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Jock Reynolds - The Father of FantasyThe week we have all been waiting for has arrived.

I’ve been in self imposed exile in flapping tarp studio this afternoon making calls, checking in with the inner sanctum, and finalising the final rookie cheat sheet prior to lockout this week.

You might have heard that the podcast will be Monday night this week.. let’s just say this is one that you will not want to miss community. We’ll blow the bloody roof off this studio with the amount of fantasy significance that’ll be pinging around this joint Monday night. Don’t miss it!



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Look forward to your thoughts on the cheat sheet,

I bloody love this joint,

Jock Reynolds



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  1. Duncan says:

    Team I think I will run with!
    DEF: Mitchell Hanley Grimes Suckling Webster Mcdonald ( Langford Geourgiou)
    MID: Ablett Pendlebury Watson Kennedy Beams Tyson Polec Ellis (Dunstan Cunningham)
    RUC: Mumford Sandilands (Thurlow King)
    FWD: Dangerfield Martn Pavlich Caddy Higgins Rohan (JKH Impey)
    Few questions I have
    Watson or Rockliff
    Should I downgrade Pendlebury to Cotchin and Upgrade Higgins?

    Any critisicsm is welcome

    • Craig says:

      Watson / Rockliff – toss a coin. Both durable and will average very similar at year end.
      Keep Pendles…. downgrade one of Watson or Kennedy to a rookie and upgrade Grimes (to K Simpson or S Mitchell??) and Higgins if possible.
      The midfield rookies will be by far where most coin is made this year so I don't think you need to start with 4 mid premos.
      I can't have Higgins purely because of the man's history!

    • king arthur says:

      Hi Duncan, Give Higgins a go and if he gets injured just trade him.
      Right now he's firing.

    • Bender says:

      I've got some criticism for you Duncan. How about posting your team in an appropriate thread. We are all here to discuss Jock's rookie selections and not your team mate. Stop being selfish and contribute to the site like others have by giving some genuine input about the selected topic (that being rookies).

      • Duncan says:

        What Thread?

        • KadeK is a jet says:

          I suggest you only have 2 hawthorn players in defence. Makes you safer when the byes come around. You should have posted this in Community team reveals. Overall good team though.

  2. Bailey says:

    I love it Jock you bloody gun! Was happy to see every man in green already in my team.

  3. Duncan says:

    Tyson, Michie or Aish for M6

  4. Give It A Go says:

    Thanks Jock and team have had M5-M8 filled with the rookies of late, have settled for Dunstan, Polec, Ellis and Crouch has M7-M8 and 2 subs.
    Great rookie sheet

    • Duncan says:

      You Must be light on n the Midfield

      • Give It A Go says:

        HI Duncan,

        Mid's are not that bad

        Ablett, Cotchin, JJP, Beams, Thomas, Shiels then Polec, Ellis sub Dunstan and Crouch

        What do you think?


        • Duncan says:

          Oh I see What you did there thought you meant them 4 plus 2 subs
          Also nice Looking midfield man Like The JPK And Cotchin Picks
          You should have a good Cash Generation

          I think I will definitely have JPK Just not sure Wether I will have Cotchin just ye

          Pendlebury VS Cotchin and 115K Thought?

          • Give It A Go says:

            With Beams playing, I was thinking that Pendlebury may go down in price so I could bring him after the rnd 8 bye

  5. Plowdiggity says:

    Thoughts on Wanganeen? Thought for sure he’d make the sheet. Been bloody impressive all preseason. Will start on my bench definitely, and possibly on the field ahead of Ellis and Dunstan if named r1.

    • jockreynolds says:

      Yeah just couldn't find a place for him Plow. I'm not sure he'll get the not round 1 – and there's not much in the way of room to move in the Hawks outfit this season. I reckon Langford has come up and earnt his keep – Wanganeen.. not sure he offers enough.

    • Darcy says:

      Was thinking about him too. If he gets the call up, hit his price will be in my team ASAP.
      With Cyril moving to the backline maybe here's a place for him up forward? Or Vica-verca, if Cyril stays forward there could be a place on the back flank?

      If not named definitely watch this space if Cyril does another hammy.

    • daryl_prasad says:

      Wanganeen great.

  6. throttlefinger says:

    No thoughts on Dom Tyson, Jock? Thought he handled himself pretty well during NAB.

    Not slotted him in, though. Too pricey. Considering Michie. Roos has that team disposal happy so ol' Viv may benefit.

    • jockreynolds says:

      Gday there Throtts! Been thinking of him as more a midpricer this preseason.. regardless.. he should be considered. I wont find a place for him. Didnt see enough to excite me in the preseason

      • throttlefinger says:

        Agreed. And Higgo's Jack Martin article is always swimming in my head…Dom is only $5K less than Jaegar Faux'Meara (bit of a stretch, I know).

        Bang up cheat sheet, Jock. Right now debate between Michie and Aish. Leaning toward Jimmyboy. Getting better with each game. Built for long haul. Playing for the rebuilding team giving me pause but HE could be this year's Jaegar O'Meara.

      • WombatsFC says:

        Hi Jock my Foxtel must be broken because in the Melbourne games I watched Tyson is the lock and Michie will be lucky to get on the field in the first 3.
        There is a big heart difference between the two and Roosy loves a young bloke with a big heart.

    • Super_Freak says:

      I've had Tyson and Aish in and out of my team for weeks. Both look good, but I might end up with Aish. Still can't believe we got him in the draft. He should have gone at 3. He's a Gun!

      • throttlefinger says:

        Agree, SF. Aish picked up his game in each of his NAB stints. He's in and leading the mid rook brigade.

        You're gonna have a lot of fun watching him grow the next couple years, my man.

  7. yep, with you Jock.. warming to Arthur Aish..

    Tyson vs Aish.. or drop Sir Viv and have both Tyson and Aish.. thoughts gentlemen?

    • KadeK is a jet says:

      Aish only because he is much cheaper than Tyson. Viv and aish is a good and likely combo for most people. Shouldn't really go wrong with any, will all play.

  8. KadeK is a jet says:

    I absolutely love this Jock. BEEN WAITING FOR THIS ALL WEEK! Even though the rookies will be hard to choose from this year, I will be a very interesting and exciting year for AFL fantasy. Hope all goes well during the year Community!
    Kade K

  9. Duncan says:

    Hey Jock, Who do you think will get the Vest at Hawthorn Wangeneen or Langford? If they are both name round 1

  10. Jayden says:

    There's a real lack of quality rookie defenders this year besides Macca. I think we've gotta pray to the supercoach gods that Georgiou gets elevated.

    Also I'd like to add that I think Lewis Taylor is a good F8, he might not play round 1 but he'll be in by round 2 or 3 at the latest.

    • Kev says:

      Starting to lean that way, Jayden. Brad crouch didn't play round 1 last year then came in round 2 and smashed it

  11. Jocccccccckkkkkkkk… thoughts on Brodie Martin? priced at 175k DEF. Good NAB form playing in an undermanned Crows outfit… cash cow?

  12. Lord Relton Roberts says:

    Jock that's a ripper! perfect confirmation of my preseason research youve done it again boss!

  13. BlueBallsFC says:

    Young Viv is worth the coin Jocko. Will be a bloody ripper cow!

    • SCaddict says:

      I think so. Like all these rookies there is some element of risk attached but from what he's shown in the preseason I believe he's a very decent selection.

  14. Dools says:

    Mate what a great Cheat Sheet thanks this has now cemented 5 newcomers into the team KraenKats.
    Love the work and the honesty from the studio. Keep it up mate. Awesome and Inspiring…Thanks

  15. Luttski says:

    Is there a qualifiers group this season?

  16. William says:

    Is it worth me dropping Murphy down to a rookie and having 3 on field in the mid? That's almost 400k to spend on the very barren defence and forwards?

    • Craig says:

      Looks like there will be a limited number of fwd and def cash cows this year, so barren fwd and defence would't be ideal.

    • Super_Freak says:

      That's my plan. Just too many good rookies in the guts, and not enough at either end. Reckon 3 on field is about the right number

    • SCaddict says:

      It's certainly a strategy I've seriously entertained throughout the pre-season.

      Will probably go with two onfield mid rookies in the end but may come back to three if we get some nasty non selection surprises in either our back or forward rooks.

      • BlueBallsFC says:

        going with 3 in the guts gives pretty good cover at the ends of the team imo. there is easily 6 rookies you could have in the mid

  17. Sully321 says:

    Great work jock managed to bring in 5 new recruits to my team

  18. Wollee wol wol says:

    Great cheat sheet Jock, was a top notch read.
    Looking forward to hearing the boys pick it apart in the pod cast. Having to wait that extra day is bloody driving a man to drink a frosty cold Melbourne bitter.
    Interested to hear the other boys thought on Tyson

  19. Brookesy says:

    Fantastic work Jock, greatly appreciated, a veritable beacon of light in this very foggy year for rookies.

  20. THE SALTSHAKER says:

    Cant download pdf ….Jock can you post a screenshot on facebook please mate so I can view your work

  21. taylorwoof says:

    Love your work again Jock! Always A plus stuff!!!

    Along with selecting the 'right rookies', how many should i select is something i've been contemplating for awhile.

    What Midfield structure are you guys currently running with?


    Right now i have a 5-0-3 structure.

    I'm thinking should we start 4 rookies in our mid's as they appear to be the strongest rookies. But is starting 4 too risky? – 1. Fair chance they will not all flourish and 2. Missing out on extra scoring potential in your 'engine room'…….I'd love to hear the communities thoughts as we move closer to the first game of Round 1.

    • Give It A Go says:

      Hi TW,

      I'm going with 4-2-2 at the moment, toying with the idea of changing Thomas or Shiels with Viv or Aish to free some cash and 4-1-3 structure.

      Whats your Thoughts?

      • Dogs says:

        4-1-3 for me, lack of rookie options elsewhere so opted for more premiums in def/fwd lines and hope the mid rookies score well and earn cash

      • taylorwoof says:

        Hey Give It A Go!

        Guess it's what feel's most comfortable, and how you'll invest the extra cash…..if the downgrade then enables you to have a more balanced fwd line or def (with spending the extra cash there)….then that could be a good move.

        I just can't settle on a mid structure. I guess i should be happy we're being spoilt with quite a few rookie options and some handy mid pricers as well…..hahahaha….

      • Rocksta says:

        I've gone 4-1-3 as well ATM, but I just say I'm struggling with it.

        It's basically a choice between Heater and Tyson, or Clurey and Cotchin( giving me a 5-1-2).


        • Kev says:

          Clurey and cotch in by the length of flemington straight

          • Rocksta says:

            Thanks Kev.

            But let's look at Averages:
            Heater should average around 100 again for the year, and Tyson say 70.
            Cotchin 110 and Clurey say 55.

            Thus, it's fairly even. Slightly cheaper to go Cotchin and Clurey but my team looks better balanced with option A.
            That's why I love this Game…………….but it does my head in as well

            • Hawkaz says:

              Cotch could end up averaging 120 and heater only 90 so just remember, but its a good stratergy! maybe look at a def like Simpson, Hanley, hurn..

    • THE SALTSHAKER says:

      5-1-2 for me.

      Found value spending $560k to $570 in mids than other lines. At that price up fwd ive Riewoldt, Harvey, Dusty vs down back Bartel. Or Cox in Ruck. I think besides Cox they will all drop. My choices in mid are JPK or Cotchin who i think will both go up this year. Cant take Cotch as would be my 4th mid with rnd 8bye.

      Im struggling with that same dilemna with using Dangers $600k who will go down, on Watson in mids who i think will also go up this year. Then id have a 6-1-1 set up which is crazy. As i think Polec, Ellis $170k will score well enough and id have to sacrifice one of them for fwd options like Rowan $170k

      • LAZWAGON says:

        Bro you don't make any sense whatsoever. Also Cox is gonna go DOWN DOWN DOWN just like Coles' prices

        • THE SALTSHAKER says:

          Its a points per dollar argument. Who you expect will rise, who will go down for the same money spent. The thing with Dangerfield and Cotchin is they get bonus pts from Champion data with every touch hahaha so maybe he might hold his value? Cox is like another midfielder. Gets so much more footy around the ground than any other ruck.

          Minson will be great again, but could easily drop that average and price. Looking at his season last year he was so consistent, where as Danger was a roller coaster. For $609 to $616k to me Minson is the better option than Danger, especially whilst there are minimal ruck option.

          The only thing stopping me is his price is at ceiling for him I think. I've taken Jacobs, hoping he bounces back up to 95 to 100 avg. Make some coinon rookies then upgrade later in year to the #1 ruck.

          The reason Im staying with Danger is he should be the highest scoring Forward this year. But could easily drop below a hundred if he is not played in the guts like he was in 2012. He had dropped from 26.7 disposals down to 23 last year. Still has massive games but versus say Watson who avg 120 in 2012 and was on the way again last year before they gave up due to drug saga, and a couple of avg games he easily could have hit 120 again. I think in 2011 his avg was 117 before injury struck. That to me is consistency and that's what you want.

          • THE SALTSHAKER says:

            The other issue is you miss out on midfield rookies. That's the main reason, and whilst the going is good, you need to jump on them and generate the cash.

      • shane says:

        Makes a lot of sense to me, the sort of swaps i keep making. Except for cox.

    • Sean says:

      My preferred option is 5-1-2, but could change to 4-1-3 or 5-0-3 to free up some cash, depending on how many forward and back rookies are named round 1.

    • mick says:

      3-7… Should make for an interesting / nailbiting start!!!

    • Matt says:

      im 4-1-3, counting Beams as a Premo. Would love to get more rookies in there, but just cant bring myself to cut any of the Premos or Dale Thomas.

    • WombatsFC says:

      Hi Woofa,
      ATMO I'm going with 4 + Beams & Daisy and 2 rookies. One of the 4 is a DPP premium defender and I'll throw him back into defense at the expense of a rookie if more than 2 mid rookies play a full game.

      I think it's suicide to play 3 or more rookies in the mid; high sub probability and even without the vest I seriously doubt that any of them will score over 80.
      I reckon coaches will be better served by slotting in a sub 300k on field ruck like Sinclair and putting the money into upgrading something in the middle.

      • Dools says:

        Mate I'm running as M 5 Daisey, Polec, Ellis and Dunstan. Of the 4 named Dunstan (Man -Child exceptional player for 1 so young) 3 are ex-players with a hugh potential Polec from the vison I saw LOCK, Ellis is my Punt but from the West they love him on the side I have M.Crouch I know AL do not normally put 1st year pick in but Jeez he can play and with some injury worries there I think he is in Not happy with myself I went Aish but I Know he will play he is there if I get 1 wrong in the field and I'm off JPK went back to DelSanto Man he was great off the backline and in the Mids gets tagged has a look and wooska releases some-one else. Keeper for me

      • THE SALTSHAKER says:

        Yeah I got the same structure. Daisy and two rookies. Doesn't feel right, but I think we might have more options up fwd and back than we realise.

    • Fabian says:

      I've got 4-1-3 with the 1 being Beams. Had 4-2-2 for most of the preseason with daisy as the other mid, but think I can still get decent output from a third rookie and use that spare cash to upgrade other lines without decent rookies

    • throttlefinger says:

      Right now I'm at 3 prems, 2 mid & 3 rooks. Not sold on all the rooks but keeping Dunstan and a $117K on the bench for earning power. Beams could be considered a "4th" but technically he's not.

      Comfortable with 3, although gives my stomach a bit of nerves. Mostly because the talent pool and costs are lower and higher respectively. That's my 2 cents, Twoof.

      By the way, if you have room would love to have you join my league: 231330

      • taylorwoof says:

        Thanks everyone for responding to my post, greatly appreciate it! This has given me more clarity on my final mid field structure. Itching for those Round 1 teams now!

        Thanks for the league invitation Throttle, i'm in mate! (Silent_Achievers).

        • throttlefinger says:


          And great post. These are the sort of discussions that helps us all.

        • Give It A Go says:

          Hi TW,

          Throttlefinger has a SC team up called the Throttledome if you want to jion the code is (231330)

  22. rhino says:

    Hey jock, love the cheat sheet, just wondering why no green for michie, any reasoning? Thanks

    • jockreynolds says:

      day rhino. Just can't find a spot for him with players like Aish and Polec more significant at that higher price bracket. Also didnt see enough in the preseason to excite me about the kid. Don't get me wrong – he'll get some gametime and appreciate I just think there are better options

  23. Blazinup says:

    Hey Jock, thoughts on Dean Towers??

  24. Captain joc says:

    Jock I think your gonna make me change my side now grrr

  25. Jordan says:

    tyson anyone??????

    • throttlefinger says:

      Not at that price. Like him but there is other mid rooks who will earn the $100-150K faster, in my opinion. Aish is one of them.

    • SCaddict says:

      He's still a strong consideration for me. May end up going with Michie instead and save a bit of coin but haven't made the final decision just yet.

      Will wait and see how the overall rookie situation shapes up over the next two weekends and if I have some spare change left over may very well pick him.

    • WombatsFC says:

      I have him Jordan.
      I also have Foxtel and I have watched the Melb games a couple of times. IMO Michie is well behind Tyson for a place in the Dee's starting 22. Paul Roos love blokes who are hard at it and make multiple contests in a short period of time; Tyson does that and Michie doesn't.
      The extra 50k will seem like a bargain when Michie spends the first 3 quarters each week on the pine (if he gets a game) and Tyson spends the whole game in the mid rotation.

      To all aspiring supercoaches: Watch the NAB games before locking in midfield rookies and then look at the respective best 22 from last year and analyse who will be dropped to make way for your rookie. IMO Michie did not do enough to move ahead of Sam Blease

  26. Fourbells says:

    What are peoples thoughts on Lachie Whitfield Avg 127 during NAB series

    • WombatsFC says:

      He will be one of the greats of his generation but is high risk for SC this year.

  27. Jordan says:

    I believe everyone is still discounting the strength of a guns and rookies midfield this year. As shown in the cheat sheet there are plenty of worthy rookies

    • THE SALTSHAKER says:

      Yeah I'm in that same boat, what to do? With rookies being more expensive, gonna need more cash generated.

  28. Jordan says:

    polec or aish????????????????

    • jockreynolds says:

      I'd say Aish by a bees knob on job security

      • J.K says:

        thank you jock

      • SCaddict says:

        Hey Jock then how come you have Polec in your team reveal and not Aish?? Can't find the extra $15K huh?

        For surely you haven't changed your mind in the past 3 days ole son!

    • SCaddict says:

      Definitely Polec for me Jordan. Actually think his JS is fairly golden already. Been one of Port's best in the pre-season and looks to be a big part of Hinkley's game plan this year.

  29. Billy says:

    Hey Jock haven't heard much about Shane Kersten? You said lock if named. Is he really any good?

  30. Daz says:

    polec/michie michie/aish or aish/polec

    Leaning towards option 3.

  31. Bray says:

    Hey guys just wondering if I could have some feedback on my team at this stage. Thanks.

    DEF: J.Bartel S.Mitchell P.Hanely M.Suckling J.Webster L.Mcdonald. INT- M.Fuller, A.Georgiou

    MIDS: G.Ablet, S.Pendulbery J.Selwood M.Barlow M.Murphy D.Thomas D.Tyson L.Dunstan INT- X.Ellis M.Crouch

    RUC: B.Grundy A.Sandilands INT-D.Currie T.Nankervia

    FWD: P.Dangerfield C.Wingard D.Zorko J.Caddy J.Kennedy-Harris J.Impey INT- S.Kersten M.Honeychurch.

    I think that my foward line is pretty weak, would love some thoughts on how I can improve my lineup. Thanks heaps guys

    • Billy says:

      Hey Bray, Your team looks ok but I will try and give a few suggestions for each position

      Defence- I like your defence, it is pretty similar to most peoples but completely different to mine. If I was you I would maybe trade out Bartel for a cheeper premium someone around the $500,000 mark and then upgrade Fuller as I don't think that he will play round 1 and he has had no Nab Cup experience.

      Midfield- This is the position which I think you need to change the most. Going Gazza, Selwood and Pendles is a bit to expensive and is a bit to much cash to use in the midfield and there are other options that are 100k less that will give you around the same output. For example Cotchin/Liberatone/JPK/Fyfe and then there is also Beams who is even cheeper and who is a lock for most teams.

      Ruck- Your rucks are a bit risky IMO as Sandilands may not play every game and Grundy is only in his second year. If I was you I would switch out Grundy for someone like McEvoy/Jacobs/Lobbe/Pyke

      Forward- I think you need to get another premium in your forward as it is lacking a bit. A good option would be Roughead or Martin as they are both consistent high scorers.

      Besides all this I think you have a good team and you should do well this year.


      • Bray says:

        Thanks Billy, I’ve take your advice and swaped Bartel for Enright and Selwood for Cotchin. Now I have 160k or so, who do you think I should upraxe and for who.?
        Thanks mate, best of luck to you this year .

  32. enter the void says:

    Just wondering about people’s thoughts on Tom Hawkins? I vaguely remember Jock was interested in him some time ago. He’s cheap and apparently is over his back issues. Slow NAB Cup but did well in their practice match. I realise key position players are always a worry, but he averaged 95 just 2 seasons ago, is capable of going large and if not for his dodgy back should have improved again last season.

  33. Alex says:

    There are a lot of gun rookies there jock!
    What are the thoughts on Daisy Thomas is he still a lock or should I downgrade to a rookie?

    • SCaddict says:

      Jock is not a Daisy fan and believes his ankle is stuffed which he may end up being right on.

      However just like Sandi there is too much proven quality there to overlook at that amazing price so I'm taking the punt on him myself and wont be the lone ranger there!

      Shiels and Savage are worthy alternatives for similar dosh but have their own risk factors.

  34. Mitch says:

    Thoughts on Clay Cameron from gold coast?
    Also Libba,Fyfe or Boak?

    • Danny says:

      Can't go wrong with Libba.

      • SCaddict says:

        Yes Libba hasn't put a foot wrong all pre-season and is begging to be selected.

        Both Teen Wolf and Boak could be nice sleepers though and take their games to a new level in 2014.

  35. Mitch says:

    Also thoughts on bugg over suckling?

  36. a noob says:

    def – mitchell, Mcveigh, Bartel, suckling pig, Webster and Mcdonald – INT – Clurey and Georgiou
    mid – Pendlebury, ablett, Murphy, Beams, michie, aish, Polec and Dunstan – INT – ellis and crouch (can upgrade michie into dale thomas ive needs be i have 250k in the kitty)
    ruck – Lobbe and Sandi – INT – Thurlow and derickx
    fwd – dangerfield, Roughy, Dixon, Parker, higgins, Rohan – INT – kennedy harris and impey

    if sandi gets injured i can swap in Charlie Dixon for Thurlow.

    please give me some words of wisdom. Negative and postive

  37. Jordan says:

    Buddy or dixon. Starting to slowly lean towards dixon because of ruc/fwd. Help?

    • SCaddict says:

      It's a tough one. I just can't bring myself to pick Dixon as much as I'd like the ruck cover. Already have too many risky picks in my side as it is with Daisy, Sandi, Suckers, R. Shaw etc.

      Can't see Buddy falling much more in price. Only question in my mind is whether he can return to elite output or just remain a solid premium scorer instead.

      • THE SALTSHAKER says:

        More chance than Dixon. He's kicked 60+ goals the last 5 or 6 yrs.

  38. Unsure says:

    WHAT ABOUT SAMMY LLOYD!!! Injured, not going well, thought the mature age recruit at Richmond was a lock in our forward lines. An I in another universe, help Jock!!

  39. Duncan says:

    hey I need 3 out of Polec, Aish, Tyson & Ellis for M6-M8 spots thoughts?

    • throttlefinger says:

      Polec, Aish and Ellis. Best values. Tyson too much. Will need to do much more than the other 3 to get his $100K in value. Not sure he's that much better.

      • Duncan says:

        What do you Think would be a better option
        Cotchin & 115K VS Pendlebury?

        • throttlefinger says:

          What would you use the $115K for? I would lean on Pendles. The consistency and quality of SC scores are going to be worth it.

          • Duncan says:

            Upgrades around elsewhere! But I don't have to worry anymore Pendles is locked And Loaded for M2

      • SCaddict says:

        I haven't closed my mind to Tyson just yet. Although not currently in my team structure if I do need a third onfield mid rookie he may be the man I pick.

        He's only $30K more than Aish so only has to average about 5pts more than him to generate the same cash return.

        Tyson is an inside mid so is always going to be around the contest. Bit worried that some of Aish's touches may dry up as more an outside player in the games the Lions lose handily. And they do have that killer draw. Both are rising stars though.

        Agree with you on Ellis and Polec and they are already well locked away.

        • throttlefinger says:

          Very good points, SCaddict. Wobbling back and forth on the price.

        • Duncan says:

          Tyson or Aish is gonna Be a tough decision It will Rely on whether I want My D3 F3
          Quick Question
          I have $984,800
          Should I have Buddy and Houli Leaving me 3.5K and Not be able to Upgrade Aish to Tyson
          Should I have Gunston/Pavlich and Enright Leaving me with a minimum of 30.7K and Be able to Upgrade Aish to Tyson?

  40. Duncan says:

    Thanks TF I was Thinking Tyson is in the Same Boat as Jack Martin! Too Exepnsive

  41. Duncan says:

    Thoughts I need D3 AND F3 For 984,900
    Any Thoughts? on who I should grab?

  42. Birdman says:

    With the Colingwood ruck a bit light on what are your thoughts on Jesse White as a POD in the forward line? Could he get some minutes in the middle along with a few goals??

    • SCaddict says:

      Reckon he's in for a nice year. There are probably a few forwards I would prefer over him for the money but certainly not the worst POD idea I've seen.

      • Birdman says:

        Yes he is probably about 50K over where I would like!! Im thinking he could play a Q.Lynch type role only much better and with Cloke getting the key defenders he might get a free run early on! Lynchs price grew last year until injuries started to hurt.

  43. jeffrey says:

    anyone please tell me what do you think my line up.

    Clurey (Bench)
    Langdon ( (Bench)

    Midfielders: –
    Sam Mitchell
    D. Beams
    Ellis (Bench)
    M. Crouch ( (Bench)

    Derickx (Bench)
    Thurlow (Bench)

    D. Martin
    M. Wright
    Kennedy-Harris (Bench)
    Impey (Bench)

  44. marcos says:

    Sup guys could I have some feedback on my team?

    Def: H.Shaw, Hanley, Simpson, suckling, L.McDonald, clurey ( Langford & gerogiou)

    Mid: Albert, pendle, s. Mitchell, d.beams, liberatore, d.tyson, polec, aish ( dunstan & michie)

    Ruck: Minson, sandilands (derixcks & thurlow)

    Fwd: dabgerfield, Martin, gunston, Higgins, Rohan, Kennedy-Harris (Merritt & impey)

    $150,300 left over

  45. SCtragic says:

    What's the communities thoughts on Sam Lloyd from Richmond?

  46. SCaddict says:

    Another handy cheat sheet Jock. In addition to all the obvious picks I've got my eye firmly on young McDonough. If he gets named for Rd1 and not given the green vest I will likely jump on.

    Fortunately the Tiges are one of the first up and play before Port as Impey is the other likely target for that bench spot with JKH locked away.

  47. tezza says:

    I think everyone has forgotten about two of last years guns. Harley Bennell and Chad Wingard. Bennell was scoring more points than the great Gary Ablett late last season !!!! Wingard was carrying the Port midfield.
    The other one to consider is Elliot Yeo for your defence. Oh forgot what about Adam Treloar?

    • SCaddict says:

      I wish Yeo was $50K cheaper as I'd probably squeeze him in tezza. Plenty of talent there but not sure he's proven quite enough to me just yet to warrant handing over $330K for.

      Have Suckling, R.Shaw and Webster as slightly better value options right now but perhaps Yeo will really shine this season. Only likely to improve in 2014 that's for sure.

  48. Duncan says:

    Thoughts I need D3 AND F3 For 984,900
    Any Thoughts? on who I should grab?

  49. SCaddict says:

    Hi all I have a draft league (code = 322372) looking for 6 additional teams. Draft night is 9PM AEDT March 26 (yes after Rd 1) and are 15 player teams with a comp that skips the bye rounds and has a finals series. Anyone who's interested is welcome to join.

    Also have a classic league (code = 158024) for those who just likes the regular game. Anyone who loves Supercoach can sign on.

    • dannyyboyy says:

      just joined your classic one SC, im gettin excited should be a good year!

      • SCaddict says:

        Thanks dannyyboyy. Yes I'm up to my eyeballs in Superoach, DT and AFL Fantasy this year.

        Can't wait for Friday night! All these months of planning and plenty of sweat and tears.

        Hope it all pays off!

    • Dools says:

      KrakenKats have jumped on board mate. Thanks for the invite

    • Dools says:

      Hey Mate I have a definte software issue I already posted but here it is again 158024 KrakenKats are on mate. Thanks for the invite

    • James says:

      Raging Rampage have jumped on. Thanks SCaddict for the invite

    • SCdonkey says:

      Looking forward to the start of the season playing with quality opponents. Donkey have joined your league Mr. SCaddict.

    • Jye says:

      Just jumped in the classic league, champ! Heytman's Hecklers and keen for a great year!

    • throttlefinger says:

      Drats! Got this too late. All full.

      • SCaddict says:

        Hey mate why don't you put up a league code of your own? I'm sure it would be pretty popular here. I'd happily join as I'm sure would many others.

        • throttlefinger says:

          Good idea, SCaddict. I'll post it with the podcast.

          • SCaddict says:

            Awesome! I'll keep an eye out for it as I'm sure it will fill up even quicker than mine!

            • throttlefinger says:

              Very seriously doubt that! But would definitely enjoy being in the same league with such an SC-esteemed player as yourself.

              Which place is giving you the most headaches? Was rucks. Now trying to make the Def line work with McD at D6 has made my mind volcanic.

            • throttlefinger says:

              Here ya go: 231330

              Welcome to the Throttledome!

              • Give It A Go says:

                Good on ya, I've joined the Throttledome.

                • throttlefinger says:

                  Sweeeeeeet! Thanks Give It!

                  • Give It A GO says:

                    Hay TF,

                    Have an issue with my D4, which def do you recon will be best as a POD, Suckling, Grimes, Everitt, Tuohy or Bugg or another welcome?

                    • throttlefinger says:

                      You and me both, brother. Suckling seems the surest pick. And the most expensive. I'm tinkering with Watson and Webster as my D4-5. Making McD the D6 given the lack of rook defenders has made me take chances on them rather than Clurey and Camerson as D6 (which I may do if they don't grab the vest)

                      Not very helpful, GIAG. But this is may biggest problem at the moment too

                    • SCdonkey says:

                      Totally agree Def is where most people will take risk this season. With shortage of good rookies we are force to take a punt/pick with higher price to fill in that D5 positon.

                    • Give It A Go says:

                      Thanks, still a few days to go for another change around, can't wait for the next installment of JR and the boys, they get ya thinking??????????

                    • throttlefinger says:

                      Waiting with coffee-d breath. Sure they will deliver some gold.

              • SCaddict says:

                Brilliant! I'm in too.

                18 men enter 1 man leaves….with Supercoach glory!

              • SCdonkey says:

                And the Donkey have joined. Are we there yet?

          • SCdonkey says:

            I have one more slot. Will also keep an eye out for it TF

  50. Derek says:

    B Matera or Caddy?

    I watched Matera play a few games last year and when he is on he does some unbelievable things.

    • Caddy will be playing in the guts, so he's probably more likely to score consistently, Matera might get you some big ones, but dont think they are worth the low scores he will pull

  51. What about Chapman?? $464,400…Only real issue is injury right?

    • SCaddict says:

      Nah actually the main worry is getting rested. Has already said he's hoping to play at least 16 games this season which is not really what you want to hear as a Supercoach.

      I would be pretty ticked off if I picked him and then say he was rested for their Rd4 game against Freo at Subi and then rested again a month later etc.

      Who knows perhaps he'll play all the games in the end but there's definitely a risk at his age of being "managed".

      • Dools says:

        I like Chappy in fact I was devistated when Geelong let him go But listen to SCaddict he is 100% correct. This is a repost as for some reason my reply was up loaded but now it ain't there So if the other one magically re-appers thru the ether please ignore this one as it says the same thing – Plenty of value out there buddy ie Pav, Tommohawk, Parker , Mitchell etc

    • tezza says:

      I think he is good value at $464 and will definitely rise in price. Get on NOW

      • Dools says:

        I think he is great value but I agree with SCaddict here mate he is not playing all season and if that is the case you have created ahole in your fwd line that a sub just can't cover points wise to Chappy – Broke my heart when the Cats let him go – Moving Fwd,Going back to the fridge…There are plenty of players out there who barring injury will play and simular price with same SC point generation ie Pav, Tommohawk, Wright, Parker (eye injury and all) Mitchell the list goes on and on So listen to SCaddict mate I beleive he is 100% correct

    • WombatsFC says:

      He's definitely worth the cash.
      Bomber has already stated that he will play all early games to achieve 'match fitness' and then they will manage him to keep him at his peak for the full season.
      So, I have him locked in for 5 weeks then I'll upgrade him.

  52. Dan says:

    No to Martin!!! Reckon he's the next Tambling

    • WombatsFC says:

      Jack is better than Richard ever dreamed of being.

    • JX20 says:

      Watched O'Meara round 1 last year and cringed. Round 2 v Swans and he never looked back.
      Still think Jack Martin will be a gun this year once he gets used to the heat. Massive POD now that everyone's dropped off.

  53. Nicholas says:

    Hey guys,
    this is my team
    please give critical feedback as I really want to beat my mates this year: bench players in brackets





    $23,000 spare change
    please reply 🙂

    • KadeK is a jet says:

      Hogan is injured mate. Not sure about some of the picks you have made eg Ben Reid. But it is different and isn't that what you need in SC to win.

  54. Lee Underwood says:

    Please take a look at my team any comments are welcome

    1. McVeigh, J
    $572,50000.00, MID SYD
    2. Mitchell, S
    $562,00000.00, MID HAW
    3. Hanley, P
    $516,20000.00, MID BRL
    4. Suckling, M
    $312,20000.00, HAW
    5. Webster, J
    $240,80000.00, STK
    6. McDonald, L
    $182,30000.00, MID NTH
    23. Fuller, M
    $117,30000.00, WBD
    24. Georgiou, A
    $102,40000.00, MEL

    7. Ablett, G
    $695,00000.00, GCS
    8. Pendlebury, S
    $683,10000.00, COL
    9. Watson, J
    $601,30000.00, ESS
    10. Beams, D
    $497,20000.00, COL
    11. Thomas, D
    $341,80000.00, CAR
    12. Tyson, D
    $216,80000.00, MEL
    13. Polec, J
    $172,60000.00, PTA
    14. Dunstan, L
    $132,30000.00, STK
    25. Crouch, M
    $117,30000.00, ADE
    26. Robertson, N
    $117,30000.00, BRL

    15. McEvoy, B
    $503,30000.00, HAW
    16. Sandilands, A
    $310,70000.00, FRE
    27. Currie, D
    $123,90000.00, NTH
    28. Thurlow, F
    $118,40000.00, FWD ESS

    17. Dangerfield, P
    $609,00000.00, MID ADE
    18. Martin, D
    $549,20000.00, MID RIC
    19. Parker, L
    $468,80000.00, MID SYD
    20. Wright, M
    $384,90000.00, MID ADE
    21. Caddy, J
    $325,30000.00, MID GEE
    22. Rohan, G
    $176,20000.00, SYD
    29. Taylor, L
    $117,30000.00, MID BRL
    30. Kennedy-Harris, J

  55. tezza says:

    Not sure about the forward line. Hogan is injured and it looks like white maybe carrying an injury also.Like Roughy and Elliot. Though it looks like your one forward short

  56. David says:

    Grand opening for 3rd season finished 590th last year, team: No Sliding///

    DEF: S.Mitchell, K.Simpson, C.Enright, S.Hurn, J.Webster, L.McDonald (T.Clurey, A.Georgiou)
    MID: G.Ablett, S.Pendlebury, M.Priddis, M.Murphy, D.Beams, J.Polec, X.Ellis, L,Dunstan (M.Crouch, T,Langdon)
    RUC: S.Jacobs, A.Sandilands (F.Thurlow, M.King)
    FWD: P.Dangerfield, L.Franklin, L.Parker, M.Wright, J.Caddy, G.Rohan (J.Kennedy-Harris, J.Impey)

    Going strong in defense and midfield this year and slightly thin in ruck and forward lines.
    Biggest risks:
    *A.Sandilands but imagine that over 75% of people are too.
    *M.Wright even though he has arguably been the most impressive this preseason he might still get those tagging roles which will hurt his SC out put.
    *L.Franklin we choose him as a keeper and nothing else because he won't increase in value of $150,000 or more this year. Think i say the same for everyone that all we want is for him to kick straight this year.

  57. James says:

    Sucking or Webster?

  58. matt says:

    i've got cameron delaney on the bench at 248K worth it or not?

    • Philthy says:

      way too much for a bench spot

    • SCaddict says:

      Yeah far too much for a D7/D8 slot. If not enough defensive rookies are named for Rd1 then I reckon Brodie Martin and Laidler represent better value for a bench spot, if they are named in their respective 22 of course.

      Webster is even cheaper than Delaney too, although I think he's good enough to warrant an onfield D4/D5 role rather than wasted on the bench.

  59. WombatsFC says:

    Awe inspiring midfield but if Michie & Crouch are named they'll both get the vest, maybe upgrade 1 of them to an Aish or Tyson.
    You're missing a FWD but apart from that it looks like a hell of a good team to me.

  60. WombatsFC says:

    Thanks Jock, it's good to see that you've recovered from "Burnman Gate" and are pumping out the high value insights again.

    I totally agree on your Max King assessment and reckon that he is more likely to start than Derickx, Swans don't need a second on field ruck and based on NAB I don't think they will play 2.

    • throttlefinger says:

      King is the perfect loop player in the interim, as Dees have the second highest number of Sunday games (9).

      Hey Wombat, if you got the stomach to join another league, why not see how well your boys do in the Throttledome: 231330

      • WombatsFC says:

        I love the way you New Yorkers pussyfoot around challenging Australians.
        I accept the challenge and will join shortly, if every other subscriber to Jocks "Pages of Torment" haven't taken all positions already.

      • Dools says:

        Damn it TF I'm maxed out on leauges, keep me up dated dude I really thought of you as I except an invite from SCaddict today….. Damn Damn Damn. I'm goin to the fridge………..

      • Dools says:

        Interface has become stroppy from lack of mentions every time I post it is excepted but when i refresh page it gone then when I reload/resart it there again So on behave of Interface, Next G, and Keyboard Drink Carlton Draught…Unleash the SC Beast within….LOL

        • throttlefinger says:

          Again, that your team is not sponsored by Carlton Draught is one of the biggest travesties in sports marketing today.

          • Dools says:

            Agreed. Now I'm off to the fridge given to me by my sponcers (HINT,Hint) ……..ok phone has n't rung, e-mail is quite, nothing on facebook. I think I need a new forum TF LOL

      • Dools says:

        I will reply again…Sorry to see TF but I'm maxed out on Leagues mate. please keep me in th e loop as to how it all goes Joined SCaddicts league today and thought of you…Sorry man it would have been good to combat and share …Anywho as we Canadians would say Next time for sure

        • throttlefinger says:

          Next time for sure. And good luck, Dools. Sure with the Keyboard as your guiding light, $50K should soon be yours.

      • WombatsFC says:

        I tried to reply but my eloquent acceptance has been sent for scrutineering by the CIA or ASIO or something like that

        • throttlefinger says:

          Sure the enrichment I would've gained from that reply would've been immense. Look forward to waging war in the Throttledome.

          What are your final thoughts on Watson? Rewatched the game against the Crows and he seems like a gutsy, hardworking and effective player. Will he deliver at that price? Your sagacity on this young Blues baller would be appreciate, my man.

          • WombatsFC says:

            He's not in my squad atmo but if any of my D4 to 6 go down early or don't look like averaging at least 80 he'll be first called up. He's definitely in the best 22 at Blues and is a major factor in their plans for the next 6 years.

            I reckon hell finish the season averaging around 80 so for 260K at the start you could do a lot worse by chasing promise from Atley, Kernezis etc.

            • throttlefinger says:

              Right. And don't want to drop the ducats on Suckling. Not 100% comfy with Watson/Webster/McD but can't see any better for the money and security.

              Thanks buddy. Appreciate your wisdom.

              • WombatsFC says:

                It appears that I'm not in the league mate

                • throttlefinger says:

                  You and your all black guernsey are in there, Darth.

                  • Dools says:

                    OMFG Darth Vombats , Can you feel the Power of the Dark Force…Bit like a shark playing a chello…..Da dam ……………Da dam …………Da dam

            • GoldCoast Blues says:

              As a Blues supporter, I don't believe Watson has what it takes. The guy is as slow as they get and struggles to find the ball – his only upside is that he's a wonderful kick.

  61. James says:

    Hey guys i am looking for people to join my league 791877 i have posted about it in 'Community Team Reveals'. this league will be for people who are looking to play well and finish well in the rankings. Cheers

  62. Gish says:

    Love some feedback on my team….

    DEF: Mitchell, Hanley, Enright, Smith, McDonald, Langford (Langdon, Georgiou)
    MID: Ablett, Pendles, Libba, Beams, Tyson, Michie, Polec, Ellis (Dunstan, Robertson)
    RUCK: Goldy, Sandi (Thurlow, Currie)
    FWD: Danger, Martin, Roughy, Caddy, Higgins B Kennedy (Kennedy-Harris, Impey)

    $169K left. Not fussed about round 8 bye players.

    • Logic says:

      rohan for impey

      tyson for thomas

      defense shocking

      too many rookies on field for not enough stars

      post team in an apropriate thread

  63. Duncan says:

    D3 F3
    Pavlich Simpson and 34K
    Buddy Houli 5K?

  64. Josh says:

    What are your thoughts on Charlie Dixon???

  65. Michael says:

    Hey Jock, great write up as usual, more food thought 4 days out! Quick question for you and the community – on the SC website the mighty GAJ has a little red cross next to him – meaning he’s down as injured – what’s going on here, is this just an error or someone’s sick idea of a joke?

  66. Rod says:

    Hey Jock! How do we get into the donors group after donating? Thans!

  67. shannon says:

    luke bruest ???

  68. James says:

    Ellis or Dunstan?

  69. Michael says:

    Hi Jock & Community,

    Thoughts on my team as it stands for R1, depending of course on the ol' rookies picked:

    DEF: McVeigh (MID), SMitchell (MID), Enright, Suckling, RShaw, McDonald (MID) (Clurey (E), Langdon (MID))
    MID: GAJ, Fyfe, JJK, MMurphy, Beams (VC), Daisy, Aish, Ellis (Polec, Dunstan (E))
    RUC: Pyke, MKing (Sandy (E), Thurlow (FWD))
    FWD: Dusty (MID), Dixon (RUC), Zorko (MID), Caddy (MID), Rohan, Kennedy-Harris (Markworth, Impey (E))

    Using C loophole with King who doesn't play (if picked) until week 2, if Beams gets 130+ (Fri night) will keep as is, if less will put C on GAJ (Sat night).

    Question – aside from King do you think all my rookies will get game time?

  70. trev says:

    is there any love for the cheap eagles forward rookies?

    • SCaddict says:

      Who do you think will get regular games Trev?

      The Eagles forward line is pretty chockers with the likes of JJK, Darling Lecras, NicNat/Cox, Masten, Hill, Sinclair, Cripps isn't it?

      • rhino says:

        Have to agree with SCaddict here, but I am interested in who you believe might get a run.

  71. Fromy says:

    Hi JRFFC! I'm noticing most team posts have jumped of Jack Martin. He is pricey for a rookie, I went for Kane Lucas at a similar price last year which turned out just OK, made some cash & he played most games, but wasn't JM supposed to be the gun rookie we all had to have? Turning out like a decent POD? Thoughts please?

    • JX20 says:

      I commented about him above in another post. I agree – his defensive pressure is first class and he'll get used to the pace of the game very quickly. Gut feeling that many will burn a trade to get him in by round 3.

  72. fourbells says:

    Still worring about my team, let alone having time to comment on other posted teams

  73. Liam says:

    Thoughts on Savage? Strongly been considering him and Daisy for round 1

  74. daryl_prasad says:

    Interesting $102,400 choices:

    Georgiou, A: 35 year old rookie.
    Flynn, D: Irish…say no more.
    Wanganeen, D: 19 disposals in NAB Challenge game. Chip of the ol' block.
    O'Brien, Z: …good luck…did ok in NAB Challenge game, 14 disposals.
    King, M: …Melbourne needs all the ruckmen it can get.
    Holmes, J: US basketballer (ruckman)…St. Kilda needs international assistance.
    Spina, A:…twinkle toes
    Ambrose, P: 26 year old rookie.

  75. Dee says:

    What time is the PODCAST tonight fellas?

    • cyril is the man says:

      I thought they were on sunday nights???

      • rhino says:

        They usually are but its different this week

      • SCaddict says:

        This week is a special Monday edition as mentioned at the top of the page.

        Should be out pretty soon lads. It's going to be HUUUUUGE!!!

        • rhino says:

          Agree, getting very excited, I’ve got a few coldies next to me, they should keep me going until the podcast is over.

  76. cyril is the man says:

    I have them both liam

  77. Jhawk says:

    Would like Wanganeen but he not elevated yet .may not get it due to defense shortage may elevate tall. Really unsure on d.thomas what his max output 90 ? More like to be in the 80s Save the 150 k get a rookie ave 70-80 . thoughts ?
    Jock thoughts on Gold Coast debuts Sean Lemmens and Clay Cameron ?
    Collingwood tom Lagdon ?

  78. james says:

    thoughts on dom tyson?

    • SCaddict says:

      Very much should be considered in my view.

      A nice young inside mid who's only going to improve with every game. Dees really targeted him giving up their No.2 pick to get him so is going to get heaps of opportunities to show off his wares.

  79. cyril is the man says:

    Dom Tyson set for a huge year I think

    He will be given every opportunity to amass big points

    • dannyyboyy says:

      his price is between rookie and mid pricer, and he seems to be dividing everyone. im gonna take him. he fits into my structure and if u ask me thats all that matters. he has no sub vest dramas and will pump out scores of 80-100. thats what id want out of a mid pricer, let alone a rookie.

  80. Tomscoach says:

    Hey Jock! love the page. Would like to know your thoughts or anyone else's thoughts on Jackson Macrae from the Western Bulldogs. Cheers

  81. Boydo says:

    D Thomas/ S Jacobs or Shuey/McIntosh???

    • rhino says:

      Option A in my in my opinion Mate, If your going to pick McIntosh, I suggest you also pick Zac Dawson, Ben Rutten and Sam Michael, if you catch my drift.

    • Philthy says:

      Toss the coin Boydo!!

      Shuey WILL go higher than Daisy

      WILL McIntosh go higher than Jacobs

      • cyril is the man says:

        No Jacobs will be heaps better. Mcintosh is a massive risk, he's made of chalk

  82. Fabian says:

    Lovely Jock!

    Thoughts on Joel Tippet? Will he get a gig?

    • WombatsFC says:

      Hey Fabian, I don't think so, at least not early on, he is on there rookie list, if north suffer a few injuries then I would jump on, but at the moment there are better options like Clurry, Langdon, Langford. You just have to see who is named Rd 1.

  83. Max king for Captain says:

    Hey guys I have swapped from rhino to this name,

    Quick question JJK, Grey, Zorko?
    Which two would you pick thanks

  84. Billy says:

    is the podcast going to be up soon Jock?

  85. Max king for Captain says:

    Also having issues with fwd line- This is what it is at the moment
    Danger, Pod(Not going to reveal), JJK, Parker, Hale(Secret weapon for rucks), Zorko (bench= Rohen, Jay Kennedy Harris) as you can see very expensive, I can't find any cheap option who will score well?

    Thoughts? Ideas of a cheap option? Thanks.

    • Hawkaz says:

      that's alot of money to be splashing on your fwd line, my advice would be to (secret- sorry Im not going to reveal), hope it helps. 🙂

    • nacho says:

      want a cheap option? try fasolo on for size…
      had a miserable season last year injury-wise but has the x-factor when needed. will boost in price (hopefully quickly) then jump off him and get someone else of similar value

  86. nacho says:

    s.mitchell, p.hanley, j.watts, m.suckling, j.webster, l.mcdonald
    (t.langdon, a georgiou)

    g.ablett, s.pendlebury, p.dangerfield, m.murphey, d.beams, d.thomas, j.aish, j.polec
    (l.dunstan, m.crouch)

    m.lobbe, a.sandilands
    (d.currie, t.nankervis)

    d.martin, j.roughead, l.franklin, b.reid, g.rohan, j.kennedy-harris
    (s.kersten, l.taylor)

    whatd'ya reckon? chuck us some feedback please and/or suggestions!
    thanks JR community!

  87. WombatsFC says:

    Mate everything I say is triggering mediation WTF is going on?

    So I attend a Mosque a few times and buy some garden fertiliser every now-and-then and I travel a lot and think David Hicks was screwed by a cowardly government but so do millions of other aussies

    • WombatsFC says:

      I Know how annoying is it WTF

      • WombatsFC says:

        I didn't reply to my own post! I'm nuts but I'm no Tony Abbott.
        Now I'm getting paranoid

    • Billy says:

      Hey WombatsFC, joined your league. Can't wait to V you. By the way what is your team name?

  88. WombatsFC says:

    Hi there fellow timewasters.
    I just found out that by joining SC I create a league AND I can even give it a name.
    Makes we wonder why I bothered getting married and having kids! Oh yeah that's right I was born in the 1960's and in the bush we didn't even have colour TV until 1977.

    Anyway I digress, I have a league and all who are crazy enough to have read this far are invited to join, if they don't own a cat.
    code 819505

    • WombatsFC says:

      Anyone can join.

      • Blueprime says:

        I like your sensayuma, and I'm a country boy as well. We didn't have power in the 70's to even run the tv.I'm in.

    • Super_Freak says:

      Hey Wombats, what is your team name. Not sure if I'm already in a league with you.

  89. log says:

    join my league! have 14 spots left haha.

    CODE —– 203237

  90. THE SALTSHAKER says:

    Hey Jock, thanks for the screenshot on Facebook. Had a good look and you confirmed what Ive been reading around the internet, NAB cup form. Was spot on, well done.

  91. matthewjsampson says:

    G'day everyone,

    The podcast got me fired up for another big SuperCoach year, and I think I'm close to locking my team in.

    However, Im at a bit of a dilemma with working around the round 8 bye. At the moment I've got 7 premos at the first bye (Ablett, Cotchin, Dal Santo, Beams, Dangerfield, Martin & Enright).

    Any thoughts on how to work around this? Should I downgrade one to Aish and spend around to spread over the byes? Bring in a Bernie Vince type? Or just suck it up and shit my pants come round 8?

    Rookies are subject to round 1 selection.

    Thanks everyone!

    DEF: McVeigh, J, Mitchell, S, Enright, C, Suckling, M, Webster, J, McDonald, L (Clurey, T, Georgiou, A)
    MID: Ablett, G, Liberatore, T, Cotchin, T, Dal Santo, N, Beams, D, Polec, J, Ellis, X, Dunstan, L (Crouch, M, Robertson, N)
    RUC: Lobbe, M, Sandilands, A (Thurlow, F, Derickx, T)
    FOR: Dangerfield, P, Martin, D, Parker, L, Zorko, D, Caddy, J, Kennedy-Harris, J (Rohan, G, Merrett, Z)

    • Wattsie says:

      Matt, if you are going for the league, then that's a pretty strong team. If you are going for the big prize, maybe that is one too many R8 premiums.


    • Dools says:

      Solid Matt. Nice mate .I think you are going to miss Dependleberry but you have a decent structure to facilitate upgrades. Zorko done me last year so he is a watch for me but paper team looks good

    • simon says:

      get gaff and swan ditch cotchin and liberatore and not sure about martin but great team

  92. Dools says:

    Hi Community, Pav has Kraked the team…Thoughts???

  93. Darcy says:

    Just a few that could be POD rookies not on that sheet.

    Patrick Cripps, 150k played every match and would have scored better if he had not had reduced game time.

    Derick Wanganeen, 100k played every match and scored well in all. Might not get a game but is mature age.

    Dylan Buckley, 130k same as Cripps but completely different player

    Sam Lloyd 117k i think. Played every match small forward mature age could get games

    Sam Blease 170k Should get game time not sure about scoring power

    Tom Cutler 117k Mature age, played all NAB could get games

    Does anyone have any other thoughts on these guys and if they're worth it as rookie PODs?
    Also if there's any more anyone has add them in.

  94. Tommykwr says:

    What are everyone's thoughts on having David hale in the forward line as cover for sandilands if he goes down

    • Darcy says:

      Can't see him scoring enough to keep a place in your side all year. Will need to burn a trade to get him out which is all you have to do if sandy goes down anyway.
      Can't see it being worth it.

    • simon says:

      no but if he starts performing well then yes

    • Super_Freak says:

      Tough one. Big risk, but he has had a good NAB campaign. Probably better options

  95. Logic says:

    Whats the thought on Tommy Langdon from Collingwood? Will play although job security surely a risk, is he good enough to hold a spot?

  96. JesseTCL says:

    Gday all! now im quite happy with this but any advice would be welcomed 😀

    1. Mitchell, S
    2. Hibberd, M
    3. Hanley, P
    4. Suckling, M
    5. Webster, J
    6. McDonald, L
    23. Langdon, T
    24. Georgiou, A

    7. Pendlebury, S
    8. Liberatore, T
    9. Cotchin, T
    10. Beams, D
    11. Shuey, L
    12. Michie, V
    13. Polec, J
    14. Dunstan, L
    25. Ellis, X
    26. Crouch, M

    15. Ryder, P
    16. Sandilands, A
    27. Currie, D
    28. Derickx, T

    17. Dangerfield, P
    18. Dixon, C
    19. Parker, L
    20. Zorko, D
    21. Wright, M
    22. Rohan, G

    29. Kennedy-Harris, J
    30. Impey, J

    Good luck this year all!

  97. Simon says:

    My Team:
    Defenders: J.Bartel/S.Mitchell/H.Shaw/M.Suckling/K.Kolondjashnij/L.Mcdonald/T.Langdon/A.Georgiou (E)
    Midfielders: D.Swan (C)/S.Pendlebury (VC)/D.Beams/M.Murphy/D.Thomas/A.Gaff/J.Martin/J.Polec/L.Dunstan (E)/T.Dumont
    Rucks: S.Mumford/A.Sandilands/C.Wood/T.Nanverkanis
    Forwards: L.Franklin/K.Tippett/J.Gunston/M.Pavlich/J.Caddy/G.Rohan/D.Garlett(E)/J/Kennedy-Harris

    Give Me Some Feedback:

    And Can U Guys Answer Some Questions:
    Will Pav be good?
    IS jack martin to expensive?
    3 Premium Collingwood midfielders?
    No Ablett?
    No Dangerfield?

    Good Luck To All you coaches and join the: gun League (302717)

    • Super_Freak says:

      Pretty sound with a few exceptions. KK wont play R1. Better options than Jack Martin atm, we haven't seen him yet. D. Garlett hasn't played yet. Franklin untested in new environment, if anything he should be F3 behing Danger and Dusty. Better options than Tippet

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