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Supercoach 2014 preseason podcastIt’s community podcast time!

Hanley. Mumford. Daisy Thomas. Crouch. Rohan. Caddy. Lloyd.

These are just some of the blokes on the mind of the collective community this week as we deliver our 3rd community night podcast of the season.

Again the community has stepped up to the plate tonight Β – let’s get stuck straight in

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  1. Baz says:

    Hey guys, love the podcasts. I would love your thoughts on two trading options I’ve got this week. The first being TYSON & HANLEY to CROUCH & SIMPSON.
    The second is TYSON & ROHAN to CROUCH & FASOLO – this would mean Hanley is stuck in my backline for another week (I’ve got Webster on the pine atm), and it means Fasolo is a forward starter which I need with L.Taylor, Ambrose, JKH & Rohan (atm).
    Leaning towards option 2 with the idea of bringing in someone for Hanley next week, cheers fellas would love any advice.

    • Jye says:

      Confused as to why you want to trade Tyson? Hold.

    • cam says:

      Seems to me you should be trading oyt your forward bench before anything! Rohan and JKH now! Tyson hasnt mooed loud enough yet.

  2. log says:

    thoughts on having 4 rookies in the mid? daisy to crouch. polec,dunstan,tyson then choose out of ellis, aish and crouch to play mid 8. thoughts?

    • SamuelScoach says:

      yes, lots of cash will be generated, so upgrade to premos after the byes asap

      • log says:

        sweet thanks mate. thomas to crouch, rohan ro fasolo 280k in the bank 26 trades left. very nice!

  3. SamuelScoach says:

    Really want to pick up Lloyd as a rookie fwd, but concerned about the fwd r8 bye players, already have Danger, Martin and ill be picking up Fasolo this week, but 3 is enough, with lloyd in there I, and many others will have 4 r8 bye fwds and on top of the 4-5 r8 bye mids that is not acceptable. Lloyd needs a great score this week as the week 2 score is used for 2 breakevens but his great 131 is only in 1 break even, if he gets a 40 tommorow he will have a nice BE for next week, but the week after's BE will be not so good as the BE will not use his 131 but the 40 and what ever he will be after that. I'm holding for now, nothing less than 65 for me to bring him in,


      It will be based on 3 game rolling avg 131 + 40 + ??? lets say 70 = 241/3 = 80ppg avg he is priced at 21ppg so will make good coin first week


      At that price no risk really


      also might be 2 downgrade targets on bubble next week

  4. Philthy says:

    I've had enough of Daisy, GOOOOOONNNEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hanley to MID bench, McDonald to starting BACK

    Daisy to Crouch (who i don't really want…… but)

    Impey to Pav, BOOOOOMMMMM!!!

    Forward line locked away, Hanley ready to swing BACK when McD hits top $$ to trade for fallen MID premo, i love you community, this podcast is my religion and Jock you are my idol

    • Adam says:

      That flexible team sounds real nice, I traded my swingers out of mid round 2 πŸ™

  5. Adam says:

    Isn't Hanley only out for a week or 2?
    And how long is Goddard out? Afl site isn't working

    • SamuelScoach says:

      Goddard has injured his adductor and is expected to return round 6-7

      Hanley has injured his hamstring and is expected to return round 8-9

      According to herald sun supercoach gold ^

      • Derek says:

        Brisbane have round 10 bye, I would’nt be surprised to see Hanley out until after bye

        • WombatsFC says:

          Agreed Derek if they can't get him on the track until round 8-9 that surely wont risk him before the bye.
          Or will they? Queenslanders are the sharpest knives in the drawer and they'll probably think its ok to bring him back early because the bye will give him time recover if it breaks again.

  6. Donut King says:

    Jock I know you were keen on a one Josh Caddyhack and Jimmy Webster. What would you do/ have you done with them? Traded or held we want to know and I speak for the whole community, a lot of which own both, when I say this.

    Please help!

    • jockreynolds says:

      Donut – I Webster you'd almost have to hold for want of a better option and Caddy – i reckon hold for aweek and turn him into Lloyd next week

      • Daniel says:

        Caddy massive BE so trade this week. He was meant to be a quick stepping stone to a premo, so if u can turn him into a bruest etc and then maybe get crouch in to cover cost. If u got Macdonald in mids you could effectively trade webster for crouch, and as jock would say, solving 2 probs stimulantaneously! Then can worry about Lloyd next week.

        • Rooster tails says:

          I pulled the trigger on Caddy. I dropped Aish and brought Crouch on to my bench. Banked 140k then straight swapped CaddySlack for big Pav. Still got drama with Mummy but I dont want to use a trade to get him out cos I used one to get him in after round 1. I might hold him for one more week and hopefully his situation is made a little clearer to us then I can decide what im going to do with him. A waste as he was aiming to be a top ruck option this year

      • Donut_King says:

        Ok Jock. What would you recommend I do instead of moving on from that pair?
        Here's my team:
        Defence: S Mitchell, J McVeigh, D Swallow, M Suckling, L McDonald, T Langdon, J Webster, A Georgiou
        Midfield: G Ablett, S Pendlebury, D Beams, T Liberatore, J Polec, L Dunstan, X Ellis, J Aish, M Crouch, L Taylor
        Rucks: A Sandilands, M Lobbe, D Currie, T Derickx
        Forward: P Dangerfield, D Martin, L Franklin, M Wright, T Mitchell, J Caddy, G Rohan, J Kennedy-Harris
        Thanks πŸ™‚

    • Fabian says:

      I had a trigger happy finger and moved Caddy on to Rioli when I saw he was starting as sub. I'm worried Caddy could continue to be sub and both bleed cash and not score well. As for Webster, I'd suggest to hold unless you've got the cash to upgrade him.

      • Derek says:

        Caddy won’t be sub this week. Cats will rest one of their big boys and play Caddy against the Hawks to com at the fast ball movement

  7. Will says:

    Alright community, what should I do, I'm either going to downgrade Cunningham for Matt Crouch, producing 89k OR should I downgrade Caddy to Fasolo generating aprox 90k. Cunningham's BE is 10 so he will most likely go up in price and Caddy's BE is something like 94 so he will go down this week. What should I do!

    • Philthy says:

      Cunningham, have you got a trade plan for Lloyd if he busts out another big score?? Tiges have dropped Vickery…. Caddy's potential minor loss may be insignificant if Lloyd is going to outscore Fasolo which i think he might

      • Jack says:

        If you have a dual position FWD/MID in your midfield you could swap them with caddy, trade caddy down to crouch and if Sam Lloyd or Sam Gray have decent games on the weekend, for next weeks trades you can take out one of your midfield rookies eg Xavier Ellis, Dom Tyson swap back the FWD/MID back to your midfield and trade in Sam Gray or Sam Lloyd in your forward line

  8. James says:

    Thanks for answering my questions about daisy – crouch, THANKS CHAMP

  9. Fabian says:

    Love the work of the community in the podcast.
    Like a lot of people I'm up shit creek with the fallen lions.
    Thinking of the following trades:

    Hanley to => Mitchell/Simpson/Broadbent/Murphy/Picken
    Luenberger to => Lobbe,Minson, Nic Nat or Jacobs

    For the bye rounds, I need to trade to players with the round 9 bye. Gut told me not to start Mitchell (which looked great when he got injured) and I am still weary of him. Very interested in one of the doggy boys as a bit of a consitent P.O.D
    As for the rucks, Jacobs seems the only logical choice but he has the dreaded round 8 bye. Is it too drastic to take a punt on Lobbe? Also think Dog Dog is about 2 weeks from going nuts so considering trading to him now, rather than wanting to burn another trade to get him.

    Ideally I'd love to hold Hanley and trade out Clurey who is doint nothing and won't do anything, but I can't see any player in DEF under 350K worth getting as a cash cow. Are there any community??

    Keep up the good work.

    • The Garbo says:

      Trent West could be a real interesting ruck option to replace looey on your side – will make some money and put up decent scores that you could potentially cope with.

      Kolodazni will make SOME cash in def.

      Lobbe doesnt look like he'll live up to the pre season hype. Sauce could be the best fit as there isnt a whole heap of risk picking him besides your rd 8 bye issue.

  10. pleb says:

    Looking for a sanity check on my actions this week please guys.

    Hanley – Entire defensive line should play this week excluding him. What's the point in having depth if I flick premiums the second they suffer injury. Holding.

    Caddy and thomas + $672,800
    Fasolo and Crouch – $330,900

    Somewhat sideways trading to players with higher growth potential and most importantly puts an extra $341,900 into the kitty.

    So when my MID cows start to top out (Polec, Aish, Dunstan, Tyson) I should be in a position to make one of them literally any player in the league I want or potentially upgrade two of them to mis $500K+ premiums.

    is there any way I can not make these trades?

    • Philthy says:

      Happy to bench Hanley (I am also), are you going for league wins or overall?

      I'd really only trade Caddy in this situation but I think everyone is way to quick to jump on Fasolo, false idol me thinks

      Thomas won't burn a huge hole, you will be able to cash a MID or 2 soon for a Morabito or alike and up Daisy to a fallen premo, same for Caddy

      In short, at least they are playing and if this is your only problem i would hold and see what Lloyd does

      • pleb says:

        Going for league. In an extremely competitive league where making finals will be a challenge. 2-0 thus far, but have a very tough 4 game run starting next week.

        Thanks for the input, gives me a bit to think about.

        Agree on the Fasolo part. Don't expect him to be banging out 100s every week but think there's an easy 100K+ in him and probably fine to fit into lower Forward position or bench long term if need be.

        • Philthy says:

          If you pull the trigger on Fas, the sooner you get him to F7 the better, good luck!!

  11. scan says:

    How mant trades have people used already?

  12. james says:

    i know you said no to caddy to fasolo..

    What if we have JKH and Rohan.. who do we trade in for them

    • Dan says:

      Hold this week, look at Sam Llyod next week, also a few other rookies playing their first this week so look at them in two weeks time as well. If you haven't already, bring in Crouch and upgrade Caddy if possible.

  13. Derek says:

    It’s a pitty Lions play first. Won’t be able to hold off doing the Hanley trade by seeing what the bench boys can do first. Same problem next week bris play Friday. Going to have to bite bullet and trade Hanley to Britchell

  14. throttlefinger says:

    Beautiful. Some brilliance to listen to at work that will drown out the office nonsense. Well done.

    Considering not moving Webster as well. Have CCameron so using him as a loop between Webby and Langford. Caddy, will wait another week and see what pops up. Lloyd looking like best bet, but may go upstream for a bigger fish.

    • SCaddict says:

      Have you decided what you are doing with Mummy TF?

      • throttlefinger says:

        Dealing with him next week, SCaddict. Not enough this week to go to Jacobs. Hope to wait then decide between him and Minson.

        Plan can go south if Currie is a no go. Asking the SC gods to grant me this one favor…JUST ONE!

  15. Tom says:

    that song was possibly the weirdest thing I have ever heard

    • Beady Eye says:

      Some people need to know their limitations. Not everyone is the voice of their generation like Higgo.

  16. confused says:

    why is matt crouch such a priority when there's rookies looking to score better such as Lloyd and Gray. Are we not better to hold off a week and then take our pick next week with potentially higher outputting rookies generating more cash? i mean crouch is not even really scoring that great…..
    or is there something i am missing?

    • Philthy says:

      Good to cash in for now if it buys you out of other problems…

    • MightyDonsFC says:

      Crouch got 45 in half a game and 80 in a full one. Gray and Lloyd will have to prove that last week wasn't a fluke this weekend to be considered for my team

    • Beady Eye says:

      Because Lloyd is a small forward who won't kick 3 every week, and Gray (while not traditionally a small forward from what I've heard) is also playing that role by necessity. Just look at JKH for how small forwards can score. Young Crouching on the other hand, averaged 38 touches a game in the TAC and is a ball magnet of the highest order. With Van Berlo and brother Brad out injured, there's also midfield time up for grab, so he's far more likely to continue pumping out decent scores. That's what you're missing πŸ˜‰

      • rob says:

        Lloyd isnt a "small fwd" hes quite tall!!

        • The Garbo says:

          Lloyd was on track for another big game – racking up the ball. Then he took a big clash to the head and didnt look right for the remainder of the game. He looks to be a good buy imo

  17. Adam says:

    Is Hanley worth holding?

    If not, should I swap him for swallow rather than trading carthy to fasolo?

    • SCaddict says:

      It's a hard call and you could go either way on Hanley but I would probably move him on if I had him.

      I'll be upgrading Webster to Swallow this week even though it may not be the most bye friendly maneuver. He's just playing too darn well not to have him in your team and the Suns draw is really quite favourable now. He's tonned up every round so far which is more than anyone can ask from a defender.

      So Hanley to Swallow looks fine to me Adam.

  18. Dogs says:

    I have been very tempted to trade this week with caddy,Rohan, JKH in my forward line. I just can't bring myself to trade caddy down tho, so my thoughts were to trade Ellis to crouch and then caddy to bruest. But looking at it money wise Ellis is still predicted to earn more than caddy will drop, so will probly hold my trades and hope caddy doesn't get the vest again. Next week Rohan to Lloyd, then I can focus on the bye trading

    • Philthy says:

      great call! can't see those trades netting you enough extra points to warrant them, at this stage be happy you have fit players!!! HOLD!!

      • Dogs says:

        Haha, fit players this round, I've had my struggles so far with enright,Mitchell , rockliff missing games and effecting my scores as well as Barlow,michie as injury trades . Trying to be sensible after falling for the zorko hype and trading out wright instead of caddy then.

  19. Give It A Go says:

    Hi community, going through trades like it's fashion, Have had to trade Ryder-Mummy traded Webster-Jaensch, Hodge (didn't know how long he was out for) to Zorko and so and so from the forces above!!, Now I still have Caddy, Mitchell,Daisy,Mummy and Shiels, going to have to keep Caddy, Daisy and Mitchell, need to trade Mummy for Jacobs and Sheils for Crouch at least this will generate some cash for Caddy and Mitchell that are not generating cash at the moment, well you never know this could be the round for Daisy, Caddy and Mitchell to shine, thank you, the gods of supercoach,. just when I need you i'll say a little prayer, come on ladsssssss you can do it, it's TIME TO SHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Josh says:

    hey guys, whats your thoughts on robbie gray? thinking of trading caddy out for someone but not too sure about fasolo

    • MightyDonsFC says:

      Big fan, will go big in the next few weeks to cover for monfries

    • Dan says:

      good little pick up, but don't expect output like last week when port thrashed brisbane, I'm a port man and I think he's looking at 80-90 for the rest of the season, however, like Dons said, until monfries comes back he's likely to get a few more touches and maybe slot an extra one or two

  21. Daniel says:

    I have Hanley, Mummy, Caddy, Webster, Rohan, Buddy. I'm finally going with Aish to Crouch before Bris play tomoz, then if Currie named I'll hold onto Mummy, and go Caddy to Bruest. Then next week Mummy to Jacobs and Rohan to Lloyd. Trade ass off!

  22. JackoFC says:

    G'day supercoachers, very tough week for all hope everyone's persevering
    got a few problems of myself, would love everyone's opinion on these

    Alrighty community, which trade (or 2) are of MOST PRIORITY this week

    1. luenburger
    2. hanley
    3. Rohan (to lloyd)
    4. T Mitchell (Pav?)
    5. J Kennedy Harris (to bloody anyone)
    6. upgrade cash cow

    * spud Rohan & JKH not starting, but do have lewis taylor on field up fwd

    • SCaddict says:

      I see 1 and 2 as your priorities. You can then deal with that annoying forward line next week.

    • Blueprime says:

      1 & 2

    • wes says:

      I'd want to get rid of Mitchell… has cost me far too much coin, not performing and up against freo this week… so do we think he is anywhere near maintaining this at all?
      I'd say 1 & 3 if you can bear to hang onto Hanley
      if not, 1&2 like the others say.

  23. tim says:

    so if no key position forwards in our team, who would be the ideal possible forward line???

    • Kev says:

      Danger, Dusty, Breust, Parker, Gray, ??

    • Cozza says:

      Mick makes a compelling argument for Pav in his article yesterday. Based on that I would be including Pav in my forwards.

      My ideal forwards at the moment would be Danger, Dusty, Parker, Pav, Chappy (if he can stay on the park) and Zorko (hesitantly).

  24. skate or die says:

    jock you're a legend

  25. Daniel says:

    Just putting my 2 cents in. People talking about downgrading Caddy to Fasalo/Lloyd should reconsider. He has a high BE so he must go, but he was orgininally intended as a quick upgrade to a premo, so if you have the coin, or make it by getting Crouch in, upgrade Caddy to Breust Zorko Rioli etc. Then watch Lloyd for a week and get rid of Rohan for him next week. One less trade goin straight to premo rather than side stepping to Fasalo then another trade to a premo later down the track.

  26. mango says:

    Mitchell to Pav, Breust, Gunston or Westhoff? Looking for a bit of a POD so wanting to avoid Roughy.

    • wes says:

      HI Mango
      Mitchell to anyone sounds good at the mo. I'd go breust or gunston simply because they are smaller players, likely to garner more touches midfield. and flip a coin between the two.
      Pav will rise in price I believe, with a low break even, but you'd be looking for a keeper here.

  27. Adam says:

    On the AFL site it says god dares 1-2 weeks, should I hold, or will he still underperformance with a nagging groin injury?

  28. Rescued Pieman says:

    Nick Robertson named in the ball community. Jock talked him up all preseason. I like his job security short term & could be invaluable in round 8. If you can avoid pulling the trigger on crouch this could be your man .

    • HiltonKid says:

      Lucky I had him sitting on my bench with Matt Crouch and will Crouch play?

  29. Rescued Pieman says:

    Community keep your eyes on Darcy Gardiner playing his first game for the Lions tonight. Could be a very handy round 7 trade in when Langdon McDonald & Thumper have the bye. Cash & points in round 8!

  30. Azmataz says:

    Great podcast Jock! Cheers mate. Crouch is coming in now. Daisy gone. Not sure whether I'll get Fasolo now..Lloyd can wait another week. Was going to chop Tichell but now having second thoughts..

    • Rescued Pieman says:

      Gday Azmataz ive got Buddy & Tichell, both stinkng it up. Hang on till the byes I'd suggest & then make the call.

  31. wes says:

    What are people's thoughts on when to get Swan back into team – and who would you trade out to get him in?
    If I had enough cash it would be Polec to Swan – but when?
    Appreciate your thoughts – I am becoming much better at this game because of this site and the whole community – thanks all!!!!!!

    • Dan says:

      I don't have SC gold but I imagine Swanny is still on the way down, and Polec still has a bit of money left in him, I'd start to target your fallen premos during or after the bye rounds.

  32. Harrison says:


    • Azmataz says:

      Looks a bit sideways there mate. I am hoping Fasolo will be playing a Shaw like role fom here on out – so I have brought him in for Impey. But yeah Caddy does need to go.

      Not sure about Titch to Pav. Is there another way of getting Pav in?

  33. Colin says:




  34. Luke says:

    What is a more important trade to make this week
    Mumford to Jacobs
    Rohan to Fasolo

  35. Adam says:


    mumford out – jacobs in
    hunter out – fasolo in

  36. Shaun says:

    Should I trade D. Thomas for Matty Crouch??? And how about Caddy for Fasolo or hold??

    • Beady Eye says:

      Full steam ahead on both of those.

      • Shaun says:

        Thanks mate!! Or would I be better off waiting untill loydd next week for caddy?

        • Bill says:


        • Beady Eye says:

          I've opted for Lloyd over Fasolo myself.

          Cheaper (therefore more profit to be made) and one of the shining lights for a rubbish Tigers team, so has likely locked himself into that spot for a few weeks.

          Fasolo's still a good option but he's learning a new role, so maybe a down game brings his JS into question. If he keeps racking it up he may attract Heath Shaw's old forward tag. Brown, Dwyer, Seedsman and Sinclair all coming back in the next couple of weeks also.

    • Flacid Jaff says:

      I'm making these exact trades as well mate!
      GO for it!

  37. Forbesy says:

    Community, I was a smart one who didn't start with Danger in my forward line because of his slow starts to the season but i do have buddy. Is it a sidways trade if i give buddy the flick next week for danger as buddy is a massive turd in my forward line. thanks.

    • Flacid Jaff says:

      Wait till round 9 or 10 if you can mate, Danger will be at his price trough and you'll avoid a zero through the byes!

      Adel bye rd 8, Syd bye rd 10

  38. sammyd says:

    what about marc murphy

  39. BSeries says:

    Caddy predicted to go down to 270-280k. Fasolo Predicted to rise to 270k. Just remember if you hold Caddy and trade next week to a Lloyd, you will still pocket 70k more than going to Fasolo this week.

  40. peter says:

    How long is ambrose out for? When he does return, is he good enough to be selected in essendons team upon resumption?

    • Rescued Pieman says:

      I'm tinking the same thing Peter. Is he worth hanging on to or do we cull him. I think he miht end up in the 2's, might be best to flick him to Lloyd next week.

  41. canman1306 says:

    Hey Fellas
    Thoughts on Will Minson as a Replacement for Mummy
    He is Bye Frendly and has an awesome Ruck Draw coming up of Carlton, Adelaide, Esendon and Melbourne
    Should Dominate the Hitouts in these Games

    • Azmataz says:

      Sounds good, and he is a bit of a bargain at the moment. I reckon do it.

  42. Bland says:

    Is it worth trading Pyke to Jacobs?

  43. Dolp says:

    Daisy Out, Hanley to midfield bench, Jaensch In

    • Dan says:

      That's exactly what I did with Shiels, bit unsure of myself though. You should make some money off Jaensch but not too sure if he can maintain the form he's in. Also the early bye is a concern, however the crows do have a soft run up to the draw and they're coming off the back of their big win over the saints.
      I'd say go with your gut mate, depends how many trades you are willing to burn because you might require a corrective sideways doozy down the road with Jaensch.

    • HiltonKid says:

      Good idea stick with it I have got Rohan,Shiels and Hanley and what I did is get swallow in for Shiels swapped Swallow into defence and Hanley onto midfield bench and luckliy I had Matt Crouch onto field for Hanley… this allowed me to get Sam Llyod this week for Rohan.

  44. HiltonKid says:

    Joel Selwood or Tom Rockliff looking to bring them in for Hanley next week

  45. Dan says:

    Opinions on Jaensch?

    • Azmataz says:

      I'm not jumping on the Jaensch train. Not proven and could end up like the Charlie Dixon last year (smashing out 100s then as soon as I trade him in – gone injured..)

      But yeah – everyone seems to be jumping on, I'm keeping well clear..

  46. Dave says:

    G'day community. 2 trades this week. First is Mummy to Jacobs. Second trade is where I need some advice…

    I'm going to trade out Caddy. I'll have enough money to take Pav/Gunston or similar, or could take Fasolo for the cash. The Mummy trade means I'll miss out on a cash grab such as Thomas->Crouch this week. Next week I plan on doing Impey->Lloyd (which won't make much cash) and Thomas (or a peaked rookie) ->Robertson/Gray. After that I'm worried about a lack of downgrade options leading into the byes, so the extra money from Fasolo could be very useful.

    Is it more important to get another keeper in early and need one less trade later, or make some more cash while I've got the chance?

    Thanks for any help

    • Dan says:

      I reckon you might as well hold Caddy for one more week, offload Thomas for Crouch and make some profit, then upgrade Caddy next week and see if the likes of Lloyd and Gray are consistent enough to earn a spot in your side.

  47. Dogs says:

    All the SC gold BEs changed over night? This changes my trading strategy if the new ones are correct

  48. Juzzk1d says:

    Hey Guys need some much needed advice.

    Currently ranked 170, feel like I'm doing pretty well and want to continue doing so. My current team is:

    Swallow, Jaensch, McVeigh, Suckling, Mitchell, McDonald [Laidler, Georgiou]

    Ablett, Pendlebury, Beams, Polec, Rockliff, Dunstan, Tyson, Dale, Thomas [Landon,Crouch]

    Sandilands, Jacobs [Currie, King]

    D, Martin, J, Merrett, Dangerfield, Wright, Higgins, Fasolo [L,Taylor, JKH]

    I Just traded out Hanley to Jaensch which banked me quite a bit, and I'm now thinking of downgrading Dale Thomas to S, Gray from Port. Thomas breakeven is at 77 and don't think he will reach that, so I was thinking of trading him out and banking some $ and then starting Matt Crouch.

    If that's the case my $ in the bank will be at $388,800 which I think puts me in a good spot in buying fallen premiums in the next few weeks.

    Thoughts guys?

    • Rescued Pieman says:

      Also like the look of gray from port, but I’d have a look at him for another week & also Nick Robertson. I’d give daisy another week. Cheers

    • lostlarrikin says:

      Id be thinking a daisy upgrade if you have the $.
      Maybe to Wines

    • WombatsFC says:

      Like your gunna listen to our advice.
      I reckon you're just bragging at your ranking of 170 although, I'm damned if I can workout how that squad could be ranked 170 I just don't see the points. Unless you've traded Mummy and a couple of ultra high scorers already.

  49. Donut_King says:

    Thoughts on Cam Guthrie as a POD?

    • Jai says:

      What do you reckon he is capable of averaging from here on in?

      • Tani says:

        Not a lot. If he keeps getting the tagging role.

        • Marcus J says:

          ive had him from the start, was close to moving him on last week then he spat out a 125 so ill hold the faith, when he tagging he'll prob only average 80 but if he gets a free run at it then he can spit tons

  50. Kristofor says:

    Tough call for me this week…

    Keen on getting rid of Cameron Clay (injured/not scoring well anyway), Webster (not scoring), Caddy (vest prone?)

    Unsure about Hanley (have cover). Would LIKE to hold him.

    Keen on obtaining (In order of preference and up for debate): Swallow, Jaensch, Fasolo and Lloyd.. about 70k in the bank.

    Choose one of the following double trades.

    A: IN Swallow OUT Webster // IN Lloyd OUT Caddy

    B: IN Jaensch OUT Webster // IN Fasolo OUT Caddy

    C: In Jaensch OUT Clay // IN Lloyd OUT Caddy (Webster on bench hoping he goes up in value eventually)

    D: In Swallow OUT Hanley // IN Fasolo OUT Caddy

    E: Other suggestion.

    Those are probably in order for me… but I’ve reverse traded about 37 times so far…

  51. markstar9 says:

    hey guys!!! I've got mike pike in ruck, if i make any trade this week…im thinking pyke to sauce jacobs – bit of a sideways but what do you reckon??

    • rob says:

      Super sideways man. My thoughts anyway.

      • The Garbo says:

        a unique option could have been, pyke to west – pocket 100k and surely west will eventually avg 80ish with no looey for quite awhile.
        On a side note Derickx seems to be eating into pykes output – could be worrying

  52. Tani says:

    My team ATM

    DEF: MIchel, McVeigh, Swallow, Jench, Langford, Langdon Bench: Grifith, Hanley
    MIDS: Abblett, Watson, Cotchin, Beams, Liba, Tyson, Polec Dunstan Bench: Ellis, M Crouch
    Ruck: Sardi, Hickey Bench: Mummy, Currie
    FWD: Martin, Zorko, Titchell, Merret, Pavlova, Lloyd Bench: S Frost, Ambrose

    Decided to hold mummy and hanley. Traded in Lloyd and M crouch this week for Rohan and Georgiou (Swung langdon to def to cover hanley). Counting on Mithell and Hickey playing.

    Comments welcomed and appreciated.

    • Rescued Pieman says:

      I’m keeping Hanley as well. If he’s only out for 2 & you trade him you might regret it. But only if you have cover.. The Sam Mitchell thing is a worry. Monday game so could be a late out. So if I was you I’d keep a trade up your sleeve this week in case of Monday carnage. If hate to have Mitchell & Hanley in the pine & 5 rookies

  53. Weasel says:

    Some advice on whether this has merit pls.
    Daisy traded out to Jaensch (allowing Hanley to be moved to mids)
    Hanley sits on bench for this week with either Polec, Dunstan, Tyson or Crouch as company
    Impey to Fasolo/Lloyd.
    Next week can trade Hanley to a Griffen etc.

  54. Pat says:

    hey guys, if i have crouch on the bench, he still goes up price doesnt he?
    also could you please tell me which one to have on the bench: Tyson, Polec, Dunstan or Crouch? Cheers

    • canman1306 says:

      Yeah no matter where they are in your team the Prices always Fluctuate

  55. canman1306 says:

    Despite the AFL website listing Mumford yesterday as a 3-4 week return on their injury list, the Giants have announced he will miss a maximum of only two games.

    • rosco_peco says:

      "The Doc says: Hunt is in doubt with scans to determine the severity of his knee injury. Mumford had a knee arthroscopy to alleviate chronic soreness and swelling, which isn't a good sign. The club says he will miss 1-2 weeks but he will likely need 3-4 to be back to proper mobility. – 16/4"

      • BeagzBoyz says:

        definitely holding on mumford. Too good to be trading out then back in after the byes when he's scoring 120's

  56. Lol says:

    is there any reason trading in crouch, if he is just gonna sit on the bench?

    • Beady Eye says:

      He still generates you cash, regardless of whether he's on field or not, which is his primary purpose.

      • rosco_peco says:

        Agreed. He's gonna make you a lot of cash on field or not. I'm looking to play him on field, who else do you have in the guts?

  57. Kenny Powers says:

    the TURD BROTHERS .. absolute classic Jock!!!

  58. HiltonKid says:

    Defence: Jaensch , Swallow , McVeigh, Mitchell , McDonald , Enright, C – Bench Georgiou, A + Fuller, M

    Midfielders: Ablett , Pendlebury , Beams, D , Watson , Matt Crouch , Tyson , Dunstan , Polec – Bench Crouch, Hanley + Robertson, N

    Rucks: Sandilands , Jacobs – Bench Currie + Thurlow

    Forwards: Merret, Martin , Zorko , Higgins , Danger , Sam Llyod – Bench JHK + Honeychurch

    Hows my team looking Let me know

    Any positives or negitives

    Besides the non-playing rookies on my bench….

    • lostlarrikin says:

      3 mid bench?

      Yes need more cash generation on bench overall

    • WombatsFC says:

      Your weekly scores should tell you better than any of us can whether or not you have a good team.
      I see a few cautions starting with Enright who will average about 10pts below last year, 4 on field rookies in the middle and Merrett up front.
      Also non-playing bench players cost you about $50k p/week each whilst there are a heap of fat little cows around

  59. oliverfisher says:

    Thinking of going Caddy to Pav or Rioli this week. Not sure what i should do with hickey and Hanley. Here is my current team.

    Backs: Mitchell, Swallow, Jaensch, Mcdonald, Webster, Langdon ( Laidler, Hanley)

    Mids: Rockliff, Shuey, Beams, Cotchin, Fyfe, Polec, Tyson, Dustan ( Ellis, Sheed)

    Rucks: Sandilands, Hickey ( Currie, Thurlow)

    Forwards: Martin, Zorko, Mitchell, Higgins, Caddy, Fasalo (dahlhaus, JKH)

    Thoughts on who i should trade out, i have 188,800 in the bank


    Dane Swans tweet of Billy Brownless (from last nights footy show) up now for retweeting –

  61. Tazboy says:

    What do we think about Steven May (GCS) for Hanley. He's only 390K and averging 94 (which is same as McVeigh)?

    • Bob McBob says:

      Remember May is a key position player, it is risky and maybe not worth it at the moment. You may need to trade May out of your team at the end of the year anyway

      • Beady Eye says:

        His average is also inflated by the122 against Freo in the wet, after getting on the end of a lot of scrappy kicks into the forward line.

  62. Scythe says:

    If I trade Daisy for Crouch, ill be able to upgrade Caddy to any forward under 570k.
    Options include: Wingard, Roughead, Westhoff, Breust, Rioli. Harvey etc.

    Wouldn't mind Westhoff as a POD (3% ownership), though I'm worried about Port's upcoming draw


    If Tom Mitchell isn't named, then I will likely do Daisy and Mitchell for Fasolo and Watson/Fyfe

  63. Haze says:




    • Haze says:

      For my two trades this week

      • Scythe says:

        If you're limited cash-wise, maybe have a look at Nathan Jones. Only about 480k IIRC

    • rosco_peco says:

      I like Caddy to Fasolo as much as Jock loves a beer!
      Daisy to Macrae maybe?

    • Daz says:

      Treloar is a good POD, but personally Id go Joey Kennedy who is around the same price as I think we've missed the boat with Treloar.

  64. Sana says:

    Looking at bringin in another premium forward. To keep long term who would you choose from Breust, Parker, Westhoff or Roughead? (or any other recommendations/POD's around that price?)

  65. Shaun says:

    Do you guys think Caddy will be the sub??

    • Bob McBob says:

      Probably not, but he will still fall in price unless he tons up

    • Beady Eye says:

      Geez, wouldn't that be a laugh at the expense of all those (still) advocating for holding another week!

    • Derek says:

      no, cats will need all the run they can get.

  66. Rowdy says:

    what are peoples thoughts on Crouch v Cripps (carl)

  67. rosco_peco says:

    Mumford to Jacobs pretty straight forward, but Thomas or Cunningham to Crouch?

  68. @NambyLad says:

    Everywhere I go, it seems like no one is considering Cox in the rucks?

    Hasn't missed a game in 4 years.

    Has averaged 107+ in the last 3 years including a 122 average in 2011.

    Doesn't stuff up bye structures like Jacobs/Goldstein do.

    Has potential to post mammoth scores. For example, 171, 149, 158 last year. A pair of 141's, 149 and a huge 215 in 2012.

    And he hasn't played as bad as everyone is saying this year so far despite his average being down. Sure, he got a measly 63 against the Dees, but the 77 against the Cats can be excused because the Eagles kicked NO goals in 3 quarters, and I can pretty much assure that wont happen again. I doubt any ruckman could get close to 100 with their team being smashed like that.

    And the "he's getting old" argument just doesn't work. I've said that to myself in the last 3 years but every year he just keeps going. He might be 32, but last year he was 31, and the year before that he was 30.

    • Bob McBob says:

      Probably look elsewhere as now the Eagles play up to 3 ruckmen in their team. (Cox, Nic-Nat, Sinclair/Lycett)

      • Beady Eye says:

        THIS is why people are bypassing Cox, and people like me who have him are contemplating trading him out at some point.

        He gets, at best, half of West Coast's hitouts with Naitaniu and one of Sinclair/Lycett splitting time with him in the ruck. Given he's closer to the end than the start of his career and the others mentioned represent the future for the Eagles, there's less reason for the coaches to play him there at the expense of blooding their younger rucks.

    • Derek says:

      you are right, but he is just expensive for what you get now.

  69. Dom says:

    Thoughts on Nick Riewoldt?

    • Bob McBob says:

      if you have the cash, get hum

      • Bob McBob says:


        • Dom says:

          But St Kilda had an easy draw for the first couple of rounds…now they have a harder draw will he be as good?

          • Cozza says:

            Riewoldt works hard all game and tires out his opponents. Even if his team is not performing well, he is still a gun. Only issue with Riewoldt for me is that he is a KPP – still has that tendency to have the odd quiet game.

  70. james says:

    daisy to crouch, hanley to …, ben mceovy to jacobs, jkh/rohan to fasolo/llyod/william.

    what two should i do jock

  71. Anth says:

    Hey all..

    Hanley to Suckling or to Jaensch? I don't have Swallow, but I need the cash to upgrade Rohan to Fasolo.

  72. WombatsFC says:

    I've had enough of religious groups imposing their strange beliefs and rules on footy fans and denying us a game on the chocolate rabbits birthday. Send them back to the dark ages or wherever it is that they come from and play some footy.

    • Wattsieesq says:

      Chocolate rabbit birthday is Sunday. We get games that day too. Win for all.

      • WombatsFC says:

        Thanks for the headsup Wattsie, I would've looked like a right fool if I turned up for his party tomorrow.
        I appreciate that the Royal Childrens Hospital Appeal is a very worthy cause and I understand having a holiday so that fundraisers don't have to take a day off work, but why dont they play footy?
        Surely the increased traffic of a footy crowd would increase the amount of money collected by the only traffic light collectors we should ever give money too.

        • Wattsieesq says:

          No worries mate. Don't want you looking like a goose when you clearly are a wombat.

          You'll get your wish in a years time. You can then sit back and watch classics like North v Blues, Dogs v Lions and or Dees v Giants while chowing down on choc eggs.

  73. Tonystigers says:

    Have Grundy in ruck, have used no trades this week and have the cash to upgrade to Jacobs. Is it worthwhile?

  74. Jn101 says:

    Option 1: Mumford> Jacobs & Caddy> Fassolo +$350,400 in bank

    Option 2: Mumford> Jacobs & Daisy> Treloar + $79,200 in bank

    Option 3: Mumford> Jacobs & daisy> Macrae + $193,400 in bank

    Option 4: daisy> Macrae & caddy> Fassolo + $198,700 in bank

    Option 5: Daisy> treloar & caddy> Fassolo + $84,500 in bank

    • JJM says:

      Mumford >Jacobs & Daisy>Premo

    • Bob McBob says:

      Option 1

    • chandanrajdb says:

      Option 1 definitely……now that Caddy is out for 2 months with a broken leg……trade him out now……


    • Jn101 says:

      Cheers guys! Would Lloyd or Fassolo be the better option? As Fassolo could potentially be another problem and llyod could’ve had a one off for his first

  75. ilikepie says:

    thinking of trading d.thomas to d.swallow. thoughts?

    • The Garbo says:

      not a bad move. Daisy looks disinterested in playing or putting his body on the line to rack up the possessions. You need to boot him and swallow is having a great season to date

  76. chandanrajdb says:

    Hello Community,

    Breaking News…..



  77. JJM says:

    Titch omitted
    Caddy broken leg

    great. I am doom

    put too

  78. JJM says:

    Thats it I had it. I think I better go to the bottle shop drink my sorrow away.

  79. Shaun says:

    What do I do!! 3 options and I need to pick 2!!
    Caddy to Fasolo
    D.Thomas to Crouch
    Rohan to Lloyd
    Please help guys!! Which two??

    • WombatsFC says:

      Caddy & Rohan and Mitchell have been dropped. so your decision is made for you.

    • chandanrajdb says:

      Caddy to Fasolo

      D Thomas to Crouch

      Only if you are not concerned with rd 8 bye…..

      Rohan is not playing this week and will not loose any money…you can watch Lloyd for one more week and can make sure he is selected in the team for his very important 3rd game and bring him in for rohan next week….

      Just my thoughts….


      • Shaun says:

        Thanks for your thoughts Raj! Greatly appreciated and fantastic advice!!

    • MightyDonsFC says:

      1 3

  80. james says:

    Corey Enright?

  81. Bob McBob says:

    Tom Mitchell
    Josh Caddy

    Which two are priorities to trade out?

  82. Billy says:

    rohan, impey or JKH.

    which to put on field???

  83. MightyDonsFC says:

    Bontempelli and O'Rourke named!!!

    • The Garbo says:

      Was really hoping that bonte would be held on the sidelines for another 2-4 weeks. Wouldve done wonders to help my team

  84. Tommykwr says:

    What order will these players score?
    Polec, aish, Tyson, Ellis, Dunstan
    And Tom Williams or Lewis taylor

  85. WombatsFC says:

    Serious doubt that Crouch will play he's named 6th on a 7 man bench with 3 to be ommitted. If he plays I reckon he'll be sub

  86. sputnik says:

    I knew Titch would get dropped. Carnage

  87. sputnik says:

    So glad i dumped caddy last week. now to deal with mummy, hanley and titch who will all be out for 4 weeks. Damn!!!!!!!!!!

  88. ilikepie says:

    who is the best premo fwd to trade in, have dangerfield, martin and wingard

  89. Hayden says:

    Titchell to Fasolo
    Impey to Pav

    Pav at 438k is temptin and i think he can keep pumping out 85+

    Thoughts please

    • Azmataz says:

      I like it. Pav will give you 100s. Fasolo will be better than the spud fwd rookies

  90. Dom says:

    Guys is Patrick Ambrose going to play?

  91. Autofelatio says:

    Hearing Hanley may be back sooner than they thought, is there any truth to this?

  92. Scythe says:

    Caddy and Mitchell for Fasolo and Roughead I'm thinking

  93. Tom.H says:

    CADDY DROPPED!!! Does that mean that I should trade him out now? Or still go with Jock’s wise words and hold for another week to see how Lloyd plays… I would trade to fasolo this round. HELP please!

  94. Luke says:

    I can trade tom Mitchell for anyone in the forward line and I need a reliable keeper. Urgent help!!!!!
    At the moment thinking Parker/breust/chapman I don't want a rd 8 bye player. Need the community most right now

    • Adrian says:

      Chappy or Bruest
      Chappy cos hes in ripping form plus he already said hes been pumped for the anzac day game for ages so expect a huge one
      Bruest simply cos he plays in a hawthorn side that dominates and hes a regular goal scorer

      personally id slightly lean towards chappy

    • WombatsFC says:


    • Cozza says:

      Parker imo. Chappie liable to miss a few more games leading up to finals like last week. Pav also a good option. I think Parker will be more consistent throughout the season, but less likely to pull out massive scores like Pav can. I would go Parker over Pav just.

    • Azmataz says:

      Reiwoldt. He wil be the top scoring fwd at the end of the season and is a must have

  95. Mebois says:

    what to do what to do?

    i have 83k in the bank and i have t. mitchell, kolo, enright, langford, crouch, titchell, hunter and jkh.

    im thinking of trading titchell to westhoff, brust, chapman, roughead, rioli but im just not sure.

    also im scared about enright and it has been like this for a few weeks and i think lumumba should be a POD, lowest score has been 91, i have no idea, please help.

    • Azmataz says:

      I like your Lumumba idea. I was going to start with him but ended up going Swallow. Could be worth a go. If you have cover for Titchell then maybe hold, as a week off might do him a world of good, and wait for byes to chop.

      • Mebois says:

        i have impey and jkh on bench so i might trade titchell to pav and i may hold on enright because it looks like he will play.

  96. jonny says:

    WHO to trade out – WEBSTER or HANLEY!!!

  97. Shaun says:

    Get Lloyd in or hold off?????

  98. chandanrajdb says:

    Thoughts on which 2 of the 3 on the field…??? between….Lloyd, Fasolo & Higgins???


  99. WombatsFC says:

    Robbo's looking like he might play 8 or 9 straight. He's doing a job on Cotch and scoring just as well, on the bubble next week. Another potential downgrade winner for those smart enough to resist crouch

    • Dogs says:

      I resisted crouch due to 3 outs in the forward line,lol

    • lostlarrikin says:

      Thinking the same WFC,
      Crouch no certainty to start, at best vest with Lynch also named on bench, god know they need the ranga out there. Give the mid rooks another week to fatten.

  100. cyril says:

    I have resisted. I'm not sold on how much footy Crouch is going to see. Plus I had to use my two trades in areas with more problems…

    • WombatsFC says:

      Yeah I reckon Robbo might turn out to be a far wiser investment than Crouch, he's on 53pts at half time Cotch on 50 and he's a genuine hardnut with courage, pace and skill.

  101. cyril says:

    only part way into the second quarter but this Lloyd can play the game! Get off my bench G.Rohan….

    • WombatsFC says:

      He was having a concussion test Cyril, lets hope he comes back out after half time. Yes he can play anybody who kicks 100 goals at senior level can play.

  102. WombatsFC says:

    Darcy Gardiner is doing well too 36pts to half time. Maybe I get Geogiou off my bench soon.

    • MightyDonsFC says:

      Merrett will come back and take his spot, look at cutler though

      • WombatsFC says:

        Don't like the look of Cutler at all, he needs a lot more games in NEAFL. Leppa may switch Darcy up front when psycho comes back

        • WombatsFC says:

          LOL total form reversal between the two at after half time. Tom suddenly has confidence and Darcy's has deserted him.

          • MightyDonsFC says:

            Don't know what game you're watching! Cutler having a ball on the half back/wing

  103. cyril says:

    aaaahhhhhhhhhhh Thomas subbed out. Had a solid first half, didn't look good in the third though…

    • WombatsFC says:

      He must be injured because Lloyd didn't get a touch after being sandwiched with 5mins to go in 2nd Qrtr. He had a concussion on the bench before halftime but came out and played. But he didn't touch the ball all qrtr.

  104. Charlie says:

    Community, Pav vs Parker?? In for T MItchell. Or anyone else that’d be a possibly better option, already got fosolo in for caddy this week, need your help…


    • medadsson says:

      Both quality players. The Pav is cheaper as you well know. What has swung me to Pav is that he is now playing CHF (Now that Clarke is back rucking from FF), was involved in far more play, kicked a couple of long range goals (which he didn't do last year). Further, saw him interviewed during week. Essentially put 2013 downturn down to major back surgery he had at end of 2012 (remembering he also had Achilles probs in 2013). Said that he is only now able to fully extend himself esp. in so far as the power in his kicking and that he feels comfortable doing so. Some insight for you to mull on. Parker is a great player too but I went Mitchell to Pav.

  105. Matt says:

    Is Caddy to Lloyd worth it?

    • WombatsFC says:

      Caddy to anybody who will play over the next 6 weeks is worth it even that overrated hack Ambrose is a better option than Caddy on your bench.

  106. Dom says:

    Should I loophole taylor's 46 or play kennedy harris

    • Azmataz says:

      Yeah my same question. I've got Titchell on the park so have the option. I don't like it that JKH is on the extended bench AGAIN.. I am leaning towards taking Taylors shit score..

  107. medadsson says:

    Thankyou Shaun Hampson πŸ™‚

  108. Cozza says:

    How do you play a full game of AFL and end up with an SC score of 0….McGuane you spud. 4 disposals and 4 clangers will do that to you.

  109. Danny says:

    Got VC on Cotchin, 134 pts
    Should I double that or make Gaz capt. Probably not a lot of contested ball for Gaz against Melb?

    • Azmataz says:

      Take 134 I reckon

    • Cozza says:

      I generally work off 130 for my cap double, so I would probably take it. As much as it in nice seeing Gaz play Melbourne, he scored very poorly against them last year thanks to the Mckenzie tag

  110. Cyril says:

    I’d b giving gaz a shot at giving Melbourne a flogging. 38 possies n four goals

  111. KiwiSaint says:

    I can't reverse my trades. The trades I have made havent played yet so dont understand why they wont reverse??? Someone please help as I need to reverse to get rid off CaddyShack or i will be donutting already

    • Rescued Pieman says:

      Soon as the first game starts you can’t reverse trades. Sorry buddy

  112. HiltonKid says:

    Trade Enright next week?

  113. HiltonKid says:

    Is Enright playing????

    Should I trade him next week and have got Mitchell,McVeigh, Jaensch, David Swallow and Mcdonald in back line.

    Have got Hanley on mid bench will let Jaensch and Mcdonald make cash in back before upgrade… thinking of upgrading Hanley to Joel Selwood thoughts?


    • Shaun says:

      Enright is playing mate!! Would hold as he is SUPER consistent!! Hanley to Selwood looks great next week mate! In absolute ripping form!

      • HiltonKid says:

        How come on RDT he is an emergency and on the afl lineup he is on the bench with 3 to be omitted…

        • Bill says:

          Yeah sorry mate he is on an extended bench! Teams to be finalised tonight. Would be safe to assume he will play as the only reason he wouldnt would be through injury!

  114. HiltonKid says:

    Is Crouch even playing??????

    • Shaun says:

      Extended bench mate!

      • HiltonKid says:

        So he is playing?????

        If he is who should I replace out of tyson,dunstan and polec to play on field….

        Crouch is on my bench…..

        • Bill says:

          Will no tonight mate when teams are finalised. Tyson, Polec, Dunstan and Crouch in that order would be my preference!

  115. Shaun says:

    What do you guys think about Jackson Merret?? Still plenty of value and quite good JS??

    • Bob McBob says:

      Merrett will play all year, but he isn't worth bringing in now

      • Blake says:

        Looked at his scores and when essendon win and play well then he scores 90+. Essendon are gonna probably be top 6 so should pump out plenty of points. Awkward price now though

        • The Garbo says:

          I think that ship has sailed. And I cant see him bringing in scores of +85 unless essendon thrash a side.

  116. Will says:

    Who should be the priority to trade out.
    Mitchell for a forward such as PavlichParker
    Caddy for fasolo
    Mumford for JacobsGoldstein
    Thanks, I really need some insight on this.

    • Cozza says:

      Caddy out for 8 weeks, so he would be my first out. Hopefully you have enough $$ to upgrade him to a premo which was most peoples original plan. I went Aish>Crouch, Caddy>Pav.

      • Derek says:

        I might be hung over, I’m not sure, but I’m starting to think caddy to Varcoe is a good move.

        Before you laugh, have a think about who will benefit having caddy out of cats team?

  117. Cyril says:

    I had to go caddy to fasolo and Mitchell up to reiwoldt

    • LA5 says:

      Those are very good moves because Fasolo can make a bit of money and N.Riewoldt can score a lot of points.

      • Cyril says:

        Yeh cheers, was planning to keep Mitchell a bit longer and upgrade Rohan. With Rohan , Mitchell and caddy all not selected I had to go this way

    • Dogs says:

      I went Mitchell to reiwoldt , caddy to Lloyd.

      Next week hopefully trade a cash cow in the mids to maybe Robertson, and then Rohan up to bruest….tryin not to think too far ahead tho , as SC gods like to mess with us

  118. Kristofor says:

    What a fitting end to the Caddy disaster saga. Vest one week then broken foot 8 week injury…

  119. Scythe says:

    Those putting the 'C' on Gaz be wary – when Jordie McKenzie tagged him last time the two sides played, Ablett only mustered 67. Very underrated tagger, Jordie is.

    Despite my allegiances to the mighty Dees, I'll still be putting the c on Ablett, but i won't be surprised if he doesn't go big.

    FYI the 152 he put in against Melbourne in round 7 last year was when McKenzie was injured.

  120. THE SALTSHAKERS says:

    Much much happier with my team. Got 14 keepers, 8 of the best scoring rookies on field and 8 solid bargain basement emergencies all playing making coin with great JS so far –

    Rnd 2 trades
    Clurey to Georgiou
    McDonough to Taylor

    Rnd 3
    Swan to Pendles

    Rnd 4:
    Michie to Crouch,
    Daisy to Chappy (move to fwd)

    Rnd 5
    Rohan to Lloyd
    T.Mitchell to Pav


      DEF: McVeigh, Mitchell, Enright, McDonald ($), Langdon ($), Langford ($) — Laidler ($), Georgiou ($)

      MID: Ablett, Pendles, Watson, Beams, Polec ($), Tyson ($), Dunstan ($), Crouch ($) — Ellis ($) , Taylor ($ mid/fwd)

      Rucks: Cox, Sandi — Currie ($), Derrickx ($)

      Fwd: Chappy, Martin, Dangerfield, Parker, Pavlich, Higgins ($) — Lloyd ($), Impey ($)

      25 trades left

      • THE SALTSHAKERS says:

        *23 trades

        • Blake says:

          I would be wary of chappy may come back to haunt you with him being out every 3rd game with 'general soreness' or 'old mans soreness'

        • sputnik says:

          You need to upgrade 8 players and with 2-1 trading for upgrades and a few extra for injuries you'll need about 24 trades. I wouldnt go burning trades like you have done so far. My team is similar and I have 27 trades left.

  121. Bill says:

    Honest thoughts on Pav as a premium forward??

    • Derek says:

      Had him from round 1. There might be better players but his price is very appealing, save some $ and upgrade elsewhere

  122. LA5 says:

    Should I keep or trade S.Mumford?

    Who should I get for Tom Mitchell?

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

    • Blake says:

      Trade mummy, just get him out and bring in Jacobs end of story!
      Tom Mitchell to Roo if you can afford it

  123. CashCows says:

    Hey community….bit of dalai lama. i had to move on hanley(probably should have benched but..) and caddy, that's done!

    So my question is should i play currie or durex instead of Nicnat?

    I hate hindsight!

    • The Garbo says:

      in order of preference: Nic, Derickx then currie.
      Nic has a higher ceiling than the other two even with his health/conditioning issues.
      Sydney seems to want to go a straight 50/50 in the ruck with pyke and derickx whereas currie is just for a little relief for goldy or if he gets injured so I would avoid having him on the field.

      • CashCows says:

        Thanks Garbs,

        Confirmed my thinking, have to start him i guess. seems odd wce aren't taking another ruckman in only Cox and NN, no sinclair or lycett so hopefully he can sit in the goal score and kick 5 snaggers..

  124. Jason says:

    I need to get rid of Mitchell …..only have $432,200 …..

    What are peoples suggestions ?

    • Daniel says:

      If you want a straight swap look into Luke Parker
      If you want to make some cash possibly Fasolo or Lloyd (but you've missed the boat this week and will have to get him next week before his price rise)

      • Jason says:

        I only have $432,200 to spend …Mitchell at $424,200 plus $8,000 in the bank ……cant get Parker or Pav ….

        thinking to Fasolo and pocket $210,000 and then next week ……Impey to Lloyd ….

        • Blake says:

          Have a gander at Lukey Dahlhaus!! Still ready to explode and blow the lid off the joint. Only problem is he may be a bit inconsistent

  125. Daniel says:

    Next week I want to get Sam Lloyd into my side, is it wisest to trade a rookie (Impey or JKH) to Lloyd earning only around $50,000+


    Trading out who i thought would be a premium in Franklin and earning over $300,000 and allowing me to upgrade pretty much anywhere else in my team to an established premium.
    Doing this however will leave me with a forward line of 3 premiums, 2 mid-priced, and 3 rookies (Dangerfield, Martin, Roughead, Fasolo, Merrett, Impey, JKH, Lloyd)

    • Aaron says:

      See how Buddy goes this week but I wouldn't want to play Lloyd or Impey on the field. I am personally downgrading Rohan for Lloyd next week. If Buddy stinks it up against the Dockers then I think he should go but just remember that Lloyd is still a rookie, don't expect anything around 130 every week, especially against the hawks and cats in the next fortnight.

      • cyril says:

        Lloyd will struggle against the hawks and cats I would think.

        • The Garbo says:

          Buddy has been a let down so far. But if I took the gamble on him at the start of season and still have him in my side, I would wait till see how he plays with tippet before pulling the trigger and losing all that cash you invested in him. (which should hopefully be soon)

  126. Henry says:

    Hello Community,

    Just want to get your thoughts. I currently have Marc Murphy in my team. Should I keep him in still or upgrade to the likes of a Jobe Watson or other premium?


    • Blake says:

      Hold! With juddy back expect much better scores from all the Carlton midfield.

      • The Garbo says:

        Hold. To early in the season to be swapping premium players. Making bank should be your main priority

  127. Blake says:

    Marty crouch named on the bench. Chances are likely he will be the sub πŸ™

  128. Donut_King says:

    Should I take Lloyd's score or roll the dice on JKH?

    • The Garbo says:

      I'd take Lloyds, JKH has been a big let down even in a win vs carlton where he played the full game

  129. Greg says:

    Should I trade in Crouch for Thomas, Aish or Michie?

    Or should I jump on Macrae before he goes up even more and straight swap him for thomas, meaning ill miss out on Crouch however

    Any advice appreciated πŸ™‚

  130. Derek says:

    Should I take cotchin s 134 as C?

  131. sputnik says:

    Why risk 134 with someone else? Even if someone smashes out a 150 you only get an extra 16 points as C. Hardly worth the risk.

  132. General McArthur says:

    Wk5 Dilemma 1: Crouch in for who?
    Tyson, Dunstan, Kelly, Ellis, Polec…….edging dropping Ellis

    Wk 5 Dilemma 2: Which trade is my priority?
    Webster to Suckling or Jaensch
    Mitchell or Caddy to Fasolo or Pavlich

    Am thinking wk6 to bring in cutler and lloyd

    Holding mummy at moment…..hoping mitchell grows a pair back to full fitness n 2013 form

    • sputnik says:

      mummy to jacobs – mummy is out for 4, most likely til the byes
      caddy to fasolo – caddy broken foot 8 weeks – better to bring in crouch if you have DPP swingman
      crouch for tyson – tyson is smoked and struggled last 2 weeks
      webster – suckling

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