PODCAST: Forward line dramas

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Supercoach 2014 preseason podcast

Buddy. Fasolo. Mitchell. Other spuds.

This is a period where we should be looking to upgrade a midfielder or two – but some significant issues are effecting many forward lines. Injuries to Lance Franklin and Alex Fasolo are causing many a headache in the community and some are forced to deal with these issues.

Others are looking to inch a step closer to a team stuffed full of premiums by turning one of their rookies into a dead set lock this week.

Let’s get stuck right in.



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  1. Pat says:

    beautiful work yet again jock, your a bloody inspiration mate !!!

  2. canman1306 says:

    Great Work Once Again Jock! Any idea how Cutler Scored 47 from 4 touches?

    • MightyDonsFC says:

      4 tackles helped

    • Kenny Powers says:

      The scoring system is very frustrating .. SMitchell has 35 touches and a major influence on the game but bcoz his DE was down a bit he only scored about 95. McIntosh was smashed by Lobbe and Bartel only went at 54% DE. Both had very limited impact on their game but both scored in the 80's. Ollie Wines was Port's major extracter of the clearance and contested ball but bcoz he handballed so often to set up his team-mates (19hb's) yet he couldn't even crack the ton!! If the media favourites like Cyril Rioli or Gablett farts during a game they get 20 bonus points. At the end of the day it's the same for all coaches but every week there are standout ridiculous scores attributed to players.

      • Cezz says:

        Its part of the game guys, i to get crippled by scores with crappy DE. However supercoach is about picking efficient players. Theres a reason the likes of Fyfe, Danger, Pendles and GAblett are the true kings.

  3. Tom says:

    This is what the great game is about! The ups and downs are what keep us going! Jock you are a champion of a man and the blokiest bloke, couldn't do it with out you.

  4. log says:

    Jock and friends this is my team,
    def: mcveigh, Mitchell, suckling, mcdonald, Enright, cutler [cutler, georgiu]
    mids: abeltt, pendlebury, beams, libba (cry cry), polec, Tyson, dunstan, aish [langdon, crouch]
    ruck: sandiballs, mcevoy [derickx, thurlow]
    fwd: danger, zorko, roughy, Higgins, fasolo, JKH [impey, Lloyd]
    I have 750k in the bank with 24 trades left. Haven’t upgraded anyone yet only downgraded I have some underperforming premos in (roughy, libba,Enright) do not like to sideways trade but may have to resort to it what do I do?..

    • Billy says:

      Go double upgrade
      -one of your mid rookies (probs tyson/dunstan) up to a premo. Swan/Griffen very cheap
      -then id go mcdonald up to someone a back premo. someone like a hibberd whos hit some nice form

    • You need some juice in your forward line. Upgrade Fasolo if he's out to a Pav or a Breust. Absolutely upgrade Tyson/Dunstan to Swanny or Griffen, someone of that ilk.

  5. matt says:

    pyke to Minson/mcevoy/goldstein? which one?

    • Billy says:

      minson hasnt shown one good score yet. id have to say mcevoy based on form. looked very good today

    • Marcus says:

      Gotta go Jacobs

    • Timot says:

      McEvoy. Had around 25 touches (for a ruckmen!), takes big pack marks, as durable as a camel in the Sahara desert.

  6. GeeForce says:

    Jock I used to think Saturday night was the night of all nights. A few beers, a good feed and watching my beloved saints and Supercoach stars giving it to the opposition. Finished off with some special time with the Missus. but now Sunday night podcast is SPECIAL!!! I listen and then get excited enough to go and get some more "special Time with the . Keep it up guys just like I do.

  7. David says:

    Great stuff Jock Higgo and Crouching oh the one!

    My fwd line is broken i still held onto T.Mitchell and i have Fasolo and Roughead gulp.
    But i have built 487k in the war chest and cannot over look J.Watson at his 533k price and looking to add McViegh to the list in my 2 trades in my midfield. What should i do?

    • SCaddict says:

      I concur with Jimihk. If Titch doesn't get a game next weekend which looks likely both he an Fasolo need to go.

      Would pick 2 of Parker, Gray, Rioli, Zorko, Dalhaus, Danger and Pav and just make it happen!

      Will probably still leave you enough cash to upgrade a Tyson or Dunstan type to Jobe or whatever premo flavour of the week looks best the following round.

  8. Emma says:

    Pyke to hickey thoughts community

    • Kev says:

      Not a fan personally. Don't see him as a top 10 ruck by the end of the year.

      Has seemed to beat up the lesser sides so far (Melb, GWS, Bris), and has struggled against better opposition (WC, Essendon). With the saints having the hawks next week you could be trading right into trouble…

    • SCaddict says:

      Could just be leaving one problem but walking into another.

      The Saints have a fairly testing run coming up too.

      Think you have to either stick fat with Pykey or stump up the cash for a Sauce or Big Boy.

  9. Jimihk says:

    Watson still has a 131 BE. Why not just hold off on him another week and use the trade on your FWD line.

  10. tomscoach says:

    Scored 2123 this week. Who should I trade. Franklin, Goldstein, Merrett, Dunstan. Cheers

  11. Harry says:

    Normally I never subscribe to sidewards trades but seriously considering Libba to Mundy this week. If I do it has to be this week due to BEs. Don't have any other planned trades this week. Thoughts?

    • WombatsFC says:


      • throttlefinger says:

        Smurph, Boak or Sloane (if you're R8 light)

      • throttlefinger says:

        Hey Womby. You getting itching to bring in Danger? Forward line is all over the place this year.

        • WombatsFC says:

          Don't really know what to do. I didn't budget for the Boomer & Dusty rollercoasters, or Titchell stinking it up or Lloydy gettin Gun Shy or Fasolo tieing his boot laces too tight. But I reckon Danger may well have dropped as far as he will so it will probably be Fasolo for Danger and Lloyd for Dahlhouse. The Foz injury sucks bigtime because pre that I was planning Dunstan to Swan Langdon to Hibberd

          • throttlefinger says:

            Yeah, Lloyd was a surprise. Seems good enough to turn it around, unlike McDonough. Fasolo for Danger would be a good move as he has a low BE and gonna go up $25K or more.

            Considering doing Caddy for either Dahlhouse or Rioli. Wish there was a good rook to downswing to, so I could go Dunstan to Smurph. Don't see any in fwd or mid line that would make that move worthwhile.

            • WombatsFC says:

              Ironbars boy put his hand up again I might do the sideways trade with Lloyd and get him for a couple of weeks count on taylor or Jkh for 60+ and get Dahlhouse for Fasolo saving a few hundred K for post round 8 upgrades.

              • throttlefinger says:

                Yeah, I got him a couple weeks ago. Was disappointed but showed what he's made of when he was given the chance.

                Thinking now of Caddy to either Parker or Dahlhaus and jettisoning Impey for Ambrose (can loop Lloyd and JKH). When you're value is sub $150K and you're losing money, time to go.

                • WombatsFC says:

                  Dahlhouse has more quick $ potential to allow a decent upgrade on his his bye and he seems to be well back on track. He smashed Jeansch and tonned up which has been difficult this season. Jake Stringer looked like he might be about to reach his potential, getting better each week and only 250k

                  • throttlefinger says:

                    Yeah, I like Dahlhouse for those reasons too Wombats. Like Parker because he hasn't dipped below 87. Definitely one to consider. Stringer is a nice idea as well. Yet leaning towards the other two. Both not in most lineups.

                • taylorwoof says:

                  Parker looks a very solid option Throtts!

                  I have Franklin, if he misses Round 7 then upgrading him to Parker looks quite tempting.

                  • throttlefinger says:

                    Yeah Twoof. Leaning him. But like the value saved on Dahlhaus. Going back and forth. Liked Parker all pre-season yet didn't pull trigger when counted.

                    Even considering downgrading Caddy to Billings so I can do McD to Hibberd in backline. Would help both lines tremendously. Can see Billings do a good job as my F5. Yet not happy about waiting another week to trade out Impey. Oh well..

                  • WombatsFC says:

                    Hi woofa your pre-season research appears to be paying off mate. I agree Parker is the cats whiskers so far this year but I reckon he's probably also in most fwd lines (except mine I went Titch). You proved a week ago that you're a fan of the obtuse selection so, who do you really think is the best option?

                • WombatsFC says:

                  I've still got the flameproof suit I purchased to enable the Higgins selection I might get it out and give Jarrad Waite a run for a few weeks.

                  • throttlefinger says:

                    Hahaha. That would be a good idea. Know you've been keen on Waite from the start.

                    Higgins has done us right for someone who started as my F6. $111K earned so far. Hoping to trade out Rd 9. Has Bombers and Dees before that so many he can stretch the earnings. Or might give me a quick flash burn on the way out.

                    • taylorwoof says:

                      Hopefully the former re Higgins. As long as he can hold this current value i'll be happy.

                      Waite is an interesting choice. Would take balls, but geeze it could be a game changer!

                      Luke Mc > Hibberd is a very good move. I got Hibberd in last week. He looks rock solid down back.

                    • throttlefinger says:

                      Yeah, I'm digging that move more than I am Caddy to Parker. Getting consistency in back line is golden this year. Hibberd is one of those that's going ton with regularity.

                      Can maybe do Higgins to Dahlhaus after I cull Dunstan later. Disagree with Jock that he needs to come out now. 70 BE is doable.

                    • SCaddict says:

                      Jock is an unabashed Higgins hater so his normally fantastic fantasy vision is not 20-20 here.

                      Meanwhile the rest of us bask in Higgins's awesomeness as we calculate how we will spend the $150K he will make for us by time he reaches his bye used by date. πŸ™‚

                    • throttlefinger says:

                      Ha. I know. He's been pretty golden. If you'd told me the most sane player in this insane season so far would be Higgins, I'd laugh you out of the park.

                    • WombatsFC says:

                      I reckon Higgins will peak 430k-450k if he stays on the park could be close by round 9 as Bombers are rubbish and Dees not much better (although both beat the blues).

                    • throttlefinger says:

                      Yeah, that's what I'm thinking, Wombats. He's only had one shitty game, which for forwards is fairly miraculous.

                      Still kicking myself for trading Wright instead of Caddy. He's proven to be one of the most solid of the $300-400K players.

                    • taylorwoof says:

                      Two 80+ from Higgins in those matches would be superb.

                      Wright, he has held up….always had the 'potential' but no consistency. But don't stress re Caddy. You weren't the only one to make that mistake, i put my hand up as well. Just keep looking forward.

                      I traded out Aish and Langdon last week. Talk about a week too early. But enabled me to get Hibberd, so i tried to look on the bright side there.

                    • throttlefinger says:

                      Hibberd in on the week he had 125 would be a win over all. There was NOTHING in Aish's form said he was capable of 120 much less 145.

                    • WombatsFC says:

                      I should have whispered my thoughts on Waite. The media is about to be all over his recent form (last 2) and references to how good he has/can be. Bugga

                    • throttlefinger says:

                      0.6% have him. At best it will spike to 5%. You will definitely be among the minority shareholders, my friend.

    • Matt says:

      Dont know why you'd do that to be honest? Same average, Libba's just scored 96 – not exactly a bad score – and Mundy's only about 20k cheaper. Waste of a trade for me.

    • taylorwoof says:

      I would stick fat with Liberatore.

      Had Mundy from the get go last year, he was superb…..but Ross the Boss killed me when resting him GF day!

      Dockers could be in a different situation this season, and may need to win Rnd 23 to secure a Top 4 spot….So worrying about Ross the Boss could be irrelevant, but still don't like the trade personally. Liberatore is fit and playing, i'd direct time to other areas of concern.

    • Marcus says:

      Get Murphy or Scott Thompson from Adelaide

    • Remy says:

      Brought Mundy in two weeks ago. He's a certified gun. Can't go wrong.

  12. Dale Turner says:

    Trade Franklin & Goldstein

  13. Kev says:

    Terrible week, Jock. Just bloody terrible. Brought in Jaensch last week after 4 weeks of saying, "he can't keep this up, his round 1 100 was a fluke". What does he do? Rewards me with a bloody 56. Suckling, Cotchin down on output. Breust and Martin played each other out of the game. Two sub affected scores in my forwards. Ugh!

    Not many players on the bubble this week. May just have to lick my wounds and try to appease the supercoach gods

  14. Patch says:

    I don't have Dangerfield. I want Dangerfield. I would have to trade Jared Polec to get him this week. Is it imperative to have him in, or do I wait until after round 8 (pre-round 9) and then trade him in, as Polec reaches his peak in price?

    (I am going for the league win, not for overall.)

    • SCaddict says:

      Polec is a very handy player to keep around until he has his Rd9 bye. Been the most consistent rookie mid this season and still has a very low BE of 34.

      Port can also feast on GWS next weekend so all the indicators say to me that we should hold him for at least the next fortnight.

      Danger is a tad beaten up right now so would probably wait until he has had his Rd8 bye and then go BANG!

    • dustin says:

      Don't trade polec just yet because he hasnt peaked and is also getting you solid points. If you want dangerfield badly, then get him in for someone else that has peaked in cash.

    • wes says:

      I know what you are thinking – or at least I reckon I do – cos I had this thought last week. And that is, "I got to get Danger before his price goes way up". It is a hard call, Patch.
      He is quality… but Polec is scoring well.
      Get him, but don't miss Polec's 'feast' on gws too…
      Yr fwd line cannot be that awesome that you cannot slot him in there… surely????

      • Patch says:

        I wish my forward line was strong enough to exist without Danger! It is currently Pavlich, Martin, Higgins, Fasolo, Wingard, JKH, Z. Merrett and Lloyd, with D. Zorko to swing forward in the next few weeks (I have two FWD-MID swings in Taylor and Zorko in my MIDS, which I think is too many)

        • wes says:

          as a different option then… what about boomer Harvey?

          • Patch says:

            A bit inconsistent for my liking… I've gone with Dahlhaus to try to make myself feel better for choosing to start with Wingard and Buddy instead of Danger and Daulhaus. My other trade is looking to get Marc Murphy in the guts for Ellis.

            • wes says:

              I like the murphy pick for Ellis… interesting to see how he gets on this week vs Pies.

    • Kenny Powers says:

      Danger was in the medical rooms this morning .. said it probably just bruised ribs .. bruised ribs are bloody painful and he looked real sore a few times Sunday. Like other community members, I'd suggest waiting til after his bye.

    • Patch says:

      Thanks guys, woke up this morning and decided upon trading in Dahlhaus and Smurphy, and I'll try to nab Danger after his bye. Any price rise by Dangerfield will be offset by Polec's rise, and that way I can avoid his bye.

  15. canman1306 says:

    Anyone actually think Griffen can re capture his 2013 form. He had 22 Touches but Didn't his get Tackles or Marks numbers like usual.
    Thinking Mundy is a better option.

    • Maenads says:

      Agree, Griffen not shown enough yet. Mundy cant seem to do it without Barlow. Sad part is Murphy looks better based on 2 weeks. Post expansion clubs nightmare year eating us up.
      Solutions….I'm going to sleep and hope the same issues aren't there in the morning.

  16. Bray says:

    Looking to get rid of Luke Dunstan which midfield rookies should I be jumping on?

  17. Michael says:

    Upgrading Dunstan to Boak this week mainly to even out my bye rounds a little, and also as a POD. Down to 20 trades after that, should I hold tight with Pyke or replace with McEvoy?

    • WombatsFC says:

      I also have Pyke, wondering the same thing

      • matt says:

        get rid of pyke, playing half ruck half bench/forward, simply cant get high scores with 2 ruvkmans in the team, upgrade to a minson/jacobs/mcevoy

    • Jacob says:

      Got same problem with Pyke. Gonna hang tough till his rd10 bye and trade him to Nic Nat.

  18. Dolp says:

    Jaensch just an off game? or will he begin to score under 100s for the rest of season?

    • tomscoach says:

      5 100+ scores is very consistent. I would say it will be an off game. Wasn't suited to the bulldogs gameplan and was done all over by Dahlaus. Expect a 100+ against dees next week

    • SCaddict says:

      Should still produce well but I always thought that 100+ output was pretty unsustainable so was never tempted to jump on.

      Would be surprised if he finished a top 10 defender from here on in but well worth keeping around if you already have him. Wouldn't be bending over backwards to bring him in though.

  19. Ryan says:

    Billings for Fasolo? Break even of -32, averaging 86.5 in his non sub affected games. Thoughts?

    • SCaddict says:

      Not a trade I would make. The Saints have a tough run coming up so the ball may not be in their forward line all that much for that young whippersnapper to produce decent scores.

      Sure he will rise in cash next week whatever happens but you may find you are stuck with another problem in a fortnight's time for a short term gain of say just $50K.

      Think you are better off upgrading to a premo if you can or considering say a Petrie value type if cash is a problem.

      • Ryan says:

        Good point you make SCaddict, what are your thoughts on Hallahan?

        • SCaddict says:

          Again wouldn't be falling over myself to get him in. His JS is iffy to me even with Sewell and Shiels out the team. His scores have been nothing to write home about either so not a pick that excites me sorry.

          If you don't already have Flipper then he's the rookie mid to get on otherwise it's pretty slim pickings unless O'Rourke can hold his spot in the Giants with Kelly expected back next weekend.

          Hopefully Morabito isn't too far away from getting senior games although he got reported in the WAFL on the weekend.

      • Love your thoughts addict. Was nearly gonna jump on Petrie last week for his 250th but happy I waited. Thinking a sideways trade from Fasolo to a bloke who's averaged over 100 the last five or so years makes quite a bit of sense!

  20. taylorwoof says:

    Wonderful podcast lads.

    Good to see Pieman kept it a little more 'short & sweet' this week.

    Enjoy the week ahead all.

    • Pieman's Misses says:

      Hello Twoof. I'll get Pieman to keep his speak pipes "short & sweet". Reading this this thread though perhaps you could do the same with your posts. Happy supercoaching Twoof

      • taylorwoof says:

        Ms Pieman….please.

        Rewind and listen to prev podcast's. You cannot tell me that's not 'waffling on'. It almost made me doze off to sleep. We're in an age of where people want things straight away, less waiting and less ques. Short, sweet, direct is the way to go. Best of Luck with your team this weekend.

        • Pieman's Misses says:

          Twoof supercoach season cant come soon enough. He doesnt bother me for 6 months. He's always waffeling with Jock on the phone. If he waffles on too much just do what i do & hit the mute button.

          • taylorwoof says:

            Bahahahahahahahahahaha that is gold Misses P.

            Enjoy the peace and quiet for the remainder of the season.

  21. Sulzeer says:

    Goldy is becoming a problem, have taken a big hit on him since the start, Big Boy is 2k cheaper.. is this a good move?

    • tomscoach says:

      I have him as well. His scoring has been poor so far. Look at it this way, he has scored 89 or more except a 69 (against Sandi) and a 75 (against Minson). He has got Gold coast ( no Nicholls atm) then a bye, then Brisbane with Luenberger. He still has to vs Melbourne twice this year. However saying that Jacobs does have Melbourne this week

      • Sulzeer says:

        gotta stand by the premo's hey… just watching him get cheaper and cheaper… he'll come good… lol

  22. beau says:

    How about heath shaw for a pod?? Think he's going to dominate at the that club now, coming off a big 134!! Thoughts?

    • JBomb says:

      Hard to say, an easy draw to start of the season… He's been slowly creeping up – maybe team is gelling well and found his feet. Tough ask this week with Port (possible match up on Wingard??) and then Eagles over there followed by a break. I wouldn't jump on him just yet – want to see how he goes against the fast running Port & a Freo press to gauge where he's at

  23. Ando says:

    What do I do with Libba i can't take any more so-so scores?
    I want to trade but if i do he'll ave 130 for the rest of the year
    Anyone what should i do?

    • Ryan says:

      He could very well average 130 for the rest of the year, unless he is injured keep him.

    • SCaddict says:


      We just have to ride out this mediocre patch until at least his Rd9 bye even if he is haemorrhaging all this cash.

      Most coaches have 1 or 2 of these players to deal with and we really need to stick with them unless we are a top 1000 ranked player and have no other issues to address in our team.

      Only in those special circumstances should we be aggressively sideways trading in the hope of snaring $50K but perhaps at the cost of screwing with our league finals prospects.

  24. Andrew says:

    Hi Community
    Just wondering if this is a good idea or not, it's something different.
    I have around 550k in the bank
    My Midfield looks like this
    Ablett, Beams, J Selwood, Rockliff, Treloar, Fyfe, Polec, Robertson (Crouch, Dunstan)
    I was thinking of upgrading both Dunstan and Polec to Boyd and Swan and have full premium midfield.
    Good idea or not so good?

    • Andrew says:

      So if i do go it, the midfield will look like this
      Ablett, J Selwood, Fyfe, Beams, Swan, Rockliff, Treloar, Boyd (Robertson, Crouch)

    • Cozza says:

      That would be an impressive midfield so early in the season! What do your forward and defensive lines look like? If you have that much money in the mids, there may be more pressing issues to fix in those lines.

      Polec still has money to make – has been fairly consistent so far, but Dunstan looks like he's tired a bit – may not hit BE this week and he dropped over $8k this week, so think its time for him to go.

      • Andrew says:

        Yeah you're right about Polec. The guy is playing great footy. I just thought given Swannies performance and looks like his getting better and given his price it be good to upgrade from Polec to full premium midfield but i'll probably reverse the trades just because this is an option but yeah im swapping Dunstan for Boyd for sure, just think Boyds a great underlooked player who's had a ripper month so far averaging 140.

        Yeah my Defence and Forward is a bit shaky well not too shaky but a few plot holes
        Def: Swallow, Enright, Simpson, Mcdonald, Landgon, Terlich (Gergiou, Tippet)
        Fwd: Martin, Zorko, Pavilich, Higgins, Lloyd, Kennedy Harris (Impey, Rohan)
        Forwards probably the weakest but can't really do anything given I just put Lloyd in and Kennedy Harris, Impey and Rohan both are under 200k in money but i feel JKH is actually playing good footy last 2 weeks. 69 and 71 so i might keep him.
        Don't really want to trade Higgins because his playing good footy.
        Was thinking of upgrading Mcdonald to Hanley because his under 500 now or downgrading Langdon to Cutler, of course Langdon scores a 90 and Cutler was sub but got 47.
        What's your thoughts Cozza?

        • JuzzyB says:

          Why are you injecting so much into your midfield when your backline and forward are struggling big time?

          • Andrew says:

            Struggling i wouldn't say that's the word
            Swallow, Enright and Simpson are 3 proven top scores. Terlich is a mid pricer like Suckling who is cheaper and scores consistent (But because Suckling is more hyped, Terlich looks weak), I picked Terlich because not many people have him and he plays well 90% of time, no use having over 60% of your team the same as the others.
            Foward, yes is struggling but not much to choose from, the midfield is where you have the big guns and they make the money. I have Martin, Zorko and Pav who can all score big scores with Higgins who is consistent as well and heaps of people have LLYOD so does that mean we're all struggling? Im not wasting money on Dangerfield who can produce a 150+ one week then produce a 70 or 80 the next.

        • matt says:

          wait 3 weeks on hanley, will be 400k soon,
          trade vrohan to a poremium in the forward line, really struggling big time in the forward line, and maybe mcdonald to a premium

  25. John says:

    Billings for Fasolo? Break even of -32

  26. Tay says:

    Any one know name of song jock was singing?

  27. piewood1 says:

    scored 2180 & moved up nearly 4,000 positions which now puts me in top 3 precent, considering trading M.Thomas to Nathan Jones as he seems to be a very consistent performer this season.

  28. Dean says:

    DEF: D. Swallow, J. Mcveigh, S. Mitchell, M. Suckling, T. Langdon, L. Mcdonald (W. Langford, A. Georgiou)
    MID: G. Ablett, D. Beams, T. Liberatore, J. Polec, L. Dunstan, D. Thomas, R. Griffen, M. Crouch (D. Tyson, N. Robertson)
    FWD: P. Dangerfield, N. Riewoldt, L. Parker, D. Martin, J. Roughead, A. Fasolo (L. Taylor, JKH)

    23 trades left with $300k in the bank, going for league win, what does the community think i should consider this week/

    • Dean says:

      What are communities thoughts on Roughead to Dalhaus and then Langdon or mcdonal to hibberd?

      • taylorwoof says:

        I'd stick fat with Roughy.

        Langdon/McDonald to Hibberd looks the goods. I traded Langdon to Hibberd last week. Hibberd looks a rock solid option down back.

        • Dean says:

          Yea i definetely think he has shown good signs, think that trade will be a lock, you sure about roughie, he has already dropped 90k this year, and is just so inconsistent, really doesnt win his own ball at all. cant see him being in my final fwd line, and with a BE of 155 this week. he will only drop more.

          • taylorwoof says:

            I'm not a huge fan of 'sideways' premium trades unless for injury or 2+ weeks suspensions.

            If your trades are healthy, and all other areas are fine then perhaps move him on. I do agree with you, he has been an inconsistent scorer this season. It's simply a personal preference re the trading of premiums.

    • Patch says:

      I would be upgrading one of Dunstan, McDonald or Fasolo (depending on if you want to keep him) and then downgrading another.

      • dean says:

        Thanks for the TIP Patch, I decided that McDonald to Hibberd thats a lock, and then i think i will save my second trade, and just be patient .

  29. tyzsb says:

    Who are the priority two trades out of

    Enright , McDonald, Higgins and Jackson Merret

    Any ideas who to trade in??

    Cheers tyzsb

    • taylorwoof says:

      Would depend on how your side is looking. I'd suspect McDonald (cash cow) should take more preference.

      Then perhaps Jackson Merrett, but that would depend on if you started with him or traded him in. Was he traded in for quick cash, or for scoring potential? He has the Round 10 Bye, so perhaps he can assist you through the early bye rounds then offload him come Round 10?

      Similar scenario with Higgins, hold and trade him out at Round 9.

      Enright, i'd stick fat with your premiums.

  30. Sputnik says:

    Forgive me father for I have sinned. I brought flogs into my team and I know flogging sends you blind. And forgive me for my thoughts of inflicting pain, cursing and my want to cull many a dirty rat. Fasolo, Buddy, LLoyd, King flog Martin, Suckling and Georgiou- with a name like Alexis I understand why you wouldnt forgive me for such an error. And forgive me for coveting the score of Aish who also single handedly outscored the aforementioned drop#unts. I will say my hail marys if you slot an extra 500K into my coffers and will promise not to have these thoughts if you can organise my players to crank out 2600 next week. 2700 would be better but I will accept 2650! Please let everyones VC score 145 next week so they loophole it, and aid Gazza to score 212 with me the only one having him C. And please please clear Minsons mind of playing the skin flute and take away his want to practise the meat harmonica- he is distracted by such activities. I need him out tapping the ball, not out tapping Cox unless he is playing west coast of course. And last but not least please stop f#cking with my team because it is most annoying. Actually, why am I even talking to you- bringing my predicted score of 2300 down to 1991 is the biggest Karmichael Hunt act of all. You are one nasty son of a big bang SC god. So you can stick those hail marys in the rings of Uranus and I will wing it on my own!!! And you my friend can follow some of the recent subs made- Pearce off Jack off

    • Gold Rush says:

      Pull yourself together son.

    • Dools says:

      Bit long winded sputnik hahahahahah

      • lostlarrikin says:

        all is forgiven Sput, and I bestoeth on thee: one ceremonial chalise filled with concrete…

        • Dools says:

          Lost how the Fawk are you mate? miss you here on the pages…Computer, Keyboard and Next G device are excited too.

          • lostlarrikin says:

            Flat out like a flat thing Dools.
            Never miss the podcast but not always time to contribute something meaningful here.
            So I guess just need to settle for trivial…

            SC team is in the wastelands, coming close enough to last in the JR Flappin Phat league I set up.

            Give Next G a kiss from me, she does me right most of the time

            PS – RIPPER PODCAST GENTS (as always)

  31. Dom says:

    What the hell do I do with Roughead?

    • SCaddict says:

      Keep him and just endure the roller coaster scoring that is KPP fantasy footy. Then make a mental note to never again start with a KPP forward in your side unless you have both nerves and balls of steel!

      If you dump him this week there's a good chance he will torment you with a 120 plusser against the Saints whilst your replacement spuds it up. He's not injured so a hold is your best play imho.

    • wes says:

      trade for franklin?
      seriously though… perhaps go for a Sydney fwd – mcglynn, parker maybe… if you don't have them.
      instant win there this week against lions. but they are reasonably constant performers.

  32. Captain joc says:

    I need some help I’ve got 516k in th warchest but don’t know where I should trade I’m gonna double upgrade this week with trade 1 being Dunstan to Watson but also don’t know whether I should stick fat with pyke he seems to be playing forward more with derickx in the side and honestly his hopeless down there!!!! Or I could trade McDonald to a rd9/10 premo

    Any news on how far away Tippett is?

    • SCaddict says:

      Plan to do the exact same first trade as you Captain. Pyke is definitely a tricky one but reckon it may be worth holding on and see what the Tippett change in dynamic does. Surely Pykey can't score any worse when this happens?!

      Tippo should play either this week or next, recovering from the cracked rib, but check out the Swans injury update video that normally appears on their website around Tuesday for the very latest there.

      • Captain joc says:

        Other then pyke I’m considering upgrade in def or second mid upgrade
        My def: Mitchell, swallow, jaensch, mcveigh, McDonald, Langford (cutler, georgiou)
        My Mids:Ablett, pendlebury, beams, libertore, polec, Robertson, crouch, Dunstan (who will become Watson this week) (M Thomas, Langdon)

        • Captain joc says:

          Would only consider rd 9/10 bye players

        • SCaddict says:

          Both sound solid moves though would probably lean towards upgrading Thomas perhaps for a Griffen or Mundy given their appealing value and non Rd8 bye.

          • Captain joc says:

            Was considering holding Thomas until rd 8 for loop holing
            What do you think of brad ebert from port rd 9 bye 111 average low score of 87 $549k shouldn’t get the tag?

            • SCaddict says:

              That would work too and be a nice POD for you as well.

              Could I guarantee he will out score for example Mundy or Griffen from here onwards….of course not but don't think Ebert is a crazy idea. We have to pick the players we feel most comfortable with and think can get us further in this game.

              Good luck on what you end up deciding on.

          • Captain joc says:

            Not bringing in either of Griffen or Mundy I don’t want Griffen because I don’t think bulldogs will win many games and I’m not sold on mundys output

  33. Juzzy says:

    Wow …. intense post to follow …
    Great podcast as usual.
    Don’t forget Walker in defence. He seems to have stopped hitting guys and is back to playing good Footy. Bargain basement price for him.

  34. BundyBear says:

    love the song jock. Bloody ripper. i never got buddy. The only good decision i made

  35. Juzzy says:

    Buddy … so glad I don’t have him but.

    It makes me ill to disagree with Jock , higgo and crouching but …. I reckon when goodes and tippett get back and fit buddy will be back to 100+ scores. If he stops crashing cars I might get him in very cheap after round 10.

  36. throttlefinger says:

    Wonderful address to the community, Jock, Higgo & Crouching One.

    3 trades I'm considering. Would love to hear your thoughts:

    Option A
    Impey > Ambrose (can use as loop between JKH & Lloyd…and make a little moola of Impey)

    Option B
    Caddy > Billings

    Option C
    Caddy > Billings
    McD > Hibberd

    Right now I'm favoring A & C. My mids don't need as much help as my back and forward lines.

    Thanks community!

    • Sarah says:

      I'd probably lean towards C as Hibberd is more consistant than Dahlhaus.

      • throttlefinger says:

        Yep. That seems to make the most long-term sense. Thanks Sarah!

    • C Throttle! I am doing the exact same thing except going Fasolo to Billings. Pending his scan today of course.

    • Gilly says:

      Hey Throttle, of those choices I agree with C.

      I know where you are coming from with trading in Ambrose but don't like the idea of trading in an injured rookie that is no walk up start to his teams 22. Especially not in round 7, if he doesn't get back either from injury/form then the little bit of coin you make won't make up for the shittyness that you will feel for doing the trade.

      I have both McD and Dunstan (man is he giving me grief every time I put him on the bench he tons up) planning to keep till their byes. Had Dahlhaus from the start and he has been good but he doesn't scream pick me.

      How many games Billings gets may be an issue. Kid can play but whenever coach talks about him always says we need to be patient he's had an interrupted pre season.

      Not sure if you have considered Steven May from G.Coast. Def/Fwd had his worst game of year last week with about 60, first 5 weeks nothing below 80 and 2 or 3 tons about 380k. I have been watching him for a few weeks and not convinced either way. Was the 60 reverting back to his old form or just a bad game, Hmmmm still watching!

      • throttlefinger says:

        Considered May, Gilly. Yet I'm high on R8 players and May doesn't inspire enough confidence to warrant swapping for another.

        Ambrose may play so if he does may do Caddy to Ambrose and McD to Hibberd. Make a little more loot.

        Watched the last two games and Billings is playing with confidence. Can't see him going ton many more times but has the potential for 75-80 a game. Which is good enough for a rook.

        Thanks for your thoughts, my man.

    • Rocksta says:

      'C'. Throttle.
      Works best with the Rd 8 bye, and Hibberd is a Gun

      • throttlefinger says:

        Agree. Looked strong in Nab until pulling his hammy. Had in side before that. Better late than never, I guess, Rocksta

        • Rocksta says:

          My backline is kind of the last frontier for me ( just the way it has worked out) and as such ill be bringing him in after the Bombers Rd 10 bye.
          His consistency is impeccable and a must have player IMO

          • throttlefinger says:

            Mine too. Hibberd will be my 4th prem. Like most the mids and fwds have gotten the most attention this first quarter.

  37. sammyd says:

    enrihgt what is up with mr contistant

  38. Sarah says:

    Ok community, I have $472k in the bank and thinking of doing two upgrades this week.

    Current thoughts are McDonald to Hibberd and Ellis to Zorko (swing into forward line and get the likes of Lloyd, Taylor and JKH off the field). This would leave me with the following defence and forward lines:

    Swallow, Hibberd, Jaensch, McVeigh, Mitchell and Langdon (Langford, Georgiou)
    Danger, Riewoldt, Zorko, Martin, Higgins, Wingard (Lloyd, JKH)

    Are these two trades gold or should I be looking to bring in another premium midfielder to complement Ablett, Jelwood, Watson and Beams instead of Zorko?

    Current midfield is: Ablett, Jelwood, Watson, Beams, Polec, Dunstan, Crouch, Robertson (Gleeson, Taylor)

    Would appreciate peoples thoughts.

    • throttlefinger says:

      Think you're in a similar situation as myself (but with significantly more moola). Back and front could use some upgrades yet midfield is in solid shape. Think your strategy is strong. And after this move think you're team will be much stronger as well.

    • Gilly says:

      Hi Sarah like your trades, personally I am reluctant to trade in premiums just before their byes, probably silly but I prefer to have that cash working for me rather than sitting on the bench.

  39. Tom.H says:

    Doing two upgrades this week!! Have 500k in the bank so can go nuts.

    Dunstan –> N.Jones

    Fasolo –> Pavlich

    Thoughts community?

  40. Danks very much says:

    Agree ^ does Enrights crap form & old injured body warrant a sideways trade?

  41. Remy says:

    The Hallahan boy!
    On the bubble, cheap as chips.

    • Kev says:

      JS? No for mine

      • Remy says:

        Shiels + Sewell are the only people who would push him out of the side at this stage (Both 2-3 weeks away)
        In my opinion he's a valid option for your bench if you need to generate cash.

  42. Ryan says:

    Hey guys,

    This week I'm going
    Fasolo to Cyril
    Dunstan to Watson
    Leaving me with 90k in the bank and a team looking like this,

    BACKS: Swallow, Mitchell, Hanley, Enright, Mcdonald, Kolodjashnij (Langdon and Georgiou)
    MIDS: Ablett, Pendlebury, Beams, Watson, Libba, Polec, Aish, Crouch (Kelly and Lewis Taylor)
    RUCKS: Sandi, Jacobs (Currie and King)
    FWDS: Danger, Rioli, Martin, Zorko, Wingard, JKH ( LLoyd and Ambrose)

    I'm going for league win over ranking. What do you guys think of my team at this stage?

    • WombatsFC says:

      IMO Swan or Smurph are better value than Watson and will score better for rest of year. Not sold on Cyril as I have no memory of him ever racking up back-to-back tons sure he knocks out a big score once or twice a season which keeps his average up but it's his usual 65 -90 that worries me. Pav, Gray or even Chappy will score more

    • SCaddict says:

      Reckon they are solid trades myself. I intend to do the same except Buddy to Rioli instead. Your team is shaping up nicely mate.

  43. JBomb says:

    Anyone started looking at the Bye rounds? *crisis*

    • TG_Footy_Tragic says:

      Yep, I have JBomb.
      Thats why Swanny didn't find his way into SoapOnARope last week!

    • WombatsFC says:

      Not worried at all. So what if I only score 1700 in round 8 in rounds 9 and 10 I'll be back above 2000 from the best 18

  44. Marcus J says:

    Smurph or Swanny?

  45. Ando says:

    Is this a sign of things to come from Lobbe or just a fluke?

    • Kenny Powers says:

      Reckon Lobbe will be a 100 scorer for most of the games left in this season. He is a lone ruck so gets plenty of game time and looks to have found form in a form team. Wouldn't expect too many massive scores but at the same time I doubt he'll go below 80-85.

    • WombatsFC says:

      Hi Ando. I watched the game and before half time Lobbe was ordinary but after half time he was a gun. I doubt that he'll get any cheaper and now that hes proved to himself that he can do it I wouldn't be suprised to see him average 110 for the rest of the year.

  46. kane says:

    i had zorko in mid most of the season so i'm swapping him to fwd to get rid of fasolo, bringing in jpk, and im going to sidways dusty to dahlhaus i need to fix my rd 8 and dusty is just stinking atm.

    • WombatsFC says:

      Dusty to Smurph will score a lot more than Dusty to Dahlhouse or even Dusty to Parker

  47. tyzsb says:

    Which two should I trade. Enright , McDonald , Higgins and Merret…

    I have currently gone McDonald to Hallahan

    Enright to Michael Hibberd

  48. matt says:


    • Bob McBob says:

      If you're asking which option is best, then pick one of Hibberd or McVeigh

  49. canman1306 says:

    Even Though I have 500K in the bank I am thinking of Panting the Fence this week and Grabbing Griffen next week Also Because I don't think many Rookies are on the Horizon and Flipper is looking Great annoyed I ddn't trade him in instead of Cutler.
    Option A (Paint the Fence)
    Tyson-> Robertson
    Dunstan -> Gray/Dahlhaus Leaves me with at least 427K

    Option B (Double Upgrade)
    Tyson-> Griffen
    Dunstan-> Gray/Dahlhaus Leaves me with at least 80K

    Option C (Paint the Fence)
    Tyson-> Robertson
    Dunstan-> Hibberd Leaves me with 400K for next week upgrades

    Not really Sure but I like the looks of options A&C because it gives me an extra week to look at Griffen with a 117 BE


    • The Filth says:

      Depending on who you have on-field in your forwards – C.

      I like Hibberd, I think he will be a consistent scorer this year.
      I have been trying to decide whether or not to bring in Watson or Hibberd this week…

      • canman1306 says:

        In My forward line I have Danger Parker Martin Merrett Higgins and Lloyd onfield

    • throttlefinger says:

      Option C, Canny. Mostly for the reason you stated and Hibberd is seeming to be a must for the back line.

      • canman1306 says:

        Yes I agree Looking Likely for my trades but thinking of going L-Mac -> Hibberd instead of Dunstan. Because L-Mac has the rd8 Bye he won't score and Dunstan will then I will trade Dunstan to a Rd8 Bye player in Rd9

        • throttlefinger says:

          My exact reason and plan for holding off on Dunstan. Great minds and all…

          • canman1306 says:

            If I work it out right Rd9 will be Dunstan -> Selwood

            • throttlefinger says:

              In a word, delicious.

              Thinking of doing Dunstan to either Murph or Sloane.

              • canman1306 says:

                Thats right you Jumped on Jelwood before his lean patch.

                That's unlucky

                • throttlefinger says:

                  Buying Jelwood too early is more unfortunate.Bringing in Mummy and only getting one round out of him before he gets hurts for 3 rounds, that, my friend, is unlucky.

  50. Lloyd says:

    Im showing my age here but who is this Relton Roberts and what did he do to be so notorious?

    • Bellybuttonfluff says:

      A tops Richmond gun forward elite lean mean supercoach scoring machine.

  51. Gary rohan the spud says:

    ok so im torn on what to do this round my current team is as follows
    Mitchell, Swallow, McVeigh
    Enright, Burgoyne, Hanley (Langford, goergiou)

    Ablett, Beams, Murphy, JPK,
    POlec, Tyson, Dunstan, J Kelly (L McDonal, N Rrobertson)

    Sandy, Jacobs (currie, King)

    Danger, Zorko, Dusty Martin
    J Merrett, Higgins, Fasolo (Impey and JKH)

    Now i dont know whether to trade out mcDonald and tyson this week for Dane Swan and then bring in Priddis next week then Dahlhaus the following week


    Do i get rid of fasolo (BE only 39)or Merrett plus a McDonald or co. for a Dahlhaus or Parker and bank a few bucks. Leaving me to bring in priddis next week and maybe Jobe the next

    • Gary rohan the spud says:

      i know fasolo is injured but he may return RD 9 after the pies bye

  52. Wattsieesq says:

    Hello Community. It was a terrible week for me, but hey, it happens.

    Positives from the weekend for me:

    GAJ – Superb as always
    McVeigh – Starting to produce as expected
    Langdon and Langford – Surprised but welcomed output
    Cox – Timely
    Danger – Continuing great form
    Dahlhaus – See Danger.

    Have a great week guys and gals and stay positive.


    • throttlefinger says:

      That sounds like a lot of positives, Wattsie. I'm guessing Lloyd would be one of the negatives? Think he hurt many. Seems like the Tigers are hurting SC fans as they are Tigers fans. Could they be a "Burn Team"?

      Regardless, new round and new hope for the big score.

      • Wattsieesq says:

        Hey TF,

        Lloyd wasn't one of the negatives for me. I've got too many R8s to bring him in. Fasolo, Mr Consistent Cory Enight and Impey all burnt me. How did you go?

        New round and new hope indeed.

        • throttlefinger says:

          I'm getting rid of two R8ers this week, McD and Caddy. Will be able to get a good 18 on the ground next round.

          Impey is a headache. Hope he doesn't get vest so he can hit his BE and put his value back where it was. Faz and Enright will steady out and be good earners for you.

          Deep breath in, deep breath out…

          • Wattsieesq says:

            I'll be trading out my R8 next round. I'll get rid of McD and Langdon then. Because of my fwd problems, I'm getting rid of Titch. Haven't decided on whether to bring in Gray, Zorko or Parker for him. I'll probably get rid of Impey as well but looking to bring in Hallahan for him. He looked superb for the Hawks and being a Hawks man, I have watched him closely and think he may have gone past Simpkin in terms of JS.

            I'm keeping Fasolo as if he's out for two weeks he'll only miss one game. Only problem is Collingwood have a R9 Thursday game in Adelaide so he may not make it. His BE is 38 so he'll still make coin. Enright, I'm keeping for now. I'm glad he's got the Tigers and then the bye as he'll need the rest. The Cats have it tough right after the bye but their run in looks good, so I'll be keeping him and brining in a few more cats post R8

            • throttlefinger says:

              Is Titch back this round? Read somewhere he might. Will you keep if he makes 22?

              Like Hallahan as a player but worry about his JS. Think if he does well this round he may supplant himself past Simpkin.

              • Wattsieesq says:

                Titch played reserves last weekend and from all reports went great guns. Horse said he'd been injured for 4 to 6 weeks and the past week was his first where he made all sessions. If he is named, then I will keep him and look to trade someone else, perhaps Jackson Merrett or Georgio down back.

                • throttlefinger says:

                  Well, that's good news for you, my friend.

                  Have the Impey problem but think he won't decrease in value too much. Was thinking of swinging for Ambrose if he gets named. Then my brain kicked on and decided helping the back line with Hibberd may be a tad bit more important than righting a reserve wrong.

                  Oh the mind. A friend and an asshole.

  53. JuzzyB says:

    Have $711k in my war chest, about to unleash some massive trades.

    Do I either:

    Trade A)
    Out: Dunstan, McDonald
    In: Watson, Callan Ward

    Trade B)
    Out: Dunstan, Higgins
    In: Watson, Parker

    Callan Ward Break even is 92 and up against an in form Port Adelaide midfield, reckon he might not make the break even or if so won't kill it. (Also gives me time to see whether he would be a good POD if he can keep scoring well)

    Thoughts community?

    I think my backline is fine for now (wait until a week or two to upgrade one or two players from it)

    Swallow, Jaensch, McViegh, Mitchell, Suckling, Laider

    • Kenny Powers says:

      Besides McDonald, the other players have a R9/10 bye so if you can I'd be holding until Dunstan and Higgins have had their byes.

      • JustinB says:

        So you reckon leave Higgins until round 9 (his bye) and trade him out after the completion of Round 8 with a player who had their bye in Round 8? and same with Dunstan?

        • Kenny Powers says:

          Yes Juzzie. Neither are going to improve their cash value much but waiting a week or 2 gives you options for a score rather than a donut during the first bye. Watson, Ward and Parker wont improve their price much in that time either. Both Dunstan and Higgins have a small price rise indicated in the projections which will likey cover any change your trade in options will go up.

    • gab says:

      wait a few weeks on ward, high breakeven

      • Matt says:

        and he is already so cheap right now, could be a straight swap for Dunstan at his bye in round 10

  54. Oliver says:

    Gday Fellas, Im just wondering who would be a good backmen rookie who i can downgrade someone to, because i have stuffed up my mids and forwards because none of them can swap with the backman, Help!!!!!

    • Kenny Powers says:

      If you have a DEF/MID player in defense you can trade a mid and use that defensive swinger to fill the mid spot and then select a defender.

      • Oliver says:

        what would you say i do??

        Defence- McVeigh, mitchell,thompson, Mcdonald, Kodanij, cutler, langdon and georgio.
        Mids- gas, joel, beams, griff,watson, murph, crouch, robertson, sheed, and michie
        My forwards and ruck is right for a moment. 25 trades right now.

        • Kenny Powers says:

          Langdon is the one you can swing to the mids and then bring in a defender. How much cash you have will decide if you can use that option to bring in a keeper .. Johnson (Freo) has been very consistent and could be a good POD. He is their #1 exit backman again this season, takes a lot of intercept marks and has excellent disposal efficiency. Broadbent from Port has been real good as well. Similar to Johnson except he kicks long and accurately with most of his disposals. Otherwise popular picks Hibberd and Swallow have been outstanding while both the Shaw brothers have been reasonably good. Really though, your team looks solid enough to wait until Langdon has his bye .. HOLD!

    • Marcus J says:

      culter prob the only option at the moment

  55. chandanrajdb says:

    Hello Community,

    Thoughts on L Dunn (Melbourne) averaging 92.5 Points….and he played in his normal half back role on the weekend and scored 133…before this round he was playing across half forward and scores were bit up and down….he is currently priced at $433k (approx) with a BE of 46…

    Finished off the season 2013 strongly….RD 17 to 23 he averaged 95…….playing across half back…similar role what he played on the weekend……

    Would be a good D6 in my opinion and i am thinking of bringing him into my team…..currently ranked 1124 overall and would want to go for some POD's to have any chance going for $50k….

    Thoughts would be much appreciated……..


    • canman1306 says:

      I Know Throttle is all over him. He's a great pick because the dees backline see a lot of the ball and he rebounds it out of the 50 a lot. Plus a few intercept mark and theres 100 points.
      He has had more kicks than handballs every week which is good for fantasy.

      • chandanrajdb says:

        Hi Canman,

        Thanks for your comment above mate, interesting thing is no one is actually bringing this guy's name anywhere in the community, will be POD pick for sure. Will he be a good pick or a bad pick? only time will tell……


    • Kenny Powers says:

      Had Dunn from the start of the year based on that end-of-season form. He's been fairly solid and no doubt the weekend performance will help keep him in my side.

    • Dools says:

      I like him Raj, but L. Dunn has a low B/E of 44 odd .Near on 28 years old This is Prime time. Also the new deamon game plan suits him and Grimes do you have Grimes Mate? now that is the pick for this week me thinks , I think he is worth a trade tossing out a Old McD. or even dare I say it a Premium?

      • throttlefinger says:

        One of my many preseason dilemmas was deciding between Grimes and Dunn. Think Grimes has done better overall. Yet if Roos keeps Dunn in the back, think Dunn will end up with the higher average.

    • throttlefinger says:

      Big fan of Dunn (this week at least). Was a bit of worry when Roos had him playing upfront. Crap scores. Finally back in the back and delivered on the reasons I got him in the first place.

      Will say that the 120+ is an eclipse in the Dunn world. Got him because I thought he'd be "an Enright" player. consistent 85-95 scores that would end up being my D6. May be able to do better given Roos style of game.

  56. matt says:

    why so much hate on libba ?

    • SCaddict says:

      Because I think many of us were expecting him to take his game to the next level or at least maintain 2013 output levels.

      Not even averaging a ton right now which is pretty poor for a near $600K player at the start of the season. He's way down on clearances from last season which is bit of a concern. At least his tackling numbers have been good.

      The Doggies have some easier games on the horizon so hopefully he can find some form and footy soon.

      • Kris says:

        I've convinced myself that libba hasnt been pumping out the goods for his price mainly due to MINSON.
        If Minson finds 2013 form again libba will be pumping out what many were expecting/hoping.

        • matt says:

          well big wilba is coming into my team this week, think he will regain some of his form from last year,

  57. Mathew says:

    Montanga or Fyfe?
    Also wondering if people think Hibbered is worth the extra $50k over Hooker?

    • chandanrajdb says:

      Fyfe and YES Hibberd is worth the extra $ IMO…..purely based on form…..Only thing with Fyfe is Ross Lyon resting his players at final stages of the home and away season (which will be a SC finals time)….


      • canman1306 says:

        Agree With Raj on this one Fyfe is an awesome pick but are you willing to take the risk of Ross Resting Fyfe Later in the year.
        He did it with the Saint against the Hawks Down in Tassie in 2009
        He also did it in the last Round of last year so the risk is there

    • Beady Eye says:

      Definitely Hibberd over Hooker. Watch Hooker regress to his usual average… KPD's don't tend to score like he has been.

    • Mathew says:

      Thanks heaps for this completely forgot about Lyon resting his players.. Another spanner in the works to look at this week.. Would hate to pick him up then come finals I need to sideways trade and burn a needed trade
      Decisions decisions
      And yeh I was leaning towards hibbered and saw hooker and saw his scores and havnt been watching him so thought id ask but think hibbred will be the go

    • JX20 says:

      Montagna. Massive POD, durable and now coming good. Get on.

  58. supercoach kid says:

    Stuck in a massive rut at the moment, not enough trades allowed in one week, id like to point out, im ranked inside the top 1000 (dropped 400 after being 530 before the just gone) and i have $345 in the bank

    Forward line problems – Dusty, Fasolo, Roughy (Lloyd/Ambrose on the pine)

    I hardly ever sideways trade, but Dusty is stinking it right now, so im thinking either Parker or Gray

    Midfield – Dunstan – I think hes done and dusted, so upgrade to either Watson or Joey Montangna

    Backline – Old McDonald, Enright – Again, dont like sideways trading

    • supercoach kid says:


      • Mathew says:

        Dusty to Gray
        Enright to Hibbered
        Don't like sidewards trading but there both well out of form and wont be in your final sides yet Gray and Hibbered most likely will
        See it as kind of an upgrade rather then sideways

      • matt says:

        i wouldnt get martin out, sure hes a bit out of form, but remembering last year ion the last 10 rounds played out of his skin, stick by him,
        enright get rid of, alot better options then him

  59. Oliver says:

    what would you say i do??
    like none of these players go from defence to mid.
    Defence- McVeigh, mitchell,thompson, Mcdonald, Kodanij, cutler, langdon and georgio.
    Mids- gas, joel, beams, griff,watson, murph, crouch, robertson, sheed, and michie
    My forwards and ruck is right for a moment. 25 trades right now.

    • Beady Eye says:

      Create the swingset by trading a mid rookie for a premium defender, swapping Langdon/McDonald into the midfield.

  60. Cam_H says:

    Does Dustin Martin still deserve "lock" status, because right now he's bleeding cash, has high break even, and is a Round 8 bye player? Richmond faces Geelong this week which doesn't augur well score-wise, and then they've got the Bye – which in my case is still a problem.

    I don't have either Zorko or Rioli, and both seem compelling sideways trades. Yep – 'sideways trading' and 'trading out premiums'! Supercoach heresy or sensible restructuring? Otherwise, the only downgrades for my team that I can see remotely working are Jack Billings or Zac Merrett, and I'm a bit wary on both.

    • SCaddict says:

      Dusty is fit and healthy so we have to hold him now 6 rounds in.

      Surely you have other issues in your team to attend to such as upgrading rookies to premiums at the very least? Think this would be a better use of your trades than going sideways on Dusty.

      If you can't do rookie upgrades or downgrades then I would just hold your trades for this week.

      • Cam_H says:

        Thanks for the reply!

        Half of me is agreeing with you, and the other half is looking at a player who's going to have cost me so far $83,000, next round the account goes to well over $100,000 in the red, and then the round after that I've got to cover his points in the Bye with Jay Kennedy-Harris.

        I do have alternative moves, one being to move along Steven May who's made me $71,000, but is plateauing.

        Thanks again.

        • throttlefinger says:

          I sideways traded him a couple weeks ago. Just didn't like his form or the way the team was playing. Think those decisions are better made early. Yet his BE will be fairly high for the next couple weeks, esp given that his highest score is 108.

          Like SCaddict said, if he's not the worst of your problems then I'd hold.He may turn it around. Gut call, Cam.

  61. Brandon2416 says:

    Should I hold on to enright and if not who should I trade in for him??

  62. tyzsb says:

    Thoughts on these trades community?

    McDonald out for Hallahan

    Corey Enright out for Michael Hibberd

    • tyzsb says:

      With $115,300 left in the bank for the bye round

    • Cozza says:

      Corey trade is too sideways for me – as a few guys have said above, gotta stick with your premos until you have the luxury of having a full premo team. Can you upgrade a rookie to Hibberd?

  63. Mitch says:

    Parker or Gray?
    cant decide out of the 2 to bring in

    • Kenny Powers says:

      Very little difference between the 2 and both play very similar roles. Reckon both will maintain their averages so don't think you can go wrong with either player.

  64. Billy says:

    fasolo said to only miss 1 week

    • pat says:

      everyone needs to remember with fasolo, he has the round 8 bye, so if we can put him on the bench this week, he will get another weeks rest with the bye !!

  65. Pat says:

    boys i have the likes of Buddy, fasolo, Dunstan, MAC, Langdon, PYKE!!!!!! who are my priorities to trade out, i have 350k int he warchest so am i double upgrading, or do i paint the fence?
    Cheers guys

    • Cozza says:

      Langdon has more cash to make, so I would keep him. I would get rid of Dunstan as he is starting to lose $$. If Franklin in not named next week, he would be next to go – he still has an achievable BE for his rare big score, but as the guys said on the podcast, time to flick him. If he is named, I would probably lose Fasolo (again assuming he has not been named).

      Not too many option this week to paint the fence, so may be the week for the double upgrade.

      • Pat says:

        yer good call cozza, should i keep fasolo given if he is out for 1 week, he does have the round 8 bye so he will have another week to rest. Does anyone know the extent of buddys injury?

        • Cozza says:

          Buddy apparently has no structural damage – had scans this week. He is sore, so Longmire said today they will see how he pulls up….sounds like he is 50/50. If he is not named, he would be my first to go.

          Fasolo's BE is only 39 when he comes back, but his big score the week before will drop off after that round, so his BE will be much higher the following week. If you think he is a keeper, then hold, but I doubt many people got him in as a keeper, so now is probably as good a time as ever to flick him – will save the donut this week and the likely decrease in price for his 2nd game back. Will probably be a few weeks until he starts to increase in price again, although I wouldn't think it will go up much more.

  66. Lachie says:

    Who is a better uprade option this week Griffen or callan ward?

    • Pat says:

      honestly on form, youd have to go ward, but griffen is a proven top 10 performer

      • JustinB says:

        Ward has a break even of 150+, I'd wait a week and see how he performs against Port Adelaide

  67. ray hill says:

    Good or bad trade
    Aish and dunstan to mundy and ward only thing is aish has a be of -8

  68. So many guys willing to sideways trade….
    Get your team full prem then fix your unders.

    I have both Enright and Dusty – I'm not pulling the ass out of my team (and trades) to chase points.
    You picked them for a reason. Back them in. At least unitl you finish upgrading.

    Only time to boot a Prem is for an Injury.

    • Beady Eye says:

      To be fair, the reason most people picked Enright was his reputation for being Mr Standard Deviation.

      He's not living up to that rep with scores all over the shop, and the highs failing to balance out the lows so far.

    • tez says:

      agree with you TG . Stick with your prems and show some confidence. why ask anyone what to do. Go with your gut feeling !!!

    • Cam_H says:

      I really need some convincing on Dustin Martin.

      He's been 'extraordinarily average' in the last three weeks … how do I know he' not hiding an injury which explains his crappy form, and is going from one premium to another premium (e.g. Martin > Rioli) such a bad thing? I could have fallen in love with Sam Jacobs' 2012 form and 'stuck by my man' all through 2013 only to find out at the end of the year that he was indeed playing injured.

      My head says "Stick with Martin", my heart says "Run for your life!".

      • tyzsb says:

        I know what your feeling but I am running for my life!!!!

      • crowls says:

        Perhaps if you need the money, but as other wiser heads have said do the sideways moves after you finish your team. Would a fwd rookie score more than Dusty? doubt it? though on a personal note he is not in my team this year as prick cost me final last year when he spudded up with a 42 or something like it. Mr inconsistency. Also looks fat and therefore not fit enough to get more mid time to increase scores. bottom line I would hold him if I had him, but glad I dont.

  69. Tom says:

    Mundy or Ward?

  70. wayno1313 says:

    Do you think it's worth getting in Cutler if he is named on the ground? If he gets a full game he will go big.

  71. chandanrajdb says:

    Hello Community,

    I need some thoughts from the community regarding my trade options below,

    Option – 1:

    OUT: Dunstan & Fasolo

    IN: Hibberd and R Gray
    Will be left with $176,600 in the warchest…

    This option will leave my FWD line as below,
    P Dangerfield, D Martin, R Gray, J Roughead, C Rioli, S Higgins (JKH, S Lloyd)

    Option – 2:
    OUT: Dunstan & Georgiou
    IN: Hibberd & L Dunn
    Will be left with $100,200 in the warchest

    This will leave with the following DEF:
    J MaCveigh, S Mitchell, D Swallow, M Hibberd, L Dunn, M Suckling (L McDonald, T Cutler)

    Option – 3:
    OUT: L Dunstan & M Thomas
    IN: M Hibberd & J Watson
    Will leave me with $182,800 in the warchest……

    I am not so keen in this option because I would like to keep M Thomas for one week and trade him and L McDonald out next week for fallen premos who doesn;t have RD8 bye and also by keeping M Thomas I can use to for loophole option in my midfield with Langdon / N Robertson / J Aish…..

    At the moment I am tending more towards the Option – 1…..

    I would also appreciate if you can suggest any other better options to consider….

    Thoughts would be much appreciated community……


    • canman1306 says:

      I Like option 1 Because I would rather play Mcdonald onfield than Lloyd.

      • throttlefinger says:

        Agree with the Canman. Have feeling Lloyd may get the vest or not make 22 this week. Paging Ben Lennon.

  72. Adam says:

    Is the best downgrade option in mid m crouch?

  73. Butch says:

    Jock what about Ebert

  74. powerhouse says:

    (fwd)- Bartel, Mitchel, Hodge, Suckling, Mcdonald, Laidler (Ellis,, Flynn)

    (mid)- Abblet, Pendlebury, Beams, Swan, Wines, Polec, Fyfe (Robertson, Morabitto)

    (ruc)- Sandilands, Hickey (Currie, Thurlow)

    (fwd)- Zorko, Dangerfield, Franklin, Daniher, Loydd, Mcgovern (Bock, Taylor)

    after trades. J Merrit out for Mcgovern (Cash Grab) and M Thomas for Swan. Good choices? was going to fix holes in my fwds this week. but the temptaion of a potential swan in form again was to great.

    • The Filth says:

      You obviously don't care about the round 8 bye…

      • powerhouse says:

        not one bit. im after the league cup. already conceded three losses during bye time.

        • The Filth says:

          Good luck with that! Too many non playing rookies = no future cash generation.
          Get rid of Bock – 190k doing nothing. Ellis? Flynn? The extra points you may gain from Swan will be lost by your forwards…

          • powerhouse says:

            thanks for the tips. ive been stubborn with bock. but time has come to give up. i heard ellis may of playef. white lies i think. saw flynn during nab cup. didnt realise he went home to ireland. also been second guessing morrobito. but i keel hearing he may…May, come back. thurlow is another one i am second guessing.. also does anyone know what the go is with buddy? at first i heard he was out two-three weeks. tgen i hear he may be back this week? (also another one i am stubborn with, gone down to much now to swap)

            • The Filth says:

              Keep Morabito – he may play soon.
              Ditch Bock.
              Thurlow unlikely to play but no real value changing a ruck rookie.
              I don't know how strong your league is – who knows you may get by with a good midfield and half a forward line / defense.

              Unfortunately there is no standout mid rookie this week, otherwise I would suggest you downgrade Thomas and use the cash to upgrade one of your forwards. Rookie midfielders are generally better point scores than forwards and there seems to be a lack of quality forward rookies this year. Hence the title of the latest podcast "Forward Line Dramas".

              Good luck for your season Powerhouse – whatever you decide to do.

          • Derek says:

            Flynn, didn't he go back to Ireland before Round 1?

          • powerhouse says:

            most likely. a lack of attention on my behalf.

            • The Filth says:

              Not trying to criticise or put you on a downer Powerhouse
              Don't stress matey – just do the best you can from here on in.
              Don't give up – good learning experience. You have some quality premiums so you may surprise.

    • Kenny Powers says:

      Thomas to Swan looks the goods .. both are R8 bye players and one has probably peaked in priced and the other bottomed out. Maybe leaves you a bit thin for the first bye but a lot of the community will be in a similar position .. super midfield though!

    • matt says:

      mcgovern? are you serious?

      • powerhouse says:

        who would you suggest as a cheap fwd rookie?

        • Kev says:

          There isn't one…

          Rookie choices are few and far between this round.

          • powerhouse says:

            so i will stick to mcgovern and hope a struggling eagles play some youngsters over the comming weeks.

  75. Danners16 says:

    Hey fellas not sure on what to do this week
    A.Fasolo to L.Hodge/Premium Defender or Premium Midfielder or Premium Forward
    I was thinking as well, but it may sound a bit wierd but A.Fasolo to K.Kolodjashnij (Thumper) as I feel that he might go up maybe over $100,000 more this season and then upgrade L.Dunstan to a premium midfielder.
    I'm just not sure here is my team before these trades
    Def-S.Mitchell, D.Swallow, M.Jaensch, C.Hampton, L.McDonald, T.Langdon (J.Laidler, A.Georgiou)
    Mid-G.Ablett, R.Griffen, M.Murphy, L.Shuey, D.Beams, J.Polec, L.Dunstan, J.Kelly (H.Cunningham, L.Taylor)
    Ruck-S.Jacobs, A.Sandilands (F.Thurlow, T.Derickx)
    Fwd-P.Dangerfield, N.Riewoldt, L.Parker, D.Martin, D.Zorko, A.Fasolo (J.Impey, S.Lloyd)
    $294,900 in the bank

    • matt says:

      keep fas, will only be out probably 1 week, might even play this week, dunstan up to a premium

    • throttlefinger says:

      Keep Faz. Out 1 week tops. May even play against Blues.

  76. dognino says:

    What are people's thoughts on suckling? Has he done his job? High break even over 120, is it time to upgrade him to premo before he drops back below $400k

    • Benno says:

      In the same boat mate, i have no idea what to do with suckers!

    • BCHawks says:

      yes I would trade him out this week.

    • dognino says:

      Think I'm going to go suckers, McDonald out, bring in hibberd and a mid rookie to go on the bench. Back line almost set now with swallow, mcveigh, Mitchell, hibberd, enright, Langdon, on field

    • Derek says:

      Suckling is cooked.

      With Stratton and Lake back for the Hawks, it has changed the role of the Hawks defence. Hodge and Birchell have been released to clear the ball out of defence, Suckling has more of a defence role now.

    • Rocksta says:

      I'm also in the same Boat.
      Suckling is kind of in no mans land at present but isn't it better to have him as your D6 in say 3 weeks time than one of the Rookies?
      It's got me stumped

      • dognino says:

        My bye structure is working out nicely, so while Langdon is still making cash the plan is to hold him through his bye and then trade out Langdon and Langford for Hanley and a rookie, unless I have spare cash to do a straight trade, which I doubt as I plan on getting selwood and pendles after their byes . So will have to paint the fence.

        So by end of rd 10 I should have full premo mids and back line, and 2 spots in the Fwds to fill, but I still haven't decided who I want ion there yet

    • matt says:

      would probably keep him, until his bye in round 9 then get him out, will maybe go down 20k till then but playing saints this week, should score 90+

    • SCaddict says:

      Would probably keep him around until his Rd9 bye and then give him the full whooshka treatment.

    • BlueBalls FC says:

      Just keep him. Bigger issues than that ATM, still gets plenty of possessions, good DE & couldn't drop that much. The season still has a long way to go.

      Bigger problem at the other end with the big dud Roughead!

  77. Jack says:

    Guys who is the best rookie to bring in this week( someone who has only played 2 games). Need to generate some cash for the bye rounds

  78. Dicko says:

    Dusty and Fasolo cause me problems. who should I trade fasolo for?

    • Gold Rush says:

      He is a 50/50 chance to play this week, just hope it's not the Navicular again otherwise Wayno's services will be required !!!!!

    • Pat says:

      i would keep fasolo, he will either play this week, or miss and then he has the bye to recover aswell !

  79. Adam says:

    Who's flipper?

  80. Tom says:

    What are peoples thoughts on getting in Cyril for Higgins?

    • Pieman's Misses says:

      Delicious as Bruce would say

    • SCaddict says:

      You had the plums to pick Higgo despite Jock's continual protestations and now it's time to reap the benefits my friend.

      Rioli is as good an upgrade as any so go with it if you have no other trade priorities this week.

      Got my eye firmly on the Wingard kidd in a couple more weeks myself. Should be able to do a straight swap in a fortnight with very little cash involved which would be awesome considering Higgo started less than half the price of Wingard!

  81. Danners16 says:

    Hey guys, just found out that A.Fasolo could be back for next game so he won't be leaving my team.
    Who do I get rid of L.McDonald or L.Dunstan to a premium? I have $294,900 in the bank
    And do I downgrade A.Georgiou or J.Impey or do I only do the one trade?

    • Captain joc says:

      Dunstan before McDonald but I would get rid of both

    • Rocksta says:

      Hi Danners.
      I have $287K and am trading Dunstan to Watson this week.
      Only making the one trade as have all other viable rookies already.
      I am toying with the idea of Dunstan to Griffen, and then Suckling to Walker, but probably won't go this way as see the Suckling trade as a bit of a waste at this point in time as I'd still have 2 Rookies in the backline ( McD and Langford).

      • dean says:

        I myself am going to hold Dunstan for one more week, and trade mcdonald, as i need to beef up my defence. I guess it may depend on your current structure and what you need, as to who is best tradeout option.

  82. tez says:

    forget break even score and select a team that will hold u in good stead for the whole season

    • Cozza says:

      break evens are relevant for your rookies and upgrade options – if they get to the point where their break evens exceed their likely scores, that is the time to trade them – when they have reached their ceiling. Thats how you build your team for the season

  83. Captain joc says:

    What’s all this love for Callan ward? His a good player but I think there is better options

    • Cam_H says:

      Carrying the uncharacteristic 48 from the Bulldogs game … got knocked out in the Crows game and had to leave the ground for a very respectable 92 nonetheless … therefore two factors suggesting under-priced compared to true form. Averaged over 100 points/round since 2012 (combined) for a player currently less than $500K. Round 9 Bye.

      Not for me to say whether there are better options or not.

      • Cam_H says:

        … and because I like replying to myself (rolleyes) the 48 points in the GWS vs. Bulldogs game, Ward was actually named in the best players!

        • Captain joc says:

          Well if you look at his draw so far his only really played bad to mediocre sides(apart from Sydney n Gold Coast ) and if you look at his draw coming up dosn’t have an easy draw coming up (next 5 is PA/WCE/RCH/HAW/ESS)

  84. Pieman's Misses says:

    Pieman wants to know what the community think of Jono O'Rourke from GWS. Hes done himself some serious mischief again & cant use the computer.

    • Rocksta says:

      I've got Josh Kelly sitting on my mid bench( $302K), and will be trading him down to Jono O'Rourke next week if Jono scores anymore than 75 odd.
      I think it's risky bringing him in this week

    • Jacob says:

      Looks very good. He was a no. two pick and has a couple of preaseasons under his belt. Too good to ignore.

    • SCaddict says:

      Yes likely a downgrade option the following week if he is able to play 3 straight games.

      Kelly should return this week so we will get a good feel for his JS by time he is on the bubble.

      • Rocksta says:

        Good logic SC.
        Kelly also has a relatively low BE and thus waiting another week can only be of benefit

    • throttlefinger says:

      Needs a second look. But if he pumps out anything over 65, could be the perfect downgrade for Dunstan next week.

      • Piemans Misses says:

        Yes Throttle, that’s what Pieman is thinking. He hasn’t seen much if him because I’ve been nagging him to chop down the tree hanging over the washing line.

        • throttlefinger says:

          haha. Yeah, boys named Jono usually drag ass doing the simplest of chores.

          • Piemans Misses says:

            Took him all of Sunday. He finally did it, but since then he’s been very silly. He’s been in an ice bath for 2 days

  85. john snow says:

    keep it short and sweet pie mans misses……..

    Sorry, I think he's a player in the making but not in my supercoach plans this year.

    • Piemans Misses says:

      Thanks Snowy. I’ll let him know. Do you have any other options?

      • john snow says:

        I like Josh Kelly, I have him getting splinters in his ass at the moment. Hopefully he returns this week

  86. Gary says:

    Is it too late to bring the likes of Cutler or Billings this week?

    • Jacob says:

      Too late for billings but not for Cutler.

    • Swans2014 says:

      billings was never worth it even for his price at the start. Cutler scored 46 from 4 touches and is still priced fairly cheaply at 146k. If played on field he could be producing 65+ scores but sub is only worry

  87. JX20 says:

    Bock named 2nd best for Suns in NEAFL…. At his price, he'd solve many a problem if he comes good!

  88. Jacob says:

    McDonald for Birchall or Hodge? I’m thinking Hodge he’s only 15k extra.

    • powerhouse says:


        • Jacob says:

          why not?

          • Captain joc says:

            Hodge is a injury risk and birchall is very inconsistent I’d wait a week and get Hanley who should drop to 435k next week

          • Jacob says:

            Cheers captain Joc I was concerned bout the injury risk.too. I’m gonna pay the extra cash to get hibberd.

            • SCaddict says:

              Reckon that's a smart move Jacob.

              Doubt you will remember paying the extra cash as Hibberd belts out ton after ton for you later in the season.

              Hibberd should be a walk up starter for my 2015 team he he.

          • Captain joc says:

            What was “this” meant to mean the filth ?

            Sc addict who do you reckon would be better value in the end hibberd at his price or Hanley at 435k

            • SCaddict says:

              That's a tough one Captain. I'm keeping close tabs on Hanley's price and when he bottoms out I intend to jump on. That could be next week or a month from now depending how he fares against my Swans this weekend.

              I can't afford to get on Hibberd right now with other priorities like getting rid of Dunstan and Buddy this week. But he is looking a very likely top 6 defender even though we are only a quarter the way in.

            • The Filth says:

              Apologies Captain joc – I was agreeing with your option of picking up Hanley next week for hopefully around 430k. I can see how this was unclear.

              I had Hanley but traded him for K Simpson when he was injured.
              Current defense is Mitchell, Swallow, McVeigh, K Simpson, Langdon, Langford (Cutler Georgio) – just culled McDonald.

              Plan to get Hanley next week – last premo tossing up between Hibberd, Dunne, Bartel.

          • Captain joc says:

            Yeah hibberd or bartel will be my last upgrade in def but also monitoring how jaensch goes to see if I keep him or not his done a great job since coming into the team in rd2 was awesome

    • john snow says:

      no to hodge, too likely to get injured

  89. jontyone says:

    Who is a priority to trade out?
    Franklin (if out I would have to play 2 of Lloyd, Ambrose and Taylor)
    Mcdonald (Not really doing much these days and Langdon on bench so they will trade to Cutler and get the best out of the 2)
    Dunstan ( I have him M7 and hasnt really done that much these days)
    Merrett and Higgins (around maximum price)

    • Jimbo Jones says:

      I'd say Dunstan. Downgrade to a Crouch or Robertson and save cash for next week.

  90. Jimbo Jones says:

    What is everyone's thoughts?
    Gray, Zorko or Dahl?

  91. D Man says:

    Merrett out
    Pav grey or Parker in.

  92. Jacob says:

    Oh and I’m getting Hanley in next week for Langdon. He will be dirt cheap for his scoring power.

  93. Steve says:

    My fantasy decisions. Bad round last time with jElwood and rockliffe. But this weeks decision are simpler, NOT ….hmmm. Downgrade Cunningham to hallahan then upgrade fasola to one of chapman, roo,Parker, zorko…. BUT WHICH, THEY AREALL KEEPERS ARE THEY NOT. HELP APPRECIATED, STEVE

    • SCaddict says:

      Would keep Cunningham around for a while yet. Has a tiny BE and a valuable Rd10 bye.

      Maybe hang on to Fasolo if he's only going to miss one game. Alternatively you could always look at a value option such as Petrie if cash is tight or maybe even Tex if the kitty is completely dry and he gets named this week:


      • Steve says:

        Cheers Guys great help have $144k in the bank and was thinking of cashing in on May thinks he has peaked now. Maybe Hibbersd. But is it better to get zorko then instead of upgrading May to Hibberd? . Agree on Cunningham thank you

        • Rocksta says:

          Hi Steve.
          Hibberd and Zorks are both going to average around the 100 mark come years end IMO, and thus can't go wrong either way.
          Perhaps check their BE's and take the one whom has bottomed out in price or close too.

    • Swans2014 says:

      If I was you I would keep Cunnigham if you can. Still has plenty of cash to make with a be of 8. I'd try and get some dpp and get Cutler in if you don't have him

    • john snow says:

      I would say no to chappy. likely to get injured or be rested at some point

  94. sticks7 says:

    Ripper podcast lads,
    Jarrod Mcveigh is he worth the coin
    cheers boys

  95. Rocksta says:

    Hi All.

    I have a real Dilemma this week. Am currently ranked 450 overall and feel that this week will be make or break.
    I am either going to make only 1 trade- Dunstan to Watson, leaving me with approx $65K in the bank
    2 trades- The other being Suckling to Walker. This however would pretty much wipe out my Bank, and still leave me with 2 onfield Rookies in the Mid and Def ( McD, Langford, Polec, Crouch). Only have 1 onfield Rookie up forward, and my Rucks are locked ( Barring Injury). All the rest of my players are locked in Premiums.
    I would also only be left with 19 trades if I make the 2.
    What to do?

    • SCaddict says:

      You're in a great spot Rocksta ranked in the top 500 so you should probably be giving us advice!

      For what it's worth really like Dunstan to Jobe and will be doing so myself and fixing up Buddy with my other trade.

      Think the Dons have had a rough run lately but should be getting more of their big guns back this week and their draw improves too with Dogs, Dees, Lions and GWS all to come in their next 6.

      Bomber Thompson knew the first 6 weeks were going to be tough but is confident that his team will lift and that can only be a good thing for Jobe's scoring.

      • Rocksta says:

        Thanks SC.
        As you know, in this game I could very well be outside the top 2000 after this round, and hence the Dilemma.
        Am thinking Dunstan to Jobe, and holding my fire on Suckling for the moment.
        If Jono O plays well this week, will then cash Kelly in next week to give me more money for Rd 9 and 10 trading.
        As Dools says, gotta trust the gut!!!!

        • throttlefinger says:

          SCaddict noted that Jono may be keeping Kelly's seat warm as he recovers. So Jono's JS may not be the best.

          Think the move to Jobe is stellar. He'll catch the hard tag vs one of the hardest tagging teams this week so maybe if you could wait a week it may serve you better going forward. But this is definitely a gut call.

          And big congrats being in the top 500. We're all here to help you cut a zero and into the top 50.

          • Rocksta says:

            Thanks Throttle?

            Is Dunstan to Griffen a better trade? Just really worried about Hocking ( whom is back this week) doing a monster shutdown on the Griff Dog.
            Hocking is a beast, and is relentless.

            • throttlefinger says:

              I like that trade too. Not more than Jobe. Between the two, Watson has been looking stronger in form. Both have high BEs this week.

              This week Griff has a 117 BE against a team that his top score is 107. And drops another $21K. He has Dees next week who he has a MUCH better record. Jobe has 131 BE but if he doesn't hit will only drop $10K…although he usually does well vs. Doggies.

              Do you feel you need to trade? Can you hold off a week and save the trades? May giving Dunstan another week give you an advantage, especially if Jobe and Griff go low ton (or under) and Lukey goes 85+? Possible. Not highly likely but potential is there.

              This has gut call written all over it, Rocksta. Would give yourself a day then revisit, my man. Happy to discuss more.

          • Rocksta says:

            Thanks Throttle!
            Punctuation is a bitch

            • throttlefinger says:

              Haha. Punctuation is an annoyance. Mummy begin out another round would be a bitch!

              • Rocksta says:

                I reckon he's good to go.
                With the majority of the other Rucks Spudding it up I reckon you've made the right call on Mummy.

                • throttlefinger says:

                  Really aren't any premium rucks this season. That's the reason I stayed put. No better options.

    • john snow says:

      your in a good place,

      I'm thinking of goin Dunstan to Watson as well.

      I'm also considering Walker, but is he likely to return to form and sustain it?. I am thinking of losing McDonald for either Walker or Malceski. Malceski is very reliable. I also like Burgoyne but can't take him as I already have Mitchell, Suckling, Langford….

      • Rocksta says:

        Hi John,
        If I had the cash I'd be all over the Dunstan to Watson and McD to Walker/Malceski trades.

        Can't go wrong with those and I reckon press the button.
        Malceski is playing more consistent footy than Walker, but I reckon Walker is coming into some form and has a higher ceiling.

    • Dools says:

      Well done Rocksta, great stuff !!! Carry the Community Flag Bro.
      my advice is to hold if you possibly can mate. Money in the vault is a get out of Jail free card mate. You are having an excellent run so why bog yourself down with no wriggle room at round 7???
      I've just spent 2 more trades…. Del Santo (That hurt me, He was a great servant but the lambs are silent now!) and My biggest Disappointment from round 3 onwards Matt Rosa, the sobbing and the begging are finished now but I still have $340K in the vault!
      Good Luck Brother

      • Rocksta says:

        Thanks Dools.
        It's people like you, throttle, SC that keep me coming back to posting on this site ( Not to mention Jocks singing……………….Buddy Song the best of the year I reckon).
        The advice is invaluable

        • Dools says:

          Ahh Jock Singing… Thanks for the reminder …I think???? LOL
          I really like the Griffen trade mate How much wriggle room now???

          • Rocksta says:

            Dunstan to Griffen will leave me with around $82k in the bank.
            Am really worried about the Hocking tag though. The man is a beast.
            Picken will go to Jobe but is he that good of a tagger anymore?

            • SCaddict says:

              Hey Rocksta what's your team name? Would like to add you as a rival if that's ok?

              No doubt you'll kick my backside most weeks but would like to follow your progress nonetheless.

              • Rocksta says:

                I doubt it mate. Tipping you'll have me covered come years end. Love to participate though.

                My team name is Pies4eva. My 450 overall is incidentally only good enough for 19 th spot in the Jock Reynolds Qualifier league.
                The current leader Dylan's Daredevils is currently 9 th overall, which is amazing.

                • SCaddict says:

                  Thanks mate have now added you as a rival of Addicts Anonymous.

                  Good luck this week and the weeks to come!

                  • Rocksta says:

                    Likewise SC.
                    But no gloating when you kick my butt come years end

                    • throttlefinger says:

                      Sent an invite to you as well, Rocksta.

                      Don't bludgeon me too much.

                    • Rocksta says:

                      Thanks Throttle.
                      I've never participated in rivalries and as such have just gone in and added you guys to the Rivalries list.
                      Is that done now?

                    • throttlefinger says:


                      You see in your list? Go to "Leagues" tab then click on "Rivalries" tab. Should be there at the bottom.

                    • Rocksta says:

                      Yes, its there.
                      Thanks for the invite and good Luck

                    • throttlefinger says:

                      Thanks Rocksta. Sure I'll need it.

                  • throttlefinger says:

                    Ah, was going to ask you do to the same and you already have. Been so focused on my league scores haven't been paying mind to rivalries.

                    We're on, my friend!

                    • SCaddict says:

                      Yes we are in the same league already so didn't bother to mention it.

                      Nonetheless it's a small new feature in Supercoach 2014 so we may as well use it. πŸ™‚

                    • throttlefinger says:


            • Dools says:

              Griffen needs to be a Beast, Long over due IMO. Have you had a look at Hannebery???? Swans have a challenging draw er the next 2 but I think they are back! More then the Doggies are after the byes….Long term I know but that's what me , Keyboard and Next G device are thinking

              • Rocksta says:

                Thanks Dools.
                I agree with you about the warchest. Really need to look at bringing in Jelwood and/or Steve J after the rd 8 bye, which will take a lot of cash reserves.

                • Dools says:

                  Well Hold the Trade then Mate Keep the coin for Round 9…..Jeelwood Is only getting cheaper.

                  • Rocksta says:

                    Dools, as you always say, go with your gut and my gut is telling me Dunstan to Watson this week ( 1 trade only).
                    I still have josh Kelly sitting on the bench ( $302k) with my other mid bench being flipper.
                    Thus, could potentially cash Kelly in next week to a Jono O, or perhaps a Honeychurch rd 10, or Morabito Rd 11( whom was best on for Peel Thunder at the weekend).

                  • throttlefinger says:

                    Agree. Can wait. Think Dunstan will go 80+ vs. Hawks. They'll be more worried about Stevens and Montagna.

                    • Dools says:

                      Rocksta, Like TrottleF. I think Watson is a viable trade but I'm waiting 1 more week

                    • throttlefinger says:

                      Dools, what does keyboard think about Rory the Sloane? (Fun Throttle Fact: I have the same last name yet it doesn't have that abomination at the end)

                      Liking him for Dunstan in R9. Considering Smurph as well but think Rory has more scoring potential.

                    • Dools says:

                      Hi TF, Rory Slone is emerging at a possible but with B/E of 122 , $575K to purchase, R8 bye and AVG 113 he is a miss for me until after the bye. One shocker is all we need mate and I will be all over him like a fat boy on a jam doughnut (As long as Adelaide keep winning he will continue to score in the high 1 Teens)
                      Sorry for the late reply Work and all that

                    • throttlefinger says:

                      Yes, yes. I was talking after Rd8. Dunstan for him R9. Good. You likey.

                      Dools, have yourself a nice lager after a long day. Give keyboard a sip for me.

                    • Dools says:

                      Keyboard is sipping as we chat !!!

                    • throttlefinger says:

                      Dools, I need some help. Found out Mummy is out again. Stuck fat with him but this is not good. Knee surgery was far from minor. Sure I've played the loyal wife but think if he step out a few rounds now, it's a good chance it will happen again soon.

                      Stick or go? Thinking Lobbe. Don't want Sauce. What you and keyboard think?

                    • Dools says:

                      Oh! that is big news brother, How long now?
                      Mate you are in a bind…. Lobbe is not a pick from me, Cheapish but Avg is not an improvement on last year, Nah!!!
                      Big Boy McEvoy plays St Kilda , Plays well forward, mid and sweeper and a hand pass guru and sweet kick
                      I did the Sauce thing – Nothing worse then burnt sauce but nothing finer then a good sauce (Enhances a well prepared meal) and I'm dining on SC ……
                      Not a lot to pick out this year So follow you Gut – (my tummy likes Sauce – I know the history with him mate I had him last year – but this is no place for sentiment Get On Him:] )

                    • throttlefinger says:

                      Yeah, missed the Sauce train. Not keen on bringing in another Rd8. Sure he'll slip soon.

                      Hmmm. May have to stick fat until he returns. Deal with Caddy and Li'l Boy McD. Ugh. Brutal.

                    • Dools says:

                      Welcome to the Game Matt , Brutal has no place for sentiment. Do the trade(s) you need to do outside of the Rucs you will feel better and some jet might just poke his head up in that dept.

                    • throttlefinger says:


                      Mummy will probably be out until after the byes. Time to put on big boy pants and make a decision.

                  • SCaddict says:

                    Yes think Jelwood is on everyone's shopping list who doesn't already have him.

                    Ideally it would've been nice to pick him up immediately after his Rd8 bye but it looks like it could take a few more weeks after that before he bottoms out in price, unless he has an absolute monster this weekend.

                    • throttlefinger says:

                      Which is possible as the Tigers don't have a strong tagger and play more finesse than power game.

            • chandanrajdb says:

              Hey Rocksta…

              First of all keep up the good work in terms of overall ranking mate…..you are doing really well……

              Has anyone considered M Boyd on the team is actually taking some of Griffen's score?….M Boyd had a bad year last season in terms of injury and he was in and out of the team……

              But he looks fit this season and is flying at the moment…..averaging around 140 SC points per game…..I am not telling anybody to consider Boyd here…I am just sharing some of my thoughts on Griffen's scoring ability this season…..big question needs to be asked is WILL HE BACK UP HIS 2013 FORM? with BOYD in the team……I am not so sure……

              By the way I am ranked 1124 overall……was 538 2 weeks back and couple of horrible rounds and currently sitting on 1124 overall……have got cash and will be doing double upgrades this week…….

              Thinking of following trades….

              OUT: Dunstan & Fasolo
              IN: Hibberd & R Gray….

              Have got $176,600 in the warchest…..

              Thoughts would be appreciated……


              • Rocksta says:

                Thanks Raj.

                You are also doing very well. I was 1045 last week and 450 this week. As such, A bad week will put me back out over the 1000 mark again or worse, but I guess that is the nature of the game.
                Boydy is and has always been a Gun, and you are right, he was injured for a lot of last year.
                The only problem I guess with him is his current price, which is high.
                Will he affect Griff, I don't think so. Not after Griff is back to 100% fitness, which shouldn't be al that far away.
                Your trades look good, but just note that Faz's injury may not be all that bad. Nevertheless, unless you consider him a keeper, then the Gray trade looks good ( especially as Faz is a Rd 8 Bye).
                Trading for byes now suddenly seems all that more important, and will make or break a persons overall score.
                Good luck with your trading.

              • Rocksta says:

                Also Raj, I just sent your Team TITANS a Rivalry invite so we can keep each other motivated along the way.
                Hope you don't mind

                • chandanrajdb says:

                  Hi Rocksta,

                  I have accepted your invitation mate, just make sure you don't beat me every round from here on!!……

                  I am struggling to select one off these FWD Premos to my team, who do i go for….any thoughts who to go for from below options???

                  Gray, Pav, Parker, Zorko (had him last year and my mind is telling me not to touch him this year on the other hand he is doing really well, I am not so sure on him)….

                  My FED line currently as it stands…

                  P Dangefield, D Martin, C Rioli, J Roughead, S Higgins, A Fasolo, S Lloyd, JKH….


          • Captain joc says:

            I wanna add both use guys as rivals too I’d like to look at your teams as use give out great knowledge

            • Rocksta says:

              I've accepted your invite Captain.
              Great Team by the way

            • chandanrajdb says:

              Hi Captain,

              What is your team name mate?

              My Team Name is "TITANS"


    • Captain joc says:

      Cool as mate thanks man it’s gonna get better this week
      Scaddict n throttle finger what’s your teams names or rankings so I can add you?

  96. Rocksta says:

    Sorry, if make 2 trades, the first will be Dunstan to Griffen as don't have enough money for Watson and Walker

    • Blake says:

      Hi rocksta I'm ranked just ahead of you at 437, catch me if you can πŸ˜‰

      • Blake says:

        I personally don't like the look of griffen, I feel that the rise of the Boyd of old and Jacko Macrae as well as the fact that Minson is down this season will mean that Ryan Griffen will return back to his scores pre 2013 which are around 105-107 avg. This is just my opinion

      • Rocksta says:

        Well Done Blake.
        I've gone Dunstan to Watson this week as I need to see Griff getting Consistent Ton's over at least 2 weeks in a row to consider.

  97. Mebois says:

    hi guys, i have a bit of a problem

    my DEF is swallow, bartel, enright, smith, kolo, lmac (langdon, langford) I HAVE 7 PLAYERS OUT IN RND 8 and 1 in rnd 9 so i want a rnd 10 premo, i am thinking the following:

    i have brodie smith who was great in the first 4 weeks with scores of 78,125,78,125 but the last couple have suprised me, with games against gws and the bulldogs, he scored 69 and 59. next week he plays melbourne but he has a breakeven of 140, should i trade him to mcveigh, hibberd, malceski.

    or should i trade enirght to one of the following options

    • SCaddict says:

      Geez that's as Rd8 bye heavy defence as I've seen. Did you consider that when putting your team together as it's getting a bit late in the day to really fix this significantly?

      Having said that I reckon McVeigh is cherry ripe for the picking. Not sure I would get rid of a proven premo in Enright or even the midpriced Smith who has been a decent POD for you.

      Perhaps you could upgrade McDonald if you have the cash otherwise Smith it is I suppose.

      • Captain joc says:

        What’s your midfield like aswell mate
        We could manage it down to about 4 or 5

        • Mebois says:

          firstly, the only trade i have made in defence so far is mitchell to bartel when he was rumoured to have the calf issue.

          secondly, my midfield is pendles, rockliff, cotchin, libba, beams, polec, dunstan (tuning into hallahan), crouch (cunningham, robertson) the byes would be 4,3,3.

          • Captain joc says:

            Why don’t you trade Dunstan to cutler via lmac or langdons dpp then upgrade lmac or smith to like a Simpson/mcveigh/or get Hanley next week

            • Mebois says:

              this week im trading dunstan to hallahan, i dont think hallahan is worth missing out on.

  98. Steve says:

    What a the best strategy on byes. Confused. I have 15 out 6 out 12 out? No idea what to do?

    • Rocksta says:

      Hi Steve.

      You really need to do something about the 15 mate.
      During byes, your top 18 scores count. Thus, you don't want anymore than 12 in any rd.
      Ideally, you want to replace 3-4 of your rd 8 bye players with Rd 9 bye players over the next 2 weeks,thereby evening out the spread. This however obviously depends on whom you currently have in your team, and the calibre of players you can bring in.
      You can then bring in rd 8 bye players for Rd 10. ( don't know whom you have but the possibilities are endless…….GAJ,Pendles, Beamer,Swanny,Jelwood,Steve J, Danger etc)

      • Steve says:

        Rocksta clarity thank you. Have got pendles, gas, rockcliffe, Watson, beams, so would target Stevie j I guess. So this week and next bring in round 9 and 10 players into the rd 8 squad. Then go from there. So that would give me probably 11 if I can get the right mix,

        • Rocksta says:

          Yes mate.
          I'm going to have around 8,8 and 8/9 over the byes, which will cost me 3-4 trades over the bye period.
          I will be all over the Geelong boys after their rd 8 bye.

    • Dools says:

      Hi Steve, Only 18 players score for the byes are you going for Rank or League wins?
      15 ins for round 8 is recoverable but its 4 trades in the next 2 weeks and then 3 trades each week for the rest of the byes. You are looking at 10 trades Minimum at the completion of round 11 mate, You may be lucky and Jag 7 Trades but I think you will be pushin 10 and trading fo r trades sake….. So with out your team sheet
      'm guessing

      • steve says:

        Hi Dools, cheers man. i guess to win the Calvinators league which im in. currently 23 of 140. but not far off the top in reality. Will as you say have to make use of the 2 trades per week, to manage it.
        Usual rookies but key players – my keeper first in each list
        DEF – Swallow, Bartel, McVeigh, May (out this week planning Georghiou), Langdon, Langford, Suckling
        MID – Pendles, Gaz, Beams, Watson, Polec, Wines, Jelwood, Rockliffe
        RUCK – Sandi / Jacobs
        FWDS – Dusty, Danger, Wright, Fasola (out this week – planing Zorko) Gunston, LLoyd

        My ideas were to remove the 4 from R8 over next 2 weeks – may, lloyd, currie (all upgrade) and wright (possible downgrade)…then in R9 go big on SJ….THEN follow my nose for the next 3 weeks



      • steve says:

        Dools – the beauty of the "reverse" ive tried Gray for fasola and georigiou for may and i get nett $100k in the kitts and 2050 forecast points, so not much worse than bringing zorko (preferred over gray) but the former makes it 13-6-11 then next round bar injuries i can do lloyd an d langdon (or langford) for zorko and a downgrade round 9 to end up 11 – 7 – 10 and two premium / keeprs in zorko and gray (is he that good do you think)……then round 9 – SJ.



        • Dools says:

          Hi Steve I'm hoping you mean Robbie Gray – If So. I like the idea as he was a sold servant 2 years ago until injury Round 2-3 !!! Cost me a trade Bad I held it against him last year but 500k (Nice), B/E 62 (Nice) Round 9 bye( Nice) , 3 tonnes in a row (Nice) DPP Mid/ Fwd. (Nice) in fact he is a solid pick and I think a Keeper for the Season.
          I'm thinking the May trade for Georgiou is a poor one mate your trading 85 points for a 49 point Avg with not much potential to explode and increase in value (Plateaued IMO), but JS is there (I will be trading him next) but he has to be bench cover only!!!

          • steve says:

            GR8 to have interaction. hows your team going? this my first year (am a Liverpool fan emigrated) LOL.
            Yes R Gray. just trying to get my head round "known names and expeted keepers / results) and pure facts, which as a newbie i should really just follow my head. its him v parker v zorko……..if i go fasola – may (dpp) then replace with who of the above 3 – but who is the rookie to bring in defence if gorghiou isnt the one…or do i ignore the DPP option and replace with a hibberd / simpson / possibly sam mitchel in defence? steve

            • Sarah says:

              Hi Steve,

              Just giving my two cents worth… if you can go up to a premium like Hibberd from May then that would be better than going to Georgiou who isn't going to make much more money and has never scored well enough to be on the field. Cheaper defender options include Broadbent, Dunn, Rob Murphy and Hanley (although the last two will be cheaper again next week so if you can wait… like me… then you'll be better off doing that trade next week).

              Any of Zorko, Parker and Gray will be good options. In the end it's a 'go with your gut' call to differentiate them.

              After those guys I'd look at Langdon to trade next week. But keep Wright, he's currently scoring like a keeper!!

              Good luck! πŸ™‚

              • steve says:

                thanks Sarah…..i can to hibber from a combo of may / fasola.. or of course simpson / hibber like Dools mentioned. langdon defo next week. but the big ticket is it best to get the fwds right over the def? i presumed the fwd/mid combo?

            • Dools says:

              When I was a young un Liverpool won everything including European Cups and Championships. So I jumped off back in 84 / 85 to Aston Villa as my cousin played for them. Great decision that!!!
              Mate I picked Parker from round 1 so he is solid but I also picked Martin (Dusty) who is on notice, I brought him to the shed with X.Ellis just so he see's (There go I , but for the grace of God) It didn't work last week pathetic effort So Non Performance means Gray for me

              • Dools says:

                Damn, I meant to mention Defenders. K Simpson is Consistent – 505K, Avg 98 bye round 9 B/E 104 (I think he will be very busy V the Pies) I think he is a Keeper!
                Hibberd again solid choice , but Mitchell has to be the pick but round 8 bye B/E 158 $563K (Wait out till after bye for him) So your call Simpson or Hibberd for now or a lesser light in
                A lad from St Kilda B/E 0, $283K, Round 10 bye (Tick Tick) and Avg 65 ….
                Webster buddy webster Ol' Spider man heself….

                • steve says:

                  top feedback boys. so its basically zorko or simpson. hate to admit i had parker round one and then did the dastardly round 3 – lesson learnt, oops πŸ™‚ hmm webster, intersting get him in get him out…….

                • steve says:

                  webster is 250k in my comp. so would make 44k on may. and better average and as you say r10 bye. good b/e. need to make two trades though to ease pressure off byes so would have = 140k bank, trade fasola + 295k = $430k to spend on fasola rookie or a mid prices fwd – – – – – – — cyril? (got lloyds and jkh and thurlow ) could i be tempted to flog a dead martin πŸ™‚

  99. mrtingle says:

    top episode guys, i couldn't stop laughing.

    watch out though wayno, seriously mate…

  100. Donavan says:

    Anyone heard when Mumford will be back in action?

    Also, who is the best Fwd under $370k, without considering the Bye rounds impacts.

    • Derek says:

      You need to consider Petrie at 370k or Cloke at under 350k. They will not continue with their poor output

    • Flacid Jaff says:

      If you're looking for points, petrie if you have $379k, cloke if not.
      Fasolo is an interesting alternative, currently injured, and the return of Seedsman and Williams could hamper him, however Fasolo has the highest average of all forwards under $370k!

      But if you have a spare trade I'd use ambrose to jump to a premium!

  101. Matt says:

    Who do people think is the best midfield for $540K or less?
    Preferably round 10 bye

  102. Aaron says:

    Hello community,

    Which of these forwards should I bring in this week?

    Pavlich, Gray, Breust, Harvey or Dahlhaus? Already have Parker, Danger, Martin and Zorko

    • Tom.H says:

      I'm going to be bringing in Gray

    • SCaddict says:

      Think they all are nice picks. Perhaps Pav or Gray would be my own preference but you could make an argument for any of these guys.

      I would also add Cyril to this group.

    • Joeseph Aramathea says:

      Get in Dahlhaus as your first pick then Harvey as you second pick

    • Aaron says:

      Cheers guys, might wait to see the teams and injuries and what not on Thursday before I choose.

    • The Be Sharps says:

      Jack Riewoldt or Jackson Merret

    • Brent says:

      Would I be crazy in suggesting Buddy? 400K is bargain but is a big risk if you decide on him.

    • Methuselah says:

      Get in Fasalo or Franklin they look in real good form

    • JJM says:

      I would get Danger now his price will go back up $600K+ before Round 8, downgrade one of your Round 8 Rookies and bring in Danger.

    • Kris says:

      I like the young doggie dahlhaus.
      followed by boomer, breust, gray, and then pav in that order

  103. Aaron says:

    Hey community,

    Which of these following forwards should I bring in for fasolo?
    Breust, Gray, Dahlhaus or Harvey? Already have Parker, Danger, Zorko and Martin.

  104. The Ranger says:

    Got too many players sitting around the 300K mark and can't decide who to trade.
    Webster, Dunstan, Tyson, McDonald, Langdon, Ellis.
    Who to trade this week?
    Want to bring in a DEF premium for my D5 and downgrade one of the others for cash.
    Got $109K in the kitty.
    Thinking of going to McVeigh and Flipper.
    Any advice community?

    • Captain joc says:

      My advice is lock it in

    • JJM says:

      Dunstan and Ellis for McVeigh and Flipper would be a good choice. Personally I would go for Hibberd and Flipper.

      • Captain joc says:

        I would trade out any 2 of Dunstan Tyson or McDonald you could trade out dunstan&tyson for mcveigh&flipper Robertson via McDonald or Langdon dpp status

      • The Ranger says:

        Thanks JJM, I like Hibberd but can't resist a DPP!

        • JJM says:

          You can trade Dustan with Hibberd via Langdon or McDonald to Mids which both have DPP status then downgrade Ellis to flipper. I would also be looking at Hanley next week as his price will drop currently around $470K possible swap for McDonald.

  105. Derek says:

    Where are all the cheap rookies gone?

    I have cash cows to kill, but no one to downgrade to. I am looking like keeping Them for a bit longer if no downgrade.

    What are the options?

    • JJM says:

      Might wanna look at J Lloyd $123K for the Swans has played 2 game already though JS is uncertain.

      • Cameron says:

        Goodes shouldnt be sub again meaning Lloyd will become the sub, or even get dropped for ROK or Rohan

    • dognino says:

      Slim pickings, halahan from the hawkers is on the bubble$123k and BE of -24 I think. Only problem is that's all I know about him, so not sure of JS

  106. Derek says:

    Tex Walker could play this week. Anyone jumping on?

  107. Michael says:

    I'm keeping Fasolo and Mitchell. Hopefing Mitchell will come back this week, and Fasolo after the bye round. Not point in wasting trades… don't believe there is too much to trade down to, so will be patient. Habe Lloyd and Taylor on the bench if i need

  108. Michael says:

    Also… looks like people are looking to trade one of McDonald or Dunstan. McDonald is a Rd 8 bye, and can be traded to Cutler, who would have reasonable JS. Dunstan is Rd 10 (so don't pull the trigger yet), and you can only really trade him to Hallahan, who i personally love, but his JS isn't set, with Sewell, Shiels and even woodward to come in.

    • Beady Eye says:

      Can't hurt to hold off another week and see how Salem backs up in (hopefully) a full game.

      • Kenny Powers says:

        They talked Salem up on the Ch7 footy show last night and sounded like he might continue to get games bcoz of his speed and accurate disposals. Going onto my watchlist for sure.

        • Michael says:

          He's a gun, very silky disposal wise so potentially very good SC material. Definitely look at after next week, will get game time.

    • Rocksta says:

      I've deliberated all week about whether to cull "McDonald or Dunstan but that is with respect to 'upgrading them.

      Its either Dunstan to Watson or McD to Hibberd.

      Have Gone Dunstan to Watson because Hanley has a very high BE and as such will be able to turn McD into Hanley next week with a turnaround of about positive 75-80K.
      I'm tipping that extra 75K will come in real handy during the byes ( eg Bring Jelwood in Rd 9)

  109. Danners16 says:

    Hey guys who is a good midfield premium under $550,000, I am thinking about Nathan Jones as a point of difference. It seems he is flourishing under Paul Roos. Thoughts?

    • JJM says:

      I have to say Watson really cheap at the moment and bye friendly.

    • Tom.H says:

      I'm going with Nathan Jones too. Nice POD and flourishing under Paul Roos wih the high disposal game plan

      • Tom.H says:

        Get Watson later. Nathan Jones will go up this week 20k, whereas Watson will go down 10k.

  110. tyzsb says:

    Is it time to trade Jackson Merret out? and what's his breakeven?

    • Beady Eye says:

      BE is 87. Next two are against the Bulldogs and Brisbane, so if Essendon roll over them he could be in for a couple of good scores.

      • Blake says:

        I am trading him out this week, he has done his job made 80k-ish and went down a bit this week

  111. Flacid Jaff says:

    Dear Community,

    Cyril Rioli or Luke Dahlhaus?
    Who do you see averaging more for the remainder of the season?

    Tom Langdon or Luke McDonald?
    Who do you see making less money for the remainder of the season?


    • Kev says:

      Dahl. Cyril is worth it, I just don't like the guy. So perhaps a biased call.
      Keep McD over Langdon

  112. Sarah says:

    I'm having trouble deciding between the following:

    McDonald to Hibberd
    Dunstan or Ellis to Smurph
    Dunstan or Ellis to Zorko (would allow for no rookies on the field in the forward line).
    Or, a downgrade to Hallahan and spend the money after the round 8 bye…

    Current team is:
    Def: Swallow, Mitchell, McVeigh, Jaensch, McDonald, Langdon (Langford, Georgiou)
    Mids: Ablett, Beams, Jelwood, Watson, Polec, Dunstan, Crouch, Robertson (Ellis, Gleeson)
    Rucks: Sandi, Jacobs (Currie, King)
    Fwds: Danger, Reiwoldt, Martin, Higgins, Wingard, Lloyd (Taylor, JKH)

    Would appreciate some opinions to help me decide!! πŸ™‚

    • Captain joc says:

      McDonald to hibberd then Dunstan to zorko

      • The Ranger says:

        That teams looking pretty nice Sarah!
        McD to Hibberd makes sense.
        The other one is tricky.
        Smurph looks in peak form right now but not having a rookie in the forward line would appeal greatly to me.
        Not sure about the downgrade to Hallahan, his JS might not be all that good.

        • Sarah says:

          Thanks Ranger.
          I've pretty much locked the Hibberd trade in. Might not do a second trade if Ellis isn't named. However, if he is then I don't want to lose the cash so will revisit the second trade.
          You'd think it'd be a good team but it only scored 2021 last week and I had my first loss in league matches!!
          It's tough cos I'd love to get in Pendles after round 8. But do I fork out the extra cash for him or get premo's as they bottom out? I'll be giving this a lot more thought before making my final call.
          Desperately hoping Pendles has a 60ish game so I can get him around $600k… that might be wishful thinking though!!

          • The Ranger says:

            I had a similar score myself, dropped down to the 9000's and lost my first league game!
            Playing the same game with Ellis i.e. waiting to see if he's named. I think there's a bit more cash in him if he can get back on the park.
            I have a similar midfield as you (got Smurph and Johnson rather than Jelwood and Watson) and would love Pendles but like you I'm not sure how to make it work.
            As a few people here have mentioned, the cash cows are not paying as much this year!

            • Sarah says:

              I dropped to the 6000's after being 1233 two weeks ago.
              No they're definitely not paying as much and the downgrade options seem to be drying up. Fingers crossed that Morabito can get some games soon.
              Starting to think the 'bottom out' approach may be a better long term strategy rather than chasing Pendles at this stage. You can't knock him for consistency but it's annoying when you dont have him!! At least I got the Gaz or Pendles call right in going with Gaz. He's almost priced himself out of being able to trade him in!!
              I'm promising myself that next year I am not starting without Gaz and Pendles.

              Good Luck with your final decisions!!

          • Captain joc says:

            Get zorko in at all costs will really help you as not playing a rookie n that how much cash do you have?

            • Sarah says:

              Got $472k so can afford to do two upgrades. Just deciding on which upgrades and the timing.

              • Dools says:

                Hibberd is the only trade – So far Sarah, but evn then if you can hold for 1 more week all the better. If Ellis named he has to be the one brought to the shed.
                Great looking team mate, (Sit if you can)
                Good luck

                • Sarah says:

                  Thanks Dools. It's good advice, I hope I can follow it!!
                  My thinking is this: I would wait another week but the projected price rise of Hibberd is greater than McD so I would be better off doing that trade this week… if I definitely want Hibberd. If I decide I want Murphy or Hanley, then I'd be better off doing the trade next week. It's all about who you want in your final team I guess. Ultimately, do I want to fork out an extra $60-$80k for Hibberd over Bob Murphy???

                  • Dools says:

                    Hi Sarah, Hbbard only likely to increase by 10K-13AK B/E is a very gettable 88
                    Ol McD 63 B/E should do it with ease! Ithink they easily cover them selves ….Hmmm! Ya, still reckon wait out. P. Hanley has a 180 odd B/E reckon he could lose up to 30K anthe 66 he scored is still in th mix so could be even cheaper – but is he good to go as a recovering injured palyer as a permanent in your team???? Still say wait out
                    But as the saying goes "Who dares wins"

                    • Sarah says:

                      Gotta get rid of two round 8 bye players so next week will be the latest I can pull the trigger if I want to have a full 18 on the park… that's why McD and Langdon are on the chopping block. Don't think I'll lose any cash going McD to Hibberd this week, but may lose out on additional points by NOT doing the trade this week. The Langdon upgrade will definitely wait til next week though as he's got a very low BE and my upgrade targets are due to decrease in value.
                      Hmmm. Still no closer to a decision but thanks for the input Dools.

          • Captain joc says:

            Get zorko and Watson

    • Rocksta says:

      Need more Juice in the Guts Sarah to get you through the byes.
      I'd go Dunstan or Ellis to Smurph, Griff or JPK ( Non Rd8 Bye Players).

      • Sarah says:

        That'll have to wait until after round 8. I don't want to bring in a player and lock in a donut one week. Saving my mid rookies for post round 8 upgrades.

  113. The Mullet says:

    Note to self for next year……all the pre-season planning and research is not worth much when you deviate from the plan under early pressure. Sure you can get a bad run of injuries, but breaking your own selection rules is SC suicide. No KPFs……….hello Roughy/Lance =burn. No Richmond players………hello Dusty=burn. Don't put too much reliance on last year's performance………..hello Big Will=burn. Now……if I can just manage to follow another one of my own rules and stick fat with these "premiums" now that I have them while they torch my arse……

  114. Plum says:

    Hey jock and community.

    What to do with tommy mitchell? Should we move him on or should we hold?

    I wanted to also upgrade fasolo to a daulhaus or a cyril to set and lock my forward line. But the problem is that titch would be my f6 and i'm not sure how he's going to go…

    And i could downgrade fasolo to a zac merrett and then upgrade titch to a cyril type..


  115. Tman says:

    Hello good ppl

    Anyone considering Dunstan to Billings trade?

    Why and why not?


    • Josh says:

      Ok so here is my team

      Mcveigh, Mitchell, suckling, swallow, jaensch, cutler
      (Langford, clurey)
      Ablett, beams, Murphy, Watson, polec, Tyson, dunstan, crouch
      (Shiels, Robertson)
      Sandilands, Jacobs (derickx, thurlow)
      Dangerfield, Martin, zorko, pavlich, franklin, winderlich (he will come good)
      (JKH, z. Merret)
      What to do…
      I have 24 k and need some cash from somewhere
      What do I do?

    • Kev says:

      Nah, sideways trade. Don't predict a massive difference in average from here on out to make the trade worthwhile

  116. Josh says:

    Ok so here is my team

    Mcveigh, Mitchell, suckling, swallow, jaensch, cutler

    (Langford, clurey)

    Ablett, beams, Murphy, Watson, polec, Tyson, dunstan, crouch

    (Shiels, Robertson)

    Sandilands, Jacobs (derickx, thurlow)

    Dangerfield, Martin, zorko, pavlich, franklin, winderlich (he will come good)

    (JKH, z. Merret)

    What to do…

    I have 24 k and need some cash from somewhere

    What do I do?

    • Sarah says:

      If you want cash I'd suggest downgrading Tyson and Dunstan. A good option is Hallahan who is on the bubble (if picked) and maybe taking a punt on an O'Rourke (also if picked).
      There aren't too many good downgrade options available this week unfortunately.

  117. Forbesy says:

    Robbie Gray or Luke Dahlhaus? I see Gray being a consistent 100+ scorer but dahlhaus being a 110+ player.
    Also I don't have Danger but im waiting to trade polec after Adelaide's bye.
    Thanks community

    • Sarah says:

      Danger will probably be back up to his starting price come round 8 which defeats the purpose of not picking him in the first place. I say get him now!

    • Tom.H says:

      You want to have players that are in successful teams, so for that matter i would be choosing Gray over Dahlhaus.
      Danger above both of them though

    • Gab says:

      Yer gday decca, listen here, what i would do is grab in dalhous for mine. Doggies struggling for midfield depth dalhous will get a run in the midfield and he also kicks goals!!!

    • Beady Eye says:

      Can't really go wrong with either of them Forbesy.

      If you're looking for a deciding factor, Dahl is 40K cheaper than Gray… which is 40K that could come in handy down the track.

    • matt says:

      i like robbie gray decca, hes back and firing, over his injury from the last few years and now is a huge part of the power

      • Geo says:

        although i gotta say monfries is coming back, so maybe that will keep robbie gray out of the goals possibly?? killing at the moment though Forebsy

  118. BTS says:

    Which are the best two trades to do this week?

    Only got $3,500 in the bank

    1. Corey Enright to Tom Cutler (I am sick of Enright want to get rid of him ASAP)

    2. Luke McDonald to Mitch Hallahan

    3. Corey Enright to Michael Hibberd

    4. McDonald to Steve J

    5. Merret to Jack Gunston (Already got Parker)

    6. Higgins to Jack Gunston

    7. Dustbin down to anyone

    Cheers….. thoughts appreciated community!!!

    • Tom.H says:

      McDonald down to Hallahan
      Enright to Hibberd

      • Kris says:

        I'm looking at the McDonald to Hallahan trade as well.
        Though I cant speak for you but I have McDonald on the field (def 6), and with him you at least have a pretty good idea what he'll score since like Laidler he seems quite consistant – 65-75.
        Thats my only concern (for me) on downgrading – that i'll be hurting my weeks score.
        So an upgrade could be the wiser choice

  119. Lauz says:

    Hey guys, not sure what my next move should be, hoping you could help me out, only have $38,000 in the bank, 21 trades left…
    Def: Jaensch, mcveigh, mitchell, hanley, mcdonald, webster (laidler, georgiou)
    Mid: ablett, d beams, dal santo, wines, polec, vince, aish, M crouch (dunstan, j kelly (gws))
    Ruck: Sandilands, jacobs (derickx, currie)
    For: Dangerfield, breust, zorko, fasolo, martin, impey, (L.Taylor, JKH)

    thanks in advance!

    • Tom.H says:

      You should think about upgrading your FWD line, because you really don't want to be relying on Impey, Taylor or JKH on the F6 position.
      I would donwgrade Dunstan –> Hallahan. If he's on your bench at 300k then that's wasted cash not being spent.
      Then with the extra coin you could upgrade either Fasolo, Impey or JKH to a POD fwd. ie. Pavlich, Gray, Gunston, Dahlhaus, Parker, Elliot.

  120. Loides says:

    Nic Nat almost a straight swap for Hickey. Worth the trade?

    • Loides says:

      Clarification: I have Hickey but thinking of trading to Nic Nat

      • Gold Rush says:

        Your better of keeping Hickey, Nic Nat not fit and they are looking after his work load.

    • matt says:

      definately not, 3 rucks in the same team, taking points away from nic

  121. matt says:

    why is pyke so shit? aahhhhhhhh sick of him grrrrrrr

    • Gab says:

      couldnt agree more matt, i have him and for some reason im really considering nic nat or tommy bell chambers !!!

      • Captain joc says:

        His not shit his just not in ruck contests lately

        • Kris says:

          And with the return of tippet and goodes, Derickx run in the ruck will hopefully come to an end.

      • matt says:

        thanks gab, atleast you agree with me, and guys its not hate towards him, just F***CKEN frustrated with him, he needs to go

        • Gab says:

          haha we stick together matt. i reckon with tippet back, pyke will not enter the forward 50 and i think derrick could make way soon, not on form, just with reid, tippet and goodes coming back

          • matt says:

            yeah, gab im with you there, but better for now to get rid of him, dont see him being top 8 rucks for the eyar, thus has to go

            • Gab says:

              with tippet coming back, i have to disagree, showed us last year he is just about the best contested mark in the game, have faith he will hit form

              • matt says:

                well i have faith in that strategy to not work for you, and to work for me, if i want contested marks ill go fro mceveoy

  122. Gab says:

    do we get rid of buddy, i know jock was very bloody keen on it but is it a waste of a trade?
    also i think im gonna keep fasolo and get jobe and hanley in next week as they have very high BE, which midfieler do i get in for dunstan this week i have 620,000 k !!!!!

    • Kris says:

      Buddy has to go. It was a gamble that didnt pay off
      UNLESS you can see him getting a lot of the ball on the wings when Tippett and Goodes all play, (and play full games), then you can persist with him and hope.
      The past 6 games I wouldve expected Buddy to perform closer to like a NRiewodlt…. (A lot of run up the wings, grabbing some contested marks and slotting a couple, being swans biggest fwd targets)

    • you know who it is says:

      gab, reckon you should get callan ward into your team, great POD, and yeah CALLAN WARD ALL THE WAY

      • john says:

        um … firstly, I actually I don't know who it is.
        and secondly, please don't shout – this is an online community.

        ….so rude!!

        • Gab says:

          i agree John, if this is who i think it is you shouldnt be yelling online, this is a community, not all about yourself !!!!

        • you know who it is says:

          sorry john, its Callan Ward

          • Gab says:

            why callan ward mate? He has a string of very tough games coming up

            • you know who it is says:

              well you see with ward, i love the man, every part of him, can play, doesnt matter who they play has a great mind set, the skipper and best midfielder at the club, would STORNGLY recomend

  123. GarglesnarfFC says:

    I have just one slight issue with the podcast lads, in a 20min podcast, 8 mins of stuffing around before finally getting to the first issue of who to trade Buddy for was a little disappointing. Given the range of issues we all have to deal with, I would have liked more discussion and less time wasting.

    • JJM says:

      I agree with ya Gargle. I was a little disappointed with the Podcast this week. I think they had one too many over the anzac weekend, seemed like they couldn't be stuffed doing the Podcast.

    • Beady Eye says:

      I also agree with Gargle. That is 8 wasted minutes that could have been spent sharing Higgo's beautiful singing voice with the world.

    • Dools says:

      Gentle men, That show was one of the best eva' If you want Wisdom you must read between the lines sometimes and the issues across the Community are wide and varied.
      The 7 minutes of ginning around was the set up for 1. The gag(s) which, lead to 2. the discussion . 33 minutes of pure hilarity. If you want to be heard send in your voicemail lads (he is no mind reader )

      • Ocker says:

        Well said Dools.

      • Rocksta says:

        Spot on Dools.
        The reason we get into this site so much is that the Lads impart their wisdom upon us week in week out at the highest entertainment levels.
        I thought this weeks Podcast was Hilarious, whilst still covered the Main Premo disappointments and Rookie up and comers.
        Jock's Buddy Song ( with Crouching on Backup Vocals) will hit the charts soon

      • JJM says:

        Sorry Dools but honestly I wouldn't be rating that segment on Sunday night podcast was one of the best ever. I think it was a poor effort they've done so far. 8 minutes of stuffing around before the 1st issue was raised was a total waste time and also Wayno's part was terrible, should have just skipped him if he had nothing to add to the community another time wasted there. On top of that segment carried on too much about Buddy. So I wouldn't consider this as one of the BEST EVER mate.

    • jockreynolds says:

      No dramas Gargles – all feedbacks good feedback old mate and we'll certainly take that on board

  124. Kris says:

    Anyone heard any news on Josh Kellys hamstring injury? 300k sitting there on the bench….

    • Beady Eye says:

      Possibly back this week according to Monday's Telegraph (near the end of the article).

      • Kris says:

        Champion Beady Eye!
        Looks like i'll keep my fingers crossed for a glorious return.
        And So much for the AFLs article "In the Mix: Round Seven" – not even a mention that the kid even lives…

        • Beady Eye says:

          I'm in the same boat myself. Hoping that the "hamstring injury" might be code for resting a lightly-framed youngster, and he'll be back this week.

          But come on mate, relying on the official mouthpiece for the AFL to provide useful information is a rookie mistake πŸ˜‰

  125. Brandon2416 says:

    mcveigh or gibbered?

    • matt says:

      i couldnt split them, hibberd has a slightly softer run though, but fro mcveigh doesnt matter about their run, i go for essendon, so ill be bias and say hibberd

  126. Shaun says:

    What do you guys think about Tom Cutler?? How about Gardener?

  127. The new big dog says:

    I'm ranked 628 do I still have a chance at the 50k?

    • Kev says:

      If you can keep that ranking after the byes you're in with a real chance

    • Dools says:


    • JJM says:

      I'm Ranked 3,379 and I still believe I have a chance for $50K. Last two weeks have scored 2,398 and 2,412 considering in Round 4 had a shocker scoring only 2,011.Glad I stuck with Murphy and Danger they have been performing well, now I'm hoping Martin Wingard and Watson will do the same from here on.
      With my Defense and Fowards getting closer to full premos
      Def:- Bartel Mitchell Hibberd Swallow McVeigh McDonald (Cutler Georgiou)
      MID:- Ablett Watson Beams Murphy Parker Macrae Polec Langdon (M Crouch S Gray)
      Ruc:- Sandiland NicNat (Hickey King)
      Fwd:- Danger Pavlich Martin Wingard Zorko Higgins (JKH Ambrose)

      Along the way I have been trading sideways Titch(Pavlich) Hanley(Hibbberd) Rockliff(Murphy) Mumford(NicNat) and Jacobs(Mumford) now I hope this will not bite me, but has worked so far except forrJacobs/Mumford. I will be looking to bring in Pendlebury Stevie J Nroo Minson Jacobs Goddard Hanley.

      So if I believe, I have chance for $50K at the position ranking I'm in. You my friend has a better chance than me. Believe mate! Believe!

      • Michael says:

        I’m intrigued as to how many trades you have left?

        • JJM says:

          20 trades left. No trading this week and next week.

          • Michael says:

            Well done mate, you're looking pretty good apart from R2, but then I'm in same position with Pyke atm.

          • Rocksta says:

            Great Team JJM.
            I'm stuffed if I know how you managed to create a team like that and still have 20 trades left.
            I can see that team flying its way up the rankings.
            Well done and Good Luck

            • Tom.H says:

              Why would you trade Rockliff to Murphy….? Very interesting trade there

              • JJM says:

                After seeing Rockliff doing the tagging role on Mitchell didn't like what saw so I took a punt on Murphy and Bugg for Swallow. When Hanley got injured swapped him for Hibberd and Titch for Pavlich. Jacobs was swapped for Mummy before his price rise. Tyson for Parker and Dunstan for S Gray. Caddy for Zorko and Mummy for NicNat

                • JJM says:

                  Oh actually did one trade this week Currie for Hickey so leaves me with 19 trades for the season.

                  • The new big dog says:

                    Great team jjm going well if you can go over the byes your in for a shot.
                    I have 23 trades left to none this week or next.

            • Kenny Powers says:

              Agreed Rocksta

            • Holty says:

              True Rocksta, I thought I've been very smart with my trades and my team looks no where near as good as this. Great team JJM but I'm with Rocksta and amazed with your team only after 6 rounds. Keep it up!

      • Todd says:

        Sorry to say jjm but you've wasted too many trades going sideways which will prevent you from being able to have a full premium team at the end of the year

        • Rocksta says:

          You would think so Todd but that's why I'm stoked at how many Keepers he has in his Team, and still has 19 trades.
          From what I can see, he only has 5 upgrades to make, which shouldn't cost anymore than 10 trades.
          I myself have 5 upgrades to make, but have one extra trade (20 trades left).
          The difference is I've only made 1 sideways trade ( Titch to Wingard – Mid Round Rush of blood).
          Thus, great initial planning JJM

          • Rocksta says:

            Lesson in point………………………………Be wary of the mid round rush of blood……………………You can't reverse the trade!!!

  128. having a shocker says:

    I've lost direction with my team… i was going for the option like Mad Mick without Ablett / Pendles / Smellwood. Regrets, I have a few! 22 trades left… $112k in the chest.

    Please community – help! My main concerns are bolded…

    DEF: mitchell, mcveigh, swallow, hanley, suckling, webster, mcdonald, georgiou
    MID: rockliff, beams, m murphy cotchin, polec, TYSON, langdon, DUNSTAN, L taylor, Shiels
    RUC: sandilands PYKE derickx, currie
    FWD: dangerfield, zorko, d martin, roughead, fasolo, lloyd, AMBROSE McCARTHY

    • Beady Eye says:

      I wouldn't stress too much, there's plenty of premium MID/FWDs with affordable prices…. Tyson to Flipper should give you enough to turn one of your rookie forwards into a premo in the Zorko/Gray/Parker/Dahlhaus range.

      Shiels is still weeks away, so I wouldn't hold him when you're able to upgrade to someone now.

      Paint the fence this week, hold Dunstan (still attainable BE's for the next couple), then upgrade Shiels next week would be my advice.

    • Kris says:

      Pyke in your team hurts FOR NOW. To late to trade, I dont think conceding 80k loss at this point will be helpful.
      Besides He's still a very good player in the ruck. Sydney just need to stop playing him down fwd. Which hopefully we should see and end of soon with the return of sydneys talls near.

    • mattyy says:

      gotta get pyke out, alot better options and im sick of him, dericx is taking much needed points from him, and watched the game on saturday and dericx looked like the better player, if it were me, id definately trade pyke to either mcevoy, minson, jacobs, goldstein

      • Rocksta says:

        Yea Matty, I agree.
        Derickx looked like the Number 1 Ruck on the weekend, which made me really happy as he is my only bench cover and I have Dog Dog.
        Thought Derickx was gone when Tippet returns but it may be Pyke the way things are panning out.

        • mattyy says:

          yeah i had both dericx and pyke, first sydney game ive watched and feeling silly that i started with pyke….

    • gab says:

      you might have to trade to get forwards if lloyd is out, fasolo definately out and ambrose may not play, mcarthy not great JS

  129. Kris says:

    Some ideas im toying with. Would love to get some feedback.

    1. OUT – Gimpey?
    IN – Robertson for him. (easier 50k than the gimp even though ive missed his first price rise). Though I make no money from the trade.

    IN – Ambrose and pocket 70k and risk ambrose getting the vest (but will come with a guaranteed price increase). Granted he gets named.

    2. OUT – L McDonald. Seems to have peaked in price (though, him hitting a 70 in my Def6 spot isnt so bad).
    IN – hallahan – albeit only for a short term most likely due to returns in the hawks lineup

    Am only really looking to make money and not trade up unless I have to.
    An alternative is persist with both and wait to see how players like salem, o'rourke and the like perform

  130. Ramsta says:

    Hi guys

    Is it worth trading suckling or mcd to hibberd?

    And/or M Thomas to mcveigh via DDP Langdon? Have 22 trades w 420k in bank.

    Any other advise or idea is welcome!

    • sc gem says:

      i would do mcdonald to hibberd, well i am doing that this week, or you could go mcveigh

  131. Thomas says:

    Hey community just wondering if it is a good idea to downgrade fasolo to ambrose, play jkh on the field, then upgrade dunstan to maybe ollie wines or someone??

    • Kris says:

      no one wants to play jkh on the field. Though he has looked better of late.
      Fasolo is 50/50 to play this week.
      And ambrose needs to be named first.

      I think there is better options instead of wines at that price. But wines has been playing great. Either way you have the right idea regarding dunstan

  132. Gab says:

    hey guys, any of the community know the extent to the following injuries and know how long each player is out for??
    Buddy, fasolo, ambrose?? thanks guys

  133. Paul says:

    I was wondering if I could get some help please. This is my first year doing supercoach as I only moved over from England two years ago and footy passes by over there. Anyway I’m currently in the top 20,000 so quite pleased with myself for first effort. During the bye rounds can I say trade ablett and pendlebury out before round eight for two premiums that are playing and then trade them back in the following week as I haven’t used many trades yet. Thanks

    • Beady Eye says:

      You can, but it's an awful waste of 2 trades. Save them – you'll need them later in the year!

    • Rocksta says:

      No Paul.
      That is effectively a waste of 4 trades, which will derail your season later down the track.
      Just upgrade Rookies to Guns whom don't have the Rd 8 Bye so you will at least have some Premo's on the Park come Rd 8.

  134. Ryan K says:

    Hey Guys,

    I have a few options this week and was wondering which combination you would go with?
    Before trades I have two non premiums in each fwd and def, and 4 no premiums in the mids.

    Option 1: Dunstan to Watson
    Option 2: Dunstan to Murphy
    Option 3: Mcdonald to Mcveigh
    Option 4: Fasolo to Pavlich
    Option 5 Fasolo to Rioli

    Am leaning towards keeping fasolo as he wont be out too long, At the moment options 2 and 3 look best.

    What do you think?

    • Rocksta says:

      Option 1 or Option 3.
      Don't know your Bye situation but if you have a lot of players out Rd 8, then I'd go Option 3.

    • Ryan k says:

      I have about 14 out in round 8, I’m choosing two of these trades.

      • JJM says:

        I would take Option 3 & 4 since you have a fair bit of Round 8 players out.

  135. john snow says:

    I'm going dunstan to Watson. I'm keeping fasolo. he can have two weeks off with the bye and then make us some more cash before his inevitable slaughter.

    • Rocksta says:

      Yea, if he's your F6 John I'd say hold. His BE is 39 even with his score of 29 at the weekend.
      He will definitely be better than any Rookie forward until which time as you go the final upgrade in your forward line

  136. Jay says:

    Suckling to Hibberd
    Suckling to Simpson and Higgins to Dahlhouse?

    • Rocksta says:

      How many Premiums do you have in your backline Jay?

      If Suckling is your D5 or D6, I'd hold him until after the byes at least

    • gab says:

      keep suckling, can sideways trade to hanley after the byes,

      • Matt says:

        Have to advise against the sideways trade, possibly trade L-MAC to handley very soon

        • gab says:

          okay matt

        • Jay says:

          Made some money off Suckling wouldnt to hibberd be an upgrade?

          • Rocksta says:

            Yes Jay but wouldn't it be better to upgrade or cash in a rookie than getting rid of Suckling at this stage.
            BTW, my backline 4 are exactly the same as yours. I'm keeping Suckers at this stage, and upgrading McD to Hanley next week as he has a BE of around 185 and will thus go down to around $450K next week.

            • Jay says:

              Yeah good call
              Thanks heaps Rocksta

              • dognino says:

                I'm probably doing suckling to hibberd this week, and looking at Hanley for lmac soon also. I think suckling has done his job and will only lose money from here on with all the hawkes back men coming back in .

                The only thing stopping me will be rookie selections , and if there is a chance of a double downgrade option this week .

                P.s. I'm only going for league wins, and on paper I have my opponent covered by a couple 100 points

  137. Jack says:

    My backline currently is: D.Swallow, J.Mcveigh, S.Mitchell, C.Enright, M.Suckling and T.Langdon, would it be wise to trade out Suckling for Hibberd or another premium defender I have $522,000 in the bank.

    Thoughts would be appreciated.

    • Tom.H says:

      Suckling –> Hibberd
      Enright –> Simpson

    • Rocksta says:

      Langdon to Hibberd.
      Langdon has a Rd 8 Bye

    • Pieman's Misses says:

      If you have rnd 8 bye coverage leave it. If this is your bigest problem you have a good team. Good week to fix forwards or Middies.

  138. ray hill says:

    Thoughts on mathew broadbent

    • gab says:

      goooooood POD

    • MightyDonsFC says:

      18 disposals, 44% de and still managed to get 82! I lime the looks of him and Dunn for d5/6

    • Pieman's Misses says:

      Seems like a lovely chap

    • Quinten says:

      I would reccomend Michael Johnson only owned by 2.94 % of people and looking in real good form I can see him continuing his form all season

    • Kenny Powers says:

      Rarely kicks short so that gives a better chance of racking up the points. Think Hinkley gave him a kick up the butt in R1 by making him the sub. Excellent runner off half back and kicks the occasional goal. M. Johnson same except he takes more intercept marks than Broadbent but he kicks short most of the time. Both solid selections for mine.

  139. Michael says:

    Double upgrade this week for me:

    OUT Dunstan
    IN Boak
    OUT Cameron
    IN Swallow

    My only concern is finding cash to bring Pendles in post bye

    My team with these changes:

    DEF: Swallow, McVeigh, Smitch, Suckling, Langdon, Enright, McDonald, Langford
    MID: GAJ, Beams, Murph, JPK, Boak, Polec, Fyfe, Crouch, Taylor, Robertson
    RUC: Sandy, Pyke, Derickx, King
    FWD: Danger, Zorko, Pav, Dusty, Higgins, Lloyd, JKH, Ambrose

    Would love some feedback, thanks everyone!

    • George says:

      Dear Michael,

      I noticed a few grammatical errors with your work.

      Firstly, "OUT Dunstan" is an incomplete sentence and contains an unnecessary, uppercase format.
      Secondly, "post bye" should probably read 'post-bye', as these words are linked in some way.

      Thank you in advance for your grammar corrections.


    • Rocksta says:

      If you want to maximize cash to bring in Pendles ( whom is a must have) , go Dunstan to Watson this week ( save $40K compared to the Boak trade), and Cameron to Hanley next week ( Hanley should drop to about $450K next week as has very high BE, and thus save $60K compared to the Swallow trade).
      Thus, Dunstan to Watson this week, and Cameron to Hanley next week will save you around $100K compared with the trades you mentioned

  140. john says:

    Nathan Jones or Dane Swan???

    • MightyDonsFC says:


    • Kenny Powers says:

      Swan looks to have found his mojo again and can score huge .. Jones doesn't have a lot of other play-makers in his side to steal those "influence" points from him and with the high possession game Melbourne are employing, he should score over the ton pretty much every game. Both good picks and the decision may come down to what your bye needs are.

  141. gab says:

    anyones thoughts on either getting mcevoy or jacobs

    or fallen premiums such as goldstein or minson?

    leaning towards minson as i know i can trust him,

    • Bullock says:

      Minson has a very high be gab, maybe wait a few on him, look at nic nat or possibly tom bell chambers who is coming back this week !!!!

    • MightyDonsFC says:

      I'm picking up Lobbe. He's Ports undisputed #1, proven he can get 100+ and he's rucking to an elite midfield with the likes of Boak, Cornes, Wines, Gray, Wingard, and Harlett in there.

      • gab says:

        yeah, but then again there with lobbe still alot of risk, his score on the weekend was helped by 2 goals, safer bet for me is minson, thanks for your comment

  142. Dejong says:

    good chance of TAT tonite of will we have another TAW????

  143. jontyone says:

    Is this just me being really suspicious? or does Higgins look like he is going to get injured. He is playing very well for me but after watching him the last few weeks he looks like he is going to get injured. Last week he had a groin injury, the week before he played badly, before that got a big hit on him.

    • tyzsb says:

      I am to mate… going to pull the trigger on him soon!!! Going to upgrade to Parker or Gunston

    • Rocksta says:

      He is just soft Jonty………………………………which is Why Jock hates him.
      That aside, his BE is now the same as his yearly average 78, and as such I'd say the time to jump off the Higgo Train is fast approaching

    • SCaddict says:

      He just needs to last another fortnight until his bye and then it will be perfect whooshka time.

      • jontyone says:

        I feel like I want to do that as well. He could well average 80 for the next 2 games and go up a little but it runs the risk of him getting injured and producing a 50. I think I will be back my judgement and fate. I've been pretty lucky to date… was 1.5k off getting Fasolo in and didn't go for Mumford which have both worked in my favour.

  144. Antonio says:

    Hey guys, it’s my first time doing SuperCoach this year and I’m completely stumped as to what to do next. I only have $200 in my war chest. I know I know it’s close to nothing. Here’s my team so any advice would be great. Thanks guys

    Defence: Mitchell, Swallow, McDonald, Kolodjashnij, Webster, Bugg (Langdon, Georgiou)

    Mid: Ablett, Beams, Murphy, Watson, Cotchin, Polec, Thomas, Griffin (Robertson, Kelly)

    Rucks: Nic Nat, Sandilands (Currie, King)

    Forwards: Dangerfield, Zorko, Martin, Roughead, Higgins, Fasolo (Ambrosr, JKH)

    Please help community.

    • Mungos Men says:

      drop bugg for cutler, play Langdon, switch nic nat for hickey, easy money for for bye rounds, nic nat battling and form will not change until rested, cutler should get games and appreciate in value. fasolo will play and should make enough to swap to fallen premo, Higgins is stationary scoring atm look to upgrade McDonald next week to fallen premo and to avoid bye. just a few suggestions

  145. Todd says:

    Hey community, who is the best premium to get this week out of Priddis, Griffen, Watson, Mundy. Need to get one this week and I'm thinking of getting Priddis. I think he is at his cheapest and a better pick then mundy. I can probably pick up Griffen or Watson in the following weeks when their prices drop a bit more.

    • matt says:

      i really like priddis

      • Todd says:

        I don't see where I can go wrong Matt. Averaged 114 in past 2 seasons taking away his concussion effected games so I think I will be getting him

    • Danners16 says:

      Depends how many players you have out in each bye, it seems you are a bit cash strapped so if you want a point of difference Jack Macrae, Brad Hill are looking like good picks. If you don't have too many out in the Round 8 bye, go Matthew Stokes, only 2 sub 100 scores (one about 87 and one in 90's). Out of the 4, I would pick Mundy

  146. dobbos says:

    Hey fellas, thinking of downgrading Mcdonald to Cutler and upgrading Higgins to a premium. Who is #1 pick to get. Will have 570k. Preferably want a round 9. Cheers

  147. joshpapworth says:

    how do i get rid of dunstan and tyson with 24 k in the bank also have franklin

    • MightyDonsFC says:

      Keep Tyson for another and just get rid of buddy and dunstan

      • joshpapworth says:

        i also have liam shiels on my bench could get some cash from him,
        p.s go dons!!

    • Swans2014 says:

      Depends what cover you have in forward line and who you have on field and bench on midfield then I will get back to you

      • joshpapworth says:

        forward line – dangerfield, pavlich, martin, franklin, winderlich (will come good), zorko (JKH, Z merret)

        mid – ablett, watson, beams, murphy, polec, tyson, dunstan, crouch (robertson, shiels)

  148. Jack says:

    Hey community, anyone know what happened to tom Mitchell. Heard that he hurt his foot but has never said anything about it on the injury lists. When will he get back into the team. Also anyone know when Mumford will be returning.

    • Bob McBob says:

      Mitchell might be able to return to the team at this very moment, but may struggle to get in
      Mumford set to return to footy in round 8

    • bag says:

      apparently he played reserves on the weekend and killed it

    • Rocksta says:

      Hi Jack.
      Titch played in the reserves at the weekend and was BOG.
      Thus, unless he is out of favour with Horse, he will play this week
      Mummy is likely out for another couple, and thus until after their Rd 9 bye

      • Todd says:

        Looked up titch's stats from the weekend and he got 32 pos, 6 marks and 8 tackles. 120 dream team not sure how many supercoach

    • Swans2014 says:

      He got 148 supercoach points. He was 'rested' but you would think he will slot straight back in this week for the likes of a Jake Lloyd

  149. Antonio says:

    Hey guys, it’s my first time doing SuperCoach this year and I’m completely stumped as to what to do next. I only have $200 in my war chest. I know I know it’s close to nothing. Here’s my team so any advice would be great. Thanks guys

    Defence: Mitchell, Swallow, McDonald, Kolodjashnij, Webster, Bugg (Langdon, Georgiou)

    Mid: Ablett, Beams, Murphy, Watson, Cotchin, Polec, Thomas, Griffin (Robertson, Kelly)

    Rucks: Nic Nat, Sandilands (Currie, King)

    Forwards: Dangerfield, Zorko, Martin, Roughead, Higgins, Fasolo (Ambrosr, JKH)

    Please help community.

    • Danners16 says:

      McDonald to Defence Premium (L.Hodge best pick) that is NOT playing the round 8 bye, maybe downgrade Bugg into a Defence rookie so you have cash to upgrade Langdon and maybe Nic Nat next week. Or you could trade out Nic Nat this week but I'm not sure who to, he has a too lower price. JKH can give you cover while Fasolo is out.

    • Swans2014 says:

      Get rid of Tom Bugg for a cheap defender e.g Cutler and play Langdon or Culter on field. I would then upgrade a defender to a premium

    • Rocksta says:

      G'day Antonio.
      Your Backline needs immediate attention.
      I'd suggest Matt Thomas down to Hallahan ( put Robertson on the field), and McD up to Hibberd.
      This will still leave you with $40K.
      Looking at your team, you have 11 Rd 8 byes and these 2 trades will bring that down to 9

      • Antonio says:

        Hey Rocksta, thanks for the great advice, but it’s actually Dale Thomas not Matt. Should I still go ahead with those proposed trades?

        • Rocksta says:

          Dale Thomas only has a BE of 57 and is starting to play better. I'd thus keep him until after their Rd9 Bye.
          In that case, you can either downgrade Thom Bugg ( High BE) to Cutler, subbing Langdon onto the field, and then upgrade McD to Birchall.
          I would probably however downgrade Bugg to Cutler this week ( 1 trade only), and then upgrade McD to Hanley next week ( whom has a very high BE and will drop at least 25K this week).
          Your call.
          BTW, the rest of your lines are really good.
          Good Luck

  150. Mitch says:

    Hey guys, my team looks like this with $574,200 in the war chest. Traded Dunstan out for Griffen and am lost for the last trade.
    Def: Swallow, McVeigh, Simpson, Mitchell, Langdon, McDonald (Langford, Georgiou)
    Mids: Ablett, Pendles, Cotchin, Beams, Griffen, Polec, M. Thomas, Crouch, (Kelly, Flipper Robertson)
    Rucks: Sandi, Hickey, (Thurlow, King)
    Forwards: Danger, Martin, Roughie, Higgins, Fasolo, Lloyd, (Impey, Kennedy-Harris)

    A: McDonald up to a Hanley/Hodge/ Burgoyne or wait for Hanley/Bartel to bottom out
    B: M.Thomas for Watson/Mundy, the obvious one but willing to hold for another week
    C: Higgins out for Harvey or wait on Riewoldt
    D: Impey up to Drew Petrie for the loss of 200k

    Cheers community, you bunch of legends

    • Quinten says:

      I would definitely upgrade impey or fasolo (if not named) to a premium as your backline is far better than good and midfield could do of work but I’d reccomend upgrading forward lines first considering the weak amount of good rookies we got there than the backline and than wait for your midfield rookies to max and basically they’ll be pretty easy to get rid off for premiums soon with a bunch of downgrading and upgrading

  151. Quinten says:

    Where do people think Michael Johnson will finish overall standing for defenders? Top 5?top 10%Top 20%?

  152. Quinten says:

    Where do people think Michael Johnson will finish overall standing for defenders? Top 5? Top 10? Top 20?

    • matt says:

      i do like the look of him, but remember might be rested in rounds 21-23 as ross lion most likely will do

      • matt says:

        and should be top 12 defenders

        • Quinten says:

          Oh damn I forgot about that stupid intent that Ross has damnnnnn anyways gotta have faith and thanks for your opinion

          • Michael says:

            With Freo struggling old Rossy boy may not have that luxury this year I reckon….

            • Rocksta says:

              I agree Michael.
              I reckon Johnson is a Gun and will finish Top 15

            • Kenny Powers says:

              Agreed Michael .. think this is a point being missed by the community. Being a lock for the top 4 is completely different to battling for 5th spot and Rossy boy might find himself in that position this season.

    • Dools says:

      Hey Q – man what a question! He is having a great start to the season. Now if I could get in Ross the Boss's head I would pick Freo players ….Okkay I'm in Wow lot of memories in here, Money lost in bad investments, St Kilda Footy club – ohhhh dark space – Grand finals that got away! OMFG Ross Lyon is Darth Fuc7king Vader get out Dools get out now——
      Okay Johnsons JS is good his scoring potential is good but he works for Ross Vader man. he works in the 2's
      Lots of blooded young men sacrificed for the holy grail.

  153. Caz says:

    Hey guys would it be worthwhile in getting rid of buddy for Ambrose if he is named, for a big cash injection. Would mean Ambrose and Kennedy Harris would need to play this week as fasolo may not play. Thnx.

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      Buddy may well play, Fasolo is a definite 2/3 weeker. Maybe Fasolo to Ambrose?

    • Rocksta says:

      Faz is only 50/50 to play this week. As we have a bye next week, I'd suggest he isn't playing until Rd 9.
      Nevertheless, I'd hold him as his BE is still only 39.
      As such, It's best you keep Buddy this week and play JKH on field ( As I suspect most of Australia will have to do this week with LLoyd a likely omission or vest at best, and Faz Injured)

      • Caz says:

        Fasolo break even at 39 but after his next game his 130 will drop out of calculations and he will gave a big break even I believe. Is this right

        • Rocksta says:

          Yes Caz, but you'll get 1 more game out of him and around another $40K before you chop his head off

          • Rocksta says:

            Sorry, make that $10-$15K

            • Caz says:

              So would it be worth going down to Ambrose if named, which gives me a nice amount of cash to upgrade my midfield with ebert and Watson over the next 2 weeks.

              • Rocksta says:

                Sounds like a plan, if it will facilitate 2 Midfield upgrades.
                I hope Ambrose plays as well mate as he hasn't played a game since I brought him in.

  154. matt says:

    mcveigh or hibberd?

    • Rocksta says:

      Much of a muchness.
      I'd go McV only because he is a DPP and that may come in handy later in the season.

    • Quinten says:

      Mcveigh just proven performer, DPP and within a few thousand difference to hibbo it’s gotta be mcveigh easyy

  155. john snow says:

    Am I missing something? Is Ambrose coming back into the side? Hope so he's ready to make me some coin. Been very hoping for him to get back in.

  156. What time is TAT? says:

    Tight Arse Tuesday????

  157. matt says:

    option 1: Pyke > mcevoy
    mcdonald >Mcveigh

    Option 2: Pyke > Minson
    Mcdonald > Hibberd

  158. Jacob says:

    Downgrading down to one rookie mid this week and another next week. Ross Lyon said Moribito will probably play if he isnt suspended in WAFL which he wasnt. Jump on Hallahan this week and Orourke or Moribito next or jump on Orourke this week and Morbito next. Im thinking second option altough riskier.

  159. The Ranger says:

    Where do people get there BE's from?
    My usual place isn't working.

  160. matt says:

    footywire, supercoach breakevens

  161. Osh says:

    Do we drop fasolo or keep him on the bench

    • Rocksta says:

      Hard one Osh. He's 50/50 to play but with the Pies having the Rd 8 Bye its highly likely that he won't
      He still has a low BE and thus will still appreciate around $10-$15K next Game.
      Really depends on how your Rd 8 bye situation is, and where you have him on the Field.
      If he's your F6, and your okay in the FWD line for Rd 8 byes, I cant see any óf the current Rookies outperforming him.
      His JS is pretty good, as when Marley Williams comes back ( which may even be this week), Langdon will be the one to go ( When Faz is playing).

  162. Bob McBob says:

    Hi guys,just asking about Jackson Macrae. I've had him since the start of the year and he has risen $150k and averages 105. Is he worth keeping for the rest of the year or trade him after the byes along with Polec to bring in Selwood and Goddard. I'm just worried he may drop off at the end of the year, similar to what happen to Wingard last year

    • Beady Eye says:

      Keep him until he gives you a reason to trade him out.

    • Derek says:

      You i should have your final team already drafted. Plus a plan how to get them all in by around round 15-16.

      I wouldn’t think he would be in your final team, it is then just a matter of when he goes

  163. Steve says:

    Rioli or Robbie Gray?

    • Bob McBob says:

      Probably Robbie Gray

    • Rocksta says:

      The thing I have found most interesting is that when Monfries went down, I was sure Robby Gray would be the man selected to fill the forward void.
      Instead, they chose Wingard and Robby has played predominantly in the Guts.
      That means they rate him very highly at Port, and lets face it, why wouldn't they.
      Robbie Gray!

      • Steve says:

        Thank you gents, happy hunting

      • Derek says:

        Monfries back this week. What happens to Gray?

        • Beady Eye says:

          Monfries to the forward line, Wingard to the wing, Robbie Gray switching between forward and in the guts, Sam Gray out of the team?

          Or Monfries could be the sub and the point is moot.

        • Beady Eye says:

          Ben Newton is another name being tossed around as a possible in.

  164. canman1306 says:

    Looking at a Rd9 Mid
    Callan Ward
    Ryan Griffen?
    Sub Mitchel into the Guts and get Kade Simpson?

    • Rocksta says:

      1 or 2 mate.
      Can't lose either way.
      I'm not a fan of playing Premiums out of position. I know it creates a swing set, but you then need to get them back to their rightful position at some stage.
      Different story for Rookie DPP's

    • Blueprime says:


  165. Danny says:

    Sorry guys but I am lost lost lost.
    Cant take a trick. got 22 trades, and 543k and getting smashed in 5 leagues.
    DEF: S.Mitchell, McV, LMac, Suck, Hanley, Enright, (Georgio, Cutler)
    MID: GAZ, D.Beam, Danger, Watson, Cotch, Polec, Dunstan, M.Couch, (AIsh, Langdon)
    Ruck: Sandi, Pyke, (King, Thurlow)
    FWD: Zorko, Pav, Dusty, Fasolo, S.Lloyd, L.Taylor, Impey, JKH

    I'm thinking L.Mac to Hibberd……(taking the byes into account)
    Impey to Bruest…….leaves me with 45k and plans to get pendles for round 9

    Good, Bad, or indifferent??

    • Bob McBob says:

      Instead of Bruest, I'd suggest dahlhaus

    • Beady Eye says:

      The state of your forward line sticks out like a sore thumb. I'd switch Danger in there for Taylor, then look at getting in another premium (Breust or any of the others around that price range).

      Pyke is the other one you'd probably want to try and improve.

  166. stevie G says:

    can we have a league for liverpool fans only? Someone start it n we'll see…

  167. steve says:

    Came up with a masterplan switch. not impressed with Martin (lazy) Richmond are poor and its proved he cant play MID this year. so boot him out – bring in Mitchell at the back then transfer out MAY, leaving $387 to spend. Could go Buddy (why)? or other. helps on bye rounds etc………..keeping me up late last night, phew wife wasnt happy….or boot out Martin and Fasola – for similar…thuoghts?

    • Cam_H says:

      I am considering trading out *both* Dustin Martin and Steven May this round, although I have big Round 8 Bye problems however. For all I know either or both can go berserk this round, but Martin's trending downwards in a big way, and May's been floating around his breakeven for a while. If Dustin Martin does turn it around after the Bye, I'm open to getting him back into the team … wasted trades, but at the moment I'm thinking that it might be worth the risk.

      I don't have Alex Fasolo, but if I did, I'd be inclined to hold him given many are predicting that if he's given that floating half back role, that his performance could exceed his predicted 70-ish average and maybe he could eventually get up to around $400K. Whether you hold him or not also depends to an extent on your current team composition, future strategy, and 'gut feel'.

      I'm no soothsayer however … best of luck with whatever you choose!

      • Cam_H says:

        n.b. … Just for your reference;

        Sam Mitchell's break-even is 158, which he's unlikely to get, and therefore will probably drop in price next week.
        Dustin Martin's break-even is 140, which he could get but probably won't, and likewise, his price is likely to drop next week.
        Alex Fasolo's break-even is 40. If he's selected and not 'vested', he should comfortably achieve the break-even, and price should increase.
        Steven May's break-even is 82. History would indicate that it's around the mark, and his price shouldn't alter one way or the other too much.

        As such, if your plan was to trade out Alex Fasolo, swing Steven May from defence to the forward line, and bring in Sam Mitchell, you might be better holding off a week if you can, provided Alex Fasolo's actually picked and not stuck in the vest. Again, depends upon your other plans.

        • steve says:

          HEY Cam – gr8 feedback. I am the same as u also – byes problem – must trade out 2 this week from r8 – so Fasola / May are defo this week, i jut threw in martin because i dont like what i see and it would free up cash and / or allow upgrade or 2 nearly premim / keepers like zorko and parker (i beleive they will offer more). the following week lngdon must go and one other r8 rookie maybe currie so leaving 11- 6 -10 and the 10 can become 8 if you follow in r9. steve

  168. BCHawks says:

    Hey guys I need some help. I don't have supercoach gold and was looking up breakevens and I came across 2 websites Supercoach Paige and Footy Wire but their breakevens were completely different. Could someone please tell me the correct ones thanks.

    • Beady Eye says:

      For who?

    • Cam_H says:


      I looked at the breakevens for Dane Swan (67), Matt Crouch (-17), and Brendon Goddard (197), and they're the same on both sites as well as SC Gold. Is there a player in particular that you've spotted that has two reported and differing breakevens? I'm happy to check the SC Gold number for you.

      • BCHawks says:

        Thanks they must of updated their page on Supercoach Paige because yesterday they were different.

        • The Ranger says:

          SCPaige had posted the R6 BE's for R7. Had me very confused last night for a moment!

  169. Dicko says:

    what to do with dusty keep or trade? if I trade who to?

    • Cam_H says:


      I am not sure myself.

      Others on the community have warned about trading out your premiums, but I'm tempted at a sideways trade to Cyril Rioli as a possibility. I personally have too many players with the Round 8 Bye, and need to make a correction for that.

      Although Richmond have Geelong and then the Bye, their run after that isn't too bad, with Melbourne and Greater Western Sydney in Rounds 9 and 10. He does have a good solid history of being a reliable 100-pointer over the last few years, so I'm quite hesitant in dropping him. If he does turn it around, you can always consider the merits of bringing him back in – it cost you two trades, but it may be the price of the gamble you take.

      This thread has tossed up plenty of names for both forwards and midfielders, such as Matthew Pavlich, Luke Parker, Robbie Gray, and Ryan Griffin who could be considered for sideways. Downgrades this week are hard to get especially enthusiastic about such as

      • Cam_H says:


        … Nick Robertson, Matt Crouch, and Sam Lloyd who still have some earning potential even though they've already appreciated in price, Patrick Ambrose if selected is on the bubble, Zac Merrett is one player also on the bubble, and there are some prospects for consideration in the coming weeks. Brendon Goddard's price will drop across his next few games, so he's yet another to keep in the back of your mind.

        Trust your gut, and best of luck with whatever you do!

        • Cam_H says:

          (Apols – brain fart – Zac Merrett was on the bubble last week but has a negative break-even)

    • SCaddict says:

      I would hold and see how the re-introduction of Rance and Lids changes the dynamic at the Tiges. Both have been hugely missed and have a strong chance of lining up this week.

      Dusty's fit and healthy and you will fly through your trades if you are continually sideways trading under performing premos.

  170. pieofgod says:

    HI community,

    i've gotta move Pittard/Bugg out. With no decent Def downgrades im looking to move Dunstan+Bugg for Hallahan+:
    (a) H.Shaw
    (b) L.Dunn
    (c) Malceski
    (d) Bob Murphy


    • SCaddict says:

      Think they are all reasonable choices so perhaps pick the one that best suits the overall bye structure of the rest of your team.

      • pieofgod says:

        An ever diligent servant of the JR community u are mate

        • pieofgod says:

          ps i went Dunn as ive never had a potential MelbFC premium in my squad….highly unpractical, but such fun

  171. jvk16 says:

    Thoughts on these midfielders?
    Kennedy, Watson, Priddis who is worth bringing in first?
    3 spots to fill will do one this week,
    also dont have pendles not sure if i could afford his price tag over the next few weeks
    Kennedys price is on the rise may be the only week to be able to get him?

    Best downgarde option?
    As most have Robertson
    Anyone thinking of Morabito if named seeing as there are not to many mid rookies?
    Thoughts on Hallahan JS? O'Rourke JS?
    Anyone from FWD or DEF?

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      Good point JVK. My targets for mids are in order, Selwood/Pendles/Swan/Fyfe/Watson which makes me question bringing in a premo mid until round 9. In th mentime I will build my warchest by trading down cows to on the bubble rookies where possible.

      Hallahan, no idea but I cant see him playing more than another two rounds. O’Rourke, may not play every week but I can see them getting another 8-10 games into him this year, could be solid downgrade option as an M9/10 in the medium term.

      Morabito is someone I really hope goes ok, but with 3 knee reconstructions in 3 years he is a HUGE injury risk, a ‘no’ for mine.

      • jvk16 says:

        Thanks mate, sure gives me something to think about
        Yeah I am hoping that morabito does well
        even though the risk is there may be worth a punt in the coming weeks
        unless someone else pops up, can only hope!

    • Derek says:

      Find a way to afford pendles. A must have in team

  172. Faz says:

    Who to get out of Gray/Rioli/Dahlhaus?? i already have parker and zorko

    • Cameron says:

      Im going with Gray at the moment considering;
      High ceiling.
      Form team
      Running through the mids
      Bye friends(for me)
      Consistent so far

  173. dognino says:

    My supercoach has mcveigh and j. Merret listed as injured, but I can't find any news about it. Anyone here know what's going on ?

    • Cameron says:

      McVeigh is fine, read on the swans website it was just a broken nail.
      He'll be fine

  174. Kurt says:

    Do we get 3 trades next round (pre round 8, post round 7)

    • Beady Eye says:

      From SC FAQ section:

      You can make unlimited trades on entry, then 2 per round (and 3 in multi-bye rounds 8, 9 and 10), up to a maximum of 30 for the Season.

  175. Brad says:

    Tight arse Tuesday boys? Love those articles! πŸ™‚

  176. Derek says:

    With the lack of rookies to downgrade to, I think it be wise to hold your trades this week, make a few adjusting trades during the bye rounds to start gathering premiums.

    In the next few weeks we are going to have some nice downgrade options.

    Ambrose should play this week and he is on the bubble, I already have him so happy.

    Also to play this week (in my opinion) will be honeychurch, morabito and Bock. All should be nice downgrades in a couple of weeks time, so hold for now and wait for these guys in a few weeks time

  177. Sana says:

    Hi All,

    My forward line is stuffed! Help much appreciated!

    My fwd line: Danger, Zorko, Hale (If Mummy comes back this week), Roughead, Buddy, Lloyd, Bench: JKH, Impey

    I'm very tempted to get rid of Buddy for obvious reasons, but also have Suckling pig with his glorious BE of 123 in my defence.

    My def line: Swallow, Mitchell, Suckling, Enright, Langdon, Laidler, Bench: Langford, Georgiou.
    Thinking of ridding myself of Suckling for the likes of Darcy Gardiner in defense and playing Langford on field whilst he fattens. Then trading up Impey to a Luke Parker or alike to sure up the fwd line.

    Thoughts much appreciated,

    • steve says:

      Hi Sana – my b/e says 75? where are you looking?

      • Cam_H says:

        I've also got Matt Suckling with a break even of 123 (Supercoach Gold).

        He has been scoring very inconsistently this year, and the last two games of 63 and 58 have brought around this high break-even, as his price was earlier driven up with the 102 and 122 the weeks before.

    • Sana says:

      Yep Suckling definitely has a BE of 123

  178. Jack says:

    Should i trade Suckling to Hibberd OR Higgins to Dahlhaus?
    My Back line is D.Swallow, S.Mitchell, J.Mcveigh. C.Enright, M.Suckling, T.Langdon (W.Langford, A.Georgiou)
    My Forward line is P.Dangerfield, D.Martin, J.Roughead, C.Wingard, S.Higgins, S.Lloyd (J.Impey, P.Ambrose)

    Thoughts would be highly appreciated.

  179. steve says:

    Final choice $340k for a defender….rookie or mid? got the obvious – langford,laidler,langton………just cant find a rookie from a r9 / r10….thoughts peeps?

  180. Dave2008 says:

    Im thinking of bringing in R Gray and T Boak from Port this week as they are flying as also as PODS in my league. I have 730 k in the bank and want as few rookies starting as possible. Especially ones like Lloyd who screwed me in my league game last week but still leaves me with a 3-1 record. I am well placed for my rd 8 bye game and also rd 9 but rd 10 will be a lottery. However I will upgrade as most will to rd 8 and rd 9 premiums for rd 10. Fasolo is a tricky one but if hes out surely he has to go. Can anyone see any premium mids or forwards who have the rd 9 bye better value than Boak or Gray. Thanks community!
    B: McVeigh Mitchell D Swallow Suckling Laidler Langdon ( McDonald Clurey)
    C Ablett J Kennedy Beams Murphy D Martin Thomas Polec Crouch (Taylor Robertson )
    R Jacobs Sandilands (Thurlow Currie)
    F Dangerfield Roughy Zorko Higgins Fasolo Lloyd (Impey Kennedy –Harris)

  181. Joshredpath12 says:

    Hey guys
    What do u think of these trades dunstan out montagna/ Boyd/ Stevie j don't know who to choose plz help and I've confirmed Ambrose for buddy thoughts??

  182. Joshredpath12 says:

    Hey guys
    I'm thinking dunstan to Stevie j/montagna/Boyd thoughts who should I trade in

  183. Sana says:

    Gray or Parker, who' would you trade in?

    • Bob McBob says:

      Robbie gray will be more consistent and higher scoring than Parker, just don't know what effect Monfries will have on Grays scoring when he comes back

  184. Daniel S says:

    hey guys,

    just wondering what i should do with my trades this week? i have 237k and am looking to start upgrading some players.

    my team is as followed:

    Backs: Swallow, McVeigh, May, Enright, Hanley, Langdon (McDonald, Georgiou)
    Midfield: Ablett, Beams, Murphy, Swan, Shuey, Dunstan, Polec, Aish (Crouch, Taylor)
    Forwards: Pavlich, Dangerfield, Zorko, Gunston, Fasolo, Higgins (Impey, JKH)
    Rucks: Sandilands, Hickey (Currie, King)

    Any help would be much appreciated…..

    • Gab says:

      L-mac sitting on your bench is a waste IMO, trade him to a rookie and pocket some cash for next week or use that money to upgrade Dunstan to Watson

  185. Ty.S says:

    Is Jackson Merret injured? Because it says he is injured on RDT

  186. tyzsb says:

    Thoughts on trades?

    McDonald to Hallahan

    Dustbin Martin to Robbie Gray

    Have got only 6 round 9 players so Hallahan and Robbie Gray are helping…..

    Have got 215k for next weeks upgrades!!!

  187. Pat says:

    guys, i have 654,700k in the bank and need a midfielder, who do i get??????

  188. tyzsb says:

    Pearce Hanley injured!!!!

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