Monday Poll: QUADZILLA – is it time for you to go mate?

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Is it time to cash Ollie Wines in?

It’s upgrade time. If you’re not thinking about adding another premium to your team this weekend – I love ya – but you’re not fair dinkum.

The young man with the resplendant quads – Oliver Wines – has impressed the pants off me this season. To say I’d love to see him in the red white and black is an understatement.

However to excel in this great game you need take emotion out of the equation. With cold calculation and ruthless rat cunning you need to make up your mind about Ollie. Is he worth hanging onto… or is it time to take the money and run?

We discussed this in this week’s podcast and this looks to be one of the situations of the week. My call? Call the truck. Time to take the kid to market and rake in the cash.

What’s your call community?

Is the time right to trade Ollie Wines out of your team?

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    Not me Jock….not yet at least. Gotta do something with Grimes this week and looking to turn Dwyer into Thomas

  2. @MRB37 says:

    Unless you have pressing needs elsewhere, then trade him. The guy is cherry ripe, and while elite guys like Dangerfield, Watson, Murphy, Cotchin, Selwood and Boyd are in the 550K-600K range, or even guys like Priddis for 480K (who has another huge BE if you want to wait another week), you gotta bounce.

    • Billericay says:

      Many of those players (Watson, Cotchin, Selwood J, Priddis are predicted to lose value this week, and Wines has a BEof 65 and an average over 90 so should rise in price. Its going to cost you >$100k to get Priddis in this week, or around $70k to do it next week.

      • @MRB37 says:

        This is true, and it wouldn't be a stupid move to wait a week at all. Guess it depends if you value points over $. Trading in a premium now could be the difference between a win and a loss and your overall ranking being X instead of Y (assuming the premium plays like a premium and Wines doesn't).

        Wines rise is only projected to be 10K or so, so he's pretty much peaked in terms of cash generation, you're just waiting for the right time to pounce on the premiums. I'm think Dangerfield this week.

  3. Billericay says:

    Not for mine either Jock. I'm a bit confused by the question. Surely this is the week to turn Dwyer/Neade into Daisy. Won't next week be the week for Wines to Watson/Priddis?

  4. Ballz deep says:

    One more week Jock, if no big score then next week it will be +$60k trade to Priddis.

  5. Slots' Superstars says:

    1-2 more weeks for me, until Priddis has hit rock bottom from getting KOd against Port. Wines>Priddis costing me probably under 100k!

  6. Nateo says:

    Wines to Thomas for me, will be doing O'meara to Priddis next week

    • jel says:

      I'm hanging onto O'meara a bit longer. avg of 90 with a BE of 5 should be good for another 3-4 weeks at least. May even keep him as my M7 or M8.

  7. Hiso says:

    WInes to Walker( BE of 62 and ave of 119) for me Jock, then going to switch Walker to forward line for neade and next week with neade going up a little bit will swap for Priddis who is going to drop in price to around 450k-460k.

    • @MRB37 says:

      Hiso, you bloody genius! I didn't even think of that! Jacobs for Walker, swapping Cox into my FWD line, then downgrading Wines. Get's rid of Jacobs who's been terrible, adds a FWD to replace Cox's output and free's up 250K so I can trade Koby Stevens next week for a premium mid.

  8. Glenn says:

    anyone think Lewis Jetta has turned the corner 306.600 BE 29?

  9. Dave Ruddick says:

    Bottom line for me is that we cant use 2 trades every week…I will carry Ollie for at least another week…try not to trade at all this week and then see how he goes..I'll probably miss out on Daisy Thomas but not to worried…I'm starting to look towards setting my self up for the bye rounds…( Priddis/Nic Nat on my radar ) .too early to trade WInes in my opinion. Dwyer/Neade/Stevenson/Rowe…much more important to get them slaughtered first.

  10. Fabian says:

    Hold for me Jock.
    I'll probably be looking to swap Wines for Watson in the coming weeks when they are each at their peak and low point, Giving me a 6th premium mid =]

    I traded in Dixon last week, with the intention to trade in Shaw later in the season. I think this is my last chance to bring in Shaw for one of the port defenders (who I think should be culled before Ollie). Will mean my Defence is set with Goddard,Gibbs,Birch,Dixon,Shaw & Goodes.

    Alternatively I may upgrade Neade to Thomas up Fwd, giving me 4 Premiums and JJK and Lecca. But I think I'd rather have one of Myaes,Macaffer or Neade on field over A port Def rookie or terlich.

  11. jimbotraralgon says:

    Not for me this week or even next week.

    Barring injury its Dwyer to k Mitchell and neade to daisy.

    Then probably terlich to stake if he is ready and macaffer to buddy.

    THEN koby Stevens will go along with wines.

    But how often do you get three clean weeks without injury so its probably all just a dream.

    Problem with trading wines this week is there aren't any real midfield downgrade targets. Anyone got one?

    • @MRB37 says:

      It's a bit thin at the moment isn't it. I reckon in a few weeks, if you don't have him, your best option may be Brad Crouch at 180K. I've basically delayed the problem for a week or so since I traded Wines for a FWD by swapping Dwyer into my mids.

  12. Sean says:

    Surely Hodgey at that price is worth considering? Loves to rack up the possies in the back line and kick a goal? Premium option?

    • Rex says:

      Got him in for that exact reason a couple of weeks ago, and yet to really fire up other than this round. I'm going to persist and keep him, but he's definitely not a sure thing like he used to be!

  13. NICK says:

    I just traded wines for dale Thomas it was short and sweet quick chop put Thomas in my forward line and mays in my mid and nlow only have one rookie in my forward line which is jake neede

  14. NICK says:

    I already have 6 premiums in cotch Watson r dougles abblett swann and swoller traded couch 2 weeks ago for dougles

  15. crabby says:

    all downgrades this week jock. No daisy.
    upgrade to buddy and priddis in the next 2.

  16. Aaron says:

    It’s ok for you to do that Jock because you started with six premiums in the guts. For those who went with 5 will be upgrading your Neades &Dwyers for Daisy but still have Wines & Omera on the ground for some good out put. Why trade your best rookie now?

  17. Sammy C says:

    I've read above and i agree, that if you have Gimes in your team (like myself) you need to get him out, but does anyone have a player i should trede him for. And the second part of my question should i trade Roughead or Enright? And who for? I dont have Wines in my team but if i did i would keep, see if he accumulates a better value and then think about it.

    • Zimmer says:

      Why would you trade either of Roughead or Enright now? If you've kept them this long would be silly to trade IMO.

    • Top Cotch says:

      Roughy and Corey E are premiums if you have them. You can't trade either of them out. Those are quintessential sideways trades – SC suicide.

  18. SCaddict says:

    He's on my chopping block next week and likely upgraded to Priddo.

  19. Osh says:

    What should we do with Jack Viney?

    • QWERTY says:

      Keep, he had a few off rounds but hell come good 🙂

      • Birch's Buddy says:

        Yeah that's what I was thinking. That 9 should be out of his system after this week. I have more pressing issues anyway.

  20. Muneem(shisha totes) says:

    traded in ablett for winey, oath

  21. matty says:

    Not this week, This week trading Dwyer to Daisy and Pittard to Vlastuin. Next week I plan on doing Wines to Priddas and probably Neade to Jesse Longergan

  22. Sam says:

    I'm not trading him yet, I see far more important issues in our teams to deal with.
    This week i'm trading:

    Neade > Kerridge (or another cheap fwd rookie)
    Dwyer > Daisy Thomas

    Next week i'm looking like trading:

    Terlich > Docherty, Laird (a cheap def rookie)
    Stevenson > Birchall

    I would love to snag buddy in before playing GWS, GCS and Melbourne straight but my fwd line looks fine for the moment:

    Cox, Martin, Kennedy, Rockliff, Monfries, Daisy Thomas (Mayes, Kerridge)

    Btw with the captains loophole this week, i have Dangerfield playing Melboune on Sunday at 1:10 and GAJ playing GWS on Sunday at 4:40. Dangerfield's game should finish before GAJ's game giving me enough time to decide if I like his score or not. I have Gibbs who if he doesnt play Monday can put him on the field before lockout (with an emergency of course) and put him as captain if Dangerfield's score is good.


  23. Smittzzy says:

    He'll achieve his break even this week i believe after next week i think i'll give him the chop.

  24. hayden says:

    this week trades are Yarren- Birchall
    Kennedy- Croizer
    Next week Moloney-Deledio
    Really would like thoughts and comments

    • Smittzzy says:

      Why Deledio tagged every game.

    • Joeyyy says:

      Carlton have a really easy run over the next few weeks. Would it be worth it to stick with Yarran, even if he is out for the week? What do you think Yarran will avg over the next few rounds?

  25. Anandu says:

    How bad is Shuey injury? Is he playing this round?

    • gore says:

      I'm sweating this too.
      from WCE website

      "He was walking freely through the facility today and is rated a good chance of playing in the important clash with the Lions. He has been listed as a test and will be assessed at training during the week."

      • Aaron says:

        Shuey is a good chance of playing as per their recent article on the West Coast website. Hopefully he's named tomorrow. I've got him as well..

  26. JimBob says:


  27. supercoach rookie says:

    Does anyone know any rookies that are about to get there 3rd game and appreciate in value. A couple of suggestions would be great. Thanks.

    • Luke Raven says:

      No can't think of any sorry. Maybe grab Docherty/Staker and hope either of them play soon?!?!

    • Azza says:

      Vlastuin, Laird, Docherty. All depends on whether they're named tomorrow. Vlastuin is the safest bet but won't go up much in value.

  28. Chris says:

    What rookies on the bubble are worth a look at..?

    Docherty, Hannath, Clarke, frost?

    • Smittzzy says:

      Don't touch Frost mate did a calf in the VFL, maybe staker after this week is worth a look at?

    • @MRB37 says:

      Docherty was supposed to have had a really good game in the NEAFL last week and looks primed to be back in the side. Still has the potential to cop a green vest, but you'd take what you can get sometimes.

  29. Jaff says:

    Not for me this week Jock, he is starting to slow down and his BE is rising, but with the likes of Grimes, Viney, Dwyer, Neade, Stevenson, Heath and Pittard still in a lot of teams, Wines should be at the end of this list.

    • Top Cotch says:

      Viney shouldn't be on a trade out List. All the others are rightly in the Gun.

  30. vinny mac says:

    Rowe, C. Sinclair, Neade, Dwyer, Yarran, Wines. Which of these players should be traded out first?

    • Nick says:

      Ollie Wines should go today for Priddus roughly a 20k increase, well worth it.
      Neade should also go as he is roughly peaking now with a B/E of 71.
      Dwyer is going well, making cash. Leave him for now.
      Not sure on Yarran, Rowey has another 50+k to go up in roughly 4 matchs. keeper for now also. Boom!

  31. ally says:

    should i hit the reverse button …. jpk for pendles and stevenson for laird ??? i was thinking of bringing in daisy for neade but im not overly confident he can get massive scores regularly. im looking at snagging priddis or buddy next week , im still undecided on which one to do . thumbs up for leaving the pendles for jpk trades or thumbs down for reversing , thanks

    • choppers says:

      Hit it now. Stevenson for Laird is a GO (if he's named Thursday)but I'd forget the other one and maybe hang off for a week or 2 and go Neade to Priddis or Buddy.

  32. jjdoesmusic says:

    Dwyer for bartel for me he has a break even of 60, avg over 90 (last 6-7 years), while daisy played well last week he is only avg 74, so put dwyer in mid replace him with bartel and when you upgrade some premium mids put bartel into fwd… balance.

  33. jbomb says:

    My brain is in shambles ranked no 5 overall with 100k in the bank and dont know what to do in upgrades ??? Third season of supercoach ? WHO DO I GET JOCK ?? [ midfield ] Just feel scattered ???

    • Birch's Buddy says:

      Ranked fifth!? Mate, we should be asking YOU for advice! Nice one!

    • Birch's Buddy says:

      Had a look at your team. Looking good! I'd go Heath down to Vlastuin (or Laird/Staker if they're named). Then after Adelaide vs GWS, trade Jenkins down to Jesse Lonergan by moving SJ to forward line. Then I guess you'd have enough money to upgrade to a dirt cheap Buddy.

      Or, if you have the cash, Rowe (or Blicavs via DPP) straight to a 428k Daisy Thomas.

      Then again, YOU'RE the one ranked fifth buddy!

  34. Sunka says:

    Do I ditch Mayne as F5? Maybe for Daisy or Stevie J? Or keep him as F6 and look to upgrade Neade to a premium? Also Deledio? Will he keep getting tagged?

  35. Deanbartel says:

    Only trade him if the player you want to get in is due to go up…otherwise it's a waste

  36. Sunka says:

    Any news on Dixon's ankle?

  37. @Jacko2128 says:

    what is most important:
    1. Getting Viney out?

    2. Getting Rowe out?

    3. Getting Sinclair out?

    PS. I can provide cover for all of them too.

  38. Liam says:

    If I could trade him out I probably would but forward and back line are looking pretty shaky, Especcially defence at the moment.
    My trades this week I have brought in Daisy Thomas and Heath Shaw for Sam Dwyer and Campbell Heath. In doing this trade I am left with 134k. Feedback would be appreciated.

  39. Jono says:

    Team is as follows
    DEF: Birchall, Goddard, Heppell, Duffield, Vlastuin, Gibbs, (Terlich, Hutchins)
    MID: Ablett, Kennedy, Rockliff, Moloney, Mundy, Fyfe, Wines, O'Meara(Goodes,Kommer)
    RUCK: Goldstein, Jacobs(Gawn, Daw)
    FWD: Martin, Kennedy, Franklin, Neade, Mayes, Macaffer,(Rowe, Kerridge)

    Thoughts On These Trades

    Option 1
    OUTMoloney ($466,200)INDangerfield ($571,000)
    OUTMacaffer ($228,200)INThomas ($428,200)
    $45, 700 in the bank

    Option 2
    OUTMacaffer ($228,200)INDangerfield ($571,000)
    OUTTerlich ($230,300)INLaird ($115,900)
    $122,100 in the bank

    Also considering trading out Mundy Or Paul Duffield

    • Kevin says:

      Would trade Rowe out for daisy, probably wouldn't be trading moloney, macaffer is still set to rise in price

    • Azza says:

      Option 2, as Moloney to Danger seems a bit sideways. I would trade Neade instead of Macaffer though as Mac can still make you some more moolah..

  40. Luke says:

    My team is as follows as of round 7:
    B Goddard, H Hartlett, H Shaw, B Gibbs, L Stevenson, D Terlich (B Goodes, J Frost)

    G Ablett, D Swan, T Cotchin, P Dangerfield, B Moloney, O Wines, J O'Meara, M Evans (B Crouch, K Mitchell)

    S Mumford, M Leunberger (C Sinclair, D Currie)

    L Franklin, D Cox, J Kennedy, T Rockliff, S Kerridge, B Macaffer (S Rowe, T Lee)

    I currently have $381, 700 in the bank. These are the trading options I have in mind:
    OPTION 1:
    OUT- Stevenson IN- Vlastuin
    OUT- Rowe IN- Steve Johnson

    OPTION 2:
    OUT- Rowe (swing Sinclair into forward) IN- Hannath
    OUT- Stevenson IN- Hanley

    Please suggest any other trading options I should consider, or whether I should stick with either option I mentioned above. Also, please mention any better choices of premiums when upgrading my rookies, because if I go with option 1, Im not sure if I should upgrade Rowe to Johnson as Martin and Thomas are two very good forwards also. And with option 2, I can upgrade to Heppell or Birchall instead of Hanley. Please give me tips.

  41. Ben says:

    How the hell has wines peaked when we is priced 370k for a 90 average in dt. Looking at other players who average 90 there buy prices seem to be between 400k and 450k.

    Players like:

    Bruce Gibbs 90.6 451k
    Hibberd 92.2 437k
    Lids 90.5 491k
    Burgoyne 89.8 446k

    Please can someone explain how wines being 50k plus has "peaked"

    • Deanbartel says:

      Bruce Gibbs, hahaha

    • vinny mac says:

      Wines has had scores of 82 and 74 last two rounds, and "looks" to be lowering in output. For the next few weeks Wines' price rise will be much lower. On the other hand, the players mentioned have started out at a much higher price and for some of them the lower than usual average has their prices slightly reduced.

  42. Jottie says:

    Atley – k jack
    Mcaffer – Hannath

    Sound good ?

  43. Daniel says:

    Definitely time for Dwyer to go. Maybe a week more for the other better rooks.

  44. Gillie4 says:

    One more week then go wooshka!

  45. Alan says:

    No doubt daisy is the best value this week, But ill be trading Wines to bring in Dangerfield. His playing GWS and will rack up the points. This might be the best time to get Dangerman in before he is well over 600k.

  46. BudgieSmuggler says:

    What's the communities thoughts on the Hoff? he's just lost a bucketload of $$ and a super high BE. Trade out now as the bubble has burst or will he come good?

  47. Mooseknuckle says:

    One more week for Ollie, then he is going straight to Priddis

  48. gore says:

    Jacobs. Ditch him?

    Already have Leu and Cox. Cox in fwd line, could swing to ruck by moving rowe to forward but would leave me vulnerable as Currie not playing.

    Prefer to downgrade Jacobs to someone playing and use the cash elsewhere. Or should I just stick with him, can't find any obvious targets.

    • Mooseknuckle says:

      I am in exactly the same situation. I have gone left field and chopped Jacobs for Hanneth. Sick of Jacobs shit! Hanneth has had 2 games avg of around 60 not much different to Jacobs last 2. Plus he is over 300k cheaper and this will be used elsewhere.

  49. I'm tryin says:

    Any suggestions on who is a Betta selection on a down grade outa valastin or doughty?

  50. Pete says:

    Wines gone

    on DT a BE of 84 is a tough ask against better sides

  51. SammyC says:

    Is Danyle Pearce from FREO worth keeping?

    my backline atm is Goddard, Hartlett, Pearce, Stevenson, Heath, L. Brown (Gibbs INJ, Goodes SUSP)

  52. Luke says:

    My team is as follows as of round 7:
    B Goddard, H Hartlett, H Shaw, B Gibbs, L Stevenson, D Terlich (B Goodes, J Frost)

    G Ablett, D Swan, T Cotchin, P Dangerfield, B Moloney, O Wines, J O'Meara, M Evans (B Crouch, K Mitchell)

    S Mumford, M Leunberger (C Sinclair, D Currie)

    L Franklin, D Cox, J Kennedy, T Rockliff, S Kerridge, B Macaffer (S Rowe, T Lee)

    I currently have $381, 700 in the bank. These are the trading options I have in mind:
    OPTION 1:
    OUT- Stevenson IN- Vlastuin
    OUT- Rowe IN- Steve Johnson

    OPTION 2:
    OUT- Rowe (swing Sinclair into forward) IN- Hannath
    OUT- Stevenson IN- Hanley

    Please suggest any other trading options I should consider, or whether I should stick with either option I mentioned above. Also, please mention any better choices of premiums when upgrading my rookies, because if I go with option 1, Im not sure if I should upgrade Rowe to Johnson as Martin and Thomas are two very good forwards also. And with option 2, I can upgrade to Heppell or Birchall instead of Hanley. Please give me tips.

    • Genco says:

      Go option 1 mate. youre looking a bit skinny on the forward rookies, as kerridge will never be too great a scorer, rowe is probably not going to play and macaffer is also 50/50 with the upcoming inclusions of ball and beams. Bring in any of these players:
      Steve Johnson, Dustin Martin, Dale Thomas, or keep some money in the bank and bring in these quality mid pricers such as, robbie gray, jason winderlich or chris knights. Why do this when you can buy an ultra premium? simple. Because you also have a skinny quality backline and can invest that cash in a hanley in the upcoming weeks.

  53. Luke says:

    So I should updrage Rowe to a mid-priced player instead of a premium? Right now Ive gone with option 1 but brought in Martin for Rowe instead of Johnson, but I can always reverse the trade. What do you think?

  54. Dazza says:

    How many trades is to many at this point? I've used 6 so far and tossing up on another two this week.Comments would be appreciated.

    • SCaddict says:

      You're fine mate and shown great restraint. I've burnt two trades every single round and there will be many like me.

      • jockreynolds says:

        Agree – great restraint indeed old mate. Have a general feeling that many are forgetting about the fact that trades – while we have extra this year – are not a bottomless pit. Could be pain later in the year

  55. BubbaNo1 says:

    Holding Wines one more week….waiting for Priddis to bottom out…..Went instead for Stevenson and Neade to Thomas and S Johnson….Heppell back to the backs…Johnson in the mids for a week or two until Dwyer gets the chop and Buddy has bottomed out…(might be able to get him in for just a slab of beer if he keeps this form up)

  56. BubbaNo1 says:

    Thanks to all the defence probe over the last two weeks my backs are now complete…..GODDARD, GIBBS, BIRCHALL, HANLEY, HEPPELL and SCOTLAND….only worry is Gibbs for this week….but he can sit on the pine for now….Forwards and mids are the construction site for me now…….I have Gablett Swan, Cotchin, Pendles and Jack…..who should be next on my shopping list…I want Priddis because he is a gun and going to be super cheap after this round….I'm thinking the order for me is 1) Priddis 2) Watson, 3) Danger……

    • SCaddict says:

      That's an imposing back line you have there Bubba. I picked Daisy up from the bargain bin this week and like you have my sights set on Goldilocks next week.

      There will be plenty of opportunities to get in ultra premium mids at a sweet price. Watson and Lids will be dirt cheap shortly but there will be plenty of others as the season unfolds.

      I'm also planning for a Leuey to Nic Nat upgrade in the next 2-3 weeks for a WCE ruck duo even though I'm an Eagles hater in real life. This is what Supercoach does to you ha!

      • PowerPunchers says:

        Yes Nic Nat is a must….but give him 3 or 4 weeks to drop to a tasty price and get his form and match fitness up.

        • Pete says:

          Dustin Martin looks attractive, getting around 100 DT points a week and has some easier sides over the next few weeks. Richmond is getting to a situation where they must win games now, so IMO their output will lift over the coming month

          • PowerPunchers says:

            Nah…cant bring myself to trust Dusty again……too many slow games…too many slow quarters….both by him and the Tigers…..would rather a forward line of Cox Rocky S Johnson Buddy, Nic Nat, Daisy…no room for Flakey Martin

            • Dee says:

              He's been good…. Will continue form and average over 110 at years end!

            • Pete says:

              Yeah it was a tough call Power but looking at his numbers he is going ok, and watching him play, he is loose through the middle pushing forward, tags go to Delideo and Cotchin if needed.

              Heck i have traded in Birchall and Hartlett, has to be better than those boys, they are coping tags bad. Its like coaches are playing DT and tagging the highest points getters lol

  57. Dee says:

    Wines out K. Mitchell in
    J. Elliot out Stevie J. In


    Wines out Hannabery in
    J. Elliot out H. Crozier in


  58. I'm tryin says:

    Needing a trade down in defense, doughty or vaslstin? Help would be appreciated

  59. jaguaress says:

    Not trading out Wines for at least a minimum of 3 weeks if he is doing ok

  60. Jarrod says:

    I've turned wines into ablett after downgrading Stevenson to laird.
    Do i need to reverse?

  61. Top Cotch says:

    Wines gets the high velocity lead injection this week for mine, but only if your circumstances and cash allow. With 398k in the bank and the fact that I don't have Buddy or Andrew Walker i'm trading as follows.

    Wines Out, Mayes to Mids in comes A Walker and then Neade to Buddy.