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Supercoach 2014

The site is going right off its dial as we get stuck into Round 14.

There are questions a plenty about Stefan Martin this week as we all scratch our chin to decide on which way to roll on the weekend.

Tight Arse Tuesday Thursday has also been deployed along with Flesh For Fantasy and it is all happening. Lets not also forget the best captain research tool in the land The Scouting Report, and this week’s breakevens.

Enjoy the community night podcast folks

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  1. Liam says:

    Jock is a legend

  2. henry says:


  3. Kevin says:

    Hey jock and community,

    Who is the best midfielder to get under 620k (already have Beams, Selwood under that price)

    • MightyDonsFC says:

      If you can wait a week get rocky, if not fyfe looks to be the pick of the bunch

    • Daniel says:

      Agreed. Fyfe should be a target this week. With Freo's upcoming run, this may be the cheapest he will be for the rest of the year. If u take out his one bad score of 76 (only time below 100), his avg goes from 115 to almost 120. At 550K u cant go past him!

    • toxic says:


    • Tray says:


  4. peter pan artichoke says:

    saw some others doing this but mine is a bit different.
    already have thurlow in the rucks and traded stefan martin in last week

    who do i trade derickx down to, to create 200k so i can then upgrade higgins into a premo mid such as a JPK Fyfe Rocky Ward Steven Johnson.
    have ablett, pendles, libba, selwood,sloane,beams and mitchell in the mid already.
    this will leave me with 10 trades left.


    • Kev says:

      Cheap, playing R3 aren't around at the moment. You could look into Lobb or Lowden knowing they've had a taste of senior footy and made a pretty good fist of it. Or Ben Brown from North is named on the extended bench this week so you'd think he's not far away either.

      Alternatively you could go right down to Archie Smith. He's close I reckon. Leppa might give him a shot in the last few games of the season

  5. HouseofDarsh says:

    Surely Martin would be valuable enough for Brisbane to play out the season. The team is rubbish and he might just be one of the few who are standing up.
    I would think that would keep both himself and Leuenberger in the same team?

    • The Garbo says:

      Trent West was playing alongside Looey since game one – I completely expect Martin to have that same opportunity

      • Garglesnarf FC says:

        Agree completely Garbo. The only risk with Martin is injury, otherwise he will play all year.

        Lueys return from the knee means he will likely be managed back, and could even be a vest candidate for the remaining games. As No1 ruck I expect Martin to maintain his 100 output, and only expect a minor 5-15pt drop IF Luey returns.

        • taylorwoof says:

          Also if JB pulls the pin, Martin may spend some time up fwd later in the year when or if Luey returns.

  6. mivic says:

    Niceee thx jock u r defs my father

  7. dannyyboyy says:

    is impey up to wingard a good trade? i could get martin instead but it feels like goin backwards a little bit. also im stuck with acres and hartung as my bench cover. it cost me 2 donuts last week. with a score of 2240 i should have been set to make up ground but instead it hurt. im in need of a good rookie mid. miles seems a bit to expensive at his price. are there any good young mids coming through soon that i should wait for?

    • The Garbo says:

      Nothing really yet, Morbatio and Honeychurch are supposedly close to a debut.
      Not really that fond of wingard, he's like a key forward where if he doesnt kick goals he doesnt score well. But he is very cheap and has a lot of potential and skill and will rise in price. So there are definitely worse options.

    • andrew says:

      Go with Sam Gray, he will get more game time over the next few weeks as I believe Port will rest some of their
      premium mid's.

  8. Daniel says:

    What are peoples opinion on getting Kersten in this week? I want to go Shenton/Taylor to Fyfe and would need to dump someone (prob Impey) to make the cash.

    • Kev says:

      With geelong's rookie policy I'd stay away. Lang/Hartman got a taste of it last week, now they are both out. I'd be more willing to take a punt on Honeychurch

  9. Todd says:

    Defenders: Bartel, Swallow, Hibberd, Langdon, Enright, Hurn (Georgiou, Cutler)
    Midfielders: Gaz, Pendles, Jelwood, D.Beams, Dangerfield, Mundy, S.Johnson, Goddard (Shenton, Acres)
    Rucks: Sandilands, Mumford (Currie, Thurlow)
    Forwards: D.Martin, Parker, Zorko, Pavlich, Franklin, Tex Walker (Ambrose, Cameron)

    $326,400 in the war chest and 9 trades left. I really want to bring in Stefan Martin to create the DPP link with Thurlow

    Need help please!

    • MightyDonsFC says:

      I'd focus on enright and text walker first

    • pete says:

      Id be looking at getting boomer in fwds for tex but you would be nuts to pass up on martin he gunner make some good cash if you need it later on

    • taylorwoof says:

      Hey Todd.

      Thinking Tex to Martin for your side.

      Outside of Tex's 146, his scores have been 56, 56, 72, 47 ( Ave 57.75 )

      Break Even of 107 this week, has appreciated 79.7K could be time to move on.

      I'm upgrading him to Luke Parker this week.

  10. MightyDonsFC says:

    To anyone thinking about picking up Shane Kersten, I'll tell you a little bit about him. Shane has proven himself a prolific goal scorer at vfl level 2012 (38gls17mtch) 2013(41gls13mtch) and 2014(9gls3mtch). He's been on the cusp of making his debut for Geelong, but injuries have prevented him. His game style is likened to that of Jack Gunston, minus the goal kicking accuracy. With Tom Hawkins being the elite power forward at Geelong and Hmac/Simpson resting at FF, I'd expect Kersten to play a third tall in the forward line and should have reasonable JS provided he doesn't get injured.

    • Daniel says:

      I'm thinking of picking him up this week, so I can get Fyfe in this week too. I think I should be safe as long as his form warrants selection.

    • mungos men says:

      Will be fighting for his position with Josh Walker. I expect him to play 3-4 games

  11. Jerry says:

    Hi Community. I want to get in Stefan Martin for ruck cover. Do I upgrade Ambrose or downgrade Riewoldt?! Would love some advice…

  12. Mick says:

    Hi Community. I want to get in Stefan Martin for ruck cover. Do I upgrade Ambrose or downgrade Riewoldt?! Would love some advice…

    • Garglesnarf FC says:

      Jerry/Mick, nice split personality there.

      My advice is, that it depends on if you need the cash from Reiwoldt.

      Ambrose is just about done, so it’s time to trade him, however I have opted for Reiwoldt as I can then afford to upgrade Langford to Heath Shaw.

  13. Will says:

    Alright lads, I missed my chance to give my wisdoms on the podcast, but I thought I might chip in here. I've got Nick RIewoldt who we know has been dead since the early rounds and I was about to trade him for Stef Martin when I tuned into the podcast. Jock's input on Stef's situation is absolutely arousing with him averaging nothing more than 80 from here on in, especially with Luenberger coming back in. Then I looked at the Saints and who they were playing this week. They've got West Coast at Etihad with an 8 day break in their back pocket, coming off a thrashing from Geelong in which Lenny, Joey and Roo won't be happy with. West Coast are also coming off a thrilling battle against the testing Suns which will have some sort of affect on them. I then looked at the battle of the midfields between the two sides. The starting lineups show Billy Longer, Jack Steven, Joey Montagna and Lenny Hayes up against Naitinui, Priddis, Hutchings and Gaff. I believe the Saints midfield can match that of the Eagles meaning Riewoldt will get enough of the ball this weekend which hasn't been the case in the weeks he has been… well, dead. Also, with Glassy gone for the eagles, Riewoldt is more likely to have a day out on someone such as Brown or Mckenzie. SO, what I' saying is, if you're considering trading in Stef Martin this week, consider what Jock and myself have pointed out, and also, if you are still holding on to Nick Riewoldt, hold him for at least one more week, as it might be the week he rises from the ashes like a bloody phoenix to save us all! Thanks lads.

    • Beady Eye says:

      Strong wisdoms there, Will.

      The only fault I can see in your logic is that Glass hasn't taken the best forward in about 5 years – that job has gone to Mackenzie, so Glass' retirement may not have a significant impact on the contest.

      But if you've held Roo for this long, I agree that you might as well hold for now. His BE's drop back to 60's and 70's the week after next, so he should get back to a healthier price eventually.

      • Garglesnarf FC says:

        Lueys impact on Martin will be negligible IMO. Look at it this way, Brisbane have a young ruckman returning from a serious knee injury who also has history with his knees. IF you bring him back at all it will be with a mere 4-5 games remaining in the season, and an alternative playing very well.

        Why would Brisbane risk him in this situation, when they have so little to gain? If they play him at all I suspect it will be via the Green vest, so he only gets a qtr or 2 to get some game time, but I really cant see him having anything other than a minor impact on Martins scoring.

        • Azmataz says:

          Great wisdom there Will! I am still considering getting in Roo coz he's just so cheap and is ready to go BANG! I am not sold on Stefan and my gut feeling is he will burn all the poor souls that bring him in. I do get it wrong though, like I was wrong about buddy.

    • taylorwoof says:

      Shuey will replace Hutchings in the centre square if in final 22.

  14. Cozza says:

    Hi community, struggling with my options this week. Team is currently:
    Backs: Bartel, Simpson, Swallow, Hibberd, Hanley, Enright (Georgiou, Litherland)
    Mids: Ablett, Pendelbury, Selwood, Ward, Beams, Cotchin, Goddard, Barlow (Acres, O’Brien)
    Rucks: Sandilands, Jacobs (Currie, Thurlow)
    Forwards: Gray, Dangerfield, Martin, Parker, Pavlich, Shenton (Ambrose, Cameron)

    Have $221,700 in bank and 8 trades left. Ranked in the top 2,000, so not much of a chance for the prize, but sitting in top 3 in all 5 leagues. I’m really happy with the team on field, and really only want to improve my F6 (Shenton), before I’ll leave the team alone until finals. However, I have very little or very poor bench cover – no cover in the rucks and poor cover in the mids/def.

    Options this week are:
    1 – complete team by going Ambrose>Harvey, Shenton>Kersten. Leaves me with $82,700 cash, 6 trades, and only Kersten as Fwd bench cover (questionable JS), O’Brien as mid cover and no ruck cover; or
    2 – improve bench cover by going Acres>Miles, Cameron>S.Martin. Leaves me with $78,900 cash, 6 trades but still one on field premo to bring in. Will have choice of Martin/Ambrose/Shenton at F6.
    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

    • Wolfey says:

      Team is looking good Cozza. I totally agree with going full premo team and then your set until finals. At this stage I'd say You want to save your trades until the finals, Meaning you shouldn't stuff around with mid-pricers at this time of the season.

      Considering your top 3 in all of your leagues and if your only going for the Grand final win your goal at the moment should be to just stay in the top 4. If your able to conserve your trades until finals it gives you the upper hand against most teams.

      Hope this helped a little,
      Cheers Wolfey.

      • Derek says:

        great looking team, I would be proud to have that as mine.

        Hold trades, then if one of your premos goes down, trade them out.

  15. Jack says:

    Have both Langdon and Enright on the field. Who of the two should I trade out for McVeigh?

    • Kev says:

      Tough one. Flip a coin really. Wisdom says get rid of your rookie, but boris hasn't been lighting it up this year. It's possible langdon will begin to tire towards the end of the season. I'd get rid of him first

    • Derek says:

      I have exact same problem. I like that Langdon is DPP, but so is McVeigh.

      I will trade Langdon before Enright.

      Langdon has over achieved, and is likely to tire as the year goes on, scores could drop and maybe even rested. Enright is a hardened Footballer who will get better as the season gets to the pointy end. His only worry is injury.

    • Zo123 says:


  16. Beady Eye says:

    I'm tossing up between big [email protected] and Nick Dal Santo for my next-to-last rookie upgrade.

    Was leaning towards Dal for his consistency and great SC finals run, but the fear is creeping up on me that everyone else will jump on board Buddy and I'll suffer for it at the pointy end of the season.

    Thoughts either way community?

    • Donavan says:

      I see where Gargle iscming from, but Buddy is on the move, I would grab him this week.

  17. Garglesnarf FC says:

    Take my advice here with a grain of salt, because in SC terms Buddy gives me the runs. Love watching him play, but hate what he has done to me over and over again in SC. Never again will he stuff up my season.


    • Beady Eye says:

      I can appreciate the sentiment Gargle! Was one of the main reasons I've steered clear of him until now. Thanks for being the voice of reason.

  18. Kristofor says:

    Martin or McGovern?
    .. and for Taylor, Ambrose, Shenton or Cameron (Adel).. all still have relatively low breakevens/ potential to grow a little more, but if I miss Martin or McGovern now.. then they're gone.

    9 Trades left, and could do with a little more coin to upgrade a future player.

    • Donavan says:

      McGovern for mine. Dont trust Martin or his hamstrings.

      I would probably move Shenton

  19. Patrick says:

    final word all:

    Do i either trade out suckling for zorko?
    or suckling for miles?
    i only have 24 k in the bank

  20. pieofgod says:

    Good morning beloved community,
    i'm stumped i am. Big Boy McEvoy been left out again – 3-4 weeks for a corky, with just M.King + D.Currie on the RUC bench i've copped donuts each week, managed to win 2/3 in my league though which is all im after this year.

    I've got 10 trades left and 4 non-premiums on the field still (more than i would have liked at this stage of the season).

    My question is do i move him now?


    • Kev says:

      10 trades…. I'd hold him for now. In a good place with your leagues so I'd get those rookies off your field. Have a full premo team before making sideways trades to fix up any problems

    • SCaddict says:

      You could consider bringing in Stef Martin, either directly for Big Boy and free up $220K, or alternatively move Martin into your forward line and also trade in a DPP to your ruck bench such as a Ben Brown to establish a swing set.

      Although the latter would cost two trades it would give you ongoing ruck cover for both your starters going forward, assuming you already have playing forward reserves of course,

      I guess it comes down to your own individual tolerance for pain and how many kicks in the kahunas you can stand. Of course it's easy for others to say hang on to the trades mate and just grin and bear it but 4 weeks out is beginning to get a little old.

      But if you are still winning your leagues then maybe you can take a few more snipes in the plums. Really only you can answer that one but I vicariously feel your pain bro!

      • pieofgod says:

        Cheer SC and Kev. Sc thats exactly where im at…plums north of the naval after 4 odd weeks being Big Boy-less. I have Stef Martin for Fasolo from last week…meaning i could grab this brown fella…means no P.Hanley though

        Ill have too look at who im playing closely

        Many thanks

        • julz says:

          I'm in the same boat Pie, luckily though I have had Derickx at least to cover for Big Boy. I have 3 non premos on the field though and 9 trades ATM, as much as I would like to rage trade McEvoy I think I will hold.
          Am considering a sideways to Nic Nat but thought of that 3 weeks ago and could of pocketed $90K then, didn't do it as didn't trust NicNat so loath to do so now.
          I looked on Hawks website this week, McEvoy is apparently over the injury but they are easing him back through the magoos (reserves) as he has had not much game time this year. He got 33 hit outs last week in magoos but only 9 possies.

        • SCaddict says:

          As you already have Martin then Ben Brown is your man. Not only would you avoid a donut this weekend (assuming you have at least one forward reserve playing) you will set-up ruck cover for the coming rounds as well.

          Furthermore it looks like Brown is close to getting a game in his own right so reckon he could be worth one of your 10 trades.

          As Julz suggested you could also look at a sideways to Nic Nat instead but I would probably bring in Brown myself.

  21. Bellybuttonfluff says:

    A couple of months ago I donated to the site. Does this mean I get the monthly podcast thingy or is there some subscription thingy I haven't seen yet?

    • SCaddict says:

      I'm sure all will be revealed next week as Jock indicated in the poddie.

      • Bellybuttonfluff says:

        Oh ok cheers must have too much cheese in my ears! ๐Ÿ™‚ bit excited

  22. Duck says:

    G'day Lads,

    Need some help with my forward line it's an absolute mess!

    Danger, Zorko, Reiwoldt, Walker, Shenton, Fasolo (Ambrose, Cameron)

    Was thinking Fasolo>Parker, Shenton/Reiwoldt>Martin before they both go up.

    Would love your thoughts thanks guys!

    • Derek says:

      get buddy in….you know you want to!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Duck says:

        Buddy did come to mind, But i brought Reiwoldt early in the season and he has let me down big time! So i'm cautious about bringing in another KPP. Not entirely certain i'm getting rid of Reiwoldt, might be a mistake getting rid of him just coz he has had a terrible run, he could come good. Should i be sticking with him considering i brought him in at his top price?

        • Sarah says:

          I did the same. Am considering Reiwoldt to Miles this week as I'm so sick of Reiwoldt and his average scores of late. I reckon the saints youngsters are getting tired and Reiwoldt isn't getting any younger. Sorry to do it but I think I'll be locking in my loss by trading Reiwoldt this week.

          • Duck says:

            I've decided to hold onto Reiwoldt (for this week at least) and go fasolo>martin as i have thurlow already, and upgraded Mitchell to Fyfe. Depending on Tex and Nick's output for the rest of the season it means i only have to upgrade Shenton for full premo.

    • taylorwoof says:

      Hold Rooey.

      In your situation there; Fasolo to Parker, Shenton to Martin looks solid Duck.

  23. ynwa says:

    G'Day Community, have $196900 in the bank and 7 trades left, looking at 3 options this week:

    1) Derickx-Martin then Lloyd-Parker making team full premo and leaving $26k and 5 trades to then hold out til finals.

    2) Lloyd-Martin creating a ruck swing with Thurlow, 1 short of premo and $176k and 6 trades.

    3) Hold!!

    Any thoughts would be appreciated, Cheers!

    • mrfosak says:

      …Or a 4th option which is Sandi down to NicNat leaving 6 trades and $300k in the bank for that final upgrade.

    • julz says:

      I would hold with only 7 trades left but Derickx has almost topped out so if you want to take the cash from him, now is the time to do so with at least someone to trade down to.

    • Zo123 says:

      Having the same troubles… and I have decided to go all or nothing with my trades. You will only lose money on Derickx from here on. Play hard and take option 1!!

    • Donavan says:

      Depends who your on-feild rucks are. If they are scoring well, and can be relied upon stick with them, and if Derickx is just bench cover, let his value drop a little. Anyhing can happen, Pike may get injured again this week, Martin has injured his hamstrings twice this year already, who says that wont happen again.

      I wouldnt trade for ruck bench depth, until all other lines were premo.

  24. andrew says:

    Is anyone thinking of dumping Rocky after last weeks performance? He is going to drop heaps in price.

    • Matt says:

      There is the chance that Rocky might be spending more time up forward now that Brown is out which will effect his scoring output, not really a good idea to sideways trade premos especialy at this stage of the year and also players dropping in price is irrelevant if you hold on to them and back them in. Only lose money on a player when you trade them out

    • Zo123 says:

      Doesn't matter about the price drop if he will be in your team at the end of the season. Definitely hold.

    • SCaddict says:

      You'd be insane to ditch Rocky. He's a definite keeper and very likely to be a top 10 mid for the rest of the season. In fact I'm waiting for him to drop a tad to get on myself.

      Trades are far too precious at this stage to fritter away merely to avoid a cash hit. Just have to suck it up and watch everyone else jump on I'm afraid. We've all been there if that's any consolation.

  25. Matt says:

    Is it worth using a trade on Sam Lloyd to Stefan martin and using Thurlow dpp which leaves me with good cover on each line ?

    Or will Martin lose his spot in the team as soon as Burger comes back meaning a sort of wasted trade ?

    • big aggots says:

      West still played even with Berger around. He'll affect Martin's output a little but I can't see him losing his spot.

    • Garglesnarf FC says:

      If you already have Thurlow at R3/4 then it’s a no brainer.

  26. Zo123 says:

    Need some advice!
    current FWDs: Danger, Parker, Martin, Zorko, Franklin, Shenton (Ambrose, Lennon).
    Move Shenton to mid bench and sell Hallahan. Looking to bring in one of Dahlhouse, Roughead or Pav.
    Pav looking tasty with Freo's upcoming run. Thoughts?

  27. Pitchka says:

    How long is Harry Taylor out for so I can decide whether to get ride of him or Langford with $120k?

  28. TOM says:

    Is it time to get rid of shenton?

    • Porcelain says:

      Not yet.
      Unless the cash cow you are bringing in (eg Martin) will make much more $$ than Shenton, or unless the premo (eg Fyfe) you are upgrading to will rise by more than Shenton's over the next 1-2 weeks.

      I am holding Shenton for another 1, maybe 2 weeks.

  29. andrew says:

    I anyone running the gauntlet with no bench coverage this week?

    • Zo123 says:

      Made some changes as I had no bench coverage in my mid with Hallahan out. Now have Litherland, Shenton and Ambrose for bench coverage but no one for rucks. and it will be like that for the rest of the season I suspect.

  30. Fevolenko says:

    What is the communities thoughts on trading out Cotchin for Miles? Cotchin is leaking cash ATM, while Miles could earn my team some quick cash over the coming few weeks. Cheers guys.

    • andrew says:

      How many trades you have left?

    • Zo123 says:

      I'm holding Cotch. Depends on your trade situation. Of course down grading an under performing mid is going to help you create cash, but if you run out of trades before finals you will be crying. Especially when you watch Cotch rack up a few 100+ scores still this season (please god PLEASE).

  31. Theo says:

    I'm pretty sure that second caller is actually Alex Rance. Sounds exactly like him.

  32. Nolsey says:

    G'Day Boys
    I am really stuck here and dont know what to do
    Team is
    Mcveigh, Bartel, Simpson swallow suckling haqnley langford cutler
    ablet,pendles, beams, selwood, rocky, gray, steve J, o'brien robertson acres
    sandi minson currie king
    danger martin zorko pav roghy ambrose lloyd cameron

    got 12 trades 23k
    need cash fast to upgrade final 2 mid spots and swing gray fwd, thinking mcgovern will make the most cash quickly, lloyd – mcgovern, thourghts please

    • Donavan says:

      do it.

      • Nolsey says:

        cheers Donavan
        was thinking robertson to miles to field instead of obrien as well

        • Donavan says:

          Yeah Robetson to Miles would work.

          Then make Mile your mid emergency, and put acres in for O'Brien, if Miles scores above 60-70.

  33. Matt says:

    Hey Jock, thanks for giving me a shout out on your Community podcast! Currently sitting in 7th overall (Whateverittakes). Hoping to stay in the hunt this week and with a bit of luck mate I might be up there come the pointy end of the season. Thanks for the community's support, it means a lot. cheers.

  34. TOM says:

    Hi community
    I really don't know what I should do with my team. I have 8 trades left and $34,000 left

    backs: bartel, swallow, hurn, hanley, langdon, burgoyne (cutler, georgio)
    mids: ablett, pendles, beams, rockliff, selwood, ward, kennedy, k.mitchell ( hartung, acres)
    rucks: sandi, mummy (derickx, thurlow)
    fwds: parker, danger, martin, zorko, wingard, shenton, (cameron, lloyd)

    Was thinking of maybe
    a) kane mitchell to Miles
    b) Shenton to Mcgovern
    c) Llyod to Kersten
    d) Llyod to honeychuch
    e) hartung to honeychurch

    Then when mitchell comes back a straight swap for langdon.


    • Donavan says:

      a & b

      • Donavan says:

        actually can you afford, Mitchell to McGovern & Hartung to Miles

        • TOM says:

          Donavan I can afford to do Mitchell to mcgovern and Hartung to miles via the shenton swing. I will have $96,000 left

    • Leighroy says:

      Would you consider Martin in forward line to set up ruck forward swing link. Then trade Derrickx to a non playing ruck and put the cash into another line. You still have ruck cover and forward cover for little cash and Derrickx will struggle to keep his spot when tippet comes back

  35. bob says:

    2 trades this week
    Higgins to Martin to make some cash then Lloyd out for buddy or Parker.

    Cant decide between parker or Buddy.
    Buddy has a higher ceiling but parker has been more consistent. Both about the same price.

    Thoughts from the community?

  36. Terry Mayne says:

    Aright I have lost cuple of games due to the captain loophole I dont know how it works. I want to have josh kennedy tonight as VC and my back up wil be Ablett. I dont know how to hange he captain if he scores well. can someone tell me how t do it. The captain option doesnt come up on the bench

    • Zo123 says:

      You choose Ablett as C (on field). Choose whoever you want as VC. If your VC has a cracker game then bench Ablett and play a player who is DEFINITELY not going to play. Make him Captain. Make Ablett emergency.
      When your captain doesn't play you automatically get Ablett's score. Plus your VC score is doubled.
      You must pick a VC who is playing before the GC game though. So Josh Kennedy is a great choice.

    • Cam says:

      You need a someone one the field not selected to play. Max King from Melbourne as a ruck is ideal because he plays on the Sunday. Put the E on your playing ruck who is playing. C on Ablett. If Kennedy scores well then move the C to the non-playing ruck. If JPK scores 100-ish again then leave the C on gaz. If your captain doesn’t play you get the VC score and the emergency ruck’s score counts regardless of who you put the C on. Always safer to do it in the ruck department as there’s less chance of being screwed by late withdrawals and copping a donut.

    • julz says:

      Pick a line where you have a non-playing starter whose game is scheduled for AFTER the Swans match.
      For example, Hallahan, Acres, Hartung, Impey etc.
      Put the VC on Kennedy, if he smashes out 130+ you can then put your non-player on the field by swapping them with someone who is on the field currently, and put the Emergency on whoever you take off the field. Then put the C on the non-playing player (it will be activated as they are now on the field not on the bench)
      For example, put Impey on the field in place of Dangerfield but make sure the emergency is on Dangerfield so you will still get his score to cover for Impey's donut. Also, as Impey is a donut if you make him captain you will get your high VC score from Kennedy.
      Just make sure you only have one emergency on the forward bench (ie Dangerfield) – if you have 2 players named emergency on the same line you will only get the lower score count.
      Hope this makes sense

    • julz says:

      See my reply below under Tim Cahill's comment LOL

    • Terry Mayne says:

      Thanks guys! hopefully use it to my advantage this time

  37. Tim Cahill says:

    Looking at my last MID upgrade to full premium this week. Am trying to decide between Steve Johnson and Nick Dal Santo. I'm leaning towards Dal Santo due to North's schedule and he's more of a POD.

    Who would you bring in?

    Thanks for the help, community!

    • SCaddict says:

      If I had to bet I reckon Stevie J would produce the higher average in the final 10 games but he has a knack of missing games so you would want to have decent bench cover if you pick him.

      • Cam says:

        Also keep in mind the draw and the Crowley factor in r20. Out of the three I’d go Mr Steven Johnson.

  38. Remy says:

    Guys, I am just outside top 8 in my two best leagues.
    I have 13 trades left and (probably) need to trade heaps to get into the 8.
    I was thinking:
    Riewoldt to either Stefan Martin or Motlop
    KK to Andrew Walker.
    Good trades?
    Advice would be great.

    • wes says:

      I like Nroo out for either martin or motlop
      Motlop may have big game vs suns – suns big defs are good, but their small???

      • Remy says:

        What about KK to Andrew Walker?
        KK's breakeven is very high.
        I reckon Walker's about to start pumping out those big scores..

        • Leighroy says:

          If you believe that go with your gut. Personal I think with walker what his producing is what your going to get. But if you believe something different go for it

  39. julz says:

    Should I get Parker in forward line or Hanley in to complete my defence?

    Have gone Hanley so far as figured Parker might drop a bit in price. This means playing Shenton and Ambrose on field in forward line this week though but they would be trade bait next week.

    Have traded in Miles in the guts so would be able to loophole him against Langdon (if I get Hanley) or Shenton (if I get Parker, but then Langdon stays on the field in defence as my D6).
    Thoughts, 9 trades left.

  40. Guest says:

    stokes or ebert?

  41. Pittz says:

    Rioli or zorko ?

  42. Pittz says:

    Which trades to make

    Gordon to ross

    Then kand mitchell to rioli


    Higgins to stefan martin

    And kane mitchell to stevie johnson ?

  43. Kevin says:

    Anyone seen Stevie J next five weeks???? Gold Coast, Essendon, Bulldogs, Melbourne and Gws!!!!!!!!

  44. Bellybuttonfluff says:

    What happens to Derrix when Tippett comes back and pyke is playing? Will he still be good r3 ?

    • Leighroy says:

      If you have Martin it’s time for him to go. If no cover I would leave him and hope one of the big boys go down. Let’s face it goodes, franklin, tippet and poke have all missed games this year and Derrickx is straight in if one of them go out

  45. Matt says:

    Looking to ship off Hartung and Dunstan, have 100k in the war chest to spend.
    Any suggestions?

    • Porcelain says:

      It depends on how many trades you have left, and how much cash you need to fill your team with premo's.
      There is only Martin & McG at the moment that will generate some big $$.

      If you have enough trades after getting rid of Hartung and Dunstan – then trade in some cash cows.
      Otherwise, it is time to start finalising the team with premo's (I am loading uip on Freo players because of their easy draw for remainder of season.

      • Matt says:

        my team is: Bartel, Simpson, Birchall, Jaensch, Suckling, McDonald (Langford, Bews)
        Ablett, Selwood, Murphy, Beams, Zorko, Griffen, Thomas, Hartung (Dunstan, Aish)
        Sandilands, Ceglar (Cox, Derickx)
        Dangerfield, Martin, Parker, Roughead, Wingard, Ambrose (Taylor, Cameron)
        11 trades left and $103,400 in the bank

  46. Jordan says:

    should i hold on too suckling or trade him off? also how many trades do people have left..? I have 11 before trading suckling…

  47. Le come. Lego. says:

    Parker or Boomer?
    Who's a better fantasy scorer?!?????!??!??!??!?!

    • Tommykwr says:

      Boomer pumps out higher scores,
      Until last week Parker had consistently been 95+
      Go boomer

  48. James says:

    malceski or simpson ?

  49. TOM says:

    who should i start on my field, miles or shenton

  50. hmmmmm says:

    best defender rookie under 124k?

  51. TOM says:

    zak jones

    • Donavan says:

      Looked great in a half of footy. Could be a great rookie inclusion into defense in a couple of weeks.

  52. OzSonic says:

    Gone like this in the end.

    Higgins to Hanley (after some shuffling)
    Langdon to Fyfe.

    I'll miss the Franklin train and keep my fingers crossed for a plummeting forward from elsewhere.

    Gambling on my 2 only rucks as well and leaving Martin on the wire.

    Happy with those trades, thoughts from the community? Would love some feedback.

    • Donavan says:

      Both solid trades.

      Did the right thing regarding rucks.

      Buddy would have been a nice inclusion, but you cant bring them all in.

      Hope it pans out well.

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  54. Tommykwr says:

    Wingard or Stevan Martin as F6 this week

    • Donavan says:


      • Leighroy says:

        Martin for me sets up a extra swing link. Martin should hopefully average say 80 from here to the end of the season wingard I believe will average about 90-95 therefore you are spending around $140-$150k more for 225 additional points. I believe by using that cash say in the mid line will generate more points. Eg Kennedy averaging 121 valued at $635k take 140k the best mid around 500k is ebert based on points scored. Averaging 106 there is a 15 point difference per game. If the difference between the best 500k mid is 225 points for the rest of season maybe there is a player say cotchin can be upgraded to a jpk and your overall points for the season should go up by more then what wingard will out score Martin by

  55. Dustbin Feltchers says:

    Am lubbing da Siddy vs Lichmond game..my girl fend fom Myanmar say me " Is Rance playing on Rance?"

  56. Donavan says:

    I ended up going-

    Hartung & Ambose to Miles & McGovern

    Looking for cash generation and bench cover.

  57. Itchy Nuts Pieman says:

    Miles 126! The arousel curve has gone off its head!

  58. Shaun says:

    G’day fellas!! Can get any midfielder I want with the trade of tyson!

    Current mids are: GAJ, Pendles, JPK, Beams, Libba, Selwood and Cotch!

    Suggestions please!!


    • Leighroy says:

      Based on stats and points scores this year slone. Your mids are very strong, do you have another spot you need to upgrade as if so I would put the money into that line and grab a discounted mid like Steve Johnson. I believe Goddard has had a strong year take out one score really and rockliff has been strong but would wait a week or two if you go that way.

      • Shaun says:

        Thanks mate!! I only have suckling in the backs and stef Martin at F6! I’m just looking for the best value overall!!
        Your insight is much appreciated!

    • Donavan says:

      Rockcliff or Fyffe

  59. Nick says:

    Who should I chuck the vc on ? Pendles or libba

  60. Brent says:

    Hey guys, is it worth going the trade of Lewis Taylor to McGovern? All advice appreciated

  61. Ando says:

    Hi guys, just wondering who we feel will average more for the rest of the season
    Nic Nat or M.Lobbe any input would be great, Cheers

  62. Kevin says:

    Best midfield premium to get this week. I'm vs top of the table so I want a 120+score

    Current midfiel: (Ablett, Pendles, Libba, NDS, Beams, Fyfe, Selwood)

  63. Dustbin Feltchers says:

    "And i would walk 500 MILES…and i would walk 500 more…just to be the man who walk one thooosand MILES to get his supercoach score.." has to be the intro song for the podcast…

  64. Dan says:

    Broomhead is sub, natural defensive sweeper.

  65. David says:

    Which two players out of t.walker, s.martin and c.shenton should i play in the fwd line this week?

  66. Derek says:

    Should I take kerstens 73 or put Ambrose on field

  67. Duck says:

    Help! Do I take Pendles 121 who is my current VC? Or do I keep Nic Nat as my C? Guy I’m playing had GAJ as captain, I didn’t coz I took a punt he’d have another average game… Bad call!!!

  68. Tommykwr says:

    Had Ablett as vice and went to do the loophole and realised al my emergencies have played
    Who do I have as captain,
    Ward, Mumford, Harvey

    • David says:

      In this order:
      Mumford. 115-135 pts
      Ward. 95-115 pts
      Harvey. 90-110 pts

  69. David says:

    Brisbane has a new low

    Halftime 1 pt with 5 inside 50's …….wow

  70. Adam says:

    Bloody Zorko………

  71. Ryan says:

    Should I loophole schoenmakers onto the field and take his 101, or take hurns score? Could be a very close league match, tempted to take the guaranteed 101

  72. Tray says:

    What is everyone looking at scoring for the week Coming into Sunday?? Some stinkers this week with both Zorko Thenotsomagnificent and P*ssoffpeirce Hanley, Had some upside with Jacobs, Fyfe, Martin and of course Gazza. Looking at around 2400 hopefully. you guys?

  73. Jock Reynolds says:

    Mark my words Dale Thomas will be back to his best tomorrow almost worth looking at stinking the big "C" on him,

  74. Crouchingone says:

    R u say me dis Jock, How can Daisy Get 160+

  75. Nick says:

    Ben brown has been named!!!

  76. Dustbin Feltchers says:

    thanks a bunch smarc smurphy!!! ham string tightness hey???

  77. Anonymous says:

    How do you beat a tagger? coach should put a tag on the tagger

  78. john snow says:

    and have another player running around loose carving it up, top coaching move..

  79. David says:

    Yay Simpson is shit ๐Ÿ™‚

  80. Derek says:

    I have Daisy (I know……. Had problems elsewhere) and Goldstien to play. Behind in one match by 3 pts. He has NicNat and dal Santo.

    In other match I’m 6 pts behind and they have Shenton, McGovern and Dal Santo.

    How do you like my chances?

    Daisy 53sc at half time

  81. Michael says:

    Shattering round, 2265 which is well under par by the sounds of things.

    Score breakdown, only 10 players this week 100+:

    150+: 1
    140-150: 3
    120-130: 2
    110-120: 2
    100-110: 2
    90-100: 4
    80-90: 1
    70-80: 2
    60-70: 1
    50-60: 2
    40-50: 1
    30-40: 1

    1. Stuffed up GAJ captain score by not taking C off Sandy after GC game – loss of 49 points.
    2. Murph late out meant I got Zac O'Brien's 50 – potential loss of around 50 I'd say.
    3. Had Shoenmakers on bench with Simpson stinking it up – loss of 69 points

    After such a great start where 2450 was probable, 2500+ possible, will now slip probably a couple of thousand down the overall rankings to the 7K mark I reckon. Disappointing, as aside from using too many trades (have 6 left) have had a reasonable season to date with very little errors (aside from having Mike Pyke to start with lol).

    How's everyone else going?

    • BCHawks says:

      I got 2359 nothing compared to my score from last week but I am happy with it.

      • David says:

        Will get 2393 after Priddis and Harvey saving my hot buns ๐Ÿ™‚

        Yeah Murphy no show hurt me a bit and Steve johnson and Bartel not scoring well this week for me

        Hardly anyone will get over 2500 this week
        I think a par score this week is 2300

        • Michael says:

          makes me feel a little better David, on to next week!

          • David says:

            The kade Simpson and Langdon special will kill those teams that have them this week

            I dont have them so it could have been worse for me

            • Big Unit says:

              Feeling your pain Michael, copped sub-50 scores from Hanley, Zorko, Simpson and Griffen, with a donut from Murphy to finish it off.

    • Michael says:

      Harder round than I thought, only dropped about 200 positions!

    • FootyFanatic says:

      I'm happy with my score of 2467, but could of scored 2500+ if it wasn't for Smurph not playing. It sounds like a lot of people had a tough week and this resulted in my overall rank having.

  82. john snow says:

    2273 with Reiwoldt, Shenton, Ambrose, Suckling, Danger stinking it up

  83. Simon says:

    Bloody Harvey!

    Can't he have 1 bad game so I can afford him?

  84. Michael says:

    Need to fill my last mid premo position, have about $550K to spend by trading out Taylor & Shoenmakers and bringing Jones Jnr in to defence. Nothing really standing out though, should I wait and try to build a bit more cash + let Jones Jnr have another game up his sleeve – I think the Swans love him so expecting him to get some good game time coming up, particularly with Hannebery out + Jack Snr could be rested. Oh, and I have only 6 trades left haha. Would appreciate thoughts / ideas etc.

    • Michael says:

      BTW current premo mids are GAJ, Pendles, JPK, Jelwood, Beams, Murph, Fyfe. Cows available to slaughter between now and season end are Bews (DEF), Taylor, O'Brien, Acres (MID), Ambrose, Shenton, Cameron (FWD)

  85. Michael says:

    Trade idea #1
    Taylor out, Kersten in
    Shenton out, Gray in.
    Leaves me with 4 trades, full mid premo, $12.5K left.


  86. Pittz says:

    Just wondering who people think the best midfielder under 450 thousand is as my 8th mid

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