Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Podcast – mid priced midfielders

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Supercoach mid priced midfielders

Anticipation is building around Jock Central as the countdown to open day on Feb 1st draws near!

Things have been absolutely buzzing around here with the opening of the Jock Reynolds Supercoach Premier League 2013, the release of the first version of my Supercoach rookie cheat sheet, the normal player research GOLD and of course the revelation of The Higginator Supercoach team builder.

Important folks to get out the old flint stone to sharpen your AFL Fantasy footy wits now. The business end is fast approaching. We have a look at a stack of the sensational AFL Fantasy, Dreamteam and Supercoach value available in the midfield this season including;

  • Luke Shuey: WCE, $553,000 Supercoach, $488,000 AFL Fantasy (Dreamteam)
  • Nat “Teenwolf” Fyfe: Fremantle, $499,000 Supercoach, $459,000 AFL Fantasy
  • Andrew Gaff: WCE, $484,000 Supercoach, $446,000 AFL Fantasy
  • Jack Steven: STK, $481,000 Supercoach, $433,000 AFL Fantasy
  • David Mundy: Fremantle, $477,000 Supercoach, $452,000 AFL Fantasy
  • Luke Parker: Sydney, $378,000 Supercoach, $344,000 AFL Fantasy
  • Luke Ball: Pies, $302,000 Supercoach, $343,000 AFL Fantasy
  • Andrew Embley: WCE, $284,000 Supercoach, $264,000 AFL Fantasy

We hope you find yourself a diamond in the rough here… join in the conversation with us… which of these blokes will you consider for your team?


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  1. Dylan Matthews says:

    Nice Podcast So Far Guys,

    What Do u think of guyz like Ziebell, Sylvia or the basta chicken?

    Which (if any of these guys) can really stand up this year?

  2. TheCrouchingOne says:

    Ahh, The Basted Chicken. This mean Ryan Bastinac, He bloody fit but maybe only average 85 – 90. His price mean only pick if you think Lock. CrouchingOne think not lock. Welcome.

    • Dylan Matthews says:

      Alrighty Crouching Looks like I’ll give him a miss

      • Dools says:

        G'day Dylan Ziebell is the pick of the 3 . I think he just might take off this year and no need to upgrade he is the UPGRADE at a god price

  3. jimbotraralgon says:

    Hey guys great call.

    Understand your concern with ball but I don't see anyone else around the same price that represents same or better value.


    Or do you suggest going down to a rookie like Whitfield or wines? Use the cash difference elsewhere?

    • yeah fair call Jimbo.. I'd prefer switch down to a younger up and comer like a luke Parker?… a tad more coin but so much more upside I reckon?

  4. TheCrouchingOne says:

    Ah. Welcome Mr.Jimbo. You very strong in Community! This is why I say you, get bloody rookie but one that make strong early cash. ont listen other website. Listen Mr.Jock! Higgo say me about Toumpas today. Little bit cash(185k) but save you enough to buy one more starting bloody premium! Also, big worry Ball get slow start and not make you as much cash as much cheaper rookie. Welcome.

  5. jimbotraralgon says:

    Community, which combo….

    Duffman and Bock
    Goddard and pederson

    (Trying to see if I can work Goddard in without losing too many preferred picks elsewhere)

    • Tim says:

      I like duff man and bock but no Goddard in team is crutial so if u can downgrade one of your more expensive rookies to free up cash to get some one better than Pederson

      • Dools says:

        Hi Tim Not sold on Bock ya big upside but counterbalanced by the disaster waiting in the wings Beware the returning injured player
        You need to look at him in the NAB If he plays out games is the Sub in the 2nd /3 game or dose not play at all……
        Duffman is IMO all upside as long as he is a perment fixture until much later ( barring injury etc….)

  6. TheBIGShot says:

    hmmmm Ball is one that I will reconsider now but NAB will be critical. Ta lads nice work.

  7. Brett says:

    Have you had wawrinka form at the gym crouching?

  8. Brett says:

    Have you had wawrinka down at the gym crouching?

  9. Loved the episode – entertaining stuff, keep up the good work!

    • Glad you are enjoying it mate! And also great to have you in here on the boards. A real positive constructive place this… one and all very very welcome

  10. Ross says:

    How does Embley for Ball sound to you?

    • Gday there Ross! Almost the same bucket as Ball.. old.. on the downwards slope… however.. with the extra trades in both forms of the game there is real merit in riding your luck with these older blokes

      • Dools says:

        Would be of the same opinion as Jock, Ross
        But did speak to a fanatical WCE Fan just returned from Perth and has seen him train down a Storm so I'm musing …He could be worth a serius look along with J.Kennedy WCE also in your FWD line and beleive it or not with the Frog so that could be 3 WCEs straight off the bat!!!

  11. jimbotraralgon says:

    both are a punt mate…..and both are candidates for the vest in the early rounds.

    especially Embley being an older player

  12. Tim says:

    What rookie should I have instead of ball???

    I already have Viney, crouch, hrovat and O’Meara in their

    Thinking about toumpas as higgo said or wines or Mayes

  13. jimbotraralgon says:

    mayes is a good pick but little expensive.

    on the cheaper end K Mitchell (126k) is a possibility as is M Jones (only 109k).

    use the 180K wisely my young padawan.

  14. Dools says:

    Agree with Jimbo Tim Kane Mitchell has a hugh upside and is ready to play AFL now

    • Tim says:

      Ok thanks guys

    • BubbaNo1 says:

      on rookie list isn't he?….Port have a full list of 40….will need a LTI for him to be upgraded….any whispers there?…if he is upgraded he is the biggest LOCK apart from O'meara imho

  15. jimbotraralgon says:

    good point Bubba. Jock, Higgo and Crouching. I can sniff a new article here.

    team by team summary of the rookies and whether they are on the main list or on the rookie list. and whether that club has spots on their main list for a rookie or do they need to wait for a LTI.

    Its the main reason I am staying away from B Goodes cause he is on the rookie list.

    What do you think Community?

  16. Dools says:

    Just got a phone call from Freo folks the word on the street is , Mundy is good to go BANG along with Clancee "of the Overflow " Pearse Ross the Boss is fiddling and stringing all along with this new shut em down and Knock em out counter…

  17. jimbotraralgon says:

    Hi Community.

    Couldnt wait so here are the players on the rookie list that you need to keep in mind.

    They may not be able to play till a LTI.

    The big names on the rookie list are:
    B Goodes
    K Mitchell
    Ben Hudson
    Orren Stephenson
    Brandon Jack
    Darren Pfeiffer
    Sam Longeran
    James Magner
    Tom Couch
    Jorden Stanley
    Jeremy McGovern
    Cory Dell'olio
    Josh Walker

    That is all…..

  18. @MRB37 says:

    I dunno guys, i'm not sure what it is about Jack Steven, but i'm still pretty high on him. I got a feeling in my waters about the kid. Now my waters may be wrong 72% of the time, but the other 28% when they're right, they're a big bang, hit it for 6 level of right. Now last year they were yelling at me about Michael Hurley, and I may have been a bit early on that one, but they also called out to me on Josh P Kennedy and Patrick Dangerfield. I couldn't pick my supercoach team without 'em screaming at me about JPK and the Dangerman and it turned out bloody well for me there.

    I'm getting that kinda reaction about Jack Steven at the moment. I'm looking at the Sainters midfield and thinking someone's gotta step up for those blokes. They've been getting diminishing returns from their big 3 the past few, I reckon Steven's can step up and average 100+ for them blokes. Sometimes you just gotta go with the guts, so he's looking like an inclusion in my side.

    • Dools says:

      I hate it when my waters speak t me LOL I'm old and rest stops are vital on the highway of life mate…But when you post My spider sence starts tingling and that feels good as aside from needing to loo stop all the time this is something completly different and I Like It …Jack Steven has just become a target..Cross hairs squarley on him gigging the team now for balance if he is included … Nice Thanks MBR37
      BoMBshell.. just got another call from Perth..Nic Nat out for 6 to 8 wEEKS! nOW IS THE TIME FOR D. Cox DPP 602K if he is not in your starting 22 ..well that sound is a fat italian lady singing the blues in her own and ear peircing way.. Nuf said?

      • @MRB37 says:

        Haha, just remember Dools, 7 out of 10 doctors recommend not paying any attention to my crazy ideas.

        Interesting about Nic Nat. I wonder if Scott Lycett will get any gametime early in the year? Only the 3 games in 2 years, but he's a young kid with plenty of potential. Might be a bit expensive at $200,000 and he's not a ruck/forward which is a bit disappointing.

        • tim says:

          even callum sinclair might get a game instead of lycett, sinclair ruck/fwd and $112,000

        • Dools says:

          Negatory Goast Rider Lycett is not even on the Rader besides mate 200k is a lat of coin for a position that can be filled by 96K colling Spit wood up and comer who will play maybe not in opening roends but Will play So fill the R 3 and 4 with chepies and if you got Berger/Goldstein with Cox Ruc win… IMHO

    • jimbotraralgon says:

      you may be right………..I've got the same feel about mundy.

      half tempted to fill the mids full of gaff, stevens, mundy, fyfe, shuey, redden, rockliff, wright.

      think all these blokes will jump up a level.

  19. @MRB37 says:

    Silly me, I forgot to mention, fantastic work on the podcast guys, and Crouching One, i'm beginning a rigorous, Hulk Hogan level of saying my prayers and eating my vitamins (not the Lance Armstrong kind) training regimen in the event I get to face you in the Premier League.

    • jimbotraralgon says:

      Me too mate. if I have to sand on sand off another deck or paint another bloody fence.

      Will be worth it if you are invited sit at the main table of jock's banquet hall.

  20. Dools says:

    Good luck with the milkshakes pal .. Me I have been taking a Jap slap course but I've been told it only works on Nipponese. but the move are Jagger Like ya sing the song you know you want to…… Damn tune is making post silly stuff..Ive got the moves like Jagger I've got the …………. STOP Hahahahahah

  21. Dools says:

    My bag boys Great POD Cast.

  22. Dylan Matthews says:

    Surely Nathan Bock Has To Come Under Some Strong Consideration At $297K??
    A Proven Scorer.

    Averages Apart From Last Year (Still Averaged 74 Before Injury, Not Disastrous)
    2008: 90
    2009: 99
    2010: 83
    2011: 93

    At His Bargain Price He Has To Be Strongly Considered, Especially Because Of His Proven Scoring Ability,

    He Is A Certain 4th/5th Defender For Me If He Is Fully Fit At Round 1 (Which At The Moment Is No Guarantee)

    BTW Weird Fact: Aaron & Alwyn Davey Both AverageD The Exact Score In 2012 (62.6)!! Thats So Weird?!?!

  23. DemSydneyBoyzzz says:

    Clay Smith is an absolute steal for mine!!!!
    Costing only $276,200 he should offer great value for your dollar, carrying his weight up to and potentially beyond the byes!!!!!

    Should be a nice little cash cow and/or M8/9/10

  24. doggies fan says:

    I am tossing up between the raw talent of Jackson Macrae or the afl fitness and enurance of Jason Tutt as my midfield punt.. who should i put in my team?

  25. Nick says:

    hey guys. who would you boys pick out of wellingham, ziebell and sylvia

    • Shimma says:


      • Tiim says:

        Hey jock big fan mate, kieran harper from kangas ellis from the tigers and caddy from cats, thoughts? And mcintoshbor goldstein for a premium ruck

  26. Shimma says:

    inspirational intro Jock