Top 4 in most of my leagues, ranked in top 4000 so doing will enough.

    Wasn’t gonna trade this week but have decided to do a cash grab and get b brown in for derickx and build that war chest. Also have hallahan rotting on mid bench might downgrade him to Honeychurch next week.

    Good luck to the community this wk hopefully can go large again and keep up the good work jock and co 🙂

    • Redwolf says:

      I think it was because you sounded so far away.

      • julz says:

        haha yeah the recording sounded alright on my end when I did it but obviously the quality didn't end up being the best, cheers for playing it regardless Jock 🙂

  30. Alex says:

    Hi Jock, another great podcast once again! Just wondering if I can have some help on buying a forward? I am getting rid of Zach Merret and I got $170,000 in the bank! I liked the look of Dalhaus but I am $2,000 off!


  31. Cal says:

    My back six is my only problem, and need wins for my league

    9 trades and 150k in the bank

    Swallow/Suckling/Burgoyne/H Shaw/ Janesch/McDonald (Bews/Georgiou) is how it sits

    Should I

    Trade H.Shaw directly for a Malceski/McVeigh/Hanley

    To then upgrade Mcdonald next week to Shaw/Mitchell next week
    (opponent has H.Shaw so looking for a POD)

    or downgrade Lewis Taylor (Mid 9) to Honeychurch

    Leaving me with 350k

    To then upgrade McDonald this week to Malceski/McVeigh/Hanley

    Have Bews as cover this week

    Then use the remaining trades and cash elsewhere should I need

  32. Mike says:

    kennedy or fyfe??

  33. ben says:

    who should i trade out for dom Tyson? plz answer asap

  34. James says:

    Best Ruck Premium to trade in this week?

  35. TOM says:

    Hi community, need your thoughts on my team

    backs: swallow, bartel, burgoyne, hanley, hurn, mcveigh, (cutler, georgio)
    mids: ablett, pendles, beams, rocklliff, selwood, ward, kennedy, k.mitchell (hartung, acres)
    rucks: mummy, sandi (derickx, thurlow)
    fwds: danger, zorko, wingard, parker, martin, mcgovern, (honeychurch, cameron)

    I have 5 trades left and $80,900 left in the bank.
    I'm currently 6th on my league ladder.
    Was thinking of maybe going cutler to zak jones to free up some cash or derickx to ben brown to free up some cash.

    need your thoughts community!!!

    • RooBoy says:

      Hi Tom,
      Here's one from left field!
      Have you thought about Apeness (Freo) instead of Brown for Derickz?
      Been named emergency, has been going well in the WAFL apparently and might be the perfect cover if they decide to rest Sandi.

      • TOM says:

        Thanks RooBoy, havent heard much from Apeness but will hold derickx this week and watch this guy

  36. Andrew says:

    Will Jackson coming back into the Richmond side hurt Miles output?

    This is the first game they've played together.

  37. Remy says:

    time for Jaensch to go?????
    does the community see Corey Enright as a good upgrade option?

  38. Sleepy says:

    Maybe Leuenberger not regain his place while Martin kicking arse? Kinda like the McEvoy and Ceglar scenario at Hawthorn

  39. Justin says:

    D. COX or I. MARIC ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  40. The Filth says:

    Which player out of the following do I put on the bench?
    Breust, Zorko or Stefan Martin…

    • Itchy Nuts Pieman says:

      Can you loophole Filth? Breust on the pine with the emergency tonight? Or is your your F8 playing.

      • The Filth says:

        This might sound strange, I am ranked 37th overall – but I don't know how to loophole players!
        I know how to loophole my captain though?!

        I have Charlie Cameron as a non-playing F8

        My forwards are Gray, Martin, Danger, Parker then Breust, Zorko and Stefan Martin.
        I thought if I put Cameron onfield I would have to name my emergencies before they played thus not allowing me to loophole Breust.

        How does this player loophole work?

        • Joey Joe Joe says:

          If you have a playing and non-playing player on your emergency line, you can put the E on the playing player, see how the he goes, and if you like what you see, put the non-playing player on the field to replace the player who you think will score lower than the E player.


          You have S.Martin (playing) and Z. Merret (not playing) on the forward bench. You also have Wingard on the field, but are not sure whether he will score more than S. Martin. You put the E on S.Martin and he scores 130. You don't think Wingard will get anywhere near that, so swap Wingard for Z.Merret. The non-playing Z.Merret gives you Wingards score. Conversely, S.Martin could stink it up with a 30 and you could chose to leave Wingard on the ground and take his score.

  41. Itchy Nuts Pieman says:

    Miles or Wingard on the ground?

    • The Filth says:

      This might sound strange, I am ranked 37th overall – but I don't know how to loophole players!
      I know how to loophole my captain though?!

      I have Charlie Cameron as a non-playing F8

      My forwards are Gray, Martin, Danger, Parker then Breust, Zorko and Stefan Martin.
      I thought if I put Cameron onfield I would have to name my emergencies before they played thus not allowing me to loophole Breust.

      How does this player loophole work?

    • The Filth says:

      In answer to your question, I would probably play Miles as he has been in form and currently more consistent.
      If you want to roll the dice, play Wingard – he can go big and is a last quarter specialist but he can stink it up at times. Always leaves his points run late – not for the fainthearted.

  42. Hotplates says:

    Hey community,

    Currently ranked 650ish and hoping for some advice. Only the 5 trades left, but want to upgrade Shenton meaning I'm fully upgraded. Worth going Ambrose > Kersten/H'Church & Shenton > Gray/Parker to complete side or holding the trades. Either way I think I'll get rid of ambrose for one of them so have some cash for future upgrade.

    Main question are :

    Pull trigger & complete?

    if I do go – Parker/Gray or wait for Boomer to come down?

    Honeychurch or Kersten?

    PS finished 7th last round with 2852, had I taken Jacobs over Mummy a couple of weeks ago would have gone 2930ish! Ahhhhhhh welll.

    Trades: 5
    Bank: $32,100

    McVeigh, Burgoyne, Swallow, Malceski, Bartel, Hanley (Cutler, Bews)
    Ablett, Pendles, Beams, Cotchin, Rockliff, Fyfe, Dal Santo, Selwood (O'Brien, Acres)
    Sandilands, Mumford (Currie, King)
    Danger, Zorko, Martin, Buddy, Dahlhaus, Shenton (Lloyd, Ambrose)

    Any help much appreciated guys.

  43. The Filth says:

    Apologies community for my double-post regarding player loophole.
    This was supposed to be in response to Itchy Nuts Pieman ( sounds like a serious condition! ) who kindly responded to my earlier query.

  44. OzSonic says:

    Ben Brown or Kersten? If I trade Brown it will be done for either Curry (Ruck) or Cameron (Fwd) If it's Kersten it would be for Ambrose.

    Already traded Langford for Jones. JS more of a decider than cash. Need help fast. 🙂

  45. Shaun says:

    Is there any truth to the rumors sorrounding the late outs of Selwood, Bartel and Stevie J?? If so could someone please inform me!!

    • TOM says:

      i have heard this too from the herald sun

    • Joey Joe Joe says:

      Named on the team sheets tonight. Would doubt all 3 emergencies are going to be used – if they aren't playing, they probably would not have been named today. Not the done thing to on mass change a bunch of players game day – especially stars.

  46. Ben says:

    P.Hanley or K.Simpson to trade in?

  47. Simon T says:

    Hey Jock and the community

    Just need you thoughts. Have 11 trades left and $64k in the bank. Sitting in 7th in my league.Which of the following trades would you recommend

    1) Impey (PA) to Honeychurch (WB) purely for bench coverage and make cash as Impey is about to drop in value.
    2) Polec (PA) to Honeychurch (WB) and Impey to S Martin (to swing into the ruck later)
    3) Impey to Honeychurch and Polec to R Gray, L Parker – already have L Taylor on my bench.

    Any thoughts/comments/alternative suggestions all welcome.

    Cheers an good luck to all this week.