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Supercoach 2014 preseason podcast

Tom Langdon. Xavier Ellis. James Aish. Dom Tyson.

They’ve served us well enough these lads – but for many of us this will be a week where we consider taking a few of these plump boys out the back paddock for some good old fashioned fantasy footy rookie cash grab slaughter.

But as the round 8 bye looms upon us like a gathering storm – we must trade with caution community. Which ones need to go now? Which ones should we wait on a bit? Who should we trade them for?

There is a hell of a lot to get through this week community – this could be where your season is won and lost.

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  1. rob says:

    Hell yeah.. get em jock!!

  2. rob says:

    825 n trigger happy atm. Hope I can settle n stay with the pack!

  3. Osh says:

    Is suckling gonna be a keeper or is he gonna be a player we trade when he reaches max price

    • SCaddict says:

      Probably a stepping stone to a premium but would be keeping him for quite a while yet.

  4. Michael says:

    XEllis needs to go – down to Robertson to add to warchest

  5. Jake says:

    is ellis gona play next week?

    • akka says:

      ellis need to go

      • Cozza says:

        I’m not so sure he needs to go. If he is named this week, he is gone for mine, but if he is not named, I would have thought Tyson more of a priority to go. Tyson has a BE of 98 – if he scores 80 he will still drop around $7-10k, so unless he starts pulling out some more hundreds, looks like he may have reached his ceiling.

        Given that it is likely that Tyson will drop in value this week, I’ll be looking to cull him and then cut Ellis the following week (assuming Ellis not named this week).

        Could also get rid of both of them and use a FWD or DEF swing option to bring in Lloyd or Cutler.

    • Matt says:

      I think he's still a chance, but likely to miss a week.

    • Daniel says:

      Last I heard, they found out his calf wasnt as bad as expected and he may play this week. Personally, due to his injury history (being a Hawks fan I'm all too familiar with the Ellis injury rollercoaster) I'd jump off. Could be the start of his same ole soft tissue after soft tissue injury again.

  6. Gary says:

    I'm in a deep dark hole Jock. I need help. Who to trade out first out of Langdon aish Taylor jkh and Ellis.

    • SCaddict says:

      Langdon and Ellis are the priorities out of that bunch for mine.

      In fact they are precisely the same lads I will be trading out myself for Cutler and Griffen unless Thursday night throws up some nasty curve balls.

      • Kev says:

        Thursday night always seems to do that… Gary, I'd look at which of those 5 are on the field and hurting your score. If all 5 are, then I agree with SCaddict that langdon and ellis should be culled first

  7. Bruce says:

    Hi Jock, I need help, pls tell me should I trade Rohan for Rough, and with my recently freed up cash can I trade a Suck for a Swallow?
    Many thanks

    • Ocker says:

      You can trade whatever you like but you will have to cop it on the chin.

    • SCaddict says:

      I would keep Suckers for now as he's been performing pretty well and has a fairly gettable BE of 61. Just had a quiet game as did many of his Hawk buddies.

      I've been wanting to get Swallow in myself but not sure Suckers would be the right tool for the job right now. Perhaps consider the move when Suckers has his Rd9 bye fi no better options present by then.

      Rohan absolutely needs to go though not sure Roughie would be my own target this week. Had two sub 50 games already this season and has a massive BE this weekend so should be a fair bit cheaper in a few more weeks yet.

  8. Toby says:

    Gday Community,

    Some thoughts about downgrades this week:

    In my mid I want to get rid of one of either Tyson, Aish or Dunstan (i'm thinking Tyson at this this stage)
    What's everyone's opinions on who to get rid of?

    Also who is the best rookie downgrade option available? (Unfortunately missed out on the Crouch boat)

    Any advice appreciated 🙂

    • Marcus says:

      I'd go aish or tyson. You can still get crouch on supercoach though, 188k

      • Kev says:

        Robertson from the Lions is on the bubble. Was named on the ball against the tigers. Jock had a massive man crush on the lad during pre season

  9. Matt says:

    Who to get in out of Dane Swan & Ryan Griffen?

    Griffen has B/E of 100 while Swan has B/E of 80, so i'm leaning towards:

    Ellis >> Swan, Langdon >> Cutler,
    then Tyson >> Griffen, Rookie >> downgrade next week.

    Only problem is that would leave me with Swan, Pendles AND Beams in the midfield.

    Thoughts community?

    • Toby says:

      Depends on what other round 8 bye players you have
      I'm personally waiting to get Swan after the round 8 byes so i'm not left with any (or many) donut's come round 8 whereas with Griffen I will have many more players available in his bye round so I can afford getting him earlier and have him sit on the bench for 1 week

    • Derek says:

      I think both griffin and swan are too risky. I would be happy to wait a few more weeks before getting them in.

      Buying premiums is a lot like getting married, you are going to have live with them for a long time and if you get it wrong and have to get rid of them, it’s going to cost you.

      It’s not like buying a rookie who you can play around with for a few weeks and them dump, serious thought must be given to premiums, and just because they are cheap should not be the reason.

      • SCaddict says:

        It looks like both have turned the corner but caution is never a bad thing so won't hurt to wait another week just to be sure the worm has turned.

        However I liked what Griffen has shown me over the past fortnight so there's a strong chance I'll bring him in this weekend.

      • Kev says:

        That's probably the best analogy ever haha. That needs to be the mantra of every pre season!

        I'd personally go with griff over swan. He is clearly the top dog (pun intended) in that midfield. He had zero preseason

      • schawk says:

        risky?? they are proven scoring guns top 6 mid. both didnt have much of a pre season perfect time to get them while they hit form and cheap

      • Matt says:

        Sorry but I totally disagree. Griffen and Swan are proven performers, they're not risky midpricers who may or may not break-out.
        I would've happily taken either of them into my side at the start of the season, at their starting prices, as they are proven supercoach scorers, so its not "just because they're cheap". Anyway, cheap premos in previous years have almost always paid off – Selwood, Priddis, etc.

    • Sleepy says:

      I would jump on Swan first. His SC price has just bottomed out at $521,000 ($112,000 cheaper than start of season and his projected cash cow says he go up $12,000 and continue to rise. Griffen at the moment $525,000 ($102,000 cheaper) and his cash cow say that over the next 3 rounds his price will drop by a further $64,000

      • Matt says:

        Cheers for the advice.
        Not sure what "projected cash cow" is, but Griffen's B/E is about 100 this week, and I'd just about bet my house that he'll score at least that much, so he'll go up in price.

  10. akka says:

    robertson or gray from prot adelaide?.

    burnman higgins out for lloyd

    • Cozza says:

      Robertson looks to have better JS – Gray a risk of being dropped when monfries returns

    • SCaddict says:

      I'd pick Robbo as I see his JS as stronger in a injury ravaged Lions outfit.

      Not thrilled on the idea of trading out a Rd9 player in Higgo for a Rd8 player in Lloyd although I appreciate the finanacial motivation.

      Would think bringing in a bye friendly Cutler to your defence is a higher priority for most coaches.

  11. Jake says:

    Will i be able to have ellis on my bench or is he gona play next week

  12. Caz says:

    Hi community thoughts on cale hooker from the bombers 4 tons in 5 games. 2 of those tons against real quality in hawthorn and freo.

    • Kenny Powers says:

      I brought him in last week (albeit by "accident" after falling for the Wayno Experimental Trade trap .. glad to hear I wasn't the only one with failing concentration over the extended weekend!!) and was rewarded with a ton. Essendon have been a high scoring Supercoach points team which helps, he is clean user of the pill and he's been getting it plenty. Essendon have plenty of players in front of him when it comes to a tagger so hoping he can keep his scores above 80 from here on. If he does start to stain the underpant, he has the R10 bye so can be traded out or upgraded for a R8-9 premo.

  13. Pots says:

    So many options to consider this week.

    Ellis to:


    Cutler (Langdon DPP)

    Lloyd (Taylor DPP)

    Tyson to:



    • Marcus says:

      Marc Murphy for sure. He is cheaper than griffin im pretty sure and will be getting fairly high scores

    • Matt says:

      Griffen without a doubt in my mind. Murphy is a proven weak player, as well as human (along with most of the Carlton side, but that's another issue).
      Just look at last year's averages if you need any further convincing.
      Griffen = gun

  14. Bray says:

    I’m down grading X.Ellis to S. Gray who will sit on the bench, and then upgrading Dale Thomas to a premium.

    That will give me $650,000. Which midfielder do I get.?

    I already have Gaz, Pendels, Cotchin, Murphy, Polec, Thomas who will be traded, Tyson, Dunstan, and Gray, and Crouch on the bench, who do I get for Dale Thomas, with $650,000 in the bank.?

    Cheers for the help guys

  15. Bob McBob says:

    How many trades does everyone have right now?

    • joshpapworth says:


    • Kenny Powers says:

      Been getting a solid boot to the plums every bloody week!! After 2 trades this week I'll be down to 20 with Cameron and Mummy still occupying bench spots .. been absolutely smashed by injury and suspensions this season. But as Jock and the team keep spruiking to the community .. keep your chin up and battle through the adversity. Following this advice I (The Longdrop Boggers) managed to knock off last season's league champion over the weekend!!

  16. jack says:

    Do you think its worth holding on hanley

  17. neil the nail says:

    in a bit of a pickle fellas, not sure who to trade for fuller, either langdon or gregoriou

  18. Nick says:

    Trade Ellis or Aish? Or both?

    • SCaddict says:

      I agree with Higg that keeping around Rd10 bye players is a pretty sound idea and plan to keep Dunstan along for the ride til then, even though he is unlikely to make much more cash. So I'd probably hang on to Aish and cash out some of those Rd8 rookies like Langdon instead.

      However that pitiful 2 in Xman's pricing will be there for his next couple of games so he needs to go sooner rather than later.

      Langdon and Ellis are the two fattened lambs I plan to send to the whooshka block this week.

      • Cozza says:

        Langdon probably has another price rise to go – has a BE of 44 this week which is very achievable. Aish also has a BE of 39, so will make more cash as well. Is there anyone you have with a higher BE, like Ellis or Tyson?

        • Nick says:

          I have Tyson, Ellis, Kelly, Impey, Kennedy-Harris, Georgiou, McDonald, Webster

        • SCaddict says:

          Still think the amount of additional cash to be made from Langdon is pretty marginal at best and he's an ideal candidate to trade in the Rd10 Cutler for, especially if we intend on keeping the likes of Kolo and McD around for a few more weeks yet.

          Another option if you are that keen on keeping Landon around is to swing him into your midfield bench to replace Ellis instead.

          Will depend on the individual team structure and preferences of each coach as to what we perceive as the best options for our respective sides are.

  19. Ty S says:

    Have traded out McDonald for Tom Cutler and put Hanley on field in midfield and upgraded Dom Tyson to Joel Selwood…. left Dunstan for this round going to cull the next round…


  20. Billy says:

    Hooker or Hibberd? Which to go to??

    Both rack up the marks and touches. Leaning towards Hooker cos i save 50k


    • Bob McBob says:

      Hibberd will most certainly be the most consistent scorer. Hooker will take the contest mark and mostly contested possessions and possibily the movement into the forward line while Goddard is out of the team.

      However, both Hibberd and Hooker begin Essendons movement into attack, so it is pretty much just your gut feeling.

      (I'd pick Hibberd though)

    • crabb says:

      Hibberd definitely. He is the go to runner from defence for the dons; Hooker only ever does when Hibb is stuck upfield after a counter.

  21. Mark says:

    What do I do with ambrose?

    • SCaddict says:

      Depends a little on this week's injury update but if he's only a few more weeks away I reckon we have to keep him.

      However if you have no other trade priorities you could consider switching him for Lloyd. Could mount an argument either way but I plan to keep Ambrose this week, unless the return date blows out to another month or such.

      • Mark says:

        I already have Lloyd. So what if it does blow to a month?

        • SCaddict says:

          Not really sold on the JS of other forward rookies right now so unless a Zach Merrett is named this week I think we just have to sit tight with Ambrose until a promising forward rookie is on the bubble.

          Llyod is the only decent alternative right now and you already have him. Not worth upgrading him to a midpricer or premium unless you are forced to field Ambrose. I have him on my bench along with JKH.

          But's let see what the update on Ambrose is this week before jumping too far ahead.

    • Derek says:

      Keep. He is on bubble, should play round 7

  22. Dogs says:

    Not sure about these BEs , some of jock and Higgos quotes were different to what my SC says, and I know mine changed right before the 1st game last week also. Will be keeping an eye on it anyways.

    I think if Ellis misses a week I'll leave him on my bench and trade out Tyson and dunstan this week as their BEs are looking pretty high at 87 and 98 , then trade out Langdon and Ellis the round after. Lookin to bring in griffin and Watson over the next 2 rounds , which has just made me realise my biggest concern as I'm planning on getting selwood and pendles after the bye , leaving me with 8 premium mids, but no DPP in the middle.

    What's the thoughts on just having 1fwd and 1 back DPP player on the mid bench? Is that enough cover? I have 4 back line and 3 fwd swing players at the moment but just not in the mids

    • SCaddict says:


      My own view is that the bye benefits of having plenty of swingers is a tad overstated so wouldn't be bending over backwards to make it happen. If it does through natural trading then all well and good. No denying swingers do increase your flexibility from a future trading perspective.

      But just make the best trades for your team, that's the most important consideration, and only work the swingers angle if it's convenient and truly benefits your structure.

      I've had a good look at it for my own team and the benefits are fairly negligible under the recently introduced "any 18 players" bye rule and I only would end up making certain swinger trades that don't necessarily bring in the best bangs for the buck.

      But perhaps others love the swingers lifestyle at all costs. 🙂

    • PJay says:

      I noticed several of my players BEs increased just before their games started too. How bizarre!

    • The Filth says:

      Use tooserious.net for breakevens. It includes a salary calculator.
      It is a free site but if you can donate a few shekels as the guys provide a great service to fantasy football coaches.

  23. Louis says:

    What does everyone think about Jack Redden. Just took a look at his stats and apart from his first round he averages about 7 tackles per game and has scored a ton each time plus over 120 twice despite both times only getting 25 disposals. Good POD or not?

    • SCaddict says:

      Definitely a POD but not sure it's a recommended one. At this stage we should only be bringing in premo midfielders that have a decent shot at making the top 12 by the end of season e.g. Swan, Griffen, Watson, Pendles, Jelwood, Stevie J, JPK etc.

      Think it would be a very long bow to stretch that Redden will finish with a top 12 average.

      Lions also have a tough draw and are wracked with injuries so it will be tough for many of their players to go huge on a consistent basis. Rocky and Hanley are probably their only fantasy relevant premos right now.

  24. danny says:

    What to do with tom mitchell Danny

    • wes says:

      trade out – now!!!
      for who? – depends on your fwds…
      go a cash cow and get in Sam Lloyd perhaps.

    • Kenny Powers says:

      Depends on your current cash supply and how many keepers you have .. does your structure require a premo replacement for Mitchell or does the treasure chest need to be topped up by downgrading to rookie like Lloyd? Some fallen premos like Pav still available for under 500g's and some solid scoring mid-pricers like R Gray could be good pick-ups. Or you could use a DPP and trade in a mid?

      • Dan says:





  25. Cozza says:

    Who do you consider the best two rookies to bring in this week between Robertson, Lloyd and Cutler? Can fit any two of them into my team via DPP swings. Looking at the double downgrade this week to give me $500k in bank for big upgrades soon 🙂

    • Kev says:

      Purely needs based. Cozza. Cutler is good for Langdon downgrade, Robertson for Ellis/Tyson. Lloyd for Rohan

  26. throttlefinger says:

    Daulhaus or Gray? Looking to upgrade from Caddy. Want to get Pav but Langdon to Cutler won't give me the loot. Could go Ellis to Flipper Robertson, but feel Langdon is the more urgent slaughter.

    Thoughts community?

    • Dogs says:

      I don't see Langdon as the most urgent yet, still has an achievable BE of 40 odd, for mine Ellis, Tyson, dunstan are first to cull, in that order. Unless Ellis misses a game , then he can sit on the pine until next week and cut Tyson, dunstan before they go backwards

      • throttlefinger says:

        Agree if Ellis plays this week he's the first to cull. Dunstan can wait another week. Even if he doesn't hit BE 87 his depreciation will be relatively minor.

    • SCaddict says:

      Another option is to trade Ellis for Cutler via swinging Langdon into your midfield.

      This should give you the necessary funds for that Pav upgrade.

      I'll probably do the direct Langdon for Cutler move but may consider the other option if it looks like Ambrose with be sidelined for a month or longer in which case I'll probably swap him for Lloyd.

      • Captain joc says:

        I don’t see Ambrose getting back in the side mate bell chambers is getting close to playing afl could play against the pies on Friday

        • SCaddict says:

          That's certainly a serious consideration for us Ambrose holders too Captain.

          May push me towards swapping him out for Llyod but will see how the week pans out first. Would really like to bring in Griffen this week but perhaps will have to put those plans on the back burner for another week.

      • throttlefinger says:

        Yes! Forgot about swinging that, SCaddict.

        Have Lloyd in forward line. Not interested in Ambrose as I have Impey & JKH on bench. Need to get a prem in forward line so going back and forth between Pav (hot streak and playing at Paterson a lot coming up yet key position forward) vs. Robbie Gray (playing strong and DPP but not the most reliable).

        Thanks SCaddict. Passing along gold as always!

        • SCaddict says:

          Yes Ambrose isn't relevant to your situation and you already have Lloyd anyway.

          Just mentioning my own plans as there are a few of us out there who are stuck with Ambrose unfortunately.

          • throttlefinger says:

            I've stuck fat with Mummy, so I know the feeling. Jim from Gipps and I have been doing Mummy counseling services for the last week. All mentioned may get changed if Mummy is out longer and Currie isn't named.

            Barely hit 2000 this week. Uggggh. Rough year so far, SCaddict. Really rough.

            • SCaddict says:

              Yes I've now zoomed past you after punching out a top 1000 ranking this past round.

              Ambrose is a relatively minor issue as a bench irritation compared to your R1 ruck catastrophes this season.

              You may just have to cut those losses soon and come over to the seeming durability and consistency of a Sauce Jacobs. Though hope I haven't put the mozz on him ha ha.

              • throttlefinger says:

                Doubt I'll go Sauce. R8 and all. Now it's almost a point of stubbornness. Not going to get the $50K so may just hold out for Mummy to return for the POD benefits it will have.

                • Wattsieesq says:

                  Hey TF. I feel your pain (sort of) as I've decided to keep titch for now. It was good seeing your team on the weekend. Some real POD defenders. Burnman and Jelwood let you down while Libba screwed me. X screwed everyone lol. Just managed to scrape 2200, hopefully will go better next week if titch comes back and shows a bit of form with Dunstan and perhaps Crouch going big.

                  • throttlefinger says:

                    Hey buddy. Yeah you gave me a good thumping. Apologies for not giving a better game.

                    Looking at dealing Mummy. With Daw in 22, Currie will likely be out so no cover. Could suck it up with a donut then get POD keeping Mummy. Does that sound insane?

                    Want to upgrade Caddy to Pav or Robbie G. Leaning toward Pav. Form looks strong. Could've went for more last week. Any thoughts on the two?

                    Think Dunstan has one more solid 90+ game in him. Hope so. And hope Ellis is a out so I can loop him.

                    • Wattsieesq says:

                      No need to apologies mate, its just a game and a bit of fun. Instead of throwing in the towel, people need to just step back and think about that.

                      Keeping Mummy doesn't sound like a bad idea. He should be back in a week or so and may take a week to get back to the form he was in before. If you have held him this long, you might as well hold a bit longer. In say that, there are some fallen premiums in the ruck that may be good pick ups post the bye, which is not too far away.

                      I'm reluctant with Pav. He was great in 2012, but burned me in the first 3 rounds last year before going down for 12 weeks. Pav started off this year slow but he is looking good now. Let's hope he stays injury free.

                      Robbie was sensational in parts last year but also went missing in games. I think he has a bigger ceiling than Pav but a bigger propensity to stink it up. As much as I prefer mids over KPP, I think Pav shades it.

                      I agree with Dunstan, he'll stay with me a week more. Ellis has been touted to play this weekend. With a BE of 101, regardless if he plays or not, I'm going to get rid of him.

                    • throttlefinger says:

                      Yep, Ellis is pretty much culled. Even if he plays, that ankle is not going to get him to 101 points. Dunstan worth a keep as they play the Lions. Sure he'll do well.

                      Thinking swapping Ellis for Billings. Bout the right time to add some DPPs to the midfield. Not a lot coming…other than Honeycutt. Hope is because Hanley is returning Cutler is out. Regardless, may slot him in next week for Langdon.

                      Freo has a lot of games in Perth coming up. The ol' man does way there. Forwards haven't been very reliable and figure he'll do as well as any. And low risk at that price.

                      Pretty dead set on eating a donut for Mummy. One more week and will be a nice POD. No other rucks are making my mouth water. Plus can bank some cash…which I'm sure will come in handy.

                      Agree with your take on the game, Wattsie. A fun yet wildly unpredictable game. More you dust yourself off and jump back in, the more to savor from the experience.

                    • Wattsieesq says:

                      Dunstan has pulled out a big score every second week so hopefully this will be his week to ton up.

                      I'm not sure about Billings. He looked very good, but you can make as much money from Lloyd or Robertson. DPPs are good but remember that trading should be the right player at the right time for the right price. If he fits those three criteria, bring him in.

                      I think it is a roll of the dice with forwards this year. I'm just glad Danger came good last week.

                      Rucks haven't been great this year, with injury and form, only Sandi and Sauce have done well. I haven't got Sauce as I went with Cox, better for my structure. Unless you have the two, which majority of SC don't, then everyone is hurting in the ruck.

                      My SC team isn't great. There was a lot of stinkers in my team but I look at Danger going 192 and marvel. I look at GAJ, Pendles, Sandi, Polec, Dunstan, Fasolo, Libba, Suckling, Langdon and Beams and am so happy that they have done well for me at different times of the season. I might have to start a positive SC post at the end of each week to remind me to be grateful after a poor weekend haha.

                    • throttlefinger says:

                      Definitely nailed it there. Tend to focus on the failures than the successes. Ellis' 2 instead of Webster's 92. Need to remind myself that no round will be without its stinkers.

                      Billings went century in his second AFL game. That's not an easy feat. For that and the DPP makes him more valuable than Robertson, who I probably will strongly consider.

                      Had Cox until the last minute than switch to Ryder so I could get Jobe. Not great move but far from worst one. Oh well. Let's see what next round brings.

  27. Dom says:

    Hi guys what do I do with Libba? Trade or hold

    • throttlefinger says:

      Hold. Had a stumble. Will bounce back strong. As Jock said, he's worth sticking fat with.

    • SCaddict says:


      If Libba is still struggling to get things together by his Rd9 bye then yes we'll be forced to consider shipping him off for say a Pendles or Jelwood.

      But reckon he's earned a bit more time as last season's clearance king and a young and improving player.

  28. Dean Billman says:

    Is it too late to bring in Fasolo? Upgraded Daisy to Jobe Watson last week so couldn't afford him on the bubble…

    He is looking like one of the better forward options atm.

    • Autofelatio says:

      whilst not ideal seeing as you missed the initial price rise, it would still be a good idea to bring him in. Put it this way, his price is around 290k, and if you saw a player at 290k that was averaging those scores then everyone would jump right on him, so he's still very relevant and a steal even at that price.

    • Daniel says:

      I disagree. It's about making cash at the moment, if you missed Fasalo then bad luck, who knew he would pump out a 130+. He could easily start to get a bit more attention due to his effectiveness in his new role.

      • Bob McBob says:

        But with Essendon coming up, who is going to put a forward tag on him?

        • Daniel says:

          Maybe one of those nuggety types like merrett, I don't know Ess well enough. Could also be more of a team defensive effort rather than a one on one tag, either way his form won't go unnoticed. Anyway just my thoughts/mad justifications for not getting him in!

          • Bob McBob says:

            Jetta is the only person I can think about that could play the defense forward role. But Licka will return this week and take his role back. With Kommer injured, their will probably be no tagging in the Ess forward line. (I am an Ess supporter)

  29. Cameron says:

    I want to get a premium Forward, but without the Zorko/Harvey/Martin inconsistencies.
    I'm looking towards Riewoldt and Pavlich, but strongly fear they are due for some low scores


    • SCaddict says:

      Not sure they really exist. I expect Pav and NRoo to regularly produce tons from here on out but even they could have off weeks or shudder the thought get rested giving their advancing age.

      Breust and Parker have also been fairly consistent players this season with not a single score below 80 which is pretty good for a forward.

      • Daniel says:

        Agree on Bruest. I went Caddy to Bruest last week instead of to Fasalo, saving a trade in the process of getting to a premo keeper, which I think Bruest is whereas Fasalo just another Caddy type stepping stone to a premo.

    • wes says:

      what about Dangerfield?
      and maybe even boomer?
      My thought on the above two is Reiwoldt over Pav… Nick can keep scoring above the 100 mark… not sure about Pav though…
      SCAddict has some good ideas too
      Myglynn maybe as a roughy – but I'd take boomer over him.

      • GarglesnarfFC says:

        Yes, I too plan on bringing in a fwd premium this week. Looking to cull Ellis, and swing Taylor on to the bench in the mids. Tossing up between NReiwoldt and Zorko the magnificent.

        Both dump their worst score off their average this week, and so have a BE of 107 & 88 respectively. I like both, Nroo’s run to the bye seems a little better but Zorko offers the promise of more upside.

        Comes down to wether I want to pay the extra $122k for 20pts of average?

        • Sarah says:

          Remember it is a points game after all. That extra 20 per week may be worth it as over the course of the year it may be an extra 200-250 points.

  30. Adam says:

    Langdon to cutler
    Tyson to Robertson

    Some serious cash generated and a possible double premo upgrade next round

    • wes says:

      Think both are topped out… being a Lions supporter, and following them pretty well, I reckon Robertson is a reasonable bet for more games and some mooing on the cow front for you.
      go for it I say.

    • Cozza says:

      Remember as well that Merrett comes back this week – will be interesting to see who will go out for him, but Cutler is potentially someone to come out for him. At least the Lions play on Friday, so you will know Thursday night whether he is definitely in or not.

  31. joshpapworth says:

    what to do with shiels?
    140,000 k in the bank
    downgrade or upgrade and to who

  32. Mitch says:

    Lads, need some advice.

    Got 200k in the bank and I’m going to make two trades this week.

    Do I downgrade impey to Lloyd and Ellis to Robertson and have myself 420k in the bank so next week I can go bang bang to big upgrades? Mcaffer will tag Watson this week so he may go down in price again so can get him and another premium next week?

    Or do I downgrade impey to Lloyd and then upgrade Ellis to a callan ward or a ryan Griffen this week and only leave myself 30k in the bank?

    Cheers boys

    • Gold Rush says:

      I've gone the Rookie to Rookie Cash Model, to get at least 5 guns in before r10.

  33. joshpapworth says:

    i was thinking downgrading ellis to that robertson
    and then langdon to a premium

  34. teambob says:

    with cash in the bank. what would be the best option.



    Hicky-A Grade Ruckman


    • wes says:

      Riewoldt is simply ridiculously solid at the moment. Overpriced???
      But of the above, reckon that is a good move.
      Next best is getting in swallow
      Hickey to Jacobs would be the go – surely you have sandipants already and mummy is out. so not him.
      personally I am carrying as a starter with mummy on my bench. then when mummy is right again, I can rid myself of that annoying teenage lip-mark

  35. Marcus J says:

    What are peoples current team value? im at 11.4 mil which i think is pretty decent?

  36. Jordan says:

    BIllings, anyone. Rohan turd solution?

    • Derek says:

      Billings to expensive.

    • Harry says:

      Don't panic on Rohan i reckon….. he might lose 10k next time he plays which is nothing in the scheme of things. Wait till there's another obvious rookie. The only one I see who will hopefully come through soon is Lennon for richmond

  37. wes says:

    Hopefully someone will see this…
    What do you think of the below at this point…
    Cotchin out – Swan in
    O Wines out – Dangerfield in
    Realise I may have left Swan a week late (though I did ask about that last week and no one gave me any idea on what to do there). But Danger in this week seems like I may have got that pretty spot on…
    Appreciate the thoughts community.

    • Marcus J says:

      cotchin to swan no. no point in making a sideways trade at round 6 and im hesitant on swans form still

      if you dont have patty then do what you can to get him in now. would assume he isnt gonna be below his current price again.

      • wes says:

        thanks for the reply, Marcus.
        Thought on Swan for Cotchin is that Rich play both hawks and geelong before bye. So he will not score well next two weeks. PLUS… if anyone gets a tag at pies, it won't be swan… it will be Pendles…
        Understand it is likely a sideways type move, but I see some benefit at least in short term… and Swan will increase in price still a little. Cotchin didn't have that drop like Swan did.
        am I still thinking wrongly? Happy to have people say I am wrong… but pls give reasons too

        • Beady Eye says:

          I'd consider Cotchin (don't consider him a true premium myself, too easily tagged out of it) to Danger with the intention of swinging him into your forwards, either now or later. But otherwise I'd hold off and look at other upgrades – with these you may just be creating more headaches for yourself down the track.

          • wes says:

            Hi beady Eye
            that is a good idea…
            on my stock, I can do that. Means I would keep Wines. Is he worth keeping?
            Kinda agree on Cotchin not being a full on prem… as yeah, tagged to easily. Not as consistent +105 mark as Swan should be (for instance).

            • Beady Eye says:

              I'd stick with Wines until he gives you a reason to trade him. One score below 96 so far from a guy that was under $400K to start with… you'd take that.

              Reassess at the byes and see how he's scoring then.

        • Paul says:

          Cotchin always plays well against the Hawks. Best on ground every time! (I'm a Hawks fan)

    • Derek says:

      swan to cotchin is NO. total waste of a trade.

  38. Marty says:

    Just made a couple of changes
    cutler is in for langdon
    robertson is in for ellis

    Next week what to do… dyson/duntsan for… i have 300k in the bank ready to pounce suggestions??

    • Derek says:

      i'm thinking the same way, although I do like the opportunity of using Dunstan to get Cutler in by using Langdon as the swing trade. It gives me a DDP swing set into the mids then. Thoughts?

  39. Billy says:

    Trade Caddy to Fasolo, Hold on T.Mitchell and then upgrade Thomas to Griffen.


    • Beady Eye says:

      Reckon you've missed the boat on Fasolo – swapping him in for Caddy will barely raise you $30K.

      Go for a fresh cash cow instead.

      • Jamey says:

        Fasolo will go up to about 400k within a month, so could almost swap him for wingard very soon

  40. Ben says:

    What do i do. I have Clurey in the defence who has played 1 game. Do i trade him out or go for some cash?
    Any thoughts?

    • Kev says:

      Tough one, Ben. I have Clurey also. We are in the prime of culling our cash cows at the moment so as long as he not hurting your team I'd leave him until after the byes

      • Ben says:

        Thanks mate, that's what I've been leaning towards, good to hear someone else who agrees.

  41. Derek says:

    Buying premiums is a lot like getting married, you are going to have live with them for a long time and if you get it wrong and have to get rid of them, it's going to cost you.

    It's not like buying a rookie who you can play around with for a few weeks and them dump, serious thought must be given to premiums, and just because they are cheap should not be the reason.

    I'm talking about Swan, Petrie, Griffen etc, just because they are cheap, doesn't mean you should get them in, especially when there are the likes of Selwood, StevieJ, pendlebury, Watson still available.

    • Kev says:

      Swanny is a rolled gold certified premium. Any bloke at 520k that has averaged 120+ for the past 5 seasons needs to be looked at.

      Tight ass Tuesday nomination?

  42. Danners16 says:

    Hey fellas, I have been convinced to downgrade X.Ellis to a rookie and I will get S.Lloyd by swapping L.Taylor to the midfield. I will probably also get rid of D.Tyson but who do I bring in for him, I have $820,400 in the bank.

    • wes says:

      not sure I'd want that much in the coffers…
      some prems are a reasonable price at the moment, and having so much cash in the bank could be wasting opportunity
      just a thought.
      who are you saving for?
      changes above are logical to me…

      • Faz says:

        nothing wrong with cash in the bank if your team is performing i have 780k and i am ranked 9000 overall

        • Danners16 says:

          I'm ranked 862 though and plan to go for the $50,000 since I'm that high up so I need to get a premium team as quick as I can

    • Kev says:

      Take your pick, Danners. If you don't have any one of Ablett/Pendles/Selwood, I'd start with them

      • Danners16 says:

        I was thinking of good POD in Rory Sloane, hasn't scored under 100 yet, and won't get tagged since Dangerfield is there. I thinking of saving a bit of money so I can upgrade Langdon next week.

    • Daniel says:

      Griffen or McVeigh

  43. Ty S says:

    Do I trade McDonald this week????

    • JP says:

      Nah.. keep him for a bit longer, his output isn't too bad – i'd be more inclined to chop Langdon

    • pat says:

      very low break-even, keep him until his bye which is round 8 i think

  44. JP says:

    Hi all, I need some of the communities sage-like advice…

    I'll be trading X.Ellis down to Robertson this week, which frees me up about $180k total.

    I was then thinking of trading Caddy down to Lloyd for even more cash in the bank.. OR up to Pavlich (so similar).. thoughts?

  45. Jim from Gippsland says:

    Hi guys.

    Once Ellis went down, I thought I had my two trades already pre-determined. I was always thinking the 'paint the fence' one down – one up' double trade.

    Ellis to Lloyd via Lewis Taylor to mid for the swing eligibility.
    And Tyson to Griffen for the premo upgrade.

    Seems the obvious move doesn't it?

    Whilst the Ellis to Lloyd trade is locked away, I am reconsidering the second trade and maybe going a double downgrade instead. The target is Langdon to Cutler. While it doesn't seem like the best move point wise, it is about grabbing maybe the last reasonable cash cow in the defence line.

    Looking at whats left after cutler, I just dont know who's left to grab. Is this enough reason to grab cutler now or should I grab the fallen premo when opportunity arises?

    • Kev says:

      Cutler is a vest risk for mine, especially once Hanley gets himself back on the park (which could be this week) As pointed out Langdon has a reachable b.e this week so it's not essential that you chop him, and with his DDP status there will be other cows that come along

    • Beady Eye says:

      Good point re: the lack of rookie defenders coming through. Not a lot of options on the horizon until Scharenberg returns for Collingwood sometime later in the season.

      I've decided to hold off on Cutler and get another week's look at him – hopefully the 19 in his rolling average keeps his price from rising too sharply.

    • chandanrajdb says:

      Hi Jim,

      I am thinking in the similar lines……thinking of double downgrade this week….yeah I know it will impact the scoring but it will only be for one week and hopefully cover it up in the next week score with 2 premos coming into the team…..1st priority is to generate enough cash to have team full of premos by RD10….that's what I am aiming for….

      And as you said above there are not many options to downgrade in DEF rookies if we miss the boat on Cutler….utleast now…..hopefully someone pops up before RD10 for downgrade options……..

      My trades at the moment, subject to team announcements on Thursday night…..

      OUT: Tyson & Ellis (if Ellis doesn't get named this week then i will probably hold on to him and look to trade Langdon)….

      IN: N Robertson & T Cutler…..(via Langdon DPP)

      Will be left with more than $550,000 in the warchest….

      Then looking to bring in Griffen and Watson next week……

      Thoughts Please….


    • Sarah says:

      I'm going the double downgrade option this week (Tyson and Ellis to Crouch and Robertson), then before the round 8 bye I'll do a double upgrade of McD and Langdon to Hibberd and Hanley (current front runners!).

      This will ensure I have a full backline and full 18 players for the round 8 bye.
      After round 8 it'll be hello to Pendlebury!!!

  46. Billy says:

    Trade Caddy to Lloyd, then get mitchell out for parker.
    Planning for the long term as I am aiming to bring in a round 10 or 9 bye premium.


    • Marcus J says:

      mitchell to parker is kind of sideways. does it need to be done ? will you hold parker all season?

      • Hannah says:

        Its not really a sideways trade, mitchel has been underperforming and looks like hes suffering from second year blues, also playing more forward line this year, reckon should just get rid of him well hes worth a bit of value

  47. Danny says:

    Forget all other questions. Simply as a cash cow, who are the best 2 to get out of
    Lloyd, Cutler, S.Gray, or Robertson?

    • Beady Eye says:

      Lloyd, purely because he has a mega-ton in his scores already. Raffle the rest.

      • Derek says:

        my only concern with LLoyd is that his big score was his first week, so it will drop off the calculations next week so you will only get cash increase of his first score once.

        Also, does he have time to fatten up properly before his round 8 bye? he has this week and next only.

    • Danners16 says:

      Lloyd and S.Gray, have more experience than the others, S.Gray came runner up in the SANFL best and fairest for the league

  48. Billy says:

    Trade Caddy to Lloyd, then get mitchell out for parker.

    Planning for the long term as I am aiming to bring in a round 10 or 9 bye premium.

    Thoughts on whether this is a good trade or not and any ideas as to which premium I should bring in next round?

  49. taylorwoof says:

    Superb discussion again lads – Jock, Higgo, Crouching One and Wayno.

    So much fat to chew on over the week.

    One interesting absentee from the podcast was young Jack Billings.

    Would be interested on JR's thoughts of him. 207K DPP on the bubble.

    Cheers lads, and enjoy the week ahead.

  50. canman1306 says:

    Rookie Downgrades boys?
    I think Lloyd is a priority but Who is a better option out of Robertson and Cutler? Langdon and Tyson will go

    Next week bring Griff and a forward Prem

    • Ty S says:

      Traded Llyod in last week and had Robertson sitting on my bench all pre-season haha
      Traded out Corey enright for Tom Cutler so that has allowed me to upgrade Dom Tyson to Steve J
      Have got Dunstan and McDonald on mid bench going to upgrade Higgins next week to Nick Riewoldt by downgrading Dunstan


    • Ty S says:

      I see Robertson because he has a better Job Security then Tom Cutler….. If you can get them both!!!!

    • GeneralSoreness says:

      Will depend on your team make up and your DPP's. Robertson probably better JS, but there will be other Midfield rooks come through, same cannot be said for Defensive rooks.

  51. HiltonKid says:

    Would love to know your thoughts on my trades this week

    I have traded Corey Enright out for Tom Cutler and then upgraded Dom Tyson to Steve J

    I had Hanley on mid bench because he is coming back this week I swapped Hanley back on field in defence and put Luke McDonald onto Mid bench looking to trade Dunstan and McDonald next week… Still have 80k in the bank for next week….

    Cheers HiltonKid

    • GeneralSoreness says:

      Premo to a Rookie only to upgrade another rookie to a Premo? Dont do it, wasted trades. Hold Enright, downgrade to Cutler from either Langdon, McDonald, Georgiou or an underperformer. If you cant get Stevie J this week, downgrade another rook, build warchest and bring him in post bye. My 2c.

      • Ty S says:

        Understand where you are coming from but I had Hanley to swing back into defence allowing me to trade Enright to upgrade to a Uber Premo instead if I had traded McDonald I would have to get someone like JPK or Joel Selwood whos price is going to go down by 30k or so….

        • GeneralSoreness says:

          I would be happy to have either JPK or Selwood in my team and watch the price go down 30K whilst the score mega tons! Price changes on premo's dont matter unless you trade them; which you shouldnt. Again though Selwood has R8.

          • Ty S says:

            Traded out McDonald for Tom Cutler and left Hanley on field in midfield….. Traded out Dom Tyson for Joel Selwood

  52. Tom says:

    trade Ellis up to Swan or trade down to Robertson

    • GeneralSoreness says:

      Too many variables to advise properly but i think generally it would be better to go to Robertson this week, and consider Swan next week, he isnt going to rise that much!

    • wes says:

      I'm on AFL DT, not SC so I don't know the prices on this forum… but it is the BEST forum out there… so I check it regularly. Great community and great ideas.
      If I could see prices, it would help more, but on DT, I brought in Swan this week cos his price is going up and will do so again should he score a reasonable 110 ish again.
      Hell, I even left massive hole in my DEFs to get him… cos he will go out of price range for me soon. I want him while is as cheap as he is this week.
      I reckon there are better cheap-as defs than Robertson too you may consider.

  53. Mick says:

    Quick question, I have been keen to get Ablett into my side (yes yes I was a fool to start the season without him), so trading injured Hanley and Tyson to Ablett and Gray. Should I wait until after the Round 8 bye to do this trade as Ablett is out Round 8, and either not trade at all this round, or make other trades? I have Mumford on bench too waiting for solid news on him. Advice?

  54. Mick says:

    Also suggestions on defensive or def/mid replacement to upgrade McDonald to for start of Round 8? Want Jaensch in my team but he has the Round 8 bye too.

  55. JuzzyB says:

    Currently Ranked 34 Overall, so I need to make every decision count.

    Do I

    A) Downgrade Langdon to Cutler & Downgrade Tyson to Robertson – Giving me $722,100 total in my bank to use on upgrading premiums in coming week


    B) Downgrade Tyson to Roberton & Downgrade one of my forward line players to Lloyd, S (JKH, Lewis Taylor, Or Higgins)

    Which would provide me with more potential and opportunities? I'm thinking of option A and forgetting about trying to squeeze in lloyd before the bubble.

    • Josh says:

      why don't you downgrade Langdon to cutler and upgrade Tyson to either griffen or swan (preferably Griffen due to his round 10 bye). This will allow you to bring in a solid cash cow in the backline whilst strengthening up your midfield more. Given your ranking of 34 I would nearly say that your midfiels would just about be set for the year after bringing in another fallen premo at that price. I believe that this would give you the best chance of continuing your climb up the ranks. That's my opinion anyway. Good luck on the rest of the year. Just out of curiosity though, how many trades have you used?

      • JuzzyB says:

        Thanks for the advice mate, will definitely consider it.

        Currently I have 25 trades left but looking at using two this week.

        • Josh says:

          No worries, happy to help. You are cruising! With 25 trades left you've got a real shot at the money. Have you structured your team around the bye?

          • JuzzyB says:

            I haven't originally structured my team around the bye, but with the coming weeks of downgrading my players to cash cows and looking to bring in fallen premiums, I am ensuring those premiums will provide me with an even balanced score across the bye weeks and not just bringing them in because they are cheap.

            Every trade counts so I need to make it right! :p

  56. Derek says:

    Sensational Podcast Guys. I think this was the first one for the year that didn't have a song.

    Words of wisdom that has made me see everything a lot clearer now. I won't be trading in any premiums before the round 8 Bye, I will be concentrating on culling the cows, getting more cows and culling again! this is why Cutler and Robinson are perfect replacements for Ellis and Langdon, they will have time to fatten before their Round 10 bye.

    • Gold Rush says:

      That's one way to look at it, another is a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

  57. Derek says:

    Hold Dunstan. Even though he has a BE of 87 this week, that is because his round 3 score of 143 is dropping out of his calculations. However, if he scores around 87sc this week, his BE for the next week will only be around 50, therefore likely to generate more cash the following weeks. HOLD as he has a round 10 bye.

    • matter says:

      im thinking that too, and i also believe he is due for a big one, against Brisbane should get maybe 85+ a least, and get rid of him after his bye

      • Cozza says:

        Agreed…there are better rookies to cull like Tyson, Langdon, Ellis, etc

  58. Josh says:

    Can somebody please refresh me on the amount of scoring players we have in the byes…Is it 18 or 20? I can't remember.

  59. Cal says:

    keep or trade libba?
    if trading libba, who to?
    already have GAJ, Pendels, Beams, M Murphy, Daisy, Polec,Dunstan, wines and Crouch
    keen to hear your thoughts

    • GAB says:

      keep libba, has had one bad game, and most likely will get 130 this week

    • wes says:

      here's an out there thought – what about ryan griffen…
      Also, you don't have Jack Macrae… he's in awesome touch and in my team as he is good value.

      • Marcus J says:

        griffen wont be a POD after his bye. he is prime fallen premium who will be snapped up by everyone

        • wes says:

          Why wait for after the bye to grab Griff?
          Many people on this forum alone are saying who cares about the bye… and am one of them I guess.
          I'd take a 2/3 wins over the bye period rather than risk spreading myself thinner across all games.
          People will jump on him when they see his value, but if you wait, you run the risk of him become far higher priced.
          Just don't reckon a bye is reason enough to not grab someone now, if they present real good value now.

    • SCaddict says:

      Far too early to abandon Libba in my book.

      if he's still faffing about by the Rd9 Doggies bye then yes we may have to consider the dreaded sideways trade but we have to give him a bit more time to turn things around.

      He's still averaging a ton after all.

  60. chandanrajdb says:

    I am thinking of double downgrade this week….yeah I know it will impact the scoring but it will only be for one week and hopefully cover it up in the next week score with 2 premos coming into the team…..1st priority is to generate enough cash to have team full of premos by RD10….that's what I am aiming for….

    There are not many options to downgrade in DEF rookies if we miss the boat on Cutler….atleast now…..hopefully someone pops up before RD10 for downgrade options……..

    My trades at the moment, subject to team announcements on Thursday night…..

    OUT: Tyson & Ellis (if Ellis doesn't get named this week then i will probably hold on to him and look to trade Langdon)….

    IN: N Robertson & T Cutler…..(via Langdon DPP)

    Will be left with more than $550,000 in the warchest….

    Then looking to bring in Griffen and Watson next week……

    Thoughts Please….


    • Derek says:

      good trades. It won't affect your score much as you won't lose to much by having Tyson and Ellis not playing.

      • chandanrajdb says:

        Thanks Derek for your comment above, much appreciated…..



    • Coffscoast Slurry says:

      Im doing the exact same thing but with Mat Thomas and Aish. Will be bringing in Griffen next week as his price wont change that much and don't want to miss out on a defender cash cow! Other option was trading aish to Robertson and upgrading Thomas to griffen this week. After a lot of thought cant see too much advantage in this option as don't think the points difference will be too much and next week will be able to ugrade non playing Langford or Langdon to griff. Better in the long run!!

  61. matty D says:

    langdon > Culter

    impey > Fasolo

  62. GAB says:

    matthew Boyd worth getting as a POD, wont get the tag unlike libba/griffen, and is looking very fit and also averages over 100 against all teams

    • gab lover says:

      sounds good gab, im gonna do the same

    • wes says:

      jack macrae not better $ vs points avg wise?
      I looked at Boyd… good option. BUt Macrae better if you don't have him.

      • GAB says:

        Yeah, lucky i did get maccrae at 384k, now boyd is one ive watched heavily over the past 3 weeks, and has not disapointed, so boyd could very well be in my team in a few weeks time

  63. Scythe says:

    Don't usually post my full squad, but what the hell. Sputtering away at around 14k in the overall rankings, which is disappointing so far, as I haven't finished lower than around the 2000 mark for the last three years.

    40k and 24 trades in the bank.

    Def: Mitchell, McVeigh, Swallow, Grimes, McDonald, Langdon (Langford, Georgiou)

    Mid: Ablett, Beams, Cotchin, Liberatore, Thomas, Polec, Tyson, Dunstan (Kelly, Taylor)

    Ruck: Jacobs, Sandilands (Currie, King)

    Fwd: Dangerfield, Roughead, Martin, Zorko, Higgins, Fasolo (Impey, JKH)

    Current bye structure is:
    Round 8: 11 outs
    Round 9: 9 Outs
    Round 10: 10 outs

    Of Thomas, Tyson, Dunstan and Higgins, who should i prioritise giving the flick? Likely going to do one-up, one-down this week; e.g Tyson and Thomas out, Robertson and premo mid in.

    That being said, I'm not comfortable presently having Langdon on the field.

    Any pearls of wisdom, community?


    • Cozza says:

      I would definitely drop Tyson of those 4 options – he will be decreasing in value this week. I think Dunstan still has some $$ to make, so I would suggest either Thomas or Higgins as next to go. I think most people were going to upgrade these guys eventually, so might as well do it now – they may go up a little but I would expect them to float around current prices.

      • Marcus J says:

        im also floating around the 14k mark
        and 23 trades (after using 2 today)

        im running langdon and langford on the park so your in a good spot. (hanley on the bench)

        i went 2 down rather then the one up and one down, dunno if that will burn me later but thats the decsion i have made.
        i never had tyson but he seems to be the guy to move on and i have put robertson in.
        and if you wanna go up im assuming you are talking about dale thomas, i think on current form he is less likely to spit out a ton than what higgins is

        • Scythe says:

          Yes Dale Thomas, silly me for not pointing that out

          • Brad says:

            Surely Thomas will start to produce 90+?

            • SCaddict says:

              I certainly wouldn't put my house on it. Has a BE slightly above his 5 round average which aint flash so he's unlikely to make you much more coin in the short term.

              The longer you persist with him the greater the POD he becomes for you I suppose but most have already given up on him belting out tons any time soon.

              I cashed him out a few weeks ago for Kelly and already profited to the tune of $100K. Plenty others cashed him out for Crouch last week like Jock and likewise reaped dividends.

    • Daniel says:

      Could just go tyson dunstan out for robertson and griffen. Or Tyson to robertson langdon to mcveigh. Lots of options, could even go tyson dunstan for lloyd and tyson for a premo then flick a fwd up to mids.

  64. james says:

    agree with you jock, get rid of dom tyson. who gives a stuff about byes.
    gotta do what you gotta do

  65. UnBeatables 2.0 says:

    For the bye rounds it’s 18 of your scoring players? Does that mean it counts the 4 ruckmen if they all play? Or 18 players you get on the field?

    • Scythe says:

      Need to be on the field

    • Derek says:

      must have them on field, same rules apply as normal rounds, except the best 18 scoring players count. You get to have 4 playing donuts.

  66. Will says:

    guys i need some help as all of us do !!!! I will be trading out langdon and tyson out of my team but out of these 3 who do i get in: Fasolo, Robertson or Culter??

    • Derek says:

      Robertson and Cutler are much cheaper plus they will have time before their Round 10 bye to fatten nicely

    • wes says:

      I'd say depends where your weaknesses are…
      Robertson will 'fatten' some as get time in the pasture – as Derek says and to continue his cash cow slant.
      Fasolo is scoring well though. if you bear a little points pain, take robo

      • Derek says:

        fasolo is a nice one to put in the forward line and start scoring points, but you will still have to up grade him later.

  67. canman1306 says:

    Is Lloyd a priority with a b/e of -115?

    • wes says:

      if you want to make some cash… yes
      I'm keeping him in my squad. his price should rise reasonably well over next couple of weeks…
      who would you trade out?

    • Derek says:

      LLoyd scored big in his first week, so it will drop off after this week, it would have been nice if his scores were the other way around and you could get a second rise off the first week score. having said that he will increase nice.

      However, will he fatten up enough in two weeks before his round 8 bye?

      • Sarah says:

        Hey Derek, I reckon if you get Lloyd in you keep him past the round 8 bye to continue to generate cash. If you can't fit him into your team structure for round 8, then you'll prob have to give him a miss cos I don't think 2 weeks isn't enough time to generate enough cash to make it worth while.

        • Derek says:

          that is what I am thinking sarah. if you can get through Round 8 ok with him still fattening up, then it is ok.

          I would love Ambrose to play this week, he is on the bubble and sitting on my bench.

        • canman1306 says:

          +1 totally agree Sara depends how many rd8 players you have in the FWD Line only have 2 (Danger+Martin)

      • canman1306 says:

        That's exactly my Case in not getting him as I think players like Cutler and Robertson will have an extra round to Fatten up a they have the round 10 bye. it may only get you 70k but. I think it may work.

  68. Holty says:

    Advice please. Just saw UnBeatables 2.0 comment above about only your best scoring 18 is taken into account during the bye rounds instead of 22. Is this true?

    • Holty says:

      Ignore this post, got my answers above. Cheers UnBeatables 2.0, this will help a lot

  69. Cal says:

    The Pav or Jack Darling?

    • Danny says:

      Pav if you want a premo FWD but isn't JD what you'd call a POD?
      (I wouldn't take too much notice of my advice….I'm still a rookie)

    • Beady Eye says:

      Definitely the Pav. Darling is benefiting from beating up on bottom teams early in the season (his M.O. throughout his career).

    • Derek says:

      havn't seen Jack Darling's name mentioned for along time. not sure if he is in the same category as PAV. Pav is a fallen premium, Jack is still a rising star but yet to prove himself.

  70. Danny says:

    If I trade Cutler in, (because I want the rookie defender cow) I end up with 5 Lions
    Hanley, Zorko, Aish, Taylor and Cutler.
    Going for league win. Still time to change things before round 10.
    5 Lions??? Good or Bad

    • Sarah says:

      It's ok given 3 of them are rookies. If they were all premo's, then I'd say it's a problem!!

      • Rescued Pieman says:

        Agreed Sarah. Handy through Byes. You get 3 trades a week during the yes

    • Beady Eye says:

      Probably not the team you want to be loading up on… can you maybe swing a DPP to allow you to swap one Lion for another?

    • favalinko says:

      Will be ok you will be or should be moving the cash cows on during the bye rounds

      • Danny says:

        Should have at least 2 rookies gone bye R10 bye. It's all about cash.
        I've really only got Zorko and Hanley, (if fit), on the field.
        Sound ok Beady. I value everyones opinion.

    • Daniel says:

      The only danger with this is that there may be no rookies worth getting come before round 10 when you'll want to cull a couple of plump brissie rooks.

    • Gold Rush says:

      Got the same number, not a problem – can start offloading post round 8,

  71. Alex says:

    Hibberd vs Hooker –Who is the better option?

    Also, do you think Nick Riedwolt and 'Boomer' Harvey will be in the top 5 forwards by seasons end?

    All opinions welcomed.

    • Sarah says:

      Riewoldt will definitely be up there. Not sure about Harvey.

      Out of those two options I'd go Hibberd, and will be in two weeks time when i upgrade McDonald!!

      • Alex says:

        What other forwards do you think will be up there come the end of the year?

        • Sarah says:

          I reckon Danger will definitely be up there. Pav, Roughead, Parker, Breust, Gray, Zorko also look like being in the mix, but that's just my thoughts.

    • Beady Eye says:


      Hooker has never scored like this before (averaging nearly 30 points above him best season), and as a KPD it's unlikely to last.

    • favalinko says:

      Not sure about Boomer but Roo will be there abouts. Will look at bringing him in next week

    • MightyDonsFC says:

      Hibberd for sure! With white and cloke needing to be accounted for at all times, I wouldn't be surprised if hooker pumps out a 50-60 this week.

      Riewoldt will, not sold on boomer.

  72. wes says:

    BYES – stuff them and trade for value now?
    Take them into account for all trades now?
    – appreciate the comments, you awesome community members!!!!!

    • Tim 'Halvo' says:

      Take them into account, i.e I'm not getting Swan due to the byes and I don't think he will be in the top 8 midfielders for the rest of the yr.

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      As long as you have no more than 10 round 8 bye players or no more than 5 rnd 8 premiums you should be fine.

      I currently have Swallow, Beams, Ablett, Danger as my rnd 8 premiums, and plan on bringing in Swan or Pendles in round 9 depending on price/injury etc.

      This week Zorko/Reiwoldt/Boyd are on the menu.

    • Kris says:

      ideally you'd like to be able to field 18 players in each week with a good selection of premiums. But if your going for a league win you could just ruin one week (most likely rd 8) to have very strong sides in the other two rds.

      You have to think about the whole season not just the byes. You dont want a weaker player just because he has a favorable rd 10 bye

  73. Bellybuttonfluff says:

    Hey Y'all, any cheap options coming up later. I was thinking of not getting the Lloyd , robertsons etc this week?

    • MightyDonsFC says:

      Lloyd is a must this week, even if he only plays a few more games before being dropped he will make you a lot of money. Apart from Robertson/gray/Cripps, keep an eye on Bontempelli and O'Rourke

  74. Brad says:

    Is Tom Mitchell and x Ellis to pav and billings a good trade?

    • MightyDonsFC says:

      You held mitchell for a week will be over his ankle troubles so you'd have to hold him. If you're doing ellis to billings for the flexibility of your team then by all means go ahead, but if it's for cash Robertson would be a better option.

      • Brad says:

        Another option to do would be Ellis to cutler and swing Langdon to mid, then Tyson to pav(not quite sure if he has that much more cash in him though, maybe cloke?) and swing Mitchell to mid

  75. Brad says:

    Bradley hill anyone?

  76. Josh says:

    if you were to bang bang trade this week, would it be appropriate to do a double downgrade trade or 1 downgrade and 1 upgrade?

    • Bellybuttonfluff says:

      I think depends if there are likely contenders (cheapies) still to come. Or if this is the last for a while. That's what I'm trying to ascertain at the moment before deciding double down or paint the fence option.

    • Daniel says:

      Either or. Im going 1 and 1 coz McVeigh cheap and low BE.

    • SCaddict says:

      Really depends on your rookie structures and who gets named on Thursday. I may go both 2 down or 1 up and 1 down. Factors like whether Ellis or Ambrose play this week will probably influence my final decision.

      There are both good rookies on the bubble this round as well as a bevy of fallen premos to pick off so it's a great week to burn both trades.

  77. Jack says:

    Going the Double Downgrade option:

    Dunstan Out For Llylod in, Subbing L.Taylor into Mid

    And Tyson Out For Cutler in: Subbing McDonald in Mid Aswell

    Keeping Ellis and Langdon this week on Bench

    Looking at Griffen Swan, Watson, Cotchin closley this week

    Thought everyone?

    • favalinko says:


    • Dean says:

      No idea why you would bother trading out Dunstan this week as his BYE round is not until round 10 not to mention he will be playing the Lions this week so its more likely that he will score between 80 to 100+ as his Break Even is 87
      You would be allot better off trading out your injured Ellis and bringing in Robertson.

  78. Dan says:

    Can anyone tell me the BE and/or proj. price change of Lloyd, Cutler and Robertson, looking at getting all three, just unsure which one should wait until next round. Cheers!

    • MightyDonsFC says:

      Lloyd BE of -115, predicted to rise to 200k (assuming he has a 90 game). Robertson -50 and Cutler -36. Cutler's score underrated due to his sub effected 19.

  79. Faz says:

    anyone else hoping for X.ellis to be a LTI??

    • SCaddict says:

      If he missed one or two weeks that would be perfect for a lot of Supercoaches. Then we could play the loophole with him and Dunstan before ditching him as the Saints play before the Eagles in the next couple of games.

      Unfortunately the bad news for us is that he seems to be a chance to play this weekend although good for him and the Eagles. But hopefully Simmo takes the cautious approach given Xman's injury history and gives him at least a week off.

  80. MightyDonsFC says:


    Thoughts on going the year with polec and possibly crouch on the field? Polec's been incredibly consistent, 107 98 71( didn't get a sniff of it in the first quarter) 99 and 107. Crouch racks up possies for fun and the only thing that might make me want to trade him out is when the crows get some of their injured and suspended stars back.

    As always a great podcast by Jock, Crouching, Wayno and Higgo (sorry if I left someone out) and hope that my mighty dons come and play some great footy on Friday. Quick tip, Chappy for Anzac Day medal

    • Dan says:

      If they keep performing and JS is good mate, why not? Polec is easily the last rookie on my 'to offload' list that I've had from the season start. If he doesn't tire out and pull a Dunstan/Tyson on us, I'll keep him, same goes for Crouch. Better to use trades elsewhere!

  81. Rescued Pieman says:

    Was looking forward to Trading Matt Thomas to Griffen this week. But the Ellis injury stuffed my bye plan. I think Langdon to Cutler is a no braier this week. Langdon BE is 44 now, he's not scoring well. Cuter will be handy for round 8-9 & 4 price rises & then cull him in round 10.

  82. Jontyone says:

    Merrett out 537k in stash. Don't want round 8 byes.
    Call me nuts but Adam Goodes!
    I know he is injured but he is capable of 100+ SEASONS

    • MightyDonsFC says:


    • SCaddict says:

      I wouldn't even consider him until he has played at least 2 games first. Has missed a heck of a lot of footy.

      Last thing you want to do is to trade a veteran fallen premo in and then back out because it takes him ages to get match fit aka the Daisy syndrome.

      Although as a Swans supporter I hope he comes flying out of the blocks and tears the comp a new one but I have my doubts there.

      • Derek says:

        how much is Goodes?

        • SCaddict says:

          Not exactly bargain basement levels at $454K.

          Think there is better value at that price point in the forward line and have my doubts that Goodesy's body and form will hold up with a heavily interrupted preseason.

          Rioli is only $10K more and Pav not much either. Zorko, Cloke and Petrie all cheaper and fully fit too.

          • Kristofor says:

            Rioli must be set to plummet after spudding it up against the cats..?

    • Hungry Hawk says:


    • Ty S says:

      Is he injured??

      • SCaddict says:

        Been dealing off and on with that knee injury that he sustained back in the 2012 GF.

        It completely wrecked his preseason but he's finally expected back in action either this week or next.

  83. Brad says:

    Trav cloke? Be of 68?

  84. Daniel says:

    Gone Tyson Ellis out, Langdon and Taylor to mids bench and then Lloyd McVeigh into fwd def respectively.

  85. MightyDonsFC says:

    Goddard has a BE of 200, just say he has a normal game against the pies and gets 100, we could be looking at a 460-470k Goddard!

  86. BennyT says:

    How many trades are you sitting with at the moment , i dont know if im trading to much to early or not i have 22 left! Thanks

    • joshpapworth says:

      i have 24 left and am planning to not trade so much after the bye rounds so aslong as u have most of ur team sorted by then then probably not

  87. Dobbos says:

    I can pick up any fwd premium. Who should I pick up

  88. Bellybuttonfluff says:

    Something to consider for a double down/byes choosing from Lloyd , Robertson , cutler. Will two rounds of Lloyd make more money than four rounds of Robertson or cutler? Assuming the need to cull Lloyd b4 byes.

    • derek says:

      Lloyd's first big score will drop out of the calculation after this week

  89. GoFarkurself says:

    My bye strategy (albeit pretty basic). Dump a round, no trades etc based on the most donuts for that round V the other bye round, then load up to win the second bye round. Go 1 and 1 but save trades. Thoughts?

  90. squeaker man says:

    hi jock! instead of griffen get watson because overall watson has had a better year
    watson 548

    griffen 331


    • canman1306 says:

      Griffin was injured for RD 1 and was coming back from an injury. Average is the best Judging point.

    • Danners16 says:

      Rory Sloane, only $20,000 more, done better than both, hasn't scored under 100 yet

      • Coffscoast Slurry says:

        Rory Sloane is similar to brett deledio, only fires against average sides. When you need him he goes missing! And he has the R8 bye!

        • Sarah says:

          I beg to differ. He hasn't scored under 100 and has played Cats, Swans, Port, Saints and GWS. You can make a case for the last two being average sides but not the first three. Sloane is getting better and better and will make a great point of difference to any side this year and may very well be in my side soon… after the round 8 bye of course!!

    • SCaddict says:

      Think both are worthy upgrade targets myself and have designs on bringing in both chargers over the next fortnight as their byes suit my own structure better than Swanny who is also great value right now.

      It's probably optimal waiting at least one more week on Jobe. With that hefty BE there is a decent chance he could drop another $30K or so next week.

      Ensuring the price is right is an important factor in staying ahead of the curve in the arms race to full premium.

    • dognino says:

      im looking to get both over the next 2 weeks, although it may mean having to trade mcdonald before langdon to afford it. with watsons high BE it's worth waiting an estra week on him to be even cheaper

    • Coffscoast Slurry says:

      Squeaker man, total points mean stuff all if you haven't had the player the whole year!!! And as canman said griffen has played 1 less game and returned from injury!

  91. Pat says:

    hey boys hows things
    i dont have fasolo do i get him in this week or have i missed the boat, thanks guys

    • Danners16 says:

      You have not missed the boat, he's looking like the next Heath Shaw

    • SCaddict says:

      Think you have already missed out on around half the cash he's going to make. Ditto for Crouchy.

      Players like Cutler, Lloyd and Robertson likely represent better cash generating potential this round.

      • Kristofor says:

        Crouch has only gone up 60k and is still below 200k… I think he could make it up towards mid 400's.

    • TSB says:

      I am considering Higgins to Fasalo this round

  92. Brad says:

    Remember guys for bye rounds it's the best 18 scores for your team!

  93. Dobbos says:

    Hey community need your help!
    Who should be the priorities to get rid of out of these players, Aish, Matt Thomas, Jackson Merrett, Georgiou, Langdon, Dunstan. Looking to get rid of two

    • joshpapworth says:

      i would suggest getting rid of jackson merret and langdon
      dunstan and matt thomas could still have some gas left them im waiting a week on dunstan

      • Derek says:

        I think Dunstan has plenty left. His BE is high because he has lost his 143 out of his calculation. If he scores around 87 this week, his BE will be around 50 for next week

    • Matty says:

      Langdon, aish,
      Would be my two,

  94. MightyDonsFC says:

    C'mon bulldogs, play honeychurch and fuller to give us some more downgrade options!

    • Derek says:

      Honeychurch has to get picked this week. He has had two BEst On Ground games in VFL last two weeks, he has to play!

  95. Adam says:

    where is tight arse tuesday??

  96. Fitzy says:

    Ellis-Robertson and Titch-Lloyd
    Leaves me with almost 800k in the bank for trades during the byes

    • Derek says:

      You won’t miss Ellis, you should have cover there, but you might be a few points down on forward line, if you willing to take a few points for a big warchest

  97. john snow says:

    How can you trade out a mid such as Tyson, sub a dual position player such as Mcdonald into your Midfield and then fill your vacant spot in the backs with someone like cutler?
    Ive tried but cant figure it out.

    • Bellybuttonfluff says:

      Initiate the trade with Tyson then on the left side you should see an 's' beside McDonald press it. Wait…. and then defenders should come up on the trade in side. Then trade 🙂

  98. Birdman Flys Again says:

    Considering two stepping stones on the bubble. Langdon to Firrito and Ellis to Dawes (DPP) take the cash after byes and move on?

    • MightyDonsFC says:

      Wouldn't do either of those, if you're looking to make cash downgrade to rookies.

  99. Matt says:

    Thinking Ellis & Tyson >> Swan & Sammy Lloyd this week, but also considering bringing in Tom Cutler rather than Swan, meaning I'd have 600k in the bank for upgrades next week. Swan is tempting though.
    Im tanking Rd 8 btw, trying to stack up on Rd 8 players.

  100. john snow says:

    Very different selections there. I think there are much better options

  101. MightyDonsFC says:

    TAT is going to become TAW

  102. john snow says:

    How can you trade out a mid such as Tyson, sub a dual position player such as Mcdonald into your Midfield and then fill your vacant spot in the backs with someone like cutler?
    Ive tried but cant figure it out.

    • Caz says:

      Click on Tyson and select the trade button, then when it comes up hit the s button on McDonald which will put him in the midfield and then bring in cutler. Hope this helps.

  103. Derek says:

    I just watched a bit of the Adelaide game, I am kicking myself for missing out on Crouch

    • same here, i was facing donuts in the fwd line tho so had to make trades elsewhere

      • Derek says:

        Honeychurch should get a game this week, I’m not going to miss him, all reports he is a gun

    • Sarah says:

      You don't have to miss out on him. Sure he's gone up in price once, but he's got a 100+ game as his third game, he's gonna go up heaps more. He's still cheaper than Billings who hasn't gone up at all!!

    • Kristofor says:

      I don't think it's too late… he went up to $160-170k or whatever.. many of us picked Ellis up at the start of the season for around the same price.. and Crouch looks like he'll score more than Ellis..
      Ironically.. Ellis will be the one making way for Crouch..
      Crouch could be getting upto the 400k mark+ in a few weeks..

  104. Derek says:

    Hanley is almost certain to play this Friday. What happened to the 3-4 week hamstring injury that made me trade him out for Birchell ( one week after just bringing Hanley in for Guthrie).

    This game really can drive a man to drink sometimes!

    • BlakeyP says:

      Hanley injury report was only 2 week miss. And he has a history of comin back from injurys early.

    • Beady Eye says:

      Comfort yourself with the knowledge that the 35 in his rolling average will allow you to bring him back in at a discounted price in a fortnight's time.

      And there's always the possibility Leppa takes a cautious approach with him and vests him one way or the other.

  105. dognino says:

    so i just had to make this intensedebate account to post, for some reason my posts were not showing up either from my i-pad or my desktop. anyone else had this trouble? I've been posting here for the last couple of months as Dogs , could my email address have been blocked for some reason?

    sorry for being off topic

  106. crowls says:

    Guys need advice.
    B: Hanley, simpson, smitch, hodge, mcdonald. langford, georgiou and clurey.
    M: GAJ, Cotchin, Libba, Beams, tyson, Polec, Crouch, Ellis, Dunstan, Langdon,
    R: nicnat sandi thurlow king
    F: danger, roughie, zorko, tmitch, m wright, higgins, rohan taylor.

    looking at double downgrade leading into byes, next week upgrade tyson to premo and could do clurey/cutler then
    1. ellis/rohan to roberston/lloyd
    2. tyson/rohan to roberston/lloyd
    3. clurey/rohan to cutler/lloyd
    4. clurey/tyson to culter/roberston

    any other ideas.

    • Sarah says:

      I'd probably go either option 2 or 3. You need to clear the deadwight in your team which is Clurey and Rohan.

  107. jpn says:

    Hey guys! looking to offload a Merrett to a fwd premium not from round 8!
    Currently looking at Parker, Bruest and Gunston
    Thoughts on these guys or anyone else I could bring in below 550k

    • Sarah says:

      I like Gunston. You could look at Pav also. He looked good against the Swans.

  108. Remy says:

    Brad Hill? Avg. of 25 disposals/round
    Consistent performer.
    Runs all day.

  109. Mozz says:

    I can't decide what to do for my second trade. My first trade is Ellis –> Lloyd (while moving Danger into the Mids)
    This leaves me with about 300k in the bank

    Should i then go Tyson or Dunstan down to Robertson/Cutler, leaving me with 500k in the bank, OR trade out Taylor in the FWD for Pavlich. North won't have Scotty T this weekend so north don't have a full back, i'm expecting Pav to have a big one. This would leave me with 20k in the bank.

    Would love to hear your thoughts community

    • Sarah says:

      Trade for long term, not one week. If you want Pav for the rest of the year then get him, but if it's only cos he 'might' have a big game this weekend then I'd say do the double downgrade.

    • MajorMash says:

      Are you sure you want to move danger into the mids? Will that leave your forward line too bare?

      And as Sarah said below: Dont trade in Pav just for the one week, only trade him in if you want him for the year! If you do want him all year, bring him in, if not, look for someone else.

  110. Tyler says:

    Has anyone fought of trading in montagna instead of griffen or swan

  111. TSB says:

    What 2 trades?

    Need to get Tyson out

    Have already got Matt Crouch,Sam Llyod and Nick Robertson

    Out of these McDonald,Enright,Dunstan,Hanley stuck in midfield,Higgins and Merret who is a priority trade?

    Cheers TS

    • Sarah says:

      If I were you I'd only think about trading Tyson to maybe Cutler unless you have cash in the bank to upgrade. I'd give the rest at least one more week.

      • steve says:

        i've done the same tyson to rockcliffe and good with byes also (would have wanted to get SJ but he will have to wait until r9.)

      • TSB says:

        Sadly in RDT Tom Cutler is not a mid/def

    • MajorMash says:

      Enright is a premium keeper, dont trade him!

      Priority for me there would be Tyson out and then it would depend on your cash situation. How much cash do you have, and how many trades?

    • Brad says:

      Why do you want to trade merret, he had one bad game just like all of essendon did!

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      “Out of these McDonald,Enright,Dunstan,Hanley stuck in midfield,Higgins and Merret who is a priority trade?”

      None, Tyson is good for trade for a premium like JPK, so perhaps if you need cash to do that, then perhaps either McDonald or Higgins down to a rookie could be acceptable. Enright and Hanely are premium keepers so dont trade them out, and StKildas run to the bye is fairly tasty so Dunstans a keeper until rnd 10, and then wooshka off with his head.

      • TSB says:

        Do not want to trade down McDonald because there are no rookie defence cash cows. People are getting Tom Cutler in but you have to look at his Job Security with Hanley and Merret coming in I doubt he will get a game…… So I have already got Matt Crouch,Nick Robertson and Sam Llyod so I think I am pretty secure on how many cash cows I have….. Am considering Higgins to Alex Fasalo even though in round 2 I traded Faslao out for Higgins who has made 100k am I crazy getting him back in or is there a method behind the madness…. Can then upgrade Tyson to Nathan Jones, David Mundy or Ryan Griffin or should I double downgrade Tyson to Sam Gray or Pat Cripps then upgrade Merret coming into the round 8 bye to Nick R and then upgrade to anyone in mid…..

        Cheers Ty P.S Sorry for raving and would love to know your thoughts!!!!

  112. BCHawks says:

    Why are people getting rid of T Langdon, he only has a break even of 45 where as L Dunstan has a break even of 88. I think it would be better to trade Dunstan this week then Langdon next week for a premium. Thoughts?

    • Beady Eye says:

      Dunstan has a high BE this week but then it drops back down (58, 34, 47) again in the coming weeks, so there's still cash to milked from him.

      The form of Fasolo is creating some doubts about Langdon's JS also.

    • favalinko says:

      Langdon Rnd 8 bye and Cutler Rnd 10 bye and being on the bubble made it an ideal trade this week

    • The Garbo says:

      Tyson is the real issue (for those that have him), Langdon im planning on holding for one more week. But he will definitely be riding the pine. Dunstan can keep scoring big – might even make his BE. Plus what Beady Eye mentioned

  113. MajorMash says:

    I have the following players to get rid of over the next few weeks:
    – Tyson
    – Ellis
    – Langdon
    – Dunstan
    – Rohan

    I was looking at this week going for Ellis + Tyson out, bringing in Robertson (Bris) and moving Taylor (Bris) from forward line to midfield, and then bring Nick Reiwoldt into my side.

    It would leave my Forward/Mids looking like this:

    Ablett Pendles Beams Murphy Cotchin Polec Dunstan Crouch

    Danger Zorko Martin Reiwoldt Fasolo Impey

    It would leave me with 24 trades left, and $140,000 in the bank.

    My main concern however is the fact that I would still have 12 players in my side with round 8 byes.
    What is your opinions?

    • Brad says:

      12 is fine, that's 18 players playing and in the bye rounds it's only your top 18 scorers for each round, but you probably do need to make at least one more trade to have that extra player.

    • MajorMash says:

      Also do people reckon N Rewoildt, J Gunston or L Breust would be best long term forward? I am really liking the look of Gunston also!

      • Riewolt says:

        Nick will be top forward by yeArs end, consistent!

      • favalinko says:

        Got to have the ROO in, worth the big $

        • Derek says:

          He will be in my team soon, along with Jelwood and Pendles, need to build up cash first. If get Roo now will miss chance to build up cash. Be patient.

  114. Brad says:

    Another week and I'm getting roughie in, he'll drop again this week to possibly 450 K, I'm excited 🙂

    • Kristofor says:

      I've had Roughy from the start, and gotta say, he hasn't got me very excited thus far…

  115. Derek says:

    When will Ambrose be back? On the bubble, round 9 bye, cash cow.

  116. Danners16 says:

    Hi guys
    Sloane or Griffen or who else as a premium midfielder

  117. Kris says:

    Like a lot of people, am stuck with Tyson dunstan xellis kennedy-harris Langdon laidler webster and gimpey.
    300k in bank. What to do…? Build war chest? Or 1 up and 1 down (Lloyd).

    Initial thoughts
    hold onto Langdon with his 44BE for another week.
    Tyson worries me, so trade him.
    Have had my eye in Griffen but I do already have 3 doggies (which is already more then I wanted) – liba dalhaus and macrae.
    Besides xellis’ high BE. and injury I think he can still break the +300k mark in 2-3 weeks.
    JKH finally has a -BE. feel bad if I get rid of him after I’ve persisted so long.

    Byes aren’t a concern for me. I’m going for league win. And aim for win in 2/3 of bye weeks

    SC Team – The Garbo

  118. Guest says:

    I have a dilemma. I have Bernie vince, tom mitchell, ellis, dunstan and Langdon. What trades to I make? thoughts on community

    • Derek says:

      Ellis was there to make cash. Finished. Has to go. He may play this week, he went through full training yesterday, so have to get him out unless you think he can keep scoring

    • Beady Eye says:

      Really depends on who's named this week: Mitchell might still be out, so his price doesn't change. Likewise if West Coast play it safe with Ellis, or the Pies decide Langdon's due for a rest.

      Dunstan's price will likely drop this week, but his BE's are low for the next few after that, so he should continue appreciating in value. Same story with Vince – high this week, very achievable for a while after that.

      I'd prioritise Mitchell, as he was meant to be a premium and having him is costing you another premo forward in your team.

    • GarglesnarfFC says:

      Like Beady, I think Mitchell is your priority, followed by Ellis then Vince. Mitchell up to a premo if you can afford it, and if you need extra cash then given that Ellis now has 2 more weeks of having a two stuff up his cash earning potential, I would cull him next.

  119. Kris says:

    thoughts on downgrade options. Who has most cash potential? over the next 3-5 games?
    M Crouch

    • Cyril says:

      Crouch. But I havnt got him n think I have missed the boat on this one.

      • Kris says:

        even though crouch is now sitting at 180k? as opposed to say Cutler whose sitting at 117k?

        • Sarah says:

          I'll second the Crouch call. He scored over 100 on the weekend. His price will be impacted by that for another 2 weeks. He's more than worth it. Put it this way, he's still cheaper than Billings who is on the bubble this week as well. I also reckon Crouch will score better than the others listed, with the possible exception of Lloyd if he can repeat the efforts of his first game.

          • Sputnik says:

            Not sure if youve seen Lloyds 2 games but he was on his way to scoring higher than his first week 131 in game 2. But he only played half a game and missed out on any upscaling and still got 50's. His DT score was 70 til half time. I would not be too concerned about Lloyd puching out 100's, and he will be better than JRoo!

  120. Cyril says:

    Is mcevoy injured again and going to miss this week? If so I’m getting real sick of him

    • Kristofor says:

      As a Hawks fan, I'm not really impressed with him so far. Hale is better…

  121. Luke says:

    Hey guys so here are some options I’ve thought about:

    Ellis – Robertson
    Tyson – McVeigh/Hibberd (via S.Mitchell DPP) 1 upgrade, 1 downgrade


    Ellis – Robertson
    Langdon – Cutler (double downgrade)

    Currently 25 trades left and $74k in the bank, thoughts?

    Cheers guys 🙂

    • Luke says:

      I'm particularly keen on option 1 since it will open a DPP link for my team, which will be so important come the latter part of the season.

    • guest says:

      The first one. Hold Langdon for another week

  122. Pete says:

    Is it time we start considering Matthew Jaensch as a premo defender? I hesitated bringing him in previously as I thought he would inevitably drop back to 60/70 scores, however he has been one of the most consitent defenders all season, and his price will potentially increase by another $50K

    I'm thinking of bringing Jaensch in as a premo upgrade from Langdon in defense – is this crazy? Am I better off spending an extra $20K and get Hibberd instead?

    The Round 8 bye isn't so much of an issue for me in my defensive line. Was going to downgrade Langdon to Cutler, but I have prioritised bringing Lloyd in this week as my forward line is cactus, and will give up too many points if I trade in two rookies this week.

    • Sarah says:

      Not sure. Personally I'd pay the extra $20k for Hibberd who has a proven premo history and is very consistent. This is the first time Jaensch has cemented his spot in the Crows line-up. He's not proven as a consistent scorer despite 5 excellent games to start the year.
      Just my opinion though… as a crows supporter I sure hope he keeps it up!!

    • SCaddict says:

      He's ticked all the boxes so far as 5 straight tons is pretty hard to argue with. All those who picked him up early have been handsomely rewarded.

      I'm still waiting for my defensive rookies like McD, Kolo and Webster to fatten further before I commit to premos but if he holds this form line then will be considering him strongly post bye.

    • Kev says:

      It's a calculated risk, Pete. I've seriously been looking at him this week also. Has crazy d.e (something like 92% over 5 games) and is averaging 25 disposals and 9 marks per game.

    • Sputnik says:

      SC is alot more in depth than just numbers and averages. Its about the man, their game role and the way they go about it. If you have seen Jaensch play this year then you would not hesitate getting him in. He mops up everything and is always there ready for another touch. Its gonna cost you a lot more now but he will be a keeper for sure.

  123. The Mullet says:

    How does JS look for Robertson and Cutler when Hanley comes back in??……. I like the look of both (as I'm sure many others do)…..but I don't want to bring one in ths week to see him sent out next week for Hanley. Assuming Hanley doesn't come up this week. Thoughts anyone?

    • SCaddict says:

      Well I think we'll get a good look at who gets dropped for Hanley as he's almost certain to play this week.

      Obviously at 0-5 Leppa is looking for answers so could shake up the team further yet but he is running a little short of foot soldiers.

      Reckon the JS of Cutler and Flipper is reasonable but the Lions are a team in turmoil so there is some risk there. If Cutler is named this weekend and isn't the sub I'll likely pick him up. His cash potential and Rd10 bye is too alluring to resist.

    • Sputnik says:

      Dont waste a trade on Cutler. Theres no money to be made bringing in def rookies.

  124. Jay says:

    Hey guys

    Is it time to trade Matt Thomas?

    • Rescued Pieman says:

      Hi Jay. I think so. Take him out back & cull him for Griffen. Griffen has a BE of 100, so perfect timing! I will be most likely unless other problems occur.

    • Flacid Jaff says:

      There are too many others that we need to offload 1st, thomas looked slightly sore so was subbed off, thus is poor score last week. He will continue to make money for weeks to come and provide plenty of supercoach points in the process!
      Hold, at least till his bye round!

    • Kristofor says:

      Not yet. He's still projected to rise a little more. I'd wait til his bye round.

  125. Kristofor says:

    Do you think that Lloyd will provide a greater score output than Robinson or Cutler?

    • Kenny Powers says:

      Robinson is a mid and Cutler is a key defender. This would usually equate to the mid being a higher scorer. Robinson does look to have the better job security with 2 big name defenders due to come back in this week whereas the injuries to Brisbane's midfield are season long.

    • Kev says:

      I think Lloyd will be a better cash generator in the short term. That huge 130 he scored on debut will see his price rise by about 90k this week.

      Although, by all reports Ben Lennon is flying and Lloyd may find himself as the unlucky one to miss out

      • Sputnik says:

        ahhh I dont think Lloyd will be dropped. Jroo will get dropped before LLoyd so he will be a keeper. LLoyd game one got 131 SC and was 70 DT til half time before he got subbed off at HT last week. Cutler is a waste of a trade and expecting Robertson to score of 70 is a big hope that will annoy you.

  126. GarglesnarfFC says:

    I am tossing up between Nroo and Zorko on the fwd line. If I go Zorko I can afford to trade Langdon for Jaensch or Hibbered rather than Cutler. I figure that Zorko&Jaensch = 200pts avg while Roo (120) & Cutler (60) = 180 plus a fair whack of cash down the track.

    What does the community reckon?

    Option 1: Zorko & Jaensch
    Option 2: Nroo & Cutler

    • Sarah says:

      It's a tough one but I reckon I'd go Zorko and Jaensch. Good luck with your decision whichever way you go. I've got both Jaensch and Reiwoldt and I don't think you can go wrong with either option.

      • Sputnik says:

        Agreed about option 1. I wouldnt go wasting trades bringing in rookie defenders. Thats senseless.

  127. Kenny Powers says:

    G'day community – I've got a turd floating around in my defensive pool (Cameron) and a double picnic bar in the forward line (Rohan and McCarthey) .. do I trade them out for for Cutler/Lloyd or do I let them fester on the pine and slaughter a cow or 2 for a paint the fence trade? All comments appreciated ..

    • Rescued Pieman says:

      Cutler & Lloyd for sure. Paint the fence next week

      • Kenny Powers says:

        Thanks RP. Hope you are fully recovered from your soft-walls experience.

        • Rescued Pieman says:

          Ever tried using an iPad whilst your in a straight jacket. You end up with a bloody sore nose. Thomas to Griffen this week should keep me out of trouble!

  128. Michael says:

    Hi Community,

    Have come up with a very interesting trade method this week:

    OUT – Ellis
    Swing Langdon to MID
    IN – Cutler
    OUT – Langdon
    Swing L Taylor to MID
    IN – Lloyd

    Thoughts? Gives me $554,800 in the warchest.
    Team is now:

    DEF: McVeigh, SMitch, Suckling, McDonald, Enright, Langford (Cameron, Cutler (E))
    MID: GAJ, Beams, JPK, Murph, Polec, Fyfe, Kelly (GWS), MCrouch (Dunstan (E), LTaylor)
    RUC: Pyke, Sandy (King, Derickx (E))
    FWD: Danger, Zorko, Pav, Dusty, Higgins, Lloyd (JKH (E), Ambrose)

    Kinda hoping Pyke comes up with a LTI so I am forced to replace him, otherwise will stick fat with him. He's had one average and one bad round so maybe he'll come good….

    Aside from that reasonably happy, will hold off on premos until bye rounds I think, what is everyone else doing here?

    • Rescued Pieman says:

      Excellent idea Michael. Turd removal, cash gen, an additional round 8-9 player, & a swinger created. Genius use of 2 trades!

      • Michael says:

        Thanks Pieman, appreciate your use of the word genius but I humbly can't put myself in the same league as Jock and the crew!!

        BTW, am I mad in considering Pyke-Sauce if Pyke has another stinker? My current bye outs are 9/7/14.

        • Rescued Pieman says:

          4 long term benefits for 2 trades is high quality trading. And making best use if rules that probably most don’t understand. Wait till sauce has his bye then consider

    • Kenny Powers says:

      Was looking at a similar move except my mid out would be M Thomas as he is R8 and with that 62 rolling through he is unlikely to make much more before the bye. Little unsure about Cutler's cash generating ability and job security so I may make an upgrade in defense instead. Another option is to go mid for mid and just bring in Flipper Robertson and Lloyd as your money makers. Think this will generate more cash and probably more points in the long run.

    • Derek says:

      Yesterday, before I heard that Hanley (the one i traded last week) will be back this week, I was getting Cutler in. Now I’m not so sure

      • TSB says:

        Do not get Cutler his JS is not looking good with Hanley coming back this week….. instead of Cutler I got Fasalo

    • Michael says:

      Thanks guys, have rethought on Cutler and will prob go with:

      OUT Ellis
      Swing Taylor to MID
      IN Lloyd

      My issue now is that I want to bring in Robertson, but really Dunstan is the only logical swap but I want to hang onto him until R10 bye. Any suggestions? My MIDS are GAJ / Beams / JPK / Murph / Polec / Fyfe / MCrouch / LTaylor / Dunstan / JKelly (GWS)

      Just noticed Kelly not named this week so would Kelly – Robertson be the best way to go? Has BE of 36 so would prefer to hold on to him for a bit longer but how long will he be out? He's made $90K already.

  129. Flacid Jaff says:

    For those of us who started without danger, is he the most important player to trade in this week?

    I know I’m not supposed to chase last week’s points, but this 192 will stay in his average for weeks, hes shaken his bad start to the season, will finish as he started, the most expensive and best forward in the game so he must be had and this is the cheapest we’ll see him all year!

    Anyone without him not getting him this week?

    • Rescued Pieman says:

      His girlfriend came back from overseas last week. His sack is empty & he’s running faster. I think you need to get him in ASAP

    • Bob McBob says:

      he wont be going down in price for a while. get him in asap

  130. Derek says:

    I’m tossing up between flipper on the bubble or Crouch already gone up. I initially thought i had missed crouch but I watched some of Adelaide game and he is a gun, still plenty of cash to be made.

    Thoughts? Crouch of Robinson?

    • Rescued Pieman says:

      Flipper for mine. Bye friendly & cheap.

    • Sarah says:

      No hesitation… Crouch. He is a gun.

    • MightyDonsFC says:

      I'm thinking of keeping crouch for most of the season if he keeps getting a game in the midfield! Think Robertson will hold a 70 average whilst crouch should get around the 90 point, so I'd go with crouch.

    • Sputnik says:

      Crouch over robertson any day of the next decade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  131. Dude says:

    guys need some advice
    who would i rather get into my lineup? Fasolo or Llyod?? Money isnt an issue i will have about 400k with fasolo and around 550k with lloyd?
    Cheers guys love the podcast too Jock !!!!

    • Sputnik says:

      get both. theyre both keepers. Last week most of the media gave Fasolo BOG. enough said.

  132. Sean van Geyzel says:

    Definitely trading out a midfielder to unlock a forward swing DPP. Looking at Chapman or Gray – would love to know what the Community thinks…

    • Crowmagnon says:

      As long as you don't trade out a premium, sounds like a good idea. Not sure how long chappys body will hold up. If you haven't got danger I'd go him, and if you have got him swing him into the guts and get Nick riewalt up front. My 2 cents anyhoo.

      • Sean van Geyzel says:

        Already have Danger and am looking at culling Dunstan for a MID/FWD DPP who is going to give me a reasonably consistent output. True with Chappy – not sure how long he can keep that output going and Gray might be a better POD

    • Cyril says:

      I’d b too worried about how they manage and rest Chappy later in the year

  133. Spiro says:

    not sure who to trade out or if I need to trade this week here's my team

    David Swallow
    Sam Mitchell
    Matt Suckling
    Cam Guthrie
    Luke McDonald
    Alexis Georgiou
    ( Pearce Hanley)
    (Tom Clurey)

    Gary Ablett
    Joel Selwood
    Dayne Beams
    Mitch Duncan
    Jared Polec
    Luke Dunstan
    Dale Thomas
    Josh Kelly
    (James Aish)
    (Matt Crouch)

    Aaron Sandilands
    Mike Pyke
    (Tom Derickx)
    (Fraser Thurlow)

    Pat Dangerfield
    Dustin Martin
    Luke Parker
    Dayne Zorko
    Shaun Higgins
    Alex Fasolo
    (Lewis Taylor)
    (Jay Kennedy Harris)

    Thoughts please

    • Spiro says:

      Also have 183k in the bank

      • Cam_H says:

        Dale Thomas ($367K) and James Aish ($269K) to Nick Robertson ($117K) and either Ryan Griffen ($525K) or Dane Swan ($521K) is an almost straight exchange cash-wise, and I guess would be in keeping with the general suggestions being kicked around by the community.

  134. @Armige says:

    Out: Dunstan, Tyson
    In: Cutler (Swallow being swapped into the mids), Pavlich
    Has me with $340k left in bank.

    • Pat says:

      great trades, wait till tomorrow night to see whether cutler is named or whether hanley is back in for him though

    • Sputnik says:

      Are you for real? After this wek Dunstans BE will be back below 50 for three weeks. And why would you bring in Cutler? Dont bother wasting trades in your def.

  135. TSB says:

    Thoughts of David Mundy as a POD? instead of Ryan Griffin?

  136. Matt says:

    Is it ever alright to make one trade in a week, or is it always better to build the war chest or paint the fence?

  137. TSB says:

    Higgins to Faslo (Have got Sam Llyod in fwd as well)

    Dom Tyson to David Mundy

    Thoughts Community?

  138. Alan says:

    need some clarificaton guys. Langdon's breakeven is like 45 so he is going to go up in price, why are we all jumping off him??
    also who is a higher priority lloyd or fasolo please

  139. Ok community. Serious stuff here.

    Managed to snag a 2300 week but still languishing so after league wins from here on. Hurdles this week are needing to offload Caddy and Ellis however. Do I….

    a) Double downgrade to Robertson and Lloyd leaving me with $415k

    b) One downgrade to Robertson and grab Parker/Dusty/Breust/Pav

    or c) grow some huge nuts and go Robertson plus Caddy to Petrie who's dropped 180k but could be a massive POD?

    Would love to hear your thoughts guys. Cheers.

    • Cam_H says:

      If you're going for League wins and you're facing tough opponents in the next two weeks, I'd say option 'b' might be your best shot (that is – get in a premium as a priority), and I'd take Matthew Pavlich. It'll chip into your already tight bank balance, and you'll need to assess what your other moves in the next few weeks will be to generate coin.

      If your competitors in the next few weeks don't look too intimidating, then option 'a' should give you plenty of cash for Bye round upgrades.

      Personally, I'm holding onto Xavier Ellis and forgoing any short-term cash that he might have made. I took the painful decision to cull Matt Thomas ($372K) and Steven May ($390K) (both Round 8 Byes) to get in Ryan Griffen, a rookie, and bank some coin ($120K) for the Bye rounds.

      • Thanks mate. Ended up grabbing Pav and Lloyd while swinging Taylor into MID. Leaves me with 60k and should make me some good coin. Shores up my FWD line but also doesn't sacrifice my MID as long as Matty Crouch keeps pulling out decent scores. Cheers for the wisdom! Love the Griffen trade 🙂

  140. Judd Magic says:

    Hi guys,

    What do I do with Roughead and Wingard?

    They were horrible on the weekend.

    Is this a sign of things to come or just a bad week for both of them?

    Kicking myself for starting both of them when I had Pav and Gray in my team all pre season instead.

  141. Vic City says:

    Ended up going Ellis to Robertson and Langdon to Cutler. Wanted to bring in JPK for Daisy but was just short so planning that next week,

  142. Cyril says:

    Why is cutler so popular. Very likely to get dropped

  143. Jason says:

    I have 8,000 in the bank …..Do people think i should cash in 2 rookies to generate money or trade 1 rookie then upgrade another to a premium ?

  144. zimmerbd says:

    "Rolling drunk lockout" and "depends if you wanna bring a horse in". Classic.

  145. Glorin says:

    Weighing up which line to upgrade.
    1- bringing Bartel through mids to swing Langdon to mids bench. With LLoyd replacing dead weight forward. This will result in 5 prem backs done for season.
    2-Lloyd forward, wait for hanley to bottom out next week, upgrade ellis to griffin.
    3- Lloyd forward (bench), upgrade impy to Nroo or R Gray. Results in Forwards 5 prem done and cash for one mid upgrade over bye rounds. ie pendelbury, griffin. Have ablett, jelwood, libba, beams, mcCrea, polac who all should be keepers.

    anyway, which line should i load now for future?
    any thought welcome. cheers

  146. Cyril says:

    How’s Lloyd going to go against the hawks and then Geelong.

  147. Charlie says:

    What’s everyone’s thoughts on keeping Dunstan until round 10, and then Down grading him then (having an extra on field in round 8 & 9 byes and avoiding a zero in round 10) to make a bit of cash? Will he drop in price much or stick around the same by then? Cheers

    • Cam_H says:

      His form's been very patchy (100, 64, 143, 55, 52) so it's hard to get a good read on what's ahead and whether his price will rise or fall. Up to the bye, St. Kilda have; Brisbane, Hawthorn, Carlton, Gold Coast, which is a bit 'the good, the bad, and the ugly', but then again there's only so much you can read into that … his 143 was against West Coast in Perth, and his 64 was against the GWS Giants at Ethiad Stadium.

      I have him in my team, and are doing the same as you suggest, which is plan to keep him but monitor closely.

  148. Sscridict says:

    What is a reasonable ranking at this point in the year to give yourself a chance at that #1 spot by years end?

  149. Dylan says:

    Can anyone help me? Trade options:

    Option one: cash myself up
    Ellis > Robertson
    JKH> Lloyd

    Option Two: improve
    JKH> Lloyd or Ellis> Robertson
    Higgins> Zorko

    Mitchell, Swallow, Bartel,
    Suckling, Laidler, Mcdonald. Langdon, Georgioau

    Ablett, Pendles, Libba, Beams,
    Tyson, Dunstan, Polec, M.Crouch. Ellis, Kelly

    Sandi, Mummy

    Franklin, Martin, Danger
    Higgins, Fasolo, Wingard JKH, Ambrose

  150. Sputnik says:

    Some things in SC are as plain to see like that a flat cat runover on the road is dead.

    Cutler – waste of a trade. Dont bother wasting down trades in your defense fullstop.
    Robertson aint going to do that great.
    Lloyd is a keeper and JRoo will get dropped before him.
    Fasolo is a keeper and was given BOG last week by most of the media.
    Crouch is a keeper.

    If you dont have fasolo, crouch or lloyd in your team yet get them in this week!!!!!!!!

    Jaensch will be top 6 defender so get him in.
    Tyson is smoked so get him out. Likely to be rested or vested again Gets good SC touches but not enough touches in general.
    Daisy Thomas will start smashin out 125's when everyone trades him out.

    Most of all dont waste trades downgrading in defense. Just upgrade.

  151. Richardgoxy says:

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