PODCAST: Round 10 Community Night podcast

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Supercoach 2014

The Community is UP AND ABOUT in the lead in to this last weekend of the bloody byes!

And the teachings of Ross Lyon have really struck a chord with many of our beloved community and their wisdoms this week.

Enjoy the pre Round 10 Community Night podcast folks – looking forward to reading through the comments below in the lead up to a HUGE round


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  1. Brandon241 says:

    Cant wait to listen Jock

  2. Jesse says:

    bloody ripper podcast jock as usual

  3. Rowdy says:

    who out of Hartung Shenton or Cameron (adelaide) would have the better JS. looking at getting 2 out of the 3
    Thanks community in advance

    • jockreynolds says:

      Id go with Shenton with the best JS, then flip a coin with Hartung and Cameron at this stage.. will be clearer next week

    • Tom says:

      Hartung will get the vest handed to him a lot
      shenton and cameron if they keep playing well have very decent js

  4. Tom says:

    absolute ripper jock

  5. Jake says:

    Should I trade out polec or Kelly for selwood? And Is 13 trades with 4 on field rookies (Langdon Langford l Taylor and polec/Kelly) enoufh

  6. Captain joc says:

    Time to stick the headphones in and have a listen

    Would be awesome if you and the boys posted all your teams would love to see how use are all going ?

    And Jock Reynolds do you regret not picking missy Higgins?

  7. Scano says:

    Is Matty Wright a keeper or do we trade?

  8. Azmataz says:

    I am in London Jock and have to wait until after work to listen to the podcast damn it (another 5-6 hours away..)

    I am trading ass off this week and getting rid of Dunstan, Acres (as I heard he is gone for 6) and JKH for Hartung, Cameron and the MIGHTY Selwood.

    This only leaves me with $8k in the bank and 13 trades remaining, but I still have Polec to upgrade, Sam May in my backline who I am going to downgrade to Bews next week. I might even get me a Bud / Reiwoldt bargain next week.

    Langdon is looking more and more like a keeper but will see how he gos now that Fasolo is back (who may also be a keeper).

  9. Nick says:

    G'day community i want to trade out matt suckkling next week who would you suggest I get in for him
    I already have Mcveigh bartel swallow Simpson enright
    Is Pearce hanly a good idea what are your thoughts

  10. Damo says:

    need a ruckman and have $500000 to spend, what are your recomendations? thinking either cox, minson, goldstein or macevoy…..

  11. Josh says:

    Was talking to Blake acres and he reckons 5 weeks

  12. Adam says:

    Are people going with Pendlebury? I'm really unsure if he is a MUST for league finals, or if we could get by with a POD ie. Goddard, Sloane, NDS?

    • Donavan says:

      I would go Pendlebury if you can afford him.

      He is not a must, the only must is Ablett (I think), but Pendles is a reliable 110-130 scorer, and there arent too many.

      Of the 3 you mention I like Sloane, just dont know impact of A.Swallow on NDS.

  13. Donavan says:

    Which of the following midfield options do we think are going to average the highest sc score for the rest of the season?

    Rockliff, J.Selwood, Dal Santo, Libba, Ward, R.Gray, N.Jones, Harvey or McVeigh

  14. The Ranger says:

    Webster and Dunstan are getting the flick this week.
    Pendles is coming in but what to do with the other spot?
    At the moment I'm torn between swinging Bartel to DEF and bringing in Hartung or swinging L.Taylor to the MID and grabbing Cameron….thoughts community?

  15. Jezzalenko says:

    Great podcast Jock! I have mostly premos in my team but starting to run low on trades. Do you reckon it's worth holding onto Zorko the magnificent or going the sideways trade to a Buddy or a Roo?

  16. Cezz says:

    HUGE issues boys. Won't make the 18 players on field this week due to S.Loydd out and Rioli's nightmare of a hamstring.

    What im after is a cheap Mid, already got Hartung and refuse to pay for someone that's popped the bubble. In the communitys proffesional opinion, how likely is Morabito to get a game? Bloody Rossy has been letting him smash in in the resi's "Building fitness".

    • Rocksta says:

      Freo has a bye this week so Morabito is no good to you, irrespective of if he gets a game soon or not.
      Richmond are talking about debuting Miles, but I note he's an emergency this week and thus you'll have to wait.
      Shenton is a DPP and looks good, but has a bye this week and is a little more expensive at around $155K even though he's only played 2 games.

    • Garglesnarf FC says:

      Heres a left field pick for you, Kane Mitchell.

      Played last game for 114, picked again this week. His downside is that he is priced awkwardly at about $240k, but a pair of 80’s will see him jump $60k. With more to come he could be a sneaky quick cash cow, or even a very handy M9 come finals time.

      Lloyds out is making me consider weird things.

      • WombatsFC says:

        Thanks for the heads up on Langdon mate. I also had a look at Kane after his first game but I'm worried about JS and think he might be swapped with Newton or similar depending on the opponent. He was flying last year(i think) and then he disappeared.
        I'm seriously considering Thomas he was ave 103 from 4 before his round 3 injury compounded in round 5 and he was subbed out. Take out the 2 injury games and his ave is 113.7
        He's Only 372k and got GWS Ess,Nth all teams that leak very high midfield points

  17. Kris says:

    Mumford or Jacobs?

    • wes says:

      players coming back from long lay off tend to score lower… short term, Jacobs is better for mine.
      and I have Mummy and cannot trade out.
      the above said, I believe Mummy still has a low BE, so he will go up again (something 50-60) provided he stays on field for long enough and doesn't break down at all – God no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Danny says:

    Hi Guys. Little help please
    I have 185 need to get rid of 3 r10 bye players.
    OUT………. IN

    Cutler……. Jaensch
    JKH………. C.Cameron
    L.Taylor…. Zac Smith (via dpp thurlow).
    (or S.Lloyd now that he’s dropped) (Not keen on Nic Nat)
    leaves 47k gives me derickx as future R3
    OUT……….. IN
    Derickx…… Goldy
    Cutler……… Bews
    JKH ………..Cameron
    leaves 100k,……… No R3…….. probably less output
    Or any other ideas

    • Rocksta says:

      I wouldn't be getting rid of Derickx. Although he only scores in the 60's, he is a valuable R3 and seems to be getting better. Also, there is stuff all else out there in the Ruck Department on the Rookie front.
      To be honest, I don't like any of those options detailed above

      • Captain joc says:

        Yeah either do I I can understand your reasoning for moving derickx on but I wouldn’t move cutler or Taylor as they both have more money to make

  19. Kris says:


    1. Dunstan>Jelwood West>Mumford/Jacobs JKH>Shenton 191-231k bank
    2. Dunstan>Jelwood West>Jacobs Kelly>Jaensch 23k bank
    3. Dunstan>Jelwood West>Mumford Polec>Jaensch 95k bank

    Prior to one of the above trades – need to fill 3 mids 1 def 1-2 fwd 1 ruck

    • Captain joc says:

      I like number 2 the best what about Minson or goldy or Ryder instead of Jacobs/mummy

      The JKH to shenton trade could be done next week

      • Kris says:

        Minson I like – but am on the edge of too many doggies unfortuantely – libba macrae dahlhaus
        Ryder I dont like because of bellchambers
        Goldy I love his price – but has struggled this season. The last two tons in a row were against a sick lions with a mediocre west and gcs without Tom Nichols.

        So I take it you prefer Mumford more than Jacobs?

        • Captain joc says:

          No no no no I don’t reckon he will be able to stay on the field/keep up these scores
          I really like Jacobs it’s just he is abit dear
          But won’t you eventually trade macrae out?
          And all the more reason for you to have Minson if you got libba

          • Kris says:

            Most likely will trade macrae out. But it will take a couple poor games – and hes last on my list…
            Next week will either bring in another midfielder or fill a slot on my fwd.

            Ive only got Mumford on my radar because I like players with potential to hit BIG scores. One big score can be the difference between a win or loss in my league

      • Kris says:

        Can do as another alternative
        West>Minson Dunstan>Jelwood JKH>Jaensch
        But means I will have 4 doggies for 5ish weeks maybe

        • Captain joc says:

          Yeah I like that option a lot actually
          I picked up goldy last week so hoping now that he has signed a new contract that he could completely go bang bang for the remainder of the season

          • Kris says:

            Cheers captain, been much appreciated – the more I keep thinking and discussing it – I've convinced myself that mummy is fools gold. And the money for an expensive ruck could be better spent elsewhere on someone more reliable

          • Kris says:

            And yer I hope goldy does pick his game up – it could just be that shoulder injury he got early on in the season that has been hampering him a bit. Hopefully his week off has helped him out

          • Captain joc says:

            Yeah well who knows how mummy will go coming off an extended lay off
            Yeah I’m just going with goldy/sandi combo set and forget and spend more money in the midfield where I can hopefully get jpk as I have already got fyfe Ablett pendlebury beams Watson libba and bringing selwood in this week then jpk about r14-17

            • Kris says:

              very nice Mid! Would have loved to be able to have grabbed fyfe.
              And its too late to get JPK until he has a sod of a game. Ward could be a good cheaper pick that ill be looking at next week.

          • Captain joc says:

            I also see myself spending less in the Fwds as there isn’t many great Fwds so I’ll spend abit more on defence

            • Kris says:

              I agree. Thats why im looking at taking a risk on grabbing Nroo from the bargain bin or pay slightly extra for LeCras whilst holding fasolo on the ground in my fwd

          • Captain joc says:

            Why not buddy or wingard I don’t believe Nroo will do too well unless saints are winning

            • Kris says:

              Buddy is too sporadic for my liking. Nroo prob as well. Wingard and Lecras would be the safer choice. Will be more consistent. But may miss out on some big +140 scores

    • Garglesnarf FC says:

      Do we consider Jaensch to be genuine premium? Kudos if you picked him early, but I am not a fan of trading him in now in place of genuine premium like a Bartel/Malceski/Simpson etc.

      I know he’s cheap but I dont know if he even keeps his position when Henderson comes back in.

      • Kris says:

        I think jaensch can avg 95-105. which I am happy with. Would rather spend the big dollars in the mid.

    • Azmataz says:

      Polec to Jaensch is sideways in my opinion. Option 1 out of those 3. Jacobs over Mummy

  20. Daryl Prasad says:

    Wonderful podcast Jock. A pleasure to listen to and full of great information…thanks heaps!

  21. Kris says:

    Is 6 trades for 8-9ish rounds with a full side cutting it too fine?

  22. Filthy says:

    Need some advice community.

    Ranked 92nd overall – getting to the pointy end of the season, upgrading to premiums ASAP

    Current team:

    DEF: McVeigh, Hibberd, Swallow, Simpson, Langdon, Langford ( Georgio, Cutler )

    MIDS: Gaz, Pendles, Beams, Libba, Cotchin, Watson, Tyson, M Crouch (Acres, O’Rourke)

    RUC: Sandi, Jacobs (Derickx, Currie)

    FWD: Danger, Parker, Dusty, Breust, Zorko, Higgins (S Lloyd, JKH)

    Planned changes R10:

    JKH to C Cameron

    Tyson to J Selwood

    Crouch to S Gray

    Cash left over – 133k

    Plan for R11 is to switch Gray into forward line for Higgins – upgrade Higgins to Kennedy (swans). Would need one other minor downgrade for the extra cash.

    Unfortunately, Lloyd/O’Rourke not playing would mean only 17 players this week.

    Alternative would be to upgrade Acres into Gray and play M Crouch this week but would lose me the extra 100k for the proposed Kennedy trade next week and delay the transfer. Is it worth the points Crouch may make?

    Currently have 18 trades. Proposed trades would leave me with 15.

    Only two defenders to upgrade to premo’s for full premium side – Langdon (not urgent, may keep as D6) and Langford.

    May do sideways transfers later for Cotchin and Zorko to better players after full premium team (if I can afford it and have luck with injuries.)

    What defenders for the last two? Thinking Bartel and maybe Langdon to SMitchell when he returns.

    Thoughts / suggestions most welcome and appreciated.



    Coach “The Filth”

    • Garglesnarf FC says:

      Cant help but think you should be telling us what to do Filthy! Nice work. I assume you mean Robbie Gray is your in, & not Sam Gray?

      Robbie into the middle looks sound in light of your planned trades next week.

      Goodluck on the $50k!

      • Filthy says:

        OOPs! … i meant Robbie Gray. haha!
        You need luck – I have been fortunate with my rucks. A lot of coaches have had injuries to Mummy, Ryder etc which need wasting trades to rectify. Also selected Parker instead of Mitchell or Franklin – could have gone either way.
        i don't see that luck in my initial selections, choice of rookies etc make me an "expert" – far from it.
        Players such as yourself Wombat, Jimbo from Traralgon etc have been of assistance through their comments and advice to others. I have played SC for a few years so I have some understanding of the "rookie ramp" to generate cash.
        I am happy to be in my current position but I still appreciate input from others – thanks for your response Gargle. Cheers!

  23. Paige says:

    Thanks Jock – you’ve given us at SCPaige some great material to upload on our site in the next day or so!


    • Captain joc says:

      Isn’t that plagiarism?

      • Ripper roo says:

        Totally agree, Captain. This community is built on helping each other out, but taking advantage of it by pulling a swifty is poor form. I hope Crouching lands flykick in on your page. Keen to hear your thoughts Jock and company.

    • G.Ablett 3 Votes says:

      Get lost paige!!!

    • Cam_H says:

      I'm a bit suspicious that this post from "Paige" *might* be bogus?

      • SCaddict says:

        You reckon??

        Yes definitely someone playing silly buggers. Shame Jock's admin can't block these sorts of recurring posters.

        So better off we all just ignore these posts until they are deleted rather than encourage this kind of tomfoolery.

  24. paul says:

    Worst rookies this year so far is impey, acres and georgio. All works in donut king.

    • Sleepy says:

      hey Paul you forgot Clurey, Boyd and Jack Martin. McCarthy as well. Then there is Michie and ……….. get my point lol

  25. Sarah says:

    Hi Community,

    I'm having difficulty making a decision this morning…

    Rory Sloane or Nick Dal Santo?

    As a massive crows fan I'm trying not to be biased, hence my indecision!
    I need unbiased comments!!!
    Thanks guys 🙂

    • Tom.H says:


    • Garglesnarf FC says:

      They are impossible to split I think. Both are scoring well and both have a decent run home in the finals. Go with the bloke you like more!

      • Sarah says:

        Thanks Gargles! I obviously like Sloane more but wanted to make sure I wasn't being Crows-biased!!!

    • Dinkum Davo says:

      I like the sloane ranger out of those 2… I rekon his got the higher ceiling

      By the way, wat do people see fasolo averaging at yrs end, could he be a keeper?

      • Sarah says:

        Thanks for your input.
        I'm not sure about Fasolo. He's at an awkward price. I was looking at him too but think I might take Zorko in 3 weeks when he's bottomed out.

    • Kurt says:

      Sloane. Think Swallow in might slow Dal Santo's scoring.

      • Sarah says:

        Thanks guys!!
        I think Sloane's got an unasailable lead here!!
        From the site and my own network the ledger is standing at Sloane 6, NDS 1.

        • rosco_peco says:

          Out of those two alone, add me down for another Sloane vote Sarah, the kid is a jet and consistent scorer.

          On a side note, I cant wait to get Goddard in next week. Take out his injury effected 11 and he's averaging a touch under 118 for the year.

  26. rosco_peco says:

    Love your work Jock, and appreciate all your tireless efforts and contributions, words of wisdom, community support, and outstanding leadership!

    Am I crazy to make the following trades this week;
    JKH > Charlie Cameron
    Crouch > Selwood
    $56K left

    • Garglesnarf FC says:

      They look to be excellent trades Rosco

      • rosco_peco says:

        Thanks mate, I may even drop Tyson a week early and bring in Bews via DPP to generate cash for next week.

        Have to remind ourselves we're back to 2 trades per week next week, and ideally I would like to probably do a downgrade and upgrade of Hallahan and Langford. Tyson to Bews leaves me with $390K and with cash generated from the next round of trades, I should be able to go Hallahan > Shenton/rookie & Langford > JPK/Fyfe or pretty much any uber premo. That will all but round out my onfield team of premo's. with 10 trades left for the year.

    • SCaddict says:

      I'm doing the same exact moves Rosco though I also plan to cash out Flipper with a third trade down to Hartung.

  27. Danny says:

    Desperate for help. My ideas have been canned. Need more players on field this week. $185,100…* denotes R10 bye….(Lloyd dropped)
    DEF…… McV*…Burg…Langdon…Hanley*…Enright…(Cutler*, Martin)
    MID…… GAZ,.. Jobe*…, D.Beam…, Jelwood…, Ward…, Fyfe*…, Cotch…, Polec ………….(M.Crouch,Hartung)
    RUC…… Sandi*…Deickx*…(Thurlow*, M.King*)
    FWD…. Danger…Pav*…Zork*…Dusty…Fasol…S.Lloyd…(L.Taylor*…JKH*)
    Going for league win

    • Garglesnarf FC says:

      As I see it you currently have 14 players this week?

      Crouch and JKH are ripe for being down/upgraded, but that wont help you get near 18 players. I think you are simply going to have tank this round, and make sure you help to set up your squad for the run home. Unless someone else has a better idea, here is my offering;

      JKH > Lennon/Cameron
      Crouch > Gray to open up F/M swing with Danger Zorko and Dusty

      I think Lennon may play more than Cameron, but Cameron saves you $40k of outlay. Gray may seem a little left field as a Mid, but by having the swingman in the centre you have three way flexibility to cover any fwd outs as the season progresses without having to burn a trade. If you also trade in Shenton as either F or M next week you can add yet another rotation into the mix.

      Hope that at least gives you food for thought.

      • Danny says:

        Thanks GFC.
        I appreciate it

        • Captain joc says:

          Hey GFC how sure are we on shenton at 155k about his JS?

          • Garglesnarf FC says:

            I think he’s probably got the best JS of the current rookies on or near the bubble. Certainly while Acres is out anyway, but like all of them they fight for game time against other rookies and older players returning from injury.

            Lennon is fighting McDonough and Lloyd for gametime, Cameron is fighting a host of small mid/fwds at the Crows, while Hartung and Hallahan will fight each other plus Suckling and Mitchell for time over the next couple.

            To be honest it is a very tough call as to who offers you the best JS. Price wise Shenton is at least cheaper than Lennon but 32k more than Cameron, and 37k more than Hartung.

            I am taking Hartung this week, along with Gray and Selwood. Next week I will take Shenton if named and consider Cameron for double downgrade week.

    • SCdonkey says:

      Many will disagree with me on this Sandi to Minson playing against Suns should score big.
      Then Crouch to Cameron via L Taylor and upgrade JKH to R Gray or Harvey.
      This should give you 17 players onfield this week.

      • Garglesnarf FC says:

        As in Jeremy Cameron? Expecting him to get back to last years form again SCD? As a Giants fan, I certainly hope so, but that is THE most left field pick I have seen this week. Still if he kicks 6 against the black & yellow rabble you will be a genius!

        • SCdonkey says:

          Sorry snarf I should have been more specific. I was refering to charlie cameron.

          • Garglesnarf FC says:

            Oh yeah. Me being an idiot on a friday afternoon doesnt help. 🙂

  28. Westerner says:

    Hello community , I need some help please ! Would JKH > Matera or JJK be a bad move?

    • Derek says:

      neither are premiums. Should be looking at only trading in Premos now. Not these pretend premo/mid pricer burn men

  29. Donavan says:

    Not sure which trade to do.

    Team is as follows pre this weeks trade.

    Def – Bartel, Enright, Kolodjashnij, Schoenmakers, Langford, Tippett, Webster, Firrito
    Mid – Ablett, Pendlebury, Beams, Cotchin, Priddis, Goddard, Polec, Dunstan, Langdon, Acres
    Ruck – Sandilands, Mumford, Derickx, Lobb
    Fwd – Dangerfield, Roughead, Martin, Franklin, Dahlhaus, Ambrose, Taylor, Lloyd

    I have $24.4k in the bank.

    Looking to trade Webster, Firrito and Dunstan

    Seriously considering 2 trade types, by trading in-

    1. Jaensch, M.Johnson & Hartung (thinking Jaensch because I can't quite afford D.Swallow)

    2. Hartung, Docherty and a premium mid (Liberatore or J.Selwood)

    Appreciate your thoughts, leaning towards option 1.


    • Garglesnarf FC says:

      Not sure about Jaensch, you are the second person suggesting to trade him in this week and I can see how his price is very tempting. The problem as I see it is that you are taking a punt on a non-proven performer who is occupying the role of a more senior player who is injured (Henderson). Whilst his output is solid so far, it would not be any surprise to see his output drop or his role change on Hendersons return to fitness.

      If you are flush with trades (16+) then he is worth the gamble as he has points and cash to earn in the short term otherwise I would go with a proven performer instead.

      Firrito is back this week as well, and with Nths draw opening up I would consider keeping him for now.

      What about Dunstan down to Hartung and Webster up to Simpson, you could do with another genuine premium in that backline.

      • Donavan says:

        Thanks for the response Gargesnarf.

        Is it too late to get D.Swallow, and save some extra cash for the next upgrade, and increase team flexibility with another DPP.

        Really appreciate your thoughts.

        • Garglesnarf FC says:

          Swallow instead of Simpson would work, just watch the team list tonight as Swallow is only on an extended bench at the moment.

          Like the DPP with Langdon in the middle.

          • Donavan says:

            Thanks gain.

            I will keep an eye on the teams tonight (whilst at work).

            And I have 17 trades before this weeks trades are finalized.

    • SCdonkey says:

      Heres my thought. Firrito to Hartung via Langdon still give you full team in def. Then upgrade Dunstan to R Gray giving you DPP swing with L Taylor if you need Gray up fwd. Two trades used gained 34K plus 24.4K you already have. Then next week you can trade Webster and Langford to another premo the likes of swallow simpson etc.. and Bews if named.

      • Donavan says:

        Thanks SCdonkey, hadn't considered that type of move, but i am now.

        • SCdonkey says:

          No worries Donovan hope that helped. With those two trades you will have full squad in def mids and fwd this week and on top of that your fwd line will be full premiums.

  30. Zaydan says:

    Daniel Currie > Jonathon Ceglar Just as security

  31. Avzmo says:

    Zorko, Riewoldt or Franklin, all priced around 400k, which on should I have?

  32. Matt says:

    I agree with Donavan, jump on the Zorkster once his price has dropped

  33. Matt says:

    Is Matty Crouch to Jelwood and Nick Robertson to hartung good trades?

  34. Matt says:

    If Bews not named as sub is it worth jumping on him early?

  35. SuperCyril says:

    Thoughts on:
    S.Mitchell to Hurn, N.Robertson to Hartung, and J.Kelly to Selwood. Leaves $16k in bank.
    S.Mitchell to Bews, and N.Robertson to Selwood. Save 1 trade & $75k in bank.

    • Garglesnarf FC says:

      2nd option by a mile

    • Filthy says:

      Don't touch Hurn.
      Option 2 – more cash, save a trade – no brainer.
      Hopefully Bews plays enough games to gain value. At least he is not sub tonight which is a good sign.
      Right move to get Selwood whilst he is cheap.

  36. Captain joc says:

    As we were discussing POD players in the podcast majority of pods you pick make you just get further away from the pack.
    Example a couple of weeks ago I seriously considered brad ebert for a mid pod both his scores since then have been low I didn’t get him I got fyfe instead

  37. BCHawks says:

    Hey guys I need some serious help with my trades this week. This is my team as it stands

    J.McVeigh, D.Swallow, A.Walker, P.Hanly, S.Hurn, K.Kolodjashnij, W.Langford, J.Laidler
    G.Ablett, D.Beams, D.Mundy, T.Liberatore, M.Murphy, J.Bartel, M.Crouch, H.Cunningham, N.Robertson, B.Acres
    A.Sandilands. S.Jacobs, T.Derickx, D.Currie
    Forward: P.Dangerfield, D.Martin, C.Rioli, J.Roughead, D.Zorko, M.Wright, J.Kennedy-Harris, P.Ambrose

    I currently have 16 trades left and $79,100 in my bank.
    What I was thinking of doing either
    1.Out C.Rioli in C.Wingard
    Out JKH in Cameron
    Out Cunningham in Selwood

    2. Out C.Rioli in C.Wingard
    Out Cunningham swing Wright into my Mid and in Cameron
    Out Crouch in Selwood

    I am just not sure if Wright will be a keeper or if I should trade him I like option 2 a bit better because it means next week I can trade out JKH for Shenton but I really am not sure to do. If anyone has any better trade options for my team please tell me them. Thanks BCHawks

    • dognino says:

      As a wingard owner I really don't see why any one would want him, and with roughy and zorko in your Fwds it's another risk on an under performing player. I have roo and zorko along with wingard and it does my head in every week . Do you have enough cash for rioli to gray, JKH to Cameron , Cunningham to selwood ?

  38. dognino says:

    Am I over exciting the arousal curve by thinking JKH -> t.walker for F6 ? Trying to think of some cheap options around the ground and spend all my cash in the mids

    • Cam_H says:

      I'm exciting the arousal curve myself … I've made that trade his week. Mick the Mad Irishman has Tex at 97-101 points per round (he's done it once before), so I'm rolling the dice and going for it.

      • dognino says:

        It's a big gamble, I'm either going JKH to dustbin Martin and keeping faith that pyke will come good now swans have a full fwd line, or pyke to goldy/Minson and JKH to walker/fasolo as permanent F6 as a roll o tha dice …….

  39. Jay says:

    Need help on trades

    Polec > Selwood

    Robertson > Hartung

    Kennedy-Harris > Fasolo


    Crouch > Selwood

    Robertson > Hartung

    Kennedy-Harris > Cameron

  40. Tom says:

    Josh Kennedy or fyfe?

  41. T-Mac says:

    Thoughts on Suckling to hurn

  42. Ocker says:

    I am giving my view of Point of Difference, Which in Bean-Counter and or Business terms is associated with Price Point as well to maximize a companies profit. It is all about having an advantage over your opposition.
    When we look at what a POD is in Super-Coach terms It is not necessarily having a different player but at what
    price and at what stage of the season you pick the same player up at to maximise our scores. We are all looking to gain some sort of an advantage over everyone else. This can be done in a number of ways.
    Planning your team strategy at the start of the season is a POD as is "who you pick" but also "who you don't pick" for you team.

    Given the bye situation I only wanted 2 players out of round 8 in the midfield so I decided on Ablett and Beams
    with the plan of picking up Pendlebury and J Selwood after their byes.
    Given their current prices and scores I have made the correct decission. We need to look at value for money. One Hundred Thousand teams had Pendlebury at the start of the year but I chose not to as a POD.

    Profit Total Points
    Ablett $59,400 1212
    Beams $86,700 962
    Total $146,100 in financial profit for 2174 Points.

    Pendlebury -$50,300 1035
    J Selwood -$89,200 959
    Total -$139,500 in financial loss for 1994 Points.
    Looking at these figures I am 180 points better off and money saved from my initial 10 million starting value
    which allowed me to get Dangerfield instead of Wingard at the start of season. Choosing the right team in the first place can be a POD.
    It could be argued why I did not start with Pendlebury as well for more points but I had to make a choice regarding byes and my score over the byes has made up for points lost in the first 7 rounds. If I lost any at all.

    Short of writing an encyclopedia I liken the phrase POD to the word "if".
    When I was a kid we were always told that the word "IF" was the shortest word in the dictionary with the longest meaning. "If only I had picked up that player last week" Are you guilty of saying that? OR If only I left the big C on Ablett?

    Cheers Community hope this gives you an understanding of POD.

  43. Tim says:

    Just a quick question, thinking of reversing my trades this week but there is a warning tha t says Reversing trade cannot be undone, does this mean i cant do three different trades and do i lose those trades if i do reverse, help!!

    • Rawkus says:

      No! Unlimited reversals till first game

      • Cam_H says:

        'Yes' … (my understanding is that) you can't reverse trades once the round starts, but you can make trades involving players who have yet to play, or bye players who will not play.

    • David says:

      Mate, as long as you reverse all of the trades you have made so far BEFORE THE FIRST LOCKOUT, which is 7.5opm AEST tonight, you will be fine

  44. Nik says:

    Need some help, anything would be appreciated.

    Option one – out Kelly, jkh and billings, in hartung Cameron and grey + bank some cash

    Option two – out Tyson, Kelly and jkh – in hartung bruest and jelwood.

    I’m aware Tyson will be going up a decent amount with a be of 17 but I need a league win.


    • Ocker says:

      Kelly, Billings and Tyson can all still appreciate a fair bit in value.
      3 trades for 2 guns and a rookie is sound thinking and the right way to go in my opinion.
      Not a Breust fan but Optiion 2 looks better for a better chance to win your league game this week.
      Does Tyson Billings and JKH work for you financially. That gives you Kelly as another player this week although he is named on Interchange this week and someone has to get the vest.


    • Derek says:

      don't be in a rush. Hold Tyson until you have extracted all the cash you can.

  45. Jack says:

    Should i trade Georgiou out for Bews so that i have 18 playing this week??

    • Ocker says:

      Bews has only played one game and is a vest candidate along with the fact that Geelong only give rookies limited games as a rule. I would hold for another week on that one..

  46. James says:

    Hey community, which forward player should I get in this week?. Have $482000.

  47. Hugh 'HTK' says:

    Should I go C Cameron or C Shenton? Is it better to cop the donut this week or take the punt on Cameron?

    • Ocker says:

      I took the risk on putting Charlie in last week and will probably get Shenton next week.
      I normally like to have a second look at rookies but went with Charlie because I believe he will get games.
      Your Choice.

      • Hugh 'HTK' says:

        Thanks mate! Decided to go with Shenton, I just think his job security is a lot saer and I have 18 + (Lloyd) playing this week. I think Lloyd may be a late entrant.

        • Azmataz says:

          Mate Shenton could have a season ending injury during training. I would hold off until next week to get him in.

          I definitely like Shenton's JS over Cameron, and will wait and see what Cameron does this weekend to see whether he comes in or not.

          Hartung I think will get the vest.

    • Derek says:

      When will Honeychurch hurry up and get a game

  48. Sully321 says:

    Hi community,
    What do you think of my trades this week?
    1. Dunstan > selwood
    2. Zorko > Cameron
    This leaves me with $299,000 in the bank.
    Thinking of getting out Lloyd, georgiou or aish.
    I'm leaning to Lloyd or georgiou because I already have a stacked midfield.

    Suggestions for upgrades would be appreciated.
    (Already have enright, swallow, Burgoyne, Johnson in my defence. In the midfield I have abblet, pendles, fyfe, beams, Watson. And in my fwd line i have danger, Martin, and bruest. Players with byes are also not an issue)

    • MightyDonsFC says:

      Don't trade Zorko out

      • Sully321 says:

        Zorko got a break even of 139 and his form has been shocking

        • SCaddict says:

          Think you would be better off going Lloyd or JKH (if you still have him) down to Ch.Cameron.

          Would only consider getting rid of Zorko if you still have a bunch of trades left (at least say 18 heading into this round) which I certainly don't have.

      • SCaddict says:

        Yes Lions have a decent run of games coming up with Blues, Dogs and Giants so I intend to hold Zorko the Craptastic for now and see if he can turn things around.

    • Tommykwr says:

      Trade out Lloyd . Not playing this week

      • Azmataz says:

        Lloyd's a gun – should be back next week and has negative BE. HOLD I say, HOLD

  49. BCHawks says:

    I have ended up trading Rioli to Wingard, Cunninham to Cameron (I swung Wright in to my mids) and Robertson to Selwood. I now have 19 playing this week. Thanks everybody for the help.

  50. Forbesy says:

    Roughead to dahlhouse? Or hold ?

    • Tommykwr says:

      Keep roughy and cop the donut. bit up and down but you chose him for a reason

  51. Jimmy says:

    Hartung or Bews

    • Donavan says:

      Hartung, he should get atleast another 3-4 games before the Hawks get their players back.

      Bews will be lucky to play 4 games this season.

  52. Brandon2416 says:

    cameron or shenton

    • Azmataz says:


      • Cam_H says:

        'Both' if you have a decent number of trades. I'm personally going for both even though I'm getting very low on trades. Between the two however … I agree with Azmataz … Shenton's looking as though he's got job security, whereas Charlie Cameron's 'iffy' with, in light of two Crouchs, Reilly, Petrenko, Lyons, Grigg, Porpoise, etc. snapping at the heels.

        • Azmataz says:

          Yeah I agree. I have given Cameron another week to see how he goes and then I might jump on. I had to get rid of Sam May this week and had no other option but to go with bloody Bews who I never wanted but it is for pure cash generation. Also, I have Hibberd, Swallow, Simpson, McVeigh and Bartel and don't actually mind playing Langdon on the park for now so Bews will never actually be needed (touch wood).

          Shenton is definitely coming in next week. I am against bringing him in this week just in case he pulls a hammy at training or something and then you are stuck with him (aka Acres). JKH will be making way for the beast.

  53. James says:

    selwood or pendles vc?

  54. Zulu says:

    Buddy or Tomahawk? Both inconsistent…….similar price – who to trade in……..?

  55. michael says:

    Joel Tippett subbed off with pec or shoulder – looking like a few weeks out.

  56. michael says:

    Damn it – bring Jelwood in this week & bloody Chris Scott decides to play him forward!

    • Wes says:

      I know. I brought in Sam Gibson and he has underwhelmed. I feel like apologising to everyone who had him prior to this week

    • Cam_H says:

      113 points isn't too terrible though???

    • michael says:

      Yeah turned out ok in the end, Scotty moved him back into the midfield in the 2nd half thank god.

  57. Wes says:

    I am loving Bartell tonight though

  58. Matt says:

    What ever happened to the monday poll?

  59. Azmataz says:

    Georgiou to Bartel was the best trade of the season for me so far two weeks ago.

    • Dustbin Feltchers says:

      same same…i traded out mcdonald and josh kelly to bartel and acres last week….wasnt happy with acres but over the moon about bartel…

  60. John says:

    Thoughts on trading Burgoyne in? Need a player that plays this week. Already have Swallow, Bartel, Enright, Langdon

  61. Captain joc says:

    Polec to selwood done

    JKH to Cameron done

    Now I want to trade crouch to a mid/fwd got 270k to spend basically so they end up in the fwd line

    1. Gray 541k avg 108 6 tons 2 70s

    2. Dahlhaus 515k 4 tons 1 50 1 70 1 90

    3. Breust 465k 3 tons 1 60 1 70 2 80s 1 90

    4. Wingard 424k 2 tons 1 90 2 80s 1 70 1 50

    Basically what I’m asking Is it really worth paying top dollar for like of gray/Dahlhaus or save some dough on cheaper players

    My fwd line: danger, Parker, Martin, zorko, Higgins, Taylor ( Cameron, Ambrose)

    • Captain joc says:

      Dahlhaus avg 100.7
      Breust avg 99.6
      Wingard avg 84.1

    • Ocker says:

      Captain, Dahlhaus and Breust are both forwards only or have I misread what you have written.
      I am not a Breust fan, (Too inconsistent) There is no denying that Wingard is great value this week but his role change with less midfield time concerns me. Will he keep scoring goals to keep his points up?
      I have Dahlhaus myself and has a B/E of 111.


    • Ocker says:

      Robbie Gray is in great form with a break even of 74 but can he keep it up? Taking Wingards midfield time away at the moment too maybe.
      Wingard or Gray would be my choice as my next upgrade at this stage.

      • Captain joc says:

        I didn’t word it properly I can swap Taylor into the Mids if I go for Breust/Dahlhaus
        Also I want to get shenton in next week
        How do you reckon are the best ways to do it?
        Also with gray I’m not sure if he will get injured(has a bad injury history)
        I reckon wingard will but obviously he will have that odd game where he dosn’t kick some

        • Glorin says:

          I am taking the wait and see approach to the forward line. All the players I don't already have are either too risky for the money ( ie gray / injuries) or inconsistent ( bruest, wingard, dalhaus, any key forward). I am hoping that some value will show through in the next few weeks and looking to load up in the mids with value.
          Your forwards are looking solid, I would save the trade this week.

  62. GarglesnarfFC says:

    I have Wingard, and brought in Gray this week. I wanted regular 100's and he's it.

    • Azmataz says:

      Yea mate I brought Gray in for $500k before round 7 and he has done awesome so far – 121 and 126. Set and forget

  63. Sully321 says:

    Hi community,
    With crouch out this week I no longer have 18
    What do you think of crouch to shenton
    And then aish to wingard what are your thoughts?
    Or i could swap crouch into the fwd line and bring in Cameron
    And trade out aish for wingard

    • WombatsFC says:

      Just get Cameron this week and Parker next week. Chad is a gun but he's spending a longtime each game in the holster.

  64. Bill says:

    I have 17 playing players!! My backline has six!! I have Langford as emergency on my bench so will his score be counted as the 18 th player or do they need to be on the field to count??

  65. Jake says:

    Should I trade out Kelly for Cameron or hartung?? Please community !

  66. Captain joc says:

    I hope no one ended up bringing mummy in

  67. Martin says:

    Hey community, currently playing with 16, what do you think about these trades:
    1) M.Crouch to Fasolo
    2) JKH to T.Walker

    Thoughts would be appreciated

  68. Dan says:

    Did josh kelly even take off the green vest? Donut hurts, need his cash!

  69. Gazza says:

    I have $520,000 to get a premo forward that im hoping will finish in the top 10 forwards for the season from here on out. I was tossing up between wingard, westhoff, breust or dahlhaus. Which forward should i get?

  70. Benno_S says:

    I'm thinking of taking pendlebury's 154 but then again, there's the Little Master! Anyone one else thinking of locking in the 308?

    • JD1 says:

      I am, can't be unhappy with 150+

      • Benno_S says:

        So am I but… Gaz has had 3 out 9 scores over 150 so you'd think there is a one in 3 chance of him bettering dependlebury's score. Plus the previous rd where gaz has scored 150+ it has been followed up by 138 and 145. I reckon he'll go damn close. Might need to sleep on it.

    • Derek says:

      I would. Although I took JPK 153 last week and paid price when lost two leagues by 20 pts

  71. michael says:

    McEvoy subbed out – hammy, doesn’t look good.

  72. Derek says:

    It was good effort by port to win, but I don’t think hawks effort would have done their flag favourite any harm. Thought the hawks did very well. So many players to come back, plus getting good game time into their younger players.

    It’s pity they are a hard team to have for supercoach.

  73. David says:

    This round im happy with so far have 1164 /12 with the vice captain on Pendlebury.
    Not even going to consider Ablett now thats crazy unless you think your in real trouble for league win, which I'm not 🙂
    These are my best scores so far:

    Pendlebury 153
    Priddis 144
    Martin. 134
    Beams. 124
    Ward. 100
    Wingard. 100
    Birchall. 99
    Harvey. 98

  74. Steve says:

    In one of my leagues my opponent had selwood as captain. in the other someone is using the loophole on pendles, and the other two are going with gazza. I'm going to lose 2 out of the 4, win one while the other hangs in the balance (the opponent who had selwood as captain). Who should i put as Captain out of ablett, danger and griffen?

  75. Ichy Nuts Pieman says:

    Think I’m going to take Pendles 154. Huge score

    • Kev says:

      With ya, Ichy. Gaz topping it is entirely possible, can't be too mad at 300+ from your captain choice

    • Dools says:

      Agree with Kev 308 is an excellent return on a C

    • Buzzer says:

      I'd take the 154. I tried something different and have VC on Ablett and running loophole with Danger in case Ablett has a rare poor game.

    • SCdonkey says:

      If only I had Pendle as my VC I would've taken his score. Unfortunately I had Selwood as VC, now will have to stick with Ablett. Hope he matches Pendles score or better.

  76. Pots says:

    Currently 7th playing 2nd.
    Is Hanley to Jaensch worth a trade for the win this week? Will leave me with 15 trades and earn me some cash.

    • Dools says:

      Do It Pots Peirce is struggling with a Hamy Jaensch is an excellent punt, SC Scores are not as high as Hanley's but his lows are far better the his so "Just Do it" Swoosh Bang Bang!

      • Ichy Nuts Pieman says:

        Agreed Dools. I went Hanley to selwood. If his form turns maybe get him back later. But Brisbane are rubbish this year so don’t hold your breath!

    • SCdonkey says:

      If you have $70K laying around, why not pick Walker.

      • Pots says:

        Have Walker. Back line is McVeigh, Swallow, Bartel, Walker, Langdon, Langford with Hanley and Georgiou. Only have 24K and 1 trade left this round

        • SCdonkey says:

          Then I would go for KK only $335K with a BE of 4 and more cash in the kitty for next week to trade Langford and Georgiuo to a premo and Bews if name.

  77. Buzzer says:

    Which trade has the most upside? JKH to Tex at same price or JKH to a Cameron or Lennon?
    (D'field, Parker, Buddy, Breust, Boomer, Impey (JKH, Ambrose)

    Thanks in advance

  78. Dutch Life says:

    Anybody else not taking Penduls score and backing in Gaz.?

  79. Shane says:

    Looking to get a couple of fwd premiums in asap after the bye rounds to stay in the top 2k.

    Backs: McVeigh Swallow Burgoyne Hanley Sucking Langdon (McDonald Langford)
    Mids: Ablett Pendlebury Beams Selwood Dangerfield Libba Ward Tyson (Hartung Acres)
    Rucks: Cox Sandi (Derickx Currie)
    Fwds: Gray Martin Zorko Higgins Taylor Cameron (Lloyd impey)

    $327,900 in the kitty.
    Thinking Langford out for Bews.
    Hopefully I'll have enough $ to get Parker in for Lloyd, then upgrading Taylor to Dahlhaus the following week.

  80. David says:

    People will be kicking their ball now for not sticking with Bartel or Pendlebury as Vc loophole captains

    Ablett is quite at best

  81. David says:

    Ablett 17 SC points, 14 mins into 2 nd quarter.


    Lucky for me i stuck with Plendles

  82. michael says:

    Watch GAJ explode in 2nd half!

  83. john snow says:

    even he can have the odd off game. A clear plan that everyone even walking past ablett was to at least push, bump or harass him all game. got a hard time all game

    • Josh says:

      Just snuck home this week after GAJ and Cameron stinking up my score.
      That was a tense couple of hours after hearing the half time SC scores.
      Hope the MRP has the love for GAJ.
      Picken will never be forgiven if he gets a week.

      • john snow says:

        surely he'll get off. I'm getting real sick of how soft afl has become. Playing country footy is heaps more like the afl of old.

  84. David says:

    Why haven't the scores for cgi and wb game gone through yet?

  85. Dustbin Feltchers says:

    yeah come on…quick sticks..ive got pendles loophole 306 against my opponents ablett captain…he had 22 available players against my 18…..has Garys unusual poor score corrupted the sc website???

  86. michael says:

    Ouch, horror round, 1672. Went with GAJ over Jelwood as C, only had 17 on field, was looking OK after Friday night but went downhill from there. I was around 4,000th before this round – think I’ll drop that many spots this week, effectively ending my slim $50K hopes. Hope you all did a little better!

  87. David says:

    Got a solid 1919 this round from my 19 players minus Tippett's 33 thank god!
    Taken Pendlebury as captain
    Players batting under avg this round for me were:

    Ablett 75
    Murphy 75

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