Genius on board….

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Bloody massive coup to get this man onboard… a self confessed… “passionate cruncher of numbers – particularly relating to all things sport, with an unhealthy bias toward AFL & Fanatsy Football (Supercoach & Dreamteam)”

Demistifying the Statistics

People often ask me, “Peter, is genius something you can learn or is it transfered via the mystical chromosomal dance of meiosis?” I theorise that genius is precisely one half genetic, with the remaining third learned.

My mandate is simple; use my brilliant numeric sense to allow the masses the same highly accurate, uncanny wisdom when it comes to AFL future forcasting.

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  1. James says:

    Hi Peter,

    Intereseted to see what you can teach us I have noticed that not many of the forum websites use maths and stats too sell their picks

  2. Wheels1987 says: