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supercoach flesh for fantasy

It’s here lads.

The beast that lingered in the background all pre-season and in the early stages of the season proper has attacked. The byes. That bastard which will send averages plummeting and cause some serious fantasy pain. As a community, we must meet in the trenches of fantasy football and battle our way out.

Before I plunge with gay abandon into this week’s advice – make sure you have fitted yourself out with all the intelligence that has been published this week to date:

Last week I gave an overview of how to treat the next 3 weeks. Now on, I’ll be walking you guys through week-by-week to ensure you come out not only unharmed, but in a better state of health than before.

It’s a short Flesh for Fantasy this week because it’s phase 1 of the battle. Let the monster come towards us, and once we engage in battle, we’ll attack. We’ve been through a lot so far in our short time doing Flesh for Fantasy, and have always come out on top. Let this be no different.

Time to begin.



Jock’s nephew nailed it in this week’s podcast: NO TRADES. There really is no point trading out a player for someone you’ll lose to byes later on. Given we’ll be scratching for every point, don’t put yourself at a disadvantage.

Jock and the boys spoke about it in previous podcasts; the players you want to be considering are those with the round 11 bye, in particular, Fremantle and Richmond. The Dockers have an easy run home, and with the round 11 bye, should not hesitate to send the likes of Moloney or O’Meara to a Fyfe or Barlow. Their last 4 games include GWS Giants, Melbourne, Port Adelaide and St Kilda. Wait 1 week, the load up.

Watch Jock’s video advice for the round or have a read of Mick’s Tight Arse Options this week if you MUST trade.


As mentioned above, if you can help it, I would hold off any trading this week. But, there are many with players that are leaking cash. I’ll only be giving you those that you MUST consider trading this week. One last plea…hold off trading if you can!!

MARK LECRAS (WCE) FWD – $357,900 DT/$359,200 SC
– Recent Scores: 117, 65, 47, 81, 32
– Next 5 Games: STK (A), BYE, HAW (A), ESS (H), ADEL (A)

If there was a worst time for LeCras to have a serious form slump, it was now. He is now almost at price he started and has a BE of 105. You could one more week, given he has St Kilda this week, but his form suggests he will only leak more money. It’s almost at the point now you turn him into the best forward you can, suffer the 0 and think long term.

If you’ve got a nice warchest, use it up to send him to a Franklin, or all the way to a Bartel/Stevie J. Then build it back up again when you dump an O’Meara for a Hrovat/Mitchell, who hit the bubble next week. If he was $25,000 – $50,000 more in value, I’d tell you to hold, but it’s getting desperate now for LeCras. Trade him out before he leaks too much $$$ and becomes impossible to trade out.

Many are probably wondering what about Brent Moloney? Well, he has the round 11 bye so his value won’t drop. He is absolutely cherry ripe to send to a Richmond or Fremantle midfielder next week. Hold, then fold.


While it is strongly suggested you hold onto your trades for next round or so, it is important to keep an eye break evens, especially with a few premiums set to drop in value. Those with the bye will not feature in this week’s edition because, of course, their price won’t change. * = approximates

Going Up
– Luke Ball (COLL), BE 1
– Ben Kennedy (COLL), BE -13
– Matthew Kreuzer (CARL) BE 34
– Sam Kerridge (ADEL) BE 8
– Adam Goodes (SYD), BE -18
– Mark Blicavs (GEE), BE -19
– Mark Hutchings (WCE), BE -63

Going Down
– Dane Swan (COLL), BE 120
– Scott Pendlebury (COLL), BE 133
– Heath Shaw (COLL), BE 125
– Marc Muprhy (CARL), BE 136
– Josh P Kennedy (SYD), BE 171
– Jobe Watson (ESS), BE 135
– Brendon Goddard (ESS), BE 132
– Gary Ablett (GCS), BE 135
– Jaeger O’Meara (GCS), BE 112
– Joel Selwood (GEE), BE 134
– Nick Riewoldt (STK), BE 162
– Ben McEvoy (STK), BE 139
– Mark LeCras (WCE), BE 105


Another week, another edition of Pub Talk. Thanks for your questions, here are the burning questions going into these dreaded bye weeks.

Charlie Dixon Hold or Fold

ANSWER: It’s a tough one, but the call has to be made – trade. You have 2 options for mine. One is Pearce Hanley, who is priced at $516,900. Has the round 11 bye, and can score consistent 100s. Another is Paul Duffield, who is priced a bit cheaper at $515,800. He too has the round 11 bye and has hit form, with 100+ scores in 3 straight games prior to game v Adelaide. I would hold Dixon for 1 more week, then send him to a player who’s already had the bye so you’re not suck with another 0 later on in bye rounds.

Jaeger OMeara upgrade now

ANSWER: I reckon this is probably the issue of the bye rounds for me – what to do with Jaeger O’Meara. Firstly, I’d wait a week. He will drop in price, but you want to use his round 13 bye to your advantage. So hold for 1 more week, then I would send him to any player that’s had the round 11 bye – mainly a Freo/Rich midfielder. This is because they’ve got their bye out of the way, so you won’t cop a 0 throughout the period, and really, we’ll need to scrap for every point. Sure, he may leak value, but it won’t be significant enough to panic. Hold, then trade.

I still have LeCras

ANSWER: Big fall from grace for the Frenchman. Has dropped almost $100k in 5 weeks, and it’s getting desperate for coaches that still have him. I’m all for no trades this week, but if you’ve got cash in the bank, I reckon pull the trigger. As they’re not a great number of forwards available in the round 11 bye, you’re going to have to cop a 0 for an upgrade down the track, but long term, it will be worth it.

Tom Mitchell and K Martin

ANSWER: Tom Mitchell is a must for mine; he has to be brought in. You saw what he did in a quarter, imagine in a full game (scary). I’m not as sold on Kyle Martin, only because Nathan Hrovat will hit the bubble next week, so he should be prime downgrade option. Getting someone in this week, if they’re going to sit on your bench, isn’t such a bad idea. In the case of Tom Mitchell, he can come in and start on the field for this round of byes, then go to bench and someone on bench who had round 11 bye can cover him. I’m a believer of holding trades this week, but if you’re desperate to cover 0’s, Tom Mitchell is a good option.

Brent Moloney options

ANSWER: HOLD this week, that’s vital. Trade him next week, and send him to a Richmond or Fremantle midfielder – that being, your Fyfes, Barlows, Cotchins, Deledios etc. This is because they have their bye in round 11 so you won’t cop any 0s throughout the byes. As I mentioned in previous question, you will want every point you can snag.

So, that’s it for Flesh for Fantasy this week. Any questions you may have, feel free to post in comment box or tweet me at @Mr_Crimmins. All the best this round, and I’ll see you next week where we’ll start upgrading and dumping these out of form fantasy footballers.

Mr Crimmins.

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  1. Dee says:

    Good on ya mate!

  2. Dee says:

    but what if you only have 13 players on field and your opponent will have 16 on field? and your struggling to make the 8…. surely trading this week is okay? i cant afford to lose this week to the bottom of the league team….. thoughts???

    • footyinme says:

      Build your team after this round mate do 1 or 2 trades to downgrade for extra cash this round if your in trouble for league then get Fyfe or Barlow next week. Barlow I reckon would be the POD for you.

    • The Old Dylan says:

      If you're really stuck, downgrade to tom Mitchell and/or Nathan hrovat, as mentioned by Crimmo (top article by the way, you old salt!) but make sure you are trading out players that have the bye this week, and make sure you'll have enough players on field for the other bye rounds. Keep an eye on your opponents too.

      Also, if your 13 players are all guns and your opponents players are all rookies/midpricers, then strength in numbers may not be the key, wink wink

      • Dee says:

        Thanks mate…. appreciate it. Thinking of trading Hodge > Mitchell and Mayes > Daniher. This will leave me 567K in the kitty with 10 trades left! I have been keeping a close eye on my opponents team…. hopefully he will have a few more outs when they name the teams tonight. Next week maybe trade O'meara > Watson/Dangerfield/Swan and Hannath/Daw > Minson which will leave me with 8 trades left! Thoughts community?

        • Jihjiuh says:

          Don't trade hodge.

        • Helmet says:

          Hold on Hodge. Daniher will give you score for you but he wont rise in price until AFTER his bye so patience is the order of the day there Dee. I reckon you can do better with your O'meara trade by waiting an extra week as well .. Gold Coast plays Rd 12 so he can be a warm body on the field .. plus the premiums you are looking to get in all have the Rd 13 bye the same as him. Try real hard to hold off until he has had his bye then look to bring in a high scoring premium from a team that has already had their bye. There will be plenty of guns available.

          • Helmet says:

            ** hold off until he has his bye round coming up (13)

            • Dee says:

              Thanks Helmet and to the community for chipping in their 2 cents, really appreciate it!…..I'm holding off trades this week by the looks of it as Thurlow, Crouch, Webster and Daw have been named which now means i can have 15 or 16 on the field which is the same as my opponent. Thanks everyone….

        • Hugh says:

          No. After the success of macaffers job on him the other night team wills send their no. 1 tagger to him every week. Reckon Driffield or birchall are the way to go.

  3. Saltysalts says:

    I'm still not sold on Duffield…I don't see him as one of 'those' players this year who can score big and consistent.

    Apart from his 49 this week, Hanley has been consistent enough while having those big scores.

    I'll be filling my 6th defense spot either round 13 or 14 with one of these premos. Am I right to say that HANDS DOWN Hanley will be my selection?

    I've also never read into 'good finals run' too much, as playing inferior teams doesn't necessarily translate to even an average score (Watson, Selwood, Franklin, many more this year) Would LOVE to hear some opinions on backline options…

  4. Dee says:

    Thanks for the thoughts mate…. I already have Fyfe. So you reckon hold off trades this week and take the L and possibly drop out of the 8? Not to mention i got a tough week next week against league leader Craws Crew, possibly looking at 2 losses in a row which will well and trulty get me out of the 8….. Hmmmm! tough times i tell ya…. Bloody byes!

  5. @MRB37 says:

    Thanks for the answer Mr Crimmins. I was going to trade out Moloney this week as I needed the bodies, but with Crouch potentially being named, I should be able to leave that to next week (Not that it really matters, but it's another week to look at Mitchell or Martin). Looking at trading him for Boyd or Cotchin I think.

    • Dee says:

      Crouch in mate! Great news as I have him as well…. Thurlow was named as well!

      • @MRB37 says:

        Yep! Crouch and Thurlow being named took me from 16 bodies to 18 this week. Just going to make the cutoff target and won't need to trade to get a full team in. Just gotta look out for the vest on those two though.

  6. James says:

    Hey Mr Crimms,

    What should I do with Lecras? I didn't want to trade this week but with him not playing should I get rid of him?


  7. Vasco says:

    LeCras is out with an arm injury. Do we still trade him or hold him this week? His value won't drop.

    • Judd says:

      Hold for this week if you have enough players on the field, then upgrade him next week for a richmond/hawthorn forward.

  8. theazzyg says:

    I'm trading this week! In order to expunge the grot that still sticks to my fantasy team. Also helping me avoid Donuts this weeks and in round 13 🙂 Risky, but needs to be done at some stage.

  9. Remy says:

    I can't believe the Blitz hasn't been named!!!

  10. Zimmer says:

    Hey Mr. C

    Have been resolved all week to not trade, but thinking of a strategic downgrade.

    Seeing as Daniher has been named, and the forward line is the only line I'm short on, was thinking of downgrading Mayes to Daniher and pocketing the cash for upgrades over the next two weeks.

    Would mean another body on the field, and I would be trading Mayes out in the next two weeks anyway, as he has hit his peak. Also my forward line will be fine in round 13 when Essendon have their bye.

    What do you guys reckon? Will Daniher keep his spot. Sounds like the kid could be anything.

    Thanks in advance for any feedback.

    • Judd says:

      Just hold off mate, we havent even seen him play on the big stage yet, and he wont go up in price until after rd 14 because of the bye. I bloody hope he turns into a star, but we have to wait i think.

  11. Big Z says:

    Unfortunately looks like I'm gonna have to trade this week…
    What are your thoughts community?

  12. Dylan says:

    Can someone please explain to me why Dwyer's not playing? Injury? I heard he was a certainty this week. Cheers

  13. Sleepy says:

    I thought I'd heard of all the reasons (excuses) for a player being omitted, but Blicavs and Taylor managed? Whats that all about?

    • Rotten Ronny says:

      Because GWS are a shithouse side and Geelong don't want to risk those players. They'd rather give them the week off to freshen up. Makes perfect sense if you're a team looking to the finals.

  14. James says:

    Im going to trade O'meara out. Do i bring in Tom Mitchell or do i go straight to a jpk? I will brinh jpk in after his bye.

    • Jett says:

      there both good options, it is up to you what way you go! I would go to jpk

  15. Sloan says:

    Upgrading to either Robinson or Bartel. I have Walker, Cox, Zorko, Kennedy and Staker. Seems Bartel would be clear choice but thinking Mitch could give like SC scores and save me $ to bring in Barlow next week.

    Would love to hold but my team is painted with seven shades of shitte. Urrrrgh.

    • Dee says:

      I think all of us are in the same boat this week…. I'm only gonna field 15 or 16 players and hold off all trades! I know it's hard but you just gotta grind it out. Thank GOD Crouch, Daw and Thurlow were all named this week….. I would have been left with 13 players on the field! Hopefully my team gets across and get the W….

      • Sloan says:

        Not to be daft but why hold? I understand if your team is 85% dialed in. I'm in 13th place. And yes, I have a little competitive stiffy. The guy I'm playing is in 1st place and has 18 easy. I think a couple upgrades wouldn't hurt.

        I'm not against holding, Dee. I want to save 6 trades after I get my non-players out (e.g. Sinclair, Curren, Rowe). But right now, I can get Bartel before he's value spikes. Plus, he's good for a ton…and I need the points.

        • Michael says:

          right there with you Sloan, I'm all about trading and not worrying too much about the byes. Sitting around 1400th overall and I see this as a great opp to jump back into top 1000. Using 3 trades this week: Moloney / O'Meara / Rowe OUT, Bartel / Mitchell / Nicholls IN. I want 18 fresh bodies across all 3 bye weeks as much as I can (hence the Rowe / Nicholls trade, damn the "managed" Blicavs!). I know I'm prob using more trades than I should but am gunning for $50K, every bloody point counts and don't really care about leagues this year. Even if I run out of trades before the end at least I'll know I've given it a red hot go!

          • Dee says:

            I'm ranked 32,000th…. Is it still possible for me to chase the 50K at the end of the year?! I only have 12 trades left…. I was gonna hold off on trades this week but should I keep trading as every point counts?? Or is it over for me in terms of rankings….. Just go for the league title? Thoughts anyone….

            • Sunka says:

              A bit far off mate. I'm sitting around 4,300 and I'm thinking it's a long shot for me.

          • Sloan says:

            Yeah Blicavs screwed me! Pushed up my Nicholls for Sinclair move.

            Here's what I'm thinking Bartel>Buddy, Nicholls>Sinclair and Mitchell>Viney. Was considering rolling the dice if Rowe got in the game and get Sumner>Curran. Going for more assured points.

        • Pieman says:

          Get that little Stiffy into action & get Swan if you don't have him. Bartel is also a good option.

          • Sloan says:

            Have Swanny, Pieman. Between him and Gazza for cap. Getting Bartel. Not happy about doing sideways but need point firepower. Don't think Buddy is going to deliver the SC goods this year.

  16. Dee says:

    That’s fair enough I guess…. Depends on your situation and what your aiming at Rank or League Title. Yes get Jimmy, had him from day 1! He is bloody consistent and having a great year! I’m only holding off trades this week as I am fielding 16 players to my opponents 14…. I should beat him! Fingers crossed…

    • Sloan says:

      Good luck to you, Dee. Never know what's gonna happen each week, do ya? Makes this so damn exciting.

      Thanks man.

    • Sloan says:

      Dee, back 200 points. B

    • Sloan says:

      Dee, back 200 points. Both have Gazza. Make diff up by going Swan or Pendles as cap?

      • Dee says:

        Back 200 points??

        • Sloan says:

          HAHAHA. Well, challenger had Watson, Gibbs, Murphy, Goddard and Walker. I had Walker and Hooker. He has 18 easy. I have 17 this round.

          Thinking Swan. Know he''s going Gazza. Apologies mate.

  17. Swarley says:

    Which option would you guys look at?

    Option 1

    Berger – minson next week


  18. Dee says:

    I'm ranked 32,000th…. Is it still possible for me to chase the 50K at the end of the year?! I only have 12 trades left…. I was gonna hold off on trades this week but should I keep trading as every point counts?? Or is it over for me in terms of rankings….. Just go for the league title? Thoughts anyone….

  19. Lukey WA says:

    So I can field 18 players this week I am looking to get rid of a port player in my midfield (Ollie wines, Sam Colquhuon, or Kane Mitchell), preferably for a R13 Bye player. My best 2 options seem to be Luke Ball (can sidewards trade for Ollie) or upgrade Ollie for Swan and burn some of my $616,000 Balance, or can burn some cash by upgrading a rookie. I have really wanted to hold on to Mitchel just hoping he bloody stops getting vested cause his output is substantial for the game time he is given…..what is everyones thoughts?

    • Super_Freak says:

      Not sure on the two Collingwood options. Check your oppositions teams this week, you may have them covered and not need to trade, then you can bring in a Freo mid next week. If you really need to trade you would be better with one of the Geelong boys or JPK in my opinion, but they have the round 12 bye.

  20. tension says:

    hannath out nicholls in – filled a donut and made cash, so I'll take it.

    Not maximum cash, but needs must. 12 trades left now…

    • @MRB37 says:

      I was thinking about the same trade. Hannath was so terrible against the Crows that it destroyed his BE line. Won't be making any cash now, so I reckon it's worth it to jump off.

  21. You might definitely visit your expertise in the job you write. The world desires much more fervent copy writers like you which are certainly not frightened to say how they consider. On a regular basis follow your cardiovascular.

  22. Fraser says:

    Pretty sure the green best will be handed to Brandon Jack (Kierens Brother) in his first game. So Tom Mitchell should be safe. Jump on the kid soon he is a gun. I’m trading out Viney>Mitchell for that extra player. Good luck everyone and damn the byes.

    • Super_Freak says:

      Agree, great way to build the war chest for the next two rounds as well.

  23. jottie says:

    G'day Mr crimmins , just wondering if you can use the captains loophole on a bye player … eg Deledio cheers

  24. rosco_peco says:

    G'day Crimmo,

    Great write up you little legend. I know everyone is saying hold trades this week, but with 17 on the park for Round 11, I feel I need to make at least one change… so I'm making 2!

    My current team is
    BAC: Goddard, Heppell, Terlich, Thurlow, Webster, Goodes (0), (Birchall, Hartlett)
    MID: Ablett, Pendlebury, Swan, Dangerfield, O'Meara, Lucas, Crouch, Mayes (0), (Wines, Vlastuin)
    RUC: Cox, Blicavs (0), (Leuenberger, Currie)
    FWD: Martin (0), Johnson, Cloke, Kennedy, Zorko (0), Macaffer, (Rockliff, Staker)

    I'm currently thinking of going;
    Mayes – T. Mitchell
    O'Meara – Bartel/Harvey/Jack (probably Bartel)

    Then Round 12;
    Terlich – Vlastuin (dpp) – Hrovat/Martin
    Leuenberger – Clarke
    Wines – Barlow

    and Round 13 likely;
    Lucas – Cotchin/Kennedy or the like.

    What do you think Mr Crimmo? Love your feedback.

  25. Matt says:

    Stuff the byes, Im flicking Omeara for Selwood and Leurenberger to Goldstein. I need to build a team, whatever happens in the byes happens, but these two need to go now.

  26. Bmac says:

    Not buying in to the 'No Trade' mentality.

    Every team has a bye in the next three weeks, every player has a week off – whether you have them in your team already or not, they are having a week off.

    There is no harm in trading in a player who has the 12 or 13 bye if they were on your radar anyway, and could bolster your side this week. Obviously trading in a player now with the bye this week would be a bad move (or stroke of some genius, far beyond me).

    If theres a player you think you want in the long run who has a bye 12/13 – don't hesitate in grabbing them, just to save a trade you will make anyway at a later date.

    eg. JPK

    • Matt says:

      Some of the advice on these sites is starting to be a little dodgy, reckon the so called experts are trying to sabotage the competition?

    • Super_Freak says:

      The 'No Trade' idea is a very sound one, depending on your team's situation. If you are going to field say 16-18 players this week, or more players than your opponents team will field, then it is a good idea to hold this week and trade in premiums in the following two rounds after they have had their bye.

      On the other hand, if your side this week is less than 16 you may want to make corrective trades if you are looking to win in your respective leagues.

      I personally made 1 trade this week, downgrading to Mitchell, as I believe he is a gun and may even be an M8 keeper. This has allowed me the money to upgrade in the next two weeks, and bring in Barlow, Minson and H.Taylor.

      There are way too many variables in the bye rounds to say any 1 strategy is correct. Just assess your team and go with your gut.

      Freak out

  27. Pieman says:

    I do understand the no trade option this week but I think this is the perfect week to trade O'Meara to Swan. Having said that only do it if you have round 13 cover. O'Meara's price will be heading south of 400k shortly, whist Swan will be heading North again to 600k. This week you can complete the transfer for the measly sum of 99k. I have made this trade & my midfield & team is now finished. Mids are Gaj, Pendles, Swan, Watson, Selwood, JPK, Shuey, Priddis. Get on peoples.

  28. Nik says:

    since you top 18 scores will be picked, what if one of those scores is on your bench? cannot pick who to play for my last 2 back spots out of webster, terlich and thurlow, any help??

  29. Moosey says:

    IMO the no trade idea is bad advice and for me the only time that no trades should be done is if you dont care about overall rank and you are sitting pretty in the top 2 of your league.
    Otherwise as Mick said in his articel. Whats the difference in trading this week (pre rnd 11) than last week (pre rnd 10) The players are still missing byes so no difference.

    Putting your teams development on hold now if you are going for rank or league wins is hurting your side IMO.

    My personell example is by trading I will go to a 22-19-19 = 60

    This is the business part of the season and if the $50K is your aim or a PB rank then there will be no better chance to make up significant points than the byes. because after the byes the top teams will be full 22 premo, with the good players locked away meaning you will need some serious POD's to get in with a shot.

    My estimate is if your not top 100 after the byes the $50K shot is gone. It may even be top 50?

    I will be trading my ass off and for those with these goals that do not, they need to fly kick then selves in the ASS LOL

    • Pieman says:

      Couldn't agree more Moosey. If your going for glory take advantage of those who will be complacent & seize the opportunity. Take your MF Ass Off.

    • NutSack says:

      Are you american? its arse, not ass- but couldnt agree more. Not trading this week is self destructive. No point holding maloney if you want to get rid of him…. ever notice you need 3 trades when you only have to 2? Same goes for buy week- you need 4 instead of 3- so holding trades this week can easily disrupt rnd 12 AND 13 trades and you might find yourself 1 trade short. If you wanna upgrade players, doing them in the same bye week is fine if youre field is covered- ie maloney-fyfe bris-freo byes. then you have fyfe ready to go and can bring in other bubble boys and rnd 11 players in rnd 12. TRADE HARD PEOPLE_ no point having 10 trades after the byes when everyone else has full teams already 🙂

  30. Sully says:

    Just making sure about this can u do captaincy loophole work when u r using bye players

  31. Big Z says:

    Looks like I'm gonna pounce on Swanny and Daniher. Daniher looks like a fantastic prospect and we know Swanny is a proven performer plus the demons await…. Thoughts guys?

    • Jett says:

      swan would be a good trade. But I would wait for Daniher to play 2 games before getting him. Daniher might come out with 20 and get dropped you will be stuck with a non playing rookie.

  32. Michael says:

    Good news for anyone with Walker and/or Judd – no late changes for Carlton.
    Have 18 fit on field for 1st bye round!
    T Mitchell
    A Walker
    J Kennedy
    Projected Score 1942 – bring it on!!!

  33. Jett says:

    Great I'am bringing in Walker this week!

  34. Liam says:

    For the captain loophole would u have Jobe VC and someone with the bye captain and if Jobe stinks it up tonight put the captaincy on GAJ?

  35. Dylan says:

    Is Sidebottom a valid trade in option? Im looking specifically at players with Rd 13 bye and if you take out two horrid scores of 40 he's averaging 120. Great POD. Dwyer – Sidebottom very tempting. An extra player on the field this week should get me the win as well.

  36. G unit says:

    JR, Higgo, Slipper, Crouching etc…just so you know I am trading like a mad woman this week. Got some cows to take to market and the price is right. Don't be scared.
    #30 Trades

  37. @liam_sotos says:

    Thanks for answering my tweet!

  38. Nutsack says:

    dunno why everyone is saying HOLD – DONT TRADE. No point holding Maloney 1 week to bring in Fyfe next week- thats ridiculous. They both have a bye so the end result is still the same. Then you may find you want to make 4 trades next week but oooops- you only have 3. Bring in who you want, when you can afford them. Playing for bys is just chance. The aim is to build your final team. Also the aim is to trade hard and fast!!!!!!!!!!! I will have 6 trade left after the byes- the winners for the last 2 years had 1 and 3 trades left after the byes…… hmmm 6 left is more than enough for injuries…. ohhhh ignore everything i just said- i dont want to give away too many tips 🙂

    • Michael says:

      I may only have 3 trades left after byes lol, great call Nutsack, the longer you hold trades the less cash you make and the less opportunity you have to get the players you need. As long as you stick with the no sideways trade rule unless LTI then go crazy I say! Even then it's potentially a great opp to get rid of a premo that might be stinking it up anyway. If you get injuries so be it, hopefully you have decent cover by then anyway. I'm gunning for the $50K, screw the league win!

    • hayden says:

      100% agree but i will have 8 trades after the byes

  39. Sully says:

    Abblet or pendles for captain? I stupidly tried the captains loophole for job

    • Joseph23 says:

      Abblet might get a big score for end of the game cause it cold be close

    • hayden says:

      Normally i would say gaz, but Pendels is versing Melbourne, back pendels

  40. Joseph23 says:

    Boomer stevie j or Bartel??

  41. Dee says:


  42. hayden says:

    Tom Mitchell is not the sub, does anyone think he will score 100, i hope he does

  43. Pete says:

    lol Tom Mitchell goes ok

    traded him in this week

  44. Pete says:

    lol my 2nd downgrade this week was Tom Nicholls


  45. stales says:

    Hi community,
    Have GAJ as VC and Pendles as C.
    Will the Cpt loophole work this week if I move Pendles to bench for Colquhoun who has the bye? Keen to get on GAJ's 148.
    Can't afford to get it wrong, need every point available this week with 16 players.

  46. Michael says:

    Pretty happy with my 3 trade-ins this week – Bartel 91, Mitchell 126 & Nicholls 139!!!!

  47. Rocksta says:

    I've seen a number of posts from people detailing how they will only have 6 trades left after byes.
    Is it just me or do others think that this simply isn't enough?
    Even if your team is full of premiums at 6 left, you need to get through another 6 rounds relatively injury free before even getting to finals. I would have thought that 3 trades is the absolute minimum you would want going into finals?

  48. Dee says:

    Yeah…. By the looks of things, after the bye rounds I'll have 6 or 7 trades left. Although after the bye rounds my team is pretty much set and fingers crossed no injuries between then and finals, 3 trades going into the finals is maybe a bit thin I think…. Hopefully if it all goes to plan I should have 4 or 5 trades left heading into the finals. It's still a fair bit to go in the season yet, a lot can happen till finals and you just never know what can happen sometimes in this game……

  49. Dee says:

    Thomas Nicholls is a must next week…. 90 and 139! Damn…

  50. Hugh says:

    Hi guys,

    Bought in Nichols last night and he went bang. Can I swap Hannah onto the field for cox in the bye rounds and take advantage of the emergency loophole?

  51. Chris says:

    Love having nicholls139 on my bench and Jacobs 70 odd on the field..

  52. will says:

    hi fantasy world

    i have both a dreamteam and supercoach team does anyone know why we can still trade in supercoach but not in dreamteam during the round 11.

    very frustrating as i look as though i might just lose in my dreamteam league

  53. hayden says:

    Tom Mitchell this year, is Dane Zorko last year, fantsy wise

  54. Hugh says:

    Are emergencies activated for individual positions only (ie. a ruck emergency can only replace a non playing ruckman) or do they only come onto the ground if you don't have 18 players?

  55. NutSack says:

    ruck replaces ruck etc…. if you have a DPP mid/def as mid E and you get a donut in def, you don't get the mid/def score unless they are on the bench in the same position as the donut… E must be in the same position as the donut

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